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24306-1919-(Temiskaming) John AIMONE, 27, Merchant, Ponte Canavese Italy, Cobalt, s/o Frank AIMONE & Maria CATTARELLO married Veronica VERCELLINO, 23, Tailoress, Salto Italy, Cobalt, d/o Antonio VERCELLINO & Guistina GHERNA, Wtn. F. CATTARELLO, Domenica CATTARELLO on Aug 17, 1919 at St. Patrick’s Church, Cobalt 24307-1919 Aime ALLAIRE, 29, Widower, Labourer, Notre Dame Deleau, Cobalt, s/o Xavier ALLAIRE & Susie LEFEBRE, married Elodie GAUTHIER, 32, Buckingham Que., Cobalt, d/o Joseph GAUTHIER & Philomene DEMERS, Wtn. Joseph GAUTHIER, Joseph ALLAIRE on June 10, 1919 at Cobalt.
24317-1919 Aphonse ALLAIRE, 25, Labourer, Buckingham PQ., Timmins, s/o Alphonse ALLAIRE & Caroline BRISSON, married Marie Emelie POTVIN, 19, Angers PQ, Timmins, d/o Michel POTVIN & Josephine CARRIERE, Wtn. Alphonse ALLAIRE, Sam CARRIERE on May 13, 1919 at Timmins 24309-1919 Sydney ARCHIBALD, 25, Trapper, Albany, Newport, s/o William ARCHIBALD & Nancy LOUTIT married Nancy ESAN, 21, of Rupert House, d/o Moses ESAN & Christina MORAN, Wtn., Ernest & Irene ANDERSON on Sept. 27, 1919 at Cochrane
24315-1919 John AVAS, 27 Miner, Austria, Schumacher, s/o Anthony AVAS & Amanda NILECHICK, married Annie ASTROVICH, 18, Austria, Schumacher, d/o Steve ASTROVICH & Annie KRANCEVITCH, Wtn. M. LUBENC, Mary GROVETZ on Nov. 19, 1919 at Timmins. 24314-1919 George Jefferson AVERY, 27, Mechanic, Huntsville, Jacksonboro, s/o Nehemiah AVERY & Nellie May GROFF married Reita (sic) Susan COOEY, 17, d/o William John COOEY & Mary RICHARDSON, Wtn. Myrtle H. COOEY, William John COOEY, on Feb. 5 1919 at Jacksonboro
24331-1919 William James BATES, 33, Farmer, Brussels Ont., Chamberlain Twp., s/o William BATES & Margaret CARR, married Mina BOCK, 24, Pt. Elgin, Pt. Elgin, d/o James BOCK & Alma MILLER, Wtn. Albert BATES, Agnes CLARK on Oct 7, 1919 at Haileybury 7814-19 Samuel BEAUDRY, 49, widower, laborer, Grand River, Blind River, s/o Alex BEAUDRY & Mary VALLEY, married Cecelia GIBSON, 50, widow, Ottawa, Blind River, d/o Augustin S. & blank, witn: Elie FALLEN & J. A. TRAPARE?, both of Blind River, 14 July 1919 at Blind River
24321-1919 Thomas Henry BENTLEY, 22, Farmer, illegible, Cobalt, s/o Elisha BENTLEY & Ellen OHOLLORIN (sic) married Elsie BROWN, 18, Toronto, Cobalt, d/o William BROWN & Maggie CAMERON, Wtn. David MYLES, O.W. ALLEN on Oct 27, 1919, at Cobalt. 24332-1919 Frederick William BIGGS, 22, Druggist, North Bay, Cochrane, s/o Frederick Alexander BIGGS & Emma Christina TAYLOR married Lila Evelyn RILEY, 22, Nurse, Havelock, Cochrane, d/o Charles Wellington RILEY & Caroline HOUGH, Wtn Robert J. POLLOCK, Gretta A. POLLOCK on Sept. 24, 1919 at Cochrane
24324-1919 Walter James BINNEY, 34, Postmaster, Dundee Scotland, Cobalt, s/o James BINNEY & Nancy BRUCE, married Mary Ann WHYTE, 29, Berwick Scotland, Toronto, d/o Robert WHYTE & Susan DRYDEN, Wtn. J.W. McKAY, Annie SIMS on Apr. 23 1919 at Cobalt 17495-18 Edward Charles BISHOP, 27, woodworker, Binghamton NY, Fort William, s/o Charles Leonard BISHOP & Maud DODGE, married Marion Elizabeth ELLIOTT, 20, stenographer, Port Elgin, same, d/o Amos Robert ELLIOTT & Evangeline DAVID, witn: Ida ELLIOTT & May A. KLING?, both of Ft, William, 9 May 1918 at Fort William
24327-1919 James Arthur BOLAND, 40, Builder, Quebec Prov., Cobalt, s/o Michel BOLAND & Saphronie LAMY, married Hannah DELOUGHRY, 30, Ontario, Cobalt, d/o Martin DELOUGHRY & Bridget KELLY, Wtn. Mr. & Mrs. James DELOUGHRY on Jan 13, 1919 at Cobalt 24330-1919 Robert John BOWERS, 27, Electrician, Tramore, South Porcupine, s/o Robert BOWERS & Elizabeth THOMAS married Margaret Innes WOOD, 22, Toronto, South Porcupine, d/o Andrew WOOD & Catharine ANDREWS, Wtn. Peter WOOD, Catharine DAVIS, on Oct. 14, 1919 at South Porcupine
24322-1919 Stanley BOXALL, 26, Labourer, Huntsville, New Liskeard, s/o Charles BOXALL & Emelia HARRINGTON, married Laura KING, 18, Pembroke, New Liskeard, d/o Robert KING & Mary LAPOINT, Wtn. Anna & John WOOD on Sept. 9, 1919 at Cobalt. 24326-1919 Zimmer? BRATHEN, 25, Lumberman, Denmark, Cobalt, s/o Henry BRATHEN & Olivia NEILSEN, married Bertha LABELLE, 21, Windsor, Cobalt, d/o Samuel LABELLE & Tesie OTOUL (sic), Wtn. Annie SIMS, Harry JOLICOUER, on Feb 3, 1919 at Cobalt
24319-1919 John Renwick BROWN, 22, Telephone Operator, Coal Branch NB., Grant Ont., s/o John BROWN & Jose (sic) CASSIDY, married Myrtle COOEY, 20, Wiarton, Jacksonboro, d/o William COOEY & Mary RICHARDSON, Wtn. K. Violet McGUIGAN, Edgar SCOTT, on Dec. 16, 1919 at Jacksonboro 24329-1919 Samuel James BRYDGES, 27, Miner, Calabogie, North Cobalt, s/o William BRYDGES & Rebecca CHURCH, married Minnie STEWART, 25, Lanark, Cobalt, d/o John STEWART & Elizabeth DOBIE, Wtn. John Stewart, Mrs. William BRYDGES, on Oct 20, 1919 at Haileybury
  24370-1919 Gordon Charles CALDWELL, 24, Farmer, Mono, Milberta, s/o Charles CALDWELL & Martha Mathilda PENELTON, married Edith Victoria WILLARD, 18, Huntsville, Thornloe, d/o William John WILLARD & Stella Jane JOYCE, Wtn. Gordon S. MORLEY, Annie MORLEY, on Oct 15, 1919 at Uno Park
24371-1919 Fred Victor CHAPMAN, 26, Stationary Engineer, England, Connaught Stn., s/o George Henry CHAPMAN & Florence TREBLE married Evelyn Aljiva ZIMMERMAN, 18, Waterdown, Connaught Stn, d/o Reuben Robert ZIMMERMAN & Hanna Elizabeth MORRIS, Wtn. Michael BURNS, Mabel AIRDE, on Oct. 1, 1919 at Connaught 24369-1919 Daniel CHARMIAK, 23, Miner, Austria, Cobalt, s/o Daniel CHARMIAK & Mahona? NICOLAYEVICZ married Pearl RUSNAK, 19, Widow, d/o Mark LAUT & Wailene? CHUST, (Vailene HURT)?, Wtn., Mike DITHART, Cassie GOULAK on Mar. 1, 1919 at Cobalt
24376-1919 Emile CHARRON, 30, Contractor, St. Bozel Que., Cochrane, s/o Frances CHARRON & Julie BEDARD married Marie BEDARD, 19, St. Bozel Que., Cochrane, d/o Isaire BEDARD & Dianne RICHARD, Wtn. Alfred SAVARD, on Mar. 31, 1919 at Cochrane 24380-1919 William CHENIER, 37 Widower, (of Helene MATHIEU) Manager of Temiskaming Navigation Co., Plantagenet, Ville Marie Que., s/o Hercule CHENIER & Emilie DUCLOS, married Imelda FAUTEAUX, 34, School Teacher, St. Hyacinthe Que., Haileybury , d/o Clovis FAUTEAUX & Marie MATHIEU, Wtn. Lydia LATULIPPE, Blanche BRISEBOIS on Apr. 22, 1919 at Haileybury
24372-1919 John Dennis CHILCOTT, 32, Mill Man, Somerset UK., Timmins, s/o Henry CHILCOTT & Mary PARSONS, married Agnes ARQUETTE, 26, Blind River, McIntosh Springs, d/o Saul (Samuel?) ARQUETTE & Jenny COSLEY, Wtn. Lewis ARQUETTE, Don ARQUETTE, on Sept 25, 1919 at Porquis Junction 24365-1919 Charles Frederick CLARKE, 40, Accountant, Grenville Co., Cobalt, s/o Joseph CLARKE & Margaret ADAMS, married Catheline (sic) Saloney St.ONGE, 20, Pembroke, Cobalt, d/o Jerry St.ONGE & Exilda GAUTHIER, Wtn. J.J. McQUILLAN, Margaret McQUILLAN on Sept. 2, 1919 at Cobalt
24366-1919 Leon COTE, 28, Miner, Salem USA, Cobalt, s/o Frank COTE & Ernestine MARQUIS married Corene GAUTHIER, 18, Wakefield Que., Cobalt, d/o Damase GAUTHIER & Celina LAROSE, Wtn. Damase GAUTHIER, Ludger MALTAIS, on May 27, 1919 at Cobalt. 24367-1919 Alphonse COTE, 22, Miner, Quebec Que. Cobalt, s/o Joseph COTE & Rebecca BLOUIN married Ida CARRIERE, 23, Masson Que., Cobalt, d/o Adelarde CARRIERE & Sophie LAHAIE, Wtn. Joseph COTE, Adelard CARRIERE, on May 26, 1919 at Cobalt
24368-1919 George H. COUNTRYMAN, 38, Tinsmith, Avonmore UK, New Liskeard, s/o William COUNTRYMAN & Sarah RUNIONS married Louisa Alice DANIELS, 30, London UK, New Liskeard, d/o George Edward DANIELS & Louisa Alice LANGDON, Wtn. M.A. DANIELS, W.H. DANIELS on Apr. 30, 1919 at Cobalt 24381-1919 Marcel CREPEAU, 31, Miner, St. Theodor Que., Haileybury, s/o Azarie CREPEAU & Justine PERREAULT, married Jeanne HOULE, 19, Princeville Que., Haileybury, d/o Opollinaire HOULE & Marie CHABOT, Wtn. Pacifique MORIN, Joseph HOULE, on May 19, 1919 at Haileybury
24393-1919 Robert Henry DAVIE, 24, Farmer, Shelbourne, Earlton, s/o Malcolm DAVIE & Sarah DAVIS married Iva Jane PALMER, 17, Milberta, Milberta, d/o Herbert A. PALMER & Margaret WATT, Wtn. Mackie Durrell PALMER, Katherine PALMER, on Aug. 14, 1919 at Thornloe 24392-1919 Ernest Henry DAVIS, 29, Painter, London UK., Cobalt, s/o Richard DAVIS & Mary Ann RYAN, married Eva LECESSE, 23, Widow, Michigan USA, Haileybury, d/o Alfred RESENE & Jennie RAY, Wtn. Madge McCAULEY, Oliver PAUZE, on Aug 8, 1919 at Cobalt
24396-1919 Joseph Edgar DENNIS, 37, Fireman, Wyevale, Porcupine, s/o William DENNIS & S.A. BRIDLE, married Jessie KATT, 25, Bear Island, Bear Island, d/o Mike KATT & Angelina (Angelle) WABI, Wtn. Mrs. L.H. PHELPS, Mrs. A.P. McKENZIE, on Jan 3, 1919 at Haileybury 24395-1919 Joseph Jehovah DESAULNIER, 34, Widower, Farmer, St. Stanislaus, Strickland, s/o Joseph DESAULNIER & Emilia GERMAIN, married Julia CLAVEAU, 21, St. Gideon, Strickland, d/o Pamphile CLAVEAU & Calloniere GIRARD, Wtn. J. A. DESAULNIER, Pamphile CLAVEAU, on June 25, 1919 at Cochrane
24397-1919 G. Edward DESAULNIERS, 22, Labourer, St. Pierre de Wakefield, Timmins, s/o Thomas DESAULNIERS & Julie PAQUIN, married Edna BARKER, 16, Moose Creek, Timmins, d/o John BARKER & Ethel DORE, Wtn. Thomas DESAULNIER, John BARKER on June 8, 1919 at Timmins 24390-1919 Edward DESPRES, 23, Miner, Quebec Que., Cobalt, s/o Charles DESPRES & Celanie GIRARD, married Dora BOURQUE, 19, Ottawa, Cobalt, d/o Olivier BOURQUE & Celanie LEBLANC, Wtn. Joseph BABINEAU, Ferdinand VALLIERES on Aug. 26, 1919 at Cobalt
24386-1919 Elare DUBEAU, 21, Farmer, Quebec, Uno Park, s/o Elare DUBEAU & Celinda ENGLAND, married Vera ALLEN, 19, Muskoka, Uno Park, d/o Tom ALLEN & Katie MULVIHILL, Wtn. Edward DEVINS, Mrs. Jean DEVINS, on Nov. 19, 1919 at Uno Park. 24394-1919 Telesphore DUMOULIN, 20, Labourer, St. Valerie de Boileau Que., Cochrane, s/o Louis DUMOULIN & Angelina PROULX, married Yvonne CHARRON, 19, St. Emilie Que., Cochrane, d/o Fermin CHARRON & Marcelline Denis, Wtn. Louis DUMOULIN, Fermin CHARRON, on July 16, 1919 at Cochrane.
24384-1919 Thomas Mark DUNN, 32, Miner, Pembroke, Cobalt, s/o James DUNN & Lovay St.LOUIS married Mrs. Alphonsine LYNCH, 39, Widow, Montenguy? (Montigny) Que., Cobalt, d/o Fabere FOURNIER & Elmiel LACOMBE, Wtn., Margarite MORIN, Z. MORIN, on Nov. 25, 1919 at Cobalt 24391-1919 Jereme (sic) DUNN, 23, Traveller, Gatineau, Haileybury, s/o Jerome DUNN & Josephine CHANTIGNY, married Amanda PICHETTE, 17, Guigues, Haileybury, d/o William PICHETTE & Amanda GAGNON, Wtn. Joseph EISDALE, Albertine PICHETTE, on Sept. 16, 1919 at Haileybury
  24388-1919 Alfred DUSCHENE, 23, Electrician, Ville Marie North, Cobalt, s/o Eloge DUSCHENE & G. BRUNEAU, married Winnifred CHEVRETTE, 17, Tupper Lake, Haileybury, d/o J.A. CHREVRETTE & Malvina MERCIER, Wtn. Euloge DUSCHENE, St. Bruno de Guiges, Joseph Arthur CHEVRETTE, Haileybury, on Oct. 29, 1919 at Haileybury
24462-1919 Rene JOLICOUER, 23, Miner, Ottawa, Cochrane, s/o Cleophas JOLICOUER & Amanda ROBILLARD, married Clerinda GALINEAU, d/o Cleophas GALINEAU & Clerinda CHARETTE, Wtn. Cyril K. ANDERSON, Violet ANDERSON, on Aug. 29, 1919 at Cochrane 24385-1919 Dennis DUFFY, 33, Miner, Callandar, Haileybury, s/o Isaac DUFFY & Mary JESSOP married Edithe MEAD, 22, England, Haileybury, d/o Matthew MEAD & Elizabeth HEATHCOTE, Wtn. E. SHAW, V.P. MAYHEW on Nov. 15, 1919 at New Liskeard
24459-1919 Merton Arthur JONES, 22, Mason, Allandale, Brethour, s/o Daniel JONES & Naomi PEACHY, Married Ethel CLARK, 18, Hilliard Twp., Hilliardton, d/o Alfred CLARK & Liza HERRON, Wtn. E.E. SPENCER, E.A. SPENCER, on Oct. 28 at Haileybury. 24460-1919 J. Rollan JONES, 25, Labourer, Uxbridge, Cobalt, s/o Henry JONES & Ella MANSFIELD, married Mable Victoria METARD, 18, Owen Sound, New Liskeard, d/o William METARD & Maude STONE, Wtn Ella JONES, W.E. TRIPP, on June 25, at Cobalt
18011-1919 James JONES, 28, Miner, England, Cobalt, s/o Elijah JONES & Elizabeth HINTON, married Ida ROACH, 21, Bruce Mines, Cobalt, d/o Samuel ROACH & Elizabeth CLARKE, Wtn. Mrs. Elmer KENNEY, Hart MARTIN, on June 16, 1919 at North Bay. 18013-1919 Joseph JUSTICE, 32, Fireman, London England, North Bay, s/o Joseph JUSTICE & Margaret JONES, married Maria DESORMEAUX, 22, Thurso, North Bay, d/o Napoleon DESORMEAUX & Antoinette BEDARD, Wtn. A. BEDARD, Napoleon DESORMEAUX, on Oct. 14, 1919 at North Bay
24471-1919 Lester W. KEECH, 22, Shed Foreman, Ewen Mich., North Bay, s/o John KEECH & Jane McNAMARA, married Eva Gladys McCHESTNEY, 19, Dymond, Dymond, d/o Albert McCHESTNEY & Edna PETTIFER, Wtn. Edwin KEECH, Thelma McCHESTNEY, on Sept 22, 1919 at Dymond Twp 24466-1919 Edward KEIZER, 29, Miner, Nova Scotia, Kirkland Lake, s/o Lawson KEIZER & L. ROOD, married Estella May ENGLEHUTT, 20, Nova Scotia, Kirkland Lake, d/o John Frederick ENGLEHUTT & Minnie LYONS, Wtn. Mrs. J.A. DONNELL, Mrs. S.S. FOWNES, on Nov. 27, 1919 at Haileybury.
18015-1919 William John KEKKEY, 39, Conductor, Loggieville N.B., Ottawa, s/o William KELLEY & Ellen MURDOCK, married Dorothy Julia RANSON, 25, Maitland, Ottawa, d/o Robert RANSON & Juliane WRIGHT, Wtn. Charles THIBEAULT, Julian RANSON, on June 25, 1919 at Mattawa 18016-1919 John KENNEDY, 33, Labour, Nipissing, Ottawa, s/o John KENNEDY & Mary WALTERS, married Agnes Esther ROBERT, 20, Cameron Twp., Cameron Twp., d/o Philip ROBERT & Janice WHITE, Wtn. Isadore ROBERT, Bernadette ROBERT, on May 21, 1919 at Mattawa.
24276-1919 Alexander Rose KINNAIRD, 26, Chauffeur, Scotland, Schumacher, s/o Alexander KINNAIRD & Mary McKAY, married Leda Virginia MARTIN, 23, Mattawa, Ontario, d/o Samuel MARTIN & Kathleen REILLY, Wtn. William Brown, Mildred E. ARMS, on Nov. 11, 1919 at South Porcupine 24469-1919 Theo KLEVIN, 31, Miner, Norway, Bourkes, s/o S.A. KLEVIN & Laura WICH, married Anna MORILL, 27, Sweden, Kirkland Lake, d/o E. MORILL & Kedi BLOM, Wtn. B. JOHNSTON, Mrs. B. JOHNSTON, on Oct. 3, 1919 at Haileybury
24274-1919 James KOMPPAINEN, 33, Miner, Finland, illegible, s/o Adam KOMPPANAINEN & Lizzie HEIKENAN married Mandi OLENAN, 36, Widow, Finland, Ontario, d/o illegible, Wtn. Abraham PENTTASALO, Mary PENTTASALO, on May 27, 1919 at South Porcupine. 24470-1919 James KOOSIS, 22, Trapper, Moose Factory, Fauquier, s/o George KOOSIS & Emilia unknown, (Indian) married Helene CHAPIS, 19, Moose Factory, not given, d/o Job CHAPIS & May LINKLATER, Wtn. E.R. ANDERSON, A.V. ANDERSON, on Sept. 30, 1919 at Cochrane.
24468-1919 John KOZERCHUCK, 24, Merchant, Austria, Cobalt, s/o William KOZERCHUCK & Annie KOVALCHUCK, married Lena KALENIUK, Austria, Cobalt, d/o Frederick KALENIUK & Pearl SKRIPNIUK, Wtn. Myno STESKA, Annie TOUKANSKA, on Feb. 9, 1919 at Cobalt 24273-1919 Russel Edward KRAMP, 23, Farmer, Haldimand, Thornloe, s/o Jacob KRAMP & Ida PETTIGREW, married Sabrina Irene CHISHOLM, 18, Sidney, Thornloe, d/o Louis CHISHOLM & Lucinda STEVENS, Wtn. George KYLE Leola May KRAMP, on June 30, 1919, at Haileybury
24467-1919 Wasyl KURDO, 26, Miner, Austria, Cobalt, s/o George KURDO & Donika KOLMYCHUCK, married Margaret BESSI, 18, Austria, Cobalt, d/o Nick BESSI, & Saudo MARCHUK, Wtn. G. ROMANCYUK, Grigon KRASOWSKI, on Feb. 23 at Cobalt. 24272-1919 George KYLE, 27, Teamster, Wolfe Island, Elk Lake, s/o Joseph William KYLE & Caroline BULLIS, married Leola May KRAMP, 20. Haldimand, Thornloe. d/o Jacob KRAMP & Ida PETTIGREW, Wtn. Mrs. Russel Edward KRAMP, Russel Edward KRAMP, on June 30, 1919 at Haileybury.
18017-1919 Joseph O. LABINE, 37, Widower, Farmer, Quebec, Maybrooke - Harley Twp., s/o Joseph O. LABINE & Sarah McCAULEY, married Helen Myra SHIP, 24, Canada, Kerns Twp., d/o Harry Mannering SHIP & Christina Ann SMITH, Wtn. Andrew LABINE, Malvina LABINE, on Dec. 23, 1919 at Maybrooke 18036-1919 Joseph David LACELLE, 21, Farmer, Ferris, Ferris, s/o Hyacinthe LACELLE & Catharine GIROULX, married Aurora LAPORTE, 19, Bonfield, Ferris, d/o William LAPORTE & Lea SCHANK, Wtn. Joseph SABOURIN, William LAPORTE, on Jan. 8, 1919 at Astorville
18025-1919 Wilfrid LACOURCIERE, 24, Labour, Lowell Mass., Sturgeon Falls, s/o Joseph LACOURCIERE & Eloise LAMBERT, married Alma JOANISS, 20, Desaulniers, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Charles JOANISS & Marie QUENNEVILLE, Wtn. Joseph LACOURCIERE, Isadore QUENNEVILLE, on Mar. 3, 1919 at Sturgeon Falls 18024-1919 Leo LACOURCIERE, 21, Farmer, Lowell Mass., Verner, s/o Joseph LACOURCIERE & Eloise LAMBERT, married Marie Jeanne LAMARCHE, 19, Angers Que., Verner, d/o Trefle LAMARCHE & Elizabeth POTVIN, Wtn. Joseph LACOURCIERE, Anselme DUCHARME, on June 19, 1919 at Verner
18019-1919 Raoul LADOUCEUR, 24, Lumberman, Benson Mines USA,. Field, s/o Joseph LADOUCEUR & Oportune YELLE, married Anna JETTE, 16, Gracefield Que., River Valley, d/o Fermin JETTE & Sophia CORY, Wtn. Honore St.AMOUR, Josephine St.AMOUR, on Aug. 30, 1919 at North Bay. 18048-1919 Donat LAFOND, 27, Farmer, St. Thomas Pierreville, Field, s/o Arthur LAFOND & Aglae CAYA, married Bernadette CHRETIEN, 22, St. Henri Montreal, Bastedo Twp., d/o Hilaire CHRETIEN & Emelie BOUTET, Wtn. Thomas Murphy, Hilaire CHRETIEN, on Nov. 24, 1919, at Field.
18044-1919 Ulric LAFOND, 21, Labour, Verner, Field, s/o Arthur, LAFOND & Aglar CAYA, married Jeanne VEZINA, 20, Field, same, d/o Joseph VEZINA & Agnes MUPHY, Wtn. John MURPHY, Joseph VEZINA, on Oct 27, 1919 at Field 18027-1919 Arthur LAFORGE, 22, Farmer, St. Didace Que., St. Charles, s/o Joseph LAFORGE & Louise BRANCAMIER? Married Louise Anna GAUTHIER, 23, Embrun, St. Charles, d/o Roch GAUTHIER & Anna CAMERE?, Wtn. Roch GAUTHIER, Joseph LAFORGE, on Apr. 28, 1919 at St. Charles
18040-1919 Ovila LAMARCHE, 34, Cook, Ste. Julienne Que., Sturgeon Falls, s/o Ernest LAMARCHE & Clarice MAGEAU, married Leda BENOIT, 34, Widow, School teacher, Pointe du Lac Que., North Bay, d/o Edouard BENOIT & Melina MALETTE, Wtn. Valmor LAMARCHE, William McKNEELY, on June 23, 1919 at North Bay 24494-1919 Joseph Ludger Wilfred LAMARCHE, 33, Farmer, St. Jacques de l’Achigan, Nushka, s/o Joseph LAMARCHE & Rosalie NADEAU, married Ivone BOUCHER, 19, St. Bruno de Guigues, Nushka, d/o Narcisse BOUCHER & Amanda St.ONGE, Wtn. John GAUTHIER, Narcisse BOUCHER, on June 24, at Nushka
18029-1919 Oscar LAMARRE, 27, Farmer, Papineau Twp., same, s/o Pierre LAMARRE & Caroline MORIN, married Dora Beatrice MINOR, 18, Papineau Twp., Same, d/o Edouard MINOR & Alexine LEFEBRE, Wtn. Joseph TREMBLAY, Edward MINOR, on May 12, 1919 at Mattawa. 18032-1919 Zepharin LANGLOIS, 28, Labour, Burney Falls, MacIntosh, s/o Thomas LANGLOIS & Marie Louise ALLARD, married Marie Blanche DANDURAND, 16, St. Timothe Que., Iroquois Falls, d/o Arthur DANDURAND & Julie COTE, Wtn. Thomas LANGLOIS, Arthur DANDURAND, on May. 5 1919 at Iroquois Falls
24278-1919 William Joseph LANGLOIS, 23, Book-keeper, Ste. Agathe Que. Smooth Rock Falls, s/o Joseph LANGLOIS & Celina MARTINEAU, married Ghislaine Adriene RIMBERT, 21, Stenographer, Brussels Belgium, Smooth Rock Falls, d/o Emile RIMBERT & Mariette DUBOIS, Wtn. Mrs. P. McGREGOR, B.T. PITTS, on Dec. 3, at Cochrane 24493-1919 Joseph LANGTON, 32, Labourer, Wakefield Que., South Porcupine, s/o Thomas LANGTON & Mary CONNINGS, married Jemima? Marguerite McDONALD, New Brunswick, South Porcupine, d/o Raoul McDONALD & Catharine BUCKLY, Wtn. Joseph HOWARD, Rose BURNS, on May 12, 1919 at Timmins
24497-1919 Ludger LAPIERRE, 21, Miner, Notre Dame de Bois, Timmins, s/o Merile LAPIERRE & Georgina GUILBEAU married Albina DUBEAU, 18, Verner, Timmins, d/o Joseph DUBEAU & Eliza RONDEAU, Wtn. Merile LAPIERRE, Wilfred DUBEAU, on Aug. 11 , 1919 at Haileybury. 18042-1919 Joseph LAPLANTE, 30, Labour, Peterborough, Iroquois Falls, s/o E. LAPLANTE & Liza GORDON, married (illegible) BRIEN, 34, Montreal, Iroquois Falls, d/o Alfred BRIEN & Stephanie GADOIS?, Wtn. F. ROBITAILLE, Claudia LAVOIE, on Sept. 24, 1919 at Iroquois Falls.
18020-1919 Alexander LaPOINTE, 38, Labour, Widower, Sarsfield, North Bay, s/o John LaPOINTE & Lucy BUREAU, married Lydia MARCOTTE, 24, Renfrew, North Bay, d/o Theopheal MARCOTTE & Jane ROBINSON, Wtn. William HAROLD, Lise MARCOTTE, on July 30, 1919 at North Bay. 18031-1919 Alfred LAPOINTE, 22, Labour, Harrisville NY., Sudbury, s/o Eusibe LAPOINTE & Ida POIRIER, married Eva L’ABBE, 21, St. Charles, same, d/o Arthur L’ABBE & A. TROTTIER, Wtn. Arthur L’ABBE, Olivier SABOURIN, on Jan. 7, 1919 at St. Charles
24489-1919 Donat LAPOLICE, 22, Farmer, St. Leon Que., Ramore, s/o Serge LAPOLICE & Malvina PAQUIN married Louise JUTRAS, 19, Pointe du Lac Que., New Liskeard, d/o Evariste JUTRAS & Florence SIMONEAU, Wtn. Serge LAPOLICE, Evariste JUTRAS, on Dec. 2 , 1919, at New Liskeard 24492-1919 George LAPORTE, 20, Miner, Bryson Que., Timmins, s/o William LAPIERRE & Luce CHAMAILLARD, married Clare BERARD, 21, Ile du Grande Calumet, Timmins, d/o Louis BERARD & Alphonsine CHAMAILLARD, Wtn. George LAPORTE, William BERARD, on Apr. 21 at Timmins
18047-1919 Solomon LAROCHE, 50, Widower, Labour, Point Alexander, North Bay, s/o Joseph LAROCHE & Mary GROULX, married Mrs. Annie MURPHY, 48, Widow, Renfrew, North Bay, d/o Jeremiah RYAN & Beatrice GORMAN, Wtn. Michael TALLON, Beatrice RYAN, on Oct. 27, 1919 at North Bay 18034-1919 Lucien LAROCHE, 31, Labour, St. Paul de Chester, Iroquois Falls, s/o Alfred LAROCHE & Josephine LAROCHE, married Elizabeth MUNRO, 30, Widow, (Widow of Joseph LESLIE) Aberdeen, Iroquois Falls, d/o James MUNRO & Christina SMITH, Wtn. Eugene TREMBLAY, J.A. SWIMMONS, on Aug. 4, 1919 at Iroquois Falls
18039-1919 Oscar Laurence LAROCHELLE, 21, Farmer, Bonfield, Same, s/o David LAROCHELLE & Mary Ann CAMBAY?, married Henriette SOUCI, 19, Ft. Coulonge, North Bay, d/o Napoleon SOUCI & Rose BOUCHER, Wtn. William LAROCHELLE, Napoleon SOUCI, on June 24, 1919 at North Bay. 18037-1919 Frank LAROCQUE, 34, Farmer, Darling Ont, Cache Bay, s/o Theophile LAROCQUE & Anna KARBREY, married Marie Louise LANGEVIN, 20, Riviere Joseph Que., Smokey Falls, d/o Adolphe LANGEVIN & Marcelline GRONDIN, Wtn. Theophile LAROCQUE, Adolphe LANGEVIN, on Jan. 20, 1919 at Smokey Falls
24277-1919 Dufferin LAROQUE, 21, Labourer, North Temiskaming, Haileybury, s/o Peter LAROQUE & Susie LANE, married Victoria LAPOINTE, 22, North Temiskaming, Haileybury, d/o Peter LAPOINTE & Mary CHIEF, Wtn. E.E. Spencer, E.M. SPENCER on Nov. 22, 1919 at Haileybury 24496-1919 Clement LATENDRESSE, 22, Labourer, Bonfield, Hoyle, s/o Pierre LATENDRESSE & Marguerite DANAIS, married Josephine RAYMOND, 16, Mackey Stn., Hoyle, d/o Henry RAYMOND & Delina GEROUX, Wtn. Charles THERIAULT, P.P., Mrs. Eva LAMBERT, on Aug. 11, 1919 at Timmins
18038-1919 Hector LATULIPPE, 24, Brakeman, North Bay, Same, s/o Palma LATULIPPE & Ozilda TAILLEFER, married Aurore GRATTON, 21, School teacher, North Bay, Twp. of Widdifield, d/o Ferdinand GRATTON & Rose Anne (illegible) Wtn. Palma LATULIPPE, Ferdinand GRATTON, on June 2, 1919 at North Bay 24483-1919 Rudolph Max LAUSCH, 21, Carpenter, Germany, Matheson, s/o Richard LAUSCH & Mary FUNK, married Gertrude Alma ECHERT, 20, Germany, Ontario, d/o Herman ECHERT & Alma WOLF, Wtn. Eric LANGMAN, Mrs. A. ZANDER, on July 2, 1919 at South Porcupine
24498-1919 Alexandre LAUZON, 29, Lumberman, Clarence Creek, Haileybury, s/o Andre LAUZON & Emelina GUIDON married Marie Ann BOISSONEALT, 21, Bonfield, Haileybury, d/o Cyrice BOISSONEALT & Philomene LACROIX, Wtn. Cyrice BOISSONEALT, Paul LACROIX, on Aug. 18, 1919 at Haileybury 18046-1919 Alfred LAVALLEE, 29, Labour, Lake Linden MI., same, s/o Joseph LAVALLEE & Vitaline MERCURE, married Georgina COURSCHENE, 29, Dressmaker, Cuthbert, North Bay, d/o Ulric COURSCHENE & Clara BEAUCAGE, Wtn. Philomen LEBLANC, Arthur CLOUTIER, on Sept. 22, 1919, at North Bay.
18028-1919 Emile LAVOIE, 19, Labour, Bell’s Corner, Nicholson Siding, s/o Oresime LAVOIE & Eugenie DUMOULIN, married Gratia GIRARDEAU, 16, Calumet, Nicholson Siding, d/o Pierre GIRARDEAU & Marie CLAIROUX, Wtn. Laurent GIROUARD, Pierre GIRARDEAU, on Apr. 28, 1919 at Verner 24487-1919 Alvin Walter LEACH, 22, Mechanic, Sturgeon Falls, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Levi LEACH & Sara Jane DICKSON, married Florence ARCHER, 21, Trout Creek, Timmins, d/o John ARCHER & Sarah LINSDELL, Wtn. Pearl ARCHER, John G. ARCHER, on Apr. 20, 1919 at Timmins
18033-1919 Fermin LEBLANC, 26, Butcher, St. Bonaventure, Cache Bay, s/o Guillaume LEBLANC & Marguerite BUJOLD, married Bertha LAVOIE, 27, Teacher, Ft. Coulonge, Springer Twp., d/o Eugene LAVOIE & Marie BOISVERT, Wtn. Jules FOURNIER, Eugene LAVOIE, on June 30, 1919 at Sturgeon Falls. 24280-1919 Fidele LEBLANC, 28, Farmer, Rogersville N.B., Cochrane, s/o Clovis LEBLANC & Celine GALANT, married Corene MELANSON, 16, Rogersville, N.B., Cochrane, d/o Edward MELANSON & Catherine DESPRES, Wtn. Alexandre LEBLANC, John McLEOD, on May 14, 1919 at Cochrane
24488-1919 Telesphore LEBRUN, 19, Lumberman, Notre Dame du Lac, Cochrane, s/o Paul LEBRUN & Sophie Chartier, married Alice DAVID, 29, Widow, Val de Bois, Que., Cochrane, d/o Michele LAJEUNESSE & Mathilde LAROCQUE, Wtn. Paul LANGLOIS, Gedeon LAMOTHE, on Feb. 20, 1919 at Cochrane 18030-1919 Joseph LECLERC, 36, Labour, Ferris Point Que., Klock, s/o Joseph LECLERC & Mary Ann POZINDOWITZ, married Susan Sarah JABOT, 21, Maniwaki, same, d/o Francois Xavier JABOT & Elizabeth BUDGE, Wtn. Isaac REGIMBAL, Mrs. Mary Ann LECLERC, on May 27, 1919 at Mattawa
24495-1919 Joseph LEDUC, 25, Miner, Berlin N.H.. Schumacher, s/o Pierre LEDUC & Agnes ROY, married Eva COTE, 22, Boston, Timmins, d/o Maximillian COTE & Atrille LEBLANC, Wtn. Pierre LEDUC, Maximillian COTE, on July 28, 1919 at Timmins 24491-1919 Alfred LEDUC, 21 Miner, Berlin N.H., Schumacher, s/o Pierre LEDUC & Agnes ROY, married, Maria LAROCQUE, 18, St. Gerard de Montarville, Schumacher, d/o Augustin LAROCQUE & Antoinette POIRIER, Wtn. Eugene MONTIGNY, Pierre LEDUC, on Aug. 25, 1919 at Timmins
24484-1919 Joseph LEFEBRE, 19, Labourer, Ste. Alma Que., Cochrane, s/o Oliver LEFEBRE & Josephine GIRARD, married Ida DAVID, 15, Val d Bois, Cochrane, d/o Joseph David & Marguerite LAJEUNESSE, Dec. 23, 1919 at Haileybury. Wtn. Philip CAILLEUR, Telesphore LEBRUN, on May 14, 1919 at Cochrane 18035-1919 Delphis LEGAULT, 26, Labour, Sturgeon Falls, Verner, s/o Delphis LEGAULT & Marie Louise MORIN, married Florida DENOMME, 17, Verner, Same, d/o Alfred DENOMME & Lucia MAILHOT, Wtn. Delphis LEGAULT, Alfred DENOMME, on Aug. 11, 1919 at Verner.
18026-1919 Louis Marie LEMERISE, 21, Riveter, Johnsbury VT., Sturgeon Falls, s/o Louis LEMERISE & Jeanne DROUIN, married Elodie HOTTE, 20, Chelmsford, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Cesaire HOTTE & Pamela DAOUST, Wtn. Elphige COUPAL, Joseph RAYMOND, on Feb. 18, 1919 at Sturgeon Falls 18045-1919 Prosper LEPINE, 21, Labour, Calumet, Field, s/o Felix LEPINE & Lea LADOUCEUR, married Clarisse LAROCQUE, 17, Field, same, d/o Delphis LAROCQUE & Sophie DENIS, Wtn. J.N. LAMARRE, Mrs. John DESCHAMPS, on Oct. 28, 1919 at Field
24281-1919 William Arthur LENNOX, 36, Contractor, Toronto, Toronto, s/o Isaac LENNOX & Mary STUBBERT, married Gerda BJUNE, 19, Norway, Timmins, d/o O.N. BJUNE & Mathilda CHRISTIANSON, Wtn. A.A. BRYSON, A.S. HONE, on Sept. 13, 1919 at Cobalt 24490-1919 Joseph Napoleon Telesphore LEVEILLE, 26, Ste Anne des Plaines Que., Earlton, s/o Napoleon LEVEILLE & Alida LEVEILLE, married Marie Blanche Anna Beatrice LEVEILLE, 25, Ste Lise des Laurentides Que, Earlton, d/o Ovila LEVEILLE & Hedwige GAUTHIER, Wtn. Damien LEVEILLE, Ovila LEVEILLE, on Apr. 23, 1919 at Earlton
18043-1919 Edouard J. LEVESQUE, 26, Millwright, Renfrew, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Alexandre LEVESQUE & Auselie DIELLE, married Hermosa MARTIN, 20, Bonfield, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Pascal MARTIN & Rose Alma PILON, Wtn. Alexandre LEVESQUE, Pascal MARTIN, on Oct. 20, 1919 at Sturgeon Falls 18021-1919 Edward George LINDER, 23, Upholsterer, Elmira, Waterloo, s/o John Robert LINDER, & Ann WALLACE, married Mary Alice PLAYER, 24, Riviere du Loup, North Bay, d/o Rudolph PLAYER & Mary REGIS, Wtn. Oscar GRACO, Rudolph PLAYER, on May 22, 1919 at North Bay
24486-1919 Charles Churchill LINTLOP, 23, Engineer, Nova Scotia, Haileybury, s/o William H. LINTLOP & S. JADIS, married Mable LISCOMBE, 20, Winchester, Haileybury, d/o S. LISCOMBE & Lizzie SCOTT, Wtn. Gertrude LINTLOP, William LISCOMBE, on May 8, 1919 at Haileybury 24279-1919 William Edward LISCOMBE, 19, Miner, Winchester, Haileybury, s/o Stephen LISCOMBE & Elizabeth SCOTT married Hattie Gertrude LINTLOP, 19, Nova Scotia, d/o W.H. LINTLOP & Sarah Elizabeth JADIS, Wtn. William H. LINTLOP, Mrs. Sarah E. LINTLOP, on Nov. 3, 1919 at Haileybury
24485-1919 Alma Steve LOACH, 28, Farmer, Toronto, Hanbury, s/o Thomas S. LOACH & Rosa BENNETT married Bertha Daisy PECKOVER, 18, Temiskaming, Dymond Twp., d/o John F. PECKOVER & Harriet Taylor WATTS, Wtn. G.T. LOACH, Pearl E. BUMSTEAD on May 7, 1919 at Dymond Twp 18022-1919 Harry Stanhope LOCKE, 28, Trainman, Campbellford, North Bay, s/o William Henry LOCKE & Nettie Louise GELEY?, married Ruby STEWART, 23, North Bay, North Bay, d/o William James STEWART & Mary Jane FROST, Wtn. Katie COSTELLO, Willard Percival WILSON, on May 21, 1919 at North Bay.
18041-1919 Frederick Barry LYNCH, 31, Miner, Borestown N.B. Cobalt, s/o Daniel LYNCH & Ellen SULLIVAN, married Cora Elizabeth O'NEIL, 30, Teacher, Durham N.B., Coleman Twp., d/o Thomas McNEIL & Marjorie SWEENEY, Wtn. Not given, on Sept. 6, 1919 at North Bay. 18018-1919 Herbert Howard LYTLE, 38, Shipbuilder, Victoria Rd. Ont., Toronto, s/o Edward LYTLE & Elizabeth KNIGHT married Mary Robina WHITE, 26, School Teacher, Redickville, Neola Sask., d/o John Alexander WHITE & Helen Elizabeth FRAZER, Wtn. Elizabeth Jane JOHNSTON, Christina HAMILL, on Nov. 3, 1919 at North Bay.
24511-1919 Joseph Rudolph MAGEAU, 26, Millman, Quebec, Smooth Rock Falls, s/o Alex Rodolph MAGEAU & Amanda DESILETS, married Marie Theresa THERRIAULT, 20, N.B., Haileybury, d/o Joseph THERRIAULT & Louise BERTIN, Wtn. James MORRISON, Napoleon GERVAIS, on July 7, 1919 at Haileybury 18069-1919 Simon Samuel MAILLOUX, 27, Labour, Pembroke, Mattawa, s/o Paul Leon MAILLOUX & Julie LEFEBRE, married Delia BEAUPRE, 16, Mattawa, Same, d/o Antoine BEAUPRE & Julie FLEURY, Wtn. Paul MAILLOUX, Antoine BEAUPRE, on Sept. 30, 1919 at Mattawa.
24506-1919 Frank MAKI, 26, Labourer, Jami Jarvi Finland, Jacksonboro, s/o Anamias ? & Pauline MATTENMAKI, married Alma KERVANEN, 16, Lapeenranta Finland, Jacksonboro, d/o Nick KERVANEN & Esther KYKENAN, Wtn. Charles RINGBORG, Hilma RINGBORG, on Aug. 29 at Jacksonboro 24518-1919 Gregoire MARCOTTE, 36, not given, Mattawa, Cobalt, s/o Alfred MARCOTTE & Eupheme GREGOIRE, married Marie Ada Albina FILION, 18, Montreal, Cobalt, d/o Alexandre FILION & Parmella GUENETTE, Wtn. Frank Marcotte, Alex. FILION, on Nov. 26, 1919 at Cobalt.
24505-1919 Frank MARCOTTE, 39, Miner, Mattawa, Cobalt, s/o Alfred MARCOTTE & Euphemie GREGOIRE married May BRUNET, 22, Apple Hill, Cobalt, d/o Joseph BRUNET & Emily LEVIGNE, Wtn. Joseph BRUNET, J.B. MATTON, on May 6, 1919 at Cobalt. 18067-1919 Arthur MARLEAU, 30, Labour, Ft. Coulonge, Bonfield, s/o Norbert MARLEAU & Josephine LACHANCE, married Mathilde RAYMOND, 17, Bonfield, Same, d/o Adelard RAYMOND & Rose Anna LARIVIERE, Wtn. Adelard RAYMOND, Alex. LARIVIERE Jr., on June 23, 1919 at Bonfield
18065-1919 Adelba MARLEAU, 24, Farmer, Cache Bay, Same, s/o Telesphore, MARLEAU & Eloise PILON, married Rose Alba BEAUPARLANT, 24, Cache Bay, Same, d/o Louis BEAUPARLANT & Pamela THERRIEN, Wtn. Telesphore MARLEAU, Louis BEAUPARLANT, on Feb. 24, 1919 at Verner 24516-1919 Buggero MARSON, 48, Miner, Italy, Timmins, s/o J. MARSON & Antonia VINDRONETO married Martha Louise ENNIS, 37, Widow, Southampton, Timmins, d/o Michael ENNIS & Sarah LEWIS, Wtn. Aurelio LAGO, Alice WOODS, on Oct. 22, 1919 at Timmins.
18059-1919 Magloire MARTEL, 23, Farmer, Hawkesbury, Bonfield, s/o Charles MARTEL & Anthemise LECOMPTE, married Florence Eva LADOUCEUR, 15, Pembroke, Bonfield, d/o Edward LADOUCEUR & Maggie sic BLANC, Wtn. Edward LADOUCEUR, E. RACICOT, on June 25, 1919 at Bonfield 24503-1919 Euclid MARTIN, 26, Not given, St. Policarpe Que. Cochrane, s/o Jean- Baptiste MARTIN & Mary LEVAC, married Geraldine GERARD, 22, Papineauville Que., Cochrane, d/o Camille GIRARD & Rosalina BERTRAND, Wtn. Camille GIRARD, Amedee VALLEE, on Nov. 5, 1919 at Cochrane.
18056-1919 John Athol MAY, 30, machinist, Belleville, North Bay, s/o John Solomon MAY & Ellen PALMER, married Zella Beatrice DEDMAN, 27, Pembroke, same, d/o Charles DEDMAN & Mary Jane STAMP, Wtn, Mrs. E.C. ALLEN, Mrs. Margaret McLEOD, on June 11, 1919 at North Bay. 24504-1919 Joseph Helidore MAYER, 22, Mining, USA, Cobalt, s/o William MAYER & Eliza JOANISSE, married Marie Ernestine Loretta RAYMOND, 17, Ottawa, Cobalt, d/o William A. RAYMOND & Agnes CHARBONNEAU, Wtn. William MAYER, Alphonse RAYMOND, on Aug. 5, 1919 at Cobalt
24532-1919 Harvey Hall McCAULEY, 28, Shift Boss, Chatsworth, Timmins, s/o John McCAULEY & Sarah LOWRY, married Alberta HOLMES, 19 Riverbank, Kenabeek, d/o Arthur HOLMES & Lavinia WILLETS, Wtn. Lavinia HOLMES, Annie MARDELL, on Aug. 12, at Haileybury 24528-1919 William McCLINCHEY, 50, Farmer, Widower, Mono, Matheson, s/o William McCLINCHEY & Ann SPEARS, married Mary Ann HIRD, 35, Manitoulin Island, Vimy Ridge, d/o William HIRD & Sarah JEAN, Wtn. Ellen CORIMBRILL, George HIRD, on Dec. 24, 1919 at Vimy Ridge
24529-1919 Thomas McCLUSKY, 29, Miner, Liverpool, Schumacher, s/o Henry McCLUSKY & Margaret McALLISTER, married Sadie IRWIN, 24, Rochester NY., Schumacher, d/o Robert IRWIN & Hannah DRAGG, Wtn. Mrs. W. Wilson, Mrs. W.J. ARMS, on Sept. 8, 1919 at South Porcupine 24535-1919 Michael J. McCORT, 23, Miner, Bonfield, Kirkland Lake, s/o Joseph McCART & Elizabeth LAMOTHE married Florence PAGE, 20 Servant, Comber, Timmins, d/o Frank Page & Anne CHRISTAUNG?, Wtn. Edward PERRON, Mary Jane LEDUC, on May 27, 1919 at St. Theodor’s RC Church at New Liskeard.
24521-1919 Matthew McCURDY, 28, Hostler, Lanark, Englehart, s/o William McCURDY & Kezia JACKSON, married Letitia Lavinia HOUGH, 24, Clerk, not given, Englehart, d/o John HOUGH & Elizabeth ATTWELL, Wtn. Alex HOUGH, Dorothy Elizabeth HOUGH, on Nov. 5, 1919 at Englehart. 24526-1919 Thomas William McDONALD, 21, Miner, Sprucedale, Haileybury, s/o Frank McDONALD & Margaret C. HALLORAN, married Mary Delia MIRON, 22, Warren, Uno Park, d/o Alex MIRON & Mary BELANGER, Wtn. George HEARN, Delina MIRON, on Oct 6, 1919 at New Liskeard
24540-1919 John McDONALD, 26, Mill worker, not given, Smooth Rock Falls, s/o Neil McDONALD & Mary MICHRON, married Maria GERARD, 23, not given, Smooth Rock Falls, d/o John GERARD & Mary Holland, Wtn. Sam McGEE, Eulalie GERARD, on Sept. 2, 1919 at Smooth Rock Falls 24534-1919 Gillian McLean MacDONELL, 23, Motorman, Grenfell Sask., Haileybury, s/o J.D. MacDONELL & Christina CURRIE, married Marie Ellen McKELVIE, 21, Clerk, Durham, New Liskeard, d/o Dan McKELVIE & Ellen MOORE, Wtn. H.H. Bevins, Bertha L. BEVINS, on June 10, 1919 at New Liskeard
24537-1919 Clarence Victor McDOWELL, 41, Miner, Owen Sound, South Porcupine, s/o John McDOWELL & Margaret COLUMN, married Elise Juliette LOISON, 31, Widow, Paris France, Ontario, d/o Francois LOISON & Adele LOISIER, Wtn. Fred HEMPENSTALL, Mathilda E. ARMS, on Feb. 24, 1919 at South Porcupine 24524-1919 Lyman McEWEN, 31, Chemist, Maxville, Cobalt, s/o Duncan E. McEWEN & Christian McEWEN, married Jennie C. BOWMAN, 26, Teacher, Wingham, Cobalt, d/o Joseph H. BOWMAN & Katherine CALBICK (Calbeck?), Wtn. Lila BOWMAN, William HUTCHINGS, on Jul. 15, 1919 at Cobalt
24539-1919 John Henry McGEE, 38, Labourer, Vanton, Timmins, s/o James McGEE & Elizabeth GALLAHER, married Elizabeth REID, 20, St. John Nfld. Timmins, d/o Joseph & Elizabeth REID, Wtn. Oliver HAGEN, Agnes McGEE, on Feb 29, 1919 at Timmins 24538-1919 William McGREGOR, 41, Town Clerk, Pembroke, Elk Lake, s/o John McGREGOR & Mary Ann HIGGINS, married Monica STEBINSKI, 21, Renfrew, Elk Lake, d/o John STEBINSKI & Veronica LEMERCHUCK?, Wtn. John PEPSICK, Gordon STEBINSKI, on Nov. 17, 1919 at Elk Lake
24531-1919 Percy Mason McGREGOR, 28, Stationary Engineer, Gracefield Que., Timmins, s/o James Gordon McGREGOR & Hattie ELLIOT, married Margaret STROMPF, 32, Clerk, Ottawa, Timmins, d/o Arnold STROMPF & (don’t remember) Wtn. Belle SHARPE, Emma L. PARKS, on Aug. 14, 1919 at Timmins 24520-1919 Donald McINNES, 27, Policeman, Manilla Ont, Timmins, s/o D.H. McINNES & Rose ARNOTT, married Ida LANDERS, 23, Sheenboro, Timmins, d/o James LANDERS & Caroline RAYMOND, Wtn. H.M. WILSON, Josephine WILSON, on Nov. 12, 1919 at South Porcupine.
24530-1919 William Herbert McKAY, 48, Lineman, Chicago USA., St. Catharines, s/o Finlay McKAY & Ella GOUFF, married Agnes RICHARDSON, 47, Widow, England, New Liskeard, d/o Samuel WELLINGTON & Lucy SHEPPARD, Wtn. J. DONALDSON, Mrs. J. DONALDSON, on July 28, 1919 at New Liskeard 24525-1919 Andrew McKNIGHT, 45, Farmer, Widower, Ireland, Matheson, s/o Andrew McKNIGHT & Harriet BLAKELY married Mary C. QUACKENBUSH, 18, Warkworth, Matheson, d/o Fayette QUACKENBUSH & Annie HINES, Wtn. Mrs. Jean D. FEE, Sarah Emily QUACKENBUSH, on Oct. 22, 1919 at New Liskeard.
24536-1919 William Dixon McLAREN, 36, Farmer, Wicklow Ont, Charlton, s/o Malcolm McLAREN & Elizabeth COLE, married Agnes Minerva McLAREN, 28, Widow, Wicklow, Ont., d/o John Caswell STEELE & Margaret Minerva BRENHAM, Wtn. Mrs. FARMER, Ruth FARMER, on Mar. 19, 1919 at Englehart 24522-1919 Ben McLEOD, 20 Trapper, Nighthawk Lake, Nighthawk Lake, s/o Barney McLEOD & Mary CHEJONA, married Agnes COMMANDO, (COMMANDA) 16 Nippissing, Nighthawk Lake, d/o Solomon COMMANDO (COMMANDA) & Therese LARIVIERE, Wtn. Solomen COMMANDO, (COMMANDA), Mrs. Marice (Maurice?) COMMANDA, on June 17, 1919 at Connaught.
24519-1919 Roderick McPHEE, 44, Miner, Kincardine, Schumacher, s/o John McPHEE & Catharine McKENZIE, married Alice Emily BEVINGTON, 33, Liverpool, Schumacher, d/o James BEVINGTON & Alice THOMPSON, Wtn. Clifford George GROSE, Myrtle BROWN, on Dec. 3, 1919 at Timmins 24533-1919 John William McPHERSON, 34, Bridge Builder, Georgeville NS., Cochrane, s/o Hugh McPHERSON & Effie McDOUGALL, married Mary HOGAN, 19, Ville Marie Que., d/o Denis HOGAN & Annie SULLIVAN, Wtn. Mark HOGAN, illegible St.ONGE, on June 12, 1919 at Haileybury.
24523-1919 Samuel Noxon McQUAID, 39, Hotel-Keeper, Widower, Picton, Elk Lake, s/o Edward McQUAID & Jane Williams, married Ellen Selena BAINES, 26, London UK., Mileage 104 Cobalt, d/o Hercules George BAINES & Eliza JAYE, Wtn. H.G. BAINES, Eliza BAINES, on July 16, 1919 at Cobalt 24527-1919 John Sinclair McRAE, 40, Lumbering, Avenmore Ont, Cochrane, s/o Farquar McRAE & Catharine McRAE, married Ester Sinclair WOODWARD, 21, Toronto, Cochrane, d/o Andrew WOODWARD & Annie NORTON, Wtn. W. EDWARDS, Andrew WOODWARD, on Sept. 30, 1919 at Cochrane.
24509-1919 James Holly MEEKS, 30, Miner, Cloyne, North Cobalt, s/o F. MEEKS & Annie ROSENPLATT, married Rosalie WOODCOCK, 33, Widow, Cloyne, North Cobalt, d/o Ira POFFARD & Lavinia MILLS, Wtn. Delphis MORRIS, Mary MORRIS, on July 28, 1919 at Haileybury. 18064-1919 Joseph Alphonse MENARD, 37, Merchant, Alpina MI., Blind River, s/o Napoleon MENARD & Adele SEGUIN, married Dona MAYER, 28, Angers Que., Noelville, d/o Theophile MAYER & Delima LAHAIE, Wtn. Joseph CAMIRAND, Theophile MAYER, on May 20, 1919 at Noelville
18066-1919 Eugene MENARD, 43, Farmer, Allumette Island, Bonfield, s/o Napoleon MENARD & Adele SEGUIN, married Alma GUILLEMETTE, 28, Astorville, Ferris, d/o Joseph GUILLEMETTE & Amanda ROBERT, Wtn. Joseph GUILLEMETTE,, George POITRAS, on July 14, 1919 at Astorville 24502-1919 George MENZIES, 33, Mill worker, Aberdeen Scotland, Mileage 104, Cobalt, s/o George MENZIES & Ellen McDONALD, married Alice May ARNEY, 18, Dead Creek, Mileage 104 Cobalt, d/o Luke ARNEY & Elsie WORT, Wtn. Alice M. LAWRENCE, Mabel N. GRILLS, on Oct. 21 at New Liskeard
18053-1919 Napoleon MILLAIRE, 56, Widower, Agent, St. Martin Que., Mattawa, s/o Elie MILLAIRE & Philomene VALADE, married Nellie EADY, 42, Renfrew, Mattawa, d/o William EADY & Christine STORIE, Wtn. O. GUIMOND, Jean SAUVE, on Oct. 5, 1919 at Mattawa. 18058-1919 John MILLER, 37, Prospector, Quebec, Swastika, s/o Octave MILLER & Malvina HEBERT, married Mary Beatrice HAMMOND, 22, South River, same, d/o Robert HAMMOND & Mary McLeod, Wtn. Nelson MILLER, Emma MILLER, on Sept. 4, 1919 at Haileybury
24501-1919 Joseph Alexander MILLER, 40, Contractor, Lucknow, Lucknow, s/o Thomas MILLER & Rachael McCLUSKEY, married Sarah Rachael WEBSTER, 39, Ireland, Lucknow, d/o Thomas WEBSTER & Susan COOK, Wtn. William WEBSTER, Elizabeth Ann WEBSTER, on Dec. 3, 1919 at Cochrane 24513-1919 Arthur MILLIGAN, 27, Farmer, Hamilton, Thornloe, s/o Albert Milligan, not given, married Viola Rose CORNISH, 22, Twp. Osborne (Usborne?), Thornloe, d/o Samuel CORNISH & Melissa LAMBKIN, Wtn. George HARMER, Emily CORNISH, on June 18, 1919 at Thornloe
24507-1919 Orval Wilfred MOFFAT, 28, First Aid Attendant, Ottawa, South Porcupine, s/o David MOFFAT & Annetta HOWE, married Nellie VARIN, 26, Grenville, South Porcupine, d/o Joseph VARIN & Helen RANGER, Wtn. Mrs. E.M. WILSON, Mrs. M.E. ARMS, on Sept. 8, 1919 at South Porcupine 24500-1919 Adelard Valmar MONDOUX, 21, Engineer, Sudbury, Haileybury, s/o Alphonse MONDOUX & Mary PIRRAS, married Marie Bernadette St.LOUIS, 19, Eganville, Haileybury, d/o Solomon St.LOUIS & Mary Louise LAMACHE, Wtn. Solomon St.LOUIS, Alphonse MONDOUX on Dec. 23, 1919 at Haileybury
18050-1919 Nelson Struthers MONTGOMERY, 29, Clerk, Rutherglen, Mattawa, s/o John MONTGOMERY & Hannah DAVIDSON, married Edna Pearl COWPER, 22, Lumsdens Mills, Mattawa, d/o H. COWPER & Margaret Ann SMITH, Wtn. C. LOYD, Belle ROSS, on Dec. 11, 1919 at Mattawa 24515-1919 Joseph MONTREUIL, 25, Fireman, Cyrville, Timmins, s/o Cyrille MONTREUIL & Cesarie TURPIN, married M. Jean LeBLANC, 16, Montpelier, Timmins, d/o Fortunat LeBLANC & M. Louise BEAULIEU, Wtn. Moise HURTUBISE, Fortunat LeBLANC, on Jan 12, 1919 at Timmins
24517-1919 Theodor Lucien MOQUIN, 20, Miner, Megantic, Cobalt, s/o Emery MOQUIN & Lumina NORMAND, married Ida Bertha McKENZIE, 17, Mattawa, Cobalt, d/o Joseph McKENZIE & Ella MILLER, Wtn. Emery MOQUIN, George DION, on June 2, 1919 at Cobalt 18072-1919 Ernest MORAN, 23, Railroad Employee, Norway MI., North Bay, s/o Patrick MORAN & Delia PARIZEAU, married Amanda LAUZON, 19, Masson Que., North Bay, d/o Augustin LAUZON & Elena BRUNET, Wtn. Mathias PILON, Augustin LAUZON, on Nov. 25, 1919 at North Bay
18071-1919 Daniel William MORAN, 35, Dispatcher, Pembroke, Quebec City, s/o Daniel MORAN & Mary STEEL, married Angeline TREMBLAY, 33, Clerk, Calumet Island, North Bay, d/o Charles TREMBLAY & Louise LAFLEUR, Wtn. Charles TREMBLAY, Leonard TREMBLAY n Oct. 15, 1919 at North Bay 18051-1919 Oscar MOREAU, 31, Labour, Blue Csea Que.,? North Bay, s/o John MOREAU & Margaret COURSCHENE, married Laurence GOULARD, 15, Gracefield, North Bay, d/o Regis GOULARD & Mary AUGER, Wtn. Jean CATAPHORE, Aristide ROY, on Oct 28, 1919 at North Bay
24508-1919 Joseph Grant MORRISON, 29, Traveller, Gravenhurst, Bracebridge, s/o Kenneth MORRISON & Elizabeth GRANT, married Ruth FARMER, 24, Book-keeper, Jedburgh Scotland, res?, d/o William FARMER & Annie GRIEVE, Wtn. James PATTERSON, Annie FARMER, on June 25, 1919 at Englehart 24510-1919 Lawrence Sylvester MORRISON, 19, Machinist, Cache Bay, Timmins, s/o Bertram MORRISON & Mary BRISEBOIS, married Florence May VEZINA, 26, Sarsfield, Timmins, d/o Joseph VEZINA & Mary MURPHY, Wtn. L’Abbe E. CHAUSSARD, L’Abbe E. PEPIN, on July 15 at Timmins
18049-1919 Thomas Edward MULDOON, 26, Railway Engineer, Bonfield, North Bay, s/o John MULDOON & Dinna DORIE, married Mabel FARMER, 26, Rutherglen, North Bay, d/o John Farmer & Jemima KETTLES, Wtn. Nellie FARMER, George BIELS on Nov. 19, 1919 at North Bay. 24512-1919 Robert Wilson MUNRO, 22, Lineman, Renfrew, Cobalt, s/o John MUNRO & Margaret GILPIN, married Inez Victoria STEWART, 19, Parry Sound, New Liskeard, d/o John Davidson STEWART & Annie DEDMAN, Wtn. Mae LAWRENCE, Frederick WILLIAMS, on June 23, 1919 at New Liskeard
18052-1919 Henry MURPHY, 37, Clerk, Woodstock, Jocko River, s/o Edward MURPHY & Laura BEARDSLEY, married Johanna BERNARD, 21, Mattawa, Mattawa, d/o Matthew, BERNARD & Mary McNASH, Wtn. Mathias BERNARD, Mrs. Paul BERNARD, on Oct. 27, 1919 at Mattawa 24514-1919 Thomas Martin MYERS, 32, Carpenter, Simcoe, Cobalt, s/o Samuel MYERS & Mary Ann HOWLETT, married Eleanor PORRETT, 33, England, Cobalt, Widow, d/o William GLADDERS & Anna DENT, Wtn. James JONES, Mrs. E.H. PHELPS, on Apr. 8, 1919 at Haileybury.
24543-1919 Sani (Sam?) W. NEWTON, 36, Contractor, Gracefield, Timmins, s/o Leonard NEWTON & Margaret O’ROURKE, married Mary STUART, 26, Pembroke, Timmins, d/o John STUART & Louise SHOULDICE, Wtn. Leonard NEWTON, Alfred CARRIERE, on Oct 22, 1919 at Timmins 24541-1919 Joseph NOEL, 28, Farmer, Ste. Anne, Chicoutimi, Fauquier, s/o Joseph NOE & Louise BRASSARD married Eva LaPIERRE, 25, St. Samuel Frontenac Co., Fauquier, d/o Ludger LaPIERRE & Anne BUREAU, Wtn. Joseph NOEL, Michele GROZELA, on Feb. 16, 1919 at Fauquier
24542-1919 Dominique NOEL, 19, Farmer, Ste. Anne, Chicoutimi, s/o Joseph NOEL & Louise BRASSARD, married Emelda CLAVEAU, 19, St. Gedeon, Jacksonboro, d/o Pamphyle CLAVEAU & Celanie GERARD, Wtn. Joseph NOEL, Pamphyle CLAVEAU, on Mar. 2, 1919 at Fauquier. 24544-1919 Frank NOLAN, 29, Miner, Maniwaki, Giroux Lake, s/o Frank NOLAN & Catharine KEEGAN, married Bridget RYAN, 19, Daker, Cobalt, d/o Michael RYAN & Levinia BROUSKY, Wtn. Joseph MARCELLA, Mabel McKERCHER, on June 30, 1919 at Cobalt.
24545-1919 Thomas Edward O’GRADY, 23, Miner, Ottawa, Cobalt, s/o Timothy O’GRADY & Mary CUNNINGHAM, married Gracia Bernadette LaBELLE, 18, Hull, Cobalt, d/o Francis LaBELLE & Seraphy SHAW, Wtn. Maurice LANDERS, Elizabeth COPPS?, on Nov. 26, 1919 at Cobalt. 24546-1919 Ernest Edward OTHMER, 25, Miner, Quebec, Cobalt, s/o George OTHMER & Ruth LaMERE, married Beatrice WILSON, 16, Quebec, Argentite, d/o Isaac WILSON & Jane WILSON, Wtn. Isaac Wilson, Carrie WILSON, on Nov. 26, 1919 at Cobalt
24547-1919 Joseph OUELLETTE, 29, Farmer, Ste. Louise Que., Gregoires Mills, s/o Francois OUELLETTE & Virginie JONCAS, married Amanda VAILLANCOURT, 15, Fall River, USA, d/o Alfred VAILLANCOURT & Amanda GAMACHE, Wtn. Philippe RICHARD, Alfred VAILLANCOURT, on Sept. 27, 1919 at Fauquier 24562-1919 James Albert PALMER, 21, Labourer, Quebec, Haileybury, s/o John PALMER & Jemima KEELES, married Leila HOOVER, 19, Madoc, New Liskeard, d/o James HOOVER & Emma WESTLAKE, Wtn. W.S. SCHARF, Ida HOOVER, on June 23, 1919 at New Liskeard
24555 William Laurence PATERSON, 29, Accountant, illegible, Cobalt, s/o Laurence PATERSON & Jessie MEEK, married Mary Ann DEVINE, 25, Renfrew, Haileybury, d/o James DEVINE & Hannah KELLY, Wtn. Patrick J. HART, Margaret NORTON, on Oct. 15, 1919 at Haileybury. 24561-1919 Edgar PECKOVER, 26, Farmer, Middlesboro Yorkshire, Dymond Twp., s/o John Frederick PECKOVER & Harriet WATTS, married Elizabeth BUMSTEAD, 19, Machar, Hudson Twp., d/o John BUMSTEAD & Elizabeth SMALLEY, Wtn. John BUMSTEAD, Bertha PECKOVER, on Apr. 9, 1919 at New Liskeard.
24550-1919 Francis PETER, 42, Contractor, Scotland, Haileybury, s/o Francis PETER & A. Murdock, married Mabel Frances Golding SUMMERSBY, 37, Russell, Haileybury, d/o William J. SUMMERSBY & Rumina LOUCKS, Wtn. Freda SUMMERSBY, Catherine McCAUGHERTY, on Dec. 10, 1919 at Haileybury. 24556-1919 Patrick PHILBIN, 25, Engineer, Canada, Barber’s Bay, s/o Michael PHILBIN & Elizabeth DALEY, married Pearl RUSSELL, 21, Waitress, Muskoka, South Porcupine, d/o George RUSSEL & Dorothy SAWYER, Wtn. A.D. SETON, E. HUMPHREYS, on Sept. 3, 1919 at Cochrane.
24552-1919 William Henry PHILLIPS, 22, Agent, Shelbourne, South Porcupine, s/o John Edwin PHILLIPS & Ann TANSLEY, married June Elizabeth McLAUGHLIN, 23, Book-keeper, Phillips Wisc. USA, Cobalt, d/o Charles Gildart McLAUGHLIN & Jane WRIGHT, Wtn. Florence McLAUGHLIN, Howard B. HAWLEY, on July 18, 1919 at Cobalt 24548-1919 Herbert G. PICKARD, 36, Mining Engineer, Exeter, Haileybury, s/o Richard PICKARD & Phoebe ELSTON, married Margaret MacDONALD, 33, Collingwood, Cobalt, d/o J,A. MacDONALD & Mary McKEE, Wt. Mr. & Mrs. D.A. MacDONALD, on Dec. 23, 1919 at Cobalt.
24563-1919 Theodore PIGEAU, 21, Lumberman, Aylmer Que., Barber’s Bay, s/o Pierre PIGEAU & Felamine LEVESQUE, married Aurore BELANGER, 15, Bonfield, Timmins, d/o Joseph BOULANGER, Louise LETOURNEAU, on Oct. 1, 1919 at Timmins. 24553-1919 Guillaume PILON, 21, Clerk, Massey, Cobalt, s/o Ovile PILON & Mary GAUTHIER, married Evaline VALIQUETTE, 22, Montreal, Cobalt, d/o Menesippi VALIQUETTE & Valentine GAUTHIER, Wtn. George DION, Cecile PILON, on June 15, 1919 at Cobalt
24554-1919 Henry PLAUNT, 24, Surveyor, Griffith, Cobalt, s/o Noel PLAUNT & Mary CONROY, married Clara JOANISSE, 20, Buckingham, Cobalt, d/o Jules JOANISSE & Claire MONETTE, Wtn. Jules JOANISSE, W. PLAUNT, on Apr. 28, 1919 at Cobalt 24559-1919 Esward Kenneth PLEWS, Farmer, Orillia, Clute, s/o Edward Nelson PLEWS & Ella McINTYRE, married Eva Alexandria SMITH, 18, London UK., Toronto, d/o Fred SMITH & Alexandra REYNOLDS, Wtn. James G. MITCHEL, Mrs. James G. MITCHELL, on Aug. 9, 1919 at Clute
24560-1919 George POITRAS, 23, Roberval Que., Fauquier, s/o David POITRAS & Alexina HERVE, married Aldea BEAUVAIS, 20, Hull, Fauquier, d/o Seraphin, BEAUVAIS & Elise MENARD, Wtn. David POITRAS, Seraphim BEAUVAIS, on July 16, 1919, at Fauquier 24557-1919 George POTTER, 27, Farmer, Walkerton , Earlton, s/o Thomas POTTER & Margaret MONTGOMERY, married Margaret Jane BRUCE, 28, Toronto, Toronto, d/o William BRUCE & Janet DAVIDSON, Wtn. Margaret POTTER, Susie W. HALFYARD, on Aug. 26, 1919 at Thornloe
24558-1919 John PRAFACI, 25, Miner, Colon District Spain, Charlton, s/o Frank PRAFACI & Mary BALLESTER, married Emily Dora HANSEN, 18, Gravenhurst, Charlton, d/o Ross HANSEN, Annie LARSEN, Wtn. Ross HANSEN, Annie LARSEN, on Aug. 18, 1919 at Charlton 24549-1919 Albert Randall PRESCOTT, 30, Street Railway Conductor, Bury Que., North Cobalt, s/o David D. PRESCOTT & Elizabeth SMITH, married Emily L. BRYDGE, 23, Renfrew, North Cobalt, d/o William BRYDGE & Rebecca CHURCH, Wtn. L.D. BRYDGE, Mae GUDRIE, on Dec. 15, 1919 at Haileybury
24551-1919 William PRINCE, 27, Labourer, London Ont, Nellie Lake, s/o Albert Prince & Louisa JOYCE, married Charlotte TRYNE, 20, Dorset, Nellie Lake, d/o William TRYNE & Annie MONTIETH, Wtn. James Henry PRINCE, Rose Hannah PRINCE, on Nov. 14, 1919 at Nellie Lake 24564-1919 John Gustave QUAST, 28, Farmer, Eganville, Waubewawa, s/o Fred QUAST & Minnie FELSKI, married Mrs. Vera KANT, 32, Widow, Eganville, Waubewawa, d/o Edward DEGUILLE & Augusta RISTON, Wtn. A.A. LAWRENCE, M. HARDMAN, on June 4, 1919 at New Liskeard
24572-1919 Henri REGAUDIE, 21, Railroad Employee, Montreal, Fauquier, s/o Leonard REGAUDIE & Eugenie OISEL?, married Helene BRUNET, 19, Hull, Fauquier, d/o Dosinthe BRUNET & Louise MENARD, Wtn. Leonard REGAUDIE, Dosinthe BRUNET, on Aug. 13, 1919 at Fauquier 24579-1919 Nestor RENE, 26, Blacksmith, St. Felix de Kingsey, Timmins, s/o Ulderic RENE & Marie MARCOTTE, married Elmina MAGNAN, 18, St. Felix de Kingsey, Timmins, d/o Napoleon MAGNAN & Alphonsine PRATTE, Wtn. Henri MAGNAN, Napoleon MAGNAN, on Sept. 10, 1919 at Timmins.
24573-1919 Robert Roland RHODES, 27, Labourer, Baysville, New Liskeard, s/o Frederick RHODES & Margaret N. REYNOLDS, married Annie Pearl BILOW, 21, Quebec, New Liskeard , d/o Joseph BILOW & Ellen STRADER, Wtn. Anna MARTINDALE, T. RHODES, on July 7, 1919 at New Liskeard 24567-1919 Victor RICHARD, 24, Labourer, St. Maurice, Cochrane, s/o Joseph RICHARD & Hedwige LAVASSEUR, married Eva BEDARD, 16, Mt. Carmel, Cochrane, d/o Joseph BEDARD & Anna LAVASSEUR, Wtn. Joseph BEDARD, Irenee COMEAU, on Oct. 4, 1919 at Cochrane.
24565-1919 Gordon Henry RICHARDS, 31, Farmer, Bracebridge, New Liskeard, s/o John G. RICHARDS & Maggie CAMPBELL, married Elizabeth HOOPER, 40, Widow, England, Hanbury, d/o Joshua K.D. BAKER & Sophie Ann COCKRAM (Cochrane?), Wtn. G. LAWRENCE, A. RHODES, on Nov, 10, 1919 at New Liskeard 24569-1919 Percy RICHARDS, 27, Chemist, Paris, Haileybury, s/o Charles RICHARDS & Mary JOYCE, married Frances THOMPSON, 24, d/o W. THOMPSON & Martha BULLIVANT, Wtn. Oliver THOMPSON, Eunice McQUARRIE, on Oct. 6, 1919 at Haileybury
24568-1919 Martin William RICHARDSON, 33, Commercial Traveller, Ireland, North Bay, s/o William RICHARDSON & Elizabeth SMITH, married Elva Pearl BOGART, 22, Muskoka, Thornloe, d/o James BOGART & Mary Ellinor COOK, Wtn. E.E. SPENCER, on Oct. 8, 1919 at Haileybury 24576-1919 Richard Ernest RILEY, 27, Locomotive Fireman, Wilberforce, Cochrane, s/o Alex RILEY & Annie ELLIS, married Cassie HALLIWELL, 28, Widow, Montreal, Cochrane, d/o Alexander FERGUSON & Isabella McCREA, Wtn. Ray FERGUSON, Annie THORKELSON, on June 6, 1919 at Cochrane.
24571-1919 Martin Francis RINGROSE, 22, Jeweller, Ft. Coulonge, Haileybury, s/o David RINGROSE & Emma RIVEST, married Mary Elizabeth Veronica McKAY, 17, Barrys Bay, Charlton, d/o Michael McKAY & Mary Margaret ENRIGHT, Wtn. Michael McKAY, May RINGROSE, on Sept. 3, 1919 at New Liskeard 24577-1919 Jacob Eli RITARI, 26, Miner, Waasanlaani Finland, Kirkland Lake, s/o Thomas RITARI & Susana (sic) ASPI, married Hannah GRAAK, 26, Swanijarvi Finland, Kirkland Lake, d/o Mattias GRAAK & H. HYTAINEN, Wtn. Ida TAAMI, Arvi, Alex TORENIN, on Feb. 12, 1919 at Kirkland Lake
24578-1919 Donat RIVARD, 21, Farmer, St. Maurice Que., Earlton, s/o A. RIVARD & Amanda (illegible), married Marie Celina LEVEILLE, 26, Ste. Anne des Plaines, Earlton, d/o Joseph LEVEILLE & Patience GUENETTE, Wtn. A. RIVARD, Jos. LEVEILLE, on May 6, 1919 at Earlton 24570-1919 D.A. ROBERTSON, 42, Stationary Engineer, Blackmeath, Connaught, s/o Duncan ROBERTSON & Ellen PAUL, married Mehitabel HARWOOD, 27, Widow, Nipissing, Connaught, d/o Henry William COTTRELL & Mary DIXON, Wtn. Wesley BASS, Mrs. Wesley BASS, on Sept. 27, 1919 at Connaught
24575-1919 Eugene ROBILLARD, 32, Farmer, Cheneville Que., Cochrane, s/o Hilaire ROBILLARD & Delia PILON, married Alma Bertrand CHARBONNEAU, 31, Widow, Gatineau, Cochrane, d/o Edward BERTRAND & Marguerite FLANNERY, Wtn. G.N.C. MANTHA, Raoul VILLENEUVE, on May 21, 1919, at Cochrane 24580-1919 Flaubert ROBILLARD, 27, Farmer, St. Felix de Valois, Ramore, s/o Martin ROBILLARD & Clarice St.AUBIN, married Marie Lila LAFORGE, 32, Garden Mich., Ramore, d/o Onthyme LAFORGE & Mathilde SARRASIN, Wtn. Martin ROBILLARD, Onthyme LAFORGE, on June 17 1919 at Ramore.
24574-1919 John Edward ROBINSON, 21, Lumber Dealer, Longford, Matheson, s/o John ROBINSON & Miss JOHNSTON, married Ruby Jeannette BOYD, 19, Oil Springs, Matheson, d/o Ezra BOYD & E.J. LITTLE, Wtn. H.B. COCKBURN, J.W. MYLES, on June 16, 1919 at Haileybury 24566-1919 Herbert Wesley RODGERS, 23, Lumber Scaler, Denbigh, Charlton, s/o Matthew RODGERS & Alia STATA, married Ida Violet PACEY, 23, Havelock, Cobalt, d/o Richard PACEY & Elizabeth CHRYSLER, Wtn. Bertha PACEY, Thomas McCORMICK, on June 9, 1919 at Cobalt
18001-1919 Rene St.GERMAIN, 34, Labour, St. Jerome Que., North Bay, s/o Isadore St.GERMAIN & Delima THIBAULT, married Marie Albani PARDIAC, 23, North Bay, Widdifield Twp., d/o Joseph PARDIAC & Emilie MORINANDEAU, Wtn. Alphonse SEGUIN, Joseph PARDIAC, on Dec. 2, 1919 at North Bay 24607-1919 Joseph Antoine St. JACQUES, 31, Food Supplier, Pembroke, Haileybury, s/o Joseph St. JACQUES & Vitaline LEVEILLE, married Marie Blanche HOULE, 25, St. Eusibe de Stanfield, Athabaska, d/o Appollinaire HOULE & Marie CHABOT, Wtn. Leopold HOULE, Alitage LEBLANC, on Nov. 26, 1919 at Haileybury
24597-1919 Eric SALO, 31, Miner, Finland, Timmins, s/o John SALO & Helen MAKI, married Annie Katarina VAISANEN, 21, Finland, Timmins, d/o Charles VAISANEN & Augusta KONTIA, Wtn. Hilda Eleanore TAIVALOJA, Karle HALME, on July 22, 1919 at Timmins. 24600-1919 Joseph SARNSKI, 24, Miner, Poland, Cobalt, s/o Charles SARNSKI & Marie KYLOSKI, married Bernice FLYNN, 18, Nova Scotia, Cobalt, d/o Charles FLYNN & Catharine MYERS, Wtn. Tony SITASZ, Mrs. J.A. DONNELL, on May 12. 1919 at Haileybury
24594-1919 Sani SAVOLAINEN, 28, Farmer, Finland, Rosegrove, s/o Willie SAVOLAINEN & Hanna HARPPI, married Hanna JAASKATAINEN, 32, Isalmi Finland, Cobalt, d/o August JAASKATAINEN & Henrikka KAPPINEN, Wtn. Erki HILL, N. HILL, on Sept. 10, 1919 at Giroux Lake. 24604-1919 Joseph John SAWYER, 65, Farmer, Belfast, Cochrane, s/o John SAWYER & Mary MacCLORY, married Hannah MAHONEY, 50, Widow, Peterboro, Cochrane, d/o Patrick WATTERS & Mary DRISCOLL, Wtn. Joseph A. BROUILLARD, Felix BROUILLARD, on June 11, 1919 at Cochrane.
24592-1919 John Wallace SCOTT, 26, Farmer, Yorkshire UK, Heaslip, s/o John SCOTT & Annie JONES, married Bertha Albertina BARTON, 22, Widow, Powassan, Heaslip, d/o Oscar COOK & Mary BOUMAN, Wtn. Edward SCOTT, Emma LARIVIERE, on Sept. 17, 1919 at Heaslip. 24608-1919 Joseph Theodule Godefroy SEGUIN, 29, Tailor, Ste. Justine de Newton Que., Haileybury, s/o Alderic SEGUIN & Louise QUESNEL, married Marie Florida CHARETTE, 25, Angers Que., Cobalt, d/o Napoleon CHARETTE & Donalda MIGNERON, Wtn. J. BLONDIN, J.W. SEGUIN, on May 11, 1919 at Cobalt.
18149-1919 Elphege SEGUIN, 23, Farmer, St. Casimir Ripon, Cache Bay, s/o Adelard SEGUIN & Amanda St.PIERRE, married Florence St.AUBIN, 18, Field, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Joseph St.AUBIN & Eulalie TANGUAY, Wtn. Adelard SEGUIN, Joseph St.AUBIN, on Feb. 24, 1919 at Sturgeon Falls 24606-1919 Vincent SERDA, 20, Miner, Alicante Spain, Timmins, s/o Vincent SERDA & Rosie VERCHER, married Lucy BROOKS, 18, Fulham UK, Timmins, d/o Fred BROOKS & (not known), Wtn. Anna E. HARVEY, Marguerite Brown, on Jan. 15, 1919 at Cochrane
24605-1919 Arvi Alex SERENIUS, 29, Miner, Finland, Kirkland Lake, s/o David SERENIUS & Anna YRJALA, married Ida Elriga TAMMI, 29, Finland, Kirkland Lake, d/o Otto TAMMI & Erika LEKALA, Wtn. Jacop Eli NITARI, Hanna GRAAK, on Feb. 12, 1919 at Kirkland Lake 24593-1919 Alexander Kinghorn Innes SHAW, 29, Iron Fitter, Scotland, Timmins, s/o Alexander SHAW & Margaret INNES, married Florence MORGAN, 24, Isle of Man, Timmins, d/o William Morgan & Rachael SAGUE, Wtn. John WHITE, Jean ROBERTS, on Sept. 10, 1919 at Timmins
24588-1919 Wilfred Meredith SHEPHERD, 31, Bank Manager, Bracebridge, Cobalt, s/o James SHEPHERD & Cornelia GLOVER, married Gertrude ASSELSTINE, 23, Perkins Que., Cobalt, d/o Edly ASSELSTINE & Cordelia WALLINGFORD, Wtn. E. WALLINGFORD, E.W. ASSELSTINE, on May 6, 1919 at Cobalt 24584-1919 Herbert Dynes SHERWOOD, 44, Township Clerk & Treasurer, Fergus, Twp. of Whitney, s/o Thompson SHERWOOD & Jane Anne DYNES, married Oriole Clara Hope KILLER (Keller?), 23, Orillia, Sarnia, d/o William Charles KILLER, Maria Mary ANNIS, Wtn. W.H. PHELPS, Mildred E. ARMS, on Nov. 20, 1919 at South Porcupine
24581-1919 Harry Mannering SHIP, 50, Farmer, Sheffield UK, Kerns Twp., s/o Samuel SHIP & Susan Elizabeth BUTTERS, married Lucy Rebecca TIMMS, 50, Northamptonshire UK, Kerns, d/o Benjamin TIMMS & Lucy SAUNDERS, Wtn. William Henry HARMER, Rosetta HARMER, on Dec. 30, 1919 at Thornloe 24583-1919 William SHORT, 25, Clerk, Birmingham UK, North Cobalt, s/o William SHORT & Mary CHICK, married Anna Beatrice RINGROSE, 21, Gore Point, Haileybury, d/o David Henry RINGROSE & Emma RIVART, Wtn. Elizabeth SHORT, Harry SHORT, on Nov. 17, 1919 at Cobalt
18144-1919 Herbert Richard SMITH, 24, Farmer, Toronto, Strong Twp., s/o Henry Charles SMITH & Caroline COLE, married May Ellen HOLLINGSHEAD, 22, Machar Twp., Same, d/o Philip HOLLINGSHEAD & Annie MELDRICK, Wtn. (illegible) on Sept. 24, 1919 at South River. 24602-1919 Alfred SMITH, 22, Farmer, Lansdowne, New Liskeard, s/o John Smith & Ellen LINWHITE, married Julia TREMBLAY, 20, Moose Creek, New Liskeard, d/o Joseph TREMBLAY & Josephine CHEVRIER, Wtn. Jos. TREMBLAY, Leo TREMBLAY, on Apr. 21, at St. Theodore’s R.C. Church at New Liskeard
24586-1919 Frank W. SMITH, 47, Cook, Maine USA., Elk Lake, s/o William S. SMITH & Margaret Jane INMAN, married Catharine Louise DIPLOCK, 38, Widow, Brighton UK, Brighton UK., d/o George RAYNER & Maria MARQUICK, Wtn. Louise CHANCELLOR, F.F. Georgina HINCKS, on Nov. 9, 1919 at Haileybury 24603-1919 Alfred SMITH, 34, Railroad employee, London UK, Heaslip, s/o George SMITH & Annie M. HILL, married Elizabeth Sarah CHURCHILL, 28, London UK, Heaslip, d/o George CHURCHILL & Elizabeth CHESTERTON, Wtn. Doris HILL, William George SMITH, on Mar. 20 at Heaslip,
24598-1919 Robert George SPEARS, 28, Engineer, N.S. Sudbury, s/o Charles A. SPEARS & Miss C. CHUTE, married Margaret Estella HOLDEN, 23, Renfrew, North Cobalt, d/o John HOLDEN & Janet EMON, Wtn. T.H. HODGINS, Mrs. A.L. HOLDEN, on June 3, 1919 at North Cobalt 24591-1919 Thomas SPENCER, 28, Farmer, England, Earlton, s/o Alfred SPENCER & Annie THOMPSON, married Ethel Ruby BACKUS, 22, Copenhagen, Thornloe, d/o John BACKUS & Isabella JONES, Wtn. Leo A. PRITCHARD, Ida May GARDINER, on Oct. 16, 1919 at Thornloe.
24599-1919 Charles Darwin STAFF, 20, Mechanic, Ispening Mich., Timmins, s/o Charles STAFF & Marie JOHNSTON, Wtn. Evelyn May BLACKWALL, 19, Photographer, Dayton Ohio, Timmins, d/o A. BLACKWALL & Lillian COULD, Wtn. Peter TAYLOR, Mary E. BOYD, on May 23, 1919 at Timmins 24595-1919 Reginald Garnet STEVENS, 22, Jobber, Kingston, Englehart, s/o Arthur STEVENS & Frances HADLEY, married Alma Margaret KERR, 24, Teacher, Brantford, Whitewood Grove, d/o William KERR & Hannah Jane ASHTON, Wtn. Mortimer York STEVENS, Edna Glenmore KERR, on Aug. 28 1919 at Whitewood Grove
24596-1919 John Albert STEWART, 33, Farmer, Glasgow Scotland, Haileybury, s/o John STEWART & Mary WHYTE, married Eleanor Gilchrist GIBB, 27, Glasgow Scotland, Haileybury, Wtn. Alex P. RITCHIE, Sarah Louisa RITCHIE, on Aug. 12, 1919 at Haileybury. 18141-1919 Herbert STEWART, 21, Marine Engineer, North Bay, Same, s/o William John STEWART & Mary Jane FROST, married Eva Lorel PERRY, 18, Trout Lake, North Bay, d/o John PERRY & Maggie BLACK, Wtn. Violet PERRY, Gordon DOXSEE, on Nov. 5. 1919 at North Bay.
24587-1919 Joseph Alfred STORIE, 32, Mining, Powassan, Cobalt, s/o James STORIE & Mary GAUTHIER, married Myrtle Francis CHEANEY, 22, Nipissing, Powassan, d/o Albert CHEANEY & Mary Etta WARNER, Wtn. Milton STORIE, Mrs. M. STORIE, on Sept. 25, 1919 at Cobalt 24589-1919 James Robertson STRINGER, 33, Barber, Hastings, Cobalt, s/o Peter STRINGER & June Isobel STEWART, married Josephine McMILLAN, 25, Guysborough N.S., Cobalt, d/o Alfred McMILLAN & Agnes BUCKLEY, Wtn. Mrs. R.P. GRAHAM, Mrs. J. Thornton, on April 22, 1919 at Cobalt
24585-1919 Henry John SULLIVAN, 31, Coach Builder, Preston, Preston, s/o Jeremiah SULLIVAN & Elizabeth ZIMMER, married Ada Caroline CURTIS, 25, Waubaushene, Cochrane, d/o Thomas Henry CARTER & Catharine Louise HARTE, Wtn. Thomas H. CARTER, Sara CARTER, on Nov. 19, 1919 at Cochrane 24601-1919 Thomas Wesley SUTHONS, 22, Telegraph Operator, Birmingham UK., Toronto, s/o Alfred SUTHONS & (not given), married Gertrude PRECIOUS, 20, Leeds UK., Kitigan, d/o David PRECIOUS & Mary Ellen JUMPER, Wtn. Katie PRINCE, Frederick C. CAPPERS, on May 8, 1919 at Mrs. D. Precious’ Residence at Kitigan.
24582-1919 Lloyd Stanley SWEETING, 28, Electrician, Linwood, New Liskeard, s/o George SWEETING & Sarah FOWLER, married Lillian Beatrice WILLIAMS, 20, Parry Sound, Dymond Twp., d/o John WILLIAMS & Elizabeth DEADMAN, Wtn. Frederick WILLIAMS, Eva WILLIAMS, on Dec. 31, 1919, at New Liskeard 24590-1919 Harvey Ray SWITZER, 20, Telegraph Operator, Cash Lake, Latchford, s/o Warner SWITZER & Mary Ann GILES, married Bessie Lorna Blackburn McLEOD, 19, Thurso, Latchford, d/o Daniel McLEOD & Emma BLACKBURN, Wtn. John Wood, Anra WOOD, on Apr. 17, 1919 at Cobalt
24613-1919 Horace Francis TARDIF, 32, Widower, Farmer, Parry Sound, Tomstown, s/o Eli TARDIF & L. CLARKE, married Alice TAYLOR, 19, Muskoka, Tomstown, d/o Thomas TAYLOR & A. SHARBON, Wtn. A. BROWN, Pearl GIBSON, on Aug. 12, 1919 at Haileybury 24618-1919 Eugene Victor THERRIEN, 24, Labourer, Windsor, Ramore, s/o Eugene THERRIEN & Emma LAUZON, married Marie Rose ROBILLARD, 25, St. Felix de Valois, Ramore, d/o Martin ROBILLARD & Clarisse St.AUBIN, Wtn. Narcisse GADOURY, Martin ROBILLARD, on July 7, 1919 at Ramore
24614-1919 Medios THESIER, 26, Lumbering, New York, Elk Lake, s/o Moise THESIER & Roseanna SHORETT married Lilian FILDES (Fields?), 22, Liverpool UK., Elk Lake, d/o John FILDES & Anna WOOD, Wtn. J.J. FILDES, Violet ROBINSON, on July 29, 1919 at Elk Lake. 24615-1919 Allen THOMES (Thomas?), 37, Teamster, Norton, New Liskeard, s/o George W. THOMES & Elizabeth Foley, married Fostie May POUPORE, 27, Westmeath, Earlton, d/o Andrew POUPORE & Synthia GILMOUR, Wtn. Andrew POUPORE, Mrs. L. HALFYARD, on July 29, 1919 at Thornloe.
24610-1919 James TINSLEY (Tansley?), 32, Miner, Belfast, Cobalt, s/o Thomas TINSLEY & Mary KIRKWOOD, married Clara Eleanor KELLY, 32, Widow, Ireland, Ireland, d/o Robert BLEVINGS & Martha GRAY, Wtn. Joseph MURPHY, Mrs. M.A. MURPHY, on Nov. 4, 1919 at Cobalt. 24609-1919 Ernest TISDALE, 19, Teamster, Graceville, Haileybury, s/o Calix TISDALE & M. CHARBONNEAU, married Wilda PLOUFFE, 19, not given, Mileage 104, Cobalt, d/o Omer PLOUFFE & Marie PAGE, Wtn. Omer PLOUFFE, C. DOIRON, on Aug 6, 1919 at North Cobalt.
24616-1919 Rodger TODHUNTER, 25, Mining, Mason Ohio, Schumacher, s/o Charles TODHUNTER & Elizabeth CRONE, married Selphida LAFLEUR, 24, St. Andre Avellin Que., Schumacher, d/o Ferdinand LAFLEUR & Delia FORTIER, Wtn. Emile EVERARD, J.B. Pare, on March 17, 1919 at Timmins 24617-1919 Oliver TOLE, 26, Electrician, Westport, Cobalt, s/o James TOLE & N. STEVENS, married Annie COULAS, 24, Renfrew, Cobalt, d/o Philip COULAS & A. WRIGHT, Wtn. A.M. LAWRENCE, V.P. MAYHEW, on Feb. 27, 1919 at New Liskeard.
24612-1919 Joseph Raoul TREMBLAY, 21, Clerk, St. Joseph de Alma, Fauquier, s/o Joseph TREMBLAY & Elizabeth GAGNE, married Blanche GRAVEL, 17, Ste. Anne Chicoutimi, Fauquier, d/o Edouard GRAVEL & Letitia GUIMOND, Wtn. J.N. TREMBLAY, Edouard GRAVEL, on Aug 31, 1919 at Fauquier 24619-1919 Donat TREMBLAY, 21, Labour, Exilda, South Porcupine, s/o David TREMBLAY & Rose Alba PROVOST, married Rose Alba L’HEREUSE, 18, Notre Dame de Laus, South Porcupine, d/o Arthur L’HEREUSE & Lavinia THIBEAULT, Wtn. Leo TREMBLAY, Eugerina L’HEREUSE, on May 12, 1919 at Timmins
24611-1919 Frederick Alexander TROUSDALE, 31, Telegraph Operator, Verona, Haileybury, s/o Alfred TROUSDALE & Frances GRANT, married Laura Etta TAYLOR, 29, Verona, Haileybury, d/o C.E. TAYLOR & J.A. BARKER, Wtn. H. CRESSY, Annie CRESSY, on Sept. 29, 1919 at Haileybury 24620-1919 John Alexander UNDERWOOD, 30, Pumpman, Wigan Lancashire, Cobalt, s/o John UNDERWOOD & Mary Alice MAKIN, married Gertrude Mary GARTSIDE, 21, England, Cobalt, d/o John GARTSIDE & Emily THOMAS, Wtn. William RAMSAY, Alson CREIGHTON, on June 14, 1919 at Cobalt.
24621-1919 Gibson UTTLEY, 29, Bricklayer, Hebden Bridge - Yorkshire UK., New Liskeard, s/o Thomas UTTLEY & Elizabeth Ann GIBSON, married Ethel SMITH, 24, Leicester UK., New Liskeard, d/o George Harry SMITH & Elizabeth Mary LAYLAND, Wtn. William BARTON, Ethel BAILEY, on Aug. 12, 1919 at New Liskeard 24622-1919 Arthur UTTLEY, 27, Plumber, Hebden Bridge - Yorkshire UK., New Liskeard, s/o Thomas UTTLEY & Elizabeth Ann GIBSON, married Alice CHATFIELD, Storrington - Sussex UK., New Liskeard, d/o Henry CHATFIELD & Mary ELLIS, Wtn. Mary A. DANIELS, Gibson UTTLEY, on May 14, 1919 at New Liskeard
24624-1919 Richard John VAHEY, 19, Teamster, Carp Twp., New Liskeard, s/o Tom VAHEY & Annie KENNEDY, married Ethel McCOOEY, 18, Ottawa, New Liskeard, d/o William McCOOEY & Mathilda HYLAND, Wtn. H.E. LUDLOW, Mrs. Nelson McGILLIVARY, on June 4, 1919 at New Liskeard 24626-1919 Willard VAN DER LOOP, 34, Hotel Keeper, Nijmagen, Holland, Timmins, s/o Albert VAN DER LOOP & Johanna JORISTON, married Marian HEANSTON, 33, Johannesburg, S. Africa, Timmins, d/o John HEANSTON & Dora MOUDS, Wtn. Rev. F. LEDUC, Madeline LAMBERT, on Nov. 30, 1919 at Timmins
24625-1919 Willard VELEY, 27, Farmer, Dead Creek, Hilliardton, s/o William VELEY & Alzina BABCOCK, married Harriet SPENCER, 37, Widow, Macauley, Bracebridge, d/o George MILLS & Ann Selina HICKS, Wtn. Edith GREENWOOD, Zaida LAWRENCE, on Jan. 2, 1919 at New Liskeard 24623-1919 Clarence VERNER, 22, Locomotive Fireman, Stratford Cochrane, s/o William GEORGE & Alice SNOWDEN, married Mary FARRELL, 21, Dublin, Ireland, Cochrane, d/o James FARRELL & Theresa HOGAN, Wtn. Mr. & Mrs. George DAVID, on Apr. 29, 1919 at Cochrane
24627-1919 Philias VILLENEUVE, 38, Labour, Ste. Agathe des Monts Que., Timmins, s/o Lambert VILLENEUVE & Julienne CHARETTE, married Victoria LEVEILLE, 23, Ville Marie Que., Cobalt, d/o Adelard LEVEILLE & Leocadie LAUZON, Wtn. Daniel SCULLY, Hormidas JOANISSE, on Apr. 22, 1919 at Cobalt 24646-1919 John WALKAM, 26, Mining, Finland, Cobalt, s/o Manuel WALKAM & Mary (not given) married Mary MAKIE, 23, Finland, Cobalt, d/o John MAKIE & Mary MAJENPAA, Wtn. Isaac KRUKKIN, Justina KRUKKIN, on May 22, 1919 at Cobalt
24628-1919 William Henry WALKER, 22, Carpenter, Sheppards Bush UK. Cochrane, s/o William H. WALKER & Mary Ann WALKER, married Edith MURPHY, 21, Clapham UK., Cochrane, d/o unknown (orphan at 2 years of age,), Wtn. Lillian Maude & Thomas HURSON-ISAACS, on Dec. 26, 1919 at Cochrane. 24644-1919 Arthur WALKER, 48, Miner, Widower, Manchester UK., Cobalt, s/o James WALKER & Elizabeth REID, married Edith Annie MASSEY, 38, Warrington UK., Cobalt, d/o Joseph MASSEY & Sarah LN, Wtn. A.N. LAWRENCE, V.P. MAYHEW, on Jan 20, 1919 at New Liskeard.
24638-1919 Michael Ambrose WALSH, 27, Switchman, Lombardy, Englehart, s/o John James WALSH & Mary O’GRADY, married Marion VAILLANCOURT, 19, Sudbury, Englehart, d/o George VAILLANCOURT & Margaret DUBROUILLE, Wtn. Eugene PARENT, Theodule HARVY, on May 24, 1919 at Haileybury  
24647-1919 Ross WATCHORN, 23, Farmer, Pembroke, Dymond, s/o Albert WATCHORN & Kate HAWKINS, married Lila WHYTE, Carlow, Carlow, d/o William WHYTE & Elizabeth STORIE, Wtn. Joseph YOUNG, Mrs. Joseph YOUNG, on Oct. 22, 1919 at Dymond Twp 24636-1919 Henry Alfred WATIER, 25, St. Raphael Ont, Cochrane, s/o George Hector WATIER & Rose Anna ANDRE, married Blanche Lillian MORIN, 18, Ste. Emilie, Cochrane, d/o Joseph MORIN & Permila BEAUDOIN, Wtn. J.F. GENIER, Joseph MORIN, on June 23, 1919 at Cochrane
24635-1919 Thomas WATSON, 24, Electrician, Ottawa, Haileybury, s/o John Watson & Bella WILSON, married Clara WHITE, 18, St. Catharines, Haileybury, d/o James WHITE & Ida McMAY, Wtn. Mary GANNON, Winifred GANNON, on July 7, 1919 at New Liskeard 24650-19 George WATSON, 26, Accountant, Aberdeen, Scotland, Moose Factory, s/o George WATSON & Ann DAVIE, married Edith Pardoe CRUIKSHANK, 32, Stenographer, Aberdeen Scotland, Moose Factory, d/o Henry CRUIKSHANK & Helen CUMMING, Wtn. Edmond MACK, Grace REDFERN, on Aug. 18, 1919 at Moose Factory.
24633-1919 William Ferdinand WATT, 28, Farmer, Renfrew, Thornloe, s/o John WATT & Annie E. KOSMACK, married Rachael TRETHEWEY, 20, Widow, Huntsville, Thornloe, d/o William John WILLARD & Stella JOICE, Wtn. Ebenezer WILLARD, Edith Victoria WILLARD, on Oct. 1, 1919 at Thornloe. 24643-1919 Max William WEBER, 25, Assayer, England, Cobalt, s/o Bernard WEBER & Charlotte BOURNE, married Martha Elizabeth FOSTER, 21, England, New Liskeard, d/o Joseph FOSTER & Martha l. DUNGER, Wtn. Joseph James FOSTER, Gladys Alfreda KAYE, on Mar. 8, 1919 at New Liskeard.
24639-1919 Gordon Lawson WHEELER, 27, Accountant, Brigden, Cobalt, s/o John WHEELER & Alice LAWSON, married Elsie Dorothy CANNON, 22, Oxford County, Englehart, d/o Walter CANNON & Jessie Josephine GEPP, Wtn. Wilfred CHURCH, Florence CANNON on May 17, 1919 at Englehart 24634-1919 Ernest Newton WHITE, 27, Farmer, Gloucestershire UK., Charlton, s/o Ernest Wilkins WHITE & Mary Elizabeth NEWTON, married Gladys ATTWATER, 34, England, Charlton, d/o William Frederick ATTWATER & Alice Elizabeth ANDREWS, Wtn. Roland ATTWATER, Mary E. WHITE, on July 20, at Charlton
  24649-1919 Percy Herbert Joseph WHITE, 36, Miner, London UK., Haileybury, s/o Alexander WHITE & Mary Ann MORRIS, married Mary Elizabeth BROOKES, 27, Lennoxville Que., Haileybury, d/o George BROOKES & Mary Ann O'NEIL, Wtn. Rose BOURGEOIS, on July 14, 1919 at Haileybury
24637-1919 George Frederick WHITING, 27, Soldier, Naples N.S., Frederick House, s/o George WHITING & Olive WORTHYLAKE, married Gertie MacFREDERICK, 18, Clerk, St. John N.B., Frederick House, d/o Charles MacFREDERICK & Annie GREEN, Wtn. Mrs. Bessie WHITING, Edward Jones WHITING, on May 27, 1919 at Cochrane. 24641-1919 Stanley John WHITTINGHAM, 34, Coach Carpenter, England, North Bay, s/o Joseph WHITTINGHAM & Emma GALE, married Eleanor BOWEN, 22, Scotland, Haileybury, d/o John BOWEN & Mary NICHOL, Wtn. Margaret DUNN, Mrs. E. H. PHELPS, on Apr. 5, 1919 at Haileybury
24632-1919 Ebenezer WILLARD, 32, Farmer, Huntsville, Milberta, s/o George WILLARD & Mary Ann PEELER, married Annie May THOMAS, 22, West Luther, Milberta, d/o Charles THOMAS & Annie ALBIS, Wtn. Charles Herbert THOMAS, Estelle WILLARD, on Nov. 8, 1919 at Milberta 24640-1919 Charles Sidney WILLIAMS, 21, Farmer, Laskay, Kenebeek, s/o William WILLIAMS & Mathilda CROOK, married Myrtle Iva PEEVER, 18, Hyland, Kenebeek, d/o James PEEVER & Rilla ZEISE, Wtn. Fred ROBINSON, Ruby PEEVER, on May 14, 1919 at Kenebeek
24645-1919 Bertie WILLIAMS, 40, Widower, Miner, England, Cobalt, s/o Thomas WILLIAMS & Emma SWEET, married Sarah Young GRIFFITH, 42, Widow, England, Cobalt, d/o Samuel STUCKEY & Hannah HATHWAY, Wtn. Mrs. N.W. STUCKEY, Mrs. E.B. SPENCER, on Oct. 20, at Cobalt 24648-1919 Albert E. WINZAR, 31, Farmer, Leicester UK., Ingram Twp., s/o John Charles WINZAR & Martha Ann PORTER, married Nancy MARSHALL, 18, Kendall, Ingram Twp., d/o Robert John MARSHALL & Jennie McMULLEN, Wtn. Mrs. McFADDEN, Edith Ruth TELLIER, on Oct. 14, at Heaslip
24631-1919 Philip D.H. WOLFE, 26 Baggage Manager, Columbus Ohio, Cochrane, s/o William Lewis WOLFE & Annie JOHNSON, married Lottie M. BESWITHERICK, 20, Gorrie, New Liskeard, d/o Jacob BESWITHERICK & Laura Jane HAIG, Wtn. Wilbert BESWITHERICK, Edith BESWITHERICK, on Oct. 3, 1919 at New Liskeard 24630-1919 James H.P. WOODWARD, 35, Tailor, Mt. Albert, New Liskeard, s/o Joshua H. WOODWARD & Mary STONER, married Essie A.S. JEWELL, Mt. Albert, New Liskeard, d/o Seth JEWELL & Sabrina SLEEPER, Wtn. Y.B. JEWELL, Myrtle L. JEWELL, on Dec. 8, 1919 at New Liskeard.
24629-1919 Charles William WRIGHT, 25, Farmer, London UK., Evanturel Twp., s/o Charles WRIGHT & Alice RADWELL, married Doris HILL, 20, London UK., Evanturel Twp., d/o George HILL & Nellie WALTERS, Wtn. Walter HILL, Olive LANGLEY, on Nov. 20, 1919 at Evanturel Twp. 24642-1919 William John WRIGHT, 23, Farmer, Brant Twp., Brant Twp., s/o John WRIGHT & Annie DALES, married Ada May LUDLOW, 23, Parry Sound, New Liskeard, d/o Allen LUDLOW & Bertha HURD, Wtn. Gladys LUDLOW, Edwin WILLIAMSON, on Mar. 19, 1919 at New Liskeard
24651-1919 James YOUNG, 32, Widower, Farmer, Kipewa, Dymond Twp., s/o Andrew Watson YOUNG & Bridget SLOAN, married Selina Evelyn WATCHORN, 18, USA, Dymond Twp., d/o John B. WATCHORN & Sevina? Evelyn WHITE, Wtn. Katie YOUNG, Wilfred YOUNG, on Aug. 20, 1919 at Dymond Twp