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Northern Districts, 1908, part 3

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4567-08 George ABOTOSSAWAY, 48, farmer, widower, Little Creek, Sucker Creek, s/o George ABOTOSSAWAY & Sarah NEWMAN, married Jessie BRANDON, 22, Cedarville, Sucker Creek, d/o Lorenzo S. BRANDON & Margaret M. MAY, witn: John SMITH of Little Current & Euphemia McGILLIS of Manitowaning on April 20, 1908 at Sucker Creek.  18466-08 George Harvey ACRES, 26, veterinary surgeon, Canada, Sudbury, s/o George Clark ACRES & Mary GRAHAM, married Constance STACKPOOLE, 18, Canada, Victoria B. C., d/o Frank James STACKPOOLE & Charlotte SIMPSON, witn: John Rawson & F.F. Rawson LUMBY both of Fort William on Feb. 18, 1908 at Fort William
17007-08 (Rainy River Dist) Andrew ANDERSON, 25, laborer, not given, Kenora, s/o Andrew ANDERSON & Annie JOHNSTON married Alice LARSON, 26, not given, Kenora, d/o Henry JOHNSTON & Annie, witn: Mr. J. R. & Isabel BRYDON of Kenora, 24 Nov 1908, Kenora 18460-08 William Albert ANDERSON, 22, draftsman, Toronto, Fort William, s/o William Clark ANDERSON & Florence VANCE, married Veda STEWART, 19, Port Arthur, Fort William, d/o James Albert STEWART & Eva MANN, witn: M. R. REID & E. E. HAYDON both of Fort William on Jan. 29, 1908 at Fort William.

4529-08 John Ethelbert ANGUS, 29, engineer, of Gore Bay, s/o John & Jane, married Ida HEWSON, 16, of Gore Bay, d/o John HEWSON, engineer & Sarah BUNN, witn: Sara MARTIN & Ida M. MOORE both of Gore Bay on Aug. 31, 1908 at Gore Bay

4566-08 Sam Bazil ARBOUR, 28, labourer, Port Severn, Little Current, s/o Bazil ARBOUR & Jane MOONEY, married Martha WILKIN, 21, Little Current, same, d/o James WILKIN & Harriet MULDER, witn: Mrs. & Gertie WILKIN both of Little Current on March 23, 1908 at Little Current

4536-08 Benjamin W. ARCHIBALD, 29, sailor, of Hilton, s/o John ARCHIBALD (deceased) & Annie GRANT, married Catherine FISHER, 26, of Hilton, d/o Richard FISHER (deceased) & Mary BROWN, witn: Ernest EDDY & Sarah FISHER both of Marksville on Nov. 11, 1908 at Hilton

4523-08 William Albert ARMSTRONG, 22, engineer, Silverwater, Gordon Tp., s/o J. J. ARMSTRONG & Emma KEMP, married Salome WITTY, 23, Barrie Island, Gordon Tp., d/o George WITTY & Annie MERYON, witn: E. L. KEMP of Silverwater & Violet May WITTY of London Tp. on April 18, 1908 at Gordon Tp.

18566-08 Andrew Bruce BAIRD, 25, moulder, not given, Fort William, s/o William BAIRD, moulder & Elizabeth BRUCE married Margaret TROTTER, 26, servant, not given, Fort William, d/o John TROTTER, weaver & Elizabeth MCDONALD, witn: Hugh ROBERTSON & Margaret JOHNSTON of Fort William, 16 Oct 1908, Fort William 16945-08 (Rainy River Dist) William BALDWIN, 26, fireman, Oxfordshire England, Kenora, s/o Joseph BALDWIN & Rosaline HUGGINS married Annie HAYWOOD, 24, St. Mary's Bowne England, England, d/o Obadiah HAYWOOD & Emma PIKE, witn: Charles POCOCK & Naomi HEATH of Kenora, 16 Oct 1907, Kenora
18492-08 Henry Charles BAUCKHAM, 26, draughtsman, Poplar London England, Fort William, s/o Henry Charles BAUCKHAM & Bessie WELCH married Mabel Lilian STRATFORD, 19, Essex England, Fort William, d/o Frederick A. STRATFORD & Alice NORRIS, witn: Francis L. GASSICK & Bessie L. GASSICK of Fort William, 7 May 1908, Fort William 17020-08 (Rainy River Dist) George Flint BEAL, 24, gas engineer, not given, Kenora, s/o Robert BEAL & Mary Isabel TEMONT (Lemont?) married Jacintha E. TALBOYS, 33, not given, Kenora, d/o Orlando TALBOYS & Jane Elizabeth FOOTMAN, witn: Fred G. WILCOX of Kenora & Nellie SOUTHWORTH of Keewatin, 9 Dec 1908, Kenora
18462-08 Anton BEDA, 21, laborer, Hungary, Fort William, s/o Anton BEDA & Hana KRAYCE, married Hana LOFAJ, 20, Hungary, Fort William, d/o Andre LOFAJ & Terezya MIGAJ, witn: Pavel TAJCAK & Kata LOFAJ both of Fort William on Feb. 4, 1908 at fort William. 17015-08 (Rainy River Dist) Michel BELINSKI, 26, laborer, not given, Kenora, s/o Demitro BELINSKI & Maria BILEK married Nacia MEDVIG, 19, not given, Kenora, d/o Dymitro MEDVIG & Anna MEDVIG, witn: John ROSLACK & John KINISH of Kenora, 9 Nov 1908, Kenora

4520-08 Michel BELLEAU, 40, labourer, Garden River, same, s/o Mike BELLEAU & Mary ST. GERMAIN, married Clara CHAREST, 18, Garden River, same, d/o Cyrille CHAREST & Sophie SOULIERE, witn: Peter BELLEAU & Rose BELL both of Garden River on July 13, 1908 at Garden River


4528-08 Silvester BERRY, 39, master mariner, of Carnarvon Tp., s/o Hiram BERRY & Lydia KENDRICK, married Clara Annie TETMAN, 37, of Gore Bay, d/o William TETMAN & Annie CERDELL, witn: John & Minnie McLAUGHLIN both of Gore Bay on July 10, 1908 at Gore Bay.

4507-08 Arthur A. BIRD, 31, farmer, of Day Tp., d/o David BIRD, farmer & Mary A. PHILLIPS, married L. P. LEWIS, 20, of Kirkwood, d/o Walter LEWIS, farmer & M. E. GRIGG, witn: Robert LEWIS of Kirkwood & Maggie BIRD of Day on Oct. 20, 1908 at Kirkwood.

16970-08 (Rainy River Dist) James BLAIN, 28, brakesman, Kenora, Kenora, s/o John BLAIN & Virginia BOTRIC married Bessie Mary THOMPSON, 21, Camilton U. B., Kenora, d/o James THOMPSON & Jane GLOVER, witn: Paul LOISEAU & Jane HEUNIE of Kenora, 18 June 1908, Kenora 4569-08 John Knox BLAIR, 35, doctor, of Cutler, s/o Donald BLAIR & Margaret McLEISH, married Susan Butler McDOWELL, 27, of Drayton, d/o William McDOWELL & Charlotte SANT (Saut?), witn: E. J. RUNNALDS of no given address on Sept. 16, 1908 at Little Current.
16982-08 (Rainy River Dist) James BLAISE, 28, brakesman, not given, Kenora, s/o John BLAISE & Virginia RODRAC married Beatrice May THOMPSON, 21, not given, Kenora, d/o James THOMPSON & Jane GLOVER, witn: Paul LOISEAU of Kenora & H. KALMES, 18 June 1908, Kenora

4517-08 William BOISSENAULT, 30, lumberman, Garden River, same, s/o Narcisse BOISSENAULT & Susanna NOLEN married Agnes BOYER, 16, Garden River, same, d/o Antoine BOYER & Mary ASS--VE?, witn: George BOYER & Jane BAWEJIZIG both of Garden River on June 30, 1908 at Garden River.

18761-08 John BOISSONNEAU, 21, laborer, not given, Montizambert, s/o Francois BOISSONNEAU, laborer & Marie CORBIERE married Elisabeth FINLAYSON, 20, not given, Montizambert, d/o Nicholas FINLAYSON, Indian trapper & Jane SOULIERE, witn: Robert MCKERTCHIE & Susanne LESAGE of Montizambert, 23 Sept 1908, Montizambert 16981-08 (Rainy River Dist) Earnest BOWMAN, 26, merchant tailor, not given, Kenora, s/o Hugh BOWMAN & Catherine CAMERON married Elma GREER, 20, not given, Norman, d/o Alexander GREER & Margaret FENGRIS, witn: Alexander GREER & Isabella NAIRN of Kenora, 9 June 1908, Norman
16931-08 (Rainy River Dist) Robert Earl BRASH, 26, brakesman, Urjebridge, Kenora, s/o Robert Brash & Henrietta GARDNER married Christy Ann MATHESON, 26, Lennoxville, Kenora, d/o Malcolm M. MATHESON & Margaret BUCHANAN, witn: J. H. MATHESON of Kenora & G. F. JOHNSTON of Winnipeg, 21 Jan 1908, Kenora 17027-08 (Rainy River Dist) Medric BRIER, 25, sawyer, St. Charles Quebec, Keewatin, s/o Arsene BRIER & Octavie DUFRESNE married Mary Anne GEGEURE, 23, St. Norbert Man., Keewatin, d/o Narcisse GEGEURE & Kate LEGERE, witn: Jr. LADOUCEUR & Narcisse GEGUERE, 22 June 1908, Keewatin
16944-08 (Rainy River Dist) Sydney BRIMBLE, 22, fireman, Cardiff South Wales, Kenora, s/o Jas BRIMBLE & Rebecca TIPMAN married Catharine YOUNG, 19, Lac Seul, Kenora, d/o John YOUNG & Ellen THOMPSON, witn: D. H. CURRIE & M. BRIMBLE of Kenora, 11 Nov 1907, Kenora 17023-08 (Rainy River Dist) John BRINN, 24, carpenter, not given, Kenora, s/o Jacob BRINN & Mary FRENCH married Jane R. LINKLATER, 18, not given, Kenora, d/o Jacob LINKLATER & Charlotte MUSKEG, witn: Roderick CAMERON & Elizabeth LINKLATER of Kenora, 25 Dec 1908, Kenora
16903-08 (Rainy River Dist) Frank BROWN, 36, farmer, Pennsylvania, Bannock Minnesota, s/o not given, married Christina Woods JAMES, 33, farmers daughter, Bruce Co, Emo, d/o George JAMES & Sarah Ann HAYES, witn: Allen LANGSTAFF & Isabel LUTTERELL of Emo, 6 May 1908, Emo 16980-08 (Rainy River Dist) James BRUCE, 26, car checker, not given, Kenora, s/o Andrew BRUCE & Marjory BARST married Emma KIRKMAN, 19, not given, Kenora, d/o Richard Jas KIRKMAN & Mary HALBORTON, witn: Robert George NAIRN & Isabella NAIRN of Kenora, 7 June 1908, Kenora

4511-08 Garfield BRUSH, 26, lumberman, Union City Pennsylvania USA, Garden River, s/o Charles BRUSH & Mary GRANT, married Virginie BELLEAU, 19, Garden River, same, d/o Joachim BELLEAU & Isabel BOISENAULT, witn: William BOISENAULT & Ellen BELLEAU both of Garden River on Jan. 4, 1908 at Garden River.

4534-08 Henry BYE, 24, farmer, of Goulais Bay, s/o Henry BYE & not given LAMBERT, married Dorothy Adeline Hannah McAULEY, 27, of Goulais Bay, d/o Andrew McAULEY, farmer & Hannah DOWNEY, witn: Lawrence WHALEN of Sault Ste. Marie & Margaret Ann McAULEY of Goulais Bay on Sept. 9, 1908 at Sault Ste. Marie.

17010-08 (Rainy River Dist) William CAFFON, 22, banker, not given, Kenora, s/o Wisule CAFFON & Annie WESLIE married Mary MCEWANS, 19, not given, Kenora, d/o Edward MCEWEN & Bella BROWN, witn: Paul LERSEAU & Jeanne MEUNIER of Kenora, 20 Nov 1908, Kenora 16907-08 (Rainy River Dist) Alex Fletcher CAMERON, 28, farmer, Osprey, Lash, s/o Hugh CAMERON & Annie FLETCHER married Ethel Verona May OGDEN, 22, farmers daughter, Huron, Aylesworth, d/o William Woodburn ODGEN & Annie RECKNOR, witn: Herbert John OGDEN & Mable Madaline MCDONALD of Aylesworth, 24 June 1908, Aylesworth

4542-08 Murdoch J. CAMPBELL, 21, clerk, Avonmore, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Hugh V. CAMPBELL & Harriet McLENNAN, married Ella Maud ARCHIBALD, 22, Hilton, Sault Ste Marie, d/o John ARCHIBALD & Jane WILKINS, witn: Benjamin W. ARCHIBALD of Hilton & Elizabeth McHENDRY of Sault Ste. Marie on June 17, 1908 at Hilton

18571-08 Isidoro CERUTTI, 24, carpenter, not given, Fort William, s/o Carlo Antonio CERUTTI (late) & Teresa GRASSI married Martina GRASSI, 19, not given, Fort William, d/o Dominico GRASSI, laborer & Lucia CANTONI, witn: Valentino WALDIN & Caterina MELANI of Fort William, 28 Oct 1908, Fort William
18756-08 Frederick CHADWELL, 25, farmer, not given, Oliver Rd. in Port Arthur, s/o Hendry CHADWELL, farmer, & Louise EDE married Mary M. TORRIE (Terrie?), 21, not given, Rockside Farm - Conmee, s/o Donald TORRIE, farmer & Mary BOWIE, witn: Ingram N. COTTON, 18 Nov 1908, Conmee 16964-08 (Rainy River Dist) Homer CHAREST, 23, laborer, Quebec, Kenora, s/o Isaac CHAREST & blank BARDENS married Malina NELSON, 20, Norway, Eagle River, d/o John NELSON & Matilda MAGNASON, witn: Alfred MARSHALL & Mrs. S. O. NIXON of Kenora, 25 May 1908, Kenora
16989-08 (Rainy River Dist) Joseph Henry CLARK, 39, clerk, not given, Kenora, s/o Joseph CLARK & Sarah JARVIS married Sarah Jane LYNN, 30, domestic, not given, Kenora, d/o Thomas LYNN & Ann WELLS, witn: Margaret A. PAYMAN & Elizabeth BURKE of Kenora, 19 Aug 1908, Kenora 16998-08 (Rainy River Dist) Charles Henry CLIFTON, 29, conductor, not given, Kenora, s/o Henry CLIFTON & Mary LANGFORD married Margaret L. KENNY, 23, not given, Kenora, d/o Joseph & Lea VILLENEUVE, witn: P. CHAREST & Mrs. W. E. LONG of Kenora, 14 Oct 1908, Kenora
4565-08 Walter Edward COLLAR, 23, labourer, Blenheim, Little Current, s/o Ed. B. COLLAR & Isabel DAWSON, married Mabel L. STEWART, 21, Victoria Harbour, Little Current, d/o John STEWART & L. GILLBANK, witn: J. A. CAMPBELL of Little Current & Flossie COLLINS of Honora on March 4, 1908 at Little Current.  
16972-08 (Rainy River Dist) Francis John CONNETT, 29, clerk, not given, Kenora, s/o Richard F. CONNETT & Lillian M. LACUF married Emma MARSHALL, 22, not given, Kenora, d/o John MARSHALL & Julia WILCOX, witn: H. MARSHALL & Annie JAGGER of Kenora, 9 July 1908, Kenora 18491-08 Hugh Benjamin CONWAY, 26, machinist, England, Fort William, s/o William Joseph CONWAY & Annie FROST married Kathleen Emily CLARKE, 22, Ireland, Fort William, d/o James W. CLARKE & Rose Emily CREWE, witn: James H. CLARKE & Alfred A. CONWAY of Fort William, 6 May 1908, Fort William

4545-08 John Edwin COOK, 27, minister, of Massey, s/o Thomas COOK & Ellen EBBS, married Christine RAMUS?, 23, of Howland, d/o Alfred RAMUS & Martha ROWLEY, witn: William & Mary A. BRANDOW both of Howland on Sept. 16, 1908 at Howland.

18598-08 John J. COOPER, 25, agent, of Fort William, s/o John COOPER & Ann Maria SMITH, married Jessie M. MURIE, 21, stenographer, of Fort William, d/o John MURIE & Margaret MAXWELL, witn: Harold COOPER & Minnie RUSSELL both of Fort William on Dec. 24, 1908 at Fort William.
 18478-08 Arthur COSSEY, 24, telegraph operator, Canada, Fort William, s/o Robert COSSEY & Maggie ORTWINE married Gladys ALLAN, 21, Canada, Fort William, d/o Henry ALLAN & Margaret KING, witn: Mrs. Robert REID & Mrs. E. J. HARPER of Fort William, 4 April 1908, Fort William 16992-08 (Rainy River Dist) William Thomas COTTER, 21, steam fitter, not given, Kenora, s/o Andrew COTTER & Mary O'NEILL married Mamie THONE, 19, dressmaker, not given, Kenora, d/o Frank THONE & Mary WHEELER, witn: Joseph ARNCUILEN of Vermillion Bay & Mary THONE of Kenora, 10 Sept 1908, Kenora
16987-08 (Rainy River Dist) Alfred Francis Albert COYNE, 21, surveyor, not given, Kenora, s/o Al Frances Albert COYNE & Mary PETRIE married Elizabeth SMITH, not given, not given, Kenora, d/o Charlesteran SMITH & Sadie HORIA, witn: J. M. ROCAN & Mrs. N. BRUNSELL of Kenora, 4 Sept 1908, Kenora 18569-08 Jan CZOPIK, 30, laborer, not given, Fort William, s/o Jan CZOPIK, laborer & Anna LES married Maryjanna MOZOT, 18, servant, not given, Fort William, d/o Jan MOZOT, laborer & Maryjanna TONN, witn: Frank WOZCILCHOROSKI & Jawdocha HIROZAK, 20 Oct 1908, Fort William
16968-08 (Rainy River Dist) Thomas Alex DALGLEISH, 26, tinsmith, Hespeler, Kenora, s/o Joseph DALGLEISH & Elizabeth DIXON married Annie Louise MARSHALL, 23, Plattsville, Hespeler, d/o Ralph H. MARSHALL & Maria L. HAWTHORNE, witn: A. D. DALGLEISH & Maude E. DALGLEISH of Kenora, 22 June 1908, Kenora  
17009-08 (Rainy River Dist) William John DAVIES, 21, banker, not given, Vermillion Bay, s/o John S. DAVIES & Elizabeth WELSH married Ellen RUSSEL, 18, not given, Kenora, d/o Henry RUSSEL & Mary HILL, witn: John & Agnes DEVRIONS of Kenora, 17 Nov 1908, Kenora 16978-08 (Rainy River Dist) Arthur DAVIS, 22, constable, not given, Kenora, s/o Jos DAVIS & Selina EMAN married Florence KING, 19, not given, Kenora, d/o Henry Charles KING & Elizabeth HABBERFIELD, witn: Earnest A. QUINN & Ethel QUINN of Kenora, 21 April 1908, Kenora
18465-08 Charles Richmond DAVISON, 24, clerk, England, Brandon, s/o Charles J. DAVISON & Serina RICHMOND, married Katie TULLY, 24, England, Fort William, d/o William TULLY & Jane SARGEANT, witn: Kathleen CLARK & Archibald CAMPBELL both of Fort William on Feb. 18, 1908 at Fort William 17003-08 (Rainy River Dist) George DEANS, 25, car repairer, not given, Kenora, s/o Alexander DEANS & Betsy KELLY married Bertha HUTCHESON, 26, not given, Kenora, d/o James HUTCHESON & Elizabeth CHRISTIE, witn: H. W. HEMMINGWAY & Clara HEMMINGWAY of Kenora, 6 June 1908, Kenora
16941-08 (Rainy River Dist) Thomas de CARUFEL, 22, laborer, Orillia, Kenora, s/o George de CARUFEL & Mary RICHARD married Mary FRICHETTE, 22, Ontario, Kenora, d/o George FRICHETTE & Helena JECLAIR, witn: Mr. LOISEAU & Mrs. MEUNIRIER of Kenora, 17 Feb 1908, Kenora 16957-08 (Rainy River Dist) Tomo de VUONO, 21, barber, Italy, Kenora, s/o James de VUONO & Maria MASTARA married Agnes BATES, 18, Canada, Kenora, d/o Jeremiah BATES & Elizabeth WELSH, witn: William BATES & Nellie BAKER of Kenora, 30 April 1908, Kenora
18763-08 Henry EACHERN, 27, Indian trapper, not given, Long Lake, s/o David EACHERN, Ind Trap & ICHITCHA married Toboca FINLAYSON, 22, not given, Long Lake, d/o Nicholas FINLAYSON, Ind trap & Jane SOULIERE, witn: Peter MOSES & Louise ??KANG of Long Lake, 29 June 1908, Long Lake 4530-08 Alexander EASTIN (Easton?), 27, tailor, Lanark Village, Thessalon, s/o J. EASTIN & Jane GILMORE, married Maria WRIGHT, 24, tailoress, England, Gore Bay, d/o John WRIGHT & Jane DOUGLE, witn: Alli WRIGHT of Gore Bay on Feb. 27, 1908 at Gore Bay.

17024-08 (Rainy River Dist) James R. EASTWOOD, 25, miller, not given, Kenora, s/o Walter EASTWOOD & Anna CROSSAWAY married Amelia E. S. BAKER, 20, not given, Kenora, d/o Charles BAKER & Constance PUTTOCK, witn: William C. TURNER & B. W. N. BAKER of Kenora, 29 Dec 1908, Kenora

5171-09 Fay T. EDDY, 24, farmer, of Carterton, s/o Fred EDDY, farmer & Emma FISH, married Margaret BROWN, 22, of Carterton, d/o John BROWN, farmer & Prudence SHIPMAN, witn: John BROWN of Carterton & Annie BROWNLEE of St.. Joseph on Dec. 9, 1908 at Richard’s Landing.

17006-08 (Rainy River Dist) Henry Clayton ELLIOTT, 26, not given, not given, Kenora, s/o Robert M. ELLIOTT & Annie Eliza ENGLISH married Beatrice Ellen PARSONS, 24, not given, Kenora, d/o Alfred J. PARSONS & Florence Nightingale JOH--?(off page), witn: Alfred J. PARSONS & Addie C. HARRISON of Kenora, 4 July 1908, Kenora 16971-08 (Rainy River Dist) Hjalman Epraim ERICKSON, 22, laborer, not given, Kenora, s/o Pete ERICKSON & Ericka DYNESIUS married Henrietta BERGSTROM, 19, maid, not given, Kenora, d/o Erick BERGSTROM & Anna JOHNSON, witn: Johan JOHNSON & Frida MORK of Kenora, 2 July 1908, Kenora
18475-08 Frederick Andrew FAIR, 34, grain trimmer, widower, Arthur, Fort William, s/o John FAIR & Anne BRISTONE married Alice Jane MCNALLY, 35, widow, St. Mary's, Fort William, d/o Alex MCKENZIE & Anne DELBERTH, witn: W. L. HANNA & Mrs. W. L. HANNA of Fort William, 17 March 1908, Fort William 16995-08 (Rainy River Dist) John Henry FALSTER, 22, laborer, not given, Kenora, s/o Henry FALSTER & Catherine MUGGABERG married Mina SABISTON, 24, not given, Selkirk, d/o John SABISTON & Margaret BROWN, witn: William HADDON of Kenora & Emma SABISTON of Selkirk, 30 Sept 1908, Kenora
4585-08 Robert Bertie FLEMING, 27, farmer, Kincardine Tp., Robinson Tp., s/o Robert FLEMING & Elizabeth Jane ATCHISON, married Margaret MATHESON, 18, Robinson, Robinson Tp., d/o Norman MATHESON & Elisabeth AINSLIE, witn: Cecil & Carrie FLEMING both of Robinson on March 25, 1908 at Robinson Tp. 18575-08 Albert D. FLETCHER, 22, machinist, not given, Fort William, s/o Horace L. FLETCHER, laborer & Misson SHAW married Margaret HICKS, 18, not given, Fort William, d/o George HICKS & Mary Ann LAYTON, witn: William. WEBB & Louise HICKS of Fort William, 2 Nov 1908, Fort William

4540-08 Douglas Alex FORBES, 23, teacher, Duluth USA, Providence Bay, s/o John FORBES & Mary McNEVEN, married Sarah Jane McARTHUR, 17, St.. Joseph's Island, same, d/o Duncan McARTHUR & Hannah SPIRES, witn: David H. DUGGAN of Goulais Bay & Mary McARTHUR of Marksville on April 22, 1908 at Marksville

4509-08 Archibald FORREST, 41, farmer, of Patton, s/o William FORREST, farmer & Jane McNICKLE, married Sarah Jane McLAUGHLAN, 29, of Patton, d/o Dougall McLAUGHLAN, farmer & Ann RATHWELL, witn: Samuel McLAUGHLAN & Hellen LANGBUFF no residences given on April 9, 1908 at Patton.

  16930-08 (Rainy River Dist) James Clayton FOULIS, 25, miner, England, Gold Rock, s/o James FOULIS & Francis Mary MAGEE married Isabella JOY, 19, Ontario, Gold Rock, d/o John JOY & Eliza TAIT, witn: Frank FOULIS & Jessie JOY of Gold Rock, 22 June 1908, Gold Rock
16986-08 (Rainy River Dist) Cyrus Leslie GALLOWAY, 25, dispatcher, not given, Keewatin, s/o Cyrus GALLOWAY & Janet SMALL married Florence May BEATON, 22, not given, Keewatin, d/o Dougald BEATON & Annie CANNODY, witn: W. D. ARMSTRONG & Amy Jane ARMSTRONG of Keewatin, 3 Sept 1908, Keewatin 18568-08 Jan GELENY, 22, laborer, not given, Fort William, s/o Hgnko GELENY, laborer & Anna ZAJAC married Mary RECZNIK, 17, servant, not given, Fort William, d/o Jan RECZNIK, laborer & Barbara SZMILUK, witn: Waly MAJK & Irsenie PJURKO of Fort William, 19 Oct 1908, Fort William
16996-08 (Rainy River Dist) Edward Jos GEROUX, 24, accountant, not given, Kenora, s/o William GEROUX & Annie LEONARD married Mary Isabel FITZGERALD, 20, not given, Kenora, d/o Jas. D. FITZGERALD & Bertha M. AGAR, witn: Martin FITZGERALD & Agnes POPE of Kenora, 7 Oct 1908, Kenora 18766-08 Edward John GERROW, 24, Ry Brakeman, Rossport, Schreiber, s/o George GERROW & Mary JOHNSON married Nellie HARDIE, 17, Heron Bay, Schreiber, d/o William J. HARDIE & Annie PAGE, witn: James Walter GERROW & Mrs. J. W. GERROW of Rossport, 3 April 1908, Rossport
16917-08 (Rainy River Dist) Elmor E. GETCHELL, 42, farmer, widower, Boston, Isherwood, s/o William GETCHELL & not given, married Bronishreva KORTRJURNAUK, 30, housekeeper, widow, Warsonour, Isherwood, d/o Mikoloi KORTJURNAUK & Ayneskir LIEBERURCRANK, witn: Peter GOIES & Yvoniva L. GOVE of Fort Frances, 15 June 1908, Fort Frances 16914-08 (Rainy River Dist) Joseph GILBERT, 32, farmer, Montreal, Mine Centre, s/o Henry GILBERT & not given, married Mabel CARTER, 28, widow, Jefferson Iowa, same, d/o Theodore PARKER & Clara PARKER, witn: Charles MCDONALD of Mine Centre & Arvida VINT of Winnipeg, 6 May 1908, Fort Frances
18768-08 Carl Edwin GLAD, 23, Ry brakeman, Zinkgrufren Sweden, Schreiber, s/o Carl Oscar GLAD & Sophia JOHNSON married Signe Matilda GUSTAFSON, 18, Godegard Sweden, Schreiber, d/o John GUSTAFSON & Signe JOHNSON, witn: Waldemar GLAD & Hilma GUND of Schreiber, 18 June 1908, Schreiber  

4527-08 George Walker GORMAN, 26, sailor, of Calumet Michigan USA, s/o Thomas G. GORMAN & Bridget MADDEN, married Gertrude TINKIS, 34, of Lake Linden, d/o Hiram TINKIS & Caroline GROVES, witn: Mr. & Mrs. C. KINEARD both of Chicago on July 11, 1908 at Gore Bay

4584-08 James W. GRAHAM, 28, carpenter, Shanty Bay, Robinson Tp., s/o William GRAHAM & Isabella CRAWFORD, married Carrie Elspeth FLEMING, 21, Wiarton, Robinson Tp., d/o Robert FLEMING & Elizabeth Jane ATCHISON, witn: Cecil FLEMING & Ida GRAHAM both of Robinson on March 31, 1908 at Robinson Tp.
4574-08 William James GRIFFIN, 31, farmer, Haydon, Tehkummah, s/o William GRIFFIN & Emma ROBINS, married Annie Leah HOPKIN, 24, Tehkummah, same, d/o William HOPKIN & Emily MORRISON, witn: William HOPKIN Junior & Maggie PYETTE both of Tehkummah on Feb. 5, 1908 at Tehkummah 16967-08 (Rainy River Dist) Silas Israel GRIFFIS, 59, widower, gentleman, St. Catharine, Kenora, s/o Israel GRIFFIS & Mary VANEUREN married Mary Anester MCDONALD, 38, dressmaker, widow, Osesco US, Kenora, d/o Joseph BEAUDRO & Sarah LASHA, witn: Isabella NAIRN & Alfred Tennyson NAIRN of Kenora, 27 June 1908, Kenora
16928-08 (Rainy River Dist) Charles GUY, 27, clerk, not given, Fort Frances, s/o Joseph GUY & Valentine RIVAUD married Helen Beresford STETHENE (Stethem?), 24, not given, Fort Frances, d/o George STETHENE & Elizabeth RIDLEY, witn: G. A. STETHENE & Florence TIBBETT of Fort Frances, 24 Nov 1908, St. John's Church Ft Frances 17019-08 (Rainy River Dist) David HALSTON, 27, lineman, not given, Kenora, s/o John Henry HALSTON & Jane SINCLAIR married Jane KIPLING, 26, not given, Kenora, d/o Edward KIPLING & Margaret LINKLATER, witn: John Henry HALSTON & Violet HARPER of Kenora, 4 Dec 1908, Kenora
18471-08 Henry Sydney HANCOCK, 28, civil engineer, St. Austell Cornwall England, Fort William, s/o Henry Sydney HANCOCK & Margaret HERN married Sarah Elizabeth EDWARDS, 30, Weston Rhyn England, Fort William, d/o Frederick EDWARDS & Mary Elizabeth CURETON, witn: William Montague HANCOCK & Catherine Annie EDWARDS of Fort William, 9 March 1908, Fort William 16969-08 (Rainy River Dist) John R. HANNAH, 28, clerk, Seaforth, Winnipegosis Manitoba, s/o John HANNAH & Mary CAMPBELL married Mosselina DULMADGE, 22, Brighton, Norman, d/o Albert DULMADGE & Helen NIX, witn: Norman MCMILLAN of Margaret Manitoba & Florence SNIDER of Norman, 10 June 1908, Norman
18752-08 Benjamin Folger HARMER, 26, freight Inspector, not given, Port Arthur, s/o James C. HARMER, locomotive engineer, & Emma JACKSON married Olive DUNBAR, 20, not given, Port Arthur, d/o James DUNBAR, contractor & Annie OLIVER, witn: Florence CAMPBELL & P. J. STREET of Port Arthur, 15 Dec 1908, Port Arthur 18567-08 Daniel HARRIS, 40, elevator man, not given, Fort William, s/o Joseph HARRIS, laborer & Mary MANNIN married Viola GAWLEY, 35, not given, Fort William, d/o George GAWLEY & Prissilla KING, G. E. GAWLEY & J. ALEXANDER of Fort William, 17 Oct 1908, Fort William
16979-08 (Rainy River Dist) HARRISON, 21, brooder, not given, North West Angle, s/o Danube HARRISON & Helen St.MORTH married Marie PITAWEKA, 19, housekeeper, not given, North West Angle, d/o PETAWIKORREHOCZ & blank , witn: Norbert FLETT of Selkirk & Maggie BLACKEYE of Kenora, 3 May 1908, Kenora 18468-08 Patrick HAYES, 38, mason, Limerick, West Fort William, s/o John HAYES & Mary EBZERY, married Louisa KNOX, 35, Islington England, Fort Frances, d/o Edward Samuel KNOX & Susan CRAWLEY, witn: Edward George KNOX of West Fort William & Alice Susan KNOX of Fort Frances on Feb. 25, 1908 at West Fort William
4571-08 Francis Xavier HELFENSTEIN, 50, lumberman, of Little Current, s/o Michael HELFENSTEIN, labourer & Salome HEIS, married Lea VINETTE, 45, widow, of Little Current, d/o Elester VINETTE (sic) & Emily QUENNEVILLE, witn: Victor HUTCHISON & Madeline ROSZELL both of Little Current on Nov. 9, 1908 at Little Current 16961-08 (Rainy River Dist) Frank HENDRICKSON, 27, laborer, Finland, Finland, s/o Henry HENDRICKSON & Met KNOWER (not known?), married Selma PERI, 17, Finland, Kenora, d/o Henry PERI & Ida VAANENEN, witn: Ida HILL & Esther FORSBERG of Kenora, 8 May 1908, Kenora

4501-08 George HENDRY, 25, blacksmith, Sowerby, Goldenberg, s/o Robert HENDRY & Jane BROWN, married Rachael McLURE, 23, P. E. Island, Goldenberg, d/o William McLURE & Mary GRAHAM, witn: James HENDRY of Day Tp. & Florence C. CAVANAUGH of Day Tp. on July 1, 1907 at Goldenberg

17021-08 (Rainy River Dist) George Henry HILL, 28, engineer, not given, Kenora, s/o Robert HILL & Ray MARSHALL married Mable BLACKIE, 23, not given, Kenora, d/o James BLACKIE & Ruth Emma GEORGE, witn: John. BLACKIE & George M. PARK of Kenora, 15 Dec 1908, Kenora
16927-08 (Rainy River Dist) Edward Albert HOGG, 25, traveler, not given, Winnipeg, s/o Andrew HOGG & Katherine MATCHETT married Emma Ethel KETCHUM, 24, not given, Emo, d/o Charles KETCHUM & Gertrude WHITFIELD, witn: Stanley KETCHUM & M. Ina KETCHUM of Emo, 17 Nov 1908, Emo 18458-08 Arthur R. HORSLEY, 23, C.P.R. wiper, England, Fort William, s/o Robert HORSLEY & Sarah BOLLS, married Olive May ROBINSON, 23, Grimsby, Fort William, d/o Thomas ROBINSON & Sarah Jane HILL, witn: A. J. HELMER & Edith E. HAYDON both of Fort William on Jan. 14, 1908 at Fort William.
4568-08 Charles H. HUMPHREY, 24, farmer, of Assiginack, s/o George HUMPHREY, farmer & Elizabeth HENDRICK, married Nellie FERGUSON, 24, of Sheguiandah, d/o Charles FERGUSON, farmer & Laura McVEY, witn: Charles BECK of no given address on July 9, 1908 at Little Current.  

4537-08 Stanley HUNT, 23, farmer, of Hilton Tp., s/o Thomas Henry HUNT, farmer & Hellen BUSBY, married Elizabeth Quirk GREIG, 24, of Hilton Tp., d/o John GREIG & Elizabeth LEWNY, witn: Harold & Emily HUNT both of Milford Haven on Nov. 25, 1908 at Marksville

18755-08 William James HUNT, 43, farmer, Renfrew Co, O'Connor, s/o William HUNT & Sarah SMITH married Mary RODGERS, 38, Orillia, O'Connor, d/o John RODGERS & Catherine MCLEOD, witn: Howard C. EARL & Nona EARL of Hymers, about May 15, Hymer
17017-08 (Rainy River Dist) Henry James INMAN, 25, plasterer, not given, Kenora, s/o Alfred INMAN & Harriet ELIZABETH married Lucia Lucinda HOLT, 19, not given, Kenora, d/o Richard HOLT & Elizabeth BALANCE, witn: Jas ANDERTON & Mrs. Bertha ELIZABETH of Kirkup, 17 Nov 1908, Kenora 4759-08 Fredrick JAGGARD, 25, farmer, Brantford, Sheguiandah, s/o John JAGGARD & Hattie SPRAGG, married Sarah KAY, 20, Carnarvon, Sandfield, d/o Thomas KAY & Susan STERLING, witn: Andrew Ross LOVE of Toronto & Nellie McCOY of Manitowaning on Aug. 18, 1908 at Sandfield

4539-08 Charles L. JAGGERS, 25, not given, of Marksville, s/o John JAGGERS & Elizabeth JONES, married Maud DUNCAN, 25, of Marksville, d/o Alexander G. DUNCAN, fisheries inspector & Elizabeth ARCHIBALD, witn: Herbert A. & Mable DUNCAN both of Marksville on July 14, 1908 at Marksville

18467-08 John JAARTINEN, 46, farmer, widower, Finland, Lybster Tp., s/o Autte JAARTINEN & Annie TOSOLA, married Elisabet Jaokout FLANDER, 32, Finland, Lybster Tp., same, d/o Jaakko FLANDER & Lizzie TUPOLA, witn: John & Minnie KOSOLA both of Lybster Tp. on Feb. 20, 1908 at Lybster Tp. 16929-08 (Rainy River Dist) Frank JEAN, 29, blacksmith, widower, not given, Little Forks, s/o Theodul JEAN & Philippine GUEVIS married Elizabeth CONROY, 35, not given, Minnesota, d/o Y. S. CONROY & Mary CONROY, witn: Louis LACHAPPELLE of Little Fork & Belle CONROY of Hartland, 30 Dec 1908, Fort Frances
16939-08 (Rainy River Dist) William JEFFREY, 23, engineer, Bancroft, Kenora, s/o Edward JEFFREY & Hannah J. ALCOCK married Mary KELLY, 28, widow, Ireland, Kenora, d/o Daniel GUINAN & Fanny MOONEY, witn: Daisy E. KING & Jean M. BURNELL of Kenora, 1 Feb 1908, Kenora 16934-08 (Rainy River Dist) Joseph Rudolf JOHNSON, 28, engineer, Minneapolis, Kenora, s/o John JOHNSON & Martha JOHNSON married (Mrs.) Sarah FINLAYSON, 28, widow, Mirenata, Kenora, d/o blank. DICKSON & Mrs. DICKSON, witn: Marjorie KEEHAH & Tom WILLIAMSON of Shoal Lake, 25 Jan 1908, Indian Boarding School
17018-08 (Rainy River Dist) David Daniel JOHNSTON, 22, switchman, not given, Kenora, s/o Henry JOHNSTON & Elizabeth MCCONNELL married Verona MCEARCHEN (sic), 24, not given, Kenora, d/o John MCEACHREN & Margaret MCLEAN, witn: Isaac W. JOHNSTON & D.W. MCINNIS of Kenora, 2 Dec 1908, Kenora 16960-08 (Rainy River Dist) Robert H. JONES, 24, contractor, Welland County, not given, s/o J. H. JONES & Mary F. LOCKHART married Isabella Cary MCCONNELL, 23, Keewatin, not given, d/o Robert MCCONNELL & Anna SIMPSON, witn: Percy WILSON & Eliza MCCONNELL of Kenora, 6 May 1908, Kenora

4538-08 David KENNEDY, 21, teamster, of Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Robert William KENNEDY & Mary Jane COLEMAN, married Lydia ST. MARTIN, 23, of Hilton, d/o Samuel ST. MARTIN, (deceased) & Hermiline CHARETTE, witn: Hector ST. MARTIN of Marksville & Lea LABLANC of Richard's Landing on Nov. 26, 1908 at Hilton.

16901-08 (Rainy River Dist) Frederick Charles KETCHUM, 21, farmer, Bruce Co, Aylesworth, s/o Charles KETCHUM & Gertrude WHITEFIELD married Mabel Amelia LINDQUIST, 20, farmers daughter, Muskoka, Aylesworth, d/o Charles LINDQUIST & Hannah JOHNSTON, witn: Albert William LINDQUIST of Aylesworth & Georgina KYDD of Lash, 22 April 1908, Aylesworth
18493-08 Thomas KIRK, 26, bricklayer, Middlesex England, Fort William, s/o Samuel KIRK & Kate MYERS married Sarah Jane BACKLEY, 24, York England, Fort William, d/o Richard BACKLEY & Esther MOORE, witn: George KIRK & Annie KIRK of Fort William, 5 May 1908, Fort William 16994-08 (Rainy River Dist) Ignace KIT, 22, railroadman, not given, Kenora, s/o Jan KIT & Paulina ABISUCH married Sophia BERSINKI, 17, not given, Kenora, d/o Michell BERSINKI & Maria MERTINOSKA, witn: Michel BERIGNESKI & Louis BERSINOKI of Kenora, 22 Sept 1908, Kenora
18599-08 George KOSTIUK, born 1 April 1899, section man, Jurkowtze Czernowitz Austria, Fort William, s/o Dmytro KOSTIUK & Ilena BAHRY married Anna CHOPTEY, born 15 June 1889, domestic, Iwaniwka Trembola Austria, Fort William, d/o Matey CHOPTEY & Anna LABAY, witn: George PRYKASKY & Waslelna PRYKASKY of Fort William, 10 May 1908, Fort William 16991-08 (Rainy River Dist) Michel KOWLOSKI, 23, not given, not given, Kenora, s/o Thomas KOWLOSKI & May KOTOMSKI married Theophila MYDYNUCK, 18, not given, Kenora, d/o Michel MYDYNUCK & Lana POLESLMUCK, witn: Peter LEBENSKI & M. C. BOETHEN of Kenora, 31 Aug 1908, Kenora
18464-08 Jans KUBAS, 24, laborer, Hungary, Fort William, s/o Jans KUBAS & Terezya KAVES, married Mary REGULLY, 21, Hungary, Fort William, d/o Emil REGULLY & Terezia OBIMCAK, witn: Peter KOVACH & Juzi S. CANICKI both of Fort William on Feb. 18, 1908, at Fort William 16985-08 (Rainy River Dist) Maynive LA CHAPELLE, 27, bartender, not given, Kenora, s/o Edward LA CHAPELLE & Olive LARTIE married Rosana MONGRAIN, 17, not given, Kenora, d/o Alfred MONGRAIN & Marie PERRAULT, witn: Isidore LELIEVIE & Alfred MONGRAIN of Kenora, 18 Aug 1908, Kenora

4503-08 Emile LACOSTE, 21, labourer, St. Andre Avelin Que., Victoria Mines, s/o J. B. LACOSTE & Saladine TURGEON, married Genevieve BEAUCHAMP, 17, New Port Que., Victoria Mines, d/o Michel BEAUCHAMP & Marie DOIRON (Dorion?) both of Victoria Mines on Jan. 20, 1908 at Victoria Mines

4511-08 Paul LAFFORT, 16, labourer, Sault Ste. Marie Ont., Goulais Bay, s/o Joseph LAFFORT & Angelique GOGEOSH, married Eva RIEL, 17, Goulais Bay, same, d/o John B. RIEL & Charlotte CADREAU, witn: John CADREAU & Isabel BACKAW (Backan?) both of Goulais Bay on Jan. 27, 1908 at Goulais Bay.

17001-08 (Rainy River Dist) Omer LANDRY, 27, laborer, not given, Norman, s/o Joseph LANDRY & Julia ROY married Alberta MANTHA, 18, not given, Norman, d/o Joseph MANTHA & Georginia CHAMPAGNE, witn: George MANTHA & Amanda BELAIR of Kenora, 20 Oct 1908, Kenora

4526-08 Robert Charles LANE, 29, farmer, of Barrie Island, s/o Samuel LANE, farmer & Elizabeth BALLINS, married Elizabeth Rebecca LANE, 23, of Barrie Island, d/o Joseph McTAGGART (sic), farmer & Mary CURTIS, witn: James MONTGOMERY & Ethel GREENMAN no residences given on Nov. 17, 1908 at Gore Bay.

16905-08 (Rainy River Dist) Robert Benjamin LANGSTAFF, 24, merchant, Torbolton, Devlin, s/o Charles Robert LANGSTAFF & Alberta HODGINS married Annie Eliza GILLIES, 22, farmers daughter, Dufferin, Emo, d/o John W. GILLIES & Margaret Jane ALLEN, witn: R. W. MCEACHERN & Maggie May GILLIES of Emo, 3 June 1908, Emo 13827-08 Hugh Frederick LEESON, 24, fisherman, of Tehkummah, s/o George LEESON & Minnie LEESON, married Katharine Patterson CHISHOLM, 18, of South Baymouth, d/o A. Maltas CHISHOLM, fisherman & Mary ARMSTRONG, witn: Stewart H. SLOAN & M. A. CHISHOLM both of South Baymouth on Oct. 7, 1908 at Manitowaning

4515-08 Louis LEGARDE, 18, labourer, Michipicoten River, same, s/o Joseph LEGARDE & Madeline LEGARD, married Josette WABOOSE, 19, Agawa, Michipicoten River, d/o Joseph & Isabel, witn: John KIMBALL & Mrs Burt BLACKAYLEN both of Michipicoten River on June 5, 1908 at Michipicoten River.

16902-08 (Rainy River Dist) Albert William LINDQUIST, 26, farmer, Muskoka, Aylesworth, s/o Charles KETCHUM & Hannah JOHNSTON married Georgina KYDD, 19, farmers daughter, Clovering, Lash, d/o George KYDD & Sarah Anne POWER, witn: Fred KETCHUM & Mabel M--? E--? LINDQUIST of Aylesworth, 22 April 1908, Aylesworth

4524-08 Matthew LOCKHART, 30, farmer, Mulmur Tp., same, s/o Matthew LOCKHART & Ellen Jane BEST, married Katie BEST, 24, Manitoulin Island, Gordon Tp., d/o Joseph BEST & Joseph (sic) IRWIN, witn: R. J. LOCKHART of Mulmur & Mrs. H. WILSON of Gore Bay on June 3, 1908 at Gordon Tp.

18754-08 Richard MAGNUSSON, 32, cook, not given, Cumberland Street, s/o Carl MAGNUSSON, railroad man & Annie LINDBERG married Reika GREUS, 20, servant, not given, Cumberland Street, d/o Peter GREUS, farmer & Mary PAAKKARI, witn: A. FORSMAN & Sofia FORSMAN of Nipigon, 31 Dec 1908, Port Arthur
18473-08 Matti MAINPAA, 22, laborer, Finland, Fort William, s/o Jacob MAINPAA & Lanna KOSKI married Maria ALAKANTO, 21, servant, Finland, Port Arthur, d/o Jacob ALAKANTO & Hilma KONSCE, witn: Frank LILLIAN & Sofia LILLIAN of Fort William, 11 March 1908, Fort William 16916-08 (Rainy River Dist) Edward MALONE, 34, bartender, Brunell, Atikokan, s/o Bernard MALONE & Marguerite CUDDY married Elizabeth MCCRANK, 28, Farrington, Fort Frances, d/o James MCCRANK & Mary CARRELL, witn: Hugh MCDONALD of Atikokan & Mary Elizabeth MCCRANK of Fort Frances, 2 June 1908, Fort Frances
16937-08 (Rainy River Dist) Alfred MARSHALL, 27, butcher, Nottingham, Kenora, s/o John MARSHALL & Elizabeth STRUEGER married Agnes Ballantine ROBSON, 25, Swanbister, Kenora, d/o William ROBSON & Catharine ROBSON, witn: Fred George WILLCOCKS & Annie E. JOHNSON of Kenora, 24 Feb 1908, Kenora 16965-08 (Rainy River Dist) Thomas MARSHALL, 52, carpenter, widower, Carluke Scotland, Kenora, s/o Jas MARSHALL & Marion LAW married Elizabeth LACEY, 28, housemaid, Co. Wexford Ireland, Kenora, d/o Patrick LACEY & Katrine KINSELLA, witn: Jas LANG & Annie RICHMOND of Kenora, 24 June 1908, Kenora
17002-08 (Rainy River Dist) Edward Alex MARTIN, 27, trapper, widower, not given, Kenora, s/o Edward MARTIN & Polly LEWIS married Matilda KIPLING, 25, widow, not given, Kenora, d/o Benjamin LEVIN & Mary LINDSAY, witn: F.M. ISBISTER & Jessie LINKLATER of Kenora, 2 July 1908, Kenora

4525-08 Lewis MARTIN, 25, farmer, of Gordon Tp., s/o Joseph MARTIN, farmer & Isabella BLACKHORNE?, married Charlotte Jane WILSON, 23, of Gordon Tp., d/o John WILSON, farmer & Elizabeth BROCKLEBANK, witn: William JEFFKINS & Ella WILSON both of Gore Bay on June 24, 1908 at Manitoulin.

16984-08 (Rainy River Dist) John MASSARPA, 28, laborer, not given, Kenora, s/o Hasyl MASERPA (sic) & Anna HUSICRAGH married Tekla DYDCK, 30, widow, not given, Kenora, d/o Wavarisynice SOBISKI & Martha DANIELUCK, witn: Josef SOBISKI & Damian POCIESSUIK of Kenora, 11 Aug 1908, Kenora

4510-09 William McAULEY, 26, farmer, Grey Co., Parkinson, s/o Walter McAULEY & Martha BENNETT, married Margaret BROWN, 19, Parkinson, same, d/o Joseph BROWN & Agnes DUNN, witn: John McAULEY & Annie BELL both of Parkinson on Jan. 8, 1908 at Parkinson

 16915-08 (Rainy River Dist) Charles MCAVILLER, 26, not given, Campbell Vertz, Fort Frances, s/o John MCAVILLER & Brinzetta FALLON married Annie LYONS, 22, Fort Frances, Fort Frances, d/o John Henry LYONS & Rose JOURDAIN, witn: Richard LYONS & Lizzie CALDER of Fort Frances, 13 May 1908, Fort Frances 18488-08 Samuel Oslin (Osten?) MCCANN, 37, bush foreman, Ottawa, Huntsville, s/o John Wesley MCCANN & Margaret MCCONNELL married Annie PARKER, 26, Stayner, Fort William, d/o Alex MCLELLAN & J. DARROW, witn: M. FROGGATT & Dolly MCLEAN of Fort William, 16 April 1908, Fort William
18461-08 John Alex McCLURE, 28, millwright, Millbridge, Fort William, s/o John McCLURE & Christina TENNYSON, married Maud PARKER, 24, Marchmount, Fort William, d/o John PARKER & Rosanna MILLS, witn: David PARKER & Jessie R. TINN (Linn?) both of Fort William on Jan. 29, 1908 at fort William. 18767-08 Kenneth Thomas MCCUAIG, 30, Railway conductor, Calumet Island, Schreiber, s/o Peter MCCUAIG & Katharine MOOREHEAD married Dolena Gordon WILSON, 19, Seaforth, Schreiber, d/o John A. WILSON & Jeanette SUGNILLER, witn: John ANSELL & Marie DART of Schreiber, 13 May 1908, Schreiber
13825-08 Wilfred McCULLIGH, 25, farmer, of Bidwell Tp., s/o John McCULLIGH, farmer & Katharine CARR, married Olive AELICK, 25, of Sandfield, d/o Ivan AELICK, farmer, & Nancy BROWN, witn: William HANNAH of Bidwell Tp. & Emma McCULLIGH of Sheguiandah Tp. on Aug. 19, 1908 at Manitowaning.  
13826-08 Murdock McDONALD, 45, fisherman, widower, of South Baymouth, s/o Peter McDONALD & Katharine McGINNIS, married Florence S. HAMMOND, 41, of South Baymouth, d/o Charles T. HAMMOND & Susan McQUEEN, witn: James & Susan RITCHIE both of South Baymouth on Sept. 9, 1908 at Manitowaning. 18758-08 John Donald MCDONALD, 32, farmer, not given, Murillo, s/o Donald MCDONALD & Mary CAMERON married Edna BERRY, 27, housemaid, not given, Murillo, d/o William Simon BERRY & Amelia Ann RICE, witn: N. M. BERRY & Sarah C. MERKLEY of Murillo, 21 Oct 1908, Murillo
16904-08 (Rainy River Dist) Roderick William MCEACHERN, 25, agent, Dufferin, Emo, s/o Donald MCEACHERN & Catherine MCDOUGALL married Maggie May GILLIES, 19, farmers daughter, Dufferin, Emo, d/o John W. GILLIES & Margaret Jane ALLEN, witn: Annie E. GILLIES of Emo & R. B. LANGSTAFF of Devlin, 3 June 1908, Emo 18484-08 James Teeplon MACGREGOR, 27, railroad contractor, Prince Edward Island, West Fort William, s/o William Henry MACGREGOR & Eva BOVYER married Emma Helena OLLIS, 22, Port Arthur, West Fort William, d/o John Kirby OLLIS & Emma CORDINGLY, witn: Thomas Harold OLLIS & Lillian Mabel OLLIS of West Fort William, 22 April 1908, Fort William
18741-08 Daniel Stewart MCKAY, 26, marine engineer, not given, Port Arthur, s/o Angus MCKAY, farmer & Annie STEWART married Minnie JERRETT, 19, not given, Port Arthur, d/o Charles JERRETT, farmer, & Aseneth HULL, witn: John NEEHAN & Mrs. J. W. FERGUSON of Port Arthur, 19 Nov 1908, Port Arthur 16999-08 (Rainy River Dist) Gabriel Reid MACKAY, 30, book keeper, not given, Kenora, s/o John MACKAY & Christina SUTHERLAND married Stella Maria MCLAUGHLIN, 25, stenographer, not given, Kenora, d/o Robert Joseph MCLAUGHLIN & Margaret POWER, witn: J. G. MACKAY & Helen POWER of Kenora, 26 Sept 1908, Kenora
17022-08 (Rainy River Dist) John Ed MCKAY, not given, Brakeman, not given, Kenora, s/o David MCKAY & Margaret MORRISON married Margaret MURRAY, not given, not given, Ripley, d/o Norman MURRAY & Annie MCDONALD, witn: T.W. MCPHERSON & Annie MCPHERSON of Kenora, 10 Dec 1908, Kenora 18574-08 Kenneth MCLEOD, 30, stonemason, not given, Fort William, s/o Kenneth MCLEOD, crofter & Annie SMITH married Mary MCLEOD, 27, servant, not given, Fort William, d/o Colin MCLEOD & Catharine MCDONALD, witn: Harry EDWARDS & Grace SMELLIE of Fort William, 29 Oct 1908, Fort William
18485-08 Tom Bruce MEDFORTH, 24, accountant, England, Toronto, s/o William MEDFORTH & Sarah BREWER married Edith Lilian MORTON, 22, Canada, Fort William, d/o John MORTON & Addie RYNAL, witn: John MORTON & George MORTON of Fort William, 28 April 1908, Fort William 16975-08 (Rainy River Dist) John MICHAUD, 21, not given, not given, Kenora, s/o Joseph MICHAUD & Marguerite Sturgeon's EYE married Marguerite CANTRIE, 19, not given, Kenora, d/o Marguerite CANTIN (sic), witn: D. ETCHAMBAULT & Maggie BLACKEYE of Kenora, 5 Aug 1908, Kenora
18565-08 Gilbert MILLER, 33, electrician, not given, Fort William, s/o David MILLER, laborer & Eliza DUDGEON married Gertrude Isabella ELLIS, 20, not given, Fort William, d/o William Thomas ELLIS & Harriet I. BOYCE, witn: William Charles MITCHELL & Ada SMITH of Fort William, 15 Oct 1908, Fort William 18479-08 Giovanni Baptista MORELLO, 33, baker, Italy, Fort William, s/o Giovanni Baptista MORELLO & Pierina MARIN married Lucia BELLUZ, 27, Italy, Fort William, d/o Antonio BELLUZ & Luigia PIGTAT, witn: Archangelo BELLUZ & Amalia BETOLOZZIO of Fort William, 23 March 1908, Fort William
18762-08 Pierre MOSES, 21, Indian trapper, not given, Long Lake, s/o Morriso MOSES, Ind trap, & Louise DASHDIGIJIGOG married Catherine NERDJIGAHO, 28, not given, Long Lake, d/o NEODJIGAHO, Ind trap & Catherine MINDA, witn: Simon BADAD & M. Anne NABONASKEY of Long Lake, 22 June 1908, Long Lake 16940-08 (Rainy River Dist) F. G. MOULTON, 20, brakeman, Bedford Mills, Kenora, s/o Jas. MOULTON & Clara WRIGHT married Eva DUPUIS, 17, Hull Quebec, Kenora, d/o Edward DUPUIS & Sophie BERNHARD, witn: M. KALMES & J. HEBERT of Kenora, 24 March 1908, Kenora
17012-08 (Rainy River Dist) J. A. McDonald MULLIN, 28, dentist, not given, Kenora, s/o John Turner MULLIN & Mary Ann LAMB married Birdie M. SWANSON, 20, dentist assistant, not given, Kenora, d/o George SWANSON & Annie J. LESETTE, witn: Mildred WALSH & Isabel NAIRN of Kenora, 27 Oct 1908, Kenora 17011-08 (Rainy River Dist) Daniel MUNNS, 23, farmer, not given, Kenora, s/o John MUNNS & Elizabeth EARL married Mary MARTINSON, 18, not given, Kenora, d/o Olaf MARTINSON & Emma JOHNSON, witn: T. NEWCOMB & Irene SINCLAIR of Kenora, 12 Nov 1908, Kenora
4570-08 Samuel NAGAGEGHIK, 24, labourer, of Sheguiandah, s/o Henry NAGAGEGHIK, farmer & Jane PAHBAWASH, married Jane OGMAH, 18, of Sheguiandah, d/o William OGAMAH (sic) farmer & Mary BARNEY, witn: Edward PABAWASH & Harriet MAHAGGEHEBONE both of Little Current on Oct. 1, 1908 at Little Current. 16976-08 (Rainy River Dist) Alfred NELSON, 27, carpenter, not given, Kenora, s/o William NELSON & Anna NELSON married Anna Elizabeth WIDBLOM, 23, housemaid, not given, Kenora, d/o John WIDBLOM & Karns WIDBLOM, witn: Adrian LINDSTROM & Nannie JOHNSON of Kenora, 11 Aug 1908, Kenora
18749-08 Peder Olai Johnson NORDKIE, 25 , laborer, not given, Cumberland Street, s/o John Nilsen NORDKIE, farmer, & Inga ANDERSDOTTER married Marie Susanne Nilsdosser WESTGAARD, 23 , maid, not given, Cumberland Street, d/o Nils Henrikson WESTGAARD, farmer & Beris Marie OLSDOTTER, witn: Jorgen RUXI & Estney LARSON of Cumberland Street, 22 Nov 1908, The Church, Wilson Street 16906-08 (Rainy River Dist) Herbert John OGDEN, 24, farmer, Huron, Aylesworth, s/o William Woodburn OGDEN & Annie RECKNOR married Mabel Madaline MCDONALD, 21, farmers daughter, Victoria Co, Aylesworth, d/o Alex MCDONALD & Nellie MILNE, witn: Alex Fletcher CAMERON of Emo & Ethel Verona May OGDEN of Aylesworth, 24 June 1908, Aylesworth

4518-08 Michel OGUAIS, 25, labourer, Agawa, Goulais Bay, s/o John OGUAIS & Elizabeth APAKOSWA, married Louisa JOURDAN, 17, Batchewana Bay, Goulais Bay, d/o John Baptiste JOURDAN & Angelique LABELLE, witn: Thomas & Mary CADREAU, both of Goulais Bay on July 9, 1908 at Goulais Bay.

4522-08 John OGUAIS, 45, labourer, widower, Batchewana, same, s/o Samson OGUAIS & Marie Ann WABOOS, married Angelique COLLIER, 40, widow, Sault Ste Marie, Batchewana, d/o Joe CALON & Josette DESCHAMPS, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Michael SHORBO both of Batchewana on Oct. 19, 1908 at Batchewana

  16997-08 (Rainy River Dist) Eric OLSEN, 27, cook, not given, Kenora, s/o George OLSEN & Roberta THOMPSON married Emma THOMPSON, 34, not given, Kenora, d/o Robert THOMPSON & Margaret FERGUSON, witn: R. G. NAIRN & Isabel NAIRN of Kenora, 12 Oct 1908, Kenora
18739-08 Harold William PARKER, 24, farmer, not given, Dryden Manitoba (sic), s/o William R. PARKER, farmer & not given married Annie Maud MITCHELL, 18, not given, Port Arthur, d/o John Joseph MITCHELL, laborer & Sarah Ann COOK, witn: Ella BISHOP & Sarah MITCHELL of Port Arthur, 25 Nov 1908, Port Arthur 18765-08 Joseph Clagg PARKER, 24, Railway conductor, Brussels, Schreiber, s/o George PARKER & Elizabeth MAXWELL married Linda Pearl HOGGARTH, 20, Shelburne, Schreiber, d/o John HOGGARTH & Hannah J. HARVEY, witn: O. A. J. ANDERSON & Mrs. Etta LAWRENCE of Schreiber, 29 Jan 1908, Schreiber
18570-08 Job Henry John PARSONS, 33, bridge foreman, not given, Fort William, s/o Henry PARSONS, mining captain & Hannah Maria WRIGLEY married Florence May WRIGLEY, 21, not given, Fort William, d/o Henry John WRIGLEY, farmer & Annabel CAMERON, witn: Jas. L. BRILLINGER of Slate River & Bella C. WRIGLEY of Fort William, 21 Oct 1908, Fort William 16990-08 (Rainy River Dist) Karl PEARSON, 28, laborer, not given, Kenora, s/o Pen ERICKSON & Martha ERICKSON married Ester ERICKSON, 23, housemaid, not given, Kenora, d/o John ERICKSON & Maria BACKLUND, witn: August LARD & Anna LARSON of Kenora, 19 Aug 1908, Kenora

4504-08 Harry PELLETIER, 26, merchant, Detroit Michigan, Victoria Mines, s/o Wilfred PELLETIER & Mary L'HEUREUX, married Mary Beatrice MUIRHEAD, 18, Landrickshire Scotland, Victoria Mines, d/o Samuel MUIRHEAD & Rachel CRAIG, witn: Frank MUIRHEAD of Sudbury & Elizabeth WELCH of Victoria Mines on May 6, 1908 at Victoria Mines.

18564-08 Louis Lawrence PELTIER, 30, real estate agent, not given, Fort William, s/o Louis Lawrence PELTIER, gentleman & Mary BLACK married Maria Jane RUTLEDGE, teacher, not given, Fort William, d/o Edward S. RUTLEDGE, real estate agent & Ella J. THIBADEAU, witn: Henry G. PELTIER & M. Edna RUTLEDGE of Fort William, 15 Oct 1908, Fort William
16932-08 (Rainy River Dist) Ivor PETERSON, 24, Cook, Denmark, Kenora, s/o Andrew PETERSON & Wilhelmina PETERSON married Kristiana HENRICKSON, 22, Norway, Kenora, d/o Martin HENRICKSON & Aslenia HENRICKSON, witn: Bernhard HENRICKSON & Christine STAING of Kenora, 4 Jan 1908, Kenora 16935-08 (Rainy River Dist) George Pair PHILLIPS, 56, inspector of boats, widower, Woodstock New Brunswick, Kenora, s/o Joseph A. W. PHILLIPS & Priscilla Ann HAZEN married Annie Martha LESLIE, 29, Montreal, Kenora, d/o William LESLIE & Martha MCDONALD, witn: V.W. SMITH & Mrs. S. D. NIXON of Kenora, 17 Feb 1908, Kenora

4514-08 Thomas E. PINE, 25, labourer, Garden River, same, s/o John E. PINE & not given, married Rebecca WAGIMAH, 21, Garden River, same, d/o Jacob WAGIMAH & not given, witn: John & Eliza WABUNORI both of Garden River on March 3, 1908 at St. John's Church Garden River

16962-08 (Rainy River Dist) Damian POCIESJIUK, 24, laborer, Lesinin Galicia, Kenora, s/o Gregorius POCIESJIUK & Anna SZERVEZUPU married Maria SZMENDA, 17, Slamslairjiuk Galicia, Kenora, d/o Gregonus SZMENDA & Maria MILMGAK, witn: Peter NEIDER & Lukag Berez YUCKI of Kenora, 12 May 1908, Kenora
17005-08 (Rainy River Dist) Charles William POCOCK, 26, fireman, not given, Kenora, s/o Thomas POCOCK & Mary FOX married Beatrice Edna HARTFREE, 21, domestic, not given, Kenora, d/o John HARTFREE & Elizabeth GYEDD, witn: William BALDWIN & Annie BALDWIN of Kenora, 9 May 1908, Kenora 16955-08 (Rainy River Dist) Charles William POCOCK, 26, C.P.R. Employee, Reading England, not given, s/o Thomas POCOCK & Mary FOX married Beatrice Ena HARTFREE, 21, Guildford England, not given, d/o John HARTFREE & Elizabeth CZYEDD, witn: William BALDWIN & Annie BALDWIN of Kenora, 9 May 1908, Kenora
16956-08 (Rainy River Dist) Jas PORTER, not given, millwright, England, Kenora, s/o Richard PORTER & Agnes BENSON married Ethel STATT (Stall?), not given, England, Kenora, d/o Jas T. STATT & Mary SMITH, witn: Gilbert A. WEST & Marjorie B. WEST of Kenora, 21 April 1908, Kenora  18459-08 Domenico RACCO, 32, laborer, Italy, Fort William, s/o Jozeppa RACCO & Catherina CUDA, married Rosaria TRUNZO, 27, widow, Italy, Port Arthur, d/o Domenico TRUNZO & Angela PERRE, witn: Demetria LABETE & Maria MAZZA both of Fort William on Jan. 7, 1908 at Fort William

4505-08 Joseph RAIL, 26, farmer, St.. Michel de Perci Quebec, Victoria Mines, s/o Thomas RAIL & Rosalie LAFLAMME, married Corinne HOULE, 18, Plantagenet Ont., Victoria Mines, d/o Emery HOULE & Alice BERTRAND, witn: W. LYOTTE of Victoria Mines & E. BERTRAND of Denison Tp on Aug. 17, 1908 at Victoria Mines.

18482-08 David REID, 26, accountant, Nuthell Scotland, Fort William, s/o David REID & Elizabeth COMRIE married Mary Jane MORRISON, 24, Maud Scotland, Fort William, d/o John MORRISON & Agnes MAVER, witn: George R. AULD & S. M. ROWAND of Fort William, 18 April 1908, Fort William
16973-08 (Rainy River Dist) William ROBB, 27, clerk, not given, Kenora, s/o John ROBB & Janet KEELMAN married Helen Hamilton LARSON, 24, tailoress, not given, Kenora, d/o James LARSON & Margaret THOMPSON, witn: George KERS & Christina LARSON of Kenora, 15 July 1908, Kenora 17013-08 (Rainy River Dist) Arthur William ROBINSON, 35, boat builder, not given, Kenora, s/o Timothy ROBINSON & Elizabeth WILKENS married Jane JARDEN, 26, not given, Kenora, d/o James JARDEN & Mary HILL, witn: George LIC (Lee?) & Ada HICKS of Kenora, 21 Oct 1908, Kenora
18480-08 John Granville RORKE, 27, fireman, Picton (Pictou?), Fort William, s/o James Humber RORKE & Margaret Elmira FRIAR married Nellie Ivadell SCOTT, 19, Aberdeen Scotland, Fort William, d/o Charles SCOTT & Annie MORTIMER, witn: J. R. MORTON & Alice C. CAPPERTON of Fort William, 2 April 1908, Fort William 18764-08 Paul SAGIGIJIKINGABO, 26, Indian trapper, not given, Long Lake, s/o NINDIJIVOBIS, Indian trapper & Bekie PINDRE married Louise NETAWIGIJIG, 24, not given, Long Lake, d/o Paul NETAWIGIJIG, Indian trapper & Louise NEODJIGABO, witn: Francois NETAWIGIJIG & Catherine NEODJIGABO of Long Lake, 27 June 1908, Long Lake

4532-08 Bernard SAIJHON, 48, farmer, Richmond Hill, Campbell Tp., s/o Joseph S. J. SAIJHON & Agnes Jane GORMAN?, married Emma Matilda McKEOWN, 38, widow, Grey Co., Campbell, d/o James GARNEY & Jane BRIDGES, witn: Mrs Mary E. & W. D. GARNEY both of Gore Bay on March 3, 1908 at Gore Bay.

16959-08 (Rainy River Dist) John Emil Reinhold SAMSON, 29, laborer, Sweden, Kenora, s/o Salomon ANDERSON & Sanna JANSON married Maria Elisabet HOLM, 23, cook, widow, Sweden, Kenora, d/o Frederick HOLM & Adela ANDERSON, witn: August CARLSON & Annie HOLM of Kenora, 25 April 1908, Kenora

4513-08 Frances SAYER, 26, labourer, Garden River, same, s/o Edward SAYER & Susanna CROCHIERES, married Delia SYRETTE (Soyrette?), 15, Garden River, same, d/o Antoine SURELLE (sic) & Madeline PINE, witn: William SYRETTE & Susanna BOISENAULT both of Garden River on Feb. 11, 1908 at Garden River.

4543-08 Henry SHEPPARD, 33, farmer, widower, England, Rockville Manitoba, s/o Albert SHEPPARD & Eliza GREY, married Mary Elizabeth Mary CRAWFORD, 21, Sandfield, Mindemoya, d/o William CRAWFORD & Josephine SINCLAIR, witn: William & Louis PARKINSON both of Bidwell on March 4, 1908 at Bidwell Tp.

4544-08 Francis SKIPPEN, 32, farmer, Bidwell Tp., same, s/o W. T. SKIPPEN & Harriet BRYAN, married Teressa M. ARMSTRONG, 25, Howland Tp., same, d/o George ARMSTRONG & Elizabeth NORTON, witn: James H. SKIPPEN & Adelia ARMSTRONG both of Bidwell on May 27, 1908 at Bidwell.

4760-08 Thomas SMELTZER, 33, farmer, Lampton - Moore Tp., Tehkummah, s/o Philip SMELTZER & Mary FAWLOON, married Minnie Florence MITCHELL, 25, clerk, Clover Valley, Sandfield, d/o Andrew MITCHELL & Elizabeth CAMPBELL, witn: Philip SMELTZER of Tehkummah & Margaret MITCHELL of Sandfield on Jan. 15, 1908 at Sandfield.

4533-08 W. A. SMITH, 24, merchant, Spencerville, Gore Bay, s/o Robert SMITH & Margaret BENNETT, married Maude JACKSON, 29, Gore Bay, same, d/o Edward H. E. JACKSON & Mary CHATSWORTH, witn: Ida JACKSON & Frank BAXTER both of Gore Bay on June 2, 1908 at Gore Bay.

4573-08 William George SOLES, 25, labourer, of Little Current, s/o Richard SOLES & Georgina GEALEAU, married Harriett ABBEY, 23, of Little Current, d/o Charles ABBEY, farmer & Susanna NELDER (Neldes?), witn: Mr. & Mrs. Dougal LOGAN both of Little Current on Dec. 1, 1908 at Little Current. 18481-08 William Cowan STEVENSON, 26, bridge worker, Fort William, Fort William, s/o Alexander STEVENSON & Martha May TENDREN married Martha May TENDREN, 22, Franklin's Corners, Fort William, d/o Henry Doran TENDRUN & Caroline SMITH, witn: S. M. ROWAND & Margaret J. L. SMELLIE of Fort William, 8 April 1908, Fort William
16958-08 (Rainy River Dist) Donald STEWART, 40, railroading, Drumbed Scotland, Holden Alberta, s/o William STEWART & Margaret MCLEOD married Flora MACKENZIE, 23, Stoer Scotland, Stoer Scotland, d/o George MACKENZIE & Annie MACKENZIE, witn: William MACKENZIE & Mrs. William MACKENZIE of Kenora, 13 May 1908, Kenora 16993-08 (Rainy River Dist) Charles Edward STEWART, 23, telegraph operator, not given, Winnipeg, s/o Edward STEWART & Louisa ROLLO married Edna Alberta WINKLER, 22, not given, Winnipeg, d/o William WINKLER & Elizabeth MOLITOR, witn: Mrs. J. T. GUNNIS & Fern GUNNIS of Kenora, 16 Sept 1908, Kenora
  17026-08 (Rainy River Dist) Adolf STROM, 25, laborer, Krethania, Keewatin, s/o Kristen STROM & Julia married Alailde OLSEN, 21, domestic, Krethania, Keewatin, d/o Austin OLSEN & Karen, witn: Sigure KRISTIANSON & Margaret OLSON, 11 June 1908, Keewatin
18483-08 Jons Edw SWENSON, 27, stonemason, Sweden, Fort William, s/o Sven Vilhelm JONSSON & Inga PERSSON married Ingrid M. ANDERSON, 19, Sweden, Fort William, d/o Anders CARLSSON & Emma NILSSON, witn: Signe LUNDBERG & Mathilda LUNDSTROM of Fort William, 21 April 1908, Fort William 16977-08 (Rainy River Dist) Peeder TAFTGAARD, 24, laborer, not given, Kenora, s/o Neals TAFTGAARD & Julia NELSON married Marie SKAAMP, 21, not given, Kenora, d/o Nels SKAAMP & Marianne NELSON, witn: Robert NAIRN & Mrs. R. NAIRN of Kenora, 25 Oct 1908, Kenora
18486-08 Paul TAPAK, 21, laborer, Hungary, Fort William, s/o Jozy TAPAK & Griza FRASLIAK married Rosy FIRASIK, 20, Hungary, Fort William, d/o Marlan FIRASIK & Terezza KUBICEK, witn: Peter KOVACH & Zofia GARCY of Fort William, 28 April 1908, Fort William

4506-08 Matthew Holmes TRIVERS, 28, farmer, of Grasett, s/o Matthew TRIVERS, farmer & Ann HOLMES, married Mary McAULEY, 21, of Parkinson, d/o Walter McAULEY, farmer & Martha BENNETT, witn: George TRIVERS of Grasett & Mabel YATES of Wells on Sept. 30, 1908 at Grasett

16983-08 (Rainy River Dist) John TROBEK, 29, laborer, not given, Kenora, s/o Paul TROBEK & Anna STEPCRUK married Natalie ROTKOWSKA, 18, not given, Kenora, d/o John ROTKOWSKA & Domina TSCRERBONOWSKA, witn: Stanislaw BASSIFRISKI & Kasirmier ZASUJECKI, 11 Aug 1908, Kenora 18470-08 Edward R. TUCKER, 23, merchant, Manitowaning, Manitowaning, s/o William John TUCKER & Nellie RUTLEDGE married Nina A. MCLAUGHLIN, 20, Manitowaning, Manitowaning, d/o Hugh MCLAUGHLIN & Martha WRIGHT, witn: Robert BOYD & Margery R. BOYD of Fort William, 4 March 1908, Fort William
4572-08 William A. VALIQUETTE, 25, saw miller, of Little Current, s/o Caliste VALIQUETTE, farmer & Ann McGUIRE, married Sarah McGILLIS, 22, of Little Current, d/o Alex McGILLIS, farmer & Jane STEWART, witn: Alfred & Ida RHEAUME both of Little Current on Dec. 4, 1908 at Little Current 17000-08 (Rainy River Dist) William VELEKI, 24, railroadman, not given, Kenora, s/o Pasil VELEKI & Helena SCHDUDER married Sophia HARASERNIS, 20, not given, Kenora, d/o Josophat HARASENIS & Eullokia MECHECHURCH, witn: Jan ROLOSKI & John KINNISH of Kenora, 20 Oct 1908, Kenora
17025-08 (Rainy River Dist) Joseph Ovila VIAU, 28, bartender, Clarence Creek, Kenora, s/o Evariste VIAU & Juliene THAUVERT married Marie DUPUIS, 21, Keewatin, Keewatin, d/o Damina DUPUIS & Jeanette ROSANCE (Rosanier?, witn: Joseph BEAUDRO & Damien DUPUIS, 18 May 1908, Keewatin 16966-08 (Rainy River Dist) Joseph VILLENEUVE, 26, laborer, Raberval, Kenora, s/o Simeon VILLENEUVE & Marie Anne LAVOIE married Rosealba FAVREAU, 21, Hochelaga, Kenora, d/o Joseph FAVREAU & Milda BOURDON, witn: Patrice VILLENEUVE & Arthur FAVREAU of Kenora, 16 June 1908, Kenora
17008-08 (Rainy River Dist) John VINCHAM, 26, railroader, not given, Kenora, s/o William VINCHAM & Druscilla TULESDY married Emma INMAN, 20, not given, Kenora, d/o Alfred INMAN & Harriet, witn: Edward INMAN & Annie GROF of Kenora, 20 Nov 1908, Kenora

4521-08 John WAHBINOSA, not given, labourer, Garden River, same, s/o Alex WAHBINOSA & no mother's name given, married Maud WIGWASS, 17, Garden River, same, d/o John WIGWASS and no mother's name given, witn: Amos ZACK & Jennie DASON both of Garden River on Sept. 8, 1908 at Garden River.

4546-08 John WARAM, 30, farmer, Bobcaygeon, Hallam Tp., s/o Mathew WARAM & mother's name got given, married Agnes Nicholson CAMERON, 22, Shawville, Hallam Tp., d/o parent's names not given, witn: James H. TOLAND of Webbwood & Ethel Kate BUELL of Lee Valley, 9 Sept 1908 at Hallam twp

17014-08 (Rainy River Dist) William Alfred WEBSTER, 32, clerk, not given, Kenora, s/o Joseph WEBSTER & Elizabeth CHAMBERLAIN married Olive Kate GORDON, 21, not given, Kenora, d/o John GORDON & Laura Kate GRIFFIN, witn: W. J. MCNAUGHTON & Laura HILLIARD of Kenora, 7 Nov 1908, Kenora
16963-08 (Rainy River Dist) Thomas A. WHITE, 28, brakesman, Waterloo Quebec, Kenora, s/o Thomas D. WHITE & Martha ASHTON married May Hellen AUSTEY, 29, divorced, St. Albans Vermont USA, Kenora, d/o John AUSTEY & Lucy BELL, witn: Mary E. COSSEY & Eleanor A. CRUX of Kenora, 18 May 1908, Kenora 16974-08 (Rainy River Dist) William WILLIAMS, 20, laborer, not given, Kenora, s/o William WILLIAMS & Margaret MCKINLEY married Victoria SINCLAIR, 18, housemaid, not given, Kenora, d/o Jas SINCLAIR & not given, witn: Herb Palmer WILLIAMS & Mary WATSON of Kenora, 17 July 1908, Kenora
18730-08 Stanley WILSON, 21, laborer, not given, Kashabowie, s/o Alfred WILSON, consulting engineer & Ethel BROOCKER married Edla PELTO, 21, servant, not given, Port Arthur, d/o Apo PELTO, farmer & Tilda LINDGREN, witn: Sofie MATSON & Ida A. HERMANEN of Port Arthur, 6 Nov 1908, Port Arthur 18469-08 Albert George WITHEY, 28, trackman, London England, Fort William, s/o Albert James WITHEY & Ellen MORRIS married Alice Jane BRYANT, 29, widow, Alderly England, Fort William, d/o Edward Russell BRYANT & Jane TOMLINSON, witn: William McTAGUE & Mary YOUNG both of Fort William on Feb. 27, 1908 at Fort William
18562-08 Safran WOLYNUK, 24, laborer, not given, Fort William, s/o Wonofry WOLYNYK, laborer & Magdalyna SZKRAVAK married Katyryna PYNIUTA, 23, servant, not given, Fort William d/o Wasyl PYNIUTA, laborer & Anna FEDECZKA, witn: Antoni JRKOSKI & Tekla SZORMAG of Fort William, 13 Oct 1908, Fort William 18572-08 Joseph WOODS, 28, farmer, not given, Gillies, s/o Thomas WOODS, farmer & Christina MCGILVEARY married Levina SAUNDERS, 22, not given, Scobbe twp., d/o James SAUNDERS & Mary FENNELL, witn: Ed Blake SUTHERLAND & Annie ROWE of Hymers Crossing, 28 Oct 1908, Fort William
18463-08 Frederick H. YOUNG, 29, laborer, Plymouth, Port Arthur, s/o Henry YOUNG & Elizabeth BRIGGS, married Edith May WHEATLEY, 17, Canmore, West Fort William, d/o Berton WHEATLEY & Sarah Jane TRUSSON, witn: William J. DODDS & William PALLING both of Fort William on Dec. 26, 1908 at Fort William. 16988-08 (Rainy River Dist) William John Joseph YOUNG, 30, miner, not given, Dinorwic, s/o Ira YOUNG & Mary BURNS married Mary Florence STEVENS, 20, not given, Port Arthur, d/o George STEVENS & Mary MCCOLL, witn: E. G. ATKINSON of Winnipeg & Nettie E. FALLIS of Winnipeg, 9 Sept 1908, Kenora

4516-08 Sam ZACK, 26, labourer, Garden River, same, s/o father's name not given & PAKWACHENENE, married Edna WIGWASS, 16, Garden River, same, d/o John WIGWASS & Eliza WABINOSI, witn: James GREENSKY & Eliza WABINOSI both of Garden River on June 8, 1908 at Garden River

17016-08 (Rainy River Dist) Alfred ZIMMERMAN, 24, laborer, not given, Kenora, s/o August ZIMMERMAN & Marie SCHMIDT married Martha BRINKMAN, 21, not given, Kenora, d/o William BRINKMAN & Anna WEISS, witn: Adam WEISS & Hilda SHULTZ of Kenora, 12 Nov 1908, Kenora