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20827-1916 Meriel Laverne ACTON, 22, Bank Clerk, Petrolia, South Porcupine, s/o Thomas ACTON & Annie HALL, married Mary Manson DOCKER, 19, Glasgow Scotland, South Porcupine, d/o William DOCKER & Annie MANSON, Wtn. Anna THOMPSON, Mrs. S.M. BEACH, on Nov. 28, 1916 at Cobalt 20825-1916 Otto AHA, 26, Miner, Finland Cobalt, s/o Herman & Fredrikka AHA, married Impi MERITAINEN, 21, Finland, Cobalt, d/o Ristaan MERITAINEN, Wtn. John WUOLLET, Jenny WUOLLET, on July 1, 1916 at Cobalt.
20830-1916 Fred AINSWORTH, 21, Electrician, Toronto, Cochrane, s/o Charles AINSWORTH & Mary ROBERTS, married Mabel SUTTON, 18, Liverpool UK., Cochrane, d/o John SUTTON & Mary Ellen CONLEY, Wtn. John SUTTON, Mary Ellen SUTTON on Aug. 22, 1916 at Cochrane 20832-1916 Hector ALLAIRE, 24, Miner, Buckingham Que., Timmins, s/o Alphonse ALLAIRE & Caroline BRISSON, married Veronique QUEVILLON, 23, Angers Que., Timmins, d/o Moise QUEVILLON & Celina MAISONEUVE, Wtn. Moise QUEVILLON, A. ALLAIRE, on May 16, at Timmins
20824-1916 Frederick ALLEN, 24, Farmer, Bristol UK., Cobalt, s/o Alfred ALLEN & Victoria ENGLAND, married Pearl JOHNSTON, 18, Frontenac Co., Cobalt, d/o Charles JOHNSTON & Flora KING, Wtn. Charles JOHNSTON, Mathilda DUNN, on July 25, 1916 at Cobalt. 20833-1916 Sydney ANDERSON, 23, Soldier, not given, Haileybury, s/o John ANDERSON & Elizabeth JENKINS, married Dora CRYER, 27, not given, Haileybury, d/o Howarth CRYER & Lucy BOOTH, Wtn. Emily LAVENDER, Charles PARLIAMENT, on June 1, 1916 at Haileybury
20828-1916 Michael Edward ANDERSON, 67, Widower, Farmer, Trafalgar, Whitewood Grove, so/ Harry Anderson & Sarah Elizabeth HALL, married Ella KNOTT, 40, Michigan USA., Whitewood Grove, d/o David KNOTT & Hildah HICKS, Wtn. Mrs. H. LEE, Mrs. George BASSET, on Nov. 22, 1916 at New Liskeard 20831-1916 John Julius Frederick ANDERSON, 24, Soldier, Sweden, Haileybury, s/o Christian ANDERSON & Christina ELSTREN, married Elizabeth DOONAN, 18, USA., New Liskeard, s/o William DOONAN, & Susan SMITH, Wtn. Henry NEAL, Mrs. Henry NEAL, on July 1, 1916 at Haileybury
20826-1916 Elvel ARMSTRONG, 24, Labour, Avonmore, Latchford, s/o John ARMSTRONG & Caroline COOK, married Agnes CAMPBELL, 20, Scotland, Latchford, d/o Robert CAMPBELL & Mary STEWART, Wtn. Hilda HONEYCHURCH, Anna A. GORDON, on June 16, 1916 at Cobalt 20829-1916 Felix Eugene AVERILL, 22, Refiner, Syracuse NY., South Porcupine, s/o Francis Eugene AVERILL & Kate Newell LOSO, married Sue Lois STRAUSS, 23, Buffalo NY., South Porcupine, d/o Arnold STRAUSS & Louise HOLCHAUSEN, Wtn. S.M. WHITAKER, E.J. COCKBURN, on June 18, 1916 at Schumacher.
20856-1916 Henry BALDWIN, 29, Farmer, Northfield UK., Earlton, s/o Edward BALDWIN & Sarah A. CARR, married Mina ZUFELT, 37, Widow, Castleton, Earlton, d/o Roy ROSS & Angeline BRADLEY, Wtn. Mrs. M. BRINKLEY, Mrs. H. LEE, on Feb. 21, 1916 at New Liskeard 20836-1916 John Earnest BALL, 32, Widower, Foreman, Staffordshire UK., Toronto, s/o Alfred BALL & Emily COOPER, married Mary Trisellen RUTTER, 31, Draper Twp., Cobalt, d/o Richard RUTTER & Mathilda COLLEY, Wtn. Oswald MURRAY, Eva May RUTTER, on Sept. 12, 1916, at Cobalt
20840-1916 Harry BAPTISTE, 22, Trapper, Ft. Matachewan, Porcupine, s/o Michael BAPTISTE & Annie McDOUGALL, married Annie McLEOD, 23, Nighthawk Lake, Porcupine, d/o Bernard McLEOD & Mary BUFFALO, Wtn. Bernard McLEOD, John William Winsecaby, on Dec. 27, 1916 at Timmins 20855-1916 Hazen Russell BARNES, 32, Miner, Rexton N.B., Timmins, s/o Alexander BARNES & Ida CLAIR, married Nettie Jones KNIGHT, 26, Widow, Newcastle N.B. Timmins, d/o Frederick JONES & Margaret GOODFELLOW, Wtn. Margaret MALCOLM, on Mar. 15, at South Porcupine
20835-1916 Francis Patrick BARRETT, 35, Engineer, Richmond Que., Cobalt, s/o Michael BARRETT & Mary HEALY, married Winnifred ADAMS, 27, Caperton Que., Cobalt, d/o C.L. ADAMS & Ellen THORBER, Wtn. Rolly LUSCOM, Louisa ROBITAILLE, on Sept. 18, 1916, at Cobalt. 20858-1916 Desire BARRETTE, 30, Machinist, St. Remi Que., Timmins, s/o Frederic BARRETTE & Malvina BOURDON, married Hortense LEMIEUX, 23, Blue Island, Timmins, d/o Alphonse LEMIEUX & Helene PARE, Wtn. Joachim SIMARD, Joseph POITRAS, on May, 8, 1916 at Timmins
20845-1916 George Alvin BATESON, 27, Soldier, Haliburton, Harris Twp., s/o George BATESON & Katharine MASSALES, married Wilhelmina A. McGILLIVREY, 17, Quebec City, New Liskeard, d/o Andrew McGILLIVREY & Christina HOPE., Wtn. Laurence BATESON, Mrs. H. RUTLEDGE, on Nov. 15, 1916 at New Liskeard 20837-1916 Louis BAZINET, 30, Engineer, Plantagenet, Cobalt, s/o Augustin BAZINET & Tressa SKELLY, married Flora CONSTANTINO (Constantineau) Verner, Cobalt, d/o Peter CONSTANTINO (Constantineau) & Rose CARTCHIER (Cartier), Wtn Pierre CONSTANTINEAU, Mrs. LAGASSE, on July 4, 1916 at Cobalt
20852-1916 Leon BEAUSOLEIL, 35, Labour, Quebec, Porcupine, s/o Xavier BEAUSOLEIL & not given, married Annie WILSON, 26, Widow, Gilmore's Mills, Ottawa, d/o John W. DAVIDSON & Margaret BURKE, Wtn. Edgar DANS, Mrs. E. PHELPS, on May 1, 1916 at Haileybury 20854-1916 Elie BELANGER, 45, Carpenter, St. Ulric Que., Cochrane, s/o Pierre BELANGER & Marie GUAY, married Marie Virginie GENIER, 45, Widow, St. Albert Ont, Cochrane, d/o Wilbert GENIER & Denise LABLANC, Wtn. J. GENIER, Joseph PILON, on Mar. 7, 1916 at Cochrane
20861-1916 Joseph BELANGER, 29, Miner, Plantagenet, Timmins, s/o Honore BELANGER & Clara CHARBONNEAU, married Marie JETTE, 19, Gracefield, Timmins, d/o Baptiste JETTE & Emelie CRYTE, Wtn. O.H. BELANGER, H. MIRON, on Aug. 8, 1916 at Timmins 20860-1916 Alfred BERARD, 25, Miner, Lachine Que., North Cobalt, s/o Joseph BERARD & Corinne LAFLAMME, married Marie Jean TAMBEAU, 18, Perkins Que., North Cobalt, d/o Gabriel TAMBEAU & Cordelia BRISEBOIS, Wtn. Gabriel TAMBEAU, Albert BERARD, on June 27, 1916 at North Cobalt.
20849-1916 Ole Helmer BERGMAN, Miner, Sweden, South Porcupine, s/o Ole Adolph BERGMAN & Inga Olivia EDLUND, married Helma Lydia UUTALA, 20, Owassa Finland, d/o Taavita UUTALA & Maria HEINONEN, Wtn. Tauna JUNIKKA, Andy RANDA, on Sept. 15, at South Porcupine 20846-1916 Charles BIGELOW, 23, Teamster, Hinks Twp., Haileybury, s/o Jerry BIGELOW & Margaret McCARTY, married Eva BOWERS, 19, d/o David BOWERS & Irene WILSON, Wtn. Isaac WILSON, Irene WILSON, on Aug. 25, 1916 at New Liskeard
20839-1916 John BERGSTROM, 27, Miner, Sweden, Cobalt, s/o Gustaf BERGSTROM & Karalin FINNI, married Katarina ANTTILA, 24, Finland, Cobalt, d/o Jack ANTTILA & Katarina OLLI, Wtn. Abram HAATAJA, Lempi HAATAJA, on May 22, 1916 at Cobalt 20851-1916 Frank Edward BEVINS, 38, Paper manufacturer, Burlington VT., Iroquois Falls, s/o Edward BEVINS & Helene BALDEN, married Edith Florence ROBSON, 36, Pickering Twp., Iroquois Falls, d/o John ROBSON & Mary MARR, Wtn. Mrs. A BRIEN, Mrs. E PHELPS, on July 6, 1916 at Haileybury
20850-1916 Thomas BLACKMAN, 26, Electrical Engineer, London UK., Timmins, s/o William Thomas BLACKMAN & Louisa Margaret CHAPMAN, married Hazel Blanche VARY, 20, Michigan, Timmins, d/o George Richard VARY & Annie McDONNELL, Wtn. Ronald A. VARY, Winnie NUNN, on June 21, 1916 at South Porcupine 20859-1916 William BLANCHEFIELD, 25, Miner, Hull, Timmins, s/o Patrick BLANCHEFIELD & Bridget BURKE, married Annie DALEY, 24, Vinton Que., Timmins, d/o Thomas DALEY & Elizabeth TALLOND, Wtn. Fred PRESTON, Ed. McNAMARA, on May 16, 1916 at Timmins
20864-1916 Saul BOISSONEAULT, 36, Labour, St. Ferdinand de Halifax, Timmins, s/o Joseph BOISSONEALT & Zoe DUBOIS married Merilda PREZEAU, 18, Notre Dame de Salette Que., Timmins, d/o Gilbert PREZEAU & Delphine ROUSSEL, Wtn. Philippe TREMBLAY, Gilbert PREZEAU, on Oct. 29, 1916 at Timmins. 20848-1916 James Wilson BOLAND, 20, Farmer, Chicago USA., Tomstown, s/o Ruben BOLAND & Emma WILSON, married Ellen May WATT, 18, Renfrew, Tomstown, d/o Peter WATT & Eliza PEEVER, Wtn. Thomas ELLIOTT, on May 30, 1916 at Tomstown.
20857-1916 Albert BOUCHARD, 20, Carpenter, Escoumaines Que., Timmins, s/o Louis BOUCHARD & Elizabeth BOISSONEAULT, married Mary ROCHEFORT, 23, Astorville, Timmins, d/o Adolphe ROCHEFORT & Isabella PERRON, Wtn. J. BOUCHARD, A. ROCHEFORT, on Jan. 11, 1916 at Timmins. 20862-1916 Albert BOUCHER, 25, Farmer, St. Cyrille, Wendover Que., Nushka, s/o Narcisse BOUCHER & Amanda St.ONGE, married Lea AUMONT, 19, Vulcan MI., Timmins, d/o Ludger AUMONT & Hermeline CHARRETIERE, Wtn. Narcisse BOUCHER, Ludger AUMONT, on Aug. 22, 1916 at Timmins
20863-1916 Alfred BOULANGER, 32, Labour, Escoumaines Que., Timmins, s/o Joseph BOULANGER & Louise LETOURNEAU, married M. Louise MARTIN, 23, Riviere du Loup Que., Timmins, d/o Philippe MARTIN & Christine BOISSONEALT, Wtn. David BOULANGER, Philippe MARTIN, on Sept. 4, 1916 at Timmins 20834-1916 John BOYCHUK, 25, Miner, Synovic Romania, Cobalt, s/o Axsent BOYCHUK & Anna ZAHARIEZUK, married Anna POPOVICE, 20, Lastavno Romania, Cobalt, d/o Pinte POPOVICE & Walyni DOBROWSKI, Wtn. Mike HUSLIK, Anna POPOWICZ, on Oct. 8, 1916, at Cobalt
20838-1916 Elvin Campbell BREWER, 22, Butcher, Buckingham, Cobalt, s/o George L. BREWER & Emma CAMPBELL, married Dailie (sic) May RIDDLER, 20, North Bay, Cobalt, d/o Charles RIDDLER & Minnie FERGUSON, Wtn. Stuart D. GORDON, Anna A. GORDON, on Apr. 12, 1916 at Cobalt. 20844-1916 Frederick C. BROWN, 26, Farmer, Caradoc, Hilliardton Twp., s/o William BROWN & Hulda DEMMARY, married Mildred E. MORGAN, 21, Kemptville, Hanbury, d/o Charles MORGAN & Martha HEMPINSTALL, Wtn. Ethel CLARK, Benjamin BROWN, on Nov. 29, 1916 at Hanbury
20843-1916 Stewart BROWN, 27, Farmer, Simcoe, Heaslip, s/o William BROWN & Mary J. McFADDEN, married Mary Ann JOHNSTON, 25, Armagh, Ireland, Heaslip, d/o Jerois JOHNSTON & Ellen McMURRAY, Wtn. Mrs. E.W. LENNOX, F. HUGH, on Dec. 12, 1916 at Englehart. 20865-1916 Bernard Thomas BROWN, 28, Stationary Engineer, of Giroux Lake, s/o John BROWN & Mary FEE, married Malice (sic) St.ONGE, of Pembroke, d/o Jeremiah St.ONGE & Exilda GAUTHIER, Wtn. Thomas MORAN, Marguerite McWILLIAMS, on May 3, 1916 at Cobalt.
20853-1916 Edward John BURKHOLDER, 25, Miner, Barrow Bay, Judge, s/o James BURKHOLDER & Mary JUDGE, married Frances Elizabeth LAVOIE, 18, Mattawa, Brethour, d/o Alfred LAVOIE & Mary LAVOIE, Wtn. A.J. MAY, Margaret TANNER, on July 3, 1916, at New Liskeard 20841-1916 Albert N. BURNES, 17, Teamster, Toronto, New Liskeard, s/o Fred BURNES & Annie BENNETT, married , Ethel May LANDON, 17, Detlar, New Liskeard, d/o Wesley LANDON & Roda MILLER, Wtn. Mable BURNES, Charles LANDON, on Dec 20, 1916, at New Liskeard
20847-1916 Albert Ferris BURNS, 21, Soldier, Toronto, New Liskeard, s/o Thomas Burns & Elizabeth SMITH, married Marjorie Ethel BEACH, 18, d/o Joseph Wesley BEACH & Margaret BARNES, Wtn. R.F. IRELAND, Mrs. Thomas KELLY, on Sept. 4, 1916 at New Liskeard 20842-1916 William John BUTLER, 23, Miner, Newfoundland, New Liskeard, s/o Michael BUTLER & Elizabeth GRANT, married Alta May GOYETTE, 21, Wisconsin, New Liskeard, d/o James GOYETTE & Ellen MURNEY?, Wtn. Mrs. E. PHELPS, Mrs. A. McKENZIE, on Dec. 6, 1916, at Haileybury.
20869-1916 John CAMPBELL, 30, Engineer, Russell County, Haileybury, s/o Daniel CAMPBELL & not given FETTERLY, married Gladys McCAFFREY, 18, Osgoode County, Haileybury, d/o Harry McCAFFREY & not given PADGET, Wtn. Gertrude ASSELSTINE, Anna A. GORDON, on June 8 at Cobalt 20882-1916 William Ross CAMPSALL, 24, Farmer, Frontenac, Dymond Twp., s/o Oscar McCoy CAMPSALL & Mary KNAPP, married Elizabeth Stuart EDWARDS, 27, Eganville, New Liskeard, d/o Charles EDWARDS & SUSAN STEWART, Wtn. Pte. Wesley EDWARDS, Ina E. WALKER, on June 21, 1916 at New Liskeard
20888-1916 Gregoire CAPRA, 21, Miner, Bucovina, Timmins, s/o D. CAPRA & Helene illegible, married Marie JUKOVSKA, 22, Bessarabia, Timmins, d/o Abraham WILINSKI & Rosa LAZUROVINA, Wtn. Illegible, on Mar. 2, 1916 at Timmins 20892-1916 Napoleon CARON, 33, Steamfitter, Ste. Anne de la Pocatier Que., Timmins, s/o Francois CARON & Leopoldine PELLETIER, married Anna MONGRAIN, 29, Ft. Coulonge, Timmins, d/o Benjamin MONGRAIN & Elmyre DYELLE, Wtn. Albert BRAZEAU, Wilfrid LAPOINTE, on May 9, 1916 at Timmins.
20880-1916 David Lloyd CARR, 24, Miner, Norfolk County, Casey Twp., s/o John CARR & Alice HAVILAND, married Elsie Winnifred WALKER, 24, Wellingborough UK., Dymond Twp., d/o Frank WALKER & Laura WESTON, Wtn. Frank WALKER, May Florence WALKER, on July 11, 1916 at Hanbury 20886-1916 Patrick CASEY, 29, Millman, Maynooth, Timmins, s/o Patrick CASEY & Mary COLEMAN, married Mary CANNON, 25, Maynooth, Cobalt, d/o John CANNON & Catherine GANNON, Wtn. James CASEY, M.J. GUIGUERE, on Mar. 7, 1916 at Timmins.
20890-1916 Provin CAUI, 25, Machineman, Mont-Cerf Que., Timmins, s/o Charles CAUI & Sophie LAVALLEE, married Delia LACHAPELLE, 18, Maniwaki, Timmins, d/o Francois LACH & Henriette BEAUDOIN, Wtn. Charles CAUI, Francois LACH, on July 18, 1916 at Timmins 20868-1916 Dominico CECHINI, 29, Miner, Italy, Cobalt, s/o Pietro CECHINI & Anna LALENE, married Olga BALLISLE ?, 19, d/o Augusto BALLISLI ?, & Philomina DELCHERGO ?, Wtn. L. RANCHICHOTTI ?, Virginia RANCHICHOTTI ?, on Aug. 20, 1916 at Cobalt.
20894-1916 Philias CHALIFOUX, 28, Miner, Montebello, Timmins, s/o Charles CHALIFOUX & Emily MAJOR, married Martha TREPANIER, 24, Tweed, Timmins, d/o Narcisse TREPANIER & Martha HOTT, Wtn. Hector MENIER, Minnie FORTIER, on Oct. 2, 1916 at Timmins. 20877-1916 James Wellington CHAMBERS, 25, R.R. Fireman, Sharbot Lake, Englehart, s/o William Henry CHAMBERS & Margaret Ann GRAHAM, married Gertrude Elizabeth SMITH, 20, Morrison Lake, Englehart, d/o John Gilbert SMITH & Mary Ann WRIGHT, Wtn. Willis Stewart CHAMBERS, Miss L. SMITH,, on Oct. 25, 1916 at Englehart
20876-1916 Paul CHAMPAGNE, 25, Miner, Moose Creek, Elk Lake, s/o Isadore CHAMPAGNE & Ezilda LaPOINTE, married Lina CAMERON, 25, Eau Claire, Elk Lake, d/o James CAMERON & Theressa MOORE, on Nov. 28, 1916 at New Liskeard. 20895-1916 Joseph CHARBOTT, 32, Miner, of Silver Centre, s/o Joseph CHARBOTT & Almira DERNEAU, married Helen Graham EVANS, 21, of Silver Centre, d/o John EVANS & Emily Agnes HORSWELL, Wtn. Thomas FOULDS, Maud FOULDS, on Sept. 21, at New Liskeard.
20891-1916 Godefroy CHARPENTIER, 27, Barber, Carleton Place, Barber's Bay, s/o Joseph CHARPENTIER & Ovida SABOURIN, married Mary Ann DAVID, 21, Windsor Mills Que., Barber's Bay, d/o Edouard DAVID & Helene CARPENTER, Wtn. Leo CHARPENTIER, Yvonne DAVID, on Jan. 12, 1916 at Connaught 20893-1916 John CHARRON, 32, Carpenter, High Falls Que., Timmins, s/o Francois CHARRON & Rosalie FOUBERT, married Angele LAMOTHE, 24, St. Sixte Que., Timmins, d/o Gedeon LAMOTHE & M. Louise GAUTHIER, Wtn. J. CHARBONNEAU, Gedeon LAMOTHE, on Sept. 25, 1916 at Timmins.
20885-1916 William Henry CHURCH, 24, Engineer, Calabogie, Cobalt, s/o Levi CHURCH & not given HUNTER, married Laura HANNAH, 19, Mississippi, Haileybury, d/o David HANNAH & not given McPHEE, Wtn. Thomas MYERS, Mrs. Thomas MYERS on May 17, 1916 at Haileybury 20867-1916 Joseph Clifford CHURCH, 29, Manager, Sterling Falls, Haileybury, s/o George Clifford CHURCH & Ester Alice BLAIR, married Rita Barrett DOWELL, 18, Nova Scotia, Cobalt, d/o Hiram DOWELL & Etta COLE, Wtn. J.A. CLEMENT, Pearl H. DOWELL, on Aug. 30, 1916 at Cobalt
20881-1916 Lorenzo Charles CHURCH, 20, Soldier, Mattawa, New Liskeard, s/o George CHURCH & Rebecca EDMONDS, married Nellie MOLYNEUX, 18, Quebec, New Liskeard, d/o S.A. MOLYNEUX & Minnie NOAR, Wtn. George SMITH, Edith L. EVANS, on June 27, 1916 at New Liskeard 20878-1916 Frederick Walton CLARK, 31, Fireman, T & NO Railway, Petworth Ont, Englehart, s/o Sydney CLARK & Mary Jane WATSON, married Beatrice Muriel MONTGOMERY, 20, Parry Sound, New Liskeard, d/o Robert MONTGOMERY & Sarah Jane FORSYTH, Wtn. Myrtle MONTGOMERY, W.A. CLARK, on Sept. 27, 1916 at New Liskeard
  020884-16 John James COLBERT, 22, miner, Dartmouth Nova Scotia, Cobalt, s/o James COLBERT & Anna THORNTON, married Mary DUNN, 25, widow, Scotland, Cobalt, d/o Thomas DUNN & Isabella WHILAND, witn: John James FRECKLETON & Mrs Mary BRYANT both of Cobalt on June 6, 1916 at Cobalt.
20887-1916 Delivon Arthur COLE, 23, Prospector, Sheboygan Wisc., Haileybury, s/o Theodore Henry COLE & Margaret (not given) married Helena Rebecca VILLENEUVE, 20, Ottawa, Haileybury, d/o Napoleon VILLENEUVE & illegible, Wtn. Napoleon VILLENEUVE, Margaret CHARRETTE, on Mar. 7, 1916 at Haileybury 20873-1916 Erastis COLLINS, 27, Teamster, Renfrew, Haileybury, s/o John COLLINS & Avriely Cole ?, married Florence COOK, 23, Verona Ont, Haileybury, d/o William COOK & Margaret MARTIN, Wtn. Gilbert HICK, Lena COOK, on Jan 5, 1916 at North Cobalt
20883-1916 Russell Thompson CONNELL, 24, Trainman, Simcoe, Toronto, s/o William CONNELL & Mary THOMPSON, married Edith Maysel HOOVER, not given, New Liskeard, d/o James HOOVER & not given WESTLAKE, Wtn. Mrs. J.A. DONNELL, S.W. SMITH, on June 19, 1916 at Haileybury. 20875-1916 Frank COOK, 37, Blacksmith, Meaford, Timmins, s/o John COOK & Maim ? EWALD, married Ellen MENARIE, 30, Ottawa, Timmins, d/o William MENARIE & M. HANNEBERRY ?, Wtn. Alfred ROBICHAUD, Margaret PEARL., on Dec. 1, 1916 at Timmins
6789-16 Louis COSLEY, 46, militia, Blind River, same, s/o Benjamin COSLEY & Mary DUBE, married Eliza LEHMAN, 48, widow, Collingwood, Blind River, d/o John ROBINSON & Mary RISTOULE, witn: W. M. COUSLEY & Mary COUSLEY, both of Blind River, 19 July 1916 at Blind River 6788-16 William COUSLEY (or Cosley, both given), 37, Bay City Mich., Blind River, s/o Stephen COSLEY & Mary CADA, married Josephine Linda May LIBERTY, 26 (or 30), Montreal, Blind River, d/o Frank LIBERTY & Mary PERRAULT, witn: Albert PREVOST & Annie LEIGH, both of Blind River, 12 Aug 1916 at Blind River
20889-1916 Robert Alfred COUTTS, 20, Miner, Simcoe, Casey Twp., s/o Robert A. COUTTS & Leda APPRENTIC ?, married Violet Wilhelmina BLOOMER, 18, Simcoe, New Liskeard, d/o John BLOOMER & Sarah PARKER, Wtn. Mrs G.W. COUTTS, George W. COUTTS, on Jan. 26, 1916 at Casey Twp. 20896-1916 Joseph COUTURE, 28, Labour, Cumberland, Cobalt, s/o Robert COUTURE & Adele VALLIERE, married Marie Anne DESJARDINS, 24, Notre Dame de la Salette Que., Cobalt, d/o Cyrille DESJARDINS & Celina CLEMENT, Wtn. Joseph COUTURE, Cyrille DESJARDINS, on Sept. 25, 1916 at Cobalt.
20874-1916 John Percival CRAIG, 27, Clerk, Walkerton, Haileybury, s/o Alexander CRAIG & L. Walker, married Jennie CHALMERS, 23, Muskoka, Haileybury, d/o William CHALMERS & Elizabeth FAULKNER, Wtn. Amy BRIGGS, Roy CHALMERS, on Dec. 20, 1916 at Haileybury. 20872-1916 David Douglas CRAIG, 31, Widower, Miner, Scotland, Cobalt, s/o David CRAIG & Margaret BLACK, married Elizabeth Ann COUSINEAU, 35, Widow, Portland Que., Cobalt, d/o Ephraim LAST & Lydia POLIX, Wtn. A. McKINNON, Mary BRYANT, on Feb 15, 1916 at Cobalt.
20870-1916 Bertram Frederick CROSS, 28, Electrician, Tunbridge Wells Kent UK., Cobalt, s/o Frederick CROSS & Leona BRIGHTON, married Mollie McGarver BIGGER, 18, Kilmarnock Scotland, Cobalt, d/o William BIGGER & Jane BIGGER, Wtn. Anna A. GORDON, Stewart D. GORDON, on June 8, 1916 at Cobalt 20871-1916 Thomas CROXALL, 36, Miner, Manchester UK., Cobalt, s/o William CROXALL & Jane JEFFS, married Mary PIGEON, 26, Sheffield UK., Cobalt, d/o Fred PIGEON & Sarah A. HEPPLESTONE, Wtn. Harry HEPPLESTONE, Clara HEPPLESTONE, on Feb. 24, 1916 at Cobalt.
20879-1916 John CURBOY (Carboy?), 25, Soldier, Bristol UK., Cobalt, s/o William CURBOY & Ellen McCARTHY, married Edna Viola CAMPBELL, 19, Lorneville Ont, Haileybury, d/o David CAMPBELL & Margaret GRANT, Wtn. Angus CAMPBELL, Isabel GRAHAM, on Sept. 9, 1916 at Haileybury. 20906-1916 John Joseph DARRAGH, 35, Miner, Hastings, Cobalt, s/o Isador DARRAGH & Mary Jane van SICKLE, married Dora GOTTFIELD, 25, Austria, Cobalt, d/o Asher GOTTFIELD & Bele ROHM, Wtn. R.R. THORPE, Harriet McGREGOR, on Feb.2, 1916 at Cobalt
20898-1916 William Malcolm DAVIE, 32, Farmer, Dufferin County, Earlton, s/o Malcolm DAVIE & Sarah DAVIS, married Vera Josephine HENDERSON, 23, Stapleton - Carleton County, Milberta, d/o Joseph HENDERSON & Elizabeth ARGUE, Wtn. Mrs. W.H. SMITH, Mrs. J.J. SPARLING, on Nov. 21, 1916 at Cobalt. 20907-1916 Robert William DAVIS, 20, Student Telegrapher, Wilder VT., Porcupine, s/o Rev. Herman DAVIS & Mary J. LABBIE, married Violet PRICE, 18, Craigmont, Haileybury, d/o Charles Joseph PRICE & Clara Agnes SAYRAN ? , Wtn. Florence Medea SLY, Mrs. Phelps, on May 13, 1916 at Haileybury.
20900-1916 Adolphe Cleophas DAVIS, 28, Miner, Pointe Gatineau, Cobalt, s/o Hubert DAVIS & Genevieve LECUYER, married Marie Berthe DION, 23, Perkins Mills, Cobalt, d/o Georges DION & Lina CHEVIER, Wtn. Georges DION, Joseph HARVEY, on June 5, 1916 at Cobalt 20904-1916 Charles P. DAYE, 26, Timekeeper, Chipman N.B, Cochrane, s/o William DAYE & M. illegible, married Lola T. BISHOP, 20, Chipman N.B. Cochrane, d/o L.H. BISHOP & Florence MORISSON, Wtn. H. DOWELL, Edna M. EDWARDS, on Sept. 30, 1916 at Cochrane.
20901-1916 William DERBY, 34, Blacksmith, Alwin Que., Elk Lake, s/o William Henry DERBY & Alvira SHAVER, married Mary Elizabeth McDERMOTT, 20, Darwin, Lancashire UK. d/o William McDERMOTT & Belle McDERMOTT, Wtn. W. JONES, Elizabeth HARRINGTON, on Apr. 19, 1916 at Cobalt. 20908-1916 Oswald DESORMAUX, 33, Miner, Mattawa, Timmins, s/o Frank DESORMAUX & Marguerite NEUVILLE, married Emma DAVISON, 22, Casselman, Timmins, d/o Louis DAVISON & Odeline OUIMET, Wtn. Frank DESORMAUX, Louis DAVISON, on Sept. 25, 1916 at Timmins
20899-1916 Roy Daniel DEVLIN, 30, Merchant, Pembroke, Cobalt, s/o Wilson DEVLIN & Elizabeth McGREGOR, married Agnes GARROW, 23, Nipissing Jct., Cobalt, d/o Edward GARROW & Marion LECKIE, Wtn. A.R. WEBSTER, Margaret GARROW, on June 28, 1916 at Cobalt 20905-1916 Patrick DOYLE, 20, Soldier, King Co. N.B., Haileybury, s/o Parson DOYLE, & not given McPHEE, married Mildred HAMILTON, 19, Nipissing, Haileybury, d/o James HAMILTON & (not given) JAMES, Wtn. Mrs. James McFARLANE, Byron RHUDE, on June 1, 1916 at Haileybury.
20897-1916 Walter Alexander DRAKER, 28, Farmer, Halton, Milberta, s/o Peter DRAKER & Margaret GREENLEESE, married Catharine PEARSON, 32, Widow, Belfast Ireland, Elk Lake, d/o William WYELLE & Marie ALEXANDRA, Wtn. Mable M. GRILLS, Lillian M. BINCKLEY, on Aug. 8, 1916 at New Liskeard 020903-16 Irvin Erastus DUNN, 38, merchant, Beachburg Ontario, Schumacher, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Ethel MILLER, 25, Haliburton, South Porcupine, d/o William & Annie, witn: H. E. MONTGOMERY of Timmins & Stella MILLER of South Porcupine on July 17, 1916 at South Porcupine
  20912-1916 George Leonard ELLIOTT, 26, Engineer, Dundalk, New Liskeard, s/o Alexander J. ELLIOTT & Mary A. LITTLE, married Caroline E. HAGGART, 22, Kingston, New Liskeard, d/o Edward C. HAGGART & Sarah Jane CONROY, Wtn. Harry E. HAGGART, Marie McKELVIE, on Feb. 16, 1916 at New Liskeard
20910-1916 Anthony ELSTONE, 31, Liveryman, Haliburton, New Liskeard, s/o William James ELSTONE & Elizabeth HULL, married Martha Pearl McINTOSH, 31, Haliburton, New Liskeard, d/o Donald McINTOSH & Emma TINNETT, Wtn. James Leslie MURRAY, Marth Eliza MURRAY, on Oct. 25, 1916 at New Liskeard 20914-1916 James ENGLAND, 54, Miner, Widower, St. Gabriel Brandon Que., Gowganda, s/o John ENGLAND & Elizabeth LEBLANC, married Marie Louise CHARTRAND, 42, Widow, Papineauville, Gowganda, d/o Solomon CHARTRAND & Marie Louise MARTEL, Wtn. Pierre LATULIPPE, Albert LATULIPPE, on Apr. 30, 1916 at Haileybury
20909-1916 Adam ESKALIN, 32, Miner, Finland, Cobalt, s/o E. ESKALIN & Magdelina RUNINEN ?, married Manda AIRO, Finland, Cobalt, d/o Gustaf KULMALA & Sapla KOKKO, Wtn. M. KOKKO, Ida KOKKO, on Apr. 23, 1916 at Cobalt 20911-1916 Karl Arless EYRE, Yonge Mills, Timmins, s/o Robert George EYRE & Bertha Ward CLOW, married Mary Catherine COLE, 18, Cordova Mines, Timmins, d/o Robert Charles COLE & Hester Sopha, Wtn. Repha SNOWDY, Pete St.PIERRE, on June 21, 1916 at Schumacher.
20916-1916 Adam Herbert FARREL, 28, Miner, Otter Lake, Haileybury, s/o Robert FARRELL & Elizabeth MOORE, married Vina Jean SMITH, 19, of Englehart, d/o Robert SMITH & Ida KENDALL, Wtn. Lillian B. HOWELL, Annie G. Gravenor, on Dec. 27, 1916 at Haileybury 15143-16 John B. FIKE, 24, lumberman, Vasey Ont., Cache Bay, s/o Elijah FIKE & Eliza BROLLEY, married Bridget STACK, 19, Killalow Ont., Cache Bay, d/o Patrick STACK & Elizabeth HAGGERTY, witn: Alberta HILL of Sturgeon Falls & Wellington PIERCE of Cache Bay

15145-16 Alexander FILION, 26, farmer, St Albert, Field, s/o Francis FILION & Marcelline BRIERE, married Beatrice LAVIGNE, 20, Ottawa, Field, d/o Napoleon LAVIGNE & Marguerite LAMOUREUX, witn: Anna LEGAULT & Camille FILION both of Field on Feb. 28, 1916 at Field.

20915-1916 Joseph Angus FLETCHER, 22, Sub-station Electrician, Mattawa, Cobalt, s/o Joseph FLETCHER & Ellen CONROY, married Rose GOSSELIN, 16, Bonfield, Cobalt, d/o Adelard GOSSELIN & Mary Gautchier (Gauthier?), Wtn. Adelard GOSSELIN, Herb FLETCHER, on Nov 29, 1916 at Cobalt.
20919-1916 Napoleon FOISY 25, Miner, Bonfield, Timmins, s/o Joseph FOISY & Julie ARCHAMBEAULT, married Odela TREMBLAY, 19, Riviere du Loup, Timmins, d/o Eusebe TREMBLAY, 19 & Ernestine BOISSONEAULT, Wtn. David BOULANGER, George Wallace BOYCE, on Mar. 6, 1916 at Timmins 20917-1916 Joseph Blanchard FORRESTER, 23, Farmer, Scotland, North Bay, s/o David Mitchell FORESTER & Sarah Jane BLANCHARD, married Hyacinthe Evelyn NIDD, 20, Sudbury, North Bay, d/o John William NIDD & Margaret KEARNEY, Wtn. James B. DAVIDSON, Mrs. E. PHELPS, on May 9, at Haileybury.
20918-1916 George Roderick FRASER, 31, Farmer, Muskoka, Charlton, s/o Alex FRASER, & Liza FOWKES, married Dora WATSON, 19, Riceville, Charlton, d/o Robert WATSON & Miss BELL, Wtn. Wilbert WILSON, Mary TENNANT, on May 30, at Englehart 20920-1916 Albert FRECHETTE, 27, Labour, Papineauville, Cochrane, s/o Onezime FRECHETTE & Thea CARRY married Edith REGIMBALE, 22, Mattawa, Cochrane, d/o Anselm REGIMBALE & Adelia LINCE, Wtn. A. VILLENEUVE, A. REGIMBAL, on May 18, 1916 at Cochrane.
20926-1916 Calvin Elbert Francis GALBRAITHE, 39, Traveller, Manchester Ohio, Haileybury, s/o C.P. GALBRAITHE & Miss SOUDERS, married Hattie Catharine May MONTGOMERY, 21, Westmeath, Haileybury, d/o Philip MONTGOMERY & Miss BROWNLEE, Wtn. A.E. BAILEY, Mrs. Phylis MONTGOMERY, on Oct. 5, 1916 at Haileybury. 20932-1916 Edwardo GALLAI, 27, Boarding House, Italy, South Porcupine, s/o Antonio GALLAI & Judith D'AGOSTINI, married Emilie MITTI, 25, Italy, South Porcupine, d/o Joseph MIOTTI & Rosa LORESIZETTI ?, Wtn. Margaret MALCOLM, R. SPADAFORA, on Mar. 4, 1916 at South Porcupine.
20928-1916 Torrence Noble GARRISSON (Garison?), 26, Motorman, Frontenac, North Cobalt, s/o George GARRISSON & Miss BABCOCK, married Gertrude Mary Ann NICKASON, 19, Port Sydney, Muskoka, d/o George NICKASON & Mary Rosette COCK, Wtn. N. RUTLEDGE, C. GARRISSON, on Aug. 23, 1916 at New Liskeard. 20927-1916 Alexander Sylvan GASCON, 24, Soldier, Milwaukee, Haileybury, s/o Peter GASCON & Miss LeCROIX, married Beatrice ROCHON, 23, Sturgeon Falls, Haileybury, d/o A. ROCHON & Miss GATIEN, Wtn. Pierre GASCON, Edouard ROCHON, on Sept. 12, 1916 at Haileybury.
.20929-1916 Marco GEROVAL, 24, Miner, Austria, Timmins, s/o Michael Joseph GEROVAC, & Maria HOLZEVAC, married Marie SPEHAR, 19, Calumet MI., South Porcupine, d/o Michael SPEHAR & Pate LOVERICH, Wtn. Michael GRANTZ, Louis SERTCHE, on May 6, 1916 at Timmins

15152-16 Italo GIAZA, 25, labourer, Ancona Italy, North Bay, s/o Guiseppe GIAZA & Assunta BURATTINI, married Louisa MEI, 21, Montemaggiore Italy, North Bay, d/o Guiseppe & Assunta, witn: Joseph DUFOURE & Raffaela CEPPARONE both of North Bay on Sept. 11, 1916 at North Bay

20925-1916 Trueman GIBBONS, 30, Lumberman, Portage du Fort Que., Charlton, s/o Frank GIBBONS & Isabel WILEMAN, married Pearl KILGORE, 21, Killaloe, Charlton, d/o John KILGORE & Susan SMITH, Wtn. J. REDPATH, Daisy REDPATH, on Oct. 26, 1916 at New Liskeard

15146-16 Henry GILES, 35, carpenter, Hampstead London England, North Bay, s/o Thomas GILES & Ellen MILLFORD, married Mrs. Ethel BARNETT, 35, widow, Carskalton Surrey England, North Bay, d/o Charles HEAD & Margaret NICKOLS, witn: Ellen GILES & W. Archie HAWKINSON both of North Bay on Nov. 16, 1916 at North Bay

15159-16 Gedeon GIROUX , 34, farmer, of Noelville, s/o Joseph GIROUX, cultivator & Adelia PATENAUDE, married Marie-Ange Yvonne PROVOST, 22, of Noelville, d/o Joseph PROVOST cultivator & Celina MILLETTE, witn: Joseph GIROUX & Joseph PROVOST both of Noelville on Oct. 2, 1916 at Noelville.

15158-16 Albert GIROUX, 25, meunisier, Carlsbad Spring, Coniston, s/o Joseph GIROUX & Adelia PATENAUDE, married Blanche GAGNON, 19, Sturgeon Falls, Noelville, d/o Alexis GAGNON & Clara DEMERS, witn: Israel VENNE & Joseph GIROUX both of Noelville on Jan. 23, 1916 at Noelville

15154-16 François GOULAIS, 28, labouré, Beaucage, Garden Village, s/o François GOULAIS & Eliza LARONDE, married Marie Anna GRAND LOUIS, 17, Beaucage, Garden Village, d/o Xavier GRAND LOUIS & Nancie COMMANDANT, witn: Jane RASTOUL & Frank DOUCET both of Chaudière Falls on Aug. 7, 1916 at Garden Village.

20923-1916 Joseph GOULER, 25, Miner, North Cobalt, Cobalt, s/o Alfred GOULER & Philomene TREMBLAY, married Marie NOEL, 18, North Cobalt, Cobalt, d/o Renophile NOEL & Josephine LAFORTUNE, Wtn. Jim McLEAN, Edouard LADOUCEUR, on Nov. 27, 1916 at North Cobalt.
20921-1916 Theodule GOULET, 42, Widower, Carpenter, St. Mark Que., Giroux Lake, s/o John GOULET & Annie LALONDE, married May MILLMORE, 30, St. Mark, Giroux Lake, d/o John MILLMORE & Mary FARMER, Wtn. Mrs. John McPHERSON, G. ROCHE, on Nov. 6, 1916 at Cobalt. 20922-1916 Douglas GRAHAM, 19, Lumberman, Monteith Twp., Nellie Lake, s/o Joseph GRAHAM & Isabelle McKINNON, married Lily Violet GRANGER, 20, Monteith Twp., Nellie Lake, d/o Thomas GRANGER & Maria HARMON, Wtn. George Albert BAKER, Ethel May GRANGER, on Dec. 20, 1916 at Timmins.
20931-1916 Harry George GRANT, 35, Farmer, Admaston, Charlton, s/o Allan GRANT & Mary CROZIER, married Violet Evelyn KEITH, 18, Flos Twp., Charlton, d/o George Keith & Margaret ARCHIBALD, Wtn. C. J. SYLVESTER, on March 14, 1916 at Englehart

15148-16 Aubrey GRANT, 26, fireman, Nova Scotia, North Bay, s/o John GRANT & mother unknown, married Muriel Elizabeth HUNT, 19, England, North Bay, d/o Harry HUNT & Mary DAVIS, witn: Winifred Mary HUNT & John YORKSTON both of North Bay on Feb. 5, 1916 at Church of St John the Divine in North Bay.

15163-16 Josaphat GRAVEL, 27, labourer, of Timmins, s/o Andre GRAVEL, labourer & Odile LABRE, married Mathilda GAUTHIER, 21, of Astorville, d/o Lumenat GAUTHIER, farmer & Pascaline VERAULT, witn: Joseph & L GAUTHIER both of Astorville on May 1, 1916 at Astorville

20924-1916 Joseph L. GROULX, 22, Bookkeeper, Potsdam NY., Cochrane, s/o Gilbert GROULX & Elizabeth NAULT ?, married Gratia LALONDE, 24, St. Andre Que., Cochrane, d/o Victor LALONDE & May LaPINE, Wtn., R.E. LALONDE, G.R. YOUTHIER (Gauthier?), on Oct. 30, 1916 at Cochrane.
20930-1916 Urgel GUILBEAULT, 34, Journalist, St. Alphonse Joliet, North Cobalt, s/o Theophile GUILBEAULT & Anna BOURGEOUS, married Cecilia BROUILLARD, St. Paul Que., Ville Marie, Que., d/o Noe BROUILLARD & Philomine ROUSSEAU, Wtn. F. CUILLER, N. LANDRY, on Jan 18, 1916 at Haileybury.

15147-16 Georges Arthur GUILBAULT, 21, labourer, Papineau Tp., same, s/o John GUILBAULT & Arthemise NAULT, married Angelica Eva DUPUIS, 20, Papineau Tp., same, d/o Honore DUPUIS & Bernadette BELANGER, witn: John GUILBAULT & Honore DUPUIS both of Mattawa on Sept. 25, 1916 at Mattawa.

15167-16 Alfred HARTRICK, 28, carpenter, Liverpool England, North Bay, s/o Richard HARTRICK & Louisa BROWN, married Delia DESJARDINS, 27, North Bay, same, d/o Aleck DESJARDINS & Julia BEJAIS?, witn: Amy FERGUSON & Edward HARGREAVES both of North Bay on April 6, 1916 at North Bay

20937-1916 Maurice HASTIE, 31, Foreman, Foxdale - Isle of Man, South Porcupine, s/o Maurice HASTIE & Annie BRIXON, married Annie QUINE, 22, Balmodda - Isle of Man, South Porcupine, d/o Ceaser (sic) QUINE & Elizabeth MORRISON, Wtn. Essie COSTAIN, Thomas QUINE, on Dec. 21, 1916 at South Porcupine

15174-16 James Michael HEALEY, 26, farmer, of Powassan, s/o James D. HEALEY, farmer & Margaret Ellen RYAN, married Mary OWENS, 22, of Cheswick, d/o Patrick Raymond OWENS, farmer & Suzan BOGUE, witn: John HEALEY of Powassan & Suzan OWENS of Alderdale on July 5, 1916 at Cheswick

15173-16 Arthur HEBERT, 20, farmer, of Field, s/o Narcisse HEBERT, farmer & Exilde SEGUIN, married Florida McMURRAY, 18, of Springer, d/o Charles McMURRAY, farmer & Amanda LACOURSIERE, witn: Narcisse HEBERT of Field & Charles McMURRAY of Sturgeon Falls on March 6, 1916 at Sturgeon Falls

20954-1916 Charles Gordon HELMSLEY, 31, Mine Superintendent, Rustenburgh - South Africa, Cobalt, married Edith Lyndella HOLMES, 25, Guelph, Cobalt, d/o Robert B. HOLMES & Elizabeth GRAN, Wtn. R.B. HOLMES, Mrs. R.B. HOLMES, on Sept. 20, 1916 at Cobalt.

20935-1916 Peter HENDRICKSON, 29, Miner, Finland, Cobalt, s/o Henry HENDRICKSON & Riita KETUNEN, married Hilma HALME, 26, Finland, Cobalt, d/o Ephraim HALME & Mary ZAAKKA, Wtn. Adolph ONASKAINEN, Edla KOKKO, on Aug. 28, 1916 at Cobalt.
20943-1916 Paramon HETMANZKI, 34, Mine worker, Russia, Timmins, s/o not given, married Maria KUKUL, Russia, Timmins, d/o not given, Wtn. Mrs. A WILSON, on Apr. 1, 1916 at Timmins 20940-1916 William Henry HEWITT, 27, Farmer, Sinclairville, Thornloe, s/o John Carson HEWITT & Eveline PETTIGREW, married Grace Evelyn WAKEFORD, 24, Houston, Thornloe, d/o Hubert WAKEFORD & Almina Victoria BUTTAM, Wtn. Mrs. E. PHELPS, M.P. PHELPS, on May 23, 1916 at Haileybury.
20944-1916 Pekka HILTERNEN, 29, Miner, Finland, Cobalt, s/o John HILTERNEN & Miina HYAHANEN, married Hija LAIMA, Finland, Cobalt, d/o John UKKOLA & Mary UKKOLA, Wtn. E.J. STIRRUP, J.B. STIRRUP, on May 3, 1916 at Haileybury

15168-16 William Addison HILTON, 25, painter, England, North Bay, s/o James HILTON & Eleanor BEST, married Elizabeth DUNBAR, 19, England, North Bay, d/o James DUNBAR & Julia PARKER, witn: John LESLIE & Edith JONES both of North Bay on May 25?, 1916 at North Bay

20939-1916 Cleveland HOLMES, 24, Clerk, Peel County, New Liskeard, s/o Arthur HOLMES & Leona WILLETS, married Ethel May MATTHEWS, 23, Hebburn UK., New Liskeard, d/o Alfred MATTHEWS & Charlotte STENHOFF, Wtn. Mrs. John CLARK, Charles F. LENG, on June 7, 1916 at Lakeshore Rd., New Liskeard 20942-1916 Donatus Milton HORNE, 25, Soldier, Halifax N.S. Haileybury, s/o John HORNE & Annie BENERIE, married Jennie JOANISSE, 18, Buckingham Que., Cobalt, d/o Ivan JOANISSE & Alexina ASPECK, Wtn. Susan JOHN, Eleanor DONNELL, on May 9, 1916 at Haileybury
20934-1916 Edward Miller HOUGHTON, 21, Pattern Maker, England, Cobalt, s/o James HOUGHTON & Mrs. Elizabeth HOUGHTON, married Eva LITTENSON, 22, Stenographer, England, Cobalt, d/o William LITTENSON & Eva STREET, Wtn. George E. JENKS, on Sept. 21, 1916 at Cobalt. 20936-1916 George Gordon HOUSTON, 29, Engineer, Creemore, Cobalt, s/o John HOUSTON & Harriet HUNTER, married Florence BARKLE, 20, Hibbing Minn., Cobalt, d/o Harry Henry BARKLE & L. Jane BODY, Wtn. Margaret ROBERTS, Richard McCENDRIN ?, on July 12, 1916 at Cobalt.
20938-1916 Alexander Herron HOWIE, 26, Soldier, Scotland, Englehart, s/o John HOWIE & Margaret HERRON, married Jean WILSON, 30, England, Englehart, d/o James GRAHAM & Femmie ? WILSON, Wtn. Mrs. E. PHELPS, Mrs. W.E. McKENZIE, on Oct. 11, 1916 at Haileybury. 20963-1916 Sanson HRUEKA, 21, Labour, Kiev Russia, Timmins, (parents not given), married Kulina VERZUMIN, 20, Kiev Russia, Timmins, (parents not given), Wtn. John A. VEARNK, Millie E. PATTERSON, on Feb. 12, 1916, at Timmins.
20941-1916 Arthur Felix HUARD, 28, Farmer, Chicago, Haileybury, s/o Napoleon HUARD & Miss DODDELIN, married Lena MALEAU, 19, Sundsval, Haileybury, d/o Andrew MALEAU & Miss LUNDBLOM, Wit. E.F. HUARD, Paul HUARD, on June 6, 1916 at Haileybury.

15165-16 Leonard Edward HUGHES, 23, merchant, Kilworthy, North Bay, s/o George HUGHES & Eliza BENNER, married Roselle HAWKE, 20, Owen Sound, Trout Mills, d/o John Abraham HAWKE & Annie RADBOURNE, witn: C. H. Beecher PARKHOUSE & Ellsye E. HUGHES both of Trout Mills on April 8, 1916 at North Bay

15164-16 Joseph Lawrence HUNTER, 28, commercial traveller, Burks Falls, North Bay, s/o Alexander HUNTER & Emma J. WILSON, married Rebecca Winnifred ROSEBOROUGH, 21, Owen Sound, North Bay, d/o William J. ROSEBOROUGH & Martha A. SHOULDICE, witn: Charles ROSEBOROUGH of North Bay & Edythe HUNTER of Toronto on Dec. 25, 1916 at North Bay.

20933-1916 Frank Aubrey HURST, 31, Sampler, Pt. Hilford N.S., Cobalt, s/o Simeon HURST & Sara SUTTES, married Elsie VALLIERE, 19, Sturgeon Falls, Cobalt, d/o Calixte VALLIERE & Rose St.JACQUES, Wtn. Arthur VALLIERE, on Nov. 25, 1916 at Cobalt.

15169-16 Philip Nicholas HUTSON, 26, stationery engineer, Renfrew Co., Trout Mills, s/o John HUTSON & Mary McLELLAN, married Irene Elizabeth CARSWELL, 25, Renfrew Co., Cache Bay, d/o David CARSWELL & Jennie YOUNG, witn: Robert HUTSON & Ethel CARSWELL both of Trout Mills on Nov. 8, 1916 at Cache Bay.

15172-16 Henry James HYLAND, 27, farmer, Maynooth, Whitney, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Hannah Watterson McGUEY, 26, Bonnechere, Whitney, d/o Dennis & Margaret, witn: Johnny McGUEY of Whitney & Jemima A. McEVOY of Almonte on July 19, 1916 at Whitney

20950-1916 Hugh JACK, 45, Farmer, Monk Twp., Heaslip, s/o William JACK & Mary McKAY, married Lucy Mills ROONEY, 26, Thorne Que., Earlton, d/o John Joseph ROONEY & Margaret Ann TUBMAN, Wtn. W. McKNIGHT, Mrs. W. McKNIGHT, on June 7, 1916 at New Liskeard.  
20951-1916 Frederick Charles JAMES, 29, Blacksmith, West Hampstead UK., Matheson, s/o Charles Shore JAMES & Elizabeth SMITH, married Annie LEACH, 20, Whitworth UK., Matheson, d/o Robert Henry LEACH & Ellen MORRIS, Wtn. Charles Shore JAMES, Nellie LEACH, on Feb. 23, at Wataybeg, Matheson. 20953-1916 Alfred JAMES, 25, Miner, London UK., Cobalt, s/o Joseph JAMES & Susan Elizabeth JOHNSTON, married Emily Edith Lillian VINCENT, 27, Widow, London UK., Cobalt, d/o William WINTERS & Annie May BUTLER, Wtn. Henry JAMES, Susan MOYNIHAN, on Feb 12, 1916 at Cobalt
20948-1916 Peter JEFFREY, 35, Baker, Golden Lake, Timmins, s/o Peter JEFFREY & Perpetue LaFLEUR, married Cecile Gwendolyn MORGAN, 19, Isle of Man, Timmins, d/o Henery (sic) MORGAN & Rachel SAQUI, Wtn. Andrew P. DOOLEY, Albertine HOULE, on July 19, 1916 at Timmins

15176-16 William George JEFFREYS, 22, cook, Ottawa, Mattawa, s/o William Edmond JEFFREYS & Margaret Sophia LESTER, married Philomine LECLAIRE, 21, Mattawa, same, d/o Pierre LECLAIRE & Josephine PARENT, witn: Georges Ernest LAMOTHE & Hiram BURKE both of Mattawa on Nov. 27, 1916 at Mattawa

15177-16 Leo JOANNIS, 24, paper maker, Ottawa, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Jean JOANNIS & Salome PERRIER, married Emma BOURDON, 20, Arnprior, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Napoleon BOURDON & Marie Louise MOREL, witn: Herbert JOBBITT & Napoleon BOURDON both of Sturgeon Falls on May 1, 1916 at Sturgeon Falls.

15175-16 Joseph JOHNSTON, 21, painter, Admaston, North Bay, s/o John JOHNSTON & Margot THOMPSON, married Lillian FARMER, 23, Ottawa, Cache Bay, d/o William FARMER & Margot HEMPEL, witn: Arthur & Mrs. Pearl JOHNSTON both of North Bay on July 5, 1916 at North Bay

20949-1916 William JOHNSTON, 38, farmer, Saham Ont., Sharpe Twp., s/o Joseph JOHNSTON & Annie BELL, married Emmarila Antenna DEVVALLA, 26, Orillia, Sharpe Twp., d/o Arthur DEVVALLA & Marie HUNTER, Wtn. Fabian HUGH, Ms. George A. BAINBOROUGH, on May 23, 1916 at Englehart 20945-1916 Irvine William JOHNSTON, 21, Penalton, Charlton, s/o Campbell JOHNSTON & Mathilda HILL, married Libbi WALDRIFF, 18, South River, Englehart, d/o George WALDRIFF & Maud ROLSTON, Wtn. Ernest WYLIE, Maud GREEN, on July 4, 1916 at Englehart.
20946-1916 James JORDAN, 21, Machinist, Joplin Miss., Cobalt, s/o William A. JORDAN & Rosa JORDAN, married Florence May DREW, 18, Peterborough, Cobalt, d/o R. DREW & Elizabeth CASSAN, Wtn. Mrs. E. PHELPS, Mrs. W. McKENZIE, on Oct 6, 1916 at Haileybury. 20947-1916 Waino Edward JUNELL, 34, Student, Finland, Cobalt, s/o John JUNELL & (not given), married Elvia KOIVUMAKI, 29, Dressmaker, d/o Victor KOIVUMAKI & Maria TUIMALA, Wtn. Mrs. J. McCAULEY, Mrs. E. PHELPS, on Sept. 18, 1916, at Haileybury.
20952-1916 Andrew JUZKO, 30, Merchant, Germany, Cobalt, s/o Stanislaus JUZKO & Mary MULASKA, married Agnes COULAS, 15, Wilno, Cobalt, d/o Thomas COULAS & Elizabeth COULAS, Wtn. Tessie BERNACKI, on Jan 22, 1916 at Cobalt 20955-1916 John KARI, 27, Miner, Finland, Cobalt, s/o Charlie KARI & Anna KARPPINEN, married Mary KORKAINEN, 28, Finland, Cobalt, d/o William KORKAINEN & Mary KARKU, Wtn. John G. HAKALA, Piti PULKILO, on Aug. 31, at Cobalt
20956-1916 Kalle KARPPINEN, 23, Miner, Finland, Cobalt, s/o Adolph KARPPINEN & Anna ESKILENEN, married Alma SAUGILAMPI, 22, Finland, Cobalt, d/o Autti SAUGILAMPI & Emma TERVO ?, Wtn. I. ALTENEN, William KOKKA, on July 2, 1916 at Cobalt. 20964-1916 David KAVANAUGH, 30, Miner, Buckingham Que., Cobalt, s/o James KAVANAUGH & Bridgid GLEASON, married Louise JOHNSTONE, 22, Powassan, Cobalt, d/o John JOHNSTON & Edith HOWE, Wtn. F.B. LYNCH, B. CANNON, on June 5, 1916 at Cobalt
20960-1916 Albert Stanley KEITH, 21, Labour, Saurin, Charlton, s/o George KEITH & Margaret ARCHIBALD, married Alice DICKIE, 18, Saurin, Charlton, d/o John DICKIE & Eva MANNIX, Wtn. L.V, BERGFORD, Fabian HUGH, on Oct. 13, 1916 at Englehart. 20961-1916 Angus KERR, 23, Hoistman Nova Scotia, Schumacher, s/o Roa KERR & Annie McLEOD, married Nellie IRWIN, 18, Minnesota, Schumacher, d/o James IRWIN & Margaret LESSLEY, Wtn. Annie IRWIN, C.P. HEAVEN, on Oct. 13, 1916, at Englehart
20959-1916 Joseph Alexander KING, 24, Farmer, North Temiskaming, Dane, s/o Robert KING & Mary LAPOINTE, married Artie Elizabeth DELL, 18, Sudbury, Kenebeek, d/o Henry DELL & Alice FROME, Wtn. Mrs. A. SEYMOUR, Mr. A SEYMOUR, on Aug. 30, 1916 at Englehart

15180-16 Ernest James KING, 26, railwayman, Sturgeon Falls, North Bay, s/o John Henry KING & Alice Annie DIXON, married Letitia May WOOD, 21, South River, same, d/o James WOOD & Sophia Jane UNGER, witn: J. W. WOOD & Emily BRANT both of South River on July 26, 1916 at North Bay

15181-16 Alexander Connell KINCAID, 33, miner, of South Porcupine, s/o Hugh KINCAID & Mary CONNELL, married Eliza Frances McDOUGALL, 38, of Haileybury, d/o Robert McDOUGALL & Mary KEATING, witn: Hugh KINCADE (sic) of South Porcupine & Eva M. POWERS of Haileybury on Feb. 8, 1916 at South Porcupine 20957-1916 James Stanley KITCHEN, 26, Bookkeeper, Eady , Timmins, s/o James KITCHEN & Mina RUSSELL, married Gladys Viola HAWKINS, 20, Verner, Schumacher, d/o James A. HAWKINS & Frances McGRATH, Wtn. T. KITCHEN, Irene ANDERSON, on Dec. 27, 1916 at Schumacher.
20962-1916 Tony KOSKA, 30, Miner, Posen Germany, Timmins, s/o Frank KOSTA & Helte, KAZNOVITCH, married Carolina GRUMBLE, 20, Austria, Timmins, d/o Joseph GRUMBLE & Mary OLICH, Wtn. Angus LUTOVSKI, Vladimir, STUSKOVITZ, on June 3, 1916 at Timmins 20958-1916 Adolph Paul KRUGER, 31, Golden Lake, Krugersdorf, s/o August KRUGER & Louise MILLER, married Carrie YATEMAN, 27, Belleville, Krugersdorf, d/o Charles YATEMAN & Alzina McGOWAN, Wtn. Ruth KANT, Paul KRUGER, on Nov. 15, 1916 at Englehart.
20965-1916 William Morris LAINSBURY (Sainsbury?), 24, Mine Clerk, London UK., Cobalt, s/o Thomas LAINSBURY & Harriet GRIMS, married Minerva Elizabeth TOWERS, 19, London, Cobalt, d/o Henry TOWERS & Minerva PYNE, Wtn. Edna CHALK, Pearl DEDMAN ON Dec. 26, 1916 at North Cobalt. 20976-1916 George LAKE, 25, Publisher, Orillia, Timmins, s/o Thomas LAKE & Mary Jane BAKER, married Mabel Olive MORGAN, 20, Brindsley, South Porcupine, d/o Robert MORGAN & Marion Jane SEELI, Wtn. M.M. WIDDIFIELD, Miss Olive PEARCE, on March 23, 1916, at South Porcupine
20966-1916 Hildege LALONDE, 29, Miner, Carren, Cobalt, s/o Joseph LALONDE & Philomene GAUTHIER, married Marguerite LAST, 20, not given, Cobalt, d/o George LAST & Elizabeth RUSSELL ?, Wtn. Joseph LALONDE, David LAST, on June 18, 1916 at Cobalt. 20967-1916 Roscoe Seymour LANGLEY, 38, Engineer, Isaac's Harbour N.S. Cobalt, s/o James T. LANGLEY & Eliza COOK, married Pearl Alicia ARNEY, 23, Allandale, Cobalt, d/o Joseph ARNEY & Caroline NEWTON, Wtn. John H. SKELLY, Alberta HAINES, on Oct. 10, 1916 at North Cobalt.
20969-1916 Charles Louis LARIVEE, 22, Office work, Maniwaki, Haileybury, s/o Charles Leon LARIVEE & Miss LACROIX, married Rose ALARY, 23, not given, Cobalt, d/o Max ALARY & Octavia BENOIS, Wtn. Leon LARIVEE, Raoul SEGUIN, on Sept. 4, 1916 at Haileybury. 20968-1916 Aurelio LEGO, 31, Chauffeur, Italy, Timmins, s/o Gevanno LAGO & unknown, married Agnes TWADDELL, 28, New York, Timmins, d/o James TWADDELL & not given, Wtn. Susie DUNNETT, Ella SMITH, on Sept. 2, 1916 at Haileybury
20974-1916 Thomas Emery LEGROW, 25, Farmer, Marmora, Cane Twp, s/o John LEGROW Jr., & Mary DEMAS, married Ruth Victoria LEGROW, 21, Toronto, Cane Twp., d/o George LEGROW & Emma NELLES, Wtn. Olga L. SIRR, Charles Albert WISMER, on May 24, 1916, at New Liskeard. 20972-1916 Edward Wallace LENNOX, 29, R.R. Brakeman, South Dummer, Englehart, s/o Stewart LENNOX & Angeline ROBINSON, married Mary Elizabeth HAMILTON, 18, Nicholson Simcoe, Heaslip, d/o Joseph Henry Hamilton & Margaret Jane McFADDEN, Wtn. Stewart BROWN, Myrtle Lauretta HAMILTON, on June 28, 1916 at Heaslip.
20977-1916 Squire Oliver LICKNER, 21, Policeman, Thedford Ont., Cochrane, s/o Sidney LICKNER & M. STREET, married Pearl HODGINS, 20, Sarnia, Cochrane, d/o James Albert HODGINS & Flora CAMP, Wtn. Francis M. HANCOCK, Agnes Jeffrey WILSON, on Feb. 1, 1916 at Cochrane 20978-1916 Olidor LIRETTE, 18, Ferme Neuve Que., Cochrane, s/o Julius LIRETTE & Celina TRUDEAU, married Marilda PREZEAU, 18, Chenierville Que., Cochrane, d/o Gilbert PREZEAU & Delphine ROUSSEL, Wtn. A. St.JEAN, Gilbert PREZEAU, on Jan. 8, 1916 at Cochrane.
20975-1916 Francis Maurice LIVINGSTON, 24, Engineer, Leeds UK., Thornloe, s/o Francis LIVINGSTON & Mary THOMPSON, married Lillie Beatrice BRITTAIN, 22, Waverly Simcoe, Thornloe, d/o Robert John BRITTAIN & Rose BORGFORD, Wtn. Violet O'HARA, Stanley JOHNSTON, on May 17, 1916, at Thornloe 20973-1916 Stanley Thomas LOVEYS, 27, Merchant, Hickson, Hickson, s/o T.J. LOVEYS & Mary H. SKELTON, married Luella GRILLS, 28, Markham Twp., New Liskeard, d/o John J. GRILLS & Nora PETHERICK, Wtn. John A. GRILLS, Birdie L. McLEAN, on June 28, 1916 at New Liskeard
20970-1916 Nick LUKANOVICH, 26, Miner, Grodno Russia, Timmins, s/o Philip LUKANOVICH & Domnika LUKANOVICH, married Erin DEHTAWO, 19, Kiev Russia, Timmins, d/o Peter DEHTAWO & unknown, Wtn. J. DUAZENCKI, Solomon VLASUK, on June 13, 1916 at Timmins. 20971-1916 Henry LUNDSTROM, 21, Miner, Sweden, Timmins, s/o Carl LUNDSTROM & Eva SANDERSTROM, married Annie TERVO, 19, Finland, Timmins, d/o Carl TERVO & Annie KAAPILAINEN, Wtn. M. WHITAKER, Emily GLAZIER, on Jul. 15, 1916 at Schumacher
20986-1916 Frank MAKI, 23, Miner, Finland, Schumacher, s/o Victor MAKI & Mary TUOMI, married Martha WUORI, 21, Tambro, Finland, South Porcupine, d/o David WUORI & Hilma PERVI, Wtn. Jennie KINUNEN, Thomas W. JONES, on June 24, 1916 at South Porcupine 20990-1916 Lazlar MALIN, 27, Railroad employee, Romania, Timmins, s/o Danutes MALIN & Maria GOUZA, married Antoinette BROUILLARD, 18, La Patrie Que., Timmins, d/o Cyrille BROUILLARD & Leonie ROY, Wtn. Nick GREGORAC, John ANTONIUK, on May 4, 1916 at Timmins
20988-1916 Earl Graland MALLOY, 23, Mechanic, Goldsboro N.S. Cobalt, s/o Angus MALLOY & Nettie McNEIL, married Mable Eva DICKSON, 22, Isaac's Harbour N.S., Halifax, d/o Havelock DICKSON & Melinda BURKE, Wtn. Harry EWING, Elizabeth CHURCH, on June 28, 1916 at North Cobalt. 20983-1916 Walter Patrick MALONEY, 36, Labour, Bondhead, Cobalt, s/o John MALONEY & Elizabeth MILLARD, married Mabel W. BROWN, 22, Essa twp, Cobalt, d/o William BROWN & Margaret McFADDEN, Wtn. James Albert BURLING, Susie BURLING, on Mar. 30, 1916 at Cobalt.
20982-1916 Ludger MALTAIS, 22, Miner, Escoumines Que., Cobalt, s/o Pascal MALTAIS & Anne MARTIN, married Laurnative COTE, 21, Ste. Cecile de Masham Que., Cobalt, d/o Frank COTE & Ernestine MARQUIS, Wtn., P. MALTAIS, F.X. COTE, on Nov. 13, 1916 at Cobalt  
21002-1916 Richard Edward McANDIE ?, 29, Miner, Creemore, Cobalt, s/o Robert James McANDIE ? & Elizabeth WRIGGLESWORTH, married Rose VALLIERE, 22, not given, Cobalt, d/o Calix (Calixte ?) VALLIERE & Rosa STUJOCK, Wtn. Harry EWING, on Aug. 16, 1916 at North Cobalt. 21009-1916 James Albanus McANDREW, 26, Mechanic, Buckingham, Cobalt, s/o Edward Thomas McANDREW & Mary McANDREW, married Mary Elizabeth LOWE, 17, Huntsville, Cobalt, d/o Joseph LOWE & Elizabeth QUINN, Wtn. Fred CHAMPAGNE, Lila M. LOWE, on Mar. 7, 1916 at Haileybury.
20998-1916 John B. McARTHUR, 48, Engineer, Widower, Durham, Timmins, s/o John McARTHUR & Isabella BLACK, married Rachael MORGAN, 42, Widow, Douglas - Isle of Man, Timmins, d/o Joseph Sagui & Margaret WOODS, Wtn. Peter JEFFREY, Eva McDONALD, on Nov. 16, 1916 at Timmins 20995-1916 Norman McASKILL, 32, Miner, Inverness County N.S., North Cobalt, s/o Neil McASKILL & Annie McKINNON, married Jessie McDONALD, 20, Inverness N.S., North Cobalt, d/o Dan McDONALD & Jane McLEAN, Wtn. Hugh McKINNON & Maggie McASKILL, on June 6, 1916 at Cobalt.
20996-1916 Maitland E. McCHESNEY, 21, Hastings County, New Liskeard, s/o Samuel McCHESNEY, & Mary E. McINNES married May Florence WALKER, 22, England, New Liskeard, d/o Frank Walker & Laura WESTON, Wtn. Vesta Christina McCHESNEY, Frank WALKER, on Nov. 7, 1916 at Hanbury. 21001-1916 Allan Douglas McCORMICK, 23, Paper maker, New Brunswick, Iroquois Falls, s/o Charles McCORMICK & Miss SAVAGE, married Katharine MacDONELL, 23, Midland, Iroquois Falls, d/o Angus J. MacDONELL & Miss CREA, Wtn. Mrs. E. PHELPS, Mrs. W. McKENZIE, n Oct. 14, 1916 at Haileybury.
21006-1916 Arthur Lawrence McCREADY, 23, Publisher, Chatham, Haileybury, s/o Sam McCREADY & Miss POLLOCK, married Florence Nightingale FERRIL, 22, Carleton Place, New Liskeard, d/o Thomas FERRIL & Miss BARRIE, Wtn. Martha E. MURRAY, Mrs. H. LEE, on May 24, 1916 at New Liskeard. 20994-1916 Wesley McCULLOUGH, 21, Printer, Thornbury, Cobalt, s/o William McCULLOUGH & Elizabeth AUSTIN, married Nina Olga HOLMES, 20, North Bay, Cobalt, d/o George Nelson HOLMES & Elizabeth McLENNON, Wtn. Malcolm J. McLEOD, Anna GORDON, on Dec. 30, 1916 at Cobalt.
21003-1916 Kenneth MacDONALD, 37, Stationary Engineer, Inverness, Iroquois Falls, s/o Frederick MacDONALD & Annie McKENZIE, married Ellen GLADMAN, 34, Sussex UK., Toronto, d/o Alfred GLADMAN & Elizabeth BROOKES, Wtn. G.F. KNOX, Violet ANDERSON, on June 23, at Cochrane. 20999-1916 John McDONALD, 38, Minister, Jordanhills Scotland, Timmins, s/o Alexander McDONALD & Ann McDONALD, married Eva Christine INGLIS, 26, Powassan, Englehart, d/o Thomas INGLIS & Sarah Jane FRASER, Wtn. E.L. ROSEWARN, Della M. INGLIS, on Oct. 19, 1916 at Englehart.
20997-1916 Thomas James McDOUGALL, 33, Teamster, Renfrew, Cobalt, s/o George McDOUGALL & Sarah POTTER, married Lola McQUILLAN, 26, Renfrew, New Liskeard, d/o Alex McQUILLAN & Carrie PAUL, Wtn. Walter J. McMILLAN, Margaret McMILLAN, on Aug. 9, 1916 at Cobalt. 21005-1916 Hugh Albert McEWEN, 37, Farmer, Carleton Place, Tomstown, s/o Peter McEWEN & Katherine McDOUGALL married Annie Sarah PAWSON, 26, Parry Sound, Cochrane, d/o Henry PAWSON & Elizabeth BLACKMORE, Wtn. M. BUBERT, Miss J. TENNANT, on June 25, 1916 at Englehart.
21007-1916 Henry McKEE, 22, Farmer, Powassan, Kenebeek, s/o Robert McKEE & Miss TENNANT, married Theresa CROSSLEY, 16, New York, Kenebeek, d/o Noel CROSSLEY & Miss COOK, Wtn. J.W. MYLES, Mrs. J. MYLES, on May 23, 1916 at Haileybury 21008-1916 Arthur Pearson McKENZIE, 26, Lieutenant, 124th Batt. C.E.F., Tokyo Japan, Toronto, s/o Daniel Real McKENZIE & Euphemia Isabella PEARSON, married Winnifred Elizabeth Hannah PHELPS, Courtice, Haileybury, d/o Leonard PHELPS & Elizabeth Hannah YOUNG, Wtn. J.A. McKenzie WILLIAMS, Gladys PHELPS, on Mar. 20, 1916 at Haileybury
21010-1916 William Francis McKENTY, 25, Chemist, Tonawanda NY., Tonawanda NY., s/o Thomas McKENTY & Margaret McCANN, married Gertrude LAFOND, 26, St. Francois d'Allfield Que., Cobalt, d/o Pacifique LAFOND & Gertrude LAFOND, Wtn. Pacifique LAFOND, A.W. DEAN, on Nov. 20, 1916 at Cobalt 21000-1916 Murdoch MacLEOD, 27, Miner, Stornoway, Scotland, Cobalt, s/o Kenneth MacLEOD & Catharine McIVOR, married Gladys BAMBRICK, 21, Exfield N.S., Cobalt, d/o Jobie BAMBRICK & Marie CAUFIELD, Wtn. John A. MacLEOD, Mabel COLLEY, on Oct. 18, 1916 at Cobalt
21004-1916 Ambrose McNULTY, 23, Miner, West Hamilton Que., Schumacher, s/o Michael McNULTY & Mary DOUGHERTY, married Vivian Mary MOLEY, 18, Waitress, Woolige UK., Schumacher, d/o illegible & Sarah KINGMAN, Wtn. Alph GLAZIER, Emily GLAZIER, on July 13, 1916 at Schumacher 21012-1916 Cleaveland, (sic) NEAL, 21, Soldier, (Blacksmith) Woodham, Thornloe, s/o Robert NEAL & Bertha illegible, married Victoria Marie WAKEFORD, 17, Waverly, Thornloe, d/o Herbert WAKEFORD & Alumina Victoria BRITTON, Wtn. C.A. SPARLING, Erol E.C. SPARLING, on Apr. 1, 1916 at Cobalt.
21016-1916 Mike NESTOR, 24, not given, Dziboutin Russia, Cobalt, s/o Peter NESTOR & Parenko CRUCZWA, married Helena KROSSA, 18, Russia, Cobalt, d/o John KROSSA & Catharine CICOLOWSKI, Wtn. John HORODYSKI, Mary DISLEY, on June 17, 1916 at Cobalt. 21011-1916 Eddie Emerson NEWTON, 45, Widower, Miner, Buckingham Que., Cobalt, s/o Ivery NEWTON & Francis LONSDALE, married Mrs. Elizabeth Alice FRENCH, 32, Widow, Buckingham, Cobalt, d/o Albert NEWTON & Harriet BIGELOW, Wtn. Aden NEWTON, Annie SIMS, on June 20, 1916, at Cobalt.
21013-1916 August NORDIN, 29, Miner, Italy, Cobalt, s/o Louis NORDIN, & Rosa RUDOLPHE, married Parmela LEONARD, 23, St. Jovite - Terrebonne Que., Cobalt, d/o Adelard LEONARD & Virginie DUFOUR, Wtn. Adelard LEONARD, G. PILON, on Mar. 6, 1916 at Cobalt. 21014-1916 John Amos NORRIS, 37, Miner, Althorpe, Haileybury, s/o Joseph NORRIS & Isabelle NEIL, married Mildred COE, 18, Creemore, Haileybury, d/o John COE & Abigail HOWARD, Wtn. Ethel L. OSTROM, Susan JOHN, on May 3, 1916 at Haileybury.
21017-1916 Harry OGDEN, 27, Machinist, Lancastershire UK., Cochrane, s/o John OGDEN & Hannah JACKSON, married Rebecca BRYDGES, 18, Renfrew, North Cobalt, d/o William BRYDGES & Rebecca CHURCH, Wtn. Webb SMITH, Mrs. J.J. SPARLING, on May 3, 1916 at Cobalt. 020927-16, (Sudbury Dist), D'Arcy Adolphie Jean OLIVIER, 44, Ottawa, Coniston, s/o Edouard OLIVIER & Charlotte McLEAN, married Emma BEDARD, 20, Sudbury, St Charles, d/o Testimant BEDARD & Armantine LAROCQUE, Wtn: Testimant BEDARD & Osias LAPALME both of St Charles, 22 Sep 1916 at St Charles, (Rom Cath).
21018-1916 Peter O'NEIL, 30, Miner, Witless Bay Nfld., Timmins, s/o Peter O'NEIL & Bridget COLEMAN, married Annie Isabelle McPHEE, 26, Sydney N.S., Timmins, d/o Mike McPHEE & Annie McNEIL, Wtn. Neil RYAN, Sarah SNOW, on Sept. 11, 1916 at Timmins. 21029-1916 Charles Arthur PACEY, 34, Farmer, Bancroft, Milberta, s/o Richard PACEY & Lizzie CRISLER, married Julianne T.E. HANSEN, 23, Gravenhurst, Kane Twp., d/o Ross HANSEN Anna Otile LAWSON, Wtn. Bernie E. SCOTT, Ethel FRANCE, on May 24, at Milberta
21024-1916 Charles PALANGIO, 23, Hotel Manager, New York, North Bay, s/o James PALANGIO & Theresa St.PIERRE, married Jennie THORKELSON, 17, Norway, Nakina, Waitress, d/o Ally THORKELSON & Annie JOHNSON, Wtn. B. JOHNSON, Mrs. B. JOHNSON, on Sept. 30, 1916 at Haileybury. 21031-1916 Louis L. PARE, 24, Miner, Montreal, Timmins, s/o J.B. PARE & Emma LEFEBRE, married Elzire LAROCQUE, 17, Sturgeon Falls, Timmins, d/o Adrien LAROCQUE & Georgina BRAZEAU, Wtn. J.B. PARE, Adrien LAROCQUE, on May 22, 1916 at Timmins
21026-1916 Thomas Edward PAWSON, 23, Teamster, South River, Cochrane, s/o Henry PAWSON & Bessie BLACKMAN, married Viola Louise HEWSON, 22, Buckingham, Cochrane, d/o Alfred Henry HEWSON & Margaret McCULLOUGH, Wtn. Archibald MANSFIELD, Mrs. D. MANSFIELD, on July 24, 1916 at South Porcupine. 21027-1916 Charles Morton PENNY, 57, Widower, Miner, Sackets Harbour N.S., Cobalt, s/o James PENNY & Sophie FRANKLIN, married Lillian Louisa Curry ROTCHELLE, 30, Widow, Cardiff Wales, Cobalt. d/o Edward Curry ROTCHELLE & Harriet SKINNER, Wtn. Wesley CAMPSALL, Abbie CAMPSALL, on July 2, 1916 at Golden City, Twp. of Whitney
21023-1916 Max PETCHERSKI, 23, Barber, Russia, Timmins, s/o B. PETCHERSKI & Anna ZADOVE, married Annie SHUB, 18, Russia, Timmins, d/o Louis SHUB & Lena PERCULIN, Wtn. P. PETCHERSKI, H. SHANKMAN, on Nov. 28, 1916 at Timmins. 21021-1916 Percival Samuel PETTIT, 27, Express Co., illegible, Cobalt, s/o Robert PETTIT & Caroline JOHNSTON, married Elizabeth Ann Rawson MARTIN, 19, Nipissing, Cobalt, d/o Thomas MARTIN & Maria BEATTY, Wtn. B. SIMMS, Gertrude TAYLOR, on May 24, 1916 at Cobalt
21030-1916 Robert PHILPOTT, 29, Mechanic, Belfast, New Liskeard, s/o James PHILPOTT & Charlotte MORRISON, married Alice BOND, 29, Lancashire UK., New Liskeard, d/o Richard BOND & Annie TAYLOR, Wtn. F. Marion BARKEL, L.C. GUNSTONE, on Feb. 26, 1916 at New Liskeard 21025-1916 Peter Thomas PIGEON, 28, Engineer, Calumet Island, Timmins, s/o Joseph PIGEON & Mary CUNNINGHAM, married Eva SILVER, 26, Goldboro N.S. Timmins, d/o Henry SILVER & Minnie BEZANSON, Wtn. Amy MALLORY, L.J. GRACE, on Aug. 23, 1916 at Timmins
21020-1916 Josephat PLOUFFE, 23, Lineman, Buckingham Que., North Cobalt, s/o Omer PLOUFFE & Josephine PAGE, married Yvonne GOULET, 18, Rockland, North Cobalt, d/o Alfred GOULET & Philomine TREMBLAY, Wtn. Omer PLOUFFE, Eusebe LADOUCEUR, on June 12, 1916 at North Cobalt 21022-1916 Chester Leo POLLOCK, 26, Soldier, Saginaw MI., Cobalt, s/o Herbert POLLOCK & Bertha WAHL, married Carrie Lillian McCONNEL, 18, Ottawa, Charlton, d/o Arthur McCONNEL & Clara DENEAULT, Wtn. Mrs. Alex WHITE, Olive F. WHITE, on Mar. 20, 1916 at Cobalt
21019-1916 George PROKOS, 23, Merchant, Dardanelles Turkey, Cobalt, s/o Nick PROKOS & Alpida PICULOS, married Irene HILL, 21, London, Cobalt, d/o James HILL & Victoria PRODGES, Wtn. C.A. SPARLING, Erol SPARLING, on July 3, 1916 at Cobalt. 21028-1916 Frederick PROUT, 32, Mechanic, Bruce Mines, Casey Twp., s/o Frank PROUT & Mary NICHOLS, married Lillian Louise JOHNSTON, Aberdeen Scotland, Harris Twp., d/o William JOHNSTON & Elsie BRUCE, Wtn. Mrs. James DUNN, James DUNN, on June 7, 1916 at Harris Twp.
21032-1916 Artimon RADUL, 24, Miner, Bukovina Austria, Cobalt, s/o Stephen RADUL & Domina MINTENKO, married Merci RADUK, 23, Bukovina Austria, Cobalt, d/o John RADUK& Verona IVANIUK, Wtn. Belli SPEKKO, M. ROMANUK, on June 11, 1916 at Cobalt. 21036-1916 Antii RAIKALA, 33, Widower, Section Foreman, Finland, Cochrane, s/o Matt RAIKALA & Manda LAIKALA, married Ylilda KORPI, 35, Widow, Finland, Cochrane, d/o Frank YOKALA & Ida RANDA, Wtn. John CLARK, Ellen J. CLARK. on May 14, 1916 at Cochrane
21037-1916 George Wilson RAYNER, 27, Chauffeur, Westport, South Porcupine, s/o George RAYNER & Tressi BEADLE, married Verna Elizabeth SHEPPARD, 17, Otter Lake, South Porcupine, d/o William SHEPPARD & Mary Jane WILSON, Wtn. Rupert SHEPPARD, Essie COSTAIN, on Aug. 23, 1916 at Timmins 21039-1916 James Charles Otto RECKIN, 32, Merchant, Wiarton, Cobalt, s/o Charles RECKIN & Rosa KABUL, married Katheran Sopha GALLAGHER, 26, Brockville, New Liskeard, d/o Henry Deacon GALLAGHER & Ida HOLMES, Wtn. Mrs. Emma EARLE, A.J. COOMBE, on June 6, 1916 at New Liskeard
21041-1916 Lloyd Carl REID, 20, Engineer, Campbells Bay Que., Haileybury, s/o James Horace REID & Madeline WILKINS, married Mabel Elsie WARREN, 18, Pembroke, North Cobalt, d/o William James WARREN & Mary McCLELLAND, Wtn. Pearl REID, Bert ELLIOTT, on Mar 15, 1916 at Haileybury 21040-1916 William ROBAIN, 22, Labour, Majmann Que. Nushka, s/o Joseph ROBAIN & Orilli GAGNIER, married Mary Alice GAUTHIER, 18, Roberville - Lac St. Jean, Cochrane, d/o Jean GAUTHIER & Mary JAMES, Wtn. Peter BEAULIEU, Violet LACASSE, on May 27, 1916 at Cochrane.
21044-1916 Oliva ROBITAILLE, 28, not given, Capelton Que., Cobalt, s/o Denis ROBITAILLE & Elizabeth GARDNER, married Sophrenie QUENNEVILLE, Warren, Cobalt, d/o David QUENNEVILLE & Marie ROBERT, Wtn. Francis ROBITAILLE, Henri ROBITAILLE, on Oct. 16, 1916 at Cobalt. 21042-1916 Joseph William ROSZEL. 64, Widower, Farmer, Gainsborough Twp., Evanturel Twp., s/o Isaac ROSZEL & Mary HILL, married Ellen LANG, 54, Widow, Brighton UK., Toronto, d/o J. Henry KNAPP & Emilia GOODGE, Wtn. Mrs. F.W. BINKLEY, Mrs. Herbert LEE, on Apr. 20, 1916 at New Liskeard
21043-1916 Palma ROY, 19, Miner, Notre Dame de Laus, Cobalt, s/o Gilbert ROY & Sarah BASTIEN, married Yvonne BASTIEN, 17, Notre Dame de Laus, Cobalt, d/o Edmond BASTIEN & Rose LEBRUN, Wtn. Gilbert ROY, Edmond BASTIEN, on Nov 27, 1916 at Cobalt. 21035-1916 Frank RUSSELL, 27, Farmer, Toronto, Matheson, s/o John RUSSELL & Maggie WILSON, married Beatrice COYNE, 18, Killaloe, Matheson, d/o Edward COYNE & Bridget FINNERCANE, Wtn. Mary ARMSTRONG, Ursula, O'GRADY, on Aug. 4, 1916 at New Liskeard
21059-1916 Joseph St.AMOUR, 20, Farmer, Plantagenet, Cochrane, s/o Joseph Elzear St.AMOUR & Anastasie BLONDIN, married Marie Ann OUIMET, 20, Ste Agathe Que., Cochrane, d/o Hormidas OUIMET & Fredeline PLOUFFE, Wtn. Leo StAMOUR, Hormidas OUIMET, on Jan. 11, 1916 at Cochrane 21049-1916 Matti SAIKANEN, 28, Labour, Finland, Cobalt, s/o Clemens SAIKANEN & Katri KAMMONEN, married Ida Johanna TARVAINEN, 25, Finland, Cobalt, d/o David TARVAINEN & Edla PIKLAINEN, Wtn. Peter WAYRYNEN, Helen WAYRYNEN, on Feb. 15, 1916 at Cobalt.
21051-1916 John SAINO, Miner, Finland, Cobalt, s/o Otto SAINO & not known, married Ida HARVEY, 30, Widow, Finland, Cobalt, d/o William VILEMUS & Miss FUSA, Wtn. Mrs. A.P. McKENZIE, Mrs. E.A. PHELPS, on Dec 18, 1916 at Haileybury. 21065-1916 Albert SCHULTZ, 34, Miner, Berlin Ont., Matheson, s/o Frank SCHULTZ & Caroline BOUMAN, married Maggie M. MILLER, 18, Waubushene, Matheson, d/o Wilfred MILLER & Theresa JOSEPH, Wtn. J.L. CONTIN, L. LESSARD, on Nov. 27, 1916 at Timmins
21057-1916 Robert Glen SECKLY, 27, Engineer, illegible, Cobalt, s/o M.F. SECKLY & Annie Louise BEARSS, married Marie Anna LABELLE, Hull, Cobalt, d/o Francois LABELLE & Seraphine CHARRON, Wtn. Ben BERNIER, Arthur LABELLE, on July 18, 1916 at Haileybury 21062-1916 Aurel SEGUIN, 27, Miner, Papineauville Que., Elk Lake, s/o Louis N. SEGUIN & Purissima CHEVALIER, married Colombe THERRIAULT, 15, Hull, Elk Lake, d/o Patrice THERRIAULT & Arthemise BERTRAND, Wtn. Alfred L. TREMBLAY, Louise TREMBLAY, on Mar. 7, 1916 at Haileybury.
21045-1916 Raoul SENECAL, 31, Teamster, Montreal, Cobalt, s/o Alfred SENECAL & Victoria St.DENIS, married Mrs. C. GUILBEAULT, 37, Widow, Hull, Cobalt, d/o Telesphore BEAUDET ?, & Liza MARLOE ?, Wtn. A. Gaudreault, Dominique STEWART, on Dec. 23, 1916 at Cobalt. 21060-1916 Harry SHANKMAN, 23, Grocer, Vilna Russia, Timmins, s/o Nathan SHANKMAN & (did not know), married Fanny FELDMAN, 19, Russia, Timmins, d/o Harry FELDMAN & (did not know) Wtn. J. BUCOVETSKY, E. SLOTNIK, on May 20, 1916 at Timmins.
21050-1916 Frederick Jesse SHAW, 24, Soldier, Sharbot Lake, Charlton, s/o William Delbert SHAW & Louise BABCOCK, married Mary Elizabeth FREE, 14, Simcoe County, Englehart, d/o William FREE & Jane DIXON, Wtn. William FREE, Mrs. William FREE, on Dec. 27, 1916 at New Liskeard. 21052-1916 Joseph SHELLI, 26, Farmer, Scarboro Twp., Kenebeek, s/o Joseph SHELLA & Sarah PICKERING, married Lillian JAMIESON, 26, Banking (Barking?) UK., Toronto, d/o John JAMIESON & Emma BOUN, Wtn. J. REDPATH, Mrs, H. LEE, on Dec. 6, 1916 at New Liskeard.
21046-1916 George Blanchard SILVER, 39, Widower, Engineer, Goldboro N.S. Cobalt, s/o Charles SILVER & Henrietta GRIFFIN, married Mary ADAMS, 35, Widow, Lancashire UK., Cobalt, d/o Josiah JEFFREYS & Sara TREVETHEN, Wtn. F. RICHARDSON, Mrs. F.M. RICHARDSON, on Dec. 4, 1916 at Cobalt. 21056-1916 Peter SIMMONS, 32, Fisherman, Collingwood, New Liskeard, s/o Stephen SIMMONS & Annie MILLWARD, married Florence Eva CORLY, 25, England, Matheson, d/o George Albert CORLY & Sophia HEMMINGS, Wtn. W. TURNER, Pearl CORBY, on Sept. 18, 1916 at Hislop Twp.
21058-1916 Daniel SMITH, 23, Engineer, Barrie, Haileybury, s/o Joseph Daniel SMITH & Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, married Lillie HOWARD, 19, Campbellville, Haileybury, d/o William HOWARD & Margaret PARPA, Wtn. Denby SEALE, Mrs. J. A. DONNEL, on June 1, 1916 at Haileybury. 21063-1916 John Alexander SMITH, 32, Fireman, Hawkesbury, Privat Que. s/o George B. SMITH & Elizabeth C. BYERS, married Florence M.L. BYERS, 27, Portage la Prairie, Hawkesbury, d/o Henry BYERS & Anna BROWN, Wtn. John JAMESON, Irene ANDERSON, on Mar. 4, 1916 at Cochrane.
21053-1916 George Wellington SOUTH, 29, Painter, Hamilton, Callandar, s/o Daniel SMITH & Miss Banner, married Katharine Elizabeth JOHNSON, 28, Scotland, Cobalt, d/o James JOHNSON & Margaret MANGAN, Wtn. Mrs. E. PHELPS, Mrs A.P. McKENZIE, on Nov. 4, 1916 at Haileybury. 21064-1916 John SOWCHUCK, 22, Miner, Bukovina Austria, Schumacher, s/o Kostash SOWCHUCK & Dominica DABECKA, married Pakena MAKOVI, 19, Kozur Austria, Schumacher, d/o John MAKOVI & Dominica YOUNTZ, Wtn. George RUBANITZ, Mina RUBANITZ, on Aug. 13, 1916 at Timmins
21048-1916 Arthur LaMert SPINNEY, 26, Grain Buyer, Torbrook Mines N.S., Quenton Sask, s/o Arthur SPINNEY & Susan Sibronte WHEELOCK, married Susan Miranda STEVENS, 26, Londonderry N.S., Cobalt, d/o Addison STEVENS & Sarah BELL, Wtn. Leslie H. BANKS, Sadie B. STEVENS, on Sept. 13, 1916 at Cobalt. 21054-1916 Ludwig SPYJUTH, 27, Miner, Heljingburg Sweden, Timmins, s/o Swanson SPYJUTH & not given, married Adeline B. RAISE, 19, Greenlander Wisc., Timmins, d/o illegible RAISE & Boberd ? RINGELA, Wtn. Mrs. Robert, Miss LORMER, on Nov. 30, 1916 at Timmins.
21047-1916 Oliver Perry STRICKLAND, 25, Mechanic, Sudbury, Cobalt, s/o Perry STRICKLAND & Rebecka (sic) EDGAR, married Margaret Louise ROBERTS, 21, Ely Minn., Cobalt, d/o Richard ROBERTS & Josephine JOHNSON, Wtn. Anna A. GORDON, Stuart D. GORDON, on Sept. 27, 1916 at Cobalt. 21066-1916 Alfred TAGGERT, 30, Painter, Tiny Twp., Cobalt, s/o Frank TAGGERT & (not given), married Mildred B. HAMILTON, 20, Dublin Eire, Cobalt, d/o Stephen HAMILTON & Emma TERRY, Wtn. Mary BRYANT, J.A. TEBO, on May 1, 1916 at Cobalt.
21069-1916 Lionel F. TAYLOR, 32, Boilermaker, Annapolis N.S. Cochrane, s/o Foster A. TAYLOR & Sadie LOWELL ?, married Sadie DOHERTY, 30, Pembroke, Cochrane, d/o Dennis DOHERTY & Ann WHALEN, Wtn. S.J. MACKEY, A.M. SINCLAIR, on Feb. 25, 1916 at Cochrane 21067-1916 Lisle Willoughby TEEPLE, 22, Soldier, Brandon Man., "Camp Kapuskasing", s/o W.A. TEEPLE & Georgina CURRIE, married Charlotte Rose O'CONNOR, Liverpool, Toronto, d/o Robert Francis O'CONNOR & Emily Theresa SUTHERLAND, Wtn. Geofrey F. KNOX, Irene ANDERSON, on Sept. 28, 1916 at Cochrane.
21068-1916 John Wilbert TRIPP, 28, Livery, Sundridge, Cobalt, s/o Johnathon TRIPP & Catherine MASTERS, married Jennie JORDAN, 20. Mulvane Kansas, Coleman Twp., d/o W.A. JORDAN & Rose MAUPIN, Wtn. John JORDAN, Francis V. TRIPP, on Jan. 6, 1916 at Coleman Township 21075-1916 J.B. VALLIERE, 26, Station Agent, Ft. Coulonge, Cochrane, s/o Joseph VALLIERE & Corinne COURSOL, married Marie Eugenie Ruby LEMAIRE, 20, Ft. Coulonge, Cochrane, d/o Joseph LEMAIRE & Julia McAULEY, Wtn. Ada C. LEMAIRE, J.S. BROUILLARD, on Mar. 5, 1916 at Cochrane
21038-1916 William Paul VAN RUSSEL, 25, Painter, Holland, Cochrane, s/o Gerard van RUSSEL & Antoinette TREEVA, married Mildred Angela PEEL, 25, Scotland, Cochrane, d/o Robert PEEL & Treacy CODY, Wtn. Robert James PEEL, J.A. van RUSSEL, on Jan 11, 1916 at Cochrane 21073-1916 Stonio VARICUR, 26, Machinist, Holyoke USA, Cochrane, s/o Frank A. VARICUR & Alexandrine AUGER, married Marie Avelina DUBOIS, 20, not given, d/o Zepharine DUBOIS & Mathilde St.ONGE, Wtn. Francis A. VARICUR, Louis HURTUBISE, on July 25, 1916 at Cochrane
21070-1916 John VAUDETTE, 28, Miner, Eganville, Haileybury, s/o Alfred VAUDETTE & Annie DOYLE, married Isabella FAUGHNAN, 24, Bonfield, Latchford, d/o Barnard FAUGHNAN & Catharine TIERNEY, Wtn. Mrs. B. FAUGHNAN, P. BOURBON, on Oct. 1, 1916 at Cobalt. 21072-1916 Nelson VINKLE, 22, Miner, Temiskaming, Cobalt, s/o William VINKLE & Liza STINSON, married Rosie FENTON, 18, England, North Cobalt, d/o Thomas FENTON & Miss ROLAND, Wtn. Willis MOLYNEUX, Annie VINKLE, on Aug. 16, 1916 at North Cobalt
21071-1916 Clarence VINKLE, 21, Miner, Alton Ont.., Cobalt, s/o William VINKLE & Liza STINSON married Catharine St. GEORGE, 21, London UK., Cobalt, d/o William St. GEORGE & Beatrice SAWANT ? Wtn. Willis MOLYNEUX, Annie VINKLE, on Aug. 16, 1916 at North Cobalt. 21083-1916 John Charles WADE, 28, Farmer, England, Niagara Falls, s/o John WADE & Miss BRUFORD (Burford?), married Minnie Adelaide LOVE, 18, Greenbank, Haileybury, d/o F.W. LOVE & Miss Barton, Wtn. J.E. COOK, Mildred E. LOVE on June 23, 1916 at Haileybury
21076-1916 Antti WAISANEN, 23, Miner, Finland, Cobalt, s/o Juhan WAISANEN & Mari KOHANEN, married Mina LEVANIEMI, 27, Finland, Cobalt, d/o Matti NIEMI & Lisa LEVANEN, Wtn. Ephram HAATAJA, Lempi HAATAJA, on Apr. 16, 11916 at Cobalt 21086-1916 Charles H. WALKINS, 23, Farmer, Hilsburg, Brethour Twp., s/o J. WATKINS & Margaret GREER, married Violet Jane CRICK, 18, West Hartlepoole, Harley Twp., d/o Thomas CRICK & Mary HAZLEWOOD, Wtn. Mrs. W. ROUTCLIFFE, Mrs. Farmer, on Mar. 9, 1916 at Hanbury
21079-1916 William WALTERS, 25, Teamster, Parry Sound, Timmins, s/o Robert WALTERS & Sarah McDONALD, married Hilla STINSON, 23, Blackbank, Timmins, d/o William STINSON & Flora CURRIE, Wtn. Mrs. S.M. Beach, Mrs. George L. ELLIOT, on Dec. 20, 1916, at Schumacher 21087-1916 Harold WALTON, 21, Soldier, Elmvale, Charlton, s/o William Charles Walton & Mary SWITZER, married Marjorie GELLETT, 18, Hampshire UK., Charlton, d/o George GELLETT & Alice QUITTENTON, Wtn. J.W. RYAN, Mrs. J.W RYAN, on Apr. 19, 1916 at Englehart
21084-1916 Joseph WARREN, 21, Cashier, not given, Toronto, s/o Thomas Albert WARREN & Jennie WEBSTER, married Florence GORTLAND, 19, not given, Uno Park, d/o James GORTLAND & Sarah McCALISTER, Wtn. John BROUGHTON, Sadie BROUGHTON, on June 19, 1916 at Haileybury. 21081-1916 Norman WEBSTER, 28, Electrician, Bristol, Haileybury, s/o Samuel Webster & Elizabeth BOWMAN, married Hannah KIRWIN, 18, Lorraineville Que., Haileybury, d/o Thomas KIRWIN & Mary GREEN, Wtn. Thomas KIRWIN, Dr. ARNOLD, on Aug. 21, 1916 at Haileybury.
21082-1916 Roland Nelson WHEELER, 30, Mining, Montague N.S., ?, s/o John A. WHEELER & Emma D. BAKER, married Sadie Louise FANCIE, 26, Liverpool N.S. Haileybury, d/o George C. FANCIE & Lydia M. ANNIS, Wtn. Mrs. L. DAIGLE, Mrs. Maria PRIMEAU, on Jan. 21, 1916 at Haileybury. 21085-1916 Joseph WICHLACZ, 25, Miner, Russia, Timmins, s/o Joseph WICHLACZ & Margaret TOMCHUCK married Mary GROMBA, 18, Vola, Austria, Timmins, d/o Joseph GROMBA & Mary OLAI, Wtn. John GOLINSKI, Calan GROMBA, on May 23, 1916 at Timmins
21074-1916 Vinho WILHOVICH, 23, Miner, Hrejin Austria, Timmins, s/o Stephen WILHOVICH & Mary POLIK, married Mary CHICHAK, 17, Dollar Bay MI., Timmins, d/o Stephen CHICHAK & Mary STACK, Wtn. T.D. POLIK, T. BUKOVITCH, on May 20, 1916 at Timmins 21078-1916 Robert WOODS, 21, Miller, Twp of Harvey, New Liskeard, s/o William WOODS & Mary Ann RUSSEL, married Edith Margaret DOWNEY, 19, Twp of Bastard, Portland, d/o Patrick DOWNEY & Caroline White, Wtn. Mrs. F.A. MOORE, F.A. MOORE, on Dec. 25, 1916 at Haileybury
21077-1916 Charles Wesley WOODS, 21, Box maker, Twp of Harvey, New Liskeard, s/o William WOODS & Mary Ann RUSSEL, married Bertha Leng SEWARD, 18, Bastard Twp., Portland, d/o James SEWARD & Caroline WHITE, Wtn. Mrs. F.A. MOORE, F.A. MOORE, on Dec. 25, 1916 at Haileybury 21080-1916 Arthur WOOLEY, 29, Bank Clerk, Kent UK., Cochrane, s/o Thomas William WOOLEY & Flora TURKS, married Frances Maisie HANCOCK, 23, Tailoress, Orillia, Cochrane, (parents not given), Wtn. C.E. HOOLE (Houle?), Maude B. McRAE, on Nov. 15, 1916 at Cochrane
21088-1916 James Gordon YATES, 25, General Merchant, Port Union, Cochrane, s/o Thomas YATES & Mary CARSON, married Bertha May HALL, 17, New Liskeard, Cochrane, d/o Fred HALL & Miss WILLAR, Wtn. W.G. HEWSON, Marjorie BENSON, on Aug. 25, 1916 at Cochrane