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Northern Districts, 1909

birth place was not usually given on 1909 registrations


5178-09 William John ADAMS, 26, sailor, of Stratton, s/o James ADAMS & Isabella MARTIN, married Ida Louisa MURRAY, 20, of Stratton, d/o Kenneth MURRAY & Louise VAREY, witn: Mr. & Mrs. James DEVERICK (Storrick?) both of Stratton on Jan. 26, 1909 at Stratton.

019649-09, Matti ALANEN, 32, not given, Silver Mountain, farmer, s/o Herman ALANEN, farmer, & Maria RISKO, to Hilma LEHTINIEMI, 22, not given, Silver Mountain, servant, d/o Isak LEHINIEMI, farmer, & Fredricka LAHTI, witn: Frank E. LILLIAN of 22 McIntyre St., John OHO of 32 Machar Ave., 11 June 1909 at Port Arthur

14793-09 Roy ALGUIRE, 24, cheese maker, of Cobalt, s/o Ephraim ALGUIRE & Annie WALDORF, married Lillian COOK, 23, of Cobalt, d/o William COOK & Louise CHAPMAN, witn: Annie M. MacKENZIE & Archie RALPH both of Cobalt on Feb. 17, 1909 at Cobalt

5089-09 Herbert N. ALLAN, 32, mason, of Thessalon, s/o William ALLAN, farmer & Rebecca ROTHWELL, married Lottie Maud McCREA, 30, of Livingston Creek Ont., d/o William McCREA, farmer & Fanney BURNSIDE, witn: Cyrus R. ALLEN of Thessalon & Hattie K. McCREA of Livingston Creek on June 9, 1909 at Sault Ste. Marie.

13850-09 Bertram Robert ARCHER, 27, train brakesman, of North Bay, s/o W. H. ARCHER & Lizzie KEYS, married Mary Isabella SAWYERS, 21, of Providence Bay, d/o James SAWYERS & Sarah Emily MARSHALL, witn: James S. CADDELL & Jessie Pearl SAWYERS both of Providence Bay on July 28, 1909 at Providence Bay.

019657-09, Alexander AUGER, 25, not given, Port Arthur, not given, s/o not given & Albina GUERARD, to Norah McDONOUGH, 22, not given, Port Arthur, d/o John McDONOUGH & not given, witn: Oscar & Dorah AUGER, both of Pot Arthur, 28 June 1909 at Port Arthur 4983-09  Thomas AUSSANT, 36, hotel keeper of Blind River, s/o Thomas AUSSANT & Rosalie VOUDALE married Anna CAWERAND, 26 of Blind River, d/o Oliver CAWERAND, laborer & Delema LEVASSEUR, witn: John B. CHERNER & Oliver CAWERAND, 20 April 1909, Blind River

14786-09 Eli George BARBER, 27, plumber, of Cobalt, s/o George BARBER & Ann GOODWIN, married Caroline M. Camilla NEILSON, 26, of Cobalt, d/o John Pierre NEILSON & Laurina Christena HANSON, witn: Amanda Marie JOHANSON & Constance SPENCER both of Cobalt on March 11, 1909 at Cobalt.

005240-09, (Algoma), Francis BARNUM, 30, widower, of Thessalon, s/o not given, married Sara HILL, 21, maid, of Thessalon, d/o J. HILL & blank, boardinghouse keeper, wit Gladys NICHOLSON of Richard's Landing & Edyth ROUSE of Rouse's Point, 14 Apr 1909, at Thessalon
005114-09, (Algoma), Oliver BARTON, 37, farmer, of St. Joseph's Island,s/o Thomas BARTON, farmer & Mary ARCHER, married Frankie BURNSIDE, 21, of St. Joseph's Island, d/o James BURNSIDE, farmer & Frances GUNSOLUS, wit Greta S. BROOKE (Brooks?) & E. A. PENNINGTON, both of Sault Ste. Marie, 18 Aug 1909, at Sault Ste. Marie 014846-09 (Nipissing Co.) Samuel BELANGER, 27, blacksmith, no residence, s/o Louis BELANGER & Leonce DESBIENS, married Marie RACETTE, 21, Verner, d/o Israel RACETTE & Hermeline PAGEAU?, wtn: Joseph OREZZARD? & Israll TELLIER both of Verner, on Jan 11, 1909, at Verner
019662-09, Ray BELL, 23, not given, Port Arthur, contractor, s/o William L. BELL, merchant & Phoebe H. COLE, to Sadie STEWART, 24, not given, Port Arthur, d/o Alexander STEWART, farmer & Sarah Jane WALKER, witn: Gordon BELL & Mary STEWART, both of Port Arthur, 30 June 1909 at Port Arthur 005014-09, (Algoma), Henry BELLEAU, 29, labourer, widower, of Garden River, s/o Michel BELLEAU, labourer & Margaret JOURDAIN, married Mary Ellen McPHARLAN, 24, widow, of Garden River, d/o Thomas McPHARLAN, labourer & Catherine BOISSONNEAULT, wit John BOISSONNEAULT & Mrs. Abe BURNS, both of Garden River, 21 Oct 1909, at G.B. Dist of Algoma
5008-09  Charles BELLEAU, 25, laborer of Garden River, s/o Michel BELLEAU, laborer & Marguerite JOURDANE married Jane DAYSON, 18 of Garden River, d/o Morris DAYSON, lumberman & Esther PUIE, witn: Jos Thomas SAYER & Mary Ann CLARK of Garden River, 1 June 1909, Garden River 5010-09 (Algoma) George BELLEAU, 32, laborer of Garden River, s/o Michel BELLEAU, laborer & Marie Caroline CARLOTTE married Nancy Grace BLAIS, 22 of Garden River, d/o Antonie BLAIS, laborer & Caroline THOMAS (late), witn: Robert ???LEN & Susan BELLEAU of Garden River, 28 Sept 1909, Garden River
005229-09 Thomas BELLEROSE, 28, fisherman, Thessalon, same, s/o David BELLEROSE & Marie Jeanne ROY, married Marie Alice Valentine BOILEAU, 20, Thessalon, same, d/o Cyrille BOILEAU & Moline CARDINAL, witn: Patrick SULLIVAN & Gullena DESROCHES both of Thessalon on July 20, 1909 at Thessalon. (RC) 14884-09 James William BERREA, 21, miner, of Cobalt, s/o John BERREA & Mary Ann BULGAR, married Emma WILKINSON, 24, of Cobalt, d/o William CLEARY (sic) & Mary Ann HOWLETT, witn: Edith BANTING & Florence JAMIESON, both of Haileybury, 23 Nov 1909 at Haileybury
4987-09  Francois BERRIEN, 26, laborer of Blind River, s/o Joseph BERRIEN & Zoe LEVEQUE married Antonia TREMBLEY, 20 of Blind River, d/o Edward TREMBLEY & Mathilda POIRIER, witn: John ARCHAMBAULT & Prosper VALLER of Blind River, 28 June 1909, Blind River  
014844-09 (Nipissing Co.) Paul BERTRAND, 30, merchant, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Paul BERTRAND & Oliva PINSONNAULT, married Odele? BEAUDOIN, 22, Verner, d/o Edouard BEAUDOIN & Rose Anna ROSE, wtn: Jules BEAUDOIN & Edouard BEAUDOIN both of Verner, on Nov 21, 1909, at Verner 005223-09 Malcolm C. BILTON, 27, farmer, Iron Bridge, same, s/o Alfred BILTON & Sarah CAMPBELL, married Elizabeth J. ALLEN, 20, Iron Bridge, same, d/o William ALLEN & Janet ARGYLE, witn: H. A. BUNT & Ada C. DOVERING both of Thessalon on Apr. 28, 1909 at Thessalon

5000-09 Morris BLONDIN, 23, labourer, of Spragge, s/o Theophile BLONDIN, labourer & Philimene LECOLLE, married Eveline PELLETIER, 17, of Spragge, d/o Octave PELLETIER, labourer & Josephine ARRAULT, witn: Pierre SICARD & Alex OUIMETT both of Spragge on April 13, 1909 at Spragge

14770-09 Albert BOISSONAULT, 29, labourer, Quebec, Bonfield, s/o Joseph BOISSONAULT & Victorine DESPARIS, married Caroline LATOURNAULT, 27, widow, Quebec, Bonfield, d/o Jerome LATOURNAULT & mothers name not given, witn: Eli TRAHAN & Clara BOULANGER both of Bonfield on June 24, 1909 at Bonfield.

14872-09 Silvain BOISSONNAULT, 37, miner, of Haileybury, s/o Joseph BOISSONNAULT & Marie GRENIER, married Annie BOISSONNAULT, 36, of Haileybury, d/o Andre BOISSONNAULT & Sara BEAULIEU, witn: Joseph BOISSONNAULT of Bonfield & Andre BOISSONAULT of Haileybury on Nov. 8, 1909 at Haileybury

16049-1910 Wilfrid BOISSONEAULT, 21, Farmer, Grand Desert, s/o Anicet BOISSONEAULT & Marie BOULANGER, married Marie GAUDREAULT, 18, Bergeronnes, d/o Joseph GAUDREAULT & Calixte TREMBLAY, witn: Anicet BOISSONEAULT, Joseph GAUDREAULT, on May 11, 1909 at Bonfield.

14787-09 Telesphore BOLDUC, 32, labourer, of Cobalt, s/o Xavier BOLDUC & Eulalie LECOMS?, married Marie FOREST, 27, of Cobalt, d/o Louis FOREST & Emelie LANDREVILLE, witn: Joseph HARVEY & Joseph POITRAS both of Cobalt on Jan. 11, 1909 at Cobalt.

005235-09, (Algoma), William BOLTON, 21, labourer, of Cockburn Island, s/o William BOLTON & Elizabeth BOLTON, married Mary McCAIG, 20, of Cockburn Island, d/o Archibald McCAIG & Jane McCAIG, wit Mr. & Mrs. D. McALPINE, of Thessalon, 28 Jun 1909, at Thessalon

14781-09 Horace BONENFANT, 25, labourer, of Cache Bay, s/o William BONENFANT & Annie CHENELLE, married Albina RENAUD, 19, of Cache Bay, d/o Alex RENAUD, labourer & Albina RIOPEL, witn: Jean RENAUD & Florence VACHON both of Cache Bay on Sept. 13, 1909 at Cache Bay

005124-09, (Algoma), Joseph BOOKALAM, 22, clerk, of Cobalt, s/o Mitchell BOOKALAM & M SASSLORIER?, married Akabur? HOOVEY, 18, of Sault Ste. Marie, d/o William HOOVEY & M SULLAWEY?, wit S. A. ABOUD & M. A. ABOUD, both of Sault Ste. Marie, 6 Sep 1909, at Sault Ste. Marie (Greek Church) 005127-09, (Algoma), Edward B. BOOKS, 28, of Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Curtis S. BOOKS & Annie BENNAN, married Frances Louise BELL, 27, of Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Henry BELL & Henrietta CHUSRISKIE?, wit H. BELL & A. M. GRISDALE, both of Sault Ste. Marie, 16 Sep 1909, at Sault Ste. Marie
5022-09  Phillip BONILINE, 45, miner of Ignace, s/o Alexander BONILINE, livery driver & Jane SISSION married Mary WHITE, 42, widow of Ignace, d/o DAVIS, witn: Robert HARTLEY & Ellen WHITE & Mrs. J. COATES of Ignace, 11 Feb 1909, Ignace 17073-08 (Rainy River Dist) Frank N. BORDAL, 26, laborer, not given, Baudette Minnesota, s/o Evan BORDAL, farmer & Augusta BERGMAN married Nellie WYMAN, 20, not given, Baudette Minnesota, d/o David WYMAN, farmer & Elizabeth SHELL, witn: Adolph CARRE of Baudette & Manderichard ANDERSON, 12 Jan 1909, Rainy River
18444-09 Orila BOUCHER, 29, tailor, of Sudbury, s/o Francois BOUCHER & Philomene SURPRENANT, married Mary SWEEZEY, 23, of Massey, d/o James SWEEZEY, laborer, & Josephine LABARGE, witn: Bennie & Marguerite SWEEZEY of Massey, 6 Sept 1909 at Massey  
5025-09  Arthur F. BOYCE, 21, clerk of Port Arthur, s/o Thomas R. BOYCE customs officer & Sanier SMITH married Maria Alice ST. OMCIA, 21, of Port Arthur, d/o Olna ST. OMCIA & Helen, witn: William H. COBB & Arthur GREEN of Ignace, 16 May 1909, Ignace 019632-09 (Thunder Bay) John BOYCE, 26, baker, of Port Arthur s/o John BOYCE (deceased) and Martha COTTON married Edna May WILSON, 18, of Port Arthur d/o Thomas WILSON and Leisha MORRISON witn: Angus McLELLAN and Mrs. J.W. CHURCHILL, May 13, 1909, Port Arthur
14888-09 Archibald Steele BOYD, 22, lineman, of North Cobalt, s/o Archibald BOYD, stenographer, & Janet STIRLING, married Janet Orpah HOLDEN, 21, milliner, of North Cobalt, d/o John HOLDEN, carpenter, & Janet EAMON, witn: Margaret DONNELL of Beaverton & James COLE of Renfrew, 27 Dec 1909 at Haileybury  
5009-09  Noel BOYER, 21, laborer of Garden River, s/o Pierre BOYCE, laborer & Cecile KAGAGUIS married Sophie BELANGER, 24 of Garden River, d/o Joseph BELANGER, laborer & Charlotte WHALEN, witn: Robert SOULIER & Charlotte WHALEN of Garden River, 4 Aug 1909, Garden River 5012-09  Joseph BOYER, 24, lumberman of Garden River, s/o Ben BOYER (late) laborer & Julie CORBIERE married Agnes SYRRETTE, 17 of Garden River, d/o Michel SYRRETTE, laborer & Marie ROBERTSON, witn: Robert SINLESE & Sarah BURN of Garden River, 19 Oct 1909, GM District
5137-09  Theodore BRIMGELSON, 19, laborer of Sault Ste. Marie, s/o John BRIMGELSON & Annie JENSON married Christina PARLO, 18 of Sault Ste. Marie, d/o John & Louisa PARLO, witn: Ernest PETERSON & I. NYLANDER of Sault Ste. Marie, 16 Oct 1909, Sault Ste. Marie 5001-09 Augustus BRISON, (Bisson?) 75, widower, of Cutler, s/o Augustine BRISON, trader & Charite PERINGER, married Ann McEWAN, 66, widow, of Cutler, d/o James GARDINER & Louisa SHULER, witn: Patrick QUINN & Hellen SHEA both of Cutler on June 7, 1909 at Cutler.
5056-09  Henry BROWN, 28, laborer of Ryal Bank, s/o James BROWN & Elizabeth FITTLEY married Edith LAMUS, 24 of Ryal Bank, d/o William LAMUS & Martha SAYER, witn: F. J. ZIMMERMAN & Mrs. G. WILLMONTT of Ryal Bank, 29 April 1909, Ryal Bank

5094-09 Angus Wilfred BROWNE, 23, lumber worker, of Echerneau - Chippewa Co. Michigan, s/o Alfride BROWNE, thrasher & Christina JOHNSON, married Christina McDONALD, 28, of Sault Ste. Marie Michigan, d/o Lachlan McDONALD, farmer & Mary Jane KNIGHT, witn: Alice A. TOOHEY & Ada Carise WHITE both of Sault Ste Marie on June 29, 1909 at Sault Ste. Marie

5175-09 William James BURCH, 26, lever man, Steelton Ontario, s/o James BURCH & Jane MIDDLETON, married Mary Emma Etta TWEEDLE, 20, of St.. Joseph Tp., d/o Samuel TWEEDLE, farmer & Jerminah VERCH, witn: George TWEEDLE of Richard's Landing & Albert B. CARTER of Nelish? on Sept. 15, 1909 at Richard's Landing.

4993-09  William Thomas BURKE, 29, manager of Blind River, s/o Patrick BURKE, laborer & Anna SMITH married Catherine SHEEHAN, 26 of Blind River, d/o Thomas SHEEHAN, laborer & Lizzie LAWLIS, witn: John Baptiste CHERRIEN & Robert SMITH, 15 Nov 1909, Blind River
019659-09, William BURNS, 41, not given, White House Hotel, laborer, s/o Edward BURNS, laborer & Margaret PATERSON, to Anna Cecilia OLSON, 35, not given, 239 Wolseley Street, d/o Nils OLSON, farmer & Elisabet OLSDROSSER, witn: Eva S. & Isabella A. MONAHAN, both of 238 Wolseley Street, 7 June 1909 at 239 Wolseley Street , Port Arthur

 14766-09 Frederick Austin BURNS, 32, carpenter, of Depot Harbour, s/o Charles BURNS, ship carpenter & Rachel HATFIELD, married Nettie Jane BARTLETT, 26, of Algonquin Park, d/o George Weale BARTLETT, superintendent Algonquin Park & Margaret M. SMITH, witn: Frances Annie BARTLETT of Algonquin Park & Charles H. BURNS of Depot Harbour on Nov. 25, 1909 at Algonquin Park.

14785-09 E. A. BURRETT Junior, 24, farmer's son, 24, Cameron Tp., s/o E. A. BURRETT Senior, farmer/carpenter & not reported, married Cecelia Myrtle May SMILEY, 20, of Papineau Tp., d/o William H. SMILEY, farmer & May SMITH, witn: none given on June 3, 1909 at North Bay.

5006-09 Alexander BUSHMAN, 23, labourer, of Grand Portage Minn. USA, s/o William, labourer & Marie, married Nancy LESAGE, 32, of Grand Portage Minn. USA, d/o Antoine LESAGE, labourer & Constance MEMASKAMASH, witn: John LESAGE & Mary Ann SOLOMON both of Garden River on Feb. 1, 1909 at Garden River.
5092-09 (Algoma Dist): John Jerome BYRNE, 24, prospector, of Elk Lake City, s/o John BYRNE & Margaret McDONALD, married Mabel Mary SPAFFORD, 25, of Trenton, d/o Alek SPAFFORD & Catherine THOMPSON, witn: Vincent MORIN & Evlyne SPAFFORD, both of Sault Ste. Marie, 23 June 1909 at Sault Ste. Marie

5088-09 John CAMERON, 27, merchant, of Sudbury, s/o John CAMERON, school board officer & Catherine McADAM, married Marjory MENZIES, 22, of Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Alexander MENZIES, wood ranger & Elizabeth McCALLUM, witn: Alexander MENZIES Junior & Ada M. LANEY both of Sault Ste. Marie on June 9, 1909 at Sault Ste. Marie.

005220-09 - E. D. CAMPBELL, 24, farmer, Wharncliffe, same, s/o James CAMPBELL & Sarah Ann WILSON, married Jessie HENDRY, 19, Sowerby, Thessalon, d/o George HENDRY & Jessie PRINGLE, witn: John Campbell of Wharncliffe & Louise HENDRY of Sowerby on Mar. 12, 1909 at Thessalon

4980-09 Kenneth CAMPBELL, 31, physician, of Bruce Mines, s/o Colin CAMPBELL, farmer & Jessie GRANT, married Martha KNIGHT, 24, of Bruce Mines, d/o John KNIGHT, superintendent & Christiana SULLIVAN, witn: Charles E. TRAN & Mrs Ella KNIGHT both of Bruce Mines on Sept. 21, 1909 at Bruce Mines.

13854-09 Albert CAMPBELL, 22, farmer, of Burpee, s/o Neil CAMPBELL, farmer && Annie Belle McDOUGALL, married Sarah Elizabeth BAILEY, 17, of Burpee, d/o Robert BAILEY, farmer, & Caroline GIPSON, witn: William CAMPBELL of Campbell & Nancy BAILEY of Burpee, 5 May 1909 at Gore Bay

5140-09  John Frederick CARLSON, 23, laborer of Marmorse Lake Superior, s/o Oscar CARLSON, laborer & Josephine WINTERGARTEN married Verginia DABREEK, 22 of Batchawana, d/o Charles DABREEK & Charlotte FORTREE, witn: William REID & Lena DABREUX of Batchawana, 1 Nov 1909, Batchawana
16173-1910 Antoine CARRON, 20, Labour, Cobalt, s/o Elie CARRON & Virginie BRAZEAU, married Rose Anna GAUTHIER, 16, d/o Damase GAUTHIER & Celina LAROSE, witn: Aradas LAFLEUR, Damase GAUTHIER, on Nov. 23, 1909, at Cobalt

5172-09 Adolphus E. CARTER, 26, farmer, of Carterton, s/o James CARTER, farmer & Mary WRIGHT, married Bessie Alberta LEE, 21, of Richard's Landing, d/o George Sidney LEE, farmer & Alice Claudine WYTHE (Wyshe?), witn: William George CARTER of Carterton & Etta May TWEEDLE of Richard's Landing on May 12, 1909 at Richard's Landing.

5024-09  Dalmaris CASAGRANDE, 35, section foreman of Barclay, s/o Luigi CASAGRANDE, farmer & Teresa POZZI married Guidetta FORDERA, 33, widow of Barclay, d/o Carlo FORDERA, farmer & Luigia CARABELLA, witn: Andrea MARCHETTA & Maria CONTINI of Ignace, 10 May 1909, Barclay 18442-09 Dolphus CEULLERIER, 27, laborer, of Massey, s/o Ambroise CEULLERIER, farmer, & Delina GAGNON, married Marie Anna LACHANCE, 22, of Massey, d/o Benjamin LACHANCE, dead, & Philomene CLAINONDON?, witn: Ambroise CEULLERIER & Joseph LACHANCE, both of Massey, 22 Feb 1909 at Massey
005128-09, (Algoma), John James CHANDA, 31, steel worker, of Sault Ste. Marie, s/o John James CHANDA & Mary CHANDA, married Annie May MANARY, maid, 21, of Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Robert MANARY, farmer & Agnes CROWIE, wit John McNEIL & Harriett IRELAND, both of Sault Ste. Marie, 14 Sep 1909, at Sault Ste. Marie

14775-09 Arthur CHAPUT, 22, labourer, Ontario, Bonfield, s/o Daniel CHAPUT & Mary GELINEAU, married Elmire LABINE, 17, Ontario, Bonfield, d/o Alexandre LABINE & M. GAUDETTE, witn: Manuel LARIVIERE & Agnes MOORE both of Bonfield on Sept. 28, 1909 at Bonfield.

18451-09 Louis CHEVRIER, 25, farmer, of Warren, s/o Napoleon CHEVRIER, farmer, & Evelina LATULIPE, married Ida TREMBLAY, 16, of Warren, d/o Joseph TREMBLAY, deceased & Delina BERTRAND, witn: John & M. Louise TREMBLAY of Warren, 11 Oct 1909 at Warren 5166-09 Alfred George CHILCOTT, 22, ironworker, of Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Alfred George CHILCOTT & Eliza REES, married Elizabeth Thomas SOMERS, 20, telephone operator, of Sault Ste. Marie, d/o John William SOMERS, steam hose man, & Rose JELLY, witn: William John HUNT & Matilda Agnes PATTERSON both of Sault Ste. Marie on Dec. 25, 1909 at Sault Ste. Marie.

4981-09 George CHRISTITAN?, 25, merchant, of Blind River, s/o Thomas CHRISTITAN, foreman & Elizabeth HAWKINS, married Nellie DALE, 21, of Blind River, d/o John A. DALE, scaler & Margaret McCUTCHEON, witn: A. H. McNABB & A. J. McFAYDEN both of Blind River on Jan. 12, 1909 at Blind River.

18448-09 George Edward COULTER, 29, clergyman, of South River, s/o George COULTER & Maria CULHAM, married Annie Hamilton BOWER, 26, of Warren, d/o John BOWER, builder, & Christena ARMSTRONG, witn: Frank DUNLOP & Katie Dean BOWER, both of Warren, 21 July 1909 at Warren

14798-09 David D. CRAIG, 26, miner, of Cobalt, s/o David CRAIG, business manager & Margaret BLACK, married Kathleen GREEN, 26, of Cobalt, d/o Thomas GREEN, jeweler & Mary HAYCROFT, witn: Robert STRANGE of Giroux Lake & Delia S. McMEZA? of Cobalt on March 11, 1909 at Cobalt

005221-09 William T. CURRIE, 25, farmer, Wharncliffe, same, s/o John CURRIE & Mary TURNBULL, married Eliza G. FOSTER, 20, Wharncliffe, same, d/o John FOSTER & Christina RUTHERFORD, witn: George FOSTER of Wharncliffe & Minnie GORDON of Sault Ste Marie on Mar. 12, 1909 at Thessalon
16174-1910 Zotique CUSSON, 34, Miner, Cobalt, s/o Zotique CUSSON & Marie BELAIR, married Marie Louise RIVET, 30, Cobalt, d/o Jeremie & Rosalie RIVET, witn: Cyrille DESROSIER, J.O. NADON, on Nov. 30, 1909 at Cobalt  
005123-09, (Algoma), James DAGGETT, 43, brewer, widower, of Sudbury, s/o John DAGGETT & Ann CYR, married Aggie LAMORISSEAU, 33, of Sudbury, d/o Philip LAMORISSEAU & Annie LABELLE, wit Greta S. BROOKE & Edward A. PENNINGTON, both of Sault Ste. Marie, 7 Sep 1909, at Sault Ste. Marie 5728-10  Edward Maxwell DAILY, 44, Woodman cook, not given, Orilla, s/o Edward Maxwell DAILY, hotel keeper & Emma KING married Mrs. Ella MILLER, 40, seamstress, not given, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Humphrey JONES, layman & Jane HODGE, witn: James CLARKE & Jennie CLARKE of Steelton, 25 Dec 1909, Steelton
5135-09  Edward DAVIE, 26, lumberman, of Trout Lake, s/o Samuel DAVIE, lumberman & Barbara Ann COTTRELL married Mary Selena DUNBAR, 23, maid, of Rydal Bank, d/o Joseph W. DUNBAR, farmer & Annie COOK, witn: George William MCKIRK of Bar River & Winifred B. REID of Soo, 9 Oct 1909, Sault Ste. Marie 019660-09, Michael DAVINO, 25, not given, Port Arthur, not given, s/o Fidele DAVINO & Carmina CYPRIANO, to Verisina GENTILE, 22, not given, Italy, d/o Francisco GENTILE & Maria MICKLE, witn: Nicolas YANNOCK & Amy (or Anny) DAVINO, both of Port Arthur, 5 July 1909 at Port Arthur
18441-09 Joseph DEFOND, 36, laborer, of Massey, s/o Francis DEFOND, restaurant keeper, & Julia COMDIENE?, married Caroline MYERS, 20, of Massey, d/o Florain MYERS, deceased, & Mary Ann ZETTLER, witn: Zenas DEFOND & Ellen MYERS, both of Massey, 10 Feb 1909 at Massey

5095-09 Joseph Arthur DE FOYLE , 21, clerk, of Trout Lake, s/o Frederick DE FORGE (sic), woodsman & Margaret McKELLEHER married Annie Elbe DAIRE (Dacre?), 18, of Trout Lake, d/o Samuel DAIRE, woodsman & Barbara COTTERELL, witn: Samuel DAIRE of Trout Lake & Bertha CAMERON of Sault St.. Marie on June 29, 1909 at Sault Ste. Marie.

5097-09 William Gilbert DINWOODIE, 36, bookkeeper, of Mattawa, s/o Frederick DINWOODIE, farmer & Elizabeth ECLOCKS, married Mabel Watt SHANKS, 24, of Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Robert SHANKS, railroad master, & Jane Ann BURLINGET, witn: Freda DINWOODIE & Eva Jane SHANKS both of Sault Ste. Marie on June 30, 1909 at Sault Ste. Marie

4985-09  George Alexander DODS, 22, farmer of Copper Cliff, s/o William DODS & Susan married Edna May STUBBINGTON, 24, nurse of Dean Lake, d/o Frank STUBBINGTON & Mary, witn: Alice HENREFEHREY & Annie MILLER, 8 June 1909, Blind River
005242-09, (Algoma), Edwin DOUGHERTY, 24, farmer, of Long Bay Manitoulin, s/o S. T. DOUGHERTY, farmer & Abigail DOUGHERTY, married Annie A. McGILL, 22, teacher, d/o James McGILL, farmer & Annie McGILL, wit Mr. & Mrs. D. McALPINE, of Thessalon, 28 Jun 1909, at Thessalon 014845-09 (Nipissing Co.) Joseph DUBEAU, age n/k, farmer, Verner, s/o Francois DUBEAU & Angele CLEMONT, married Flore MOSSE, age n/k, Verner, d/o Alexis MOSSE & Domestil? MOSSE, wtn: Francis St AMOUR & Elzeor St AMOUR both of Verner, on Jan 2, 1909, at Verner

14866-09 Thomas Johnston DUNCAN, 26, clerk, of Haileybury, s/o Robert DUNCAN & Sarah GOTH, married Cora BENNETT, 24, of Haileybury, d/o Robert BENNETT & Mary MONCRIEF, witn: D. Harry GIBSON & Mrs. D. L. SCHARF both of Haileybury on Oct. 12, 1909 at Haileybury

005227-09 Jean Pierre DUNN, 28, laborer, Thessalon, same, s/o John DUNN & Charlotte WALSH, married Clarisse LADOUCOUR, 17, Sowerby, Thessalon, d/o Charles LADOUCEAUR (sic) & Helene MORIN, witn: Charles LADECOUR (sic) Junior of Sowerby & Thomas RONDEAU of Thessalon on July 6, 1909 at Thessalon. (RC) [Ladouceur?]
005035-09, (Algoma), William DURMION?, 36, cook, of Korah Twp, s/o Patrick DURMION, shepherd & Mary McDEBBIT, married Lottie McKENSIE, 19, housekeeper, of Korah Twp, d/o David E. McKENSIE, farmer & Elizabeth MAUSER, wit William Smith & George McKENSIE, of Prince, 17 Nov 1909, at Prince Twp

4998-09 Alexander EAKETT, 28, farmer, of Patton, s/o Simon EAKETT, farmer & Amelia DUNN, married Maggie BEHARRIELL, 17, of Patton, d/o William BEHARRIELL, farmer & Rebecca DUNN (sic, s/b Rebecca Bell?), witn: Reuben BEHARRIELL & Vina BILTON no residences given on Feb. 24, 1909 at Patton

005034-09, (Algoma), John William FANTHAM, 24, farmer, of Korah Twp, s/o Thomas FANTHAM, farmer & Anna MANNING, married May McKIE, 19, of Korah Twp, d/o James McKIE, farmer & Nancy LAKE, wit Norman McKIE of Korah Twp & Lissy GORDON of Sault Ste. Marie, 20 Oct 1909, at Korah Twp 4990-09  George FEX, 20, laborer of Blind River, s/o Oliver FEX & Adelaide DUVAL married Fabiola DESJARDINS, 18 of Blind River, d/o George DESJARDINS & Aurastre THERRIEN, witn: Olivar FEX & George DESJARDINS of Blind River, 2 Aug 1909, Blind River

14768-09 George Alexander FLEMING, 34, farmer, Bucke Tp., s/o William FLEMING, farmer & Janet MANSON, married Margaret KIRSTINE, 25, Haileybury Bucke Tp., d/o Sebastien KIRSTINE, farmer, & Jane HOAR, witn: Mrs. Walter KIRSTINE & Thomas FLEMING both of Haileybury on July 1, 1909 at Bucke Tp.

14859-09 Melzo L. FLINTOFF, 28, farmer, of Harley Tp., s/o James FLINTOFF & Caroline COSWELL, married Ida WHITE, 22, of Harley Tp., d/o James, farmer & Emma, witn: Charlie DOUK of Harley & Bertie McFAYDEN of Dymond Tp. on May 24, 1909 at Harley Tp.

14771-09 Moise FOISY, 20, cook, Bonfield, same, s/o J. B. FOISY & Marie AMYOTTE, married Clara BELANGER, 19, Quebec, Bonfield, d/o Joseph BELANGER & Louisa LATOURNAULT, witn: Clara & Solomon FOISY both of Bonfield on June 30, 1909 at Bonfield.

14779-09 Paul FORTIN, 21, labourer, of Cache Bay, s/o Thomas FORTIN & Eliza VEROSSEAU, married Eldea BONENFANT, 21, of Cache Bay, d/o William BONENFANT & Annie CHENELLE, witn: Joseph LEFEBVRE & Martin McKIE both of Cache Bay on July 12, 1909 at Cache Bay

  019663-09, Harry Johns FREEMAN, 25, not given, 71 Ontario Street, contractor, s/o Dan FREEMAN, engineer & Maria A. STENFOTS, to Hilma Sofia OJALA, 19, not given, 71 Ontario Street, householder, d/o Jonas OJALA, householder & Hilda KARTANO, witn: Emil & Maria SEPPALA, both of 169 Banning Street, 29 June 1909 at Part Arthur
5090-09 (Algoma Dist): George Rollins FRENCH, 30, cook, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o John FRENCH, farmer, & Jemima SHUTLER, married Ellen Mildred GOLDSMITH, 18, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o George GOLDSMITH, section foreman, & Isabella CONLON, witn: Wesley? EMERSON & Gertrude? TURCOTTE, both of Sault Ste. Marie, 23 June 1909 at Sault Ste. Marie 16175-1910 Francis GAGNE, 60, Widower, Labour, Cobalt, s/o Joseph GAGNE & Vitoline TARDIE, married Barbara SAYMOUR, 50, Widow, Cobalt, d/o Mansour J. SAYMOUR & Maxima JOSEPH, witn: N. OUELLETTE, Rosalie Archambeault McQUILLETT, on Dec. 1, 1909 at Cobalt
5136-09  Robert GARNISS, 24, farmer of Sault Ste. Marie, s/o John GARNISS, carpenter & Mary Ann COLTER married Janet MAKIN, 21, maid, of Sault Ste. Marie, d/o George MAKIN, mason & Mary MOOD, witn: William Elliott WYATT & Ethel Mary JACKSON of Sault Ste. Marie, 15 Oct 1909, Sault Ste. Marie 005237-09, (Algoma), John R. GARNISS, 28, clerk, of Thessalon, s/o John GARNISS & Mary Ann COULTES, married Annie Eliza LOWERY, 23, maid, of Toronto, d/o Edward LOWERY & Mary SUMMERTON, wit Mrs. D. McALPINE of Thessalon & Mr. E. GARNISS of Sault Ste. Marie, 25 Aug 1909, at Thessalon

14790-09 Joseph GAUTHIER, 36, labourer, of Cobalt, s/o Graippe GAUTHIER & Vitaline SENECALE, married Marie Louise McGREGOR, 25, of Cobalt, d/o Rejestre McGREGOR & Virginie VILLENEUVE, witn: William LEDUC & Louis GERVAIS both of Cobalt on Jan. 30, 1909 at Cobalt

16052-1910 Alexander GAUVREAU, s/o Eugene GAUVREAU & Lucie MUNIERE, married Luma CLUSIANT, d/o Elie CLUSIANT & Lucien PROULX, witn: Eugene GAUVREAU, Elie CLUSIANT, on July 13, 1909 at Bonfield
5021-09 Thomas GENDRON, 23, laborer, of Hilton, s/o Jean Baptiste GENDRON, laborer, & Emilie RECOLLET, married Marie Philomene THIBEAULT, 22, domestic, of Bruce Mines, d/o William THIBEAULT, fisherman, & Julie PRESQUE, witn: Jeremiah GENDRON of Hilton & Margaret THIBEAULT of Bruce Mines, 22 Sept 1909 at Hilton 019646-09 (Thunder Bay) Robert Murray GIBSON, 28, bartender, of Port Arthur s/o George GIBSON and Margaret MURRAY married Maud Beatrice MORRIS, 29, of Port Arthur d/o Henry John MORRIS and Emma BROOME witn: Frank WALVINTY and Esther INGHAM, June 15, 1909, Port Arthur

14861-09 Charles Alfred GORDON, 23, saddler, of New Liskeard, s/o Richard M. GORDON & Cecilia WAY, married Sarah Jane DILLEY, 20, of New Liskeard, d/o Fred DILLEY, farmer & Elizabeth HODGINS, witn: Mrs. J. A. SHAW of Dymond Tp. & Mrs. S. C. SMYLIE of New Liskeard on Jan. 20, 1909 at Harley Tp.

019651-09, William GOTRO, 35, not given, Mabella, widower, railway operator, s/o Onisime GOTRO & Bibiane BOURGUE, to Mary Alina TREMBLAY, 23, not given, Port Arthur, d/o Joseph TREMBLAY, contractor & Hermine ROUSSEAU, witn: Basil & Esther TREMBLAY, both of Port Arthur, 16 June 1909 at Port Arthur

5174-09 Joseph GRASLEY, 39, farmer, of Bruce Mines, s/o James, farmer & Betsy, married Bessie ELLIOTT, 24, of Richard's Landing, d/o John ELLIOTT, farmer & Francis GREXTON, witn: William GRASLEY of Bruce Mines & Myrtle ELLIOTT of Richard's Landing on June 16, 1909 at Richard's Landing

5055-09  Xavier GRATTON, 24, farmer, Rayside, s/o Napolean GRATTON, farmer & Marie Louise BLAIS married Anny RILEY, 16 of Rayside, d/o George RILEY, laborer & Annie CHARRETT, witn: Napoleon GRATTON & Frank DUMAIS of Rayside, 8 Nov 1909, Chelmsford  
019641-09 (Thunder Bay) Morton E. GREER, 23, postal clerk, of Port Arthur s/o Thompson N. GREET and Clara DAVIES marries Lucy Alberta CURTIS, 25, of Oswego NY, d/o Allan CURTIS and Ivy BOTSFORD witn: Vina GRAHAM and Rev. J.W. CHURCHILL, June 1, 1909, Port Arthur 005231-09, (Algoma), William J. GREGG, 21, labourer, of Iron Bridge, s/o Thomas GREGG & Annie McCORMICK, married Ina M. TULLOCK, 18, of Iron Bridge, d/o H. TULLOCK, farmer & Mary A. SMITH, wit N. HOUGHTON & Ada LOVERING, of Thessalon, 27 Oct 1909, at Thessalon
005112-09, (Algoma), William Henry GREGG, 27, electrician, of Sault Ste. Marie, s/o William GREGG, farmer & Emma ROBB, married Ada Amelia CORNWALL, 24, of Parry Sound, d/o William John CORNWALL, farmer & Esther Mary LANSEY, wit Greta S. BROOKE of Sault Ste. Marie & Josephine TERRELL of Montreal Que, 12 Aug 1909, at Sault Ste. Marie #019616-09 (Thunder Bay Dist): Montague Stranger GURNEY, 21, carpenter, of Port Arthur, s/o William J. GURNEY (city treasurer) & Eliza HAYWOOD, married Dorothy Pearl FORDER, 18, of Port Arthur, d/o William FORDER (musician) & Mary Elizabeth GRAD, witnesses were Edith GURNEY & Fred HAMER, both of Pt. Arthur, 26 Jan., 1909 at Pt. Arthur
019664-09, Otto GUSATFSON, 31, not given, Port Arthur, laborer, s/o Gustaf GUSTAFSON, laborer & Carolina GUSTAFSON, to Julia ANDERSON, 29, not given, Port Arthur, d/o Andrew SALOMONSON, laborer & Anna SALOMONSON, witn: Mr. & Mrs. F. SUNDBERG, not given, 6 July 1909 at Thunder Bay  
005033-09, (Algoma), Byron Elgin HALL, 28, farmer, of Korah Twp, s/o William Horace HALL, farmer & Mary E. LUTZ, married Bertha Maud PEARS, 18, of Korah Twp, d/o George PEARS, farmer & Adeline WAY, wit Henry BECKERTON of Korah Twp & Elizabeth PAGE of Sault Ste. Marie, 13 Oct 1909, at Korah Twp 019636-09 (Thunder Bay) Karl Bertinuis HALVORSEN, 26, baker, of Fort William s/o Hans HALVORSEN and Mariane F. LARSEN married Anna Rebekka BLOK, 20, of Fort William d/o Martin BLOK and Inga (?) F. KRISTIANSE witn: Magnus EGELBERG and Johannes ANDERSON, March 20, 1909, Fort William
019635-09 (Thunder Bay) George Anderson HARDY, 25, carpenter, of Fort William s/o George H. HARDY and Marion KEMP married Eva Florida ROY, 18, of Fort William d/o Onesime ROY and Annie JEAN witn: Owen BEATTY and Charlotte BEATTY, May 18, 1909, Port Arthur

5003-09 Edgar HARE (HORE?), 28, farmer, of Lot 2 Conc. 1 Day Tp., s/o Walter HARE, farmer & Hannah LAYS, married Ellen Maud CAMERON, 19, of Lot 2 Conc. 1 Day Tp., d/o George CAMERON, farmer & & Ruth ALLEN, witn: George CAMERON & William WEIS both of Dayton on June 16, 1909 at Lot 2 Conc. 1 Day Tp.

14871-09 Rodger HARLEY, 24, miner, of Haileybury, s/o Michael HARLEY & Catherine McCOUCHAN, married Mary LANGWELL, 20, of Haileybury, d/o Peter LANGWELL & Anna RUSSELL, witn: Francis HARLEY & Bridget DONNELLY both of Haileybury on Nov. 8, 1909 at Haileybury

005225-09 Omer HARMON, 30, mason, Haileybury, same, s/o George HARMON & Esther BARKER, married Henrietta ROUSSEAU, 37, Bruce Mines, same, d/o Edouard ROUSSEAU & Suzanne TRECHETTE, witn: George & Agnes ROY both of Thessalon on June 10, 1909 at Thessalon. (RC)
5141-09 George HARPER, 26, brakeman, blank, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o John HARPER & Anne Jane McGILL, married Maggie HARDY, 22, maid, blank, Sault Ste Marie, d/o David HARDY & Jane BOYCE, witn: Lawrence ABERCROMBIE & Annie HARDY both of Sault Ste Marie on Nov. 9, 1909 at Sault Ste Marie

14868-09 Bernard William HARTLEY, 38, mine foreman, of Haileybury, s/o Thomas HARTLEY & Martha C. LUCAS, married Isabella Barnet MILNE, 34, of Haileybury, d/o Charles MILNE & Elizabeth SMITH, witn: John A & Robina McARTHUR both of Haileybury on Oct. 22, 1909 at Haileybury

019652-09, George T. HARWOOD, 24, not given, Kenora, jeweller, s/o Edward HARWOOD & Olive ROY, to Josephine FLEURY, 22, not given, Port Arthur, clerk, d/o John FLEURY & Philomene MAINVILLE, witn: Euclid BONIN of Port Arthur, Emma HARWOOD of Pembroke, 16 June 1909 at Port Arthur

14795-09 Morris HASTE, 24, none given, of Cobalt, s/o Morris HASTE, farmer & Mary BRIDSON, married Elizabeth Anne TEARE, 24, of Cobalt, d/o Thomas Henry TEARE, miner & Emily CAIN, witn: Stanley BRIDSON & Catherine A KENNEDY both of Cobalt on Feb. 7, 1909 at Cobalt

005020-09, (Algoma), Peter Crozier HAWDON, 29, farmer, of Carterton, s/o Charles W. HAWDON, farmer & Isabella M. LAMPMAN, married Violet STERRETT, 20, domestic, of Hilton, d/o John STERRETT, farmer & Margaret P. BISHOP, wit William E. HAWDON & Bessie BISHOP, 28 Apr 1909, at Hilton 019667-09, Joseph Arthur Conrad HAWMAN, 22, not given, Collingwood, engineer, s/o Arthur HAWMAN, carpenter & Mary Jane WINTERS, to Agnes LUNAN, 22, not given, Port Arthur, d/o David LUNAN & Margaret RUSSELL, witn: J. E. MURRAY & J. S. McNULTY, both of Port Arthur, 8 July 1909 at Port Arthur
18446-09 Simon HAYES, 26, laborer, of Massey, s/o Patrick HAYES, laborer, & Mary Ann McRAE, married Winnifred FLAVIN, 22, domestic, of Massey, d/o John FLAVIN, deceased, & Catherine McKEE, witn: Bennie SWEEZEY & Katie FLAVIN, both of Massey, 8 Nov 1909 at Massey 5146-09 Robert Henry HEAD, 31, electrician, not given, Sault Ste Marie, s/o J. H. HEAD & Christina FUELLS, married Alice Augusta WATSON, 30, teacher, not given, Sault Ste Marie Michigan, d/o George WATSON & Rebecca RIPPSETT (?), witn: Ada M. HAGARD & Greta L. BRESHE both of Sault Ste Marie on Nov. 25, 1909 at Sault Ste Marie.
5109-09  Frederick George HEISS, 30, accountant of Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Fred J. HEISS, pattern maker & Adelaide B. STEINBERG married Bertha Irene PAUL, 23 bookkeeper of Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Charles PAUL, road supervisor & Isabel MUNROE, witn: Charles M. PENCEY & Elenna M. KERAPY of Sault Ste. Marie, 9 June 1909, Sault Ste. Marie

14878-09 Nestor HELSTROM, 27, miner, of Cobalt, s/o Charles HELSTROM & Selina ALFORCE, married Ina UDELL, 19, of Cobalt, d/o Victor UDELL & Riika MOKELFA, witn: Arnie ABIJ & Aini MAKI both of Cobalt on July 31, 1909 at Haileybury

5110-09  Bennie HEMBRUFF, 20, farmer of Dafler Michigan s/o Joseph W. HEMBRUFF, farmer & Grace ROWAN married Florence SMITH, 24, seamstress of Dafler Michigan, d/o Alex & Christina SMITH, witn: George H. FULLER of Green River & Lydia FULLER of Toronto, 20 June 1909, Sault Ste. Marie 014847-09 (Nipissing Co.) Jeremie HERARD, 27, occupation n/k, Verner, s/o Edouard HERARD & Philomine MARION, married Anna CHENIER, 24, Verner, d/o Antoine CHENIER & Agnes LAFRAMBOISE, wtn: Octavien JALBERS of Verner & Ubald CHENIER of Cobalt, on Jan 16, 1909, at Verner
  14886-09 Wong G. HIGGINS, 24, of Haileybury, s/o not given, married Eva REDMOND, 23, of Owen Sound, d/o not given, witn: John MYLES & Mrs. Patrick O'NEIL, both of Haileybury, 21 Sept 1909 at Haileybury
005120-09, (Algoma), Herbert Becking HITCHCOCK, 34, lumberman, of DeTour Mich, s/o M. D. HITCHCOCK & Frances J. JOHNSON, married Retta ANTHONY, 27, of DeTour Mich, d/o Francis E. Anthony & Eliza S. JOHNSTON, wit Greta S. BROOKE & Emily CERE, both of Sault Ste. Marie, 26 Aug 1909, at Sault Ste. Marie

5177-09 Echarist HONDE, 22, labourer, of Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Ernest HONDE & Victoria FAUBERT?, married Alice NADON, 22, of Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Xavier NADON, & Elizabeth MARCOTTE, witn: Eugene HONDE & Florida FILION both of Sault Ste. Marie on Jan. 18, 1909 at Stratton

3824-09 (Manitoulin Dist); Alexander HOPKINS, 25, farmer, of Little Current, s/o Charles HOPKINS & Mary CAMPBELL, married Kate HOLMAN, 45, widow, of Manitowaning, d/o John SCHROEDER, farmer, & Dora HARRMAN, witn: Dorothy & George HUGHSON of Manitowaning, 5 March 1909 at Manitowaning

13869-09 Charles Edwin HORE, 29, farmer, of Ice Lake, s/o Edward HORE, farmer & Margaret McKELVEY, married Jemima NELSON, 18, of Ice Lake, d/o John NELSON & Elizabeth WILSON, witn: James A. NELSON & Charlotte McARTHUR both of Ice Lake on Jan. 13, 1909 at Gore Bay Manitoulin.

4992-09  Weldnsore HOWARD, 24, laborer of Blind River, s/o Nathan HOWARD, laborer & Jane WEBSTER married Anna LACOURSE, 18 of Blind River, d/o Edmund LACOURSE, laborer & Marie ST. PIERRE, witn: Edmond LACOURSE & Joseph LACOURSE of Blind River, 16 Nov 1909, Blind River 13822-09 (Manitoulin Dist); Joseph Eber HURL, 30, teacher, of Belmont Manitoba, s/o James HURL, farmer, & Nancy MOORE, married Katherine Harriet McCOY, 23, teacher, of Manitowaning, d/o William Wallace McCOY, carpenter, & Mary Ann MITCHELL, witn: Margaret MITCHELL of Sandfield & Capt. N.J. McCOY of Owen Sound, 13 Aug 1909 at Manitowaning
4991-09  Arthur IMBEAU, 29, laborer of Blind River, s/o Charles IMBEAU & Tina TIENARD married Clirida POULISH, 23 of Blind River, d/o Alfred POULISH & Emma BOUCHARD, witn: Charles IMBEAU & Joseph LECLERC of Blind River, 16 Sept 1909, Blind River

5167-09 Marcus Lafette INGER, 27, cook, 177 Tancred St.. Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Young INGER, doctor & Verna Jones GRIERSON (Gleeson?), married Emily Victoria THORPE, 22, of Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Charles THORPE, janitor & Eliza Harriet COLE, witn: Eliza Harriet THORP (sic) of Sault Ste. Marie on Jan. 1, 1909 at 177 Tancred St.. Sault Ste. Marie.

005228-09 Henry Ernest INGRAM, 36, farmer, Kirkwood, same, s/o Henry INGRAM & Eliza HANSON, married Lily May Belle WRIGHT, 22, Kirkwood, same, d/o John H. WRIGHT & Isabella BULCH, witn: A. J. WALLACE of Toronto & Emily HUNT of St. Joseph Island on Aug. 4, 1909 at Thessalon  
019640-09 (Thunder Bay) George Samuel IRVINE, 43, farmer, of Port Arthur s/o David IRVINE and Elizabeth McKenzie SMITH married Margaret Jean SPALDING, 45, of Port Arthur d/o Alexander SPALDING and Margaret SMITH witn: W. LEMCKE and Mary Isabella WISSLER, Port Arthur 019631-09 (Thunder Bay) Isak ISAKSON, 26, laborer, of Port Arthur s/o Isak ISAKSON and Sauria (?) POTELLA married Lydia LEVO, 26, servant, of Port Arthur d/o Karl LEVO and Eva MAKI witn: Sofia MATTSON and Elias MATTSON, May 8, 1909, Port Arthur
005113-09, (Algoma), Horace Hardy JACKSON, 34, social settlement worker, of Toledo Ohio, s/o John JACKSON & Livana JOHNS, married Sarah Lenore Mary SNELL, 35, of Saginaw Mich, d/o John & Lydia, wit Edgar W. & Lydia SNELL of Saginaw Mich, 12 Aug 1909, at Sault Ste. Marie 019654-09, Arthur William JACKSON, 31, not given, Port Arthur, real estate agent, s/o Hugh T. JACKSON, gentleman & Margaret FOSTER, to Annie Grace LIVINGSTONE, 29, not given, Port Arthur, nurse, d/o Robert Thompson LIVINGSTONE, judge & Annie JACKSON, witn: S. T. LIVINGSTONE of Simcoe, Edna F. JACKSON of Port Arthur, 23 June 1909 at Port Arthur
5052-09  Edouard JAUBERT, 27, farmer of Rayside, s/o Modeste JAUBERT, farmer & Cleophie SEGUIN married Celina BRISEBOIS, 22 of Chelmsford, d/o Godfrey BRISEBOIS, farmer & Caroline LANID, witn: Dolphise POULIN of Rayside & Aime DUMAS of Balfour, 17 Aug 1909, Chelmsford

14767-09 Robert JENKINS, 26, prospector, of Bucke Tp., s/o John Matthew JENKINS & Sarah GEROUX? (Heron?), married Grace Alma GREER, 18, Bucke Tp., d/o John H. GREER, labourer & Etta HANCOCK, witn: William MUNSON & Arthur GIRLING both of Haileybury on June 21, 1909 at Bucke Tp.

14869-09 Tay JOE, 36, cook, of New Liskeard, s/o Wing JOE, merchant & Lieu, married Blanche SONIELAK?, 24, of New Liskeard, d/o Augustyn SONIELAK & Mary MACIEJKO, witn: Mrs. J. A. DONNELL & Margaret SMILLIE both of Haileybury on Nov. 3, 1909 at Haileybury.

019643-09 (Thunder Bay) Lorne Rosvale JOHNSON, 24, clerk, of Nipigon s/o Joseph Henry JOHNSON and Jennie Laura SHEMILD married Edna NAGLE, 22, of Port Arthur d/o Frederick NAGLE and Ida Ann WATSON witn: Fred NAGLE and Mrs. J.L. JOHNSON, June 5, 1909, Port Arthur

5243-09 Thomas JONDREAU, 48, carpenter, widower, of Detroit Michigan USA, s/o Joseph JONDREAU & Jane ESEMONDEAU, married Rosanna BEALEAU, 54, widow, of Livingston Creek, d/o Thomas CHRISTANE & Rosanna McMANUS, witn: Sarah HAGEN & P. H. McNICHOL both of Thessalon on Nov. 29, 1909 at Thessalon

5013-09  Daniel JONES, 22, laborer of Garden River, s/o George JONES, laborer & Charlotte BELLEAU married Susanne BORSENAULT (Boisenault?), 16 of Garden River, d/o Elias BORSENAULT, laborer & Jane SAYER, witn: Eli Jr. BORSENAULT & Jane BAUIEQUIST of Garden River, 5 Oct 1909, GM District 019658-09, George JORGENSEN, 31, not given, Queens Hotel, laborer, s/o Peter JORGENSEN, cooper & Gertine STENERSEN, to Maud Hilt KINGSLAND, 30, not given, not given, widow, d/o Grant HILT, laborer & Lula SMITH, witn: Gust OLSON & Anna HOUSER, both of 80 Front St. -Port Arthur, 24, June 1909 at 240 Van Norman St. -Port Arthur

14804-09 Phillippe JOSEPH, 21, labourer, of Cobalt, s/o Francois JOSEPH, farmer & Rebecca GRENIER, married Anna Belle BRIERE, 20, of Cobalt, d/o Elzear BRIERE, farmer & Marie CHARLEBOIS, witn: Edmond & Anseline MONETTE both of Cobalt on April 20, 1909 at Cobalt

05016-09, (Algoma), Peter JOURDAIN, 23, fisherman, of Goulais Bay, s/o Joseph JOURDAIN & Lucy WATSON, married Jennie ROBINSON, 19, of Batchawana, d/o Joseph ROBINSON, fisherman & Josette COLIN, wit Neil BERGERON & Rick McNEIL, both of Gros Cap, 27 Dec 1909, at Goulais Bay
5612-10 John Meare KAINE, 42, teacher, of Sault Ste. Marie, s/o John KAINE, notary & Mary PENTLAND, married Burleigh MULLHOLLAND, 18, of Sault Ste. Marie, d/o William MULLHOLLAND, farmer & Julia ROBINS, witn: Edna & Bertram CUNNYBEAR both of Sault Ste. Marie on Dec. 22, 1909 at Sault Ste. Marie

14881-09 Kalli KANERAA, 21, miner, of Cobalt, s/o John KENERAA & Emily HAUKOLA, married Missa WILEN, 21, of Cobalt, d/o Franz WILEN & Maria NYKANEN, witn: Matt VESA & Sanara BERGMAN both of Cobalt on Sept. 18, 1909 at Haileybury.

019671-09, Edward KIVIHARJU, 21, not given, 71 Ontario Street -Port Arthur, laborer, s/o Nicolai KIVIHARJU, farmer & Rosa SAARI, to Helga Julia MAKI, 20, not given, Pacific Hotel -Fort William, servant, d/o Herman MAKI, farmer & Judi ARVOLA, witn: Anhelm OJALA of 71 Ontario St. -Port Arthur, Hilda KULMALA of Pacific Hotel -Fort William, 22 July 1909 at Port Arthur 5106-09  William LABELA, 20, laborer of Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Alex LABELA & Helen PEKLYAMAKI married Lanna LABITE, 30 of Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Jacob LABITE & Sanua HATTIE, witn: Amos ??OLE & Lepgale PHILOGRUIET, 22 April 1909, Sault Ste. Marie

14789-09 Calixte LADOUCEUR, 25, labourer, of Cobalt, s/o Felix LADOUCEUR & Domitille CHENIER, married Alexina GALDU, 23, of Cobalt, d/o George GLADU & Elmire FAUVEL, witn: Wilfrid RENAUD & George PAQUETTE both of Cobalt on Jan. 12, 1909 at Cobalt

4986-09  Pierre LAFONTANE, 27, laborer of North Bay, s/o Joseph LAFONTAINE & Virginie RICHARD married Blanche LEBLANC, 16 of Blind River, d/o Isaac LEBLANC & Octavie DUPUIS, witn: Oliver BUIARD & George BAIRE, 15 June 1909, Blind River
5134-09  Percy James LAFORGE, 20, cook of Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Frederick LAFORGE, woodsman & Margaret MCMAHON married Selina Lette RAY, 18, maid of Sault Ste. Marie, d/o William RAY, woodsman & Martha ARNOLD, witn: David BLORISO & Winifred REID of Sault Ste. Marie, 25 Sept 1909, Sault Ste. Marie

5244-09 Peter LAGIOIS?, of Thessalon, married Mary DENEAU, not given, widowed, of Thessalon, witn: Annie GRAHAM & Mrs. D. McALPINE both of Thessalon on Feb. 16, 1909 at Thessalon. [other info is missing]

019668-09, Paaro LAINE, 22, not given, 690 Ontario Street -Port Arthur, laborer, s/o Paaro RUOTSALA, farmer & Hauna NOUSIUNEN, to Mulja LAMMI, 19, not given, 690 Ontario Street -Port Arthur, servant, d/o Jacob OJALAMMI, farmer & Paulina RAJALA, witn: Wille NIEMI of 93 Secord St. -Port Arthur, Hilja SUO of 205 Algoma St. -Port Arthur, 13 July 1909 at Port Arthur 16166-1910 Zotique LALONDE, 24, Labour, Cobalt, s/o Leandre LALONDE & Elmire MOLETTE, married Objina RIOPEL, 19, Cobalt, d/o Louis RIOPEL & Josephine ORESPECT, witn: Louis COUTURE, Louis RIOPEL, on July 29, 1909 at Cobalt.
5054-09  Laclaire LAMOUREUX, 26, merchant of Rayside, s/o Leander LAMOUREUX, farmer & Emma PILON married Aldea BLAIS, 20 of Rayside, d/o Odilon BLAIS, farmer & Rosalie GRONDIN, witn: Leander LAMOUREUX & Odilon BLAIS, 22 Aug 1909, Chelmsford

14802-09 Albert LANCIAULT, 22, labourer, of Cobalt, s/o Francois LANCIAULT, farmer & Adele RAGETTE, married Pauline BRIERE, 16, of Cobalt, d/o Elzear BRIERE, farmer & Marie CHARLEBOIS, witn: Edmond & Anseline MONETTE both of Cobalt on April 19, 1909 at Cobalt

14778-09 Edmond LANDREAU, 21, labourer, of Cache Bay, s/o Isa LANDREAU, labourer & Emma SABOURIN, married Philinese St.PIERRE, 17, of Sturgeon Falls, d/o Adelard St.PIERRE, labourer & Marie ROY, witn: Eugene MARCOUX & Adelard ST. PIERRE both of Cache Bay on April 19, 1909 at Cache Bay

4997-09 Robert C. LANE, 29, farmer, of Barrie Island, s/o Samuel LANE & Elizabeth BATTERS, married Elizabeth R. McTAGGART, 23, of Gore Bay, d/o Joseph McTAGGART, farmer & M. E. CURTIS, witn: Neil MONTGOMERY & Ethel GREENMAN both of Barrie Island on Nov. 17, 1909 at Gore Bay.

13851-09 Richard Burnett? LANGDON, 25, agent, of Govan Saskatchewan, s/o Thomas LANGDON, wharf hanger & Helen MURRAY, married Eleanor THORBURN, 28, of Gore Bay, d/o William THORBURN, wharf hanger & Hannah LAWRENCE, witn: A. E. GRAHAM & A. THORBURN both of Gore Bay on Sept. 15, 1909 at Gore Bay.

4996-09 Frederick William LANGTON, 38, farmer, of Barrie Island, s/o Charles LANGTON & Ann PENN, married Frances Edith LANE, 24, of Barrie Island, d/o Samuel LANE, farmer & Elizabeth BATTERS, witn: George E. LANE & Miss Martha VANCISE both of Barrie Island on Oct. 27, 1909 at Barrie Island.


14791-09 Joseph LAPOINTE, 30, labourer, of Cobalt, s/o Edward LAPOINTE & Marie PERRAULT, married Georgiana LIZOTTE, 18, of Cobalt, d/o Alphonse LIZOTTE & Josephine WILSON, witn: Alphonse LIZOTTE & Gaspard LAPOINTE both of Cobalt on Feb. 2, 1909 at Cobalt.

16167-1910 Joseph LARCHER, 27, Labour, Cobalt, s/o Charles LARCHER & Mary COLEIN, married Herminie PICHETTE, 24, Cobalt, d/o Hermisdas PICHETTE & Mary MOBE ?, witn: Charles LARCHE, Napoleon PORRUT, on Aug. 16, 1909, at Cobalt 019644-09 (Thunder Bay) Frank LAW, 27, carpenter, of Port Arthur s/o Henry James LAW and Mary LAYTON married Mary Ellen WHATLEY, 18, of Port Arthur d/o Samuel WHATLEY and Lucy Ada DANIELS witn: Arthur SCARLETT and Alice WHATLEY, May 6, 1909, Port Arthur
4984-09  Joseph Oniese LEBLANC, 26, laborer of Blind River, s/o Edmund LEBLANC & Delia LEGARIEU? married Josephine PERCILLE, 28 of Blind River, d/o Alexander PERCILLE & Sarah CHARTRAND, witn: George GAUTHIER & Alexander PERCILLE, 4 May 1909, Blind River

14769-09 Joseph LEBLANC, 21, farmer, of Chisholm Tp., s/o Joseph LEBLANC, farmer, & Louise TREMBLEY, married Sylvia MARTEL, 18, Bonfield, d/o Paul MARTEL & Marie TREMBLAY, witn: Paul MARTEL of Bonfield & Joseph LEBLANC of Chiswick on Feb. 22, 1909 at Bonfield

16048-1910 Eugene LEBLOND, Labour, s/o Joseph LEBLOND & Odelie TREMBLAY, married Marie Sylvie MARTEL, d/o Paul MARTEL & Marie Adeline TREMBLAY, witn: Joseph LEBLOND, Paul MARTEL, on Jan. 8, 1909 at Bonfield

14887-09 Puck Charlie LEE, 38, cook, of Cobalt, s/o Jim LEE, cook & not known, married Alice MILYAR, 19, of Cobalt, d/o John MILYAR, deceased, & Mary BARNARD, witn: Margaret & Allan DONNELL of Beaverton, 23 Dec 1909 at Haileybury

14880-09 Kalli LEHIMAKI, 28, miner, of Cobalt, s/o Willie LEHIMAKI & Meina LEINIE, married Mauda LEHTO, 24, of Cobalt, d/o Kalli HELLSTROM & Selma ALFFAUS, witn: Oscar HENDRICKSON & Aina MAKI both of Cobalt on Aug. 28, 1909 at Haileybury  
16171-1910 Harold LEROY, 31, Miner, s/o Harry LEROY & Catharine McDONALD, married Margaret PARNELL, 19, Cobalt, d/o William PARNELL & Marguerite MUVINA, witn: Victor ELOIS, Margaret ADAMS, on Nov. 22, 1909 at Cobalt. 16168-1910 Wilfred LEVAC, 26, Labour, Cobalt, s/o Evariste LEVAC & Aglae MENARD, married Sarah Catharine McDONALD, 18, Montreal, d/o Donald McDONALD & Catharine KENNEDY, witn: Uralia LEVAC, Michael BURK, on Aug. 10, 1909 at Cobalt.
16051-1910 Louis LEVESQUE, Farmer, Rutherglen, s/o Noel LEVESQUE & Philomene DECHARD? (Bechard?) married Josephine BEAULIEU, Rutherglen, d/o Isadore BEAULIEU & Henriette BOYER, witn: Demas (Damase?) DEMERS, Denise CHAPUT, on June 28, 1909 at Bonfield

14867-09 Jarl LIND, 19, miner, of Cobalt, s/o Fred LIND, carpenter & Minnie FARSELJUS, married Halvie MILLER, 19, of Cobalt, d/o John MILLER, miner & Ida BASSI, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Larry & FULLERSON no residences given on Oct. 16, 1909 at Haileybury

5130-09  Lauri LINDEN, 26, of Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Mauri LINDEN, farmer & Maria LINDEN married Julia KETOLA, 25 of Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Kable KETOLA, farmer & Eva LEOA, witn: John MABANE & Eugenia KETOLA of Sault Ste. Marie, 16 Sept 1909, Sault Ste. Marie #019615-09 (Thunder Bay Dist): Maurice Gottfrid LOFQUIST, 24, "employment", of 11 Johnson Ave., Pt. Arthur, s/o Eric LOFQUIST (farmer) and Annie GUNNAR, married Lynne HAAVIO, 24, nurse, of 11 Johnson Ave., d/o John PALENIUS (farmer) & Karolina PAAVOLA, witnesses were Rafael & Annie SMEDBERG, both of 11 Johnson Ave., Pt. Arthur, 4 March, 1909 at Pt. Arthur
019656-09, Henry LUOTO, 29, not given, res Canadian Northern Hotel in Port Arthur, laborer, s/o Dan LUOTO, laborer & Janeka SAARE, to Hilda HUTALA, 25, not given, res 206 Rowand Street in Fort William, servant, d/o Charles HUTALA, farmer & Thelta MAKI, witn: Matt & Lizzie SUO, both of 112 Albert St. -Port Arthur, 28 June 1909 at Port Arthur 005126-09, (Algoma), Thomas James LYCETT, 23, farmer, of Sault Ste. Marie, s/o James LYCETT & Eliza BEVEREAU, married Beatrice BENNETT, 23, of Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Robert BENNETT & Eliza COLLIN, wit Frank LYCETT & Malcom LYCETT, both of Sault Ste. Marie, 14 Sep 1909, at Sault Ste. Marie

14780-09 William Patrick MAHAR, 32, labourer, of Cache Bay, s/o Patrick MAHAR, farmer & Catherine CARROLL, married Mary E. WELSH, 30, of Cache Bay, d/o Richard WELSH, farmer & Ellen SULLIVAN, witn: Michael WELSH of Cache Bay & Celia MAHAR of St Catharines on Sept. 8, 1909 at Cache Bay

14794-09 Sal MAKI, 24, miner, of Cobalt, s/o John MAKI, farmer & Marja FASTE, married Agretta LALEKI, 22, of Cobalt, d/o Matte LALEKI, carpenter & Sandra SNELMAN, witn: John LUDSMAKI & Alina HEIKKILA both of Cobalt on Feb. 20, 1909 at Cobalt

019653-09, Frame Edward MANNING, 24, not given, Toronto, traveller, s/o George H. MANNING & Bessie RODD, to Agnes Matilda GORMAN, 22, not given, Port Arthur, d/o Peter GORMAN & Mary HENDERSON, witn: Albert McPHEE of Port Arthur, Lillian M. GORMAN of Saskatoon -Saskatchewan, 23 June 1909 at Port Arthur

14782-09 Anthony MAUTHA, 25, culler, of Cameron Tp., s/o Frederique MAUTHA, farmer & Geidle FRANK, married Roseanna SARAZIN, 24, of Cameron Tp., d/o Laurent SARAZIN, farmer & Elinor RICHIE, witn: Fred MAUTHA & Laurent SARAZIN both of Mattawa on April 26, 1909 at Mattawa

014843-09 (Nipissing Co.) Dolphis MARTEL, 24, workman, North Bay, s/o Dominicien MARTEL & Bazilite TREMBLAY, married Cora GENEST, 23, Verner, d/o Wilson? GENEST & Chapestelaine ALBERNIA, wtn: Dominitien MARTEL of North Bay & Villemaire GENEST of Verner, on Oct 5, 1909, at Verner

13834-09 Angus MATHESON, 23, farmer, of Elizabeth Bay, s/o Norman MATHESON, light house keeper & Elizabeth AINSLIE, married Margaret Dora KEOWN, 28, of Burpee Tp., d/o John KEOWN, farmer & Margaret GORDON, witn: John R. MORDEN & E. Maud AINSLIE both of Elizabeth Bay on Nov. 3, 1909 at Burpee Tp.

5179-09 Calista MATTINSSI, 44, not given, of Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Giovanni MATTINSSI & Amalia GALINS, married Clementina GOLINO, 28, of Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Giovanni GOLINO & Pasqua MATTINSSI, witn: Enrico OTTOGALLI & Lilas SASTOR both of the Soo on Feb. 8, 1909 at Stratton.

019670-09, Oscar MATTSON, 29, not given, 128 Algoma Street, laborer, s/o Elias MATTSON, farmer & Maria TYRO, to Minnie LAKE, 22, not given, 262 Wilson Street, servant, d/o Autti JARVI, farmer & Fiina WATTLI, witn: Isack & Lydi ISACKSON, both of 128 Algoma St. - Port Arthur, 19 July 1909 at Port Arthur
  005239-09, (Algoma), John McAULAY, 26, farmer, of Parkinson Twp, s/o Walter McAULAY, farmer & Martha BENNETT, married Annie Emma BELL, 24, of Parkinson Twp, d/o Donald BELL, farmer & Sarah OLIVER, wit Mary E. BELL & Bert ACTON, of Parkinson Twp, 24 Nov 1909, at Parkinson Twp

14801-09 Connell Francis McCAFFREY, 26, bookkeeper, Strabane Ireland, s/o William McCAFFREY & Mary O'DONNELL, married Mary Lena RUFFIANGE, 19, Calabogie, Cobalt, d/o Louis RUFFIANGE & Angeline LEGRIS, witn: Norman THIBAULT & B. S. LAFOND both of Cobalt on Feb. 22, 1909 at Cobalt.

14798-09 James Henry McCREA, 22, boarding house keeper, of Elk Lake, s/o Stephen McCREA & Henrietta REID, married Zelpha CONWAY, 19, of Cobalt, d/o John CONWAY & Jennie BADOUR, witn: Joseph CULHAM & William Charles JOHNSTON both of Cobalt on March 3, 1909 at Cobalt

13825-09 (Manitoulin Dist); Wilfred McCULLIGH (McCullough?), 25, farmer, of Bidwell twp., s/o John McCULLIGH,, farmer, & Katherine CARR, married Olive AELICK, 25, of Sandfield twp., d/o Ira AELICK, farmer, & Nancy BROWN, witn: William HANNAH of Bidwell twp & Emma McCULLIGH of Sheguwandah twp., 19 Aug 1909 at Manitowaning 005219-09 William McDONALD, 27, laborer, Thessalon, same, s/o Ronald McDONALD & Isabella McGREGOR, married Gertrude McCAIG, 22, weaver, Thessalon, same, d/o Daniel McCAIG & Sarah McNAMARA, witn: Philbert RONDEAU & Margaret McCAIG both of Thessalon on Feb. 4 (8?) 1909 at Thessalon. (RC)
019639-09 (Thunder Bay) Thomas Fran--? McDONALD, 28, lumberman, of Port Arthur s/o John S. McDONALD and Mary Ann McCORMICK married Pearl Elizabeth COX, 19, of Port Arthur d/o Thomas COX and Mary RICHARDS witn: C. MOWERY and Ella MOWERY, May 8, 1909, Port Arthur

5004-09 Kenneth Anderson McDONALD, 25, farmer, of Goulais Bay, s/o Seth McDONALD, farmer & Mary Ann McLEAN, married Elizabeth WHALEN, 20, of Goulais Bay, d/o John WHALEN, farmer & Fanny ROBINSON, witn: William McDONALD & Stella McCULLOUGH no residences given on Aug. 18, 1909 at St.. James Church, Goulais Bay.

14879-09 Harry McDONNELL, 30, miner, of Cobalt, s/o John McDONNELL & Alice SARGEANT, married Ella POWELL, 37, widow, of Cobalt, d/o Lushious (Lucius?) BOUGHTON & Rhoda BALCONE (Balcom?), witn: M.J. ATTIG & Mrs. Martha O'NEIL both of Haileybury on Aug. 26, 1909 at Haileybury

019647-09 (Thunder Bay) Alfred Joseph Glenholme MacDOUGALL, 31, M.D., of Port Arthur s/o Alfred MacDOUGALL and Mary Elizabeth McCALLUM married May Helen MEWBURN, 29, of Calgary d/o Lloyd MEWBURN and Helen Murray WRIGHT witn: Fred T. HARCOURT and Francis T. HEDLEY, June 15, 1909, Port Arthur

14870-09 John Joseph McGEE, 23, labourer, of illegible Chutes, s/o Patrick McGEE & Mary Ann DOYLE, married Lillian JORDAN, 21, of Haileybury, d/o Joseph JORDAN & Marie Dina SAURIOL, witn: Margaret & John DOYLE both of Haileybury on Nov. 13, 1909 at Haileybury.

14797-09 Angus McINTYRE, 40, carpenter, of Haileybury, s/o John McINTYRE & Mary McINNIS, married Matilda ROBINSON, 37, of Haileybury, d/o Henry ROBINSON & Susan WADE, witn: H. MARTIN & Alice BYRNES both of Cobalt on March 9, 1909 at Cobalt.

005015-09, (Algoma), Alexander McKAY, 35, fisherman, widower, of Goulais Bay, s/o Neil McKAY, fisherman & Angeline DAVREAUX, married Mary CADIEAU, 19, of Goulais Bay, d/o Joe CADIEAU, fisherman & Mary CADIEAU, wit Thomas CADIEAU & Mary McKAY, both of Goulais Bay, 27 Dec 1909, at Goulais Bay 005233-09, (Algoma), Murdock McKAY, 28, fisherman, of Cockburn Island, s/o John McKAY, fisherman & Ruth McEWAN, married Ruth A. KINCH, 21, of Livingstone Creek, d/o James KINCH, farmer & Ruth WALKER, wit Alex McKAY of Cockburn Is. & Mamie KINCH of Livingstone Creek, 14 Dec 1909, at Thessalon

5005-09 Donald McLARTY, 21, stone mason, of Goulais Bay, s/o James McLARTY, farmer & Jessie CAMPBELL, married Bessie Euphemia McAULEY, 22, of Goulais Bay, d/o Andrew McAULEY, farmer & Hannah DOWNEY, witn: Percy COATES & Celena Foster McAULEY no residences given on Dec. 15, 1909 at Goulais Bay.

019642-09 (Thunder Bay) William McLAUREN (McLaurin?), 22, tinsmith, of Fort William s/o John McLAUREN and Mary , married Elizabeth CONNOLLY, 18, of Port Arthur d/o Moses CONNOLLY and Isabel McKENZIE witn: J.E. MURRAY and Jean E. GOVENLOCK, June 5, 1909, Port Arthur

5098-09 William Henry McLEAN, 29, labourer, widower, of Tenby Bay, s/o William McLEAN, carpenter & Margaret POWELL, married Mary Helen WALLACE, 22, school teacher, of Manitowaning, d/o James WALLACE, plasterer & Catherine BEATON, witn: E. H. CHAPPELL of New York & D. E. C. REID of Washington D.C. USA on July 1, 1909 at Sault Ste. Marie

5145-09 Neil Samuel McLEAN, 22, laborer, not given, Winnipeg Manitoba, s/o Hamilton McLEAN & Bella BRODY, married Christina McPhail McLEAN, 20, not given, North Bay Ont., d/o Neil McLEAN & Mary Jane McDOWELL, witn: Florence WHEELER & Edna FLETCHER both of Sault Ste Marie on Nov, 22, 1909 at Sault Ste Marie

5613-10 Donald McLENNAN, 39, farmer, of Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Donald McLENNAN, farmer & Catherine McCREA, married Hezilie Etta THROWER, 43, of Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Isaac THROWER, farmer & Mary HUMPHRIES, witn: Jessie McLennan LECHALET & Victor Mann HUTTON no residences given on Dec. 20, 1909 at Sault Ste. Marie

4511-09 Charles McMACKEN, 24, labourer, of Bruce Mines, s/o George McMACKEN & Jennie GARSIDE, married Margaret WHITE, 20, of Bruce Mines, d/o Richard, labourer & Elizabeth, witn: George CAMPBELL & Jessie McLEOD both of Bruce Mines on April 14, 1909 at Bruce Mines

14864-09 Norman C. McVITTIE, 24, not given, Bradford, Haileybury, s/o Albert McVITTIE & Mary Ellen ROGERS, married Mary Douglas BRADSHAW, 22, Lindsay, Haileybury, d/o Robert A. BRADSHAW & Isabella McCONDRA, witn: Mary Ellen McVITTIE of Bradford & Robert A. BRADSHAW of Haileybury on Jan. 27, 1909 at Haileybury

16420-10 Thomas J. MEAGHER, 45, merchant, of Haileybury, s/o Thomas MEAGHER & Mary MARTIN, married Mary Alice COCKBURN, no age given, of Sturgeon Falls, d/o J. Percival COCKBURN, postmaster, & Catherine McDONALD, witn: George Leonard SMITH of Haileybury & Marjory COCKBURN of Sturgeon Falls, 29 Dec 1909 at Sturgeon Falls 019655-09, James Wilson MEEK, 27, not given, Port Arthur, teamster, s/o Charles MEEK, civil servant & Margaret WARNICK, to Margaret McLAUGHLAN, 23, not given, Port Arthur, d/o John McLAUGHLIN, iron moulder & Margaret McEWEN, witn: A. J. FORSYTH & J. GORDON, both of Port Arthur, 25 June 1909 at Port Arthur

14803-09 William MERCIER, 27, labourer, of Cobalt, s/o Alexandre MERCIER, labourer & Olivine LANONETTE?, married Albertine VALIQUETTE, 22, of Cobalt, d/o Michel VALIQUETTE, labourer & Mathilde LABELLE, witn: Alex MERCIER & Onesime BELLEVEAU both of Cobalt on April 19, 1909 at Cobalt

005224-09 Joseph Narcisse MICHAUD, 25, laborer, Thessalon, same, s/o Narcisse MICHAUD & Dalia DANEAU, married Marie Diana VINCENT, 17, Thessalon, same, d/o David VINCENT & Emilia VEZINA, witn: Edouard PELLITIER & David VINCENT both of Thessalon on May 24, 1909 at Thessalon. (RC)

5165-09 Thomas William MILLER, 21, clerk, of Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Thomas William MILLER, carpenter & Florence May DUNCAN, married Ann Edna Hannah FLETCHER, 18, dressmaker, of Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Frank FLETCHER, steel worker & Isabella McDOWELL, witn: George J. WHEELER & Frank FLETCHER both of Sault Ste. Marie on Dec. 25, 1909 at Sault Ste. Marie.

14875-09 Francis John Norman MONTGOMERY, 24, bartender, of New Liskeard, s/o Robert George MONTGOMERY, miner & Sarah Jane FORSYTHE, married Clara Bell McCONNELL, 18, of Haileybury, d/o James McCONNELL, miner & Christine McGREGGOR, witn: Ambrose OAKES & Violet MONTGOMERY of no residences given on Dec. 15, 1909 at Haileybury

5058-09  William George MOORE, 27, farmer, England, Ophie, s/o William C. MOORE & Eliza Ann COLSON married Harriet E. SINGLETON, 20, Ophie, Ophie, d/o A. SINGLETON & Ellen PATTERSON, witn: Abe F. SINGLETON & Betsy E. MOORE, 19 May 1909, Ophie 16054-1910 Peter MOREAU, Rutherglen, s/o Joseph MOREAU & Margaret HUDSON, married Justine GAUDREAULT, Widow, Rutherglen, d/o V. GAUDREAULT , witn: Alphonse CHARBONNEAU, Edward CRATE, on Aug. 12, 1909 at Bonfield

13870-09 John Alexander MORRISON, 27, farmer, of Meldrum Bay, s/o Thomas MORRISON, farmer & Catherine WAGG, married Alice Maud WILLETT, 25, of Meldrum Bay, d/o Thomas WILLETT, builder & Jennie STADDEN, witn: Gordon MORRISON of Meldrum Bay & Jessie ALLEN of Gore Bay on Feb. 1, 1909 at Gore Bay

5093-09 William James MYERS (sic), 22, labourer, of Sault Ste. Marie, s/o George RITCHIE, carpenter & Sarah SPEERS, married Rae Emma MYERS, 18, of Sault Ste. Marie, d/o John MYERS, labourer & Emma BINKS, witn: H. B. REID of Sault Ste. Marie & E. H. CHAPPELL of New York on June 28, 1909 at Sault Ste. Marie.

005230-09 Louis NAHMORVIN, 36, widower, laborer, Cutler Ontario, same, s/o William & Suzette, married Philomin DOMINICK, 35, widow, Mattawa, same, d/o Chabot COMMANDA & Susan ANITONNIE, witn: S. HAGEN & A. FLERON both of Thessalon on Sept. 20, 1909 at Thessalon. (RC)

14874-09 Nelson W. NICHOL, 24, mine captain, of Cobalt, s/o Thomas NICHOL, farmer & Jane ATKINSON, married Frances WILKES, 23, of Haileybury, d/o John WILKES, farmer & Mary KEHOE, witn: Herbert & Mrs. Annie WILKES both of Haileybury on Nov. 17, 1909 at Haileybury

5096-09 D. J. O'BRIEN, 31, bookkeeper, of Sault Ste. Marie, s/o William O'BRIEN, hotel keeper & Maud DUFRENE, married Mary L. RANSON, 24, of Sault Ste. Marie, d/o John RANSON & Lucy MULVIHILL, witn: N. R. O'BRIEN & Clara BENSON both of Sault Ste. Marie on June 30, 1909 at Sault Ste. Marie.

019672-09, Anshelm OJALA, 21, not given, 71 Ontario Street -Port Arthur, laborer, s/o Jonas OJALA, householder & Hilda KARTANO, to Hilda KULMALA, 20, not given, Pacific Hotel -Fort William, servant, d/o Gustaa KULMALA, farmer & Karolina ARVOLA, witn: Edward KIVIHARJU of 71 Ontario St. -Port Arthur, Helga Julia MAKI of Pacific Hotel -Fort William, 22 July 1909 at Port Arthur

14776-09 Nathaniel OSLAND, 23, farmer, of Bucke Tp., s/o John OSLAND, farmer & Mary NELSON, married Elin GRASS 20, of Bucke Tp., d/o Gustave GRASS, farmer & Annie JOHANSON, witn: Albin GRASS & Emma MYER no residences given on June 19, 1909 at Bucke Tp

16053-1910 Joel OUELLETTE, Bonfield, s/o Leon OUELLETTE & Alice CRANE, married Adeline RAINVILLE, Bonfield, d/o Louis RAINVILLE & Onezime CLOUTIER, witn: Leon OUELLETTE, Louis RAINVILLE, on Aug. 3, 1909 at Bonfield

14788-09 Alcide OUELLETTE, 28, labourer, of Cobalt, s/o Baptiste OUELLETTE & Delia RIVARD, married Georgina ROBITAILLE, 17, of Cobalt, d/o Denis ROBITAILLE & Elizabeth GARDINER, witn: Henri & Francois ROBITAILLE both of Cobalt on Jan. 12, 1909 at Cobalt.

005222-09 Arthur Ernest PATEMAN, 21, farmer, Cockburn Island, same, s/o William Thomas PATEMAN & Margaret GREY, married Pauline Gertrude FLOOD, 20, Cockburn Island, same, d/o Abraham Lincoln FLOOD & Johanna CAIN, witn: George PATEMAN of Cockburn Island & M. ROBERTSON of Manitoulin Island on Mar. 17, 1909 at Thessalon.  
5133-09  George Thomas PEACOCK, 46, widower, painter of Sault Ste. Marie, s/o George Thomas PEACOCK, merchant & Mary MCLEVENEY married Margaret Edith DODDS, 27, widower, housekeeper of Sault Ste. Marie, d/o William TODD, builder & Agnes BRODIE, witn: Andrew HUDSON & Christina ALBROUGH of Sault Ste. Marie, 22 Sept 1909, Sault Ste. Marie

14860-09 Charles PEDDIE, 28, teamster, of Harley Tp., s/o not given, married Adaline BOYD, 17, of Harley Tp., d/o Israel BOYCE, farmer & Charlotta MIDDLETON, witn: Jennie PEDDIE & David BOYCE both of Harley Tp. on May 19, 1909 at Harley Tp

4999-09 George PELLETIER, 22, labourer, of Spragge, s/o Octave PELLETIER, labourer & Josephine ARSENAULT, married Mary A. SICARD, 19, of Spragge, d/o Pierre SICARD, labourer & Sara LAFLEUR, witn: Alex OUIMET & Pat KELLY both of Spragge on April 13, 1909 at Spragge. 005122-09, (Algoma), Alfred John PETERMAN, 28, saw mill man, of Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Thomas PETERMAN, saw mill man & Elizabeth BAKLEY, married Elizabeth Jane FRASER, 20, maid, of Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Daniel FRASER, stone mason & Catherine FRASER, wit William John ATKINSON & Catherine FRASER, both of Sault Ste. Marie, 2 Sep 1909, at Sault Ste. Marie
5111-09  John PETERSON, 19, laborer of Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Alex PETERSON, laborer & Louisa REIPA married Helena JUNGAR, 20 of Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Andrew JUNGAR & not known, witn: Julia KETOLA & L. LINDEN of Sault Ste. Marie, 4 Aug 1909, Sault Ste. Marie 5131-09  Gordon Amos PICARD, 23, lumberman, of Horseshoe Bay, s/o Petro PICHARD, lumberman & Martha GORDON married Alicia Helena WALKER, 18, maid of Goulais Bay, d/o James Levi WALKER , farmer, & Elizabeth LOVELACE, witn: Jacob HUSTON & Jennette HUSTON of Sault Ste. Marie, 17 Sept 1909, Sault Ste. Marie

14773-09 Urgel PIGEAU, 20, labourer, Bonfield, same, s/o Alfred PIGEAU & Annie BOISVERT, married Mary BURNS, 20, Ontario, Bonfield, d/o John BURNS & Mary FORTIN, witn: E.V. PIGEAU & Lizzie BURNS both of Bonfield on Sept. 8, 1909 at Bonfield.

5091-09 (Algoma Dist): John PINCH, 56, widower, carriage maker, of Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Charles PINCH, farmer, & Edith BENUILTS?, married Elsie Annie McDONALD, 55, widow, housekeeper, d/o William HANNING, ship builder & Edna KELLY, witn: Robert WISEMAN & M.A. LUSWNIKE, both of Soo Ont., 23 June 1909 at Sault Ste. Marie 5053-09  Honore POIRIER, 20 of Rayside, s/o Louis POIRIER & Parcide CHARRON married Philomen CARRIERE, 17 of Rayside, d/o Joseph CARRIERE, farmer, & Hermoline VADBONCAUER, witn: John CARRIERE & Joseph CARRIERE, 15 Feb 1909, Chelmsford
14885-09 George Loren POND, 23, miner, of Cobalt, s/o Flavius POND & Susie MERSEREAU, married Mary McCONDIE, 24, of Cobalt, d/o Robert McCONDIE & Eliza WIGGLESWORTH, witn: Edith A. BANTING & Katherine FREELAND, both of Haileybury, 15 Dec 1909 at Haileybury  
18450-09 Jean Marie POTHIER, of age, farmer, of St. Charles, s/o J. B. POTHIER, farmer, & Marie Reine ROUAN, married Celina LAFORGE, of age, of St. Charles, d/o Ambroise LAFORGE, farmer, & Exeuna St.JEAN, witn: W LAFORGE & Leonie LANGLOIS, both of St. Charles, 5 Oct 1909 at St. Charles 014841-09 (Nipissing Co.) Ovide PRUD`HOMME, 20, farmer, Warren, s/o Maurice PRUD`HOMME & Azume EASCON?, married Louise ROY , 17, Kirkpatrick, d/o Thimothie ROY & Sophie PRUD`HOMME, wtn: Maurice PRUD`HOMME & Thimothie ROY both of Verner, on Aug 09, 1909, at Verner
16115-1910 David Henry QUINN, 29, Widower, Butcher, s/o John Patrick QUINN, Postmaster, & Margaret SIDDON, married Alvina May HOBIN, 24, Cobalt, d/o John HOBIN, Farmer, & Ellen RALPH, witn: James ALEXANDER, Fanny KENNEDY, on Dec. 15, 1909 at Cobalt

14862-09 William Philip QUINTON, 24, farmer, of Hudson Tp., s/o Charles QUINTON, farmer & Elizabeth PILGIE, married Elma Aleen BAKER, 15, Hudson Tp., d/o William James BAKER, deceased & Clarissa J. BARBERRY, witn: Ryerson & Clarissa J. RUSS both of Hillview Ont. on Aug. 25, 1909 at Hudson Tp.

16055-1910 Raphael RACICOT, Bonfield, s/o Felix RACICOT & Marie Louise SARRAZIN, married Hermeline MAINVILLE, Bonfield, d/o Maxime MAINVILLE & Delima MARTIN, witn: Emery RACICOT, Maxime RACICOT, on Sept. 5, 1909 at Bonfield.

14774-09 Raphael RACICOT, 25, labourer, Ontario, Bonfield, s/o Joseph RACICOT & blank, married Hermaline MAINVILLE, 20, Ontario, Bonfield, d/o Maxime MAINVILLE & Hermaline MARTIN, witn: Max. MAINVILLE & Mary RACICOT both of Bonfield on Oct. 12, 1909 at Bonfield

14783-09 Telesphore RANGER, 32, park ranger, of Cameron Tp., s/o Albert RANGER, park ranger & Deneatilt NADON married Sophrida NADON, 21, Cameron Tp., d/o Zephyre NADON, farmer & Harriette RANGER, witn: Albert RANGER & Afrina NADON both of Mattawa on Sept. 13, 1909 at Mattawa

5144-09 John Chalmers REID, 30, confectioner, not given, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o James REID & Annie RENNIT (?) married Olive Florence BUDD, 24, clerk, not given, Sault Ste Marie, d/o John BUDD & D. USHERWOOD, witn: Albert LIVINGSTON & E. James POOLE both of Sault Ste Marie on Nov. 17, 1909 at Sault Ste Marie 5142-09 Danny RIALE, 36, laborer, blank, Sault Ste Marie, s/o D illegible RIALE & Pauloncia DESUSSONIG (?), married Elizabeth ROONA, 29, not given, Sault Ste Marie, d/o Thomas ROONA & Marie NICOLA, witn: Mrs. E. C. SCOTT & Venzenzo MASCEO both of Sault Ste Marie on Nov. 19, 1909 at Sault Ste Marie

5173-09 Samuel Jonas ROACH (Rosch?), 35, hotel keeper, of Desbarats, s/o Donald ROACH & Bridget LAMASNEY, married Honore Cecelia RAINVILLE, 24, of Gawas, d/o Louis RAINVILLE, farmer & Marie Leone DESJARDINS, witn: Melina Helen ROACH of Desbarats & Louis RAINVILLE of Gawas on June 16, 1909 at Gawas Bay

14883-09 Boyd ROBERTSON, 22, laundry man, of Cobalt, s/o Duncan ROBERTSON & Margaret DENNISON, married Vina O'CONNELL, 23, of Cobalt, d/o Ronald McCONNELL & Lizzie McGREGGOR, witn: Mrs. Jennie MYLES & Mrs. Martha O'NEIL, both of Haileybury, 28 Sept 1909 at Haileybury
  5007-09 William ROBINSON, 23, fisherman, of Goulais Bay, s/o Peter ROBINSON, farmer & Charlotte MICHAUD, married Margaret JOURDAN, 19, of Goulais Bay, d/o Joseph JOURDAN, fisherman & Lucy WABU, witn: Peter JOURDAN of Goulais Bay & Mary Jane ROBINSON of Batchewana on March 31, 1909 at Batchewana.

5176-09 Lorenzo ROUSE, 47, farmer, widower, of Lot 19 Conc. D St.. Joseph, s/o John ROUSE, farmer & Susan KITCHEN, married Isabella Margaret BOWERS, 44, widow, of Conc. D St.. Joseph, d/o Joseph DINGLE, farmer & Margaret HARRIS, witn: James SAUNDERS & Minnie ROUSE both of Richard's Landing on Dec. 16, 1909 at Richard's Landing.

005226-09 Charles Frederick ROTHERA, 32, book keeper, Espanola, same, s/o Joseph ROTHERA & Sarah HAWKSWORTH, married Gertrude Pearl KEETCH, 28, Thessalon, same, d/o William KEETCH & Rosanna EVANS, witn: A. Cecil ALLMAN & Annie C. M. KEETCH both of Thessalon on June 9, 1909 at Thessalon

5002-09 Elzear ROSS, 24, labourer, of Cutler, s/o Adolphe ROSS, labourer & Cecile ST. LAURENT, married Mary CHABOT, 16, of Cutler, d/o Joseph CHABOT, labourer & D. Renaud ROSS, witn: David LANTIFF & Wilfred CHARROTE no residences given on Aug. 2, 1909 at Cutler

005234-09, (Algoma), John ROUSSEAU, 45, farmer, of Bruce Mines, s/o Edward ROUSSEAU, farmer & Suzanne FRECHETTE, married Catherine FLYNN, 44, widow, of Neebish Mich, d/o Timothy FLYNN & Bridget MORAN, wit Vienne FRECHETTE of Thessalon & Mrs. M. L. FLYNN of Neebish Mich, 3 Nov 1909, at Thessalon
4995-09  Joseph ROUSSI, 32, laborer, of Blind River, s/o Joseph ROUSSI, laborer & Marie HOGAN married Ernestine BOUCHARD, 19 of Blind River, d/o Ernest BOUCHARD, laborer & Mariline CASTIN, witn: Isidore MICHON & Ernest BOUCHARD of Blind River, 22 Dec 1909, Blind River 4994-09  Napolean ROY, 26, laborer of Blind River, s/o George ROY, laborer & Ermine FORTIN married Helen TROMBLEY (Mrs. Ernest GERARD), 31, widow of Blind River, d/o Leon TROMBLAY, laborer & Sophie GODREAU, witn: Auguste BOUCHER & George LESPERANCE of Blind River, 27 Nov 1909, Blind River
16050-1910 Ferdinand St.PIERRE, 35, Farmer, Bonfield, s/o Oliver St.PIERRE & Marguerite BOURGUINON, married Emma MANGEAU, 27, d/o Paul MANGEAU & Philomene BOULERICE, witn: Jeremi HURTUBISE, Paul MANGEAU, on May 25, 1909 at Bonfield.

14784-09 Joseph SARAZIN, 26, farmer, of Cameron Tp., s/o Laurent SARAZIN, farmer & Eleanor RICHIE, married Amanda BIGRAS, 22, nurse, of Montebello Que., d/o Anthony BIGRAS, labourer & Harriette VINETTE, witn: Laurent SARAZIN & Isaac LAURENT no residences given on Nov. 3, 1909 at Mattawa.

13871-09 Charles Elzear SAVARD, 25, lumberman, of Killarney, s/o Elzear SAVARD & Vitaline DION, married Veronica COOPER, 20, of Killarney, d/o James COOPER, labourer & Margaret ROQUE, witn: Alfred BEAUCAGE & Catherine ROQUE, on July 24, 1909 at Killarney.

5023-09  Jonathon SCHOFIELD, 25, CPR employee of Ignace, s/o Benjamin SCHOFIELD & Mary HAWKINS married Jane NEWTON, 22, of England, d/o Elizabeth NEWTON, witn: Charles SUNDRY (Landry?) & Mrs. C. SUNDRY of Ignace, 9 Mar 1909, Ignace

14858-09 Eugene SICKINGER, 27, brewer, of Toronto, s/o Joseph SICKINGER, farmer & Frances DETERLING, married Alice Maud Mary SHIELDS, 30, widow, of Ferris Tp., d/o Jeremiah SHIELDS, farmer & Elizabeth THOMAS, witn: Thomas & J. E. SHIELDS both of Callander on June 30, 1909 at Ferris Tp.


14877-09 Alfred SILCOLA (Siloola?), 23, miner, of Cobalt, s/o Hindred SILCOLA & Hannah OLELA, married Annie JAROI, 20, Cobalt, John JAROI & Josephine SAYLE, witn: Alex & Ida PYRKKA both of Cobalt on July 17, 1909 at Haileybury.

005125-09, (Algoma), Frank N. SILVERTHORN, 26, clerk, of Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Christopher SILVERTHORN & Sarah RICHEY, married Winnifred A. CRACKNELL, 20, of Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Harry CRACKNELL, painter & Hannah BAKER, wit Greta S. BROOKE & Eunice R. CRACKNELL, both of Sault Ste. Marie, 15 Sep 1909, at Sault Ste. Marie
5107-09  Grant Jay SIMPSON, 23, laborer of Big Rapids Michigan, s/o George B. SIMPSON, laborer & Emma BERTREAU married Alice Mary CRUCKSHANK, 18 of Richards Landing, s/o James CRUCKSHANK, farmer & Mary LAUSLOFF, witn: Winifred B. REID & Emily MAKLIN of Sault Ste. Marie, 8 May 1909, Sault Ste. Marie 5132-09  James William SINCLAIR, 30, hotel keeper of Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Robert SINCLAIR, foreman & Mary BEVERAGE married Margaret Elizabeth BOWERS, 25, tailoress of Pembroke, d/o Anthony BOWERS, farmer & Ellen CONROY, witn: Ivan H. HELLMERE of Catherine & Clarisa ??HANSON of Soo, 20 Sept 1909, Sault Ste. Marie
019665-09, Charles Edward SKIPPON, 24, not given, Port Arthur, bricklayer, s/o Charles Edward SKIPPON, carpenter & Emma CALEO, to Leonora HILLER, 22, not given, Port Arthur, d/o Leonard HILLER, railroad & Mary HOSKINS, witn: Myrtle SHORT of 340 Foley Street, John G. HILLER of Port Arthur, 7 July 1909 at Port Arthur 5138-09  William SLATER, 22, farmer, of Bruce Mines, s/o James H. SALTER, farmer & Sarah WOODMAN married Ida May STEINBERG, 17 of Bruce Mines, d/o Charles STEINBERG, farmer & Rosa Jane CAIN, witn: Mrs E. E. SCOTT of Sault Ste. Marie & Mrs. C. STEINBERG of Bruce Mines, 20 Oct 1909, Sault Ste. Marie
13821-09 (Manitoulin Dist); John SMELTZER, 49, farmer, of Tehkummah, s/o Philip SMELTZER, farmer, & Mary FALLOON, married Lydia HALL, 24, maid, of Tehkummah, d/o Henry HALL, farmer, & Mary WADE, witn: Ellen Mary HALL & William J. TILSON, both of Tehkummah, 16 June 1909 at Manitowaning  

4979-09 Fred William SMITH, 21, barber, of Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Robert SMITH, farmer & Annie PALMER, married Emily Margaret MATHESON, 20, of Rydal Bank, d/o William MATHESON, farmer & Matilda MAGUIRE, witn: Robert James SMITH & Edna MAGUIRE both of Rydal Bank on June 16, 1909 at Bruce Mines.

005019-09, (Algoma), George Andrew SMITH, 21, farmer's son, of Jocelyn, s/o Asline SMITH, farmer, married Mary Dolina BOOKMAN, 19, domestic, of Hilton Twp, d/o Henry BOOKMAN, farmer & Emma MANSFIELD, wit Herbert Emmerson KIRK & Winnie May BISHOP, 21 Apr 1909, at Hilton
5011-09  William SOULIER, 27, laborer of Michipicoten River, s/o Anthony SOULIER, laborer & Angelica OGNREAU married Mary CHELIN, 21 of Michipicoten River, d/o Thomas J. CHELIN, laborer & Mary LEGARDE, witn: Joseph MICHAUD & Mary LEGARDE of Garden River, 7 Sept 1909, Mich District 019650-09, Peter Philip SPENCE, 27, not given, Fort William, railroad man, s/o Gilbert SPENCE & Elisabeth MAY, to Virginie ST. PIERRE, 33, not given, Port Arthur, d/o Joseph ST. PIERRE & Marie BRAZEAU, witn: Kenneth SPENCE of Fort William, Mabel DORAN of Port Arthur, 21 June 1909 at Port Arthur
005238-09, (Algoma), Joseph SPENCER, 23, labourer, of Thessalon, s/o Edward SPENCER, married Mary Rose RICHER , 22, of Thessalon, d/o Samuel RICHER, wit Mrs. D. McALPINE & W. McNICHOL, of Thessalon, 17 Sep 1909, at Thessalon

14876-09 John Oscar STAR, 21, miner, of Cobalt, s/o John STAR, farmer & mother deceased (name not given), married Amelia ULVENIN, 21, of Cobalt, d/o Henry ULVENIN, farmer & mother deceased (name not given), witn: John FRANK & John KARI both of Cobalt on Dec. 18, 1909 at Haileybury

019638-09 (Thunder Bay) John STEWART, 36, carpenter, of Port Arthur s/o John STEWART and Hester SUTHERLAND married Jean STEWART, 33, nurse, of Port Arthur d/o William STEWART and Jane Arthur McRONALD witn: J.E. MURRAY and Emma GILES, April 21, 1909, Port Arthur 16079-1910 Paul William STEWART, 32, Lumberman, Cache Bay, s/o David H. STEWART & Rebecca BROUS, (sic) (Brouse?) married Lydia RITCHIE, 27, Widow, d/o Elijah FIKE & Elizabeth BROLLEY, witn: David STEWART, Mrs. J. SAMUELS, on Nov. 3, 1909 at Cache Bay.
005121-09, (Algoma), Philip STILL, 64, farmer, widower, of Pickford Mich, s/o William STILL & Mary Ann NEWCOM, married Sarah Jane PENFOLD, 57, widow, of Pickford Mich, d/o Clive PENFOLD & Susanna SCOTT, wit Greta S. BROOKE of Sault Ste. Marie & J. R. TERRELL of Montreal Que, 26 Aug 1909, at Sault Ste. Marie 16056-1910 Thomas Frankford STORY, 25, Widower, Lumber Merchant, Montreal, s/o William STORY, married Laura Pearl HUNT, 21, Rutherglen, d/o George Arthur HUNT & Laura Ann BROWN, witn: Hugh McDONALD, Iva Mae HUNT, on Dec. 27, 1909, at Rutherglen
4982-09  Daniel Chesmore STOVEL, 19, lather, of Thessalon, s/o Harry STOVEL & Elizabeth Jane PERRY married Sarah Winifred FISHER, 19 of Thessalon, d/o Samuel FISHER & Alice Helena HEIGHT, witn: Anna FORTUNE & Victoria MCKAY of Blind River, 15 April 1909, Blind River 005129-09, (Algoma), Robert Arthur STUMP, 25, gentleman, of Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Belville STUMP, grocer & Florence BOWLAND, married Rose M STALEY, 25, of Sault Ste. Marie, d/o George STALEY, merchant & Adelia McVICAR, wit M. P. E. SCOTT & Chris V. SCOTT, both of Sault Ste. Marie, 16 Sep 1909, at Sault Ste. Marie
005236-09, (Algoma), David STURGEON, 22, fisherman, of Bruce Mines, s/o Joseph STURGEON & Jessie STURGEON, married Lillie Catherine PONCE, 17, of Bruce Mines, d/o John PONCE & M. LAWRENCE, wit Addie PONCE of Bruce Mines & Mrs. D. McALPINE of Thessalon, 22 Jul 1909, at Thessalon

14772-09 Patrick SUNSTRUM, 26, engineer, Ontario, Mattawa, s/o Patrick SUNSTRUM & Bridget MAHAR, married Sophia MARINIER, 23, Ontario, Bonfield, d/o Hector MARINIER & Julia LALONDE, witn: Nathaniel SUNSTRUM of Mattawa & Eva MARINIER of Bonfield on Sept. 7, 1909 at Bonfield.

13823-09 (Manitoulin Dist); John James SUTTON, 74, widower, farmer, of Sion Alberta, s/o John SUTTON, farmer, & Charlotte THOMPSON, married Mary C. HUGHSON, 61, widow, of Manitowaning, d/o Thomas LANE, farmer, & Julia C. KENNEDY, witn: Mrs. Bertha M. HUGHSON & Joseph THIRD, both of Manitowaning, 23 Aug 1909 at Manitowaning 18447-09 Maxime TESSIER, 26, laborer, of Warren, s/o Baptiste TESSIER, deceased farmer, & Isabel MARION, married Josephine ROY, 25, of Warren, d/o Bernard ROY, farmer, & Mary DAGENAIS, witn: Patry DAMASE & Bernard ROY, both of Warren, 11 June 1909 at Warren
019637-09 (Thunder Bay) James TAYLOR, 38, contractor, of Port Arthur s/o Robert TAYLOR and Elizabeth ALLEN married Jennie WILSON, 21, of Silver Mountain d/o William WILLSON and Annie ROBB witn: Nathan MACKIE and Annie CATTANE, May 7, 1909, Port Arthur 019669-09, George Leslie TOWNS, 28, not given, Fort William, salesman, s/o John TOWNS, farmer & Caroline LAIRD, to Louise Florence GEORGE, 23, not given, Port Arthur, d/o Robert Cartwright GEORGE, merchant & Emma WELLS, witn: S. M. RANKIN of West Fort, G. P. MACKENZIE of Montreal, 16 July 1909 at Port Arthur

14777-09 Joseph Louis TRAHAN, 31, labourer, of Eau Claire, s/o Louis TRAHAN, farmer (deceased) & Delia CHAMPAGNE, married Elizabeth MARCOTTE, 22, Papineau Tp., d/o Remi MARCOTTE, labourer & Adeline POIRIER, witn: Wilfred & Victoria TRAHAN both of Eau Claire on Sept. 6, 1909 at Eau Clair, Calvin Tp.

5057-09  Henry William TREGONING, 24, farmer of Ophie, s/o Joseph Jenkins TREGONING & not given, married Caroline TAYLOR, 16, Ophie, Ophie, d/o not given & Caroline PACE, witn: Joseph Jenkins TREGONING & Alice TAYLOR of Ophie, 28 April 1909, Ophie

5087-09 Edgar Walter TULLOCK, 23, farmer, of Iron Bridge, s/o James TELLOCK (sic), farmer & Miss LITTLE, married Beatrice Lenora LOWE, 20, of Blind River, d/o John Thomas LOWE & Georgina McINTYRE, witn: E. A. PENNINGTON & Greta T. BROOKE both of Sault Ste. Marie on June 7, 1909 at Sault Ste. Marie.

019661-09, William Calvert TWEED, 26, not given, Port Arthur, painter etc., s/o William A. TWEED, painter etc. & Mary Jane CALVERT, to Annie McIVER, 30, not given, Port Arthur, d/o Thomas McIVER, stonemason & Mary LOCHHEAD, witn: Thomas & Mae McIVER, both of Port Arthur, 30 June 1909 at Port Arthur 18449-09 Thomas Irving TYRELL, 24, of North Bay, s/o Thomas TYRELL, laborer, & Susanna CAHILL, married Marie Louise LAMARCHE, 19, of St. Charles, d/o Joseph LAMARCHE, farmer, & Sophronie GERVAIS, witn: Desire & Mrs. Desire BERTRAND of St. Charles, 21 July 1909 at St. Charles

14873-09 Edward VAHEY, 21, labourer, of New Liskeard, s/o Thomas VAHEY & Sarah KENNEDY, married Bertha McCOOYE, 19, of New Liskeard, d/o Tom McCOOYE & Mathilda HYLAND, witn: Joseph PARISEAU & Anna RAYMOND both of New Liskeard on Nov. 25, 1909 at Haileybury

14792-09 Arthur VALLIERES, 21, labourer, of Cobalt, s/o Calixte VALLIERS (sic) & Rose ST. JACQUES, married Rose Alba MAJOR, 18, of Cobalt, d/o J. B. MAJOR & Clementine VALLER, witn: Marie Louise MAJOR & John SMITH both of Cobalt on Feb. 8, 1909 at Cobalt.

13852-09 William August VANHORNE, 26, farmer, of Gordon Tp., s/o Luke VANHORNE, farmer & Theresa Ann FOSTER, married Annie May CRAWFORD, 20, of Mindemoya, d/o William CRAWFORD, farmer & Josephine SINCLAIR, witn: Mrs. J. L. CRAWFORD & H. FERGUSON both of Gore Bay on Oct. 6, 1909 at Gore Bay.

16111-1910 William S. VEINOTTE ?, 25, Miner, Cobalt, s/o John VEINOTTE?, Farmer, & Annetta WENTZEL, married Mabel BAKER, 23, Cobalt, d/o William BAKER, Merchant, & Amanda WARD, witn: H. DOWELL, Annie MOSLIE, on Dec. 15, 1909 at Cobalt
4989-09  Pascal VILLENEUVE, 24, laborer of Blind River, s/o Pierre VILLENEUVE & Elizabeth LAVOIE married Clarisse LEBLANC, 18 of Blind River, d/o Isaac LEBLANC & Octavie DUPUIS, witn: Theodule DUBE & George BARRE of Blind River, 3 Aug 1909, Blind River 014842-09 (Nipissing Co.) Henri VINCENT, 25, farmer, McPherson, s/o Seraphin VINCENT & Corrine JETE, married Emma LATENDRESSE, 16, McPherson, d/o Simeon LATENDRESSE & Jatienne GIGUIRE, wtn: Joseph GIGUIRE & Simeon LATENDRESSE both of Notre Dame du Lac, on Aug 30, 1909, at Verner
#019617-09 (Thunder Bay Dist): James VINNING, 28, laborer, of Port Arthur, s/o Oscar VINNING (farmer) & Estella HARRISON, married Bessie MOREHOUSE, 23, of Port Arthur, d/o Thomas MOREHOUSE (drayman) and Mary BUCKLEY, witnesses were Mr. & Mrs. F.H. FALKNER, of Pt. Arthur, 15 March, 1909 at Port Arthur 019634-09 (Thunder Bay) George Walter VISSER, 21, telegraph operator, of White River s/o Walter B. VISSER and Georgina WOODCOCK married Dorothy Esther Anne RIPLEY, 23, of White River d/o Robert and Anna RIPLEY witn: V.J. STEBBINGS and Mrs. J.W. CHURCHILL, May 17, 1909, Port Arthur
5143-09 William VIVIAN, 29 laborer, not given, Sault Ste Marie, s/o Thomas G. VIVIAN & Mary TAYLOR, married Edith Honor CALLWELL, 25, dress maker, blank, Sault Ste Marie, d/o Samuel CALLWELL & Honor STRUTT, witn: Beula VIVIAN & Elena M. BARNES both of Sault Ste Marie on Nov. 18, 1909 at Sault Ste Marie. 019633-09 (Thunder Bay) William Archibald WALKER, 35, merchant, of Ignace s/o Robert WALKER (deceased) and Mary TAYLOR married Minnie WARNER, 35, of Detroit – Michigan d/o John RYAN (deceased) and Margaret SHEA witn: E. Alvin NICHOLS and Mrs. J.W. CHURCHILL, May 12, 1909, Port Arthur
5108-09  Charles WALLACE, 19, teamster of Stilton, s/o Charles WALLACE & Laura DAVIDSON married Maud STRINGER, 20 of Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Walter STRINGER & Anne CLOUGH, witn: Sarah Alice SHAW & Thomas STRINGER of Stilton, 9 June 1909, St. James Church, Sault Ste. Marie

14882-09 Clarence WALTON, 22, plumber, of New Liskeard, s/o Chester WALTON & Sophia SWITZER, married Catherine ARMSTRONG, 22, of New Liskeard, d/o John ARMSTRONG & Mary SLACK, witn: Bert ARMSTRONG & Mabel MONAGHAN both of New Liskeard on Dec. 21, 1909 at Haileybury.

  5017-09 Charles William WANAMAKER, 26, farmer, of Hilton twp., s/o William WANAMAKER, farmer, & Sarah McCLARY, married Ruby BLAKEY, 18, domestic, of Hilton twp., d/o Thomas BLAKEY, farmer, & Mary FALKNER, witn: Flossie BENNETT & A. R. FRANKLAND, both of Marksville, 26 Jan 1909 at Marksville
019648-09 (Thunder Bay) Ernest WARD, 30, baggage master, of Mariagge Hotel s/o James WARD and Maria WARNER married Edla Sofia KYTOLA, 22, servant, of 11 Johnson Avenue d/o Jase KYTOLA and Maria PERATA witn: Henry KOTANEN and Katie KOTANEN, June 17, 1909, Port Arthur 005018-09, (Algoma), Russell George WARD, 20, labourer, of Milford Haven, s/o Eli WARD, engineer & Leah PLAYFORD, married Dolina Jane LEWIS, 19, domestic, of Milford Haven, d/o Thomas Edward LEWIS, labourer & Esther LOWEN, wit A. E. GARSIDE & Catherine HUNT, 15 Apr 1909, at Marksville
18443-09 Sidney L. WARNER, 20, laborer, of Webbwood, s/o James WARNER, carpenter, & Jennie VALENSTINE, married Nellie R. CODE, 18, of Webbwood, d/o Thomas CODE, farmer, & Bella McPHEE, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Neil EVERS of Massey Station, 28 June 1909 at Massey  
4988-09  John M. WARNOCK, 29, farmer of Blind River, s/o John WARNOCK & Mary C. BAMER? married Gertrude BELTON, 18 of Blind River, d/o Walter BELTON & Sarah TRAVISS, witn: Jane KING & Josephine SPENCE of Blind River, 17 July 1909, Blind River 18445-09 Edwin WARREN, 22, lumberman, of Massey, s/o John WARREN, deceased, & Lizzie McCARTHY, married Jennie MARTEL, 18, of Massey, d/o Alfred MARTELL (sic), laborer, & Malvina PARENT, witn: Howard CARROLL & Philomene MARTELL, both of Massey, 20 Sept 1909 at Massey
#018445-09 (Sudbury Dist): Edwin WARREN, batchlor, 22, lumberman, of Massey, s/o John WARREN and Lizzie McCARTHY married Jennie MARTEL spinster, 18, of Massey, d/o Alfred MARTEL and Malvina PARENT, Witn: Howard CARROL and Philomene MARTEL both of Massey, 20 Sept 1909 at Massey 019666-09, John WATIMAA, 23, not given, 37 Centre Street, laborer, s/o Jakob WATIMAA, farmer & Leena MYTTARI, to Anna PAANANEN, 22, not given, 37 Centre Street, servant, d/o John PAANANEN, laborer & Emma (not given), witn: Oskar BLOM & Lydi SAARE, both of 37 Centre Street, 8 July 1909 at Port Arthur
019645-09 (Thunder Bay) Henry Anderson WEBBER, 31, laborer, of Port Arthur s/o Alexander WEBBER and Mary LAIRD married Isabella Murchison? McEWEN, 35, of Ayr – Scotland d/o James McEWEN and Agnes McCRACKEN witn: Theodore PLAUFF and Jenny SUTTON, June 11, 1909, Port Arthur 5139-09  Leaburee J. WEEKS, 22, foreman, of Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Helmer J. WEEKS, cook & Annie ROBERTS married Edna Matilda MADILL, 20, bookkeeper of Batchawana, d/o Alexander MADILL, drayman & Mary MCKIE, witn: Harman J. WEEKS & Lillian MADILL of Sault Ste. Marie, 27 Oct 1909, Sault Ste. Marie

5574-10 Arthur WILDING, 36, farmer, of Korah Tp., s/o George W. WILDING, farmer & Mary Ann ROWLAND, married Lydia Maria WESTBROOK, 24, widow, of Prince Tp., d/o Ira HILL, farmer & Mary Jane WILSON, witn: John J. HILL of Prince Tp. & Evelyn Mary WILSON of Sault St. Marie Michigan on Feb. 3, 1909 at Prince Tp.


13853-09 Frank George WILLIAMS, 29, farmer, of Burpee, s/o Edmund WILLIAMS, farmer & Grace JEWEL, married Charlotte BRACKEN, 19, of Silverwater, d/o Robert BRACKEN, farmer, & Harriet BAXTER, witn: William BRACKEN of Burpee & Florence McKINLEY of Gore Bay, 21 April 1909 at Gore Bay

14799-09 Edmund Henry WILLIAMS, 26, carpenter, of Cobalt, s/o Phillip WILLIAMS, jeweler & Mary Ann JOSLIN, married Wilhelmina Edith Lambert TAYLOR, 22, of Burlington Beach, d/o Francis Henry TAYLOR, Superintendent Cataract Power Co & Mary Ann EUSTACE, witn: Frank COOK of Allice Que. & Alice WILLIAMS of Hodgson on March 17, 1909 at Cobalt.
005232-09, (Algoma), John L. WILSON, 47, farmer, widower, of Wharncliffe, s/o John WILSON, farmer & Elizabeth SOLER, married Sarah A. OSBORNE, 47, widow, of Wharncliffe, d/o F. & S. GUNNIS, wit William HOUGHTON of Dayton & Ada LOVERING of Thessalon, 1 Nov 1909, at Thessalon

14800-09 John M. WILSON, 47, miner, of Cobalt, s/o Thomas WILSON & Emmeline RITCHIE, married Elizabeth CHURCHILL, 39, of Ogdensburg New York USA, d/o Jonas CHURCHILL & Elizabeth FORRESTER, witn: A. J. T. PEARCE & Annie M. MacKENZIE both of Cobalt on March 20, 1909 at Cobalt.

13855-09 Albert R. WOOD, 25, farmer, of Gore Bay, s/o Henry WOOD & Jane SIDES married Annie Baker MATHESON, 21, of Gore Bay, d/o Angus MATHESON, marine captain & Emma HUGHSON, witn: Hazel WOOD & Sarah H. MATHESON of Gore Bay, 16 June 1909, Gore Bay

005241-09, (Algoma), George E. WRIGHT, ??, merchant, of Cockburn Island, , married Margaret A. LUNDY, farmer's daughter, of Little Rapids, 28 Jun 1909, at Little Rapids
  005119-09, (Algoma), Fred YOUNG, 24, clerk on railroad, of Newberry Mich, s/o Henry YOUNG, lumberman & Clara STAPLES, married Anna HERRIT, 22, of Newberry Mich, d/o John HERRIT, hotel keeper & Jessie MILLER, wit Nellie McGOWAN of Sault Ste Marie & L. G. Reid of ??, 19 Aug 1909, at Sault Ste. Marie