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Northern Districts, 1907, part 3

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19927-07  Harman ALANEN, 27, farmer, Finland, Lybster, s/o Herman ALANEN & Maria PATI married Maria AHOLA, 22, servant, Finland, Port Arthur, d/o Hemming AHOLA & Johanna RUUTTILA, witn: Johan BLOUQUIST & Helena MAKI of Port Arthur, 15 June 1907, Port Arthur 19901-07  Heikki ANTTILA, 27, laborer, Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Heikki ANTTILA & Lovisa SAARI married Ludia Edna PUTHISUS, 22, servant, Finland, Port Arthur, d/o Kalle PUTHISUS & Lovisa NEIMI, witn: Axel AHOLA & Erkkie PEROLA of Port Arthur, 2 April 1907, Port Arthur
19920-07  Arthur Thomas APPLETON, 23, barber, Malden Massachusetts, Whitewood Sask, s/o Charles James APPLETON & Mary Jane THOMPSON married Maria Delphin JUNKIN, 17, Bobcaygeon, Whitewood Sask, d/o William B. JUNKIN & Elizabeth MARIN, witn: Delbert JUNKIN of Whitewood Sask & Margaret WATSON of Port Arthur, 27 March 1907, Port Arthur 4564-08 Thomas AWOLD, 22, labourer, Gow Greenock, Little Current, s/o George AWOLD & Elizabeth ADDESS, married Elizabeth HODGINS, 20, Alba Morrow, Little Current, d/o John HODGINS & Elizabeth THORTON, witn: Sam & Mrs. S. AWOLD both of Little Current on Dec. 3, 1907 at Little Current
19913-07  Thomas BELL, 33, bridge builder, Clestormoor Cumberland England, Winnipeg Manitoba, s/o William BELL & Mary GILLESPIE married Sarah Christina WIMBLER, 26, Cobourg, Baltimore, d/o Frank WIMBLER & Elenor COCKBURN, witn: J. E. MURRAY & Jean GOVENLOCK of Port Arthur, 11 May 1907, Port Arthur  
19914-07  William Nahum? BERRY, 23, farmer, Chesterville, Oliver, s/o William Samuel BERRY & Amelia Ann RICE married Annie Florence ARMITAGE, 26, Onslow Quebec, Quyon Quebec, d/o John ARMITAGE & Eliza ARMITAGE, witn: Clifford GARLOUGH of Port Arthur & Eliza P. BERRY of Murillo, 15 May 1907, Port Arthur 19890-07  Sylvester Garfield BISHOP, 25, edgeman, Bishopville Nova Scotia, Port Arthur, s/o Watson BISHOP & Annie CALDWELL married Martha Victoria LAWRENCE, 18, Durham, Port Arthur, d/o George LAWRENCE & Annie MACK, witn: Elons BISHOP & Dorothy LAWRENCE of Port Arthur, 9 Jan 1907, Port Arthur
19908-07  Thomas Riddell BOYCE, 43, clerk H. M. Customs, widower, Dishforth Yorks England, Port Arthur, s/o John Cox BOYCE & Mary Anne Blick FULFORD married Josephine HORTEAU, 31, Ross, Port Arthur, d/o Henry HORTEAU & Amelia TORONGO, witn: Annie Dora C. BOYCE & Arthur F. BOYCE of Port Arthur, 17 April 1907, St. Johns Church Port Arthur 19946-07  George James BRIDEN, 27, carpenter, Millnall England, Port Arthur, s/o George James BRIDEN & Mary A. LOWE married May Jane COLLIER, 27, London England, Port Arthur, d/o Alfred William COLLIER & Elizabeth MCLEARCH, witn: J. A. MANTLE & N. BRIDEN of Port Arthur, 16 July 1907, Port Arthur

5062-07 Giavanno CAMILLO, 20, laborer, Ortana--? Christa Italy, s/o Domenico A. CAMILLO & L. NEROSGINIS?, married Augusta Maria ORLANDO, 17, Conzinzo Italy, Sault Ste. Marie, /d/o Vincente ORLANDO & Terese CHRISTIANI, witn: Maud & Louisa ORLANDO of Sault Ste. Marie, 10 Aug 1907 at Sault Ste. Marie

19938-07  Charles CHESNEY, 24, electrician, Ontario, Fort William, s/o Thomas CHESNEY & Catherine MCARTHUR married Rose May MCCULLOUGH, 21, Manitoba, Fort William, d/o Charles MCCULLOUGH & Mary MCDONALD, witn: J. E. MURRAY & Gladys CLARK of Port Arthur, 11 July 1907, Port Arthur 19933-07  John COOK, 29, farm, Port Arthur, Oliver, s/o Henry Sheppard COOK & Jane Broomfield HOSKINGS married Elizabeth Mary BOWYER, 24, London England, Oliver, d/o William Henry BOWYER & Frances FEDDEN, witn: Frank COOK & Carrie TROTTER of Oliver, 11 July 1907, St. John's Church Port Arthur
19943-07  Benjamin Franklin DANIELS, 27, engineer, Prescott, Schreiber, s/o Franklin C. DANIELS & Mary C. BENNETT married Letitia May SMALL, 24, Pembroke, Schreiber, d/o Matthew A. SMALL & Margaret LEFUE (Lefere?), witn: H. C. SMALL of Schreiber & C. O. D. JOHNSON of Beachburg, 30 July 1907, Port Arthur 19904-07  Walter Thompson DENISON, 26, clerk, Bradford England, Port Arthur, s/o Joseph Ditch DENISON & Agnes LITTLE married Barbara Ann NAYLOR, 28, Bradford Yorkshire England, Port Arthur, d/o Samuel Smith NAYLOR & Jane CAMPBELL, witn: H. S. SHELLEY & Annie F. ROBERTS of Port Arthur, 20 March 1907, St. John's Church Port Arthur
19896-07  James Alex EATON, 22, grain inspector, Orillia, Port Arthur, s/o Edward EATON & Elizabeth RALSTON married Catherine Mae MCLEOD, 22, Port Arthur, Port Arthur, d/o Donald MCLEOD & Mary Ann MCRAE, witn: Dan MCLEOD of Port Arthur & Mary HURDON of Fort William, 11 Dec 1907, Port Arthur 16943-08 (Rainy River Dist) Charles FLETT, 57, laborer, widower, Canada, Kenora, s/o William FLETT & Mary CURTNESS married Helen YOUNG, 47, widow, Canada, Kenora, d/o William Thomas YOUNG & unknown, witn: Ben FINLAYSON & Margaret WILLIAMSON of Kenora, 4 Dec 1907, Kenora
19940-07  Einas Thure GAMMAL, 24, bartender, Somers Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Emil GAMMAL & Ida EKELUND married Gladys Rosa Julia ERIKKILA, 18, Port Arthur, Port Arthur, d/o Isaak ERIKKULA & Maria NAPPALA, witn: Maurels Gottfred LOFQUIST & J. PALO of Port Arthur, 24 July 1907, Port Arthur 19953-07  Parke Lewis GAVIN, 32, accountant, Harriston, Port Arthur, s/o Timothy James GAVIN & Grace PEARCE married Eva Jane BEANER (Bernier?), 29, Hespeler, Port Arthur, d/o W. A. BEANER & Jane OLDFIELD, witn: E. R. HAVIN of Fort William & Grace GAVIN of Galt, 31 July 1907, Port Arthur
19931-07  James Herman GAZLEY, 20, team, Port Arthur, Port Arthur, s/o Alfred GAZLEY & Elmira SMITH married Freda KEEHN, 22, Germany, Port Arthur, d/o Albert KEEHN & Kuneguude NEUBIG , witn: Helena KEEHN & William EWING of Port Arthur, 12 June 1907, Port Arthur

4502-08 Joseph GERARD, 22, teamster, Waniping? Lake Ont., Victoria Mines, s/o Abel GERARD & Maggie KISVENIZ, married Sarah WARD, 22, Biscotasing, Worthington, d/o Philip & Harriet, witn: Charles TRAVERS & Mary GERARD both of Worthington on Dec 16, 1907 at Victoria Mines

  16948-08 (Rainy River Dist) Ralph GILL, 27, lumberman, Brandon Manitoba, Kenora, s/o William GILL & Bella DULOP married Minnie BEAUBIER, 35, cook, widow, Quebec, Brandon Manitoba, d/o Basil BEAUBIER & Adelina CHEVELIER, witn: Elizabeth NIXON & Mabel I. WAYBRANT of Kenora, 10 July 1907, Kenora
19939-07  Frederick Augustin GUY, 52, grain dealer, widower, Oshawa, Fort William, s/o James Odgers GUY & Rachel LUKE married Marjorie May SMITH, 32, Oshawa, Toronto, d/o Robert SMITH & Jane MOLLISON, witn: J. E. MURRAY of Port Arthur & Burtwell GUY of Regina, 4 July 1907, Port Arthur 19947-07  John F. HEWITSON, 28, contractor, Toronto, Port Arthur, s/o John HEWITSON & Catherine BUCHANAN married Bessie RAPSEY, 23, Fredericton New Brunswick, Port Arthur, d/o William RAPSEY & Catherine E. HOLMAN, witn: J. A. RAPSEY & Mable RAPSEY of Port Arthur, 20 June 1907, Port Arthur
19954-07  John HILL, 31, laborer, widower, Finland, Fort William, s/o Gust WAISNONPAA & Maria MAKI married Tilda ANDERSON, 22, servant, Finland, Fort William, d/o Mikko KORPPILA & Annie SUOTO, witn: Alex ANDERSON & Maria ANDERSON of Fort William, 8 Aug 1907, Port Arthur 19937-07  John B. J. HILL, 24, teamster, Ontario, Port Arthur, s/o Edward HILL & Elizabeth Ann FOX married Elizabeth OLSON, 20, Michigan, Port Arthur, d/o Ole OLSON & Elizabeth PETERSON, witn: Edward HILL Sr. & Edward HILL Jr. of Port Arthur, 07 July 1907, Port Arthur

5063-07 (Algoma Co) Abraham C. HUGHSON, 36, fisherman, Manitowaning, Sault Ste Marie, s/o Abraham HUGHSON & Mary Catherine LANE married Sarah SCUDIER, 27, Sheppards Bank England, Sault Ste Marie, d/o Stephen SCUDIER & Isabella Francis MARTINEAU, witn: William P. HUGHSON & Mamie DU LUNA? of Sault, 12 Aug 1907, Sault Ste Marie

19926-07  Heikki Juho HUTTINEN, 24, laborer, Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Autti HUTTINEN & Anna Liisa TURUNEN married Anna Alma HIRVAKARI, 25, servant, Finland, Port Arthur, d/o Jacob HIRVASHARI & Anna LAARINEN, witn: Lauri MIETTINEN & Liisa HOIPPA of Port Arthur, 12 June 1907, Port Arthur
19922-07  Calix JOANIS, 36, contractor, St. Joseph, Port Arthur, s/o Baptiste JOANIS & Louise VALLIER married Elvire COURKE, 32, Roubae France, Fort William, d/o Eutho COURKE & Marie ACKERMAN, witn: Alex McCOMBER of Port Arthur & Ed MERCIER of Fort William, 7 March 1907, Port Arthur 19925-07  Daniel Joseph JONES, 21, farmer, Fort Erie, Gillies, s/o J. H. JONES & Mary Frances LOCHART married Mabel TURK, 19, Peterboro, Gillies, d/o Isaac TURK & Muriel LAUDVERSICHT, witn: Orin TURK & Annie E. MITCHELL of Gillies, 5 June 1907, Gillies
16933-08 (Rainy River Dist) James KAKEWAY, 18, farmer & engineer, Rat Portage Reservation, Kenora, s/o KAKEWAY & Nancy KAKEWAY married Lily Osawis MAISKOKESEK, 18, Reservation 40, Shoal Lake Reservation 40, d/o Chief MAISKOKESEK & Aainetapek, witn: William SINCLAIR & Mary GREEN of Shoal Lake, 20 Nov 1907, Indian Boarding School  
19895-07  Johan Stefan KUNSISTO, 31, laborer, widower, Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Johan Stefan KUNSISTO & Sofia NIKKILA married Wilhelmina TUMMUKKA, 21, servant, Finland, Port Arthur, d/o Erkki TUMMUKKI & Taava ANTTILA, witn: Heikkie ANTTILA & Syadi RUNTA of Port Arthur, 9 March 1907, Port Arthur 19921-07  Francis John LAMPSHIRE, 22, tinsmith, Port Arthur, Port Arthur, s/o John LAMPSHIRE & Emily COAD married Ina Jane CRAIG, 23, Port Arthur, Port Arthur, d/o William CRAIG & Jessie SMITH, witn: W. A. LAMPSHIRE & L. LAMPSHIRE of Port Arthur, 20 Feb 1907, Port Arthur
19944-07  Henry Frank LARCOMBE, 23, clerk, Portsmouth England, Port Arthur, s/o Henry LARCOMBE & Alicia FORD married Lily Frances TAYLOR, 23, Portsmouth England, Port Arthur, d/o Henry TAYLOR & Frances HAYLES, witn: Leta WALKER & Mary WALKER of Port Arthur, 29 July 1907, Port Arthur 19891-07  August LEHTO, 24, laborer, Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Henry LEHTO & Mary AHO married Hilma RENTOLA, 25, servant, Finland, Port Arthur, d/o Carl RENTOLA & Mary STORHOG, witn: Anasi KIRSTO & Hinna WAINIONPAA of Port Arthur, 7 Feb 1907, Port Arthur
19930-07  John LINDHOLM, 41, contractor, Finland, Grainey River, s/o Wilhelm LINDHOLM & Mariana JARNSTROM married Tina LEPPANEN, 44, servant, widow, Finland, Port Arthur, d/o Salmon KIVISTO & Katrina WIISUKKA, witn: Isak ERKKILA & Maria ERKKILA of Port Arthur, 21 June 1907, Port Arthur 19950-07  William Crayston LOWE, 47, Scaler, Kendal England, Port Arthur, s/o Andrew W. LOWE & Elenor CRAYSTON married Annie ROBERTS, 48, widow, London, Port Arthur, d/o Thomas ALEXANDER & Catherine SULLIVAN, witn: F. J. LAMPSHIRE & Lena LAMPSHIRE of Port Arthur, 14 July 1907, Port Arthur
19897-07  Adolf Frederick LUNDBERG, 35, engineer of C. N. R., Sodermanland Sweden, Port Arthur, s/o Karl Fredrik LUNDBERG & Anna Katrina JOHNSON married Augusta Olivia ANDERSON, 26, Verneland Sweden, Port Arthur, d/o Anders SALOMONSON & Anna SALOMONSON, witn: Otto GUSTAFSON & Thurs GUSTAFSON & Julia ANDERSON & Anna JOHNSON of Port Arthur, 21 Dec 1907, Port Arthur 19932-07  James MANAHAN, 31, Ry Employee, Niagara Falls, Fort William, s/o Peter MANAHAN & Margaret JOHNSON married Emma Margaret LINKLATER, 22, Fort William, Fort William, d/o Angus LINKLATER & Elizabeth WIGGINS, witn: C. R. LEPPER & H. BROOKER of Port Arthur, 28 June 1907, St. John's Church Port Arthur
16938-08 (Rainy River Dist) Edward Alex MARTEN, 24, laborer, Goderich, Kenora, s/o Edward MARTIN & Annie LEWIS married Flora HUNTER, 18, White Dog, Kenora, d/o David HUNTER & Harriet STURGEON, witn: Albert de GREIR & Charles N. CHAPMAN of Kenora, 12 Sept 1907, Kenora 19955-07  Henrik MAUNULA, 21, laborer, Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Alexander MAUNULA & Maria MAUNULA married Aina Katarina HARAKKA, 19, Finland, Port Arthur, d/o Sefanias HARAKKO & Lovisa Henrietta ANNULA, witn: Jakob HARRI & Marta HARRI & Katarina HARRI of Port Arthur, 13 Aug 1907, Port Arthur
16952-08 (Rainy River Dist) Alfred Martin MAYLORD, 28, clerk, London, Lloydminster, s/o Philip MAYLORD & Fanny FLOWER married Florence Ada GAY, 18, Chater Manitoba, Lloydminster, d/o Albert GAY & Florence LOCKHART, witn: A. D. DALGLEISH & Maude DALGLEISH of Kenora, 30 May 1907, Kenora 19951-07  John Bradford MCARTHUR, 23, carpenter, Poplar Grove PEI, Port Arthur, s/o George MCARTHUR & Damaris KEY married Florence WIGMORE, 20, Forinda Mills PEI, Port Arthur, d/o Josiah WIGMORE & Janet O. HOLMES, witn: Leta WALKER & Marnie WALKER of Port Arthur, 10 June 1907, Port Arthur
19916-07  Angus MCDOUGALL, 45, laborer, Teeswater, Port Arthur, s/o Dugal MCDOUGALL & Jane unknown, married Elizabeth MCKENZIE, 35, Kinloss, Port Arthur, d/o Alex MCKENZIE & Mary YOUNG, witn: J. E. MURRAY & George W. MURRAY of Port Arthur, 7 May 1907, Port Arthur 19957-07  John Archibald MCEWEN, 26, billiard room, Mount Forest, Fort William, s/o Alexander MCEWEN & Ellen LITTLE married Mary Edith GEROW, 23, Toronto, Rossport, d/o George GEROW & Mary Jane JOHNSON, witn: Nellie HARDIE & Edward GEROW of Schreiber, 14 Aug 1907, Huron Church Schreiber
16949-08 (Rainy River Dist) Ernest Mansel MCINTOSH, 23, train dispatcher, Merrickville, Kenora, s/o William MCINTOSH & Sarah BEAMAN married Edith Helena BELYEA, 21, Kenora, Kenora, d/o Charles W. BELYEA Phoebe Jane BRUNDAGE, witn: R. C. WILTON & Gertrude BELYEA of Kenora, 26 June 1907, Kenora  
19948-07  William Morley Ruichen MCLAUGHLIN, 32, broker, St. John's New Brunswick, St. John's New Brunswick, s/o Daniel MCLAUGHLIN & Eliza BAILEY married Olga BIUZEUR (Binzene?), 23, Berlin Germany, Berlin Germany, d/o John BUIZUER & Ina CRUCHMAN, witn: May WALKER & Leta WALKER of Port Arthur, 22 June 1907, Port Arthur 19956-07  Lauri Petta MIETTINEN, 25, laborer, Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Henry MIETTINEN & Briitta M. TUOMINEN married Maria Liisa HOLOPPA, 24, servant, Finland, Port Arthur, d/o John HOLOPPA & lIisa PAAKKARI, witn: John OJA & Helena TANEMELA of Port Arthur, 17 Aug 1907, Port Arthur
19902-07  James NEEMANTLE, 30, clerk, Portsmouth England, Port Arthur, s/o David George NEEMANTLE & Mary SALTER married Mable Constance DYER, 23, Havant Hampshire England, Port Arthur, d/o Charles DYER & Annie HURST, witn: George A. TYLER & Mrs. George TYLER of Port Arthur, 14 Feb 1907, Port Arthur 19910-07  Hugo NIEMI, 22, laborer, Finland, Port Arthur, s/o David NIEMI & Aada LENDFORS married Hilda HENDRIKSON, 19, servant, Finland, Port Arthur, d/o Henry MAA & Tilda PEROLA, witn: Kristian MAKILLEN & Hilma MAKI of Port Arthur, 27 April 1907, Port Arthur
  19941-07  Adam NYHANEN, 20, laborer, Finland, Schreiber, s/o Audj NYHANEN & Maria D. ROSANEN married Alvira PELTO, 20, servant, Finland, Schreiber, d/o John PELTO & Alexandra J. AULA, witn: Toivo HEINONEN & Olga NICENT of Port Arthur, 29 July 1907, Port Arthur
19899-07  Wilhelm OIHONEN, 23, laborer, Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Matt OIKONEN & Mary MAKI married Selma KIVIHOLMS, 26, Finland, Port Arthur, d/o Henry KIVIHOLME & Louisa HEISKALA, witn: Jalmar MAKI & Hilma OJANPERA of Port Arthur, 31 March 1907, Port Arthur 19898-07  Kalle OJALA, 23, farmer, Finland, Fort William, s/o Nestor OJALA & Anna KUJALA married Hilma MAKI, 16, Finland, Fort William, d/o Manuel MAKI & Sanna KOSKI, witn: Jalmar SEPPALA & Hilda SEPPOLA of Lybster, 28 March 1907, Port Arthur
19929-07  John OLDCROFT, 26, commercial traveler, Enniskillen Ireland, Regina, s/o John OLDCROFT & Elizabeth LINDSAY married Ellen CHAMBERS, 20, Elora, Port Arthur, d/o James CHAMBERS & Emma HILL, witn: Edith CHAMBERS & William ARTHUR of Port Arthur, 27 May 1907, St. John's Church Port Arthur 19909-07  John George OLIVER, 24, tel operator, Castleford England, Rainy River, s/o David OLIVER & Betsy SUDDERS married Bessie Jane SAXBY, 30, Irchester North Hants England, Rushden England, d/o John Henry SAXBY & Jane PARSONS, witn: Walter OLIVER of Port Arthur & E. D. SAUNDERS, 23 April 1907, St. Johns Church Port Arthur
16947-08 (Rainy River Dist) Fred S. PEARCE, 28, boat builder, Sunderland England, Kenora, s/o Edmund PEARCE & Margaret FROST married Emily L. CHATER, 25, Sunderland England, Kenora, d/o F.A .CHATER & Elizabeth MERRYFIELD, witn: Fred WAY & Jane JARDEN of Kenora, 12 Aug 1907, Kenora

4499-08 George PIPE, 33, bricklayer, Morris twp - Huron Co., Toronto, s/o David PIPE & Elizabeth FINDLATER, married Mary Maud HENDRY, 29, Sowerby, same, d/o George HENDRY & Jane PRINGLE, witn: Arthur HENDRY of Sowerby & Pearl PIPE of Brussels on Dec. 25, 1907 at Sowerby

19892-07  George Herbert RAPSEY, 29, agent, Port Arthur, Port Arthur, s/o William RAPSEY & Catharine E. HOLMAN married Eva Victoria WOODSIDE, 23, Meaford, Port Arthur, d/o Thomas A. WOODSIDE & Ada WHITELAW, witn, J. Albert RAPSEY & Elizabeth MUNRO of Port Arthur, 12 Feb 1907, Port Arthur 19903-07  Herbert Clarence RICHARDS, 30, rancher, London England, N. Battleford Saskatchewan, s/o Alfred RICHARDS & Clara OLIVER married Elizabeth BONSALL, 23, Chesterfield Derby England, Liverpool England, d/o John BONSALL & Ellen REYNOLDS, witn: James DAWSON & Mrs. James DAWSON of Port Arthur, 7 march 1907, St. John's Church Port Arthur
19936-07  Albert Lewis ROSS, 46, millwright, widower, Wisconsin, Port Arthur, s/o Lewis ROSS & Annie ANDERSON married Hannah EXTROM, 38, widow, Sweden, Port Arthur, d/o Daniel DANIELSON & Caroline ANDERSON, witn, Carl Franklin SMITH of Lockport New York & Abbie NELSON of Lake Nebagamon Wisconsin, 16 July 1907, Port Arthur 19919-07  Hubert Francis ROWE, 36, railway clerk, London England, Port Arthur, s/o Frederic Adams ROWE & Sophia Harriet BACON married Mildred May DOUGLAS, 26, Inverness Scotland, Port Arthur, d/o William Wallace DOUGLAS & Margaret POLLARD, witn: James DAWSON & W. A. BLADES of Port Arthur, 29 May 1907, Port Arthur
19894-07  Hemming SALMINEN, 23, laborer, Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Piiti SALMINEN & Fia ISOLALO married Ida NURKKANEN, 23, servant, Finland, Port Arthur, d/o August NURKKANEN & Justiina MAKI, witn: Wando MAKI of Port Arthur & Hovi ANTON of Fort William, 26 Feb 1907, Port Arthur 19942-07  Matt SIIRA, 24, laborer, Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Samuel SIIRA & Matta KINNUNEN married Sofia TIMONEN, 19, servant, Finland, Port Arthur, d/o Jacob TIMONEN & Greta PARKKINEN, witn: T. G. RISSANEN of Calumet Michigan & Ida HAINONEN of Port Arthur, 27 July 1907, Port Arthur
  16951-08 (Rainy River Dist) Gordon SKEAD, 24, lumberman, Winnipeg, Calgary, s/o William SKEAD & Kate BROUGH married Janet LANG, 21, Scotland, Kenora, d/o Jas LANG & Janet LINLEN, witn: Jas SKEAD of Winnipeg & Elizabeth LANG of Kenora, 12 June 1907, Kenora
16942-08 (Rainy River Dist) Herbert Henry SMITH, 29, laborer, Buckingham Quebec, Kenora, s/o Jas SMITH & Dorothy HILL married Clara Eliza LONSDALE, Buckingham Quebec, Kenora, d/o Archibald LONSDALE & Hannah M. NEWTON, witn: A. SHOULDICE & Emma JOHNSTON of Kenora, 24 Dec 1907, Kenora 19917-07  Oscar Merritt SMITH, 26, barber, Hamlin Kansas, Port Arthur, s/o Ferdinand SMITH & Cora FLICKINGER married Anna O'DONNELL, 21, widow, unknown, Port Arthur, adopted d/o Charles JINKS & Louise HAYNES, witn: J. E. MURRAY & George W. MURRAY of Port Arthur, 7 May 1907, Port Arthur

4500-08 Albert Edward SPROUL, 21, farmer, Ontario, Day Tp., d/o William SPROUL & Mary BLACKWELL, married Perlina BIRD, 18, of Dayton, d/o David BIRD & Mary PHILIPS, witn: Arthur BIRD of Dayton & Pearl LEWIS of Kirkwood on June 3, 1907 at Dayton

19893-07  Gustaa Adolf STEGMAN, 21, laborer, Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Matt STEGMAN & Hilda ERICSON, married Hilda Josefina ERICSON, 19, servant, Finland, Port Arthur, d/o Erkki ERICKSON & Hanna SIERMALO, witn: Gust JUNSOLA & Sofia JUNSOLA of Port Arthur, 23 Feb 1907, Port Arthur 19900-07  Feelis STEINBACH, 31, laborer, Finland, Fort William, s/o Obatia STEINBACH & Helena MAKI married Annie ANDERSON, 20, servant, Finland, Fort William, d/o Mikko HORPPILA & Annie LUOLO, witn: Alex ANDERSON & Mary ANDERSON of Fort William, 2 April 1907, Port Arthur
19915-07  George Park STIRRETT, 24, miller, Plympton, Gillies, s/o John STIRRETT & Martha VAN HOOSER married Margaret Alexandra WELSH, 18, Anstruther, Gillies, d/o J. J. WELSH & Jessie BROWN, witn: John WELSH & Agnes STIRRETT of Gillies, 4 May 1907, Port Arthur 19907-07  Herbert Loft STRINGWELL, 24, sailor, Portsmouth England, Fort William, s/o Reuben STRINGWELL & Susan LOFT married Louisa GALLAGHER, 21, Portsmouth England, Port Arthur, d/o John GALLAGHER & Maria TREEMANTLE, witn: C. H. EDGELEY & Muriel GIBSON of Fort William, 25 March 1907, Port Arthur
19952-07  Frederick Joseph SUTTON, 26, ticket agent, Burton on Trent England, Port Arthur, s/o Jethro SUTTON & Annie DOWLING, married Millicent Dorothy GIBBONS, 21, London England, Port Arthur, d/o Richard Trindle GIBBONS & Harriett WISHMAGE, witn: L. M. CHANCE & William RAMSEY of Port Arthur, 27 July 1907, Port Arthur  
16946-08 (Rainy River Dist) Joe Charles THOMAS, 25, foreman, Highworth England, Kenora, s/o Jos Charles THOMAS & Agnes RICHENS married Sarah FIDLER, 23, Selkirk Manitoba, Kenora, d/o John FIDLER & Catharine MCLEOD, witn: John R. FIDLER & Flora FIDLER of Kenora, 29 Aug 1907, Kenora 16936-08 (Rainy River Dist) John Eric WALLIN, 30, laborer, Sweden, Kenora, s/o W. E. PERSON & Martha ERICSON married Anna BURAN, 31, Norwegen, Kenora, d/o Lakaries BURAN & Jesliana OLSEN, witn: Alex LARSON & Sigfrid BURAN of Kenora, 21 Jan 1908, Kenora
19906-07  Albert Victor WATSON, 27, carpenter, Wingate Durham England, Port Arthur, s/o William WATSON & Sarah Ann HAYS married Mahala GILL, 28, Wingate Durham England, Port Arthur, d/o William GILL & Elizabeth HILL, witn: Joseph WHITE & Mollie WHITE of Port Arthur, 9 April 1907, Port Arthur 16950-08 (Rainy River Dist) Kenneth Raymond WEEKS, 22, electrician, Beaverton, Kenora, s/o Samuel WEEKS & Janet GILBERTSON married Helene Gertrude HANSON, 22, Kenora, Kenora, d/o Thomas HANSON & Carolina PRUDEN, witn: John W. IRWIN & Irene HANSON of Kenora, 19 June 1907, Kenora
19918-07  James Thomas WEST, 25, carpenter, Glasgow Scotland, Port Arthur, s/o George WEST & Jane THORN married Elizabeth Campbell MCDOUGALL, 31, Glasgow Scotland, same, d/o John MCDOUGALL & Jeanie Young INGLIS, witn: Sam LINDSAY & Mary N. CATTANACH of Port Arthur, 23 May 1907, Port Arthur  

5061-07 George WILSON, 27, laborer, Dresden Ont., Sault Ste. Marie, s/o David WILSON & Christena McDONALD, married Florence WATSON, 19, Erie PA, Sault Ste. Marie Mich., d/o John WATSON & Laura FISHER, witn: William L. WILSON & W.B. REID, both of Sault Ste. Marie, 3 Aug 1907 at Sault Ste. Marie

19912-07  Frans Wilhelm WILSON, 22, laborer, Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Wilhelm MICHHAVAARA & Eva May WIUNKI, married Anna KIERAURAKI, 19, servant, Finland, Port Arthur, d/o August KIERAMAKI & Emma MERILAINEN, witn: David HEINACHO & Mary KEIRAMAKI of Port Arthur, 23 May 1907, Port Arthur
19905-07  Charles E. WOOLEY, 34, Chef, Birkenhead England, Port Arthur, s/o James WOOLEY & Maria WALLACE married Ada May LONG, 29, Brighton England, Detroit, d/o Robert J. LONG & Eliza HILL, witn: Louis WOOLEY & Joseph MURRAY of Port Arthur, 6 April 1907, St. John's Church, Port Arthur 19911-07  Robert Forest WRIGHT, 27, Diver, Jersey, Port Arthur, s/o Alfred Weeks WRIGHT & Elizabeth FOREST married Brita Sarah WIDENSTROM, 22, Sweden, Kenora, d/o Lars WIDENSTROM & Karin NILLSON, witn: Frances T. HEDLEY & E. D. SAUNDERS of Port Arthur, 20 May 1907, St. Johns Church Port Arthur