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Northern Districts, 1910, part 2

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16352-1910 Richard A. ABRAHAM, 27, Merchant, Cobalt, s/o Thomas ABRAHAM & Annie KOUCIE ?, married Selienie KASAN, 18, Elk Lake, d/o Mike KASAN, Merchant, & Katherine ANPER?, Wtn. Mr. & Mrs. H. CHAMADY, on May 16, 1910 at North Bay. 16340-1910 John ALLEN, 27, Clerk, North Bay, s/o John ALLEN, Shipwright, & Delia MORAN, married Elizabeth HAMMOND, 20, North Bay, d/o Ernest HAMMOND, Army, & Fannie HARWOOD, Wtn. George GOODFELLOW, Sara G. GOODFELLOW, on Mar. 25, 1910 at North Bay
16345-1910 Joseph ALLEN, 25, Locomotive Fireman, North Bay, s/o Joseph ALLEN, Labour, & Elizabeth BAXTER, married Celina C. ALLAN, 25, North Bay, d/o Thomas ALLAN, Mason, & Catharine McCALLUM, Wtn. Hugh ALLAN, Annie WOODS, on Apr. 6, 1910 at North Bay 16309-1910 Ernest ANDERSON, 26, Labour, Huntsville, s/o George ANDERSON, Farmer, & Annie GRILLS, married Sadie CARTER, 21, Huntsville, d/o James CARTER, Farmer, & Adeline HEAD, Wtn. Mrs. A RAMSAY, E.J. ROACH, on Aug. 24, 1910 at New Liskeard
16199-1910 S. ANDREOLI, 27, Labour, Cobalt, s/o Gramaldi ANDREOLI & Magdalena RIGALARGA, married Maria MENCARELLI, 26, Italy, d/o Pasquale MENCARELLI & Andreana CINCEOLI, Wtn. Antonia GIACHINO, Domynica CATTARELLO, on Aug. 11, 1910 at Cobalt 16297-1910 Charles APLIN, 26, Stonemason, New Liskeard, s/o Herbert APLIN, Stonemason, & Isabella MAJOR, married Ada FLETCHER, 22, New Liskeard, d/o William FLETCHER, Bricklayer, & Ada FLOWER, Wtn. James FERGUSON, Nellie KENT, on Apr. 8, 1910 at New Liskeard.
16127-1910 John ARMSTRONG, 24, Cobalt, s/o Thomas Nesbitt ARMSTRONG, Carpenter, & Mary ENGLISH, married Emma ULRICH, 26, Alsace, d/o Andrew ULRICH & Elizabeth MAJALSKY, Wtn. James P. WELSH, Idy JOURS, on June 6, 1910 at Cobalt. 16214-1910 George B. ATTHILL, 24, Carpenter, Latchford, s/o Charles R. ATTHILL, Painter, & Caroline NOLLAN, married Verna NELSON, 18, New Liskeard, d/o William NELSON & Sarah Ann NEDD, Wtn. Louis BETHUNE, Mrs. J.W. MYLES, on June 12, 1910 at Haileybury
16400-1910 Nipissing Wilfred AUBREY, 25, Blacksmith, Tacoma, s/o Joseph W. AUBREY, Carriage maker, & Jeanette KNAPP, married Alice GAUTHIER, 24, North Bay, d/o Octave GAUTHIER, Brakeman, & Clara VIAU, Wtn. O. GAUTHIER, N. AUBREY, on Oct.. 29, 1910 at North Bay. 16238-1910 Frederick Robert AUFLAMMER, 27, Prospector, Haileybury, s/o John Charles AUFLAMMER, Merchant, & Mary Agnes McGREGOR, married Muriel Brooks REAMSBOTTOM (Ramsbottam?), 22, Haileybury, d/o William Alfred REAMSBOTTOM, Miner, & Mary McLEAN, Wtn. George M. THOMPSON, Mildred REAMSBOTTOM, on June 28, 1910 at Haileybury
16278-1910 Joseph BACKER, Labour, Mattawa, s/o George BACKER, Merchant Tailor, & Barbara MEINDL, married Bridget MALONEY, 32, Cook, Mattawa, d/o Daniel MALONEY & Anna SHANAHAN, Wtn. George BACKER, Frank MEINDL, on June 6, 1910 at Mattawa. 16281-1910 Alexander BACKER, 26, Cook, Mattawa, s/o George BACKER, Merchant TAILOR, & Barbara MEINDL, married Annie HACKENBRUCK, 24, Calvin Twp., d/o Christie HACKENBRUCK, Farmer, & Annie MEREDITH, Wtn. George BACKER, Christie HACKENBRUCK, on June 21, 1910 at Mattawa.
16387-1910 Isaac Ward BARLOW, 22, C.P.R. Agent, North Bay, s/o Isaac BARLOW, R.R. Engineer, & Janet MUIR, married Mary Lena BENARD, 20, North Bay, d/o Louis BENARD, Farmer, & Alphonsine SHAMONIA, Wtn. M.R. STEWART, Lena COULTER, on Sept. 19, 1910 at North Bay 16312-1910 Samuel BARR? 33, Labour, Clarendon, s/o William BARR & Annie JOB, married Katherine BEDOUR, 25, Parkham, d/o Louis BEDOUR & Ellen J. FRAWLEY, Wtn. A.W. HOWE, Elsie D. BROWN, on Sept. 27, 1910 at New Liskeard
16301-1910 William Charles BARTON, 26, Mill hand, New Liskeard, s/o Harry BARTON, Decorator, & Elizabeth HUDSON, married Elizabeth Frances SPARKS, 23, New Liskeard, d/o Frederick William SPARKS, Painter, & Elizabeth Torrance TAYLOR, Wtn. Frank HAWN, Lilly HAWN, on Mar 13, 1910 at New Liskeard 16234-1910 Louis Handel BATI, 23, Hotel porter, Latchford, s/o Thomas BATI, Warehouseman, & Mary June JOHNSON, married Alice MANSELL, 19, Haileybury, d/o James Philip MANSELL, Brick manufacturer, & Esther NOADE, Wtn. Mrs. J.A. DONNELL, S.W. SMITH on June 2, 1910 at Haileybury
16245-1910 Oscar W. BEECH, 21, Cook, Liskeard, s/o William H. BEECH, Bookkeeper, & Christiana JARVIS. married Margaret PALMER, 22, Liskeard, d/o John S.W. PALMER, Printer, & Eliza FOREMAN, Wtn. Ernest PALMER, Maud ANTHONY, on Aug. 29, 1910 at New Liskeard. 25041-1910 Alphonse BELAND, 19, Boatman, Silver Centre, s/o Elie BELAND & Amanda LEMI, (Lemay?) married Bertha RAYMOND, 21, Ottawa, d/o James William RAYMOND & Victoria PROULX, Wtn. J.W. ATTIG, Florence McKANE, on Nov. 8, 1910 at Haileybury
16277-1910 Edmund Edouard BELANGER, 28, Labour, Mattawa, s/o Jean Baptiste BELANGER, Farmer, & Elmire DOUCETTE, married Emma STORY, 21, Mattawa, d/o Alexander STORY & Celina LETOUR, Wtn. J.Bte. BELANGER, Alexander STORY, on May 23, 1910 at Mattawa. 16198-1910 Mandanni BEZPOJASNY, 27, Labour, Cobalt, s/o Nicolas BEZPOJASNY & Alexandra INCKCZIK, married Panonska BOJKA, 17, Cobalt, d/o Julius BOJKA & Domingka SYOYSNOK?, Wtn. Nicolai LYML, Pavaska BEZPOJASNA, on Aug. 1, 1910 at Cobalt
16300-1910 Nipissing, William Ulrich BICK, 36, Sawyer, Charlton, s/o James BICK, Labour, & Sarah Ann WUCH?, married Alma SLATER, 30, Widow, Charlton, d/o Samuel RODGERS, Farmer, & W. YOUMANS, Wtn. Samuel E. RODGERS, Matilda COLE, on May, 4, 1910 at New Liskeard 16355-1910 Alfred BILODEAU, 24, Journeyman, Temagami, s/o Michael BILODEAU, (deceased), & Aurele LAROUCHE, married Laura PERRON, 19, Temagami, d/o James PERRON, Journeyman, & Georgina TREMBLAY, Wtn. Exilieur LARIVIERE, Josephine PERRON, on May 31, 1910 at Temagami.
16210-1910 Pierre BILODEAU, 27, Farmer, Ferris Twp., s/o Pierre BILODEAU, Farmer, married Manda LEDOUX, 32, Chisholm, d/o Charles LEDOUX, Farmer, Wtn. Charles LEDOUX, Pierre BILODEAU, on Aug. 25, 1910 at Astorville 16220-1910 Joseph BLANCHARD, 22, Undertaker, Haileybury, s/o Adelard BLANCHARD & Mathilda BRAY, married Clara SLY, 21, Haileybury, d/o Nathan SLY, Prospector, & Susanne (illegible), Wtn. Henri LAROCQUE, F. CUILLERIER, on Apr. 11, 1910 at Cobalt
16184-1910 Manzaux BOISMEUX, 26, Miner, s/o Andre BOISMEUX & Aveline CLEMENT, married Victoria VALLIERS, 18, Cobalt, d/o Calixte VALLIERS & Rosy St.JACQUES, Wtn. Joseph LAFLEUR, Jules LACROIX, on Apr. 25, 1910 at Cobalt.  
16237-1910 Alfred BOISSONEAULT, 33, Carpenter, Haileybury, s/o Andre BOISSONEAULT & Sarah BEAULIEU, married Elizabeth GAGNON, 25, Haileybury, d/o Philibert GAGNON & Ozelia BRISSON, Wtn. Francis BOISSONEAULT, Philibert GAGNON, on June 29, 1910 at Haileybury 16146-1910 Joseph Stoddart BONAR, 26, Blacksmith, Cobalt, s/o Colin Niven BONAR, Engineer, & Margaret GALLAGHER, married Rachael Peterina ? McKENZIE, 31, Cobalt, d/o Alex McKENZIE & Rachael PATTERSON, Wtn. Colin BONAR, Jean McGREGOR, on Oct. 14, 1910 at Cobalt
16143-1910 Alex BOOKALEM, 26, Clerk, Cobalt, so Michael BOOKALEM, Shoemaker, & Annie CURRIE, married Alice Shaker BORDWELL, 20, Clerk, d/o Shaker BORDWELL, Farmer, & Adell ASKER, Wtn. Michael ABOUD, Ron BOOKALEM, on Aug. 29, 1910 at Cobalt. 16212-1910 William BOUCHER, 32, Farmer, Bonfield, s/o William BOUCHER, Farmer, & Delima St.PIERRE, married Marie Jeanne LEBLANC, 20, d/o Adelard LEBLANC & Henriette BLONDIN, Wtn. Maxime LEBLANC, Adelard LEBLANC, on Oct. 10, 1910 at Corbeil
16207-1910 Alfred BRASSARD, 35, Labour, Corbeil, s/o Louis BRASSARD & Melina CHARETTE, married Celina CHARBONNEAU, 21, Corbeil, d/o Isadore CHARBONNEAU, Gardener, & Melina LAMOTHE, Wtn. Louis BRASSARD, Isadore CHARETTE, on Jan. 17, 1910 at Corbeil 16231-1910 William John BRAY, 27, Farmer, Firstbrooke Twp., s/o John BRAY, Farmer & Annie HILL, married Clara McCARTY, 19, Firstbrooke Twp., d/o Clair McCARTY, Lumberman, & Ellen DUBEAU, Wtn. Mrs. Margaret BIGELOW, Mrs. Ida LYONS, on June 15, 1910 at Haileybury.
16292-1910 Thomas Edward BROWN, 31, Farmer, Hudson Twp., s/o Edward BROWN, Farmer, & Mary Ann LING, married Edith L. CAMPSALL, 17, Diamond (Dymond Twp.,) d/o O.N. CAMPSALL, Farmer, & Mary KRAPP?, (KRAMP?) Wtn. W. Ross CAMPSALL, Carol WALKER, on Feb. 23, 1910 at New Liskeard 16341-1910 George BROWN, 56, Labour, Callendar, s/o William BROWN & Mary McCLARY, married Mary J. HUTCHEON, 53, Widow, Trout Lake, d/o Michael NEAL & Marjorie WYNE, Wtn. Mrs. N. BILL, Mona BURNS, on Mar. 30, 1910 at North Bay.
25039-1910 Robert BRUCE, 30, Prospector, Haileybury, s/o John BRUCE, Farmer, & Elizabeth SULLIVAN, married Beatrice COSTELLO, 22, Haileybury, d/o Patrick COSTELLO, Labour, & Mary Ann O'DONNELL, Wtn. Charles MAHAFFEY, Maria COSTELLO, on Oct. 11, 1910 at Haileybury. 16196-1910 Antonio BRUNELLO, 23, Labour, Cobalt, s/o Jean BRUNELLO & Ursula AMBROISE? married Mary LARGO? 24, Cobalt, d/o Francisco LARGO? & Ursula PAU?, Wtn. Mrs. C. LEGRIS, Battista PELLIZZON, on July 18, 1910 at Cobalt
16401-1910 Oscar L. BUCHANAN, 24, Labour, Callander, s/o John BUCHANAN, Labour, & Marie CAMERON, married Florence HAZEL, 21, Ottawa, d/o Henry HAZEL, (deceased) & Emma VISON? Wtn. Leo McHALE, Nellie CARKNER, on Nov. 5, 1910 at North Bay. 16136-1910 Angus Edward BUCK, 25, Mining Engineer, Cobalt, s/o Edward Angus BUCK, College Professor, & Clara May BIGGS, married Rose Delina WALLINGFORD, 21, Cobalt, d/o George M. WALLINGFORD, Contractor, & Azile DUBOIS, Wtn. J.A. MADDEN, Myrtle Brewer HINKE, on July 14, 1910 at Cobalt
16206-1910 Henry Thomas BUCKLER, 24, Merchant, Mile 104, s/o Joshua BUCKLER & Ada SHARP, married Eva OLDFIELD, 24, Mile 104, d/o John OLDFIELD & Elizabeth WALDRUM, Wtn. J.N. CAMPBELL, Elma WALKER, on Oct 20, 1910 at Mileage 104. 16328-1910 Charles BURNS, 21, Labour, North Bay, s/o Thomas BURNS & Grace HEALY, married Mary BENNETT, 26, North Bay, d/o John BENNETT & Mary MOORE, Wtn. Thomas MULLIGAN, Maud CLEMENT, on Jan. 10, 1910 at North Bay
16191-1910 Michael BURNS, 32, Labour, Cobalt, s/o William BURNS & Mary SAMPSON, married Mary RYAN, 33, Widow, Cobalt, d/o Joseph BONSKEY ? & Mary BINK, Wtn. Charles DELOUGHRY, Jessie L. COTTON, on May 26, 1910 at Cobalt. 16159-1910 Thomas Henry CALLAGHAN, 30, Labour, Cobalt, s/o Patrick CALLAGHAN, Gardener, & Maria ACOTT, married Alice Maud Augusta BOWES, 29, Cobalt, d/o Thomas BOWES, Gardener, & Isabel SIMPSON, Wtn. W.J. HENSLEY, Annie WALKER, on Sept. 13, 1910 at Cobalt
16154-1910 John R. CAM (Cain?), 24, Miner, Cobalt, s/o Peter CAM, Lumberman, & Margaret MURPHY, married Aleda MacKENZIE, 21, Cobalt, d/o Donald & Laura MacKENZIE, Farmer, Wtn. N.J. McNAMARA, Beatrice CANNON, on Nov. 16, 1910 at Cobalt. 16291-1910 Duncan CAMERON, 34, Miner, New Liskeard, s/o Duncan CAMERON, Farmer, & Annie McMULLIN, married Margaret HOUSTON, 29, Belle Ewart, d/o William HOUSTON, Farmer, & Belle McFARLAND, Wtn. John McLEOD, Henrietta M. SULLIVAN, on Jan. 26, 1910 at New Liskeard
16233-1910 Wesley CARMICHAEL, 22, Electrician, North Cobalt, s/o John & Liddy CARMICHAEL, married, Martha JAMES, 21, Rutherglen, d/o William JAMES & Helen OWENS, Wtn. William CARMICHAEL, Lilly HAMPSTON, on June 15, 1910 at Haileybury. 16412-1910 William R. CARR, 25, Labour, North Bay, s/o Carson CARR, Cheese maker, & Margaret BERNSON, married Emme BLACK, 23, North Bay, d/o George BLACK, Farmer, & Delia CLUFF, Wtn. George W. DEPENCIER, Rae JAMES, on Dec. 7, 1910 at North Bay.
16113-1910 Frederick CARTER, 31, Restaurant-keeper, Cobalt, s/o John CARTER, Farmer, & Mathilda BOURTON, married Isabella Stone STRAPP, 45, Widow, Nurse, Cobalt, d/o Alfred George STENWOOD, Artist, & Anna Maria HOGSSON, Wtn. William RUTHERFORD, Annie JACOBSON, on Jan. 1, 1910 at Cobalt. 16227-1910 John CASEY, 22, Labour, New Liskeard, s/o Thomas CASEY & Catharine BULGER, married Eva YOUNG, 18, New Liskeard, d/o Stephen YOUNG & Nancy POWERS, Wtn. James P. WHELAN, Mary RORKE, on May 4, 1910 at Haileybury
16323-1910 William H. CASWELL, 33, Car Foreman, Cartier, s/o Charles D. CASWELL, Gentleman, & Elizabeth BEATTIE, married Blanche HARRINGTON, 18, Cartier, d/o Thomas HARRINGTON, Cook, & Ellen ORTON, Wtn. C.C. McKNIGHT, A. JONES, on Jan. 4, 1910 at North Bay 16202-1910 Edouard CAYER, 22, Blacksmith, s/o Omer CAYER & Olivine ARROIS, married Rose Alma SEGUIN, 19, Cobalt, d/o Ovide SEGUIN & Exilda PAQUETTE, Wtn. Felix ROY, David BOULOTTE, on Sept. 19, 1910 at Cobalt.
16186-1910 Arthur CHAMPAGNE, 22, Labour, Cobalt, s/o Isaac CHAMPAGNE & Leopoldille BEAUGRANDE, married Annie CHARETTE, 17, Cobalt, d/o Hilaire CHARETTE & Philomene LACHANCE, Wtn. Louis HURTUBISE, W. CHARETTE, on May 9, 1910 at Cobalt 16435-1910 Matthias CHARRON, 21, Labour, Cache Bay, s/o Hermidas CHARRON, Labour, & Mathilda LAPOINTE, married L. LAUZON, 17, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Pierre LAUZON, Labour, & Albina FAUVELLE, Witnesses not given, on July 25, 1910 at Sturgeon Falls
16121-1910 John M. CHILDERHOSE, 29, Reporter, Ottawa, s/o William CHILDERHOSE, Farmer, & Katherine MARTIN, married Margaret Ann PORTER, 21, Cobalt, d/o Thomas Henry PORTER, Farmer, & Mary MORE, Wtn. W.E. DONALDSON, Louise E. DONALDSON, on Feb. 22, 1910 at Cobalt. 16336-1910 Elven CLEMENS, 36, Miner, Cobalt, s/o Amos CLEMONS & Hannah MICKLEBOROUGH, married Zillah MILBERRY, 21, Gainsboro, d/o Hanlon MILBERRY & Maud McKENZIE, Wtn. L. ADDISON, H. CAMPBELL, on Mar. 15, 1910 at North Bay
16283-1910 Joseph COLEMAN, 31, Labour, Mattawa, s/o William COLEMAN, Gardener, & Marie Jane BAPTISTE, married Margaret DECAIRE, 32, Mattawa, d/o Louis DECAIRE, (Deceased) & Elizabeth BERNARD, Wtn. Alphonse TANGUAY, Annie JODOUIN, on July 27, 1910 at Mattawa. 16270-1910 Walter Cleveland COLES, 23, Farmer, Milberta, s/o Abel COLES, Farmer, & Maria FITZMAURICE, married Helen P. BROWN, 23, Dressmaker, Milberta, d/o Andrew M.F. BROWN, Minister, & Jessie HILL, Wtn. Benjamin COLES, Mary BROWN, on Jan. 19, 1910 at Milberta.
16268-1910 Joseph O. COLLERETTE, 38, Miner, Elk Lake, s/o Theophile COLLERETTE, Farmer, & Mathilde DAGENAIS, married Eugenie GOURDINE, 26, School Teacher, d/o Henri GOURDINE, Farmer, & Elodie GAUTHIER, Wtn. Noe CORBEILLE, Euchariste GAUTHIER, on Dec. 26, 1910 at Elk Lake 16243-1910 Gordon F. COMBA, 24, Butcher, Haileybury, s/o Cornelius COMBA & Elizabeth DUNFIELD, married Hazel SOVER, 22, Haileybury, d/o John SOVER, & Marie CUTTS, Wtn. John N. MINAKER, Ruth CAMPBELL, on Aug. 9, 1910 at Haileybury
16222-1910 Robert COOK, 26, Labour, Haileybury, s/o Robert COOK & Margaret MALLISON, married Mary KEOGAN, 24, Cobalt, d/o John KEOGAN (Keagan?) & Mary McCLOSKIE, Wtn. William BOUCE, Michael NELAN, on Apr. 15, 1910 at Haileybury. 16373-1910 Thomas COSGROVE, 32, Barber, North Bay, s/o Hugh COSGROVE, Farmer, & Margaret SPENCE, married Sophia VAILLANCOURT, 25, North Bay, d/o Baptiste VAILLANCOURT, Sexton, & Mary FLEURIE, Wtn. Edward BOYER, Mary VAILLANCOURT, on Aug. 15, 1910 at North Bay.
16287-1910 Joseph COURSCHENE, Farmer, Bigwood, s/o Felix COURSCHENE, Farmer, & Sophie TROTTIER, married Auxilia SEGUIN, Mason Twp., d/o Adelard SEGUIN, Farmer & Auxile BELISLE, Wtn. Felix COURSCHENE, Adelard SEGUIN, on July 19, 1910 at Martland. 16381-1910 James Edward Leonard COYNE, Labour, Cobalt, s/o John COYNE & Catharine KELLY, married Veronica M. QUINN, 22, North Bay, d/o Robert QUINN & Mary SULLIVAN, Wtn. John COYNE, Robert QUINN, on Sept. 5, 1910 at North Bay.
16133-1910 William Leslie CRAIG, 23, Carpenter, Haileybury, s/o Alexander Craig, Carpenter, & E. Jane WALKER, married Annie Laurie STATA, 21, Haileybury, d/o Samuel STATA & Salina (sic) NORRISS, Wtn. William K. GOUDIE, Ella PARCHER, on June 25, 1910 at Cobalt. 16249-1910 George CRUIKSHANK, 21, Bricklayer, Haileybury, s/o John CRUIKSHANK, Labour, & Susan TASSE, married Mary MARTIN, 22, Haileybury, d/o Daniel MARTIN, Farmer, & Catharine CALLAGHAN, Wtn. Albert GAGNON, William CRUIKSHANK, on Sept. 5, 1910 at Haileybury
16197-1910 Isador CYR, 25, Labour, Cobalt, s/o Leon CYR, & Marguerite MORIN, married Eveline St.JULES, 25, Cobalt, d/o Louis St.JULES & Vitalene JANVETTE, Wtn. M. OUELLETTE, G. Theo PINAULT, on July 25, 1910 at Cobalt 16118-1910 William E. DAVIDSON, 26, Engineer, Cobalt, s/o Henry DAVIDSON & Mary CORNIEL?, married Margueritte HENDERSON, 22, Cobalt, d/o John HENDERSON & Margaret HORN, Wtn. Proctor McGINNES, Margaret T. BAKER, on Feb. 14, 1910 at Cobalt
16407-1910 John Alfred DAVIS, 25, Fireman, North Bay, s/o George DAVIS, Labour, & Mary MARSHALL, married Elmira GUAY, 16 yr., 4 mo., North Bay, d/o Moses GUAY, Labour, & Correne LaMARE, Wtn. Henry McKENZIE, Clarice GUAY, on Oct.. 17, 1910 at North Bay 16398-1910 Henry DAY, 25, Labour, Sundridge, s/o Henry DAY, Estimating Limits, & Ann J. Atkinson, married Emily E.E. WINDSOR, 21, Callendar, d/o Frederick WINDSOR, Engineer, & Emma BERRY, Wtn. N. BESSE, A. GILMOUR, on Oct.. 31, 1910 at North Bay.
16200-1910 Louis DECORIN, 31, Labour, Cobalt, s/o Louis DECORIN & Virginie CHEVRIER, married Lea HETU, 28, Cobalt, d/o Rock HETU & Delphine CHAMBERLAND, Wtn. Wilfred DECORIN, Eloi CLERMONT, on Aug. 15, 1910 at Cobalt 16330-1910 George DeVILLERS, 25, Farmer, s/o Sifroid DeVILLERS, Farmer, & Emilie GERMAIN, married Helen SWEENEY, 21, Teacher, North Bay, d/o Jeremiah SWEENEY, (deceased) & Anna McMAHON, Wtn. Onesime DeVILLERS, Elsie PELLETIER, on Jan. 17, 1910 at North Bay
16333-1910 John DOMINICO, 21, Baker, North Bay, s/o Antonio DOMINICO, Journeyman, & Philomena RESSA,, married Rachael CALVELLO, 19, North Bay, d/o Frank CALVELLO, Journeyman, & Roxina LOOSENT (Lucenti ?), Wtn. Pasquale DOMINICO, Frank NARDI, on Feb. 6, at North Bay 16296-1910 Ernest Edward DOMMETT, 25, Farmer, Henwood Twp., s/o William Henry DOMMETT, Cabinetmaker, & Mary Ann MUTCHMORE, married Mary Ellen DOMITHOME?, 22, Henwood, d/o William Arthur DOMETHOND?, Blacksmith, & Hannah HOLDEN, Wtn. Allan James DOMMETT, Louis BECKER, on Mar. 14, 1910 at Henwood
16307-1910 Ronald M. DONALDSON, 25, Engineer, New Liskeard, s/o John DONALDSON, Carpenter, & Ellen DONALDSON, married Margaret HUTTON, 29, New Liskeard, d/o William HUTTON, Manufacturer & Margaret PENNIE?, Wtn. Nellie KAY, Mrs. McDONALD on Aug. 17, 1910 at New Liskeard. 16161-1910 Stephen Leonard DONALDSON, 22, Miner, Cobalt, s/o George R.J. DONALDSON, Farmer, & Helen McGUIRE, married Eva Hattie HOSKING, 20, Cobalt, d/o James HOSKING, Mine Foreman, & Martha OATES, Wtn. Thomas HARDY, Charlotte DONALDSON, on Oct. 4, 1910 at Cobalt.
16109-1910 William John DONLIN, 24, Labour, Toronto Junction, s/o John DONLIN & Annie HAMILTON, married Florence HACKENBROCHE, 22. Calvin, d/o Christy HACKENBROCHE & Annie MEREDITH, Wtn. Mr. & Mrs. Christy HACKENBROCHE, on Aug. 18, 1910 at Eau Clair 16302-1910 James DOONAN, 65, Widow, Farmer, Brethour, s/o James DOONAN, Farmer, & Prudence NEWTON, married Effie THOMPSON, 50, Widow, Brethour, d/o John MacGILLIVRAY, Weaver, & Ernestina MacINNES, Wtn. Mary CHAPUT, Mrs. Mary C. DONLY, on May, 18, 1910 at New Liskeard.
16201-1910 Samuel DOW, 29, Miner, Giroux Lake, s/o S. DOW, Miner, & Elizabeth BLACK, married Helen BORROWMAN, Cook, 24, Scotland, d/o Peter BORROWMAN & Margaret Davidson, Wtn. John DOW, Alice DOW, on Sept. 15, 1910 at Giroux Lake. 16369-1910 Michael Joseph DOYLE, 25, Mail clerk, Ottawa, s/o Michael DOYLE, Hotel keeper, & Margaret MADIGAN, married Nellie SAGADORE, 26, North Bay, d/o Peter SAGADORE, Gentleman, & Bridget RYAN, Wtn. Alexander RAINVILLE, Marie RAINVILLE, on July 14, 1910 at North Bay.
16128-1910 John Frank DUNCAN, 24, Labour, Powassan, s/o Robert DUNCAN, Farmer, & Jennet REID, married M.K. IRWIN, 21, Cobalt, d/o M.W. IRWIN, Millman, & Maggie ROBINSON, Wtn. George McDANIEL, Daisy IRWIN, on May 25, 1910 at Cobalt. 16284-1910 Hubert DUPUIS, 26, Labour, Mattawa, s/o Hubert DUPUIS, Labour, & Marguerite COLTON, married Jennie DUFAULT, 17, Mattawa, d/o Joseph DUFAULT, Labour, & Elizabeth O'BRIEN, Wtn. Herbert DUPUIS, Antoine LALONDE, on Oct. 24, 1910 at Mattawa
16246-1910 James Albert ELLIOTT, 24, Machinist, Sudbury, s/o William James ELLIOTT, Farmer, & Margaret Ann DOHERTY, Married Grace Elva JORY, 24, Haileybury, d/o Thomas JORY, Farmer, & Agnes ROWAN, Wtn. P.H. JORY, Mrs. P.H. JORY, on Aug. 30, 1910 at Haileybury. 16261-1910 James ENGLAND, 20, Miner, Gowganda, s/o James England, Yeoman, & Sophie FLEURY, married Blanche COUTURE, 21, Elk Lake, s/o Peter COUTURE, Labour, & Clothilde LESOTTE, Wtn. Frank DEMERS, Henri CHOQUETTE, on Feb. 7, 1910 at Elk Lake.
16119-1910 William ENGLEMANN, 29, Musician, Cobalt, s/o Wilhelm ENGLEMANN, Manufacturer, & Ana KASSEY, married Elsie May STUART, 22, Cobalt, d/o Edward . STUART & Emily BUISSELL?, Wtn. Hector SEGUIN, Julia TREGOIRE, on Feb. 10, 1910 at Cobalt. 16169-1910 David John EVANS, 26, Labour, Cobalt, s/o Joseph James & Elizabeth EVANS, married Volida POIRIER, 28, Cobalt, d/o Pierre POIRIER & Meoloine ? (Melanie?) AUBRY, Wtn. Mrs. William KELLY, Rev. Joseph LACHAPELLE, on Sept. 18, 1910 at Cobalt. (s/b 1909? Reg: June 20, 1910)
16131-1910 Robert FAIRBROTHER, 31, Engineer, Cobalt, s/o Edward FAIRBROTHER, Watchman, & Martha PIERSON, married Lucy GARNER, 32, Toronto, d/o John GARNER, Labour & Sarah A. MERIDLE, Wtn. Kenneth McKAY, Frank McKAY, on Apr. 22, 1910 at Cobalt. 16368-1910 George McKenzie FERGUSON, 21, Bookkeeper, Tomiko, s/o James B. FERGUSON, Farmer, & Lucy Lee DALGLEISH, married Nellie LEVINE, 20, Tomiko, (Parents deceased) Wtn. David SHORE, Mary E. LEEMAN, on July 13, 1910 at North Bay
16242-1910 Colin Ray FERGUSON, 21, Bookkeeper, Haileybury, s/o Peter FERGUSON, Gentleman, & Mary McLEAN, married Ruby Kathleen CARSON, 20, Haileybury, d/o Alfred J. CARSON, Merchant, & Charlotte BUDD, Wtn. Percy H. CARSON, Annie LOCKERBIE, on July 20, 1910 at Haileybury 16125-1910 James FERGUSON, 26, Merchant, New Liskeard, s/o Daniel FERGUSON, Farmer, & Margaret Ann McDONALD, married Katie HAMMOND, 21, New Liskeard, d/o Samuel HAMMOND, Painter, & Mary CAMPBELL, Wtn. Alice BYRNES, H. MARTIN, on June 23, 1910 at Cobalt.
16318-1910 Gerald Joseph FLINT, 35, farmer, Hilliard Twp., s/o William Edward FLINT, Upholsterer, married Lena CARLETON, 18, Hilliard, d/o William James CARLETON, Farmer, & Mary Rosetta CARTER, Wtn. Milton CARLETON, Ruth BRANDON, on Dec 21, 1910 at New Liskeard 16364-1910 Frederick C. FOSTER, 29, Car repairer, North Bay, s/o Charles H. FOSTER, Carpenter, & Minnie PENBERTHY, married Agnes SWAIN, 26, North Bay, d/o William SWAIN, Car cleaner, & Mary GILMOUR, Wtn. Samuel SWAIN, Ellen FOSTER, on June 27, 1910 at North Bay
16179-1910 A. Zepharine FOURNIER, 32, Labour, Cobalt, s/o Louis FOURNIER & Mathilde PILON, married Marie Emma BRAZEAU, 24, Cobalt, d/o Maurice BRAZEAU & Mary BURNS, Wtn. Joseph PILON, Adolph LAVIGNE, on Jan. 31, 1910 at Cobalt 16260-1910 John McBride FRASER, 28, Miner, Elk Lake, s/o Alexander FRASER, Yeoman, & Jean SMILLIE, married Lillian Louise TURNER, 23, Elk Lake, d/o Thomas TURNER, Yeoman, & Elizabeth Wills WEST, Wtn. Mr. & Mrs. John BLUNDELL, on Mar. 11, 1910 at Elk Lake.
16360-1910 Alex B. GALL, 27, Stonemason, North Bay, s/o George GALL, Tailor, & Eliza BROCHIE, married Lena GORDON, 26, Fraserborough, d/o George E. GORDON, Clerk, & Mathilda GORDON, Wtn. George GALL, Mrs. W.J. BRENNAN, on June 15, 1910 at North Bay. 16280-1910 Pierre GAMACHE, 26, Farmer, Papineau Twp., s/o Louis GAMACHE, Farmer, & Olive HUBERT, married Alma BOULANGER, 19, Cameron Twp., d/o Charles BOULANGER, Farmer, & Delia BOULANGER, Wtn. Louis GAMACHE, Charles BOULANGER, on June 20, 1910 at Mattawa
16325-1910 Thomas GAUTHIER, 22, Journeyman, North Bay, s/o William Gauthier, Journeyman, & A. LAROCQUE, married Rose BECHARD, 19, North Bay, d/o Arthur BECHARD, Journeyman, & Marie BERNIER, Wtn. William GAUTHIER, Cleophas GAUTHIER, on Jan. 10, 1910 at North Bay 16176-1910 Charles GERARD, 23, Miner, Cobalt, s/o Andre GERARD & Victoria TREMBLAY, married Marie Louise MALLARD, 26, Cobalt, d/o J.B. MALLARD & Domethilde BEDARD, Wtn. Joseph LAVOIE, William SOUCY, on Jan. 8, 1910 at Cobalt.
16130-1910 William Edward GIBBS, 23, Painter, Sultan, s/o William H. GIBBS, Bridge Builder, & Mary Jane BEATTIE, married Cora Ann STRICKLAND, 23, Cobalt, s/o Henry STRICKLAND & Rebekah EDGES, Wtn. Olive STRICKLAND, Alice PARR, on May 24, at Cobalt. 16311-1910 Robert GIBSON, 29, Clerk, New Liskeard, s/o Thomas Gibson, Farmer, & Margaret BRADEN, married Martha Ann JELLY, 30, New Liskeard, d/o David John JELLY, Farmer, & Mary Ann RICHARDS, Wtn. Mrs. D.R. McDIARMID, E.R. NIGHTINGALE, on Sept. 21, 1910 at New Liskeard
16421-1910 Francis Raymond GIBSON, 23, Plumber, Haileybury, s/o Charles Frederick GIBSON, Civil Engineer, & Margaret Elizabeth HOPKINS, married Ethel Constance GRANT, 29, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Benjamin GRANT, Lumberman, & Josephine TURNER, Wtn Lancelot E. BOLSTER, Charlotte E. GRANT, on Jan. 25, at Sturgeon Falls 16264-1910 David J. GILES, 36, Widower, Hotel-keeper, Elk Lake, s/o Robert M. GILES, Blacksmith, & Helen GREEN, married Anna SLACK, 25, Widow, Elk Lake, d/o Patrick SLACK, Farmer, & Lizzie HAGGARTY, Wtn. Gerald CHAMPAGNE, Arthur CLEMENT, on May 6, 1910 at Elk Lake
16144-1910 Charles GILLIAN, 24, Miner, Cobalt, s/o William & Marie GILLIAN, Engineer, married Edith Daisy LAWRENCE, 24, London UK., d/o Frank LAWRENCE, Gardener, & Ada Emily HOLLAND, Wtn. William FERGUSON, Leah FRASER, on July 31, 1910 at Cobalt. 16150-1910 Louis Frederick GIROUX, 38, Sask., s/o Peter GIROUX, Farmer, & Felicite BURETTE, married Irene MANKEY, 36, Widow, Cobalt, d/o Joseph SISCO & Annie BRENNAN, Wtn. Carrie CURTIS, Susan CURTIS, on Oct. 18, 1910 at Cobalt
16101-1910 Arthur GIROUX, 24, Farmer, Scollard Twp., s/o Joseph GIROUX, Farmer, & Adeline PATENAUDE, married Alexina CHAUVIN, 22. Martland Twp., d/o Philomine CHAUVIN, Farmer, & Appolina COUVILLON, Wtn. Joseph GIROUX, Laurent LAPIERRE, on June 10, 1910 at Martland 16120-1910 Louis GISKING, 22, Carpenter, Cobalt, s/o Samuel GISKING, Contractor, & Henrietta RATCLIFFE, married Mabel Ellen HARPER, 20, Cobalt, d/o John HARPER, Miner, & Elizabeth BASSETT, Wtn. Alfred WOODROW, Elizabeth HARPER, on Feb. 24, 1910 at Cobalt
16102-1910 Joseph GOBEIL, 32, Farmer, Cosby, s/o Louis GOBEIL, Farmer, & Virginie COUTURE, married Aimee DUSSAULT, 17, Cosby, d/o Francois DUSSAULT, Farmer, & Adeline BOUFFARD, Wtn. Napoleon BOUFFARD, Francois DUSSAULT, on Apr. 4, 1910 at Martland  
16356-1910 Alexander Z. GONIER, 23, Cook, Pembroke, s/o Joseph GONIER, Labour & Eleonor LECLAIR, married Ethel L. DUDLEY, 19, Colbourne, d/o Stephen DUDLEY, (retired) & Mabel ALGER, Wtn. J.H. LECLAIR, Mrs. J.H. LECLAIR, on June 8, 1910 at North Bay. 16112-1910 Arthur GRAFF, 21, Widower, Miner, s/o Henry GRAFF, Farmer, & Emily STOKES, married Mary Evelyn EARL, 17, Cobalt, d/o Albert EARL, (Deceased) & Ella WRIGHT, Wtn. Joseph EARL, Violet McCAUGHLIN, on Jan. 5, 1910 at Cobalt.
16163-1910 William W. GRAHAM, 24, Labour, Cobalt, s/o Jacob GRAHAM, Farmer, & Janie MILFORD, married Minnie PELETTE, 17, Cobalt, d/o Simon PELETTE, Farmer, & Mary CORRIGAN, Wtn Loren SMITH, Aggie PELETTE, on Oct. 12, 1910 at Cobalt 16274-1910 William Ernest GRAY, 27, Labour, Mattawa, s/o Late Alexander GRAY, & Alphonsine MALONEY, married Mary Isabella RICHARDS, 22, Mattawa, d/o Joseph RICHARDS, Farmer, & Isabella McGILLIS, Wtn. Frederick A. RIDOUT, Frederick CHAPUT, on Apr. 11, 1910 at Mattawa
16339-1910 Charles G. GROSNELL, 26, Mechanic, North Bay, s/o George GROSNELL, Farmer, & Mary GAGE, married Ada BAKEWELL, 23, North Bay, d/o John Joseph BAKEWELL, Constable, & Annie PARROTT, Wtn. Joseph J. BAKEWELL, Rose BAKEWELL, on Mar. 19, 1910 at North Bay 16247-1910 Jake HAAKINEN, 26, Miner, Cobalt, s/o Kalla HACKINEN & Mary MAKI, married Olga HERNANEN, 26, Cobalt, d/o David HERNANEN & Kathleen TAPALA, Wtn. Ellen N. TURK, John DUNN, on Sept. 3, 1910 at Haileybury.
16126-1910 John HANDLEY, 35, Prospector, Cobalt, s/o Thomas HANDLEY, Farmer, & Agnes WILSON, married Frances Maud LEGROUS, 25, Milliner, Plymouth, d/o Henry LEGROUS, Plasterer, & Ann ALFORD, Wtn. W.E. SPENCER, F.A. SPENCER, on June 6, 1910 at Cobalt 16132-1910 Maj Simon, Bey HANIEF, 28, Merchant, Cobalt, Divorced, s/o Simon Bey HANIEF, Clergyman, & Rachael HASLIMS, married Nedah ALTEEN, 16, Cobalt, d/o Farris ALTEEN, Merchant, & Mary HANIEF, Wtn. William BLACKIE, Thomas SHANK, on Mar. 21, 1910 at Cobalt
16142-1910 William HARDING, 26, Miner, Cobalt, s/o John Richard HARDING, Telegrapher, & Louise TUCKER, married Elizabeth COOPER, 21, Cobalt, d/o George COOPER, Cabinet-maker, & Mary LYALL, Wtn. Stuart LINDSAY, Barhard BROWNE, On Aug. 11, 1910 at Cobalt 16117-1910 William HARKINS, 24, Miner, Cobalt, s/o James HARKINS, Farmer, & Jane BOLAND, married Minnie KENNEDY, 22, Cobalt, d/o John KENNEDY, Plumber, & Isabella FORSYTHE, Wtn. Mr. & Mrs. John KENNEDY, on Feb. 9, 1910 at Cobalt.
16236-1910 Patrick HARMON, 29, Miner, Haileybury, s/o Edmond HARMON & Ann JACKSON, married Ann BRAZIL, 29, Haileybury, d/o John BRAZIL & Bridget FINLAN, Wtn. James HARMAN, Mrs. Elizabeth MORIN, on June 28, 1910 at Haileybury  
16362-1910 Jonathan HARWOOD, 21, Labour, North Bay, s/o Jonathan HARWOOD, (deceased) & Susannah THOMAS, married Mehitabel CATTRELL, 17, North Bay, d/o William H. CATTREL, (deceased) & Mary E. DICKSON, Wtn. F.T. NASH, Elvina CATTRELL, on June 23, !910 at North Bay. 16219-1910 Robert HAWKINS, 23, Plumber, Haileybury, s/o Henry HAWKINS, Hotel-keeper, & Mary Jane HAWKINS, married Ann SMITH, 24, Haileybury, d/o Charles Smith, Farmer, & Caylen BIGGS, Wtn. Robert STEWART, Mrs. R. STEWART, on Feb. 23, 1910 at Haileybury.
16221-1910 Oscar HENDERSON, 27, Miner, Cobalt, s/o Henry HENDERSON, Mechanic, & Marny POUTINEN?, married Ida TORAPAINCA?, 29, Cobalt, d/o Peter TORAPAINCA, Farmer, & Mary INTABANION? Wtn. Mrs. John MYLES, Mrs. Ida KIASKINEN, on Apr. 11, 1910 at Haileybury 16241-1910 Philip HENEBERY, Labour, 30, Charlton, s/o James HENEBERY & Helene BOWERS, married Anna KETTS, 35, Charlton, d/o William KETTS & Mary HOULIHAN, Wtn. James McDONALD, Eva McINTYRE, on July 12, 1910 at Haileybury.
16108-1910 John Herbert HILL, 21, farmer, Rutherglen, s/o William HILL, Farmer, & Mary McCARTHY, married Ida Ellen BECKET, 21, Galston P.O. Calvin Twp., d/o John BECKET, Farmer, & Johanna EADY, Wtn. William McLAREN, Louisa BECKET, on June 28, at Residence of Bride’s Father, Calvin Twp. 16259-1910 William Alexander HOBBS, 28, Farmer, Uno Park, s/o William HOBBS, Farmer, & Jane SHORE, married Vida Elizabeth SWEENEY, 24, Hanbury, d/o Samuel SWEENEY & Isabella JOWSEY, Wtn. Thomas John SWEENEY, Mathilda SWEENEY, on Oct. 19, 1910 at St. Luke’s Church, Hanbury
  16326-1910 Edward HOCK, 27, Steam fitter, Trout Mills, s/o John & Amy HOCK, Miller, married Rosanna WEEKS, 25, Bracebridge, d/o Solom WEEKS & Roseanna THINSKIN, Wtn. Lizzie ADDISON, Mamie BURNS, on Jan. 3, 1910 at North Bay.
16183-1910 John HODGINS, 23, Miner, Cobalt, s/o Henry HODGINS & Bridget HOGAN, married Clara DUPUIS, 19, Cobalt, d/o Regis DUPUIS & L. DESCHAMPS, Wtn. J. HASSETT, Mrs. M. HASSETT, on Apr. 4, 1910 at Cobalt 16308-1910 Henry HOLMES, 26, Miner, Cobalt, s/o Joseph HOLMES, Farmer, & Annie HOLMES, married Violet HUNTER, 18, Cobalt, d/o Guy HUNTER, Farmer, & Margaret Ann HAYES, Wtn. Hector RUTHAGE, Jennie E. COUMANS, on Aug. 24, 1910 at New Liskeard
16379-1910 George Dixon HOOPER, 22, Brakeman, North Bay, s/o H.C. HOOPER, Painter, & Mathilda G. McCAMBREY, married Dora Louise MORRISON, 20, North Bay, d/o James MORRISON, Contractor, & Louise PAPPIN, Wtn. Mrs. JH. DIXON, Ethel LAWSON, on Aug. 25, 1910 at North Bay. 16305-1910 John HOOVER, 22, Farmer, Dymond Twp., s/o Samuel HOOVER, Farmer, & Catharine Gratien?, married Hilda ARMSTRONG, 18, Harris Twp., d/o James ARMSTRONG & Elizabeth Jane MALCOLMSON, Wtn. Thomas WAUGH, Mrs. James ARMSTRONG, on June 8, 1910 at New Liskeard
16320-1910 Gordon Ray HOPKINS, 23, Farmer, Kerns, s/o Edward HOPKINS, Farmer & Maggie GREWES, married Gertie TREVAIL, 19, Kerns, d/o Sylvanus TREVAIL, Farmer, & Julia CORNISH, Wtn. Mrs. W. McKNIGHT, Mrs, D.C. RAMSAY, on Dec. 28, 1910 at New Liskeard 25040-1910 Patrick HURLEY, 25, Labour, Haileybury, s/o Michael HURLEY, Gentleman, & Catharine McCORSKIN, married Helen PETROSKEY, 19, Haileybury, d/o Peter PETROSKEY, Farmer, & Frances BEDERSKY, Wtn. James LABINE, Winnifred HURLEY, on Nov. 15, 1910 at Haileybury
16286-1910 Elzear HURTUBISE, 21, Labour, Martland, s/o Augustin HURTUBISE, Farmer, & Emelina MARTIN, married Bertha GAUTHIER, 18, Martland, d/o Charles GAUTHIER, Farmer, & Albina MONETTE, Wtn. Alfred MONETTE, Charles GAUTHIER, on July 1, 1910 at Martland 16140-1910 Bert JACKSON, 27, Miner, Rochester Mine, s/o Thomas E. JACKSON, Labour, & Louisa Mabel JACKSON, married Sophie CROWE, 27, Rochester Mine, d/o Abner CROWE & Mary Jane WALKER? Wtn. Mr. & Mrs. Ernest CROWE, on Aug. 10, 1910 at Cobalt
16152-1910 Ernest JAKES, 33, Miner, Cobalt, s/o John JAKES, Farmer, & Elmira GRAVES, married Annie SCRUDER, 26, Cobalt, d/o August SCRUDER, Farmer, & Minnie FREDERICK, Wtn. Clay MONTELL, Ella MONTELL, on Oct. 26, 1910 at Cobalt 16160-1910 James S. JEFFREY, 34, Miner, Cobalt, s/o Robert JEFFREY, Power loom tender, & illegible, married Mary GAVIN, 23, Cobalt, d/o George GAVIN, Decorator, & Ann MITCHELL, Wtn. Mrs. Annie NEWLANDS, Andrew Scott JEFFREY, on Oct. 4, 1910 at Cobalt.
16363-1910 John T. JEFFREY, 30, Carpenter, North Bay, s/o George JEFFREY, Carpenter, & Elizabeth TELFORD, married Jane L. HUDDERT, 29, North Bay, d/o Robert HUDDERT, Gentleman, & Hannah ARMSTRONG, Wtn. Ernest PARKNER, D.G. STEVENS, on June 25, 1910 at North Bay 16149-1910 Benjamin JONES, 46, Miner, Cobalt, s/o Ben JONES, Farmer, & Mary HUGHES, married Annie Davis GRIFFITHS, 23, Cobalt, d/o Morgan GRIFFITHS, Miner, & Margaret DAVIS, Wtn. Charles C. CUMMING, Priscilla Maud FAULKNER, on Oct. 19, 1910 at Cobalt.
16244-1910 Carl Frederick KAMM, 29, Miner, Haileybury, s/o Christopher KAMM, Farmer, & Augusta HUBNER, married Rose Alba RIOPEL, 19, Haileybury, d/o Arnold RIOPEL, Farmer, & Emilie LARIVIERE, Wtn. Damase HATTE, Leanne HATTE, on Aug. 22, 1910 at Haileybury. 16351-1910 Nipissing. Martin KAVANAGH, 24, North Bay, s/o Thomas KAVANAGH & Mary U. GILBIN, married Olivine PAGE, 24, North bay, d/o Edmund PAGE & Mary A. McPHEE, Wtn. Leonard LETANG, Marguerite ROWAN, on May 11, 1910 at North Bay.
16253-1910 Henry Sylvester KELLY, 26, Farmer, Bucke Twp., s/o John KELLY, Farmer, & Sarah ARCHEY, married Mary Charlotte GILMER, 19, Bucke Twp., d/o Samuel GILMER, Farmer, & Carrie PLACE, Wtn. David BEAUDING, Mrs. J.F. DOUGLAS, on Oct. 3, 1910 at Haileybury. 16357-1910 Herbert A. KENNEY, 22, Boiler Worker, North Bay, s/o Henry J. KENNEY, Labour, & Emma MURPHY, married Elsie Ray BROWNE, 20, North Bay, d/o William BROWN, Carpenter, & Charlotte MICK, Wtn. Walter BROWNE, Lizzie ADDISON, on June 9, 1910 at North Bay
16335-1910 Edward A. KINNEY, 32, Machinist, Cobalt, s/o Oliver KINNEY, (deceased), & Margaret CESSFORD, married Bertha RIVERS, 33, Divorced, Utica N.Y., d/o Alexander C. JONES, (deceased) & Mary E. PHILLIP, Wtn. Flossie HINETT, Lillie CARKNER, on Feb. 18, 1910 at North Bay 16194-1910 Joseph KUZNIRUK, 26, Widower, Labour, Cobalt, s/o Nicolas KUZNIRUK & Dommiene MELCMOYRUK, married Mary HRYZNEZUK, 20, Cobalt, d/o Jean HRYZNEZUK & Anna TOPASZEZUK. Wtn. Ignatio KUBRICK, Maria MURZTALO, on July 12, 1910 at Cobalt.
16396-1910 Anatole LEBOEUF, 22, Carpenter, North Bay, s/o Michael LEBOEUF, Labour, & Louise LEGAIRE, married Alma LEGAIRE, 17, North Bay, d/o Virginie TAILLEFER, & Marcelline COVIEUX, Wtn. Michael LEBOEUF, Adolphe CYR, on Oct.. 25, 1910 at North Bay. 16110-1910 Henry William LACEY, 45, Jeweller, Cobalt, s/o William LACEY, Manufacturer, & Alice May WHITLOCK, married Ada Emily RIDEOUT, 29, Cobalt, d/o James RIDEOUT, Labour, & Emma JAMES, Wtn. E.F. ARMSTRONG, William JAMIESON, on Jan. 1, 1910 at Cobalt
16203-1910 David LAHAY, 28, Miner, Cobalt, s/o David LAHAY & Marguerite McGOULTRIE, married Winnifred MALONE, 23, Cobalt, d/o Hugh MALONE & Huldah ROBERTSON, Wtn. Peter GLEESON, Gertie FARLANG, on Sept. 21, 1910 at Cobalt. 16162-1910 Thomas John LAINSBURY (Sainsbury?), 24, Blacksmith, Cobalt, s/o Thomas John LAINSBURY, Box turner, & Harriet GUINES? (Guinness?) married Minnie TOWERS, 30, Widow, Cobalt, d/o Harry PAINE, Cabinet maker, & Harriet KRINOSKY, Wtn. Thomas SHIELDS, Oswald COOTE, on Oct. 8, 19110 at Cobalt.
16343-1910 John Leo LALONDE, North Bay, s/o Joseph LALONDE & Esther NEWBERRY, married Virginie LAFONTAINE, North Bay, d/o Joseph LAFONTAINE & Virginie RICHARD, Wtn. Henri MARCEAU, Alexander SEGUIN, on Apr. 4, 1910 at North Bay 16177-1910 Willie LAMARCHE, 22, Labour, Cobalt, s/o Joseph LAMARCHE & Sophronie GERVAIS, married Virginie PICHE, 17, Cobalt, d/o Moise PICHE & Eulassy LAPANSEE, Wtn. Moise PICHE, Joseph LAPALME, on Jan. 10, 1910 at Cobalt.
16105-1910 Egnas LAMARCHE, 22, Farmer, Mason Twp., s/o Pierre LAMARCHE, Farmer, & Laure GRIENARD, married Emelie LAFRENIERE, 17, Mason, Twp., d/o Delphis LAFRENIERE, Farmer, & Caroline RIVET, Wtn. Pierre LAMARCHE, Delphis LAFRENIERE, on May 9, 1910 at Martland. 16129-1910 Oscar LAMBIE, 24, Labour, Cobalt, s/o Chris LAMBIE & Unknown, married Hulda MacKAY, (sic) 19, Cobalt, d/o Nicodemus McKAY, (sic) Labour, & Catharine TAKKAVIOTA, Wtn. Oscar Williams, Lyyli (sic) HILL, on Apr. 3, 1910 at Cobalt.
16114-1910 Charles Burnett LAMBLE, 27, Assayer & Chemist, Cobalt, s/o Charles Richard LAMBLE, Salesman, & Jenny Evelyn TUCE, married Carrie DEADMAN, 27, Stenographer, Cobalt, d/o Jacob Isaac DEADMAN, Veterinary Surgeon, & Mary MULDROCK, Wtn. Francis T. LAMBLE, Marie E. MEREDITH, on Jan. 10, 1910 at Cobalt 16181-1910 Joseph A. LANCIAULT, 32, Labour, Cobalt, s/o Hippolyte LANCIAULT & Clara LIMARD (Simard?), married Juliette TREPANIER, 21, Cobalt, d/o Honore TREPANIERE & Delima LAROCQUE, Wtn. Honore TREPANIERE, H. LANCIAULT, on Feb. 7, 1910 at Cobalt
16182-1910 Alfred LAPIERRE, 29, Labour, Cobalt, s/o Etienne LAPIERRE & Serephine CORRIVEAU, married Albertine CHARTRAND, 24, Cobalt, d/o John CHARTRAND & Mathilde CARON, Wtn. Edward NADEAU, Joseph NADEAU, on Feb. 13, 1910 at Cobalt 16331-1910 A. Thomas LARONE, 29, Clerk, North Bay, s/o Thomas LARONE, Journeyman, & Emma BEAUDRY, married Helene DESILETS, 19 1\2, North Bay, d/o Eugene DESILETS, Journeyman, & Celina PETERSON, Wtn. Thomas TURGEON, James DESILETS, on Feb. 1, 1910 at North Bay
16282-1910 Delphis LATOUR, 25, Captain, Mattawa, s/o Alexander LATOUR, Farmer & Angelique THERRIEN, married Emelie Lucienne LAMARRE, 22, Papineau Twp., d/o Paul LAMARRE, Farmer, & Caroline MORIN, Wtn. Evariste CHENIER, Paul LAMARRE, on June 22, 1910 at Mattawa 16425-1910 Telesphore LAUZON, 19, Labour Sturgeon Falls. s/o Augustine LAUZON, Labour, & Helene BRUNET, married Dora LAVOIE, 19, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Felix LAVOIE, Labour, & Celina RHEUME, Wtn. Augustine LAUZON, & Felix LAVOIE, on May 23, 1910 at Sturgeon Falls
16216-1910 Alfred LEBLANC, 27, Farmer, Haileybury, s/o A. Gilbert LEBLANC, Farmer, & Evalina SAUNIER, married Amanda PAQUIN, 22, St. Bruno de Guigues, Que., d/o Edouard PAQUIN, Farmer, & Azilda LESCARTE, Wtn. Aristide LEBLANC, Narcisse PAQUIN, on Feb. 8, 1910 at Haileybury 16106-1910 Damien LEGRIS, 28, Labour, Mason Twp., s/o Pierre LEGRIS, Farmer, & Alphonsine BLAIS, married Ernestine BOISVENU, 19, Mason Twp., d/o Adolphe BOISVENU, Farmer, & Philomene LACROISE (sic) Wtn. Francois DAMBREMONT, Adolphe BOISVENU, on Aug. 27, 1910 at Martland
16209-1910 Alex LEGROS, 27, Farmer, Ferris Twp., s/o George LEGROS, Farmer, married Doilda LARIVIERE, 20, Ferris, d/o Josephat LARIVIERE, Farmer, & Virginie GRAVELLE, Wtn. Dolphise LARIVIERE, Eloise BROUSSEAU, on Apr. 11, 1910 at Corbeil. 16265-1910 Arthur LEMAY, 29, Prospector, Elk Lake, s/o Bernard LEMAY, Lumberman, & Amarilice TURCOT, married Marie Elizabeth GAUTHIER, 24, Elk Lake, d/o Euchariste GAUTHIER, Carpenter, & Emma BOURBONNAIS, Wtn. Mederic LECLERC, Euchariste GAUTHIER, on Aug. 22, 1910 at Elk Lake
16123-1910 Elias LEMMA, 25, Miner, Cobalt, s/o Henry & Justine LEMMA, Farmer, married Emma HAIJU, 20, Cobalt, d/o Matti HAIJU, Tailor, & Maria KINSELA, Wtn. Waino JUNETTE, Elffi MAKI, on Feb. 16, 1910 at Cobalt. 16145-1910 Hugh LENTZ, 26, Miner, Cobalt, s/o Charles LENTZ, Farmer, & Bertha KONITZ, married Mary BROKER, 21, Brudenell Twp., d/o Fred BROKER, Farmer, & Mary FABARE?, Wtn. Emelia LENTZ, Auguste LIDKE, on Aug. 29. 1910 at Cobalt
16315-1910 David LEROY, 36, Labour, New Liskeard, s/o Albert LEROY & Hilda ROBINSON, married Minnie Elizabeth CAMPBELL, 27, New Liskeard, d/o Robert CAMPBELL & Mary SCOTT, Wtn. Robert F. NEIL, Annie PRESTON, on Nov. 1, 1910 at New Liskeard 16226-1910 Frank Delbert LESLIE, 24, Foreman, Haileybury, s/o Norman LESLIE, Farmer, & Ida SHIBLEY, married Nancy Angeline SEYMOUR, 21, Haileybury, d/o Anthony SEYMOUR, Farmer, & Louise LACHANCE, Wtn. Mrs. J.A. DONNELL, Mrs. Ethel SHANK, on May 3, 1910 at Haileybury
16185-1910 William LINDSAY, 28, Conductor, Cobalt, s/o John LINDSAY & Maggie MORTON, married Catharine E. LEGRIS, 27, Widow, d/o Edward LEGRIS & Ermeline ENRIGHT, Wtn. Mrs. C. WOODSWORTH, Mrs. D. CONNOR, on Apr. 27, 1910 at Cobalt 16155-1910 Alfred E. LINTON, 22, Engineer, Cobalt, s/o John A. LINTON, Farmer, & Annie CLARK, married Esther L. MacADAM, 18, Cobalt, d/o John MacADAM, Engineer, & Martha LYNN, Wtn. M.B. CAMERON, Mrs. W.R. CAMERON, on Nov. 22, 1910 at Cobalt.
16189-1910 David LONGPRE, 38, Widower, Labour, Cobalt, s/o Narcisse LONGPRE & Marie MORIN, married Elsie CHARRON, 40, Widow, Cobalt, d/o Paul CHARRON & Philomene DESJARDINS, Wtn. George BOISVERT, Alex LAVIGNE, on May 17, 1910 at Cobalt. 16137-1910 Arthur Thomas LOWE, 54, Widower, Clerk in Holy Orders, New Liskeard, s/o Thomas LOWE, Chemist, & Sarah ACTON, married Kate Winnifred WEAVER, 19, Nurse-in-Training, New Liskeard, d/o George WEAVER, Broker, & Sarah HIND, Wtn. George W. WEAVER, Violet C. NESBETT, on July 25, 1910 at Cobalt
16256-1910 John James LOWES, 38, Clerk, Haileybury, s/o Robert & Leah LOWES, married Alice HUSBAND, 25, Haileybury, d/o Robert HUSBAND & Mary ROSS, Wtn. Thomas BROWN, Elma WALKER, on Nov. 16, 1910 at Haileybury. 16298-1910 Donald Robertson MacDIARMID, 33, Clerk, New Liskeard, s/o Duncan MacDIARMID, Merchant, & Mary ROBERTSON, married Patricia Scott THOMAS, 29, New Liskeard, d/o William James THOMAS, Clothier, & Martha D. EDMUNSTON, Wtn. Mabel Adella HARPER, Robert JELLY, on Apr. 16, 1910 at New Liskeard
16389-1910 Alfred S. MacDIARMID, 22, Merchant, North Bay, s/o James R. MacDIARMID, Retired merchant, & Nellie ROGERS, married Uma Beatrice HUTCHESON, 25, North Bay, d/o George W. HUTCHESON, Telegraph Operator, & Elizabeth Jane BEAMISH, Wtn. Mr. & Mrs. George HUTCHESON, on Sept. 26, 1910 at North Bay 16409-1910 Edward MACKEEN, 21, Telegrapher, Montreal, s/o James MACKEEN, Property owner, & Mary HAYES, married Regina St. ONGE, 19, Montreal, d/o Emede St. ONGE, Mason, & Albina LEBOUEF, Wtn. T. MULLIGAN, Mrs. T. MULLIGAN, on Sept. 20, 1910 at North Bay.
16232-1910 Ernest Brook MADDOCK, 28, Butcher, New Liskeard, s/o John MADDOCK, Brass Founder, & Hannah SUTCLIFFE, married Anne Elizabeth FULHAM, 22, New Liskeard, d/o Robert FULHAM, Farmer, & Maggie REID, Wtn. Samuel SMITH, Mrs. J.A. DONNELL, on June 15, 1910 at Haileybury 16276-1910 Augustin MADORE, 32, Labour, s/o Augustin MADORE, Labour, & Emeline LADOUCEUR, married Dora LEFEBRE, 18, Mattawa, d/o Joseph LEFEBRE, Farmer, & Marie Scolastique PARENT, Wtn. Joseph PARENT, Onesime LAPOINTE, on May 18, 1910 at Mattawa.
16153-1910 Nestor MAKI, 24, Miner, North Cobalt, s/o Jacob MAKI, Farmer, & Helen IMLANDER, married Adele HELM, 22, North Cobalt, d/o David HELM, Carpenter, & Annie IMLANDER, Wtn. A. OBY, Nick WERTA, on Nov. 6, 1910 at Cobalt. 16269-1910 Edgar Stevens MATTHEWS, 28, Undertaker, Elk Lake, s/o William H. & Sarah Ann MATTHEWS, married Florence Emma SINCLAIR, 27, Elk Lake, d/o John & Emma SINCLAIR, Witnesses not given, on Mar. 22, 1910 at Elk Lake
16205-1910 Eusebe MATTON, 24, Barber, Cobalt, s/o J.B. MATTON & Zanator BISON (Bisson?) married Eulodie BOIVIER, 15, Cobalt, d/o Evan BOIVIER & Lucie SIMARD, Wtn. Annie MATTON, Forme LANTHIER, on Oct. 4, 1910 at Cobalt. 16392-1910 Edwin D. MAYER, 36, Widower, Heating Engineer, North Bay, s/o David MAYER, Farmer, & Jeanette HAYNES, married Minnie GOULD, Widow, 29, North Bay, d/o Peter GOULD, Farmer, & Minnie LEMAY, Wtn. A. ROUBEE, Mabel LEVAY, on Sept. 28, 1910 at North Bay.
16358-1910 George R. McANNANDALE, 30, Miner, Elk Lake, s/o Alex ANNANDALE, Merchant, & Kate D. LAMB, married Lily Wyles DEVEINE, 24, Glasgow, d/o James DEVEINE, (deceased), & Annie TAYLOR, Wtn. Rev. Gus ENGSTROM, Lillie CARKNER, on June 14, 1910 at North Bay 16338-1910 Elmer McDONALD, 25, Painter, North Bay, s/o Hugh McDONALD, (deceased) & Annie HILL, married Lillian SALE, 22, North Bay, d/o John SALE, Labour, & Frances A. BROWN, Wtn. Duncan McDONALD, Beatrice SALE, on Mar. 17, 1910 at North Bay.
25038-1910 Thomas G. McDONALD, 25, Engineer, North Cobalt, s/o Donald McDONALD, Car Inspector, & Marie Anne PLANTE, married Mary KETTS, 25, Charlton, d/o Samuel KETTS & Nellie WHELAN, Wtn. Willie KETTS, Katie KETTS, on Oct. 3, 1910 at Haileybury 16147-1910 George Clifford McDOUGALL, 28, Labour, s/o George N. McDOUGALL, Farmer, & Rebecca McKIM, married Lillie Grace PARISH, 28, Cobalt, d/o Ellen PARISH, Farmer, & Eva COLE, Wtn. Mart LEON, Ina PARISH, on Oct. 16, 1910 at Cobalt.
16332-1910 Willard McFADDEN, 34, Labour, North Bay, s/o Abraham McFADDEN, (deceased), & Mary A. WEEDMARK, married Cecilia GLENN, 26, North Bay, d/o George GLENN, (deceased) & Henrietta GLENN, Wtn. James SCHOFIELD, Marguerite COURT, on Feb. 2, 1910 at North Bay. 16365-1910 Anson McFADDEN, 23, Brakeman, S.S. Marie, s/o Johnston McFADDEN, Farmer, & Eliza SPROULE, married Ada DYER, 26, S.S. Marie, d/o James A. DYER, Mechanic, & Fanny BEST, Wtn. Margaret McLEOD, D.J. McLEOD, on July 4, 1910 at North Bay.
16138-1910 William McKIE, 37, Miner, Cobalt, s/o William McKIE, Farmer, & Jessie KIRK, married Catherine CULLEN, 34, Cobalt, d/o Daniel CULLEN, Farmer, & Elizabeth BARCLAY, Wtn. Isabel Marie GOW, Alex. M. GOW, on July 25, 1910 at Cobalt. 16353-1910 Hugh McKINNON, 49, Farmer, s/o Duncan McKINNON, (deceased), & Sarah DORNAN, married Priscilla S.J. HAY, 46, Owen Sound, d/o Isaac NARTHGRON, (deceased) & Johanna ROWLAND, Wtn. Mrs. William CAMPBELL, Mrs. J.W. JOHNSTON, on May 16, 1910 at North Bay.
16367-1910 Loughlin David McLEAN, 42, Widower, Lumberman, Tomiko, s/o Angus McLEAN, (deceased), & Agnes YOUNG, married Alice Mary HAZARD, 46, Widow, Tomiko, d/o George ROBINSON, (retired), & June BLACKABY, Wtn. J.W. BAILEY, Sarah BAILEY, on July 11, 1910 at North Bay. 16342-1910 George McLELLAN, 33, Labour, Renfrew, s/o Archie McLELLAN, (deceased) & Annie HUTSON, married Annie WILSON, 35, Ustanachon, d/o John WILSON, Retired farmer, & Esther HUNTER, Wtn. John A. BAYLEY, C.P. CHAMBERLAIN, on Mar. 30, 1910 at North Bay.
16317-1910 James Elgin McMORAGLE, 22, Teamster, New Liskeard, s/o James R. McMORAGLE & Elizabeth RUNIONS, married Lilly Belle CHAMBERS, 24, New Liskeard, d/o William CHAMBERS, Farmer, & May TIGLE, Wtn. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph MYERS, on Oct.. 19, 1910 at New Liskeard 16141-1910 John Alexander McPHERSON, 26, Baker, Cobalt, s/o Alexander McPHERSON & Margaret CUNNINGHAM, married Mary CURRAN, 24, North Cobalt, d/o J.J. CURRAN & Catharine McMAHON, Wtn. Celia M. ROWE, on Aug. 15, 1910 at Cobalt.
16190-1910 Ernest MERCIER, 20, Labour, Cobalt, s/o Alexandre MERCIER & Olivine LANOUETTE, married Laura KENDALL, 19, Cobalt, d/o Walter KENDALL & Mary LAROSE, Wtn. Alexandre MERCIER, Walter KENDALL, on May 24, 1910 at Cobalt 16148-1910 Wasyl MINEO, 27, Labour, Cobalt, s/o Peter MINEO, Labour, & Maria RYPIAT, married Magdalene STACHIO, 19, Cobalt, d/o Anton STACHIO, Labour, & Tekla JOSYPYSZYN, Wtn. Gregor TOKAR, Mary STACHIO, on Oct. 16, 1910 at Cobalt
16257-1910 William MOORE, 28, Surveyor’s Helper, Temagami, s/o Sandy MOORE, Hudson’s Bay Employee, & Christian MOORE, married Margaret PETRANT, 20, Temagami, d/o William PETRANT & Margaret McLEAN, Wtn. Charles MOORE, Mrs. Emma MOORE, on Dec. 26, 1910 at Haileybury 16290-1910 John D. MORGAN, 33, Miner, Haileybury, s/o Robert P. & Catharine MORGAN, married Mary Theresa HARVEY, 23, New Liskeard, d/o James H. HARVEY & Mathilde HARVEY, Wtn. Robert Blacklay CAMPBELL, F.G. PARUES, on Jan. 25, 1910 at New Liskeard
16135-1910 Joseph Zephron MORIN, 21, Cook, Cobalt, s/o Joseph MORIN, Farmer, & C. AMANT, married Marguerite GACON, 25, Cook, Cobalt, d/o T. GACON, Farmer, & N. BELFEE (Bellefeuille?) Wtn. O. AUBLIN, Mrs. E. BELANGER, on July 6, 1910 at Cobalt 16304-1910 William John MUCH, 27, Teamster, s/o Mary MUCH, married Martha Elizabeth LUDLOW, 22, New Liskeard, d/o Allan LUDLOW, Teamster, & Bertha HURD, Wtn. Bert PENNY, Florence LUDLOW, on June 8, 1910 at New Liskeard.
16319-1910 Edward MURTON, 22, Prospector, New Liskeard, s/o James MURTON, Artist, & Elizabeth LANSDOWN, married Amy PRESTON, 22, New Liskeard, d/o Frank Edward PRESTON & Louisa NICHOLSON, Wtn. Robert W. ARMSTRONG, Annie ARMSTRONG, on Dec. 24, 1910 at New Liskeard. 16258-1910 Enoch NELSON, 24, Farmer, New Liskeard, s/o William NELSON, Farmer, & Sarah Ann HEAD, married Lavinia JECKELLS, 17, Harley Twp., d/o George JECKELLS, Farmer, & Hannah FOWLER, Wtn. James JECKELLS, Emeline NELSON, on Feb. 23, 1910 at Harley Twp.
16293-1910 William James NETHERTON, 55, Widower, Farmer, Reach Twp., s/o Samuel NETHERTON, Farmer, & Ann POUND, married , Amanda HALLMAN, 45, Waterloo Co., d/o Jacob HALLMAN & Elizabeth WEBRE, Wtn., Alice TINDALL, Etta CHRISLER, (CRYSLER) on Mar. 4, 1910 at New Liskeard 16263-1910 Joseph Samuel O'BRIEN, 20, Carpenter, Elk Lake, s/o Jesse Samuel O'BRIEN, Cook, & Alice Loretta POWERS, married Florence Anna Patterson McSORLEY, 18, Elk Lake, d/o Neil McSORLEY, Labour, & Elizabeth Jane GROSE, Wtn. Stewart MISKIMMONS, Violet MISKIMMONS, on Apr. 18, 1910 at Elk Lake.
16192-1910 David Renald O’GORMAN, 22, Prospector, Cobalt, s/o John B. O’GORMAN & Mary Ann DIXON, married Jane Ella May SWEET, 20, Cobalt, d/o John SWEET & Jane DUPUIS, Wtn. R.L. O’GORMAN, Rev. M. ALBINE, on June 15, 1910 at Cobalt 16337-1910 William A. ORMSBEE, 43, Widower, Miner, Haileybury, s/o William A. ORMSBEE, (deceased) & Amanda C. POWERS, married Elvyan (Evelyn?) D. BROWN, 28, Widow, Boston, Mass., d/o John ARCHIBALD & Martha LAMBERT, Wtn. Henry E. HOLMES, Ann H. BISHOP, on Mar. 15, 1910 at North Bay
16267-1910 Wyman Willard ORR, 24, Electrician, Gowganda, s/o Stephen ORR, Farmer, & Maria BONE, married Louise TIEGS, 21, Gowganda, d/o Arthur TIEGS, Farmer, & Mary BIESANTHAL, Wtn. Alfred E. TAYLOR, Emma J. CASHMORE, on Nov. 2 1910 at Elk Lake 16180-1910 Patrick O’SHEA, 33, Labour, Cobalt, s/o Bartholomew O’SHEA & Ellen SULLIVAN, married Mary Julia SCOTT, 32, Cobalt, d/o Bessie SCOTT, Wtn. James CONNOLLY, Nellie RYAN, on Feb. 7, 1910 at Cobalt.
16211-1910 Thomas OUELETTE, 25, Carpenter, North Bay, s/o Charles OUELETTE, Farmer, married Vina RATHWELL, 23, d/o Thomas RATHWELL, Farmer, & Olivine CORBEIL, Wtn. George RATHWELL, Beatrice VAILLANCOURT, on Sept. 13, 1910 at Corbeil. 16158-1910 Harry PALMER, 30, Miner, Cobalt, s/o Thomas PALMER, Shoemaker, & Betsy MOORE, married Christy Ann TATE, 35, Widow, Elk Lake, d/o John McDONALD, Tailor, & Flora McDONALD, Wtn. Edgar BLACKBURN, George R. TOWER, on Sept. 8, 1910 at Cobalt
16217-1910 Eugene PAYETTE, 36, Tailor, Haileybury, s/o Gilbert PAYETTE & Scholastique DESROCHES, married Marie Anne RICHARD, 26, Haileybury, d/o Marc RICHARD, Farmer, & Rosalie BOUDREAU, Wtn. David FONTAINE, Adele MORIN, on Feb. 7, 1910 at Haileybury 16314-1910 John PEARCE, 56, Widower, Electrician, s/o John PEARCE, Warehouseman, & Eliza Brewer PEARCE, married Henrietta Rose DILLY, 16, New Liskeard, d/o Fred & Elizabeth DILLY, Farmer, Wtn. Mrs. R.A. THOMPSON, Amy Spencer FERGUSON, on Oct.. 29, 1910 at New Liskeard
16354-1910 Harry Luther PEAKE, 25, Locomotive Fireman, North Bay, s/o George L. PEAKE, (deceased), & Emma BLANCHARD, married Jessie Bernice FRASER, 21, Pembroke, d/o John A. FRASER & Catharine B. McGREGGOR, Wtn. W.W. WALKER, J.W. JOHNSTON, on May 16, 1910 at North Bay 16303-1910 Herbert John PENNY, 24, Painter, New Liskeard, s/o Charles PENNY, Painter, & Jessie BADGER, married Florence Amanda LUDLOW, 18, New Liskeard, d/o Allan LUDLOW, Teamster, & Bertha HURD, Wtn. Bessie LUDLOW, Mary MUCH, on June 8, 1910 at New Liskeard.
16334-1910 Bert PEROLIN, 25, Labour, Arnstein, s/o August PEROLIN, married Rose ODORIZZI, 18, Arnstein, d/o John ODORIZZI & Mary CAPER, Wtn. E.A. ADDISON, Mona BURNS, on Feb. 7, 1910 at North Bay. 16172-1910 Ovila PERRON, 20, Miner, Cobalt, s/o Pierre PERRON & Parmelie MATTHE, married Marie BENOIT, 20, d/o Joseph BENOIT & Louise LACHERY, Wtn. Ludger PERRON, Julianna PARRUT, on Nov. 22, 1910 at Cobalt
16386-1910 Paul PICARD, 23, Labour, Tomiko, s/o Harry PICARD & Regina BEDARD, married Oliva LAFLAMME, 19, North Bay, d/o Joseph LAFLAMME & Celina BOND, Wtn. Henry PICARD, Joseph PICARD, on Sept. 19, 1910 at North Bay. 16378-1910 Henry PICARD, 27, Lineman, North bay, s/o Henry PICARD, Boardinghouse keeper, & Rosina BEDARD, married Olive BOYER, 21, North Bay, d/o Joseph BOYER, Labour, & Martha DELINE, Wtn. Henry PICARD, Joseph BOYER, on July 25, 1910 at North Bay.
16390-1910 Horace PIERPOINT, 28, Car checker, North Bay, s/o Henry PIERPOINT, Bricklayer, & Hannah GILES, married Beatrice W. NULMAN, 26, North Bay, d/o Christopher NULMAN, Signalman, & Caroline EVANS, Wtn. Caroline NULMAN, M.E. LATTER, on Sept. 27, 1910 at North Bay 16254-1910 Joseph PINEAULT, 28, Barber, Charlton, s/o John PINEAULT, Carpenter, & Claire GAUTHIER, married Josephine KILGOUR, 18, Charlton, d/o John KILGOUR & Susan SMITH, Wtn. John KILGOUR, Pearl KILGOUR, on Oct. 3, 1910 at Haileybury
16377-1910 Peter Joseph PODVIN, 21, Labour, Parry Sound, s/o Louis PODVIN, Miner, & Malvina POSY, married Almeda G. MAHAFFEY, 19, Tailoress, Parry Sound, d/o John MAHAFFEY, Millwright, & Mary WATSON, Wtn. Joseph A. ROSS, C.P.S. CAVINCUS, on Aug. 24, 1910 at North Bay. 16289-1910 Basil POPPINS, 26, New Liskeard, Shoemaker, s/o Frank POPPINS, & Anna Lizzie MEANEY, married Jennie TOWNSEND, 36, Widow, North Cobalt, d/o John BEAUDUC, Farmer, & Anna BEAUDRICH, wtn. Mrs. A.C. McDONALD, Etta CHRYSLER, on Jan. 5, 1910 at New Liskeard
16252-1910 Fred POTTS, 22, Guide/Prospector, s/o George POTTS, Labour, & (Deceased) , married Charlotte FRIDAY, Friday Point, (2 Miles from Bear Island), d/o John FRIDAY & Maggie SAUNDERS, Wtn. Thomas POTTS, Mrs. Ella TURNER, on Sept. 12, 1910 at Haileybury. 16275-1910 Bruce PRINGLE, 22, Labour, Mattawa, s/o Thomas PRINGLE, Labour & Helen SLATER, married Irene KEENAN, 18, Mattawa, d/o James KEENAN, Labour, & Delia COFFIN, Wtn. James KEENAN, J.P. REDMOND, on Apr. 11, 1910 at Mattawa.
16295-1910 Edward PROCTOR, 32, Farmer, New Liskeard, s/o William PROCTOR, & Abigail ROBINSON, married Mary WILSON, 20, Earlton, d/o John WILSON & Christina CRANE, Wtn. Mrs. Mary McKNIGHT, Mrs. Ann McKNIGHT, on Apr. 6, 1910 at New Liskeard 16187-1910 Francois RATELLE, 21, Labour, Cobalt, s/o Adolphe RATELLE & Rose BEAUDOIN, married Cecilia DESJARDINS, 16, Cobalt, d/o Magloire DESJARDINS & Marie Ann FILLION, Wtn. Louis ALEXANDRE, Magloire DESJARDINS, on May 10, 1910 at Cobalt
25036-1910 Adam Kastor RINGSTAD, 25, Blacksmith, Haileybury, s/o Ole Hasen RINGSTAD & Jonas Esther JANETTE, married Edna Regina ROBERTSON, 21, Haileybury, d/o Simon ROBERTSON & Johanne CHRISTENSON, Wtn. James MELHUIS, Henry ROBERTSON, on Oct. 19, 1910 at Haileybury. 16188-1910 Alex RIOPEL, 22, Labour, Cobalt, s/o Charles RIOPEL & Celina CHARBONNEAU, married Marie BELANGER, 21, Cobalt, d/o Joseph BELANGER & Monica BRADETTE, Wtn. Charles RIOPEL, Seraphin GAGNE, on May 17, 1910 at Cobalt
16273-1910 Samuel Henri RIOPELLE, 22, Labour, Mattawa, s/o Jean RIOPELLE, Labour, & Catharine BEAUDRY, married Marie Josephine COLBOURNE, 16, Mattawan Twp., d/o Thomas COLBOURNE, Farmer, & Josephine LACROIX, Wtn. Edmund DUPUIS, Thomas COLBOURNE, on Jan. 24, 1910 at Mattawa 16279-1910 Joseph ROCHON, 23, Farmer, Mattawa, s/o Olivier ROCHON, Farmer, & Alexina JOLICOUER, married Alda VIVERAIS, 26, Papineau Twp., d/o Samuel VIVERAIS, Farmer, & Henriette EMERY, Wtn. Olivier ROCHON, Samuel VIVERAIS, on June 15, 1910 at Mattawa
16299-1910 Samuel Oakley RODGERS, 21, Farmer, Charlton, s/o Samuel D. RODGERS & W. YOUMANS, married Mathilda Emily COLE, 19, Charlton, d/o James E. COLE, Farmer, & Eliza Jane DEWAR, Wtn. William BICK, Alena SLATER, on May 4, 1910 at New Liskeard 16204-1910 Martin Michael RODY, 25, Miner, Cobalt, s/o John RODY & Lizzie GORRU ?, married Annie KEARNEY, 26, Cobalt, d/o Peter KEARNEY & M. Jane MASTERSON, Wtn. Patrick KEARNEY, Josie LANDERS, on Sept. 21, 1910 at Cobalt.
16100-1910 George ROSE, 30, Sutton Bay, s/o George ROSE, Sr., Farmer, & illegible EVANS, married Lena KINDSVATER, 18, Sutton Bay, d/o August KINDSVATER, Farmer, & Louise TELIMAN, Wtn. Louise KINDSVATER, August KINDSVATER, on April 7, 1910 at Sutton Bay 16250-1910 (Nipissing) James RYAN, 21, Clerk, Cochrane, s/o Stephen RYAN, Merchant, & Jessie McDONALD, married Gladys WALTON, 21, Charlton, d/o Chester WALTON, Postmaster, & Sophie SWITZER, Wtn. J. MOYLE, on Sept. 5, 1910 at Haileybury
16316-1910 Charles RYAN, 22, Farmer, New Liskeard, s/o Alexander RYAN, Farmer, married Deborah PRIST, 21, New Liskeard, d/o Alexander Geddes PRIST, Policeman, & Jessie FORSYTHE, Wtn. William & Hellen NEELANDS, on Nov. 11, 1910 at New Liskeard.  
16107-1910 Paul St.AMOUR, 23, Labour, Eau Claire, s/o Joseph St.AMOUR & Octavie HOUL (HOULE?) married Antoinette GOUDREAU, 18, Quebec, Eau Clair, d/o Leon GOUDREAU, & Opelline PERIARD, Wtn. Olivier PAUCAUD, Gilbert BRACAMIER, on Feb. 14, 1910 at Calvin Twp. 16124-1910 Oscar St.CLAIR, 30, Miner, Giroux Lake, s/o Harley St.CLAIR, Blacksmith, & Mary BOWENS, married Maude LOTTEN, 30, Widow, d/o James BARNBY, Wtn. Mr. & Mrs. W.C. SCOTT, on Mar. 22, 1910 at Cobalt.
16329-1910 Charles St. GERMAIN, 29, Railroad Employee, North Bay, s/o David St. GERMAIN (deceased) & Bridget McAULEY, married Anastasia SAGADORE, 31, Widow, North Bay, d/o Peter SAGADOR & Bridget RYAN, Wtn. Louis COUSINEAU, J. Victor COUSINEAU, on Jan. 11, 1910 at North Bay 16208-1910 Felix St. PIERRE, 28, Farmer, Ferris Twp., s/o Felix St. PIERRE, Farmer, married Eva LEBLANC, 21, Ferris Twp., d/o Adelard LEBLANC Farmer, & Henriette BLONDIN, Wtn. Felix St. PIERRE, Adelard LECLERC, on May 30, 1910 at Astorville.
16272-1910 Edmund Morris SADLER, 32, Widower, Farmer, s/o Thomas SADLER, Farmer, & Margaret McKIBBON, married Elinor MEREDITH, 23, Dressmaker, Arnprior, d/o Thomas MEREDITH & Mary Ann JOHNSTONE, Wtn. J.Y. McGEE, Mrs. J.Y. McGEE, on Nov. 3, 1910 at Milberta. 16262-1910 James SAVARD, 28, Labour, Elk Lake, s/o Bartholomew SAVARD, Labour & Maggie McRAE, married Pauline SAVARD, 20, Elk Lake, d/o Peter Savard, Labour, & Adelaide DUBREUIL, Wtn. Celestin TREMBLAY, Louis TREMBLAY, on Jan. 17, 1910 at Elk Lake.
16251-1910 Richard SEELEY, 29, Foreman, Haileybury, s/o John SEELEY, Pump maker, & Helen WANEY, married Bridget DONNELY, 22, Haileybury, d/o Charles DONNELY, & Margaret McGEE, Wtn. Peter SEELEY, Mary McCANNEY, on Sept. 12, 1910 at Haileybury  
16408-1910 Henry SEGUIN, 25, Farmer, Widdifield Twp., s/o Alphonse SEGUIN, Farmer, & M. RANGER, married Blanche P. GARIEPY, 18, North Bay, d/o Eugene GARIEPY, Tinsmith, & Cordelia JOLICOUER, Wtn. Alphonse SEGUIN, Eugene GARIEPY, on Nov. 7, 1910 at North Bay. 16248-1910 Roanel SEGUIN, 27, Miner, Cobalt, s/o Olivier SEGUIN, Farmer, & Philomena LEROUX, married Tomela ALARY, 28, Charlton, d/o Maxim ALARY & Octavie BENOIT, Wtn. Desiree MECHARD, James PINEAULT, on Sept. 5, 1910 at Haileybury.
16170-1910 Narcisse SHAW, 26, Barber, Cobalt, s/o Louis SHAW & Ovila BROCHU (Brocher?), married Victoria PELLETIER, 28, Cobalt, d/o Damase PELETIER & Celia DAVID, Wtn. Jules LACROIX, Damase PELLETIER, on Nov. 22, 1910 at Cobalt. (s/b 1909?, Reg: June 20, 1910) 16359-1910 Thomas Ralph SHAW, 21, Clerk, North Bay, s/o John SHAW, Merchant, & Martha NICHOLSON, married Blanche Estelle RORABECK. 29, North Bay, d/o Reuben A. RORABECK, Merchant, & Lois J. SMITH, Wtn. Robert RORABECK, Mrs. R.H. RORABECK, on June 15, 1910 at North Bay
16139-1910 John Matthew SHIRK, 30 Baker, Cobalt, s/o William SHIRK, Drover, & Mary Catharine MacDONELL, married Myrtle LAFFERTY, 19, North Cobalt, d/o Tom LAFFERTY, Engineer, & Maud REICHER, Wtn. R.W. URICH, Delia McHUGH, on Aug. 15, 1910 at Cobalt 16288-1910 Hermongilde SIMON, Labour, Martland, s/o Cyrille SIMON, Farmer, & Georgina JOUBERT, married Eugenie DIONNE, Martland, d/o Francois Xavier DIONNE, Farmer, & Clementine PARADIS, Wtn. Cyrille SIMON, F.X. DIONNE, on Aug. 22, 1910 at Martland
16165-1910 W. Morley SIMPSON, 22, Machinist, Cobalt, s/o George SIMPSON, Farmer, & Margaret BAINE?, married Mary Isabel MacFARLAND, 36, Odessa, d/o George MacFARLAND, Farmer, & Margrete sic CAMPBELL, Wtn. William E. PARSONS, Ethel Maud PARSONS, on Dec. 23, 1910 at Cobalt. 16414-1910 George SLACK, 22, Labour, North Bay, s/o Thomas SLACK, Retired, & Miss KEDDIE, married Florence TAYLOR, 17, North Bay, d/o Horace TAYLOR, Farmer, & Mathilda HARWOOD, Wtn. George RUSSELL, Susie McCURDY, on Dec. 22, 1910 at North Bay
16116-11910 Richard Henry SOPHA, 22, Miner, Cobalt, s/o Stephen SOPHA & Catharine ARMSTRONG, married Maude REVOY, 20, Cobalt, d/o Michel REVOY & Elma TOMKINS, Wtn. Arthur COOKE, Etta COVERT, on Jan. 26, 1910 at Cobalt 16134-1910 Wilmott Emanuel SPECK, 33, Carpenter, Cobalt, s/o John Thomas, SPECK, Labour, & Alberta Schell SPECK, married Mary Emily CRAIG, 23, Tailoress, North Bay, d/o Luke T. CRAIG, Farmer, & Nancy ROONEY, Wtn. Sylvester SPECK, Lavinia PATTENDON, on July 2, 1910 at Cobalt.
16239-1910 George STEPHENSON, 32, Prospector, Elk Lake, s/o George STEPHENSON, Engineer, & Mary Ann BAIRD, married Edna May HILL, 21, Earlton, d/o William Henry HILL, Farmer, & Ellen Jane HEASLIP, Wtn. Samuel W. SMITH, Mrs. J.A. DONNELL, on June 29, 1910 at Haileybury 16164-1910 Roy D. STEWART, 21, Miner, Cobalt, s/o Duncan A. STEWART, Carpenter, & Catharine McKAY, married Tessie PECHIE, 16, Cobalt, d/o Joseph PECHIE, Miner, & Jane LEWIS, Wtn. Charles QUINN, Eva ALLARD. On Dec. 10, 1910 at Cobalt.
16240-1910 Thomas W.E. SULLIVAN, 26, Prospector, Latchford, s/o Richard SULLIVAN, Farmer, & Margaret McGLADDERY, married Bertha Lena BURTHWICK, 27, School Teacher, Orillia, d/o Thomas BURTHWICK, Farmer, & Catharine McCLELLAN, Wtn. Mrs. J.A. DONNELL, S.W. SMITH, on July 5, 1910 at Haileybury 16428-1910 Michael SULLIVAN, 42, Saloonkeeper, Cobalt, s/o F. SULLIVAN, farmer, & Mary SULLIVAN, married Delphine LARIVIERE, 23, Allumette Island, d/o Charles LARIVIERE, Farmer, & Philomene FOISEY, Wtn. P. BRAZEAU, L.R. SPRINGER, on June 8, 1910 at Sturgeon Falls.
16218-11910 William SUTHERLAND, 30, Builder, Haileybury, s/o James B. SUTHERLAND, Builder, & Christina McCALLUM, married Florence DRURY, 20, Haileybury, d/o Alexander DRURY, Sawyer, & Sarah SMITH, Wtn. Robert POLLOCK, Mrs. J.A. DONNELL, on Mar. 1, 1910 at Haileybury 16294-1910 Ralph Sidney TAYLOR, 22, Merchant, New Liskeard, s/o George TAYLOR, Merchant, & Mary A. MAGUIRE, married Iola WILSON, 22, New Liskeard, d/o John WILSON, Insurance Agent, & Ellie LOWREY, Wtn. T. McCANNES?, Emma TAYLOR, on Mar. 16, 1910 at New Liskeard
16344-1910 Joseph Phileas TETREAULT, 32, Montreal, North Bay, s/o Mathias TETREAULT & Mathilde ALLARIE, married Mary Louise Agnes SEGUIN, 25, Rigaud, North Bay, d/o Alexander SEGUIN & Adeline AUBRY, Wtn. Henry MARCEAU, Alexander SEGUIN, on Apr. 4. 1910 at North Bay. 16285-1910 Jeremie THERRIEN, 18, Labour, Mattawa, s/o Israel THERRIEN, Labour, & Jane NEVILLE, married Rose Ann BURK, 21, Mattawa, d/o (late) David BURK & Mary Jane BURK, Wtn. Israel THERRIEN, John LAJAMBE, on Nov. 25, 1910 at Mattawa.
16230-1910 Conrad W. THOMPSON, 27, Mine Manager, North Cobalt, s/o Niles & Carrie THOMPSON, married Marie GRENIER, 25, Michigan, USA., d/o Louis GRENIER & Orila BEAUDRY, Wtn. H. DESMOULINS, Lydia LATULIPE on May 26, 1910 at Haileybury 16271-1910 Harry THOMPSON, 32, Miner, New Liskeard, s/o Edward THOMPSON, Sea Captain, & Mary SHEARD, married Maggie M. WATSON, 21, Milberta, d/o John WATSON, Farmer, & Maggie McINTOSH, Wtn. John WATSON, Jennie HILLCOAT, on Apr. 30, 1910 at Milberta.
  16361-1910 Benjamin TICHBOURNE, 26, Pumpman, Callander, s/o Robert H. TICHBOURNE, Farmer, & Jane GRAHAM, married Margaret E. LAWRENCE, 22, South River, d/o Patrick LAWRENCE & Margaret REID, Wtn. Eva TICHBOURNE, W.W. MUNRO, on June 15, 1910 at North Bay.
25037-1910 Joseph Douglas TIPTON, 32, Bank Manager, Toronto, s/o T.L.M. TIPTON, Gentleman, & Helen CAMPBELL, married Mary SMITH, 20, Matheson, d/o M. SMITH & Mary HAYES, Wtn. Lester H. NEIL, Margaret SMITH, on Nov. 1, 1910 at Haileybury 16156-1910 Robert Duncan TOLE, 28, Stationary Engineer, Cobalt, s/o William TOLE, Farmer, & Isabel COOTS, married Elizabeth E. JENKYN, 22, Cobalt, d/o Thomas JENKYN, Furniture maker, & Emily GRIFFIN, Wtn. Belle COOKSLEY, George A. MODLE, on Dec. 1, 1910 at Cobalt.
16266-1910 Marc TONER, 25, Labour, Vinton, Que., s/o Michael TONER, Farmer, & Maggie SULLIVAN, married Celeste MULVEY, 24, Vinton Que., d/o Frank MULVEY, Farmer, & Rose CALLAHAN, Wtn. James RIGHT, Charles COLLINS, on Oct. 17, 1910 at Elk Lake 16178-1910 James TUCKER, 33, Labour, Cobalt, s/o Roddy Tucker & Catharine HOUCKS, married Ellen BERESFORD, 33, Cobalt, d/o John BERESFORD & Mary LOW, Wtn. James WARNER, Catharine CARRIERE, on Jan. 12, 1910 at Cobalt.
16193-1910 Hermidas VACHON, 22, Labour, Cobalt, s/o Napoleon VACHON & Josephine GAUTHIER, married Aimee VACHON, 21, Cobalt, d/o Damase VACHON & Risina CARDINAL, Wtn. Napoleon VACHON, Joseph VACHON, on June 14, 1910 at Cobalt 16213-1910 Pascale VACHON, 27, Blacksmith, Haileybury, s/o Pierre VACHON & Hippolette GAUTHIER, married Nathalie GAGNON, 27, Haileybury, d/o Philibert GAGNON & Rosalie BOISSON, Wtn. Emery SICARD, Phil GAGNON, on Jan 10, 1910 at Haileybury
16195-1910 William John VARIN, 33, Barber, Cobalt, s/o Joseph VARIN & Catharine SCULLY, married Mary HUNTER, 18, Cobalt, d/o Guy HUNTER, & Mary Ellen HAYN, Wtn. John O’HEARNE, Nellie RYAN, on July 18, 1910 at Cobalt. 16313-1910 Elmer James VARRELL, 23, Railroad employee, New Liskeard, s/o John VARRELL, Millwright, & Mary McGOWAN, married Elizabeth McLEOD, 17, New Liskeard, d/o John McLEOD, Carpenter, & Emily WALLS, Wtn. D. MURANN, Grace GORDON, on Sept. 24, 1910 at New Liskeard.
16103-1910 Napoleon VENDETTE, 32, Labour, Cosby, s/o Anais VENDETTE, Labour, & Philomene DUPAS, married Marie GAUTHIER, 23, Maitland, d/o Napoleon Gauthier, Farmer, & Rosalie DUVAL, Wtn. Noel DESMARAIS, Jules AMAND, on Apr. 8, 1910 at Martland . 16104-1910 Israel VENNE, 44, Widower, Farmer, Parents not given, married Clara DEMERS, Widow, 38, Mason Twp., d/o Moise DEMERS, Labour, Wtn. Hilaire DEMERS, Moise DEMERS, on Apr. 19, 1910 at Martland.
16151-1910 Edward WALKER, 30, Widower, Labour, Little Current, s/o Andrew PABAKMESA, Merchant, married Mary MOORE, 29, Latchford, d/o Joseph MOORE, Hunter, & Mary BEDER, Wtn. Muriel HOLKES, Susan CURTIS, on Oct. 19, 1910 at Cobalt 16366-1910 Samuel D. WALKER, 27, Prospector, Gowganda, s/o James WALKER, Farmer, 7 Mary E. McINTYRE, married Katherine TYNAN, 24, Burks Falls, d/o John TYNAN, (deceased) & Mary NICOLS, Wtn. M.E. LATTER, Ethel McDONALD, on July 4. 1910 at North Bay.
16388-1910 William WALLACE, 55, Widower, Farmer, South Himsworth, s/o Edward WALLACE, Mason, & Hannah GOWER, married Ellen BROWN ? 60, Widow, North Bay, d/o Joseph SOUTHALL, Weaver, & Ann PITT, Wtn. Charlotte BROWER, Lillie CARKNER, on Sept. 21, 1910 at North Bay 16393-1910 Frederick O. WEEKS, 22, Civil Servant, Ottawa, s/o Lewis N. WEEKS, Clergyman, & Margaret E. GRAHAM, married Ellen MILNE, 20, North Bay, d/o Frederick William MILNE, Lumber merchant, & Agnes WEIR, Wtn. Margaret MILNE, T. Emile DANSENIVE?, on Oct.. 16, 1910 at North Bay.
16327-1910 John D. WELCH, 35, Widower, Cooper, Latchford, s/o Samuel WELCH & Jane DICKIE, married Florence SISTRY, 25, North Bay, d/o John SISTRY & Fannie HAWKINS, Wtn. Peter HEN, May PIENCHER, on Jan. 10, 1910 at North Bay. 16229-1910 Matti WESA, 23, Miner, Cobalt, s/o Kalle WESA & Edla ROUDUAN, married Sandra BERGMAN, 20, Cobalt, d/o August BERGMAN & Caroline SEALANDER, Wtn. Kerst EKLUND, Kahni DAVIDSON, on May 14, 1910 at Haileybury.
16255-1910 Joseph A. WILLIAMS, 22, Labour, Haileybury, s/o William Williams, Labour, & Sarah Ann ARDLETT, married Catharine RAFFERTY, 26, Haileybury, d/o M. LAFFERTY, Carter, & Annie MURPHY, Wtn. Arthur HUNDON, Lillian NICHOLS, on Oct. 6, 1910 at Haileybury 16310-1910 Bentley WILLIAMSON, 28, Teamster, New Liskeard, s/o William WILLIAMSON, Farmer, & Rachael LYNN, married Elsie ROZELLE, 18, New Liskeard, d/o Elijah ROZELLE, Farmer, & Margaret L. EDWARDS, Wtn. D.E. FERGUSON, Jennie E. COUMANS, on Aug. 30, 1910 at New Liskeard
16157-1910 Edward WILSON, 25, Lunch room waiter, Cobalt, s/o Frank WILSON, Baker, & Emma POOLE, married Catharine BRADLEY, 23, Cobalt, d/o Albert BRADLEY, Bricklayer, & Annie POOLE, Wtn. James MASSEY, Mrs. Jane STRONG, on Dec. 2, 1910, at Cobalt 16223-1910 Sidney WILSON, 26, Clerk, Cobalt, s/o William & Ellen WILSON, Farmer, married Alice GREENE, 24, Haileybury, d/o Charles GREENE, Contractor, & Edith RICHARDS, Wtn. Charles GREENE, Florence COOPER, on Apr. 27, 1910 at Haileybury.
  16321-1910 Ernest H. WINLON, 23, Farmer, Heaslip, s/o John B. WINLON, Lumber merchant, married Mary B. FRASER, 23, Heaslip, d/o James FRASER, Farmer & Christina CHISHOLM, Wtn. Catharine WINLON, Amy S. FERGUSON, on Nov. 28, 1910 at New Liskeard
16228-1910 John WINTA, 23, Miner, Cobalt, s/o James WINTA & Marta HILL, married Anna HAKALA, 21, Cobalt, d/o Matti HAKALA & Sanna LUNTI, Wtn. Jack HAKANEN, Anne MAKI, on May 14, 1910 at Haileybury. 16215-1910 Gillis WONG, 25, Restaurant Keeper, Haileybury, s/o Gillis WONG, Shop Keeper, married Annie Le SING, 20, Widow, Hamilton, d/o William DEWHURST, Greengrocer & Annie DELFEW, Wtn. Harry MANN, Mrs. Henry MANN, on Jan. 18, 1910 at Haileybury
16235-1910 William Joseph WOODS, 23, Prospector, New Liskeard, s/o Henry Woods, Labour, & Mary RUSSELL, married Violet MONTGOMERY, 22, New Liskeard, d/o Robert MONTGOMERY, Hotel-keeper, & Sarah Jane FORSYTHE, Wtn. William THOMAS, Catherine TENNANT, on June 23, 1910 at Haileybury. 16224-1910 John W. WYLIE, 21, Farmer, Charlton, s/o Thomas WYLIE & Mary DERBY, married Etta S. KELUSKY, 21, Maynooth, d/o Charles KELUSKY & Mary SCOTT, Wtn. Mr. & Mrs. Henry FISS, on Apr. 25, 1910 at Haileybury.
16385-1910 Frederick E.V. YORK, 26, Clerk, North Bay, s/o James William YORK, Gentleman, & Jane IVISON, married Isabelle MILNE, 19, North bay, d/o John Walker MILNE, Gentleman, & Isabelle GURIE, Wtn. W.B. MILNE, Winnifred ELSTAN, on Sept. 8, 1910 at North Bay. 16225-1910 John YOUNG, 28, Barber, Cochrane, s/o George YOUNG & Mary Ann PRICE, married Mary THERIAULT, 30, Montreal, d/o Major THERIAULT & Rose Ann BROWN, Wtn. Barbara CRAWFORD, Sarah METCALF, on Apr. 27, 1910 at Haileybury.