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Northern Districts, 1922, part 2 

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15512-22 Joseph CHEVALER, 30, Indian, Goulais Point, same, s/o Joseph CHEVALIER & Babelle MISKONANITONS, married Threse WHITEDUCK, 21, Indian, Goulais Point, same, d/o Peter WHITEDUCK & MAry Ann GOULAIS, witn: Laurence WHITEDUCK & Harriet GOULAIS, both of Garden village,  13 Feb 1922 at Garden Village Indian Reserve  

20415-1922 Narcisse LABERGE, 21, Farmer, Lac St Mary, Matheson, s/o Narcisse LABERGE & Clophe DUBREAU, married Desneiges LEGAULT, 16, Parry Sound, Matheson, d/o Alexandre LEGAULT & Marie Louise REGIMBALL, Wtn. Noel GUINDON, Marie Emma LEGAULT, on Oct. 9, 1922 at Matheson

20404-1922 Arthur LABRECHE, 23, Farmer, St. Lin, Val Gagne, s/o Hormidas LABRECHE & Amanda SAMSON, married Laura LAPIERRE, 24, Widow, St. Ludger, Val Gagne, d/o Edouard LAPIERRE & Merilda DUMAS, Wtn. H. LABRECHE, Edouard LAPIERRE, on Apr. 17, 1922 at Val Gagne.

20413-1922 Leo Antoine LACASSE, 22 Laborer, Reese MI., Timmins, s/o Napoleon LACASSE & Elodie FACETTE, married Marie Louise DUFOUR, 22, Sturgeon Falls, Timmins, d/o Dominique DUFOUR & Clodia FOURNIER, Wtn. Napoleon LACASSE, Angus HORNE, on Oct. 2, 1922 at Timmins

20406-1922 Armand LACHAPELLE, 27, Farmer, St. Bonaventure, Belle Vallee, s/o Ovila LACHAPELLE & Melina SALVA, married Aldea LABONTE, 20, Plessisville, Belle Vallee, d/o David LABONTE & Philomina ROUX, Wtn. Ovila LACHAPELLE, David LABONTE, on May. 7, 1922 at Belle Vallee

20409-1922 Arthur LACOURSIER, 18, St. Alexis des Monts, Val Gagne, s/o David LACOURSIERE & Metarde DESCHENES, married Marie Anne LAMBERT, 17, St. Alexis des Monts, Val Gagne, d/o Thomas LAMBERT & Marie Louise GIGUERE, Wtn. David LACOURSIERE, Arthur LEMAY, on June 28, 1922 at Val Gagne

20405-1922 Jean LADURANTAGE dit LACARTE, 20, Laborer, St. Benoit de Vendron?, Charlton, s/o Felix LACARTE & Aurelie PHILIPPE, married Evelyn REGAN, 17, Madawaska, Charlton, d/o Daniel REGAN & Mary SHIELDS, Wtn. Felix LACARTE, Daniel REGAN on Apr. 19, 1922 at Charlton.

20408-1922 Arthur LAMBERT, 23, Farmer, St. Alexis des Monts, Val Gagne, s/o Thomas LAMBERT & Marie Louise GIGUERE, married Leona GRENIER, 18, of Val Gagne, d/o Didace GRENIER & Elise BELLVAL?, Wtn. Thomas LAMBERT & Felix LACROIX, both of Val Gagne, on June 28, 1922 at Val Gagne

20407-1922 Ulric LAMBERT, 18, Farmer, St. Alexis des Monts, Val Gagne s/o Thomas LAMBERT & Marie Louise GIGUERE, married Regina LACOURSIERE, 20, St. Alexis des Monts, Val Gagne, d/o David LACOURSIERE & Metarde DESCHENES, Wtn. Thomas LAMBERT, John GAUTHIER, both of Val Gagne, on June 28, 1922 at Val Gagne

20412-1922 Moise LAMOUREUX, 36, Widower, Trapper, Temiskaming Que., Timmins, s/o Alfred LAMOUREUX & Philomine LAVALLEE, married Annie CHARBOTT, 40, Widow, Golden Lake, Timmins, d/o Daniel KING & Suzanne INIAS, Wtn. Joseph & Emelia ALLAIRE, on Sept. 28, 1922 at Timmins

20565-1922 Thomas Nobile LARCHE, 20, Farmer, Maniwaki, South Porcupine, s/o Samuel LARCHE & Rosanna BRANCHARD? (Beauchaud?), married Flore CHARBONNEAU, 19, Maniwaki, South Porcupine, d/o Alphonse CHARBONNEAU & Elizabeth COTE, Wtn. Stephen M. HYNES, Joseph MARLEAU, both of S. Porcupine, on Nov. 22, 1922 at South Porcupine

20403-1922 Paul LATOUR, 24, Farmer, Ville Marie, Val Gagne, s/o Camille LATOUR & Claire TAMBEAU, married Yvonne PAQUETTE, 18, Cassemin, (Castleman?) Cobalt, d/o Philippe PAQUETTE & Olivine QUESNELLE, Wtn. Alfred & Olivine BELLEHUMEUR, both of Bourkes Siding, at Mar. 11, 1922 at Val Gagne

20410-1922 Joseph Eugene LAUZON, 23, Laborer, St. Jerome Que., Ansonville, s/o Alfred LAUZON & Clara FOUCHETTE, married Bernadette GAUTHIER, 17, Mont Laurier Que. Ansonville, d/o Andreas GAUTHIER & Anna BELISLE, Wtn. Samuel GAUTHIER, Andreas GAUTHIER, on July 5, 1922 at Iroquois Falls.

20411-1922 William LEACOCK, 24, Clerk, Tilbury, New Liskeard, s/o (late) George LEACOCK & Olive PHANEUF, married Alberta PROULX, 19, Lowell Mass, New Liskeard, d/o Ludger PROULX & Elise MORRIER, Wtn. Christophe LALIBERTE, Ludger PROULX, on Aug. 2, 1922 at New Liskeard

20414-1922 Leon LEBLANC, 21, Laborer, Ville Marie, Timmins, s/o Elie LEBLANC & Georgiana CLERMONT, married Amabilis MORIN, 19, Outer Lac Que., Timmins, d/o Baptiste MORIN & Agnes ARTUBISE (Hurtubise?), Wtn. Elie LEBLANC, Joseph MORIN, on Oct. 3, 1922 at Timmins

20418-1922 Wilfred LEDUC, 26, Laborer, Papineauville, Timmins, s/o Joseph LEDUC & Eulalie LEHAIE?, married Valida GOULET, 19, Rutland Ont., Timmins, d/o Mathias GOULET & Marcelline LACASSE, Wtn. Mathias GOULET, A. Don GOULET, both of Timmins, on Dec, 26, 1922 at Timmins.

20417-1922 Ovila LEDUC, 24, Laborer, Lachine Que., Timmins, s/o Joseph LEDUC & Emilia ARCAN(D)? , married Alina PICHE, 19, Bonneville Ont, Timmins, d/o Basil PICHE & Emma CLOUTIER, Wtn. M. HAUTEL (Nantel?), Theodule ARBIE (Arbic?), both of Timmins, on Nov. 29, 1922 at Timmins.

20402-1922 Eustus LINDHALM, 36, Blacksmith, Finland, Jacksonboro, s/o Carl LINDHALM & Tilda TOMALA, married Olga LILJA, 33 Widow, Finland, Jacksonboro, d/o Hendrik LACHTO (Lashto?) & illegible (smudged), Wtn. Gust LUND, Mabel PRIDDLE, on Jan. 7, 1922 at Cobalt

20416-1922 Constantinium LITZI, 34, Miner, Italy, Timmins, s/o Giovanne LITZI & Victoria GIRALDO, married Agata MIOTTI, 23, Italy, Timmins, d/o Julio MIOTTI & Amalia GIRALDO, Wtn: Valentino FRITTOCIN & Farissini ZISVO--?, both of Timmins, on Oct. 30, 1922 at Timmins

20422-1922 Robert MACHEQUIS, 22, Trapper, Mattice, Fauquier, s/o Joseph MACHEQUIS (b. English River) & Ellen (Indian Name) sic, married Christina UTAPP, 17, Fauquier, same, d/o Henry UTAPP (b. Moose Factory -- James Bay) & Maria FLETCHER, Wtn. William FRENCHMAN, Mattice, Mrs. Joseph PINETTE, on Dec. 29, 1922 at Cochrane.

20420-1922 Auguste MADORE, 45, Widower, Railroad Employee, East Templeton Que., Tomiko, s/o Augustin MADORE (b. East Hamilton) & Elmire LADOUCEUR, married Mary Bernadette THOMAS, 17, Mattawa, Tomiko, d/o Father unknown & Rosalie THOMAS, Wtn. Desire JODOUIN, Simeon DUMAS, on Dec. 18, 1922 at Cobalt.

20426-1922 Daniel MAHONEY, 19, Chauffeur, Mont Cerf Que., s/o Denis MAHONEY (b. Maniwaki Que) & Clara MORIN, married Olive CLOUTIER, 37, Widow, Quebec, South Porcupine, d/o Joseph DAGENAIS (b. Bellemount Que) & Marie DROUIN, Wtn. Eusebe DAGENAIS, Rose DUCHARME, both of South Porcupine, on Nov. 13, 1922 at South Porcupine

20428-1922 Nick MALANUCK, 30, Sectionman, Poland, Cochrane, s/o Alex MALANUCK & Paulia PAKOLIK, married Julia AUGUST, 15, Wilno, Cochrane, d/o John AUGUST & Kate STOSIAK, Wtn. John RYSECK, Thomas AUGUST, both of Cochrane, on Nov. 6, 1922 at Cochrane

20443-1922 Gordon Seabrook MALES, 27, Farmer, Toronto, Dymond Twp., s/o Ephraim MALES (b. England) & Rhoda E. BROOKS, married Gladys LUDLOW, 23, Telephone Operator, Parry Sound, New Liskeard, d/o Allan LUDLOW (b. Grey Co) & Bertha HURD, Wtn. Helen MALES, Mrs. Perry A. ARMSTRONG, both of New Liskeard, on Feb. 15, 1922 at New Liskeard.

20448-1922 Joseph Denis MANCION ?, 29, Ste. Marthe Vaudreuil, Ansonville, s/o Honore MANCION?, & Pamela BOURBONNAIS, married Marie Hermeline CARRIERE, 18, Ste. Marthe Vaudreuil, Ansonville, d/o Henri CARRIERE & Eva AUBRY, Wtn. Joseph MONCION?, Henri CARRIERE, on Apr. 17 at Iroquois Falls

20450-1922 Joseph Arthur MARCOTTE, 24, Laborer, St. Andre d’Avelin, Iroquois Falls, s/o Francois MARCOTTE & Eugenie BRAZEAU, married Marie Rose SEGUIN, 23, St. Eugene Prescott, Iroquois Falls, d/o Andre & Victoria SEGUIN , Wtn. Joseph CLERMONT, David MASICOTTE, both of Iroquois Falls, on June 14, 1922 at Iroquois Falls.

20425-1922 Joseph MARIN, 21, Proprietor, St. Demasse Que., Cochrane, s/o Jean MARIN (b. Valleyfield Que) & Rose Anna JEAN, married Justine MASSICOTTE, 21, Massey, Cochrane, d/o Alfred MASSICOTTE (b. Valleyfield Que) & Marie Louise GIGNAC, Wtn. Philibert TOURVILLE, Alfred MASSICOTTE, both of Genier, on Nov. 15, 1922 at Genier

20445-1922 Alphonse MARQUIS, 29, Blacksmith, Cacouna Que., Fauquier, s/o Arthur MARQUIS (b. Cacouna Que) & Elise SIMARD, married Alice NOEL, 17, Chicoutimi, Moonbeam, d/o Joseph NOEL (b. Lac St. Jean Que) & Louise BRASSARD, Wtn. Isadore MARQUIS of Fauquier, Joseph NOEL of Moonbeam, on Jan. 3, 1922 at Moonbeam.

20421-1922 John Taylor MARSLAND, 42, Widower, Barber, Bracebridge, New Liskeard, s/o John Taylor MARSLAND (b. Manchester England) & Mary Ann WILLARD, married Mrs. Mildred CLARKSON, 35, Widow, Ladwood Birmingham, Eng., New Liskeard, d/o William Albert SMITH (b. Kent England) & Sarah Elizabeth LAMBERTH, Wtn. Mrs. I.E. SIMMONS, Charlotte BARLOW, both of New Liskeard, on Dec. 28, 1922 at New Liskeard

20452-1922 Frank MARTICH, 28, Laborer, Croatia, Schumacher, s/o Samuel MARTICH & Manty MATTACIA, married Rosa GERUCH, 19, Croatia, Schumacher, d/o Tony GERUCH & Julia SARTICH, Wtn. Tony GOMERCID, Nera RUBICIC, both of Schumacher, on Nov. 16, 1922 at Timmins.

20429-1922 George Gummow MARTIN, 33, Miner, Cornwall Eng., Kirkland Lake, s/o Thomas Henry MARTIN (b. Cornwall England) & Martha GUMMOW, married Nesta Evangeline McKIE, 26, Walford, same, d/o Levi McKIE (b. Ont) & Dora SIMS, Wtn. William S. CARREN, Anna B. YOUNG, both of Cobalt, on Oct. 12, 1922 at Cobalt

20444-1922 William Arthur MARTIN, Clerk, Huntsville, Elk Lake, s/o James Gabriel MARTIN (b. Haliburton) & Elore FETTERLEY, married Violet Mary ROBINSON, 18, Sheffield Eng., Elk Lake, d/o Frederick ROBINSON (b. Sheffield England) & Julia TAYLOR, Wtn. Sadie WATTS, Elizabeth WATTS, both of the Manse in Haileybury, on Jan. 15, 1922 at Haileybury.

20436-1922 Carmine MARTINO, 36, Widower, Merchant, Italy, Timmins, s/o Rocco MARTINO & Cousette QUENTIERI, married Lea ALBINO, 20, Italy, Timmins, d/o Leo MARTINO & Scolastica CAUTILETTA, Wtn. F. LUIGONIO, Mary SPEDAFORE, on Aug. 12, 1922 at Timmins

20446-1922 Pete MASCARIN, 39, Miner, Ondina Italy, Timmins, s/o Angelo MASCARIN & Angela BAGNAROTTI, married Luisa TESOLENE, 28, Ondina Italy, Timmins, d/o Desidoro, TESOLENE & Catharina LONGO, Wtn. H. LIZZI, Mabel VITALI, both of Timmisn, on Jan. 24, 1922 at Timmins

20431-1922 Anders MATTSON, 27, Miner, Sweden, Schumacher, s/o Aygust MATTSON (b. Sweden) & Marie MATTSON, married Alini KOWAMAKI, 24, Finland, Schumacher, d/o Viklur (b. Finland) & Maria KOWAMAKI. Wtn. Matti MAKI, Frank MAKI, both of Schumacher, on Aug. 20, 1922 at Schumacher  

20460-1922 Hamilton McARA, 21, Laborer, Quebec, Timmins, s/o James McARA (b. Quebec) & Elizabeth WELSH, married Nellie SEDORE, 18, Baldwin, Timmins, d/o George SEDORE (b. Orillia) & Mary Jane LeCLAIR, Wtn. H. & Alice HARWOOD of Timmins, on Aug. 18, 1922 at Timmins

20471-1922 Terence Michael McCARTHY, 25, Farmer, Lac. Ste. Marie Que., Kenebeek, s/o Charles McCARTHY & Aurelie DUBEAU, married Julia Ann ENRIGHT, 41, Douglas, Kenebeek, d/o Stephen ENRIGHT & Catharine SHEEHAN, Wtn. T. ENRIGHT, Martha ENRIGHT, on July 11, 1922 at Earlton

20454-1922 Patrick Joseph McCOSHEN, 29, Foreman, Sheenboro Que, Timmins, s/o P. McCOSHEN (b. Sheenboro Que) & Kathleen McKINTY, married Vitaline MEUNIER, 29, Quebec, Timmins, d/o Thomas MEUNIER (b. Quebec) & Mary GROULX, Wtn. Victor KNOTT, Florent DANI (Danis?), on Dec. 28, 1922 at Timmins

20457-1922 Donald McCRORY, 30, Miner, Ireland, Timmins, s/o Donald McCRORY (b. Ireland) & Rose CONROY, married Mary Bell FOSTER, 22, Peterborough, Thornloe, d/o William H. FOSTER (b. Ireland) & Jean SHEARER, Wtn. Nellie & Frank FOSTER, both of Thornloe, on Nov. 1, 1922 at Thornloe

20459-1922 Harold Hugh McDERMID, 26, Book keeper, Buckingham Que., Latchford, s/o Hugh John McDERMID (b. Buckingham Que) & Isabella BUSBY, married Margaret Priscella KING, 18, Chelmsford, Latchford, d/o Archibald KING (b. Madoc) & Amelia SPENCER, Wtn. Archie Otto & Mary KING of Latchford, on Sept. 17, 1922 at Haileybury

20453-1922 John Alexander MacDONALD, 49, Widower, Lumbering, Simcoe Co., Tisdale Twp., s/o Alex MacDONALD (b. Scotland) & Betsy MacDONALD, married Mrs. Minnie DAVIS, 58, Widow, Guysboro N.S., Tisdale Twp., d/o Steven BEZANSON (b. Guysboro NS), & Fanny FENTON, Wtn. Mrs. J.R. DAVIS, John Roy DAVIS, on Dec. 29, 1922 at Timmins

20468-1922 Lester Lloyd McKENZIE, 24, Laborer, North Nation Mills Que., Cobalt, s/o John Alexander MacKENZIE (b. North Nation Mills Que) & Lydia HARDY, married Gladys Elizabeth MARSHALL 19, Sault Ste. Marie Ont, Cobalt, d/o John Henry MARSHALL (b. Sault Ste. Marie) & Elizabeth HOOD, Wtn. Thomas A. & Etta Violet WHITHEAD of Cobalt, on Apr. 20, 1922 at Cobalt

20462-1922 Charles Luther McLEAN, 37, Civil Engineer, Lindsay, Cochrane, s/o Charles McLEAN (b. Clark twp) & Eliza KERR, married Leila May BENTLY, 22, Toronto, Cochrane, d/o John BENTLY (b. York twp) & Edith MARTINDALE, Wtn. Roselyn BENTLEY, J.H. BENTLEY, both of Clute, on July 18, 1922 at Clute, Leitch Twp

20455-1922 John McLELLAN, 22, Bus Driver, Cobden, Swastika, s/o John McLELLAN (b. Ont) & Maggie LITTLE, married Grace Olga McDONALD, 22 Stenographer, Ontario, Tomstown, d/o John Samuel McDONALD (b. Ont) & Elizabeth ADAMS, Wtn. B. & A. McDONALD of Tomstown, on Dec. 26, 1922 at New Liskeard

20469-1922 Grant McLENNAN, 21, Scaler, Sydney, Cape Breton, Iroquois Falls, s/o Malcolm McLENNAN & Kate McKAY, married Lilian DAVIS, 19, Stenographer, Cape Breton, Toronto, d/o Cromwell DAVIS & Emma GAGNON, Wtn. Elfrida J. BURRY, Bert BURRY, on Dec. 28, 1922 at Cobalt.

20464-1922 Percy Frank McLEOD, 33, Supt. at Air Station, Deer Island N.B. Cobalt, s/o Alfred Henry McLEOD (b. Lower Millstream - Kings Co Ont (sic)) & Mabel COLPITS, married Madge RAEBURN, 18, Gateshead Eng., Cobalt, d/o Alexander RAEBURN (b. Midlothian Scotland) & Laura Lizzie DOBSON, Wtn. Aleck & Laura L. RAEBURN of Cobalt, on June 1, 1922 at Cobalt

20467-1922 Allan James McMASTER, 31, Blacksmith, Cape Breton Island, Kirkland Lake, s/o John McMASTER (b. Cape Breton) & Mary McLELLAN, married Cassie MacASKILL, 27, Cape Breton, Kirkland Lake, d/o Neil MacASKILL (b. Cape Breton) & Annie McKINNON, Wtn. Norman & Jessie MacASKILL, both of North Cobalt, on Apr. 30, 1922 at Cobalt.

20470-1922 Malcolm McMILLAN, 27, Mechanic, Molega N.S. Tisdale Twp., s/o Alexander MacMILLAN (b. Nova Scotia) & Sarah MILLS, married Elizabeth HALLIDAY, 24, School Teacher, Scotland, Cobalt, d/o Hugh HALLIDAY (b. Scotland) & Catherine CULLEN, Wtn. R. CAMERON, May MacMILLAN, on Dec. 25, 1922 at Cobalt

20466-1922 Angus Sinclair McMILLAN, 22, Mechanic, Malanga Nova Scotia, Timmins, s/o Alexander McMILLAN (b. Malanga NS) & Sarah MILLS, married Mary WATSON, 22, Milliner, Carluke Scotland, Schumacher, d/o Walter WATSON & Elizabeth PEAT, Wtn. James & Mrs. Queenie BOWN of Schumacher, on Apr. 28, 1922 at Timmins

20458-1922 James Harriet McMILLAN, 21, Railroad section man, Killaloe, Scotty Springs - Benoit Twp., s/o James McMILLAN (b. Ont) & Harriet ENO, married Rose Robertha COUGHLIN, Beaucage Bay, Playfair Twp., d/o Thomas Elias COUGHLIN (b. Ireland) & Pheline Angelina LAFRAMBOISE, Wtn. Charles Wesley LANDON, Scotty Springs, Clara Celia COUGHLIN, Raymore, on Aug. 23, 1922 at Haileybury

20465-1922 George McNEE, 23, Bank Accountant, Thessalon, Cochrane, s/o George McNEE (b. Glasgow Scotland) & Martha WILSON, married Jessica Lena Maude CARTER, 20, Waubaushene, Cochrane, d/o Thomas CARTER (b. Leverington - Cambs. England) & Catherine L. HART, Wtn. John P. & Sarah CARTER of Cobalt , on June 27, 1922 at Cochrane.

20463-1922 Kenneth Dalton McPHEE, 28, Brakeman, Cooksville, Englehart, s/o William McPHEE (b. Ont) & Clara MILLS, married Edna KING, 24, Ontario, Englehart, d/o Robert KING (b. Eganville) & Catherine CAMPBELL, Wtn. Wallace Bruce KING, of North Bay & Alice Mary HINCKS of Haileybury, on June 26, 1922 at Haileybury.

20461-1922 Stanley Bennett MacPHERSON, 26, Druggist, Smithville, South Porcupine, s/o George William McPHERSON (b. Smithville) & A. ROSZELL, married Kathleen Jean JONES, 26, Wales, South Porcupine, d/o Robert JONES (b. Wales) & Sarah Ann WALTON, Wtn. Marie DUPUIS, D. McTINAN, both of South Porcupine, on Aug. 2, 1922 at South Porcupine


20456-1922 Edwin McQUAID, 23, Laborer, Trout Creek, McCart Twp., s/o John McQUAID (b. Ont) & Annie ROBINSON, married Leah SEATON, 17, Waubaushene, McCart Twp., d/o Nelson SEATON (b. Ont) & Isabel BOOTH, Wtn. Francis A. EVANS, Florence F. SEATON, both of Nellie Lake., on Oct. 25, 1922 at Timmins

20447-1922 William MELNECHUCK, 30, Miner, Austria, Cobalt, s/o Metro & Domenica MELNECHUCK , married Helena ISSOK, 20, Austria, Timmins, d/o Andre ISSOK & Isadakia GRAPANANKO, Wtn. John SKRIPRIC, Julie PAUCHUCK, both of Timmis, on Jan. 25, 1922 at Timmins.

20442-1922 Joseph MENGUAL, 30, Miner, Spain, Timmins, s/o Sam MENGUAL (b. Benisrberg? Spain) & Josephe DELOPIS?, married Valida LACHAPELLE, 20, Ottawa, Timmins, d/o Benjamin LaCHAPELLE (b. Ottawa) & Ugene RICARD, Wtn. Vincent SERRA, Mike MORELL, both of Ansonville, on Feb. 22, 1922 at Cochrane

20424-1922 Joseph MERCIER, 19, Laborer, St. Cloud Man., Driftwood, s/o Henri MERCIER (b. St. Lumins de Coutet France) & Marie MALLETTE, married Cecile PEPIN, 19, St. Remi Que., Driftwood, d/o Isaac PEPIN (b. Montebello Que) & Celina DAVIS, Wtn. Isaac PEPIN, Osias PEPIN, on Nov. 15, 1922 at Driftwood.

20433-1922 Charles MICHAUD, 26, Refinery man in mill, Quebec, Timmins, s/o Ovide MICHAUD (b. Quebec) & Philomene LEVESQUE, married Germaine MEILLEUR, 18, Montreal, Timmins, d/o Felix MEILLEUR (b. Quebec) & Donalda CARON, Wtn. Albert HOULE, Rev. Father C.E. THERIAULT, on Aug. 25, 1922 at Timmins

20451-1922 Agostino MICHELETTI, 26, Miner, Rive D’Arcano Italy, Timmins, s/o Egidio MICHELETTI & Floressi DiGUIDITTA, married Vitaliana MELCHIORE, 26, Italy, Timmins, d/o Cirilli MELCHIORE & Amilia diGUISTO, Wtn. V. VORVINI, V. PLETTI, both of Timmins, on July 20, 1922 at Timmins


20437-1922 Alfred Dewey MILLER, 24, Mechanic, Wilkes Barre PA., Cobalt, s/o Fred MILLER & Elizabeth LUFT (Tuft?), married Theresa May SOPHA, 20, Marmora, Cobalt, d/o E.B. SOPHA & Margaret AIRHART, Wtn. Charles O’REILLY, Helen E. COON, on June 28, 1922 at Cobalt

20438-1922 Daniel Hunter MILLER, 26, Accountant, Pembroke, Haileybury, s/o David MILLER & Ellen CARNEGIE, married Alice Gwendolyn JOHNSTON, 23, Beachburg, Haileybury, d/o James JOHNSTON & Elizabeth GORDON, Wtn. A.E. CAIN of North Cobalt, Jean CALBICK of Haileybury, on June. 7, 1922 at Haileybury.

20432-1922 Harold James MILLER, 32 Freightman, Napanee, Englehart, s/o Elias James MILLER & Mary Ann SPARKS, married Marjorie FLETCHER, 25, Huntsville, Same, d/o William James FLETCHER (b. Pickering twp) & Louise Maude SHARP, Wtn. Elsie GRAY, John GRAY, both of Englehart, on Sept. 13, 1922 at Englehart.

20435-1922 Robert Charles MILLER, 42, Divorced, Merchant, Chesley Ont, Matheson, s/o Robert (b. England) & Margaret MILLER, married Mary Esther Elizabeth THIRD, 37, Widow, England, Matheson, d/o Charles Shore JAMES (b. Ottawa) & Elizabeth SMITH, Wtn. Charles Shore JAMES, Elizabeth JAMES, on Aug. 9, 1922 at Matheson

20419-1922 Joseph Antoine MILLET, 32, Farmer, St. Jovite?, Moonbeam, s/o Antoine MILLET (b. St. Scholastique) & Sophronie LEONARD, married Marie Anne CANTIN, 22, Teacher, St. Jean Chrysostome, Moonbeam, d/o Joseph CANTIN (b. St. Jean Chrysostome) & Suzanne CANTIN, Wtn. Antoine MILLET, Joseph CANTIN, both of Moonbeam, on Dec. 26, 1922 at Moonbeam

20423-1922 Ray William MILLMAN, 23, Trainman, Richmond Que., Cochrane, s/o William Christopher MILLMAN (b. Barrie Ont) & Susan HAGLEY, married Mary DIOTTE, 16, Temiskaming Que., Cochrane, d/o Charlie DIOTTE (b. Quebec) & Mary DISCOLL (Driscoll?), Wtn. J.W. HANCOCK & E. McLEAN, both of Cochrane, on Nov. 23, 1922 at Cochrane

20439-1922 Samuel MILLS, 36, Widower, Farmer, Downey twp., Englehart, s/o Henry MILLS (b. Ont) & Anne Marie JORDAN, married Martha BUTLER, Widow, 35, Co. Tyrone Ireland, Englehart, d/o Thomas MOORE (b. Ireland) & Mary Jane ATKINS, Wtn. F.F. Georgina HINCKS, Alice M. HINCKS, both of Haileybury, on May. 18, 1922 at Haileybury


20449-1922 Joseph William Eric MILLS, 26, Electrician, Toronto, Larder Lake, s/o William Lister MILLS & Georgina Stirling TAYLOR, married Anna Maria PERIA, 25, Maynooth, Larder Lake, d/o Thomas PERIA & Catharine LAVALEE, Wtn. Joseph PERIA of New Liskeard, Aimy KITTS of Matheson, on June 28, 1922 at New Liskeard

20440-1922 Joseph Frederick MINTER, 26, Motor Mechanic, Killaloe Ont, Cochrane, s/o William Howard WINTER (b. Killaloe Ont) & Catherine Anne HENO?, married Marie Rose Delima NAULT, 26, Manika Que., Cochrane, d/o Francis NAULT (b. Maniwaki Que) & Marie Louise EMOND, Wtn. J.P. McGILLIVRAY, Herminie NAULT, both of Cochrane, on Apr. 17, 1922 at Cochrane  

20434-1922 Alexander MITCHELL, 50, Widower, Farmer, Stayner, Evanturel Twp., s/o Allan MITCHELL (b. Scotland) & Martha HENDLEY, married Eliza WATT, 50, Widow, Fitzroy Harbour, Evanturel Twp., d/o Richard PEEVER (b. Fitzroy Harbour) & Alice BRADLEY, Wtn. Mrs Jean FEE, Norman W. FEE, both of New Liskeard, on Aug. 17, at New Liskeard

20430-1922 James Maurice Alfred MORGAN, 24, Post Office Clerk, Brantford, Timmins, s/o George MORGAN (b. Burford Ont) & Lena FOGAL, married Laura Margaret PETERS, 27, Little Current, Timmins, d/o William Henry PETERS (b. North Monaghan Ont) & Mary Anne THOMPSON, Wtn. John Bruce REDDEN, Ernest H. KING, both of Timmins, on Oct. 5, 1922 at Timmins,

20441-1922 John MORRIS, 58, Widower, Railroad Engineer, Inchture? Perthshire, Cochrane, s/o Alexander MORRIS (b. Inchture Scotland) & Janet PATTON, married Katherine Cameron ELDRIDGE, Widow, 44, New Glasgow N.S., Cochrane, d/o Duncan CAMERON (b. Antigonish NS) & Florence McMILLAN, Wtn. Dan CAMERON, Mrs. A. LeBARRON, both of Cochrane, on Apr. 26, 1922 at Cochrane.

20427-1922 Henry John MURRAY, 23, Timekeeper, Quebec, Timmins, s/o Charles MURRAY (b. Quebec City) & Helen HIGGINS, married Katherine DELANEY, 20, Massey, Timmins, d/o Robert DELANEY (b. Massey) & Rose BURNIE, Wtn. Rosario LAMARCHE, Franke CROME, both of Timmins, on Nov. 9, 1922 at South Porcupine.

20504-1922 Robert PAGE, 23, laborer, Ecureuix? - Co. Portneuf Quebec, Ansonville, s/o Willie PAGE & Elisabeth DESILETS, married Ernestine Merilda ROBIN, 17, St. Romuald d’Etchemine Que., Ansonville, d/o Louis ROBIN & Josephine GOULET, Wtn. Henri GUILLET, Rose DUGAS, both of Ansonville, on Oct. 18, 1922 at Iroquois Falls.

20494-1922 William Arthur PARNELL, 25, Millman, Eganville, South Porcupine, s/o W.A. PARNELL (b. Ont) & Margaret MULVENNA, married Leila KENDALL, Buckingham Que., Timmins, d/o Walter KENDALL (b. Quebec) & Mary LAROSE, Wtn. Mrs. M.A. McVITTIE, South Porcupine, Miss A.M. McVITTIE of 134 Marchmount Rd in Toronto, on Sept. 11, 1922 at South Porcupine

20495-1922 Henry Orville PATTERSON, 23, Salesman, Bobcaygeon, Haileybury, s/o Thomas C. PATTERSON (b. Bobcaygeon) & Mary Ann MURPHY, married Marie Rida WHITTON, 22, Nurse, Moosomin Sask., Haileybury, d/o Robert WHITTON (b. Aberdeenshire Scotland) & Anne SMITH, Wtn. William Howard BROOKBANK, Hilda Elaine ELLIOTT, both of Haileybury, on June 29, 1922 at Haileybury.

20548-1922 Samuel Hector Payette dit St.AMOUR, 22, Miner, Notre Dame de la Salette Que., Cobalt, s/o M. Luc St.AMOUR & Olivine RENAUD, married Lea PILON, 17, Alexandria Ont, Cobalt, d/o M.Z. PILON & Mrs. Suzanne PILON, Wtn. Cleophas A, DANIS, Samuel StAMOUR, both of Cobalt, on Oct. 12, 1922 at Cobalt

20493-1922 Reuben John PEARCE, 25, Accountant, Toronto, Swastika, s/o Richard PEARCE (b. Weymouth England) & Mary BACON, married Florence Elizabeth MURPHY, 18, Ireland, Cobalt, d/o Andrew MURPHY (b. Ballywalter Ireland) & Mary Anne KELLY, Wtn. N. PEARCE, Helen A. COON, both of Cobalt, on Oct. 2, 1922 at Cobalt

20492-1922 Joseph PEARCE, 22, Laborer, Ste. Margaret Que., Cochrane, s/o John PEARCE (b. Ste. Marguerite Que) & Marie BOUDRIAS, married Adella CHRETIEN, 18, Verner, Cochrane, d/o Stanilas CHRETIEN (b. St. Albert Ont) & Virginie GENIER, Wtn. Alfred PEARCE, Hector LEMAIRE, both of Cochrane, on Sept. 24, 1922 at Cochrane

20497-1922 Darwin PELLETT, 42, Miner, Widower, Buckingham Que., Cobalt s/o Simon PELLETT (b. Buckingham Que) & Mary CORRIGAN, married Minnie SMITHERAM, 27, Widow, Springhill N.S., Cobalt, d/o Leslie THEED (b. Westchester NS) & Teena STUART, Wtn. Cora THEED, Mrs Agnes DOODY, both of Cobalt on June 7, 1922 at Cobalt

20505-1922 Thomas PERIER, 32, Combermere - Renfrew Co., Cobalt, s/o Nicolas PERIER & Louise GOYEU, married Marie MAYER, Buckingham Que., Cobalt, d/o Aurele MAYER & Rosina MAYER, Wtn. Nicolas PERIER, Aurele MAYER, on Nov. 21, 1922 at St. Hilarion’s Church, Cobalt

20501-1922 Arthur PERRAULT, 25, Farmer, Bp. Not given, Val Gagne, s/o Edmond PERRAULT & Thersile BOURGEOIS, married Merilde GIGUERE, 16, St. Alexis des Monts, Que., Val Gagne, d/o Louis GIGUERE & Aldea GERVAIS, Wtn. Edmond PERRAULT, Louis GIGUERE, on June 28, 1922 at Val Gagne

20500-1922 Raoul Joseph PERRON, 27, Laborer, Clarence Creek, Earlton, s/o Pascal PERRON & Emma POITRAS, married Marie Blanche GABOURY, 18, St. Maurice, Que., Earlton, d/o Wilfred GABOURY & Anna CARON, Wtn. Telesphore PERRON, Emile GABOURY, on May 3, 1922 at Earlton.

20502-1922 Charles William PEXTON (Paxton?) , 23, Electrician, London, Eng., Timmins. s/o Francis PEXTON & Isabel PROCTOR, married Georgianna LACHAPELLE, 22, Maniwaki, Que., Timmins, d/o Francis LACHAPELLE & Henriette BEAUDOIN, Wtn. A. FALARDEAU, U. ROUTIER, on Oct. 22, 1922 at Timmins

20503-1922 Joseph Ernest PLANTE, 22, Farmer, St. Nazaire d’Acton Que., Uno Park, s/o Joseph PLANTE & Marie VADENAIS?, married Marie Regina BOUCHARD, 16, St. Ubald - Co. Portneuf Que., Uno Park, d/o Eugene BOUCHARD & Angelina JUNEAU, Wtn. Joseph PLANTE, Eugene BOUCHARD, on Oct. 11, 1922 at New Liskeard

20499-1922 Aldege POTVIN, 29, Miner, Ripon Que., Timmins, s/o Michel POTVIN & Josephine CARRIERE, married Therese St. JEAN, 22, Buckingham Que., Timmins, d/o Moise St. JEAN & Mathilde NADON, Wtn. Sam CARRIERE, Alphonse ALLARD, both of Timmins, on April 18, 1922 at Timmins 20498-1922 Allan William Douglas PRICE, 23, Switchman, T.& N.O. Rlwy, Gloucester Eng. Englehart, s/o Richard Thomas PRICE (b. Gloucester England) & Bertha WEBB, married Florence WALDRIFF, 18, South River, Englehart, d/o George Allan WALDRIFF (b. Gravenhurst or Barrie Ont) & Mary Maud ROLSTON, Wtn. Wilfred CHURCH, Gertrude WALDRIFF, both of Englehart, on Jan. 18, 1922 at Englehart

20496-1922 Theodore PROVENCHER, 67, Retired Farmer, Widower, Plessisville Que., North Temiskaming, s/o Joseph PROVENCHER (b. Plessisville Que) & Eleonore CARIGNAN, married Adele LeCAMP, 63, Widow, Quebec, Penetanguishene, d/o Joseph PAYMENT (b. Les Cedres Que) & Julie BINETTE, Wtn. Herbert LeCAMP of New Liskeard, Clara SCANLON of Haileybury, on June 8, 1922 at New Liskeard

20515-1922 Louis RANGER, 23, Miner, Ville Marie Que., Cobalt, s/o Palma RANGER (b. Rigaud Que) & Elfrida LACHAPELLE, married Jane LEONARD, 23, Sudbury, Silver Centre, d/o Adelard LEONARD (b. Ste. Marguerite Tenel? Que) & Eugenie DUFOUR, Wtn. Palme RANGER, Adelard LEONARD, on May 16, 1922 at Cobalt

20509-1922 Tony RAVA, 25, Miner, Italy, Cobalt, s/o Bartolomeo RAVA (b. Italy) & Francesca BARRIA, married Angela GIOVANELLA, Italy, Cobalt, d/o Enrico GIOVANELLA (b. Italy) & Virginia PONTI, Wtn. Joseph RAVA & Mrs. Antonio LEO, both of Cobalt, on Nov. 2, 1922 at Cobalt.

20512-1922 Alex REE, 27, Student, Scotland, Timmins, s/o James REE (b. Scotland) & Jessie GIBB, married Carolyn E. CREELMAN, 21, Rossland, B.C., Timmins, d/o Angus M.G. CREELMAN (b. Nova Scotia) & Carrie VERGE, Wtn. R.V. HOPPER & E. CUSHING, both of Timmins, on Aug. 29, 1922 at Timmins

20519-1922 Stanislaus RESZEL, 30, Miner, Poland, Cobalt, s/o Joseph RESZEL & Elizabeth SZYSZKA, married Mary KASICEZNIK, 21, Galicia, Cobalt, d/o Onufry KASICCEZNIK & Mary CYMBATESTA?, Wtn. Peter SITRZ, Mary RAFAL, on Jan. 17, 1922 at Cobalt.

20506-1922 Clarence RICHARD, 20, Miner, Osceola MI., Timmins, s/o Alfred RICHARD & Lucinda BOWDEN, married Ella LEROUX, 22, Hairdresser, Washbourne Wisc., Timmins, d/o Charles LEROUX & Eudonie BERGERON, Wtn. Mrs. Joseph. LANDRY, Mrs. G. KUZNY, both of Cobalt, on Dec. 1, 1922 at Cobalt.

20511-1922 William Carl RINGSLEBEN, 28, Mining, Renfrew, Timmins, s/o William Theodor RINGSLEBEN (b. Frankfurt on Oden - Germany) & Elizabeth HOHLSCHMIDT, married Dorothy Ruth SHARPE, 24, New Liskeard, Timmins, d/o John SHARPE (b. Banff Scotland) & Ruth RILEY, Wtn. James CARMICHAEL & Hazel BROWN, both of Cobalt, on Sept. 20, 1922 at New Liskeard.

20524-1922 Joseph Alexandre RIOUX, 25, Agricultural Engineer, Causpical Que., Macamic, s/o Arthur RIOUX & Juliette LEPAGE, married Marie Rose TESSIER, 19, Grenance? Dale, Conn., Smooth Rock Falls, d/o Arthur R. TESSIER & Laura COULAU?, Wtn. Arthur RIOUX, Arthur TESSIER, on Oct. 18, 1922 at Smooth Rock Falls

20521-1922 Joseph RIVETT, 26, Farmer, Quebec, Settlement of Anthony, s/o Henry RIVETT & Delmore MARVEL married Elsie May ANTHONY, 20, Birmingham Eng., Settlement of Anthony, d/o Charles ANTHONY & Florence JONES, Wtn. Dezls RIVETT, Anthony P.O., Dorothy MILLS, Watabeag, on May. 10, 1922 at Matheson

20513-1922 William Henry ROACH, 37, Master Mechanic on CNR, Haleys Ont., Cochrane, s/o Michael ROACH (b. Osceola Ont) & Mary LEACY, married Eva SHERIDAN, 26, Stenographer, Jackfish, Cochrane, d/o Michael SHERIDAN (b. Osceola Ont) & Julia LYNCHKE, Wtn. Mr. & Mrs. W.C. MULLIGAN, on June 29, 1922 at Cochrane

20517-1922 George Robb ROBERTSON, 29, Millman, Aberdeen, Scotland, Cobalt, s/o George ROBERTSON (b. Peterhead Scotland) & Isabella ROBB, married Margaret Kennedy SMALL, 21, Nurse, Dundee, Scotland, Cobalt, d/o Thomas SMALL (b. Dundee Scotland) & Margaret GOWANS, Wtn. Mrs. Edith BLAKEMAN, William C. SHAW, on Feb. 25, 1922 at Cobalt

20522-1922 Joseph ROBIN, 22, Laborer, St. Romuald Que., Ansonville, s/o Louis ROBIN & Josephine GOULET, married Celina Yvonne ROMAIN, 15, Ft. Coulonge, Ansonville, d/o Edouard ROMAIN & Thelanise LARIVIERE, Wtn. Rose DUGAS, Alfred ROMAIN, on Aug. 16, 1922 at Iroquois Falls

20514-1922 William John ROBINSON, 24, Merchant, Brockville, Mattice, s/o William Jake ROBINSON (b. Brockville) & Alice BOTHWELL (Rothwell?), married Louise CASTONGUAY, 20, Val Gagne Que., Mattice, d/o Joachim CASTONGUAY (b. Pembroke) & Virginie St. AUBIN, Wtn. J.A. ROBINSON, Anna FANSHAW, on June 7, 1922 at Mattice

20523-1922 Paul Emile ROBITAILLE, 20, Farmer, St. Cleophas Que., Ramore, s/o Francis ROBITAILLE & Regina POIRIER, married Juliette REAULT, 19, St. Joseph de Maniwaki Que., d/o Alfred REAULT & Lumira DOUCET, Wtn. Francis ROBITAILLE, Alfred BREAULT, on Aug. 30, 1922 at Ramore

20516-1922 Ovila ROCHON, 33, Sawyer, Clarence Creek, Timmins. s/o J.B. ROCHON (b. Hull Que) & Olympe DAOUST, married Felixine BEAUDETTE, 29, St. John Baptist Manitoba, d/o Josephat BEAUDETTE (b. Quebec) & Marie ANTAYA, Wtn. Paul PICHE, M. Lee DUFF, on May. 15, 1922 at Timmins

20520-1922 Edouard ROSS, 32, Widower, Farmer, Maskinonge Que., Ramore, s/o Alfred ROSS & Victorine LAROSEE, married Gracia PION, 30, Tauton Mass., Ramore, d/o Euclide PION & Victorine POULIOT, Wtn. Euclide PION, Alfred ROSS, on Apr. 25, 1922 at Ramore

20510-1922 James William ROSS, 34, Shoemaker, Turtle Creek PA., Cochrane, s/o George ROSS (b. Scotland) & Michelina MESSINEO, married Mary COFANA, 24, Brooklyn, Cochrane, d/o Frank COFANA (b. Italy) & Antoinette GUZZO, Wtn. Joe RIZZO & Percy W. HANCOCK, both of Cochrane, on Sept. 26, 1922 at Cochrane.

20508-1922 William John ROSS, 28, Merchant, Eganville, Cobalt, s/o John ROSS & Marie HAWKINS, married Rose BELLSHAW, 22, Clerk, Sunderland Eng., Cobalt, d/o Walter BELLSHAW & Mary WILSON, Wtn. Frank A. & Maria Edna HARRISON of Cobalt, on Nov. 8, 1922 at Cobalt

20507-1922 Mathew Francis RYAN, 35, Diamond Drill Contractor, Ispeming Mich., Timmins, s/o Mathew (b. Ireland) & Elisa RYAN, married May WILLARS, 21, England, Timmins, d/o Walter WILLARS (b. England) & Nellie WHALL, Wtn. G.A.D. MURRAY & Marjorie REYNOLDS, both of Timmins, on Nov. 25, 1922 at Timmins.

20518-1922 Stephen RYDER, 42, Prospector, Temagami, Georgian Bay Reserve, s/o Unknown RYDER (b. Ireland) & Sophie SOBIE, married Emma GUPPY, 20, South Temiskaming, no res given, d/o Wiliam GUPPY (b. Pembroke Ont) & Eva FREE, Wtn. F.F. Georgina HINCKS, Alice M. HINCKS, on Jan. 3, 1922 at Haileybury.

20525-1922 Edgar St.DENIS, 21, teamster, Cornwall, Cobalt, s/o Edward St.DENIS (b. St. Easdore Que) & Bertha WILKES, married Edna STEELE, 18, Telephone Operator, of Cobalt, d/o James STEELE (b. Hastings Co Ont) & Ella SMITH, Wtn. Charles WILSON, Minerva BIGELOW, both of Cobalt, on Dec. 6, 1922 at Cobalt.

20539-1922 John SANYK (Senyk?), 29, Miner, Austria, Timmins, s/o John & Mary SANYK, married Annie POSICZNIK, 22, Austria, Timmins, d/o Jacob & Catherine POSICZNIK, Wtn. M. KLIMKOVICH, Mary DOLNYCHUCK, on May 6, 1922 at Timmins

20533-1922 Harry SCHIFF, 26, Merchant, Russia, Cochrane, s/o Henoch SCHIFF (b. Russia) , & Mary SCHIFF, married Florence ABRAMSON, 20, Russia, Englehart, d/o Louis ABRAMSON (b. Russia) & Mary ABRAMSON, Wtn. Samuel HENEROFSKY, A. KOMAN, both of Englehart, on Aug. 6, 1922 at Englehart

20551-1922 Joseph SECULIC, 36, Farmer, Croatia, Connaught, s/o John SECULIC & Mary SECULIC, married Mary DUKOVAC, 32, Ribnik, Croatia, d/o Matt DUKOVAC & Theresa MATALIC, Wtn. Joan KOVSCIC, Julka VRONIC, both of Schumacher, on Sept. 18, 1922 at Schumacher

20545-1922 Arthur SEGUIN, 29, Miner, Mattawa, Kirkland, Lake, s/o E. SEGUIN (b. Mattawa) & A. NEDDON, married Viola MASALES, 21, Parry Sound, Kirkland Lake, d/o T.P. MASALES (b. Acton) & Mary Ann MOLYNEUX, Wtn. Ernest & Mrs. Ernest BROWN of Kirkland Lake, on Feb. 14, 1922 at Kirkland Lake

20547-1922 James SHEA, 24, Laborer, Portage du Fort Que., Iroquois Falls, s/o Michael SHEA (b. Portage du Fort Que) & Mary SUTCLIFFE, married Mary TAYLOR, 22, Belfast Ireland, Iroquois Falls, d/o Hugh TAYLOR (b. Belfast) & Grace McGILL, Wtn. Charles John CHRISTENSEN, Frederick RISK, on Jan. 20, 1922 at Timmins

20527-1922 Reuben SHEPPARD, 26, Millwright, Creemorne Que., Smooth Rock Falls, s/o Abram SHEPPARD & Annie Elizabeth WILSON, married Belle SHARPE, 26, Nurse, North Bay, Toronto, d/o Bronson SHARPE & Emma WRIGHT, Wtn. H.A. CARMICHAEL, Elfrida J BURRY, on Dec. 26, 1922 at Cobalt

20528-1922 Eugene SIMOND, 21, Railway Employee, Sturgeon Falls, Timmins, s/o Alphonse SIMOND (b. Quebec) & Celeste THERRIEN, married Marie CADIEUX, 21, Verner, Timmins, d/o Stanislaus CADIEUX (b. Quebec) & Donalda St.AMOUR, Wtn. Fred MIRON, Rose Anne SIMOND, both of Timmins, on Dec. 18, 1922 at Timmins

20532-1922 Frederick SIMPSON, 24, Mounted Police, Lincolnshire, Eng., Haileybury, s/o Walter SIMPSON (b. Lincolnshire) & Lucy BRIGGS, married Mary Ellen English KEDDIE, 21, Belfast Ireland, Haileybury, d/o Adam KEDDIE (b. Edinburgh Scotland) & Mary Ellen NICHOLS, Wtn. Isabelle KEDDIE, Adam KEDDIE Jr., both of Haileybury, on Oct. 2, 1922 at Haileybury

20538-1922 Harry SKEHAR, 25, Miner, Austria, Timmins, s/o Steve SKEHAR (b. Austria) & Aksana STADNAK, married Annie MAKI, 18, Finland, Timmins, d/o Eland MAKI (b. Finland) & Mary MAKI, Wtn. Alex UNSELO, Olga HELIN, both of Timmins, on June 1, 1922 at Timmins.

20546-1922 Richard SLOGGETT, 26, Motorman, Plymouth Eng., Cobalt, s/o William SLOGGETT (b. Plymouth England) & Eliza GREGORY, married Pearl NEWTON, 16, Ottawa, Cobalt, d/o Samuel NEWTON (b. Buckingham Que) & Ada BIGELOW, Wtn. F. & Ellen DUNGEY of North Cobalt, on Jan. 28, 1922 at Cobalt

20526-1922 Frederick W.W. SMALL, 28, Merchant, Blairgowis Scotland, Cobalt, s/o Peter S. SMALL (b. Blairgowis Scotland) & Mary Ann FERGUSON, married Ina J. McKENZIE, 25, Clerk, Weir Que., Cobalt, d/o Augustus McKENZIE (b. Thurso Que) & Sarah Elizabeth DONALDSON, Wtn. Sandford R. HALL, Beatrice M. McKENZIE, both of Cobalt, on Dec. 27, 1922 at Cobalt

20530-1922 Leslie SMITH, 32, Photographer, Montreal, Cobalt, s/o Irving R. SMITH (b. Mass. USA) & Florence BENSON, married Lila DURRELL, 21, Richfield Que, New Liskeard, d/o Denis DURRELL (b. Quebec) & Elizabeth OSBORN, Wtn. N.V. DURRELL, Viola MILLS, both of New Liskeard, on Nov. 8, 1922 at New Liskeard..

20535-1922 John Theodore SMOODY, 32, Mining & Mechanical Engineer, Schenectedy N.Y., Schumacher, s/o John (b. England) & Madeline SMOODY, married Gertrude Evelyn KOHLER, 20, Kenora, Schumacher, d/o Lenace KOHLER (b. Canada) & Lucille LAUGHLEEN, Wtn. Grace JAMES, William JAMES, on June 3, 1922 at Schumacher

20534-1922 Harry E. SPARKS, 30, Mining Engineer, Grand Rapids Mich., Alberta, s/o John SPARKS & Anna MURPHY, married Marion T. SMITH, 28, Mattawa, Alberta, d/o George SMITH (b. Chapeau Que) & Mary Ann MEAGHER, on July 5, 1922 at Haileybury

20550-1922 Charles J. SPENCE, 28, Allumette Que., Iroquois Falls, s/o Thomas SPENCE & Agnes RYAN, married Alena Belanger DESILETS, 29, Widow, Sudbury, Iroquois Falls, d/o Alfred BELANGER & Amanda BOULAY, Wtn. J.D. McLEAN, M.A. BOWIE, on June 27, 1922 at Timmins

20531-1922 John Harold STEELE, 24, Section Foreman, Maynooth, Holland Ont, s/o unnamed STEELE (b. North Renfrew Ont) , & Miss BROWN, married Josephine LIBBY, 20, Pembroke, Osseo Ont, d/o John B. LIBBY (b. North Renfrew Ont) & Miss MARTIN, Wtn. John B. LIBBY, Agnes McLAREN, both of Cane, on Nov. 22, 1922 at New Liskeard

20543-1922 Ernest STEWART, 25, Miner, Buckingham Que., Coleman Twp., s/o James STEWART (b. Buckingham Que) & Mary BIGELOW, married Meridy SMITH, 27, Baltimore Que, Coleman Twp., d/o William SMITH (b. Buckingham Que) & Louisa CLEMERS, Wtn. Alex SAVAGE, Cobalt, E. SAVAGE, Cobalt, on Mar. 1, 1922 at Cobalt

20536-1920 John SUARANTA, 30, Miner, Aanikoski Finland, South Porcupine, s/o Matti SUARANTA & Mary Ihanen, married Linne ALINI, 25, Widow, Por, Finland, South Porcupine, d/o John OGALA & Marion NUMAN, Wtn. W. SEPPOLA, H. NIKKANEN, on May. 31, 1922 at South Porcupine

20540-1922 Stephen SULLIVAN, 21, Carleton Place, Schumacher, s/o Dan SULLIVAN (b. Ireland) & Mary WARK, married Flora McLEAN, 20, Nova Scotia, Schumacher, d/o Charles McLEAN (b. Nova Scotia) & Elizabeth STEVENS, Wtn. Annie STEVENS, Elizabeth CUSHING, both of Timmins, on May 2, 1922 at Timmins

20541-1922 George SUTHERLAND, 27, Moose Factory, Mattice, s/o James SUTHERLAND (b. Attanapiscat? Ont) & Hannah ARCHIBALD, married Alice NEEGAN, 29, Mattice, Same, d/o James NEEGAN (b. Albany Ont) & Elizabeth MATCHEGUEWIS, Wtn. John SHABAPTISTE, Smooth Rock Falls, Annie Violetta ANDERSON, Cochrane, on Mar. 27, 1922 at Bishopthorpe, Cochrane.

20544-1922 George Albert SUTHERLAND, 23, Printer, Micksburg, North Bay, s/o George SUTHERLAND (b. Micksburg Ont) & Mary SHARPE, married Mildred Mabel MAYHEW, 22, Stenographer, Dacre, North Bay, d/o Jacob MAYHEW (b. Gratton twp) & Orpha HUNTER, Wtn Mr. C. & Mrs. W. BELTON of Haileybury, on Mar. 2, 1922 at Haileybury

20529-1922 Harry W. SYMONDS, 23, Book keeper, Goderich, New Liskeard, s/o George E. SYMONDS (b. Goderich Ont) & Hattie MORRIS, married Kathleen E. WALLACE, 18, London Eng. Dymond Twp., d/o Alfred C. WALLACE (b. West Greenwich England) & Kathleen C. WELSH, Wtn. Alfred WALLACE, Annie CAMERON, both of New Liskeard, on Nov. 22, 1922, at New Liskeard


20559-1922 Samuel TAYLOR, 35, Evangelist, Uphall Scotland, Haileybury, s/o Peter TAYLOR (b. Scotland) & Margaret McMILLAN, married Muriel Alice HARTSHORN, 29, Woolwich Eng., Haileybury, d/o Alfred HARTSHORN (b. Leicester England) & Alice SWAN, Wtn. Alvin DAVIS of New Liskeard & Carrie SAUNDERS of Peterboro, on Sept. 19, 1922 at New Liskeard.

20563-1922 Lorne Russel TEEPLE, 18, Farmer, Douglas, Charlton, s/o Steward Chaffee TEEPLE (b. Kingston) & Annie Elizabeth JOHN (Yokom?), married Margaret Marie KECHNA?, Sebringville, Brentha, d/o Frank KECHNA? & Lavina Mary RATZ, Wtn. Margaret Beatrice JOHNSTON, Albert JOHNS, both of Charlton, on June 8, 1922 at Englehart.

20566-1922 William TESSIER, 41, Notre Dame de Carmel Que., Ansonville, s/o Jean B. TESSIER & Elizabeth MARION, married Corona TESSIER, 20, Warren, Ansonville, d/o Ambroise TESSIER & Louise VILLENEUVE, Wtn. Napoleon VILLENEUVE, Ambroise TESSIER, on Dec. 5, 1922 at Iroquois Falls

20555-1922 Arthur James THORNE, 42, Foreman, England, Cochrane, s/o John Hurle THORNE (b. Somersetshire England) & Margaret Herrish ALLEN, married Edith HENRY, 27, England, Cochrane, d/o Robert Willis HENRY (b. North Sunderland England) & Mary Jane SCOTT, Wtn. Harry W. BISHOP, Agnes M. KING, on Dec. 20, 1922 at Cochrane

20557-1922 Alfred Edward TREGWIN, 22, Paper worker, Guilford England, Iroquois Falls, s/o William TREGWIN (b. England) & Gertrude BARTLETT, married Mabel Lena COSTELLO, 21, Clerk, Pembroke, South Porcupine, d/o W.A. COSTELLO (b. Canada) & M.A. DESJARDIN, Wtn. Mr. & Mrs. Henry MILLER, on Oct. 14, 1922 at South Porcupine

20562-1922 Samuel Thomas TRESIDDER, 36, Miner, Redruth England, Cobalt, s/o Martin TRESIDDER (b. Redruth England) & Elizabeth PRISK, married Beatrice Anne RICKARD, 18, England, Cobalt, d/o Joseph RICKARD (b. Pentawin? England) & Elizabeth Anne EASTERBROOK, Wtn. Emma A. BREWER, James WEBBER, on June 17, 1922 at Cobalt.

20556-1922 Herbert TRIPP, 28, Millwright, Lindsay, South Porcupine, s/o Dan TRIPP (b. Hastings Co) & Annie McMILLAN, married Laura May WOODS, 23, Cornwall, South Porcupine, d/o George WOODS (b. England) & Eliza Jane BULLOCK, Wtn. Wiliam Bryant KELLOW, Lillie WOODS, both Dome Mine Extension, on Dec. 23, 1922 at Dome Mine Extension, Tisdale Twp

20564-1922 Nicholls TRIPP, 31, Millman, Lindsay, Timmins, s/o Daniel TRIPP (b. Ont) & Anne McMILLAN, married Beulah MILKS, 22, Ottawa, Englehart, d/o Andrew MILKS (b. Ont) & Agnes McNEIL, Wtn. Mina MILKS of Englehart & Herbert TRIPP of Timmins, on Apr. 5, 1922 at Wabewawa

20560-1922 Willie TROTTIER, 27, Farmer, Michigammie Mich., Moonbeam, s/o Romeo TROTTIER (b. Gentilly Que) & Parmela GOYER, married Yvonne LEONARD, 15, St. Josite Que., Moonbeam, d/o Roderique LEONARD (b. St. Josite Que) & Celina CHARETTE, Wtn. Theodule LEONARD, Romeo TROTTIER, on Sept. 19, 1922 at Moonbeam

20558-1922 Douglas TURNER, 33, Clerk, Midcalde Scotland, Cochrane, s/o William (b. Scotland) & Anne TURNER, married Emily NUNN, 35, Haverhill Eng., Cochrane, d/o William Frederick NUNN (b. England) & Mathilda Elizabeth GOWERS, Wtn. Hilda A. REATS, Neil MacLEOD, both of Cochrane, on Oct. 9, 1922 at Cochrane.

20561-1922 Paul TYSLUK, 26, Miner, Austria, Timmins, s/o Mike TYSLUK & Nucel LUBIA?, married Rose COBAN, 21, Austria, Timmins, d/o Constant SOBAN (sic) & Lilian SYMCZUSZU, Wtn. Frank PIASKOWSKI of Timmins & K. ROMANCHUK of Moneta Timmins, on July 15, 1922 at Timmins

20567-1922 Roy Watson UPTON, 24, Lineman, Toronto, Timmins, s/o Mathew H. UPTON (b. England) & Elizabeth HENRY, married Edith Marion FAULKNER, 18, Bracebridge, Kelso, d/o John T. FAULKNER (b. Toronto) & Mary M. HARPER, Wtn. Robert HAMILTON, Hazel McCLINCHEY, both of Monteith, on Dec. 3, 1922 at Monteith

20569-1922 Odilon VAILLANCOURT, 22, Farmer, Sturgeon Falls, Cochrane, s/o Ernest VAILLANCOURT (b. Quebec) & Oliva MAISONEUVE, married Germaine COUSINEAU, 23, Hull Que., Cochrane, d/o Trefle COUSINEAU (b. Quebec) & Ada RICARD, Wtn. Ernest VAILLANCOURT, Trefle COUSINEAU, both of Cochrane, on Nov. 29, 1922 at Cochrane

20571-1922 Cleophas VANDETTE, 34, Farmer, Gratton Twp., Hearst, s/o Eustache VANDETTE (b. Gratton twp) & Eulalie LAMARCHE, married Loretta LAMOREUX, 21, School Teacher, Artic R.I. USA., Hearst, d/o Elzear LAMOREUX (b. Quebec) & Clara BARETTE, Wtn. Isadore VAUDETTE, Basil RONEY, both of Hearst, on Feb. 27, 1922 at Hearst

20572-1922 Steve VASILOFF, 24, Section Foreman, Bulgaria, Ogahalla, s/o Steve VASILOFF (b. Staroselo Bulgaria) & Mary KRAIOFF, married Florence PRINCE, 19, Wilno, Hearst, d/o Adam PRINCE (b. Poland) & Rosalia POKRYNSKA, Wtn. Mr. D. CHALLYKOFF of Hearst & Mr. Mike RANGELOFF of Timmins, on Feb. 14, 1922 at Hearst

20570-1922 Ernest Henry VAUGHAN, 48, Widower, Miner, London Eng., Kirkland Lake, s/o Augustus F VAUGHAN (b. Worcester England) & Christina E. TAYLOR, married Edith May AUSTIN, 47, Widow, Somersetshire Eng., Kirkland Lake, d/o William COWARTS (b. England) & Sarah PARSONS, Wtn. Margaret H. ANDERSON of Swastika, Arthur J. GRANT of Kirkland Lake, on Sept. 9, 1922 at Swastika

20568-1922 Edward Daniel VREELAND, 27, Brakeman, Alegene Cty. N.Y., Englehart, s/o George W. VREELAND (b. New York) & Lilian PENN, married Florence Maude HOSKEN, 19, England, Englehart, d/o Albert Edward HOSKEN (b. London England) & Rosetta SMITH, Wtn. A.E. HOSKEN, A.J. KILBRIDE, both of Englehart, on Dec. 18, 1922 at Englehart.


20577-1922 Arthur WALKER, 34, Car Checker on T & N.O., England, Cochrane, s/o Alfred WALKER (b. Norfolk England) & Rosetta HUBBARD, married Elizabeth Ellen TAYLOR, 28, England, Cochrane, d/o John TAYLOR (b. Rochdale England) & Charlotte SHELDON, Wtn. George Slater SHELDON, Mrs. Alice SHELDON, on Nov. 4, 1922 at Cochrane.

20576-1922 Austin Davie WALKER, 24, Farmer, Kingston, Dymond Twp., s/o Samuel WALKER (b. Middlesex Co Ont) & Mary L. CAMPBELL, married Jessie Elizabeth DUNN, 20, School Teacher, Hudson Twp., Same, d/o Edward J. DUNN (b. Frontenac Co) & Christina M. CLAYTON, Wtn. H.S. WALKER, Arlene PENSON, both of New Liskeard, on Oct. 19, 1922 at Hudson Twp

20575-1922 Jack WALSH, 21, Carpenter, Nova Scotia, Cobalt, s/o Hugh WALSH & Margaret WESCOTT, married Emily Alexander BALTIMORE, 17, Michigan USA., Cobalt, d/o Charles BALTIMORE & Emma JARVIS (Jarno?), Wtn. Bernard & Inez BALTIMORE of 5 Nickle St. in Cobalt, on Nov. 27, 1922 at Cobalt

20583-1922 Albert Victor WATERS, 26, Barrister, Toronto, Haileybury, s/o Alfred William WATERS (b. Birmingham England) & Ada GRENARD, married Florence Grace HALL, 28, Teacher, L’Orignal, Haileybury, d/o William Samuel HALL (b. L’Orignal Ont) & Florence Christina CAMPBELL, Wtn. Anna B. RUSSELL, Gertrude MILLER, both of Englehart, on May 24, 1922 at Englehart

20578-1922 Arthur WATT, 30, Miner, Fallowfield Ont, Swastika, s/o Cornelius WATT (b. Canada) & Margaret TIERNEY, married Anna ZINKIE, 24, Buckingham, Que., Cobalt, d/o Albert ZINKIE (b. Canada) & Anna CONROY, Wtn. Joseph LACELLE, Walter CONROY, both of Cobalt, on Oct. 12, 1922 at Cobalt

20582-1922 Douglas Henry WELCH, 33, Farmer, Northumberland Co., Newmarket twp, s/o Henry WELCH (b. Cornwall England) & Ida GARDNER, married Estella Jane WILLARD, 19, Milberta, Same, d/o William John WILLARD (b. Tosorontio Ont) & Estella Jane JOICE, Wtn. Gordon C. CALDWELL, Mrs. Gordon C. CALDWELL, both of Milberta, on May 31, 1922 at Milberta.

20581-1922 John Thomas WHELAN, 27, Farmer, Brudenell Twp., Charlton, s/o Michael WHELAN (b. Huntley Ont) & Mary CONROY, married Viola Bernetta SIMMS, 16, Powassan, Charlton, d/o Joseph SIMMS (b. Matese Que) & Beatrice ARMSTRONG, Wtn. H. ARMSTRONG of Cobalt, Beatrice SIMMS of Charlton, on June 12, 1922 at Cobalt


20586-1922 Henry WHITEFIELD, 31, Farmer, Scotland, Brower Twp., s/o James WHITEFIELD (b. Taunton England) & Sarah Ann HOARE, married Elva Viola TEETER, 18, Niagara Falls, Brower Twp., d/o William TEETER (b. Erin Ont) & Rachael STAFFORD, Wtn. Mr. & Mrs. E.A. STANBURY of Brower, on Jan. 12, 1922 at Cochrane.

20587-1922 William John WILLARD, 47, Widower, Farmer, Simcoe Co., Milberta, s/o George WILLARD (b. Canada) & Marie Ann PEELER, married Nora THOMAS, 19, Simcoe, Kerns, d/o Charles THOMAS (b. England) & Annie ABBIS, Wtn. Mrs. George & Mrs. Lillie WILLARD of Thornloe, on Jan. 31, 1922 at New Liskeard.

20573-1922 Robert Ernest WILSON, 23, Locomotive Fireman, Rosseau, Cochrane, s/o Allen WILSON (b. Glasgow Scotland) & Elizabeth FOREMAN, married Vera Margaret CASWELL, 22, Cobden, Cochrane, d/o Edgar CASWELL (b. Ont) & Evaline Eliza ROSS, Wtn. Marvin A. YOUNG, Jessie E. SMITH, both of Cochrane, on Dec. 20, 1922 at Cochrane.

20574-1922 Charles WILSON, 19, Teamster, Carp, Cobalt, s/o William WILSON (b. Ont) & Margaret ARMSTRONG, married Minerva BIGELOW, 18, Calumet Que., Cobalt, d/o Alexander BIGELOW (b. Buckingham Que) & Ada ROARXIN, Wtn. Edgar St. DENIS, Edna STEELE, both of Cobalt, on Dec. 6, 1922 at Cobalt

20588-1922 Victor WILSON, 27, Dairy Employee, Chapeau Que., North Cobalt, s/o Joel WILSON & Sarah MALONE, married M. Theresa ROBINSON, 24, Waltham Que., North Cobalt, d/o Charles ROBINSON & Nancy NELSON, Wtn. Magella MONTFORT, Marthe BERGOUNTON, both of North Cobalt, on Nov. 25, 1922 at North Cobalt

20584-1922 Eugene Porter WOODWORTH, 22, Motor Mechanic, Bangor Maine, Smooth Rock Falls, s/o Joseph WOODWORTH (b. New Germany NS) & Idella ERNST, married Edith COULLARD, 20, Bracebridge, Smooth Rock Falls, d/o Frederick COULLARD (b. Quebec) & Alice THURSTON, Wtn. Mrs. Peter HAWKINS of Timmins, Mrs. Robert BELL of Smooth Rock Falls, on Apr. 6, 1922 at Cochrane.

20580-1922 Edward Victor WOOLINGS, 21, Lumber Dealer, Toronto, Englehart, s/o T.S. WOOLINGS (b. Toronto) & Eva Maude SEXTON, married Geraldine Bodice JUMICE, 18, Flint Mich., Englehart, d/o Duffy JUMICE (b. Prescott Co. Ont) & A.N. RUSSELL, Wtn. C.P. HERRICK, Thelma JUMICE, both of Englehart, on Sept. 10, 1922 at Englehart

20585-1922 Charles William WOOLINGS, 42, Divorced, Lumberman, Toronto, Connaught Station, s/o Joseph WOOLINGS (b. England) & Elinor DOUBLEDAY, married Alice Dora SIMPKIN, 22, England, Cochrane, d/o Alexander Percy SIMPKIN (b. England) & Annie Marie PAYNOR, Wtn. Mr. & Mrs. Charles Henry LIDDICOAT of Cochrane, on Jan. 25, 1922 at Cochrane.

20579-1922 Archibald WRIGHT, 26, Electrician, England, Schumacher, s/o Archibald Muir WRIGHT (b. England) & Margaret WILSON, married Lorene Victoria BENDER, 22, School Teacher, Kitchener, Timmins, d/o John Peter BENDER (b. Ont) & Elizabeth ROEDDING, Wtn. Ethel M. & James KEENE of Schumacher, on Oct. 21, at Timmins