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to Northern Dist. 1911 - 1923

Northern Districts, 1918

birth place is given before residence


11916-18 Alvin John ABBOTT, 19, farmer, Sault Ste. Marie, Sheguiandah, s/o Byron Anyson? ABBOTT & Isabella ORR, married Ruby Lotta Pearl ATKINSON, 21, Sheguiandah, same, d/o Frank ATKINSON & Sarah Jean LEWIS, witn: Frances Julia BATEMAN & Fedora Almina ABBOTT both of Sheguiandah on June 26, 1918 at Little Current.

11918-18 William Henry ANTLER, 26, R. R. fireman, Alice twp. Renfrew Co., Little Current, s/o Charles ANTLER & Annie YEAS?, married Zella Gertrude NEVILS, 24, Gore Bay Sheguiandah twp., Little Current, d/o John NEVILS & Anna Marie SKIFFIN, witn: Elma Harold MARSHALL of Little Current & Elva HEIS of Sheguiandah on April 17, 1918 at Little Current

17186-18 John Ayoub ADAD, 30, Assyria, Haileybury, s/o Thomas & Theda, married Sadie Josephine KAREOUS, 20, Assyria, Cobalt, d/o Peter KAREOUS & Mary SARKOUS, witn: Ulric ARGIER of Haileybury & Melodie KAREOUS of Cobalt on Sept. 1, 1918 at Haileybury

17188-18 Otto AHOKAS, 25, miner, Finland, Cobalt, s/o Antti AHOKAS & Helena RANTALA, married Alina JAHNSON, 21, Finland, Cobalt, d/o Viktor JAHNSON & Mary RASSE, witn: Helga & Matti PIESANEN both of Box 364 Cobalt on June 9, 1918 at Cobalt.

17191-18 Joseph Zephirin Wilfred ALLAIRE, 22, electrician, Buckingham, Timmins, s/o Alphonse ALLAIRE & Caroline BRISSON, married Rosa VALIQUETTE, 16, St. Gerrard de Montreville, Timmins, d/o Cassimere VALIQUETTE & Donelda BAZINET, witn: H. ALLAIRE & Joseph BAZINET both of Timmins on June 18, 1918 at Timmins


17187-18 Harry ANDREWS, 38, electrician, Newfoundland, Niagara Falls, s/o William ANDREWS & Levina HAYNES, married Gertrude M. ROCHE, 30, nurse, Peterboro, Haileybury, d/o Patrick ROCHE & Hannah FENTON, witn: Harriet FENTON no residence given on Aug. 12, 1918 at Haileybury

17190-18 Percival H. ANDREWS, 40, soldier, London England, Cane Tp., s/o Thomas W. H. ANDREWS & Caroline WOODERSON, married Eulilie BECKER, 45, widow, France, Kennebec Tp., d/o Alexander AUDINET & Elizabeth PETIT (both deceased), witn: Elizabeth & John J. SMITH both of Kennebec Tp. on April 15, 1918 at Kennebec Tp.

11917-18 Roy George ARNOLD, 24, farmer, Sandfield, Tehkummah, s/o John ARNOLD & Susan COULTICE, married Hazel Sarah LEESON, 18, Tehkummah, same, d/o William J. D. LEESON & Pioney? (Voney?) BOYD, witn: William ARNOLD of Sandfield & Maud SANDERS of South Baymouth on July 3, 1918 at The Slash.

17189-18 Joseph Liboire ARSENAULT, 20, labourer, Trout Stream New Brunswick, Smooth Rock Falls, s/o Gillion ARSENAULT & Marie Anne LAUZIER, married Marion Le BRITTON, 18, St. Isadore New Brunswick, Smooth Rock Falls, d/o Thomas Francis LE BRITTON & Marion (Agnes ?) LAUZIER, witn: Alfred ARSENAULT & Frank Le BRETON (sic) both of Smooth Rock Falls on July 1, 1918 at Smooth Rock Falls.

17207-18 Nicholas BABBIE , 22, farmer, Austria, Krugerdorf, s/o James BABBIE & F. GUFFIE, married Annie BOYSUSKY, 16, Austria, Krugerdorf, d/o Fred BOYSUSKY & mother’s name not given, witn: P. MENDRYCH & Ameleysi WINAR both of Krugerdorf on Jan. 22, 1918 at Haileybury

17202-18 Frederick Albert BAKER, 30, farmer, Orillia, Tomstown, s/o Thomas BAKER & Charlotte FIDGETT, married Adelaide Victoria Mary TAYLOR, 20, Utterson, Tomstown, d/o Theodore TAYLOR & Adelaide SHERBOURNE, witn: Theodore H. TAYLOR of Tomstown & Edith ATKINSON of Englehart on July 19, 1918 at Englehart

17193-18 Harry Albert BAMBRICK, 19, mill man, Nova Scotia, Cobalt, s/o John BAMBRICK & Mary CANTFELL, married Edna Ladysmith DREW, 18, Toronto, Cobalt, d/o Richard DREW & Eliza H. CASSAN, with: Russell CLARK & Florence JORDAN both of Cobalt on Oct. 16, 1918 at The Manse in Cobalt

17206-18 William Archibald BANNERMAN, 34, farmer, Middlesex, Pottsville, s/o William BANNERMAN & Mary McDONALD, married Jessie McDONALD, 22, Oxford Ontario, Ontario, d/o Philip McDONALD & Annie YOUNG, witn: Mrs. G. STARR & Mrs L. W. F. G. ANDREWS both of South Porcupine on April 15, 1918 at South Porcupine.

17201-18 Paschal BARBE, 23, labourer, Ottawa, Timmins, s/o Paschal BARBE & Halphonine CIRS, married Rosanna LEMIEUX, 20, Lacadie Quebec, d/o Halphonce LEMIEUX & Helene GARI, witn: Mrs. W. J. ARMS & Mrs. L. STARR both of South Porcupine on Aug. 3, 1918 at South Porcupine

17198-18 Fredrick Edward BARTLETT, 21, manager, London Ont., Cobalt, s/o William BARTLETT & Silvia GEORGE, married Pearl Hannah DEADMAN, 23, Soo Michigan, Cobalt, d/o Dr. Jacob DEADMAN & Mary McMULDOCK, Witn: William Bryan DEADMAN of Cobalt & Carrie LAMBLE both Orillia on May 7, 1918 at Cobalt

17205-18 Lawrence BATESON, 27, farmer, Haliburton Co., New Liskeard, s/o George BATESON & Catherine MASSALES, married Ada Maud ROUTLEDGE, 18, clerk, Clinton, New Liskeard, d/o Henry ROUTLEDGE & Charlotte GINN, witn: Mildred EDWARDS & Stanley PRICE both of New Liskeard on June 5, 1918 at New Liskeard.

17195-18 Robert Randall BATTY, 29, farmer, Hamilton, McCool, s/o Robert BATTY & Telly RANDALL, married Emily HAGER, 22, Toronto, McCool, d/o William & Barbara, witn: Harry COLES of Milberta & Hazel BOWERMAN of Kilworthy on Dec. 23, 1918 at Haileybury

11921-18 Samuel BEAUCAGE, 24, fireman, South Bay, same, s/o Athanase BEAUCAGE & Marie Anne JAWANDI, married Annie TOKAM, 17, South Bay, same, d/o Jean Baptiste TOKAM & Marie ESHKIBAG, witn: Esther & Jean PHEASANT both of South Bay on May 20, 1918 at South Bay

17212-18 Eugene BEAUCHAMP, 26, diamond driller, Verner, Timmins, s/o Joseph BEAUCHAMP & Clementine ETHIER, married Bertha FOISY, 24, St. Sauveur des Monts Quebec, Timmins, d/o Ambroise FOISY & Catherine MOORE, witn: Ambroise FOISY & J. B. ROZON both of Timmins on Jan. 8, 1918 at Timmins

17200-18 George BEAUDRY, 20, mining, Embrun Ont., North Cobalt, s/o Pascal BEAUDRY & Cordelia LAPENSEE, married Malvina BERARD, 28, Montreal, North Cobalt, d/o Joseph BERARD & Corinne LAFLAMME, witn: Yoseph Emile CHENIER & Alfred BERARD both of North Cobalt on Feb. 20, 1918 at North Cobalt.

11920-18 Joseph Roy BECKS, 24, farmer, Little Current, Mindemoya, s/o George BECKS & Mary Jane CONNOR, married Olga Norine TRACEY, 21, Spring Bay, same, d/o Andrew TRACEY & Elizabeth BOCK, witn: Melvin BOCK of Providence Bay & Effie BECKS of Mindemoya on Feb. 6, 1918 at Little Current.

17197-18 William Patrick BEGLEY, 35, postmaster, Claremorris Ireland, Matheson, s/o Patrick BEGLEY & Mary GRAHAM, married Laura Ellen HOPKINS, 24, postmistress, Manitoulin Island, Matheson, d/o Richard HOPKINS & Rachel RUMLEY, witn: George J. GREEN of Matheson & E. M. HOPKINS of Porquis Junction on Aug. 14, 1918 at Porquis Junction

11922-18 Louis BELONANG, 24, labourer, of West Bay, s/o Antoine BELONANG (deceased) & Angelique JABOGIJIG, married Jane DELOSSIGE, 19, of West Bay, d/o Alex DELOSSIGE farmer & Madeleine JANANASKI, witn: Joseph ABITASSANG & Henriette BEAUCAGE both of Excelsior - West Bay on Oct. 17, 1918 at Manitoulin

10087-18 John BERG, 32, section foreman on CPR, Kalma Sweden, Vermilion Bay, s/o Gus William Anderson BERG & Josephine, married Lillie Blanch JETTE, 18, Vermilion Bay, same, d/o Joseph JETTE & Mary L. JETTE, witn: John K--? & Mrs. illegible, both of Vermilion Bay, 20 Nov 1918 at illegible [reg’d in Kenora Dist]

17213-18 Alphonse BERGERON, 24, labourer, St. Pauline Quebec, Timmins, s/o J. B. BERGERON & Ovile LAFLEUR, married Simone GUERTIN, 19, Minawaki Quebec, Timmins, d/o Leon GUERTIN & Elisa St. DENIS, witn: Mrs. Sam CARRIERE & A. ROBICHAUD both of Timmins on March 6, 1918 at Timmins.

17199-18 James BLAKEMAN, 24, repair man, St. Mary’s Cray Kent England, Cobalt, s/o William BLAKEMAN & Charlotte GOLDING, married Gladys Maud PORRITT, 17, Middlesborough England, Cobalt, d/o John William PORRITT & Elleanor GLADDUS, witn: B. McDONALD & Mrs. Edith GILLARD both of Cobalt on April 3, 1918 at Cobalt

11919-18 William BIMWAIWAI, 24, works on the reserve, Sheguiandah, Bush Island Reserve, s/o unknown parents, married Maggie KEGESHGOBINES?, 17, White Fish Reserve, same, d/o John KEGESHGOBINES & mother unknown, witn: William KAGISHEONGS & Mary KEGESHGOBINES both of Sheguiandah Reserve on May 30, 1918 at St. Andrew’s Church Sheguiandah

17196-18 George Wilber S. BISNETT, 37, miner, Prescott, Timmins, s/o Alfred BISNETT & Jennie HOOPOLE (Hoople?), married Mabel M. McMILLEN, 28, nurse, Killaloe, New Liskeard, d/o Richard & Jessie, witn: George A. McMILLEN & Flora DRAPER both of New Liskeard on Oct. 9, 1918 at New Liskeard.

17215-18 David BOISVERT, 34, farmer, St. Calixte, Nushka?, s/o Frederick BOISVERT & Sophie NADON, married Bridget Alice KELLY, 25, St. Come?, Nushka, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: William KELLY & H. LABRECHE both of Nushka on Aug. 12, 1918 at Nushka.

17204-18 Philip BOLGER, 21, repair in power house, Renfrew Co., Cobalt, s/o Patrick BOLGER & Mary KERIGAN, married Lena BOWEN, 20, Hastings Co., New Liskeard, d/o Walter BOWEN & Christina McCHESNEY, witn: J. D FEE & Mary McKNIGHT both of New Liskeard on June 18, 1918 at New Liskeard

17124-18 Georges BOUCHER, 30, carpenter, St. Eloi Quebec, Timmins, s/o Georges BOUCHER & Georgiana LEVESQUE, married Catherine FOISY, 25, Verner, Timmins, d/o Ambroise FOISY & Catherine MOORE, witn: Eugenie BEAUCHAMP & Narcisse MARIN both of Timmins on July 16, 1918 at Timmins

17194-18 Albert George BOWERS, 20, farmer, Bracebridge, Hudson Tp., s/o George BOWERS & Elizabeth Fanny QUINTON, married Hattie MORROW, 20, Roseneath, Hudson Tp., d/o James MORROW & Mary ROBINS, witn: A. M. & Jaida M. LAWRENCE both of New Liskeard on Sept. 18, 1918 at New Liskeard

17203-18 John BRANDT, 33, miner, Finland, Timmins, s/o Gus BRANDT & Manda BABERG, married Mary YARVI, 28, Finland, Timmins, d/o Jacob YARVI & Elizabeth BYKARE, witn: Eva NIUKKANEN & John TYYNELA both of Timmins on June 17, 1918 at Timmins

17216-18 Jules BRAZEAU, 24, labourer, Minawaki, Timmins, s/o Joseph BRAZEAU & Suzanne GROULX, married Sophronia ROBILLARD, 21, Minawaki, Timmins, d/o Jean Baptiste ROBILLARD & Sophie RIEL, witn: Jean Baptiste ROBILLARD & Olivier CLEMENT both of Timmins on Sept. 30, 1918 at Timmins.

17208-18 Henry BRISTOW, 40, farmer, Brampton England, Casey Tp., s/o William BRISTOW & Jane SALISBURY married Ella NELSON, 27, widow, Cumberland Tp., Brethour Tp., d/o James TAYLOR & Susan DAGG, witn: Mr. H. J. REEVES of Thornloe on Jan. 21, 1918 at Thornloe


17192-18 Waldo Emerson BROWN, 24, farmer, Maine U.S.A., North Cobalt, s/o Edward BROWN & Catherine LOYD, married Margaret Christina LATHEM, 17, Quebec, North Cobalt, d/o James LATHEM & Harriet REID, witn: Mrs. W. A. HOWES of Kirkland Lake & Stuart D. GORDON of Cobalt on Nov. 12, 1918 at The Manse in Cobalt.

17209-18 George Lawrence BRUCE, 28, miner, Bracebridge, Haileybury, s/o John BRUCE & Elizabeth SULLIVAN, married Bridget L. McCREA, 24, Chapeau Que., same, d/o John McCREA & Bridget WALKER, witn: illegible HUGHES & Emma McCREA both of Haileybury on Jan. 7, 1918 at Haileybury

17210-18 Segfrid Julias Emil BURAN, 39, hotel keeper, Norway, Cochrane, s/o Zacharias BURAN & Julianna OLSEN, married Helma LARSEN, 37, Norway, Cochrane, d/o Edward LARSEN & Thora SWENSTON, witn: G. G. WARE & Emma J. STERRUP both of Haileybury on April 10, 1918 at Haileybury.

11926-18 Charles CABIER, 25, farmer, Sheguiandah Indian Reserve, Cuttler? Algoma Dist., s/o John Dore Peter CABIER & Susan MANTOWASSAN, married Maggie DOUGLAS, 15, Sheguiandah Indian Reserve, same, d/o John DOUGLAS & May STEVENSON (?), witn: Mr. & Mrs. William KAGOSHEONGE both of Sheguiandah on June 24, 1918 at St. Andrew’s Church Sheguiandah

17220-18 Philip Edward CAIN, 21, book keeper, Michigan, Cobalt, s/o C. CAIN & R. QUIRK, married Donalda Kathleen JENKINS, 17, operator, Haileybury, same, d/o Walter JENKINS & C. ADAIR, witn: Mary KEDDIE & W. MAWHINEY both of Haileybury on Nov. 9, 1918 at Haileybury.

11924-18 Ivan James CAMPBELL, 21, soldier, Gore Bay, same, s/o Isaac CAMPBELL & Sarah BAILEY, married Olive BAILEY, 21, Gore Bay, same, d/o William BAILEY & Flora BELL, witn: John Lawrence & Clara RUNNALLS both of Barrie Island on Dec. 31, 1918 at Barrie Island

17221-18 Milton CARLETON, 34, farmer, Hinchinbrooke, Hilliardton, s/o W. J. CARLETON & Mary KELLAR, married Annie Vera NEAL, 20, Toronto, Haileybury, d/o D. H. NEAL & Sarah McGANN, witn: Terrance SINDEY & Carrina JESSUP both of Haileybury on Oct. 23 (?) 1918 at Haileybury

17230-18 Jacob Egbert CHAMBERS, 20, brakeman, Oso Station, Englehart, s/o William H. CHAMBERS & Margaret GRAHAM, married Maybelle SCOTT, 18, Alexandria Ont., Englehart, d/o William SCOTT & Catherine McMILLAN, witn: Gladys BLACK of Waubaushene & Ruth FARMER of Englehart, 19 April 1918 at Englehart 17231-18 John CHATSON, 28, Midland?, not given, s/o Frank CHATSON & Bertha STEIN, married Shirley FARRELL, 26, Midland?, Schumacher, d/o Peter FARRELL & Jennie KILGOUR (or Kilgore), witn: Emily & Richard GLASER of Schumacher, 17 Jan 1918 at Timmins

17514-18 George Richard CHESTER, 36, hoisting engineer, England, Port Arthur, s/o Charles CHESTER & Mary EMERSON, married Adele Beatrice LAFORTUNE, 19, Port Arthur, same, d/o Cleophas LAFORTUNE & Helena LANDROCHE, witn: Louis & Elizabeth LAFORTUNE of Port Arthur, 4 Feb. 1918 at Port Arthur

11925-18 William Harvey CHISHOLM, 19, farmer, Sheguiandah twp., same, s/o Donald Alonzo CHISHOLM & Emma BURNETT, married Gladys Pearl McVEY, 18, Little Current, same, d/o John McVEY & Anna BRANT, witn: Mr. & Mrs. John H. SMITH both of Sheguiandah on July 29, 1918 at Sheguiandah.

17217-18 Dan CHORNYSZYN, 24, mill man, Austria, Cobalt, s/o Alex CHORNSYZYN & Alice AGSLYNOWIEG, married Amy KOSCIUK, 16, Austria, Cobalt, d/o Stefan KOSCIUK & Novinska YAVORIESKA, witn: John NIEBUDEK & Mary RYBARSKA both of Cobalt on Nov. 16, 1918 at St. Patrick’s Church at Cobalt

17229-18 Herbert CLUCAS, 32, farmer, Douglas - Isle of Man, Haileybury, s/o Henry CLUCAS & Fanny GREENER, married Alice GALLAWAY, 18, servant, Haliburton Co., Haileybury, d/o John GALLAWAY & Fanny DRANDLE, witn: William R. & Annie SMITH of Kapuskasing, 2? June 1918 at New Liskeard

17219-18 Charles Edward Aswell COOK, 33, stationery engineer, London Ont., South Porcupine, s/o James Bell COOK & Isabella TAYLOR, married Christine Cecile KNUTSON, 28, Waterville Quebec, Ontario, d/o Ivor KNUTSON & Rica PEARSON, witn: Oscar & Malin KNUTSON both of South Porcupine on Dec. 17, 1918 at South Porcupine

11923-18 Walter Knox CRANSTON, 24, farmer, Carnarvon twp., Spring Bay, s/o Robert CRANSTON & Margaret REID, married Janet Anna McCOLEMAN, 20, Campbell twp., Spring Bay, d/o Joseph McCOLMAN & Laney LUTHER, witn: J. S. McDERMID & Grace BUIE, both of Providence Bay on Aug. 28, 1918 at Mindemoya

17218-18 John Malcolm CROOKS, 33, salesman, Guysborough, North Cobalt, s/o Rheuben CROOKS & Mary ROBINSON, married Muriel Rebecca ROBINSON, 30, Shelburne, Halifax, d/o Archibald ROBINSON & Ida CHAPMAN, witn: Simon CROOKS of North Cobalt & M. ROSS of Cobalt on Nov. 12, 1918 at Cobalt.

11927-18 Thomas Andrew CUNNING, 27, trainman, Spring Lake Michigan USA, Sudbury, s/o Thomas Gordon CUNNING & Rebena MURDOCK, married Millicent Agatha SCOTT, 18, Little Current, same, d/o John SCOTT & Kate GANNON, witn: James FULTON & Marguerite SCOTT both of Little Current on March 12, 1918 at Little Current.

17515-18 John Joseph CUNNINGHAM, 31, accountant, Ottawa, Port Arthur, s/o John CUNNINGHAM & Catherine CHRISTOPHER, married Marcella Gertrude VICKERS, 26, widow, Peterborough, Port Arthur, widow of Arthur A. VICKERS, d/o Thomas FINN & Catherine WHALEN, witn: Michael John FINN & Elizabeth Finn THOMPSON, both of Port Arthur, 8 Jan 1918 at Port Arthur  

11928-18 Wellington ESQUIMANA, 22, labourer, White Fish Mouth of the River, White Fish Falls Algoma, s/o George ESQUIMANA & Jane KEZAHIBINESS, married Mary Jane WABIGIJIG, 22, Sheshegwaning, Whitefish Falls Algoma, d/o M. WABIGIJIG & not known mother, witn: Mrs George & Agnes ESQUIMANA of White Fish Falls on Oct. 2, 1918 at White Fish Falls

11929-18 John Frank FLOOD, 25, labourer, Shallow Lake, Cockburn Island, s/o A. L. FLOOD & Johanna KANE, married Mary Elizabeth Ann ROMBOUGH, 17, Cockburn Island, same, d/o John ROMBOUGH & Mary Ellen GRIFFITH, witn: Belle McPHEE & William WILSON both of Cockburn Island on April 1, 1918 at Cockburn Island.

11930-18 Robert GOLDEN, 31, engineer, Stokes Bay Bruce Co., Algoma, s/o Robert GOLDEN & Juliana BEETON, married Violet WILLIS, 21, Little Current, Mileage 64 A.E.R. Algoma Dist., d/o Ernest & Ada, witn: Neil PATTERSON of Espanola & Grace WILLIS of Whitefish River on Feb. 19, 1918 at Little Current.

11932-18 Richard Oswell HARPER, 21, farmer, Gore Bay, Burpee twp., s/o Thomas HARPER & Sarah NESBIT, married Mable Gertrude HURDLE, 17, Burpee twp., same, d/o Charles HURDLE & Anna Bell SCOTT, witn: John Ray WITTY of Gore Bay & Mary CAMPBELL of Foxey on Aug. 28, 1918 at Burpee twp

11931-18 John HOWARD, 24, farmer, Howland, same, s/o John HOWARD & Frances JOHNSON, married Lula May WILKINS, 18, Howland, same, d/o Jasper WILKINS & Jennie ORR, witn: Clifford & Spray ROYAL both of #3 Howland on Sept. 25, 1918 at Little Current.

11933-18 Ignace KENEBEJ? (alias KEGONEGIJIG), 21, farmer, Barrie Island, Wikwemikong, s/o of unknown father & Eliza Jane HENEBEJ, married Julia KITCHEMOKAMON, 18, Wikwemikong, same, d/o Antoine KITCHEMOKAMON & Josephine Genevieve MISIMILKOLERVE, witn: Andrew OSEKAMENWININS of Wikwemikong & Anna CORBIERE of West Bay on Aug. 28, 1918 at Wikwemikong.

17211-18 Fred LA BARGE, 26, labourer, Elmer Que., Timmins, s/o Joseph LA BARGE & Mille ST. PIERRE, married Annie JETTE, 16, Gracefield Que., Cochrane, d/o Batiste JETTE & Mille CRITES, witn: Albert PELLETIER of Swastika & Emmeline JETTE of Timmins on Oct. 23, 1918 at Timmins

11940-18 William (Turkey) MAISSE, 27, widower, farmer, of Shishigmanig, s/o Michel MAISSE, farmer, & Marie KEBEOSSE, married Angele WABIGIJIG, 22, widow, of Shishigmanig, d/o Alex WABIGIJIG, farmer, & Louise BEBOSANG, witn: Thomas SIMON & Annie WELSH, both of Morrisville, 14 May 1918 at Chapel, Shishigmanig

11935-18 James D. MATHESON, 22, farmer, Robinson twp., same, s/o Norman MATHESON & Elisabeth AINSLIE, married Fay STEELE, 19, Meldrum Bay, Dawson, d/o Morrison STEELE & Jessie TAYLOR, witn: Edith NEW of Silver Water & Margaret PHILLIPS of Sault Ste. Marie on Aug. 3, 1918 at Silver Water.

11937-18 Matthew Daniel MATHESON, 64, shoemaker, widower, Goderich, Gore Bay, s/o Mathew MATHESON & Henrietta McIVER, married Annie GRIFFITHS, 72, widow, Worcestershire England, Gore Bay, d/o Richard POWELL & Susan PARKS, witn: Bridget Jane PARKS & Albert FORMAN both of Gore Bay on April 3, 1918 at Gore Bay.

11942-18 Alex McCAULEY, 21, farmer, Bidwell twp., same, s/o James McCAULEY & Isabell HANNAH, married Hannah MONKHOUSE, 22, Manitowaning, same, d/o Robert MONKHOUSE & Fanney LOCKER, witn: Chester SMITH & Florence MONKHOUSE both of Manitowaning on March 14, 1918 at Manitowaning.

11941-18 John James McCULLIGH, 24, farmer, Sheguiandah, same, s/o James McCULLIGH & Catherine LANGSTAFF, married Minnie SMITH, 21, Assignack twp., same, d/o James SMITH & Charlotte BRANDON, witn: William & Lucie McCULLIGH both of Manitowaning on June 19, 1918 at Little Current.

11945-18 Wilmer McGAULEY, 24, farmer, Owen Sound, The Slash, s/o Mathew McGAULEY & Jennie HILSON, married Emma HANER, 21, Assiginack, same, d/o William HANER & Margaret McGAULEY, witn: Herbert GORLEY of Manitowaning & Lucinda McGAULEY of The Slash on Jan. 25, 1918 at The Slash.

11944-18 James Roger Beverley McGILL, 35, farmer, Kagawong, Allen Tp., d/o James McGILL & Annie McCOLEMAN, married Elizabeth Margaret WRIGHT, 28, Manitoulin Island, Poplar - Manitoulin Dist, d/o Walter WRIGHT & Maria WILSON, witn: Walter John & Alice Jemima WRIGHT both of Poplar on Jan. 1, 1918 at Poplar.

11943-18 Alexander McGILLVRAY, 37, farmer, Holstein, Central Butte Sask., s/o Alexander McGILLVRAY, married Sadie LEWIS, 35, Barrie Island, Gore Bay, d/o Robert LEWIS & Catherine JAFFREY, witn: Charles McGILLVRAY of Holstein & Mary JAFFRAY of Gore Bay on Jan. 10, 1918 at Gore Bay.

11946-18 James Redpath McKENZIE, 52, farmer, widower, Osprey, Providence Bay, s/o James McKENZIE & Isabella MURRAY, married Elizabeth Ann HARPER, 52, widow, Oshawa, Providence Bay, d/o John FARRELL & Elizabeth GEORGE, witn: Lillian HARPER of Toronto & James NISBETT of Burpee on Feb. 6, 1918 at Gore Bay.

11939-18 Ernest MIRON, 23, labourer, of Little Current, s/o Theodore MIRON, labourer & Julienne McFARLANE, married Cecile LAMOUREUX, 17, of Little Current, d/o Alex MOSES (sic) , labourer & Jane LAMOUREUX, witn: Joseph TRUDEAU & Jane LAMOUREUX both of Little Current on Nov. 26, 1918 at Little Current.

11934-18 James Frederick MOORE, 33, farmer, Rockville, same, s/o John MOORE & Annie FIELD, married Catharine HALLETT, 30, Rockville, same, d/o Benjamin HALLETT & Catharine CAMPBELL, witn: Henry NEWBY of Rockville & Emma Viola MOORE of Honora on Nov. 27, 1918 at Little Current.

11936-18 Thomas MORROW, 34, farmer, Bass Creek, same, s/o Thomas MORROW & Elizabeth SOMERVILLE, married Margaret Ellen DUNLOP, 34, Sheguiandah, same, d/o John DUNLOP & Mary MAY, witn: Francis & Mary Ann TAYLOR both of Little Current on June 3, 1918 at the residence of Mr Taylor at Little Current.

11938-18 J. Michel MURRAY, 24, farmer, Wikwemikong, same, s/o Joseph MURRAY & Antonia NAOKWEGIJIG, married Elizabeth ONINIIWE, 14, Wikwemikong, same, d/o Joseph ONINIIEW & Lucy SAGIDJNROSSE (?), witn: Marie Anne WAKEGIJIG & Frederick MISHILINEGNIO both of Wikwemikong on Sept. 2, 1918 at Wikwemikong

11948-18 Wiliam NAGANIGWANE, 70, indian, widower, South Bay, same, s/o not given, married Angelique SIBIKWE, 65, South Bay, same d/o not given, witn: Josette JAKO & Pierre ESHKIBA both of South Bay on Sept. 16, 1918 at South Bay.

11949-18 James NOBLE, 49, fisherman, Collingwood, Little Current, s/o James NOBLE & Elizabeth PATTON, married Amanda SEXTON, 32, Great Yarmouth, Little Current, d/o George SEXTON & Mary Anne SMITH, witn: May & Arthur COTE both of Little Current on Feb. 20, 1918 at Little Current

11947-18 George Wellington NORRIS, 36, lumberman, Lions Head Bruce Co., Owen Sound, s/o Richard NORRIS & Elizabeth STEWART, married Annie SYLVEST, 20, d/o Gilbert SYLVEST & Maude COUGHELL, witn: Emery Edison COUGHELL & Adora May HANNAH both of Little Current on July 10, 1918 at Little Current.


11951-18 Louis OGAWANIMIKI, 37, labourer, Wikwemikong, Wikwemikong , s/o Louis OGAWANIMIKI & Philomene OMINAKEN, married Clotilde JOBOKWAEM, 22, Wikwemikong, Wikwemikong , d/o not given, witn: Angela JEWANA of Wikwemikong & Jean Baptiste OGAWANIMIKI of Manitowaning on April 2, 1918 at Wikwemikong

11952-18 Dominique OGAWANIMIKI, 22, Indian, Wikwemikong, same, s/o Isaac OGAWANIMIKI & Isabella OSHKABEWIS, married Mary WIBOKAMIGAD, 18, Wikwemikong, same, d/o Moses WIBOKAMIGAD & Agathe MIGAKI, witn: M. Louisa MADJINVITA & David ABELSIBAWENS both of Wikwemikong on July 30, 1918 at Wikwemikong.

11950-18 Robert Thomas ORFORD, 28, farmer, Mills, Mills Tp., s/o George ORFORD & Ester SIDES, married Ethel Elizabeth LEE, 18, Marine City Mich. USA, Providence Bay, d/o Charles LEE & Elizabeth STREUBING, witn: Frederick Carl LEE & Mary McDERMID both of Providence Bay on Jan. 9, 1918 at Providence Bay

11953-18 Joseph OTOSKWEIAB, 24, Indian, Wikieimikang, same, s/o unknown & Marguerite, married Alice OGAWANINICKI, 21, Wikieimikang, same, d/o J.B. OGAWANINICKI & Catherine JAKO, witn: Andrew OSHKABENISINS & Anna AGOWSE, both of Wikieimikang, 24 July 1918 at Wikieimikang

11954-18 William Thomas RIDDELL, 32, mill sawyer, Waubaushene, Thessalon, s/o Robert RIDDELL & Mary WEATHERSTONE, married Minnie Florence LEWIS, 26, Terra Cotta, Little Current, d/o John LEWIS & Susan Charlotte STRINGER, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Robert RIDDELL both of Little Current on July 1, 1918 at Little Current.

11955-18 Arthur James ROWE, 35, farmer, widower, Howland, same, s/o William ROWE & Tilda DAWSON, married Margaret Pearl COLLINS, 24, Howland, same, d/o William COLLINS & Mary RICHARDS, witn: Earle NEVILLS of Bidwell Tp. & Mary COLLINS of Howland Tp. on Oct. 9, 1918 at Howland Tp.

11957-18 Frank ROY, 22, farmer, Wikieimikang, same, s/o Michael ROY & Lillian MEBORAGE, married Christine NEGOWNEGIJIG, 24, Wikieimikang, same, d/o unknown & Mary (or Marie) NIGANIGIJIG, witn: Joseph Peter PANGOWISH & Anna PESTIER?, both of Wikieimikang, 26 Aug 1918 at Wikieimikang

11956-18 John RUSH, 47, labourer, widower, Jarvis Haldimand Co., Little Current, s/o Robert RUSH & Mary HAGAN, married Mary AUSTEY?, 35, widow, Antrim Ireland, Little Current, d/o Samuel ERWIN & Margaret MARKS, witn: Albert & Mary Ann BOND both of Little Current on Sept. 11, 1918 at Little Current.

11959-18 Charles Alexander SIM, 24, farmer, Assiginack, same, s/o Robert E. SIM & Jane McCORMICK, married Mary Emmerson ABBOT, 28, widow, Sheguiandah, same, d/o Lorne CHISHOLM & Emma BURNETT, witn: William & Margaret BURNETT both of Sheguiandah on Jan. 17, 1918 at Sheguiandah.

11958-18 David M. SLOSS, 32, farmer, divorcee, Campbell Tp., Spring Bay , s/o Robert SLOSS & Martha LEWIS, married Mary Margaret MATHISON, 24, clerk, Gore Bay, same, d/o Angus MATHISON & Emma HUGHSON, witn: Clara Elsie RUNNALLS & Mary CALBACK both of Barrie Island on Sept. 11, 1918 at Barrie Island

11960-18 Edward Leonard STEWART, 17, mill hand, Honora, Little Current, s/o John M. STEWART & Annie GILBANK, married Hattie Mae ASHLEY, 19, Spring Bay, Honora, d/o William ASHLEY & Rachel STRINGER, witn: James ASHLEY & Mary ARMSTRONG both of Honora on Jan. 9, 1918 at Kagawong.

11961-18 William George TRIMBLE, 20, farmer, Honora, Providence Bay, s/o William TRIMBLE & Martha MOODY, married Ida Aletha HARPER, 21, Gore Bay, Providence Bay, d/o James HARPER & Elizabeth FARREL, witn: John TRIMBLE & Lillian HARPER both of Providence Bay on Nov. 20, 1918 at Providence Bay.

11962-18 Herbert VAN HORNE, 32, farmer, Mindemoya, same, s/o George VAN HORNE & Sarah Ann STORREY, married Ida Mable BOND, 27, Mindemoya, same, d/o George BOND & Charlotte COOK, witn: Herbert KING & Maggie BOND both of Mindemoya on June 19, 1918 at Broadview Farm, Mindemoya

11963-18 Peter VAN HORNE, 40, farmer, Osprey Tp., Ice Lake, s/o Luke VAN HORNE & Teresa FOSTER, married Nellie CLARKE, 26, Scotland - Anson Tp., Ice Lake, d/o Thomas CLARKE & Mary KERR, witn: James NELSON & Ruth VAN HORNE both of Ice Lake on April 30, 1918 at Ice Lake

11964-18 Henry Edmond VANCISE, 24, farmer, Barrie Island, same, s/o William VANCISE & Lucinda WEIR, married Retta WOODROW, 19, Meldrum Bay, Barrie Island, d/o Charles WOODROW mother’s name not given, witn: Charles Gordon VANCISE & Lylia Jane NOBLE both of Barrie Island on Oct. 23, 1918 at Barrie Island

11971-18 Gabriel WAKAOSAE?, 22 , laborer, of Shishigmanig, s/o William (dead) & blank, married Mary WABIGONE, 18, of Shishigmanig, d/o unknown & Annie WABIGONE, witn: Joseph ENDANAWASS & Catherine WIGANIANNE?, both of Shishigmanig, 13 May 1918 at Shishigmanig
11969-18 Dominique WAKEGIJEG, 25, laborer & farmer, Wikieimikang, same, s/o Michel WAKEGIJEG & Genevieve TRUDEAU, married Maria Louise FARMER, 19, Wikieimikang, same, d/o Henry FARMER & Helena MURRAY, witn: Augustine JAWANA & Anna TRUDEAU, both of Wikieimikang, 22 May 1918 at Wikieimikang  

11967-18 John Artemus WATSON, 43, farmer, widower, Sandfield Tp., same, s/o Samuel WATSON & Lucy GOUGH, married Julia McGAULEY, 32, Sheguiandah Tp., Tehkummah Tp., d/o John McGAULEY & Eliza BOLTENHORN (Battenhorn?), witn: Mr. & Mrs. John McGAULEY both of Tehkummah on July 24, 1918 at Tehkummah Tp

11970-18 Desire WIBOKAMIGAD, 27, Indian, Wikieimikang, same, s/o Moise WIBOKAMIGAD & Agathe MYAKI, married Josette MAIANGOWE, 20, Indian, Wikieimikang, same, d/o Francois MAIANGOWE & Angelique BEBAMIKAWA, witn: Louis WILLIAMS of Beaver Stone & Victoria WABEGIJEG of Wikieimikang, 26 Aug 1918 at Wikieimikang

11965-18 Truman WILSON, 28, farmer, Ice Lake , Gordon Tp., s/o Truman WILSON & Martha NEELEY, married Margaret Elizabeth MORDEN, 16, Idio? USA, Gordon Tp., d/o James MORDEN & Louise BAINES, witn: & Charles Vernon & Louise WISMER both of Foxey on Sept. 25, 1918 at Barrie Island.

11968-18 Henry Burton WILSON, 35, farmer, widower, Manitoulin Island, Brittainville, s/o Samuel WILSON & Eliza Ann DOWSETT, married Elva Norine BUIE, 22, Manitoulin Island, Brittainville, d/o Peter BUIE & Emily Marie BROOKS, witn: Herbert WILSON of Spring Bay & Grace BUIE of Providence Bay, 7 Jan 1918 at Campbell twp

11966-18 Charles Vernon WISMER, 21, farmer, Gordon Tp., same, s/o Jacob WISMER & Mary COULTHARD, married Louise Cornelia MORDEN, 18, Idaho USA, Gordon Tp., d/o James MORDEN & Cornelia BARNES, witn: Mrs Mary WISMER & Mrs Jennie COULTHARD both of Foxey on Sept. 11, 1918 at Foxey.