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Northern Districts, 1925, part 4 

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19537-25 Abel ABBOTT, 36, laborer, Newfoundland, Fort William, s/o George ABBOTT, b. Nfld & Mary Jane GUY, married Mary Teresa GWYNN, 40, widow, North Bay, Fort William, d/o Edward PAGE, b. Canada & Mary McFEE, witn: Florence & J. TOOL of Port Carleau?, 23 April 1925 at Fort William 19554-25 Edward Francis Jesse ALEXANDER, 22, weigh man, Fort William, same, s/o John ALEXANDER, b. Scarboro Ont & Mary BENKHE, married Elizabeth WESTWOOD, 21, telephone operator, London England, Fort William, d/o William WESTWOOD, b. Scotland & Sarah RYAN, witn: Fred C. GIBBONS & Vera ARDELL, both of Port Arthur, 9 Oct 1925 at 30 Algoma St., Port Arthur
19543-25 Charles Hodge ALLAN, 25, packer, Scotland, Fort William, s/o Andrew ALLAN, b. Scotland & Jane HODGE, married Madge HOPE, 27, Scotland, Fort William, d/o Francis W. HOPE, b. Scotland & Jemima GRACIE, witn: George A. COSLETT of Fort William & Mrs. Agnes LITTLE of 602 Harold St., 17 Feb 1925 at Fort William 19547-25 Alfred St.Leger ALLAN, 41, Edinburgh Scotland, Schreiber, s/o John M. ALLAN, b. Newfoundland & Bessie KERR, married Lottie GRAY, 43, widow, Brunce Mine, Schreiber, d/o James D. MUDGE, b. Devon England & Elizabeth Jane CULLIS, witn: Earldean GRAY of Schreiber & Gertrude LUCK? of Port Arthur, 12 Aug 1925 at Port Arthur
19554-25 Joseph ALLEN, 26, farmer, Ottawa, Baird, s/o Alphonse ALLEN & Emma PERRIER, married Beatrice BELANGER, 17, Baird, same, d/o Ivinon? BELANGER & Anna ROY, witn: Joseph BELANGER & Maria ALLEN, both of Baird, 27 April 1925 at Baird 19552-25 Walter ALLISON, 30, barber, Scotland, Fort William, s/o James ALLISON, b. Scotland & Elizabeth ALLEN, married Elsie COOPER, 31, England, Port Arthur, d/o Richard COOPER, b. England & Annie DODSON, witn: A. GAM--? & Mary MacLEAN, both of Fort William, 17 Sept 1925 at Fort William
19553-25 Bernard ANDERSON, 40, section foreman, Torsae Sweden, Raith, s/o Andrew ANDERSON, b. Sweden & Liina PETTERSON, married Emilia BLONQUIST, 49, widow, Finland, Raith, d/o Matti KASKALA, b. Finland & Anna Lissa JAVAJA, witn: Walder KANGAS & Walter AHO, both of Port Arthur, 4 April 1925 at Port Arthur 19539-25 Oscar ANDERSON, 24, oiler, Sweden, Port Arthur, s/o August ANDERSON, b. Sweden & Anna BOHALM, married Svea SWANSON, 18, domestic, Sweden, Port Arthur, d/o Gust SWANSON, b. Sweden & Anna ANDERSON, witn: Charles NELSON of Nipigon & Bere OCTIN of Minta House in Port Arthur, 19 April 1925 at Port Arthur
19545-26 John Adolph ANDERSON, 37, laborer, Sweden, Fort William, s/o Peter ANDERSON, b. Sweden & Kathleen ANDERSON, married Viola THOMPSON, 27, divorced, Kingston, Fort William, d/o Schovel THOMPSON, b. Kingston & Alvina WOOD, witn: K.E. & M. Eva CLENDENNIN of Fort William, 15 May 1925 at Fort William 19540-25 Emil ANDERSON, 34, laborer, Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Andrew JACOBSON, b. Finland & Ann ERICKSON, married Christena STENSADT, 38, widow, Norway, Port Arthur, d/o Ole STOCKNET, b. Norway & Dorothea AAGESON, witn: Florence A. SHIELS of 131 Bethune St & Janet CRUIKSHANK of 133 Bethune St., 11 April 1925 at Fort William
19549-25 William John ANGOVE, 29, car repairer, England, Fort William, s/o John ANGOVE & Emily SECCOMBE, married Maud CLARK, 29, widow, England, Fort William, d/o Henry Arthur SILVER & Mary Ann MURRAY, witn: Archie WHITEHOUSE & Annie SIMS, both of Fort William, 4 Nov 1925 at St. Pauls Church, Fort William 19538-25 James ARMITAGE, 34, farmer, England, Dorion Ont., s/o Edward ARMITAGE, b. England & Clara MARSLAND, married Veronica JAMES, 33, widow, England, Port Arthur, d/o Charles HILL, b. England & Emma WILSON, witn: Edward ARMITAGE & Mrs. HIBBITT, both of Port Arthur, 14 March 1925 at Port Arthur
19544-25 Adam ARNESON, 26, section foreman, Norway, Osko, s/o Arne ANDERSON, b. Finland & Anna ANDERSON, married Amanda LINTULA, 18, Finland, Osko, d/o John Anton LINTULA, b. Norway, & Maria PUSKA, witn: Leonard A. & Irene MAKI of 324 Pearl St. in Port Arthur, 29 Dec 1925 at Port Arthur 19546-25 Toivo ARNIO, 37, baker, Finland, Fort William, s/o Kalle ARNIO, b. Finland & Maria SALONEN, married Aino AHOLA, 25, Finland, Fort William, d/o Juho AHOLA, b. Finland & Kreita MAKI, witn: Eino TOWAINEN & Sophia HERVI, both of Port Arthur, 16 April 1925 at Port Arthur
19542-25 James Harold ATWILL, 20, locomotive fireman, Port Arthur, Nipigon, s/o James ATWILL, b. England & Annie ATTRIDGE, married Alice FILPPULA, 20, Port Arthur, same, d/o Nicholas FILPPULA, b. Finland & Mari ANTTILO, witn: Herman LANGILA & Betty FILPPULA, both of Port Arthur, 11 Jan 1925 at Port Arthur 19541-25 Alex ARVELIN, 23, carpenter, Port Arthur, same, s/o Gust ARVELIN, b. Finland & Hilma ANNALA, married Selma HALGREN, 18, Port Arthur, same, d/o Peter HALGREN, b. Finland & Loviisa STURHOYK, witn: John Jacob ARVELIN & Lyyti RAJALA, both of Port Arthur, 10 Feb 1925 at Port Arthur
19550-25 Ilmari AUER, 25, section man, Turku Finland, Makomon - Conmee twp, s/o John K. AUER, b. Finland & Mathilda SINSO, married Ingrid Elizabeth KIVIKKO, 19, New York, Oliver twp., d/o Erekki SISOMINEN, & Hilda Katrina KIVIKKO, witn: John & Josephine LINDHOLM of Oliver twp., 20 Oct 1925 at Port Arthur 19548-25 Robert AYLWARD, 32, farmer, Five Islands NS, Hurkett, s/o James (Joseph?) Robert AYLWARD, b. Nova Scotia & Althea FULLMORE, married Marion PERRY, 19, Slate River Ont., Hurkett, d/o Fairman PERRY, b. Nova Scotia & Antoinette M. DOBBIN (Robbins?), witn: William & Laura PERRY of Port Arthur, 18 Dec 1925 at Port Arthur
19560-25 Paul E. BABY, 28, laborer, Persia, Fort William, s/o Elias BABY, b. Persia & Mary MARY, married Shulamist ELYA, 19, Persia, Fort William, d/o Elya & Shalim?, witn: Paul ZACOB & Joe SOLOMON, both of Fort William, 1 March 1925 at Fort William 19571-25 Ture Albert BACKFORS, 23, laborer, Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Johan BACKFORS, b. Finland & Loviisa UNHOTILLER, married Hilda Katrina OJALA, 22, Finland, Port Arthur, d/o Matti OJALA, b. Finland & Loviisa KNOK, witn: Anna & Albert JOHNSON of Port Arthur, 18 April 1925 at Port Arthur
19557-25 Cyril Adam BANNISTER, 29, widower, ships carpenter, England, Port Arthur, s/o Fred J. BANNISTER, b. Birmingham England & Annie E. ADAMS, married Alice UPTON, 22, nurse, Port Arthur, Dorion, d/o Charles UPTON, b. England & Laura CLARK, witn: Vincent BANNISTER & Mina C. REID, both of Port Arthur, 18 Sept 1925 at Port Arthur 19568-25 John Harvey BATES, 22, truck driver, Ross twp., Fort William, s/o George BATES, b. Ont & Laura Jane BYCE, married Jessie McLEOD, 19, Scotland, Fort William, d/o Donald MacLEOD, b. Scotland & Jessie MacLEOD, witn: Gertrude STURLL of Nipigon & Matthew? McLEOD of Wiley St., 16 July 1925 at Fort William
19573-25 Oswald BEL, 28, laborer, Italy, Fort William, s/o Victor BEL, b. Italy & Catherine CANDUSO, married Caterina CONTERDO, 22, Italy, Fort William, d/o John CONTERDO, b. Italy & Florianana THERENA, witn: Matthew MEDINA & Mary TOPPOZZINI, both of Fort William, 21 March 1925 at Fort William 19581-25 Bertrand BENARD, 23, fisherman, Longueil Que., Rossport, s/o Emery BENARD & Regina CONTOIS, married Isabelle SOLOMON, 21, Killarney Ont., Rossport, d/o Frank SOLOMON & Louise de la MIRANDIERE, witn: Adolph KING & Neulette SOLOMON, both of Rossport, 15 April 1925 at Rossport
19558-25 Cyril BIGGS, 22, purifier in flour mill, England, Fort William, s/o Albert BIGGS, b. Sheffield England & Kate MORRIS, married Jane Elizabeth CHRISTY, 21, clerk, England, Fort William, d/o Walter CHRISTY, b. Northampton England & Annie BOYLES, witn: Cecil BAIN of Fort William & Dora CHRISTY of Port Arthur, 2 Nov 1925 at Wesley United Church, Fort William 19572-25 George Forrester BIGHAM, 52, widower, druggist, Ontario, 720 Elmwood Ave in Buffalo NY, s/o George BIGHAM, b. Ont & Ellen HUNTER, married Laura Albert CASEY, 48, saleslady, Ontario, New Westminster BC, d/o Allan Wells CASEY, b. Ont & Margaret HODGE, witn: Mrs. M. HODGE of Red River Rd in Port Arthur & Mrs. J.A. TUER of Port Arthur, 21 Sept 1925 at Port Arthur
19562-25 Ellwood BLACK, 22, CNR clerk, Fort William, Port Arthur, s/o William BLACK, b. Canada & Emma SHAW? (Slinn?), married Grace Edith McWHA, 20, stenographer, Port Arthur, same, d/o Charles McWHA, b. Canada & Katherine Ellen GETTY, witn: Myrtle McARTHUR & Charles McWHA, both of Port Arthur, 15 June 1925 at Port Arthur 19565-25 Harvey Edward BLAIR, 21, mill worker, Glenboro Man., Nipigon, s/o George ALEXANDER (sic) & Charlotte WEST, married Winnifred Emily BOTTERILL, 23, widow, England, Nipigon, d/o Walter HORA & Eunice DINNICK, witn: Ada HERN & Ernest STANLEY, both of Nipigon, 3 Feb 1925 at St. Pauls, Fort William
19559-25 Roy BLANCHARD, 21, farmer, Meaford Ont., Valetta, s/o Gidian BLANCHARD, b. Meaford & Betty WILSON, married Edna MYERS, 19, Scranton PA, Valetta, d/o John MYERS, b. Pennsylvania US & Annie MARYIAN, witn: Charles STRAIN? of Kakabeka & Annie FOTHERINGHAM of Port Arthur, 13 July 1925 at Port Arthur 19576-25 Samuel M. BORDEN, 25, telegraph operator, Halifax NS, Fort William, s/o Cromwell BORDEN, b. Halifax NS & Cassie MEADOWS, married Elizabeth MacKENZIE, 19, Kenora, same, d/o Franklin MacKENZIE, b. Plainfield Ont & Louise J. PUTSEY, witn: Mrs. A.J. BRUCE of 1309 Edward St. & Miss A. LUDWICK of Stanley Ont., 24 Nov 1925 at Fort William
19579-25 Paul BORECKY, 29, gentleman, Galicia, 1614 Home Ave., s/o John & Annie nee YOSKCHSHYN, married Stephania YOSWIAK, 22, Galicia, 1614 Home Ave., d/o Dmitro & Eudokia nee KOCHUZIWSKY, witn: John WYIWANKO of 1614 Home Ave & Saua PRIDLUSNY of 410 Gore St., 6 May 1925 at Fort William 19580-25 Patrick Lagarde BOUCHER, 21, trapper, Lake Helen Mission, same, s/o blank BOUCHER & Sarah LAGARDE, married Florence JAMES, 18, Jackfish Island, Parmachene Reserve Nipigon, d/o Thomas JAMES & Marguerite APISIKANG, witn: Albert RAY & Irene BOUCHARD, both of Lake Helen Mission, 11 May 1925 at Lake Helen Mission, Nipigon
19564-25 Francis Joseph BOUGIE, 26, car repairer, Schreiber, Port Arthur, s/o John Baptist BOUGIE, b. Quebec & Lea MARCOUX, married Martha Ann RULE, 21, Murillo Ont., Fort William, d/o Thomas RULE, b. Penzance Cornwall England & Margaret EVERETT, witn: John Henry RULE of Neebing & Victoria BOUGIE of Port Arthur, 17 June 1925 at Port Arthur 19577-25 Michael BOYKO, 24, laborer, Wolswyn - Yastrubeca Galicia Poland, 318 Robertson St. in Fort William, s/o Maksym BOYKO & Feska SHAKUDA, married Mary HUTZAN, 16, Kabyn Hostysti Bukowina Roumania, 422 Wiley St. in Fort William, d/o Koznia HUTZAN & Rajifta SAKALO, witn: P?. KWASNYCE & Maria HALICKA, both of Fort William, 17 Oct 1925 at Fort William
18569-25 Charles William BRINKWORTH, 24, grain sampler, Tiverton England, Port Arthur, s/o William BRINKWORTH, b. Batheaston England & Annie WHITING, married Doris BOND, 22, telephone operator, Leeds Yorkshire England, Port Arthur, d/o Robert BOND, b. Leeds England & Hannah Mary FEARNLEY, witn: George PYETT & Florrie BOND, both of Port Arthur, 17 March 1925 at Port Arthur 19678-25 Edward Abraham BROPHY, 30, switchman, Rosseau, Port Arthur, s/o James BROPHY & Maria EMLAW, married Lucy BEAULIEU, 22, maid, Larland - Beauce Co. Que., Port Arthur, d/o Joseph BEAULIEU & Leah FORTIN, witn: Joseph BROPHY & Marie BEAULIEU, both of Port Arthur, 24 Aug 1925 at Port Arthur
19570-25 William Edmond BROWN, 25, auto mechanic, Fort William, Port Arthur, s/o John F. BROWN, b. Port Arthur & Katherine SWANSON, married Ethel Matilda SHARPE, 25, Bad Axe Mich., Port Arthur, d/o D. SHARPE, b. Dawn twp Ont & Margaret PATTERSON, witn: Mae & Gilbert SHARP (sic) of 106 Ontario St., 14 July 1925 at Port Arthur 19566-25 Herbert Frederick BROWNE, 26, farmer, Toronto, O'Connor twp., s/o Frederick N. BROWNE, b. Ont & J.E. LOGAN, married Hilda Marion HUNT, 19, Conmee twp., same, d/o Richard HUNT, b. England & L. BEYNON, witn: A. WITTENSHAW of Hymers & Jennie BROWNE of Kakebeka Falls, 30 April 1925 at Fort William
19556-25 Sandy BRYK, 25, section foreman, Lemberg Poland, Ombabeka Ont., s/o Fred BRYK, b. Austria & Julia SCHORNICKA, married Lempi Susanna SALO, 23, domestic servant, Perasinajoki Finland, Port Arthur, d/o Keikki SALO, b. Finland & Kaisa HEIKKILA, witn: John BARRY of Ombabeka & Elma Lila JOHNSON of Fort William, 29 Sept 1925 at Port Arthur 19555-25 Finlay BUCHANAN, 32, provincial constable, Stornaway Scotland, Port Arthur, s/o Norman BUCHANAN, b. Stornaway Scotland & Mary MORRISON, married Caroline OVENS, 32, bank clerk, Ontario, Port Arthur, d/o Robert J. OVENS, b. Peel Co., & Amelia Jane, witn: Miss Phyllis MITCHELL of Port Arthur & J. OVENS of Fort Frances, 15 June 1925 at Port Arthur
19563-25 John BURTON, 39, assistant manager of elevator, Shipley Yorkshire England, Port Arthur, s/o Leonard BURTON, b. Yorkshire England & Sarah HARDY, married Sarah Penrose MacPHERSON, 28, teacher, Elgin Co., Port Arthur, d/o Daniel MacPHERSON, b. Campbelltown Ont & Beatrice SEARLE, witn: Mr. & Mrs. S.J. McCUTCHEON of Port Arthur, 27 June 1925 at Port Arthur 19575-25 James BURTON, 27, baker, Steancy? London England, Port Arthur, s/o James BURTON. b. England & Mary BURTON, married Susan BURROWS, 19, Hendon London England, Port Arthur, d/o George Edward BURROWS, b. England & Susan WOODWARD, witn: George Edward BURROWS & Mrs. Violet COOK, both of Port Arthur, 10 Nov 1925 at Port Arthur
19593-25 Charles John CARLSON, 23, public utilities employee, Port Arthur, same, s/o Charles CARLSON, b. Finland & Hanna HERLOF, married Martha Maria KOSKINEN, 28, Finland, Port Arthur, d/o Kalle KOSKINEN & Ida RAUTAVIEORI, witn: Mikko & Vappa HEINO of Port Arthur, 22 Dec 1925 at Port Arthur 19590-25 Sigfrid CARLSON, 28, bushman, Aba Lan Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Johannes CARLSON, b. Finland & Alesa LINDELL, married Olga ETELAMAKI, 29, cook, Wasa Lan Finland, d/o Kalle ETELAMAKI, b. Finland & Susanna NIENIR, witn: Sofia HIEN? & Gust PETERSON, both of Port Arthur, 13 June 1925 at Port Arthur
19587-25 Joseph George CHAMBERLAIN, 36, electrical supt., Arnprior, Fort William, s/o Joseph CHAMBERLAIN & Zoe DUMONT, married Kathleen Elsie BARRETT, 25, England, Fort William, d/o Edgar BARRETT & Kate Maude BARNARD, witn: Rev. L. BYRNE & Mrs. Clara STEWART, both of Fort William, 20 April 1925 at Fort William 19589-25 Lawrence William CHAMBERLAIN, 20, sawyer, Fort William, Port Arthur, s/o Thomas CHAMBERLAIN, b. Carlow Ireland & Agnes PORTEOUS, married Iris Evelyn MATTHEWS, 17, Hyde England, Port Arthur, d/o Edwin MATTHEWS, b. Liverpool England & Laura BRYANT, witn: Laura & Edwin MATTHEWS of 137 Cumberland St. in Port Arthur, 7 Aug 1925 at Port Arthur
19582-25 Otto Harold CHARLTON, 31, accountant, Harrowsmith, Winnipeg, s/o John illegible CHARLTON & Elizabeth GRAY, married Annie Myra PERRY, 2, Fort William,, same, d/o James H. PERRY & Annie CAMERON, witn: J.M. STEVENSON & Jean PERRY, both of Fort William, 14 Sept 1925 at Fort William 19583-25 Howitt Shera CHASE, 35, salesman, Port Arthur, same, s/o Alfred Henry CHASE, b. New Brunswick & Christena Maud REOCH?, married Mary Olive HUSTON, 31, Ontario, Fort William, d/o James HUSTON, b. Ont & Sarah SMITH, witn: Miss Eva R. HUSTON of Fort William & Charles H. CHASE of Port Arthur, 1 Jan. 1925 at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, Fort William
19594-25 Sam CHOMA, 32, laborer, Krozeza Poland, Port Arthur, s/o Joe CHOMA, b. Austria & Mary, married Frances ROSCICKA, 20, waitress, Szmankivci Poland, Port Arthur, d/o Steven ROSCICKA, b. Austria & Anna BOIKA, witn: Jack ROSSOW & Mike BENKE, both of Port Arthur, 17 Nov 1925 at St. Johns Church, Port Arthur 19584-25 Robert James COFFEY, 23, boiler maker, Killare? Ireland, Schreiber, s/o Robert James COFFEY, b. Co. Down Ireland & Mary Jane AGNEW, married Viola Flora Pearl LITTLE, 22, Escuminac Que.., Schreiber, d/o James Andrew LITTLE, b. Richibucto NB & Griselda REID, witn: Merle E. BULLER of 324 Harold St. & W.A. CARLEY of Schreiber, 22 Sept 1925 at Port Arthur
19588-25 Charles COLE, 25, wireless operator, England, Fort William, s/o Ernest COLE, b. England & Ada HARVEY, married Ethel SKINNER, 19, Estevan Sask., Fort William, d/o Josiah SKINNER, b. England & Mary BOND, witn: Mrs. Mary SKINNER & Mrs. Grace PRESTON, both of Fort William, 24 April 1925 at Fort William 19595-25 Ernest Harold COOK, 23, farmer, Belleville Ont., Port Arthur, s/o Purdy H. COOK, b. Belleville & Eliza BULWICK, married Violet Elizabeth BURROWS, 21, domestic service, England, Port Arthur, d/o George Edward BURROWS, b. London England & Susan WOODWARD, witn: Miss Susan BURROWS & James BURTON, both of Port Arthur, 23 Sept 1925 at St. Johns Church, Port Arthur
19592-25 Peter Leonard CORSIE, 23, iron worker, Scotland, Fort William, s/o John CORSIE, b. Scotland & Margaret SKETHAWAY, married Vera Alberta McARTHUR, 18, Penoka Alberta, Murillo Ont., d/o J.W. McARTHUR, b. Canada & Maud FRANKLIN, witn: Tom CORSIE of YMCA & Katherine MACKAY of 925 Marks St., 17 Aug 1925 at Fort William 19597-25 Philippe COUSINEAU, 49, conductor, Ottawa, Nakina, s/o Louis COUSINEAU & Seneville LEBEL, married Eva DESCHENES, 45, North Bay, Nakina, d/o Paul DESCHENES & Ciophie DUHAMEL, witn: Conrad & Paul DESCHENES of Nakina, 25 March 1925 at Nakina
19591-25 Robert Ernest Henry CRAIGIE, 21, clerk, Rossport, Fort William, s/o Thomas CRAIGIE, b. Scotland & Margaret ALEXANDER, married Beatrice Maud BARRETT, 19, Dawn twp., Port Arthur, d/o Daniel BARRETT, b. Scotland & Margaret STUART, witn: May A. JOHNSTON of 106 High St. & George NYBERG of 537 Van Horn St., 5 Oct 1925 at Port Arthur 19586-25 Joseph CROCKER, 26, laborer, Newfoundland, Fort William, s/o Stephen CROCKER, b. Nfld & Sarah HOWELL, married Mabel WHITTAKER, 17 +, Fort William, same, d/o Sowerby WHITTAKER, b. England & Emily EARNSHAW, witn: Mrs. C. BURTCH of 309 Heron St. & N. CROCKER of 715 Catherine St., 21 Aug 1925 at Fort William
19585-25 George CURRY, 31, civil engineer, Leyton Essex England, Funtlen China, s/o Walter William CURRY, b. Belfast Ireland & Annie SMITH, married Christine Elizabeth VEYSEY, 23, nurse, Emsworth Lancs. England, Port Arthur, d/o Fred VEYSEY, b. Southborne England & Edith DRURY, witn: Harvey GILLATLY of Fort William & Agnes BUCHANAN of Port Arthur, 21 Dec 1925 at Port Arthur 19596-25 Michael CZYCHKA, 42, fireman, Galicia, Fort William, s/o John CZYCHKA, b. Galicia & Maria KANICKA, married Barbara NAKONCZEWSKI, 36, Galicia, Fort William, d/o Maris NAKONCZEWSKI, b. Galicia & Petratru DUTKA, witn: Blazko KUNISZNY of McLeod St. & Stanyslaw ZAWADOWSKI of Robertson St., 22 Sept 1925 at Fort William
19371-25 Mike COLYN (or Kolyn, both given), 31, foreman, Austria, Cranberry Lake, s/o Michael KOLYN, b. Galicia Austria & Mary MAKICOSH, married Minnie SOKALOSKY, 19, Espanola, same, d/o Michael SOKOLOSKY, b. Galicia Austria & Annie LATARIN, witn: H. SMITH & Sophia LYNKEIRTZ, both of Espanola, 23 Feb 1925 at Espanola 19291-25 William Wallace DAGGETT, 28, railroad, Baraga Minnesota, Sudbury, s/o James DAGGETT, b. Michigan US & Jennie WINTERHALTER, married Marie Alma Anna SEGUIN, 20, Warren, Sudbury, d/o Telesphore SEGUIN & Corinne PAQUETTE, witn: Telesphore SEGUIN & Harry DAGGETT, both of Sudbury, 19 Oct 1925 at Sudbury
19600-25 Frederick DAIGLE, 26, cook, New Brunswick, Fort William, s/o William DAIGLE, b. New Brunswick & Mary DAIGLE, married Grace O'LEARY, 20, England, Fort William, d/o Alfred O'LEARY, b. Ireland & Mary GREENHALF (Greenhalgh?), witn: Herbert Edward & Sarah Marshall GIBSON of Fort William, 10 Oct 1925 at Fort William

19620-25 Andrea Ubalda DALDIN, 40, workman, Italy, Fort William, s/o Sebastiano DALDIN & Luigia TERAIOTTO, married Ernesta Filomena FOVRETTO, 28, Italy, Fort William, d/o Gustavo FOVRETTO & Colomba MURERRE, witn: Sabina VISANTIN of 507 McTavish St. & Giuseppe BATTISTELLA of 523 McIntosh St. both of Fort William on April 18, 1925 at Fort William

19618-25 Harry DANASHKA, 38, hunter, widower, of Cavell G.T.R., s/o Mike DANASHKA & Georgina JAKOANKO, married Marguerite MANATIS, 29, Long Lake, Cavell G.T.R., d/o Joseph MANATIS & Marie PITJIW, witn: Marguerite MIJOKI & Narcisse CHIEF both of Cavell on July 17, 1925 at Cavell G. T. R.

19602-25 Joseph Frederick DANIS, 20, laborer, Fort William, same, s/o Joseph DANIS, b. Ottawa & Celina DOUCETTE, married Grace Lillian LAMKE, 19, Fort William, Slate River, d/o George LAMKE, b. Illinois & Alice PAYNE, witn: George LAMKE of Slate River & Joseph DANIS of Fort William, 21 Oct 1925 at Fort William
19598-25 Arvo John DAVIDSON, 26, train man, Fort William, Port Arthur, s/o Matthew DAVIDSON, b. Finland & Margaret AHO, married Lillian May DIXON, 20, Winnipeg, Port Arthur, d/o William Henry DIXON, b. Winnipeg & Minnie MARKISON, witn: Norah A. ARCHER of Fort William & W.R. HERMISTON of Port Arthur, 14 Jan 1925 at Fort William 19609-25 Ernest Harley DEAN, 41, Captain of fire dept., Norfolk Co. Ont., Fort William, s/o William DEAN, b. Canada & Mary A. HARLEY, married Gladys F. SCHOALES, 24, St. Martins NB, Fort William, d/o Manford SCHOALES, b. Canada & Mary E. MILNER, witn: Frances VALE of 465 East Brock St. & E. HILLYER? of 529 Brodie St., 15 July 1925 at Fort William
19302-25 William DELANEY, 32, camp foreman, Massey, Tionaga, s/o William DELANEY & Elizabeth DORION, married Eva QUINN, 19, Vinton, Tionaga, d/o Alexander QUINN & Liazane KELLY, witn: Henri CHARRON of Foleyette & Alexander QUINN of Tionaga, 16 June 1925 at Foleyette

19617-25 Francesco DELL' ACQUA, 30, work man, Italy, Fort William, s/o Carmelo DELL'ACQUA & Guiseppa SNEAGNITI, married Filomena SICILIANO, 22, Fort William, same, d/o Salvatore SICILIANO & Maria FICARA, witn: Amalia PIRO of 603 Simpson St. & Vitaliano NISTICO of 600 Simpson St. both of Fort William on Sept. 8, 1925 at St. Joseph's Church Fort William

  19298-25 Frederick DELONGCHAMP, 20, laborer, Sudbury, same, s/o Joseph DELONGCHAMP & Maria St.JULIEN, married Marie Louise BLANCHETTE, 35, house keeper, Montmagny Que., Sudbury, d/o Joseph BLANCHETTE & Amanda BERNIER, witn: Dinora DELONGCHAMP & Jack SOUCY, both of Sudbury, 7 Jan 1925 at Sudbury
19301-25 Ivan DEMCZUK, 23, laborer, Roumania, Key Junction, s/o Stefan DEMCZUK & Eudockia PALAMERCZUK, married Maria BURAK, 20, Roumania, Sudbury, d/o Semen BURAK & Rachila ZAWADIUK, witn: Michael MARINOFF & Irene PAWLUK, both of Sudbury, 10 June 1925 at Sudbury 19311-25 Vincenzo Roethi DEMONO, 21, barber, Italy, Garson Mine, s/o Antonio Roethi DEMONO & Maria MAORO, married Paulina CAPRISE, 17, Pittsburgh PA, Garson Mine, d/o Francesco CAPRISE & Maria BARNARDO, witn: Ellore Guiseppe ELLIS & Ida BARAZNOD, both of Coniston, 24 Sept 1925 at Coniston
19310-25 Aguila DESBIEN, 24, laborer, Labelle Que., Stinson, s/o Joseph DESBIENS & Eveline COTE, married Dora ROY, 23, Chelmsford, Stinson, d/o Leon ROY & Marie BEAUCHAMP, witn: Adolphe MARECHAL of Montreal & Basile ROY of Stinson, 4 Nov 1925 at Coniston 19599-25 Carlo DIMIARIA, 28, Carpine Italy, Fort William, s/o Michael DIMIARIA & Italy & Mary GALTE, married Siami NIEMA, 21, Alajaini Finland, Fort William, d/o Alex NIEMI, b. Finland & Sanna ANNALA (Anasla?), witn: Patrick & Angelina MURRO of Fort William, 17 Oct 1925 at St. Johns Church, Port Arthur
19606-25 Kenneth James DOAK, 29, printer, New Brunswick, Fort William, s/o James A. DOAK, b. New Brunswick & Carrie BLAIR, married Bernest LYNCH, 19, Quebec, Fort William, d/o Andrew LYNCH, b. Quebec & Isabella FRASER, witn: W. Clarence & Mrs. Ada HARRISON of 133 Syndicate Ave., 20 May 1925 at Fort William 19601-25 Stanley Ernest DODDS, 24, farmer, Ardock near Kingston, Harkett Ont., s/o John DODDS, b. Scotland & Lottie BALDWIN, married Johannah McDONALD, 18, Port Arthur, Harkett, d/o Charles McDONALD, b. Ont & Nora BARRETT, witn: illegible McGOUGH & Gertrude illegible, 17 March 1925 at Port Arthur

19614-25 Hrykory DOLAYCHUK, 34, labourer, Galicia, Kaministikwia Ont., s/o Thnaty DOLAYCHUK & Catherine CHARCZICK, married Maria MIKULA, 23, Galicia, McMullan St. # 841 Fort William, d/o Thia MIKULA & Anastasia KRUCIK, witn: Thia HIRYCIK of 841 McMullen St. & Mykola NOVOSAD of 843 McMullen St. both of Fort William on Oct. 10, 1925 at Fort William.

19616-25 Bronislaus DOLINISKI, 24, laborer, Jagielnica POLAND, 215 Pacific Ave. Fort William, s/o Antonius DOLINISKI & Mary PUDCHAJNA, married Emilia CRERNEJKO, 18, Canada, An Ern?, d/o Perep CRERNEJKO & Mary LELSK, witn: Michael KRYWIECSKO of 621 Hargrave & John KALUCKI of 618 McPherson both of Fort William on Oct. 10, 1925 at Fort William

19610-25 Peter Lachlan DONALDSON, 52, widower, machinist, Scotland, Port Arthur, s/o George DONALDSON, b. Scotland & Annie McLEAN, married Elizabeth FOSTER, 38, England, Port Arthur, d/o John FOSTER, b. England & Elizabeth FELL, witn: Annie M. DONALDSON of Port Arthur & Frederick FOSTER of Dorion Station, 16 July 1925 at Fort William

19612-25 John DORAN, 23, labourer, Austria, Port William, s/o John DORAN (b. Austria) & Kate MYZURA, married Florence SYRETTE, 22 (b. 10 July 1904), Mission Reserve Fort William, Fort William, d/o C. SYRETTE (b. Mission Reserve Fort William) & Kate BROWN, witn: Fredericka F. SWORD & Mrs. W. C. PEARCE both of Fort William on Sept. 15, 1925 at Fort William. [re bride: "My father & mother are both dead and I was baptized in a small mission church but cannot get any records"]

19293-25 Albert Alexander DORION, 29, railway agent, Braeside Ont, Blind River, s/o Richard William DORION, b. Ottawa Ont & Margaret McDONALD, married Elizabeth Jean McGILLIVRAY, 28, Dean Lake, Blind River, d/o Edward Craig McGILLIVRAY, b. Scotland & Mary Ellen INKSTER, witn: John & Mrs. J. ENO of Espanola, 7 Oct 1925 at Espanola  
19607-25 Clarence Wilfrid James DOUCETT, 21, show card writer, Superior Wisconsin, Fort William, s/o Alex DOUCETTE, b. Mattawa Ont & Agnes CLOUTIER, married Annie Margaret McINTYRE, 18, Pipestone Manitoba, Fort William, d/o David Wesley McINTYRE, b. Renfrew Ont & E. Margaret WILTON, witn: George H. IRNOCS? of 206 High St. & Gertrude B. TUER of Port Arthur, 7 Dec 1925 at Port Arthur [divorced 25 Oct 1933 at Port Arthur] 19296-25 Wallace Ewington DOUGLAS, 21, clerk, Nairn Ont., Espanola, s/o John C. DOUGLAS, b. Canada & Edith M. BURTON, married Alice BROWN, 21, Blind River, Espanola, d/o Alexander BROWN, b. Canada & Mary TRAVERS, witn: Albert FAVREAU & Maude FAVREAU, both of Espanola, 3 April 1925 at Espanola
19605-25 Donald DOW, 23, mechanic, Fort William, same, s/o Donald DOW, b. Scotland & Mary Jane McLAURIN, married Barbara SHAW, 22, Scotland, Fort William, d/o Kenneth C. SHAW, b. Scotland & Janet RAMSAY, witn: Doris DOW of 201 Syndicate Ave & John Harold TRESCH of 1516 Rankin St. in Fort William, 24 Sept 1925 at Fort William 19608-25 Frederick DRAPER, 47, farmer, England, Valetta, s/o Thomas DRAPER, b. England & Jane TAYLOR, married Esther MYERS, 25, Scranton PA, Valetta, d/o John MYERS, b. USA & Annie MERRIMAN, witn: Janet CRUIKSHANK & Florence A. SHIELS, both of Fort William, 27 July 1925 at Fort William

19613-25 Darcy DREW, 32, farmer, Hamilton, Port Arthur, s/o George DREW (b. Canada) & Lucy MATIUS, married Josephine PERRIN, 15, Poland, Fort William, d/o Wasel PERRIN (b. Galicia) & Maria MANCHAK, witn: Raisa BOZYK & Joseph KRUSHELNICKY both of 629 McIntosh St. Fort William on Feb. 14, 1925 at Fort William

19603-25 Frank Robert DRIGGS, 27, auto mechanic, Antigo Wisconsin, Port Arthur (now of Chicago), s/o John DRIGGS, b. Michigan & Tillie CARTER, married Myrtle STOW, 27, Hobart Indiana, Port Arthur, d/o Fred STOW, b. Germany & Mary PASSION, witn: Merrit DRIGGS & Helen CHAUSEE, both of Port Arthur, 29 Nov 1925 at Fort William
19289-25 William George DUBE, 30, freight shed foreman, Pembroke Ont., Sudbury, s/o George DUBE, b. Riviere du Loup Que & Elise LAVALLEE, married Alma Blanche LATREILLE, 20, stenographer, Massey, Sudbury, d/o Louis LAVALLEE, b. St. Etienne des Gres Que., & Mary FAUBERT, witn: Louis & John Alfred LETREILLE of Sudbury, 9 Dec 1925 at Sudbury

19611-25 Nicholas DUMANSKY, 36, section man, widower, Austria, Dorion Ont., s/o Penk DUMANSKY (b. Bukovina) & Maria MATCHUSKA, married Domna KOSZMAN, 33, widow, Austria, Dorion, d/o Mike BEILKI (b. Bukovina) & Nostancie PAWLIUK, witn: William & Paruska BAILSKIE both of Hurkett on July 18, 1925 at Nipigon


19619-25 William Coombe DUNN, 34, clergyman, Middlejoy? Somersetshire England, Little Current, s/o William Henry DUNN & Elizabeth COOMBE, married Ivy Lillian HAINES, 19, Egham Surrey England, Dorion, d/o Francis HAINES & Harriet Frances PETERS, witn: Theresa HOLDER & Albert De REHAN both of Dorion & Mabel SWAIN of Port Arthur on May 1, 1925 at Dorion.

19300-25 Joseph Allison DURET, 22, laborer, St. Jean l'Evangelist Chicoutimi Que., St. Charles, s/o Guillaume DURET & Archange CAISSE, married Maria Yvonne FRAPPIER, 25, Rockland Ont., St. Charles, d/o Emery FRAPPIER & Celina DEPOTY, witn: Henri BEAUCHAMP & Emery FRAPPIER, both of St. Charles, 1 June 1925 at St. Charles 19292-25 Russell Solman DUVAL, 23, lumberman, Petawawa, Timmins, s/o Charles Arthur DUVAL, b. Cape Percy Que., & Martha DEVINE, married Charlotte Rose HARTLEY, 25, Kingston Ont., Timmins, d/o William John HARTLEY, b. McComb NY & Annie Ellen PIPER, witn: H. HOWARD of Chapleau & L? J. LEWIS of Toronto, 5 Oct. 1925 at Chapleau
19604-25 Jan DYCZKOWSKI, 28, laborer, Galicia, Fort William, s/o Elias DYCZKOWSKI, b. Poland & Catherine SLOBODINK, married Josephine BRESWAND, 20, Galicia, Fort William, d/o Joseph BREZWAN (sic), b. Poland & Maria FROLEIWCZ, witn: F. KRANDCHUK & Sabina VISENTEN, both of Fort William, 29 Jan 1925 at St. Patricks Church, Fort William

19615-25 Georges DZYNGEL, 32, railroad worker, Kolervlsiany Poland, Cavell, s/o Andrew DZYNGEL & Mary SHUBADECKI, married Sophia REROZAK, 32, Kolervlsiany Poland, Nakina, d/o Ignace REROZAK & Helen BOSOHORA, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Michel DZYNGEL both of Nakina on Oct. 9, 1925 at Nakina.

19318-25 Wilfred EATON, 24, telegraph operator, Chelmsford, same, s/o Daniel EATON & Donalda VAILLANCOURT, married Marie Jeanne Salome TROTTIER, 20, stenographer, Chelmsford, Blezard Valley, d/o Alfred TROTTIER & Agnes CHARTRAND, witn: Daniel EATON of Chelmsford & Alfred TROTTIER of Blezard Valley, 16 Nov 1925 at Blezard Valley 19313-25 George Frederick EATON, 24, telegraph operator, Van Kleek Hill, Sudbury, s/o George EATON, b. Ont & Elizabeth McGILL, married Beatrice Lillian QUESNEL, 25, Mattawa, Sudbury, d/o Alfred QUESNEL, b. Quebec & Marie Louise SOUCEY, witn: J.E. EATON of Cartier & T.P. HANRAHAN of Sudbury, 12 Oct 1925 at Hanmer
19315-25 John EMLAW, 26, miner, Webbwood, Creighton Mine, s/o Bert EMLAW & Louise MAVILLE, married Irene BEAUDOIN, 18, Getino Point (Gatineau Point?), Creighton Mine, d/o Samuel BEAUDOIN & Matilda LAFOURNIER, witn: Mrs. Eber WALSH & M.E. PRITTIE, both of Copper Cliff, 7 Feb 1925 at Copper Cliff

19624-25 Peter ENDERS, 24, farmer, Illinois USA, Kakabeka Falls, s/o Peter ENDERS (b. Germany) & Margaret BECKER, married Rheva PROUT, 21, teacher, Tenby Bay St. Joseph's Island, Kakabeka Falls, d/o George PROUT (b. Canada) & Eliza WOOD, witn: Mary PROUT & Charles GROVES both of Kakabeka Falls on Dec. 3, 1925 at Port Arthur.

19623-25 Ray ETTINGER, 19, butcher, Hants Co. New Brunswick, Fort William, s/o Joseph ETTINGER & Margaret LATE, married Olive SKILTON, 18, England, Fort William, d/o Frank SKILTON (b. England) & Gertrude CURTIS, witn: Mrs. R. W. & Mrs. J. J. RUMLEY both of Fort William on March 3, 1925 at Fort William

19622-25 George EVANS, 37, railway conductor, England, Port Arthur, s/o John EVANS (b. Wales) & Ellen SANBORNE, married Mary GAVIN, 34, Lansdowne, Fort William, d/o Benjamin GAVIN (b. Lansdowne) & Bridget BULGER, witn: Erminnie & Robert PECK both of Port Arthur on Oct. 22, 1925 at Fort William.

19621-25 George Henry EVERETT, 30, switchman, Murillo Ont., Fort William, s/o Robert (b. Hanover Grey Co.) & Clara, married Helen JONES, 28 (b. 10 Oct 1897), widow, Ottawa, Fort William, d/o Thomas JONES (b. Ottawa) & Mary HOWARD, witn: Helen & Henry RIOUX both of Port Arthur on Sept. 28, 1925 at The Baptist Parsonage Fort William. [re bride: "parents are both dead"]

19636-25 Luigi FAVORETTO, 29, elevator electrical, Azzano Decimo (Italy?), Fort William, s/o Pietro FAVORETTO & Rosa CAMPAGNA, married Angelina TOFFOLI, 25, Azzano Decimo, Fort William, d/o Basilio TOFFOLI & Florena CARNIEL, witn: Maria TOPAZZINI & Ferias FAVORETTO both of Fort William on Aug. 1, 1925 at Fort William

19628-25 Gerhard Thurval FERRING, 35, telegraph operator, Minnesota USA, Lorn (Loon?) Ont., s/o Theodore FERRING (b. USA) & Ingaborg WILSON, married Christina Calder DAVIDSON, 25, nurse, Scotland, Port Arthur, d/o William Carey DAVIDSON (b. Scotland) & Rebecca GRINTON, witn: Catherine DAVIDSON of 112 Prospect Ave & William STOREY of 63 Regent St. both of Port Arthur on April 25, 1925 at Port Arthur

19321-25 Arthur FIORAVANTI, 22, section foreman, Torre di Palme Italy, Anstice Ont., s/o Pietro FIORAVANTI, b. Torre De Palme Italy & Philomene LUCIANI, married Bianca PESCIETTI, 20, Porto S. Georgio Italy, Anstice, d/o Vincense BIANCA (sic), b. Torre di Palme Italy & Maria MAJETTI, witn: Nina SBREGA & Leandre SBREGA, both of Capreol, 25 Oct 1925 at Capreol

19625-25 James FITZPATRICK, 28, dairyman, Quebec, Fort William, s/o William FITZPATRICK (b. Quebec) & Rosie LOUGHRIN, married Susie Marie KARISNY, 18, Eveleth Minnesota, Fort William, d/o Ignace KARISNY & Anna SKUTA, witn: Patrick COSGROVE & Sophia KARISNY no residences given on Jan. 12, 1925 at Fort William.

19626-25 William David FLATT, 26, agent, Winnipeg Manitoba, Port Arthur, s/o James Wesley FLATT (b. Richmond Hill) & Etta PLAYFAIR, married Grace GERRAND, 27, Virden Manitoba, same, d/o Simon GERRAND (b. Ontario) & Catherine SMALL, witn: J. R. GERRAND of Virden Manitoba & J. H. FLATT of Port Arthur on Jan. 31, 1925 at Port Arthur

19324-25 Edward Cecil FLEMING, 21, bookkeeper, Loring Ont., Sudbury, s/o Frederick W. FLEMING, b. Napanee & Carrie SHEA, married Oliva Irene LIDSWORTH, 21, Sudbury, same, d/o Frederick LIDSWORTH, b. Trenton (Treston?) & Myra CHURCH, witn: Milly RICHER & Hilton L. LABUCK, both of Sudbury, 22 April 1925 at Sudbury

19635-25 John Gerald FLYNN, 31, foreman, St. John New Brunswick, Port Arthur, s/o William FLYNN & Catharine LYNCH, married Norma Beatrice McLEOD, 20, nurse, Port Arthur, same, d/o George M. McLEOD & Agatha PERRAS, witn: Yvonne McLEOD & Oliver MUCKLER both of Port Arthur on June 29, 1925 at Port Arthur

19326-25 Rosario FONTAINE, 26, laborer, St. Henri Montreal, Sudbury, s/o Theodore FONTAINE & Lisa RACICOT, married Corona HOULE, 17, Blezard Valley, Sudbury, d/o David HOULE & Alexina LATOUR, witn: David HOULE & Emile TREMBLAY, both of Sudbury, 14 Dec 1925 at Sudbury 19325-25 Robert Charles FORDY, 31, telegraph operator, Quincey Illinois, Sudbury, s/o John FORDY, b. England & Caroline BORDON, married Kathleen Jessica TOUGH, 22, Sudbury, same, d/o William TOUGH, b. Ottawa & Harriet JUNKIN, witn: S.A. FANY? & Norma TOUGH, both of Sudbury, 28 Jan 1925 at Sudbury

19629-25 Robert FORRESTER, 31, plumber, England, Fort William, s/o Robert FORRESTER (b. Liverpool England) & Jane GRUNDY, married Winnifred Ellen EDWARDS, 30, England, Fort William, d/o John Robert EDWARDS (b. England) & Annie BOWEN, witn: Victor Charles LE FEUVRE & Ada FOWLES both of Fort William on June 8, 1925 at St. Paul's Church Fort William

19319-25 Eugene FOURNIER, 26, stope boss, Minniwaki Que., Creighton, s/o Eugene FOURNIER, b. Quebec & Elonard JOLEVAITTE, married Delia MAROIS, 21, Larchwood Ont., Creighton, d/o Edward MAROIS, b. Quebec & Margaret BOLENGER, witn: Margaret BULL & Lyla M. DAVIES, both of Sudbury, 30 Nov 1925 at Sudbury 19320-25 Xavier FOURNIER, 35, laundry man, Quyon Que., Sudbury, s/o Celestin FOURNIER, b. Rigaud Que & Angele BEAUDOIN, married Clara LECAMP, 31, Lafontaine Ont., Sudbury, d/o William LECAMP, b. Lafontaine Ont & Odile PAIEMENT, witn: Gedeon BONIN & Anthime FOURNIER, both of Sudbury, 11 Dec 1925 at Sudbury

19631-25 Henry Wilton FOXTON, 27, ticket clerk, Sheffield England, Fort William, s/o John Thomas FOXTON (b. Leeds England) & Mary Lily W. ELSE, married Alma Margaret WARNER, 24, nurse, Vatchel Ont, Fort William, d/o William J. WARNER (b. Leaskdale Ontario) & Lulu F. McLEOD, witn: Joseph WHITE of 113 S. Archibald St. & O. KNIBBS of 129 Brock St. both of Fort William on April 16, 1925 at 129 N. Harold Street Fort William

19633-25 Joseph FRANKS, 21, warehouseman, England, Port Arthur, s/o Harry FRANKS (b. England) & Adelaide STOKES, married Laverna DOWNS, 19, USA, Port Arthur, d/o Reuben DOWNS (b. Painsville Ohio) & Bertha ZAGAN, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. ALLEN both of Port Arthur on Sept. 19, 1925 at Port Arthur

19322-25 Forest FRASER, 31, boat captain, Sturgeon Falls, Whitefish, s/o John FRASER, b. Chapeau Que & Lena ARMITAGE, married Adeline NAPITCH, 21, Naughton, Whitefish, d/o Moses NAPITCH, b. Naughton & Wahbenimik, witn: Walter LUOMA & George RAUGELOW, both of Sudbury, 31 July 1925 at Sudbury

19630-25 Merrill FREAMO, 22, locomotive fireman, Renfrew, Fort William, s/o Louis FREAMO (b. Quebec) & Olive BELANGER, married Beatrice BERNARD, 19, Montreal, Fort William, d/o Victor BERNARD (b. Quebec) & Exela NOEL, witn: B. D. KEON & Lena HERRON both of Fort William on Dec. 28, 1925 at Fort William

19632-25 Joseph Victor FREGEAU, 24, electrician, Webbwood, Fort William, s/o Clovis FREGEAU (b. Rimouski) & Catherine BINAUL, married Mary Eleanor KIDDER, 22, Aylmer, Fort William, d/o Daniel KIDDER (b. Ontario) & Mary E. BLAKE, witn: Clovis FREGEAU & Mrs. M. E. KIDDER both of Fort William on Oct., 1, 1925 at Fort William

19627-25 William Norman Patrick FRIDAY, 18, tracker, Port Arthur, same, s/o Joseph FRIDAY (b. Bruce Mines) & Isabelle McINTYRE, married Rose Marie PARENT, 18, Chapleau, Port Arthur, d/o John PARENT (b. Canada) & Julia DION, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Frank ROY of 240 Van Norman both of Port Arthur on March 2, 1925 at Port Arthur.

19634-25 Elmer Murray FUMMERTON, 21, railroad worker, Fort William, same, s/o Neil Murray FUMMERTON & Augusta ANDERSON, married Nyla Esther VERTANEN, 20, Port Arthur, same, d/o Alex VERTANEN & Ida HALBERG, witn: Irene & Alexander ROSS both of 419 North Syndicate Ave. Fort William on Sept. 7, 1925 at Port Arthur

19339-25 Lignon GAGNE, 27, laborer, Pointe St. Charles Montreal, Sudbury, s/o Joseph GAGNE & Mary SAVAGE, married Clara VALIQUETTE, 20, Conception - Labelle Co. Que., Sudbury, d/o Guillaume VALIQUETTE & Delia LAPIERRE, witn: Guillaume & Henri VALIQUETTE, both of Sudbury, 28 Dec 1925 at Sudbury 19331-25 Octave GAGNIER, 24, laborer, Bonfield, Espanola, s/o Eugene GAGNIER & Delima MORRICE, married Amandas LECLAIR, 19, Black Donald, Espanola, d/o Thomas LECLAIR & Virginie AUBREY, witn: Moise GIRARD & Thomas LECLAIR, both of Espanola, 28 April 1925 at Espanola

19656-25 Stephen GALAN, 32, teacher, Rumania, Port Arthur, s/o Nykolay GALAN (b. Ukraine) & Sanchra BRASKCHUK, married Rosalin ZROBOK, 18, Kenora, same, d/o J. ZROBOK (b. Ukraine) & Natalia RUDKOWSKA, witn: Volsdymyr & Anna KUPCHENKO both of 731 Simpson St. Fort William on Oct. 4, 1925 at Fort William

19646-25 Augustine GARD, 31, editor, Wokingham Cumberland England, Grand Prairie Alberta, s/o Henry GARD (b. Ashton King England) & Mary C. EAGLESFIELD, married Marion Naomi DUNBAR, 25, stenographer, Southampton Ontario, Port Arthur, d/o James A. DUNBAR (b. Lossiemouth Scotland) & Annie OLIVER, witn: Minnesota McCUAIG & Lloyd DUNBAR both of Port Arthur on Oct. 22, 1925 at Port Arthur

19650-25 James Edwin GARDINER Jr., 37, lawyer, Portsmouth Virginia USA, Winthrop Building Duluth Minnesota USA, s/o James Edward GARDINER (b. Virginia USA) & Frances Don JONES, married Adella B. CHANNING, 25, China, 119 East Third St. Duluth Minnesota USA, d/o Andrew CHANNING (b. England) & Florence ZSZMURKOFF, witn: Mrs. Edith LAWSON & Mrs. Winifred MONTIZAMBERT both of 226 Pearl St. Port Arthur on June 11, 1925 at Port Arthur

19659-25 Walter Joseph GARDINER, 27, clerk, Port Arthur, same, s/o George GARDINER & Mary Ellen BROWN, married Ada Rose TRUSS, 28, England, Port Arthur, d/o Henry TRUSS & Esther CHURCH, witn: Mrs. M. FERGUSON of 360 Foley St. & William LAPERRIERE of Shuniah Street both of Port Arthur on Sept. 10, 1925 at Port Arthur.

19654-25 William Orr GARDNER, 21, fireman, Virden Manitoba, Port Arthur, s/o John Findlay GARDNER (b. Glasgow Scotland) & Harriet ORR, married Kate BOWERMAN, 28, widow, Grey Co., Port Arthur, d/o John Collins WRIGHT (b. Whitehorse USA) & Mary Ann SIMPSON, witn: Mrs. McINTYRE of Doren & Geer FLOOD of 394 John St. of Port Arthur on July 25, 1925 at Port Arthur

19640-25 Ignatius GARDNER, 39, millwright, Newfoundland, Port Arthur, s/o Martin GARDNER (b. Ontario) & Mary Ellen STUCKLESS, married Lilly May HARRISON, 30, Fort William, Port Arthur, d/o Roderick Munro YOUNG (sic) (b. Ireland) & Mary Jane ARTHUR, witn: Roderick YOUNG of 119 Pine St. & Margaret ELDER of 37 Court St. both of Port Arthur on Feb. 23, 1925 at St. Paul's Church at Port Arthur

19649-25 Harry Emile GAREAU, 40, C.N.R. signal Dept., St. Andre Avelin Quebec, Fort William, s/o Demase GAREAU (b. Quebec) & Lebeana SABOURIN, married Rose DEMERS, 35, Sault Ste. Marie, same, d/o Wilbur DEMERS (b. Quebec) & Harcul? MARCHILDON, witn: Edgar GAREAU & Mrs. Alphonse COLOMBE both of Fort William on July 23, 1925 at Fort William

19647-25 Charles Stanley GARWOOD, 22, hostler, London England, Port Arthur, s/o Charles William GARWOOD (b. London England) & Annie Frances BLAIR, married Josephine Nellie WARD, 22, St. Lawrence Manitoba, Port Arthur, d/o Christian SORENSON (b. St. Lawrence Manitoba) & Virginia CHARLEBOIS (adopted parents), witn: Charles & Annie Frances GARWOOD both of Port Arthur on Dec. 19, 1925 at St. John's Church Port Arthur.

19651-25 Edmund GASCOIGNE, 22, machinist, England, Fort William, s/o Harry GASCOIGNE (b. West Bromwich England) & Sarah FENTON, married Elizabeth Hester CHURCHER, 19, England, Fort William, d/o Alfred W. T. CHURCHER (b. England) Eva JEWHURST, witn: M. GARCOIGNE of 261 King St. & Velma McKECHNIE of 1115 Donald St. both of Fort William on April 8, 1925 at Wesley Church Fort William

19335-25 Adolphe GASCON, 23, farmer, Bouchette Ont., Hanmer, s/o Philoruns GASCON & Philomene DROUIN, married Marie Anne LABELLE, 22, Hanmer, same, d/o Marcelus LABELLE & Agnes THIBAULT, witn: Philoruns GASCON & Marcelus LABELLE, both of Hanmer, 27 Oct 1925 at Hanmer
19332-25 Raphael GAUDETTE, 25, clerk, Warren, same, s/o Raphael GAUDETTE & Clara CHENETTE, married Albina DUPUIS, 19, St. Charles, same, d/o Frank DUPUIS & Justine BLANCHARD, witn: Raphael GAUDETTE & Albert DUPUIS, 4 Aug 1925 at St. Charles 19329-25 Wilfred Eugene GERVAIS, 27, merchant, Warren, Gogama, s/o Eugene GERVAIS, b. Calumet Que & Herminie DANIS, married Marie Violet Elinda McGREGOR, 22, teacher, Massey, Gogama, d/o William McGREGOR, b. Massey & Marie Louise BELLAMOURE, witn: J.H.M. VIGNEAULT & William DUBE, both of Sudbury, 14 July 1925 at Sudbury

19641-25 Alexander GIBB, 46, trick driver, Scotland, Fort William, s/o James GIBB (b. Scotland) & Mary MILNE, married Elizabeth Stenhouse Wilson CROWE, 34, Scotland, Fort William, d/o John CROWE (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth WILSON, witn: Margaret & Robert CROWE both of 449 Prince Arthur Blvd. Port Arthur on Feb. 18, 1925 at Port Arthur

19645-25 Herbert GIBSON, 25, painter, Yarmouth Nova Scotia, Fort William, s/o Stephen GIBSON (b. Nova Scotia) & Ellen BROWN, married Sarah MARSHALL, 22, Scotland, Fort William, d/o Alexander MARSHALL (b. Scotland) & Agnes McLEARY, witn: J. & C. J. GLOVER both of 118 North Harold Street Fort William on Sept. 12, 1925 at Fort William.

19643-25 Walter John GIBSON, 25, government trackman, Ireland, Fort William, s/o John GIBSON (b. Ireland) & Sarah BAILEY, married Johnanna LAURIE, 24, saleslady, Scotland, Fort William, d/o John LAURIE (b. Scotland) & Catherine CAMPBELL, witn: Mrs. Ada BENSON & Mrs. RUMLEY both of Fort William on Oct. 8, 1925 at Fort William. [re bride: "parents are in Scotland"]

19637-25 Arthur Stanley GILBY, 34, grain inspector, Port Arthur, same, s/o William F. GILBY (b. York Yorkshire England) & Elizabeth EINBODIN, married Beatrice Maud CAMERON, 25, Penetanguishene, Port Arthur, d/o Andrew CAMERON (b. Canada) & Agnes BYERS, witn: William & Etta BENNETT both of Port Arthur on Sept. 5, 1925 at Port Arthur

19644-25 William Neil GILCHRIST, 25, salesman, Grey Co., Port Arthur, s/o Neil GILCHRIST (b. Islay Scotland) & Bessie BUZZA, married Minnie SMITH, 23, stenographer, Widnes England, Port Arthur, d/o Sam SMITH (b. England) & Amelia BOLD, witn: Ethel McDONALD of 81 North Hill St. & Richard GRAHAM of 27 Prospect Ave. both of Port Arthur on July 22, 1925 at Port Arthur

19639-25 George Edward GILSON, 32, farmer, Carvail Sask., Deloraine Manitoba, s/o Charles Edward GILSON (b. Lindsay) & Isabella INNES, married Ellen Rose KERRISON, 16, London England, Port Arthur, d/o James Albert KERRISON & Ellen KNIGHT, witn: Oliver & Margaret McLAREN both of 49 Kenogami Ave. Port Arthur on July 6, 1925 at Port Arthur

19658-25 Joseph Jean Baptiste GIONET, 22 (b. 30 Aug 1903), CNR employee, Caraquet New Brunswick, Bawk (via Nakina), s/o Cyrinus GIONET & Malvina HACHE, married Marie Nora BARETTE, 27 (b. 22 July 1898), Hull Quebec, Bawk (via Nakina), d/o Arthur BARETTE (deceased) & Flora DAUST, witn: Fernand PAQUETTE & John SADLO both of Bawk Ontario on Nov. 23, 1925 at Bawk

19327-25 Moses GIRARD, 41, widower, Quebec, Espanola, s/o Thomas GIRARD, b. Quebec & Valerie CHENIER, married Angeline BEAUCHAMP, 21, domestic, Whitney Ont., Espanola, d/o Antoine BEAUCHAMP, b. Quebec & Mary MORIN, witn: Antoine BEACHAMP & Ovila LAUTHIER, both of Espanola, 27 Nov 1925 at Espanola

19655-25 Jentoft Julius GJERKSON, 33, labourer, Norway, Port Arthur, s/o Gjert SORSENSON (b. Norway) & Jensine ERIKSEN, married Gudven JACOBSEN, 26, Grimstad Norway, Port Arthur, d/o Joakim JACOBSEN (b. Norway) & Tetra WADIL, witn: Ane DAHL of 23a Cumberland St. & Fritz JACOBSEN of 263 Park St. both of Port Arthur on Sept. 23, 1925 at Port Arthur.

19642-25 Roy Wilfred GOEBEL, 27, manager, Palmerston, Port Arthur, s/o Andrew GOEBEL (b. Canada) & Melinda FISHER, married Helen Carolyn HETTENHAUSER, 23, Peterboro, Fort William, d/o James Elsey HETTENHUASER (b. Springfield USA) & Georgia Maud COOLIDGE, witn: Edward Francis KOEPKE & Norma Aleta TONKIN both of Fort William on March 9, 1925 at Fort William


19648-25 William GORDON, 21, delivery man, Ayrshire Scotland, Port Arthur, s/o Thomas GORDON (b. Scotland) & Mary KEENAN?, married Mary Ellen SHAW, 19, Manitou Manitoba, Fort William, d/o James SHAW (b. England) & Mary Ann MITTAL, witn: Alex? & Jessie McLEOD both of Fort William on Jan. 15, 1925 at Port Arthur.

19328-25 Edward Joseph GORMAN, 22, carriage setter, Wolfe Lake Que., Nicholson Siding, s/o John GORMAN, b. Wolf Lake & Marguerite MURPHY, married Laura Loretta JOLY, 18, Arnrprior, Nicholson Siding, d/o Albert JOLY, b. Arnprior & Catherine McDONAUGH?, witn: Hiram CONNERS & Albert JOLY, both of Nicholson Siding, 17 Sept 1925 at Chapleau
19336-25 Eugene GOURD, 24, laborer, St. Thomas d'Alfred Ont., St. Charles, s/o Hilaire GOURD & Ursule AUGER, married Blandine QUENNEVILLE, 23, L'Assumption - Co. Labelle Que., St. Charles, d/o David QUENNEVILLE & Marie ROBERT, witn: Hilaire GOURD & Joseph QUENNEVILLE, both of St. Charles, 28 Nov 1925 at St. Charles 19333-25 Joseph Albert GOYETTE, 32, miner, St. Athanase d'Iberville, Creighton Mine, s/o Amable GOYETTE & Helena O'CONNOR, married Marie Louise SEGUIN, 22, North Bay, Creighton Mine, d/o Paul SEGUIN & Marie DESCILERS? (Devilers?), witn; Paul SEGUIN & Alphonse MENARD, both of Creighton Mine, 10 Aug 1925 at Copper Cliff

19657-25 Lawrence Alfred GRANT, 24, government weighman, Fort William, same, s/o George A. GRANT (b. Elsinore Ontario) & Margaret E. COLES, married Jessie Clara BROWN, 23, Port Lewis Quebec, Fort William, d/o John L. BROWN (b. Port Lewis Que.) & Julia NOWELL, witn: R. C. GRANT & Bernice E. BROWN both of Fort William on Nov. 18, 1925 at Fort William

19337-25 Joseph Virgel (Urgel?) GRATTON, 23, trackman, St. Philippe Que., Ramsay village, s/o Olivier GRATTON, b. St. Philippe Que & Rose Anna MENARD, married Marie Philomena Azilda SAVAGE, 32, St. Philippe Que., Ramsay village, d/o Godfrey SAVAGE, b. St. Philippe Que & Philomene St.ONGE, witn: Robert LEMIEUX of Chapleau & Armand SAVAGE of Ramsay, 10 Aug 1925 at Chapleau
19338-25 Hector Camille GRAVEL, 21, laborer, Pembroke, Buffalo, s/o Maxime GRAVEL & Annie PAGE, married Delia EATON, 22, Chelmsford, same, d/o Daniel EATON & Donalde VAILLANCOURT, witn: Maxime GRAVEL of Sudbury & William EATON of Chelmsford, 28 Dec 1925 at Chelmsford

19638-25 Richard Dykes GREEN, 32, grain weighman, Scotland, Fort William, s/o Peter GREEN (b. Scotland) & Agnes DYKES, married Margaret Norval CAIRNES, 25, Scotland, Fort William, d/o James CAIRNES (b. Scotland) & Annie MORRISON, witn: William Pirie BANNERMAN of Y.M.C.A. & Evelyn STANLEY of 251 East Frederick both of Fort William on Aug. 19, 1925 at Fort William

19652-25 Milton GREENAWAY, 25, shoe merchant, Holland Centre, same, s/o S. C. GREENAWAY (b. Ontario) & Anne Jane CLARK, married Cora B. COOK, 25, Elmvale, same, d/o Martin COOK (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth J. CRAIG, witn: Florence A. SHIELDS of 131 Bethune St. & Mrs. TULLOCH of 133 Bethune St. both of Fort William on Aug. 5, 1925 at Fort William

19653-25 Alexander GUNN, 25, pulp mill employee, Scotland, Fort William, s/o John GUNN (b. Scotland) & Isabella WARES, married Annie ETTINGER, 31, widow, England, Fort William, d/o Andrew John HALEY (b. England) & Sarah Ann WARD, witn: T. M. HALEY of 1107 Edward St. & J. HALEY of 633 Southern Ave. both of Fort William on Aug. 4, 1925 at Port William

19330-25 John Eustis GUSTIN, 21, machinist , Capelton Que., Coniston, s/o Samuel GUSTIN & Annie DAVIS, married Yvonne LACHAPELLE, 16, St. Basile de Rawdon Que., Sudbury, d/o Zepherin LACHAPELLE & Celina DESCHESNE (Duchesne?), witn: Simeon LAVOIE & Zepherin LACHAPELLE, 26 Jan 1925 at Sudbury 19347-25 Aksel HAKULA, 37, farmer, Finland, Dill twp., s/o August HAKULA, b. Finland & Maria KROOKILA, married Hilda OJAWPERA, 42, widow, Finland, Dill twp., d/o Heikki PASANEN, b. Finland & Hilma KAUPINEN, witn: J.A. ERICKSON & Mrs. Jean McDONALD, both of Sudbury, 28 March 1925 at Manse, Sudbury
19349-25 William HALL, 35, laborer, Welland, Massey, s/o William HALL & Matilda LECUYER, married Margaret SWAYZE nee RIVERS, 31, widow, Massey, same, d/o James RIVERS & Hannah ATKINSON, witn: John & Fred RIVERS of Massey, 7 Jan 1925 at Massey 19344-25 George William HALL, 28, brakeman, Nairn Centre, Sudbury, s/o William HALL, b. Owen Sound & Mary SMITH, married Dorothy Maud RICKARD, 19, Hamock Mich., Sudbury, d/o Alfred RICKARD, b. USA & Lucinda BOWDEN, witn: Edythe MORTON & Inez HICKLING, both of Sudbury, 9 June 1925 at Sudbury

15302-25 Raymond John HALPENNY, 20, baggage man, Calvin North Dakota USA, Mattawa, s/o Isaac HALPENNY (b. Lanark Ont.) & Florence E. REA, married Florie Ellen TOUGH, 26, Gravenhurst, Cache Bay, d/o Frank TOUGH (b. Waverley Ont.) & Charlotte E. JEFFERY, witn: Robert J. McELROY & Marion J. STEWART both of Mattawa on Oct. 25, 1925 at Mattawa

19351-25 Oscar HAMEL, 33, fireman, Maniwaki Que., Sudbury, s/o Magloire HAMEL & Annie BEAULIEU, married Eliza LAMARCHE, 17, Noelville, Sudbury, d/o Marcien LAMARCHE & Marie Louise LEGRIS, witn: Dr. J.R. HURTUBISE & Cyprien BLAIS, both of Sudbury, 5 Oct 1925 at Sudbury

15308-25 Wesley James HAMILTON, 25, sup't of supplies, Alice twp., Hornepayne, s/o Samuel HAMILTON (b. Alice twp.) & Catherine PEEVER, married Velma Irene WINTERS, 22, stenographer, South River, Hornepayne, d/o Thomas Henry WINTERS (b. Ellis twp.) & Gertrude MILLS, witn: Marion C. BONNER of North Bay & Kenneth S. HAMILTON of Pembroke on May 28, 1925 at North Bay.

15301-25 Harry August HAMPEL, 26, labourer, Ottawa, Widdifield twp., s/o Robert HAMPEL (b. Renfrew Co) & Louisa WAITS, married Frances Elizabeth MacBETH, 27, Widdifield twp., same, d/o Duncan MacBETH (Scotland) & Isabella CAMPBELL, witn: Mrs. Helen CAMPBELL & Lorena NEVILLE both of North Bay on Nov. 16, 1925 at North Bay.

15305-25 Henry Charles HASKINS, 26, labourer, Madawaska, Tomiko, s/o William HASKINS (b. Madoc) & Margaret Jane CARSWELL, married Edith Louise SHAW, 18, Cobalt, Tomiko, d/o Neil SHAW (b. Angus) & Mary Ethel McGOWAN, witn: Mrs. Margaret M. JARVIS & Mrs. J. B. SOMERVILLE both of North Bay on Sept. 19, 1925 at North Bay.

19340-25 Robert James HASKINS, 26, furnace man, Westmeath Ont., Copper Cliff, s/o Thomas HARKINS, b. Quebec & Hettie LEACH, married Clara May HENDERSON, 22, book keeper, Sturgeon Falls, Copper Cliff, d/o James HENDERSON & Annie LYONS, witn: Thomas HARKINS Jr. & Annie M. HENDERSON, both of Copper Cliff, 1 July 1925 at Copper Cliff
19342-25 Patrick Henry HAYES, 40, trapper, Three Rivers Que., Chapleau, s/o Patrick HAYES, b. Ireland & Elvira PLEUT, married Nellie STORK, 41, widow, tailoress, Walton Warwickshire England, Chapleau, d/o William STORK, b. England & Mary Ann FRANKS, witn: R.J. ALLEN & Annette McGOWAN, both of Chapleau, 20 June 1925 at Chapleau

15306-25 John James HAZELWOOD, 26, farmer, Mattawa, same, s/o Herbert HAZELWOOD (b. England) & Agnes McLEAN, married Alice Mabel FARTHING, 21, London England, Mattawa, d/o John (b. England) & Sarah, witn: Bert & Elenor HAZELWOOD both of Mattawa on July 11, 1925 at Mattawa.

15304-25 Peter HEADRICK, 32, chiropractor, McNab twp. Renfrew Co., North Bay, s/o David HEADRICK (b. Renfrew Co.) & Christina KING, married Mary Ena LEES, 24, stenographer, Widdifield twp., North Bay, d/o John Howard LEES (b. Hastings Co.) & Agnes MURDOCK, witn: Joe LEES & Margaret ROBINSON both of North Bay on Dec. 3, 1925 at The Manse North Bay

19345-25 Kush HEIKKILA, 24, miner, Finland, Garson, s/o Kusti HEIKKILA, b. Finland & Amalia HEIKKILA, married Huni WOOLTTI, 22, Finland, Garson, d/o Fedia WOOLTTI, b. Finland & Mary MAENPAA, witn: Nick & Mary KOSKI of Garson Mine, 30 April 1925 at Sudbury
19343-25 George Alfred HICKS, 23, paper maker, Webbwood, Espanola, s/o Norman A. HICKS, b. Napanee & Annie ADAMS, married Aldea LAVALLEE, 26, waitress, Azilda, Espanola, d/o Leon LAVALLEE, b. St. Andre Avelin, & Elaiscia SEWARD, witn: Hugh J. McNEELY & Marguerite MATTAN, both of Espanola, 22 June 1925 at Espanola 19341-25 Paul HNATIUK, 27, miner, Galicia, Levack, s/o Samuel HNATIUK, b. Galicia & Annie HRYNIUK, married Annie HORICK, 16 + 11 mon, Copper Cliff, Levack, d/o Demitro HORICK, b. Galicia & Pearl ORADETIUK, witn: Steve TSORLUK of Creighton & Helen PREMSKY of Sudbury, 26 July 1925 at Sudbury
19350-25 Nykola HRSCZOR, 32, laborer, Eastern Galicia, Copper Cliff, s/o Teodor HRSCZOR & Anastasia DUDLA, married Eudokija CZAJKA, 20, Copper Cliff, same, d/o Jarko CZAJKA & Olena HODOVA, witn: Stefan LUCIW & Dmytro PETRYNA, both of Copper Cliff, 3 Feb 1925 at Copper Cliff 19346-25 Peter HRYCAY, 29, smelter man, Galicia, Coniston, s/o Joseph HRYCAY, b. Galicia & Katarina JOWONKYSKA, married Doris BOYCZYK, 16 + 11 mon, Austria, Coniston, d/o Jacob BOYCZYK, b. Austria & Francisca ?--IKALUK, witn: Andrew KOSWICZ & Annie RAPAK, both of Coniston, 12? May 1925 at Coniston

15307-25 William Lewis HUNTER, 30, teacher, Melancthon twp., Horning Mills, s/o Robert HUNTER (b. Australia) & Jane EMRICK, married Florence Alvira BLATHERWICK, 25, Burks Falls, Madawaska, d/o Sharland? BLATHERWICK (b. Canada) & Catherine BATES, witn: C.L. BLATHERWICK of Madawaska & Gertrude E. McDONALD of Ottawa on Aug. 6, 1925 at Madawaska

19348-25 August HYNNINEN, 30, carpenter, Finland, Sudbury, s/o Gabriel HYNNINEN, b. Finland & Selina VAISANEN, married Sylvia WENENIES, 25, widow, Finland, Sudbury, d/o Otto LEHTINONEN, b. Finland & Ella TARVINONEN, witn: John LIERONEN & Mrs. Jean C. McDONALD, both of Sudbury, 22 Jan 1925 at Manse, Sudbury

15315-25 Ernest Garnet IRELAND, 36, tanner, King twp. York Co., Acton, s/o George IRELAND (b. Hull England) & Ann CARR, married Edna Minnie ROBERTSON, 23, Gravenhurst, North Bay, d/o John Alexander ROBERTSON (b. Tara) & Louie? DIETZ, witn: John Alexander ROBERTSON of North Bay & Margaret ROBERTSON of Gravenhurst on Aug. 12, 1925 at North Bay

19352-25 Robert IRELAND, 22, CPR employee, Scotland, Markstay, s/o Donald IRELAND & Mary MANN, married Mary Louise Ida PRIEUR, 25, St. Polycarpe Que., Markstay, d/o Joseph PRIEUR & Mary LABELLE, witn: Albert & Agnes PRIEUR of Markstay, 17 Sept 1925 at Markstay
19357-25 Eusebe JANVEAU, 21, laborer, Ottawa, Hanmer, s/o Napoleon JANVEAU & Malvina PAQUET, married Mathilda PAUSE, 16, Hanmer, same, d/o Sinai PAUSE & Delima DECHAMBEAU, witn: Antoine DECHAMBEAU & Sinai PAUSE, both of Hanmer, 15 Sept 1925 at Hanmer 19353-25 Roy Rusk JESSOP, 26, lumberman, Cache Bay, La Forest, s/o E.D. JESSUP, b. Springer twp & Mary S. RUSK, married Eva Lindsay McFEETERS, 30, teacher, Portage du Fort Que., La Forest, d/o William McFEETERS, b. Ross twp Ont & Susane PIERCE, witn: William & Mrs. William YEO of Copper Cliff, 26 Aug 1925 at Copper Cliff
19354-25 Thomas JOLICOEUR, 58, laborer, Calumet Island Que., Sudbury, s/o Eustache JOLICOEUR, b. Rimouski Que & Eulalie BERUBE, married Maria Adele CHAMBERLAND, 53, widow, St. Octave de Metis Que., Sudbury, d/o Joseph CHAMBERLAND, b. St. Octave de Metis Que & Genevieve ARSENAUD, witn: V. GRANT & Alph BAILY, both of Sudbury, 4 Feb 1925 at Sudbury 19358-25 Iwan JURIJECZUK, 27, laborer, Eastern Galicia, Creighton Mine, s/o Havrylo JURIJECZUK & Barbara NEMICZ, married Barbara BEDRIJ, 17, Roumania, Creighton Mine, d/o Iwan BEDRIJ & Eufrosyna KOZLOVSKA, witn: Peter YAWRY & Hrya DMYTRYTZYA, both of Creighton Mine, 8 Nov 1925 at Creighton Mine
19359-25 Gust KAHELIIN, 28, Finland, Copper Cliff, s/o T. KAHELIIN, b. Finland & F. NYLUND, married Fiina TUURI, 51, widow, Finland, Copper Cliff, d/o Julis KOSOLA, b. Finland & Maria KOSOLA, witn: J. JARVIS & Olavi PENTTINEN, both of Sudbury, 14 Dec 1925 at 121 Larch St., Sudbury 19363-25 Henry KANGAS, 25, carpenter, Finland, Sudbury, s/o T. KANGAS, b. Finland & Mary KANGAS, married Tyyni HALMELA, 23, Finland, Sudbury, d/o H. HALMELA, b. Finland & Liina HALMELA, witn: T. RANTIA & Mrs. L. RANTIA, both of Sudbury, 10 Oct 1925 at Sudbury
19367-25 Naino KARHU, 37, miner, Finland, Garson, s/o Charlie KARHU, b. Finland & Josephine SIEGSTROM, married Annie LINTUNEN, 30, Finland, Garson, d/o Jahen LINTUNEN, b. Finland & Josephina SOSAL?, witn: Sadie MATHESON & Jean MacDONALD, both of Sudbury, 30 May 1925 at Sudbury 19368-25 William KAUHANEN, 26, miner, Finland, Levack, s/o Christian KAUHANEN, b. Finland & Caroline KARHUNEN, married Annie KARHUNEN, 25, Finland, Levack, d/o Abel KARHUNEN, b. Finland & Annie TUOMINEN, witn: Mattie & Martha KOSKI of Garson, 30 May 1925 at Sudbury

17977-25 Thomas KAVANAUGH, 35, farmer, Rainy River District, Dilke Twp., s/o Thomas Patrick KAVANAUGH, b. Windsor & Susan JOHNSON, married Hattie May HAMPSHIRE, 20, Stratton, Dilke Twp., d/o Charles William HAMPSHIRE, b. Ontario & Mary SUTTON, witn: Albert KAVANAUGH of Pinewood & Allene CLEMENT of Stratton, 27 May 1925 at Emo

19361-25 William Harvey KEARNS, 27, airman, Hepworth Ont., Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Richard George KEARNS, b. Palmerston Ont & Annie HODGE, married Elsie May COLLINS, 21, clerk, Oxford England, Chapleau, d/o Percy John COLLINS, b. Oxford England & Kate Elizabeth QUELCH, witn: Stanley George COLLINS & Eileen GUINTER, both of Chapleau, 21 Oct. 1925 at Chapleau
19372-25 James Alfred KELLY, 24, laborer, Ottawa, Coniston, s/o Samuel KELLY & Mary Jane CROSS, married Viola Pearl JAUNDREAU, 19, Arnprior, Coniston, d/o Philip Edward JAUNDREAU & Sarah HOWELL, witn: Felix FOISY & Sarah JAUNDREAU, both of Coniston, 14 Feb 1925 at All Saints Church, Coniston 19360-25 William Robert KENNEDY, 25, train man, Blythe Ont., Timmins, s/o John Thomas Graham KENNEDY, b. Lucknow Ont & Elizabeth COCHRANE, married Loraine Delvia CLOUTIER, 26, nurse, Thessalon, Timmins, d/o Arthur Louis CLOUTIER, b. St. Thomas Poulin? Que., & Henriette GAMELIN, witn: Arthur Louis CLOUTIER of Sudbury & Elizabeth KENNEDY of North Bay, 26 Nov 1925 at Sudbury
19370-25 Verner KINNONEN, 20, farmer, Copper Cliff, Bonder twp., s/o Otto KINNONEN, b. Finland & Edna WESTERINA, married Signe HOUGILL, 17 5/12, Cobalt Ont., Bonder twp., d/o Alexander HOUGILL, b. Finland & Hilma FREEMAN, witn: Sicrie KINNONEN of Copper Cliff & Arne PENRA of Long Lake, 12 April 1925 at Church of the Epiphany, Sudbury 19373-25 John KOCHMAN, 28, laborer, Galicia, Coniston, s/o Samuel KOCHMAN & Waselina KRISCHUK, married Agnes KRUPCHENSKI, 18, Galicia, Coniston, d/o Julian KRUPCHENSKI & Martha GIRCORATZ, witn: John KORSHUCK & Annie CHORNY, both of Coniston, 22 Sept 1925 at Coniston
19364-25 Udo KORPINEN, 21, printer, Finland, Sudbury, s/o Karl KORPINEN, b. Finland & Olga KORPINEN, married Elmi KOSKI, 21, clerk, Finland, Sudbury, d/o John KOSKI, b. Finland & Elizabeth HARISTO, witn: Verner KARHUNEN & Katie SAARI, both of Sudbury, 24 Aug 1925 at Copper Cliff 19362-25 Herbert Arvo KOSKI, 22, barber, Copper Cliff, same, s/o Hermon KOSKI, b. Finland & Gustava VENTELA, married Ilmi Elizabet HARJU, 19, Copper Cliff, same, d/o John HARJU, b. Finland & Elizabeth KASALA, witn: Jack KANNISTO & Helmi KANNISTO, both of Copper Cliff, 17 Oct 1925 at Copper Cliff
19365-25 Frank Michael KOUGHAN, 34, paper maker, Avondale PEI, Iroquois Falls, s/o John Thomas KOUGHAN, b. Avondale PEI & Sarah FRASER, married Margaret Edith ELLIS, 20, Massey, same, d/o Theodore ELLIS & Jane MOORE, witn: John McDERMOTT & Elsie ELLIS, both of Massey, 2 Sept 1925 at Espanola

15318-25 Charles KNIGHT, 25, labourer, Widdifield twp., North Bay, s/o Thomas KNIGHT (b. Ontario) & Celia MITCHELL, married Isabelle GARDNER, 19, Glasgow Scotland, North Bay, d/o James GARDNER (b. Scotland) & Mary WALKER, witn: Mary KNIGHT of North Bay & Gordon WICKSON of Feronia on Sept. 8, 1925 at North Bay

15319-25 John KMITH, 36, section man, Rumania, Rock Lake, s/o Wasyl KMITH (b. Bukovina Austria) & Cecilia DANIELUK, married Beatrice SAIDOK, 18, Obnsopopat Poland, Rock Lake, d/o Mikotay SIDOK (b. Austria/Poland) & Mary KTOWS, witn: Joseph CRAFIRICK of Prince Lake & Rose WOLDOCH of Madawaska on June 25, 1925 at Madawaska

19369-25 Mike KURHANOWICH, 21, paper maker, Austria, Espanola, s/o Theodore KURHANOWICH, b. Eastern Galicia & Petrouela BABIZ, married Mary ONNEKA, 21, Austria, Espanola, d/o Aubin ONUSKY (sic), b. Eastern Galicia & Maria DIDYER, witn: George CHORNYSHYN & Ivan KURHANOWICH, both of Espanola, 18 May 1925 at Espanola
19366-25 Peter KUTCHER, 29, railway man, Austria, Hornepayne, s/o John KUTCHER, b. Austria & Mary LEWICKI, married Jessie KAZICKI, 17 + 7 mon, Winnipeg, Hornepayne, d/o Louis KAZICKI, b. Austria & Margaret BOYKO, witn: Nichola & Annie MCINTOSH of Sudbury, 4 July 1925 at Sudbury

17981-25 Arthur Clarence LABELLE, 23, cook, Minneapolis, Emo, s/o Eli LABELLE, b. Minneapolis & Mary MITCHELL, married Eva BLASKY, 21, Manitoba, Fort Frances, d/o Tony BLASKY, b. Poland & Mary HLADY, witn: J.T. GARTON & Dorothy KOVALUK, both of Fort Frances, 24 Apr 1925 at Fort Frances. (RC)

19382-25 John Besides LACEY, 29, engineer, Jersey City NJ, Capreol, s/o George LACEY, b. Co. Clare Ireland & Eva BROOKS, married Delphie Elizabeth PROULX, 16, Iasco Mich., Capreol, d/o Frederick PROULX, b. Rimouski Que & Minnie PELLETIER, witn: Elizabeth JENSEN & Victor CHRISTOPHER, both of Capreol, 16 Jan 1925 at Capreol 19406-25 Emile LACHANCE, 33, workman, La Passe Que., Verner, s/o Xavier LACHANCE & Georgina LEBEL, married Rose Alma RICHER, 19, St. Charles, Warren, d/o Arthur RICHER & Malvina LAMOUREUX, witn: Xavier LACHANCE of Verner & Arthur RICHER of Warren, 29 Dec 1925 at Warren
19378-25 Arthur LACOSTE, 23, miner, Blezard Valley, Sudbury, s/o Orphile LACOSTE, b. St. Andre Avellin Que & Lea PAQUETTE, married Delia PAQUETTE, 19, Chelmsford, Sudbury, d/o Napoleon PAQUETTE, b. St. Eugene Que & Cesarie MENARD, witn: Orphila LACOSTE & Napoleon PAQUETTE, both of Sudbury, 29 June 1925 at Sudbury 19375-25 Joseph Adolph Guimet? LAFONTAISE, 29, switch man, Chalk River, Sudbury, s/o Magloire LAFONTAISE, b. Quebec & Josephine CYRE, married Annabel HAMELIN, 20, Harrow twp - Sudbury Dist., same, d/o Isaac HAMELIN, b. Coteau Landing Que & Marie LEBORE?, witn: Isaac HAMELIN & H. PEARD, both of Massey, 6 Sept 1925 at Massey
19396-25 Omer LAFORGES, 29, laborer, Northway Mich., St. Charles, s/o Joseph LAFORGES (Lafoyes?) & Rose Ann BRANCONNIER (Beauconnier?), married Maria GAUTHIER, 23, St. Charles, same, d/o Gedeon GAUTHIER & Dina RICHER, witn: Joseph LAFORGES & Gedeon GAUTHIER, both of St. Charles, 1 Sept 1925 at St. Charles

15336-25 John Forest LAFRAMBOISE, 22, labourer, Arnprior, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Jeremie LAFRAMBOISE & Ann CROKKY, married Winifred LARONDE, 19, Sturgeon Falls, same, d/o Thomas LARONDE & Emma BEAUDRY, witn: Hermes LARONDE of North Bay & Jeremie LAFRAMBOISE of Sturgeon Falls on June 16, 1925 at Sturgeon Falls

15338-25 Alderic LAFRANCE, 21, labourer, Sturgeon Falls, same, s/o Francois LAFRANCE & Marie BELANGER, married Marie Yvonne McMURRAY, 18, Verner, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Charles McMURRAY & Amanda LACOURSIERE, witn: George LEVAC & Francois LAFRANCE both of Sturgeon Falls on July 28, 1925 at Sturgeon Falls

15334-25 Donat LAFRANCE, 22, carpenter, Sturgeon Falls, same, s/o Isaac LAFRANCE & Analda CHRETIEN, married Mary Liliane PILON, 21, Washburn Wisconsin USA, North Bay, d/o Napoleon PILON & Mary Nancy LAHAIE, witn: Napoleon PILON of North Bay & Isaac LAFRANCE of Sturgeon Falls on May 19, 1925 at North Bay

19376-25 Joseph Euclide LAFRENIERE, 37, widower, carpenter, Thurso Que., Espanola, s/o Edward LAFRENIERE, b. Thurso Que & Catherine GIROUX ( Gervais?), married Rose Delima LECUYER, 23, maid, Massey, Espanola, d/o Napoleon LECUYER, b. Montreal & Odelle LAPLANTE, witn: Edward LAFRENIERE & Edmond LECUYER, both of Espanola, 2 July 1925 at Espanola 15337-25 Louis LAGACE, 24, blacksmith, Killarney, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Louis LAGACE & Mathilda BAUDIN, married Mrs. Louise FLEGG, 37, widow, Orillia, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Charles ROCHON & Mary POWERS, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Thaddeus SCOTT both of Sturgeon Falls on June 30, 1925 at Sturgeon Falls.

17979-25 Alexander LAGOOT, 32, painter, Leningrad - Russia, Fort Frances, s/o Leonard LAGOOT, b. Russia & Helen MCKAY, married Melania W. SHEPILOWA, 20, Swencong - Russia, North Branch, d/o William SHEPILOWA, b. Russia & Elizabeth MELOCH, with: William SHEPILOWA & Philip ROLENSKY, both of North Branch, 19 May 1925 at Rainy River. (Greek RC)

19394-25 Richard Daniel Shipley LAKER, 21, sign writer, Bognor England, Sudbury, s/o Francis S. LAKER & Bertha Adelaide WEBB, married Lena BELANGER, 17, Mattawa, Sudbury, d/o Frank BELANGER & Julia MARCOTTE, witn: Edward BERTRAND & Adrien BERTRAND, both of Sudbury, 24 Aug 1925 at Sudbury 19397-25 Alfred LALANCETTE, 23, farmer, Sudbury, same, s/o Elzear LALANCETTE & Marguerite BELANGER, married Dora PILON, 23, Sudbury, same, d/o Hormisdas PILON & Bertha ROCHON, witn: Elzear LALANCETTE & Hormisdas PILON, both of Sudbury, 15 Sept 1925 at Sudbury
19389-25 Jules LALONDE, 22, day work, Mattawa, Foleyette, s/o Antoine LALONDE & Anna COURTEMANCHE, married Laurence VAILLANCOURT, 20, Masham Que., Foleyette, d/o Alexandre VAILLANCOURT & Cordelia BOURGEOIS, witn: Antoine LALONDE & Willie EMOND, both of Foleyette, 2 June 1925 at Foleyette 19380-25 Wilfrid LALONDE, 21, farmer, Hanmer, same, s/o Ferdinand LALONDE, b. Curran Ont & Josephine PORTELANCE, married Lillian GRAVELLE, 16 + 8 mon, Mattawa, Hanmer, d/o Ambroise GRAVELLE, b. Hull & Alphonsine MINOR, witn: Louis DESCHAMPS & Alphonsine MINOR, both of Sudbury, 13 May 1925 at Sudbury
19374-25 Vigo Johannes LAMPINEN, 26, miner, Finland, Garson, s/o Nikhar Makela LAMPINEN, b. Finland & Ita KESTIENAHO, married Aino Martta KOKKO, 22, Finland, Garson, d/o Vasoa KOKKO, b. Finland & Anna KASTERLO, witn: Emil MAKI & Anni MAKINEN, both of Garson Mine, 7 Nov 1925 at Sudbury 19395-25 Philippe LANDRIAULT, 23, laborer, Thurso, Coniston, s/o Albert LANDRIAULT & Annie DESJARDINS, married Emmela? PICHE, 18, St. Charles, same, d/o Moise PICHE & Eudoxie LAPENSEE, witn: Albert LANDRIAULT of Coniston & Moise PICHE of St. Charles, 3 Aug 1925 at St. Charles
19387-25 Albert LANDRY, 22, laborer, Bic, Chelmsford, s/o Michel LANDRY & Elise St.PIERRE, married Germaine RHEAUME, 18, Chelmsford, same, d/o Hermenegilde RHEAUME & Ledia BRUNET, witn: Joseph LANDRY of Azilda & Hermenegilde RHEAUME of Chelmsford, 4 May 1925 at Chelmsford 19404-25 Adia LAPALME, 23, farmer, St. Charles, same, s/o Israel LAPLAME & Lumina DESGROSILLIER, married Eva LALONDE, 18, maid servant, St. Charles, same, d/o Pierre LALONDE & Emma LAROQUE, witn: Aledore LAPALME & Pierre LALONDE, both of St. Charles, 20 Oct 1925 at St. Charles
19401-25 Ferdinand Laurier LAPIERRE, 21, paper maker, Warren, Copper Cliff, s/o Ferdinand LAPIERRE & Margaret DUPUIS, married Elizabeth Mitchell DICK, 17, maid, St. Andrews Scotland, Iroquois Falls, d/o David Clark DICK & Kathleen FRASER, witn: Herbert & Mrs. Herbert JONES of Sudbury, 28 Sept 1925 at Copper Cliff 19385-25 Willie LAPORTE, 28, farmer, Metcalf Ont., St. Charles, s/o Jean Baptiste LAPORTE & Florence LACROIX, married Rose Ann THERRIEN, 17, St. Charles, same, d/o Abondius THERRIEN & Antoinette LIMON?, witn: Alfred LAPOINTE & Pierre THERRIEN, both of St. Charles, 23 Feb 1925 at St. Charles
19391-25 Jean Delphis LARIVIERE, 28, mining, Massey, Gogama, s/o Jean Baptiste LARIVIERE & Artavie LACHANCE, married Marie Euphemie Bernadette GAGNON, 21, St. Luc de Matane Que., Gogama, d/o Adina GAGNON & Adeline MASIN? (Marin?), witn: Edouard LARIVIERE & Henri MENARD, both of Gogama, 3 Aug 1925 at Gogama 19399-25 John LAUZON, 19, laborer, Sudbury, Coniston, s/o Wlfrid LAUZON & Agnes PILOTTE, married Alvina GAGNE, Sudbury, Coniston, d/o Francois GAGNE & Josephine BOUCHER, witn: Wilfrid LAUZON of Garson Mine & Albert GAGNE of Coniston, 3 Aug 1925 at Coniston
19393-25 Wasyl LAZARONCZ, 30, laborer, Ukraine, Coniston, s/o Teodor LAZARONCZ & Justena KURANANCZ, married Anastasia WOCHUK, 19, Ukraine, Coniston, d/o Ignatz WOCHUK & Stephanie FIRMAN, witn: Michael POROSANYK? & Annie RAPAKI, both of Coniston, 11 June 1925 at Coniston 19388-25 William Russell LECOUR, 20, chauffeur, Glengarry, Sudbury, s/o Henri LECOUR & Eliza Jane COUSINEAU, married Mary Donalda FINLAN, 18, Markstay, same, d/o Dan FINLAN & Catherine CAMPBELL, witn: Albert LECOUR & Ethel LECOUR, both of Sudbury, 26 May 1925 at Sudbury

17982-25 Desire LE DOYEN, 22, restaurant worker, Bruscelle Man., Fort Frances, s/o Julien LE DOYEN & Adele FIFER, married Marguerite DELILOO, 20, St. Andre Belgium, Winnipeg, d/o Francois DELILOO & Elodia HUYS, witn: Marcel LE DOYEN of St. Boniface & Olive BOILEAU of Fort Frances, 7 Jul 1925 at Fort Frances. (RC)

19398-25 Joseph LEDUC, 31, laborer, Ste. Justine de Newtas Que., Cartier., s/o Joseph LEDUC & Anina BROSSEAU, married Elenore LENNEVILLE (Quenneville?), 18, Ile de Grand Calumet Que., Cartier, d/o George LENNEVILLE & Edwidge St. GERMAIN, witn: Joseph LEDUC of Larchwood & George LENNEVILLE of Cartier, 1 Sept 1925 at Cartier
19390-25 Registre LEPINE, 26, laborer, Ile du Grand Calumet Que., Sudbury, s/o Pierre LEPINE & Caroline LALIBERTE, married Olivine RYAN, 18, Ile De Grand Calumet Que., Sudbury, d/o Zephrin RYAN & Exilda St.GERMAIN, witn: Pierre LEPINE of North Bay & Zephyrine RYAN of Sudbury, 1 June 1925 at Sudbury 19405-25 Mathias LIMARD, 22, laborer, St. Victor Alfred Ont, same, s/o Albert LIMARD & Florina LECLERC, married Germaine CLERMONT, 17, St. Charles, same, d/o Aldege CLERMONT & Adele FRAPPIER, witn: Henri BEAUCHAMP & Emery FRAPPIER, both of St. Charles, 9 Nov 1925 at St. Charles
19379-25 Aatu LINNA, 24, miner, Finland, Levack, s/o Erick LINNA, b. Finland & Ila KANTTO, married Tyne VALRAPASSI, 28, Finland, Levack, d/o Matt VALRAPASSI, b. Finland & Crik KANTTO, witn: Flmari? & Meri PERTTULA of Levack, 8 June 1925 at Church of the Epiphany, Sudbury 19384-25 Albert LIRETTE ( Lisette?), 35, farmer, Sorel Que., St. Charles, s/o William LIRETTE & Marie DUCHESNE, married Adele St.LOUIS, 41, widow, Eganville, St. Charles, d/o Gilbert St.LOUIS & Marie BOURGAULT, witn: Wilfrid LAFORGES & Solomon St.LOUIS, both of St. Charles, 23 Feb 1925 at St. Charles

17980-26 William LOCKHART, 63, widower, retired farmer, Bruce Co., Stratton, s/o Thomas LOCKHART, b. Ireland & Mary STURGEON, married Margaret MYERS, 56, widow, housekeeper, Ontario, Stratton, d/o Eric KENNEDY, b. Scotland & Mary GRIFFIN, witn: Mamie LAWSON & Myrtle SHERRITT, both of Rainy River, 14 May 1925 at Rainy River

17978-25 Cecil William LOCKING, 27, salesman, Duluth - Minn., Emo, s/o William LOCKING, b. Clifford & Louisa O'KEEFE, married Edith Pearl REID, 26, store clerk, Emo, same, d/o John REID, b. Shelburne & Christina ZENQUIST, witn: Donald V. REID & Louise LOCKING, both of Emo, 26 Aug 1925 at Emo

19392-25 Stefan LUCIW, 25, farmer, Eastern Galicia, Blezard Valley, s/o Nykola LUCIW & Anastasia KLAPINTURE, married Eudokia KALYNKA, 17, Eastern Galicia, Sudbury, d/o Ivan KALYNKA & Rosalia MAZUR, witn: Michael WAWZYOZ & Hyra WOWK, both of Creighton Mine, 25 July 1925 at Sudbury 19381-25 Joho LUOMASAARI, 27, laborer, Finland, Whitefish, s/o Joho LUOMASAARI, b. Finland & Amalia JYRA, married Aliina MAKELA, 23, Finland, Whitefish, d/o Kusto MAKELA, b. Finland & Joseine KOIVISTO, witn: J.E. ERICKSON & Mrs. R.E. MORTON, b Sudbury, 1 May 1925 at Sudbury
19421-25 Joseph Euclide MAILLOUX, 48, hotel clerk, Cheneville Que., Sudbury, s/o Dosithe MAILLOUX & Adeline GAUTHIER, married Yvonne NAUD, 29, St. Andre Avellin Que., Sudbury, d/o Michel NAUD & Marie Louise GIRARD, witn: Arthur LANCASTER & Louis NEAULT, both of Sudbury, 18 May 1925 at Sudbury 19417-25 Talmari MAKI, 22, miner, Finland, Garson, s/o Hoak MAKI, b. Finland & Hilma, married Aina LUASTARI, 19 + 11 mon, Finland, Garson, d/o Gusta LUASTARI, b. Finland & Liza, witn: Mary MAKU & Arnia PAJUNEN, both of Garson Mine, 18 April 1925 at Sudbury
19409-25 Joseph MALLETTE, 56, widower, farmer, Pembroke, McFarlane Lake, s/o Gilbert MALLETTE, b. Quebec & Domatilde GAGNE, married Arthemise HALLE, 51, widow (of E. Halle), Centreville Ont., McFarlane Lake, d/o Felix LAFOREST, b. Ste. Scholastique Que & Arthemis CARRIERE, witn: Telesphore LAFORGE & Arthur LEVEILLE, both of Sudbury, 20 Nov 1925 at Sudbury 19422-25 Joseph Aquila MALLETTE, 23, farmer, MacFarlane Lake, same, s/o Joseph MALLETTE & Angelina LAFOREST, married Dora DESLOGES, 22, MacFarlane Lake, same, d/o Gideon DESLOGES & Alice LECLAIRE, witn: Joseph MALLETTE & Gideon DESLOGES, both of MacFarlane Lake, 15 June 1925 at MacFarlane Lake
19420-25 John MANN, 34, lumberjack, Bonfield Ont., Henry twp., s/o Jimmie MANN & Magy LAPORTE, married Ludgerine MASSON (ROY), 47, widow, St. Paulin Que., Henry twp., d/o Maxime MASSON & Elizabeth RIVIERE, witn: Wilfrid LAFORGE & Albert LIRETTE (Lisette?), both of St. Charles, 4 Jan 1925 at St. Charles 19424-25 Michael MARINOFF, 30, laborer, Bulgaria, Sudbury, s/o Dmytro MARINOFF & Dymistra PAULOWA, married Maria SNAJDER, 18, Fort Qu'Appelle Sask., Sudbury, d/o Anton SNAJDER & Tetiana SNAJDER, witn: Andrew BILINSKY & Irene PAWHUK, both of Sudbury, 12 July 1925 at Sudbury

17986-25 John MARKOW, 35, millhand, Podolsky - Hul Russia, International Falls - Minn., s/o Teodore MARKOW, b. Russia & Eudokia POCHTADY, married Balawka PARASCHIVA, 27, housekeeper, Cotmani Roumania, Fort Frances, d/o George PARASCHIVA, b. Roumania & Katrina YOURCHUK, witn: Mike BOSNIK of International Falls - Minn. & Dmytro BARYLUK of Fort Frances, 16 May 1925 at Fort Frances. (Russian Orthodox)

19427-25 Joseph MATTE, 25, laborer, L'Ange Gardien, Chelmsford, s/o Alfred MATTE & Anna BLAIS, married Amanda LAURIN, 20, Ste Anne de Prescott, Chelmsford, d/o Dolphis LAURIN & Delia BROSSEAU, witn: Elzear CHARRETTE & Louis GROULX, both of Chelmsford, 28 Sept 1925 at Chelmsford
19419-25 Peter MAYCHAS, 28, section man, Galicia Austria, Kenagami, s/o Jan MAYCHAS, b. Galicia & Ann BLOSSKIN, married Magdalenna NACHOSKA, 21, Galicia Austria, Kenagami, d/o Frank NACHOSKA, b. Teklufkor? Galicia & blank YOGELMOKS?, witn: John & Mike PROCYK of Sudbury, 3 Feb 1925 at Church of the Epiphany, Sudbury 19426-25 Joseph MAZZUCA, 28, France, Capreol, s/o Francisco MAZZUCA & Marriette YALLUCA, married Mary DE STEFANO, 20, Montreal, Copper Cliff, d/o Antonio DE STEFANO & Maria TAMBURI, witn: Alberto DEALEADO of Capreol & Mary LUCENT of North Bay, 19 July 1925 at Copper Cliff
19430-25 Floyd Carmen McDOWELL, 23, paper maker, Shawville Que., Espanola, s/o John Robert McDOWELL, b. Quebec & Edith Margaret MAITLAND, married Elizabeth Thomson PITT, 21, domestic, Scotland, Espanola, d/o William PITT, b. Scotland & Agnes GIBB, witn: Booth McDOWELL of Espanola & Mary Dalgleish PITT of Espanola, 16 Sept 1925 at Espanola 19433-25 Alex Lanthier McGINN, 28, brakeman, Cobden Ont., Sudbury, s/o John McGINN, b. Cobden & Margaret GILMORE, married Gladys Irene ARTHUR, 26, Balfour Ont., Sudbury, d/o M.H. ARTHUR, b. Meaford & Thomasina RILLEY, witn: John & Mrs. John BROWN of Sudbury, 27 Jan 1925 at Sudbury
19431-25 William Stuart McKENZIE, 28, electrician, Nova Scotia, Copper Cliff, s/o George Ross McKENZIE, b. Cariboo Islands NS & Pamela FRASER, married Hilma Marie ANDERSON, 21, nurse, Copper Cliff, same, d/o Frank ANDERSON, b. Finland & Areta NIEMI, witn: Frank & Mrs. Rista ANDERSON of Creighton Mine, 27 April l1925 at Sudbury 19432-25 Harry McKIE, 33, farmer, Broken Front of Salter Sudbury Dist, same, s/o Levi McKIE, b. Quebec & Dora SIMS, married Mary Agnes DEVON, 26, Broken Front of Salter, same, d/o Hugh DEVON, b. Pembroke & Winifred RYAN, witn: Earl McKIE of Walford & Isobel YEOMANS of Massey, 9 March 1925 at St. James Church, Massey
19428-25 Henri MENARD, 23, blacksmith, Hanmer, Blezard Valley, s/o Hormisdas MENARD & Flavie dit BELL ISLE, married Anna BELLE ISLE, 21, Blezard Valley, same, d/o J.B. BELLE ISLE & Philomena NEAULT, witn: Hormisdas MENARD of Hanmer & J.B. BELLE ISLE of Blezard Valley, 20 Sept 1925 at Blezard Valley 19416-25 John Robert MILROY, 25, miner, Sebastopol Ont., Kirkland Lake, s/o Michael MILROY, b. Sebastopol & Frances DALEY, married Mary Ann McKENNA, 23, teacher, Merrickville Ont., Kirkand Lake, d/o Christopher McKENNA, b. Burritts Rapids, & Anna O'CONNOR, witn: J.A. & Gertrude BOUCHER of Sudbury, 26 May 1925 at Copper Cliff

17983-25 Everett Sylvester MINIELY, 35, farmer, Middlesex Co., Pinewood, s/o Andrew Celex MINIELY, b. Ontario & M.J. FREEL, married Matilda Beatrice CHANDLER, 27, housekeeper, Reading England, Pinewood, d/o John CHANDLER, b. England & Elizabeth WEST, witn: Winslow Charles MINIELY & Dora Mary MINIELY, both of Rainy River, 11 Nov 1925 at Rainy River

19407-25 William Bass MITCHELL, 23, dairy man, Ald Cumock Scotland, Sudbury, s/o Andrew MITCHELL, b. Auchinlock Scotland & Bessie VASS, married Amelia Mary Creighton MILLAR, 28, Barry Scotland, Sudbury, d/o James MILLAR, b. Arbroath Scotland Agnes Corsar ROBERTSON, witn: Andrew ROSS of Copper Cliff & Effie ANTLER of Sudbury, 23 Dec 1925 at Sudbury
19410-25 Alex MOJSUK, 33, smelter man, Austria, Coniston, s/o Komion MOJSUK, b. Austria & Anna KUZENKO, married Maria MYKYTUIK, 23, Austria, Coniston, d/o Ivan MYKYTUIK, b. Austria & Tykyna APIZONUK, witn: T. KOLRONSKI of Sudbury & E. BREKRONZ of Copper Cliff, 28 Oct 1925 at Sudbury 19415-25 Graham MONTGOMERY, 25, salesman, Toronto, Sudbury, s/o Charles MONTGOMERY, b. Ireland & Jane HOWARD, married Gertrude Elizabeth MARSHALL, 20, nurse, North Bay, Sudbury, d/o Thomas MARSHALL, b. England & Mary Isabel MONTGOMERY, witn: Douglas STANBURY of Toronto & Dorothy COOPER of Sudbury, 27 June 1925 at Copper Cliff
19408-25 Arnold MOONEY, 22, May twp., same, s/o Robert MOONEY, b. Canada & Ellen WHITE, married Florence MARTIN, 22, Spanish Mills, Massey, d/o William MARTIN & Elizabeth MARTIN, witn: Laura SUMMERBY & Margaret McLAUCHLAN, both of Massey, 19 Dec 1925 at Massey 19429-25 Angelo MORASSUTTI, 26, miner, Valvasone Udine Italy, Creighton Mine, s/o Francesco MORASSUTTI & Virginia BIANCHET, married Virginie Piva FABRES, 22, Valvasone Udine Italy, Creighton Mine, d/o Guiseppe FABRES & Agostina, witn: Jacomo MORASSUTTI of Timmins & Degan BENJAMINO of Creighton Mine, 27 Sept 1925 at Creighton Mine
19423-25 Leonidas MOREAU, 25, working man, St. Jean Parlfoli, Worthington, s/o Jean Baptiste MOREAU & Regina GOBEIL, married Bertha BERTRAND, 22, Victoria Mine, same, d/o Eugene BERTRAND & Aurelie PERRON, witn: Ernest S.JEAN & Ethel CYR, both of Worthington, 22 June 1925 at Victoria Mine 19414-25 Arthur Joseph MORIN, 26, blacksmith, Sudbury, Creighton Mine, s/o Joseph MORIN, b. Quebec & Agnes MARTELL, married Mary Gustava KOSKI, 18 + 5 mon, Copper Cliff, Creighton Mine, d/o Herman KOSKI, b. Finland & Greta VENTALA, witn: Alex MARTELL & Mrs. Lena MARTELL, both of Copper Cliff, 25 Aug 1925 at Sudbury
19412-25 Hector MORRELL, 23, constable, Judique - Cape Breton, Espanola, s/o Dan MORRELL, b. Cape Breton & Mary Ann McEACHERN, married Annie KIRWAN, 23, domestic, St. Eugene Que., Markstay, s/o Edward KIRWAN, b. Killaloe Ont & Mary Ann COUGHLAN, witn: Dan McGILLIS & Lizzie KIRWAN, both of Markstay, 4 Aug 1925 at Markstay 19413-25 August Legere Nelson MORRISSETTE, 33, telegraph operator, Pinconning Michigan, Blind River, s/o Telesphore MORRISSETTE, b. Three Rivers Que. & Marie PLOUFFE, married Mary Julian Gladys WATSON, 22, domestic, Azilda, Webbwood, d/o Edward WATSON, b. Philipsburg Que & Rachel DONOVAN, witn: Edward & Stella WATSON of Webbwood, 16 Sept 1925 at Espanola
19425-25 David Gerald MULLIGAN, 33, lawyer, Louisville Kentucky, Sudbury, s/o James Arthur MULLIGAN & Elizabeth MURRAY, married Helen Margaret YOUNG, 26, Trout Creek, Sudbury, d/o Robert John YOUNG & Martha BRENNAN, witn: Thomas MULLIGAN & Marjorie YOUNG, both of Sudbury, 30 June 1925 at Sudbury 19418-25 Stephen MYKYTYN, 29, laborer, Galicia, Espanola, s/o Nicholas MYKYTYN, b. Austria & Mary HAVCHASA, married Annie ANDREJCZUK, 23, domestic , Galicia, Espanola, d/o Anthony ANDREJCZUK, b. Austria & Mary FARIOR, witn: Michael HANATIUK & Ellen KEBA, both of Espanola, 24 Feb 1925 at Sudbury
19411-25 Tony Anton MYSLOVKA, 28, miner, Bukovina Roumania, Levack, s/o John MYSLOVSKA, b. Roumania & Adelphia HRYDORAK, married Nastaria ZUBATIUK, 18, Bukovina Roumania, Levack, d/o Samuel ZUBATIUK, b. Roumania & Rosana ZUBATIUK, witn: Clement LENKOSKI & Lola JAWEZYN, both of Levack, 26 Sept 1925 at Chelmsford  
19437-25 Albert NAULT, 29, laborer, St. Anne des Chenes Manitoba, Chelmsford, s/o Andre NAULT & Marie HARRISON, married Loretta DUBOIS, 18, Chelmsford, same d/o Florian DUBOIS & Marie Louise PELLETIER, witn: Florian DUBOIS & John BRADLEY, both of Chelmsford, 23 Nov 1925 at Chelmsford 15378-25 Ludger Louis NEAULT, 28, garage man, Mattawa, same, s/o Louis NEAULT & Malvina RICHARD, married Mary Monica LANGEVIN, 22, Kippewa Que., Mattawa, d/o Joseph LANGEVIN & Virginie LETELLIER, witn: Marcelle EIGENBERGER & Theodore TURCOTTE, both of Mattawa, 4 Nov 1925 at Mattawa
15382-25 Lawrence Richard NEWMAN, 28, electrician, Nairn Centre, Iroquois Falls, s/o Richard John NEWMAN, b. Arnprior & Helen Maria SMITH, married Florence Winnifred OTTO, 28, Vars Ont., res not given, d/o William G. OTTO, b. Ont & Henrietta YORK, witn: May C. BRILL & George OTTO, both of North Bay, 24 June 1925 at North Bay 15381-25 Bancroft Arthur NEWMAN, 27, machinist, Montreal, North Bay, s/o Frederick NEWMAN, b. England & Frances MAYBURY, married Edith Margaret DURRANT, 21, stenographer, Woolwich England, North Bay, d/o Alfred Frederick DURRANT, b. England & Edith Rose GUY, witn: John B. BURNIE & Mrs. Edith DURRANT, both of North Bay, 14 Aug 1925 at Galt St., North Bay
15383-25 Michael James NICHOLSON, 28, farmer, Eganville, Feronia, s/o Michael NICHOLSON, b. Mount St. Patrick & Jane STROUD, married Beatrice Jane JESSOP, 18 on 17 March 1925, Trout Mills, Feronia, d/o Charles Richard JESSOP, b. Muskoka & Kathleen MARCOTTE, witn: Charles Richard & Kathleen JESSOP of Feronia, 25 March 1925 at St. Johns, North Bay 15385-25 George Leslie NICHOLSON, 22, laborer, Mount St. Patrick, North Bay, s/o Patrick NICHOLSON & Ellen STROUD, married Mildred Ethel LYNCH, 19, Craigmont, North Bay, d/o William LYNCH & Elizabeth MAYHEW, witn: Albert LEE & Kathleen LYNCH, both of North Bay, 17 Feb 1925 at North Bay
19436-25 Oscar NOEL de FILBY, 29, book keeper, Ste. Cecile de Masham Que., Sudbury, s/o Ernest NOEL de FILBY & Marie BOULANGER, married Jeanne GRENON, 25, teacher, Sudbury, same, d/o A. Benjamin GRENON & Marie Louise FORTIN, witn: A. Benjamin GRENON of Naughton & Louis NOEL de FILBY of Sudbury, 2 Sept 1925 at Sudbury

15380-25 Gordon Lancelot NORMAN, 27, laborer, Widdifield twp., same, s/o Edward NORMAN, b. Halstead England & Sarah Elizabeth NORMAN, married Hilda Irene ELLIOTT, 24, Powassan Ont., Ontario, d/o Thomas ELLIOTT, b. Durham Co & Margaret Jane ROBINSON, witn: Sarah Elizabeth NORMAN of Widdifield Station & Mrs. James H. CHEANEY of RR1 Nipissing, 8 Aug 1925 at North Bay

15386-25 Albert OGGIER, 33, clerk, Menton France, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Frederic OGGIER & Antoinia BREGE, married M.A. Juliette CHAPLEAU, 22, Ste. Therese Que., Sturgeon Falls, d/o Joseph CHAPLEAU & Antoinette MAISONNEAUVE, witn: Edgar LEVEQUE & Joseph CHAPLEAU, both of Sturgeon Falls, 29 Sept 1925 at Sturgeon Falls 1942-25 Laclance? OLIVIER, 30, Sturgeon Falls, Coniston, s/o Edie OLIVER & Aurora MAYER, married Gertie MACKIE, 18, Fort William, Horne Payne, d/o John MACKIE & Dagha? RANHALA, witn: Leonard MAYER of Sturgeon Falls & Alma OLIVIER of Coniston, 17 Aug 1925 at Coniston
17989-25 Sigurd Bernard OLSON, 35, harness maker, Tronjheim Norway, Fort Frances, s/o Odin OLSON, b. Norway & Elizabeth JACOBE, married Pearl CRAIG, 29, widow, Brandon - Man., McIrvine Twp., d/o David LANCASTER, b. Walkerton & Margaret JOBB, witn: Ralph LANCASTER & Hazel MCLEAN, both of Fort Frances, 8 Nov 1925 at Fort Frances 19440-25 Leo Dominic O'MALLEY, 27, farmer, Pakenham Ont., Chelmsford, s/o David O'MALLEY, b. Pakenham & Margaret LAFFERS?, married Marie Rose Claire PAQUETTE, 24, St. Alfred Que., Chelmsford, d/o Gilbert PAQUETTE, b. L'Orignal Ont & Clementine LAFEBVRE, witn: David O'MALLEY & Gilbert PAQUETTE, both of Chelmsford, 2 June 1925 at Chelmsford
19439-25 Edward Emmanuel O'REILLY, 23, electrician, Copper Cliff, same, s/o Edward O'REILLY, b. Quyon Que & Mary KAVANAGH, married Elma Elizabeth PAKKALA, 20, Copper Cliff, same, d/o Andrew PAKKALA, b. Finland & Minnia PAKKALA, witn: J.H. O'REILLY & Olive O'REILLY, both of Copper Cliff, 21 Sept 1925 at Copper Cliff 19438-25 Pete OSTEOPALSKI, 32, miner, Russia, Levack, s/o Pete OSTEOPALSKI, b. Keil Russia & Mary, married Milka BOYOSLOWSKA, 33, house maid, Austria, Levack, d/o Fred BOYOSLOWSKA, b. Boronof? Austria & Mary ZAPLACINSKA, witn: Alex VICK & Annie ZARENSKI, both of Sudbury, 31 Oct 1925 at Sudbury
19443-25 Lionel Joseph OUILLETTE, 27, railway clerk, Chapleau Ont., Sudbury, s/o Sanai OUILLETTE & Lena GALLAGHER, married Audrey Alba PELLATT, 22, Toronto, Sudbury, d/o Frank PELLATT & Marie Elmire GAGNE, witn: Robert Ernest DOYLE & Marion FRAWLEY, both of Sudbury, 21 Sept 1925 at Sudbury 19441-25 Michael OZERTOV, 30, Poland, Creighton Mine, s/o Hryn OZERTOV & Julia OZERTOV, married Maria MARADYN, 21, Eastern Galicia, Creighton Mine, d/o Hryn MARADYN & Maria LAPULK, witn: Nykola WOLOS & Kuznia DRAKA, both of Creighton Mine, 24 May 1925 at Creighton Mine
19452-25 Mauna PAIKKIMAKI, 22, miner, Finland, Levack, s/o Salman PAIKKIMAKI, b. Finland & Edla PAIKKIMAKI, married Adga NURMI (Kurmi?), 17 + 1 mon, Finland, Levack, d/o Kustaa NURMI, b. Finland & Hilda NURMI, witn: Kustaa & Hilda NURMI of Garson Mine, 31 Jan 1925 at 121 Larch St., Sudbury 19574-25 Uno Atmer PAKKO, 23, farmer, Port Arthur, Kivikoski, s/o Mattie PAKKO, b. Finland & Hilda PIHLAJA, married Elsie Reeta KRAFT, 21, domestic, Finland, Kivikoski, d/o Pasvo KRAFT, b. Finland & Olga KOEHONEN, witn: Urho Matias PAKKA of Kivikoski & Edla ROUKA of Port Arthur, 13 Dec 1925 at Kivikoski
19448-25 Pietro PALMARO, 35, teamster, Italy, Sudbury, s/o Dominico PALMARO, b. S. Danielo Italy & Antonia MAESTRA, married Arminta Giovanna DI CHIARA, 23, Italy, Sudbury, d/o Oswaldi DI CHIARA, b. S. Vencela Italy & Saneti CONCI, witn: Emilio MIDENA of Sudbury & Antinisca POLANE of Copper Cliff, 20 June 1925 at Copper Cliff 19460-25 George PAPIN, 25, farmer, Sudbury, Blezard Valley, s/o Alexandre PAPIN & Marie PAPINEAU, married Idola BRUNET, 16, Blezard Valley, Sudbury, d/o Leonard BRUNET & Donalda LEDUC, witn: Leonard BRUNET & Edmond FRAPPIER, both of Sudbury, 25 May 1925 at Sudbury
19447-25 Napoleon PAQUETTE, 59, widower, farmer, St. Eugene Ont., Sudbury, s/o Moise PAQUETTE, b. St. Eugene - Prescott Co., & Josephine SEGUIN, married Clemence PAQUETTE, 47, widow of David Paquette, Fort Coulonge Que., Sudbury, d/o Joseph LAPINE, b. Fort Coulonge & Clemence AUBRY, witn: Orphila LACOSTE & Joseph PAQUETTE, both of Sudbury, 25 Aug 1925 at Sudbury 15394-25 Rosario PAQUETTE, 21, St. Sauveur Que., Field, s/o Edouard PAQUETTE & Marie CYR, married Laurenza TAILLEFER, 22, Verner, Field, d/o Cleophas TAILLEFER & Adeline HEBERT, witn: J. Bte. PILON & Cleophas TAILLEFER, both of Field, 24 Dec 1925 at Field
19450-25 Pierre PARISIE, 28, barber, Caraquot NB, Ottawa, s/o Francois PARISIE, b. Caraquot NB & Philomene BLANCHARD, married Laura CHAMPAGNE, 23, Providence Rhode Island, Nicholson Siding, d/o Ovila CHAMPAGNE, b. Quebec & Delia BASIL, witn: Pierre RAIL of Ottawa & Aurile BERNIER of Chapleau, 19 March 1925 at Chapleau 19449-25 Andro PASCHUYK, 29, miner, Russia, Levack, s/o Okian PASCHUYK, b. Walla Russia & Parasja PASCHUYK, married Nelly APALEYCHUK, 16 + 7 mon, Russia, Levack, d/o John APALEYCHUK, b. Walla Russia & Julia PASAK, wtn: P. MELENIK of Levack & Olga DUSICK of Sudbury, 6 June 1925 at Sudbury
15392-25 Lionel PAULET, 32, clerk, St. Joseph de Sorel Que., North Bay, s/o Jean Baptiste PAULET & Georgiana MATTE, married Ernestine CORBEIL, 25, clerk, Astorville, North Bay, d/o Ferdinand CORBEIL & Isabelle CHEGRIGNON, witn: Jean Baptiste PAULET of Montreal & Ferdinand CORBEIL of North Bay, 30 June 1925 at North Bay 19445-25 Samuel Edwin PENLY, 36, miner, Condon England, Creighton Mine, s/o W.J.D. PENLY, b. England & Elizabeth NEAL, married Charlotte Elizabeth ROBINSON, 41, Yorkshire England, Creighton Mine, d/o Joseph ROBINSON, b. England & Hannah JONLON? (Joulon?), witn: William & Elizabeth RIGG of Creighton Mine, 13 Nov 1925 at Creighton Mine
19451-25 Adelard PILON, 22 + 8 mon, farmer, Blezard valley, same, s/o Joseph PILON, b. Plaisance Que & Celina PELLETIER, married Angeline BRUNET, 16 + 11 mon, Blezard Valley, same, d/o Leonard BRUNET, b. St. Placide Que & Donalda LEDUC, witn: Joseph PILON of Blezard Valley & Leonard BRUNET of Sudbury, 2 Feb 1925 at Sudbury 19446-25 William Arthur PILON, 25, railway, Washburn Wisconsin US, Sudbury, s/o Napoleon PILON, b. Quebec & Mary LAHAIE, married Cassie ARMSTRONG, 19, Muskoka Ont., Sudbury, d/o John ARMSTRONG, b. Ont & Josephine SMITH, witn: Sanford Smith ARMSTRONG & Mrs. Grace ARMSTRONG, both of Sudbury, 15 Oct 1925 at 121 Larch St., Sudbury
19463025 Dornira? PILON, 21, laborer, St. Anne Prescott, Balfour, s/o Fortunat PILON & Emma BROSSEAU, married Berthe BASTIEN, 19, St. Charles Ont., Chelmsford, d/o Joseph Alex BASTIEN & Emma BLAIS, witn: Fortunat PILON & Joseph Alex BASTIEN, both of Chelmsford, 14 July 1925 at Chelmsford 19465-25 Albert PORTELANCE, 20, Blezard Valley, same, s/o Jean PORTELANCE & Sabra MARTIN, married Therese MENARD, 20, St. Andre Avelin Ont., Hanmer, d/o Hormidas MENARD & Edouie BELISLE, witn: Jean PORTELANCE & Hormidas MENARD, 31 Aug 1925 at Hanmer
19444-25 Douglas POWELL, 20, railway, Sebright Ont., Sudbury, s/o John POWELL, b. Ont & Nettie McLEISH, married Ida Evelyn MacDONALD, 23, teacher, Atherly Ont., Sudbury, d/o Neil J. MacDONALD, b. Ont & Louise PROPHET, witn: Mrs. Jean C. McDONALD (sic) & Miss Beatrice SOUBLIERE, both of Sudbury, 2 Dec 1925 at 12 Larch St., Sudbury 19455-25 Eli Henri PROULX, 24, Oscoda Mich., Capreol, s/o Ferdinand PROULX & Lumina PELTIER, married Aurore PROULX, 21, Hanmer, same, d/o Telesphore PROULX & Pamela GATIEN, witn: Telesphore PROULX of Hanmer & Ferdinand PROULX of Capreol, 19 Jan 1925 at Hanmer
19453-25 Bertrand Leroy PULLYBLANK, 22, stone cutter, St. Marys Ont., Sudbury, s/o Andrew PULLYBLANK, b. Ont & Henrietta WHETSTONE, married Arlene Elizabeth MOORE, 18 + 8 mon, clerk, Copper Cliff, Sudbury, d/o John Wesley MOORE, b. Ont & Elizabeth McDONALD, witn: Mr. & Mrs. John W. MOORE of Sudbury, 7 Feb 1925 at manse, Sudbury 19469-25 Jack RAHKO, 25, miner, Finland, Sudbury, s/o Jack RAHKO, b. Finland & Liisa HAKALA, married Nida POUTANEN, 26, Finland, Sudbury, d/o Mikko POUTANEN, b. Finland & Alexandra VOUJARVI, witn: William SANDBERG of Frood Mine - Sudbury & Helen ANNALA of Sudbury, 28 Nov 1925 at Sudbury

17999-25 Donald Victor REID, 29, office clerk, Emo, same, s/o John REID, b. Shelburne & Christena LINDQUIST, married Ida Pearl SCHAMERHORN, 20, Eno, same, d/o George SCHAMERHORN, b. Scotia [sic] & Violet BYCE, witn: Berneth CALDWELL & Rubelle REID, both of Emo, 25 Nov 1925 at Emo

19479-25 William Charles REILL, 24, book keeper, Midland, same, s/o Hugh REILL, b. Simcoe Co & Elizabeth THOMPSON, married Margaret Elizabeth VASEY, 18 + 9 mon, post office clerk, Midland, same, d/o George VASEY, b. Simcoe Co & Mary SWINSON, witn: Inez & S. Mae HICKLING of Sudbury, 10 Jan 1925 at Sudbury
15402-25 Emile RENAUD, 19, laborer, Ste. Cecile Masham, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Dosithe RENAUD & Henrietta AUBERTIN, married Solange LABELLE, 19, Gracefield Que., Sturgeon Falls, d/o Hormidas LABELLE & Mathilde GAUTHIER, witn: Donat LABELLE & Wilfrid GALIPEAULT, both of Sturgeon Falls, 2 Dec 1925 at Sturgeon Falls