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Northern Districts, 1907, part 2

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20014-07 Matthew ABBOTT, 30, farmer, Mountain Grove Ont., Murillo, s/o Henry ABBOTT & Jane GARRET, married Margaret Arilla Little LARABEE, 18, Frontenac Co., Murillo, d/o Richard LARABEE & Hannah M. BROADH--?, witn: Polina Beatrice HAYDEN & Elijah LARABEE, both of Murillo, 3 June 1907 at Murillo 18628-08 Ernest Arthur ADAMS, 27, railroad man, of Port Arthur, s/o no parents names given, married Winnifred SAGADORE, 26, of Port Arthur, d/o no parents names given, witn: Peter SPENCE of Port Arthur & Virginie ST. PIERRE of Fort William on May 6, 1907 at Port Arthur
15034-1907 William AID, 27, Miner, Lanark, Cobalt, s/o Hugh AID & Annie E. McLELLAN, married Annie PEALOW, 20, Mattawa, Trout Mills, d/o David PEALOW & Mary STEVENSON, Wtn. Joseph J. GLAFF, Annie GLAFF, on Feb. 11, 1907 at North Bay. 15239-1907 Leandre ALARIE, 20, Labour, St. Georges de Malbie, Whitney, s/o Joseph ALARIE & Malonia SWEENEY, married Leontine LALONDE, 19, Papineauville, Whitney, d/o Anseme LALONDE & Lucia NONCOULT?, Wtn. Theodule COLLINS, Zephire LALONDE, on Sept. 4, 1907 at Whitney
14812-1907 Hilaire ALLARD, 28, Labour, Pembroke, Cobalt, s/o George ALLARD & Josephine LARIVIERE, married Marie Louise ALLARD, 20, Bonfield, same, d/o Hilaire ALLARD & Marie GARIEPY, Wtn. Eugene FOISY, Louis ALLARD, on Nov. 25, 1907 at Bonfield 14808-1907 Alfred ALLARD, 27, Labour, Curran, Bonfield, s/o Hilaire ALLARD & Marie GARIEPY, married Aurora OUELLETTE, 20, Clarence Creek, Bonfield, d/o Honore OUELLETTE & Mathilde PICHE, Wtn. Louis ALLARD, Honore OUELLETTE, on Oct. 7, 1907 at Bonfield
15112-1907 Arthur ALLARIE, 26, Labour, Quebec, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Maxime ALLARIE & Octavie BENOIT, married Helene LAGENESSE, (sic) 24, of Springer, d/o Charles LAGENESSE & Mary MAGUIZ, (sic) Wtn. Nat LAGENESSE, Mary JODOUIN, on Feb. 12, at Sturgeon Falls 19934-07 (Thunder Bay Dist) Thomas ALSTON, 28, baker, Scotland, Port Arthur, s/o Thomas ALSTON & Alice MORRISON married Mary Luella MOORE, 25, Ontario, Souris Manitoba, d/o John F. MOORE & Eliza Jane BANNER, witn: J. E. MURRAY & Percy N. MURRAY of Port Arthur, 22 July 1907, Port Arthur
14831-1907 John ANDERSON, 34, Miner, Sweden, Bucke Twp., s/o Sinder JENSEN & Johanna JUSTIN, married Martha OLSEN, 18, Sweden, Bucke Twp., d/o Nils OLSEN & Elinor C. LARSEN, Wtn. Carl Otto PERSON, John OSLUND, on June 4, 1907 at Bucke Twp 20019-07 Angus ANDERSON, 26, engineer, Pomona Ont., Rossport, s/o Irving ANDERSON & Frances McCORMICK, married Mary NICOL, 24, St. Thomas of Montinagny, Jackfish, d/o Prudent NICOL & Emilie TETU, witn: J. P. HEALY & J. A. NICOL, both of Rossport, 1 Jan 1907 at Rossport
18602-08 Winslow Paris ANDERSON, 27, farmer, London, O'Connor, s/o Robert A. WINSLOW & Anna ANDERSON married Isabella LAIRD, 17, Popple Huron Co Michigan, O'Connor, d/o Peter LAIRD & Lodenia HAIR, witn: J. E. MURRAY & Mrs. J. SARAZIN of Port Arthur, 25 Dec 1907, Port Arthur 15180-1907 Frederick ANDREW, 21, Labour, Lancashire UK., Whitefish, s/o John & Harriett ANDREW, married Priscilla McLELLAN, 19, Aberdeen UK., Whitefish, d/o William McLELLAN & Ellen LEITH, Wtn. Fred RIVERS, Walter ANDREW, on July 13, 1907 at Sudbury
14833-1907 Theodore ARCAND, 33, Farmer, Palmerston, Cache Bay, s/o Pierre ARCAND & Sophie TREMBLAY, married Mabel RANGER, Rideau, Cache Bay, d/o John RANGER & Catherine DICKERSON, Wtn. Pierre ARCAND, Sophie TREMBLAY, on Aug. 26, 1907 at Cache Bay 15220-1907 Campbell ARLICE, 19. Labour, Bracebridge, Sudbury, s/o John ARLICE & Mary PRIMEAU, married Anna QUINN, 23, Ireland, Sudbury, d/o John QUINN & Mary McNAMEE, Wtn. Pat DONOVAN, C.B. DONOVAN, on Dec. 4, 1907 at Sudbury.
  5197-07 Frederick Clay ARMSTRONG, 32, druggist, Ontario, Richards Landing , s/o Robert ARMSTRONG & Marie LONG, married Rachel Ada CURRIE, 25, dressmaker, Ontario, Richards Landing , d/o John CURRIE & Annie DOLPHIN, witn: G.H. L. ARMSTRONG & Mary CURRIE, both of Richards Landing , 9 Sept 1907 at Richards Landing
15188-1907 Alphonse ARSENEAULT, 23, Labour, St. Wenceslas - Nicolet Co. Que., Sudbury, s/o Arthur ARSENAULT & Emilie NELIE, married Marguerite DENIS, 31, Bonsigny France, Dep. du Nord, d/o Porphyre DENIS & Jennie BOUSINART, Wtn. Edmond ETIENNE, A. FRENETTE, on Aug. 6, 1907 at Sudbury 18654-08 Richard ATKINSON, 40, fur dealer, Tipperary Ireland, Rainy River, s/o Thomas ATKINSON & Sarah ARDELL married Pearl FLACK, 24, St. Catharine's, St. Catharine's, d/o James FLACK & Eliza HUDSON, witn: M. E. ARDELL & Nellie ARDELL of Port Arthur, 28 Dec 1907, Port Arthur
15204-1907 William George BAIRD, 25, Grocery Clerk, Deux Rivieres, Sudbury, s/o Andrew BAIRD & Sarah McCABE, married Mabel Edna McCABE, 23, Pandwick, Simcoe Co., Sudbury, d/o John McCABE & Elizabeth TATE, Wtn. F.C. MUIRHEAD, Martha McCABE, on Oct. 2, 1907 at Sudbury. 14832-1907 James Ernest BAKER, 22, Baker, Etobicoke ?, Bucke Twp., s/o Henry BAKER & Agnes DUNKER, married Florence M. MONCK, 21, Bubick ?, Bucke Twp., d/o Ernest MONCK & Andelciss RAUL, Wtn. Wenya BAKER, Beatrice MONCK, on July 9, 1907 at Bucke Twp
015044-07 (Nipissing Dist.), Frederick Joseph BALL, 26, Co. Huntington P.Q., North Bay, fireman, s/o William BALL & Mary Jane McCOURT, to Jessie Bryden BEATTIE, 20, Eshbourne Scotland, North Bay, d/o Robert BEATTIE & Eliott BRYDEN, witn: Kate Gertrude BALL of Eastman Springs, Clifford PEARSON of Bearbrooke, 13 September 1907 at 139 Flora Street 15127-1907 Hugh BARBER, 21, Labour, Douglas, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Peter & Catharine BARBER, married Margaret McPHEE, 21, Nurse, Manitoulin Island, Sturgeon Falls, d/o John & Elizabeth McPHEE, Wtn. Mrs. HUMPHRIES, Mrs. SYYRUS, of Kalkarka, MI., on June 28, 1907 at Sturgeon Falls
15155-1907 John Thomas BARTLEY, 55, Farmer, Stanford Que., Garson Twp. s/o James BARTLEY & Jane ANDERSON, married Mrs. Hannah MOORE, no age given, Halton Co., Sudbury, d/o Charles MEREDITH, Susannah HARDACRE, Wtn. George LOCKERBY, Florence M. GRAHAM, on Mar. 2, 1907 at Sudbury 15160-1907 Victor Louis BATTRAM, 30, Carpenter, Brighton Sussex, Sudbury, s/o Giddons BATTRAM & Mary RANSOM, married Helen Miller McDONALD, 32, Castleton Caithness, Sudbury, d/o Neil McDONALD & Katie MILLER, Wtn. John SAUNDERS, Mrs. Frank GAUDAUR, on Apr. 12, 1907 at Sudbury
14803-1907 Michael BEAUCHAMP, 29, Labour, Newport, Cobalt, s/o Michael BEAUCHAMP & Marie CYR, married Victoria LARIVIERE, 22, Chapeau Que., Bonfield, d/o Alexis LARIVIERE & Adeline MAINVILLE, Wtn. Alexis LARIVIERE Jr., Alexis LARIVIERE Sr., on June 20, 1907 at Bonfield 15173-1907 Joseph BEAULN, no age given, Telegraph Operator, Ste. Scholastique, Sudbury, s/o Joseph BEAULN & Emilia FORTIER, married Marguerite NADON, no age, Clarence Creek, Sudbury, d/o David NADON & Sophie PRUDHOMME, Wtn. Edmond ETIENNE, Moise HENRY, on June 20, 1907 at Sudbury.
14849-1907 Donat BELANGER, 24, Hotel keeper, Hull, Mattawa, s/o Vincent BELANGER & Mathilde GOYER, married Perpetue GUENETTE, 21, Ste. Marguerite Que., Verner, d/o Georgy GUENETTE & Melina CLOUTIER, Wtn. Vincent BELANGER, Georgy GUENETTE, on June 17, 1907 at Verner. 14860-1907 Albert BELHUMEUR, 23, Running Pool Room, Joliette Que., Cobalt, s/o Dieudonne BELHUMEUR & Adelarde HOTTIER, married Emma GRATTON, 18, North Bay, d/o Barnabe GRATTON & Victorine REZEAU (Prezeau?), Wtn. Barnabe GRATTON, Lydia GRATTON, on Feb. 12, at Cobalt
15110-1907 Alfred BELLEFEUILLE, 24, Farmer, Argenteuil Co. Que., Springer, s/o Felix BELLEFEUILLE & Delima PRUDHOMME, married Rosalie FRENCH, 18, Sturgeon Falls, Same, d/o Charles FRENCH & Aurelie PARISIEN, Wtn. Charles FRENCH, Felix BELLEFEUILLE, on Feb. 4, 1907 at Sturgeon Falls  
15149-07 James BENNIE, 34, merchant, Beachburg - Renfrew, Sudbury, s/o Robert BENNIE & Martha BARR, married Nina Sarah FRASER, 30, Westmeath, same, d/o Thomas FRASER & Margaret MATHESON, witn: T. N. KILPATRICK of Sudbury & M. H. KILPATRICK of Copper Cliff, 14 Jan 1907 at Sudbury 18672-08 Thomas BIGGINS, 27, laborer, not given, Port Arthur, s/o Philippe BIGGINS & Mary O'LEARY married Mary Nellie DENNIS, 32, widow, not given, Port Arthur, d/o not given, witn: Xavier LAPLANTE & Mary O'LEARY of Port Arthur, 16 Sept 1907, Port Arthur
5184-07 Arthur Herman BILSON, 20, barber, Sault Ste. Marie, same, s/o William BILSON & Anna COWELL (Correll?), married Katherine McPHEE, 20, Ottawa, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Duncan McPHEE & Mary McCUAIG, witn: Fred HENDERSON of Ingersoll & Mary McMILLAN of Sault Ste. Marie, 3 Dec 1907 at Steelton 5207-07 John Wesley BIRD, 20, farmer, Kirkwood twp., Little Rapids, s/o Alfred BIRD & Sarah BOAST, married Annie McBAIN, 22, Thessalon, Rydal Bank, d/o Alex McBAIN & Annie MORRISON, witn: Willis MILLER of Little Rapids & Kate McBAIN of Rydal Bank 28 Jan 1907 at Thessalon
14809-1907 Felix BOUDRY, age not given, Labour, Snake Island, Bonfield, s/o Gedeon BOUDRY & Caroline ANGE, married Anastasia DUCHENE, no age given, Clarence Creek, d/o Philibert DUCHENE & Emma LAVIGNE, Wtn. Antoine BOURDON, Philibert DUCHENE, on Oct. 13, 1907 at Bonfield 18629-08 Thomas BOUGIE, 21, laborer, Quebec, Port Arthur, s/o John B. BOUGIE & Lea MARCOUX, married Mary CATANI, 19, Italy, Port Arthur, d/o Joseph CATANI & Mary MIRRA, witn: L. SEGUIN & K. CATANI both of Port Arthur on Jan. 24, 1907 at Port Arthur
14801-1907 David BOULANGER, 34, Farmer, Eatchamin, (Les Escoumins ?) Bonfield, s/o Frederic BOULANGER & Elinor THERIEN, married Emelia BOISSONEAULT, 18, Eatchamin, (Les Escoumins ?) Bonfield, d/o Philip MARTIN & Christine BOISSONEAULT, Wtn. Frederic BOULANGER, Philip MARTIN, on June 16, 1907 at Bonfield 14802-1907 George Wallace BOYCE, 22, Labour, Sturgeon Falls, Bonfield, s/o George BOYCE & Marguerite BELAIR, married Eveline TREMBLAY, 21, Eatchamin, (Les Escoumins?) Bonfield, d/o Eusebe TREMBLAY & Ernestine BOISSONEAULT, Wtn. Patrice TREMBLAY, Eusebe TREMBLAY, on June 24, 1907 at Bonfield
14845-1907 Isaie BRABANT, 27, Farmer, Rigaud Que., McPherson, s/o Achille BRABANT & Virginie SAUVE, married Fridoline ETHIER, 17, Verner, Caldwell, d/o Jeremie ETHIER & Celina BELEC, Wtn. N. Achille BRABANT, Jeremie ETHIER, on Apr. 22, 1907 at Verner 15242-1907 John Henry BRIDGEMAN, 33, Farmer, St. Marys, Widdifield Twp., s/o John & Hannah BRIDGEMAN, married Mary Agnes HOWATT, 28, Smith Creek MI., Widdifield Twp., d/o Robert & Margaret HOWATT, Wtn. Daniel HOWATT, Susie HOLDITCH, on May 1, 1907 at Widdifield Twp
  5187-07 Arthur Melville BROOKS, 23, mechanic, Penetanguishene, Steelton, s/o Robert H. BROOKS & Ellen McBRIDE, married Eva FISHER, 19, Petrolia, Steelton, d/o William FISHER & Mary A. BUGNER, witn: Mr. & Mrs. James FISHER of Steelton, 17 Dec 1907 at Steelton
15114-1907 Napoleon BROUSSEAU, 23, Labour, Quebec, Springer Twp., s/o Baptiste & Rose BROUSSEAU, married Marie BELANGER, 21, Widow, Quebec, Springer, d/o Charles BELANGER & Marie PAYETTE, Wtn. Amable BROUSSEAU, Vincent BELANGER, on Apr. 15, 1907 at Sturgeon Falls. 15140-1907 David Archibald BUFFETT, 29, Stone Mason, Newfoundland, North Bay, s/o Benjamin & Elizabeth BUFFETT, married Margaret Helen STANLEY, 20. Ottawa, Sturgeon Falls, d/o George STANLEY & May HOWELL, Wtn. Anne DEAN, on Sept. 18, 1907 at Sturgeon Falls
15158-1907 Paul Eugene BURTON, 26, Engineer, France, Sudbury, s/o Paul BURTON & Mary C. PRINEAU, married Rosie BECHAMP, 28, Cologne - Renfrew Co., Sudbury, d/o Antoine BECHAMP & Sophie LEVEQUE, Wtn. T.J. RYAN, Mrs. Isaac BECHAMP, on Apr. 9, 1907 at Sudbury 15171-1907 Edwin John CALDER, 32, Steel worker, Quebec, Sault Ste Marie, s/o John C. CALDER & Margaret J. COCHRANE, married Anna Maud HENRY, 19, Victoria Harbor, Sudbury, d/o Joseph K. HENRY & Uretta FRENCH, Wtn. James C. HENRY, Emma HENRY, on June 12, 1907 at Sudbury.
20010-07 Wesley Angus CAMERON, 27, lineman, Clarendon Que., Port Arthur, s/o Robert CAMERON & Mary HILL, married Edith Helen MUIR, 20, Ceylon Ont., Port Arthur, d/o Duncan MUIR & Annie HILDREDGE, witn: Anghus W. MUIR of Port Arthur & Margaret J. REID of Rossport, 18 Dec 1907 at Port Arthur 5163-07 Hugh CAMERON, 28, clerk, of Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Hugh CAMERON & Elizabeth PHILLIPS, married Jean Lees CUTHBERTSON, 20, of Steelton, d/o George CUTHBERTSON & Mary REID, witn: Ernest VAN & Mary Ann IRWIN, both of Sault Ste. Marie, 18 Dec 1907 at Steelton (also 5186-07)
15200-1907 William CAMERON, 27, Powder-man, Oldham N.S., Creighton Mine, s/o Gordon CAMERON & Annie E. McDONALD, married Alice Julia KENNEDY, 18, Mississippi, Creighton Mines, d/o Robert KENNEDY & Sophia McDONALD, Wtn. Robert KENNEDY, Edith BAYNE, on Sept. 25, 1907 at Sudbury.  
5198-07 John CAMPBELL, 36, millman, Waterloo Ont., Jocelyn, s/o John CAMPBELL & Sophia CLEGG, married Frances COUCH, 24, St. Joseph, same, d/o Fred Henry COUCH & Emily BOWSON, witn: William ARMSTRONG & Bertha BRANDON, both of Richards Landing , 8 Nov 1907 at Richards Landing 15162-1907 Harry M. CAMPBELL, 28, Labour, Goderich, Sudbury, s/o James CAMPBELL & Annie McQUARRIE, married Annie McMILLAN, 24, Goderich, Sudbury, d/o Robert McMILLAN & Elizabeth ANDERSON, Wtn. A. Marie WALKER, Minnie HAGER, on Apr. 17, 1907 at Sudbury
15210-1907 James Samuel CAMPBELLFORD, 28, Brakeman, Canada, Chapleau, s/o John CAMPBELLFORD & James McINVOY (sic) married Stella LARIVIERE, 20, Pembroke, Chapleau, d/o Oliver LARIVIERE & Sarah BOISVERT, Wtn. Alexander HALL, Maud TURCOTTE, on Oct. 28, 1907 at Sudbury. 15172-1907 Harry D. CANTLON, 24, Banker, Mitchell, Massey Station, s/o David W. CANTLON & Mary MORTER, married, Agnes Douglas Pattison SMITH, 23, Pembroke, Sudbury, d/o Henry SMITH & Agnes PATTISON, Wtn. R.A. MacPHERSON, Kate L. CANTLON, on June 5, 1907 at Sudbury.
15168-1907 William Alex CARSWELL, 21, Labour, Calumet Island, Sudbury, s/o G.W. CARSWELL & Ellen KNOWL, married Jessie WALKER, 21, Osceola, Renfrew, Sudbury, d/o James WALKER & Mary McINTYRE, Wtn. James SHEEDY, Lillie S. KIPPEN, on May 7, 1907 at Sudbury.  
15125-1907 Peter CATTO, 43, Widower, Travelling Salesman, Hamilton, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Andrew & June CATTO, married Sarah LARSEN, 43, Widow, Hamilton, Same, d/o James & Margaret DALY, Wtn. Mrs. H. JANSEN, Kathryn EVANS, on Apr. 10, 1907 at Sturgeon Falls 18623-08 Joseph Eudore CAUCHON, 26, architect, Winnipeg, Port Arthur, s/o Joseph Edward CAUCHON & Atala PRUNEAU, married M. Ana CLAVET, 29, Port Arthur, same, d/o George O. P. CLAVET & Matilde FOX, witn: Arthur CLAVET & Joanne CAUCHON on July 23, 1907 at Port Arthur
20029-07 Alexander CHABOYER, 30, laborer, Duck Bay Alberta, Nipigon, s/o J. B. CHABOYER & Therese DESJARDINS, married Angelique OGIMABINENS, 20, Nipigon Lake, Nipigon, d/o Michel OBIMABINENS & Marie SHINGOSOBI, witn: Paul CAMERON & Josephine OBIMABIENS, both of Nipigon, 30 Nov [1907] at Nipigon 14865-1907 Arthur CHALIFOUX, 23, Labour, St. Faustin Que., Cobalt, s/o Felix CHALIFOUX & Philomine DUFOUR, married Rose Emma DESCHENE, 22, Maniwaki Que., Cobalt, d/o Theophile DESCHENE & Delphine MERCIER, Wtn. Oscar BEAUVAIS, Alfred GAUTHIER, on Apr. 8, 1907 at Cobalt
14848-1907 Normand CHARBONEAU, 28, Labour, Ste. Rose, Worsester (sic) s/ Jules CHARBONEAU & Herminie ALLAIRE, married Maria LIMOGES, no age given, St. Eustache, Caldwell, d/o Alfred LIMOGES & Philomine AUBREY, Wtn. Fortunat LIMOGES, Alfred LIMOGES, on May 6, 1907 at Verner 15240-1907 Clorida CHARTIER, 27, Labour, Pointe Gatineau, s/o Maxime CHARTIER & Cordelia AUDETTE, married Exire LAROSE, 24, Hull, Whitney, d/o Joseph LAROSE & Claudia ROBERT, Wtn. Joseph AUDETTE, Evelene GRATTON, on Oct. 7, 1907 at Whitney
15109-1907 Joseph CHARTRAND, 27, Labour, Quebec, Springer, s/o Isaie CHARTRAND & Mary GUIRE, married Albine BRUNET, 23, Quebec, Sturgeon Falls, d/o George BRUNET & Angele LECOMPTE, Wtn Steven LECOMPTE, George BRUNET, on Jan. 8, 1907 at Sturgeon Falls. 15176-1907 Edmond CHARTRAND, 26, Labour, Ste. Scholastique, Sudbury, s/o Moise CHARTRAND & Josephine FORTIN, married Sandrine CHARTRAND, 25, Ripon, Sudbury, d/o Baptiste CHARTRAND & Domethilde MATERI, Wtn. E. CHARTRAND, Rose ROCHON, on June 24, 1907 at Sudbury
15196-1907 Joseph CHARTRAND, 25, Mechanic, Drummondville Que., Victoria Mines, s/o Adjutem CHARTRAND & Helene GARIEPY, married Gratia GUAY, Yamachiche Que., Victoria Mines, d/o Georges GUAY & Amanda GAGNON, Wtn. W. OVENS, Alphonse MODESTE, on Sept. 24, 1907 at Victoria Mines 15119-1907 Joseph CHARTRAND, 32, Hunter, Dokis Reserve, Same, s/o Joseph Chartrand & Not stated, married Mary RESTOULE, 22, Dokis Reserve, Same, d/o Joseph RESTOULE & Not stated, on Apr. 15, 1907 at Dokis Reserve
15234-1907 Alphonse CHENIER, 21, Labour, St. Victor d'Alfred, Whitney, s/o Alfred CHENIER, & Anna MIRON, married Florita MARTIN, 17, Buckingham Que, Whitney, d/o Fred MARTIN & Verginia EMONDE, Wtn. Alfred CHENIER, Hyacinthe MARTIN, on Jan. 7, 1907 at Whitney. 15223-1907 Wilbert Bell CHERRY, 28, Cook, Airlie, Warren, s/o Henry CHERRY & Margaret CARSON, married Eleanor D. TURCOTTE, 23, Black Bay Ont, Balmsen Ont, d/o Andrew TURCOTTE & Eleanor CHAPUT, Wtn. Mrs. N. BAILEY, Ernest D. BAYNE, on Dec. 24, 1907 at Sudbury
20009-07 Clarence F. CLARK, 21, steel checker, West Fort Ont., Port Arthur, s/o Charles CLARK & Amy NELSON, married Tili OJA, 20, Finland, West Fort, d/o Charles OJA & Leena MEHTALA, witn: John ASIALA & Olga MAKELA, both of Port Arthur, 18 Dec 1907 at Port Arthur 5208-07 Charles F. COLLINS, 33, farmer, London Ont., Leeburn, s/o Charles & Louise, married Myrtle Louise CLARK, 19, Carleton Place, Thessalon, d/o Francis CLARK & Louise ROBERTS, witn: W. J. & Jennie WATT of Sault Ste. Marie, 26 June 1907 at Thessalon
15241-1907 Onesime CONSTANTINEAU, 23, Labour, Pointe Gatineau, Whitney, s/o Onesime CONSTANTINEAU & Olympe PILON, married Ellen BRADLEY, 18, South Onslow, Whitney, d/o Samuel J. BRADLEY & Annie WOOLSEY? Wtn. Napoleon CONSTANTINEAU, Myrtle BRADLEY, on Nov. 28, 1907 at Whitney 14821-1907 Azarias CONTIN, 22, Ile d'Orleans Que., Astorville, s/o Florien CONTIN & Marie GAUTHIER, married Elise ROCHEFORT, 19, Astorville, same, d/o Adolph ROCHEFORT & Elizabeth PERRON, Wtn. Florien CONTIN, Adolphe ROCHE, on Aug. 26, 1907 at Bonfield.
5188-07 Frederick Charles COOPER, 28, farmer, Kent England, Avinge? twp. - Algoma Dist., s/o William James COOPER & Lucy SHARPE, married Hyma Elen CLEM, 20, stenographer, Paulding Ohio, Avinge twp., d/o Joshua CLEM & Ida REUTER, witn: Charles ISHAM? & Nellie LASH, both of Steelton, 24 Dec 1907 at Steelton 5190-07 Carson COOPER, 43, farmer, Ontario, Richards Landing , s/o John COOPER & Susannah McLENAND, married Barbara ROBINSON, 36, widow, Ontario, Richards Landing , d/o Thomas FANSON & Annie STERRET, witn: Amos E. FANSON & Ellen CAUFIELD, both of Richards Landing , 29 July 1907 at Richards Landing
15134-1907 D.B. COSGROVE, 26, Labour, Alumette Island, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Hugh COSGROVE & Maggie SPENCE, married Julia WADE, 19, Pakenham, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Patrick WADE & Bridget LYNCH, Wtn. Alex GIBBONS, Nellie WADE, on Feb. 11, 1907 at Sturgeon Falls  
15192-1907 John COTNAM, 58, Widower, Farmer, Racine Que., Worthington, s/o John COTNAM & Mary VARANCIER, married Julia McLEOD, 45, Charlotte Co. N.B., Worthington, d/o Matthew McLEOD & Lea BUCKMAN, Wtn. B.W. KEELY, A. DESJARDINS, on Aug. 24, 1907 at Sudbury 20039-07 Robert COWAN, 42, steam fitter, Wellington Co., Fort William, s/o William C. COWAN & Sarah ELLIOT, married Elizabeth CAMPBELL, 33, teacher, Cayuga Co., Fort William, d/o Ed Clark CAMPBELL & Elizabeth M. JESSUP, witn: Edgar W. & Maude McFARLAND of Fort William, 16 Jan 1907 at Fort William
5126-07 Frederick R. CULLIS, 29, butcher, of Thessalon, s/o Thomas CULLIS, butcher, & Mary McKECHNIE, married Elizabeth McDONALD, 22, of Thessalon, d/o Thomas McDONALD, farmer, & Janet BEATON, witn: Margaret Cullis WINN & George E. WISHART, both of Thessalon, 6 Feb 1907 at Thessalon 15216-1907 Matthew CURLEY, 24, Mechanic, Pontiac Que., Coniston, s/o Matthew CURLEY & Ann COONEY, married Theresa BUTLER, 23, Brudenell, Coniston, d/o Pierce BUTLER & Mary CULL, Wtn. Peter BUTLER, Margaret FLEMING, on Nov. 20, 1907 at Sudbury
15169-1907 Frederick, CURRIER, 27, Brakeman, Pembroke, North Bay, s/o James CURRIER & Sophia LEBARGE, married Lauretta AVNETTA, 18, Pembroke, North Bay, d/o Philippe AVNETTA & Olive VEUNIATTE?, Wtn. Robert MAYER, Mrs. James BOYDEL, on May 13, 1907 at Sudbury. 15232-1907 James J. DARRELL, 23, Clerk, Powassan, Harris Twp., s/o James DARRELL & Mary McCHESNEY, married Hazel McCHESNEY, 20, Clyde Forks Ont, Harris Twp., d/o Sam McCHESNEY & Elizabeth LUMMIS, Wtn. Charles CARR, Dora M. RYMAL, on Dec. 25, 1907 at New Liskeard
14798-1907 Alexander DAVIS, 27, Labour, Sturgeon Falls, same, s/o Felix DAVIS & F. MOUSSEAU, married Minnie MENARD, 23, Pembroke, Bonfield, d/o Napoleon MENARD & Adeline SEGUIN, Wtn. Napoleon MENARD, Felix DAVIS, on June 17, 1905 at Bonfield, Reg: Apr. 17, 1907. 15157-1907 Richard DAVIS, 26, Labour, Ottawa, Carstairs Alta., s/o Simpson DAVIS & Martha LUCK, married Margaret GRAHAM, 17, Orillia, Same, d/o William GRAHAM & Christina THOMPSON, Wtn. John G. GRAHAM, Annie MOONEY, on Apr. 3, 1907 at Sudbury
15111-1907 Raphael DAVISON, 19, Labour, Ottawa, Springer, s/o James DAVISON & Phebee DALLAIRE, married Lena CHARTRAND, 18, Quebec, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Pierre CHARTRAND & Olivina St. CYR, Wtn. James DAVISON, Louis LANDRIAULT, on Feb. 11, 1907 at Sturgeon Falls 15161-1907 George William DEACON, 65 Widower, Landscape Gardener, London UK., Sudbury, s/o George DEACON & Theresa FLOWER, married Catherine COOK, 41, Widow, Restaurant Keeper, Ontario Sudbury, d/o Samuel RUTTLE & Mary Ann NEIL, Wtn. Gordon DELORGE, Mary BRUNET, on Apr. 15, 1907 at Sudbury
14843-1907 Alfred DENOMME, 31, Widower, Farmer, Quebec, Verner, s/o Evangeliste DENOMME & Adeline JOLY, married Delima PIQUARD, 21, Holyoke USA, Verner, d/o Joseph PIQARD (sic) & Marie CHAMPAGNE, Wtn. Elie BRUNET, Joseph PIQUARD, on Apr. 8, 1907 at Verner 20025-07 John DESCHAMPS, 34, driver, Nipigon, same, s/o Pierre DESCHAMPS & Louise DE LARONDE, married Angelique AMIKONS, 36, Nipigon, same, d/o Charles JIGOSOBI & Louise OBJIBAIABANDAMOK, witn: Andrew ABUS & Sophie DUBOIS, both of Nipigon, 14 May 1907 at Nipigon
14857-1907 Eugene DESJARDINS, 28, Farmer, Bp. not given, Calvin Twp., s/o G. DESJARDINS & M. GRIGNON, married Henriette DYALL, 24, Bp. not given, Calvin Twp., d/o H. DYALL & Rose FILION, Wtn. Ida CHAMPAGNE, H. DYALL, on Nov. 25, 1907 at Calvin Twp. 20036-07 Carmen DI FOE, 25, laborer, Italy, Fort William, s/o Joanne (sic) & Isabella, married Maria ROMANO, 16, Italy, Fort William, d/o Vito Angelo ROMANO & Vita AEFIRA, witn: Bosco DENCO & Rosina DI CRISTOFANO, both of Fort William, 12 Jan 1907 at Fort William
15159-1907 Edward DOHERTY, 29, Labour, Buckingham, Same, s/o John DOHERTY & Ann McKAY, married Lizzie McDONALD, 21, Markstay, Same, d/o Angus McDONALD & Elizabeth DOW, Wtn. Vincent DOHERTY, Mary PATTERSON, on Apr. 9, 1907 at Sudbury 14807-1907 Sylvio DUCHENE, 22, Labour, Bonfield, same, s/o Justin DUCHENE & Elinor MARTEL, married Agnes GERMAIN, 18, Bonfield, same, d/o Maxime GERMAIN & Philomine AMYOTT, Wtn. Justin DUCHENE, Maxime GERMAIN, on Aug. 12, 1907 at Bonfield.
20038-07 Pol DULAKA, 22, laborer, Austria, Fort William, s/o Anthony DULAKE & Anna SIMKS, married Maria BOLINA, 19, Austria, Fort William, d/o Joseph BOLINA & Anna SINIKO, witn: F. MOSAK & Juli PIDT, both of Fort William, 14 Jan 1907 at Fort William 14805-1907 Felix DUPUIS, age not given, Labour, Bonfield, Corbeil, s/o Francis DUPUIS & Marie Louise CORBEIL, married Eugenie VAILLANCOURT, 17, Bonfield, same, d/o Pierre VAILLANCOURT & Marie PROULX, Wtn. Francois DUPUIS, Peter VAILLANCOURT, on July 29, 1907 at Bonfield
20000-07 Hamilton Robert EARL, 20, teamster, South Dakota US, Port Arthur, s/o Rufus EARL & Sarah McLEAN, married Annabel MOORE, 19, Washington Ont., Hymers, d/o George MOORE & Catherine WELLER, witn: Charles MOORE & Mabel EARL, both of Port Arthur, 7 Nov 1907 at Port Arthur 16953-08 (Rainy River Dist) Fredrick EASTON, 22, cook, England, not given, s/o Richard EASTON & Ellen JARDINE married Margaret Jane FROST, 18, North Bay, Kenora, d/o Moses FROST & Mary DUNNELL (Dunnett?), witn: Samuel FROST & Katharine J. PEEVER of Kenora, 1 Jan 1907, Kenora
5165-07 William John EDWARDS, 26, fireman on railway, Michigan, Steelton, s/o John J. EDWARDS & Almeda COOK, married Eva Sep--? LETHBRIDGE, 18, Owen Sound, Steelton, d/o Charles LETHBRIDGE & Janet MARSHALL, witn: James LETHBRIDGE & Sarah BRANIFF, both of Steelton, 29 May 1907 at Steelton 15167-1907 William M. EDWARDS, 32, Hotel Keeper, Radnorshire, Sudbury, s/o Thomas EDWARDS & Mary MORNINGTON?, married Jessie HUNTER, 32, Rockliff, Sudbury, d/o Andrew HUNTER & Elizabeth MacLENNAN, Wtn. Miss B. STAPLETON, Pembroke, on Apr. 30, 1907 at Sudbury
18624-08 James Patrick EGAN, 27, machinist, England, Port Arthur, s/o James EGAN & Amy (Anny?) HUNT married Amy (Anny?) JENNINGS, 24, teacher, England, same, d/o James JENNINGS & Jeane DUFFY, witn: Albert FLUET of Port Arthur on July 22, 1907 at Port Arthur 14799-1907 Charles FEENEY, 22, Farmer, Ottawa, Ferris Twp., s/o Patrick FEENEY & Mary BURKE married Dianna GOSSELIN, 19, Bonfield, same, d/o Alfred GOSSELIN & Sara DORE, Wtn. William McGUIRE, Alfred GOSSELIN, on Apr. 24, 1907 at Bonfield.
18632-08 David FENTON, 23, farmer, Brownhill Ont., Murillo Ont., s/o Robert FENTON & Vina SEDORE, married Sadie DOWNS, 19, Orillia, Murillo, d/o Mary DOWNS (no father's name given), witn: Harry & Lillian NORTH both of Port Arthur on Dec. 25, 1907 at Port Arthur 15152-1907 George FEUILLETOT, 49, Labour, Levis Que., Sudbury, s/o Andre FEUILLETOT & Flavie VALLEE, married Vitaline LAFRAMBOISE, 59, Widow, of Sudbury, d/o Antoine LAFRAMBOISE & Pauline MELNAIRE, Wtn. William TURPIN, M. COUSINEAU, on Feb. 4, 1907 at Sudbury.
14841-1907 M. FILION, 24, Labour, Ste. Anne Prescott, Cache Bay, s/o Adolphe FILION & Alvina VACHON, married Marilda DUFOUR, 18, Montreal, Cache Bay, d/o Dominic DUFOUR & Caludia FOURNIER, Wtn. Adolphe FILION, Joseph Armand, on June 30, 1907 at Cache Bay 15038-1907 John FIRTH, 31, Trainman, Midland, Ft. William, s/o Charles FIRTH & Mary ARCHER, married Minnie Katherine CUMMINGS, 21, Fergusonvale, Toronto, d/o John CUMMINGS & Elizabeth JOHNSTON, Wtn. M. Alice BURTON, J.M. JOHNSTON, on Mar. 27, 1907 at North Bay
15199-1907 Garrett FITZGERALD, no age given, C.P.R. Engineer, Algoma, S.S. Marie s/o Garrett FITZGERALD & Mary O'LEARY, married Ann May KILBY, 21, Sudbury, Same, d/o Francis KILBY & Mary ARMSTRONG, Wtn. John A. McDONALD, Edna KILBY, on Sept. 25, 1907 at Sudbury 15201-1907 Ernest FOURNIER, 29, Cook, Lake St. John, Cache Bay, s/o Descarries FOURNIER & Seraphine POTVIN, married Helene VACHON, 18, St. Justin Que., Cache Bay, d/o G.D. VACHON & Lazin McDONALD, Wtn. Edith BAYNE, Ida B. BAILLIE, on Sept. 27, 1907 at Sudbury
15116-1907 Eugene FOURNIER, 26, Farmer, Quebec, Springer Twp., s/o Euchariste & Rose FOURNIER, married Marie A. VACHON, 21, Prescott Co., Springer, d/o Damase VACHON & Mary McDONALD, Wtn. Euchariste FOURNIER, Damase VACHON, on Apr. 30, 1907 at Sturgeon Falls. 15170-1907 Emile FREDETTE, Clerk, Wahnapitae, Sudbury, s/o David FREDETTE & Marie CHARETTE, married Orilda RICHER, Blezard Twp. Sudbury, d/o Henri RICHER & Alphonsine LAUZON, Wtn. Eddie WHALEN, Victorine LAUZON, on June 11, 1907 at Sudbury
15115-1907 Francois FRENCH, 24, Clerk, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Charles FRENCH & Aurelie PARISIEN, married Albina BELLEFEUILLE, 18, Argenteuil Co., Springer, d/o Felix BELLEFEUILLE & Delima PRUDHOMME, Wtn. Charles FRENCH, Felix PRUDHOMME, on Apr. 29, 1907 at Sturgeon Falls. 15219-1907 Michael FRIEL (Freel?), 24, Farmer, Ireland, Sudbury, s/o Michael FRIEL & Mary McNAMEE, married Blanche VIEN, 19, Montreal, Sudbury, d/o Joseph VIEN & Josephine LEGAULT, Wtn. John CONWAY, Mrs. S.N. DOYLE, on Nov. 27, 1907 at Sudbury
20037-07 Stir FURIAK, 25, laborer, Austria, Fort William, s/o Andre FURIAK & Teresa NOVACKY, married Christina BAKOS, 20, Austria, Fort William, d/o Andro BAKOS & Anna BURDA, witn: Steve TOMANOCY & Mya KRUPPA, both of Fort William, 14 Jan 1907 at Fort William 19949-07 (Thunder Bay Dist) Thomas J. P. GADD, 24, farmer, Shoal Lake Manitoba, Fort Frances, s/o Charles GADD & Mary A. EDEN married Gertrude Alice Morton STURDY, 21, Ealing Dean London England, Hamilton, d/o George Morton STURDY & Alice M. STURDY, witn: Alice Morton STURDY of Hamilton & Mary L. GADD of Fort Frances, 27 June 1907, Port Arthur
18677-08 Michael GAFFNEY, 32, railway Conductor, not given, Port Arthur, s/o Adam GAFFNEY & Katherine FOLEY married Marguerite BURKE, 29, not given, Alfred Quebec, d/o not given, witn: Albert FLUET of Port Arthur & Miss A. O'MEARA of London Ontario, 26 Nov 1907, Port Arthur 14796-1907 J. Bte. GAGNE, 21, Labour, Hull Que., Bonfield, s/o Paul GAGNE & Alice GIROUX, married Rachael McNAMARA, Bonfield, same, d/o James McNAMARA & Elizabeth PENNELL, Wtn. John JARVIS, Annie Sale PENNELL, on Apr. 22, 1907 at Bonfield
20020-07 Arthur GAGNON, 42, brakeman, River Will, Schreiber, s/o Joseph GAGNON & Marie HEBERT, married Philomene CLOUTIER, 30, St. Monique, Schreiber, d/o Severe CLOUTIER & Delia LECOMPTE, witn: Napoleon KEROUAC & Ed TESSIER, both of Schreiber, 7 April 1907 at Schreiber 15181-1907 Leonidas GATIEN, 22. Labour, Sarsfield, Copper Cliff, s/o Leandre GATIEN & Marie SAUVE, married Olivina LABERGE, 19, St. Albert, Sudbury, d/o J.B. LABERGE & Ursule ROY, Wtn. Leandre GATIEN, J.B. LABERGE, on July 16, 1907 at Sudbury.
15153-1907 Joseph GIBLINSKI, 23, Labour, Poland, Sudbury, s/o John GIBLINSKI & Ann EDDRIGAGE, married Mary Ann PECOWSKI, 19, Poland, Sudbury, d/o John PECOWSKI & Elizabeth SHULAC, Wtn. Tom GABLIANSKI, Beatrice McCLAUSKEY, on Feb. 4, 1907 at Sudbury. 15136-1907 Dollard GIVOGUE, 19, Labour, Masson, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Rodias GIVOGUE & Pauline CYR, married Clodia LAVERGNE, 21, of Sturgeon Falls, d/o Olivier LAVERGNE & Malvina St.PIERRE, Wtn. Rodias GIVOGUE, Olivier LAVERGNE, on Apr. 29, 1907 at Sturgeon Falls
14834-1907 Adrien GLANDON, 23, Labour, Aylmer Ont, Cache Bay, s/o Ferdinand GLANDON & Sophie GERNIER, (Grenier ?) married Mabel MILLER, 19, Haliburton, Cache Bay, d/o William MILLER & Anne WILLET ?, Wtn. W.J. KENNEDY, Christina MAY, on Aug. 26, 1907 at Cache Bay. 15182-1907 Alfred GLASER, 24, Barber, Germany, Nairn Centre, s/o Harry GLASER & Maria WAGNER, married Emily Agnes DIXON, 19, Surrey UK., Sudbury, d/o Henry Edward DIXON & Louisa SMITH, Wtn. Louis CAMPBELL, Edith M. BLANCHARD, on July 15, 1907 at Sudbury
18667-08 George GOUGHIX, 22, laborer, not given, Port Arthur, s/o Ia Kora GOUGHIX & Lona SOULEGHIX married Maria ZORIVELA, 18, not given, Port Arthur, d/o Nikoli ZOUVELA & Maria DRACOVITCH, witn: Mazime DIRRI & Albert FLUET (Flint?) of Port Arthur, 10 Sept 1907, Port Arthur 15120-1907 Benjamin GOULAIS, 36, Hunter, Nipissing Reserve, Same, s/o Charles GOULAIS & Metaquab, married Eurma STEPHEN, 20, Golden Lake, Nipissing Reserve, d/o John Stephen, on Apr. 1, 1907 at Nipissing Reserve.
14851-1907 Jean GUENETTE, 31, Farmer, St. Andre Avelin, Cache Bay, s/o Jean GUENETTE & Julie HAYER, married Alice TREMPE, 25, Montreal, Cache Bay, d/o Edouard TREMPE & Alphonsine BERTRAND, Wtn. Jean GUENETTE, Mathias St.PIERRE, on Sept. 2, 1907 at Verner 15202-1907 William John GUTCHER, 47, Widower, Section Foreman, Point Alexander, Sudbury, s/o George GUTCHER, Elizabeth EVANS, married Alice CANE, 38, Widow, London England, Sudbury, d/o Sandy CANE & Mary Ann BUTLER, Wtn. William GUTCHER, Mary STINSON, on Sept. 30, 1907 at Sudbury
15184-1907 David HADDEN, 40, Stone cutter, Widower, Armagh Eire, Sudbury, s/o James HADDEN & Jane STAINSON, married Emily STOCKER, 35, Widow, Hempstead UK., d/o James WILLIAMS & Elizabeth GURRY, Wtn. James NEWMAN, Ida BEATRICE BAILEY, on July 20, 1907 at Sudbury. 15150-1907 Abraham HAMIL, 22, Jeweler, Syria, Sudbury, s/o Abraham HAMIL & Mary ADDIE, married Rosie SALHAMNIE, 20, Syria, Sudbury, d/o Charles SALHAMNIE & Annie FERRIS, Wtn. Elias ABRAHAM, Mrs. Mary FERRIS, on Jan. 26, 1907 at Sudbury.
15145-1907 Colin Key HAMILTON, 24, Mechanic, Edinburgh, Scotland, North Bay, s/o John HAMILTON & Catharine HENDERSON, married Mathilda JOHNSTON, 24, Belfast, Ireland, North Bay, d/o Thomas JOHNSTON & Margery HAGGERT, Wtn. James Lee HINDS, Minnie MOFFATT, on De. 21, 1907 at Widdifield 20016-07 Robert W. HANNANT, 62, widower, farmer, Smallbury England, O'Connor twp., s/o Jeremiah HANNANT & Mary BUFFHAM, married Margaret ASTLEY, 28, Accrington England, O'Connor twp., d/o James J. L. ASTLEY & Maria MOULDING, witn: Howard & Nina EARL of O'Connor, 18 July 1907 at Hymes
20028-07 J. B. HARDY, 21, trapper, Nipigon, same, s/o blank & Henriette BOUCHARD, married Josephte DABA, 16, Nipigon, same, d/o J. Pierre DABA & Catherine WASSEIABANOK, witn: Robert HARDY & Martine MORISSEAU, both of Nipigon, 16 Sept 1907 at Nipigon  
15194-1907 William John HARPER, 24, Carpenter, Cornwall, Eng. Sudbury, s/o John HARPER & Elizabeth BASSETT, married Flossie Ira Trencer FRANCIS, 21, Cornwall Eng. d/o William FRANCIS & Elizabeth TRENCER, Wtn. Alfred WOODROW, Hilda Maud HARPER, on Sept. 5, 1907 at Sudbury 14861-1907 Elliot HARPER, 52, Widower, Blacksmith, Ireland, Cobalt, s/o Francis HARPER & Esther BOVARD, married Clara SPARROW, Holland, Cobalt, d/o Thomas SPARROW & Margaret PARDUE, Wtn. Rev. Edward HEASLIP, Mattie KLINGERSMITH, on Mar. 9, 1907 at Cobalt.
18671-08 Ernest Charles HARROW, 24, baker, not given, Port Arthur, s/o Arthur HARROW & Catherine DUFFELL married Marguerite O'BRIEN, 27, not given, Port Arthur, d/o Edward O'BRIEN & Bridget DALY, witn: Albert FLUET of Port Arthur, 8 Aug 1907, Port Arthur 15238-1907 John Hyman HASKINS, 26, Hunter, Sebastopol, Renfrew, Madawaska, s/o James S. HASKINS & Jennet Anne HICKS, married Bertha Jane HAMILTON, 15, Maynooth, Madawaska, d/o Wilmott HAMILTON & Victoria RAMSAY, Wtn. Zarcy HAMILTON, Alena HAMILTON, on Sept. 25, 1907 at Madawaska
  15121-1907 Michel HAUBEMINE ?, 23, Hunter, Nipissing Reserve, Manitoulin Island, s/o Joseph HAUBEMINE?, married Philemin PELANGUET, 21, Manitoulin Island, Same, d/o Michel PELANGUET, on Aug. 9, 1907 at Manitoulin Island.
15222-1907 George HAWKINS, 23, Tinsmith, Meaford, Copper Cliff, s/o Richard HAWKINS, Cornelia RONALDS, married Mamie MARTIN, 23, Barrie , Copper Cliff, d/o Matthew MARTIN & Ellen LATTIMORE, Wtn. George H. STEER, Mrs. Allie MARTIN, on Dec. 23, 1907 at Sudbury. 18601-08 Arthur HAYWARD, 24, farmer, Cheapside, Gillies, s/o Henry HAYWARD & Sarah HALL married Rosa Jeanette COUCH, 23, Peterboro, Gillies, d/o Moses COUCH & Emma WOODS, witn: Frank HAYWARD & Delila HAYWARD of Gillies, 7 Aug 1907, Port Arthur
5209-07 John HENDRY, 26, farmer, Huron twp., Sowerby, s/o Robert HENDRY & Jane BROWN, married Hazel DELHENTY, 19, London Ont., Thessalon, d/o Henry DELHENTY & Rachel CRANDEN, witn: George HENDRY & Maggie BROWN, both of Sowerby, 9 March 1907 at Thessalon 14852-1907 Joseph HERVIEUX, 23, Farmer, Norway Mich., Caldwell, s/o J.B. HERVIEUX & Rosalie St.AMOUR, married Elizabeth TRUDEL, 18, St. Ambroise Que., d/o Charles TRUDEL & Emma LAPORTE, Wtn. Francois St.AMOUR, Charles TRUDEL, on Sept. 16, 1907 at Verner.
5204-07 Charles HICKS, 22, farmer, Kingston, Day Mills, s/o William HICKS & Lavina SHAW, married Mary Ann HAGAN, 24, Thessalon twp., Livingstone Creek, d/o Albert H. HAGEN (sic) & Catherine McCALLUM, witn: James A. HAGEN of Livingstone Creek & Annie HICKS of Thessalon, 19 June 1907 at Livingstone Creek 15233-1907 Philip Christopher HICKS, 21, Labour, Bonfield Twp, s/o G. HICKS & Mary MacGUIRE, married Marie Donalitine PROULX, 17, Chiswick, d/o Pierre PROULX & Delima FORGET, Wtn. Pierre PROULX, Napoleon Clement, on Sept. 23, 1907 at Chiswick
14862-1907 Adam A. HODGINS, 35, Miner, Alleyn Que., Cobalt, s/o Adam HODGINS & Eliza MOONEY, married Amy EVANS, 20, Alleyn Que., Cobalt, d/o Henry EVANS & Ida MARLHOUSE, Wtn. Herbert CLARK, Laura CLARK, on Mar. 7, 1907 at Cobalt. 14837-1907 Michael HOGAN, 40, Storekeeper, Onslow, Cache Bay, s/o John HOGAN & Alice WALL, married Louise VIEW, 22, Seamstress, Duchene Que., Cache BAY, d/o Pierre VIEW & Louise DUBOIS, Wtn. Michael SHEA, Emma LETOURNEAU, on Feb. 3, 1907 at Cache BAY
14813-1907 John HUDSON, 49, Labour, Ross Twp. Bonfield, s/o Robert HUDSON & Susanna SMITH, married Lucinda HALLIDAY, 39, Widow, Ross Twp., Bonfield, d/o Dean STUBBS & Eva SQUIRES, Wtn. Samuel SCOBIE, Mrs. Sam SCOBIE, on Dec. 30, 1907 at Rutherglen 15221-1907 Leonard Dow HUGHES, 23, Labour, Bristol Twp. Que., Victoria Mines, s/o John Henry HUGHES & Maria DAVIS, married Jane Anna KIDD, 20, Elmvale, Victoria Mines, d/o Samuel KIDD & Elizabeth IRWIN, Wtn. Edward JOHNSTON, Mary Ellen KIDD, on Dec. 18, 1907 at Sudbury
20032-07 Albert HURME, 25, CPR yardman, Finland, Schreiber, s/o John HURME & Aida, married Emilia KIORPELTA, 23, Finland, Schreiber, d/o blank KIORPELTA & Sophia, witn: Albert KASKI & Tom PELTOMEN, both of Schreiber, 2 April 1907 at Schreiber 18655-08 Jonathan Cromwell HYMERS, 25, farmer, Port Elgin, O'Connor twp, s/o Jonathan HYMERS & Sarah WASHER married Martha Campbell STIRRETT, 23, Camlachie - Lambton Co., Gillies twp., d/o John STIRRETT & Martha Jane VAN HOOSER, witn: A. T. SABINE of Gillies & Elizabeth J. STIRRETT of Winnipeg Manitoba, 31 Dec 1907, Gillies
18702-08 Yurk ILCHECHIN, 25, laborer, not given, Port Arthur, s/o Panks ILCHECHIN & Maria ROMANOWITCH married Anna CHERONIK, 20, not given, Port Arthur, d/o Petro CHERONIK & Maria COLOMEY, witn: John COLONS & Albert FLUET of Port Arthur, 12 Nov 1907, Port Arthur  
15144-1907 Isaac Johnston IRWIN, 32, Labour, Essa twp, Widdifield, s/o Samuel IRWIN, & Margaret Jane RADCLIFFE, married Lilian Jane CARMICHAEL, 19, Widdifield, Same, d/o James CARMICHAEL & Mathilda Jane SMITH, Wtn. Edward William NORMAN, Catharine CARMICHAEL, on July 3, 1907 at Widdifield 20027-07 Michel JABOGABAW, 19, trapper, Long Lake, same, s/o Pierre MESINGGOSHKING & Marie MATCHIKAMIGOK, married Elizabeth NINDABE, 18, Long Lake, same, d/o Paul NINDABE & Cecile NAOKAMIGOK, witn: Louis LESAGE & Agnes FINLAYSON, both of Long Lake, 5 Aug 1907 at Long Lake
14839-1907 R.C. JAQUES, 26, Painter, Hull, Cache Bay, s/o Oscar JAQUES & Ida BURBEAU, married Emma LETOURNEAU, 22, Seamstress, Pembroke, Cache Bay, d/o Gilbert LETOURNEAU & Marie LECLAIRE, Wtn. Gilbert LETOURNEAU, Louise PICHE, on Apr. 8, 1907 at Cache Bay. 20026-07 Francois JAWENIGABAW, 21, trapper, Long Lake, Pic River, s/o Francis JAWENIGABAW & Marie OSAGASSAKIVE, married Celima SABOURIN, 17, Pic River, same, d/o Edouard SABOURIN & Josephine DESMOULINS, witn: J. B. & Ang. DESMOULINS of Pic River, 27 July [1907] at Pic River
5185-07 Thomas Elgin JOHNSTON, 21, electrician, Owen Sound, Steelton, s/o William JOHNSTON & Dorothy CARSON, married Helena Frances McCALLUM, 19, Windsor Ont., Steelton, d/o James St. George McCALLUM & Jessie Belle CORNWALL, witn: Norman McLEOD of Sault Ste. Marie & Annie CURRIE of Steelton , 14 Dec 1907 at Steelton 15209-1907 Emmanuel JOLY, 45, Widower, Labour, E. Castleman, Copper Cliff, s/o Cesaire JOLY & Angele LAMERLE, married Philomene RENAUD, 23, Sudbury, Same, d/o Joseph RENAUD & Philomene MORIN, Wtn. Robert VINCENT, Joseph RENAUD, on Oct. 28, 1907 at Sudbury.
15214-1907 John JONES, 21, Farmer, Bonfield, Sudbury, s/o William JONES & Jane LANG, married Arthemise RAYMOND, 19, Sudbury, Same, d/o Phidime RAYMOND & Arthemise DESJARDINS, Wtn. Alex RAYMOND, Malvina ROSS, on Nov. 12, 1907 at Sudbury. 15217-1907 Thomas JONES, 19, Farmer, Bonfield, Sudbury, s/o William JONES & Rose A. LANG, married Philomene RAYMOND, 22, Lachine Que., Sudbury, d/o Phidime RAYMOND & Arthemise DESJARDINS, Wtn. Antoine JONES, Ubaldine BAZINET, on Nov. 25, 1907 at Sudbury
19935-07 (Thunder Bay Dist) Leonard JONES, 21, locomotive fireman, England, Port Arthur, s/o Richard JONES & Elizabeth DRIESDALE married Nellie Percival GAMBLE, 19, England, Port Arthur, d/o Walter GAMBLE & Emily ARMSON, witn: Arnold SOUTHERN & Nellie JONES of Port Arthur, 22 July 1907, Port Arthur 15151-1907 George KAIFOSH, 32, Farmer, Austria, Capreol, s/o Andrew KAIFOSH & Mary PILCH, married Effie PILCH, 21, Austria, Capreol, d/o Paul PILCH & Mary BYRTCH, Wtn. Bernard COOLBICK, Minnie HAGER, on Jan. 29, 1907 at Sudbury.
14856-1907 Newman KELLY, 31, Farmer, Quebec, Calvin, s/o Alfred KELLY & Abigail TUILES ?, married Rachael EDMUNDS, 21, Nipissing, Calvin, d/o John EDMUNDS & Mary MALARD, Wtn. John W. EDMUNDS, Agnes McDONALD, on Mar. 20, at Calvin Twp. 18627-08 Martin KELLY, 28, contractor, of Port Arthur, s/o Edward KELLY & Marguerite GARVEY, married Bertha M. CONNER, 23, Port Arthur, same, d/o James CONNER & Emily F. COX, witn: James WHALEN & Laura CONNER both of Port Arthur on June 25, 1907 at Port Arthur.
15212-1907 William Cranston KENNEDY, 27, Traveller, Pembroke, Sudbury, s/o William C. KENNEDY Celeste ROYSE, married Clara E. L. PHILLIPS, 24, Schomberg, Sudbury, d/o David PHILLIPS & Clara Jane GIBSON, Wtn. A.J. MILLER, Lettie M. PARKS, on Nov. 6, 1907 at Sudbury 15230-1907 Thomas KENNEDY, 36, Miner, Edinburgh Scotland, Cobalt, s/o John KENNEDY & Eliza PURVIS, married Dorothy HILL, 20, Midland, Bryce Twp., d/o William H. HILL & Ellen HEASLIP, Wtn. Fred HILL, Ella HILL, on Nov. 11, 1907 at Cobalt.
15236-1907 Joseph KING, 23, Farmer, St. Fabien Que., Whitney, s/o Aiden ? KING & Sophrene DUBE, married Mary OBEY, (Aube?) 18, Papineauville, Whitney, d/o Fred OBEY, (Aube?) & Mary DUPUIS, Wtn. Fred OBEY, Mary DUPUIS on July 16, 1907 at Whitney 20034-07 James Henry KITTRIDGE, 29, widower, laborer, Canada, Fort William, s/o Joseph KITTRIDGE & Rebecca DANN, married Alice MORRISON, 27, widow, Canada, Fort William, d/o Edward J. MARCELLE & Anna Jane ROBERTSON, witn: Wilson STINSON & Ruby WEIGAND, both of Fort William, 1 Jan 1907 at Fort William
2004-07 Oscar KOTILA, 25, laborer, Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Jonas KOTILA & Leona MATCATA, married Hilda KARJALA, 18, Finland, Port Arthur, d/o Henry KARJALA & Olivia KUJULA, witn: Alel AHONEN & Mary SUMATAINE, both of Port Arthur, 5 Dec 1907 at Port Arthur 15175-1907 Jalmos LAAMANEN, 23, Labour, Finland, Copper Cliff, s/o Thomas LAAMANEN & Walperi MULARI, married Eliina NEVA, 19, Finland, Copper Cliff, d/o Isaac NEVA & Mary NEVA, Wtn. Herman KOSKI, Kustava KOSKI, on June 24, 1907 at Sudbury
5199-07 William LAIDLAW, 28, pattern maker, Yarrow Scotland, Tarentorus, s/o John LAIDLAW & Jennet ANDERSON, married Annie PATERSON, 26, Hamilton Scotland, Tarentorus, d/o Thomas PATERSON & Jennie BROWN, witn: George A. LAIDLAW & Mrs. J. A. WILD, both of Tarentorus, 8 April 1907 at Tarentorus 14853-1907 Felix LAJEUNESSE, 24, Farmer, Republic U.S., McPherson, s/o Jean Baptiste LAJEUNESSE & Celina PAQUETTE, married Clara CAZAUBON, 20, Michigan USA, Kirkpatrick, d/o Theophile CAZAUBON & Celine TRUDEL, Wtn. J. Bte. LAJEUNESSE, Theophile CAZAUBON, on Sept. 30, 1907 at Verner.
15035-1907 Robert LANDSBOROUGH, 26, Car Inspector, Dumfrieshire U.K. North Bay, s/o William LANDSBOROUGH & Jane RAPHAEL, married Minnie FORMERCOLLEY, Hamilton, Same, d/o Charles FORMERCOLLEY & Alice THATCHER, Wtn. Celina C. ALLEN, A.N. WHITE, on Feb. 27, 1907 at North Bay. 18625-08 Peter LAPLANTE, 30, laborer, of Port Arthur, s/o Xavier LAPLANTE & Mary O'LEARY, married Sarah McDONALD, 23, of Port Arthur, d/o Allen McDONALD & Mary DWYER, witn: William BIGGINS & Kate McDONALD both of Port Arthur on July 8, 1907 at Port Arthur.
14810-1907 Alexander LAPOINTE, no age given, Labour, Sarsfield Que., Bonfield, s/o Jean LAPOINTE & Lucie (illegible) married Delima CUSSON, 28, Hull Que., Bonfield, d/o Zotique CUSSON & Marie BEDARD, Wtn. Louis HUNEAULT, Zotique CUSSON, on Nov. 4, 1907 at Bonfield 15117-1907 Isadore LAROCQUE, 25, Labour, Quebec, Springer, s/o Isadore LAROCQUE & Anne DAOUST, married Mea BOURGEAULT, 19, Coulonge Que., Sturgeon Falls, d/o Frederick BOURGEAULT & Rose Anne ROY, Wtn. Eugene FOURNIER, C. LANGLOIS, on June 3, 1907 at Sturgeon Falls.
14840-1907 Calixte LATOUR, 19, Labour, Field, Cache Bay, s/o Eugene LATOUR & D. CHAPELLE, married Marie LAPOINTE, 16, Cache Bay, same, d/o Elzear LAPOINTE & Mary PICHE, Wtn. Elzear LAPOINTE, Dorothea MARLOW, on June 21, 1907 at Cache Bay. 18701-08 Robert LAWRENCE, 23, bartender, not given, Port Arthur, s/o Robert LAWRENCE & Rosa STARLING married Jessie WRIGHT, 25, not given, Port Arthur, d/o not given, witn: Harry SERVAIS & Anny EDGE of Port Arthur, 19 Aug 1907, Port Arthur
20013-07 Thomas G. LAWRENCE, 52, widower, farmer, Southampton England, Murillo, s/o Joseph LAWRENCE & Mary ENGLEFIELD, married Winnifred McARTHUR, 38, Riceville Ont., Murillo, d/o Abner McARTHUR & Christena McLEAN, witn: Leta COLWELL & Abner McARTHUR, both of Murillo, 9 Feb 1907 at Murillo  
15118-1907 Thomas LEBLANC, 28, Widower, Carpenter, St. Albert Que., Springer, s/o Thomas & Louise LEBLANC, married Agnes DAOUST, 17, St. Albert, Springer, d/o Napoleon DAOUST & Azilda BEAUCHAMP, Wtn. Napoleon DAOUST, Adolph FILION, on Sept. 10, 1907 at Sturgeon Falls 15108-1907 Remi LEBOUEF, 65, Labour, Quebec, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Pierre LEBOUEF & Josephine LAROSE, married Marie Louise SABOURIN, 60, Widow, d/o Pierre SABOURIN & Corinne LANGLOIS, Wtn. Augustin LANGLOIS, Corinne LANGLOIS, on Jan. 7, 1907 at Sturgeon Falls.
5231-07 Eloi LECUYER, 29, farmer, Montreal, Broken Front of Salter, s/o Hilaire LECUYER & Rachelle MALETTE, married Emma LAPLANTE, 17, Massey, Broken Front of Salter, d/o Cesaire LAPLANTE & Florence CASOLET, witn: J. B. OUILLET & Bertha LECUYER, both of Massey, 23 April 1907 at Walford 15205-1907 Maxime LEDUC, 25, Labour, Cobden, Sudbury, s/o Seraphim LEDUC & Clara GRAVELLE, married Armeline ROBILLARD, 21, Sudbury, Romford, d/o Samuel ROBILLARD & Marie DUBREUILLE, Wtn. Maxime LEDUC, Samuel ROBILLARD, on Oct. 7, 1907 at Sudbury
20022-07 Philippe LESAGE, 19, laborer, Pags Plat, Pic River, s/o Jacob LESAGE & Marie MICHANO, married Louise MOSES, 40, widow, Pic River, same, d/o Pikwange MOSES & Louise MONSOKIVE, witn: Thomas DESMOULINS & M. Ann MOSES, both of Pic River, 2 Jan 1907 at Pic River 15132-1907 Louis A. LEVESQUE, 21, Clerk, Ste. Anne des Monts, Sturgeon Falls, s/o George LEVESQUE & Marie L'ESPERANCE, married Jeanne LEGAULT, 22, Clerk, St. Isadore de Prescott, Sturgeon Falls, d/o H.M. LEGAULT & Elize PARENT, Wtn. Theo LEGAULT, Marie BOURGON, on Jan. 24, 1907 at Sturgeon Falls
15036-1907 David Overton LILLIE, 22, Brakeman, Portland Twp., North Bay,. s/o Richard LILLIE & Eliza FOSTER, married Mary Ellen BOYCE, 17, South River, New Liskeard, d/o Israel BOYCE & Charlotte MIDDLETON, Wtn. M. WILLIAMS , J.N. JOHNSTON, on Mar. 4, 1907 at North Bay 15107-1907 Edgar Henry LOCKHART, 35, Student, Newtonville Ont., Winnipeg, s/o Robert LOCKHART & Lucy E. JACOBS, married Janet Edna GUTHRIE, 25, Elizabethtown, Warren, d/o William GUTHRIE & Mary HARDING, Wtn. William GUTHRIE & Courtney SALISBURY, on Dec. 3, 1907 at Warren.
15231-1907 Stanley E.C. LOGAN, 26, Farmer, Hull UK., Harris Twp., s/o Sam LOGAN & Ana (sic) BAKER, married Maggie M. THWAITES, 22, Wallace Twp., Hilliard Twp., d/o Thomas THWAITES & Elizabeth HENDERSON, Wtn. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas THWAITES, on Dec. 26, 1907 at Cobalt. ? 20007-07 Samuel Swift LOVELL, 20, painter, Weston-super-Mare - Somerset England, Port Arthur, s/o Samuel Joseph LOVELL & Ellen SWIFT, married Margaret LYON, 18, Portday - Banffshire Scotland, Port Arthur, d/o William LYON & Margaret WHYTE, witn: H. W. PATHER? & Elsie LOVELL, both of Port Arthur, 26 Nov 1907 at Port Arthur
19945-07 (Thunder Bay Dist) William Murray MACLEARY, 27, fitter, Richmond Quebec, White River, s/o Thomas MACLEARY & Janet NEILSON married Ruby GARDNER, 18, Australia, White River, d/o William GARDNER & Mary Jane FLETCHER, witn: J. J. BENSSON of White River & A. M. KNIGHT of Port Arthur, 30 July 1907, Port Arthur 14850-1907 Ernest MAILLOTTE, 22, Labour, Ste. Gertrude Que. Caldwell, s/o Elzear MAILLOTTE & M. Laure HAMEL, married Octavie LARCHER, 21, St. Pierre de Bequet, Caldwell, d/o Charles LARCHER & Marie COLIN, Wtn. Alfred DENOMME, Amede LARCHER, on July 21, 1907 at Verner.
20008-07 Oskar MAKI, 32, laborer, Finland, Port Arthur, s/o John Lammin MAKI & Mary LUOMA, married Milga HAKALA, 22, Finland, Port Arthur, d/o Mikki HAKALA & Tilda WANNOUPAA, witn: Matt & Kaisa SEPPALA of Port Arthur, 6 Dec 1907 at Port Arthur 15203-1907 Joseph MALBOEUF, 32, Contractor, Ste. Dominique Que., Sudbury, s/o Damase MALBOUEF & Odile BISSONETTE, married Marie SERRURIER, 18, St. Lin Que. Sudbury, d/o J. Bte SERRURIER & Zenaide CHARTIER, Wtn. Baptiste SERRURIER, Joseph DENIS, on Oct. 30, 1907 at Sudbury.
14866-1907 Raphael MALOUIN, no age given, Farmer, L'Anse au Griffon Que., Cobalt, s/o Raphael MALOUIN & Maxime ROCHEFORT, married Eva DESPRES, no age given, L'Ansa au Griffon, Cobalt, d/o Charles DESPRES & M. Celine GIRARD, Wtn. Charles DESPRES, Edmond GIRARD, on Apr. 15, 1907 at Cobalt 15177-1907 Joseph MARTIN, 27, Labour, Blenheim, Spanish Mill, s/o George Martin & Isabell PATTERSON, married Annie LINDSAY, Ontario, Spanish Mill, d/o Hugh LINDSAY & Charlotte McNABB, Wtn. George A. YOUNG, Mrs. James BOYDELL, on June 20, 1907 at Sudbury
18636-08 Charles MARTIN, 45, contractor, Wrothin England, Port Arthur, s/o David & Caroline, married Mary Eliza BAKER, 43, widow, Honiton England, Port Arthur, d/o Charles Patton BAKER (sic) & Mary POPEY, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Edgar M. KETTLE both of Port Arthur on Dec. 27, 1907 at Port Arthur. 14863-1907 Samuel MARTIN, 38, Carpenter, Vermont USA, Cobalt, s/o Charles MARTIN & Mary MARTIN, married Elmara PRESSE, 20, North Bay, Cobalt, d/o Louis PRESSE & Josephine LaRONDE, Wtn. Louis PRESSE, Mrs. A. McKENZIE, on Apr. 5, 1907 at Cobalt
15229-1907 James Sutherland McBRIDE, 26, Engineer, Campbellton, Allandale, s/o Neil McBRIDE & Ann Matheson, married Dorothy E. LITTLEJOHN, 23, Minnissing (Minesing?), Casey Twp., d/o David LITTLEJOHN & Priscella HUNT, Wtn. Ernest LITTLEJOHN, Violet REID, on Sept. 4, 1907 at Allandale 15079-1907 Robert McCARROLL, 49, Lumberman, Owen Sound, Toronto, s/o William McCARROLL & Alice McKECKERAN, married Lucy HUNTER, 49, King Twp., Toronto, d/o James HUNTER & Sarah CODY, Wtn. E.A. ADDISON, Sarah GOODFELLOW, on Sept. 25 1907 at North Bay
5230-07 Daniel McCHESNEY, 27, butcher, Mt. Eagle Valley, Webbwood, s/o Wesley McCHESNEY & Margaret CARMICHAEL, married Elizabeth A. WITHER, 22, Sandfield - Manitoulin, Walford, d/o William WITHER & Mary Jane GRAHAM, witn: William WITHER of Walford & Louisa McCHESNIE (sic) of Webbwood, 6 March 1907 at Walford 15237-1907 Gilbert Earnest McCLOSKEY, 27, Railway Clerk, Essex, Madawaska, s/o Charles McCLOSKEY & Elizabeth McAULEY, married Gertrude SWINWOOD, 17, Montreal, Madawaska, d/o N. SWINWOOD & Ellen RUSSEL, Wtn. Fredrick LEVER, Annie SWINWOOD, on Aug. 27, 1907 at Madawaska.
15215-1907 Joseph McCOOL, 20, Clerk, Pembroke, Sudbury, s/o Charles McCOOL, & Catharine MULLIGAN, married Hazel McDONALD, 20, Sudbury, Same, d/o Angus McDONALD & Janet MONTGOMERY, Wtn. John McEWAN, Harriet McDONALD, on Nov. 19, 1907 at Sudbury 14859-1907 Charles McCOOL, 23, Merchant, Syria, Latchford, s/o Joseph McCOOL & Marie SIMON, married Hanaby Rose SIMON, 18, Syria, Latchford, d/o George SIMON & Marie BAUMORA ?, Wtn. Annie JOSEPH, on Feb. 24, 1907 at Latchford.
14864-1907 Michael J. McCORMICK, 34, Bartender, Vuiton Que., s/o Thomas McCORMICK & Catharine QUINN, married Elizabeth DOLLINGHAM, 22, Vuiton Que., Cobalt, d/o John Dollingham & Catharine HEATH, Wtn. Fred EVANS, Nora DEVAU, on Apr. 8, 1907 at Cobalt. 18668-08 Charles MCELHINNEY, 24, laborer, not given, Port Arthur, s/o Daniel MCELHINNEY & Sarah WOODS married Mary COYLE, 20, not given, Port Arthur, d/o Neil COYLE & Mary DAVENEY, witn: Michael MCELHINNEY & Thomas MCELHINNEY of Port Arthur, 10 Sept 1907, Port Arthur
20005-07 John Joseph McINTYRE, 24, machinist, Dublin Ireland, Fort William, s/o Homer McINTYRE & Mary DENNISON, married Laura Marion SCOTT, 25, St. Johns Nfld., Fort William, d/o Arthur SCOTT & Maria WINSON, witn: Maria SCOTT of Fort William & Diana BROWNLEE of Port Arthur, 5 Dec 1907 at Port Arthur 15198-1907 Charles Harry McINTYRE, 28, Railway employee, Admaston, Sudbury, s/o James McINTYRE & Sophia PASSAN, married Margaret WILSON, 20, Calabogie, Sudbury, d/o Isaac WILSON & Emily CHURCH, Wtn. Edith BAYNE, Elmira LEADSWORTH, on Sept. 24, 1907 at Sudbury.
18600-08 Alexander Ferguson MCKAY, 25, sawyer, Dumming Scotland, Port Arthur, s/o Hugh MCKAY & Ann HALLEY married Clara WOOD, 20, Cobden, Port Arthur d/o Daniel WOOD & Melissa LENNOX, witn: George ALEXANDER & Jeanne CATTENACH, 7 Aug 1907, Port Arthur 19928-07 (Thunder Bay Dist) Samuel MCKENZIE, 30, millwright, Belfast Ireland, Port Arthur, s/o W. J. WRIGHT & Margaret ROSS married Alice Biedermann THORNTON, 21, Niagara on the lake, Port Arthur, d/o Albert S. THORNTON & Georgina KEENSLEY, witn: Bert THORNTON & Harriet LEWIS of Port Arthur, 22 May 1907, Port Arthur
18633-08 John Banks McKINNON, 20, merchant, Durham Ont., Port Arthur, s/o Charles McKINNON & Annie BANKS, married Jessie May WOODSIDE, 19, Port Arthur, same, d/o William C. WOODSIDE & Caroline SUTTON, witn: C. E. McKINNON of Port Arthur & B. McKAY of Port Arthur on Dec. 18, 1907 at Port Arthur 5203-07 John Walter McKINNON, 33, merchant, Priceville, Fort William, s/o Archibald McKINNON & Catherine McMILLEN, married Barbara Ellen McDOUGALL, 25, Owen Sound, Thessalon, d/o Robert McDOUGALL & Jane CORDUKES, witn: H. McARTHUR of Tarbutt & Annie McDOUGALL of Thessalon, 20 Feb 1907 at Thessalon twp
18626-08 Ernest McKINSTRY, 26, printer, of Port Arthur, s/o John & Jane, married Louisa COOPER, 22, Port Arthur, same, d/o John & Philomine, witn: Joseph SAGADORE & Melvina CLAVET both of Port Arthur on June 26, 1907 at Port Arthur  
15191-1907 John McLEAN, 28, Miner, Renfrew, Garson Mine, s/o George McLEAN & Honora SCARFE, married Flora PILLOTTE, Pointe Gatineau, Garson Mine, d/o Philias PILLOTTE & Exilda HUTT, Wtn. W.F. ARMSTRONG, Mary PILLOTTE, on Aug. 21 1907 at Sudbury 5200-07 Philip Wright McLEOD, 22, teamster, Bannockburn Ont., Tarentorus, s/o Nathaniel McLEOD & Orilla POTTER, married Catherine Downie WALKER, 24, Scotland, Tarentorus, d/o Robert Smith WALKER & Catherine DOWNIE, witn: Sylvester WYANT of Soo Ont & Nellie Smith WALKER of Tarentorus, 17 April 1907 at Tarentorus
15189-1907 Wellington McMAHON, 27, Carpenter, Paisley - Bruce Co., Sudbury, s/o John McMAHON & Sarah McLAUGHLIN, married Lettie SKIPPEN, 18, Manitoulin Island, Sudbury, d/o Samuel SKIPPEN & Amelia McDONALD, Wtn. Louis CAMPBELL, Eliza GOODBODY, on Aug. 5, 1907 at Sudbury. 18675-08 John MCMANUS, 23, railway operator, not given, Port Arthur, s/o Dennis MCMANUS & Anne PIERCE married Katherine Maud PEEBLES, 21, CPR dispatcher, not given, Port Arthur, d/o William PEEBLES & Marguerite O'NEIL, witn: Mrs. STUBBING & Miss BRENNAN of Port Arthur, 5 Nov 1907, Port Arthur
5206-07 Alexander McMASTER, 33, farmer, of St. Joseph twp., s/o Alexander McMASTER, farmer, & Isabella WALKER, married Catherine M. THOMPSON, 24, of Jocelyn twp., d/o Charles THOMPSON, lumberman, & Mary HOLMES, witn: Thomas McMASTER & Ann ROSS, both of Richards Landing , 16 Oct 1907 at Sterling Bay 15190-1907 Charles Whitney McMILLAN, 32, Telegraph Operator, Bathurst N.B., Sudbury, s/o John McMILLAN & Lucy CONNORS, married Bessie Lulu COE, 18, Honeywood, Sudbury, d/o Alex COE & Emily FOSTER, Wtn. G.H. WINDSOR, Verna COE, on Aug. 7, 1907 at Sudbury.
15185-1907 Robert McWHIRTER, 26, Farmer, Antrim, Ireland, s/o John McWHIRTER & Jane NEIL, married Minnie TESSIER, 21, Pembroke, Garson, d/o Eli TESSIER & Sophie CLOUTIER, Wtn. George GUMJOU, Wilbert C. SOUBLIERE, on July 22, 1907 at Sudbury  
18700-08 Theodoses MENUTE, 29, laborer, not given, Port Arthur, s/o Severis MENUTE & Rosa ANTONIO married Frances FORTEZZA, 24, widow, not given, Port Arthur, d/o Joseph FORTEZZA & Rose VELLA, witn: Frank FORTEZZA & Mary FORTEZZA of Port Arthur, 11 Feb 1907, Port Arthur 15154-1907 Arthur MICHAUD, 24, Bic Que., same, s/o J.B. MICHAUD & Elise DOUCETTE, married Maria RIOUX, 17, Echo Bay, Wahnapitae, d/o Felix RIOUX & Celina CHARETTE, Wtn. Antoine RAICHE, Felix RIOUX, on Feb. 6, 1907 at Wahnapitae
15129-1907 William MILLS, 26, Clerk, Eganville, Cache Bay, s/o W.J MILLS & Matilde MARTIN, married Katie Belle PAUL, 26, Gordon Lake, Cache Bay, d/o Robert PAUL & Isabel McMILLAN, Wtn. George R. MILLS, Mary C. PAUL, on June 26, 1907 at Cache Bay. 14842-1907 Joseph MORIN, 27, Lumberman, Ottawa, Cache Bay, s/o Henri MORIN & Avelin DIVIL, married Regina TREMBLAY, 23, Pte. Fortune, Cache Bay, d/o Ray FRASIER & Aurora TREMBLAY, Wtn. Adelard MORIN, Aurora TREMBLAY, on June 30, 1907 at Cache Bay
5189-07 William Alexander MORTON, 25, lumberman, Richards Landing , same, s/o John MORTON & Jane BROWNLEE, married Jane Olive WILLIS, 18, Huron Co., Richards Landing , d/o William WILLIS & Ann FOGEL, witn: John McINTYRE of McLenan & Rena MORTON of Richards Landing , 20 July 1907 at Richards Landing 15163-1907 Peter MOYLE, 28, Prospector, Quyon Que., Sudbury, s/o John MOYLE & Osceola HANAWAY, married Nora FINNECAN, 24, Killaloe, Sudbury, d/o Pat FINNECAN & Mary HUGHES, Wtn Charles PRICE, F.J. TEEHAN, on Apr. 28, 1907 at Sudbury
  15039-1907 James MURRAY, 44, Mason, Pt. William U.K. Sturgeon Falls, s/o James MURRAY & Janet WALLACE, married Elizabeth CHRISTY, 39, Bruce Co., Sturgeon Falls, d/o Hugh CHRISTY & Annie BEETON, Wtn. Charles WOOD, Mrs. J.R. BUNTIN, on Mar. 27, 1907 at North Bay
20001-07 James NAYLOR, 40, widower, lumberman, Woodstock Ont., Simpson Island, s/o James NAYLOR & Nancy OUTWATER, married Jane TAMBLYN, 27, Rochester US, Simpson Island, d/o Francis TAMBLYN & Margaret THOMPSON, witn: A. J. RICHARSON of Detroit & Lilita WALKER of Port Arthur, 24 Aug 1907 at Port Arthur 14829-1907 Olaf NELSON, 21, Farmer, Sweden, Bucke Twp., s/o Nels Johnson & Bertha SWANSON, married Emma FERNHOLME, 19, Sweden, Bucke Twp., d/o Andrew FERNHOLME & Christina CHRISTIANSON, Wtn. August OLSON, Emmie OLSON, on Mar 10, 1907 at Bucke Twp
18657-08 Rasmus A. NERHUS, 32, engineer, Strand in Norway, College Ave. in Port Arthur, s/o Absjorn NERHUS & Severine TYRDAL married Anna JORPELAND, 35, Strand in Norway, College Ave. in Port Arthur, d/o Nils JORPELAND & Ellianne LAU, witn: Eudre NERHUS & Lars TYSDAL of Port Arthur, 22 Dec 1907, Port Arthur 20018-07 P. A. NICOL, 31, CPR agent, St. Thomas de Montinagny, Jackfish, s/o Prudent NICOL & Emilie TETU, married Lavina ANDERSON, 24, Pomona Ont., Jackfish, d/o Irving ANDERSON & Frances McCORMICK, witn: J. P. HEALEY & J. A. NICOL, both of Rossport, 8 Jan 1907 at Rossport
15195-1907 Leon NICOLAS, 42, Widower, Carpenter, Grande Riviere, Victoria Mines, s/o Francois NICOLAS & Julienne GRENIER, married Josephine FAUBERT, 41, Widow, Buckingham Que., Blind River, d/o Andre FAUBERT & Apolline CHENIER, Wtn. Joseph POITRAS, Theodore OLESCAMP, on Set. 17, 1907 at Sudbury 15208-1907 John NOLAN, 26, Lumberman, Sunnidale, Midland, s/o George NOLAN & Mary Ann ROWAN, married Mary MacLEAN, 21, Beachburg, Massey, s/o James MacLEAN & Annie THRASHER, Wtn. Robert J. BYERS, James LYONS, on Oct. 19, 1907 at Sudbury
15113-1907 Baptiste NORMANDEAU, 28, Labour, of Springer Twp., s/o J. Bte., NORMANDEAU & Celina CYR, married Louvana LAVOIE, 21, Widow, U.S.A., Springer, d/o Ben & Clara LAVOIE, Wtn. Mirielle LAVOIE, Emma VALLIERE, on Apr. 15, 1907 at Sturgeon Falls 15213-1907 Alphonse OLIER, 50, Prospector, France, Sudbury, s/o Adrien OLIER & Marie TESSIER, married Sophronie PATRI, 22, East Templeton, Sudbury, d/o Louis PATRI & Philomene COLIN, Wtn. Frank VARIEUR, Joseph POITRAS, on Nov. 11, 1907 at Sudbury
14804-1907 Ovila OUELLETTE, 20, Labour, Clarence Creek, Bonfield, s/o Leon OUELLETTE & Alice GRAVELLE, married Rose Ann RAINVILLE, 19, Bonfield, same , d/o Louis RAINVILLE & Onesime CLOUTIER, Wtn. Leon OUELLETTE, Louis RAINVILLE, on July 22, 1907 at Bonfield. 14896-1907 Simon PAAHKONEN, 33, Businessman, Finland, Copper Cliff, s/o Henry PAAHKONEN, married Anna HAAPALA, 24, Finland, Copper Cliff, d/o Henry HAAPALA, Wtn. August PAAKANEN, Impe MAKINEN, on Apr. 20, 1907 at Copper Cliff
15211-1907 George PAPINEAU, 25, Labour, Bay City MI., Sudbury, s/o Francois PAPINEAU & Marie FILION, married Agnes CARLETON, Sherbrooke, Sudbury, d/o John CARLETON & Delia HUSTINAGE, Wtn. Francois PAPINEAU, Sr., Francois PAPINEAU, Jr., both Blezard Valley, on Nov. 5, 1907 at Sudbury.  
18630-08 Armand PATENAUDE, 22, mariner, Montreal, same, s/o Frank (no mother's name given) married Mary GUERARD, 19, of Port Arthur, d/o Cleophas GUERARD & Mary SERVAIS, witn: Alexander GUERARD & Edith McTEIGUE both of Port Arthur on Jan. 23, 1907 at Port Arthur 14835-1907 James PAUL, 25, Labour, North Bay, Cache Bay, s/o Robert PAUL & Isobel McMULLIN, married Mary Ann JESSUP, 20, Cache Bay, same, d/o Edward JESSUP & Mary Ann HAWKINS, Wtn. George R. MILLS, Mary JESSUP, on Oct. 17, 1907 at Cache Bay
15187-1907 Abraham PAVISHAW, 22, Labour, Ontario, Rayside, s/o Oliver PAVISHAW & Moristine LANDRY, married Sophie VALLIER, 21, Ontario, Rayside, d/o Paul VALLIER & Milly LETHAN, Wtn. Paul VALIER, George RILDY, on July 29, 1907 at Sudbury. 15224-1907 Ernest PEAKE, 37, Electrician, Staffordshire UK., Copper Cliff, s/o Joseph PEAKE & Harriet DUROSE, married Alice M.B. DEMPSEY, 32, Widow, London UK., Copper Cliff, d/o John BASS & Sarah MOORE, Wtn. Richard De'ATH, Ada De'ATH, on Dec. 28, 1907 at Sudbury
15122-1907 Angus PENASE, 20, Hunter, North Bay, Nipissing Reserve, s/o Alexander PENASE & Angelique MASINIGIG, married Catharine SHABOJESHIC or (McLEOD), 17, Nipissing Reserve, Same, d/o Angus SHABOJESHIC & Catharine LARAVIER, (sic) on Oct. 29, 1907 at Nipissing Reserve. 14899-1907 Edwin PERAAHO, 26, Miner, Finland, Copper Cliff, s/o Hashell PERAAHO & Amanda TOCKANEN, married Amalya Sophia PIENAMAKI, 19, Finland, Copper Cliff, d/o Zohan PIENAMAKI & Sopie ZUNTAMAKI, Wtn. Leula IKKALA, Matti KOSHALA, on June 17, 1907 at Copper Cliff.
15235-1907 David PERRY, 20, Labour. Allumet Island, Whitney, s/o Louis PERRY & Suzanne GAUDETTE, married Mary LEBREUX, 16, Grande Riviere, Whitney, d/o George LEBREUX & Mary COSTIGAN, Wtn. Louis PERRY, Thomas PERRY, on Jan. 8, 1907 at Whitney 20017-07 Joseph PETTIT, 30, farmer, Windham, Paipoonge, s/o William PETTIT & Julia GLOVER, married Mary McCREARY, 22, Ireland, Paipoonge, d/o William McCREARY & Lizzie MONTEITH, witn: Thomas McCREARY & Minnie McGREGOR, both of Paipoonge, 27 march 1907 at Paipoonge
14855-1907 Israel PICARD, 32, Holyoke USA., Caldwell, s/o Joseph PICARD & Marie CHAMPAGNE, married Pomela REMILLARD, 24, Standon Que., Caldwell, d/o Onesime REMILLARD & Deline FERLAND, Wtn. Joseph PICARD, Onesime REMILLARD, on Nov. 25, 1907 at Verner 14844-1907 Hormidas PICHE, 26, Farmer, Masham Que., McPherson, s/o Hormidas PICHE & Malvina SCHNEFF (SCHNUBB ?) married Alexina GAUTHIER, 20, Bp. not given, McPherson, d/o Gedeon GAUTHIER & Virginie OTHIER, Wtn. Jules SCHNUBB, (SCHNEFF ?) , Gedeon GAUTHIER, on Apr. 14, 1907 at Verner
15143-1907 Zephrin PIGEON?, 23, Lumberman, Cache Bay, Same, s/o [smudged] PIGEON & blank JEFFERIES, married Sarah MOORE, 23, Tailoress, Almonte, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Edward MOORE & Agnes HASTINGS, Wtn. Edward MOORE, Mrs. Donald MOORE on Dec. 7. 1907 at Sturgeon Falls 14847-1907 Cyprien PILON, 24, Farmer, Vaudreuil, Verner, s/o Ferdinand PILON & Marie VALOIS, married V. AMBROISE, 20, Verner, same, d/o Arthur D. AMBROISE & Elmire COTE, Wtn. Ferdinand PILON, Paul COTE, on Apr. 29, 1907 at Verner.
15174-1907 John PONTINEN, 22, Engineer, Finland, Copper Cliff, s/o William PONTINEN & Mary KULYER, married Selina Senga KAMPI, 18, Finland, Copper Cliff, d/o John KAMPI & Ida ETANGVIST, Wtn. Kosti PONTINEN, Wentila LEMPI, on June 24, 1907 at Sudbury 15193-1907 James POULTON, 24, Labour, London Eng. Sudbury, s/o James POULTON & Polly Mary FORD, married Edith Maud BLANCHARD, age not given, London Eng, Sudbury, d/o Thomas MAYER & Emily Ann MARTIN, Wtn. Thomas R. DIXON, Lilly BLANCHARD, on Aug. 26, 1907 at Sudbury.
15179-1907 Harry PROULX, 23, Telegraph Lineman, Ottawa, Sudbury, s/o Cyril PROULX & Not known, married Vern HUDSON, 23, Detroit MI., Sudbury, d/o John HUDSON & Lena EDSLER, Wtn. Ethel SKALING, G.H. SKALING, on July 6, 1907 at Sudbury 20024-07 Albert RAE, 23, trapper, Biscot, Nipigon, s/o John RAE & Mary JAMES, married Marie Ann LAGARDE, 27, Nipigon, same, d/o Francois LAGARDE & Marie Ann BOUCHARD, witn: Michel & Angelique BOUCHARD of Nipigon, 13 May 1907 at Nipigon
14897-1907 Otto RANTA, 25, Miner, Finland, Copper Cliff, s/o MATTHEW RANTA & Anna FINNAN, married Muna PAANENEN, 22, Finland, Copper Cliff, d/o John PAANENEN & Minnie HANALAINEN, Wtn. Sam LEPRAMAKI, Ida LEPRAMAKI, on Apr. 23, 1907 at Copper Cliff. 5205-07 Robert Henry REID, 25, teamster, Dalhousie Ont., NE of Lot 2 in Thessalon twp., s/o Alexander REID & Lily WATT, married Mabel GARVIN, 18, Dalhousie Ont., Lot NW of Section 31 in Thessalon twp., d/o William GARVIN, farmer, & Agnes BARR, witn: John Reid of Livingstone Creek & Rose GARVIN of Bracebridge, 26 June 1907 at Livingstone Creek
15197-1907 Ervin RICHARDSON, 25, Smelter Employee, Westmeath, Victoria Mines, s/o William RICHARDSON & not stated, married Mary JONES, 19, Glengarry, Victoria Mines, d/o William JONES & Mary McPHEE, Wtn. John MULLEN, Edith BAYNE, on Sept. 18, 1907 at Sudbury 15164-1907 Gustante RISTANIAKI, 26, Labour, Finland, Copper Cliff, s/o Hies RISTANIAKI & Marie IVANKA, married Anna WISTANEN, 26, Widow, Finland, Copper Cliff, d/o David BAIPNE & Katarina RAHKNEN, Wtn. G.W. KAIVULA, Anna, KOWALA, on Apr. 25, 1907 at Sudbury.
15166-1907 William ROBILLARD, 25, Farmer, Sudbury, Romford, s/o Samuel ROBILLARD & Marie DUBREUIL, married Marie LEDUC, 25, Mattawa, Romford, d/o Seraphim LEDUC & Clara GRAVELLE, Wtn. Samuel ROBILLARD, Maxime GRAVELLE, on Apr. 29, 1907 at Sudbury 15206-1907 George ROE, 23, Stage driver, Petawawa, Copper Cliff, s/o Nicholas ROE & Mary Roe, married Fannie SMITH, 23, Pembroke, Sudbury, d/o Daniel SMITH & Agnes WARREN, Wtn. Edward L. SMITH, George W. SMITH, on Oct. 9, 1907 at Sudbury.
15142-1907 Emmanuel ROLLIN, 34, Buckingham, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Moise ROLLIN & not legible, married Lena SEERE, 31, Widow, Quebec, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Gabriel SEERE & Rachael JODOUIN, Wtn. Gabriel SEERE, Adelard JODOUIN, on Nov. 10, 1907 at North Bay 15165-1907 Eustache ROY, 21, Labour, Bic Que., Stinson, s/o Eustache ROY & Marie Louise BLAIS, married Emma LANDRY, 18, Bic, Que., Stinson, Wahnapitae, d/o Michel LANDRY & Elise St.PIERRE, Wtn. Antoine ROICHE, Nathaniel ROICHE, on Apr. 15, 1907 at Wahnapitae
14811-1907 Edouard St.PIERRE, no age given, Farmer, of Bonfield, s/o Olivier St.PIERRE & Marguerite BOURGUIGNON, married Alzemise MONGEAU, age & of Bonfield, d/o Paul MONGEAU & Philomene BOULERICE, Wtn. Philibert DUCHENE, Eusebe BOULERICE, on Nov. 25, 1907 at Bonfield. 14898-1907 John SALOMAKI, 22, Miner, Finland, Copper Cliff, s/o John SALOMAKI & Katie SANTALA, married Lempi Marie PENTAMAKI, 19, Finland, Copper Cliff, d/o Gusta PENTAMAKI & Louisa KORPIMAKI, Wtn. Edvin AHO, Emilia MAKI, on May 17, 1907 at Copper Cliff.
14793-1907 Louis SASSEVILLE, 24, Labour, Lac St. Jean Que., Bonfield, s/o Jerome SASSEVILLE & Calyx POUTOT, married Louisa CHAPUT, 19, Domestic, Bonfield, same, d/o Isadore CHAPUT & Mary BURKE, Wtn. Isadore CHAPUT, Joseph SASSEVILLE, on Apr. 24, 1907 at Bonfield. 15156-1907 William Henry SAYYEA, 49, Widower, Cook, Renfrew Co., Sudbury, s/o Jacob SAYYEA & Mary McNEIL, married Julia WOOD, 30, England, Sudbury, d/o William WOOD & Emily FRANKLOW, Wtn, Jennie S. FERGUSON, Burleigh STONE, on Apr. 2. 1907 at Sudbury.
15139-1907 Phileas SEERE, 24, Labour, Plantagenet, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Francois SEERE & Louise MONDOUX, married Lauretta SEGUIN, 16, Ripon Que., Sturgeon Falls, d/o Adolor SEGUIN & Olive LEGAULT, Wtn. Joseph SEERE, Adelard SEGUIN, on Oct. 14, 1907 at Sturgeon Falls 14838-1907 Euclid SHANK, 43, Widower, Farmer, Ste. Lucie Que., Cache Bay, s/o Michael SHANK & Emily FORTIER, married Delia VALADE, 32, Widow, St. Roch Que., Cache Bay, d/o Toussaint VALADE & Della ENDRIGE, Wtn. Toussaint VALADE, J.S. SHANK, on Feb. 3, 1907 at Cache Bay
15183-1907 Konrad A. SJADIN, 27, Labour, Sweden, Warren, s/o Daniel SJADIN & Isabel LARSEN, married Emma PETERSON, 35, Widow, Norway, Warren, d/o J. PETERSON & Christine ANDERSON, Wtn. Charles LERSON, Isaac MONSON, on July 16, 1907 at Sudbury 20011-07 John Wright SLOMAN, 25, teamster, Trout Creek - Parry Sound, Port Arthur, s/o Alfred SLOMAN & Annie BROWN, married Sarah Margaret WALL, 16, Pomroy Iowa, Port Arthur, d/o Isaac WALL & Prudence JOHNSON, witn: Leis V. SLOMAN & Annie McMILLAN, both of Port Arthur, 18 Dec 1907 at Port Arthur
20006-07 William Edwin SMITH, 31, steam fitter, Arnprior, Port Arthur, s/o Henry SMITH & Margaret KENNEDY, married Isabelle FIDLER, 30, Pembroke, same, d/o William FIDLER & Catherine McKERRACHER, witn: T. G. LONDON of Kingston & J. E. MURRAY of Port Arthur, 30 Oct 1907 at Port Arthur 17004-08 (Rainy River Dist) Wilfred Henry SPICER, 26, tailors cutter, not given, Kenora, s/o John Henry SPICER & Elizabeth CAWBE married Mable Julia GOLTZ, 21, cook, not given, Kenora, d/o Charles GOLTZ & Elizabeth HORN, witn: Hugh ?EILBY & Amy COBBLEDICK of Kenora, 12 May 1908, Kenora
20035-07 Herber STEWARDSON, 29, laborer, England, Fort William, s/o Matthew STEWARDSON & Jane DYMOND, married Minnie Eliza SPRINGETT, 36, England, Fort William, d/o Edward SPRINGETT & Jane HINES, witn: George W. & Mrs. G. W. SHARPE of Fort William, 2 Jan 1907 at Fort William 5232-07 Alfred Philip SUMMERS, 25, miner, Tottenham, Massey, s/o Oron SUMMERS & Mary J. HENDERSON, married Jessie P. BROWN, 17, Walford, Massey, d/o George BROWN & Mary HAGAN, witn: William SHIELS & Pearl HODGINS, both of Massey, 10 July 1907 at Walford
15131-1907 C.E. SUTCLIFFE, 27, Farmer, Rockingham, Warren, s/o Lester SUTCLIFFE & Susan JESSUP, married Florence BURKE, Port Elmsley, Warren, d/o Michael BURKE & Minnie CARNEGIE, Wtn. Alex SUTCLIFFE, Ethel BROOKS, on Apr. 17, 1907 at Sturgeon Falls 15130-1907 Alex SUTCLIFFE, 26, Farmer, Rockingham, Warren, s/o Lester SUTCLIFFE & Susan JESSUP, married Ethel BROOKS 21, Muskoka, Warren, d/o Richard BROOKS & Essa SUNDY, Wtn. C.E. SUTCLIFFE, Florence BURKE, on Apr. 17, 1907 at Sturgeon Falls.
15138-1907 Adam SYKES, 23, Miner, Medonte Twp, Sudbury, s/o George SYKES & Ellen MUNSON, married Myrtle HACE, 22, Rutherglen, Sturgeon Falls, d/o William HACE & Rebecca BUSCH, Wtn. Walter SYKES, Winnifred PERCY, on Sept. 7, 1907 at Sturgeon Falls. 14875-1907 J. James SYKES, 25, Clerk, Monstrone Ont, s/o George SYKES & Ellen MUNROE, married Effie M. ARMSTRONG, 20, Nipissing, Cobalt, d/o Thomas ARMSTRONG & Mary E. McMULLIN, Wtn. Thomas A. SYKES, Margaret SWEET, on July 3, 1907 at Cobalt
15057-1907 William E. THEARP, 27, Loco Engineer, Hillsboro Ohio, Saskatoon Sask., s/o Eli THEARP & Emma RODGERS, married Margaret CAMERON, 20, North Bay, Same, d/o John CAMERON & Dora DOUGLAS, Wtn. H.G. WRIGHT, Willow McNAUGHTON, on June 25, 1907 at North Bay. 14806-1907 Edouard THIBAULT, 31, Labour, Ft. Coulonge, Bonfield, s/o Norbert THIBAULT & Caroline LAMARCHE, married Almina AMYOTT, 25, Bonfield, same, d/o Joseph AMYOTT & Adeline LARIVIERE, Wtn. Joseph LANDON, Oderic LARIVIERE, on Aug. 8, 1907 at Bonfield.
14794-1907 Edward THIBEAULT, 31, Labour, Chapeau Que., Bonfield, s/o Norbert THIBEAULT & Caroline LAMARCHE, married Elinna AMYOTTE, 25, Dressmaker, Bonfield, same, d/o Joseph AMYOTTE & Adeline LARIVIERE, Wtn. James LANDON, Alex AMYOTTE, on Aug. 5, 1907 at Bonfield 14792-1907 George M. THIBEAULT, 23, Sawyer, Quyon Que., Bonfield, s/o Moise THIBEAULT & Marcelline PARENT, married Amanda GAGNON, 17, Domestic, Quebec, Bonfield, d/o Philibert GAGNON & Rosalie BRISSON, Wtn. Philibert GAGNON, Janevin CYR, on May 8, 1907 at Bonfield
  18669-08 Bert Jos TREMBLAY, 24, clerk, not given, Port Arthur, Joseph TREMBLAY & Hermine ROUSSEAU married Gertrude HAMER, 29, not given, Port Arthur, d/o Thomas HAMER & Helen EATOUGH, witn: Joseph TREMBLAY & Robert HAMER of Port Arthur, 13 Aug 1907, Port Arthur
20002-07 James William TRIPP, 26, brakeman, Ontario, Fort William, s/o Daniel TRIPP & Mary RHODDEN, married Louise B. EDWARDS, 19, Toronto, Slate River, d/o William H. EDWARDS & Rachel KOVACHEI?, witn: J. ROBERTSON of & Annie HUMPHREY, both of Fort William, 19 Nov 1907 at Port Arthur 14830-1907 Charles UDEN, 21, Miner, Sweden, Bucke Twp., s/o Olaf UDEN & Gustava USDEN, married Anna EUBSON, 24, Sweden, Bucke Twp., d/o John EUBSON & Marrien ROSENDALE, Wtn. Carl Otto PERSON, John OSLUND, on June 4, at Bucke Twp.
14846-1907 Telesphore VENNE, 23, Farmer, Ste. Beatrice Que., Caldwell, s/o Joseph VENNE & Exilda GOYETTE, married Eva POISSON, 18, Grover Mich., Kirkpatrick, d/o Telesphore POISSON & Juliet GOULET, Wtn. Joseph VENNE, Telesphore POISSON, on Apr. 23, 1907 at Verner 14836-1907 Pierre VIEW, 60, Widower, Labour, Sorel Que., Cache Bay, s/o Michael VIEW & Elizabeth FENN, married Sarah DUBOIS, 57, Widow, Grande Riviere, Cache Bay, d/o Jean DUBOIS & Marie PREVOST, Wtn. Fred PETRISON, Mrs. M. HOGAN, on Oct. 17, 1907 at Cache Bay.
  15037-1907 Thomas WALSH, 51, Widower, Carpenter, Bristol Que., North Bay, s/o William WALSH & Elizabeth McDERMOTT, married Bythea McGILLIS, 47, Widow, Bristol Que., North Bay, d/o Neil McARTHUR & Ellen NAISMITH, Wtn. N. WILLIAMS, J.N. JOHNSTON, on Mar. 27, 1907 at North Bay
15126-1907 George WALTENBURY, 23, Planer, Parry Sound, Sturgeon Falls, s/o George WALTENBURY & Maggie MacILEWAN, married Ida MORRIS, 23, Cook, Perth, Sturgeon Falls, d/o William & Catharine MORRIS, Wtn. Edward TRESCOTT, Maggie EMBLY, on June 12, 1907 at Sturgeon Falls 18670-08 Joseph WALTER, 21, laborer, not given, not given, s/o Anthony WALTER & C. UMBRIACO married Angelina VESCIO, 19, not given, not given, d/o Francesco VESCIO & F. SCALZA, witn: Albert FLUET of Port Arthur, 9 Aug 1907, Port Arthur
20033-07 Karl WANLAND, 30, carpenter, Sweden, White River, s/o John WANLAND & blank AUGNOT, married Susan PETERSON, 28, Sweden, White River, d/o Ulric & Sophie, witn: Henry J. JACOMB & Mrs. J. PHIMISTER, both of Schreiber, 7 May 1907 at Schreiber 20023-07 James WARD, 33, laborer, Moose Factory, Nipigon, s/o Philippe WARD & Henriette LISAB, married Angelique BOUCHARD, 25, Nipigon, same, d/o Nicholas BOUCHARD & Marie SOULIERE, witn: Francois BOUCHARD & Sophie SOULIERE, 7 Jan 1907 at Nipigon
  15178-1907 Robert WHITE, 22, Chemist, Woodford, Victoria Mines, s/o Thomas WHITE & Anna BRENNAN, married Annie BARBEAU, 17, Azilda, Victoria Mines, d/o Narcisse BARBEAU & Exilda MENARD, Wtn. Harry HUGHES, Emma MENARD, on July 3, 1907 at Sudbury
15207-1907 William James WILSON, 27, Salesman, Cobden, Sudbury, s/o Peter WILSON & Annie WILSON, married Sarah Ann WEIR, 21, Nairn, Sudbury, d/o James WEIR & Jane CRANSTON, Wtn. J.C. MUIRHEAD, Howard W. WEIR, on Oct. 9, 1907 at Sudbury 15218-1907 Jean WILSON, 26, Labour, Gatineau Que., Sudbury, s/o Jean WILSON & Marie LAVIGNE, married Felia BOUFFARD, 28, Ste. Luce Que., Sudbury, d/o Zepharin BOUFFARD & Adele CHARETTE, Wtn. Adelard BOUFFARD, Joseph BOUFFARD, on Nov. 25, 1907 at Sudbury
15141-1907 Argentine WISSELL, 38, Farmer, St. Andre de Avelin, Que., Sturgeon Falls, s/o Pierre WISSELL & Amelia FERROND?, married Marie B. BLANCHETTE, 36, St. Capelorid Que., Sturgeon Falls. d/o Louis BLANCHETTE & Aurelia BEAUDOIN, Wtn. Toussaint VALADE, Augustine VALADE, on Nov. 3, 1907 at Sturgeon Falls 15186-1907 David WRANGHAM, 24, Stationary Fireman, Whitehaven UK., Cartier, s/o Joseph WRANGHAM & Mary BLAKENY, married Francis GAINS, 24, London. UK., Cartier, d/o Henry GAINS & Elizabeth CARTER, Wtn. Anne Jane WRANGHAM, Annie McHUGH, on July 25, 1907 at Cartier