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Northern Districts,  1926, part 1

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birth place is given before residence


39471-26 Earl Olonzo ABBOTT, 18, farmer, Sheguindah, same, s/o Emerson ABBOTT (b. Hartford Ont.) & Mary CHISHOLM, married Lottie Lena BOLT, 21, St. Joseph's Island, Sheguindah (?), d/o Edward William BOLT (b. Torquay Devonshire England) & Rachel GALLOWAY, witn: Pearl LOWRIE & Etta AUKERMAN both of Manitowaning on Dec. 7, 1908 at Manitowaning 39472-26 William James ALLAN, 27, farmer, Barrie Island, same, s/o Thomas ALLAN (b. Arkansas USA) & Eliza FANCINE?, married Lydia Mae BERRY, 20, Billings Tp., Kagawong, d/o Oliver BERRY (b. Creemore Ont.) & Mae PICKARD, witn: A. K. CARVER of Gore Bay (?) & Miss Lillie CORNELIUS of Kagawong on April 28, 1926 at Gore Bay.
37553-26 Duncan Andrew ANDERSON, 31, farmer, Chesley Ont., Gull Lake Sask., s/o Alexander ANDERSON, b. Chesley Ont & Elizabeth THOMAS, married Florence Genevieve MACKEY, 21, teacher, Norman, Keewatin, d/o Truman Gordon MACKEY, b. Parkhill Ont & Florence Amanda WILSON, witn: T.G. & Mrs. T. MACKEY of Keewatin, 31 July 1926 at Keewatin 37554-26 Amiel August ANDERSON, 25, Horby, Kenora, s/o Anders NILSON, b. Skane Sweden & Anna NILSON, married Signe Victoria CARLSON, 20, Bohnslan, Kenora, d/o Karl August LARSON, b. Bohnslan Sweden & Selma JOHANSON, witn: R. & Gerda NORLEN of Kenora, 5 Aug 1926 at Kenora
45326-1926 Severin ANDERSON, 28, Farmer, Norway, Haileybury, s/o Andrew ANDERSON b. Norway & Otilia NEILSON, married Maude Marie PHILLIPS, 22 (b. 18 Jan 1904), Windsor, Englehart, d/o John PHILLIPS b. Ont & Arle LeCARTE, witn: Jean B. MacKERCHER, Donald MacKERCHER, on March 24, 1926 at Haileybury. [with note re groom: "that my wife Grace Anderson has been continuously absent for over 7 years..."] 39473-08 William George ARMSTRONG, 29, farmer, Howland Tp., Honora Ont., s/o William ARMSTRONG (b. Balaclava Ont.) & Catherine THIRD, married Ethel COLLINS, 25, teacher, Howland Tp., Little Current, d/o William COLLINS (b. Lincolnshire England) & Margaret RICHARDS, witn: Roy ARMSTRONG of Honora & Eliza COLLINS of Little Current on Dec. 20, 1926 at Little Current
37555-26 Marie Joseph Albert ASSELIN, 40, trackman, Quebec City, Ena, s/o Joseph ASSELIN, b. Quebec & Elenor LAMONTAGNE, married Margaret GODON, 19, Mariejohn? Manitoba, Ena, d/o Joseph GODON, b. Quebec & Marie JODOIN, witn: Peter HEPPELLE of Ena & Adelard Peter HEPPELLE of Redditt, 9 Sept 1926 at Ena 37556-26 Prosper Alphonse ASSELIN, 39, widower, section foreman, Calumet Island Que., Milledge, s/o Louis ASSELIN, b. Iles des Calumet Que & Rosine HOGUE, married Celina GAGNON, 17, Saint Adolphe Manitoba, Richau Ont., d/o Olivier GAGNON, b. St. Jacques d'Achigon? Que., & Ada TROTTIER, witn: Jacques GAGNON & Joseph CLOUTIER, both of Richau, 22 Dec 1926 at Milledge [mother's names might be in wrong order]
37557-26 Teodor ATAMANICUK, 30, laborer, Austria, Kenora, s/o Michal ATAMANIUK & Catherine SENIUK, married Tekla FRANCHUK, 21, Austria, Kenora, d/o Georg FRANCHUK & Ksenia TWASYLUK, witn: J. HANCHARYK & P. KNYCH, both of Kenora, 19 Sept 1926 at Kenora 39474-26 Jeremia ATCHITAWONS, 31, general labourer, Wikwemikong, same, s/o Xavier ATCHITAWONS & Catherine MANITOWAH, married Mary June JAWENA, 20, Wikwemikong, same, d/o James JAWENA & Victoria BEAUDRY, witn: Josephine KING & John WAKEGIJIG both of Wikwemikong on Sept. 22, 1926 Wikwemikong.
45329-1926 Bruno BACKMAN, 26, Miner, Finland, Kirkland Lake, s/o Eric BACKMAN, b. Finland & Ella MALTUS, married Esther SKATOR, 21, Finland, Kirkland Lake, d/o Mats SKATOR, b. Finland & Greta IMGAS, witn: John WICKSTROM, John BLAIN, both of Kirkland Lake on April 10, 1926 at Kirkland Lake 45330-1926 Charles Thomas BAKER, 45, Farmer, Widower, Orillia, Tomstown, s/o Thomas BAKER, b. Manchester England & Charlotte FITCHETT, married Annie FERGUSON, 33 (b. 22 Dec 1893), Widow, Belfast Ireland, Tomstown d/o James PATERSON, b. Glasgow & Mary MITCHELL (both parents live in Belfast), witn: Mr. & Mrs. Alexander FRASER, both of Englehart, on April 17, 1926 at Englehart
39476-26 Joseph Harry BAILEY, 27, farmer, Burpee Tp., same, s/o Joe BAILEY (b. Ontario) & Bella CAMPBELL, married Lily Beatrice CAMPBELL, 20, Burpee Tp., same, d/o Angus CAMPBELL & Flora BELL, witn: Lara E. MASTIN & A. K. CANNON both of Gore Bay on June 30, 1926 at Gore Bay 39475-26 Harold Ernest BAILIE, 26, farmer, Billings Tp., same, s/o Matthew BAILIE (b. Ireland) & Mattie FOSTER, married Ella Mae HELLAM, 26, Rock Hill Perry Sound Dist., Billings Tp., d/o Andrew HELLAM (b. Toronto) & Elizabeth BOCK, witn: Matthew BAILIE & Mrs. D. MUNRO both of Kagawong of Sept. 11, 1926 at Billings Tp.
37558-26 Edwin Ferguson BELL, 38, flour packer, Scotland, Keewatin, s/o James BELL, b. Scotland & Margaret FERGUSON, married Ethel May MARR, 28, England, Keewatin, d/o Harry MARR, b. England & Jane NOBLE, witn: Ada & Herbert J. CUMMER of Keewatin, 9 Aug 1926 at St. James Church, Keewatin 39477-26 Peter Isaac BELL, 23, farmer, Burpee Tp., same, s/o Angus BELL (b. Staines Ont.) & Bella BAILEY, married Sarah Elizabeth BAILEY, 19, Burpee Tp., same, d/o Samuel BAILEY (b. Ont.) & Ellen Jane GIBSON, witn: A. K. CANNON & L. E. MASTIN both of Gore Bay on Jan. 6, 1926 at Gore Bay
37559-26 John Reginald BENNETT, 24, laborer, Bristol England, Kenora, s/o Albert Henry BENNETT, b. Bristol England & Florence BAKER, married Lyla May LOUGH (Tough?), 23, Buckingham, Kenora, d/o John R. LOUGH, b. Cumberland Ont & Nellie STOREY, witn: Russel LOUGH & Doris Ada MARCHANT, both of Kenora, 18 Nov 1926 at Kenora 39478-26 Walter Wright BENNETT, 23, fisherman, South Baymouth, Toronto, s/o Henry BENNETT (b. Holland Ont.) & Emily Isadora SERSON, married Evelyn Christina NAIRN, 19, Glasgow Scotland, Toronto, d/o John NAIRN (b. Scotland) & Mary WRIGHT, witn: William WILMAN & Marguerite BENNETT both of South Baymouth on Oct. 1, 1926 at South Baymouth
37560-26 Mario BINDA, 30, railroad, Brebbia Italy, Edison, s/o Guiseppe BINDA & Maria MIGLEARINO?, married Caroline PARRINI, 22, Brebbia Italy, Vermilion Bay, d/o Guiseppe PERRINI & Luizia TOMASSINI, witn: Pit BINDA & F. St. CLEMENTS, both of Vermilion Bay, 1 Jan 1926 at Dryden 37561-26 Samuel Roland BIRD, 28, dentist, Gretinville? Que., Winnipeg, s/o Samuel BIRD, b. England & Margaret ATKINSON, married Charlotte RITCHIE, 24, Belfast Ireland, Kenora, d/o Holden RITCHIE, b. Ireland & Jane HEANEY, witn: Jean RITCHIE of Winnipeg & Henry BIRD of Kenora, 22 Sept 1926 at Kenora
37562-26 William James BLAIR, 23, paper maker, Winnipeg, Kenora? Ont., s/o James Herbert BLAIR, b. Ont & Elizabeth JOHNSON, married Mildred MOYNHAM, 20, Winnipeg, Kenora, d/o Charles Henry BOYNHAM, b. Prescott Ont & Frances Laurine JOHNSON, witn: James Halbrook D'AMOUR & Mrs. F. R. WALTON (Walters?) both of Kenora, 24 June 1926 at Kenora 37563-26 Joseph Norman BOIVIN, 30, trapper, Ottawa, Sioux Lookout, s/o Anthony BOIVIN, b. Ottawa & Mary Ann BURKE, married Mary SAPAY, 20, Lac Seul, Hudson, d/o John SAPAY, b. Frenchmans Head Ont & Alice THOMPSON, witn: James & Margaret GRAY of Hudson, 18 July 1926 at Hudson
39479-26 James John BOND, 20, farmer/labourer, Barking Essex England, Little Current, s/o Albert BOND (b. England) & Mary Ann BRUITT (Brintt?), married Mildred Edna May ROWE, 21, Howland Tp., Little Current, d/o William ROWE (b. Somerset England) & Matilda DAWSON, witn: Nelson MORPHET & Jessie EADE both of Little Current on Jan. 27, 1926 at Little Current 39480-26 William Allan BOWERMAN, 22, farmer, Tehkummah, same, s/o John BOWERMAN (b. Ontario) & Mary McMULLEN, married Elva Irene MYLAND, 18, Tehkummah, same, d/o William J. MYLAND (b. Ontario) & Hilda May BROWN, witn: William BOWERMAN of The Slash & Violet MYLAND of Tehkummah on April 21, 1926 at Manitowaning
39481-26 Chester Carroll BOYTER, 26, Baptist minister, Little Current, Trenton, s/o Albert BOYTER (b. Meaford) & Mary McKENZIE, married Lillian Grace ARMSTRONG, 25, Bidwell Tp., Little Current, d/o George ARMSTRONG (b. Walpool Tp.) & Elizabeth NORTON, witn: William ARMSTRONG of Box 222 & illegible R. BOYTER of Box 214 both of Little Current on Sept. 14, 1926 at Little Current 37564-26 William Robert BROWN, 25, manager, Aberdeen Scotland, Mobert, s/o Robert BROWN & Elizabeth FENTY, married Alice Agnes Rose NELSON, 20, Beau-se-Jour Manitoba, Mobert, d/o Christopher Walter NELSON & Agnes May JOHNSON, witn: John FINDLAYSON of Denorwic? Ont & Lilian Maud STUART of Winnipeg, 22 Sept 1926 at Dinorwic
45340-1926 August Alphonse BRUNET, 18 + 11 mon, Labour, Bonfield, Fauquier, s/o Alphonse BRUNET, b. Ste. Anne des Plains & Mary SAVARD, married Marie Alice GUENETTE, 17 + 6 mon, Notre Dame de la Salette, Fauquier, d/o Ulric GUENETTE, b. Bonfield & Emma LEGARE, witn: Alphonse BRUNET of Fauquier and Ulric GUENETTE of Moonbeam, on Feb. 15, 1926 at Moonbeam 45341-1926 Theorin Melville BRYSON, 27, Druggist, New Westminster B.C., Kirkland Lake, s/o Melville BRYSON, b. Truro NS & Myrtle B. ACKERMAN, married Fortuna Pauline MENARD, 22, Saleslady, Gracefield, Que., Kirkland Lake, d/o Joseph Aldric MENARD, b. Gracefield Que. & Cecilia LAFRENIERE, witn: Timothy PARKER, Helena RAMSAY, on Nov. 1, 1926 at Kirkland Lake
39482-26 Martin Earl BUCK, 20, millman, Billings Tp., same, s/o William Alfred BUCK (b. Port Dover) & Laura WILSON, married Annie Edna PERREAULT, 18, Sudbury, Kagawong, d/o Mack PERREAULT (b. Espanola) & Maggie BELANGER, witn: George BUCK of Kagawong & Elda PERREAULT of Little Current on Feb. 24, 1926 at Kagawong. [divorced 5/5/49] 37565-26 Joseph Edas BULLOCK, 31, farmer, Osago Minn., Oxdrift, s/o Edas Caras BULLOCK, b. Osten Minn., & Mary GRIEGER, married Elizabeth Hedwig Martha VON THADEN, 21, domestic, Stratford Ont., Oxdrift, d/o Fred VON THADEN, b. Germany & Alma KRAUS, witn: Emeline VON THADEN of Dryden & Archibald McCALLUM of Oxdrift, 5 July 1926 at Dryden
39483-26 Wray Charles BURCH, 29, telegraph operator, Simcoe Ont., Capreol, s/o Daniel BURCH (b. Simcoe) & Harriet SECORD, married Elsa Inez FELL, 26, teacher, Manitowaning, Capreol, d/o J. HADDON FELL (b. Halton) & Charlotte J. THOMAS, witn: Muriel M. & J.M. FELL both of Gore Bay on Aug. 17, 1926 at Gore Bay. 45342-1926 George William BYERLAY, 25, Car Inspector, Courtland, Englehart, s/o Andrew BYERLAY, b. South Walsingham & Edith CHILTON, married Gladys McKAY, 19 (b. 4 Jan 1907), Cobden, Englehart, d/o Daniel McKAY, b. Ross Ont & Maria Thersen BURNS, witn: Leslie McKAY of Englehart and Rose BYERLAY of Marter, on Aug. 25, 1926 at St. James Church, Heaslip
37566-26 Joseph Henry CLARK, 58, widower, merchant, London England, Kenora, s/o Joseph CLARK & Sarah JARVIS, married Martha HOLMES (Hulmes?), 62, Manchester England, Kenora, d/o William PENNINGTON & Jane, witn: Margaret WYMAN & Emily Warrington NORTON, both of Kenora, 19 July 1926 at St. Albans Cathedral, Kenora 39484-26 Donald L. Duncan CLARK, 34, farmer, Assiginack Tp., Hilly Grove, s/o Donald (b. Scotland) & Mary, married Elizabeth Ann CASE, 20, Assiginack Tp., Hilly Grove, d/o James CASE (b. Hilly Grove) & Minnie OVERFIELD, witn: Robert McMULLEN & Mary Mildred CASE both of Manitowaning on Nov. 10, 1926 at Manitowaning.
45354-1926 Attilio CICCHITTI, 32, Lock Fitter, Italy, Peterboro, s/o Florideo CICCHITTI, b. Orindole Italy & Angelosante PASQUA, married Elena Adelina MAIO, 17 (b. 15 Nov 1908), Satriano Italy, Cobalt, d/o Francesco MAIO, b. Satriano Italy & Barbara CASCHETTI, witn: Joanne AIMONE, Veronica AIMONE, both of Cobalt, on Oct. 23, 1926 at Cobalt 37567-26 Jesse Henry CLEVELAND, 30, iron worker, Stevens Point USA, Kenora, s/o William Henry CLEVELAND, b. Camp Douglas Wisconsin, & Katherine SCHROEDER, married Rose FRANZ, 20, Kitchener Ont., Kenora, d/o August FRANZ, b. Germany & Annie STEINER, witn: James & Emily VAUGHAN of Kenora, 28 March 1926 at St. Albans, Kenora
45355-1926 Arthur CLOUTIER, 25, Louisville Que, Windsor, s/o Arthur CLOUTIER & Edouardina DESAULNIERS, married Marie Donalda LACARTE, 22, Wendover Ont, Windsor, d/o Felix LACARTE, & Amelie PHILLIPS, witn: Albino CLOUTIER of Earlton and Felix LACARTE of Dack twp, on July 28, 1926 at Earlton 45356-1926 Thomas CLOUTIER, 19, Farmer, Buckingham Que., Firstbrook Twp., s/o Olivier CLOUTIER, b. Haipy? & Emma MORISSETTE, married Laurette NEVEU, 19 (b. 22 April 1906), Teacher, St. Isadore Que., Firstbrook, Twp., d/o Wilfrid NEVEU, b. St. Isidore - Lauerlachere Co. Que & Albina BARRETTE, witn: P. BARRETTE, Olivier CLOUTIER, both of Haileybury, on Jan. 7, 1926 at Haileybury.
37568-26 George Burt COLE, 27, widower, laborer, Southampton Ont., Keewatin, s/o Samuel COLE, b. Southampton Ont & Georgina CAMPBELL, married Edna Ellen SWITZER, 18, Cornwall Manitoba, Keewatin, d/o Wallace SWITZER, b. Rockdale Ont & Margaret Jane ELLIS, witn: Chance CROZIER & Mary A. PRICE, both of Keewatin, 25 Dec 1926 at Keewatin 37570-26 John COLLINS, 27, shopman, Belfast Ireland, Redditt, s/o John COLLINS, b. Belfast Ireland & Jean RACKLEY, married Marie Jane BEAULE, 16, Winnipeg, Redditt, d/o Clovis BEAULE, b. Quebec Que. & Mary CYR, witn: Clovis BEAULE & Joseph VILLIARD, both of Redditt, 15 May 1926 at Redditt
37569-26 Eric Arthur COLLISS, 24, pulp mill employee, Berkshire England, Dryden, s/o Thomas COLLISS & Christine BARGER?, married Grace Darling BECK, 21, domestic, Dryden, same, d/o John William BECK & Anna NEILSON, witn: Ryder OLSON of Dryden & Emma LATIMER of Oxdrift, 10 July 1926 at St. Lukes Church, Dryden 45357-1926 Wilfred Felix CORVILLE, 21, Teamster, Tupper Lake N.Y., Haileybury, s/o Felix CORVILLE, b. Ont & Marion MADORE, married Della Mae PRETTY, 18 (b. 17 Feb 1908), Hollands Mills - Lanark, Haileybury, d/o Herbert PRETTY, b. Lanark Co. Ont. & Sadie LALONDE, witn: Eva Theresa HOLDITCH , William CORVILLE, on Sept. 6, 1926 at Haileybury
39186-26 Thomas COSBY, 21, farmer, Howland Tp., Sheguiandah, s/o Charles William COSBY (b. England) & Anna Jane MOODY, married Alice Irene O'BRIEN, 18, Howland Tp., same, d/o Wesley O'BRIEN (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth PARKINSON, witn: William & Mrs. Ada HALLETT both of Mindemoya on Oct. 13, 1926 at Mindemoya 39485-26 Robert Charles COSBY, 34, farmer, Howland Tp., Bidwell Tp., s/o Charles COSBY (b. England) & Hannah Jane MOODY, married Gladys Pearl BAYERS, 23, Bidwell Tp., same, d/o Phiney BAYER (b. Canada) & Hannah MYERS, witn: Mr. & Mrs. William HALLETT both of Mindemoya on June 9, 1926 at Mindemoya
39487-26 Oliver George COULTIS, 22, farmer, Tehkummah, same, s/o George COULTIS (b. Wingham) & Annie CLARK, married Bertha Dorcas YOUNG, 16, Sandfield Tp., same, d/o Norman YOUNG (b. The Slash) & Myrtle MIDDAUGH, witn: James & Rae HAVER both of Tekhummah on May 26, 1926 at Tehkummah 37571-26 Frederick William CUTHBERT, 19, farmer, London England, Kenora, s/o Samuel CUTHBERT, b. Wales & Alice HENMANS, married Mary Isabel HALLEY, 19, USA, Kenora, d/o Louis Joseph HALLEY, b. Michigan & Annie Isabel LE REAU (Le Beau?), witn: H. L. DOWD & Louis HALLEY, both of Kenora, 27 June 1926 at Kenora
39488-26 Albert Stanley DAVIS, 26, farmer, Mills Tp., same, s/o John DAVIS (b. Ontario) & Anne ATKINSON, married Sadie Levenia CRAWFORD, 19, Carnarvon Tp., Mills Tp., d/o Malcolm CRAWFORD & Harriet Levenia ALECKIK, witn: Marjory McDONALD & Ralph PEARSON both of Britainville on March 3, 1926 at Mills Tp. 45360-1926 William Bryan DEADMAN, 28 (b. 16 April 1898), Electrician, Sault Ste. Marie Michigan, Gowganda, s/o Jacob DEADMAN, b. Middlesex Co. Ont & Mary McMULDROCK, married Marjorie REID, 25, Nurse, Parry Sound, Gowganda, d/o Caswell REID, b. Parry Sound & Lena BESAW, witn: Alice CRANN, George R. CRANN, both of Gowganda, on Oct. 6, 1926 at Cobalt
45362-1926 Alex DEFORGE, 18, Farmer, Thessalon, Val Gagne, s/o Louis DEFORGE & Anna LAFLEUR, married Cora PURDY, 18, Plaisance, Val Gagne, d/o W.J. PURDY & Irene KING, witn: Louis DEFORGE, W.J. PURDY, both of Val Gagne, on Aug. 23, 1926 at Val Gagne 37572-26 Reginald George DELANEY, 32, flour mill employee, North Bay Ont., Keewatin, s/o James DELANEY, b. North Bay & Ellen DOYLE, married Kathleen Lenore GREEN, 29, teacher, Lincoln Co., Keewatin, d/o Frank T. GREEN, b. Stoney Creek Ont & Margaret RANDALL, witn: Katie M. HOMES & Amy BARNES, both of Keewatin, 5 July 1926 at Keewatin
37573-26 Philip DESROSIER, 21, engineer, White Fish Bay, Kenora, s/o Joseph DESROSIER, b. Kenora & Mary, married Josephine HARRISON, 18, Kenora, same, d/o Thomas HARRISON, b. Kenora & Marie BAZIL, witn: John LAVERGNE & Josephine ROBERTSON, both of Kenora, 1 July 1926 at Kenora 37574-26 William Haldane DINGWALL, 42, merchant, Glengarry Ont., Dryden, s/o Alexander DINGWALL, b. Scotland & Barbara McDONALD, married Reba Georgina VEITCH, 31, nurse, Port Elgin, Dryden, d/o George VEITCH & Harriet THOMPSON, witn: D.G. & M.L. DINGWALL of Dryden, 17 Feb 1926 at Dryden
39489-26 Gordon Dixon DINSMORE, 24, mariner, Gordon Tp., same, s/o William Kerrigan DINSMORE (b. Ontario) & Agnes DIXON, married Eliza Christena CAMPBELL, 22, Gordon Tp., same, d/o Thomas CAMPBELL (b. Ontario) & Mary Eleanor McCRACKEN, witn: Inez Elizabeth DINSMORE & Wallace CAMPBELL both of Gore Bay on June 9, 1926 at Gore Bay 37575-26 Andrew Albert DODDS, 23, fire ranger, Rainy River, Smith, s/o William Henry DODDS, b. Orangeville & Mary Jane FREEBORN, married Myra Pearl BRUCE, 19, Forest Falls Ont., Smith, d/o Colin BRUCE, b. Foresters Falls Ont & Lila POUNDER, witn: Ethel CRAINE? & Mary SMITH, both of Sioux Lookout, 12 July 1926 at Sioux Lookout
45363-1926 Cecil Howard DRAKE, 21, Miner, Coboconk, Leeville, s/o William DRAKE, b. Snowden Ont & Delia DRAKE, married Elsie May HODGINS, 18 (b. 6 May 1908), North Cobalt, Leeville, d/o Adam Ashton HODGINS, b. Danford Lake Que. & Amy EVANS, witn: William BELL, Ethel McCULLOUGH, both of Leeville, on June 14, 1926 at Tudhope Twp. 45364-1926 Herbert Francis DRINKWATER, 22, Bancroft, Whitewood Grove - Hilliard Twp., s/o Jonathon DRINKWATER, b. Northumberland Co. & Elizabeth Ann SMITH, married Helen May CULP, 15 (b. 31 March 1911), Tay Twp - Simcoe, Hilliard Twp., d/o Leonard CULP, b. Christie twp & Eliza Jane BRADLEY, witn: Curtis DRINKWATER of Hilliard twp & Olga ORMOND of New Liskeard, on Dec. 29, 1926 at New Liskeard
45365-1926 Narcisse DUBEAU, 29, Farmer, St. John Matte Que., Larocque , s/o Joseph DUBEAU, b. St. Melonie Que & Caroline BEAUDOIN, married Helene NOEL, 20 (b. 6 Jan 1906), Ste. Anne Chicoutimi, Larocque , d/o Joseph NOEL, b. St. Alphonse Que. & Louise BRASSARD, witn: Isidore MARQUIS, Joseph NOEL, both of Moonbeam, on Feb. 8, 1926 at Moonbeam. 45366-1926 Jean Charles DUMONT, 22, Farmer & Carpenter, Montreal, Hearst, s/o Adelard DUMONT & Clephyre VERONNEAU, married Marie Anne LESSARD, 24, Beauce Que., Hearst, d/o Thomas LESSARD & Philomene ROULEAU, witn: Adelard DUMONT of Hearst and Jean Joseph LESSARD of Jacques, on Oct. 20, 1926 at Hearst.
37576-26 William Wardlaw DUNCAN, 39, bank manager, Clear--? Manitoba, Kenora, s/o William Moore DUNCAN, b. Weston Ont & Margaret Isabella DENIS?, married Mayme Ceubia? BAXTER, 26, Kenora, same, d/o J. Clifford BAXTER, b. Amherst NS & Mary CONN, witn: Mrs. L. M. SMITH & Harold BAXTER, both of Kenora, 2 June 1926 at Kenora 39490-26 Armand DUPUIS, 23, labourer, Byng Inlet, Skull Point?, s/o Louis DUPUIS & Emilie GRAVEL, married Alberta MARTEL, 18, Little Current, same, d/o Adelard MARTEL & Liliane DORION, witn: Alda PERREAULT of Little Current & J. J. HEBERT of Killarney on Jan. 19, 1926 at Little Current
37577-26 Isaac Hjalmar EK, 35, barber, Sweden, Kenora, s/o Axel EK, b. Norrbotten Sweden & Matilda JOHANSON, married Martha Amalia GLANTZ, 32, Sweden, Kenora, d/o Eric GLANTZ, b. Jantland Sweden & Agnes JAKOBSON, witn: P.R. & Ellen WALLIN of Kenora, 6 May 1926 at Kenora 45369-1926 Thomas EMMERSON, 40, Assayer, Carlisle - Cumberland England, North Cobalt, s/o Edward EMMERSON, b. England & Mary Jane EMMERSON, married Nancy GROOM, 45 (b. 21 Dec 1890), Widow, Hatherton - Leicestershire England, North Cobalt, d/o John BROWN, b. England & Alice, witn: Alice M. HINCKS, Helen CALDBICK, both of Haileybury, on Aug. 28, 1926 at Haileybury
39491-26 Lawrence Wilbert FERGUSON, 30, farmer, Bidwell Tp., same, s/o Lindsay FERGUSON (b. Ontario) & Sarah STRINGER, married Catharine Elizabeth EGAN, 22, Bidwell Tp., same, d/o John EGAN (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth BYERS, witn: Pearl BAYER of Sheguindah & Susie FERGUSON of Little Current on Jan. 20, 1926 at Little Current 39492-26 Pierson Leonard FERGUSON, 23, farmer, Howland Tp., same, s/o Cornelius FERGUSON (b. Hagersville) & Mary SCOTT, married Bertha Fae STRINGER, 20, Howland Tp., same, d/o Lothian STRINGER (b. Kendal England) & Martha BURNETT, witn: Stella FERGUSON & Mary STRINGER both of Green Bay on Oct. 27, 1926 at Little Current
37579-26 James Cyril FOLEY, 33, widower, railway employee, Windsor England, Brea--? Sask., s/o James FOLEY, b. Berkshire England & Alice Maud DUMSDAY?, married Wilma Marion FERGUSON, 22, Charlottetown PEI, Kenora, d/o William Henry FERGUSON, b. Charlottetown PEI & Maud FERGUSON (nee FERGUSON), witn: W. & M.M. FERGUSON of Kenora, 29 Sept 1926 at Kenora 39493-26 Ernest William FORSTER, 24, wood worker, Ontario, Pontiac Michigan USA, s/o William Wilson FORSTER (b. Canada) & Bertha GREEN, married Daisy Irene ADDISON, 23, Ontario, Silver Water, d/o Joseph & Lucinda, witn: Edith SNOOK of Sault Ste. Marie & Edgar ADDISON of Silver Water on June 30, 1926 at St. Peter's Church Silver Water.
39494-26 Patrick FREEZIE, 27, foreman, Killaloe, Nairn, s/o Joseph FREEZIE (b. Montreal) & Mary STACK, married Jessie STRINGER, 21, Sheguindah, Nairn, d/o William Henry STRINGER (b. Ontario) & Eliza BURNETT, witn: Margaret I. ELLISON & Sarah GRAY both of Little Current on July 19, 1926 at Little Current 37580-26 Charles Bert GODDARD, 29, paper maker, Kings Co. NB, Kenora, s/o Hiram GODDARD, b. Kings Co. NB & Jane GODDARD (cousin), married Nancy FINLAYSON, 16, Kenora, same, d/o Nicol FINLAYSON, b. Manitoba & Elizabeth, witn: James Edward SNIDER & Sarah ALLAN, both of Kenora, 22 May 1926 at Kenora
37581-26 David Gibson GORDON, 27, Maybole Scotland, Keewatin, s/o James William GORDON, b. Maybole Scotland & Helen Douglas GIBSON, married Clara May YORK, 19, Glenella Manitoba, Keewatin, d/o John YORK, b. Buffalo NY & Annie LIVINDUSKY, witn: James William GORDON Jr. & Martha YORK, both of Keewatin, 16 Nov 1926 at Keewatin 37582-26 Winer Otto Armin GRAEPER, 28, farmer, Schlovie Shlave? Germany, Vermilion, s/o Bernhardt GRAEPER, b. Germany & Augusta DOLAZA, married Bobbette EICHHORN, 21 (30 July 1926), Hamilton Ont., Vermilion Bay, d/o unknown & Rosie EICHHORN, witn: A.M. & Walter? GANGLOFF of Vermilion Bay, 3 July 1926 at Dryden
39495-26 James David GRAHAM, 21, grocer, Webbwood, North Bay, s/o James GRAHAM (b. Carlton Place Ont.) & Katherine STEWART, married Ellen Thora PURVIS, 20, school teacher, Gore Bay, North Bay, d/o Alexander PURVIS (b. Manitoulin Ont.) & Sarah Jennie DIXON, witn: Mrs. R. J. WINTER of Gore Bay & J. E. CLEMINSON of Toronto on Aug. 21, 1926 at Gore Bay 37583-26 Henry Webster GRAHAM, 66, widower, Barrie Ont., Kenora, s/o Alexander GRAHAM, b. Ireland & Mary MITCHELL, married Elsie Elizabeth GROSERT, 36, widow, Donaghnan? Ireland, Toronto, d/o William Francis MacKAY, b. Ireland & Elizabeth Hart MALLOY, witn: George Thomas & Laura Belle MARTIN of Kenora, 26 Jan 1926 at Kenora
39496-26 Charles Joseph GRECO, 23, engineer, Sunapee New Hampshire USA, West River, s/o Peter A. GRECO (b. Celeige Italy) & Mary CALGURI, married Georgiana Francis MORRIS, 17, Sudbury, West River, d/o Patrick MORRIS (b. Lachineburg P.Q.) & Mary MORRISON, witn: Mrs. Ivy L. DRURIE of Little Current & Mrs. Harriet F. HAINES of Dorion on March 7, 1926 at Little Current 37584-26 Magnus Nelson GREEN, 26, Sweden, Kenora, s/o John GREEN, b. Sweden & Gertrude JOHNSON, married Annie Ottilia SUNDEAN, 24, USA, Keewatin, d/o Swan SUNDEAN, b. Sweden & Margaret MARTINSON, witn: Alfred SUNDEAN & Louisa JOHNSON, both of Kenora, 3 March 1926 at Kenora
39497-26 Ernest Alfred GREENMAN, 41, farmer, Barrie Island, same, s/o Thomas Baker GREENMAN (b. England) & Delia MORRIS, married Catherine LOCKHART, 42, widow, Gordon Tp., same, d/o Joseph BEST (b. Ireland) Catherine IRWIN, witn: Mae & Edward AINSLIE both of Elizabeth Bay on Sept. 1, 1926 at Elizabeth Bay 39498-26 Frank HAITSE, 28, fisherman, Killarney, same, s/o John HAITSE & Margaret SOLOMON, married Charlotte Alphonsine ROGUE, 28, Killarney, same, d/o Louis ROGUE & Matilda LABATT, witn: Mary & Andrew ROGUE both of Killarney on Nov. 26, 1926 at Killarney.
37585-26 William HANLEY, 52, widower, boiler maker, New Jersey US, Kenora, s/o Thomas HANLEY, b. Ireland & Bridget FLYNN, married Mary BAILEY, 46 (66?), widow, Preston England, Kenora, d/o Reuben EASTHAM, b. England & Jane JARDEN, witn: Mrs. T.H. DIAMOND & Gertrude WALTON, both of Kenora, 1 June 1926 at Kenora 37586-26 John Arthur HANNA, 27, chemical engineer, Parrsboro NS, Bathurst NB, s/o Amos Hamilton HANNA, b. Nova Scotia & Harriet Rebecca JOHNSTON, married Marguerite Violet EVANS, 25, Waubaushene Ont., Dryden, d/o Arthur EVANS, b. North Wales & Christena CARSON, witn: Sarah CUMMINGS of Tonawanda NY & Ernest W. DICKSON of Dryden, 18 Sept 1926 at Dryden
39499-26 Albert Edward HARPER, 21, farmer, Burpee Tp., same, s/o Thompson Ellis HARPER (b. Ontario) & Sarah Ann NESBITT, married Jennie Elizabeth RAYNER, 20, Spanish River, Gordon Tp., d/o Henry RAYNER (b. Ontario) & Eliza Victoria THOMAS, witn: Roy & Ilene RAYNER both of Gore Bay on Jan. 27, 1926 at Gore Bay. 39500-26 Percival Lorne HARPER, 20, farmer, Burpee Tp., same, s/o Walter HARPER (b. Ontario) & Mary KERR, married Ellen BAILEY, 17, Burpee Tp., same, d/o Robert BAILEY (b. Ontario) & Caroline GIBSON, witn: A. K. CANNON & Lara E. MASTIN both of Gore Bay on June 9, 1926 at Gore Bay.
45080-26 Clifford HARRISON, 28, banker, Winnipeg, Port Arthur, s/o Joseph HARRISON, b. Manchester England & Caroline HANCOCK, married Laura Irene SAUNDERS, 28, Port Arthur, same, d/o Robert SAUNDERS, b. Bruce Co Ont & Manetta AULT, witn: H.W. & Mildred SAUNDERS of Port Arthur, 5 July 1926 at Port Arthur 45396-1926 Henri HARVEY, 22, Farmer, Wahnapitae, New Liskeard, s/o Joseph HARVEY & Emma FORTIN, married Marie Alma LAROSE, 17, Cobalt, same, d/o Modeste LAROSE & Rose Alma MATTON, witn: Joseph HARVEY, Modeste LAROSE, on Aug. 24, 1926 at Cobalt.
39501-26 Frederick William HARVIE, 25, teacher, Orillia, Gore Bay, s/o W. R. HARVIE (b. Ontario) & Louisa A. GILL, married Jessie K. MASTIN, 24, clerk, Gore Bay, same, d/o Theodore MASTIN (b. Ontario) & Margaret McDOUGAL, witn: Katherine HARVIE of Orillia & A. MASTIN of Gore Bay on July 14, 1926 at Gore Bay 45081-26 Stephen HASHELYN, 28, Ukranian teacher, Poland, Fort William, s/o Wasyl, b. Poland & Polokia nee HNYSZ, married Anna WENGEROVICH, 15, Port Arthur, same, d/o Ivan WENGEROVICH, b. Ukraine & Frances ELCZYSZYN, witn: George CLENDIUK & J. CREBIT?, both of Fort William, 1 Aug 1926 at St. Stephens, Fort William
39502-26 Joseph Roy HEMBRUFF, 23, farmer, Bidwell Tp., same, s/o Joseph HEMBRUFF (b. Ontario) & Alberta SPITKER, married Lauretta Vivian McLEAN, 23, telegraph operator, Sheguindah, Bidwell, d/o Laughlin McLEAN (b. Edinburgh Scotland) & Margaret STRINGER, witn: John & Arva McKAY both of Bass Creek on Sept. 7, 1926 at Bass Creek. 37587-26 Andrew Alexander HERD, 23, shipper, Fifeshire Scotland, Keewatin, s/o Andrew HERD, b. Fifeshire Scotland & Jane HALDANE, married Elsie ATKINSON, 18, Winnipeg, Keewatin, d/o Thomas James ATKINSON, b. Cumberland England & Sarah NOBLE, witn: Mrs. Bertha DREW & Amy BARNES, both of Keewatin, 2 Oct 1926 at St. James Church, Keewatin
37588-26 Anatol HILLAIRET, 56, widower, laborer, France, Kenora, s/o John HILLAIRET, b. Courcelle France & Emily BRISSON, married Leonida ROUILLARD, 36, widow, France, Kenora, d/o Peter ROUILLARD, b. Hantes France & Mary JULIAN, witn: P. Lynn? PROVOST & Yvonne ROUILLARD, both of Winnipeg, 5 Feb 1926 at Kenora 37589-26 Hjalmar HOLMSTROM, 24, paper maker, Faguarikeve? Sweden, Kenora, s/o John Gunner HOLMSTROM, b. Sweden & Elvira NORDIN, married Elvira WESTIN, 17, Kenora, same, d/o Gustav WESTIN, b. Sweden & Ida NORMAN, witn: Frances DAUGHERTY & Lizzie McKENZIE, both of Kenora, 29 Dec 1926 at Kenora
39503-26 John Russell HURLEY, 28, farmer, Echo Bay, same, s/o Charles Alfred HURLEY (b. Bruce Co.) & Sylvia Louisa CROKER, married Elenor May McCOLEMAN, 28, Gore Bay, same, d/o David McCOLEMAN (Ontario) & Louisa Florence ARMSTRONG, witn: Ray & Ruby COLEMAN both of Gore Bay on Aug. 4, 1926 at Gore Bay. 39504-26 Matthew Nelson INCH, 27, labourer, Bruce Mines, Dominion Mines & Quarries Little Current, s/o Joseph INCH (b. Bruce Mines) & Elizabeth M. PARKS, married Irene BLACKWOOD, 22, New Westminster, Dominion Mines & Quarries Little Current, d/o James BLACKWOOD (b. Ireland) & Sarah CAMPBELL, witn: Thomas LAWRANCE & Cela BRAYLEY both of Dominion Mines & Quarries Little Current on July 7, 1926 at Little Current.
37590-26 Orrval Seymour JACKSON, 22, mechanic, Jones Falls, Big Falls, s/o Seymour W. JACKSON, b. Jones Falls Ont & Lydia M. SLY, married Stella May MORTON, 25, Kaladar, Dryden, d/o R..J. MORTON, b. Ont & Ella M. KELLAR, witn: Walter MORTON & Elsie GRAHAM, both of Dryden, 19 Dec 1926 at Dryden 39505-26 John Albert JAWANIHIN, 24, labourer, Wikwemikong, same, s/o father unknown & Louise JAWANIHIN, married Charlotte TRUDEAU, 23, Wikwemikong, same, d/o Louis TRUDEAU & Therese GABAW, witn: Mary Jane JAWANA & Samuel MENITOUSKI both of Wikwemikong on Aug. 11, 1926 at Wikwemikong.
39506-26 David JAWENIGWANEBI, 23, labourer, widower, Sagamog, Bird Island, s/o Abel JAWENIGWANEBI & Mary TOULOUSE, married Victoria NAGAMGWANE, 18, South Bay, Bird Island, d/o Isaac NAGAMGWANE & Isabelle JAKO, witn: Victorie PEGONEIASAANG & Joseph McGREGOR both of Poncet Tp. on Sept. 25, 1926 at Birch Island. 37591-26 Wilfrid JETTE, 38, farmer, St. Anthony Canada, Jeffrey twp., s/o Joseph JETTE, b. Quebec & Marie LE COMPER, married Alice FULLER, 21, London England, Jeffrey twp., d/o George FULLER, b. England & Alice, witn: George MOORE (Moon?) & Lily FULLER, both of Kenora, 9 April 1926 at Kenora
39507-26 Robert William JEWELL, 22, farmer, Gore Bay, Bass Creek Bidwell Tp., s/o Robert Henry JEWELL (b. Ontario) & Mary RUMLEY, married Catherine Rovena McCULLIGH, 17, Bidwell Tp., Bass Creek, d/o George Albert McCULLIGH (b. Ontario) & Lucy HEMBRUFF, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Alfred BOND both of Little Current on Jan. 20, 1926 at Little Current. 39508-26 Alfred KAGESHONGAI, 21, labourer, Byng Inlet, Indian Reserve Sheguiandah, s/o Thomas KAGHEONGAI (b. Sheguindah) & Charlotte ASHAWSEGA, married Ida OGEMAH, 16, Sheguindah, Indian Reserve Sheguindah, d/o David OGEMAH (b. Sheguindah) & Catherine MIZHENGUADA, witn: J. Selwyn RHODES & Charlotte KAGESHONGAI both of Sheguindah on June 28, 1926 at Little Current.
37592-26 George KELLAR, 45, farmer, Actinolite - Hastings Co., Dryden, s/o Levi KELLAR, b. Elzevir Ont & Sarah Jane JOHNSON, married Agnes Jane FRANKLIN, 40, widow, Leskard Ont., Dryden, d/o William JACKSON, b. Leskard Ont & Jane ROUNTREE, witn: Hazel SAUNDERS & C.F. JOHNSON, both of Dryden, 28 May 1926 at Manse, Dryden 39509-26 John Roy KENNEDY, 27, labourer, Allan Tp., same, s/o John Alexander & Verna, married Minnie Olive GLENN, 19, Gordon Tp., same, d/o Robert GLENN (b. Collingwood) & Annie GREXTON, witn: Hazel & Mabel DOUGHERTY both of Long Bay on May 26, 1926 at Providence Bay
37593-26 Andrew Morrison KILGOUR, 25, draughtsman, Glasgow Scotland, Kenora, s/o John KILGOUR, b. Kirkcaldy Fifeshire Scotland & Mary MORRISON, married Flora MORRISON, 23, Glasgow Scotland, Kenora, d/o Roderick MORRISON, b. South Urce? Scotland, & Flora PATERSON, witn: William COGHILL & Mary KERR, both of Kenora, 16 Aug 1926 at Kenora 39510-26 William Andrew KING, 26, farmer, Carnarvon Tp., same, s/o James KING (b. Scotland) & Mary Ann ANDERSON, married Olive Myrtle WILSON, 18, Campbell Tp., Carnarvon Tp., d/o Henry Burton WILSON (b. Campbell Tp.) & Margaret McCOLEMAN, witn: Melvin L. BOCK of Providence Bay & Mae A. KING of Spring Bay on April 28, 1926 at Monument Church Spring Bay.
37594-26 Joseph Nelson KNIGHT, 24, foreman, Aberdeen Scotland, Sioux Lookout, s/o George KNIGHT, b. Scotland & Julia DEROUSIE?, married Viola Sarah Thomasine DE VILLE, 26, Derbyshire England, Sioux Lookout, d/o Thomas Michael DE VILLE, b. England & Matilda Mary BOTHAM, witn: Frances Mabel DE VILLE & David GEDDES, both of Sioux Lookout, 10 Oct 1926 at Sioux Lookout 37595-26 Antoni KOBERNYK, 30, laborer, Poland, Kenora, s/o Henry KOBERNYK, b. Poland & Thecla PZTUPI, married Annie BOYCHUK, 22, Poland, Kenora, d/o John BOYCHUK, b. Poland & Thecla HAWRUK, witn: Carol WESCHNOWSKI of Norman & William BOYCHUK of Kenora, 6 Feb 1926 at Kenora
37596-26 John KRAWCZUK, 31, freight checker, Mikolajiw, Port Arthur, s/o Lucas KRAWCZUK, b. Mykolajiw Austria & Barbara NYZNYK, married Katerina SEMENIUK, 22, Tozczatow, Sioux Lookout, d/o Stephanus SEMENIUK, b. Tozczatow Polonica, & Anna DRYZNA, witn: J?. DRYZNA & John? KYTKA, both of Sioux Lookout, 16 Jan 1926 at Sioux Lookout 37597-26 Albert Edward LAWKINS, 25, mill hand, England, Kenora, s/o William Henry LAWKINS & Amelia CLARK, married Laura Mary PERRAULT, 25, Kenora, same, d/o Joseph PERRAULT & Exilda FARREAU, witn: Ernest & George PERRAULT of Kenora, 10 Nov 1926 at Kenora
39512-26 Weston Wright LEESON, 28, farmer, Assiginack Tp., same, s/o James H. (b. Erin Ont.) & Mina, married Ellen Mildred COE, 26, Assiginack Tp., same, d/o Joseph COE (b. Mulmur) & Helena A. PUGH, witn: Amy Louise LEESON of Hilly Grove & Charles Alvin COE of The Slash on March 24, 1926 at The Slash 39511-26 John Franklin LEESON, 29, farmer, Tehkummah Tp., Sandfield Tp., s/o Thomas LEESON (b. Guelph) & Charlotte MASTIN, married Florence Pearl MIDDAUGH, 17, Sandfield Tp., same, d/o Ebenezer MIDDAUGH & Edith FORSYTHE, witn: Ralph MIDDAUGH & Clara BOWERMAN, both of The Slash on April 14, 1926 at Manitowaning
39513-26 Donald Lentz LESWING, 24, clerk, Depew New York USA, Akron New York USA, s/o William LESWING (b. Clarence New York USA) & Mary LENTZ, married Phoebe Verna BOWERMAN, 25, teacher, Tehkummah Tp., Akron New York USA, d/o William (b. Nottawasaga) & Marietta, witn: Ralph LESWING of Akron New York USA & Lilian BOWERMAN of The Slash on Aug. 20, 1926 at The Slash. 37598-26 Stanley Jacob LINKLATER, 22, laborer, Savanne Ont., Kenora, s/o John James LINKLATER, b. Canada & Agnes CAMERON, married Mary Rose LAVERNE, 20, Trout (Trent?) Lake Mich., Kenora, d/o Benjamin, b. Canada & Mary LAVERNE, witn: George BURNS of Savanne? & Benjamin LAVERNE of Kenora, 18 Oct. 1926 at Kenora
37599-26 Jeyve MAGNUSSON, 27, tailor, Christiana? Norway, Kenora, s/o Cornelius MAGNUSSON, b. Norway & Annie PETERSON, married Olga SAND, 28, Finland, Kenora, d/o Ludwig SAND, b. Finland & Helma WICKMAN, witn: Oscar JOHNSON & Ruby HEPBURN, both of Kenora, 11 Sept 1926 at Kenora 37600-26 Nathaniel Alexander MANNING, 30, store keeper, Spratton England, Ignace, s/o Job MANNING, b. Spratton England & Elizabeth SMITH, married Margaret PARKER, 21 next Dec 16, waitress, Ealing Road - Walton England, Ignace, d/o Alfred Ernest PARKER, b. Kirby England & Jane WOODS, witn: Cyril PARKS & Maryon EWING?, both of Ignace, 21 May 1926 at Rectory, Ignace
37601-26 Jack MARCHANT, 26, engineer, Kenora, Fort Frances, s/o John Richard MARCHANT, b. England & Alice Ann GRESTZ, married Clara Marguerite BLIGHT, 20, Didcot - Berkshire England, Kenora, d/o John William BLIGHT, b. Cornwall & Mary Elizabeth GAY, witn: William John BLIGHT & Gordon MARCHANT, both of Kenora, 28 Dec 1926 at Kenora  

045156-26 Robert MARTIN, 23, Cement Finisher, Banbridge Ireland, Port Arthur, s/o Robert MARTIN (b. Leitrim Ireland) & Margaret McILVEAN; married Florence GREER, 23, Nurse, Belfast Ireland, Port Arthur, d/o Samuel GREER (b. Whitehouse Ireland) & Minnie NOBLE; wit Elizabeth MARTIN & Hugh MARTIN, both Post Office Chambers, 19 Oct 1926, Port Arthur

37602-26 Joseph Blair MARTIN, 36, widower, trainman, Smith Falls, Kenora, s/o Thomas MARTIN, b. Ballybay Ireland, & Esther LUMSDEN, married Elizabeth FENTON, 19, waitress, Winnipeg, Kenora, d/o Andrew FENTON, b. Newborough Scotland & Mary McBRAYNE, win: E.A. THOMPSON & Isabel BRYDON, both of Kenora, 16 Nov 1926 at Kenora

045157-26 Willehard MARTTINEN, 27, Pulp Wood Cutter, Harmenschmen? Finland, Nipigon, s/o Akseli MARTTINEN (b. Finland) & Amanda LINKKANEN; married Helmi Johanna KARKONEN, 24, Kullas Finland, Nipigon, d/o Kustav KIRKANEN (b. Finland) & Thilta HARKHULA; wit Jennie M. KODDAN & Mary HARRISON, both of 349 Waverly St., 23 Dec 1926, Port Arthur

045158-26 Harry MARYNIUK, 26, Labourer, Galicia Ukraina, 1909 Mountain Ave, s/o Andreas MARYNIUK & Eudochia CHOZNIUK; married Justyna GRONSKA, 17, Galicia Ukraina, 911 Superior St., d/o Harry GRONSKI (sic) & Maria SUGOWA; wit Wasyl ROMANCHUK of 1909 Mountain Ave & Nykola GRONSKI of 911 Superior, 24 Jul 1926, Fort William

045159-26 Wennerie MATSON, 27, Labourer, Michigan USA, Port Arthur, s/o Samuel MATSON (b. Finland) & Sofia LICKALA; married Jennie HORI, 25, Finland, Port Arthur, d/o Erkki HORI (b. Finland) & Taava ANTTILA; wit Jalmar M. MATSON & Tyyne SANTTI, both Port Arthur, 4 Jul 1926, Port Arthur

045160-26 George Harold MATTHEWS, 22, Accountant, Fort William, Fort William, s/o George H. MATTHEWS (b. Moncton New Brunswick) & Arvilla SNIDER; married Sybil Willetta SMITH, 19, Euclaire Quebec, d/o William John SMITH (b. Flarine? Quebec) & Mary Ann HAMILTON; wit Archibald L. GRANT & Miriam STEWART, both Fort William, 30 Dec 1926, Fort William

045161-26 Nykola MATWIJEIV (Matwijiw?), 33, Labourer, Galicya, Fort William, s/o Prokop MATWIJEIV & Sophia SEMENIUK; married Julia KRUSKELNYCKA, 18, Gimli Manitoba, 501 McBain St., d/o Alexander KRUSKELNYSKI & Olena BILINSKA; wit Dmytro STEPHISHYN of 602 McLoud St. & Wlodymyr PREIZINGER of 502 McBain St., 5 Feb 1926, Fort William

045162-26 Alfred Dickens MAYCOCK, 23, Farmer, Whitnash England, Slate River, s/o Charles George MAYCOCK & Lucy COTTRELL; married Rose Elizabeth GUNBY, 21, Plymouth England, Fort William, d/o George William GUNBY & Daisy SANSOM; wit Annice DAVIES & H. LOMAS, 18 Jun 1926, Fort William

045163-26 John MAZUR, 30, Labourer, Perconyliev Galicya, Port Arthur, s/o Franko MAZUR & Maria SEWICKA; married Maria LURBA, 18, Working Girl, Wiahyl Galicya, Port Arthur, d/o Theodor LURBA & Anastasia HALABARDA; wit Michael POLOWY & Emilien SLIVINSKI, both Port Arthur, 22 May 1926, Fort William

045179-26 Donald McARTHUR, 48, Clerk, Wid, New Fraser Twp, Port Arthur, s/o Mathew McARTHUR (b. Scotland) & Eleanor MATTHEWS; married Catherine Ellen McWHA, 43, Housekeeper, Wid, Alvinston, Port Arthur, d/o Charles GIDDY (b. Ontario) & Agnes SMITH; wit Ed JOHNSTON & Mrs. Ellen JOHNSTON, both Port Arthur, 10 Nov 1926, Port Arthur

37610-26 Charles McCLOY, 34, druggist, Medicine Hat Alberta, Melville Sask., s/o Alexander McCLOY, b. Hagersville Ont & Matilda C. JORY, married Ellen Elizabeth Muriel ROBINSON, 27, nurse, Keewatin, same, d/o James ROBINSON, b. Maryborough Ont & Mary COLE, witn: Jean ISENOR & A.G. SCHOOLEY, both of Keewatin, 15 April 1926 at Keewatin 39517-26 Lewis Clifford McCUTCHEON, 23, farmer, Sandfield Tp., same, s/o James McCUTCHEON & HUTCHISON, married Violet Elizabeth VANHORNE, 24, Sandfield Tp., Cameron Tp., d/o John Thomas VANHORNE (b. Uxbridge Tp.) & Susan COOPER, witn: Harold McCUTCHEON of Sandfield & Zella VANHORNE of Mindemoya on Aug. 18, 1926 at Mindemoya

045180-26 Archie MACDONALD, 30, Labourer, Halifax NS, Fort William, s/o George MACDONALD (b. Nova Scotia) & Jane DALEY; married Amanda DANIELSON, 23, Norway, Port Arthur, d/o Adolph DANIELSON (b. Norway) & Helena HARTRICKSON; wit Alice Robina CLARK & William HARTRICKSEN, both Port Arthur, 4 Nov 1926, Port Arthur

045181-26 Charles Ernest McDONALD, 34, Railroad Yardman, Victoria Road, Port Arthur, s/o Charles McDONALD & Nora BARRETT; married Sylvia Roberts HAMER, 18, Port Arthur, Port Arthur, d/o Joseph HAMER & Mary BUTLER; wit Omer MUCKLER & Kathleen Mary HAMER, both Port Arthur, 19 Oct 1926, Port Arthur

045451-26 Leo Rose McDOUGALL, 23, Labourer, Boston Mass USA, Englehart, s/o Mrs. McDOUGALL (b. Boston Mass USA) & Rose ANTOINETTE; married Annie KOCH, 19, Evanturel Twp, Englehart, d/o Henry KOCH (b. Bachfeld Germany); wit Mary KOCH, Bencher & Arnold MCCARIFF, Englehart, 23 Dundas 1926, Temiskaming

045182-26 John Charles McEWEN, 28, Electrician, West Toronto, Fort William, s/o John McEWEN (b. Canada) & Katherine PORTER; married Wahneta Mary BORLAND, 21, Stenographer, Sault Ste. Marie, Port Arthur, d/o Frederick BORLAND (b. Goderich) & James FLETCHER; wit Elmira B. HEDGES & Helen C. JOHNSTON, both Port Arthur, 17 May 1926, Fort William

045183-26 William McFALL, 26, Locomotive Fireman, Montreal Quebec, Hornepayne, s/o Patrick John McFALL (b. Co. Antrim Ireland) & Mary McCORMICK; married Zora BILUSICH, 21, Clerk, Sikenck? Austria, Port Arthur, d/o Marko BILUSICH (b. Austria) & Maria CAVCIC; wit Cecil SANDERS & Lydia CADDS, both Port Arthur, 21 Jan 1926, Port Arthur

045184-26 John Wesley McFARLANE, 25, Farmer, Grey Co, Murillo, s/o Wesley McFARLANE (b. Grey Co) & Jean IRWIN; married Christina MILLER, 26, Paris, Murillo, d/o Charles MILLER (b. Germany) & Christine WE--HEL? (ink blot); wit H.J. CASTER & Myrtle CARTER, both Murillo, 10 Aug 1926, Fort William

045185-26 Wesley MACFARLANE, 20, Elevator Employee, Arcola Sask, Fort William, s/o William MACFARLANE (b. Canada) & Margaret ATCHISON; married Daisy CRONK, 20, England, Fort William, d/o Herbert CRONK (b. England) & Alice DAWSON; wit Robert GATHERWIN & Mary JOHNSON, both Fort William, 4 Aug 1926, Fort William

045186-26 William MACFARLANE, 24, Elevator Employee, Arcola Saskatchewan, Neebing Twp, s/o William MACFARLANE (b. Owen Sound) & Margaret ATCHESON; married Alberta Marion ROCHE, 21, Thessalon, Fort William, d/o Albert ROCHE (b. Port Arthur) & Mabel KERR; wit Grace PRESTON & R.J. ROGERS, both Fort William, 26 Apr 1926, Fort William

045452-26 Donald Miles McGILLIS, 41, Will Supt., St. Andrews, Silver Centre, s/o Joseph McGILLIS & Janet McMILLAN; married Mary Christena LECOURSE, 30 Past, Telegraph Operator, Renfrew, Haileybury, d/o Joseph LACOURSE & Christina LAVOIE; wit Duncan McGILLIS, St. Andrews & Bernadette YATES, New Liskeard, 3 Jun 1926, Haileybury

045187-26 George Frederick McGOWAN, 30, Clerk, Toronto, Port Arthur, s/o George William McGOWAN (b. Bella Ewart) & Ellen VALLES; married Grace Anna KIRK, 24, Fort William, Port Arthur, d/o John KIRK (b. Ripon Yorkshire England) & Mary E. CHISHOLM; wit Emma SWITZER, Port Arthur & Thomas GRIPP, Beaudais? Co. Gaspe Quebec, 10 Jun 1926, Port Arthur

045453-26 William Austin McGUIRE, 22, Labourer, North Bay, Kirkland Lake, s/o William McGUIRE & Bridget GAGNON; married Frances MALCOM, 18, Halifax, Swastika, d/o Everet MALCOM & Annie CLARKE; wit Gerald MALCOM, Swastika & Monica McGUIRE, Kirkland Lake, 3 Feb 1926, Swastika 39518-26 Justin McINTOMNEY, 28, clerk, Arnprior, Benny, /o Martin McINTOMNEY & Mary CALLAGHAN, married Marguerite KENNEDY, 21, Little Current, same, d/o James KENNEDY & May PATTERSON, witn: Marie KENNEDY & Charles DUNN both of Little Current on Oct. 11, 1926 at Little Current.

045188-26 Chesley MACKAY, 30, Asst. Weighman, New London PEI, Port Arthur, s/o George MACKAY (b. New London PEI) & Maria Annie KASLAN; married Ester Mary AXELSON, 21, Fort William, Port Arthur, d/o Axel AXELSON & Thorine THORSEN; wit T.A. AXELSON, Superior Wis & Eva M. DONALDSON, Port Arthur, 6 Jan 1926, Port Arthur

39519-26 Richard John McKAY, 22, foreman, Manitowaning, Bass Creek, s/o Roderick McKAY (b. Ontario) & Hannah HEMBRUFF, married Arva Evangeline MacLEAN, 25, teacher, Green Bay, Bass Creek, d/o Hector MacLEAN (b. Scotland) & Margaret STRINGER, witn: Roy HEMBRUFF of Bass Creek & Vivian MacLEAN of Little Current.
37611-26 Norman Malcolm McKAY, 21, laborer, Hollinyard? Manitoba, Kenora, s/o James Albert McKAY, b. Canada & Laura FOLSTER, married Gertrude Louise DOUDIET (Dondiet?), 18, Dryden, Kenora, d/o Alfred D.W.C. DOUDIET, b. Canada & Rosetta Victoria ORVIS, witn: James Albert McKAY & Laura FOLSTER, both of Kenora, 10 Feb 1926 at Kenora 37612-26 Walter McKAY, 47, farmer, Leadbury Ont., Longton Sask., s/o Hugh William McKAY, b. Ont & Isabella CAMPBELL, married Emma Elizabeth MARTIN, 48, widow, Oshawa Ont., Dryden, d/o John LANSING, b. Ont & Sarah ALLDRED, witn: Mr. Fred BRETHOUR & O.B. PEARSON, both of Kenora, 9 Feb 1926 at Kenora

045189-26 Duncan McKAY, 34, Elevator Employee, Scotland, Fort William, s/o Alexander McKAY (b. Scotland) & Catherine CAMPBELL; married Mary McKAY, 28, Scotland, Fort William, d/o John McKAY (b. Scotland) & Christina McLEOD; wit Angus McKAY & Mary McKAY, both Port William, 17 Dec 1926, Fort William

045190-26 William Wilson Davidson McKAY, 24, Paper Maker, Aberdeen Scotland, Port Arthur, s/o William McKAY (b. Aberdeen Scotland) & Jemima DAVIDSON; married Janet Curdie McMULDROCH, 18, Kilmarnock Scotland, Port Arthur, d/o Justine McMULDROCH (b. Kilmarnock Scotland) & Jessie McEWAN; wit Miss. M. McMULDROCH & John McKAY, both of 238 McIntyre St., 24 Dec 1926, Port Arthur

045454-26 George Edward McKELVIE, 22, Millman, New Liskeard, New Liskeard, s/o Daniel McKELVIE (b. Canada) & Ellen MOORE; married Gladys Isabel JOHNSON, 25, Stenographer, Egan Estate Nipissing, New Liskeard, d/o Allan JOHNSON (b. Canada) & Isabella DENISON; wit Ruth RAYMOND & D.P. McKELVIE, both New Liskeard, 16 Jan 1926, New Liskeard 045455-26 Duncan Roy McLAUGHLIN, 25, Farmer, Eau Claire, New Liskeard, s/o Duncan McLAUGHLIN (b. Renfrew) & Jessie Margaret EDMUNDS; married Verna Marion CHURCH, 22, Eau Claire, Hudson Twp, d/o George CHURCH & Susan EDMUNDS; wit James Hubert FOLEY & Emma FOLEY, both New Liskeard, 3 Nov 1925, New Liskeard
39520-26 John Scott McLEAN, 29, farmer, Assiginack Tp., same, s/o Donald McLEAN (b. Grey Co.) & Sarah McKECHINE married Ada Isabel TURNBULL, 27, Tehkummah Tp., Sandfield Tp., d/o George TURNBULL (b. Grey Co.) & Elizabeth HARTRY, witn: Hugh Malcolm McLEAN of Hilly Grove & Delina TURNBULL of Snowville on Oct. 6, 1926 at Mindemoya 045456-26 Walter Allan McLELLAN, 23, Chauffeur, Beachburg, Swastika, s/o John McLELLAN (b. Nova Scotia) & Maggie LITTLE; married Florence FERGUSON, 26, Cashier, W--? Harbor NS, Swastika, d/o Florence FERGUSON (b. Nova Scotia) & Robina STEWART; wit J. illegible & Jane McBAIN; both Kirkland Lake, 19 Jan 1926, Kirkland Lake
37613-26 John McLEOD, 32, assistant chemist, Quincy Mass. US, Keewatin, s/o John McLEOD, b. PEI & Christena McLEOD, married Mary McLeod McKIE, 21, Ayr Scotland, Keewatin Ont., d/o William A. McKIE, b. Girvan Scotland & Agnes GORDON, witn: William McKIE & Agnes GORDON, both of Keewatin, 24 April 1926 at Keewatin 045457-26 Donald McMILLAN, 21, Farmer, Stormont Co, Haileybury, s/o William McMILLAN (b. Stormont Co) & Jessie MACGILVRY; married Claudia HURTEAU, 17, Tupper Lake NY, Haileybury, d/o Adolph HURTEAU (b. USA) & Edith GAGNON; wit Gordon GEROW & Pearl MAWHINNEY, both Haileybury, 23 Jul 1926, Haileybury
39521-26 Robert McMULLEN, 35, farmer, widower, Assignack, Manitowaning, s/o Richard McMULLEN (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth HAMMOND, married Mildred CASE, 18, Assignack Tp., Manitowaning, d/o James CASE (b. Hilly Grove) & Minnie OVERFIELD, witn: Donald L. Duncan CLARK & Elizabeth Ann CASE both of Hilly Grove on Nov. 10, 1926 at Assignack. 045458-26 William Frederick McNUTT, 25, Mechanic, Powassan, Cobalt, s/o Barney McNUTT (b. Ontario) & Bertha FREDERICK; married Juanita WELSH, 17, Craigmont, Haileybury, d/o William WELSH (b. Ontario) & Caroline BEADRIE; wit William BLAIS & Hazel BLAIS, both Cobalt, 5 Jan 1926, Haileybury
045459-26 John MCPHEE, 21, Miner, Markstay Ont, Kirkland Lake, s/o Alexander McPHEE & Mary Bella MACDONALD; married Kate Lorretta KIRWAN, 21, Guignes Quebec, Kirkland Lake, d/o Edward KIRWAN & Mary Ann COCHRANE; wit Alex J. McMILLAN, Kirkland Lake & Anna KIRWAN, Cobalt, 10 Nov 1926, Kirkland Lake 37614-26 James Murray McROBERTS, 48, locomotive engineer, Appin Ont., Kenora, s/o Chambers McROBERTS, b. London Ont & Ahris? Bell MURRAY, married Bertha V. CLARK, 34, Kenora, same, d/o John Ernest CLARK, b. Derby England & Myrtle NORDQUIST, witn: James? DIAMOND? & Evelyn HULLINS, both of Kenora, 22 Jan 1926 at Kenora

045164-26 Benjamin George Hull MEADOWS, 23, Mechanic, Yorkshire England, Port Arthur, s/o Benjamin Hull MEADOWS (b. Kent England) & Beatrice LANE; married Myra Watt LENDRUM, 28, Marvelville Russell Co, Fort William, d/o William LENDRUM (b. Utica New York) & Pearl WOOD; wit Claire WHITE, Port Arthur & Dorothy G. COLLARD of 235 Syndicate Ave, 24 Nov 1926, Fort William

045165-26 Weini Oskari METSALA, 30, Labourer, Kaivatra? Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Oskari METSALA (b. Finland) & Wilhelmeina ERKKILA; married Emmi Sonia JYLLI, 26, Domestic, Suomyarven Finland, Port Arthur, d/o Nikolai JYLLI (b. Finland) & Katriina OJANIEMI; wit Charles LEPPOLA & Sophia HIRVI, both Port Arthur, 17 Apr 1926, Port Arthur

37603-26 Hans Alfred METZLER, 27, farmer, Haunsunder Germany, Waldhof, s/o Heinrich METZLER, b. Caswel? Germany & Mary LOTZE, married Bernice Elnora DELONG, 17 on 10 Oct. 1926, Parkben Sask., Eagle River, d/o Martin DELONG, b. USA & Dollie MAINE, witn: Alexander & Elsie WEBB of Eagle River, 16 Oct. 1926 at Dryden 39514-26 Donald William MIDDLETON, 21, sailor, Mills Tp., same, s/o Sydney MIDDLETON (b. England) & Lea WATT, married Ruth BAKER, 20, Mills Tp., same, d/o William BAKER (b. Ontario) & Margaret ROBERTSON, witn: A. K. CANNON of Gore Bay & Lawrence BAKER of Burpee on Feb. 3, 1926 at Gore Bay

045166-26 John Edward MIDGELEY, 23, Electrician, Halifax England, Port Arthur, s/o Charles Thomas MIDGELEY & Annie PULMAN; married Emily DICKENSON, 24, Bradford England, Port Arthur, d/o Herbert DICKENSON & Donna? SHACKELSTON; wit Leslie PULMAN of 90 Prospect Ave & Annie PULMAN of Port Arthur, 22 Mar 1926, Port Arthur

37604-26 Thomas MILLARD, 58, widower, gentleman, Toronto, Winnipeg, s/o George MILLARD, b. Newmarket Ont & Elizabeth ROGERS, married Edna MOORE, 48, widow, Kingston Ontario., Winnipeg, d/o J?.W. CAMPBELL, b. Kingston & Mina GORDENNER (Gordenier?), witn: Harold FINES & Mrs. R. MACK, both of Kenora, 18 Aug 1926 at Kenora

045167-26 Alvin J. MILLER, 27, Teacher, Clavering Ont, Tinsdale Sask, s/o John MILLER & Mary FRANCE; married Murl J. RADCLIFFE, 24, Wiarton, Wiarton, d/o Albert RADCLIFFE & Mary HAHN; wit Ivan RADCLIFFE, Wiarton & L.G. FISHER, Fort William, 15 Jul 1926, Fort William

44933-26 Anthony MILLER-STAGELL, 23, laborer, Lithuania, Sudbury, s/o Vincent MILLER-STAGELL & Mary STAGELL, married Marie Blanche BRAZEAU, 19, Ripon Que., Sudbury, d/o Joseph BRAZEAU & Delina LACOMBE, witn: Joseph BRAZEAU of Sudbury & Olivier CHEVRIER of Creighton Mines, 27 Dec 1926 at Sudbury

045168-26 Alexander McKenzie MITCHELL, 38, Accountant, Scotland, Fort William, s/o Alexander MITCHELL (b. Scotland) & Janet PEAT; married Anne S. WHYTE, 37, Scotland, Fort William, d/o John WHYTE (b. Scotland) & Isabella Ferguson STEWART; wit Mrs. Isabella Jean WARD, Pasadena California & D.S. SCHOFIELD, Fort William, 4 Aug 1926, Fort William

045169-26 Donald MONTGOMERY, 26, Railway Employee, Scotland, Port Arthur, s/o Malcolm MONTGOMERY (b. Stornaway Scotland) & Margaret McSWEEN; married Elsie Jane SMITH, 27, Telephone Operator, Scotland, Port Arthur, d/o Alexander (b. Paisley? Scotland) & Elsie SMITH; wit Lily Winnifred HAYWARD, Fort William & Robert SMITH, Port Arthur, 18 Aug 1926, Port Arthur

37605-26 Hiram Freeman MONTY, 26, cook, Drayton ND, Dryden, s/o Edward MONTY, b. Canada & Margaret FREEMAN, married Iva MORRISON, 24, hair dresser, Edmonton Alberta, Dryden, d/o Robert MORRISON, b. Sioux City Iowa & Mary Elizabeth FAWCETT, witn: Evelyn GORDON & Dayton MONTY, both of Dryden, 25 Nov 1925 at Dryden 37606-26 John Frederick MOON, 21, teamster, Kenora, same, s/o Frank MOORE, b. England & Annie HULL, married Grace Elizabeth MACKIE, 19, Gunton, Kenora, d/o Robert MACKIE, b. England & Margaret Ellen JOHNSON, witn: George Edward MOON & Irene MACKIE, both of Kenora, 30 Nov 1926 at Kenora
37607-26 Herbert Frank MOORE, 27, paper mill hand, Shepton Mallet - Somerset England, Dryden, s/o William MOORE & Florence STOKES, married Emma Mae BOWYER, 26, domestic, Sinninghill - Berkshire England, Dryden, d/o Henry BOWYER & Anna SIMMONDS, witn: Eric COLLIS & Sybil THORPE, both of Dryden, 3 July 1926 at St. Lukes Church, Dryden 39515-26 Richard MOORE, 46, farmer, Carleton Place, Mindemoya, s/o Richard MOORE (b. Northern Ireland) & Martha CARNAHAN, married Mary Ethel ELLIOTT, 38, widow, Kirkwood Ont., Mindemoya, d/o Walter GORDON (b. King Co.) & Phoebe Emma KING, witn: John & Elizabeth CADDEL both of Mindemoya on Feb. 19, 1926 at Mindemoya.

045171-26 David John MOORE, 60, Blacksmith, Wid, Derby Twp Co Grey, Port Arthur, s/o David MOORE (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth KEMP; married Selina Ann COGGIN, 50, Housekeeper, Manchester England, Port Arthur, d/o George COGGIN (b. England) & Elena WILFORD; wit Annie E. FOTHERINGHAM & Jennie M. ROVDAN, both Port Arthur, 7 Oct 1926, Port Arthur

045170-26 David Archibald MOORE, 26, Policeman, Ireland, Fort William, s/o Alexander MOORE (b. Ireland) & Mary HYNDMAN; married Jemima CONVEY, 24, Scotland, Fort William, d/o Patrick CONVEY (b. Scotland) & Annie HILL; wit John CONVEY & Margaret L. MILNE, both Fort William, 18 Jan 1926, Fort William

045172-26 Roy Stanley MOORE, 22, Elevator Employee, Fort William, Fort William, s/o Frank L. MOORE (b. Aylmer Que) & Frances WOOLSEY; married Eunice Janet COLE, 23, Havelock Ont, Port Arthur, d/o Jessie COLE (b. Ontario) & Mary Ann WILSON; wit Jessie SMITH of 40 Court St. & Henry CHARLEBOIS of 220 May St., 7 Aug 1926, Port Arthur

045173-26 Frank B. MORAN, 24, Timber Cruiser, Toronto, Fort William, s/o Frank Ernest MORAN (b. Almonte) & Gertrude HONORE; married Mary M.A. MACDONALD, 24, Duluth Minn, Fort William, d/o John MACDONALD (b. Bruce Mines) & Mary MORGAN; wit Stella M. SMITH & John S. RICHARDS, both Fort William, 21 Aug 1926, Fort William

39516-26 Arthur Wesley MORDEN, 26, farmer, Idaho USA, Providence Bay, s/o John MORDEN (b. Barry Island) & Susan Keziah JEFFKIN, married Mary Louise McIVER, 18, Wiarton Ont., Carnarvon, d/o Malcolm McIVER (b. Swan Lake) & Mary Louise QUESNEL, witn: C (?) H. IRWIN & Mrs. Eugene H. IRWIN both of Providence Bay on March 30, 1926 at Providence Bay 045174-26 Emmert MORIN, 21, Truck Driver, Ottawa, Port Arthur, s/o John MORIN (b. Ottawa) & Bella LAFLEUR; married Idella KISH, 20, Ottawa, Port Arthur, d/o Albert KISH (b. Ottawa) & Catharine SKUCE; wit Fred GIBBONS & Vera ARDELL, both Port Arthur, 18 Aug 1926, Fort William

45444-26 Joseph Henry Julien MORISSETTE, 25, labourer, Three Rivers Quebec, Cobalt, s/o Omer MORISSETTE (b. Ste Gertrude Quebec) & Olivia LARIVIERE, married Marie Eva Jermaine COTE, 16, Three Rivers Quebec, Cobalt, d/o Joseph COTE (bn. St Florien's Quebec) & Aldea LEBLANC, witn: Joseph COTE of 48 Russell St & Leger COTE both of Cobalt on Nov. 24, 1926 at Cobalt.

045175-26 Theodor MOROZOWSKI, 32, Labourer, Galicya Ukraine, Port Arthur, s/o Stephen MOROZOWSKI & Sophia ROMANCHUK; married Maria KOBYLANSKA, 32, Galicya Ukraine, Ivan KOBYLANSKI (sic) & Emilia SEWICKA; wit Michael ZADINSKI & Joseph KOBYLANSKI, both Port Arthur, 23 Oct 1926, Fort William

045176-26 Michael Killoran MORRISON, 20, Paper Maker, Uddingston Scotland, Port Arthur, s/o James MORRISON & Catherine KILLORAN; married Marguerite Victoria CHAUSSE, 24, Port Arthur, Port Arthur, d/o Harry CHAUSSE & Victoria BOVIN (or BONIN?); wit Donald McLEAN & Helen CHAUSSE, both Port Arthur, 16 Sept 1926, Port Arthur

37608-25 Jacob MORRISON, 37, widower, fisherman, Kenora Dist., Kenora, s/o Austin (Martin?) MORRISON, b. Gradsey? River - Kenora Dist. & not known, married Anna ARCHIE, 35, widow, Sabiscong, Kenora, d/o not known, witn: J.K. BRYDEN & Austin MORRISEAU (sic), both of Kenora, 7 June 1926 at Kenora

  045177-26 Albert MOSS, 46, Farmer, England, Kakabeka, s/o Jacob MOSS (b. England) & Ellen WALKER; married Martha LINDAHL, 45, Wid, Campbelltown NB, Kakabeka, d/o Henry LAVIOLETTE (b. Campbelltown NB) & Rose HASBURY? (Haskey?); wit John BALL & Elizabeth BALL, both Kakabeka, 12 May 1926, Kakabeka
37609-26 Donald Herbert MURDOCK, 30, laundry owner, Keewatin, Winnipeg, s/o John MURDOCK, b. Lindsay Ontario & Kate LITHGOW, married Mary Beatrice SWEET, 24, Keewatin, same, d/o Samuel SWEET, b. Bowmanville & Margaret CHRISTIE, witn: Annie McBain SMART of Fort William & Rayburn Samuel SWEET of 84 Monck Ave in Norwood - Winnipeg, 13 Nov 1926 at Keewatin 39522-26 Xavier NAGANIGWANE, 27, farmer, South Bay Wikwemikong, same, s/o Simon NAGANIGWANE & Liza LAVALLEE, married Therese SHIGWADHA, 15, Wikwemikong, same, d/o Alexis SHIGWADHA & Philomen MIDENOBINANS, witn: Ida Clara GABONI & Jonas JAWANDE both of Manitowaning on Feb. 15, 1926 at Wikwemikong
36523-26 Paul NAODEGIJIG, 55, farmer, widower, Wikwemikong, Sheguiandah, s/o John NEODEGIJIG & Philomena ENOSSE, married Charlotte WABIGIJIG, 56, widow, Bidwell, Sheguiandah, d/o Robert GRAHAM and no mother's name given, witn: Nancy OGIMA & Francis MISINISHKOTEWE both of Sheguiandah on Aug. 23, 1926 at Sheguiandah. 37615-26 Edward Stewart NEALE, 45, farmer, Birmingham England, Bedworth, s/o John NEALE, b. Birmingham England & Louisa SMITH, married Amy CHERINGTON, 40, widow, Birmingham England, Bedworth, d/o William FORD, b. Birmingham England & Emma Jane ADDISON, witn: Lillian & Norman BICKNELL of Wabigoon, 4 Nov 1926 at Dryden
045460-26 Errol Klock NEIL, 35, Hardware Store Manager, Mattawa, Cobalt, s/o William NEIL (b. Montreal) & Flora CONNOR, married May Jean MUNRO, 24, Stenographer, Copper Cliff, Cobalt, d/o Angus MUNRO (b. Stratford Ontario) & Nellie LUNEY?; wit Beverly J. FRENCH & Marguerite CAMPBELL, both Cobalt, 21 Jun 1926, Cobalt 37616-26 Martin NENISKO, 56, widower, engineer, Moravia, Kenora, s/o Martin NENISKO, b. Moravia & Elna ZOTLUKAS, married Maria DOTEZAL, 28, Stresdorf Austria, Kenora, d/o Thomas DOTEZAL, b. Moravia & Marie KUCHERN, witn: John & Katerina NENISKO of Kenora, 11 Feb 1926 at Kenora
36524-26 William Humphrey NEVILLS, 27, farmer, Bidwell Tp., same, s/o Harrison NEVILLS (b. Ontario) & Helen NAY, married Ethel Lucille WHITE, 21, Sheguiandah, not given, d/o Darius WHITE (b. Ontario) & Mary BROWN, witn: Clifford WHITE & Edna NEVILLS both of Sheguiandah on June 10, 1926 at Little Current 37617-26 John Duncan NICHOLSON, 27, paper maker, Owen Sound, Dryden, s/o Hugh NICHOLSON, b. PEI & Sadie NICHOLSON, married Lena ADAMS, 20, Oxdrift, Dryden, d/o John ADAMS, b. Griffith Ont & Clarissa HICKS, witn: C.H. AFFLECK & Fern S. WHITEHEAD, both of Kenora, 6 Nov 1926 at Kenora
045461-26 Axel NIMI, 25, Miner, Wid, Finland, Cobalt, s/o Anselm NIMI (b. Finland) & Emily FRANSKA; married Fanni ALITALA, 25, Finland, Cobalt, d/o Anthony ALITALA (b. Finland) & Mary CRANBERG; wit O. KOSKI & N. LUNKKONEN, both Cobalt, 1 Aug 1926, Cobalt 37618-26 Carl Victor NORDRUM, 30, farmer, Viroqua Wisconsin, Wabigoon, s/o Axel NORDRUM, b. Gjovie Norway & Carrie PATERSON, married Nelly Maria KIVEMAKI, 24, Alavus Finland, Wabigoon, d/o Jacob KIVEMAKI, b. Alavus Finland & Anna Kaird BALOMAKI, witn: John NORMAN of Wabigoon & Suona BETTA of Dryden, 3 March 1925 at St. Johns Church, Wabigoon
045462-26 Michael OLELSINKE, 22, Carpenter, Poland, Kirkland Lake, s/o David OLESINKE & Aline BORDIAN; married Maria LAPOINTE, 16, Notre Dame de la Sorlette Quebec, Kirkland Lake, d/o Cyprien LAPOINTE & Olivine LAUZON; wit Augustin LAUZON & Zoel LALONDE, both Kirkland Lake, 30 Dec 1926, Kirkland Lake 37619-26 John Clark OLIVER, 23, painter, Ireland, Winnipeg, s/o Thomas Kennedy OLIVER, b. Belfast Ireland & Mary Jane MOORE, married Sarah Louise PAUL, 21, dress maker, Kenora, same, d/o John PAUL, b. Simcoe Ont & Eliza SCHERK, witn: Thomas Kennedy OLIVER of Winnipeg & May PAUL of Kenora, 6 Oct. 1926 at Kenora
37620-26 Ole OLSEN, 40, locomotive fireman, Boder Norway, Kenora, s/o Peter OLSEN, b. Norway & Thorn HANSEN, married Gertrude GANGLOFF, 21, Ascherslehen Germany, Kenora, d/o Gustav GANGLOFF, b. Germany & Freida KUCHNE, witn: Elizabeth VON THADEN of Oxdrift & Gustav Max GANGLOFF of Vermillion Bay, 24 March 1926 at Dryden 045463-26 Ernest OLSON, 20, Haileybury, Haileybury, s/o August OLSON (b. Sweden) & Anna FERNHOLM; married Verna MYERS, 17, Clerk, New Liskeard, Haileybury, d/o John MYERS (b. Ontario) & Anna M. LENNOX; with Gladys TAYLOR, New Liskeard & Alfred OLSON, Haileybury, 22 Jun 1926, Haileybury
39525-26 Herman Elijah ORR, 29, farmer, Sheguiandah Tp., same, s/o John ORR (b. Ontario) & Mary M. LEWIS, married Annie Eliza KING, 21, Carnarvon Tp., same, d/o James KING (b. Scotland) & Mary ANDERSON, witn: W. R. ATKINSON of Sheguiandah & Etta KING of Spring Bay on June 30, 1926 at Mindemoya. 37621-26 Leslie Alfred ORVIS, 33, farmer, Adley Ont., Dryden, s/o A.B. ORVIS, b. Ont & Elizabeth DALTON, married Marion Deborah WALKER, 23, Woodward? Manitoba, Bedworth Ontario., d/o Luke S.M. WALKER, b. Cambridgeshire England & Elizabeth McGIVERN, witn: Edna M. TAYLOR & Arthur C.S. WALKER, both of Dryden, 1 July 1926 at Dryden
37622-26 Leo OTTO, 20, teamster, Winnipeg, Sioux Lookout, s/o John OTTO, b. Russia & Elizabeth, married Lydia SCHENKIE, 22, domestic, Russia, Sioux Lookout, d/o Lupeick SCHENKIE, b. Russia & not known, witn: Martha FREEDMAN & Oswald HARDING, both of Sioux Lookout, 28 May 1926 at Sioux Lookout [change of name to Leonard Otto from Leo Otto in 1961] 39526-26 William Neil OVERFIELD, 34, farmer, Grey Co., Assiginack, s/o Samuel OVERFIELD (b. England) & Sarah FAWCETT, married Alice COOPER, 17, Assiginack Tp., same, d/o Ignatius COOPER (b. Wikwemikong) & Sarah ASSIGINACK, witn: William TILSTON & Sarah COOPER both of Manitowaning on Jan. 27, 1926 at Manitowaning
37623-26 George Hiram PAGE, 27, mechanic, Marlow England, Kenora, s/o George Henry PAGE, b. Hampshire England & Rosa Elizabeth GROVES, married Violet Grace SKEET, 22, London England, Kenora, d/o George SKEET, b. Lower Sidenham England, & Elizabeth CREAGH, witn: Rosa, William G. & Henry G. PAGE, all of Kenora, 14 Dec 1926 at Kenora 39527-26 Michel PANGOWISH, l2, lumbering, Wikwemikong, same, s/o Alexander PANGOWISH & Mathilda LAHO, married Philomene WANEGIJIG, 20, Wikwemikong, same, d/o Ignace WANEGIJIG & Mary DESJARDINS, witn: Marguerite OSAWABINA & Francis WANEGIJIG both of Wikwemikong on Aug. 31, 1926 at Wikwemikong.
45164-22 Donat PAQUIN, 22, plasterer, Montreal, same, s/o Williard PAQUIN & Octave ROY, married Adele CHOUINARD, 19, Costernor?, Montreal, d/o Sylva CHOUINARD & Rosina ELIE, witn: David DUMAIS of Haileybury & Avilla CHOUINARD of New Liskeard on Sept. 12, 1926 at New Liskeard. 45465-26 Joseph Albert Leopold PARE, 22, barber, St. Lambert de Levis Quebec, St. Samuel Frontenac Quebec, s/o Omer PARE & Emma TURGEON, married Marie Antoinette LAMONTAGNE, 17, St. Ferdinand Nezantre Quebec, Fauquier, d/o Joseph LAMONTAGNE & Aurelie LAPOINTE, witn: Joseph LAMONTAGNE & Michel LONGPRE both of Fauquier Ontario on Oct. 12, 1926 at Fauquier
45466-26 Joseph Zenon PARENT, 23, mill man, St. Honore Beause Quebec, Haileybury, s/o Joseph PARENT & Seraphine POULIN, married Marie Leontine Germaine TRUDEL, 24, Ste. Leonard de Pont Maurice Quebec, Haileybury, d/o Ferdinand TRUDEL & Leontine LONGEVIN, witn: Ferdinand TRUDEL & Henri LAROCQUE both of Haileybury on Aug. 9, 1926 at Haileybury 37624-26 Eric PATTERN, 22, carpenter, Hull England, Winnipeg, s/o William PATTERN & Ethel WARD, married Edith Ellen MOOREY, 23, Wimbledon England, Kenora, d/o George MOOREY & Edith Eleanor GURR, witn: W.F. POWELL of Winnipeg & Miss R. C. POWLES of 1505 Rose Ave in Winnipeg, 3 Aug 1926 at St. Albans, Kenora
  39528-26 John Carruthers PATTERSON, 19, labourer, Little Current, same, s/o John W. PATTERSON (b. Walkerton) & Eloise N. LOGAN, married Mary Katherine CAMPBELL, 19, Burpee Tp., Little Current, d/o Colin J. CAMPBELL (b. Burpee) & Hilda J. BAILEY, witn: Ruby PATTERSON & Nicholas FITZGERALD both of Little Current on Aug. 25, 1926 at Gore Bay
37625-26 Kenneth Albert Alexander PATTERSON, 25, policeman, Fort Hope Ont., Port Arthur, s/o Albert William PATTERSON, b. Toronto & Josephine GOWEN, married Violet Helen MOORE, 21, book keeper, Rat Portage, Kenora, d/o George Albanin MOORE, b. Ripley Ont & Myra ALLAN, witn: George A. MOORE & Myer HAINES, both of Kenora, 25 Jan 1926 at Kenora 45467-26 George PATTERSON, 65, labourer, Kitley Tp., Haileybury, s/o John PATTERSON (b. Co. Down Ireland) & Matilda HUTTON, married Sarah McLEOD, 60, widow, Douglas Ontario, Sturgeon Falls, d/o James McLEAN (b. Glengarry) & Jane KNIGHT, witn: Maisie M. RAWSON of 36 Cobalt St. & Evelyn RANIER (?) of 12 Commission St. both of Cobalt on June 3, 1926 at the Manse 36 Cobalt St. Cobalt.
45468-26 Walter Manly PAUL, 24, druggist, Clarendon Que., Kirkland Lake, s/o Walter William PAUL (b. Leitchfield Que.) & Clara Ann BROWNLEE, married Jenny FRENCH, 15, postal clerk, Cobalt, Kirkland Lake, d/o Jack FRENCH (b. Ontario) & Alice NEWTON, witn: N. HUNTLEY & A. E. BROADLEY both of Kirkland Lake on March 6, 1926 at Kirkland Lake. 45469-26 Stanley Percy PEACOCK, 27, machinist, La Salle New York USA, Detroit Michigan USA, s/o Percy Stanley PEACOCK (b. Ontario) & Mary HINTON, married Gertrude Ruth AVERY, 23, Baysville, Jacksonboro, d/o Nehemiah AVERY (b. Ontario) & Nellie May GROFF, witn: Freda G. MOULTON of Kapuskasing & Wallace AVERY of Jacksonboro on Oct. 20, 1926 at Jacksonboro
39530-26 Stuart Henry PEARSON, 28, farmer, Carnarvon Tp., same, s/o Ralph PEARSON (b. Grey Co.) & Ella A. BARR, married Nelda Beatrice CRESS, 18, Carnarvon Tp., same, d/o Robert CRESS (b. Waterloo) & Nelda BEECHER, witn: A. K. CANNON & M. S. ABRY? both of Gore Bay on Aug. 18, 1926 at Gore Bay. 39529-26 Chester PEARSON, 22, farmer, Campbell Tp., same, s/o Ralph PEARSON (b. Ontario) & Ella A. BARR, married Margaret Bessie Irene PIDGEON, 19, Burpee Tp., Allen Tp., d/o William H. PIDGEON (b. England) & Margaret BELL, witn: A. K. CANNON & Lara MASTIN both of Gore Bay on Feb. 24, 1926 at Gore Bay.
45470-26 Leslie Alexander PEEVER, 28, farmer, Renfrew Co., Tomstown, s/o Richard Charles PEEVER (b. New Liskeard) & Martha SMITH, married Beatrice Ivy BRYAN, 21, England, Englehart, d/o George W. BRYAN (b. England) & Beatrice Alice HUNT, witn: Gladys PEEVER & Sam MITCHELL both of Tomstown on Dec. 22, 1926 at New Liskeard. 45471-26 Arthur PELLETIER, 35, farmer, Otter Lake Que., Lorrain Tp., s/o Hermas PELLETIER (b. Otter Lake Que.) & Flora GIROUX, married Blanche GAGNE, 21, Lorrainville Que., Lorrain Tp., d/o Francis GAGNE (b. Quebec) & Justine ARPIN, witn: Albert Corville David GIROUX & Sophia HERMESTON both of North Cobalt on Dec. 13, 1926 at Haileybury.
45472-26 Paul PERRON, 22, guide, North Bay, Temagami, s/o Joseph PERRON (b. Hull Que.) & Elizabeth LAMOTTE, married Norah BOWES, 26, Edmonton England, Temagami, d/o William BOWES (b. Queen's Co. Ireland) & Lucy MORRISON, witn: Edward & Catherine WEAVER both of Temagami on Jan. 29, 1926 at Haileybury. 37626-26 William John PEVERLEY, 46, widower, fireman in paper mill, St. Anne de la Priade Que., Kenora, s/o John PEVERLEY, b. Quebec & Dorothy A. TAYLOR, married Amelia Agusta TIMMINS, 49, widow, Brownlee Ont., Kenora, d/o William KUHNKE, b. Ont & Ernestine HOFFMAN, witn: Mrs. J.H. DIAMOND & Mrs. F.R. WATTS, both of Kenora, 26 Nov 1926 at Kenora
45473-26 William John PHILLIPS, 23, shoemaker, London England, New Liskeard, s/o Stephen Max SCHNIEIDER (sic) (b. England) & mother's name not known, married Doreen Euretta GETTY, 20, Komoka Middlesex Co., New Liskeard, d/o Jonah Ellis GETTY (b. Middlesex Co.) & Ellen E. THORNTON, witn: Ray A. & Jean I. BARTLETT both of New Liskeard on June 16, 1926 at New Liskeard 45474-26 Robert William PICHE, 27, machinist, Ottawa, Kirkland Lake, s/o McGuire PICHE (b. Ottawa) & Margaret PRITCHARD, married Mabel LAVOIE, 20, Mansfield Tp., New Liskeard, d/o Alfred LAVOIE (b. Fort Colange) & Mary YOUNG, witn: Marion CRICK & Lorne JAMES both of New Liskeard on Aug. 25, 1926 at The Manse in Cobalt
45475-26 Walter PLECAN, 32, miner, Austria, Silver Centre, s/o Gregorius PLECAN (b. Austria) & Sophia YAKOBOWSKI, married Jean PRAGANOWSKA, 21, Austria, Englehart, d/o John PRAGANOWSKA (b. Austria) & Maria SZYKULSKI, witn: Fred & Julia ROSYUSKY both of Englehart on Oct. 31, 1926 at Charlton 39531-26 Earle Maitland PLATT, 27, engineer, Gore Bay, Michigan City Indiana, s/o Charles C. PLATT (b. Prince Edward Island) & Margaret E. HARDEN, married Reta Isobel SHAW, 27, teacher, Plummer Algoma, Gore Bay, d/o William A. SHAW (b. Toronto) & Elizabeth BURNS, witn: Mrs. Myrtle CORIDEN of Michigan City Indiana USA & A.K. CANNON of Gore Bay on Aug. 24, 1926 at Gore Bay.
37627-26 Clarence Wimberly PLOTTS, 26, electrician, Omaha Nebraska, Aberdeen - Washington US, s/o Thomas C. PLOTTS & Irene E. BIGELOW, married Daisy DURANCE, 26, music teacher, South East Havemery England, Aberdeen Washington, d/o Joseph DURANCE, b. Leicester England & Sophia RALPH, witn: Ronald FREDENBURG & Mrs. H. PEARSON, both of Kenora, 8 June 1926 at Kenora 45476-26 Thomas John PROUD, 25, farmer, Lefroy Tp., Casey Tp., s/o Nicholas W. PROUD (b. Canada) & Charlotte BEAL, married Annie May SNIDER, 21, Casey Tp., same, d/o John W. SNIDER (b. Canada) & Eliza DOUGLAS, witn: Margaret WAUGH & Alex D. SNIDER both of New Liskeard on June 30, 1926 at New Liskeard.
39533-26 William George PURVIS, 25, clerk, Gore Bay, same, s/o Alex PURVIS (b. Ontario) & Sarah J. DICKSON, married Margaret AINSLIE, 27, Burpee Tp., Gore Bay, d/o Lewis AINSLIE & Iva Bell EATON, witn: John MINTER & Lily BRYDGES both of Gore Bay on July 8, 1926 at Gore Bay 39532-26 Edward Leonard PURVIS, 23, fisherman, Gore Bay, same, s/o Alex PURVIS (b. Kincardine) & Sarah J. DIXON, married Mildred Elizabeth KEMP, 23, Robinson Tp., Silverwater, d/o Charles KEMP (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth REID, witn: Ruth BUCK & Kenneth KEMP both of Silverwater on Sept. 30, 1926 at Gore Bay
45477-26 Joseph QUESNEL, 45, farmer, widower, Lochiel, Elk Lake, s/o Joseph QUESNEL & Marie Louise TRACEBEAU, married Henrietta LAPOINTE, 44, widow, Huntington USA, Elk Lake, d/o Joseph LAPOINTE & Alvaha May KUNTZ, witn: John McKAY & Edouard PLEINIES no residences given on Nov. 3, 1926 at Elk Lake. 45478-26 Dusan RADOMAN, 27, miner, Montenegro, Teck Tp., s/o Milo RADOMAN (b. Montenegro) & Ivana CRIKVOISK (?), married Stani POLIA, 25, Montenegro, Teck Tp., d/o Marko POLIA (b. Montenegro) & Ike KNEZEVICH, witn: Eli PREMOVICK & P. SARCEVICK both of Kirkland Lake on Sept. 28, 1926 at Church of St. Peter Kirkland Lake.
45479-26 Alfred RANGER, 27, miner, Bouchette Que., Timmins, s/o George RANGER & Marie PLEAU, married Bernadette RIOPEL, 16, Cobalt, same, d/o Charles RIOPEL (b. Buckingham Que.) & Selina CHARBONNEAU, witn: Charles RIOPEL of 13 North Ave. & Alexander RIOPEL of 30 North Avenue both of Cobalt on Nov. 23, 1926 at Cobalt. 45481-26 Joseph Willie REINDEAU, 22, famer, St. Judes Que., Harley, s/o Joseph REINDEAU & Zephirine COULIE, married Marie Helene Hortense COURCHESNE, 18, Montreal Que., Casey, d/o Stanislaus COURCHESNE & Marguerite DESERRE , witn: Joseph REINDEAU of Thornloe & Stanislaus COURCHESNE of Belle Vallee on Feb. 10, 1926 at Belle Vallee.
39534-26 Jenkins Luther RICHARDS, 30, farmer, Billings Tp., same, s/o Luther RICHARDS (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth DEMMEY, married Lou Olive Beatrice BAILEY, 22, Burpee Tp., same, d/o Isaac BAILEY (b. Ontario) Mary GIBSON, witn: Harry LLOYD of Kagawong & R. H. SWAINSON of Gore Bay June 23, 1926 at Gore Bay. 45480-26 Francis Bevan RICHARDS, 24, shipping clerk, Cornwall England, Cobalt, s/o Frank RICHARDS (b. Cornwall England) & Millie TREBILCOCK, married Eliza Louie Petrie SWANKIE, 25, clerk, Arbroath Scotland, Cobalt, d/o Peter SWANKIE (b. Auchnulkie? Scotland) & Elizabeth EATON, witn: none given on Sept. 6, 1926 at United Church in Cobalt.
45482-26 Hermisdas RIOPELLE, 23, miner, Buckingham Que., Cobalt, s/o Louis RIOPELLE & Josephine NARPECK (Harpeck?), married Agnes ROCHEFORT, 23, Astorville, Cobalt, d/o Joseph ROCHEFORT & Rosanna GAUTHIER, witn: Wilfred BRUNEAU of 50 Russel St. & Louis RIOPELLE of 135 Rue Lang both of Cobalt on Nov. 3, 1926 at Cobalt 39535-26 Robert Henry RIPLEY, 22, teacher, Wallacetown, Little Current, s/o Harvey E. RIPLEY & Flora E. CAMPBELL, married Mary Edna SIMS, 25, Little Current, same, d/o Charles L.D. SIMS & Maria J. McMINN, witn: Ella MacDONALD & W. B. CRABBE both of Little Current on July 31, 1926 at Little Current
45483-26 George Patrick RISK, 23, lumbering, Carrickfergus Ireland, Jacksonboro, s/o Richard H. L. RISK & Edith I. PRANCE, married Lucie Maude FOSTER, 27, sales lady, Deseronto, Jacksonboro, d/o William H. FOSTER & Mary Maude MERKEL, witn: Hazel FOSTER & R. RICHARDSON of Jacksonboro on June 16, 1926 at Jacksonboro  
45484-26 Ernest RIVARD, 25, farmer, St. Maurice Que., Earlton, s/o Arthur RIVARD & Amanda CORBIN, married Germaine VEZEAU, 24, St. Anne des Plaines Que., Earlton, d/o Eugene VEZEAU & Evangeline GRATON, witn: Eugene VEZEAU & Arthur RIVARD both of Earlton on July 21, 1926 at Earlton. 45485-26 Ernest RIVERS, 24, mining man, Blind River, New Liskeard, s/o Fred RIVERS (b. Quebec) & Elizabeth MASON, married Dorothy LOTT, 18, not given, New Liskeard, d/o Fred LOTT (b. Bristol England) & Charlotte ROBINSON, witn: May Flora WILSON & Charlotte LOTT both of New Liskeard on March 23, 1926 at New Liskeard.
45486-26 Joseph Louis ROBERGE, 25, farmer, Verner, same, s/o Edmond ROBERGE & Albertina BEAUDRY, married Marie Philomene Bernadine DUCHARME, 19, St. Thomas Joliette Que., New Liskeard, d/o Joseph DUCHARME & Rosanna GENEREUX, witn: Joseph DUCHARME of New Liskeard & Edmond ROBERGE of Verner on May 4, 1926 at New Liskeard 45487-26 Roland ROBERT, 22, miner, Ville Marie Que., Cobalt, s/o Alexander ROBERT (b. St. Constant Que.) & Emelie RIVET, married Jeanette PARENT, 21, Buckingham Que., North Cobalt, d/o Felix PARENT (b. Rockland) & M. Louise PARIS, witn: Felix PARENT of North Cobalt & Alexander ROBERT of Cobalt on July 21, 1926 at North Cobalt.
39536-26 Robert ROBERTSON, 63, farmer, widower, Collingwood (vicinity of), Big Lake, s/o John ROBERTSON (b. England) & Jane FIELDS, married Dorothy Jane STAPLETON, 60, Markham, Big Lake Sandfield Tp., d/o Henry STAPLETON (b. England) & Amanda VANZANT, witn: Mr. & Mrs. William FERGUSON both of Gore Bay on Aug. 18, 1926 at Mindemoya 44902-26 Rosario ROBITAILLE, 35, electrician, Quebec, Sudbury, s/o Charles ROBITAILLE & Eliza GUAY, married Albertine LANGIS, 21, Chelmsford, Sudbury, d/o Louis LANGIS & Aurelia CARRIERE, witn: Arthur TREMBLAY of Sudbury & Paul LANGEVIN of Copper Cliff, 2 Aug 1926 at Sudbury
44903-26 Harvey Donald ROGERS, 27, farmer, Howland twp., Honora, s/o Henry ROGERS, b. USA & Elizabeth McKENZIE, married Jessie Burton PATTERSON, 25, teacher, Little Current, Honora, d/o John PATTERSON, b. Canada & Elsie LOGAN, witn: John C. PATTERSON & Margaret E. ROGERS, both of Honora, 30 June 1926 at Espanola 44904-26 Albert Sebra ROSE, 31, farmer, Clarence twp., Lee Valley, s/o Malcolm Allen ROSE, b. South March Ont & Mary L. McEWEN, married Gladys Margaret BELL, 21, domestic, Smiths Falls, Lee Valley, d/o William BELL, b. Bath Ont & Ethel M. CAPES, witn: Dan McMILLAN & Miss Cecile BELL, both of RR2 Webbwood, 2 Jan 1926 at Lee Valley
44905-26 Toivo Kusti ROSENDAHL, 24, miner, Finland, Sudbury, s/o Kusti ROSENDAHL, b. Finland & Mary JOHNSON, married Lyyli Walpur PAALIMAKI, 23, Finland, Sudbury, d/o Fred PAALIMAKI, b Finland & Kaisa KAUTALA, witn: Impi Maria RINTTA & Antti KETOLA, both of Sudbury, 4 Dec 1926 at Sudbury 45488-26 Sidney Roy ROUSE, 46, hairdresser, Wiltshire England, Haileybury, s/o illegible Roy ROUSE & Kate illegible, married Florence CHEVRETTE, 22, Faust? New York USA, Haileybury, d/o Joseph Arthur CHEVRETTE & Malvina BERNIER, witn: Joseph Arthur CHEVRETTE & Henri LAROQUE both of Haileybury on Sept. 20, 1926 at Haileybury.
39537-26 William Arthur ROWE, 28, labourer, Sault Ste Marie, Little Current, s/o Albert ROWE (b. England) & Hattie BILLSON, married Mary Madeline FRIEDAY, 18, Arnprior, same, d/o Otto FRIEDAY (Germany) & Mary SCHMIDT, witn: Clifford R. & Wilhelmina BRADLEY both of Little Current on Dec. 7, 1926 at Little Current. 44908-26 Thomas Howard ROWE, 38, widower, chief time clerk, Creemore Ont., Copper Cliff, s/o John ROWE, b. Ont & Elizabeth BEARD, married Blanche Lillian Carvell BURDETT, 29, tailoress, Leicester England, Copper Cliff, d/o John BURDETT, b. England & Emma COBLEY, witn: George & Mrs. George MILLER of Copper Cliff, 2 July 1926 at Copper Cliff
44909-26 Rosario ROY, 28, laborer, Montreal, Sudbury, s/o Xavier ROY & Rosanna BIGRAS, married Gratia GOULET, 24, Embrun Ont., Sudbury, d/o Alfred GOULET & Philomene TREMBLAY, witn: Edmund BOYER & Willie BRUNET, both of Sudbury, 14 June 1926 at Sudbury 45489-26 Henry Benjamin ROZELL, 28, farmer, Stratford, Thornloe, s/o Elijah ROZELL (b. St. Thomas) & Maggie EDWARDS, married Margaret Quinton FAULKNER, 19, Haileybury?, Henwood Tp., d/o Andrew J. FAULKNER & Elizabeth QUINTON, witn: Myrtle & G (?) FAULKNER both of Thornloe on July 28, 1926 at the Manse Cobalt.
45490-26 William RUDDY, 30, miner, Hagarty, Cobalt, s/o James RUDDY & Mary CULL, married Mary Aubergine LOGAN, 30, New Carlow, Cobalt, d/o Alexander LOGAN & Eliza EDWARDS, witn: Annie RUDDY of Cumbermere & John L. FINNERTY of Cobalt on June 23, 1926 at Cobalt 45491-26 Delbert Glen RUSSELL, 32, merchant, Ontario, Alliston, s/o James RUSSELL (b. Ontario) & Mary Elizabeth DAVIDSON, married Edith GREENWOOD, 29, school teacher, Toronto, New Liskeard, d/o Samuel GREENWOOD (b. Ontario) & Mary Sylvia BLACK, witn: Agnes GREENWOOD & William James LINGHORNE both of New Liskeard on March 3, 1926 at New Liskeard
45246-26 Toivo Jalmaii RUTANEN, 30, laborer, Sarijarvi Finland, Port Arthur, s/o August RUTANEN, b. Finland & Maria KISROMAKI?, married Amanda Selina KERANEN, 26, waitress, Sulanki Finland, Port Arthur, d/o Israel KERANEN, b. Finland & Anna Maria LURSKKONEN, witn: Yija Arvid KANKAANAYDAN & Sophia HIRVI, both of Port Arthur, 20 Sept 1926 at Port Arthur 45247-26 Mauritz SAARINEN, 40, laborer, Pinesi? Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Juho Kustaa VATILA, b. Finland & Gustaava BARMAN, married Rosa KEESELA, 43, widow, cook, Pinesi Finland, Port Arthur, d/o Albert LINDEN, b. Finland & Alexandra LIESI, witn: William OIKONEN & Sophia HIRVI, both of Port Arthur, 14 May 1926 at Port Arthur
45492-26 Alphonse SABOURIN, 29, carpenter, Rigault Que., Cobalt, s/o Joseph SABOURIN (b. Rigault Que.) & Malvina MALLETTE, married Marie Rise Deana BARRETTE, 19, Cobalt, same, d/o Denis BARRETTE (b. Rigault Que) & Amanda VILLENEUVE, witn: Fabien VILLENEUVE & Catherine LALONDE both of Cobalt on Sept. 15, 1926 at St. illegible Church in Cobalt. 45248-26 Eucher Joseph SABOURIN, 27, electrician, Fort William, same, s/o Ozias Placide SABOURIN & Rita PELLETIER, married Kathleen Mary COUGHLIN, 28, White River, Port Arthur, d/o Patrick COUGHLIN & Mary Ann GREEN, witn: Vincent O'DONNELL of Fort William & Anna COUGHLIN of Port Arthur, 25 Aug 1926 at Port Arthur
45249-26 Ivan SALMONSON, 22, Alvista Sweden, Nipigon twp, s/o Alfred SALMONSON, b. Alvista Sweden & Eva STROMBERG, married Anna Rachel DAINIO, 19, Port Arthur, Nipigon twp., d/o Henry DAINIO, b. Ylo Kannus Finland, & Emma HIELIKKA, witn: Johan LINDBERG & Elma DAINIO, both of Port Arthur, 23 Nov 1926 at Port Arthur 44912-26 Willis Freeman SANDERS, 21, diamond driller, Chelmsford, same, s/o Charles SANDERS, b. Ont & Eliza Jane KENNEDY, married Delia Diana BROSSEAU, 23, Larchwood Ont., Chelmsford, d/o Leandre BROSSEAU, b. Quebec & Azilda COUTERIER, witn: Gerald SANDERS of Chelmsford & Marjorie McDONALD of Sudbury, 28 May 1926 at Manse, Sudbury
37628-26 Thomas Wildred SANSOM, 22, shipper, England, Keewatin Ont., s/o George SANSOM, b. England & Mary Louise KIRK, married Charlotte Anne WATSON, 26, domestic, England, just arrived from England, d/o Charles Frederick WATSON, b. en & Mary Ellen GREEN, witn: Bertie & Eva HARRISON of Keewatin, 21 March 1926 at Keewatin 45493-26 George SASSEVILLE, 22, railroader, Barfield, Haileybury, s/o Georges SASSEVILLE & Esilda CHAPUT, married Ida FORGET, 19, Casselman, Haileybury, d/o Narcisse FORGET & Zephirine DUPUIS, witn: Laurence FLEURY of North Cobalt & Emilia FORGET of Thornloe on Nov. 17, 1926 at Haileybury
44914-26 Clifford Stanley SAUNDERS, 20, diamond driller, Chelmsford, Sudbury, s/o Mr. Charles SAUNDERS, b. Barry Ont & Elizabeth KENNEDY, married Margaret BISHOP, 18, Chelmsford, Sudbury, d/o Mr. Frank BISHOP, b. USA & Jane SWEENEY, witn: Sadie BISHOP of Chelmsford & Charles BOGS? of Sudbury, 5 Jan 1926 at Sudbury 37629-26 William G. SAUNDERS, 27, hoisting engineer, Lockport Manitoba, Atikokan, s/o Peter SAUNDERS, b. Manitoba & Adelaide SMITH, married Avis E. REID, 23, Ontario, Dryden, d/o John REID, b. Lochiel Ont & Elizabeth BOSLEY, win: A. & Mrs. A. DURANCE of Dryden, 29 July 1926 at Dryden
45251-26 Pete SAWCHUK, 45, widower, laborer, Horedenka Austria, Port Arthur, s/o Mike SAWCHUK & Kitty WINTONCK, married Mary SABBAL, 35, Czesannia Austria, Port Arthur, d/o Joe SABBAL & Mary YABLONSKA, witn: William HOLUSHCHUK of Fort William & Nick GULAN of Port Arthur, 2 Feb 1926 at St. Georges Mission, Port Arthur 45494-26 Clarence Edward SCANLON, 22, clerk, Sherbrooke Nova Scotia, Cobalt, s/o Edward SCANLON & Ada JOLLETA (Gollota?), married Isabel Stella OATEY, 21, clerk, Cornwall England, Cobalt, d/o Charles OATEY & Beatrice JAMES, witn: Flora OATEY & Matthew SCANLON both of Cobalt on Dec. 9, 1926 at Cobalt
45252-26 William SCHERBAN, 27, mechanic, Rogniw Snistyn Galicia, Fort William, s/o Ivan SCHERBAN & Maria PALICZUK, married Julia DANILEVITCH, 16, Rivers Manitoba, 1323 Center Ave., d/o Wasyl DANILEVITCH & Maria RUBLOWSKA, witn: W. DANILEVITCH & Peter KAMINSKY, both of Fort William, 23 May 1926 at Fort William 45253-26 Wolodymyr SCWCZYSHYN, 22, laborer, Galicia Ukraina, Fort William, s/o Hawrylo SCWCZYSHYN & Barbara KAISHOWSKA, married Josephine KRYSHTALOWYCK, 16, Galicia Ukraina, 801 McIntosh St., d/o Nik KRYSHTALOWYCK & Annie PRYSTAYKO, witn: George SHYMATOWSKI of 1512 Stanley Ave & Tomash HARNNICKY of 60 High St. in Port Arthur, 19 June 1926 at Fort William
45254-26 Saverio SDAO (Sdae?), 33, Italy, Winnipeg, s/o Antonio SDAO & Rosa GIACHETTA, married Frances SHANTE, 20, Fort William, same, d/o Antonio SHANTE & Michelina SALEKINO, witn: Raffaele VELTRI of Port Arthur & Miss Maria APPHANSO of Fort William, 27 Nov 1926 at St. Josephs Church, Fort William 45495-26 Henry Emilien SEGUIN, 26, agent, Ste. Martha Que., Haileybury, s/o Eugene SEGUIN (b. Canada) & Donalda CHEVRIER, married Lucy Ann Bernadette OHLMAN, 17, New Liskeard, Cobalt, d/o Joseph OHLMAN (b. Canada) & Margaret GUINEY, witn: William L. RATCHFORD & Mrs. Joseph OHLMAN both of Cobalt on July 22, 1926 at Cobalt.
39539-26 Oliver Melvin Robert SEILER, 27, garage man, Eden Grove Que., Paisley, s/o John B. SEILER (b. St. Clements Ont.) & Jane LANCASTER, married Mabel Mary BAILLIE, 28, Kagawong, same, d/o Matthew BAILIE (b. County Down Ireland) & Martha D. FOSTER, witn: Frances W. SEILER of Eden Grove & Harlow BAILIE of Kagawong on June 16, 1926 at Kagawong 44916-26 Joseph SEMINUK, 31, miner, widower, Ukraine, Garson Mine, s/o Andrew SEMINUK & Alexandra SCHERLINZKI?, married Annie KIRLCHESKI, 18 + 5 mon, Ukraine, Garson Mine , d/o Hanata KIRLCHESKI & Hanka KOPAK, witn: Sam FETOR of Garson Mine & Annie RAPAKI of Coniston, 31 Oct 1926 at Coniston
37630-26 Richard SEMISTAS, 57, widower, laborer, Lancashire England, Kenora, s/o John SEMISTAS & Sarah EDGE, married Isa Florence SUTCLIFFE, 48, widow, Lancashire England, Kenora, d/o William WHITE & Margaret L.C. DUNCAN, witn: Harry & May BROWN of Kenora, 1 Sept 1926 at Kenora 45496-26 William Charles SHAW, 35, millman, Creetown Kirkcudbrightshire Scotland, Cobalt, s/o James SHAW (b. Creetown Scotland) & Helen MURDOCH, married Florence Mabel GIBBONS, 32, graduate nurse, London England, Cobalt, d/o Charles GIBBONS (b. London England) & Helen BAMWELL, witn: Elizabeth Mary GIBBONS of Nurse's Residences in Galt Ont. & William Richard GRANT of Cobalt on June 21, 1926 at The Nurse's Home Cobalt.
44919-26 James SHERBANUK, 30, miner, Russia, Worthington, s/o John SHERBANUK, b. Russia & Annie COSTENKO, married Frances BALESUK, 22, Austria, Worthington, d/o Peter BALESUK, b. Austria & Annie ZEINA, witn: John WAGNER of Sudbury & Anna PETUROV of Worthington, 9 Oct 1926 at Sudbury 37631-26 John Edward SHIPWAY, 32, foreman, Bristol en, Winnipeg, s/o William Holder SHIPWAY, b. Upton on Severn - England, & Selina HALL, married May Helen DALZIEL, 35, Kenora, same, d/o J.L. DALZIEL, b. Cambusnether? Scotland, & Mary A. HUNTER, witn: C.L. & Martha PARROTT of Kenora, 29 May 1926 at Kenora
44920-26 Joseph Rutter SIMMONS, 22, diamond drill runner, Houghton Springs England, Copper Cliff, s/o Joseph R. SIMMONS, b. England & Kate HALL, married Elizabeth Grace BELL, 22, clerk, Stobie Mine Ont., Copper Cliff, d/o John BELL, b. England & Polly OATES, witn: John & Mrs. John FROST of Copper Cliff, 28 June 1926 at Copper Cliff [divorced 30 Aug 1967] 45497-26 George Patrick SIMMONS, 27, mill hand, Newfoundland, Twin Lakes Hudson Tp., s/o Joseph SIMMONS (b. Newfoundland) & Mary PARSONS, married Louise Wilhelmina VILLNEFF, 15, Tamworth, Twin Lakes Hudson Tp., d/o John D. VILLNEFF (b. Danby) & Caroline LEMKY, witn: Janie & Dolphin VILLNEFF both of Hudson Tp. on Nov. 22, 1926 at New Liskeard

45498-26 Sherman Lee SIMPSON, 25, druggist, Cainsville, South Porcupine, s/o Ernest SIMPSON (b. Onondaga Ont.) & Muriel MINOT, married Mary Ann Hogan MACKLER, 22, Perth, Englehart, d/o John MACKLER (b. Stanleyville Ont.) & Bridget BRADY, witn: Herbert & Margaret LEGARY both of Englehart on June 23, 1926 at Cobalt.

37632-26 Benjamin Elton SINCLAIR, 26, fire ranger, Canada, Sioux Lookout, s/o David George SINCLAIR & Eliza Ann BOCK, married Hilda Florence STEPHENSON, 23, clerk, Canada, Kenora, d/o Andrew STEPHENSON & Hanna Hunter McCLELLAND, witn: William EASTERBROOK & Bertha LASHBROOK, both of Sioux Lookout, 2 Aug 1926 at Sioux Lookout
37633-26 Oliver Ellsworth SKENE, 33, dairyman, Uxbridge Ont., Sioux Lookout, s/o Alex SKENE & Mary Ann HOCKLEY, married Annie Aileen Alanah MILLING, 22, Cleadon - Durham Co. England, Quibell Ont., d/o Robert MILLING & Maria Annie WILSON, witn: Robert MILLING & Kenneth James BAKER, both of Quibell, 8 Nov 1926 at Quibell 37634-26 Charles William SKINNER, 30, mechanical engineer, Shadwell England, Kenora, s/o Charles Henry SKINNER, b. England & Ellen HOLLINGSWORTH, married Ivy LING, 25, London England, Kenora, d/o Sidney George LING, b. England & Jane ATKINSON, witn: Arthur & Elizabeth DAVIS of Kenora, 9 Sept 1926 at Kenora
45499-26 Alfred Gregory SLOGGETT, 25, miner, Cornwall England, Cobalt, s/o William SLOGGETT (b. Plymouth England) & Eliza GREGORY, married Violet May DUNGY, 19, Cornwall England, Argentite (Cobalt), d/o Frederick DUNGY (b. St. Austell England) & Ellen GEACH, witn: W. Richard & Pearl Alice SLOGGETT both of Cobalt on Oct. 2, 1926 at Cobalt 44923-26 William SMITH, 25, stationary engineer, Sunderland England, Garson Mine, s/o William SMITH & Jane LAWSON, married Victoria May MacBETH, 26, Sunderland England, same, d/o Henry MacBETH & Martha JOHNSON, witn: William SPEERS & Arthur LYE, both of Garson, 31 May 1926 at Garson
37635-26 Cecil Stuart SMITH, 28, sealer?, Ireland, McDougall Mills, s/o William SMITH, b. Dublin Ireland & Eleanor FLYNN, married Catherine Marie McAULIFFE, 23, teacher, Ennismore Ont., McDougalls Mills, d/o Granaid McAULIFFE, b. Ennismore Ont & Catherine PRIDEN, witn: Lenore E. SMITH of 624 Sherbrooke in Winnipeg & A.E. SMITH of McDougall Mills, 31 Jan 1926 at Sioux Lookout 37636-26 Walter John SMITH, 34, teamster, Hartwell England, Dryden, s/o Arthur SMITH, b. Hartwell England & Annie EVANS, married Dorothy SEXSMITH, 28, Carman Manitoba, Dryden, d/o George SEXSMITH, b. Belleville Ont & Flora FIELD, witn: Ellen E. FIELD & Lilly D. SHERWOOD, both of Dryden, 16 Dec 1926 at Dryden
45502-26 Frederick Nelson SMITH, 21, machinist's helper, St. Thomas, New Liskeard, s/o Frederick W. SMITH (b. Aylmer) & Flossie P. VENN? (Flossie Prener?), married Sadie Elizabeth TAYLOR, 20, Harley Tp., same, d/o Daniel M. TAYLOR (b. Kenmore) & Gertrude MAILS, witn: Mrs. Flossie CLARKSON of New Liskeard & Hazel FOSTER of 36 Cobalt St. Cobalt on Oct. 30, 1926 at 36 Cobalt St. Cobalt 45503-26 Llewellyn Arthur SMITH, 31, cook, Bath England, Haileybury, s/o Frederick David SMITH (b. Wales) & Annie Grace CHAPPELL, married Ada POTTS, 24, Stockport England, Haileybury, d/o William POTTS (b. England) & Ada WHITEHEAD, witn: H.H.A. & E.M. GREET both of Haileybury on Dec. 23, 1926 at Haileybury.
45500-26 Antoine Louis SMITH, 34, miner, de la Salette Que., Gowganda, s/o Louis SMITH & Delia LEFEVRE, married Regina Olina VACHON, 21, tailor, Lochiel, Cobalt, d/o Joseph VACHON & Eugenie FARRAN, witn: Louis SMITH & Joseph VACHON both of Cobalt on June 29, 1926 at St. Hilarions Cobalt 45501-26 Eric Easter SMITH, 24, music teacher, Maidstone England, New Liskeard, s/o Arthur Easter SMITH (b. London England) & Rose JANES, married Olive Catherine McMILLAN, 23, music operator, Killaloe, New Liskeard, d/o Alexander J. McMILLAN (b. Renfrew Co.) & Caroline STITT, witn: Roy Easter SMITH of 37 Mount Joy Ave. Toronto & Lottie UPTON of New Liskeard on Dec. 21, 1926 at New Liskeard
45274-26 Stanley Herbert SMITH, 23, clerk, Port Arthur, same, s/o William John SMITH, b. Toronto & Alberta BROOKS, married Myrtle Marilla BATEMAN, 21, bookkeeper, Ottawa, Port Arthur, d/o Wesley John BATEMAN, b. Bailieboro, & Ethel BAKER, witn: Charles SMITH of 20 Ruttan St. & Violet Agnes DELBRIDGE of Port Arthur, 26 Oct. 1926 at Port Arthur 45273-26 Robert John SMITH, 22, electrician, Port Arthur, same, s/o Robert John SMITH, b. Ireland & Emma Louisa FENN, married Margaret Whitlaw MORRIS, 19, Winnipeg, Port Arthur, d/o William MORRIS, b. Scotland & Christena McLEAN, witn: D. & Lottie BELL of Port Arthur, 5 Jan 1926 at Port Arthur
45269-26 Angus Neil SMITH, 26, elevator employee, Scotland, Fort William, s/o Finlay SMITH, b. Scotland & Catherine MacDONALD, married Mary MONTGOMERY, 27, Scotland, Fort William, d/o Donald MONTGOMERY, b. Scotland & Margaret MacLEOD, witn: Maude SMITH of 212 Finlayson St. & Mary McKAY of 207 Norah St., 19 Nov 1926 at Fort William 45270-26 Con SMITH, 59, farmer, Houghton Michigan, Lyons twp Ont., s/o Frank SMITH, b. Germany & unknown, married Alice MARTIN, 53, teacher, Birkenhead England, Port Arthur, d/o Charles MARTIN, b. England & Mary Ann NOBLE, witn: Elizabeth Ann WELFORD & Alice HOWARD, both of Port Arthur, 27 Nov 1926 at Port Arthur
45271-26 Martin G. SMITH, 22, mechanic, Quebec, Fort William, s/o Matthew George SMITH, b. Quebec & Ena Jane MARTIN, married Irene LINDAHL, 18 + 5 mon, Port Arthur, Fort William, d/o Victor Joseph LINDAHL, b. Sweden & Martha Lea BIOLETTE, witn: Mae BERGLUND & Webster R. SMITH, both of Fort William, 8 March 1926 at Fort William 45272-26 Reginald Webster SMITH, 20, driver, Quebec, Fort William, s/o M. George SMITH, b. Canada & Ena MARTIN, married Mae Lillian Sofia BERGLUND, 20, Fort William, same, d/o Eric BERGLUND, b. Sweden & Milly SJOSTROM, witn: Alex SJOSTROM of Kakbecka Falls & Geraldine MALLORY of Ottawa, 26 July 1926 at Fort William
45275-26 William Bruce SOUTHON, 23, timber scaler, Colborne Ont., Fort William, s/o William Wood SOUTHON & Esther Maria JOHNSTON, married Margaret Alexandrina MITCHELL, 24, Fort William, same, d/o David McKinley MITCHELL & Hester Lydia MORRIS, witn: Helen MITCHELL of Fort William & Roy Edwin WOLVIN of Port Arthur, 18 Nov 1926 at Fort William 45276-26 John Gilmore SPEIRS, 22, laborer, Belfast Ireland, Cloud Bay, s/o John SPEIRS, b. Belfast Ireland & Jean GILMORE, married Mary Edna KILBREATH, 21, Shallow Lake Ont., Cloud Bay, d/o Charles KILBREATH, b. Canada & Mary Elizabeth ANDERSON, witn: D.J. CROSKERY of 265 Albany Ave in Toronto & George H. ISAACS of 206 Hugh St., 16 Feb 1926 at Port Arthur
37637-26 John SPENCE, 56, widower, manager of Fort Hope Post, Michipicoten Post - lake Superior, s/o Gilbert SPENCE & Elizabeth MAY, married Louise BEYER, 38, widow, Point Edward, Fort Hope, d/o Charles BEYER & Catherine MAHONEY, witn: Peter SPENCE & L. TOSH, 29 July 1926 at Fort Hope, Patricias District 45504-26 William Henry SPRECHT, 24, blacksmith, Chesley, Swastika, s/o Harry SPRECHT (b. Brunnum Germany) & Sarah BRADSHAW, married Agnes LAROCQUE, 22, Notre Dame du Lac Que., Swastika, d/o Gideon LAROCQUE (b. Notre Dame du Lac Quebec) & Londevine JULIEN, witn: Gladys LAROCQUE & Walter E. O'BRIEN both of Kirkland Lake on Nov. 2, 1926 at Teck Tp.
39540-26 Stewart Sylvester Lewis SPRY, 29, Bidwell Tp., Rockville, s/o Burn SPRY (b. York Co.) & Beatrice THOMAS, married Hazel Spry SHEPPARD, 18, Bidwell Tp., Rockville, d/o Henry SHEPPARD (b. Toronto) & Elizabeth CRAWFORD, witn: Margaret I. ELLISON & Sarah GRAY both of Little Current on Aug. 25, 1926 at Little Current 45505-26 Everett Irwin STAFFORD, 28, express agent, Kimberley, New Liskeard, s/o John
Robert STAFFORD (b. Kimberley Grey Co.) & Sarah Maria LINTON, married Olive Mary MacLACHLAN, 21, stenographer, Arthur, New Liskeard, d/o Robert Alexander MacLACHLAN (b. Rothesay Wellington Co) & Ermina Pearl HAINE, witn: Mrs. E. P. MacLACHLAN & Mrs Olga ORMOND both of New Liskeard on Dec. 18, 1926 at New Liskeard.
37638-26 Andrew STEFANYK, 25, section man, Austria, Keewatin Ont., s/o Fred STEFANYK, b. Austria & Annie KOZYRA, married Ann VOYCHUK, 18, Austria, Kenora, d/o Stanley VOYCHUK, b. Austria & Helena LITOROVITCH, witn: Fred SANDESKY & Stanley VOYCHUK, both of Kenora, 9 Sept 1926 at Kenora 37639-26 Samuel STEFANYK, 26, carpenter, Poland, Keewatin Ont., s/o Peter STEFANYK & Catherine Nellie, married Kathleen ZABESKY, 18, Keewatin Ont., same, d/o Charlie ZABESKY & Prita, witn: Peter BURLYK & Aloysis OSTWASKA, both of Norman, 13 Feb 1926 at Norman
45506-26 Charles Duncan STEVENS, 23, miner, Londonderry Nova Scotia, Elk Lake, d/o Martin STEVENS (b. Londonderry Nova Scotia) & Catherine JOHNSTON, married Marjorie Adeline CRIPPS, 15, Barrie, Elk Lake, d/o William CRIPPS (b. Barry) & Mary Jane McKENZIE, witn: David MacNEIL & Mary Jane CRIPPS both of Elk Lake on Feb. 27, 1926 at Elk Lake. 45507-26 Oswald STEWART, 23, labourer, Guysboro Co. Nova Scotia, Cobalt, s/o John STEWART (b. Thorburn Nova Scotia) & Carrie WHITE, married Clara MORRIS, 42, widow, Nova Scotia, Cobalt, d/o David MILLBURY (b. King's Co. Nova Scotia) & Clara WARD, witn: Cecil OHALING of Cobalt & Louise OHALING of 16 Nickle St. Cobalt on March 20, 1926 at 32 Miller Ave. Cobalt
44932-26 Joseph Evelyn STEWART, 31, merchant, Peterborough, Timmins, s/o Joseph STEWART, b. Ireland & Eliza Jane GILLESPIE, married Mary Emma Brittain LAWLESS, 26, Chapleau, Sudbury, d/o William LAWLESS & Sophia DOPSON, witn: illegible BOOTH of Timmins & K.N. HEALEY of Buffalo NY, 24 May 1926 at 125 Durham St. 44931-26 Albert STEWART, 23, farmer, Warren, same, s/o Alfred STEWART & Exilda CAYER, married Yvonne CORNEAU, 20, Warren, same, d/o Joseph CORNEAU & Eugenie CHEVRIER, witn: Arthur RICHER & Rose STEWART, both of Warren, 6 Dec 1926 at Warren
45285-26 John Albert STEWART, 22, sailor, Dawn twp., Port Arthur, s/o Ronald STEWART, b. Dawn & Mary WHEATLEY, married Evelyn Louise RIX, 21 (b. 7 Nov 1904), Hargrave Manitoba, Port Arthur, d/o David RIX, b. Orillia Ont & Emma TURNER, witn: Margaret GORDON & Carrie TONGUE, both of Port Arthur, 9 July 1926 at Fort William 45284-26 Gordon Ernest STEWART, 32, teamster, Campbellford Ont., Port Arthur, s/o Matthew STEWART, b. PEI & Bessie GOODMAN, married Bertha Elenore BLACKIE, 18 (b. 20 March 1908), Parry Sound, Port Arthur, d/o Fred BLACKIE, b. Toronto & Priscilla BURNS, witn: Annie FOTHERINGHAM of Port Arthur & Marie BROWN of Nipigon, 23 Aug 1926 at Port Arthur
37640-26 James STONE, 50, laborer, Brantford Ont., Kenora, s/o William STONE, b. Brantford & Susan WINDBLOW, married Victoria Margaret FINLAYSON, 26, Simcoe Ont., Kenora, d/o Nicol FINLAYSON, b. Manitoba & Elizabeth KETTESER?, witn: Hector FINLAYSON & Sarah ALLAN, both of Kenora, 2 June 1926 at Kenora 39541-26 Edward James STRAIN, 31, farmer, Gordon Tp., same, s/o George STRAIN (b. Canada) & Harriet ALMOND, married Stella Irene WILSON, 19, Gordon Tp., same, d/o John WILSON (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth BROCKLEBANK, witn: Joe WILSON of Foxey & A. K. CANNON of Gore Bay on Sept. 30, 1926 at Gore Bay.
45508-26 William STREETER, 22, millman, Birmingham England, Cobalt, s/o Harry STREETER (b. Croydon England) & Ada WATKINS, married Rosalyn CICHOCKI, 18, Poland, Cobalt, d/o John CICHOCKI (b. Poland) and mother's name not given, witn: Daisy STREETER of 3 Jamison St. & Reginald BARBER both of Cobalt on April 29, 1926 at United Church Cobalt 45509-26 Arvo Daavid (sic) SUAGANEN, 25, miner, Finland, Kirkland Lake, s/o Daavid SUAGANEN (b. Finland) & Akda SNOJIA, married Laimi ANTILLA, 23, Finland, Kirkland Lake, d/o Johan ANTILA (sic) (b. Finland) & Suania VAINENPEA?, witn: Poicier (?) VICEIKKE & Signe ANTILA both of Kirkland Lake on Nov. 5, 1926 at Kirkland Lake.
45284-26 Stephen SUCHOCKY, 28, section man, Rudnyky Russia, Schreiber, s/o Charles SUCHOCKY, b. Russia & Alexandra KOWALINSKY, married Katie McGILSKI, 20 (b. 21 Oct. 1905), Zuacuk Austria, Schreiber, d/o Harry McGILSKI, b. Austria & Anna POLIHCO, witn: Frank DANKRUK & Beort KOHERT, both of Schreiber, 13 Feb 1926 at Schreiber [bride's brother is Antonio McGilski of Schreiber] 45285-26 Paul SUCIW (Luciev?), 25, laborer, Galicia, 589 High St. in Port Arthur, s/o Eustahino SUCIW & Eudochia SOSHKA (Loshka?), married Mary ZELINSKA, 19, Galicia, 589 High St., d/o Stephen ZELINKSI & Annie PODEDWORNA, witn: Tomas HAMNICKI of 620 High St. & Konstantyn SOSHKA of White River, 22 Jan 1926 at Fort William [divorced 14/6/49]
44935-26 Gordon Basil SUCKOW, 26, machinist, Copper Cliff, Coniston, s/o Albert SUCKOW, b. Pembroke Ont & Annie ZERVIE, married Aila Amanda HARJN, 23, Copper Cliff, Coniston, d/o John HARJN, b. Finland & Lusa KEISLA, witn: Annie Laura SUCKOW & William HARJN, both of Copper Cliff, 25 Sept 1926 at Copper Cliff 45510-26 George SUNDELIN, 26, miner, Finland, Kirkland Lake, s/o Robert SUNDELIN (b. Rova Finland) & Mata KYTANFRAN, married Alli SEPPOLA, 26, Finland, Kirkland Lake, d/o Deemo SEPPOLA (b. Rova Finland) & Manti FONTE, witn: William & Rieta JUNTTELA both of Kirkland Lake on Sept. 8, 1926 at St. Peter's Church Kirkland Lake
39538-26 Herbert Rutherford SURREY, 36, mill superintendent, Portsmouth England, Anchorite Mine - Dolores Tp., s/o Henry SURREY (b. Virginia USA) & May YORK, married Annie Marguerite SIMS, 27, teacher, Little Current, same, d/o Thomas SIMS (b. Canada) & Charlotte Maud BOYLE, witn: Robert H. & Edna RIPLEY both of Little Current on Nov. 17, 1926 at Howland Tp 45511-26 Earnest SUTHERLAND, 44, electrician, Stratford, Gowganda, s/o James SUTHERLAND (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth HAMILTON, married Mazie C. LONGPRIE, 38, Pembroke, Kirkland Lake, d/o Peter LONGPRIE (b. Montreal) & Olive BENNETT, witn: Evelyn RIVERS & Maisie M. RAWSON both of Cobalt on Feb. 17, 1926 at 1926 at 36 Cobalt St. Cobalt.
45512-26 Erick SWAN, 29, carpenter, Finland, Kirkland Lake, s/o Abram (b. Finland) & Matilda, married Ellen NYGARD, 21, Finland, Kirkland Lake, d/o Anders NYGARD (b. Finland) & Tiba HUGAR, witn: Alina RADIMAN & Fred SWANLUND both of Kirkland Lake on Nov. 6, 1926 at Teck Tp. 45513-26 Fred SWANLUND, 27, carpenter, Finland, Kirkland Lake, s/o Yakob SWANLUND (b. Finland) & Yohanna HJAST, married Alina RADMAN, 23, Finland, Kirkland Lake, d/o Martin RADMAN (b. Finland) & Louisa NYGARD, witn: Eric & Ellen SWAN both of Kirkland Lake on Nov. 6, 1926 at Kirkland Lake
45514-26 Charles James SWEET, 21, mechanic, Midland, Kirkland Lake, s/o John SWEET & Jannie DUPUIS, married Gertrude McGUIRE, 19, Coleman Alberta, Kirkland Lake, d/o John McGUIRE & Mary O'HARA, witn: Marie McDONALD & Harold McGUIRE both of Kirkland Lake on Oct. 18, 1926 at Kirkland Lake. 37641-25 Francis Lloyd SWEET, 31, railway clerk, Keewatin Ont., same, s/o Samuel Charles SWEET, b. Ont & Margaret Anne CHRISTIE, married Muriel Laurette SHERIDAN, 25?, Fort William, Ingolf Ont., d/o John James SHERIDAN, b. Ireland & Elizabeth Lauretta SHERIDAN, witn: Emily Louis KNUDSEN if Ingolf & Samuel Rayburn SWEET of Winnipeg, 5 June 1926 at Ingolf, Kenora Dist
45286-26 Michael SYNAR, 24, section foreman, Austria, Seagram Ont., s/o Peter SENARCHUK, b. Austria & Carrie TALARYN, married Josephine PEDWYSOCKI, 18 (b.15 April 1907), White River, same, d/o Alex PEDWYSOCKI, b. Austria & Minnie HLADY, witn: John KURHNIR & Stanley MAZIN, both of Port Arthur, 19 April 1926 at St. Pauls, Fort William 45295-26 John SYPOSZ, 28, laborer, Poland, Fort William, s/o Filip SYPOSZ & Anna MICHNIK (Mielnik?), married Maria KISEL, 18, Fort William, same, d/o Aleksander KISEL & Catharina WILK, witn: Michal GROSZIEN of 716 Simpson St. & Vincent KRUK of 804 McLaughlin St. 17 July 1926 at Fort William
45415-26 Peter TAGLIAMONTI, 36, prospector, Italy, Boston Creek, s/o Frank TAGLIAMONTI (b. Italy) & Bernadetta VESSILLA, married Domenica Palma FODARO, 21, Italy, Cobalt, d/o Antonio FODARO (b. Italy) & Alzona NICOLINAN, witn: F. C. ASTELS & Marie STRANGE both of Cobalt on Nov. 14, 1926 at Cobalt. 45287-26 John TAPAK, 25, laborer, Checko Slovakia, Fort William, s/o Joseph TAPAK, b. Czecho Slovakia & Anna GARAY, married Annie PETRICK, 22, Fort William, same, d/o Peter PETRICK, b. Czecho Slovakia & Ida TURZAK, witn: Andrew MILLER of 530 McIntosh St. & Mary TAPAK of 528 McLeod St., 10 April 1926 at Fort William
45516-26 Roy Maitland TARZWELL, 32, millwright, Erin Tp. Wellington Co., New Liskeard, s/o James TARSWELL (b. Wellington Co.) & Harriet SHEPHERDSON, married Thressa Matilda VILLNEFF, 17, Picton, New Liskeard, d/o John d. VILLNEFF (b. Renfrew Co.) & Caroline Wilhelmina LAMKY, witn: Dolphus & Ossie VILLNEFF both of New Liskeard on Oct. 26, 1926 at 42 Cobalt St. Cobalt 45288-26 George TAYLOR, 52, widower, foreman, England, Fort William, s/o William TAYLOR, b. England & Elizabeth DAVIES, married Sarah E. HARRIS, 36, England, Fort William, d/o William HARRIS, b. England & Sarah Ann BRADSHAW, witn: William CHILDS & Miss Lillian HARVEY, both of Fort William, 10 April 1926 at Fort William
37642-26 Robert Henry TAYLOR, 24, farmer, Essex England, Dymond, s/o Thomas Frederick TAYLOR, b. Sussex England & Anna HARKEN, married Alida Hannah KEARVONT, 18 on 22 July 1926, Burnley Lancashire England, Dyment, d/o John L. KEARVONT, b. Holland & Jean BANKS, witn: Harold & Ellen BENNETT of Dyment, 9 Feb 1926 at St. Lukes Church, Dryden 45517-26 Stanley Hayden TAYLOR, 23, section man, Roseneath Que., Uno Park, s/o William TAYLOR & Emma MORROW, married Blanche MIRON, 16, Uno Park, same, d/o Alexander MIRON (b. Gatineau Point) & Mary BELANGER, witn: Edmond GERVAIS & Sarah LABINE both of Uno Park on Feb. 3, 1926 at Uno Park
44937-26 Andre Albert TESSIER, 24, hardware clerk, Sudbury, same, s/o Elie TESSIER & Nellie BAILEY, married Alexina LECOUPE, 18, Blezard Valley, same, d/o Pierre LECOUPE & Alexina LABE, witn: Elie TESSIER of Sudbury & Pierre LECOUPE of Blezard Valley, 2 Aug 1926 at Blezard Valley 45518-26 Albert TESSIER, 29, garage man, St. Casimir Que., Cobalt, s/o Joseph TESSIER (b. St. Anne de la Paradel Champlain Que.) & Alexina GAGNON, married Marie Jeanne VACHON, 20, Quebec, Cobalt, d/o Louis VACHON (b. Redemptena Que.) & Victoria RICHER, witn: Rene VACHON of Earls St. 168 & Rose Alba ROY of 236 Rue Lang both of Cobalt on Oct. 28, 1926 at Cobalt
45519-26 Charles Arthur THOMAS, 27, farmer, Chaffey Tp., same, s/o Charles Edward THOMAS (b. England) & Mary Jane MAGUIRE, married Edna May WRIGHT, 25, England, Huntsville, d/o Thomas Henry WRIGHT (b. England) & Lucy Sarah BENTON, witn: Mary & Thomas WRIGHT both of Marter on May 19, 1926 at Marter. 37643-26 Arthur Henry THOMAS, 30, chef, Bath England, Sioux Lookout, s/o Samuel THOMAS, b. England & Rosina WILKINS, married Margaret Helena CARROLL, 23, clerk, Carleton Place, Sioux Lookout, d/o Thomas CARROLL, b. Ottawa Canada & Emily BURKE, witn: Thomas A. & Mrs. Thomas A. CARROLL of Sioux Lookout, 10 Nov 1926 at Sioux Lookout
45289-26 Fletcher Stewart Pickering THOMAS, 29, agricultural representative, Peel Co., Port Arthur, s/o Joseph Pickering THOMAS, b. Ont & Maggie STEWART, married Myrtle Irene Annie SYMES, 23, Fort William, same, d/o William SYMES, b. England & Annie Elizabeth HEASMANN, witn: Frank William DRYDEN of 303 Inkster Blvd in Winnipeg & Rheta G. SYMES of Fort William, 7 Oct. 1926 at St. Pauls Church, Fort William 39452-26 David Mirehouse THOMSON, 34, farmer, Sandfield Tp., Big Lake, s/o Thaddeus W. THOMSON (b. Pickering Ont.) & Elizabeth KEY, married Clara Elizabeth TURNBULL, 24, teacher, Tehkummah Tp., Big Lake, d/o Andrew TURNBULL (b. Holland Ont.) & Jane BALLENTINE, witn: D. O. THOMSON of Big Lake & Gladys TURNBULL of Tehkummah on Aug. 28, 1926 at Tehkummah
37644-26 Thomas THORPE, 34, fireman, Littleport England, Kenora, s/o Thomas THORPE, b. England & Sarah Elizabeth POPE, married Mary Edith ALLAN, 26, teacher, Cobourg Ont., Kenora, d/o Robert Cecil ALLAN, b. Canada & Mary Susana LAPP, witn: Miss Jean FRANCIS & Mr. W. C. BURGESS, both of Kenora, 6 July 1926 at Kenora 37645-26 Frank TIKKA-OZA, 23, laborer, Finland, Sioux Lookout, s/o Herman TIKKA-OZA, b. Finland & Malia, married Matilda JUNTUNEN, 23, Finland, Sioux Lookout, d/o Hakka JUSTUNEN, b. Finland & Hanna, witn: Martha FOIKKO & Tom KARKKANEN, both of Sioux Lookout, 6 May 1926 at Sioux Lookout
37646-26 Walter Rutherford TINDLE, 28, Sunderland England, Redditt Ont., s/o William TINDLE & Frances BARKER, married Mary Stephenson LEIGHTON, 33, Sunderland England, Redditt, d/o John LEIGHTON & Isabella Murdy SHILLING, witn: C.F. JOHNSON of Dryden & Elia A. SMITH of Ignace, 16 June 1926 at Ignace 37647-26 William TOIKKU, 27, carpenter, Finland, Sioux Lookout, s/o Alexander TOIKKU, b. Finland & Wilhelmina KATSJOSTO, married Lizzli NUTIKKA, 24, domestic, Finland, Sioux Lookout, d/o Matthew NUTIKKA, b. Finland & Anna RABBOLA, witn: John & Mrs. RASTAS of Sioux Lookout, 27 Nov 1926 at Sioux Lookout
45420-26 William George TRACEY, 21, farmer, Woodstock, Englehart, s/o George TRACEY (b. England) & mother's name unknown, married Mary Alice WHEELER, 17, Banda, Dack Tp., d/o John WHEELER (b. Canada) & Louisa J. POTTER, witn: John & Lavina J. WHEELER both of Englehart on Nov. 11, 1926 at Englehart 45521-26 Joseph Lorenzo TREMBLAY, 21, farmer, St. Urbain Charlebois Que., Harty, s/o Joseph (b. Boise St. Paul Que.) & Melenie, married Marie Blanche Denege OUELLETTE, 18, St. Leon Que., Harty, d/o J.J. OUELETTE (b. St. Octave des Neixis?) & Maria Anne MARIN, witn: Joseph TREMBLAY & J.J. OULLETTE both of Harty on Jan. 26, 1926 at Harty.
39543-26 Homere TREPANIER, 29, lumberman, Saint Evariste - Co Beauce Quebec, Gogama, s/o Joseph TREPANIER & Sophie BEAUCHEMIN, married Annie MANITOWABI, 21, Wikwemikong, same, d/o Joseph MANITOWABI & Therese McLEOD, witn: Agnes MANITOWABI & John JARVANA both of Wikwemikong on July 15, 1926 at Wikwemikong 45294-26 Arne TUOMI, 21, laborer, Juupajoki Finland, Kivikoski Ont, s/o Antti TUOMI, b. Finland & Josefina IHAMAKI, married Sara SALONEN, 22, Juupajoki Finland, Kivikoski, d/o Alfred SALONEN, b. Finland & Mathilda RONQUIST, witn: Armas Olavi TUOMI of Kivikoski & Sophia HIRVI of Port Arthur, 12 July 1926 at Port Arthur
37648-26 Steve TUTKALUK, 31, blacksmith, Poland, Sioux Lookout, s/o Theodore TUTKALUK, b. Galicia & Barbara ZDEBIAK, married Anastasia KERNICKA, 26, domestic, Poland, Sioux Lookout, d/o Elias KERNICKA, b. Galicia & Katherin DMYTRYK, witn: John ELYSKA & Y. DRYZNA, both of Sioux Lookout, 23 Nov 1926 at Sioux Lookout 45522-26 Angus URQUHART, 33, linesman, widower, Inverness Scotland, Elk Lake, s/o George URQUHART (b. Scotland) & Jean CALDER, married Elizabeth KING, 18, waitress, North Temiskaming, same, d/o Robert KING (Canada) & Mary LAPOINTE, witn: Edith Perrier of North Temiskaming Que., & Wilbert TREMBLAY of Anglienes? Quebec on Sept. 23, 1926 at New Liskeard
45523-26 Gerald Percy VALENTINE, 23, stenographer, Wallington England, Bestel, s/o Percy George VALENTINE (b. South Lambeth England) & Maud Abbott TAYLOR, married Gertrude BREWER, 21, stenographer, Buckingham Que., Bestel, d/o George Louis BREWER (b. Buckingham Que) & Emma Agnes CAMPBELL, witn: F. L. BREWER & R. S. VALENTINE both of illegible Ontario on Sept. 15, 1926 at Cobalt 45524-26 William VANDUSEN, 20, section man, Craigmount, Englehart, s/o John VANDUSEN (b. St. Stewart Ont.) & Susan WHITE, married Ethel Lavina GRANT, 19, Danford Lake Que., Chamberlain, d/o James & Ardelia, witn: Fred. D. GREENWOOD & Grace HARVEY both of New Liskeard on Feb. 5, 1926 at New Liskeard.
45525-26 Marcellin VEILLEUX, 39, farmer, Beauville Que., Val Gagne, s/o Moise VEILLEUX & Lucie HUGHES, married Agnes GAUTHIER, 24, St. Corne? Que., Val Gagne, d/o Alfred GAUTHIER & Alexandrine MAILLOUX, witn: Alfred GAUTHIER & James AUMOND both of Val Gagne on Sept. 28, 1926 at Val Gagne 45526-26 Joseph VIEN, 25, labourer, Aylmer Que., Latchford, s/o Alexander VIEN (b. Aylmer) & Lea NOEL, married Emelia APS, 19, Hull Que., Latchford, d/o Leo APS (b. Silver River?) & May MASSIE, witn: Mr. & Mrs. F. HEYWREN both of New Liskeard on Aug. 10, 1926 at The Manse Cobalt
45527-26 Harold Samuel WALKER, 25, farmer, Kingston, Dymond Tp., s/o Samuel WALKER (b. Ontario) & Mary CAMPBELL, married Edna May MILLS, 20, Bracebridge, Hilliardton, d/o George MILLS (b. England) & Ann E. RUTTER, witn: Gladys E. McROBERT & T. A. EDWARDS both of New Liskeard on Nov, 17, 1926 at Hilliardton. 45528-26 James Bruce WALKER, 23, electrician, London Ontario, New Liskeard, s/o Walter Bruce WALKER (b. Canada) & Mina STRONG, married Norma Ellen McKELVIE, 19, New Liskeard, same, d/o Daniel McKELVIE (b. Canada) & Ellen MOORE, witn: Mrs. Ellen McKELVIE of New Liskeard & Leila RUSSELL of Tehkummah Manitoulin Island Ontario on July 7, 1926 at New Liskeard
39544-26 Dominic WASSEGIJIG, 28, farmer, Wikwemikong, same, s/o Michel WASSEGIJIG & Elizabeth OSHKABEWISENS, married Agnes ALGEO, 40, Wikwemikong, same, s/o Michel W. ALGEO & Helene ROBERTSON, witn: Mary ATCHITWAWINS & Ernest OSKABEWISENS both of Wikwemikong on Oct. 25, 1926 at Wikwemikong  
45529-26 Harold Ross WATERS, 27, farmer, Wellington Co., Wabewawa, s/o John W. WATERS (b. Ontario) & Martha SHERA, married Emma Elizabeth BLACKBURN, 21, Coe Hill, Wabewawa, d/o Henry BLACKBURN (b. Ontario) & Ellen TIVY, witn: Rubena BOYES & Philip BLACKBURN both of Wabewawa on April 28, 1926 at Wabewawa, Chamberlain Tp 37649-26 James Edward WATSON, 25, musician, Salford England, Ignace, s/o Charles Edward WATSON, b. Manchester England & Eliza ROSS, married Jean Downie RUXTON, 24, teacher, Rosseau Ont., Ignace, d/o James RUXTON, b. Milton Ont & Mary Isabella JACKSON, witn: William SCOBBIE & Alice SMITH, both of Ignace, 20 March 1926 at Emmanuel Church, Ignace
45530-26 Oswald Gideon WEBSTER, 22, labourer, Nipissing, Latchford, s/o Barrington WEBSTER (b. England) & Sarah ARMSTRONG, married Mabel Gertrude HUBBARD, 17, Englehart, Giroux Lake, d/o John HUBBARD (b. London England) & Edith BARBER, witn: Thomas WEBSTER & Sadie GIROUX both of Latchford on Dec. 23, 1926 at Latchford 39545-26 Stanley John WHITE, 28, farmer, Howland Tp., Sheguiandah , Green Bay, s/o Darius WHITE (b. Uxbridge) & Mary BROWN, married Doris Mary GAGNON, 18, Bonfield, Howland Tp. Sheguiandah , d/o Alex GAGNON (b. Chichester Que.) & Annie BOUSQUET, witn: T. & Bonniface GAGNON both of White Fish Falls on Dec. 24, 1926 at Little Current.
39546-26 Benoit WIBOKAMIGAD, 28, farmer, Wikwemikong, same, s/o Moses WIBOKAMIGAD & Angele WAJAKI, married Josephte OSAWANIMIKI, 17, Wikwemikong, same, d/o Jerome OSAWANIMIKI & Veronie ADAWISH, witn: Bernadette JOWANA & Simon OSAWANIMIKI both of Wikwemikong on Nov. 24, 1926 at Wikwemikong. 45531-26 Arnold William WILDER, 21, clerk, New Liskeard, same, s/o William WILDER (b. Parry Sound) & Nellie FITZER, married Gladys Ashmore ARNOLD, 22, book keeper, Harley Tp., same, d/o Stephen Ashmore ARNOLD (b. Essex England) & Amy BURTON, witn: Elsie Ashmore ARNOLD of New Liskeard & Christina B. MacKERACHER of Haileybury on Nov. 19, 1926 at Haileybury
45532-26 Daniel Edmond WILKES, 57, fire chief, widower, Fournierville, Kirkland Lake, s/o John WILKES (b. Fournierville) & Mary CAHOE, married Ellen DONALDSON, 39, Buckingham Que, same, d/o George DONALDSON (b. Buckingham Que) & Ellen McGUIRE, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Isaac CAMERON both of Kirkland Lake on June 21, 1926 at Kirkland Lake. 45533-26 Harold Robinson WILLIAMS, 23, farmer, Norfolk Co., Harley Tp., s/o Arthur N. WILLIAMS (b. Canada) & Alma MISNER, married Sarah Isabel Lorene McNAUGHTON, 17, Harley Tp., same, d/o Charles McNAUGHTON (b. Canada) & illegible McMILLAN, witn: Alma McNAUGHTON & Marjorie MacINNIS both of New Liskeard on Nov. 3, 1926 at New Liskeard.
37651-26 James Percival WILLIAMS, 35, merchant, Fort Frances, Kenora, s/o Jabez WILLIAMS, b. Buckinghamshire England & Annie MacKENZIE, married Maria Cordelia PITTMAN, 25, Trinity Newfoundland, Kenora, d/o Charles McFarlane PITTMAN, b. Trinity Nfld & Violet CUNNINGHAM, witn: Philip & C.M. PITTMAN of Kenora, 14 July 1926 at Kenora 37650-26 Allan Arthur WILLIAMS, 26, lumberman, Toronto, Osaquan Ont., s/o Robert Andrew WILLIAMS & Mary SANDERSON, married Eleanor LAWRENCE, 18 + 11 mon., French River Ont., Osaquan, d/o John Samuel LAWRENCE & Mary COTIE, witn: John LAWRENCE & Elvi Katherine FEDDLER, both of Osaquan, 3 May 1926 at Osaquan
32082-26 Robert WILSON, 24, crane operator, England, 311 Wilson St. in Sault Ste. Marie, s/o James WILSON, b. Aberdeen Scotland & Lucy WILKINS, married Catherine FORESTER, 21, England, Cochrane Ont., d/o Alfred FORESTER, b. Redear? England & Louisa DOWNEY, witn: Lila May & Cornett HALL of Sault Ste. Marie, 14 Aug 1926 at Sault Ste. Marie 45534-26 Arthur John WILSON, 35, lawyer, widower, Moose Creek, Kenebec, s/o Robert WILSON (b. Canada) & Caroline MONK, married Margaret BOWES, 16, New Liskeard, Boston Creek, d/o Lewis BOWES (b. Canada) & Martha QUINTON, witn: Arthur & Mrs. Martha BOWES both of Boston Creek on Nov. 18, 1926 at Englehart
32083-26 Clarence Leslie WITTY, 25, teamster, Manitoulin Island, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Harry WITTY, b. Canada & Elizabeth CANTES, married Nellie Faith CANNIFF, 20, cashier, Gore Bay - Manitoulin Island, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Arthur CANNIFF, b. Canada & Anna BROCKLEBANK, witn: Richard Orville & Freda Agatha PIPER of 114 Gladstone Ave., 3 Feb 1926 at Sault Ste. Marie 37652-26 Francis Edward WONNACOTT, 48, farmer, England, Oxdrift, s/o John WONNACOTT, b. Cornwall England & Jane SMITH, married Harriet Hannah McGONEGAL, 41, widow, farmer, Pickering twp., Oxdrift, d/o Benjamin BRIGNALL, b. Yorkshire England & Mary McGEE, witn: Maria B. & Thomas H. LEWIS of Oxdrift, 16 Oct 1926 at Minaki
45318-26 Fred WOOD, 25, paper maker, Canada, Fort William, s/o William WOOD, b. England & Gertrude KELLY, married Rhoda Blanche ROOS, 19 (b. 11 Nov 1906), Schreiber, Fort William, d/o George ROOS & Rhoda ALEXANDER, witn: Ida ROOS & H. ROUSHORN, both of Fort William, 23 June 1926 at First Baptist Church, Fort William 45317-26 George Robert WOOD, 23, weigh man, England, Fort William, s/o George Robert WOOD, b. England & Alice CRANE, married Nellie Rose COX, 20, England, Fort William, d/o William George COX, b. England & Emily DOCKER, witn: John HAMILTON & Florence ROPER, both of Fort William, 3 July 1926 at Fort William
32084-26 Ivan WOOD, 21, farmer, St. Joseph Island, Hilton Beach, s/o John WOOD, b. Ont & Pearl GAY, married Rubenna HARTEN, 26, widow, St. Joseph Island, Hilton Beach, d/o David BROWNLEE, b. Ont & Isabella MOOREHEAD, witn: J. Maude GOURLAY & Mary STEINBERG, both of Hilton Beach, 23 Oct. 1926 at Hilton Beach 45319-26 Frederick WOODMAN, 52, widower, accountant, England, Fort William, s/o Aubrey WOODMAN, b. England & Ellen BAKER, married Annie WOOLLINGS, 40, England, Fort William, d/o Charles WOOLLINGS, b. England & Elizabeth POTTER, witn: Ernest & Gertrude URSELL of Fort William, 5 April 1926 at Fort William
39547-26 Ray Allan WOODHOUSE, 27, labourer, Mackie Station, Dean Lake, s/o Herbert Edwin WOODHOUSE (b. Hamilton Ont.) & Mary ALLAN, married May Elizabeth ADDISON, 24, schoolteacher, Little Current, Silverwater, d/o Joseph ADDISON (b. Westmoreland England) & Lucinda MAY, witn: Jack ADDISON of Silverwater & Ethel WILTON of Dean Lake on Sept. 9, 1926 at Silverwater 32085-26 William WOODS, 19 on 1 May 1926, Port Severan, Biscotising, s/o Jack WOODS & Delima CADEAU, married Josephine DUPUIS, 19 on 26 Jan 1926, Midland, Biscotising, d/o Elie DUPUIS Phiolomene MOREAU, witn: Jack WOODS & Elie DUPUIS, both of Bisco, 3 May 1926 at Bisco
32086-26 Morley Dean WYMAN, 29, manager, Manitoulin Island, Sarnia, s/o Richard WYMAN, b. Canada & Salena BURNETT, married Edna ALLCOCK, 28, Sault Ste. Marie, same, d/o Lambert ALLCOCK, b. Canada & Sarah HUDSON, witn: Noretta WYMAN of Thessalon & Ralph BUCK of Sault Ste. Marie, 20 July 1926 at Sault Ste. Marie 32087-26 William Thomas YATES, 24, farmer, Wells twp., same, s/o William YATES, b. England & Mary Jane DUNN, married Dorothy Evelyne BIGELOW, 22, domestic, Sault Ste. Marie, Wells twp., d/o Walter BIGELOW, b. Parry Sound & Matilda SHEA, witn: Ruby McKENZIE & Lucy GUIMOND, both of Thessalon, 21 Oct. 1926 at Thessalon
32088-26 James Edmund YOUNG, 21, farmer, Portlock Ont., same, s/o George YOUNG, b. Waterloo Ont & Mary CUFF, married Gladys Ailleen HANEY, 18, Desbarets, same, d/o James HANEY, b. Kincardine Ont & Rachel RUNCHAY, witn: Lillian McFARLANE & Iola HALDENBY, both of Sault Ste. Marie, 10 Nov 1926 at Sault Ste. Marie 45535-26 Whitten YOUNG, 23, miner, Apsley, Schumacher, s/o Frederick YOUNG (b. Minden Ont.) & Elizabeth WINDSOR, married Margaret Elizabeth ELLEY, 17, Apsley, Schumacher, d/o Henry ELLEY (b. Ireland) & Margaret BULLIED, witn: Robert James SHIELDS & Eva May ELLEY both of Schumacher on May 11, 1926 at Haileybury
32089-26 Rinaldo ZOPPI, 27, laborer, Italy, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Guiseppe & Giovanna nee MIOTTO, married Antonia Maria DOTTOR, 18, Italy, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Guiseppe & Lucia nee ANTONIOZZI, witn: Umberto ROMANO & Palmira AMADIO, both of Sault Ste. Marie, 28 July 1926 at Sault Ste. Marie