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Northern Districts, 1907, part 1

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014869-07 Herman AHO, 37, miner, Finland, Cobalt, s/o David & Caroline, married Muna ROSSI, 22, Finland, Cobalt, d/o Andrew ROSSI & Mary MIETANEN, witn: Constance HILL & Isaac LOUIS both of Cobalt on May 7, 1907 at Cobalt 015088-07 (Nipissing Dist.), Peter ANNETT, 23, Morrisburg, Woodlands, laborer, s/o Charles ANNETT & Elizabeth GILLISHAW, to Bridget NICHOLSON, 18, Mount St. Patrick, Woodlands, d/o Patrick NICHOLSON & Eleanor STROUD, witn: J. M. JOHNSTON & Beatrice MOORE, both of North Bay, 5 November 1907 at North Bay
#005157-07 (Algoma Dist): Raymond ASHLEY, 23, brick layer, Kismear? Mich., Steelton, s/o Joseph ASHLEY & Ruth McCORMACK, married Louise ROUSSAIN, 24, Soo Mich., Steelton, d/o Robert ROUSSAIN & Frances PUKWASH, witn: Mrs. W.H. THOMPSON & Mrs. Gus JOHNSTON, both of Steelton, 22 April 1907 at Steelton (Rom Cath) 014991-07 Joseph AUGER, 22, miner, East Patton N.Y. USA, Cobalt, s/o Antoine AUGER & Rosalie SAVILAC (Sanilac?), married Victoria SAIGNAN, 22, Gracefield, Cobalt, d/o Napoleon SAINGAN & Victoria MORENEY, witn: Alec LONEY of Cobalt & Mrs Albert GODDARD of New Liskeard on Mar. 22, 1907 at New Liskeard
014936-07 James BAILEY, 22, laborer, Calabogie, Latchford, s/o John BAILEY & Sarah YUILL, married Maggie JARVIS, 18, of Latchford, d/o Alex JARVIS & Annie DODDS, witn: William JAMESON & Mabel MORRISON both of Latchford on Oct. 16, 1907 at Haileybury. 004836-07 William John BALL, 44, laborer, Oxford County, Blind River, s/o William BALL & Sarah WILLIS married Mary Ann CRAWFORD? 28, Soule, Blind River, d/o Alexander CRAWFORD & Rosalie CAUSLEY, witn: Georgina CAUSLEY (Cousley?) & Joseph Victor BUSHOW no residences given on Nov. 11, 1907 at Blind River
014889-08 Louis S. BEAUCAGE, 21, fireman, Pembroke, Latchford, s/o Louis BEAUCAGE & Mary BLAIR, married Frances WARNER, 25, Collingwood, Latchford, d/o John WARREN & Elizabeth BOYD, witn: H. MARTIN & Alice BYRNIE both of Cobalt on Nov. 13, 1907 at Cobalt. 15103-07 Nap. BEAUCHAMP, 25, farmer, St. Albert, St. Charles, s/o Leandre BEAUCHAMP & Elsie SHERIN (Therin?), married Darcina LEPAGE, 16, of St. Charles, d/o Joseph LEPAGE & Arthemus SARARG, witn: Gilbert SYLIMAN & Sarah DUHAME (Duharne?), both of St. Charles, 8 April 1907 at St. Charles
014888-07 Joseph BEAUCHAMP, 21, miner, Quebec, Cobalt, s/o Pierre BEAUCHAMP & Olivine NADON, married Anna CHALIFOUX, 20, Quebec, Cobalt, d/o Jean CHALIFOUX & Rose LACHINE witn : Pierre BEAUCHAMP & Jean CHALIFOUX both of Cobalt on Nov. 12, 1907 at Cobalt. 014887-07 Ernest BEAUCHAMP, 19, miner, Quebec, Cobalt, s/o Pierre BEAUCHAMP & Olivine NADON, married Virginie COTE, 17, Champlain Co. Quebec, Cobalt, d/o Joseph COTE & Rose D. FORETTE, witn: Joseph COTE & Hector CHALIFOUX both of Cobalt on Nov. 12, 1907 at Cobalt
014872-07 Wilford BEAULE, 26, farmer, St. Vital de Lambton Que., Cobalt, s/o Alfred BEAULE & Adele GOSSALIN, married Belina CHARLEBOIS, 16, St. Isador Pontiac Co. Que., Cobalt, d/o Alcide CHARLEBOIS & Olympe MAYER, witn: Alcide CHARLEBOIS & William CLAIRMONT both of Cobalt on June 18, 1907 at Cobalt. 014921-07 Isaac BEAULIEU, 26, blacksmith, Vandrueil Quebec, Cobalt, s/o Clovis BEAULIEU & Rose PILON, married Filamen REMVIL, 24, Ottawa, same, d/o Dasitte REMVIL & Izera PELLETIER, witn: Hilaire MIRON & Arthur GAGANIE both of Cobalt on June 20, 1907 at Haileybury.
018295 – 07 Philip Walter BECKETT, 21, Trackman Ch. Ry., Southampton Eng., Sprague Man., s/o William Thomas BECKETT & Miriam BANEFIELD, married Beatrice Nellie HOLDEN, 20, Shirley-Southampton England, Sprague Man., d/o Edward HOLDEN & Emma J. WILLIAMS. Witn: Violet McCULLAGH & Maude E. WILSON, both of Rainy River. 24 Jan. 1907, Rainy River 014860-07 Albert BELHUMEUR, 23, pool room operator, Joliette Que., Cobalt, s/o Diadorme BELHUMEUR & Hattie ADELAIDE, married Emma GRATTON, 18, North Bay, Cobalt, d/o Barnabie GRATTON & Victorine PREZEAU, witn: Barnabie & Lydia GRATTON both of Cobalt on Feb. 12, 1907 at Cobalt
.004835-07 Edward BENIN (BONIN?), 34, millman, Pennsylvania USA, Blind River, s/o Edward BENIN & Clara SMITH, married Levina DALLES, 18, Marquette Mich USA, Blind River, d/o Stephen DALLES Julia NELSON, witn: Nicholas & Rosa GEBIAN no residences given on Sept. 20, 1907 at Blind River. (RC) 014879-07 Emile BERNIER, 23, miner, Quebec, Cobalt, s/o Joseph BERNIER & Adeline BLANCHET, married Regina DESJARDINS, 16, Ontario, Cobalt, d/o Magloire DESJARDINS & Marie Ann FILION, witn: Adolph & Alexina RIOPEL both of Cobalt on Aug. 27, 1907 at Cobalt.
004824-07 William BIGNELL, 28, lumberman, Fenelon Falls, Blind River, s/o James BIGNELL & Esther ENGLISH, married Martha McGINNIS, 24, of Blind River, d/o William McGINNIS & Katherine FINES, witn: William & Katherine McGINNIS both of Blind River on Mar. 13, 1907 at Blind River 014891-07 Alie BIGRAS, 22, laborer, Quebec, Cobalt, s/o Elie BIGRAS & Marie GUERTIN, married Rose Anna BIGRAS, 21, Montfort Quebec, Cobalt, d/o M. BIGRAS & Philomine FORGET, witn: D. & M. BIGRAS both of Cobalt on Nov. 25, 1907 at Cobalt.
015090-07 (Nipissing Dist.), Robert John BILLINGS, 44, Gorrie Ontario, North Bay, laborer, s/o Joseph BILLINGS & Jane ELLIOTT, to May Jane HARRISON, 32, New Richmond Quebec, North Bay, d/o James HARRISON & Mary Ann COULLS (Coutts?), witn: Charles LEACH & Mary BONSTILL, both of North Bay, 20 November 1907 at North Bay  
015021-07 Tauka BISKIWICY, 23, laborer, Russia, Englehart, s/o Andrew BISKIWICY & Wariver WAREON, married Mariya STUSIAK, 21, Russia, Englehart, d/o Joseph STUSIAK & mother unknown (sic), witn: Agnes PEAR & Mary ARMSTRONG both of New Liskeard on Nov, 30, 1907 at New Liskeard 018309 - 07 Henry J. BORGET, 29, Merchant, Belle Narni USA, Grassy River Ont., s/o August W. BORGET & Marguerite BETTENDORF, married Mabel DUVAL,18, Superior Wisc, Rainy River, d/o Stephen DUVAL & Sarah LEDUC. Witn: Chas. CHARBONEAU & Cerinda PROTEAU both of Rainy River. 27 Aug. 1907, Rainy River.
004834-07 Ashley BRADLEY, 28, laborer, Ottawa, Sheguiandah, s/o George BRADLEY & Caroline MURPHY married Margaret McHUGH, 30, Ottawa, Little Current, d/o John R. McHUGH & Margaret LYNN, witn: W. S. TROTTER of Sheguiandah on Aug. 19, 1907 at Blind River. 018310 – 07 Fred Jas. BRIDGES, 24, Farmer, Pipestone Minn., Rainy River, s/o Henry BRIDGES & Jane SMITH, married Hilda ERICKSON, 19, Ireland (Iceland?) , Rainy River, d/o John ERICKSON & Christina THOMASON. Witn: WilliamO. CHAPMAN & W. D. JARVIS, both of Rainy River. 3 Sept 1907, Rainy River.
014868-07 Archie BRODIE, 38, farmer, Saginaw Michigan, Cobalt, s/o Matthew BRODIE & Mary BELL, married Sarah WEAVER, blank, widow, Renfrew, Cobalt, d/o John ROACH & Lucy GILES, witn: W.H. DOLINGHAM of Haileybury & Emma LAURANTE of Cobalt on Apr. 16, 1907 at Cobalt 015097-07 (Nipissing Dist.), Thomas BRODIE, 23, Culross, North Bay, farmer, s/o Robert BRODIE & Ester Ann SMITH, to Margaret HILTS, 18, Culross, New Lowell, d/o William HILTS & Mercy SMITH, witn: John F. GORDON of North Bay, Mrs. R. BRODIE of Widdifield Twp., 17 December 1907 at North Bay
018306 – 07 Gabriel BROWN, 28, Farmer, Winconson USA., Beaudette, s/o Henry BROWN & Thora PETERSON, married Laura Bette CHASE, 16, Roseview Minn., Beaudette, d/o Erastus CHASE & Flora CHASE. Witn: Philp ROUCH & Flora CHASE, both of Beaudette. 1 June, 1907, Rainy River. 015006-07 Archibald C. BROWN, 26, miner, England, Latchford, s/o Robert BROWN & Emma CHANILEY (Chamley?), married Bessie BATEMAN, 21, England, Latchford, d/o Alfred BATEMAN & Elenor CLATEN, witn: F. H. P. DAVISON & May MORISON both of Latchford on Aug. 12, 1907 at New Liskeard
015100-07 (Nipissing Dist.), Giovanni CAICCO, 26, Italy, North Bay, laborer, s/o Luigi CAICO & Filomina TIMERI, to Filomena AMINDOLA, 18, Italy, North Bay, d/o Francesco AMINDOLA, & Maria PINNINO, witn: Agostino GAGLIARDI & Rosina AMINDOLA, both of North Bay, 17 December 1907 at North Bay 015084-07 (Nipissing Dist.), John CAIRNS, 24, Braeburn Scotland, North Bay, iron moulder, s/o Andrew CAIRNS & Ellen JACKSON, to Jennie McINTYRE, 24, Keuclevin Scotland, North Bay, d/o Donald McINTYRE & Annie McLAREN, witn: Douglas & Annie DOWIE, both of North Bay, 16 October 1907 at North Bay
018304 – 07 John Fullarton CALLAN, 27, Locomotive Engineer, Scotland, Rainy River, s/o James CALLAN & Agnes FULLARTON, married Olivia S. RYDEEN, 26, Marine Mills Minn., Rainy River, d/o John RYDEEN & Christine DALQUIST. Witn: Hubert E TOMS & Maria W. JOHANSSON both of Rainy River. 28 May, 1907, Rainy River. 015042-07 (Nipissing Dist.), William B. CAMERON, 22, Cornwall, Cobalt, cook, s/o J. Frank CAMERON & Mary E. McDOUGALL, to Elizabeth Catherine McADAM, 20, Copper Cliff, Ont., d/o George McADAM & not known, witn: J. LEIGH & Ann H. BISHOP, both of North Bay., 11 April 1907 at North Bay
014997-07 John H. CARR, 47, farmer, widower, of Harris twp., s/o Peter CARR & Abigail FAIR, married Maggie FERRIN, 45, Toronto, Harris twp., d/o James FERRIN & Elizabeth McMILLAN, witn: A. PETE & Margaret ROACH of New Liskeard on June 19, 1907 at New Liskeard 015095-07 (Nipissing Dist.), Lawrence CASHMOOR (Cashman?), 41, Shawville Quebec, North Bay, widow, mechanic, s/o Thomas CASHMOOR & Mary Ann NEWETT, to Margaret Jane LIVINGSTONE, 34, Ross Twp. -Renfrew Co., North Bay, d/o James LIVINGSTONE & Rachel ALLEN, witn: Jos. S. & Elizabeth McGONEGAL, both of North Bay, 11 December 1907 at North Bay
018299 – 07 Thomas Manley CATHCART, 30, widr., Hotel Keeper, Peterboro Ont., Beaudette, Minn., s/o Thomas CATHCART & Catherine GOOD, married Marguerite NELSON, 21, Mora Minn., Beaudett, Minn., d/o Eric NELSON & Catherine JOHNSON. Witn: William E. CATHCART, Beaudette, Minn. & Minne E. ERSKINE, Peterboro. 2 Apr., 1907, Rainy River. #005155-07 (Algoma Dist): Luigs CAVALLO, 20, cigar maker, Cosenza Italy, Steelton, s/o Vincenzo CAVALLO & Raffeala PATRONI, married Mary HAYES, 17, Deseronto Ont., Steelton, d/o Alexander HAYES & Henrietta DUGUETTE, witn: Alexander HAYES Jr. of Steelton & Pietro BERARDI of Sault Ste. Marie, 9 April 1907 at Steelton
014865-04 Arthur CHALIFOUR (Chalifoux?), 23, laborer, St. Faustian Quebec, Cobalt, s/o Felix CHALIFOUR & Philomine DUFOUR, married Rose Emma DESCHENE, 22, Maniwaki Quebec, Cobalt, d/o Theophile DESCHENE & Delphine MERCIER, witn: Oscar BEARVAIS & Alfred GUERTIN both of Cobalt on Apr. 8, 1907 at Cobalt. 015067-07 (Nipissing Dist.), William George CHANTLER, 23, Stratford, North Bay, machinist, s/o Edmund CHANTLER & Annie WRIGHT, to Pauline Grant POLLARD, 21, Toronto, North Bay, d/o James POLLARD & Isabella CAMERON, witn: A. S. HAYWORTH of North Bay, Ruby S. ROPER of Toronto, 22 August 1907 at North Bay
004832-07 Arthur CHARRON, not given, not given, of Blind River, s/o Pierre & Robertta?, married Celia ST DENIS, not given, Blind River same, d/o Sylvie ST DENIS & Elmire LEFEBVRE, witn: Elsie NADON of Blind River on July 8, 1907 at Blind River. (RC) 004831-07 Simon CHERETTE, not given, laborer, Blind River, same, s/o Moise CHARETTE & Elena LANGLOIS, married Caroline LEGAULT, got given, Blind River, same, d/o Emile LAGAULT & Sophia PERREAULT, witn: A. LAGAULT & Isadore PERREAULT both of Blind River on July 2, 1907 at Blind River. (RC)
014877-07 Fortunat CLERMONT, 31, laborer, Quebec, Cobalt, s/o Augustin CLERMONT & Elizabeth DESJARDIN, married Angelina DENOMME, 31, Quebec, Cobalt, d/o Jean Baptiste DENOMME & Marcelina BUILE, witn: William & W. CLAIRMONT (sic) both of Cobalt on Aug. 12, 1907 at Cobalt 014927-07 Henri CHOQUETTE, 26, telegraph operator, North Adams Mass. USA, Latchford, s/o Joseph & Virginie, married Flora DESJARDINS, 17, Buckingham, Latchford, d/o Alfred & Virginie Marie, witn: Elizeor DESJARDINS & G. F. DARBY both of Latchford on Aug. 20, 1907 at Haileybury
015060-07 (Nipissing Dist.), William CLARE, 27, Sackville N.B., North Bay, employment agent, s/o John Wesley CLARE & Augusta COLE, to Mary Veronica BRENNAN, 20, North Bay, same, d/o John BRENNAN & Sarah McPARLAND, witn: Bedford STROWDON & Anna L. BRENNAN, both of North Bay, 1 July 1907 at North Bay 015017-07 James CLARK, 27, farmer, Ayrshire Scotland, Englehart, s/o John CLARK & Agnes SIMPSON, married Maggie McKECHNIE, 21, Hamilton, England, d/o Neil McKECHNIE & Mary MILLAR, witn: Mrs. F. C. PITTS of New Liskeard & Katie PITTS of Wales Ontario on Nov. 12, 1907 at New Liskeard
015064-07 (Nipissing Dist.), William Reginald CLARK, 21, Hamilton, North Bay, machinist, s/o Adam CLARK & Harriet HOLMAN, to Catherine May MURPHY, 18, Pembroke, North Bay, d/o Frank MURPHY & Annie RYAN, witn: J. M. JOHNSTON & Eliza McCLUSKEY, both of North Bay,. 1 August 1907 at North Bay 015043-07 (Nipissing Dist.), Clayton CLAYTON, 27, Port Hope, New Liskeard, barber, s/o William CLAYTON & Carrie WATT, to Matilda Jemima HOLLOWAY, 29, Cross Hill, Wingham, d/o John HOLLOWAY & Elizabeth ELFORD, witn: Mary & Lizzie STEWART, both of North Bay, 18 April 1907 at North Bay
014892-07 William COPE, 30, miner, Birmingham England, s/o Frederick COPE & Aurelia WELLINGTON, married Edith LLOYD, 23, Toronto, Cobalt, d/o Thomas LLOYD & Katherine DONNELLY, witn: H. MORTIN & Alice BYRNES both of Cobalt on Nov. 27, 1907 at Cobalt 005218-07 George CORBIERE, 28, laborer, Garden River, same, s/o John CORBIERE, & Liza LAROSE, married Gertie PINDEAU, 19, Thessalon, same, d/o Honore PINDEAU & Lavina J. ROY, witn: J. H. McHALEY & Sarah CORBIERE both of Garden River on July 30, 1907 at Thessalon. (RC)
014942-07 Elmer COSLEY (Cosby?), 25, saw miller, Winslow Ont., New Liskeard, s/o Eli COSLEY & Jane WEDGE, married Stella LENNOX, 16, Mountain Ont., New Liskeard, d/o Frank LENNOX & Barbara PRICE, witn: W H. MONTGOMERY & Mrs. Walter KERSTINE both of Haileybury on Nov. 27, 1907 at Haileybury 015056-07 (Nipissing Dist.), Frederic COUGHLIN, 28, Alumette Island, Widdifield Twp., farmer, s/o Alexander COUGHLIN & Susanna SAUVE, to Rachael KNIGHT, 18, Widdifield Twp., same, d/o Joseph KNIGHT & Bridget STROUD, witn: Thomas COUGHLIN of Allumette Island, Maria KNIGHT of Widdifield, 24 June 1907 at North Bay
015041-07 (Nipissing Dist.), George Lorne COX, 22, Powassan, Haileybury, clerk, s/o George C. COX & Mary Ann RIVETT, to Sarah Elizabeth STEELE, 21, Callander, Haileybury, d/o Henry A. STEELE & Emily CAMERON, witn: Hill ARMSTRONG & Stella STEELE, both of Haileybury, 10 April 1907 at North Bay 014926-07 James Albert CRAIG, 23, carpenter, Lucknow, Haileybury, s/o Alexander CRAIG & A. Jane WALKER, married Marguerite Viola SMITH, 19, Buffalo NY USA, Haileybury, d/o William SMITH & Jennie BRYANS, witn: George E. CRAIG & Annie FAULKENER both of Haileybury on Aug. 14, 1907 at Haileybury.
015068-07 (Nipissing Dist.), William CRAIG, 24, Aberdeen Scotland, North Bay, machinist, s/o William CRAIG & Elizabeth MAIUR, to Ida MULHOLL, 22, Bissett's Creek, d/o James MULHOLL & Mary NEWBURY, witn: A. HARWOOD & Gertie BEURSON?, both of North Bay, 31 August 1907 at North Bay 015028-07 (Nipissing Dist.), Alfred John H. CUDLIPP, 21, Cardiff Wales, North Bay, round house employee, s/o James CUDLIPP & Catherine A. BROWN, to Mary CREIGHTON, 22, Pontiac Co. Quebec., North Bay, d/o Thomas & Elsie CREIGHTON, witn: P. & Mrs P. SAWYER, both of North Bay, 21 January 1907 at North Bay
015020-07 Tuan DARYNUK, 24, laborer, Russia, Englehart, s/o Thomas DARYNUK & mother unknown (sic) married Mariya JUNNYCH, 23, Russia, Englehart, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: Agnes PEAR & Mary ARMSTRONG both of New Liskeard on Nov. 30, 1907 at New Liskeard 015059-07 (Nipissing Dist.), Albert Edward DAUCEY, 29, Ottawa, Cobalt, hotel keeper, s/o Joseph DAUCEY & Fannie MAY, to Martha Annie YERKIE, 19, Commanda, same, d/o Herman YERKIE & Minnie SHUFSKOWSKI, witn: J. M. JOHNSTON & M. W. MUNRO, both of North Bay, 27 June 1907 at North Bay
014919-07 Wesley D. DAVIDSON, 27, miller, Havelock, Haileybury, s/o David DAVIDSON & Samantha LEWIS, married Annie COLE, 18, Bracebridge, Haileybury, d/o John COLE & Alice B. DOLEY, witn: Proctor McGUINNIS of Cobalt & Estella DAVIDSON of Havelock on June 5, 1907 at Haileybury 014940-07 Peter DAVIS, 26, laborer, Reading England, Haileybury, s/o William DAVIS & Isabelle CUNNINGHAM, married Catherine Ellen CRADDOCK, 27, Liverpool England, Haileybury, d/o Patrick CRADDOCK & Catherine ANDERSON, witn: Hilaire DESPAROIS & Alice McGUIRE both of Haileybury on Nov. 11, 1907 at Haileybury
014923-07 Herbert A. DAY, 25, printer, Toronto, Haileybury, s/o Richard Moore DAY & Janet Doat LEE, married Lillian BRADSHAW, 25, Lindsay, Haileybury, d/o Robert A. BRADSHAW & Isabella JOHNSON, witn: Metta BRADSHAW & Frank BROCKLEBANK both of Haileybury on July 31, 1907 at Haileybury 5191-07 Ethelbert E. DAYNARD, 25, farmer, New York, St. Joseph, s/o Douglas DAYNARD & Ester CROWDER, married Jennie Mabel WATSON, 20, St. Joseph, same, d/o W. D. WATSON & E. F. ATKINS, witn: W. D. & E. F. WATSON of St. Joseph, 27 July 1907 at St. Joseph
015075-07 (Nipissing Dist.), John DEEGAN, 27, Scotland, Charlton, widower, farmer, s/o Daniel DEEGAN & Margaret McTAGGART, to Nellie BURNHAM, 18, Sanford, Charleton, d/o Joseph S. BURNFORD & Mary HOLMES, witn: Clifford BURNFORD of Charlton, Alice E. TUNCIN of Markham, 11 September 1907 at not stated 015082-07 (Nipissing Dist.), Antonio De PETRILLO, 27, Italy, North Bay, laborer, s/o Pascale De PETRILLO & Petronilla ALBERICO, to Guiseppina FIERARO, 24, Italy, North Bay, d/o Guiseppi FERRARO & Maria AMATO, witn: Ercola ROINANS & Geimaro FIALGETTO, 3 October 1907 at North Bay
015022-07 Geoffrey Walter DIXON, 31, prospector, Australia, Cobalt, s/o Walter DIXON & Annie GLYCK, married Jessie Selina BATTEN, 26, London England, Cobalt, d/o Alfred BATTEN & Selina SIMMONS, witn: A.C. BAILEY of Cobalt & T. N. NICKLE of New Liskeard on Dec. 14, 1907 at New Liskeard. 018303 – 07 Fred DIXON, 32, Locomotive Engineer, Derbyshire Eng., Rainy River, s/o John DIXON and Mary COOPER, married Pearl May MCKENZIE, 19, Kincardine Ont., Rainy River, d/o David McKENZIE & Amanda LEMBERGER. Witn: John CANOVAN, & Wilda McKENZIE, both of Rainy River. 27 May, 1907, Rainy River.
005219-07 David DOBSON, 28, storekeeper, widower, Drayton Welland,, Cockburn Island, s/o George DOBSON & Elizabeth LOCKING, married Albertine M. McCAIG, 20, Sowerby, Cockburn Island, d/o Samuel & Isabella McCAIG, witn: Samuel McCAIG of Livingstone Creek & Alida CAMPBELL & Thessalon on Sept. 25, 1907 at Thessalon. 014929-07 Peter R. DONALDSON, 26, miner, Labelle Que., Haileybury, s/o George E. DONALDSON & Lucy PARCHER, married Muryl BREWER, 18, Labelle Que., Haileybury, d/o John BREWER & Clara LONSDALE, witn: Fred & Mary BREWER both of Haileybury on Aug. 28, 1907 at Haileybury
014995-07 Herman DONALDSON, 24, miner, Lefroy, New Liskeard, s/o Noah DONALDSON & Elizabeth TYNDALL, married Bella LACOSTE, 16, Ottawa, New Liskeard, d/o John LACOSTE & Harriet BIGRA, witn: Joseph PARIVEAU of New Liskeard & George ABATE of Toronto on May 22, 1907 at New Liskeard. 014994-07 William George DOUPE, 24, farmer, Artemesia twp., Harley twp., s/o Amos DOUPE & Eliza BEST, married Mary Jane HETHERINGTON, 23, Hull Tp. Que., New Liskeard, d/o Rick HETHERINGTON & Allie BENEDICK (Benedict), witn: Nellie A. PITTS & Ethel MOSS both of New Liskeard on May 16, 1907 at New Liskeard
  015008-07 Charles DOVING, 26, miner, Norway, Bucke twp., s/o Lars & Loris, married Jenny MAGNUSSEN (?), 18, Norway, Bucke twp., d/o Adevard MAGNUSSEN & Alebe OLSEN, witn: E. DOVING & A. JUSSEN both of North Cobalt on Sept. 20, 1907 at New Liskeard.
014948-07 Charles DROLIN, 26, butcher, Ottawa, Haileybury, s/o Charles James DROLIN & Margaret HUNTER, married Minnie TAYLOR, 26, Sutton, Haileybury, d/o Peter TAYLOR & Jane Mae WHINNEY, witn: Ed FARAGHER & M. TAYLOR both of Haileybury on Dec. 18, 1907 at Haileybury 014883-07 Joseph DUFOUR, 25, laborer, Quebec, Cobalt, s/o Oliver DUFOUR & Edmire LEONE, married Roseanna LEONARD, 20, Quebec, Cobalt, d/o Nicholas LEONARD & Philomine ST. AUBIN, witn: Theodule & P. LEONARD both of Cobalt on Sept 23, 1907 at Cobalt.
014937-07 William DUFOUR, 22, carpenter, Mattawa, Haileybury, s/o Thomas DUFOUR & Mary GRAHAM, married Rachel WEILER, 18, Trout Creek, Haileybury, d/o Cornelius WEILER & Mary LOBSINGER, witn: James BRADY & Hattie CROOKSHANK both of Haileybury on Oct. 22, 1907 at Haileybury. 015025-07 David Albert DUKE, 26, farmer, Listowel, New Liskeard, s/o Andrew DUKE & Hennrietta McLEOD, married Tina Mary SMITH, 22, Algoma, New Liskeard, d/o William SMITH & Christie McTRAN, witn: Malcolm SMITH & Rose GIBSON both of New Liskeard on Dec. 18, 1907 at New Liskeard
014917-07 Thomas DUNNIGAN, 32, mining prospector, Mayo, Cobalt, s/o Daniel DUNNIGAN & Mary DOHERTY, married Alice Julia PETRIN, 22, Wright Gatineau, Cobalt, d/o Louis PETRIN & Virginie JETTI, witn: Hilaire DESPAROIS & Marguerite CHARBONNEAU both of Haileybury on May 9, 1907 at Haileybury. 015065-07 (Nipissing Dist.), John Johnston DURRELL, 29, Pembroke, Englehart, civil engineer, s/o James DURRELL & Mary McCHESNEY, to Norma Annette CAMPBELL, 22, Nosbonsing, Englehart, d/o Clinton CAMPBELL & Della TRICKEY, witn: James J. DURRELL of New Liskeard, Mabel CAMPBELL of Englehart, 15 August 1907 at North Bay
015016-07 W. J. DWYER, 26, miner, USA. Cobalt, s/o Patrick DWYER & Annie WEST (?), married Nina COLE, 19, Havelock, Cobalt, d/o Robert COLE & Ester SOPHA, witn: Agnes PEAR & Pearl DWYER both of New Liskeard on Nov. 9, 1907 at New Liskeard 018300 – 07 Howard Vance DYER, 24, Lumberman, Pipestone Minn., Rainy River, s/o A. S. DYER & Martha VANCE, married Charlotte Camille MATHIEU, 28, Almo Wis., Rainy River, d/o J. P. MATHIEU & Hannah HECKLE. Witn: George L. ANDREW & J.A. MATHIEU, both of Rainy River. 23 Apr., 1907, Rainy River
015026-07 Walter ECKFORD, 28, blacksmith, Ottawa, Englehart, s/o Walter ECKFORD & Mary SMITH, married Sadie CLARKE, 22, Nichol twp., Englehart, d/o Alex CLARK & Lizzie HAYS, witn: James McLAUCHLIN & Lilian HANSON both of New Liskeard on Dec. 18, 1907 at New Liskeard 004838-07 Christopher EDWARDS, 50, gentleman, England, Lake Linden Michigan USA, s/o Christopher EDWARDS & C. POLGRAIN, married Edith HILL, 37, Ontario, Bruce Mines, d/o Thomas HILL & Sarah HARRIS, witn: Howard & Mabel MILLER both of Bruce Mines on Apr. 25, 1907 at Bruce Mines.
014935-07 Nels EDWARDSON, 20, Christiania Norway, Cobalt, s/o Edward Nelson EDWARDSON & Mena GARSON, married Louisa HOPCLUND, 20, Christiania Norway, Haileybury, d/o Martin HOPCLUND & Marie PEDERSEN, witn: Axel MOULSEN & Martha ANDERSON both of North Cobalt on Oct. 4, 1907 at Haileybury 014912-07 Mark ELLIOTT, 48, mining engineer, Sacramento Calif. USA, Haileybury, s/o R. ELLIOTT & Josephine McDONALD, married Ella CLARK, 33, widow, Sacramento Calif. USA, Haileybury, d/o S. GRANGER & Adelaide COMBS, witn: Eugene SEELEY of Ridgetown Connecticut USA & Mrs M. FLANNAGAN of Buffalo NY USA on Jan. 8, 1907 at Haileybury
014918-07 Alva Clifton ELLIOTT, 30, engineer, Westmeath, Haileybury, s/o James ELLIOTT & Elizabeth SHILLINGTON, married Maud McCAGHERTY, 20, Beachburg Renfrew Co., Haileybury, d/o William McCAGHERTY & Rhoda RICHARDSON, witn: L. D. FERGUSON & Mabel McCAGHERTY both of Haileybury on June 5, 1907 at Haileybury 004821-07 Benjamin ENGLEHART, 29, woodsman, Port Daniel Quebec, Blind River, s/o Philip ENGLEHART, & Geneva SARYE, married Selina FOURNIER, 17, Blind River, same, d/o Isidor FOURNIER, witn: Joseph LANGLOIS of Port Daniel Quebec & Yecountia DUBE of Blind River on Jan. 15, 1907 at Blind River. (RC)
014884-07 S. Douglas FERGUSON, 29, cook, Leeds England, Cobalt, d/o William FERGUSON & Susan DOUGLAS, married Mary Davidson WOOD, 22, Edmonton England, Cobalt, d/o James WOOD & Isabelle YOUNGSON, witn: Dane DALE of Cobalt & Mary McKENZIE of Jeroux Lake on Oct. 3, 1907 at Cobalt. 018292 – 07 Joseph B. FERGUSON, 28, Farmer, Peytonsbury KY, Graceton Minn., s/o Hairm FERGUSON & Lily JENNINGS, married Rose Glenn WEBSTER, 33, La Porte Indiana, Graceton Minn., d/o Alfred WEBSTER & Rose HARDING. Witn: Tom & Minnie A ROBERTSON, both of Rainy River. 25 Dec. 1906, Rainy River.
015030-07 (Nipissing Dist.), William Patrick FILLETER, 28, Renfrew, North Bay, brakeman, s/o Stephen FILLETER & Elizabeth DOYLE, to Elizabeth A. SHANAHAN, 26, Renfrew, Sudbury, d/o Bryan SHANAHAN & Ann O'GORMAN , witn: John & Mrs. John LEE, both of North Bay, 5 February 1907 at North Bay  
#005154-07 (Algoma Dist): James FISHER, 21, baker, Petrolia, Steelton, s/o William FISHER & Mary BUGNER, married Abbie McBURNEY, 18, servant, Soo Mich., not given, d/o James McBURNEY & Eliza GRAHAM, witn: Edward SUTTON of Soo Mich., & Eva FISHER of Steelton, 4 April 1907 at Steelton 014946-07 William FISS, 23, miner, Hastings Co., Haileybury, s/o William FISS & Wilhemina BEHM, married Annie Sophia McDOWELL, 18, Eau Clair Nipissing Dist., Haileybury, d/o James A McDOWELL & Margaret McTURNIAN, witn: Christy FISS & Marian Idella BONSTEEL both of North Bay on Aug. 7, 1907 at Haileybury
014931-07 Charles Ernest FLEMING, 29, miner, Muskoka, Haileybury, s/o William FLEMING & Janet MANSON, married Mary Violet JESSUP, 17, Muskoka, Haileybury, d/o Richard B. JESSUP & Irene RENFROW, witn: Richard R. JESSUP of Haileybury & Margaret SULLIVAN of Toronto on Aug. 27, 1907 at Haileybury #005194-07 (Algoma) Walter S. FOWLER, 61, widower, farmer, New York, SS Marie Mich; s/o Joshua FOWLER, Mahalia LESLIE (LESTER?) married Alice MITCHEL, 49, widow, domestic, England, SS Marie Mich, d/o Josiah WHATLEY & Eliza NASH; witnesses were Hugh & E OGILVIE, Toronto. 13 Jul 1907 at Richards Landing, St. Joseph.
018312 – 07 Basil James FRANKS, 23, Millman, P.E. Island, Rainy River, s/o John FRANKS & Mary PERRY, married Edna CASLAKE, 19, St Mary's Ont, Rainy River, d/o George CASLAKE & Rachel D. COPELAND. Witn: W. O. CHAPMAN & W. D. JARVIS both of Rainy River. 14 Oct, 1907, Rainy River 015092-07 (Nipissing Dist.), Alfred James FRICKER, 24, Guilford England, North Bay, fireman, s/o Eli FRICKER & Emma PIERCE, to Jennie Elizabeth LeFEVER, 24, Stafford -England, North Bay, d/o Alex LeFEVER & Letitia YOUNG, witn: Lizzie ADDISON & Rhoda SHERWOOD, both of North Bay, 25 November 1907 at North Bay
  15101-07 Alphonse GAGNON, 27, farmer, St. Flavie Que., Warren, s/o Jos?. Alphonse GAGNON & Louisanna GAUDREAU, married Alice SHAIN (Strain?), 27, Griffith, Warren, d/o Eugene SHAIN & Elizabeth LUDGATE, witn: David LAPORTE & Mary GAGNON, both of Warren, 8 Jan 1907 at Warren
005224-07 James GALLAGHER, 30, farmer, widower, Barrie, Bruce Mines, s/o Thomas GALLAGHER & Annie NOLAN, married Amanda DIPLONTEY, 37, widow, Howick Ontario, Bruce Mines, d/o James GRASLEY & Eliza Ann PARK, witn: Rachel McDONALD & Grace PATE both of Thessalon on Dec. 4, 1907 at Thessalon. 15102-07 Ephraim GERVAIS, 27, laborer, Fort Coulange Que., St. Charles, s/o Athanase GERVAIS & Carolina RENAUE?, married Adelia LEGAULT, 20, Otter Lake Que., Warren, d/o Narcisse LEGAULT & Matilda ROY, witn: Israel LEGAULT & Alice LAUNDRY, both of Warren, 6 May 1907 at Warren
015051-07 (Nipissing Dist.), David John GILES, 32, Almonte, Cobalt, miner, s/o Elbert William GILES & Ellen GRIER, to Anna Florence HUESTON, 21, Huntley, Appleton, d/o John H. HUESTON & Mary J. MANCHESTER, witn: Gowan GILMOUR & Maud HALPENNY, both of North Bay, 30 April 1907 at North Bay 015033-07 (Nipissing Dist.), Joseph James GLABB, 25, Stratford, Trout Mills, laborer, s/o Martin GLABB & Harriett EXORUL?, to Aggie JENKINSON, 18, Widdifield Twp., same, d/o William JENKINSON & Mary J. NEIL, witn: William AID of Cobalt, Annie AID of Trout Mills, 11 February 1907 at North Bay (Divorced 1948 5 27, Registration 25 January 1949, No. 001055)
015058-07 (Nipissing Dist.), Adam Murray GLOVER, 20, Hawick Scotland, North Bay, laborer, s/o George GLOVER & Margaret NESBIT, to Ellen Kinneburgh McNAUGHTON, 18 North Bay, same, d/o Duncan McNAUGHTON & Ellen ABRAHAM, witn: H. G. WRIGHT & Willow McNAUGHTON, both of North Bay, 20 June 1907 at North Bay  
018314 – 07 Thomas GODIN, 28, Laborer, Rainy River, same, s/o Joseph N GODIN & Mary MORRISON, married Isabella MORRISON, 19, Rainy River, Lake of the Woods Ont., d/o William MORRISON & Cloud STRIPE. Witn: George SEVANSON & Maggie MORRISON, both of Rainy River. 21 Oct., 1907, Rainy River. 015007-07 Charles Azariah GORCOME (Gascome?), 25, cook, Jamaica, Englehart, s/o Thomas W. GORCOME & Leonora GROSSET, married Burnitta Louise REID, 21, Jamaica, Montreal, d/o J. W. S. REID & Jessie SHARP, witn: J. R. & E. J. MALOTT both of New Liskeard on Sept. 13, 1907 at New Liskeard.
#005195-07 (Algoma) Joseph Richard GRAHAM, 25, grocer, Ont, Sault Ste. Marie Ont, s/o William D. GRAHAM & June ROBINSON married Marie Mildred OVERLAND, 18, domestic, Ont, SS Marie Ont, d/o William OVERLAND & Hannah TOMLISON; witnesses were Thomas DEAN, Georgina FAWRETH, SS Marie Ont. 31 Jul 1907 at Richards Landing, St. Joseph. #005114-07 (Algoma) William Henry GRAY, 36, machinist, born ?, Soo Mich, s/o Joseph Whitfield GRAY & Sarah NICHOLSON, married Elizabeth LAMB, age not given, Simcoe Co, Soo Mich, widow, d/o William CRUTHERS, & Mary HUGHES; witnesses were Howard Lamb, Soo, Mich, Laura HART, Sault. 9 Dec 1907, Sault
005148-07 Alessandro GRECCO, 22, laborer, Mendocino Italy, Sault Ste Marie, s/o Gitano GRECCO & Rosa PASFRIA, married Maria COSCO, 18, Mendocino Italy, Sault Ste Marie, d/o Braggis COSCO & Teresina TRAVOLO, witn: Pietro MANGO & Francisco VIGIA both of Sault Ste Marie on Jan. 8, 1907 at Steelton. (RC) 004837-07 Thomas GRIFFITH, 45, clerk, widower, Shropshire England, Blind River, s/o George GRIFFITH & Mary DAVIS, married Kate DUNN, 36, Manchester England, Blind River, d/o James DUNN & Mary SMITH, witn: James DUNN & Mary SMITH no residences given on Nov. 12, 1907 at Blind River
015071-07 (Nipissing Dist.), Henry Christian GRONAN, 39, Brenan Germany, North Bay, brewer, s/o Henry GRONAN & Wilhelminau KEOPPROTH, to Sarah HEURBERT, 22, Massey, North Bay, d/o John HEURBERT & Erminie LAGUE, witn: A. E. STINSON & G. A. McGAUGHEY, both of North Bay, 7 September 1907 at North Bay 015077-07 (Nipissing Dist.), Jean HAMLIN, 21, Lake St. Joseph, Latchford, laborer. s/o Lawrence HAMLIN & Josephine RENEAU, to Laura DAVIS, 22, Montreal, Latchford, d/o William DAVIS & not known, witn: C. E. WINTERS & Laura COLGAN, both of North Bay, 19 September 1907 at North Bay
014934-07 Allan Lamburt Nelson HANCOCK, 23, laborer, Napanee, Haileybury, s/o Richard HANCOCK & Lavina VANALSTINE, married Mary Edith Grace KEDDER, 24, dressmaker, Rockcleft, Haileybury, d/o Richard KEDDER & Fannie NESBETT, witn: George H. HANCOCK & Lila KEDDER both of Haileybury on Aug. 20, 1907 at Haileybury 16911-08 Hother? John HANSON, 32, farmer, Norway, Duluth, s/ Hans OLSEN & Martha, married Kate McKINTOSH (s/b McIntosh?), 38, widow, Ohio, Duluth, d/o Philip AMOS & Margaret, witn: Edward LUND of Emo & Mrs. M. DOYLE of Fort Frances, 13 Dec 1907 at Fort Frances (Lutheran)
014861-07 Elliott HARPER, 52, blacksmith, widower, Ireland, Cobalt, s/o Francis HARPER & Esther BOVARD, married Clara SPARROW, 38, Holland, Cobalt, d/o Thomas SPARROW & Margaret PARDUE, witn: Rev. Edward HEASLIP of Heaslip & Mattie KLINGSMITH of Cobalt on Mar. 9, 1907 at Cobalt 014945-07 Sven Solomon HARYN, 26, miner, Finland, Cobalt, s/o Eric HARYN & Wilhemina SAMYCIKACKI, married Marie Elizabeth POTI, 20, Finland, Cobalt, d/o Jacob POTI & Wilhemina ENGRIST, witn: T. NUMMIONON & Matti H. PUSANNIN both of Cobalt on Oct. 11, 1907 at Haileybury.
014870-07 Eugene HAY, 23, prospector, Quebec, Cobalt, s/o Pierre HAY & Elizabeth RACINE, married Adelina CHALIFOUX, 21, Quebec, Cobalt, d/o Jean CHALIFOUX & Rose Delina LACHAINE, witn: Pierre HAY & Jean CHALIFOUX both of Cobalt on May 27, 1907 at Cobalt 005228-07 Albert HAYNES, 24, farmer, Portlock, same, s/o George HAYNES & Maggie McKINNON, married Katherine BRYANS, 22, McLarty Tp. Rainy River, same, d/o William BRYANS & Sophia McMULLEN, witn: Martin HAYNES of Leeburn? & Isabella BRYANS of McLarty Tp, on Mar. 20, 1907 at McLarty Tp
015019-07 Richard Henry HAZARD, 39, carpenter, widower, illegible, Englehart, s/o Robert HAZARD & Sarah NEUDNEY, (?) married Mary Rebecca LATCHFORD, 38, widow, Ireland, New Liskeard, d/o Robert M. LATCHFORD & Rebecca DAVIS, witn: Thomas I. DANBY & Margaret McCONCKIE (McConkey?) both of New Liskeard on Nov. 23, 1907 at New Liskeard. 005223-07 Albert Edward HAZEL, 26, laborer, Midland, Thessalon, s/o John HAZEL & Mary McCOULLY, married Minnie LeCLAIRE, 19, Thessalon, same, d/o Thomas LeCLAIRE & Catherine SULLIVAN, witn: Frederic HAZEL of Michigan & Lena FRECHETTE of Thessalon on Nov. 25 1907 at Thessalon. (RC)
014862-07 Adam A. HODGINS, 35, miner, Alleyn Que., Cobalt, s/o Adam HODGINS & Eliza MOONEY, married Amy EVANS, 20, Alleyn Que., Cobalt, d/o Henry EVANS & Ida MARLHOUSE, witn: Herbert & Laura CLARK both of Cobalt on Mar. 7, 1907 at Cobalt. #005162-07 (Algoma Dist): William HODGINS, 23, farmer, Lambton Co., Steelton, s/o George HODGINS & Elizabeth KIELS, married Elizabeth HAMPSHIRE, 21, Lambton Co., Steelton, d/o George HAMPSHIRE & Dorcas RUSH, witn: Arthur T.. HAMPSHIRE of Steelton & Marjorie HANNAH of Soo Mich., 18 June 1907 at Steelton (LDS)
004833-07 Arnie E. HOLDRICH, 24, baker, Magnetawan, South River, s/o William HOLDRICH & Elizabeth WILSON, married Agnes M. HARRIS (HANES?), 23, Almonte, same, d/o William HARRIS & Annie MOORE, witn: William HARRIS & Mrs C. P. DELOYE no residences given on Aug. 6, 1907 at Blind River 004826-07 David HORN, 25, seaman, Glasgow Scotland, Blind River, s/o James HORN & Mary BLAIR, married Agnes CLELAND, 23, Scotland, Blind River, d/o William CLELAND & Maria WALKER, witn: Mr & Mrs John ROGERS both of Blind River on June 6, 1907 at Blind River
014920-07 William HOUNSLOW, 30, widower, miner, Newboro Ont., Haileybury, s/o William HOUNSLOW & Elizabeth HARRIS, married Nellie POPPLETON, 22, nurse, Staffordshire England, Haileybury, d/o Henry John POPPLETON & Anna Maria IBBOTSON, witn: James WILLIAMS & Gertrude McGRANAHAN both of Haileybury on June 10, 1907 at Haileybury 014938-07 Anton HOVI, 24, miner, Finland, Cobalt, s/o Eric HOVI & Lizzie MANNAJA, married Alinia SAWIRTA, 24, Finland, Cobalt, d/o Henri SAWIRTA & Helma RIGA, witn: John JOHNSON of Cobalt & Matte LOTTE of Argentite on Oct. 26, 1907 at Haileybury.
013978-08 John HUDSON, 49, Lake Dove (sic, Dore?), Ruther Glen, Widower, Farmer, s/o Robert HUDSON and Susanna SMITH married Lucinda L. HALLIDAY, 39, Widow, Ross Tp., Ruther Glen, d/o Dean STUBES & Eva SQUIRES? Wtn: Samuel SCOBIE and Mrs. S. SCOBIE of Ruther Glen on December 31, 1907 at Ruther Glen 004840-07 George HUNT, 49, blacksmith, widower, England, Steelton, s/o George HUNT & Sarah WALSH, married Annie MEAD 60, widow, England, Steelton, d/o George BEST & Sophia COURTICE, witn: Minnie PICKERING & Amos GREGENZA both of Bruce Mines on July 25, 1907 at Bruce Mines.
005081-07 (Algoma Dist.) Edward Sangster INGRAM, 35, mechanic, Banff[shire] Scotland, [Pomona, California], s/o William INGRAM & Magdalen PATTON, married Sarah Morton RHYNDRESS, 19, Edgar - Oro Twp, Sault, d/o Clarance RHYNDRESS & Nellie ADDISON, wtn Clarance RHYNDRESS & Miss J.M. SPENCER, both of Sault, on September 6, 1907, at Sault St. Marie 015052-07 (Nipissing Dist.), William Wesley JACOB, 29, Carleton Place, North Bay, engineer, s/o Thomas JACOB & Elizabeth WICKWIRE, to Lizzie MOFFATT, 19 Belfast Ireland, North Bay, d/o Robert MOFFATT & Martha JOHNSTON, witn: Minnie MOFFATT & Lillie CARKNER, 23 May 1907 at North Bay
015091-07 (Nipissing Dist.), Stacey JACQUES, 25, Simcoe, Powassan, liveryman, s/o A. JACQUES & Agnes ALLEN, to Isabella JARDINE, 21, Ottawa, Powassan, d/o Joseph JARDINE & Matilda ARMSTRONG, witn: M. Williams & J. A. Johnston, both of North Bay, 20 November 1907 at North Bay 015072-07 (Nipissing Dist.), Walter JAMES, 27, Chalk River, Bonfield, farmer, s/o John JAMES & Margaret McDONALD, to Rachel BROWN, 18, Bonfield, same, d/o Wallace BROWN & Rachel SQUIRES, witn: Peter BROWN & Katharine SAMPSON, both of Bonfield, 9 September 1907 at North Bay
015004-07 Robert Edward JAMIESON, 27, liveryman, Lanark, Englehart, s/o Robert JAMIESON & Sarah DUNKIN, married Tillie YASKIE, 23, Lanark (?), New Liskeard, d/o Charles YASKIE & Julia SICKHARD, witn: W. NAPIER & Lizzie JAMIESON both of Latchford on Sept. 4, 1907 at New Liskeard 5192-07 Amos Edgar JANSON, 25, Ontario, Richards Landing, s/o Thomas JANSON & Annie STERREH (Sterret?), married Caroline Ellen CAUFIELD, 23, St. Joseph, Richards Landing, d/o Thomas CAUFIELD & Frances BRADLEY, witn: William RICKABY & Laura FANSON, both of Richards Landing, 29 March 1907 at Richards Landing
014922-07 Thomas Harvey JESSOP, 36, gentleman, Leeds England, Haileybury, s/o Thomas Richard & Isabella Harvey, married Mary Floretta VIOLETTE, 28, Paris Indiana USA, Haileybury, d/o Benjamin & Caroline, witn: Arthur P. G. LINDSAY & M. HUNTINGTON both of Haileybury on July 13, 1907 at Haileybury. 015029-07 (Nipissing Dist.), David JUBERT, 21, Indian Reserve, same, laborer, s/o David JUBERT & Mary J. LAROUNDE, to Catherine COCHIN, 18, Widdifield Twp., Indian Reserve, d/o John COCHIN & Mary A. DECHENS, witn: Anthony & Mary COCHIN, both of North Bay, 28 January 1907 at North Bay
014894-07 John Werner KEWILA (?), 25, laborer, Finland, Copper Cliff, s/o father unknown & Amanda KOWILA, married Ontila AUBIN, 27, widow, Finland, Copper Cliff, d/o father unknown & Annie SEPPILA, witn: Silvanus KEWILA & Emilia TAKLINEN both of Copper Cliff on Mar. 17, 1907 at Copper Cliff 014895-07 Silvanus KEWLA (?), 25, miner, Finland, Copper Cliff, s/o John & Tulli, married Emilia TAKLINEN, 22, Finland, Copper Cliff, d/o Erik TAKLINEN & Amanda AUTINEI, witn: Edwin OLIO & Amelia MAKI both of Copper Cliff on Mar. 18, 1907 at Copper Cliff
014998-07 Leonard Clayton KILMER, 24, carpenter, Aylmer, Englehart, s/o John KILMER & Sarah Ann BEARES, married Ida Gertrude HASBELL, 27, Bayham Tp. Elgin Co., d/o John W. HASBELL & Mary Ann DALTON, witn: Mrs, A. J. STEWART of New Liskeard & Eibelwyon MACKAY of Braemar Ont. on June 19, 1907 at New Liskeard 005079-07 (Algoma Dist.) Oscar Alfred KINCAID, 24, purchaser, Moriston NY, Duluth, s/o Charles H. KINCAID & Elizabeth NUNN, married Alma Bertha LEE, 24, Athens Ont, Sault, d/o George Wordship LEE & Olive MATTICE, wtn James ELLIOT of Duluth & Julia LISCOMB of Sault, on September 4, 1907, at Sault St. Marie
#005161-07 (Algoma Dist): John KINDRAT, 32, laborer, Zagolinsi Austria, Steelton, s/o Daniel KINDRAT & Maria METTER, married Nastia STECINK, 17, Ivankoa Austria, Steelton, d/o Metra STECINK & Nastia PRETKA, witn: Ford VICHMORSKI & Nicholas TRONICK?, both of Steelton, 17 June 1907 at Steelton 015093-07 (Nipissing Dist.), Jeremie LAFOUNTAINE, 28, Mattawa, North Bay, baker, s/o Joseph LAFOUNTAINE & Virginie RICHARDS, to Virginia FAY, 18, Pembroke, North Bay, d/o Eugene FAY & Octavie LAPORTE, witn: Joseph LAFOUNTAINE & Antoine FAY, both of North Bay, 25 November 1907 at North Bay
014885-07 Jean Baptiste LALIBERTE, 28, miner, Ottawa, Cobalt, s/o Francis LALIBERTE & Olive CAMPEAU, married Florida BELANGER, 31, Ottawa, Cobalt, d/o Zotique BELANGER & Marguerite BOUCHER, witn: Fred BOISONAULT of Haileybury & Osmail BELANGER of Cobalt on Oct. 8, 1907 at Cobalt 015070-07 (Nipissing Dist.), Samuel L. S. LAMB, 28, Omemee, North Bay, dispatcher, s/o Samuel LAMB & Ellen ANDERSON, to Jean CARRUTHERS, 29, North Bay, same, d/o Dr. J. B. CARRUTHERS & Mary THOMPSON,. witn: Fred CARRUTHERS of Ottawa, L. M. DICKSON of Pakenham, 4 September 1907 at North Bay
014881-07 Remi E. LAPOINTE, 22, book keeper, Ottawa, Cobalt, s/o M. LAPOINTE & M. ROY, married Maggie LAPINE, 23, Ottawa, Cobalt, d/o Sam LAPINE & A. LA CROIX, witn: W. B. LAFLEUR & H. MARTIN both of Cobalt on Sept. 27, 1907 at Cobalt  
004827-07 Edward LAWSON, 26, laborer, Ausin Burgh?, of Rossport Thunder Bay Dist, s/o Thomas LAWSON & Mary HANSON, married Lottie LOCHARD, 18, Albany NY, Blind River, d/o not given LOCHARD & not given NICHOLS, witn: William LEE & Margaret KING both of Blind River on June 25, 1907 at Blind River 015098-07 (Nipissing Dist.), Charles LEACH, 24, Goderich, North Bay, mechanic, s/o John LEACH & Mary ASKWITH, to Murion Idelle BONESTEEL, 17, Wisawasa, North Bay, d/o Leroy BONESTEEL & Isabella CARMICHAEL, witn: James HOLMES of Widdifield Twp., Mary BONESTEEL of North Bay, 23 December 1907 at North Bay
004823-07 George LECHANCE 29, tinsmith, Three River Quebec, Blind River, s/o Louis LECHANCE & Marie LAGANER, married Louise GAGNE, 21, St. Johns Quebec, Blind River, d/o Joseph GAGNE & Theobise GOUGE, witn: Eveline E. GOODWILL of Blind River & Etta E. BRENTON of Toronto on Mar. 5, 1907 at Blind River. (RC) 013825-08 Joseph LECLAIR, 29, farmer, Ste Thelanie d' Aullelout, Verner, s/o Pierre LECLAIR & Marie LANGLOIS, married Rose Anna GAGNON, 20, St. Jean de Malba? , Caldwell, d/o Antoine GAGNON & Delina PRUD'HOMME. Witn: Pierre LECLAIR & Antoine GAGNON both of Verner. January 12, 1907. Caldwell. (RC)
15104-07 Israel LEGAULT, 21, farmer, Otter Lake, Warren, s/o Narcisse LEGAULT & Matilda ROY, married Ida May GERVAIS, 18, Coulonge, Warren, d/o Eugene & Armeline, witn: Felix & Eveline GERVAIS of Warren, 15 July 1907 at Warren #005159-07 (Algoma Dist): Jeremie LEJEUNE, 25, laborer, Dewport Gaspe, Steelton, s/o Daniel LEJEUNE & Constance GRENIER, married Leda GAGNON, 20, St. Irene Charlevoix, Steelton, d/o Samuel GAGNON & Malvina DUCHENE, witn: Medric MARTEL of Sault Ste. Marie & Phlias TURCOTTE of Steelton, 10 June 1907 at Steelton (Rom Cath)
015048-07 (Nipissing Dist.), Joseph LEROUX, 28, Montebello, Trout Mills, laborer, s/o Joseph LEROUX & Margaret GIROUX, to Mary BROWN, 35, St. Como P.Q., Trout Mills, widow, d/o Baptiste GENEROUX & Mary PAGETTE, witn: Napoleon DUPRES & James THOMPSON, both of Trout Mills, 29 April 1907 at North Bay 018294 – 07 John A. C. LINDSAY, 33, Estate Agent, Ontario, Beaudette Minn., s/o Alex LINDSAY & Elizth. CAMERON, married Annie CAVANAGH, 26, Rainy River, Pinewood Ont., d/o Thomas CAVANAGH & Susan JOHNSON. Witn: Duncan C. LINDSAY, Beaudette & F CLEMENT, Pinewood. 25(28?) Jan. 1907, Rainy River.
15107-07 Edgar Henry LOCKHART, 35, student, Newtonville Ont., Winnipeg, s/o Robert LOCKHART & Lucy E. JACOBS, married Janet Edna GUTHRIE, 25, Elizabethtown, Warren, d/o William GUTHRIE & Mary HARDING, witn: William GUTHRIE of Warren & Courtney SALISBURY of Kingston, 3 Dec 1907 at Warren 014947-07 Deldon Stone LOGAN, 27, butcher, Parkersburg W. Virginia USA, Haileybury, s/o Nestor LOGAN & Virginia E. COOK, married Anna Myrtle POOLE, 25, Parkersburg W. Virginia USA, Pittsburgh USA, d/o John POOLE & Mary DEBAUGHN, witn: John F. WARNER & Harriet P. HUDSON both of Haileybury on Dec. 16, 1907 at Haileybury
  015083-07 (Nipissing Dist.), William Morris LOUNSBURY, 23, Brant Co., North Bay, civil engineer, s/o E. T. LOUISBURY & Ella A. SHARP, to Edith Alice PURVIS, 29, Barrie, d/o D. PURVIS & Mary A. BROWN, witn: Charles PURVIS of Webbwood, Edith N. PURVIS of North Bay, 8 October 1907 at North Bay
#020085-07, Algoma Dist., Thomas Wagstaff LOVE, 25, Air Brake Tester, Kilmore Scotland, Fort William, s/o Archibald LOVE and Susanna WAGSTAFF, m. Mary Ritchie McCALL, 27, Kilwarwock, Scotland, Fort William, d/o John McCALL and Mary MUCHLAND, w. Lochland M. NEILL and Jennie E. LEACH, July 26, 1907, Fort William. 018291 – 07 Oliver LYNGSTAD, 25, Carpenter, Eide Norway, Rainy River, s/o Ole O LYNGSTAD & Ane OLIVERSDATTER, married Sarah ERIKSEN, 22, Hustad Norway, Rainy River, d/o Erik YAUPHOLM (sic) & Oline LORENTZEN. Witn: John P. OLSON & Ole ERIKSEN, both of Rainy River. 2 Jan. 1907, Rainy River.
018301 - 07 James MADILL, 35, Farmer, Grey Co Ont., Rainy River, s/o Samuel MADILL & Mary FAIRBURN, married Annie HANSON, 30, Noriovi, Rainy River, d/o H. A. HANSON & Christina OLSEN. Witn: J. L. SCOTT & Esther L. FLYBERG both of Beaudette. 23 April, 1907, Rainy River  
014866-07 RaphaŽl MALVIN, blank, farmer, L'Ann au Griffon Quebec, Cobalt, s/o RaphaŽl MALVIN & Maxina ROCHEFORT, married Eva DESPRES, blank, L'Ann au Griffon Quebec, Cobalt, d/o Charles DESPRES & M. Celadine PIRAVIN, witn: Charles DESPRES & Edmond GIRVAIS both of Cobalt on Apr. 15, 1907 at Cobalt 014943-07 Walkus MANNINEN, 30, miner, Finland, Cobalt, s/o A. MANNINEN & R. LESONEN, married Kaisa KENAPPAINEN, 21, Finland, Cobalt, d/o Bert Kemp KENAPPAINEN & Tiina MAKELAINEN, witn: Peter CALDSON & Hector BULKKENEN both of Cobalt on Dec. 9, 1907 at Haileybury
#005152-07 (Algoma Dist): Michael MANNING, 23, laborer, Winona, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Michael MANNING & Mary O. DEA (or Mary O'DEA), married Mary Adeline CLEANETTE, 18, Quebec, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o George CLEANETTE & Mary GAGNON, witn: George BROWN & Louise ROUSSEAU, both of Sault Ste. Marie, 26 March 1907 at Steelton (Rom Cath) 015073-07 (Nipissing Dist.), Edward Alfred MARSH, 25, Ottawa, same, brakeman, s/o William MARSH & Elizabeth LITTLE, to Alice EVERSON, 26, Wasca Minn, same, d/o Ole EVERSON & Annie KLEUSON, witn: Sydney FROST & Annie H, BISHOP, both of North Bay, 11 September 1907 at North Bay
  005213-07 Henry H. MARSHALL, 26, farmer, Birmingham England, Parkinson Tp., s/o Charles MARSHALL & Mary DURMAN, married Ada Elizabeth PARKER, 23, Birmingham England, Parkinson Tp., d/o George PARKER & Elizabeth AUSTIN, witn: David & Martha DUNN, both of Sowerby on Mar. 6, 1907 at Thessalon
014863-07 Samuel MARTIN, 38, carpenter, Vermont USA, Cobalt, s/o Charles & Mary, married Elmana PROSSE, 20, near North Bay, Cobalt, d/o Louis PROSSE & Josephine LARONDE, witn: Louis PROSSE & Mrs A. H. McKENZIE, both of Cobalt on Apr. 5, 1907 at Cobalt 013949-08 John Morton MASON, 23, York Tp., New Liskeard, Teamster, s/o John MASON & Jean GRANT married Stella Irene CRAGG, 18, Joliette Tp. (sic), New Liskeard, d/o William CRAGG & Elizabeth PHOENIE?. Wtn: Oliver MASON of New Liskeard and Hattie CRAGG of New Liskeard on December 25, 1907 at New Liskeard
014890-07 Damien MASTA, 46, carpenter, widower, Quebec, Cobalt, s/o Toussaint MASTA & Olive BONOMME, married Agnes GAUTHIER, 32, widow, St. Thomas de Alfred, Cobalt, d/o Samuel GAUTHIER (sic) & Cornelia BELANGER, witn: Eugene SANCARTIER & Alfred PRIOSE both of Cobalt on Nov. 13, 1907 at Cobalt. 015074-07 (Nipissing Dist.), George Emerson(?) McARTHUR, 29, Winchester -Ontario, North Bay, builder, s/o James McARTHUR & Mary JACKSON, to Devinie WINTER, 29, Dundee Scotland, North Bay, d/o James M. WINTER, & Agnes DOUGLAS, witn: James M. McARTHUR & Madeline W. GILLESPIE, both of North Bay, 11 September 1907 at North Bay
015079-07 (Nipissing Dist.), Robert McCARROLL, 49, Owen Sound, Toronto, lumberman, s/o William McCARROLL & Alice McKECKERAN (McEachren?), to Lucy HUNTER, 49, King, Toronto, d/o James HUNTER & Sarah CODY, witn: E. A. ADDISON & Sarah GOODFELLOW, both of North Bay, 25 September 1907 at North Bay 015055-07 (Nipissing Dist.), Thomas McCARTHY, 31, Brudenell, North Bay, miner, s/o John McCARTHY & Catherine MALONEY, to Johanna BOLAND, 42, Adamston, North Bay, widow, d/o Martin MULVAHILL & Margaret COSTELLO, witn: William McCARTHY of Brudenell, Martha BOURKE of North Bay, 13 May 1907 at North Bay
014859-07 Charles McCOOL, 23, merchant, Syria, Latchford, s/o Joseph McCOOL & Marie SIMON, married Hauaty (?) G. SIMON, 18, Syria Latchford, d/o George SIMON & Marie BAWSORA, witn: A. CHAMAUDY& Annie JOSEPH both of Latchford on Feb. 24, 1907 at Latchford 014864-07 Michael J. McCORMACK, 34, bartender, Veriton Quebec, Cobalt, s/o Thomas McCORMACK & Catherine QUINN, married Elizabeth DOLLIGHAN, 22, Veriton Quebec, Cobalt, d/o John DOLLIGHAN & Catherine HARTZ, witn: Fred EVANS & Nora DORAN both of Cobalt on Apr. 8, 1907 at Cobalt
015053-07 (Nipissing Dist.), James McDEVINAN, 47, Torbolton, Cobalt, miner, s/o John McDEVINAN & Ann TRACEY, to Honorah B. HICKSON, 39, Fitzroy Harbour, same, d/o John HICKSON & Catherine IVES, witn: Edward O'KELLY of North Bay, Margaret FARRELL of Fitzroy Harbour, 21 May 1907 at North Bay 005220-07 Daniel McDONALD, 45, farmer, Bruce Co, Galbraith Tp., s/o John C. McDONALD & Mary MCFADYEN, married Elizabeth Agnes McNEISH, 24, Wallace Tp., Bruce Mines, d/o James McNEISH & Margaret COOPER, witn: Hector & Rachel McDONALD both of Thessalon on Oct. 3, 1907 at Thessalon
015099-07 (Nipissing Dist.), John Thomas McDONALD, 22, Teeswater, Widdifield Twp., farmer, s/o Thomas McDONALD & Margaret J. GRANT, to Mary MCDOUGALL, 18, Hamilton -Scotland, Widdifield Twp., d/o John McDOUGALL & Janet WILLIAMSON, witn: Dan HOWATT & Janet McDOUGALL, both of Widdifield Twp., 25 December 1907 at North Bay 015049-07 (Nipissing Dist.), Michael McDONALD, 21, North Bay, same, laborer, s/o Donald McDONALD & Mary Ann PLANTE, to H. Cecilia LACHANCE, 21, Renfrew, Widdifield Twp., domestic servant, d/o Gilbert LACHANCE & Henrietta LAMARCHE, witn: Michael BRERMAN (Brennan?) & Joseph DURAND, both of North Bay, 23 April 1907 at North Bay
005211-07 David A. N. McDOUGALL, 22, laborer, Goderich, Macbeths Bay, s/o David J. McDOUGALL & Marian McLEOD, married Henrietta W. McDONALD, 18, Ludington Michigan, Thessalon, d/o William P. McDONALD & Victoria Isabella McCAIG, witn: Elizabeth & Mrs Donald McCAIG both of Thessalon on Mar. 20, 1907 at Thessalon  
015005-07 Donald Alvin McKENZIE, 24, tinsmith, Little Current, Englehart, s/o William McKENZIE & Jennie GRIFFITH, married Typha Selina FAIRMAN, 20, Manitowaning, New Liskeard, d/o William FAIRMAN & Jennie ANGUS, witn: Mr. & Mrs. J. A. RUTLEDGE both of New Liskeard on Sept. 6, 1907 at New Liskeard. #020086-07, (Algoma Dist)., John Dilworth McKENZIE, 45, Fireman, Huron Co., Port Arthur, s/o Alex McKENZIE and Ann DILWORTH, m. Annie HILTON, 28, York Co., Fort William, d/o William H. HILTON and Nancy COOPER, w. Ivan THURLOW and Christian THURLOW, July 29, 1907, Fort William.
015069-07 (Nipissing Dist.), Charles C. McKENZIE, 21, Manitoulin, Englehart, tinsmith, s/o William McKENZIE & Jennie GRIFFIN, to Sala M. PICKETT, 20, Scott Twp., Toronto, d/o Thomas PICKETT & Matilda DALTON, witn: Mrs H. SHERWOOD & Lizzie ADEAR, both of North Bay, 30 August 1907 at North Bay 005212-07 Walter R. McKIBBON, 35, book keeper, Athol Tp., Sault Ste Marie, s/o James McKIBBON & Mary MARTIN, married Ida May ROSS, 25, Grey Co., Wharncliffe, d/o Edward ROSS & Mary Jane RUTHERFORD, witn: J. A. PEACOCK & Mrs. A. N. ST JOHN both of Thessalon on June 12, 1907 at Thessalon
018297 – 07 Lee Butts McLEAN, 28, Farmer, Prescott Wis., Warroad Minn., s/o Alexr McLEAN & Susan BUTT(sic), married Nellie TAYLOR, 26, Plum City, Wis., Warroad Minn., d/o William H. TAYLOR & Anna ZIMMERMAN. Witn: W.J. CHAPMAN & M. D. JARVIS, both of Rainy River. 25 Mar., 1907, Rainy River 015066-07 (Nipissing Dist.), Ernest Herbert McLEOD, 28, St. Johns NB, Nipigon, merchant, s/o James & Alesia? McLEOD, to Grace Belle ROBERTSON, 27, Farnham Quebec, North Bay?, d/o William ROBERTSON & Josephine LAUNDRY, witn, George COCKSEDGE & Mrs. G. HILLORTON , both of North Bay, 15 August 1907 at North Bay
015024-07 John William McMAHON, 24, clerk, Port Hope, New Liskeard, s/o Thomas MAHON (sic) & Mary SIDEY, married Florence Gertrude McINTYRE, 21, Douglas, New Liskeard, d/o John McINTYRE & Jane BOWERS, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Ira VISGNI both of New Liskeard on Dec. 23, 1907 at New Liskeard 015050-07 (Nipissing Dist.), John Allen McMINN, 33, Howick, Powassan, teamster, s/o James McMINN & Mary McDERMOTT, to Jennie TURNER, 28, Emisdale, Powassan, d/o James TURNER & Maria MURDY, witn: N. A. LAWRENCE of Powassan, Jullia BALLER of Commanda, 1 May 1907 at North Bay
005210-07 Allan Herbert McNABB, 22, butcher, Thessalon, Blind River, s/o Alexander McNABB & Christine HAWKINS, married Margaret Grierson GRAY , 22, Douglas Scotland, Thessalon, d/o Nathaniel GRAY & Mary GRIERSON, witn: John D. McNABB of Blind River & Sadie McKAY of Thessalon on April 30, 1907 at Thessalon. 015085-07 (Nipissing Dist.), William NcNEELEY, 23, Bonfield, North Bay, miner, s/o John McNEELEY & Catherine DUBREUIL, to Melina BENOIT, 18, Bonfield, North Bay, d/o Edward BENOIT & Melina MALETTE (NIALTTE?), witn: John McNEELEY of Bonfield , Edward BENOIT of North Bay, 28 October 1907 at North Bay
014882-07 Ray McPHERSON, 24, clerk, Kincardine, Cobalt, s/o William McPHERSON & Maria JACKSON, married Rose RAYMOND, 23, Pembroke, Cobalt, d/o John RAYMOND & Josephine BARTRAND, witn: H. MARTIN & Alice BURNS both of Cobalt on Sept. 2, 1907 at Cobalt 018302 – 07 Forbes McPHERSON, 27, Farmer, Beverly Ont., Rainy River, s/o J. F. McPHERSON & Ellen McKENZIE, married Emily C. HENRY, 18, Toronto, Rainy River, d/o R. E. HENRY & Alice J. LEMON. Witn: John HENRY & Martha McKAY, both of Stratton Ont. 24 April, 1907, Rainy River
015015-07 James McTAVISH, 23, bricklayer, Bolingbroke, Cobalt, s/o John McTAVISH & Caroline MOON, married Mary LEAVER, 33, Perth, New Liskeard, d/o Daniel LEAVER & Agnes PATTERSON, witn: W. J. EGAN & Mrs CAMPBELL both of New Liskeard on Nov. 6, 1907 at New Liskeard 015081-07 (Nipissing Dist.), Felice META, 28, Italy, North Bay, laborer, s/o Paschale META & Isabella FRANCESCA to Eloisa ISOLA, 22, Italy, North Bay, d/o Alexander ISOLA & Theresa ADAMO, witn: Franco DECIERIO & Antoni NETERE, both of North Bay, 30 September 1907 at North Bay
  015054-07 (Nipissing Dist.), William George METZLER, 32, Halifax, North Bay, telegrapher, s/o Henry METZLER & Matilda A. BREMNER, to Rose Etta KURP, 27, Prescott, North Bay, w, d/o James MARKEY & Rose A. McASKIN, witn: John F. MULLIGAN of New Liskeard, Leonard TREMBLAY of North Bay, 21 May 1907 at North Bay
015061-07 (Nipissing Dist.), Henry Frederick MIDDLETON, 23, Raleigh Twp., North Bay, barber, s/o John MIDDLETON & Margaret CHAMBERS, to Margaret Jessie McLEOD, 19 North Bay, same, d/o William McLEOD & Flora BONAH, witn: Thomas H. CHARETTE & Jessie McMILLAN, both of North Bay, 1 July 1907 at North Bay 014996-07 James W. MILLER, 24, farmer, Hastings, New Liskeard, s/o John L. MILLER & Mary Anna STEWART, married Bertha M. RICHARDS, 18, Niagara USA, New Liskeard, d/o Charles A. RICHARDS & Annie BARNEY, witn: Aaron OLMSTEAD of Boston & Susan MILLER of New Liskeard on May 16, 1907 at New Liskeard
005221-07 Willis MILLER, 29, farmer, Whitwell England, Little Rapids, s/o Charles MILLER & Eliza A. BARLOW, married Gertrude CHILLMAN, 25, Toronto, Little Rapids, d/o James CHILLMAN & Annie FELDCAMP, witn: James CHILLMAN of Little Rapids & Mrs Guy MONTGOMERY of Thessalon on Oct. 5, 1907 at Thessalon. 004839-07 Robert N. MINION, 32, farmer, Ontario, Thessalon Township, s/o Robert MINION & Ann WELLWOOD, married Sarah Alice VAUGHAN, 22, Ontario, Bruce Mines, d/o S. J. VAUGHAN & Elizabeth SIMPSON, witn: A. MILLIGAN & T. WELLS both of Bruce Mines on May 20, 1907 at Bruce Mines
018315 – 07 William C. MINTY, 47, Farmer, Simcoe Ont., Pinewood Ont., s/o Robert MINTY & Isabella BODDIE, married Jennie GRAHAM, 34, Muskoka Ont., Pinewood Ont., d/o William MINTY & Jane JACK. Witn: Gordon MINTY & Sadie GRAHAM, both of Pinewood. 14 Nov., 1907, Rainy River, 014924-07 James MOLYNEAU, 23, blacksmith, Lanark, same, s/o Thomas MOLYNEAU & Rebecca HUGHES, married Lillie LARRET, 17, Stobie Mines, Haileybury, d/o Joseph LARRET& Matilda WALKER, witn: Margaret DONNELL of Beaverton & Alex CALHOUN of Fort William on Aug. 7, 1907 at Haileybury
014913-07 Hiram MOONEY, 25, farmer, North Onslow, Haileybury, s/o William MOONEY & Ellen PHILLIPS, married May Alice Seaman WHYTE, 28, Brockville, Haileybury, d/o John WHYTE & Alice SEAMAN, witn: Rev. & Mrs J. D. BYRNES both of Haileybury on Feb. 21, 1907 at Haileybury. 018296 – 07 Norman MORRISON, 24, Farmer, Manitoba, Rainy River, s/o Norman MORRISON & Charlotte SMITH, married Esther TURNER, 22, Bruce Co Ont., Rainy River Ont., d/o Thomas TURNER, & Mary WRIGHT, witn: Frank BURTEN, Pinewood, & M. D. JARVIS, Rainy River. 13, Mar, 1907, Rainy River.
014880-07 - B. MORRISON, 25, book keeper, New Lowell Ont., Cobalt, s/o William MORRISON & Louise CARTER, married Susan Ethel GRAFF, 22, Cobden, Cobalt, d/o Henry GRAFF & Emma STOKES, witn: George & Mary GRAFF both of Cobalt on Aug. 28, 1907 at Cobalt. 015031-07 (Nipissing Dist.), William Henry MORTSON, 22, Port Carling, North Bay, laborer, s/o George MORTSON & Ann BETHUNE, to Marguerite MASON, 21, North Bay, same, d/o William MASON & Elizabeth DICKHART, witn: Eugene LAFLEUR of North Bay, Charlotte CLOUTHIER of Trout Mills, 5 February 1907 at North Bay
#005158-07 (Algoma Dist): Joseph MOULTON, 56, carpenter, Perth Ont., Sudbury, s/o John MOULTON & Isabella HORRICKS, married Christena VASS, 24, Rosshire Scotland, Steelton, d/o Andrew VASS & Katherine HOGG, witn: Mrs. John MAJOR of Steelton, 22 April 1907 at Steelton 015032-07 (Nipissing Dist.), Frank Edward MURPHY, 32, Yorkshire -England, North Bay, clerk, s/o John MURPHY & Mary LUCAS, to Elizabeth COCHRANE, 26, Pembroke, North Bay, d/o Valentine COCHRANE & Fanny KNOTT, witn: Walter SALE & Edith COCHRANE, 7 February 1907 at North Bay
004822-07 Edward NADON, 24, woodsman, Montreal, Blind River, s/o Alfred NADON & Philomine LAURIER, married Josephine COUTURE, 19, Bay City Michigan, Blind River, d/o Camille COUTURE & Dorathie DUBIE, witn: Alfred SAUCIE & Camille COUTURE both of Blind River on Feb. 12, 1907 at Blind River. (RC) 015010-07 John Adam NEIL, 41, laborer, Renfrew, New Liskeard, s/o Francois NEIL & Elizabeth OWEN, married Florence ELLISON, 28, Ville Marie, N. Temiskaming, d/o James ELLISON & Louise ROBISHAW, witn: P. F. NEIL & Katie DUNLAP (Dunlop?) both of New Liskeard on Sept. 21, 1907 at New Liskeard
014993-02 Ernest Algernon NICHOLL, 21, farmer, London England, Marter twp., s/o George H. Leighton NICHOLL & Priscilla HARDING, married Ada Rose WINIHURST, 23, London England, Marter twp., do John Charles WINIHURST & Ada Rose MATTHEWS, witn: J. C. & A. R. WINIHURST of Tomstown P.O. Marter Tp. on May 11, 1907 014928-07 John Stuart NICHOLLS, 28, pressman, Manchester, Haileybury, s/o John NICHOLLS & Ellen SMITH, married Elizabeth HUME, 29, Manchester, Haileybury, d/o James HUME & Anne CURNER, witn: Charles N & Lillian NICHOLLS both of Lawlor Town on Aug. 3, 1907 at Haileybury.
014988-07 Russell NICKLE, 21, lumber sealer, Clavering, Magnetawan, s/o Benjamin NICKLE & Susan RUSETTE, married Emeline FITZER, 18, Magnetawan, same, d/o Adam FITZER & Margaret SMITH, witn: Wesley McKNIGHT & Ethel MOSS both of New Liskeard on Jan. 3, 1907 at New Liskeard. 014886-07 Patrick O'BRIEN, 27, barber, Dublin Ireland, Cobalt, s/o John O'BRIEN & Dora O'NEILL, married Nora Frances POWER, 23, St John's Newfoundland, Cobalt, d/o Patrick James POWER & Mary CLEARY, witn: Thomas O'BRIEN & Bertha GRAHAM both of Cobalt on Nov. 5, 1907 at Cobalt.
005144-07 Alexander OUELLETTE, 28, farmer, Clarence Creek, same, s/o Michel & Henriette BEAUCHAMP, married Rose Anna CUILLERIES, 19, Notre Dame du Pat, same, d/o Charles CUILLERIES & Julie LEFEBVRE, witn: Charles CUILLERIES & Octave BELLANGER both of Espanola on Oct, 15, 1907 at Espanola. (RC) #005113-07 (Algoma) William OVERLAND, 56, farmer, widower, Brampton, Pennefather Twp, s/o John OVERLAND & Mary Ann TRUMAN, married Eliza Ann PERRY, widow, 46, Co Simcoe, Pennefather, d/o William GIBSON & Elizabeth MARTIN; witnesses were Mrs William DUNCAN, P SMALL, Sault Ste. Marie. 5 Dec 1907 at Sault Ste Marie
015094-07 (Nipissing Dist.), Bernard OWENS, 33, Cobden, North Bay, bookkeeper, s/o Bernard OWENS & Margaret McDERMID, to Mary Ann Pearl STEWART, 20 Deux Riviere, Widdifield Twp., d/o John STEWART & Minnie SHOULDICE, witn: James A. & Mai STEWART, both of Widdifield, 2 December 1907 at North Bay 014893-07 John PAATOLA, 28, laborer, Finland, Copper Cliff, s/o Jacob PAATOLA & Miena LEUNATAINEN, married Rosa Matilda LAAKES, 22, Finland, Copper Cliff, d/o John LAAKES & Maria HUSEINIAHI, witn: Edna HURTOSKA & Amalia MAKI both of Copper Cliff on Feb. 18, 1907 at Copper Cliff
018313 – 07 John PASSI, 25, Millhand, Austria, Beaudette Minn., s/o John Passi (mother's name not given), married Carrie HOLIMAN, 25, Norway, Beaudette, d/o Birrot HOLIMAN & Carrie NILSEN. Witn: J. F. PASSI, Winnipeg Man. & Eliose LABEN, Beaudette. 29 Oct., 1907, Rainy River. 15106-07 Hypolite PATENAUDE, 24, laborer, Lanark, Verner, s/o Frank PATENAUDE & Anastasia LALONDE, married Eva LACHANCE, 18, La Poise, Warren, d/o Xavier LACHANCE & Georgina BELL, witn: F. PATENAUDE of Verner & F. X. LACHANCE of Warren, 29 Oct. 1907 at Warren
014914-07 George PATRICK, 24, barber, Edinburgh Scotland, Haileybury, s/o James PATRICK & Catharine McDONALD, married Mary Ann SLY, 28, Kingston, Haileybury, d/o Nathaniel SLY & Susan WILEY, witn: Mrs. A. J. MURPHY of Haileybury & Miss J. S. BATTIE of Cobalt on Mar. 4, 1907 at Haileybury.  
015063-07 (Nipissing Dist.), Thomas Joseph PATTON, 30, Allandale, same, dispatcher, s/o Joseph PATTON & not stated, to Bertha J. McCREIGHT, 28, Hillsdale, North Bay, d/o James McCREIGHT & Isabella BALL, witn: John PATTON of Allendale, Clara McCREIGHT of North Bay, 3 July 1907 at North Bay 014933-07 Berth G. PELLETIER, 31, carpenter, widower, London Ont., Haileybury, s/o Frances PELLETIER & Selena MARTIN, married Laura E. HOBEN, 24, North Clarendon, Haileybury, d/o John HOBEN & Ellin ROLPH, witn: Thomas DUNCAN & Mary HOBEN both of Haileybury on Sept. 11, 1907 at Haileybury
015000-07 G. W. Edward PETERS, 26, carpenter, Spencerville, New Liskeard, s/o William PETERS & Eliza DIXON, married Marjorie DOBIE, 29, Moratrop (?) W. Middlesex, New Liskeard, d/o parents not given, witn: Herbert BENNET of New Liskeard & Lillian ZABIC of Cleveland on June 25, 1907 at New Liskeard 018311 – 07 Peter Mobury PETERSON, 36, Farmer, Sweden, Beaudette Minn, s/o Peter & Elsa, married Ericka Hilma LARSON, 30, Sweden, Beaudette Minn, d/o Nils LARSON & Annie RIDSTROM. Witn: Gust NORDSTROM & Hilma KJEDGREN, both of Beaudette. 17 Sept 1907, Rainy River
015018-07 Alfred PICARD, 22, miner, Montreal, Cobalt, s/o Alfred PICARD & Louisa BURNASE, married Susie LARABIE (Lasabie?), 21, Hamilton, Cobalt, d/o U. LARABIE & Domicile RAINVILLE, witn: Arthur AUGUSTINEN & George GRAVEL both of Cobalt on Nov. 14, 1907 at New Liskeard. 005225-07 Edward POISIER, 20, laborer, Quebec, Thessalon, s/o Charles POISIER & Jennie SUTTER, married Marie GAREAU, 20, Glen Nevis, Thessalon, d/o Alexander GAREAU & Nelina SAUVE, witn : FranÁois GEVAERTS & Marie Louise GRAVEL both of Thessalon on Dec. 13, 1907 at Thessalon. (RC)
015078-07 (Nipissing Dist.), William Elwood POLLOCK, 30, Norwich, New Liskeard, architect, s/o John POLLACK & Hattie GILLIAM, to Etta Lee CONNELL, 33, Spencerville, same, d/o Thomas CONNELL & Elizabeth BENNETT, witn: Allen CONNELL of Englehart, Lizzie ADDERSON of North Bay, 21 September 1907 at North Bay 005149-07 Joseph POWLEY, 30, lumberman, Peel Co., Aivires Tp?., s/o George POWLEY & Elizabeth E. WILES, married Alice MONTOMERY, 18, Kent Co., Steelton, d/o William MONTGOMERY & Alice HOPPER, witn: Robert V. SEYMOUR & Sophia ABERCROMBIE both of Soo West on Jan. 15, 1907 at Steelton
015045-07 (Nipissing Dist.), Charles H. PRESLEY, not given, not given, North Bay, not given, s/o William PRESLY & Emma JOHNS, to Margaret DOHERTY, not given, not given, Rockliffe, d/o Denis DOHERTY & Ann WHELAN, witn: Matthew GRANT of Wimbleton -New Zealand, Sarah DOHERTY of Rockliffe, 2 July 1907 at not given 014871-07 John PRIESTLEY, 38, miner, Yorkshire England, Cobalt, s/o Paul PRIESTLEY & Emma BOOTH, married Mary NUTTER, 39, widow, Devonshire England, Cobalt, d/o James B. NUTTER (sic) & Elizabeth CROSS, witn: N. E. DONSHERTY & Mrs. H. CLARK both of Cobalt on May 9, 1907 at Cobalt
018308 – 07 John William QUEAT (QUEST?) , 24, Labour, York State USA, Beaudette Minn, s/o Dudley QUEAT & Alice WATERMAN, married Nora Mary McDONALD, 23, Waitress, Liverpool England, Beaudette, d/o Michael McDONALD & Mary McCAPE. Witn: Mr. J. J. HAMILTON & Mrs. R. J. MOORE, both of Rainy River. 9 Aug, 1907, Rainy River 015046-07 (Nipissing Dist.), Joseph RANGER, 21, Callander, Powassan, laborer, s/o Moise RANGER & Margaret CARDINAL, to Elizabeth SCHIRBACK, 17, Omaha Nebraska, Powassan, d/o Charles SCHIRBACK & Mary JERNEIZIAH [or JEMEIZIAH], witn: James DOLLARD & Mary RANGER, both of North Bay, 18 April 1907 at North Bay
014878-07 Henri RANGER, 25, miner, Grici Point, Cobalt, s/o Henri RANGER & Antoinette NOEL, married Albertine BOULANGER, 19, Bonfield, Cobalt, d/o I. BOULANGER & Anizie DEBIEU, witn : Edgar RIOUX of Cobalt & Elsie BOULANGER of Bonfield on Aug. 12, 1907 at Cobalt. 015087-07 (Nipissing Dist.), Walter William REED, 33, Whissenside -England, North Bay, freight checker, s/o George REED & Frances BURMELL(?), to Elizabeth Ann OWEN, 28, Ashby-de-la-Zouch? England, North Bay, d/o James OWEN & Eliza HOLLAND, witn: G. A. HAMILTON & Mrs. E. McCURDY, both of North Bay, 28 October 1907 at North Bay
013826-08 Deetor REGIMBAL, 22, farmer, St Andre Avelin, Blizard Valley, s/o Adelard REGIMBALD (sic) & Mathilda LACASSE, married Marie DUCHARME, 18, Verner, same, d/o Jos. DUCHARME & Celanise DENOMME. Witn: Hector REGIMBALD of Blizard Valley & Jos. DUCHARME of Caldwell. January 12, 1907. (RC) 005226-07 James R. REID, 25, farmer, of Parkinson Ontario, s/o James S. REID & Katherine McDOUGAL, married Katherine CAMPBELL, 26, Sullivan Ont., Parkinson, d/o Alexander CAMPBELL & Sarah LAMONT, witn: Daniel REID of Parkinson & Sarah CAMPBELL of Montgomery Tp. on Dec. 18, 1907 at Thessalon
005217-07 Robert H. REID, 25, teamster, Dalhousie, Livingstone Creek, s/o Alexander REID & Lily WATT, married Mable GAVIN, 18, Dalhousie, Livingstone Creek, d/o William GAVIN & Agnes BARR, witn: John Hay REID of Livingstone Creek & Rose GAVIN of Bracebridge on June 26, 1907 at Livingstone Creek #005151-07 (Algoma Dist): David Campbell RODGERS, 22, stone cutter, Ayr Scotland, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o John RODGERS & Margaret CAMPBELL, married Margaret NEILSON, 22, Glasgow Scotland, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o James NEILSON & Margaret PATTERSON, witn: Gifford D. GRATTON & Emma GODDARD, both of Sault Ste. Marie, 16 March 1907 at Steelton
  014876-07 Amide ROLLIN, 43, railway foreman, St Marthe Quebec, Latchford, s/o Antoine ROLLIN & Adeline RUARD, married Caroline HEBERT, 52, widow, St Leonard Quebec, Latchford, d/o Pierre HEBERT (sic) & Marie A. LESIEUR, witn: Mat BOIVIN & Regina COUTURE both of Cobalt on Aug. 8, 1907 at Cobalt.
018305 – 07 Philip ROUCH, 35, Carpenter, Buffalo NY., Beaudette, s/o Philip ROUCH & mother not known, married Flora CHASE, 40, wid., Wisconsin USA., Beaudette Minn., d/o Peter FITCH & Christian DUTER. Witn: Gabriel BROWN & Laura CHASE, both of Beaudette. 1 June, 1907, Rainy River. #005160-07 (Algoma Dist): William Norman RUDELL, 21, dairyman, Toronto, Tarentorus twp., s/o Samuel RUDELL & Rosie CLARK, married Maggie A. EDWARDS, 20, Edmore Montcalm Mich., Steelton, d/o John J. EDWARDS & Almeda Ann COOK, witn: Albert H. TOMLINSON & Minnie D. EDWARDS, both of Steelton, 16 April 1907 at Steelton
015096-07 (Nipissing Dist.), William R. H. RUTLEDGE, 20, Winnipeg, North Bay, carpenter, s/o William RUTLEDGE & Lucy WOOD, to Elizabeth Jane BLACK, 20, Thorne Quebec, Widdifield Twp., d/o George BLACK & Sarah CLIFF, witn: Ernest RUTLEDGE of North Bay, Emma BLACK of Widdifield Twp., 11 December 1907 at North Bay  
#005156-07 (Algoma Dist): Joseph SABIK, 24, laborer, Yamica? Austria, Steelton, s/o George SABIK & Hattie G--?, married Ellie LUKASIK, 20, Yanoff Russia, Steelton, d/o Blazie LUKASIK & Maggie KULPA, witn: Joseph LUKASIK & Pit SABAS, both of Steelton, 24 April 1907 at Steelton (Rom Cath) 014874-07 Arthur SABOURIN, 19, miner, Hull Quebec, Cobalt, s/o Hilaire SABOURIN & Rosalina PORTELANCE, married Amanda GAUTHIER, 19, Buckingham, Cobalt, d/o Damase GAUTHIER & Celina LAROSE, witn: Damase GAUTHIER & Alfred MONPETIT both of Cobalt on July 8, 1907 at Cobalt.
015011-07 William Edward SAUNDERS, 25, paper maker, Shoal Lake (?), New Liskeard, s/o Daniel SAUNDERS & Charlotte THORPE, married Annie SAYER, 22, Ogdensburg, Ottawa, d/o Fabien SAYER & Marie BURDIAN, witn: K. H. BOOTH & Harry HAPTON both of New Liskeard on Oct. 3, 1907 at New Liskeard 005227-07 Harry A. SAYYEA, 21, laborer, Warren Nipissing Dist., Thessalon, s/o William SAYYEA & Amy PRICE, married Mary Bernice LEWIS, 16, Kirkwood Tp., Little Rapids, d/o A. LEWIS & Mary KERR, witn: W. M. & Irene M. EDWARDS of Thessalon on Jan. 13, 1907 at Thessalon
  015089-07 (Nipissing Dist.), William SCOTT, 25, Avonmore, Tomstown(?), farmer, s/o George SCOTT & Mary STEPHENSON, to Christina GILLMAN, 20, Avonmore, New Liskeard, d/o Samuel GILLMAN & Carry PLACE, witn: C. McCREIGHT & Lizzie ADDISON, both of North Bay, 7 November 1907 at North Bay
005214-07 James Oliver SEABROOKE, 22, farmer, Grey Co., Iron Bridge, s/o James SEABROOK & Eliza MELAPHANT, married Isabella BROWN, 21, Parkinson Tp, same, d/o Joseph BROWN & Agnes DUNN, witn: Walter WOODS & Maggie DUNN both of Parkinson Tp. on May 15, 1907 at Thessalon 005222-07 William John SEIGMAN, 29, woollen manufacturer, Grey Co., Thessalon, s/o George M. SEIGMAN & Susannah NICOLAI, married Clara Lena DODDS, 28, Brantford, Thessalon, d/o Thomas DODDS & Eliza Jane BATTY, witn: A. K. SEIGMAN of Sault Ste. Marie & George DODDS of Thessalon on Nov. 12, 1907 at Thessalon.
#005112-07 (Algoma) Claude Merton SIMONS, 25, farmer, Sparta, Mich, ? Mich, s/o Jas S SIMONS & Alici CHIT--CAN married Gladys Winona VAUGHAN,18, ? MI ? Kansas, d/o Chas L Vaughan & Viola; witnesses were Ralph J Simons, MI, Laura J Hart, Sault. 3 Dec 1907, Sault. 5193-07 John Ernest SMITH, 35, lighthouse keeper, England, Rodger City Mich., s/o John SMITH & Mary PRICE, married Bertha J. RICKABY, 21, Ontario, Richards Landing, d/o Joseph RICKABY & Lydia WARNER, witn: H. J. SMITH & Alberta CROCKER, both of Richards Landing, 24 April 1907 at Richards Landing
015012-07 Harry George SMITH, 35, carpenter, widower, Leicestershire England, New Liskeard, s/o Arthur Thomas SMITH & Annie LOVITT, married Elizabeth Mary FENGLAND, 35, Lincolnshire England, New Liskeard, d/o James FENGLAND & Mary COX, witn: Jim BURBAGE & Alice SMITH both of New Liskeard on Oct. 9, 1907 at New Liskeard. 015014-07 Willard SOPHA, 25, miner, Cordova Mines, Cobalt, s/o Stephen SOPHA & Catherine ARMSTRONG, married Ethel SOVA, 18, Lake City Michigan, Cobalt, d/o Robert SOVA & Fran COOPER, witn: Mina COE & Elsie D. BROWN both of Cobalt on Oct. 17, 1907 at New Liskeard
  014873-07 Alexis SOUCY, 26, miner, Riviere du Loup, Cobalt, s/o Octave SOUCY & Henriette LEVESQUE, married Rose Anna BEDARD, 17, Hull Quebec, Cobalt, d/o Thomas BEDARD & Emelie BOUVIN, witn: Thomas LEVESQUE & Thomas BEDARD both of Cobalt on June 30, 1907 at Cobalt.
005216-07 Benjamin SPROULL (Sproule?), 34, farmer, widower, London Ontario, Dayton, s/o William SPROULL & Mary BLACKWELL, married Ellen Jane BARKER, 28, Oneida, Day Mills, d/o Robert & Ellen Jane, witn: Albert E. SPROULL & Pearluia BIRD both of Dayton Ontario on May 13, 1907 at Thessalon. 015009-07 William Simon STAL, 25, laborer, Amsterdam, Englehart, s/o Jan Albertus STAL & Gertrude RUTEL, married Applonia Johamin Christina VISSIN, 25, Amsterdam, Englehart, d/o W. VISSIN & Johamin JISKINING, witn: L. G. EGGINS & Peter Johan RYKER both of Englehart on Sept. 20, 1907 at New Liskeard.
014932-07 John Austin STANISTREET Jr., 27, book keeper, Belleville, Cobalt, s/o John Austin STANISTREET & Mary Ann FITZPATRICK, married Julia PAQUETTE, 20, Petawawa, Cobalt, d/o Oliver PAQUETTE & Julia TURCOTTE, witn: Hilaire DESPEROIS & Celestine MAINVILLE both of Haileybury on Sept. 12, 1907 at Haileybury. 014992-07 Charles STEENBURG (Steinburg?), 22, miner, Havelock, Cobalt, s/o George STEENBURG & Grace KELLER, married Dolly DREW, 17, Mouton Hill, Cobalt, d/o John DREW & Aggie DUTRAIN, witn: Burt REILY & R. A. DREW both of Cobalt on Apr. 17, 1907 at New Liskeard
015047-07 (Nipissing Dist.), Hugh Ross STEPHENSON, 25, Whitby, New Liskeard, merchant, s/o Thomas STEPHENSON & Margaret ROSS, to Lillian Gertrude MOON (Moore?), 25, Uxbridge, Edmonton Alberta, d/o Andrew W. MOON & Maria SHELL, witn: J. M. JOHNSTON of North Bay, M. W. MUNRO of Thorold, 27 April 1907 at North Bay 015003-07 Harry Milton STEVENSON, 32, electrician, Ingersoll, Toronto, s/o James William & Annie STEVENSON, married Agnes McLELLAN, 34, Glasgow Scotland, New Liskeard, d/o James McLELLAN & Marion NELSON, witn: Angus McDONALD & James NELSON both of New Liskeard on June 31, 1907 at New Liskeard
014999-07 Donald STEWART, 21, insurance agent, Flesherton, New Liskeard, s/o Angus STEWART & Jessie C. McKENZIE, married Minerva Esther HARRIMAN, 19, New Liskeard, same, d/o George HARRIMAN & Eva J. HAWKINS, witn: Edward HARRIMAN & Ethel ROACH both of New Liskeard on July 3, 1907 at New Liskeard. 015076-07 (Nipissing Dist.), John William STRASSER, 21, Sebringville, same, farmer, s/o George STRASSER & Salvine AUTHER, to Clara ASH, age not stated, Woodham, Beauchamp, d/o Michael ASH & Catherine JACOB, witn: John M. McEWAN of Clinton, Susan C. ASH of Beauchamp, 11 September 1907 at Beauchamp
014775-07 J. James SYKES, 25, clerk, Moonstone, Cobalt, s/o George SYKES & Ellen MUNROE, married Effie M. ARMSTRONG, 20, Nipissing, Cobalt, d/o Thomas ARMSTRONG & Mary E. McMULLIN, witn: Thomas SYKES & Margaret SWEET both of Cobalt on July 31, 1907 at Cobalt 005142-07 Nicholas TAPALVAISCH, 26, laborer, Austria, Espanola, s/o Juau & Jerma, married Maria ZAARACKI, 17, Austria, of Espanola, d/o D. & Mavis, witn: Alex BRESJOWSKI & John POTOLASKI both of Espanola on Nov. 30, 1907 at Espanola. (RC)
#005153-07 (Algoma Dist): William THOMPSON, 31, farmer, Huntingdon twp., not given, s/o George THOMPSON & Loraine VANDEWATER, married Sarah Jane DEATH, 22, Sombra twp., Steelton, d/o Charles DEATH & Mary KIRBY, witn: Joel HUTCHINSON of Steelton & Pearl ALLEN of Soo West, 27 March 1907 at Steelton 005229-07 Albert THOMPSON, 32, farmer, Leeburn?, Gordon Lake, s/o Robert THOMPSON & Dorcas ROBB, married Aggie WHITE, 25, Teeswater Bruce Co., Leeburn, d/o Andrew WHITE & Elizabeth YOUNG, witn: David THOMPSON of Gordon Lake & Mary WHITE of Leeburn on Dec. 25, 1907 at Leeburn
015001-07 Win Arthur THOMPSON, 24, not given, Parry Sound, New Liskeard, s/o Robert A. THOMPSON & Emma FORAN, married Sarah ROBINSON, 18, Winstanton (?), New Liskeard, d/o A. ROBINSON & Ida BILOW, witn: Roy & Beatrice THOMPSON both of New Liskeard on July 22, 1907 at New Liskeard. 015040-07 (Nipissing Dist.), Charles George Gordon THOMPSON, 24, Bryson P.Q., Temagami Reserve, laborer, s/o William THOMSON & Flora MOORHEAD, to Carolina Maria BUTTON, 20, Teeswater, same, d/o Joseph BUTTON & Lizzie WILSON, witn: Mrs. O. LILLIE & J. M. JOHNSTON, both of North Bay, 3 April 1907 at North Bay
015057-07 (Nipissing Dist.), William E. THEARP (Thorpe?), 27, Hillsboro Ohio, Saskatoon Saskatchewan, loco. engineer, s/o Eli THEARP & Emma RODGERS, to Margaret CAMERON, 21, North Bay, same, d/o John CAMERON & Dora DOUGLAS, witn: J. M. JOHNSTON & Beatrice MOORE, both of North Bay, 25 June 1907 at North Bay 015086-07 (Nipissing Dist.), Lionel TREACY, 21, Thorncliffe, North Bay, brakeman, s/o William J. TREACY & Mandy PEARSON, to Lillian STEWART, 21, Toronto, North Bay, d/o John STEWART & Lillie HOGG, witn: Thomas GRIFFIN & Maud BIGGS, both of North Bay, 23 October 1907 at North Bay
014925-07 Samuel TREMBLAY, 38, shoemaker, Portage du Fort Que., Latchford, s/o Jean TREMBLAY & Mary McGUIRE, married Elizabeth McEwen BURNS, 21, widow, Pembroke, Latchford, d/o John McEWEN & Elizabeth Agnes DUNN, witn: Hilaire DESPAROIS & Laura PETRIN both of Haileybury on Aug. 12, 1907 at Haileybury. 15105-07 Charles TROTTIER, 21, farmer, Warren, same, s/o Joseph TROTTIER & Maggie BELANGER, married Aurora GERVAIS, 18, Ft. Coulonge, Warren, d/o Moise GERVAIS & Lucy TROTTIER, witn: E. B. BALDWIN & Annie BOWER, both of Warren, 9 Sept 1907 at Warren
005080-07 (Algoma Dist.) Fisher TUCK, 36, coachman, Moriston NY, Sault St. Marie, s/o Jacob TUCK & Harriet ANDERSON, married Elizabeth LEASK, 25, Hilly Farm? Ont, North Battleford Sask, d/o Alex LEASK & Elizabeth McLENNAN, wtn John & G McDONALD, both of Sault, on September 4, 1907, at Sault 005147-07 Philias TURCOTTE, 25, laborer, Fall River N.S., Sault Ste Marie, s/o Elgear TURCOTTE & Elmire COTE, married Emma GAGNON, 17, St. Sriscie Charlevoix? , Steelton, d/o Samuel GAGNON & R. CATHOLIC, witn: Henri TRATIAU of Steelton & Ferdinand ROCHEFORT of Sault Ste Marie on Jan. 7, 1907 at Steelton. (RC
#005196-07 (Algoma) Betrum TURNER, 23, accountant, Ont, Winnipeg, s/o William Charles TURNER & Caroline SALESBURY married Rosena Isabella CAMPBELL, 23, nurse, Atwood, London Ont, d/o Alex CAMPBELL, & Rose HUNT; witnesses Hugh & Mary E OGILVIE, Toronto. 10 Aug 1907 at Richards Landing, St. Joseph 014989-07 Francis Henry TURNER, shoe store clerk, Hereford, Haileybury, s/o George Francis TURNER & Emily CHRISTOPHER, married Eva Emily BELTON, 27, Derbyshire, New Liskeard, d/o William BELTON & Susanna COX, witn: Eva A. & L. B. McDOWELL both of New Liskeard on Jan. 7, 1907 at New Liskeard.
  015023-07 Ira Edwin VISGNE (Virgne?) , 28, clerk, Douglas, New Liskeard, d/o Charles VISGNE & Emilia JAMES, married Ethel RAYMOND, 23, Newington, New Liskeard, d/o George RAYMOND & Maud GRANT, witn: John William McNAUGHTON & Florence G. McINTYRE both of New Liskeard on Dec. 23, 1907 at New Liskeard
018298 – 07 Joseph William WALL, 27, Laborer, Morin Flats Que., Rainy River, s/o Alix (sic) WALL & Sarah BALDWIN, married Annie KOLLISAR, 18, Minneapolis Minn., Rainy River, d/o John KOLLISAR & Annie SOLTHIS,. Witn: John O'NEIL & Mary KOLISAR, both of Rainy River. 3 Apr., 1907, Rainy River. 014990-07 Charles F. WALLINSHAW (Walkenshaw?), 41, merchant, Brantford, New Liskeard, s/o William WALLINSHAW & Eliza ROBINSON, married Florence A. TAYLOR, 34, Winnipeg Manitoba, New Liskeard, d/o George TAYLOR & Mary McGUIRE, witn: Ralph & Emma J. TAYLOR both of New Liskeard on Jan. 19, 1907 at New Liskeard.
014930-07 Henry WALSH, 28, jeweller, Montreal, Haileybury, s/o William George WALSH & Charlotte PATERSON, married Marguerite H. McINTYRE, 19, Arnprior, Haileybury, d/o James McINTYRE & Bridget HANRAHAN, witn: William EGAN of New Liskeard & Elizabeth MALONEY of Powassan on Sept. 4, 1907 at Haileybury 015002-07 Richard R. WARREN, 30, miner, Orillia, Cobalt, s/o William WARREN & Mary SMITH, married Marie R. HAMILTON, 18, Powassen, Cobalt, d/o James HAMILTON & Marie JAMES, witn: Isadora MONTGOMERY & Beatrice RICHARDSON both of New Liskeard on July 5, 1907 at New Liskeard
005150-07 Ernest Ingram WATKINSON, 32, mechanic, London England, Sault Ste Marie, s/o Thomas P. WATKINSON & Mary Ann INGRAM, married Margaret Amanda PATTERSON, 27, Paisley Bruce Co., Steelton, d/o Thomas PATTERSON & Jessie SCHOFIELD, witn: Lavinia L. STRICKLAND of Soo Ont. & Maud TAYLOR of Steelton on Feb. 27, 1907 at Steelton 015080-07 (Nipissing Dist.), John WATTERS, 25, South March, North Bay, engineer, s/o John WATTERS & Anna ALBERT, to Nora BROPHY, 23, Gravenhurst, North Bay, d/o Michael BROPHY & Maria AUCLAIR?, witn: James SMITH & Annie BROPHY, both of North Bay, 25 September 1907 at North Bay
015013-07 George Edmund WATTS, 27, miner, Parry Sound, Cobalt, s/o illegible WATTS & Annabella McDOUGAL, married Muriel (?) Blanche CURRY, 18, Orillia, Burks Falls, d/o William CURRY & Millie TOMLINSON, witn: Edgar A. MURRAY of Highland Park & Sarah Beth MILLS of Haileybury on Oct. 18, 1907 at New Liskeard  
014949-07 Arne WEIBY, 27, carpenter, Norway, Buck Tp., s/o C. WEIBY & Maren OLSEN, married Betzy HAGEN, 22, Norway, Buck Tp., d/o Johannes HAGEN & Pauline YENSEN, witn: Anders & Kirsten WESTBORG both of North Cobalt on Oct. 21, 1907 at Haileybury. 015027-07 Charles WILLARD, 31, farmer, Lisle, Kerns twp., s/o George WILLARD & Maria PERTIN, married Annie TIMMS, 23, Mitchell, Kerns twp., d/o Barry TIMMS & Lucy SAUNDERS, witn: Will J. McLEOD of McCool & Rachel WILLARD of Milberta on Dec. 25, 1907 at New Liskeard
014939-07 William WILSON, 25, carpenter, Kings Norton Worcestershire England, Haileybury, s/o William WILSON & Helene TONGER, married Emily Leah GREEN, 24, dressmaker, Monmouthshire England, Haileybury, d/o Charles GREEN & Edith Jane RICHARDS, witn: Charles GREEN & Claude SLANEY both of Haileybury on Oct. 26, 1907 at Haileybury 005215-07 Frank WILSON, 25, farmer, Kirkwood, Wells, s/o George WILSON & Mary COYNE, married Lizzie OSBORNE, 16, Day Mills, Wells Tp., d/o Jonathon OSBORNE & Sara Ann GARRISON, witn: Gertrude E. ST. JOHN of Thessalon & Lillian M. ALLEN of Toronto on July 18, 1907 at Thessalon
005143-07 George Sidney WILSON, 26, machinist, Exeter, same, s/o Thomas & Annie, married Charlotte BOOTH, 20, Orilla, Espanola, d/o Charles & Mary, witn: J. W. BLAIR & Ethel LLOYD both of Espanola on July 10, 1907 at Espanola. 018316 – 07 George WOLDS, 23, Laborer, Bohemia, Beaudette, s/o John WOLDS & Domenica MONTAYA, married Kaika SZESZ, 18, O'Kara Galicia, Beaudette Minn., d/o Michael & Anna SZESZ. Witn: Karl DOMAINKI & Annie CARDINAL, both of Rainy River. 2 Nov., 1907, Rainy River.
014941-07 John WOOD, 23, painter, Scotland, Haileybury, s/o George WOOD & Elizabeth CRAIG, married Annie CARNIE, 21, Scotland, Haileybury, d/o Thomas CARNIE & Elizabeth RHIMEL, witn: A. S. LODFORD & E. J. THOMAS both of Haileybury on Oct. 8, 1907 at Haileybury 0149944-07 Bernhard YENSEN (Jensen?), 23, painter, Norway, North Cobalt, s/o Yen YENSEN & Johanna KRISTENSEN, married Anna NILSEN, 23, Norway, North Cobalt, d/o Theodore NILSON & Marion JONSTON, witn: Georg & Figa YENSEN both of North Cobalt on Aug. 19, 1907 at Haileybury.
018293 – 07 Jos. Reginald YOUNG, 29, School Teacher, Barton Ont., Rainy River, s/o Jas. W YOUNG & Barbara RYNAL, married Margt. Alice NEADS, 27, Bowmanville, Rainy River, d/o William A NEADS & Mary C. TUER. Witn: J.A. & Amelia OSBORNE, both of Fort Frances. 25 Dec. 1906, Rainy River. 015062-07 (Nipissing Dist.), Ernest Henry? YOUNG, 25, Esquesing Twp, North Bay, railway clerk, s/o Sydney YOUNG & Sarah WRIGHT, to Alice Christena WALLACE, 23, Midland, North Bay, d/o Thomas WALLACE & Charlotte EDWARDS, witn: L. PRENTISS & Jennie WALLACE, both of North Bay, 16 July 1907 at North Bay