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Northern Districts, 1913, part 2

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birth place is given before residence unless there was no birth place given on the registration


10136-1913 Cleophile CHAMBERLAND 27, Farmer, of St. Charles, s/o Joseph CHAMBERLAND & Malvina MAILLOUX, married Marguerite BEAULIEU, 27, of Bonfield, d/o Etienne BEAULIEU & Emelie GIROUX, Wtn. Joseph CHAMBERLAND, Etienne BEAULIEU, on Oct. 21, 1913 at Bonfield  
10138-1913 Philias CHARTRAND, 46, Laborer, Hanmer, s/o Oliver CHARTRAND, dead, & Jean KING, married Mrs. Mary C. PERRIN, Widow, Seelwood, d/o Odila ROUILLER, dead, & Catharine PARTTAY, Wtn. George TREMBLAY, Edward DUCHARME, on Nov. 25, 1913 at Seelwood 10137-1913 John Wesley COX, 23, Clerk, Powassan, Same, s/o George C. COX & Mary RIVETT, married Charlotte Viola WILLIS, 21, Ethel Ont., North Bay, d/o Alton M. WILLIS & Sarah McMINN, Wtn. Harold WILLIS, M.M. COX, on Nov. 26, 1913, at North Bay.
10162-1913 William DALZIEL, 28, Civil Engineer, Summerside P.E.I., Telfy Twp. S/o John Alexander DALZIEL & Jemima ROBERTSON, married Jean Wallace McLEOD, 28, Charlottetown P.E.I., Vancouver B.C., d/o John McLEOD & Margaret Elizabeth SCOTT, Wtn. Claude Hughes WILKINS, Annie L. Norris, on Dec. 22, 1913 at North Bay 10145-1913 Philias DAOUST, 29, Widower, Crysler, Smokey Falls, s/o Augustin DAOUST, farmer, & Agnes GRIGNON, married Regina POTVIN, 19, Smokey FALLS, Same, d/o Oliver POTVIN, farmer, & Corinne LAFRAMBOISE, Wtn. Felix LEGAULT, Alvin POTVIN, on Apr. 15, 1913 at Smokey Falls.
10160-1913 Thomas Edward DARRAH, 24, Miner, Marmora Hastings Co., Cobalt, s/o Lee DARRAH & Mary Jane VANSICKLE, married Agnes LEES, 23, Widdifield Twp., Same, d/o John Howard LEES & Agnes LEES, Wtn. S. PRICE, H.J. PRICE, on Dec. 24, 1913 at North Bay. 10151-1913 James Edward DARRAUGH, 31, Prospector, Carleton Co., Haileybury, s/o John DARRAUGH & Catherine DERMISON, married Margaret McCAGHERTY, 24, Beechburg, Haileybury, d/o William E. McCAGHERTY & Rhoda RICHARDSON, Wtn. Mabel McCAGHERTY, T. TAYLOR, both of North Bay, on Sept. 2, 1913 at North Bay.
10163 Louis Morise DAVIDSON, Casselman, Calvin, s/o Louis DAVIDSON & Oberlin OUIMET, married Bertha May SPINKS, Calvin Twp., Same, d/o William SPINKS & Mary Jane TELFORD, Wtn. William SPINKS, Emma DAVIDSON, on Dec. 31, 1913 at Calvin. 10141-1913 Ernest DAVIES, 28, Engineer, England, North Bay, s/o Isaac DAVIES & Ann STEVENS, married Margaret Constance PACKER, 31, Widow, England, North Bay, d/o William BAILEY & Margaret JACKSON, Wtn. Jill Ann TANDY, Howard Lamb, on Feb. 24, 1913 at North Bay
10161-1913 William James DAWSON, 26, Clerk, New York, USA., North Bay, s/o John DAWSON & Sara McLHERN, married Gertrude Eva BAKEWELL, 25, England, North Bay, d/o Joseph J. BAKEWELL & Ann PARROTT, Wtn. Maude Laura BAKEWELL, Rose Ethel BAKEWELL, on Dec. 6, 1913 at North Bay 10156-1913 George William DeMEZA, 29, Bricklayer, Tunbridge Wells - Kent U.K., North Bay, s/o John DeMEZA & Georgina GOLDSMITH, married Charlotte Anne Violet DRAKE, 26, Gillingham Kent U.K., North Bay, d/o Joseph Robert DRAKE & Tirzah SMITH, Wtn. Albert Edward ROGERS, H.H. DeMEZA, on Nov. 25, 1913 at North Bay.
10159-1913 Nelson DENAULT, 19, Labor, Trout Lake, s/o (late) Louis DENAULT & Emelia LEMKIE, married Kathleen NICHOLSON, 20, Trout Lake, d/o Patrick NICHOLSON & Nellie STROUDS, Wtn. William NICHOLSON, Patrick NICHOLSON, on Nov. 3, 1913 at North Bay 10157-1913 George Wesley dePENCIER, 22, Farmer, North Bay, Same, s/o James Albert dePENCIER & Olivia Jane PATTERSON, married Mary Louilla DURRELL, 17, Clarendon Quebec, North Bay, d/o John DURRELL & Christina STEWART, Wtn. John L. dePENCIER, Grande Prairie, Alta, Judythe Mary DEEGAN, North Bay, on Nov. 26, 1913 at Church of St. John the Divine, North Bay.
10142-1913 Saveris DeROSA, 29, Labor, North Bay, s/o Guisseppe DeROSA & Carolina GRECO, married D. Letizia FIERRO, 19, d/o Guisseppe FIERRO & Maria AMATO, Wtn. Vincenzio DEMARCO, Antoinette DEMARCO, on Feb. 12, 1913 at North Bay. 10147-1913 Ovide DESGROSSEILLIERS, 29, Embrun, Sudbury, s/o Pierre DEGROSSEILLIERS, farmer, & Flavie LEPAGE, married Anna MAURICE, 22, Lafontaine, Sturgeon Falls, d/o George, farmer, MAURICE & Marie LONDRIN? , Wtn. Joseph DESGROSSEILLIERS, George MAURICE, on May 7, 1913 at Sturgeon Falls.
10153-1913 Hermas DESJARDINS, 33, Buckingham Que., Papineau Twp., s/o Ferdinand DESJARDINS & Valerie DORE, married Elisabeth BEAUPRE, 19, Mattawa, Same, d/o (late) Edmond BEAUPRE & Helene DAOUST, Wtn. Ferdinand DESJARDINS, Joseph VILLENEUVE, on Sept. 29, 1913 at Mattawa 10154-1913 Frederick Lawson DINSMORE, 27, Instrument man, Cornwall, T.C.R. (East of Cochrane), s/o Joseph L. & Nellie DINSMORE, married Edith Mary WHITE, Toronto, Same, d/o Robert & Margaret WHITE, Wtn. E.A. WHITE, Ida L. BURKE, on Oct. 17, 1913 at North Bay
10146-1913 Albert DION, 27, Farmer, Grand Desert, s/o Joseph DION & Josephine BOISSONEAULT, married Ilda GAUDREAULT, 25, Grand Desert, d/o Joseph GAUDREAULT & Calixte TREMBLAY, Wtn. Joseph DION, Joseph GAUDREAULT, on Apr. 21, 1913 at Bonfield. 10150-1913 William John DODDS, 23, Manager of Business College, Gravenhurst, North Bay, s/o William James DODDS & Catharine Lily BUTLER, married Jean Evelyn WARREN, 22, Pembroke, North Bay, d/o George WARREN & Barbara Russel WHYTE, Wtn. Hazel Vanetta ANSELL, A.H. DAVIS, on June. 17, 1913.
10139-1913 John DOKIS, 24, Laborer, Dokis Reserve, Same, s/o Alexandre DOKIS & Mary McLEOD, married Marie Louise CHARETTE, 19, Mattawa, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Belmorel CHARETTE & Elizabeth ROUSSEAU, Wtn. Philibert PAGE, Alex DOKIS, on Jan. 16, 1913 at Sacred Heart Church, Sturgeon Falls.  
.10155-1913 Sidney Anderson DOWDALL, 30, T. & N.O. Employee, Nipissing, North Bay, s/o Sam DOWDALL & Jane FIFE, married Laura GRIFFITH, 24, Toronto, Powassan, d/o Tom GRIFFITH & Maria RAMSAY, Wtn. Mabel McCAGHERTY, William FLOYD, on Oct. 18, 1913 at North Bay 10152-1913 Joseph Patrick DOWNEY, 31, Quebec, Ottawa, s/o John DOWNEY & Mary KEELEY, married Mary BROWNSCHLAIGLE, 23, Mattawa, Same, d/o George BROWNSCHLAIGLE & (late) Annie DORSCHNER, Wtn. Edward CARROLL, Joseph BROWNSCHLAIGLE, on Sept. 22, 1913 at Mattawa.
10140-1913 Matthew DOYLE, 35, Bookkeeper, Newtown Mt. Kennedy - Ireland, Espanola, s/o Martin DOYLE & Mary DAVIS, married Bernadette WADE, 20, Fitzroy Harbor, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Patrick WADE & Bridget LYNCH, Wtn. Patrick WADE, Lauretta WADE, on Jan. 27, 1913 at Sturgeon Falls 10148-1913 Percy DOYLE, 22, Liveryman, North Bay, s/o (late) Alexander DOYLE & Mary Ann DELANEY, married Josephine NEWBURY, 22, North Bay, d/o William & Teressa NEWBURY, Wtn. Dan St. PIERRE, Ethel MARTIN, on May. 6, 1913, at North Bay.
10158-1913 Joseph Dolor DUGAS, 23, Labor, Bonfield, Ferris, s/o Joseph DUGAS & Marie PATRIE, married Marie Anne OUELLETTE, 18, Bonfield, Same, d/o Michel OUELLETTE & Elizabeth VAUDRY, Wtn. Damase PICHE, Michel OUELLETTE, on Nov. 17, 1913 at Bonfield 10143-1913 Oscar DUQUETTE, 24, Labor, North Cobalt, s/o Joseph DUQUETTE, general worker, & Emilie GERMAINE, married Josephine PERRON, 17, Temagami, d/o Joseph PERRON, general worker, & Georgiana TREMBLAY, Wtn. Michael PERRON, Ducia DESROSIERS, on Feb. 4, 1913 at Temagami
10149-1913 Josephat DUTRISAC, 23, Farmer, Verner, s/o Joseph DUTRISAC & Rosina BAZINET, married Anna TRUDEL, 24, Verner, d/o Charles TRUDEL & Emma LAPORTE, Wtn. Joseph DUTRISAC, Charles TRUDEL, on Apr. 28, 1913 at Verner. 10144-1913 Josephat DUTRISAC, Verner, s/o Joseph DUTRISAC & Rosina BASINET, married Emma TRUDEL, Verner, d/o Charles TRUDEL & Emma LAPORTE, Wtn. Joseph DUTRISAC, Charles TRUDEL, on Apr. 28, 1913 at Verner.
10164 Herbert John EASTWOOD, 24, Stenographer, Carleton Place, Calgary AB., s/o John Nelson EASTWOOD & Elizabeth TWIGGER, married Mary Nancy BARNES, 23, Midland, Cache Bay, d/o Mark BARNES & Annie IRWIN? Wtn. Joe B. TWIGGER, Agnes McINNES, on May 14, 1913 at Cache Bay 10165-1913 Adam Robert EDWARDS, 21, C.P.R. Employee, Verner, North Bay, s/o Richard McCOY EDWARDS & Agnes BENEKE? Married Lena Beatrice NESBITT, 19, North Bay, Same, d/o James NESBITT & Katherine CARSON, Wtn. John William EDWARDS, Florence Gertrude LEE, on July 25, 1913 at North Bay
10168-1913 Ulysse Fernand Louis FARDY, 26, Farmer, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Joseph FARDY & Philomine AUDRA, married Josephine BOUVIER, 31, d/o Eugene BOUVIER & Marie DESCOMBATS, Wtn. Eugene BOUVIER, Francois BOUVIER, on Apr. 29, 1913 at Sturgeon Falls. 10179-1913 Frederick FERRIS, 26, Albany, Hudson Bay, Sturgeon Falls, s/o William FERRIS & Jane FERRIS, married Annie Lavinia ARMITAGE, 22, Quyon Que., Sturgeon Falls, d/o Thomas ARMITAGE & Helen ARMITAGE, Wtn. J.E. CLARK, D. FERRIS, on Dec. 10, 1913 at Sturgeon Falls
10173-1913 Basilio FIERRO, 23, Labor, North Bay, s/o Guisseppe FIERRO & Maria AMATO, married Laura May St.CORSENELL, 21, North Bay, d/o Benjamin St.CORSENELL, & Elizabeth NORTH, Wtn. M.J. Doyle, Anna SHAMPOO? On Aug. 11, 1913 at North Bay. 10171-1913 Paul FILION, 30, Montreal Que. Sturgeon Falls, s/o Adolph FILION & Alvina VACHON, married Florence GONSOUS ?, Maniwak, Que., Sudbury, d/o Joseph GONSOUS ? & Rose MENARD, Wtn. George LAROCQUE, Joseph CHAMPAGNE, on June. 27, 1913 at Sturgeon Falls
  10176-1913 John FINK, 21, Mattawa, Same, s/o Joseph Arthur FINK & Emma BANGS, married Eva BANGS, 20, Mattawa, Same, d/o (late) William BANGS & Ellen WRIGHT, Wtn. Joseph Arthur FINK, Armand VALOIS, on Sept. 9, 1913 at Mattawa.
10170-1913 Richard FLEMING, 24, Trainman, Sundridge, North Bay, s/o (late) James FLEMING & Jane JOHNSTON, married Jane Rebecca LeCAPPELLAIN, 26, Mattawa, Same, d/o George LeCAPPELAIN & Susan WHITE, Wtn. Albert LeCAPPELAIN, Agnes LeCAPPELAIN, both of Mattawa, on June 4, 1913 at Mattawa. 10166 Edward FLOYD, 22, Prospector, Nipissing, Same, s/o James FLOYD & Mary Jane McEACHERN, married Minnie GELISKI, 23, Commanda, Same, d/o Ferdinand GELISKI & Minnie ARNDT, Wtn. Angus FLOYD, Cecilia GELISKI, on Apr. 9, 1913 at North Bay.
10167-1913 Joseph FOISY, 24, Farmer, Bonfield,, s/o J.B. FOISY & Marie AMYOTTE, married Adelia BOISSONEAULT, 24, Grand Desert, d/o Hilaire BOISSONEAULT & Emilie MARTIN, Wtn. J.B. FOISY, Hilaire BOISSONEAULT, on May 20, 1913 at Bonfield. 10174-1913 Abonduis FORGET, 20, Butcher, North Bay, s/o John FORGET & Melanie RAYMOND, married Alice DEMERS, 17, North Bay, d/o Edward DEMERS & Delia PREVOST, Wtn. Edward DEMERS, Joe PROVOST, on July. 5, 1913 at North Bay.
10169-1913 Esau FOWLER, 32, Fireman, London Eng., North Bay, s/o Esau FOWLER & Sarah Jane (Ann) married Alice ROBERTSON, 27, London Eng., Same, d/o John Robertson & Sarah SAUNDERS, Wtn. T. PARKER, S.T. Parker, on June 29, 1913 at North Bay 10178-1913 Wilfrid FRAPPIER, 32, Farmer, Cache Bay, s/o Emile FRAPPIER & Celina DESPATIS, married Emmerentine LEGEAULT, 30, Widow, Cache Bay, d/o Alphonse LEGEAULT & Elizabeth RACINE, Wtn. Emile FRAPPIER, Paul FOURNIER, on Nov. 9, 1913 at Cache Bay
10172-1913 Harry FRASER, 23, Brakeman, Alice Twp., Warren, s/o James FRASER & Elizabeth BELL, married Pearl Ann FRENCH, 26, Renfrew Co. Warren, d/o Isaac FRENCH & Elizabeth BENT ?, Wtn. Allen FRASER Joyce MAY, on July 2, 1913 at North Bay. 10175-1913 Edward Lawrence FRASER, 23, Druggist, Renfrew, s/o John FRASER & Sarah REYNOLDS, married Agnes May LABRON, 24, Teacher, Perth, d/o Thomas LABRON ?, & Agnes ROBERTSON, Wtn. Robert A FRASER, Forrester's Falls, Alice LABRON, North Bay, on Sept. 2, 1913 at North Bay
10177-1913 Henry FREDERICK, 35, Farmer, Chisholm Twp., s/o John FREDERICK & Ethel BROWN, married Annie FERGUSON, 24, Chisholm Twp., d/o Thomas Ferguson & Jeanny WILLIS, Wtn. John ANDERSON, Mrs. W.J. BALHME, on Oct. 21, 1913 at Chisholm. 10180-1913 Paul Joseph GADDES, 29, Carpenter, Germany, North Bay, s/o John GADDES & Martha ZEPNER, married Bernie ELKIE, 29, Pembroke, North Bay, d/o Charles ELKIE & Bernie MIELKIE, Wtn. James SETCHELL, Mrs. Margaret SETCHELL, on Jan. 15, 1913 at North Bay
10186-1913 Albert GAGNON, 24, Cheboygan, Caldwell, s/o Altanase GAGNON & Theodora BEAULIEU, married Diana GODIN, 18, Providence, Caldwell, d/o Hildige GODIN & Arselie HETU, Wtn. Althanase GAGNON, Hildege GODIN, on Aug. 25, 1913 at Verner. 10181-1913 Isadore GAGNON, 22, Farmer, Caldwell, s/o Athanase GAGNON & Theadora BEAULIEU, married Alexina DUCHARME, 18, Caldwell, d/o Moise DUCHARME & Philomene PERREAULT, Wtn, Athanase GAGNON, Moise DUCHARME, on Jan. 7, 1913 at Verner.
10183-1913 Alfred GARCEAU, 22, Farmer, Verner, s/o Aristide GARCEAU & Caroline ALLARD, married Marie Cecile BIBEAUD, 23, Verner, d/o Zotique BIBEAUD & Esther HUNEAULT, Wtn. Calixte LECOMPTE, Zotique BIBEAUD, on Apr. 14, 1913 at Verner. 10189-1913 James GEILS, 31, Merchant, Scotland, Cochrane, s/o James GEILS & Susan AITKEN, married Margaret FORGIE, 30, Wingham, Cochrane, d/o Gilbert FORGIE & M. CLARK, Wtn. L. COURTNEY, Salisbury, A. BYRNES, North Bay, on Sept. 27, 1913 at North Bay.
10185-1913 Josephat GELINAS, 32, Shawinigan, Verner, s/o Louis GELINAS & Solange SAMSON, married Eglantine COTE, 20, Verner, Same, d/o Joseph COTE & Evalina MINARD, Wtn. Joseph COTE, on Aug. 11, 1913 10187-1913 Joseph GENEREUX, 21, Labor, North Bay, s/o Michael GENEREUX & Rosanna BRUNEAU, married Clarilda TRUDEL, 21, North Bay, d/o Henri TRUDEL & Delphine BESSETTE, Wtn. Michael GENEREUX, Henri TRUDEL, on July 21, 1913 at North Bay.
10184-1913 John GORDON, 24, Fireman, Belfast Ireland, North Bay, s/o George GORDON & Elizabeth WILKINSON, married Myrtle Adeline COOK, Carleton Place, North Bay, d/o James Ennis COOK & Catherine DEACON, nee BUTTLE, Wtn. Mrs. Pearl COOK, Mrs. Charlotte BROWN, on June 24, 1913 at North Bay. 10188-1913 Eugene GUIMOND, 24, Hull, Burwash, s/o Irene GUIMOND & Delphine LAROSE, married Marguerite RACICOT, 22, St. Pie, Que., Burwash, d/o Joseph Elie Pierre RACICOT & Virginie DANSEREAU, Wtn. J.E.P. RACICOT, Eugene GUIMOND, on July, 30, 1913 at Schoolhouse in Burwash.
10182-1913 Emile GUITARD, 21, Hull Que., North Bay, s/o Calixte GUITARD & Rose GAUTHIER, married Alida GODFROID, 18, Belgium, Widdifield, d/o Lucilla GODFROID & Mathilda MARIL?, Wtn. Peter TREPANNIER, Joe GILBERT, on Mar. 18, 1913 at North Bay. 10198-1913 Frank HACKENBRUCK, 21, Laborer, Calvin, Eau Claire, s/o Christie HACKENBRUCK & Annie MEREDITH, married Emily BANGS, 18, Papineau, Eau Claire, d/o (late) William BANGS & (late) Hellen WRIGHT, on Feb. 3, 1913 at Mattawa.
10199-1913 Charles Andrew HAMILTON, 29, Banker, Port Robinson, North Bay, s/o Andrew HAMILTON & Mary RAEB?, married Florence Edna RORABECK, 29, Collingwood, North Bay, d/o Rubin Head RORABECK & Lois Josephine Smith, Wtn. Reuben Head RORABECK, Leonie Von PIRCH, Toronto, on Nov. 12, 1913 at North Bay. 10195-1913 Middleton B. HARRIS, 27, Douglas Renfrew Co., Sturgeon Falls, s/o Jacob HARRIS & Mary MORROW, married Lucy May ROACH, 20, Widow, Sturgeon Falls, Same, d/o John ROACH & Margaret RYAN, Wtn. G.L. COCKBURN, E.G. HARRIS on Aug. 20, 1913 at Sturgeon Falls.
10190-1913 William HARRISON, 28, Blacksmith, Aberdeen, Tomico, s/o William HARRISON & Maggie HAY, married Mary PARKS, Bancroft, Tomiko, d/o Nathaniel PARKS & Elizabeth BOWERS, Wtn. Harry WALLACE, Jim TELFORD, on Mar. 17, 1913 at North Bay.  
10196-1913 Floyd Cecil HARTLEY, 23, Core-maker, New Durham Ont, Widdifield Twp., s/o Frederick W. HARTLEY & Annie DAVIDSON, married Mabel THURLOW, 20, Barrie, Widdifield Twp., d/o George M. THURLOW & Sarah H. McMINN, Wtn. Flossie THURLOW, Florence NEW, on Sept. 30, 1013 at Widdifield. 10191 1913 Henry HARWOOD, 20, North Bay, Same, s/o Jonathon & Susannah HARWOOD, married Alice Euphemia COTTRELL, 18, Nipissing, North Bay, d/o H. William COTTRELL & Mary Elizabeth SMITH, nee DIXON, Wtn. Thomas RUTLEDGE, Mehitabel COTTRELL, on Mar. 22, 1913 at North Bay.
10194-1913 William HEITMAN, 24, Machinist, Stratford, North Bay, s/o Albert HEITMAN & Elizabeth STRALO, married Eleanor PARADIS, 18, Parry Sound, North Bay, d/o Francis PARADIS & Caroline PAUZE (Tauze?), Wtn. T. SEGUIN, Agnes SAUTARY, on May 26, 1913 at North Bay 10193-1913 William James HOGAN, 30, Waboigog?, Winnipeg, s/o James HOGAN & Margaret G. O'BRIEN, married Hellen Magdelena MEINDL, 23, Mattawa, Same, d/o Francis MEINDL & Angelina SIKORSKI, Wtn. John McMEEKIN, George BACKER, on Apr. 23 at Mattawa.
10192-1913 Thomas Walton HULL, 36, Lumberman, Parry Sound, Spanish Mills, s/o James HULL & Delora McLEAN, married Hulda SHEETS, 36, Collingwood, Sturgeon Falls, d/o John SHEETS & Helen MELLAN, Wtn. Annie BLACK, E.G. KERR, on Apr. 23, 1913 at Sturgeon Falls. 10197-1913 Edward HUNTER, 24, Renfrew Co., Haileybury, s/o Benjamin HUNTER & Mary Ann HUGHES, married Dorothy Irene HARPER, 20, Kingston, Papineau, d/o Severe HARPER & Mary CULLUM, Wtn. George COBB, Pearl HARPER, on Oct. 16, 1913 at Papineau
10200-1913 William George HUTSON, 22, Farmer, Matawachin, Widdifield, s/o William HUTSON & Isabella THOMPSON, married Mary Ellen Louise DUBE, 18, Widdifield, Same, d/o Louis DUBE & Ellen BURNETT, Wtn. Louis LONPECT?, Maggie HUTSON, on Dec. 31, 1913 at North Bay. 10201-1913 Gordon Wakefield INGRAM, 24, Electrician, Victoria Co., Sault Ste. Marie, s/o John & Jane INGRAM, married Cora Grenville FERGUSON, North Bay, Same, d/o John & Jennie FERGUSON, Wtn. Duncan Ferguson, John Ferguson, on Sept. 24, 1913 at North Bay.
10203-1913 Isaac Wellington JACKSON, 21, Renfrew Co., Widdifield, s/o George JACKSON & Margaret CONWAY, married Bertha HUDSON, 23, Renfrew Co., Widdifield, d/o Walter HUDSON & Jennie MCDONALD, Wtn. Robert HUTSON, Alice James, on Apr. 9, 1913 at Widdifield 10206-1913 John JACQUES, 39, Livery stable keeper, Walpole Twp., Sturgeon Falls, s/o Anthony JACQUES & Agnes RANKIN, married Anah (sic) Gertrude KIRKUP, 24, Widow, Anton Mills - Simcoe Co., Sturgeon Falls, d/o Charles LEWIS & Jane PIERCE, Wtn. G.F. WEIGHTMAN, J. LEWIS, on Sept. 1, 1913
10205-1913 Frederick Thomas JENNINGS, 50, C.P.R. Telegraph, England, North Bay, s/o Thomas JENNINGS & Ann STADDON, married May DREANY, 40, Widow, Uxbridge, North Bay, d/o William IRVING & Laure HODGSON, Wtn. R. ELLWOOD, Sybil ELLWOOD, on Sept. 18, 1913 at North Bay. 10208-1913 Vincent Robert JESSUP, 23, Bookkeeper, Huntsville, Haileybury, s/o Richard Baker JESSUP & Jane RENFREW, married Hattie Marie Belle BAILEY, 33, Widow, Buffalo, Haileybury, d/o Stewart BAILEY & Marie Belle CASPER, Wtn. C.E. FLEMING, Mrs. C.E. FLEMING, on Dec. 30, 1913 at Haileybury.
10202-1913 Joseph Hector JOLICOUER, 34, Farmer, of Cache Bay, s/o Gabriel JOLICOUER & Martine SEGUIN, married Marie Linette MORIN, 21, of Cache Bay, d/o Alfred MORIN & Louise DUBE, Wtn. Batiste LEGAULT, Alfred MORIN, on Feb. 3, 1913 at Cache Bay 10207-1913 Alexander JOHNS, 53, Widower, Scaler, Nottingham UK., North Bay, s/o George JOHNS & Margaret DWYER, Married Jennie DWYER, 43, Widow, Cookstown, North Bay, d/o Alfred FISHER & Mary Ann FOSTER, Wtn. Olive Ola BISSELL, W.D. BISSELL, on Oct. 13, 1913 at North Bay.
10204-1913 Raymond JUSTASON, 24, Miner, of Elk Lake, s/o Martin JUSTASON & Suzanne FALLIS, married Albertine BELAIR, 20, of Elk Lake, d/o Misias BELAIR & Appoline DESJARDINS, Wtn. Albert LECLAIR, Lorette LESSARD on Aug. 12, 1913 at Elk Lake. 10220-1913 William Henry KADWILL, 28, Choirmaster, England, St. Catharines, s/o Richard KADWILL & Emma DUCK, married Annie WILDGUST, 21, England, North Bay, d/o Herbert WILDGUST & Susana HERMAN, Wtn. A.G. KADWILL, Herbert WILDGUST, on Oct. 20, 1913 at North Bay
10214-1913 Daniel KENNEDY, 28, Mattawa, Same, s/o (late) Patrick Kennedy & Jane EGAN, married Agnes DARCY, 23, North Bay, Mattawa, d/o William Darcy & Theresa MORRIS, Wtn. William DARCY, Thomas McMANUS, on June 23, 1913 at Mattawa 10217-1913 Alex, Thomas KING, 25, Cashier, Riviere du Loup, North Bay, s/o Francis G. KING & Mary Ann GOSSELIN, married Annie Euphemia MARSHALL, 23, North Bay, Same, d/o John H. MARSHALL & Margaret McKAY, Wtn. Olive M. TORRANCE, J.C. GILLESPIE, on Sept. 24, 1913 at North Bay
10216-1913 Harold Arnold Ronald KINGSLEY, 28, Miner, Essex U.K. Schumacher, s/o Henry KINGSLEY & Elsie PRATT, married Ethelwyn JENKINS, 28, Little Current, Schumacher, d/o Robert Wallis S. JENKINS & Ella ABERY, Wtn. Doyten OSTRONER, Florence JOHNSTON, on Sept. 16, 1913 at Schumacher 10218-1913 Frederick George KIRK, 30, Engineer, Ottawa, Englehart, s/o Herman William KIRK & Elizabeth WESTON, married Ann Marsh COATES, 26, Sunderland U.K., North Bay, d/o Thomas COATES & Dorothy DAVIE, Wtn. Maggie BYRNES, Neil CURRIE, on Sept. 15, 1913 at North Bay
10212-1913 Samuel George KIRKPATRICK, 26, Lumberman, Millsille Que, North Bay, s/o William KIRKPATRICK & Mary WOODS, married Merinda POLLICK (sic), 23, Millsille, Same, d/o Robert John POLLICK & Susan BARNES, Wtn. William McKENZIE, Oliver KIRKPATRICK, on Mar. 19, 1913 at North Bay. 10215-1913 Allan Irwin KNAPP, 24, Express Messenger, Prescott, North Bay, s/o William Henry KNAPP, married Edith Cora WALL, 20, of Eau Claire, d/o Thomas WALL & Emily Evelyn SMITH, Wtn. John COOK, Amelia GUERNSEY, on June 18, 1913 at North Bay
10209-1913 John KODJE, 18, Beaucage, Neabaskwangal, Duscheney Creek, s/o Jean Baptiste KODJE & Marie-Anne DUSCHENEAU, married Edna LARONDE, 16, Neabaskwangal, Duscheney Creek, d/o Denis LARONDE & Marie LARIVIERE, Wtn. David FAUBERT, Catharine KODJE, on Jan. 20, 1913 at Neabaskwangal, Duscheney Creek 10211-1913 John KOIVUNIEMI, 30, Finland, Elk Lake, s/o John KOIVUNIEMI, Katherine KORTESNIEMI, married Lempi KOUKOUNPAA, 22, Finland, Sturgeon Falls, d/o John KOUKOUNPAA & Tilda HAKEL, Wtn. August & Elizabeth JOHNSON, on Mar. 18, !913 at Sturgeon Falls
10213-1913 John KOSKI, 30, Finland, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Matthew KOSKI & Argot LAMPI, married Mary HOUKALA, 27, Finland, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Bavo HOUKALA & Kara KARAIKAS, Wtn. Frank & Fanny LIND, on May 28, 1913 at Sturgeon Falls. 10219-1913 Mark KROZMAN, 26, Laborer, of North Bay, s/o John & Exsima KROZMAN, married Marie OSOSKA, 17, of North Bay, d/o (late) Osias OSOSKA, Wtn. Mark JOHNSON, Osias SIKWATER, on Sept. 30, 1913 at North Bay.
10210-1913 Wasyl KSOWAN, 22, Laborer, Austria, Springer Twp., s/o John & Ann KSOWAN, married Viola May KELLY, 21, Rockingham Ont, Springer, d/o Patrick KELLY & Martha THERMINSKI, Wtn. H.E. PIERCY, Karol PODSHOLONKI, on Feb. 12, 1913 at Sturgeon Falls 10237-1913 Joseph Ernest LABELLE, 28, Clerk, Widdifield, s/o Roch LABELLE & Zenaide BELAIRE, married Cora BEAUREGARD, 24, Widdifield, d/o Louis BEAUREGARD & Philomine GIRARD, Wtn. D. BEDARD, L. KENT, on July 25, 1913 at North Bay.
10221-1913 Joseph Alphonse LAFRENIERE, 29, St. Gabriel Que. Verner, s/o Cuthbert LAFRENIERE & Elizabeth TELLIER, married Marie DAUPHINAIS, 23, St. Gabriel Que., Verner, d/o James DAUPHINAIS & Elizabeth Celine CARPENTIER, Wtn. Euclide LAFRENIERE, James DAUPHINAIS, on Jan. 27, 1913 at Verner 10234-1913 Alfred LALONDE, 40, Widower, Mason, North Bay, s/o Israel LALONDE & Isma LAUZON, married Mrs. Edward ROCHON, (nee RANGER) 41, Widow, North Bay, d/o Isma LAUZON (sic) & Mary RANGER, Wtn. A. RENAUD, Tom Quisland, on Aug. 10, 1913 at North Bay
10230-1913 Adrien LAMARCHE, 23, Embrun, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Aristide LAMARCHE & Mathilde LANGLOIS, married Olivine HURTUBISE, 19, Sturgeon Falls, Same, d/o Pierre HURTUBISE & Rosalie LALONDE, Wtn. Augustin HURTUBISE, Pierre HURTUBISE, on May. 12, 1913 at Sturgeon Falls 10232-1913 Velmor LAMARCHE, 26, Ste. Julienne Que. Verner, s/o Ernest LAMARCHE & Clarice MAGEAU, married Blanche St. GEORGE, 19, Ste. Emilie Que. d/o Joseph St.GEORGE & Amanda CHAMPAGNE, Wtn. Joseph St. GEORGES, Ernest LAMARCHE, on June 30, 1913 at Verner
10227-1913 Napoleon LAMARRE, 28, Farmer, Mattawa, s/o Paul LAMARRE & Corline MORIN, married Margaret McCARTHY, 18, North Bay, d/o Eugene McCARTHY & Margaret MORIARITY, Wtn. Paul MAYER, Dave MORIARITY, on Mar. 31, 1913 at North Bay. 10223-1913 Nederic LAPRAIRIE, 27, Farmer, Laprairieville, Badgerow Twp., s/o Louis LAPRAIRIE & Olivine DUPUIS, married Jeanne BOURGEOIS, 28, of Laprairieville, d/o Francois BOURGEOIS & Rose de Lima BEAUPRE, Wtn. Louis LAPRAIRIE, Francois BOURGEOIS, on Jan. 7, 1913 at Verner.
  10239-1913 Louis Arthur LAPRET?, 31, Businessman, Quebec, North Bay, s/o Charles LAPRET ? & Amanda PERRIN, married Ellen Eliza HUTSON, 19, Near Ottawa, North Bay, d/o William HUTSON & Isabella THOMPSON, Wtn. Oscar GUITARD, William George HUTSON, on Oct. 8, 1913 at North Bay
10236-1913 Lucien LAVIGNE, 20, Plumber, North Bay, s/o Lucien LAVIGNE & not given, married Alphonsine TURCOTTE, 17, North Bay, d/o not given & Marie Ann St. JEAN, Wtn. Louis CUSSON, Jos. PERRIN, on July 23, 1913 at North Bay. 10222-1913 Thomas Claude LAWS, 23, S. Cayuga, North Bay, s/o Hiram Lewis LAWS & Alice HONSBURGER, married Fannie Margaret McNAUGHTON, 19, North Bay, Same, d/o Duncan Hume McNAUGHTON & Ellen ABRAHAM, Wtn. Duncan & Ellen McNAUGHTON, on Jan. 31, 1913.
10228-1913 Joseph LECUYER, 26, Laborer, Pointe Gatineau, Sturgeon Falls, s/o L. LECUYER & Denise RENARD, married Amanda LARIVIERE, 22, Sturgeon Falls, Same, d/o Euchariste LARIVIERE & Emilia PAQUIN, Wtn. Theresa LEMAY, L. LEMAY, on Apr. 8, 1913 at Sturgeon Falls 10238-1913 Hermas LEGAULT, 22, Barber, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Emile LEGAULT & Amanda MONTREUIL, married Ivonne St. PIERRE, 18, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Camille ST.PIERRE & Lucie GUENETTE, Wtn. Emile LEGAULT, Camille St. PIERRE, on June. 17, 1913 at Sturgeon Falls
10229-1913 Joseph Omer Alfred LEGAULT, 21, Caldwell, s/o Louis LEGAULT & Hermeline St.PIERRE, married Anna LEGENDRE, 16, Verner, d/o Alphonse LEGENDRE & Delphima DESJARDINS, Wtn. Louis LEGAULT, Alphonse LEGENDRE , on May. 19, 1913 at Verner. 10235-1913 Batiste LEGAULT, 28, Farmer, Springer, s/o Batiste LEGAULT & Julia JOLICOUER, married Marie Rosanna LEUTHIER, 19, Springer, d/o Francois H. LEUTHIER & Ovinde BLANCHARD, Wtn. Batiste LEGAULT, F.H LEUTHIER, on July 15, 1913 at Cache Bay.
10233-1913 Edmond LEGENDRE, 30, Champion MI., Verner, s/o Alphonse LEGENDRE & Marie CONSTANTINEAU, married Marie Ann LEGAULT, 22, Verner, Same, d/o Dolphis LEGAULT & Marie Louise MIRON, Wtn. Alphonse LEGENDRE, Dolphis LEGAULT, on Sept. 8, 1913 at Verner  
10226-1913 William LEVAC, 19, Farmer, Caldwell, s/o Francois LEVAC & Melina MARLEAU, married Agnes BENOIT, 18, Caldwell, d/o Joseph BENOIT & Zoe BRUNETTE, Wtn. Wilfrid LEVAC, Joseph BENOIT, on Mar. 31, 1913 at Verner. 10224-1913 Thomas LEVAC, 21, Farmer, of Caldwell, s/o Francois LEVAC & Melina MARLEAU, married Edwidge BENOIT, 16, of Caldwell, d/o Joseph BENOIT & Zoe BRUNETTE, Wtn. Jose Georges LEVAC, Joseph BENOIT, on Jan. 7, 1913 at Verner.
10238-1913 Andrew LINKLATER, 25, Gas Supt., Grand Valley, North Bay, s/o William B Linklater & Amelia LUXTON, married Mary Pearl NESBITT, 22, Clarendon Que., North Bay, d/o James NESBITT & Catherine CARSON, Wtn. Mrs. Armand MINNIKIN, Osmond MINNIKIN, on Oct. 8, 1913 at North Bay 10231-1913 David Manson LOCKWOOD, 25, Printer, Belleville, Lindsay, s/o Harvey Manson LOCKWOOD & Amanda MEYERS, married Pearl Idella HASSE, 22, South River, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Jacob Henry HASSE & Mary Ann ERLE, Wtn. Harry B. LOCKWOOD, May EMBLEY, on June 25, 1913 at Sturgeon Falls.
10225-1913 Daniel Arthur LYON, 32, Farmer, Ottawa, 486 Bronson Ave. in Ottawa, s/o Robinson LYON & Margaret CAMPBELL, married Ethel Mildred DAVIDSON, 19, Lyall Twp., Same, d/o Gabriel Edmund DAVIDSON & Elizabeth Jane DUNN, Wtn. Henry Alva LYON, Edith LYON, on Mar. 26, 1913 at Lyall twp, Nipissing Dist 10262-1913 Ernest Stafford McCARTHY, 27, Mining, Toronto, Haileybury, s/o Hamilton McCARTHY & Fanny Rebecca DEWHURST, married Effie Smith MORRIS, 27, Wingham, North Bay, d/o Alexander R. MORRIS & Jessie MacKAY, Wtn. A.R. & Jessie MORRIS, on Aug. 25, 1913 at North Bay
10261-1913 Archie McDONALD, 29, Alexandria, Elk Lake, s/o (late) John McDONALD & Jane McDONALD, married Marguerite McDONALD, Alexandria, Odanaly WI., d/o Dunk McDONALD & Flora McDONALD, Wtn. John M. McDONALD, Albertine LECLAIR, on June 2, 1913 at Elk Lake 14756-13 Daniel Aris MacKADY, 44, Parry Sound Dist., Coniston, s/o Daniel MacKADY, clergyman, & Sarah Jane WOODS, married Margaret HILLS, 30, Parry Sound Dist., Coniston, d/o Thomas WELLS, sailor, & Elizabeth POLLY (Pally?), witn: Henry PAWSON of Sudbury & Lillian STEWART of Coniston, 21 Feb 1913 at Coniston
  10263-1913 Frederick William McKEE, 33, Medical Doctor, Angus, Cache Bay, s/o Thomas McKEE & Sarah ELLWOOD, married Ruth GANTON, 25, Midland, Cache Bay, d/o David GANTON & Hattie COTTRELL, Wtn. David GANTON, Hattie GANTON, on Sept. 8, 1913 at Sturgeon Falls
10260-1913 Andrew Bennett McKENZIE, 24, Spencerville, North Bay, s/o Alexander McKENZIE & Dora BENNETT, married Jean Gertrude MORRISON, 18, Duntroon, North Bay, d/o Duncan Morrison & Margaret LAWSON, Wtn. Marion Beatrice KENNEDY, Cobalt, H.E. McGOVERN, on Mar. 26, 1913 at North Bay 10264-1913 Kenneth McLEOD, 21, Farmer, North Bay, same, s/o Alexander McLEOD & Margaret McLEOD, married Laurena DOOL, 18, Denbigh, Trout Mills, d/o Adam DOOL & Annie McDONALD, Wtn. William DOOL, Florence McLEOD, on Dec. 24, 1913 at North Bay.
10269-1913 Pierre NAULT, 44, Papineauville, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Hyacinthe NAULT & Marie DOUVILLE, married Marie BELIVEAU, Hull, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Augustin BELIVEAU & Elmire LALONDE, Wtn, Felix BRAZEAU, Celanie CHARBONNEAU, on July 28, 1913 at Sturgeon Falls 10266-1913 Fred Lewis NEELEY, 27, Medical Doctor, Dorchester Twp., New Liskeard , s/o George NEELEY & Alice CAPSHIK, married Kathleen PELOW, 22, Kingston, Brockville, d/o Thomas PELOW & Elizabeth SOMERS, Wtn. K.P. CHOLLY, on Apr. 15, 1913 at North Bay
10267-1913 Clifford John NEIL, 21, Millwright, Cobden, Cobalt, s/o Richard NEIL & Mary COWIE, married Lulu DONALDSON, 18, Glen Almond, Cobalt, d/o George DONALDSON & Lois DEVINNY, Wtn. M.H. McDONALD, Mrs. M.H. McDONALD. On Jun. 13, 1913 at North Bay 10268-1913 Edward G. NORNABELL, 40, Widower, Engineer, Stafford, North Bay, s/o John NORNABELL & Sara Ann CHAPMAN, married Annie KIRBY, 40, Arthur, North Bay, d/o William KIRBY & Mary LONG, Wtn. George F. NORNABELL, Nellie LAST, on June. 24, 1913 at North Bay.
10265-1913 Ben F. NOTT 30, Dentist, Oshawa, North Bay, s/o G.L. NOTT & Mary Jane BRYANT, married Ruby COLE, 20, Buffalo, North Bay, d/o J.A. COLE & Minerva JOHNSTON, Wtn. Jos. E. Johnston, Jessie JOHNSTON, on Apr. 9, 1913 at North Bay 10272-1913 Fred O'HARA, 22, Barber, Quyon Que., Sturgeon Falls, s/o James O'HARA & Mary O'FLAHERTY, married Marguerite CURLEY, 21, North Onslow, Sturgeon Falls, d/o John CURLEY & Katie McNALLY, Wtn. Michael James SIMON, Vida JEWELL, on Nov. 26, 1913 at Sturgeon Falls
10270-1913 Richard OSTBERG, 28, Norway, Smoky Falls, s/o John OSTBERG & Christine ANDERSON, married Emeline SEGUIN, 17, Sturgeon Falls, Smoky Falls, d/o Eli SEGUIN & Lea LAUZON, Wtn. Philias DAOUST, Eli SEGUIN, on Feb. 4, 1913 at Cache Bay. 10271-1913 John Thomas OSTRUM, 26, Bryson Que., North Bay, s/o Charles OSTRUM & Ann McDOWELL, married Helen Agnes ANGUS, 30, London Ont, North Bay, d/o George Page ANGUS & Helen K. WESTLAKE, Wtn. Robert Young ANGUS, Edward Leslie BANNER, on June 2, 1913 at North Bay.
10276-1913 Andre PARIS, 31, Pembroke, Springer, s/o Loris PARIS & Susanne GAUDETTE, married Edna LARONDE, 26, Pembroke, Springer, d/o Damase LARONDE & Emma BEAUDRY, Wtn. Damase LARONDE, Urgel PIGEAULT, on Aug. 18, 1913 at Sturgeon Falls. 10278-1913 James PATERSON, 24, Miner, Elk Lake, s/o Robert PATERSON & Agnes BROWN, married Philippine LECLAIR, 18, Elk Lake, d/o Misias LECLAIR & Appoline DESJARDINS, Wtn. Antonias LECLAIR, Antonia LECLAIR, on May. 5, 1913 at Elk Lake
10274-1913 Joseph Medrice PATNAUDE, 28, Labor, Montreal, Callander, s/o Alexander PATNAUDE & Mary MASSY, married Philomene GIRARD, 28, Ville Marie, Callander, d/o Antoine GIRARD & Adelphine DONEGAN, Wtn. Jim CASEY, Agnes SANTRY, on Apr. 3, 1913 at North Bay 10273-1913 Joseph Dosithe PATNAUDE, 50, Butcher, Lonfreuille Que., Hearst, s/o Joseph PATNAUDE & Meralle SABOURIN, married Marie Louise CLERMENT, 40, Divorced, Montreal, North Bay, d/o Calix (te) LACOSSE & Dorothy LABONTE, Wtn. Nap. LACOSSE, S.J. CLEMENT, on Jan. 18, 1913 at North Bay.
10281-1913 Fortunat PHILION, 22, Ste. Anne de Prescott, Springer, s/o Adolphe PHILION & Alorne? VACHON, married Eva BENOIT, 17, Verner, Springer, d/o France BENOIT & Virginie BRUNET, Wtn. Alfred PHILION, Delina BENOIT, on Sept. 1, 1913 at Sturgeon Falls 10280-1913 Eugene PHILION, 24, Mattawa, Cameron, s/o Alfred PHILION & Elizabeth JANVEAU, married Bernadette SARRASIN, 22, Montebell, Que., Cameron, d/o Laurent SARRASON & (late) Eleanor RICHER, Wtn. Joseph VEZEAU, Philippe BOIVIN, on Sept. 22, 1913 at Mattawa.
10282-1913 Jules PICHE, 27, Masham Que., McPherson, s/o Hormidas PICHE & Melina SCHUBB, married Alexina BOISVERT, 20, Kirkpatrick, d/o Joseph BOISVERT & Victoria CHAMPAGNE, Wtn. David PICHE, Joseph BOISVERT, on Sept. 23, 1913 at Verner. 10277-1913 Damase PICHETTE, 23, Masham, McPherson, s/o Hormidas PICHETTE & Melina SCHUBB, married Dorilda BIBEAUD, 21, St. Gabriel, McPherson, d/o Zotique BIBEAUD & Esther HENAULT, Wtn. David PICHETTE, Zotique BIBEAUD, on June 16, 1913 at Verner.
10283-1913 Claude Jesse PRATT, 24, C.P.R. Employee, England, North Bay, s/o Jim PRATT & Eliza NEVE, married Louisa FRAMPTON, 24, England, London Eng., d/o William John FRAMPTON & Louisa HALL, Wtn. Cecil F TOMPKIN, Amelia M. BALFOUR, on Oct. 29, 1913 at North Bay 10275-1913 Leandre PREVOST, 25, Merchant, Plantagenet, Chelmsford, s/o Andre PREVOST & Melina DEMERS, married Claride? CHENIER, 22, Teacher, Plantagenet, Verner, d/o Antoine CHENIER & Agnes LAFRAMBOISE, Wtn. Elzear PERRON, Jeremie HUARD, on May. 14, 1913 at Verner.
10279-1913 John Gwynn PRICE, 33, Railway Employee, North Bay, s/o John & Mary PRICE, married Ethel CROOK, 25, Winnipeg, d/o (deceased) & Elizabeth MARIETTA, Wtn. John MANSFIELD, Elizabeth CROOK, on Aug. 11, 1913 at North Bay.  
10285-1913 Arthur QUESNEL, 22, Crysler, Springer, s/o Henri QUESNEL & Nathalie DAGENAIS, married Anna LEBLANC, 17, Sturgeon Falls, Same, d/o Pierre LEBLANC & Claudia GAGNE, Wtn. Henri QUESNEL, Pierre LEBLANC, on Aug. 11, 1913 at Sturgeon Falls. 10284-1913 Alfred QUESNEL, 29, Prospector, Pointe au Chenes Que., Astorville, s/o Pierre QUESNEL & Elmire FOURNIER, married Donalda DEMERS, 15, Astorville, Same, d/o Francois DEMERS & Clementine LALONDE, Wtn. Stanislaus COURROUX, Francois DEMERS, on Dec. 29, 1913 at Astorville
10286-1913 George QUINN, 25, Farmer, Grand Desert, s/o Adolphe QUINN & Celina BOULANGER, married Emilie BOISSONEAULT, 16, Grand Desert, d/o Hilaire BOISSONEAULT & Emelie MARTIN, Wtn. Alexandre BOULANGER, Hilaire BOISSONEAULT, on July 6, 1913 at Bonfield. 10302-1913 Emery RACICOT, 41, Widower, Montebello Que., Bonfield, s/o (late) Felix RACICOT & Marie Louise SARRASIN, married Mary PRIDE, 33, Widow, Pembroke, Mattawa, d/o (late) Henri PRIDE & Jane NEVILLE, Wtn. Jane NEVILLE, Israel THERIEN, on Nov. 22, 1913 at Mattawa.
10293-1913 Michel RAIL, 30, Perce Que., La Passe Ont, s/o Jacques RAIL & Marie DESPRES, married Catharine GAUVIN, 18, Mattawa, Same, d/o Honore GAUVIN & Julia LAVOIE, Wtn. Telesphore OUIMET, Philias DALLAIRE, on July 14, 1913 at Mattawa. 10299-1913 Stanislaus Albert RAYMOND, 24, Widower, St. Hermas Que., Lachute, s/o Stanislaus RAYMOND & Rose de Lima GRANDMAISON, married Berthe LEGENDRE, Champion MI., Verner, d/o Alphonse LEGENDRE & Delphina DESJARDINS, Wtn. Adolphe RAYMOND, Lachute, Alphonse LEGENDRE, Verner, on Oct. 20, 1913 at Verner.
10287-1913 John REDA, 33, Labor, Pietrafitta Italy, North Bay, s/o Raffael REDA, Comarina CARRITANO, married Rosina DOMINICO, 30, Pietrafitta Italy, North Bay, d/o Antonio DOMINICO & Filomina REDA, Wtn. Michele QUINTIERI, Rocco SCHIAVO, on Feb. 8, 1913 at North Bay. 10303-1913 James Henry REEDER, 25, Civil Engineer, Schreiber, s/o (late) Robert REEDER & Alice VOLUTE, married Florence O'CONNOR, 22, Bonfield, d/o William O'CONNOR & Josephine VALIN, Wtn. Robert TOR, Schreiber, Louise O'CONNOR, Bonfield, on Nov. 19, 1913 at Bonfield
10300-1913 James Thomas REES, 20, C.P.R. Employee, Wales, North Bay, s/o John REES & Janet SMITH, married Ivy Maud JONES, 17, London, England, North Bay, d/o Robert JONES & Edith PARKER, Wtn. R.J. JONES, Edith Florence JONES, on Nov. 24, 1913 at North Bay 10301-1913 James REEVES, 25, Carpenter, Scotland, North Bay, s/o James REEVES & Ann WHITE, married Delia OUELETTE, 19, North Bay, Same, d/o Alfred OUELETTE & Emma CHAPUT, Wtn. Emma OUELETTE, Georges PILON, on Nov. 21, 1913 at North Bay
10295-1913 James MacBeth REID, 43, stone mason & cooper Angus Perthshire Scotland, North Bay, s/o David REID & Katherine, Electa MacBETH, married Isabella BEATON, 50, Widow, Fordyce, Banffshire, d/o James STINSON & Katherine CAMPBELL, Wtn. Teresa HARRISON, Amy FERGUSON, on Aug. 21, 1913 at North Bay 10290-1913 William George REILLY, 31, Painter, North Bay, s/o William George REILLY & Sarah SINITT, married Queenie CANTIN, 23, North Bay, d/o Theophile CANTIN, Wtn. Aggie CANTIN, Thomas SWAIN, on June 2, 1913 at North Bay.
10296-1913 William James RETTY, 23, Westmeath, Westmeath, s/o James RETTY & Mary HUGHES, married Isabella LADEROUTE, Westmeath, Same, d/o Alexander LADEROUTE & Maud St.DENIS, Wtn. Edward Charles HARVEY, Isabella MORRISON, on Aug. 13 at St. Allan's Mission House, Mattawa, 10288-1913 John RICHARDSON, 33, Miner, Liverpool, North Bay, s/o Tom RICHARDSON & Mary COULTHART, married Deliska CORBEIL, 22, Ferris Twp., North Bay, d/o Joseph CORBEIL, Wtn. Antoinette GROULX, A. DEMERS, on Apr. 14, 1913 at North Bay.
10297-1913 William Robert RINN, 24, Clerk, North Bay, s/o J.W. RINN & Esther Ann SILK, married Mabel WATERSON, 26, Clerk, North Bay, d/o Frederick WATERSON & Elizabeth MARTIN, Wtn. A. McMURCHY, A. WATERSON, on Sept. 10, 1913 at North Bay 10289-1913 Samuel ROBERTSON, 51, Car Inspector, G.T.R., Perthshire, Scotland, North Bay, s/o Thomas ROBERTSON & Elizabeth HOOD, married Bella CAMPBELL, 20, Perthshire, Scotland, North Bay, d/o David CAMPBELL & Mary MITCHELL, Wtn. Thomas ROBERTSON, Stratford, Lizzie ROBERTSON, Stratford, on Apr. 16, 1913 at North Bay.
10291-1913 William Joseph ROBINSON, 21, Mail Clerk, North Bay, s/o William Trephele ROBINSON & Eleanor FINNAN, married Katherine Josephine LAFRANCE, 25, North Bay, d/o Tom LAFRANCE & Fannie GERMAIN, Wtn. Jim KENNEY, Louise LAFRANCE, on June 23, 1913 at North Bay 10298-1913 Edward John ROWE, 22, Fireman, Burk's Falls, North Bay, s/o John Hendry ROWE & Mary Ann DAILY, married Ethel Elizabeth DAILY, 22, Parry Sound, North Bay, d/o James Edward DAILY & Annie LUMSDEN, Wtn. Robert ROWE, Orville, & Mrs. J.H. BOONE, on Oct. 8, 1913 at North Bay
10294-1913 Theophile ROY, 23, farmer, Gatineau, River Valley, s/o S. GEOFFRY-ROY & not given, married Louise CALAFORD, 46, Widow, St. Jerome, River Valley, d/o Napoleon LAURIN & Arthemise FOURNIER, Wtn. Ed MITCHELL, Rose HAYES, on Aug. 19, 1913 at North Bay 10292-1913 Albert Camille ROY, 23, Labor, St. Eugene, Que., Cache Bay, s/o John B. ROY & Melvina BOYER, married Marie GALLIPEAU, 18, Cache Bay, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Thomas GALLIPEAU & Elie CYR, Wtn. Thomas GALLIPEAU, John B. CYR, on July 27, 1913, at Cache Bay

1245-13 Dieudonne St. JEAN, 22, labourer, Pointe Gatineau, Blind River, s/o Joseph & Melisa, married Eva AUBRI (or Aubre, both given), 15, Point Gatineau, Blind River, d/o Ovila AUBRIE & Rose Alma DORAIS, witn: Pierre GIRARD & Ovila AUBRIE both of Blind River on March 31, 1913 at Blind River

10312-1913 Daniel St. PIERRE, 23, Merchant, North Bay, s/o Daniel St. PIERRE & Marie BLANCHETTE? , married Ethel MARTIN, 19, North Bay, d/o Jacob MARTIN & Maria LAFLEUR, Wtn. Dan St. PIERRE, Jacob MARTIN, on Aug. 14, 1913 at North Bay 10321-1913 Alfred SALE, 25, Mechanic, Walsall Wood, Staffordshire UK., s/o Thomas SALE & Annie COLE, married Eliza LEIGHTON, 25, Dundee Scotland, North Bay, d/o William LEIGHTON & Annie MUIT?, Wtn. Arthur SALE, Christina McLeod FRASER, on Oct. 29, 1913 at North Bay.

1248-13 Joseph Henry SALTER, 23, fireman, of Bruce Mines, s/o James SALTER & Sarah CHAPMAN, married Annie STURGEON, 17, of Bruce Mines, d/o Joseph STURGEON, labourer & Julia RABNER?, witn: Mrs. David STURGEON & Mrs William SALTER both of Bruce Mines on April 30, 1913 at Bruce Mines

11104-13 James SAYES, 36, widower, laborer, Garden River, Michipicoten River, s/o James SAYES & Sophia BELL, married M. Louise LAGARDE, 27, widow, Batchowana, Michipicoten River, d/o Joseph KATOE? (Natoe?) & Isabel OTOJIGWAN, witn: none given, 18 May 1913 at Michipicoten
10309-1913 Salvatore SCARRELLI, 20, Labor, North Bay, s/o Francesco SCARRELLI & Maria FUCILE, married Comarina BONARO, 19, North Bay, d/o Giovani BONARO & Angelina NICOLETTI, Wtn. Angelo MARTELLI, Venere MARTELLI, on Apr. 19, 1913 at North Bay  

1260-13 William Alfred SCOTT, 33, clerk, Woodstock, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Joseph Henry SCOTT & Edith KING, married Clarice BAKER, 22, Nottingham England, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Thomas H. BAKER & Annie BULLOCK, witn: Gordon MORRISON & Jessie BAKER both of Sault Ste. Marie on July 31, 1913 at Sault Ste. Marie

10308-1913 William SCOTT, 35, Renfrew, Elk Lake, s/o James SCOTT & Annie WILSON, married Mary MELLOR, Yorkshire England, Elk Lake, d/o William MELLOR & Emma THORPE, Wtn. Archie McDONALD, Albertine LECLAIR, on Apr. 30, 1913 at Elk Lake.
10305-1913 Adrien SEGUIN, 23, Farmer, Ste. Justine de Narbon Que., s/o Antoine SEGUIN & Marie Jeanne SEGUIN, married Marie Anne COURVILLE, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Edmond COURVILLE & Amande DESCOUERS, Wtn. J.A. SERRE, Wilfrid MENARD, on Jan. 7, 1913 at Sturgeon Falls 10304-1913 Alex SEGUIN, 34, Trainman, North Bay, s/o Alex SEGUIN & Mary AUBREY?, married Suzanne MENARD, 27, North Bay, d/o Francois Xavier BEAUDRY & Exilda BEAUDRY, Wtn. Alex SEGUIN, Alex LAROCHELLE, on Jan. 7, 1913 at North Bay.
10318-1913 Alex SEGUIN, 30, Railway Conductor, North Bay, Same, s/o Alexander SEGUIN & M. AUBRY, married Suzanne MESNARD, 23, North Bay, Same, d/o Francis Xavier MESNARD & Exilda BEAUDRY, Wtn. Alex LAROCHELLE, Alex SEGUIN, on Jan. 7, 1913 at North Bay. 10314-1913 Rodolphe SERRE, 22, Sturgeon Falls, Same, s/o Louis SERRE & Mary MIGNEAULT, married Dora GALIPEAU, 17, Pointe Gatineau, Springer, d/o Isaie GALIPEAU & Domitille DESJARDINS, Wtn. Louis SERRE, Isaie GALIPEAU, on July 15, 1913 at Sturgeon Falls
1242-13 Vincenzo SGRO, 25, San Lorenzo - Reggio Italy, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Antonio SGRO, laborer, & Maria LIGATO, married Maria Stella Grazia FILADELPHIA, 17, Cimminia - Reggio Italy, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Giuseppa FILADELPHIA, laborer, & Eugenia MORABITO, witn: Giovanni SCARFONE & Paolina FILADELPHIA, both of Sault Ste. Marie, 3 Feb 1913 at Sault Ste. Marie  
10313-1913 John SHANKS, 28, Fallowfield, Cache Bay, s/o Euclid SHANKS & Sophie DUPAY, married Bertha LAVOIE, 17, Masham, McPherson, d/o Onesime LAVOIE & Eugenie DUMOULIN, Wtn. Calixte LEMYRE, Isai LAPIERRE, on Aug. 4, 1913 at Verner.

1269-13 Gavin Harry SHANKS, 24, bookkeeper, Mattawa, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Robert SHANKS & Ann Jane BERLINGETTE, married Mabel Elliott TEMPLETON, 24, Sault. Ste. Marie, same, d/o Allan TEMPLETON & Jane Ann BOON, witn: C. C. MACLACHLAN & M.L. BOLE both of Sault Ste. Marie on Oct. 22, 1923 at Sault Ste. Marie

1261-13 Albert SHAULE, 29, farmer, Bruce Mines, Cloudslee, s/o Octave SHAUL & Flora BLONDAE?, married May WELLS, 18, Wells Tp., Lefroy Tp. (Cloudslee), d/o Walter Albert WELLS & Maretta MASTERS, witn: George SHAUL of Cloudslee & Mrs. H. H. EATON of Thessalon on Aug. 20, 1913 at Thessalon.

1264-13 Alfred SHAW, 36, wood ranger, of Thessalon, s/o George SHAW, contractor & Mary BURCHALL, married Elizabeth May CULLIS, 28, of Sowerby, d/o James CULLIS, farmer & Elvira JAMIESON, witn: Mrs. Marion SHAW & Mrs. N. T. C. MacKAY both of Thessalon on Sept. 23, 1913 at Thessalon

1270-13 John SHELDON, 44, barber, Southern part of illegible, Sault Ste. Marie Michigan, s/o Richard SHELDON & Jane Ann BRADLEY, married Rose NEWMAN, 30, London England, Sault Ste. Marie Michigan, d/o Richard NEWMAN & Elizabeth Jane SAULSBY, witn: M. K. PRITCHARD & T. A. JOHNSTON both of Sault Ste. Marie on Nov. 4, 1913 at Sault Ste. Marie

1263-13 William SHEWFELT, 30, not given, St. Joseph's Island, Richards Landing, s/o Alfred SHEWFELT, farmer & Martha SUTHERLAND, married Maud Louise HUMES, 17, St. Joseph's Island, Richard's Landing, d/o David HUMES, farmer & Margaret Ann ALLEN, witn: C. O. WELDON & George E. HALLAM both of Sault Ste. Marie on Aug. 30, 1913 at Sault Ste. Marie.

1267-13 Orville Wilbert SIMPSON, 22, steam fitter, Enniskillen, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o William R. SIMPSON & Ruth Allen PEACOCK, married Lillian Caroline ACKLAND, 19, Stockholm Sweden, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Isaac ACKLAND & Maria VICKFORST, witn: V. A. GOGNORD & Mabelle M. SIMPSON both of Sault Ste. Marie on Sept. 17, 1913 at Sault Ste. Marie

1265-13 Richard SIMS, 28, engineer, Meath South Wales, Creighton Mines, s/o Cornelius SIMS & Emma JENKINS, married Margaret ROBINSON, 21, Lanark Co., Creighton Mines, d/o David ROBINSON & Sarah LARMON, witn: M. K. PRITCHARD & Ida A. JOHNSON both of Sault Ste Marie on Sept. 5, 1913 at Sault Ste. Marie

1254-13 Charles Oland SISLER, 26, electrician, Margaret--? in West Virginia Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Judson SISLER & Emma BOSSER, married Lillian PYETTE, 20, Sault Ste. Marie, same, d/o George PYETTE & Mary Ann ROBINSON, witn: W. G. WHALEN & M. PYETTE both of Sault Ste. Marie on June 18, 1913 at Sault Ste. Marie.

10311-1913 Jacob SJOHOLM, 29, Miner, Finland, Sudbury, s/o Matt SJOHOLM & Marie JUSTGIVER, married Mrs. Betty BLACKBURN, 36, Sweden, Sudbury, d/o Adam CAESAR & Johanna ERRIYON, Wtn. W. GLEAR, A. BYRNES, on July 11, 1913 at North Bay.
10320-1913 Patrick SLACK, 22, Labor, Sturgeon Falls, s/o James SLACK & Mary BAXTER, married Exilda LAJEUNESSE, 21, d/o Charles LAJEUNESSE & Marguerite MAQUIN? Wtn. Louis STACK, Rose THIBONTOT, on Sept. 22, 1913 at Sturgeon Falls

1258-13 George Robert SMAILES, 37, miner, England, Korah, s/o George SMAILES & Margaret WILLIS, married A. C. MOORE, 40, widow, USA, Korah, d/o John MURRAY & Mary A. KERR, witn: E. E. HUNTER & B. O. PEARSE both of Korah on July 16, 1913 at Christ Church Korah

1266-13 Norman Page SMITH, 26, secretary, Toronto, same, s/o Joseph & mother deceased (sic), married Nora Kate BRYAN, 26, Kingston, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Joseph & Kate, witn: James & Mrs. Kate BRYAN both of Sault Ste. Marie on Sept. 1, 1913 at Sault Ste. Marie.

10322-1913 James SMITH, 25, Farmer, Bells Rapids - Hastings Co., Cobalt, s/o Edward Smith & Philomina Agnes WALLETS?, married Eva PRICE, 18, Bells Rapids, Cobalt, d/o Robert PRICE & Mary COWERN, Wtn. Essie PRICE, William SETCHELL, on Oct. 30, 1913 at North Bay.
1249-13 Joseph Henry SMITH, 26, carpenter, Drumaraugh parish Omagh Ireland, Steelton, s/o James SMITH & Isabella PERRY, married Allie Edaline McLEAN, 19, McDonald twp., Steelton, d/o William McLEAN & Dolena McDONALD, witn: Mrs. C. BEAKING of Sylvan Valley & Mrs. L. BARTON of Steelton, 16 April 1913 at 124 Gore St. in Sault Ste. Marie 1255-13 Archie SMITH, 22, of Little Rapids (or Pembroke, both given), s/o Joseph SMITH, mason & Maggie DUFF, married Maria Muriel LEWIS, 18, of Little Rapids, d/o Amaziah LEWIS, farmer, & Mary KERR, witn: Sidney LEWIS of Little Rapids & Miss Lina? KERR of Thessalon, 23 June 1913 at Little Rapids

1259-13 Silvester SMITH, 60, gardener, widower, Beverley Tp., Echo Bay, s/o George SMITH & Juliana JONES, married Mary McKINNON, 45, Bruce Co., Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Charles McKINNON & Annie McGUIRE, witn: M. K. PRITCHARD & C. MacKENZIE both of Sault Ste. Marie on July 18, 1913 at Sault Ste. Marie.

1272-13 Arthur Roy SNAZEL, 21, painter, Stratford Ont., Steelton, s/o Arthur SNAZEL & Margaret Harvey MURRAY, married Frances Delila MOUNT, 18, Portland Ont., Steelton, d/o William Charles MOUNT & Mary Agnes GAMBLE, witn: John David & Ida Ryan MOUNT of Soo Ont., 3 Dec 1913 at Sault Ste. Marie

1257-13 David SOLOMON (Salomon?). 22, Sagamog, same, s/o father's name "unknown" & Thais SALOMON, married Louise-Delia McGREGOR, 19, Birch Island, Spanish Ont., d/o Louis McGREGOR, lumberman & Josephte FOURNIER, witn: Alexandre SALOMON & Lisette BISAILLON both of Sagamog on June 9, 1913 at Sagamog.

1253-13 Alexander SOLOMON, 52, widower, Killarney, Desbarats, s/o James SOLOMON, store keeper & Elizabeth GORDON, married Kate SAYERS, 40, Chicago Illinois USA, Desbarats, d/o Antoine SAYERS, brass finisher & Jane McCARNEY, witn: Dorothy E. ROBINSON & Mabel BISHOP both of St. John's Parsonage Sault Ste. Marie on June 16, 1913 at Sault Ste. Marie

1246-13 James SOLOMON, 25, sailor, of Hilton, s/o Alex SOLOMON, sailor & Kate McCARTY, married Annie LATOUR, 20, of Gowas Bay,, d/o father's name unknown & Louise LATOUR, witn: Edward SOLOMON & Helen DUNN both of Mandeville on March 8, 1913 at Hilton

1251-13 Alexander SOMERS, 42, labourer, Midland, Blind River, s/o Onesime SOMERS & Margaret DESCHAMPS, married Marie Ann LORRAIN, 21, Point Gatineau Quebec, Blind River, d/o Napoleon LORRAIN & Philomene DURANE, witn: Francois SULLIVAN & Lazare GAGNON, both of Blind River on June 24, 1913 at Blind River.

10307-1913 Richard Lyon SOMERVILLE, 25, S. Dakota, North Bay, s/o Richard SOMERVILLE & Eliza Jane LUCAS, married Elizabeth Amelia HAW, 19, Baysville, North Bay, d/o William HAW & Mary PERRY, Wtn. M.E. LATTER, H. MONDER, on Apr. 2, 1913 at North Bay 10319-1913 Harry V. SPAULDING, 28, Physician, Pennsylvania, N.Y. City, s/o Danny SPAULDING & Anna BAKER, married Charlotte Delamere McKEE, d/o Thomas McKEE & S. ELLWOOD, Wtn. Thomas E. McKEE, Lydia A. AIKENHEAD, on Sept. 3, !913 at ‘West-Arm, Lake Nipissing,' Sturgeon Falls

1271-13 Verne Foster SPRINGGAY, 22, steam engineer, Campbellville, Huron St. in Steelton (also gives Sault Ste. Marie as residence), s/o George James SPRINGGAY & Eliza Caroline FOSTER, married Clarcy Matilda KING, 19, Hepworth, Steelton, d/o George Henry KING & Christy Ann McLEAN, witn: John Thomas MOWBRAY of Steelton West & George Henry KING of Steelton on Dec. 17, 1913 at Steelton.

1252-13 John Martin STEPHENS, 45, gentleman, widower, Elora, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o William STEPHENS & Mary GLENNIE, married Clara Elizabeth THOMAS, 32, Dundas, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Mark Brinkley THOMAS & Ruth ROOKE, witn: Sadie GIMLEY & Mrs. George BARKER both of Sault Ste. Marie on June 11, 1913 at Sault Ste. Marie.

10315-1913 Charles Albert STEWART, 27, Labor, Halton Co., Rockwood, s/o Charles STEWART & Mary SCRAME, married Isabella HOLMES, 22, Milton, Liskeard, d/o Alex HOLMES & Annie McISAAC, Wtn. Alice BYRNES, Elsie PAUL, on Sept. 6, 1913 at North Bay. 10310-1913 Nelson STEWART, 25, Goulbourne, Eau Claire, s/o Thomas STEWART & Ellen WILSON, married Agnes Frances BECKETT, Calvin, Same, d/o William James BECKETT & Matilda McFARLANE, Wtn. Calvin STEWART, Mima BECKETT, on June 3, 1913 at Mattawa
10317-1913 Samuel George STEWART, 28, Grocer, North Bay, Sam, s/o William James STEWART & May Jane FROST, married Alice Marion JAMES, 19, Rutherglen, North Bay, d/o William JAMES & Mary Ann PENNELL, Wtn. Elizabeth Francis JAMES, George Bertram ALFORD, on Sept. 10, 1913 at North Bay.

1244-13 Charles H. STEWART, 21, paper maker, Some Ontario, Steelton, s/o George A. STEWART & Sophia HENRY, married Charlotte Gwendoline THOMAS, 21, Cardiff Wales, Steelton, d/o William THOMAS & Minnie BROOKES, witn: A. & L. MULLIGAN both Steelton on Mar. 1, 1913 at Steelton.

10306-1913 Abraham STITT, 22, Bridgeman, Westmeath, North Bay, s/o Daniel STITT & Elizabeth THRASHER, married Ethel DAVIDSON, 24, Rutherglen, North Bay, d/o James DAVIDSON & Sara Jane HAYES, Wtn. John STITT, Beachburg, Daisy E. Montgomery, Lumsden's Mills, on Mar. 24, 1913 at North Bay.  

13-269 1268-13 Ralph Emerson STONE, 31, dentist, Hamilton, Fort William, s/o Samuel George STONE & Leona Hall JOHNSON, married Mabel Frances BENNETT, 24, Thessalon, same, d/o Frank Reavely BENNETT & Laura HOTCHKISS, witn: S. George STONE of Sault Ste. Marie & Beatrice Emmeline BENNETT of Thessalon on Sept. 16, 1913 at Thessalon.

1262-13 Laurence STONE, 25, not given, England, Steelton, s/o John William STONE & Mary WARD, married Louise Valentine ROBERTS, 24, England, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o James ROBERTS & Louise WHESSER?, witn: Joseph S. STONE & Greta G. BROOKER both of Sault Ste. Marie on Aug. 25, 1913 at Sault Ste. Marie.


1247-13 Frederick STROWGER, 35, constable, widower, England, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Edward STROWGER & Rhoida BIRD, married Olive AUMOND (or Amond, both given), 22, Lake St. Mary Quebec, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Barnabas AMOND & Philomene PATRY, witn: Barnabie AUMOND & James P. BAMFORD both of Sault Ste. Marie on April 5, 1913 at Sault Ste. Marie.

10324-1913 George SUTCLIFFE, 43, Widower, Lumberman, Rockingham, Warren, s/o Lester SUTCLIFFE & Susan JESSUP, married Mrs. Joseph McDONAUGH, 37, Widow, Pembroke, Warren, d/o John BLAIR & Sarah Jane McLAREN, Wtn. Arnie BLACK, E.G. KERR, on Dec. 24, 1913 at Sturgeon Falls. 10323-1913 Charles SUTTON, 33, Farmer, England, Englehart, s/o George SUTTON & Elizabeth MARSH, married Rubria Adah BELLAMY, 28, England, North Bay, d/o John Thomas BELLAMY & Adah DOWN, Wtn, Denis CAULEY, Thomas PASSMORE, on Nov. 13, 1913 at North Bay
10316-1913 John William SWEEZEY, 24, Brakeman, Verner, North Bay, s/o Samuel B. SWEEZEY & Margaret Jane EDWARDS, married May GURLITZ, 24, Eganville, Copper Cliff, d/o Louis GURLITZ & Louisa SMITH, Wtn. Alex Rankin SWEEZEY, Elizabeth Margaret Jane EDWARDS, on Sept. 11, 1913 at North Bay. 1256-13 Hoycinth SZIRBA, 30, laborer, of Steelton, s/o Antoni SZIRBA & illegible BORON, married Avea? STODOLAK, 20, of Steelton, d/o Antoni STODOLAK & Ernestina? ZYCH, witn: Ariden? POTOZIN & Mallissi GAVEHT, both of Steelton, 17 June 1913 at Steelton
1281-16 Francesco TACOURIS, 20, Aquaro Catanzaro Italy, 579 Cathcart, s/o Ferdinando TACOURIS, labourer, & Mariantonia COSINTINA, married Alfire D'ORSO, 17, Valgenera Cattarinatta Italy, 579 Cathcart, d/o Filippo D'ORSO & Agata D'ORSO, witn: Vincenzo GRECO && Priziosa DE VILIS, both of 585 Cathcart, 17 Aug 1913 at Sault Ste. Marie 1280-16 Napoleon TAILLEFER, 22, St. Henri - Montreal, St. Boniface Manitoba, s/o Napoleon TAILLEFER & Rosina GOULET, married Georgiana DEGAGNE, 23, Keewatin Ont., same, d/o Charles DEGAGNE & Laura DESMARAIS, witn: Charles DEGAGNE of Keewatin & Pierre DEGAGNE of Winnipeg, 23 June 1913 at Catholic Church, Keewatin

1279-13 Robert Harold TASSIE, 22, grocery man, of 186 Tancred St. in St. Sault Ste, Marie, s/o John TASSIE, farmer & Sarah BRIDGES, married Mary CALVERT, 23, of Huron St. Steelton, d/o William CALVERT, engineer & Mary DEMPSTER, witn: Dorothy & Joseph ANDERSON both of 287 Bruce St. Sault Ste. Marie on June 2, 1913 at Sault Ste. Marie

10332-1913 John Harold Adolphus TAYLOR, 34, Baker, Norfolk Co., North Bay, s/o John TAYLOR & Margaret BRONDLEY, married Margaret Ann SMITH, 30, Pembroke, North Bay, d/o Edward SMITH & Bridget MORAN, Wtn. D. Smith, Lillie TAYLOR, on Sept. 24, 1913 at North Bay 10331-1913 Thomas Charlton TAYLOR, 24, Farmer, Ontario, Milberta, s/o William Henry TAYLOR & Margaret MORROW, married Mary Jennie PACEY, 20, Ontario, Milberta, d/o Richard PACEY & Elizabeth CHRYSLER, Wtn. Jessie McKELVIE, Winnifred DOWZER, on Aug. 20, 1913 at New Liskeard
10325-1913 Joseph Sandy THERIEN, 28, Farmer, McPherson, s/o Jules THERIEN & Philomene DESBIENS, married Albina JEAN, 18, McPherson, d/o Joseph JEAN & Emilie ARBOUR, Wtn. Pierre LEVIELLE, Joseph JEAN, both of Notre Dame du Lac, on Apr. 28, 1913 at Verner

1275-13 Henri THELLENT, 22, not given, illegible (possible Mount Redmond - North Dakota), Blind River, s/o Eugene THELLEND, labourer & Caroline RANGER, married Salome JONES, 18, Algoma, Blind River, d/o James JONES, labourer & Cordelia HOULE, witn: William LEBLANC & James JONES both of Blind River on Jan. 6, 1913 at Blind River.

  1285-13 Oscar THIES, 24, clerk, Detroit, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Otto THIES & Katherine WILSHIRE?, married Ethel KELLY, 18, Parry Sound, Sault Ste. Marie but formerly North Bay, d/o George KELLY & Maud CURRIER, witn: John DALGLEISH of Sault Ste. Marie & M. A. BOICE of Haileybury, 29 Oct 1913 at Sault Ste. Marie
1277-13 William Robert Garfield THOMPSON, 24, brakesman, Elmvale Ont., Sault Ste. Marie, s/o William THOMPSON & Elizabeth Jane WRIGHT, married Elizabeth Emma DISCHES, 17, Stokes Mines Ont, village of Mond, d/o Otto DISCHES & Angeliq? ZINKE, witn: Amy L. SPITTLES of Sault Ste. Marie & Mary ZINKE of Steelton, 14 May 1913 at Sault Ste. Marie

1274-13 James Alfred THOMPSON, 23, engineer, Wiarton, same, s/o William THOMPSON & Jane BROWN, married Della DEROSHA, 20, Menistia Michigan, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Alexander DEROSHA & Elizabeth LEVELLE, witn: James McINTYRE & Elizabeth DEROSHE both of Sault Ste. Marie on Jan. 27, 1913 at Sault Ste. Marie.

1283-13 Fred TOLHUR, 28, labourer, Poland, Blind River, s/o John TOLHUR & Anna KURKAVI, married Erna (Elma?) CUVO, 24, Poland, Blind River, d/o Peter CUVO & Elizabeth PEROSKI, witn: Peter ZARESLAVI & John KORUSKI both of Algoma on June 9, 1913 at Blind River.

1273-13 Peter TOMCZENKO 30, Russia, Bellevue Ont., s/o Anton TOMCZENKO, farmer, & Alexandra MOCRENKO, married Ulita ZAHARODINA, 19, Russia, Bellevue, d/o Nakefor? ZAHARODINA, farmer, & Frosina ZAHARODINA, witn: Jan MEENIE & Peter STEPOVSY, both of Bellevue, 17 Jan 1913 at Sault Ste. Marie

1282-13 James TORPEY, 35, labourer, Clashmore? - Waterford Ireland, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o James TORPEY & Mary MORRISSEY, married Mary MURRAY, 29, South Bank Yorkshire England, Steelton, d/o Thomas MURRAY & Margaret CALLAN, witn: Benjamin MOONEY & Margaret MILLER both of Steelton on Aug. 11, 1913 at Steelton

10329-1913 Oliver TRAVERSY, 21, Pembroke, Peterson, s/o Noe TRAVERSY & Mathilde TURCOTTE, married Rosalie Ann DUNLOP, Renfrew, Eau Claire, d/o Gabriel DUNLOP & Antonine DYELL, Wtn. William LAPLANTE, Angeline DUNLOP, on Sept. 29, 1913 at Eau Claire
10326-1913 Antoine TREMBLAY, 43, Farmer, s/o Antoine TREMBLAY & Onimphe SIMARD, married Mathilde GUAY, 48, Widow, d/o Joseph GUAY & Albina CHAMPAGNE, Wtn. Victor NORMANDEAU, Jos. GUAY, on Mar. 31, 1913 at North Bay.

1276-13 William TREMBLAY, 19, labourer, Hull, Blind River, s/o Joseph TREMBLAY & Mathilda POIRIER, married Rose MOREAU, 17, Hull, Blind River, d/o Auguste MOREAU & Angelina LABELLE, witn: Prospere & Celestine VALLIE both of Blind River on April 7, 1913 at Blind River

1284-13 George Edgar TREVELYAN, 23, clerk, Penetang, Thessalon, s/o Levi TREVELYAN & Elizabeth LAKE, married Mary SANDY, 18, Thessalon, same, d/o James SANDY & Minnie ST. JOHN, witn: John SANDY & Grace ST. JOHN both of Thessalon on Sept. 7, 1913 at Thessalon


1278-13 Archie Grover TRICKEY, 22, brakeman CPR, Harrowsmith, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o John Warren TRICKEY & Jemima BURKE, married Gladys Muriel AMBROSE, 18, England, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Wallace AMBROSE & Sarah DREW, witn: James R. COULTER & Jennie TRICKEY both of Sault Ste. Marie On June 16, 1923 at Sault Ste. Marie.

10327-1913 Herbert Grover TRIPP, 22, Fireman, St. Kevern - Cornwall UK, North Bay, s/o Francis TRIPP, & Jemima WILLIAMS, married Janis MUNDY, 22, St. Kevern - Cornwall UK, d/o John MUNDY & Mary RICHARDS, Wtn. H. TRIPP, L. TRIPP, on Apr. 7, 1913 at North Bay
10330-1913 John TURNER, 33, Chapeau Que., Sturgeon Falls, s/o Joseph TURNER & Louise BENOIT, married Sophronie St. JEAN, 18, The Brook, River Valley, d/o Hormidas St.JEAN & Alexine LIBOIRON, Wtn. Joseph Turner, Hormidas St.JEAN, on Sept. 1, 1913 at Sturgeon Falls. 10328-1913 Donald Alexander TURNER, 26, Electrician, Sable Falls, North Bay, s/o George TURNER & Christina DARROCH, married Mattie BUTCHER, 18, Berlin Ont, North Bay, d/o John BUTCHER & Sarah ELGAR, Wtn. Mrs. Fred MILNE, Agnes BEATH, on July 5, 1913 at North Bay
  10335-1913 Louis Rodolphe VANNIER (Vanier?), 24, Aubrey, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Stanislas VANNIER & Delia PARENT, married Parmelia NADEAU, Chapleau, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Octave NADEAU & Arthemise COTE, Wtn. Stanislas VANNIER & Eugene SERRE, on Sept. 8, 1913 at Sturgeon Falls
10333-1913 Octave VEILLETTE, 28, Shoemaker, Ste. Genevieve, North Bay, s/o Francois VEILLETTE & Celina DUSABLOW, married Lea NORMANDEAU, 25, Montreal, North Bay, d/o John & Sarah NORMANDEAU, Wtn. Ernest NORMANDEAU, Mathilde TREMBLAY, on Mar. 4, 1913 at North Bay

1287-13 Luigi VENDITTI, 22, labourer, Sora Italy, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Vincenzo VENDITTI & Antonia FERRI, married Speranza DI BUSCIO, 20, Sora Italy, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Cesare DE BUSCIO & Laureta CONTE, witn: Michele BIANDI & Bartolo FERRI both Sault Ste. Marie on Jan. 9, 1913 at Sault Ste. Marie

1288-13 Joseph Emil VERMETTE, 25, not given, Arnprior, Biscotasing, s/o John VERMETTE, filer & Valentina CHARBONEAU, married Lucy MESSERVIER, 21, St. Thomas, Biscotasing, d/o Thomas MESSERVIER & Delina RABIN, witn: Ernest MESSERVIER & Dorothea ARNETTE both of Biscotasing on Jan. 28, 1913 at Biscotasing.

10334-1913 Donat VINETTE, 21, Carpenter, Sturgeon Falls, Same, s/o Donat VINETTE & Regina DUTRIZAC, married Marie Alice GAUTHIER, 18, North Bay, Same, d/o L.A. GAUTHIER & Eleanora BELANGER, Wtn. Drodat VINETTE, L.A. GAUTHIER, on Apr. 14, 1913 at Sturgeon Falls
10339-1913 Barnaby WABI, 26, Hunter, North Temiskaming, s/o John WABI & Loretta POLSON, married Nora Jeane PETRANT, 16, Bear Island, d/o Mr. PETRANT & Margaret McLEAN, Wtn. John TURNER, Charlotte McLEAN, on Sept. 29, 1913 at North Temiskaming 10340-1913 William Wardrobe WARBRICK, 53, Farmer, Foresters Falls, Chisholm, s/o John & Esther WARBRICK, married Mary Ann M. SOLES, 41, Fronten
10337-13 Simeon WHITEDUCK, 42, half breed, Riviere Coulonge, Mattawa, s/o (late) Simon WHITEDUCK & Teresse JACOB, married Jessie SIMON, 37, half breed, Mattawa, same, d/o (late) Antoine SIMON & (late) Marianne TESSIE (Tassie?), witn: Alfred MORIN & Lizzie CHEVRIER, both of Mattawa, 7 April 1913 at Mattawa