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Northern Districts,  1926, part 6

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birth place is given before residence


040544-26 Andrew Joseph ABRAHAMSEN, 46, Diamond Driller, Denmark, North Himsworth Twp, s/o Andrew J. ABRAHAMSEN (b. Denmark) & Martha NELSON; married Mrs. William RADKEY (nee Mary Ellenor GREEN), 51, Wid, Huntsville, North Himsworth Twp, d/o William GREEN (b. Scotland) & Ann Jane OLIVER; wit Mrs. S. FETTERLEY of North Bay & George CAWLITTLE? of 120 Second Ave., 21 Nov 1926, North Bay


031739-26 Michael ADAM, 31, Cook, Austria, Sault Ste Marie, s/o no parents given; married Alexandra KAWLSKA, 22, Poland, Sault Ste Marie, d/o no parents given; wit H. MULKALUK & Helen HUPKA, both Sault Ste Marie, 20 Nov 1926, Algoma

040545-26 Charles ADSETT, 31, Clergyman, Ladner BC, Coniston, s/o Thomas Scott ADSETT (b. Guelph) & Margaret LANGDON; married Mona Margaret PARR, 25, Teacher, Elmvale, Coniston, d/o Thomas PARR (b. Thornbury Ont) & Elizabeth JAMIESON; wit R. PARR, 146 First Ave & Beth GILES, Woodstock, 28 Jul 1926, North Bay

031741-26 Mattie ALANEN, 26, Labourer, Finland, none given, s/o John ALANEN (b. Finland) & Mary RAISIEN; married Anna KOSKINEN, 27, Finland, none given, d/o Mattie KOSKINEN (b. Finland) & Helena RAISIA; wit Charles HAYRINEN & Emma? KOSKLA, both Sault, 2 July 1926, Sault Ste Marie

040546-26 George ALCOCK, 21, Mill Hand, London England, Cache Bay, s/o John ALCOCK (b. London England) & Annie LARISON; married Dorothy BAIN, 20, Cache Bay, Cache Bay, d/o Bower BAIN (b. Perth Ont) & Florence MILLER; wit Mina MURRAY & Lance HARDY, both Cache Bay, 20 Oct 1926, Cache Bay

031742-26 Arthur ALLEN, 21, Printer, Soo Mich, Soo Mich, s/o Ivan ALLEN (b. Ontario) & Lilia DRAPER; married Christine MACINNES, 18, Leeburn, Leeburn, d/o Finlay MACINNES (b. Ontario) & Agnes ATKINS; wit Marion SHAW & Mildred LAURENCE, both Sault Ste Marie, 30 Oct 1926, Sault Ste Marie

031743-26 Albert Earl ALTON, 29, Labourer, Echo Bay, Echo Bay, s/o Daniel ALTON (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth WHITE; married Bella MULDOON, 24, Echo Bay, Echo Bay, d/o Thomas MULDOON (b. Ontario) & Mary SMITH; wit Laura MULDOON & George JARRELLS, both Echo Bay, 23 Dec 1926, Sault Ste Marie

031744-26 Gordon Raymond ANDERSON, 24, Labourer, Blind River, Sault Ste Marie, s/o John ANDERSON (b. Canada) & Henrietta COOK; married Mary Catherine McKINNON, 22, Mother's Helper, Alexandria, Sault Ste Marie, d/o Hugh McKINNON (b. Canada) & Grace Anna KERR; wit Ray BARNETT & Anna Bella McKINNON, both Sault Ste Marie, 9 Feb 1926, Sault Ste Marie

031745-26 John Martin ANDERSON, 54, Car Inspector, Wid, Scotland, Franz, s/o James ANDERSON (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth MARTIN; married Nellie Ada WALLACE, 41, Wid, Canada, Sault Ste Marie, d/o Isaac BURMASTER (b. Canada) & Lena OLDENBURG; wit Robert McLEAN & Mrs. May ROBERTSON, both Sault Ste Marie, 4 May 1926, Sault Ste Marie

040548-26 Alton Benjamin ANDERSON, 22, Yard Clerk, Brownville, Maine, Detroit, s/o Richard James ANDERSON (b. St. Johns NB) & Grace Dell HUGHES; married Edna Fern WINTER, 23, School Teacher, North Bay, Detroit, d/o Charles E. WINTER (b. Port Hope) & Ella Edith O'HARE; wit W.C. PARKS & Gladys PARKS, both North Bay, 3 Apr 1926, North Bay

040547-26 Albert ANDERSON, 23, Labourer, Sturgeon Falls, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Edouard ANDERSON & Regina DUTRISAC; married Blanche Julia QUESNEL, 22, Casselman, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Delphis QUESNEL & Angele BOUCHER; wit Edouard ANDERSON & Delphis QUESNEL, both Sturgeon Falls, 14 Dec 1926, Sturgeon Falls

040549-26 Andrew ARMITAGE, 23, Labourer, Sturgeon Falls, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Ferguson ARMITAGE (b. Quebec Province) & Jane SUNSTRUM; married Mary McDONALD, 23, Copper Cliff, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Thomas McDONALD (b. Glengarry) & Alice JONES; wit Mrs. Russell R. WRIGHT & D.R. WHEELER, both Sturgeon Falls, 24 Mar 1926, Springer Twp

040550-26 Gordon Alfred ARMITAGE, 29, Stationary Engineer, Arnprior, Sturgeon Falls, s/o James ARMITAGE (b. Quebec Province) & Mary Ann YOUNG; married Ida May FRASER, 28, Sr. Falls, Sr. Falls, d/o John FRASER (b. Ft Coulonge Quebec) & Naomi ARMITAGE; wit Mabel C. WOOD, Warren & R.J. FRASER, Sturgeon Falls, 30 Jun 1926, Sturgeon Falls

040551-26 Richard William ARMSTRONG, 28, Clerk, Mountain Grove, North Bay, s/o Thomas ARMSTRONG (b. Mountain Grove) & Catherine DREW; married Rioda Mary DALY, 24, Steno, Sault Ste Marie, res not given, d/o James Charles DALY (b. Green's Village PEI) & Anna Adelaide DOUCETTE; wit Stanley Wilfred GOVAN & Henrietta GARDENER, both North Bay, 17 Sept 1926, North Bay

031747-26 William Thomas ARMSTRONG, 30, Miner, Sudbury, Sudbury, s/o William ARMSTRONG (b. Quebec Quebec) & Alice Elizabeth ROACH; married Kathleen Pearl INCH, 27, Bruce Mines, Sudbury, d/o John INCH (b. Ontario) & Lilian CHAPMAN; wit Edward J. INCH & Alma M. JONES, Bruce Mines, 10 May 1926, Bruce Mines

031746-26 Laurence Clayton ARMSTRONG, 24, Farmer, Richards Landing, Harmony - St Joes Island, s/o Robert A. ARMSTRONG (b. Huron Co) & Amy W. WRIGHT: married Margaret Electa Pearl REID, 22, Hilton Beach, Richards Landing, d/o George H. REID (b. Kincardine) & Margaret V. BISHOP; wit Ralph ARMSTRONG, Harmony & Carl REID, Richards Landing, 29 Sept 1926, Richards Landing

040552-26 Maurice ARNOLD, 37, Tinsmith, Pembroke, Mattawa, s/o Philip ARNOLD & Catherine KELLY; married Lavina CHURCH, 20, Bonfield Twp, Bonfield, d/o Henry James CHURCH & Mary ANDERSON: wit Alexander McDONALD & Mrs. Alexander McDONALD, both Mattawa, 20 Jul 1926, Mattawa

031748-26 Alexandre ASSINIABE, 23, Trapper, Sagamok, Sagamok, s/o Gabriel ASSINABE (sic) & Marie BESLISIAMIB; married Lizzie McLEOD, 26, Garden or Gordon Nipissing, Sagamok, d/o Angus McLEOD & Catherine RIVIERE; wit Charles ASMIOKE, Sagamok & Madeline LAPLANTE, Walford, 15 Feb 1926, Sagamok

031740-26 Steven ASTRAWASEGA, 27, Labourer, Pickerel, Pickerel, s/o Elie AJARWASEGA (sic) (b. Canada) & Henriette MITRUABIE?; married Christina COMMANDANT (or COMMANDA - both given), 17 (b. 10 June 1909), Lake Nipissing Indian Reserve, none given, d/o Peter COMMANDANT (b. Canada) & Tina MASSE; wit L.P. ST. JEAN & Joseph ROULEAU, both Spanish, 12 Jul 1926, Spanish

031749-26 Lauri ASUNMAA, 27, Labourer, Finland, 221 Alexander St. in Sault Ste. Marie,  s/o John ASUNMAA (b. Finland) & Helene NURONI; married Lempi RAIVA, 19, Sault Ste Marie, 336 Albert St., d/o Charles RAIVA (b. Finland) & Alina NIEMI; wit Hjalmer KAUPPI & Anne SYYILA, both Sault, 22 Mar 1926, Sault Ste Marie

040553-26 Walter John ATKINSON, 19, sulphite cook, Sherbrooke Quebec, Smooth Rock Falls, s/o Horace ATKINSON (b. Sheffield Que) & Margaret CORLETT; married Annie HALVASON, 21, Kipling Ont, Smooth Rock Falls, d/o Halfdan M. HALVASON (b. Norway) & Annie WHALEN; wit Ernest HALVASON, Kipling & Blanche WATSON, Beaverton, 30 Jun 1926, Kipling

031750-26 Harry Bury AUSTIN, 26, Manager, Pembroke, Cochrane, s/o Bury AUSTIN (b. Montreal) & Mabel FOSTER; married Mary GRAY, 26, School Teacher, Detour Mich., Blind River, d/o Robert GRAY (b. Douglas Scotland) & Christina McCALLUM; wit Roberta GRAY, Bland River & J.M. BELANGER, Timmins, 19 Jul 1926, Blind River

040554-26 Henri AYOTTE, 27, Farm Labourer, Montreal Quebec, Cobalt, s/o David AYOTTE (b. St. Justin Quebec) & Delima LAFRENIERE; married Marie Delia Annie CHATELAIN, 18, Widdifield, Cobalt, d/o Moise CHATELAIN (b. Alfred Twp) & Malvina SEGUIN; wit Alphonse CHATELAIN & Moise CHATELAIN, both North Bay, 16 Nov 1926, North Bay

44976-26 Walter George BAILEY, 30, paper finisher, Prettlewell Essex, Fort William, s/o Walter George BAILEY & Maria ANDERSON, married Doris Winifred PARKER, 21, England, Fort William, d/o Harold PARKER & Alice BLAIT, witn: H.E. PARKER & James Henry BEARNEY, both of Fort William, 5 July 1926 at Fort William

031751-26 Alexander Henry BAKER, 22, Electrician, Chicago, Sault Ste Marie Mich, s/o Henry BAKER (b. Vienna) & Hermina DANGLE; married Annie Sophia DEPLONTY, 26, Monroe Co USA, none given, d/o Nelson DEPLONTY (b. Ontario) & Emanda GRESLEY; wit Wilda McPHAIL, Sault Ste Marie Mich & S.C. GONICH (Gorrick?), Fort Brady Mich, 7 Oct 1926, Sault Ste Marie


031752-26 Theodore BALAI, 36, Labourer, Poland, Sault Ste Marie, s/o John BALAI & Justina GABEYHEWICH?; married Elisabeth LESINK, 25, Poland, Sault Ste Marie, d/o John LESINK & Mariana WISNIRRUSKA?; wit Joseph JOWSIOCW & Thomas PITCHE, both Sault St Marie, 30 Dec 1926, Sault Ste Marie

44978-26 Patrick BANNAN, 19, labourer, Fort William Mission, Squaw Bay, s/o Andrew BANNAN & Elizabeth NANCIGABAW, married Florena BOUCHER, 15, Squaw Bay, same, d/o Paul BOUCHER & Anastasie OGIDJEDABINENS, witn: James DICK & Nancy BANNING of no location given, 24 May 1926 at Squaw Bay, Fort William (RC) 44977-26 Lawrence BANNAN, 22, fisherman, Nipigon, Squaw Bay, s/o Peter BANNAN, b. Nipigon & Marie Anne DESMULONS, married Nancy Marie FENTON, 14 yrs., 5 mo., Squaw Bay, same, d/o David FENTON, b. Squaw Bay & Marie Christie, witn: Joseph BOUCHER & Josephine DICK, both of Fort William Mission, 19 Apr 1926 at Fort William (RC)

031754-26 Lloyd BARBER, 22, Labourer, Desbarats, Desbarats, s/o George BARBER (b. Ontario) & Dora BARTLEY; married Maria McTAVISH, 19, Portlock, Desbarats, d/o Hugh McTAVISH (b. Ontario) & Margaret STOBIE; wit George G. FARWELL & Mildred V. LAURENCE, both Sault Ste Marie, 28 Dec 1926, Sault Ste Marie

031753-26 Herbert BARBER, 22, Labourer, Desbarats, Desbarats, s/o George BARBER (b. Ontario) & Dora BARTLEY; married Christy McFARLANE, 29, Desbarats, Desbarats, d/o William McFARLANE (b. Ontario) & Margaret McKAY; wit Joseph BARBER & Maria McTAVISH, both Desbarats, 21 Dec 1926, Sault Ste Marie

031755-26 Aristide BARNS, 24, Labourer, Papineauville, Biscotasing, s/o Joseph Telesphore BARNS & Adele GUERTIN; married Antoinette GOUDREAU, 17, Blind River, Biscotasing, d/o Theodule GOUDREAU & Marie Anne OUDETTE; wit Joseph Telesphore BAINS & Theodule GOUDREAU, both Biscotasing, 6 Sept 1926, Biscotasing

44979-26 William H. BATEMAN, 27, widower, drayman, Winnipeg, Fort William, s/o Arthur W. BATEMAN, b. England & Edith A. JOHNSON, married Melba FAIRFIELD, 19, Ottawa, Fort William, d/o Alfred Fairfield & "not known", witn: Annis HARRISON & Mrs. A.J. BRUCE, both of Fort William, 26 July 1926 at Fort William

040555-26 Martin BAXTER, 23, Paper maker, Ruther Glen, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Martin BAXTER (b. Westport) & Ellen Margaret STACK; married Rhoda Sylvia THOMAS, 20, Sturgeon Fall, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Charles THOMAS (b. Quyon Quebec) & Gertrude McLAREN; wit William DWYER & Alice DWYER, both Sturgeon Falls, 22 Nov 1926, Sturgeon Falls 44980-26 Lloyd C. BAYES, 27, cook, Fernie BC, Port Arthur, s/o George F. BAYES, b. Manitoulin Island & Jennie MCDONALD, married Lillian STYLES, 22, Port Arthur, Fort William, d/o Frederick S. STYLES, b. England & Ethel E. JOHNSTON, witn: Mr. & Mrs. A.N. COUCH, both of Fort William, 23 Dec 1926 at Fort William

040556-26 Robert Lyle BEAMISH, 20, Merchant, Chapleau, North Bay, s/o Richard Albert BEAMISH (b. Arnprior) & Mabel BUNTON; married Cora Isabel WOOTTEN, 21, Bathurst NB, North Bay, d/o Noble John WOOTTEN (b. Bathurst NB) & Cora BATES; wit Harold Seton AMEY, North Bay & Smiths Falls & Frances WOOTTEN, North Bay, 19 Sept 1926, North Bay (Divorced 26/9/55)

031756-26 Ernest BEAUDET, 43, Labourer, Montreal Quebec, Sault Ste Marie, s/o Joseph BEAUDET & Julie LACHEVROTIERE; married Marie Ange DESROCHERS, 34, Hull Quebec, Sault Ste Marie, d/o Pierre DESROCHERS & Eglephire LANDRY; wit Ludovic DESROCHERS & Henriette DESROCHERS, both Sault Ste Marie, 28 Sept 1926, Sault Ste Marie

040557-26 Camille BEAUDOIN, 24, Clerk, Masham Quebec, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Edouard BEAUDOIN & Rose Anna ROSE; married Rose Ida PICARD, 32, Papineauville Quebec, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Pierre PICARD & Saladine ST. DENIS; wit Edouard BEAUDOIN & Albert VACHON, both Sturgeon Falls, 15 Jun 1926, Sturgeon Falls

040558-26 Isidore BEAULIEU, 23, Farmer, Noelville, Chartrand's Corner, s/o Emile BEAULIEU & Sophie MORAN; married Marguerite SEGUIN, 30, Ripon, Chartrand's Corner, d/o Louis SEGUIN & Eglantine VACHON; wit Emile BEAULIEU & Louis SEGUIN, both Chartrand's Corner, 29 Aug 1926, Noelville

040559-26 Adam BEAUPARLANT, 25, Farmer, St. Damien Quebec, Verner, s/o Joseph BEAUPARLANT & Emma DAUPHINAIS; married Alice DANDEREAU, 19, Verner, Verner, d/o Remus DANDEREAU & Parmelia PLANTE; wit Joseph BEAUPARLANT & Remus DANDEREAU, both Verner, 17 Aug 1926, Verner

031757-26 Albert Wilmott BECKETT, 23, Paper Maker, Sault Ste Marie, Sault Ste Marie, s/o Lionel BECKETT & Margaret EVENS; married Margaret Josephine WILSON, 17, North Bay, Sault Ste Marie, d/o L.W. WILSON & Rose FAREWELL; wit O. MORRISON & A.B. WILSON, both Sault Ste Marie, 7 Jul 1926, Sault Ste Marie

040560-26 Lucien BEDARD, 21, Labourer, Plaisance Quebec, North Bay, s/o Stephen BEDARD & Eva LALONDE; married Antoinette GAGNON, 18, Tadoussac Quebec, North Bay, d/o Joseph GAGNON & Alice PERRON; wit Stephen BEDARD & Antoine PAGE, both North Bay, 14 Sept 1926, North Bay  

040561-26 Wilfred BELAIR, 22, Labourer, Bonfield, Smoky Falls, s/o Ephrem BELAIR & Malvina LAPLANTE; married Louisa JODOIN, 15, Sturgeon Fall, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Adelard JODOIN & Marie DANIS; wit Elzear HURTABISE & Adelard JODOIN, both Smoky Falls, 2 Jun 1926, Smoky Falls

040562-26 Ferdinand BELAND, 25, Labourer, Rockland, Field, s/o Arthur BELAND & Virginie REGIMBALD; married Marguerite ROBERTS, 24, North Bay, River Valley, d/o William ROBERTS & Marie Anne CHEVRETTE; wit Edouard BELAND, Field & Herby ROBERTS, River Valley, 27 Sept 1926, Field

040564-26 Moise BELANGER, 23, Labourer, Mattawa, Mattawa, s/o Jean Baptiste BELANGER & Ida TRAHAN; married Agnes DESJARDINS, 16, Eau Claire, Mattawa, d/o Eugene DESJARDINS & Henriette DYEL, wit Jean Baptiste BELANGER & Eugene DESJARDINS, both Mattawa, 22 Nov 1926, Mattawa

040563-26 Henri BELANGER, 23, Labourer, Mattawa, Mattawa, s/o Albert BELANGER & Anna DOUVILLE; married Eva ROCHON, 26, Cameron, Cameron, d/o Delphis ROCHON & Agnes RANGER; wit Albert BELANGER & Delphis ROCHON, both Mattawa, 20 Sept 1926, Mattawa

040565-26 Delva BELEC, 21, Farmer, Astorville, Astorville, s/o Edmond BELEC & Eugenie ROBIDOUX; married Eva GUILLEMETTE, 18, Astorville, Astorville, d/o Joseph GUILLEMETTE & Amanda ROBERT; wit Edmond BELEC & Joseph GUILLEMETTE, both Astorville, 9 Aug 1926, Astorville

031758-26 David Dunn BELL, 32, Farmer, Goldenburg, Parkinson Twp, s/o Neil BELL (b. Ontario) & Janet DUNN; married Ella Alice BROCK, 22, Grassett Twp, Grassett Twp, Grassett Twp, d/o David BROCK (b. Ontario) & Sarah WATSON; wit Lily May DUNN, Kynoch & William MURPHY, Parkinson Twp, 17 Aug 1926, Thessalon

040566-26 Arthur BELLARD, 22, Undertaker, Hanmer, Sudbury, s/o Philias BELLARD (b. Hanmer) & Delima CHENIER; married Alice CHAREST, 22, Housemaid, Sudbury, Sudbury, d/o William CHAREST (b. Sudbury) & Armelina BRUNET; wit William CHAREST & Whilly CHAREST (Jr), both Sudbury, 2 Jun 1926, Sudbury

031759-26 Amos BENTLEY, 24, Painter, Webbwood, Webbwood, s/o Henry BENTLEY (b. Bancroft) & Johanna FARRELL; married Viola COUTERIER, 19, Domestic, Collins Inlet, Spanish Mills, d/o Pierre COUTERIER (b. Malbaie Saguenay Quebec) & Marie Jeanne PILON; wit Sr. Paul ST. JEAN & Francois Edouard COUTURIER, both Spanish Mills, 3 Nov 1926, Spanish

040567-26 Valmore BERTRAND, 22, Labourer, Mattawa, Mattawa, s/o Alphonse BERTRAND & Odylla LAMARRE; married Lucienne LABRECHE, 19, Ottawa, Mattawa, d/o Joseph LABRECHE & Marie Louise DUPUIS; wit Alphonse BERTRAND & Joseph LABRECHE, both Mattawa, 6 Dec 1926, Mattawa

040568-26 Philias BESSETTE, 25, Farmer, Chisholm, Chisholm, s/o George BESSETTE (b. Quebec) & Delima HOULE; married Elizabeth KOCH, 24, Chisholm, Chisholm, d/o Albert KOCH (b. Germany) & Agnes SUMMER; wit George GERARD & Homer TURGON, both Astorville, 2 Nov 1926, Astorville

  031760-26 Stewart Golding BEST, 30, Salesman, Bannockburn, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Joseph & Rachel BEST; married Elena BERTOLS, 19, Sault Ste Marie, same, d/o Joseph BERTOLS & Mary JOSS?; wit George TURNER & Yula ARVONEN, both Sault Ste Marie, 6 Jan 1926, Sault Ste Marie
44981-26 Louis BIGNUCOLO, 28, locomotive fireman, Sandevemiano Italy, Fort William, s/o Frank BIGNUCOLO & Aster GAVA, married Cecilia BALINA, 18, Fort William, same, d/o Joseph BALINA & Mary CAPCHEK, witn: Angelo BRESCACIM & Pauline LUKACHIK, both of Fort William, 12 Jan 1926 at Fort William (RC) 44982-26 Reno BIGNUCOLO, 34, locomotive fireman, Sandevemiano Italy, Fort William, s/o Francis BIGNUCOLO & Aster GAVA, married Theresa STUPENDEK, 22, domestic servant, Fort William, same, d/o Charles STUPENDEK & Susie GALL, witn: Louie KOFLER & Rosie BELLUZ, both of Fort William, 20 Jun 1926 at Fort William (RC)
44983-26 Howard Astley BISHOP, 30, grain office cashier, Bishopville NS, Port Arthur, s/o Watson BISHOP, b. Bishopville NS & Annie COLWELL, married Catherine Duff CONNOR, 26, telephone operator, Motherwell Scotland, Port Arthur, d/o John CONNOR, b. Dumfries Scotland & Janet ADAMSON, witn: Austin CONNOR & Alton DEACHMAN, both of Port Arthur, 4 Aug 1926 at Port Arthur 44984-26 Oscar Ferdinand BJORNSON, 21, clerk, Manitoba, Port Arthur, s/o Magnus BJORNSON, b. Ireland & Winnifred JOHNSON, married Idella MOLAND, 18, clerk, USA, Port Arthur, d/o Thomas MOLAND, b. Norway & Carrie PEARSON, witn: Jean NUTTALL & Alexander NUTTALL, both of Port Arthur, 19 Jun 1926 at Fort William

031761-26 Joseph Andre BLANCHARD, 20 (4 May), Lumberman, St. Liboire, Benny, s/o Etienne BLANCHARD & Azilda LAPOINTE; married Claire Annie DEMERS, 16 (13 Oct), Sudbury, Benny, d/o John DEMERS & Clara DUHAMEL; wit Duncan DUHAMEL, Copper Cliff & John DEMERS, Benny, 6 Apr 1926, Benny

44985-26 Victor Howard BLUNT, 22, farmer, Denon Iowa, Dorion, s/o Edwin Francis BLUNT, b. Charles City Iowa & Martha Evidina SWEET, married Maggie Alice Pearl BELAIR, 17, Dorion, same, d/o Edward Plessis BELAIR, b. Montreal & Kereen HENRICKSON, witn: Mrs. Olaf BELAIR & Basil KENNY, both of Dorion, 2 Aug 1926 at Port Arthur

031762-26 Ernest James BOCK, 20, Fireman, Sault Ste Marie, Sault Ste Marie, s/o Ephraim BOCK (b. Canada) & Mary Ann FIGURES; married Annie Alvina RUTTLE, 19, Echo River, Sault Ste Marie, d/o Harry RUTTLE (b. Canada) & Elizabeth WILSON; wit Albert RUTTLE & Melba DUNN, both Soo, 1 Jul 1926, Korah 44986-26 Joseph BODNAR, 32, labourer, Slobidka Galicya, Fort William, s/o John BODNAR & Magda HULAK, married Catherine SOMANYSHYN, 21, "working girl", Guryleze Galicya, Fort William, d/o Nick SOMANYSHYN & Tekla RAWLAK, witn: Peter CHEPESIUK & Wasyl CHEPESIUK, both of Fort William, 16 Feb 1926 at Fort William (RC)

44990-26 John BOHONIS, 40, farmer, Galicya - Ukraina, Fort William, s/o Michael BOHONIS & Annie SLUJOSKA, married Mary LINOWYCH (Sinowych?), 45, widow, farmer, Galicya - Ukraina, Murillo, d/o Bill LINOWYCH & Rosie MAZUR, witn: Philip SCHERBAN & Onopher TATKALIUS, both of Fort William, 16 Oct 1926 at Fort William (RC)

031763-26 Charles Franklin BOOTH, 30, Farmer, Oakland Mich, Bar River, s/o John BOOTH (b. Ontario) & Matilda KEHEREL; married Maggie Lennox WALKER, 35, West Toronto Junction, Bar River, d/o Robert WALKER (b. Scotland) & Catherine HAIN; wit John H. BOOTH & Ruby BOOTH, both Bar River, 12 May 1926, Laird twp

031764-26 John Henry BOOTH, 33, Farmer, Bar River, Bar River, s/o John BOOTH (b. Ontario) & Matilda KEHEREL; married Ruby Kathleen ALTON, 20, Echo Bay, Echo Bay, d/o Jerry ALTON (b. Ireland) & Sarah MICK; wit Charles L. BOOTH, Bar River & Mannie ALTON, Echo Bay, 28 Apr 1926, Echo Bay

031765-26 Samuel Arthur BOOTH, 21, Dry Cleaner, Sault Ste Marie, 54 Cathcart St. in Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Theodore BOOTH (b. England) & Ruth SCOTT; married Alice Amelia SNOOK, 22, England, 278 Hudson St., d/o Harry SNOOK (b. England) & Mary VICKERY; wit Elmer BOOTH & Edith SNOOK, both Soo, 4 Sept 1926, Sault Ste Marie

031766-26 Joseph David BOUCHARD, 21 (9 Jun 1906), near? St Joseph's Ireland, Nestorville, s/o Phillip BOUCHARD & Josephine LEFEBRE; married Gertrude BELLERONE, 16, Cutler, Thessalon, d/o Thomas BELLERONE & Valentine BOILEAU; wit Joseph LECLAIR & Lillian BOUCHARD, both Nestorville, 8 Nov 1926, Thessalon

031767-26 Frank BOUDAH, 29, Farmer, Parkinson, Parkinson, s/o Frank BOUDAH (b. Kinmount Ontario) & Margaret BROCK; married Isabel Pearl LEWIS, 21, Domestic, Goldenburg, Parkinson, d/o Edward LEWIS (b. Ontario) & Mary GILLIS; wit Edward BROCK & Christina May LEWIS, both Parkinson, 24 Sept 1926, Parkinson

44992-26 Harvey George BOULDIN, 46, widower, steward, Sedalis MO, Port Arthur, s/o George BOULDIN & Maria BIRD, married Marie Beatrice LEMIEUX, 32, housekeeper, Kingston, Port Arthur, d/o Frank BROWN [sic] & Beatrice LEMIEUX, witn: George A. BROWN & Mrs. C.W. BROWN, both of Port Arthur, 25 Jan 1926 at Port Arthur

031768-26 Alphonse BOULETTE, 33, Labourer, Sherbrooke Quebec, Searchmont, s/o Belona BOULETTE & unknown; married Sarah Jane MANSEAU, 37, Wid, Bond Head, Searchmont, d/o George LIPPETT & Charlotte Ann TERRY; wit Irene Mary COTTRALL & K.S.L. BALFORE, both Sault Ste Marie, 12 Aug 1926, Sault Ste Marie

44993-26 John Gilmour BOYD, 26, mechanic, Scotland, Detroit, s/o Benjamin BOYD (deceased), b. Scotland & Jane GILMOUR, married Elsie MAYES, 22, England, Fort William, d/o Joseph MAYES, b. England & Elizabeth BROWN, witn: Joseph MAYES & Gladys REMBER, both of Fort William, 22 Jun 1926 at Fort William 44995-26 Frederick Allan BRANDT, 51, miner, Palmerston, Gaudreau, s/o John BRANDT, b. Allenburg & Kathleen RIEL, married Annie HARBOTTLE, 54, widow, Hamilton, Edmonton Alberta, d/o William HARDIE, b. Scotland & Christina GILLATLY, witn: Jean H. HARBOTTLE & Grace W. HARBOTTLE, both of Gaudreau, 3 Aug 1926 at Fort William
44996-26 Joseph Hermenegilde BRIAND, 30, telegraph operator, St. Fabien Quebec, Cavers, s/o Amable BRIAND (deceased), b. St. Fabien Quebec & Maria Desneiges Roy, married Marie Stella FAUBERT, 28, Bouchette Quebec, Nipigon, d/o Isidore FAUBERT (deceased), b. Bouchette Quebec & Olympe MORRISSETTE, witn: Royal FAUBERT & Jeannette FAUBERT, both of Nipigon, 21 Jun 1926 at Nipigon (RC)  

031769-26 Edwin Charles BRIDEAUX, 38, Scale Repairer, St. Laurent Jersey, Sault Ste Marie, s/o Elie Jean BRIDEAUX & Mary Ann PERAULT, married Phyllis Marie CHESTLE, 21, England, Sault Ste Marie, d/o George CHESTLE & no mother given; wit George CHESTLE, J.E. NICKLE, Nora CHESTLE, Erina? CHESTLE, all Sault Ste Marie, 16 Dec 1926, Sault Ste Marie

031770-26 Thomas BRINGLESON, 21, Paper Maker, Sault Ste Marie, same, s/o Magnus BRINGLESON (b. Ireland) & Jane Ann HEAD; married Maryillis PERRIN, 19, Sault Ste Marie, same, d/o Josiah T. PERRIN (b. Ontario) & May E. INKPIN; wit John MAXTE? & Pearl MACMILLAN, both no place given, 2 Jun 1926, Sault Ste Marie

031771-26 Richard BROWN, 37, Stone Repairer, Ireland, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o John BROWN (b. Ireland) & Sarah RODGERS; married Rita COLLISON, 31, widow, Bruce Mines, Bruce Mines, d/o John BROWN (b. Mt Forest) & Victoria RAWN; wit David BROWN, Sault Ste Marie & Myrtle REID, Bruce Station, 11 Oct 1926, Bruce Mines

031772-26 Wilfred Ernest BROWN, 24, Truck Driver, Parkinson, Sault Ste Marie, s/o Joseph BROWN (b. Ontario) & Agnes LUNN; married Annie Elizabeth WILSON, 20, Kynoch, Sault Ste Marie, d/o David WILSON (b. Ontario) & Minnie TRIVERS; wit Mrs. ALLCOCK & Annie GUNBY? both Sault Ste Marie,? Jul 1926, Sault Ste Marie

031773-26 Jack BRYANT, 25, Ship Carpenter, England, Algonquin Hotel - Sault Ste. Marie, s/o John BRYANT & Caroline CLARK; married Priscilla BRUDER, 21, Sault Ste Marie, 167 Tancred St., d/o Joseph BRUDER & Elizabeth SEITZ; wit Harold TAYLOR & Ethel Annie TAYLOR, both Sault Ste Marie, 19 Sept 1926, Sault Ste Marie

031774-26 Ewan Alphonse BUCHAN, 24, Clerk, Byng Inlet, Sault Ste Marie, s/o Frederick BUCHAN & Emma REID; married Teresa Dorothy GALLAGHER, 20, Sault Ste Marie, Sault Ste Marie, d/o Emmanuel GALLAGHER & Anna GEROW; wit Thomas J. GALLAGHER & Beatrice TRAYNOR, both Sault Ste Marie, 9 Oct 1926, Sault Ste Marie

44997-26 John BUNKA, 30, shoemaker, Galicia, Detroit, s/o Nicholas BUNKA, b. Galicia & Donna PERUNCZAK, married Mary DOBRANSKI, 17 yrs., 2 mo., Galicia, Fort William, d/o Peter DOBRANSKI, b. Galicia & Paulina WERNER, witn: Sam DOBRANSKI & John PREPEZA, both of Fort William, 23 Feb 1926 at Fort William 44998-26 Thomas BUSS, 30, painter, Holland, Fort William, s/o Samuel BUSS, b. Holland & Gertrude POLLACK, married Daisy VAN BREDEN, 25, Holland, en route from Holland, d/o Henry VAN BREDEN, b. Holland & Trietze VEENING, witn: J.H. BORDEY & Emeline LINDEY, both of Fort William, 16 Aug 1926 at Fort William
44999-26 Frederick Alexander Clarke CAMPBELL, 27, grinder foreman, Ottawa, Port Arthur, s/o John CAMPBELL, b. St. Catharines & Mary CLARKE, married Margaret MACDONALD, 31, Ripley, Fort William, d/o John MACDONALD, b. Scotland & Margaret MACDONALD, witn: Thomas ALMOND of Port Arthur & Corina COCHRANE of Fort William, 4 Jan 1926 at Fort William 45000-26 Robert Coffin CAMPBELL, 34, ice maker at rink, Port Arthur, same, s/o William Robinson CAMPBELL & Margaret PLATTS, married Dorothy ROBINSON, 24, teacher, Yorkshire England, Port Arthur, d/o Henry Malkin ROBINSON & Hannah Matilda TINGLE, witn: Patty WHITELY & Horace ROBINSON, both of Port Arthur, 14 Jan 1926 at Port Arthur
45002-26 William Ronald CAMPBELL, 31, hospital attendant, Dumbarton Scotland, Hyare? Ont., s/o James CAMPBELL, b. Scotland & Elizabeth RONALD, married Mary Emma MCINTYRE, 29, teacher, Norwich, Harley, d/o Lauchlin MCINTYRE, b. Burford & Mary MCLEOD, witn: R.H. FOTHERINGHAM & A.B. SIMPSON, both of Port Arthur, 29 Dec 1926 at Port Arthur 45001-26 William CAMPBELL, 34, carpenter, Scotland, Fort William, s/o William CAMPBELL, b. Stornoway Scotland & Effie FERGUSON, married Mary Ann MCLEOD, 34, Scotland, Fort William, d/o Donald MCLEOD, b. Stornoway Scotland & Annie MACKENZIE, witn: Murdo SMITH & Annie CAMPBELL, both of Fort William, 5 Nov 1926 at Fort William
45003-26 Harold D. CARDY, 45, widower, carpenter, England, Port Arthur, s/o Louis CARDY, b. England & Sarah DAVIDSON, married Jeanie H. ARNOTT, 41, widow, Scotland, Port Arthur, d/o John SIMPSON, b. Scotland & Margaret GRAHAM, witn: Mabel GRANT & Lorraine GRANT, both of Fort William, 17 July 1926 at Fort William 45004-26 Kenneth CARPENTER, 32, elevator foreman, England, Fort William, s/o George CARPENTER, b. England & Jane "surname unknown, died many years", married Alma B. CLIFF, 25, Fort William, same, d/o William C. CLIFF, b. England & Margaret SHIELD, witn: Earl W. CLIFF & Eva CLIFF, both of Fort William, 11 Aug 1926 at Fort William
45005-26 Kenneth CASMEY, 22, labourer, Trenton, Fort William, s/o Archibald CASMEY & Mary CHOUCH, married Rose DOHERTY, 18, Glasgow Scotland, Fort William, d/o Hugh DOHERTY & Isabella MCNEIL, witn: Frank CASMEY & Madge DOHERTY, both of Flint Ont, 3 Aug 1926 at Fort William (RC) 45006-26 Henry CHARLEBOIS, 21, checker, Fort William, same, s/o Adelard CHARLEBOIS, b. Ottawa & Mary HACQUOIL, married Gladys MORISSEY, 18, Preston England, Fort William, d/o John MORISSEY, b. Preston England & Nellie BENNETT, witn: Henry MIGNAULT & Mary CHARLEBOIS, both of Fort William, 4 Sep 1926 at Fort William (RC)
45007-26 William CHILDS, 42, widower, locomotive engineer, England, Fort William, s/o George CHILDS, b. England & Annie CAREY, married Lillian HARVEY, 31, widow, England, Fort William, d/o William GARD & Minnie GARD, witn: J. TILBURY & L. MURIN?, both of Fort William, 4 Aug 1926 at Fort William 45008-26 Joe CHORNOBOY, 23, labourer, Galacia, Fort William, s/o Michael CHORNOBOY, b. Galacia & Marie GULAS, married Dora MAYK, 17 yrs., 3 mo., Galacia, Fort William, d/o Onfry MAYK, b. Galacia & Anna KOLIDA, witn: John BOYKO & Nick PRITZ, both of Fort William, 6 Mar 1926 at Fort William
45010-26 Joseph COOKE, 22, fireman, Ireland, Port Arthur, s/o Thomas COOKE, b. Ireland & Jean HARPER, married Viola WOODBECK, 19, Toronto, Port Arthur, d/o Baruch WOODBECK, b. Peterborough & Mary JONES, witn: William G. COLQUHOUN & Mrs. James ARRIL, both of Port Arthur, 13 Sep 1926 at Port Arthur 45011-26 William John COOKE, 21, fireman, Port Arthur, same, s/o William COOKE & Margaret Helen GEHL, married Mary Alice BOLD, 21, Widness - Lancs. England, Port Arthur, d/o William BOLD, b. Widness England & Emelia KENNEDY, witn: Jack TOWIE of Arnprior, & Agnes BOLD of Port Arthur, 6 Sep 1926 at Port Arthur
45012-26 Emmett Thomas CORCORAN, 35, lumberman, Grand Rapids Wis.,, Port Arthur, s/o William FRANCIS [sic] & Mary Ann BRENNAN, married Harriet E. BUTLER, 30, office manager, Savannah GA, New York City, d/o Michael BUTLER & Harriet FOX, witn: Fred C. BROWN of Port Arthur & Winifred U. HARDWICK of Brooklyn, 8 Sep 1926 at Port Arthur (RC) 45013-26 Charles Edward CORKE, 25, telegraph operator, Smith Falls, Jackfish, s/o John Richard CORKE, b. Norfolk Co. England & Frances CORKE, married Beatrice Myrtle THOMPSON, 23, Parry Sound, same, d/o William Henry THOMPSON, b. Almonte & Sarah Jane TAIT, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. WEAVER, both of Schreiber, 7 July 1926 at Schreiber
45014-26 Frederick Maurice CORNEIL, 31, resident engineer, Omemee, Rainy River Dist., s/o Hiram E. CORNEIL, b. Omemee & Margaret E. EVANS, married Gertrude Lydia COTTNAM, 27, nurse, Kingston, Watertown NY, d/o George Charles COTTNAM, b. Kingston & Mary E. WARD, witn: Mary WIMS & Neil KENNEDY, both of Port Arthur, 2 Oct 1926 at Port Arthur  
45015-26 George Herbert CORY, 35, merchant, England, Fort William, s/o William CORY, b. South Hampton & Lucy FREEMAN, married Margaret May CARNEY, 28, Fort William, same, d/o John CARNEY, b. Toronto & Alice ELWARD?, witn: C.R. KELLY & Rose CARNEY, both of Fort William, 14 Sep 1926 at Fort William 45016-26 Alfred Robert COTE, 23, paper maker, Papineauville Quebec, Fort William, s/o Wilfrid COTE, b. Papineauville Quebec & Helen LE FERRE, married Audrey Helen BROWN, 21, Fort William, same, d/o Arthur Henry BROWN, b. Leeds England & Jessie BINNS, witn: A.H. MCFARLANE & Dorothy MCFARLANE, both of Fort William, 7 Sep 1926 at Fort William
45017-26 Alfred Valentine COX, 38, widower, optometrist, s/o Samuel Joseph COX & Caroline Elizabeth COX, married Violet WIGMORE, 28, stenographer, London England, Port Arthur, d/o Robert WIGMORE & Fanny JENNINGS, witn: Robert WIGMORE & Jean WIGMORE, both of Port Arthur, 9 Jan 1926 at Port Arthur 45018-26 George Stephen COX, 25, mail carrier, England, Fort William, s/o William George COX, b. England & Emily DOCKER, married Margaret Sloan MALLISON (or Maillinson - both given), 24, Scotland, Fort William, d/o William MALLISON, b. Scotland & Margaret ROBB, witn: Robert Allan STEVENSON & Nellie Rose COX, both of Fort William, 15 Apr 1926 at Fort William
45019-26 William R. CRAGGS, 30, telegraph operator, Kenora, Biggar Sask., s/o Henry CRAGGS, b. England & Maria HEARN, married Ellen SWANSON, 21, Sweden, Fenwick, d/o "deceased", b. Sweden & Katherine SWANSON, witn: D. LANDRIE & A. LANDRIE, both of Fort William, 24 Jun 1926 at Fort William 45020-26 James Percy CROCKETT, 19, clerk, South Africa, Fort William, s/o Percy CROCKETT, b. England & Jeannette LIEBICH, married Devona May EATON, 18, Port Arthur, Fort William, d/o James Alexander EATON, b. Scotland & Catherine May MCLEOD, witn: Percy CROCKETT & Jeannette CROCKETT (parents of groom), both of Fort William, 5 Oct 1926 at Fort William
45021-26 Harold Gifford CROSS, 21, clerk, Ontario, Port Arthur, s/o William CROSS, b. Ontario & Emma Jane MCKENZIE, married Doris Rose Elizabeth MORGAN, 18, Wales, Fort William, d/o Samuel MORGAN, b. Wales & Eunice FLEET, witn: Sarah Ann BRANSON & Frances Jean GIBSON, both of Fort William, 3 July 1926 at Fort William 45022-26 Edward CUSSON, 20, mechanic, Fort William, same, s/o Alfred CUSSON, b. Quebec & Annie HEBERT, married Georgina MIREAULT, 22, Fort William, same, d/o George MIREAULT, b. Montreal & Mary ALLIS, witn: Alfred CUSSON & Eva CUSSON, both of Fort William, 28 Sep 1926 at Fort William (RC)
45023-26 William DAGGETT, 28, widower, tinsmith, Collingwood, Port Arthur, s/o Thomas DAGGETT, b. Collingwood & Ann KELLER, married Nellie E. FROMAN, 20, New Westminster - BC, same, d/o Ernest W. FROMAN, b. New Westminster BC & Annie GWATKIN, witn: May TAYLOR & Percy R. DAGGETT, both of Port Arthur, 29 Apr 1926 at Fort William 45024-26 Thomas Joseph DALEY, 22, jeweller, East Ham England, Fort William, s/o Thomas DALEY, b. East Ham England & Elizabeth BORLIN?, married Ellen May MOORE, 21, teacher, Limehouse London England, Fort William, d/o Jack MOORE, b. Limehouse England & Ellen SILVESTER, witn: Isabel & Arthur MOORE of Fort William, 3 July 1926 at Fort William
45025-26 Paola D'AMARIO, 28, workman, Italy, Fort William, s/o Donato D'AMARIO & Anna D'AMARIO, married Concetta GARZARELLI, 17, Italy, Fort William, d/o Mauro GARZARELLI & Teresa BUCCI, witn: Domenico & Assunta CATENA of 126 Heron St. in Fort William, 16 Jan 1926 at St. Joseph Church, Fort William 45026-26 Charles DAMPIER, 24, fisherman, Reesport Ont., Port Caldwell, s/o Frank Francis DAMPIER, b. Ont & Lucina WINGE, married Alda Leonie BARRY, 18 ½, Ottawa, Peninsula, d/o Albert BARRY, b. Ottawa & Stella DONALDSON, witn: Christena May McDONALD of Peninsula & Alex? PETTIFER of Heron Bay, 7 March 1926 at Peninsula
45027-26 Leslie DARBY, 23, CPR employee, Handsworth Birmingham England, Fort William, s/o James DARBY & Mary TALBOT, married Winifred Rose Alice GLOVER, 19, Brighton England, Fort William, d/o Percy GLOVER & Annie JOYNES, witn: Alfred LUCK and Percy & Gladys GLOVER, all of Fort William, 7 Oct 1926 at St. Pauls Church, Fort William 45029-26 Michael DAUCZAK, 30, laborer, Galicia, Fort William, s/o Nazar DAUCHAK & Annie GULAWATA, married Annie DZERMAK, 19, widow, Galicia, Arrams Ont., d/o Eustachius MAZUR & Caroline TATARYN, witn: Stephen DAUCZAK of Fort William & Eustachius MAZUR of Port Arthur, 14 Jan 1926 at Fort William
45028-26 Charles Desmont DAVIE, 32, office clerk, Halifax NS, Fort William, s/o John DAVIE (b. Halifax NS) & Annie DAUPHIN, married Ethel J. WILES, 18, Fort William, same, d/o George WILES, b. Ont & Dolly D. PERCY, witn: Mina May SITCH & Sheridan YOUNG, both of Fort William, 4 Dec 1926 at Fort William 45030-26 Joseph Rene DESJARDINS, 27, paper maker, Ottawa, Corner Brook Nfld., s/o Auguste DESJARDINS & Rosanna PAQUET, married Josephine DENHAM, 27, Hamilton Ont., Port Arthur, d/o Joseph DENHAM & Alice PRIDGEON, witn: James COGHLAN of Fort William & Bertha VALLEY of Port Arthur, 9 June 1926 at Port Arthur
45035-26 Robert DONOVAN, 42, laborer, England, Fort William, s/o Michael DONOVAN, b. London England & M. J. DOWNEY, married Emma M. BOUCHER, 45, widow, England, Fort William, d/o William RUSSELL, b. Hastings England & Jane SWEITER?, witn: Thomas SMITH & Lucy M. NEWBY, both of Fort William, 27 May 1926 at Fort William 45036-26 Donald Herbert DOUGLAS, 24, car repairer, England, Fort William, s/o Donald P. DOUGLAS, b. England & Nellie NIGHTINGALE, married Agnes NETTLETON, 25, Montreal, Fort William, d/o Frederick NETTLETON, b. England & Mary RAFTER, wtn: Harry DOUGLAS & Christina NETTLETON, both of Fort William, 15 Feb 1926 at Fort William
45037-26 Arthur Charles DOVE, 38, elevator employee, London England, Port Arthur, s/o Charles DOVE, b. England & blank MITCHELL, married Bertha EVANS, 32, chamber maid, Manchester England, Port Arthur, d/o Joseph EVANS, b. England & blank BUCKLEY, witn: Dorothy HARRIS & Charles EVANS, both of Port Arthur, 25 Sept 1926 at St. Johns Church, Port Arthur 45038-26 Wasyl DOWHAZYJA, 23, contractor, Galicia, Port Arthur, s/o Nazar DOWHOZYJA & Julia TYMOFTAI, married Stella BIALOSKORSKI, 16, Port Arthur, same, d/o Mike BIALOSKORSKI & Annie DUNCHUNK, witn: John POLOKO & Mary DIDWIA, both of Port Arthur, 19 (29?) June 1926 at Port Arthur
45039-26 Joseph DROHAMERSKI, 30, section man, Poland, Fort William, s/o John & Katherine nee LIPINSKA, married Annie ZAHANSKI, 17, Fort William, same, d/o Tony & Antoinette nee DUTCHMINSKY, witn: Tony NAHARVSKI & Mary KORLIC, both of Fort William, 6 Nov 1926 at Fort William 45040-26 Edward Newell DUSTIN, 54, machinist, Bleawith Minnesota, Fort William, s/o George Wesley DUSTIN, b. USA & Emma TAYLOR, married Abigail Victoria JONES, 24, Sellers Ont., Hymers, d/o Jacob JONES, b. Canada & Mary LOCKARD, witn: Hugh HILL of McIntyre twp & Sophia HIRVI of Port Arthur, 7 June 1926 at Port Arthur
45045-26 Albert ETIENNE, 24, machinist, Sturgeon Falls, Fort William, s/o Emanuel ETIENNE & Clara BELANGER, married Ethel Mary GROOMBRIDGE, 19, Fort William, same, d/o William GROOMBRIDGE & Sarah JOHNSTON, witn: Kathleen ENRIGHT & Romeo ETIENNE, both of Fort William, 28 April 1926 at Fort William 45046-26 Joseph Romeo ETIENNE, 26, salesman, Sturgeon Falls, Fort William, s/o Emanuel ETIENNE & Clarinda BELANGER, married Catherine Margaret ENRIGHT, 21, Port Arthur, same, d/o Maurice ENRIGHT & Mary McCARTHY, witn: George Henry RICHMOND & Myrtle May SMITH, both of Port Arthur, 2 Aug 1926 at Port Arthur
45143-26 Anthony Leito GAIOTTI, 41, St. Tior Italy, Fort William, s/o Bostiano LEITO & Maria FOVELL, married Lucia PILLAT, 32, Fuime Italy, Fort William, d/o Pasquale PILLAT & Maria FOVATT, witn: Dominic SALDERA & Lea VENERUZZI, both of Fort William, 31 July 1926 at Fort William 45060-26 Theodor GORDIY, 36, laborer, Chudowci Galicia, Port Arthur, s/o Iwan GORDIY & Ilha HUCULAK, married Sophia BODNAR, 18, Bychkiewvci Galicia, Port Arthur, d/o Iwan BODNAR & Eudochia DRABYNIASTA, witn: Hryhory HORBOWY of 151 Ontario St. & Nykola SOLTZO of 116 Rowatt St., 17 July 1926 at Fort William
45068-26 George GREUS, 27?, laborer, Lumijaki Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Juho Henrik GREUS, b. Finland & Kreeta LITHOVIUS, married Inge ANDERSON, 23, domestic, Javike Norway, Port Arthur, d/o Ole ANDERSON, b. Norway & Marit HOUGAN, witn: Kust & Amanda JAMMERBERG of Port Arthur, 24 Oct. 1926 at Port Arthur 45082-26 John Victor HASTINGS, 28, railway man, Winnipeg, Cheyenne Wyoming, s/o Andrew Douglas HASTINGS, b. Nova Scotia & Jessie Whyte MURRAY, married Olive Aline STRACHAN, 26, Fort William, same, d/o Robert STRACHAN, b. Niagara Falls Ont & Edith Lillian GLASS, witn: Miss Margaret STRACHAN of Fort William & D.R. HASTINGS of Winnipeg, 8 Nov 1926 at Fort William
45083-26 John Huitson HEARN, 24, laborer, North Shields England, Fort William, s/o John HEARN & Mary Jane HUITSON, married Bertha COTTRELL, 24, England, Fort William, d/o Harry COTTRELL & Alice Ann ADTFIELD, witn: Thomas ROBSON & Miss Lily CRONK, both of Fort William, 3 June 1926 at Fort William 45084-26 William Thomas HEBDEN, 36, widower, window cleaner, England, Fort William, s/o William HEBDEN, b. Whitby Yorkshire England & Elizabeth DUCK?, married Florence Yvonne HUNT, 30, England, London England & Toronto, d/o Albert HUNT, b. London England & Jessie CAHILL, witn: K. & Frederick HEBDEN of Fort William, 12 Dec 1926 at Fort William
45085-26 Elsmere Gallinwood? HEDGE, 27, grain clerk, Schreiber, Port Arthur, s/o William HEDGE, b. Wales & Mary LESLIE, married Helen C. JOHNSON, 21, Fort William, Port Arthur, d/o William JOHNSON, b. Ont & Margaret McDONALD, witn: Mrs. J.C. McEWEN & J.C. McEWEN, both of Fort William, 4 Sept 1926 at Fort William 45086-26 Aino HEISKO, 24, laborer, Jamijamer Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Victor HEISKO, b. Finland & Serafina MATTILA, married Emma HARIKKA, 22, servant, Lempala Finland, Port Arthur, d/o Evert HARIKKA, b. Finland & Amanda KINKKA, witn: Ida JUNTUNEN & Alli HAIKKILA, both of Port Arthur, 6 Feb 1926 at Port Arthur
45087-26 Wiho HELMINEN, 28, sailor, Helsinford Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Otto HELMINEN, b. Finland & Karolina SANBERG, married Ilma FORSMAN, 27, Helsingford Finland, Port Arthur, d/o Johan FORSMAN, b. Finland & Amanda HELENISI?, witn: Hilja KOSKINEN & Sophia HIRVI, both of Port Arthur, 10 May 1926 at Port Arthur 45088-26 Israel Reynold HEREKMAN, 40, blacksmith, Louise Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Anders HEREKMAN, b. Finland & Frederiika ANDERSON, married Sanda CARLSON, 43, domestic, Louise Finland, Port Arthur, d/o Carl CARLSON, b. Finland & Maria LINDHOLM, witn: John & Maria FORSBERG of Port Arthur, 24 July 1926 at Port Arthur
45089-26 William Ronald HICKS, 23, railway clerk, England, Fort William, s/o John William HICKS & Frances Charlotte DOBB, married Emma Effie Constance YOUNG, 23, England, Fort William, d/o John YOUNG & Louise HORSLEY, witn: Cecil James HICKS of Fort William & Cecila May RAY of Fort Frances, 16 Aug 1926 at Fort William 45090-26 Charles Boyd HILL, 26, gardener, Glasgow Scotland, Murillo, s/o Charles R.B. HILL, b. Scotland & Agnes LANG, married Gwendolyn Margery Dorothy McLEAN, 26, Murillo, same, d/o William McLEAN, b. Canada & Rachel Esther REES, witn: John HILL & W. Ruth E. McLEAN, both of Murillo, 1 Sept 1926 at Murillo
45091-26 Emil HILL, 23, laborer, Wiipuri Finland, Nipigon, s/o John HILL, b. Finland & Maria KOKKO, married Hilda KANGAS, 20, domestic, Lucrinssi Finland, Nipigon, d/o Nestor KANGAS, b. Finland & Hilja MANTYLA , witn: Hilja JORTI & Sophia HIRVI, 5 Nov 1926 at Port Arthur 45092-26 Herman HILL, 19, laborer, Finland, Fort William, s/o Charles HILL, b. Finland & Ida TERGENMAKI, married Pearl JARVIS, 17, Fort William, same, d/o Louis JARVIS, b. Italy & Louise ARCHAMBAULT, witn: Waino HILL & Jessie HILL, both of Fort William, 19 Nov 1926 at Port Arthur
45093-26 Hugh S. HILL, 21, clerk, Leader Bonnett? Manitoba, Port Arthur, s/o Sam HILL, b. Finland & Aina RISTANEN, married Saimi KUIVISTO, 21, Finland, Sellers, d/o John KUIVISTO, b. Finland & Sofi SOUKKA, witn: Emil PAJU & Kosti KOIVUKOSKI, both of Port Arthur, 5 April 1926 at Port Arthur 45094-26 Waino HILL, 21, section man, Fort William, same, s/o Charles HILL, b. Finland & Ida TEERIMAKI, married Jessie NAPPALA, 18, Finland, Fort William, d/o Antti NAPPALA, b. Finland & Anna Mathilda SAARI, witn: Neilo KYRO & Hilja KYRO, both of Port Arthur, 25 April 1926 at Port Arthur
45095-26 Richard Tom HINTON, 23, machine tender, Southampton England, Port Arthur, s/o Richard HINTON, b. Southampton England & Margaret STAMBROOK, married Flora Hellen Isa SUO, 20, Port Arthur, same, d/o Matti SUO, b. Finland & Lizzie MAYALA (Maijala?), witn: William DAVEY & Soffia HIRVI, both of Port Arthur, 18 Nov 1926 at Port Arthur 45096-26 John HLADUN, 30, laborer, Horodok Galicia, 817 McIntosh St., s/o Michael HLADUN & Warwara BYCHOK, married Calyna BODNARCHUK, 20, working girl, Horodok Galicia, 817 McIntosh, d/o Axeety BODNARCHUK & Anna ANDRUSYK, witn: John OSTAPHIYCHUK of 819 McIntosh & Ilia PACRYNIUK of 535 McIntosh St., 15 May 1926 at Fort William
45097-26 Christopher HODGSON, 58, locomotive engineer, Ontario, Port Arthur, s/o John HODGSON, b. England & Mary HATFIELD, married Mary E. WOOD, 46, widow, Ontario, Port Arthur, d/o Noah SKIPPEN, b. Ont & Rebecca BAYES, witn: Alina & Harold SKIPPEN of Port Arthur, 30 Sept 1926 at Port Arthur 45098-26 Hano HOGAN, 46, store keeper, Eker Norway, Loon Ont., s/o Lars Kornfsor KOUGN?, b. Norway & Hilga MARTINSEN, married Mathilda HEDENSTED, 38, divorced, Hedenstad Norway, Loon, d/o Carl PEDERSEN, b. Norway & Caroline ELLINGSEN, witn: Jarn LYSNIT of Fort William & H.A. SERVAIS of Port Arthur, 20 Dec 1926 at Port Arthur
45099-26 Robert Neil HOGG, 19, paper maker, Schreiber, Fort William, s/o John HOGG, b. Canada & Margaret McLACHLAN, married Alice GILLIS, 21, Londonderry NS, Port Arthur, d/o Duncan GILLIS, b. Canada & Lillian SPENCER, witn: William LILLIE & Gertrude TUER, 19 Feb 1926 at Port Arthur 45100-26 Thomas R. HUGHES, 21, laborer, Scotland, Fort William, s/o Thomas HUGHES, b. Scotland & Agnes THOMPSON, married Gladys M. ROLLASON, 23, England, Fort William, d/o Henry ROLLASON, b. England & Sarah JONES, witn: Marian HUGHES & A.G. SHIPPER?, both of Fort William, 5 March 1926 at Port Arthur
45101-26 Joseph IRVING, 32, elevator operator, Scotland, Fort William, s/o John IRVING, b. Scotland & Mary McCULLOCH, married Edith Mary McCLYMONT, 24, Scotland, Fort William, d/o James McCLYMONT, b. Scotland & Anna McKEE, witn: Maria TURNER & David GREEN, both of Fort William, 3 Sept 1926 at Fort William 45102-26 Armin JAMAL, 30, tourist agent, Cairo Egypt, Fort William, s/o Assad JAMAL & Heler JAMAL, married Dorothy M. SELLERS, 25, Fort William, same, d/o David Henry Kearton SELLERS & Sarah Jane TUTTY, witn: Arthur William SELLERS of Winnipeg & Lillian SELLERS of Fort William, 11 Sept 1926 at St. Pauls Church, Fort William
45103-26 Albert Leander JOHNSON, 25, carpenter, Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Johannes HOGGBLOM (sic), b. Finland & Hilda HOGGBLOM, married Elsa Erene PETERSON, 23, Finland, Port Arthur, d/o Andrew PETERSON, b. Finland & Anna PETERSON, witn: Anna Emelia & Victor Walter PETERSON of 49 Windermere Ave., 12 Aug 1926 at Port Arthur 45104-26 Arthur Henry JOHNSON, 26, truck driver, Falmouth NS, Port Arthur, s/o George JOHNSON, b. Halifax NS & Carrie PROVOST, married Audrie Mildred SHAVER, 26, Brewton NY, Port Arthur, d/o J. SHAVER, b. Brewton NY & Mabel E. WOOD, witn: Mrs. P.C. REID of Port Arthur & Miss Annie COLWELL of Newton Mass., 3 June 1926 at Port Arthur
45105-26 Einor JOHNSON, 29, farmer, Lake Norton - South Dakota, Ware twp., s/o Efram JOHNSON, b. Finland & Lizzie WERA, married Impi Irene LUOMA, 17, Port Arthur, Ware twp., d/o William LUOMA, b. Finland & Wendla LUOMA, witn: Einor & Felix LUOMA of Keriskoski, 18 Jan 1926 at Ware twp 45106-26 Ralph William JOHNSON, 21, truck driver, Fort William, same, s/o Sieguard JOHNSON, b. Norway & Elvina BOGSTADT, married Hannah JOHNSON, 20, Norway, Port Arthur, d/o Arnold John JOHNSON, b. Norway & Matilda OSSI, witn: Ellen MOONEY & Gilbert WARD, both of Fort William, 8 Feb 1926 at Fort William
45107-26 Eino JOKINEN, 21, laborer, Isojoki Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Nestor JOKINEN, b. Finland & Hilma WAINAJA, married Elli SAVIKANGAS, 22, Syhajoki Finland, Port Arthur, d/o John SAVIKANGAS, b. Finland & Anna WAIHOJA, witn: Amanda & Kust HAMMASBERG of Port Arthur, 10 April 1926 at Port Arthur 45108-26 Frank Rupert JONES, 26, clerk, Hull Que., Port Arthur, s/o Ebenezer JONES, b. Liverpool England & Emily READ, married Esther May Lilian DAVEY, 18, Chilliwack BC, Port Arthur, d/o Sidney Richard DAVEY, b. England & Florence Ray Elizabeth SMITH, witn: Elma & Sadie CADE of Port Arthur, 26 Nov 1926 at Port Arthur
45109-26 Robert Thomas JONES, 25, locomotive fireman, Wales, Fort William, s/o William JONES, b. Rhea? North Wales & Sarah Ann EVANS, married Gwendolen Irene MOUNSEY, 19, England, Fort William, d/o John MOUNSEY, b. Preston Lancashire England & Nellie BENNETT, witn: Harry & Gladys STUBBS of Port Arthur, 12 July 1926 at St. Michaels Church, Port Arthur 45110-26 William H. JONES, 22, traveller, England, Fort William, s/o Joseph JONES, b. England & Ellen SMITH, married Dorothy A. SMITH, 23, Medicine Hat Alberta, Fort William, d/o Arthur Adam SMITH, b. USA & Mary HILDRETH, witn: Gertrude TUER of 349 Waverly St. & George ISAACS? (Jesacs?) of 206 High St., 16 Jan 1926 at Port Arthur
45111-26 Robert JUDGE, 32, divorced, salesman, Mono Road, Fort William, s/o James J. JUDGE, b. Canada & Martha GOODEVE, married Sybil G. SOPER, 23, Massachusetts US, Port Arthur, d/o Robert W. SOPER, b. USA & Alexandra GRENIER, witn: Bertha WRIGHT of Fort William, 7 April 1926 at Port Arthur 45112-26 Gunnar JUNG, 22, laborer, Paurmo Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Gustav JUNG, b. Finland & Anna ANIST, married Aina Irene SAVEGARD, 23, chamber maid, Overmark Sweden, Port Arthur, d/o Peter SODERGURD (sic), b. Finland & Johanna DUNDER, witn: Berst Uno HERMANSON of Port Arthur & Ester Emelia PETERSON of Mariaggi Hotel, 10 Nov 1926 at Port Arthur
45113-26 Nick KANERVA, 37, widower, barber, Finland, Nipigon, s/o Nick KANERVA, b. Finland & Tiina illegible, married Sinja Emilia JARVENPAA, 28, Finland, Nipigon, d/o Henrick Emanuel JARVENPAA, b. Finland & Emilia RUSKKEEWMAKI, witn: Albin MAKI of Port Arthur & Sophia HIRVI of 262 Wilson St., 19 July 1926 at Port Arthur 45114-26 Arvid KANGAS, 34, bushman, Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Isak KANGAS, b. Finland & Helena EMANTA, married Alma KAURA, 20, Port Arthur, same, d/o John KAURA, b. Finland & Sigrid TURUNEN, witn: John JALONEN & Minnie PANULA, both of Millar, 9 Aug 1926 at Port Arthur
45115-2 Einari August KIISKILA, 21, dairy man, Finland, McIntyre twp., s/o Alfred KIISKILA, b. Finland & Ida MASTHA, married Aili TOLMONEN, 19, Port Arthur, Dorion twp., d/o Vert TOLMONEN, b. Finland & Naimi ROUKALA, witn: Toivo HILL & Elsie KIISKILA, both of Port Arthur, 26 April 1926 at Port Arthur 45116-26 William Harty KILBREATH, 40, farmer, Bruce Co., Cloud Bay, s/o Reuben KILBREATH, b. Ont & Mary SALSBURY, married Lucy BELL, 39, Scotland, Cloud Bay, d/o Thomas BELL, b. Scotland & Isabella STEVEN?, witn: Fred & Mrs. Fred DERNHARDT (Demahardt?) of Fort William, 23 Sept 1926 at Fort William
45117-26 Lewis KINACH, 33, Zabeza Ostrow Galicia, Fort William, s/o Jhnatig KINACH & Anna KICZUN, married Rosa MUSSEAL, 18, Jastrombice Sokal Galicia, Fort William, d/o Ivan MUSSEAL & Anna TEHIR, witn: Haryj HLYM & Jos KOSTECKI, both of Fort William, 14 Aug 1926 at Fort William 45118-26 Norman Keith KITCHENER, 29, insurance salesman, Toronto, Detroit, s/o Andrew D. KITCHENER, b. Ont & Hepzibah HOOPER, married Thelma Marjorie KEELING, 23, teacher, Ontario, Edmonton Alberta, d/o Lewis KEELING, b. Ont & Sadie CUTHBERTSON, witn: Mrs. S. & Miss Mae McCUTCHEON of Port Arthur, 31 July 1926 at Port Arthur
45119-26 Oscar Wilhelm KIVINEN, 26, laborer, Sweden, Gorham twp., s/o Matti KIVINEN, b. Finland & Sofia Karolina ELIASSON, married Julia Wilhelmina RANTA, 19, Port Arthur, Gorham twp., d/o Kalle RANTA, b. Finland & Katii Wilhelmina PERKIS, witn: Arvo HENRIKSON & Eugenia KIVINEN, both of Port Arthur, 7 July 1926 at Port Arthur, Ware twp 45120-26 Toivo Nikolai KIVISTO, 22, laborer, Karvie Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Mathias KIVISTO, b. Finland & Katri RAUNISTO, married Olga TIAINEN, 21, domestic, Jacobin Finland, Port Arthur, d/o Akseli TIAINEN, b. Finland & Amanda GROULUND, witn: Sara SILEN of Forbes twp (Kaministiquia) & Sophia HIRVI of Port Arthur, 23 Dec 1926 at Port Arthur [divorced 17/3/52]
45121-26 Yrjo Konrad KLEEMOLA, 26, laborer, Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Otto KLEEMOLA, b. Nahkila Finland & Amalia TUOMAALS, married Hilda Katarina KINESISTO (Kuusisto?), 28, Finland, Port Arthur, d/o Tuomas Patter KINESISTO, b. Alavus Finland & Ottilia KUIVASMAKI, witn: Charles SIPPOLA & Sophia HIRVI, both of Port Arthur, 21 April 1926 at Port Arthur 45122-26 Sidney KOHLER, 25, fireman, Port Arthur, Dorion, s/o Joseph KOHLER, b. Canada & Elizabeth GALE, married Daisy PLUMB, 23, Port Arthur, same, d/o William PLUMB, b. Toronto & Margaret SHERLOCK, witn: William & Mrs. William BOON of Fort William, 25 May 1926 at Fort William
45123-26 Uuno Wilhelm KOIVU, 31, laborer, Isoujoelle Finland, Kinikoski Ont., s/o Richard ROUNITKA (sic), b. Finland & Tiina KUOLLUT, married Ida KOSKI, 23, Mabella Ont., Kinikoski, d/o John KOSKI, b. Finland & Vappne KIVISTO, witn: Hugh HILL of McIntyre twp & Sophia HIRVI of Port Arthur, 9 April 1926 at Port Arthur 45124-26 Aaron KORMAN, 26, clerk, Russia, Fort William, s/o Isaack KORMAN, b. Russia & Lala ADANBERG, married Luba MORRISON, 23, Russia, Fort William, d/o Mordecai MORRISON, b. Russia & Esther ZINGEL (Gingel?), witn: M. SPECTOR & J. DAVINSKY, both of Fort William, 10 Oct 1926 at Fort William
45125-26 Yrja KOSKINEN, 28, lumberman, Helsingford Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Kaarlo Victor KOSKINEN, b. Finland & Wilhelmina JORD, married Sulija KINNUNEN, 26, Hillsingford Finland, Port Arthur, d/o Juho KINNUNEN, b. Finland & Eva KINNUNEN, witn: Victor BERGSTROM & Ines? FOREMAN, both of Port Arthur, 3 April 1926 at Port Arthur 45126-26 Wasyl KOSTUR, 20, laborer, Galicia Ukraine, 1929 Mountain Ave., s/o Theodor KOSTUR & Ksenia KOGLOWSKA, married Ahaphia DIDYK, 16 + 9 mon, Galicia Ukraine, 1329 Stanley Ave., d/o Paul DIDYK & Wasylyna WIKARCHAK, witn: Nykola LUKAWY of 1929 Mountain Ave & Dmytro KRYSHTALUK of 1387 Mountain Ave., 17 July 1926 at Fort William
45127-26 Marian KOTYK, 28, laborer, Czmankiwazky Cyorlkow Galicia, Fort William, s/o Jan KOTYK & Ewdokia KUG, married Tekla STEFANIUK, 18, Steniatyn Sokal Galicia, Fort William, d/o Theodor STEFANIUK & Anna KUZYRA, witn: Ila FEDORUNIAK & Kosl HANCZARYK, both of Fort William, 13 Feb 1926 at Fort William 45128-26 Mike KRYWYCHKA, 23, life insurance man, Galicia Ukraine, 516 Hargrave St., s/o Demetrius KRYWYCHKA & Maria KOZAK, married Catherine MARADAN, 19, Gudiso? Saskatchewan, Bethune St. in Fort William, d/o George MARASAN & Anna LAHACEY, witn: Michal YALONY of 516 Hargrave St. & George MARADYN of Transcona Manitoba, 23 Sept 1926 at Fort William
45129-26 John KUBINEC, 25, laborer, Nizna Czechoslovakia, Fort William, s/o John KUBINEC & Theresa MAJSURA, married Joan TUCEK, 22, Dlha Czechoslovakia, Fort William, d/o Joseph TUCEK & Joan LACLAV, witn: John DIKA of 627 McIntosh St. & Stephen PIROHAR of 512 McIntosh St., 27 April 1926 at Fort William 45130-26 Elo KUJA, 25, lumberman, Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Joseph KUJA, b. Finland & Lyydi LIE, married Annie TIKKANEN, 22, Finland, Port Arthur, d/o August TIKKANEN, b. Finland & Hilma LUKKARINEN, witn: Arthur & Tyyne NIEMI of 128 Banning St. in Port Arthur, 2 June 1926 at Port Arthur
45131-26 Kalle KULMALA, 35, laborer, Ypsaia Lamen Finland, Nipigon, s/o Mikko KULMALA, b. Finland & Miina RAJALA, married Julia GULBERG, 21, cook, Lafjartte Wasasa Finland, Port Arthur, d/o John GULBERG (sic), b. Finland & Miina AITI, witn: Julia LEHTINEN of Nipigon & Sophia KIRVI of Port Arthur, 29 April 1926 at Port Arthur 45132-26 Eino Mikko KUNTZ, 24, section man, Jaakkima Finland, Buss Ont via CPR, s/o Mikko KURTZ, b. Finland & Deoda KUNTZ, married Aino Wilhelmina SALO, 25, domestic, Lapfjara Finland, Buss, d/o Oscar SALO, b. Finland & Anna HUKTALA, witn: John BARRY of Port Arthur & Jennie LAPPALA of Port Arthur, 17 Jan 1926 at Port Arthur
45133-6 John KUSHNIR, 34, laborer, widower, Galicia Ukraine, Port Arthur, s/o Mike KASHNIR & Annie KOTYK, married Barbara MILLAS, 33, widow, Galicia Ukraine, Port Arthur, d/o Philip GUTAN & Annie SHYMYHAN, witn: W. ERECHOOK & Stach MAZUR, both of Port Arthur, 11 June 1926 at Fort William 45134-26 Stephen KYRSH, 35, widower, laborer, Galicia Ukraine, Rossland Road, s/o John KYRSH & Eudochia LUBOWYCZ, married Anna NOVISTIUK, 18, Galicia Ukraine, 1309 Gore St., d/o Stephen NOVISIUK & Marta STRILCHUK, witn: Anat SURINCHUK of 1335 Georgina St. & Iwas KYRYLUK of 1316 Georgina St., 14 Aug 1926 at Fort William

31895-26 Earl LACOMBE, 26, labourer, Wisconsin USA, Flint Michigan USA, s/o Joseph LACOMBE (b. Ottawa) & not given REHEAUME (Reaume?), married Florence May DAVIDSON, 21, Thessalon, same, d/o Henry DAVIDSON (b. Ontario) & Annie May VANCE, witn: Dora Mary ALLHUSON of Iron Bridge & George Albert DAVIDSON of Thessalon on Dec. 27, 1926 at Thessalon

31896-26 Glorian LACOURSIERE, 29, cook, Montreal Que., Montreal Que., s/o Joseph LACOURSIERE (b. Quebec) & Maria LACROIX, married Mary Gertrude McCOY, 35, Thurso Que., same, d/o Carl (Earl?) Henry McCOY (b. Quebec) & Catherine O'NEILL, witn: John P. LYONS & Alfred CORMICK both of Sault Ste Marie on Dec. 14, 1926 at Sault Ste Marie

31897-26 Charles LAFONTAINE, 32, labourer, Aylmer Que., Searchmont, s/o Onesime LAFONTAINE & Philomene DOZAIS, married Ada LAVERGNE, 18, Sault Ste Marie, Searchmont, d/o Gus LAVERGNE & Laura PROULX, witn: Joseph LARIVIE of Sault Ste Marie & Gus LAVERGNE of Searchmont on Oct. 25, 1926 at Sault Ste Marie

45135-26 Paul LAGARDE, 24, widower, fisherman, Cloquet, Grand Portage Minn., s/o Francis LAGARDE & Jane PAGODJANIMINS, married Nancy BANNON, 21, Mission Fort William, Mission Bay, d/o Andrew BANNON & Eliza KENAIGABAW, witn: Frank PELLETIER & Mrs. Nancy BOUCHIE, both of Mission Bay, 20 Aug 1926 at Mission Bay, Fort William

31898-26 William Gordon LAKE, 27, motor mechanic, London England, 152 Upton Road Sault Ste Marie, s/o Thomas Henry LAKE (b. England) & Ada OLDFIELD, married Ida Mildred WATSON, 27, Ruther Glen, 258 Huron St Sault Ste Marie, d/o William WATSON (b. Canada) & Rose Mary LARMER, witn: Lina M. McLEOD of Chapleau & A. E. LAKE of Sault Ste Marie on May 26, 1926 at Sault Ste Marie

45136-26 Joe Wilfred LAMBERT, 26, works on CNR, St. Romuald Co. Levis, Cavell via Roberts, s/o Alexandre LAMBERT & Rose Anna BLAIS, married Madie Mary Leota POULIN, 17, Bedhurst NB, Cavell via Roberts, d/o Nicholas POULIN & Kate LAVIGNE, witn: Albert LAVIGNE & Albert POULIN, both of Cavell, 2 Jan 1926 at Cavell

31899-26 William Leonard LAMMING, 26, farmer, Sault Ste Marie, R. R. 1 Sault Ste Marie, s/o Jabez LAMMING (b. Ontario) & Ida HOLMBERG, married Elva May STONE, 19, Sault Ste Marie, Gore Bay, d/o Louis STONE (b. Ontario) & Mary E. MOORE, witn: Arthur HAY & Esther LAMMING both of The Soo on Aug. 10, 1926 at Prince Tp.

31900-26 Edward Edmund LAMOURIE, 21, labourer, Thessalon, 61 Bourne Ave The Soo, s/o Alex LAMOURIE & Filenen WASSGEIGIE, married Liza May BROOKS, 20, Pembroke, res not given, d/o George BROOKS & Florence MARION, witn: Dora BROOKS of 61 Bourne Ave Sault Ste Marie & George BOUILLION of Cathcart & Huron The Soo on Oct. 28, 1926 at Sault Ste Marie

45137-26 Wilfred LANDRIERSICHT, 21, farmer, Hymers, same, s/o William LANDRIERSICHT, b. Canada & not known, married Gladys Jennete HAYWARD, 18, domestic, Gillies twp., Scoble West, d/o Arthur HAYWARD, b. Ont & Rosa CRINCH, witn: Mary MERRISON & Jennie RODDEN, both of Port Arthur, 30 Sept 1926

31901-26 Alfred Ernest LANGLADE, 26, booms man, Kenora, Sault Ste Marie, s/o Francis LANGLADE (b. Letague? Ont) & Exilda BILLMORE, married Mary Ellen FEX, 23, Benson Mines NY, Dean Lake, d/o Levi FEX (b. Glengarry) & Addie DUVAL, witn: Lavina DEJARDINS of Hesterville Ontario & Joseph FEX of Sault Ste Marie on June 23, 1926 at Sacred Heart Church, The Soo

45138-26 John Harold LANGTRY, 29, dentist, Virden Manitoba, Fort William, s/o Richard LANGTRY, b. Barrie Ont & Frances ENGLISH, married Helen ARMSTRONG, 24, Fort William, same, d/o William A. ARMSTRONG, b. Stratford Ont & Jeanetta HENDERSON, witn: Alexander WALMSLEY of Winnipeg & Jean ARMSTRONG of Fort William, 11 Aug 1926 at Fort William

31902-26 Gordon LANGVIN (Langevin?), 25, lumberman, Biscotasing, Missanabie, s/o Alexander LANGVIN (b. Mon--? Quebec) & Edith MORRISON, married Hilda KOHLS, 18, Biscotasing, Missanabie, d/o Herman KOHLS (b. Germany) & Mary STAAGE, witn: George SANDERS & Margaret KOHLS both of Missanabie on Sept. 6, 1926 at All Saints Church, Missanabie

45139-26 Peter LAPUK, 27, laborer, Chlopiwka Galicia Ukraine, 814 McLeod, s/o Wasyl LAPUK & Sophia BABIY, married Otena SCIBAK, 17, working, Kociribynci Galicia Ukraine, 303 Pacific Ave., d/o Stephen SCIBAK & Tekla MATWYCSHYN, witn: Haweyto DEARCHAK of 814 McLeod & Woytko LYWIEC of 822 St. Paul St., 17 July 1926 at Fort William

31903-26 Jean Baptiste LARCHE, 25, labourer, Maniwaki, Blind River, s/o Thomas LARCHE & Philomine MINARD, married Anne Marie S. SMITH, 21, Grande Riviere Gaspe, Blind River, d/o Pierre SMITH & Marie Anne JANSAS?, witn: Peter SMITH & George GAUTHIER both of Blind River on June 28, 1926 at Blind River

31904-26 Ormond Edward LAY, 21, paper maker, Richard's Landing, 312 Huron St Sault Ste Marie, s/o Gregory S. LAY (b. Picton Prince Edw. Co.) & Fanny Flora FOSTER, married Lucy GREGORY, 19, England, 314 Moody St Sault Ste Marie, d/o John GREGORY (b. London England) & Mary SHERBOURNE, witn: Herbert LIVINGSTONE & Annie GREGORY both of Sault Ste Marie on Aug. 19, 1926 at Sault Ste Marie

45140-26 Norman Augustus LEBLANC, 22, truck driver, Fort William, same, s/o Frank LEBLANC & Carrie DUPRAW, married Anita A. HALONEN, 21, Fort William, same, d/o Charles HALONEN, b. Finland & Mary JOHNSON, witn: George LEBLANC & Annie Marion HALONEN, both of Fort William, 15 Feb 1926 at Fort William

31905-26 James LEBOEUF, 27, labourer, Whitney, Blind River, s/o Joseph LEBOEUF (b. Gaspe Que) & Naldi GIROUX, married Desneiges VEZEAU, 18, Blind River, same, d/o Evariste VEZEAU (b. Marlbank) & Esther DEMERS, witn: Arthur LAROCHE & Joseph LEBOEUF both of Blind River on Nov. 2, 1926 at Blind River

31907-26 Donis LEDUC, 23, not given, Ste Anne de Prescott, Larchmont, s/o Joseph LEDUC & Osinia BROSSEAU, married Pa--? FOUBERT, 20, Alexandria, Larchmont, d/o Noe FOUBERT & Delia BROSSEAU, witn: Noe FOUBERT & Joseph LEDUC both of Larchmont on July 27, 1926 at Larchmont

45141-26 Frank LE GASSICK (La Gassick?), 26, elevator employee, East Ham England, Fort William, s/o Francis LE GASSICK & Bessie STOKES, married Laura Helen GRAY, 31, clerk, Kettering England, Fort William, d/o George GRAY & Catherine Ellen HAWLEY, witn: F.A. RICHANS & Freda LE GASSICK, both of Fort William, 16 Aug 1926 at St. Pauls Church, Fort William 45142-26 Charles LEINO, 27 (57?), lunch room keeper, Obu Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Charles LEINO, b. Finland & Justina MATTILA, married Hilma NIEMELA, 24, Helingford Finland, Port Arthur, d/o David NIEMELA, b. Finland & Tilda VAIN, witn: Doris & Elmira BELLAND of Port Arthur, 28 Sept 1926 at Port Arthur
45144-26 George Nikolai LELLAVA, 23, clerk, Kauhajoki Finland, Nipigon, s/o Jaakko LELLAVA, b. Finland & Amanda SELIN, married Lyyli PUIKAS, 24, chamber maid, Lehtimaki Finland, Nipigon, d/o Kalle PUIRAS, b. Finland & Liisa MIKKOLA, witn: Frank & Hulda SAARI of Nipigon, 2 Nov 1926 at Port Arthur

31912-26 Warren LESSARD, 24, machinist, Sault Ste Marie, same, s/o William LESSARD & Josephine LOUGHEAD, married Viola MALONE, 21, Almonte, Sault Ste Marie, d/o James MALONE & Martha LARKING, witn: Omer LEGAULT of 812 West Spruce St Sault Ste Marie Michigan & Rose MALONE of 21 Wilcox Ave Sault Ste Marie on July 20, 1926 at Sault Ste Marie.

45145-26 George Francis LEVEY, 37, widower, farmer, Orillia, Dryden, s/o Francis E. LEVEY, b. Orillia & Annie LITTLE, married Helen Isabel NICOLL, 33, Scotland, Moose Jaw, d/o Alfred George NICOLL, b. Scotland & Jane Ann ROSS, witn: Mabel & Lorraine GRANT of Fort William, 14 March 1926 at Fort William

31913-26 Murdock LEWIS, 24, farmer, Kirkwood Tp., Thessalon Tp., s/o A illegiblexx LEWIS (b. Goderich) & Mary Ellen KERR, married Laura DUMOND, 20, Thessalon Tp., same, d/o William DUMOND (b. Three Rivers) & Emma Jane HAGAN, witn: Mary GRIMES of Thessalon & Edward LEWIS of Little Rapids on March 15, 1926 at Thessalon

31906-26 Ernest LEYBOURNE, 29, carpenter, Hespeler, Bruce Mines, s/o Edward LEYBOURNE (b. Canada) & Elizabeth GAMBLE, married Margaret FORSYTHE, 27, Scotland, Sault Ste Marie, d/o Robert FORSYTHE (b. Scotland) & Margaret LAPATTER, witn: Georgina FORSYTHE of Sault Ste Marie & Sam LEYBOURNE of Bruce Mines on June 25, 1926 at Sault Ste Marie

31914-25 Edward Campbell LIDDLE, 39, fireman, Cornwall, Sault Ste Marie, s/o Robert LIDDLE (b. Canada) & Jessie WALKER, married Clara Hermione ARMSTRONG, 28, Ireland, Sault Ste Marie, d/o David ARMSTRONG (b. Ireland) & Clair HAGEN, witn: W. N. & Susie L. NICHOLLS both of 530 Jane St Toronto on Aug. 3, 1926 at Sault Ste Marie.

45146-26 Eelis Ilmari LINDQUIST, 29, section laborer, Finland, Argolis via CPR, s/o Herman LINDQUIST, b. Finland & Edla YKSJARIR, married Allie Amanda SAARI, 22, Finland, Argolis, d/o Frans SAARI, b. Finland & Sophia EKMAN, witn: John PARONEN of Argolis & Sophia HIRVI of Port Arthur, 11 Aug 1926 at Port Arthur 45147-26 Raymond Magnus Frederick LINKLATER, 32, laborer, Fort William, Port Arthur, s/o Magnus LINKLATER, b. Orkney Islands Scotland & Elizabeth WIGAND, married Agnes Irene WARNESS, 19, Port Arthur, same, d/o John B. WARNESS, b. Trondheim Norway & Anna LINGAARD, witn: Mrs. Bertha & Nickolas WARNESS of 187 Egan St., 17 April 1926 at Port Arthur
45148-26 David Bence LIVINGSTON, 24, chauffeur, Carnduff Sask., Fort Frances, s/o George Benjamin LIVINGSTON, b. Addington Co Ont & Ettie Elizabeth LIVINGSTON, married Ethel Vera BRATT, 27, teacher, Brooke twp - Lambton Co., Woodstock, d/o George Alfred BRATT, b. London Ont & Mary Ellen Kessie GARTLEY, witn: Clarence Edwin & Alice Victoria PROUTY of 1106 Brown St. in Fort William, 10 Aug 1926 at Fort William

31916-25 Albert LORENZO, 21, finisher, Italy, 511 Cathcart Sault Ste Marie, s/o Michele LORENZO (b. Italy) & Gabriela GRESTT, married Margaret SALVATORE, 19, Sault Ste Marie, 167 James St same, d/o Pietro SALVATORE (b. Italy) & Rosa MAZZIO, witn: Giovanni BAMBAIO & Eurachetta? CROTTI of James St both of Sault Ste Marie on Aug. 25, 1926 at Sault Ste Marie. [divorced 13 Dec 1935 at Sault Ste Marie]

45149-26 Vincent LOUIE, 43, widower, laborer, Indian Mission, Mission Reserve, s/o Moise LOUIE, b. Mission Reserve & Louis WASSOGIJIGOK, married Nancy DICK, 24, Indian Reserve, Mission Reserve, d/o Thomas DICK, b. Ross Port Ont & Madeline CROW, witn: John CROW & Mary Ann BINESI?, both of Mission Reserve, 18 March 1926 at Mission Fort William 45150-26 Roderick LOVELL, 29, telegrapher, North Sydney NS, Fort William, s/o Henry LOVELL, b. North Sydney & Annie McMILLAN, married Dorothy McGUGAN, 23, Slate River, same, d/o John McGUGAN, b. Quebec & Christena SMITH, witn: P.J. McGUIRE & Mary DELANEY, both of Fort William, 16 Feb 1926 at Fort William
45151-26 Angele Joseph LUCETELLI (Lucetette?), 37, St. Martin, Fort William, s/o Louis LUCETELLE & Angelina Louisa, married Elinora Larussia MARTINI, 23, Fogana, Fort William, d/o George MARTINI & Hermegilda PESSELLO, witn: Antonio MERLO & Annabelle CHEVESIO, both of Fort William, 8 Feb 1926

31917-26 Ricardo LUCIANI, 29, labourer, Italy, Sault Ste Marie, s/o Pacifico LUCIANI & Laura DIONISI, married Rosina CESARE, 25, Italy, Sault Ste Marie, d/o Antonio CESARE & Consetta AGLIRA, witn: Caterina CESARE & Giovanni BAMBAIO both of The Soo on April 5, 1926 at Sault Ste Marie

31919-26 Michael MAETHWOOD?, 22, paper mill, Wikwemikong, Sault Ste Marie, s/o David MAETHWOOD & Ester MERCEDES, married Mrs. John GAGNERS? (?), 24, widow, Wikwemikong, Sault Ste Marie, d/o David FOX & Ellen McGREGOR, witn: Maud WABOKIMAGAT & John ROY both of Sault Ste Marie on Oct. 23, 1926 at Sault Ste Marie

45152-26 George MAGAS, 35, farmer, Bukovina, Neebing twp., s/o Stepan MAGAS, b. Bukovina & Elena SEVIRID, married Antonia FIZKELNA, 22, Galicia, Fort William, d/o Matwai FIZKELNA, b. Galicia & Paraska LUBAR, witn: Semke HLUTA & Frank KONOPSKY, both of Fort William, 27 June 1926

31921-26 George MAKI, 26, labourer, Finland, Sault Ste Marie, s/o Oscar MAKI (b. Finland) & Rosa SIVEN, married Rosa KYYNY, 25, Finland, Sault Ste Marie, d/o Herman KYYNY (b. Finland) & Elizabeth HARJN (Harjii?), witn: Charles & Helina HAYRINEN both of 354 Albert St West Sault Ste Marie on June 3, 1926 at Sault Ste. Marie

45153-26 Emil MAKI, 28, laborer, Finland, Nipigon, s/o Oscar MAKI, b. Finland & Mathilda ANTTILA, married Lyyli PENTTINEN, 29, cook, Finland, Nipigon, d/o Oscar PENTTINEN, b. Finland & Josefina LEVONMAA, witn: Ernest LAAKSO & Selma LAAKSO, both of Port Arthur, 7 Nov 1926 at Port Arthur
45154-26 Stephen George MALLENDINE, 31, operator, Plaistow England, Chapleau, s/o Joseph MALLENDINE, b. Ilford England & Alice Marie MANHOOD, married Mary Ethel BUCKLEY, 26, nurse, Fort William, Chapleau, d/o Jonathan BUCKLEY, b. Ireland & Josephine CHARBONNEAU, witn: Joseph & Mrs. J. MAYHEW of Fort William, 27 April 1926 at Fort William 45155-26 Clare E. MAPLEDORAN, 23, foreman in pulp mill, Fort William, same, s/o W.J. MAPLEDORAN, b. USA & Mary CAREFOOT, married Mary DURICA, 20, Fort William, same, d/o John DURICA, b. Slovakia & not known, witn: Mrs. A & Alice PHILLIPS of Port Arthur, 28 May 1926 at Port Arthur

31923-26 Joseph MARINICK, 32, steel worker, Austria, 533 Cathcart St Sault Marie, s/o Lucka MARINICK & Yukah TALICH, married Katarina BUZAK, 36, widow, Austria, 637 Cathcart St Sault Ste Marie, d/o Sundahk KALINICK & Mary GRAH, witn: John JAKICH & Ethel YAKICH both of Cathcart St Sault Marie on March 11, 1926 at Sault Ste Marie

31924-26 Preben MARTENS, 29, salesman, Denmark, Bay Beach Ridgeway, s/o Harre MARTENS (b. Denmark) & Ingeborg JENSEN, married Frances Ainsworth DAVIDSON, 29, widow, Sault Ste Marie, same, d/o C. E. AINSWORTH (b. New York State USA) & Florence MEAD, witn: Paul STEVENS & Anna M. JOHNSTON both of Garden River on Aug. 18, 1926 at Garden River

31925-26 Vincenzo MARTINELLI, 29, labourer, Italy, Sault Ste Marie, s/o Antonio MARTINELLI & Eliza Di SALVO, married Assunta DIVONE, 18, Italy, Sault Ste Marie, d/o Pietra DIVONE & Concetta VIGUA, witn: Carmine & Elenora TALLARICO both of The Soo on Oct. 24, 1926 at Sault Ste Marie.

31926-26 Giovanni MARZETTE, 27, labourer, Italy, 355 Alexandra St Sault Ste Marie, s/o T. Michele? MARZETTE & Viola CERGUETTI married Adalgesa STRANGETTA, 17, Italy 373 Cathcart St Sault Ste Marie, d/o Pasquale STRANGETTA (b. Italy) & Vittoria PAGLIACCI, witn: Achille & Emanula DIONISI both of Albert St West the Soo on Dec. 2, 1926 at Sault Ste Marie

31927-26 Gordon MATHEWSON, 19, farmer, Thessalon Tp., same, s/o Oliver MATHEWSON (b. Newmarket) & Mary HUNTER, married Florence McLEAN, 20, Maclennan, Thessalon Tp., d/o Peter McLEAN (b. Tarbutt Tp.) & Christy McDONALD, witn: Mary McLEAN & Frank HAGEN both of Thessalon on April 14, 1926 at United Church Manse, Thessalon

31928-26 Robert MATTERN, 29, clerk, Sault Ste Marie, same, s/o John MATTERN (b. USA) & Mary CRAWFORD, married Olga Marie AHOLA, 21, Sault Ste Marie, same, d/o John AHOLA (b. Finland) & Hannah PESONAN, witn: Mrs. M. NELSON of 374 John St. & Alice Maud COOPER of 366 John St both of Sault Ste Marie on May 31, 1926 at the Lutheran Parsonage Sault Ste Marie

31929-26 Edward James MATTHEWS, 21, steelworker, Echo Bay, Sault Ste Marie, s/o Henry MATTHEWS (b. Ontario) & Mary POLLARD, married Margaret GARRETT, 21, Laird Tp., Echo Bay, d/o William GARRETT (b. Quebec) & Annie HURLEY, witn: Irvie McWATTERS of Echo Bay & John HIGGISON of Sault Ste Marie on June 28, 1926 at Laird Tp. [divorced 19/5/54]

31930-26 Emilio MAZZANTI, 23, labourer, Italy, Sault Ste Marie, s/o Giuseppe MAZZANTI & Jacopa BENUGLI, married Elia MATTEUCCI, 17, Italy, Sault Ste Marie, d/o Cornelio MATTEUCCI & Angela CALISI, witn: Teresa & Amedeo SIMONINI both Allen St The Soo on Feb. 11, 1926 at Sault Ste Marie.

31947-26 John Edward McCULLOCH, 23, electrician, Sault Ste Marie, 236 Georges Ave North same, s/o Robert McCULLOCH (b. Ontario) & Marian WILDING, married Alice Frances EAGLESON, 21, Sault Ste Marie, 37 Hughes St same, d/o John Edmonston EAGLESON (b. Ontario) & Mary Keziah TOWNSEND, witn: Mary WILDING of R. R. 1 & William Wilson EAGLESON of 37 Hughes Street both of Sault Ste Marie on Aug. 25, 1926 at Sault Ste Marie.

31952-26 George Edward Howard McEWAN, 20, farmer, Picton, Lefroy Tp., s/o Robert McEWAN (b. Huron Co.) & Abbie BATTY, married Hilda Margaret TOWNSEND, 17, England, Bruce Mines, d/o Henry TOWNSEND (b. England) & Edith BROWN, witn: Abbie McEWAN of Claudaler? & Edith TOWNSEND of Bruce Mines on Sept. 20, 1926 at Bruce Mines.

31953-26 Albert Preston McFADDEN, 25, teacher, Sault Ste Marie, same, s/o Uriah McFADDEN (b. Ontario) & Ada SIMS, married Evelyn PATTERSON, 22, Sault Ste Marie, same, d/o Robert Howard PATTERSON & Sadie HUTCHISON, witn: B. R. EASTERTON of Sault Ste Marie & R. S. McFADDEN of 530 College St Toronto on Dec. 27, 1926 at Sault Ste Marie

31954-26 Harold Elmer McGRATH, 26, electrical worker, Thessalon, Sault Ste Marie, s/o Charles McGRATH (b. Canada) & Sarah JOHNSTON, married Eileen Anne McLEOD, 27, Sault Ste Marie, same, d/o Angus McLEOD (b. Canada) & Christina McLENNAN, witn: Sadie McGRATH of 831 Queen St South & S. R. McGREGOR of 145 Pine St both of Sault Ste Marie on Oct. 12, 1926 at Sault Ste Marie.

31955-26 Walter Scott McGREGOR, 28, farmer, Plummer Tp., Johnson Tp., s/o Malcolm McGREGOR (b. Kinloss Tp. Bruce Co.) & Annie TORRANCE, married Margaret Isabel ANDERSON, 25, Day Mills Algoma, Johnson Tp., d/o Robert A. ANDERSON (b. Halton Co.) & Margaret MICKIE, witn: Robert A. ANDERSON of Rydal Bank & Malcolm McGREGOR of Bruce Mines on Jan. 5, 1926 at Bruce Mines

31956-26 George Alexander McINTOSH, 23, farmer, Ontario, Vernonville, s/o William L. McINTOSH (b. Ontario) & Sophia USBORNE, married Frances Maud CLARK, 23, teacher, Ontario, Richard's Landing, d/o Alfred CLARK (b. Ontario) & Harriet STEINBURG, witn: Alfred CLARK & Viola Clara McDONALD both of Richard's Landing on Dec. 21, 1926 at Richard's Landing

31957-26 Daniel McINTYRE, 30, cook, Tarbutt Tp., Sault Ste Marie, s/o Daniel McINTYRE (b. Scotland) & Flora MONTGOMERY, married Anna Charlotte MAITLAND, 22, Plummer Tp., Sault Ste Marie, d/o Adam MAITLAND (b. England) & Florence Ellen DIETT, witn: Mr. & Mrs. William JAMES both of 111 Gladstone Ave Sault Ste Marie on Dec. 6, 1926 at Sault Ste Marie

31958-26 Duncan Alexander McINTYRE, 35, farmer, McLennan, same, s/o Donald McINTYRE (b. St Thomas) & Annie BUCHANAN, married Pearl OBEN, 22, East Korah, McLennan, d/o Abraham OBEN (b. Simcoe Co.) & Georgina BOYER, witn: Mrs. Charles COPELAND & Orvilla OBEN both of Sault Ste Marie on Oct. 22, 1926 at Sault Ste Marie.

31959-26 James McINTYRE, 57, park ranger, widower, Manitoulin Island, Algonquin Park, s/o Ronald McINTYRE (b. Canada) & Catherine McCOLEMAN, married Evalina GRAHAM, 55, Bruce Co., Sault Ste Marie, d/o John (b. Ireland) & Frances, witn: Ray McINTYRE of Sault Ste Marie & Mrs. Zibbie WINDERS of 372 Albert Street East Sault Ste Marie on June 8, 1926 at Sault Ste Marie

31965-26 Gordon McLARTY, 25, bricklayer, Oro, Sault Ste Marie, s/o James McLARTY (b. Oro) & Jessie CAMPBELL, married Annie LANG, 25, Spanish, same, d/o Francis LANG (b. Simcoe Dist.) & Mrs. Ha--? LANG, witn: Melville HARPER of Sault Ste Marie & Annie HALL of Sudbury on Nov. 8, 1926 at Spanish Village

43192-26 Bernard James McLAUGHLIN, 39, railway conductor, Litchfield Minnesota, Port Arthur, s/o Francis McLAUGHLIN, b. Minn. & Mary Ann QUINN, married Ellen Bridget HANRAHAN, 24, stenographer, Webbwood Ont., Port Arthur, d/o John HANRAHAN & Isabel STOREY, witn: James Philip COUGHLIN & Mrs. James Philip COUGHLIN, both Port Arthur, 6 Sept 1926 at Port Arthur

43193-26 Andrew McLEOD, 20, elevator employee, Indian Brook NS, Port Arthur, s/o Kenneth McLEOD, b. Indian Brook NS & Annie HAND, married Lillian Aurellie WILSON, 19, Fort William, Port Arthur, d/o Albert WILSON, b. Uxbridge Ont & Elizabeth YORK, witn: E. KOSKI of Fort William & Miss Bella WILSON of Port Arthur, 4 Sept 1926 at Port Arthur

43194-26 Hugh P. McNALLY, 32, laborer, Edinburgh Scotland, Fort William, s/o Hugh McNALLY, b. Wexford Ireland & Susan? HOUGHEN, married Christine F. HANRATTY, 19, Fort William, same, d/o Peter HANRATTY, b. Campbells Bay Ont & Margaret McDOUGALL, witn: James & Rose McNALLY of Fort William, 10 April 1926 at Fort William

31969-26 Clare McNEIL, 20, labourer, Pabos? Que., Nicholson, s/o Rodrigue McNEIL & Judith TREMBLAY, married Cora JOULIE, 18, Biscotasing, Nicholson, d/o Cyrille JOULIE & Rose VERMETTE, witn: Joseph ST. GERMAIN & Mary McDONALD both of Nicholson on April 6, 1926 at Nicholson

43195-26 Gordon Young McPHEE, 36, machinist, Huron Co Ont., Camrose Alberta, s/o Duncan McPHEE, b. Huron Co & Annie YOUNG, married Alma Rome GRAY, 30, Wawanese Manitoba, Edmonton Alberta, d/o Duncan GRAY, b. Middlesex Co & Bertha ROME, witn: Flora & T.M. KNOWLES of Fort William, 3 Nov 1926 at Fort William

31970-26 Gordon Walter MacPHERSON, 27, timber cruiser, Renfrew, R. R. 2 Sault Ste Marie, s/o Alexander MacPHERSON (b. Canada) & Margaret MacFAYDEN, married Mary Priscilla McDONALD, 21, Wisconsin USA, Sault Ste Marie, d/o James McDONALD (b. Canada) & Margaret McCARTHY, witn: Ida & Vera MacARTHUR both of Sault Ste Marie on Dec. 16, 1926 at Sault Ste Marie

43196-26 James McWILLIAMS, 22, machinist, Pembroke, Port Arthur, s/o Alex McWILLIAMS, b. Staines England & Annie SMITH, married Ethel Louise INGRAM, 19, Vancouver BC, Kakabeka Ont., witn: H. HARRIS & M. BOUGIE, both Port Arthur, 22 Sept 1926 at Port Arthur


45440-26 Robert James MERRIFIELD, 39, carpenter, widower, Chelsea Quebec, Kirkland Lake, s/o Robert MERRIFIELD (b. Eardley Quebec) & Bridget O'NEIL, married Gertrude SCHARF, 39, widow, Campbell Bay, not given, d/o Henry PARKER (b. Aylmer Que) & Rose PALOTE?, witn: Mrs. L. H. & Jesse CAMERON both of Kirkland Lake on Aug. 10, 1926 at Kirkland Lake

31931-26 Peter Gordon MERRITT, 30, farmer, Glencoe, Blind River, s/o Joseph MERRITT (b. Ontario) & Mary MITCHELL, married Ida BEHERRIELL, 18, Dean Lake, same, d/o William BEHERRIELL (b. Ontario) & Rebecca BELL, witn: Emma ANSLEY & K.M. DUNCAN both of Thessalon on Feb. 18, 1926 at Thessalon

31932-26 Charles METIVIER, 28, labourer, Algoma Mills, same, s/o Alphonse METIVIER & Arthenia LANGLOIS, married Beatrice LAPOINTE, not given, Cache Bay, Sault Ste Marie, d/o Joseph & Laura, witn: Exilda JOLICOEUR & David AUBIN both of Sault Ste Marie on Feb. 10, 1926 at Sault Ste Marie

31933-26 Herbert MEYER, 22, paper maker, Detour Michigan, 488 Northland Road Sault Ste Marie, s/o Fred MEYER (b. USA) & Katie ZEIGLER, married Helen COOPER, 22, Buffalo NY, 579 Northland Rd Sault Ste Marie, d/o Stephen COOPER (b. England) & Maud FORSYTHE, witn: Sidney WEEKS of 226 Albert St West & Mrs. H. E. COOPER both of Sault Ste Marie on May 1, 1926 at Sault Ste Marie

31934-25 Edward Joseph MILLS, 23, sawmill carrier operator, Bruce Mills, illegible Thessalon, s/o Richard MILLS & Martha GRAVELEY, married Charlotte Lucy HEARD, 23, Thessalon, Richard's Landing, d/o Thomas Edward HEARD & Alice HIGGINS, witn: Thomas Edward HEARD of Capreol & Henry HEARD of Richard's Landing on June 30, 1926 at Thessalon

31935-26 John McCort MILNE, 24, baker, Thessalon, Sault Ste Marie, s/o John MILNE (b. Canada) & Jessie McDONALD, married Pearl Marguerita BEDORE, 18, Sault Ste Marie, same, d/o John BEDORE (b. Quebec) & Ethel BARRIE, witn: Earl BEDORE & Mrs. Archie McPHEE both of Sault Ste Marie on May 31, 1926 at Sault Ste Marie

31936-26 Arthur Elzear MIRON, 24, labourer, Thessalon, Blind River, s/o Theodore MIRON & Julia McFARLING (sic), married Marie Ange LAPLANTE, 20, Blind River, same, d/o Camille LAPLANTE & Anna LAJOIE, witn: Lina & Harry MIRON both of Spragge on April 12, 1926 at Blind River

31937-26 Harry Thomas MIRON, 24, labourer, Thessalon Blind River, s/o Theodore MIRON & Julia McPHARLANE, married Sophia CYR, 23, Rutland, Blind River, d/o Xavier CYR & Exilda NICHOLAS, witn: Xavier CYR & Peter SMITH both of Blind River on May 18, 1926 at Blind River

31938-26 David Charles MITCHELL, 36, farmer, Galbraith Tp., same, s/o Donald MITCHELL (b. Chatsworth) & Elizabeth LUNDY, married Violet Rosaline BROAD, 23, Galbraith Tp., same, d/o James M. BROAD (b. Colborne) & Elizabeth SINGLETON, witn: Ella BROAD of Dunn's Valley & Murray BEAN of Ophir on June 30, 1926 at Rydal Bank

31938-26 Giuseppe Giovanni MONALDI, 27, butcher, Italy, Sault Ste Marie, s/o Giuseppe & Anna nee MONTANARI, married Pierina FRATTESI, 18, Italy, Sault Ste Marie, d/o Giuseppe FRATTESI & Costanzia MATTIOLI, witn: Rosa & Mario NEGOSANTI both of Sault Ste Marie on April 25, 1926 at Sault Ste Marie.

31940-26 Walter Stanley MOORE, 24, locomotive fireman, Cartier, Sault Ste Marie, s/o James MOORE (b. Canada) & Effie YUILL, married Pauline MERSEREAU, 21, Portland Maine, Sault Ste Marie, daughter of George W. MERSEREAU (b. Canada) & Helen DOYLE, witn: Mr. & Mrs. J. HALL both of 153 Gore St. in Sault Ste Marie on May 5, 1926 at Sault Ste Marie.

31941-26 Wesley Buchanan MOORE, 21, millwright, Saskatchewan, 393 Brock St. in Sault Ste Marie, s/o James Robert MOORE (b. Packingham? Ontario) & Effie YULE, married Alice Gertrude BOOTH, 20, Batchewana, 306 Hudson St. in Sault St Marie, d/o Theodore BOOTH (b. Edinburgh Scotland) & Ruth SCOTT, witn: Ivan J. & Olive CAMPBELL both of 134 Schreiber St. in Sault Ste Marie on Aug. 3, 1926 at Sault Ste Marie.

31942-26 Wilfred MOREL, 21, paper maker, Three Rivers Que., 808 Bonney St. Sault Ste Marie, s/o Adolphe MOREL (b. Huron) & Matilda THIBAULT, married Lena GULBRONSON, 19, Sault Ste Marie, 808 Browney St Sault Ste Marie, d/o Carl GULBRONSON (b. Norway) & Catherine STOKER, witn: Mr. & Mrs. C. McINTOMMEY of 158 Pittsburg St. Sault Ste Marie on Jan. 9, 1926 at Sault Ste Marie

31943-26 Felix MORELLI, 29, bricklayer, Italy, Detroit, s/o Ernesto BOUI (sic) (b. Italy) & Eugenia MORELL, married Mary ESPOSTI, 16, Italy, Detroit, d/o Henry MORELLI (sic) (b. Italy) & Palma VOLPINI, witn: Gino ROSI of 824 Queen St East & Annie CALAVAIS of 633 Queen St. West both of Sault Ste Marie on March 6, 1926 at Sault Ste Marie

31944-26 William Henry MOSS, 21, steelworker, England, R. R. 1 Sault Ste Marie, s/o William Henry MOSS (b. England) & Mary HILL, married Sarah DICKSON, 19, England, Sault Ste Marie, d/o Thomas DICKSON (b. England) & Elizabeth PROCTER, witn: Elmer & Mrs. Zelma PHILIPS both of Sault Ste Marie on Sept. 25, 1926 at Sault Ste Marie.

31945-26 David MUNROE, 28, paper maker, Sault Ste Marie, same, s/o Ed MUNROE & Mary DOUGLAS, married Catherine BURKE, 27, Sault Ste Marie, same, d/o Walter BURKE & Sarah LONGSWORTH, witn: Ada BUSH & Carl AMYOTTE both of Sault Ste Marie on June 28, 1926 at Sault Ste Marie

045178-26 Alexander MURDOCH, 47, Labourer, Wid, Scotland, Fort William, s/o James MURDOCH (b. Scotland) & Isabella DEWAR; married Jessie MAILER, 42, Scotland, Fort William, d/o James MAILER (b. Scotland) & Anna C. FENWICK; wit Duncan MACKAY & E. MONTEITH, both Fort William, 10 Jul 1926, Fort William

31946-26 Douglas Hugh MURRAY, 27, Airman (Air Force), England, Sault Ste Marie, s/o Joseph B. MURRAY & Beatrice HARBOUR, married Gwenda Victoria CHARTLE, 23, stenographer, England, Sault Ste Marie, d/o George CHARTLE & Emily NORRINGTON, witn: George & Phyllis CHARTLE & Edwin Charles BEAUCAGE all of Sault Ste Marie on June 9, 1926 at St. Luke's Church Sault Ste Marie.

31971-26 Antonio NANNI, 30, labourer, Italy, Sault Ste Marie, s/o Ignazio NANNI & Concetta Di FELICE, married Palminia VOLPE, 23, Italy, Sault Ste Marie, d/o Carmine Antonio VOLPE & Ramilda FALLABELLA, witn: Angela Di MASEIA & Nicola MAMMARELLA both of Sault Ste Marie on April 15, 1926 at Sault Ste Marie

43197-26 William NASE, 40, locomotive engineer, Kings Co NB, Fort William, s/o James Murray NASE, b. Westfield NB & Agnes A. McKIEL, married Christena Marion WHITE, 40, Toronto, Fort William, d/o James Graham WHITE, b. Ont & Georgina STOKES, witn: Anna May WHITE & N.G. WHITE, both 142 Moodie St., 20 July 1926 at Fort William

43198-26 Thomas NEILL, 32, millwright, Ballycastle Co. Antrim Ireland, s/o Samuel NEILL, b. Co. Antrim Ireland & Ellen McCORMICK, married Annie McILWAINE, 22, Bellymere Co. Antrim Ireland & Port Arthur, d/o Hugh McILWAINE, b. Co. Antrim Ireland & Sarah Jane DARRAGH, witn: James NEILL & Isabella McILWAINE, both Port Arthur, 7 July 1926 at Port Arthur

31975-26 John NEINIMAA, 25, labourer, Finland, 350 Albert St West Sault Ste Marie, s/o John NEINIMAA (b. Finland) & Liisa HUNNAKHA, married Lili YRTIMAA, 23, Finland, West Korah, d/o Solomon YRTIMAA (b. Finland) & Tempi VANTELI, witn: Louise L. SUNDHOLM of 133 Filandre? Ave & Alice M. E. COOPER of 366 John St both of Sault Ste Marie on Aug. 12, 1926 at 366 John Street, Sault Ste Marie.
31972-26 Daniel John NELAN, 23, locomotive fireman, North Bay, Sault Ste Marie, s/o Michael D. NELAN (b. Ontario) & Julia SULLIVAN, married Zeta Mae GILLESPIE, 24, Sault Ste Marie, same, d/o Michael J. GILLESPIE (b. New York State USA) & Catherine MURPHY, witn: Louis & Irene POTVIN both of Sault St Marie Michigan on May 31, 1926 at Sault Ste Marie 43199-26 Edward W. NETTLETON, 19, pattern maker, Montreal, Fort William, s/o Frederick NETTLETON, b. England & Mary KOFLER (Rofler?), married Hilda Elmira KORKOLA, 19, Fort William, same, d/o Henry KORKOLA, b. Finland & Hilda KIVISAATA, witn: Thomas & Mrs. Thomas BULLOCH of Fort William, 16 Jan 1926 at Fort William

31974-26 Selemi Anselm NEIMI, 26, labourer, Finland, Searchmont, s/o Anselm NIEMI (b. Finland) & Annika, married Tyyni Hilja MYLLANI, 21, Finland, Searchmont, d/o Selvanni MYLLANI (b. Finland) & Hilja MYLLA, witn: J. MANDEBURA & Suiri SODERSTRAND both of 303 Moody St Sault Ste Marie on Aug. 23, 1926 at Sault Ste Marie

43201-26 Wilho NIEMI, 27, Etsare Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Heikki NIEMINEN, married Hilma KIVESTO, 29, Karesia Finland, Port Arthur, d/o Matti KIVISTO, b. Finland & Karoliina ROUNISTO, witn: Thomas & Emmi LEPPANEN of Port Arthur, 2 July 1926 at Port Arthur

31973-26 Lauri William NIEMI, 25, labourer, Finland, Searchmont, s/o Joseph RANTONENI (sic) (b. Finland) & Helena KULLAMIVILA, married Linnia Sylvia ALATORMA, 25, Finland, Searchmont, d/o Robert ALATORMA (b. Finland) & Alvena HARJUPARVE, witn: Nick MAKI & Hilma LINDEMAN both of Searchmont on March 22, 1926 at Sault Ste Marie.

43200-26 John Carl NILLSEN, 43, divorced, Norre Feldsberg Denmark, Port Arthur, s/o Nils NILLSEN, b. Denmark & Mette Maria NILLSEN, married Helene HERLOFF, 42, Aarhus Denmark, Fort William, d/o Hans Christian HERLOFF, b. Denmark & Bodil Kristine PEDERSEN, witn: Mrs. NELSON of Fort William & Miss Ingeberg SORENSEN of Pass Lake, 17 Nov 1926 at Port Arthur

43202-26 Emil NORDLANDER, 28, lumberman, Langlse Sweden, Port Arthur, s/o Martin NORDLANDER, b. Sweden & Betty BERGERSTROM, married Martha BECK, 24, domestic, Teryoki Finland, Port Arthur, d/o Alexander BECK, b. Finland & Hilda JAAKKOLA, witn: Arnold BECK of Intola & Fiina RANTALA of Port Arthur, 26 Feb 1926 at Port Arthur

31976-25 Jethro NORMAN, 46, clergyman, widower, Newfoundland, Copper Cliff, s/o Azariah NORMAN & Ellen SPARKES, married Marjorie N. HAWKINS, 30 (b. 11 June 1896), nurse, Spanish Ontario, Copper Cliff, d/o John A. HAWKINS of Blind River & Isabelle HENDERSON, witn: Elsie & James A. HAWKINS both of Blind River on Sept. 23, 1926 at Blind River

43203-26 Wasyl NOVACKY, 29, laborer, Galicia Ukrania, 515 McLaughlin St., s/o Sam NOVACKY & Olena WERSTUIK, married Anna IWANOWNA, 20, Galicia Ukrainia, 707 Pacific Ave., d/o Titon IWANOWNY & Maria KOZAK, witn: Jakim WESTRIUK of 629 McBain St. & Michael PAZNIAK of 707 Pacific Ave., 31 July 1926 at Fort William

43204-26 Herbert J. O'DELL, 23, Kenora, Kakabeka, s/o Charles O'DELL & Mary LOCKE, married Signa C. CALLENDER, 19, Hibbing Minn., Kakabeka, d/o John CALLENDER & Anna PALO, witn: Patrick KENNEDY of Kakbeka & Phoebe SKELLEN of Fort William, 16 June 1926 at Fort William

31977-26 Lawrence Joseph O'DOUGHERTY, 24, Ford plant foreman, Mayo Quebec, Detroit, s/o Joseph O'DOUGHERTY & Catherine McCOY, married Mary MALLOY, 21, Bracebridge, Spragge, d/o Arthur MALLOY & Mary CARLETON, witn: Gerald O'DOUGHERTY of Detroit & Annie MALLOY of Spragge on June 21, 1926 at Spragge

43205-26 Gustav Erik OHSBERG, 29, baker, Sweden, Fort William, s/o Gustav OHSBERG, b. Sweden & Carolina M. ERICKSDOTTER, married Margaret J. OFELDT, 23, Sweden, Fort William, d/o Karl A. OFELDT, b. Sweden & Eliza Sofia LUND, witn: Allie? POTTRUFF & Wilhelm LAFGREN, both Port Arthur, 28 May 1926 at Fort William

43206-26 Emil OJA, 29, laborer, Karvia Turku Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Richard WATUNEN, b. Finland & Emilia RAJAMAKI, married Olga HIETALA, 30, cook, Perhosta Finland, Port Arthur, d/o Erkki WIITALA, b. Finland & Helena PALONIEMI, witn: Paul Wilhelm TORMA & Ida METSO, both Port Arthur, 16 April 1926 at Port Arthur

43207-26 John OJALA, 41, farmer, Urjala Finland, Ware twp., s/o John OJALA, b. Finland & Wilhelmina KIETAHARJN, married Auli Amanda KARJANMAA, 21, Kunilko Finland, Ware twp., d/o Matt KARJANMAA, b. Finland & Hilda LANGELMAKI, witn: John STOTHBERG & Ida BUSMAN, both Port Arthur, 22 Feb 1926 at Port Arthur

43208-26 Lawrence M. O'MEARA, 30, widower, salesman, Bryson Que., Fort William, s/o Romain Marleau O'MEARA, b. Quebec & Florence DUGGAN, married Ida E. HUSTON, 18, Fort William, same, d/o W.J. HUSTON, b. Ont & Edna R. SMITH, witn: Joseph ROSS & Marie GANEY, both Fort William, 6 April 1926 at Fort William

31978-26 Norman Campbell ORR, 27, labourer, Aberdeen Tp. Algoma, Bruce Mines, s/o Hugh ORR (b. Grey Co.) & Catherine McLEOD, married Helen Philips LINES, 22, teacher, Chippewa Co. Michigan USA, Bruce Mines, d/o Victor LINES (b. Hanover) & Elizabeth JOHNSTON, witn: Hugh & Catherine ORR both of Bruce Mines on Dec. 20, 1926 at Bruce Mines

45210-26 Matti PAASTA, 21, laborer, Wortaneelo? Finland, s/o Elias PAASTA, b. Finland & Liisa AITI, married Martha VERTANEN, 20, domestic, Port Arthur, same, d/o Alexander VERTANEN, b. Finland & Ida HOLMBERG, witn: Victor & Elli SEIKKULA of Port Arthur, 2 Oct 1926 at Port Arthur

31979-26 Magnus PALMASON, 34, mechanic, North Dakota USA, Sault Ste Marie, s/o Erlendur PALMASON (b. Iceland) & Gudeidur ARNASON, married Lillian Emily FOURNIER, 43, divorcee, Escanaba Michigan USA, Sault Ste Marie, d/o Isaac Abraham POOLE (b. Albany NY) & Fanny Luisa SYKES, witn: William James FRAYNE of 342 Albert St. East & Rheta May GREER of 73 Spring Street both of Sault Ste Marie on June 5, 1926 at Sault Ste Marie

31981-26 Lorn Clifford PALMER, 32, dairyman, Renfrew, Tarentorus Tp., s/o William Henry PALMER (b. Renfrew) & Ellen Jane WATT, married Isabel MURRAY, 22, Sault Ste Marie, Tarentorus Tp., d/o George MURRAY (b. Scotland) & Isabel CAMERON, witn: Ivan & Lillian PALMER both of 160 Gore Street Sault Ste Marie on Nov. 24, 1926 at Sault Ste Marie. 31980-26 Ivan PALMER, 28, timber cruiser, Renfrew, Sault Ste Marie, s/o William F. PALMER (b. Ontario) & Hellen J. WATT, married Lillian TAYLOR, 19, Sault Ste Marie, same, d/o Alfred E. TAYLOR (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth GILMAN, witn: Isabel MURRAY of R. R. 2 & Lorn C. PALMER both of Sault Ste Marie on Sept. 14, 1926 at Sault Ste Marie.
45211-26 Risto Mickael PALOMAKI, 28, laborer, Finland, Forbes twp., s/o Salomon PALOMAKI, b. Finland & Johanna SARANPAA, married Hilga Tyyne RIIPPI, 28, Finland, Forbes twp., d/o Heikki RIIPPI, b. Finland & Sofia KENTTA, witn: Ester MARTTUNEN & Juho SAARILA, both of Port Arthur, 22 Dec 1926 at Port Arthur 45212-26 Frank PAPARO, 33, workman, Italy, Winnipeg, s/o Domenico PAPARO & Doria Maria PICOLO, married Irene M. ROMANO, 21, Fort William, same, d/o Antonio ROMANO & Rosa ROMANO, witn: Giuseppe SANTUCCI & Miss Loretta ALBERTINI, both of Fort William, 6 Nov 1926 at Fort William
31982-26 Thomas George Henry PASCALL, 23, labourer, England, Sault Ste Marie, s/o George & Hellen, married Marie Zoe Sylvia TRUDEAU, 21, Sault Ste Marie, same, d/o Adelard TRUDEAU & Rose Ann ARCHAMBAULT, witn: Mrs. Rose Anne ARCHAMBAULT & Mrs. Hellen PASCALL both of Sault Ste Marie on Sept. 2, 1926 at Sault Ste Marie

45213-26 Joseph Lionel PARENT, 25, carpenter, Chapleau, Jackfish, s/o John PARENT, b. Rimouski Que & Julia DION, married Annie Jane McLEOD, 16, Heron Bay, Jackfish, d/o Kenneth McLEOD, b. Moose Factory - James Bay & Jane MILLER, witn: Rose Marie PARENT & Margaret ENRIGHT, both of Port Arthur, 17 Dec 1926 at Port Arthur

45214-26 Frederick PATTERSON, 28, carman, Sweden, Upsala, s/o Charles Frederick PATTERSON, b. Gottensburg Sweden & Annie Charlotte JOHNSON, married Jessie DUNCAN, 27, Scotland, Upsala, d/o Alexander DUNCAN, b. Dumfermline Scotland & Margaret WELSH, witn: Miss Elsie PATTERSON & Axel GREENLUND, both of Upsala, 27? Jan 1926 at Wesley United Church, Fort William 45215-26 James William PATTERSON, 26, elevator foreman, Ontario, Fort William, s/o Adam PATTERSON, b. Ont & Jessie McKENZIE, married Ethel Grace HEWLETT, 21, England, Fort William, d/o Harry HEWLETT, b. England & Elizabeth BLUNDOW (Blundon?), witn: Jarold McKenzie STEVENSON & Catherine RAE, both of Fort William, 23 June 1926 at Fort William
45216-26 Anton PAWLUK, 35, laborer, Galicia Ukraine, Caramal, s/o Alexander PAWLUK & Tekla UKRAINE, married Franka LASKOWSKA, 22, Galicia Ukraine, Caramal, d/o Nykola LASKOWSKI & Tetiana KACHUR, witn: Michael KACHERSKI of 808 McLeod St. & Witiw MYKYTA of 814 Alberta St., 9 March 1926 at Fort William 31983-26 Frank Henman PEARSE, 21, steel inspector, Cobourg, Sault Ste Marie, s/o Harry Rolland PEARSE (b. Ontario) & Eva May HENMAN, married Kathlyn Louise JARVIS, 20, Meldrum Bay, 80 Summit Ave. Sault Ste Marie, d/o Arthur E. JARVIS (b. Ontario) & Janet CARSON, witn: W. J. JARVIS of 667 Queen St & J. A. JARVIS & 80 Summit Ave both of Sault Ste Marie on Oct. 7, 1926 at Sault Ste Marie.
45217-26 William Leonard PEGLER, 24, salesman, London Ont., Port Arthur, s/o William PEGLER, b. Canada & Amanda May DOWLING, married Katherine McGibbon McINTOSH, 24, Glasgow Scotland, Port Arthur, d/o Alex McINTOSH, b. Scotland & Marjorie CULLEN, witn: G.R. & Mrs. Marietta COX of 404 Dufferin St., 29 April 1926 at Port Arthur 45218-26 James PENASSIE, 22, laborer, Mission Reserve, same, s/o Thomas PENASSIE, b. Mission Fort William & Nancy MacMILLAN, married Mary CROW, 22, Mission Reserve, same, d/o John CROW, b. Mission Fort William & Helen PELLETIER, witn: Henry SCOTT & Lizetta DUFAULT, both of Mission Fort William, 16 Feb 1926 at Mission Road, Fort William

31984-26 J. Perry PENMAN, 29, plumber, Sault Ste Marie, same, s/o John PENMAN (b. Ontario) & Mary A. McLEAN, married May Corinne HASTINGS, 23, Sault Ste Marie, same, d/o Albert HASTINGS (b. Ontario) & Ella HENNSINGER, witn: Orma Maud HAWKINS of 1134 Alexandrine St. Detroit Michigan USA & Gordon Bissell HASTINGS of Sault Ste Marie on Jan. 9, 1926 at Sault Ste Marie

45219-26 Eric PENNANEN, 31, Hidola Finland, Port Arthur, s/o John PENNANEN, b. Finland & Maria PAKARINEN, married Anna FORSELL, 23, domestic, Honijoki Finland, Port Arthur, d/o Jack FORSELL, b. Finland & Sanya RUNSELA, witn: Gunnar & Mary MOES (Woes?) of Fort William, 13 Feb 1926 at Port Arthur

31985-26 Norman Bruce PENNO, 26, farmer, Sault Ste Marie, R. R. 2 same, s/o Henry PENNO (b. Canada) & Margaret DANCE, married Constance Isabel LITTLE, 19, Sault Ste Marie, same, d/o W. G. LITTLE (b. Canada) & Isobel GRAY, witn: Mrs. J. A. GRAY of 411 Bush St & W. G. LITTLE of 126 Huron St both of Sault Ste Marie on Dec. 18, 1926 at Sault Ste Marie

31986-26 William Henry PENNO, 29, farmer, Korah Tp., Sault Ste Marie, s/o Henry PENNO (b. Canada) & Margaret DANCE, married Alice Leona QUICK, 21, Sault Ste Marie, same, d/o Irwin QUICK (b. USA) & Emma WILLIAMS, witn: Ethel M. QUICK of R. R. 2 & Stanley A. ELLIOTT of 519 Wellington St West both of Sault Ste Marie on March 25, 1926 at Sault Ste Marie

31987-26 Arcadio PERES, 23, labourer, Italy, Sault Ste Marie, s/o Fabio PERES & Celeste LARO, married Ilia VANNINI, 17, Italy, Sault Ste Marie, d/o Giovanni VANNINI & Geuseffa FAZZI, witn: Nancy BARSANTE of Albert St West & Adelino DINI of Allen St both of Sault Ste Marie on Sept. 12, 1926 at Sault Ste Marie

31988-26 Oscar Theophile PERRON, 52, lumberman, widower, Clarence Creek, Cockburn Island, s/o Theophile PERRON (b. Ottawa) & Friendly STEPHEN, married Ora Alberta RUNIONS, 42 (b. 21 June 1884), widow, Northfield Stormont Co., Cockburn Island, d/o James RAYMOND (b. Sheiks Island) & Arphena BRADSHAW (both deceased), witn: Jean K. MARTIN & Elizabeth McCUBBIN both of Bruce Mines on July 13, 1926 at Bruce Mines.

31989-26 Harold PETERSON, 25, gardener, Norway, Sault Ste Marie, s/o Peter Hansen PETERSON (b. Norway) & Helen OLSEN, married Winnifred Alice GREGORY, 22, England, Sault Ste Marie, d/o William Arthur GREGORY (b. London England) & Alice SILBY, witn: John CLARK of 242 Spence St & Muriel GREGORY of 412 North St both of Sault Ste Marie on Nov. 1, 1926 at Sault Ste Marie.

45220-26 George PETRASH, 30, barber, Brezanka Orynin Ukraine, Port Arthur, s/o Leon PETRASH & Parasaka YABLONSKA, married Helen KONKOL, 17 + 7 mon, Canora Sask., Port Arthur, d/o Fred KONKOL & Annie BICK, witn: W.P. MACHUSHAK & Joe KOBYLANSKI, both of Port Arthur, 11 Sept 1926 at St. Stephens United Church, Fort William

31990-26 Lino PEZZUTI, 24, labourer, Italy, Sault Ste Marie, s/o Francesco PEZZUTI & Margherita CELLA, married Angela CARBO, 19, Sault Ste Marie, same, d/o Giovanni CARBO & Antonia VERDONE, witn: Letizia & Giuseppe ROSSI both of Albert Street West Sault Ste Marie on Sept. 5, 1926 at Sault Ste Marie.  
45222-26 William Cosby PHILLIPS, 19, shipper, Hamilton, Fort William, s/o William PHILLIPS, b. Scotland & Annie PRIDE, married Elsie HANEY, 20, Fort William, same, d/o John HANEY, b. Al--? & Eveline MANNINEN, witn: George Ross PHILLIPS of Buck St. & M. Emily OAKES of 262 Francis St., 1 May 1926 at Fort William 45221-26 MacKinnon PHILLIPS, 29, physician, Dundalk Ont., Chatsworth, s/o James L. PHILLIPS, b. Dundalk & Catherine McKINNON, married Eula Iris McKAY, 23, nurse, Thessalon, Fort William, d/o Alexander McKAY, b. Huron Co Ont & Minnie CAMPBELL, witn: Nelson McKAY & Adella TAYLOR, both of Fort William, 10 Feb 1926 at Fort William

31991-26 Melville Alonso PHILLIPS, 23, gardener, Orillia, same, s/o Alonzo PHILLIPS (b. Ontario) & Maria ANTICNAP, married Sarah Augusta BOOTH, 20, Bar River, Echo Bay, d/o John BOOTH (b. Ontario) & Matilda KEHEREL, witn: E. W. SWITZER of Orillia & Helen CHAPPELL of Bar River on Aug. 18, 1926 at Echo Bay.

31992-26 Dmytro PIDWYSOKI, 28, railway section foreman, Mysganiea Kozyozyney Mala Bleka Ukraine, Trudeau, s/o Hrynko PIDWYSUKI (b. Ukraine) & Paraska MILUCH, married Marta KUCAK, 26, Mysganiea Kozyozyney Mala Bleka Ukraine, White River, d/o Ilko KUCAK (b. Ukraine) & Anna DOWHAIS, witn: Minni MEGISKI of Schreiber & Harry SHACK of Heron Bay on Oct. 3, 1926 at White River

31994-26 Fred PINE, 29, lumber jack, Garden River, same, s/o Jacob PINE & Mary ABITASONIE, married Elizabeth SAVARD, 19, Garden River, same, d/o John SAVARD & Therese BOYER, witn: Elizabeth MILLER of Sault Ste Marie & Arthur TAGOSH of Garden River on Nov. 16, 1926 at Garden River

31995-26 David Elmer Nathaniel PINNELL, 27, farmer, Aberdeen Tp., Johnson Tp., s/o Nathaniel PINNELL (b. Huron Co.) & Jane THOMPSON, married Elizabeth Irene BEAN, 21, school teacher, Halton Tp., Johnson Tp., d/o Minton BEAN (b. Sherbrooke Que.) & Mary Jane MURRAY, witn: Murray BEAN of Aphir & Ida M. WHITE of Bruce Mines on July 7, 1926 at Bruce Mines

45223-26 William Thomas PIPER, 26, clerk, Fort William, same, s/o Robert PIPER, b. Wakefield Ont & Eva KIRKUP, married Elleene M. LABELLE, 26, Pembroke Ont., Fort William, d/o Fabien LABELLE, b. Pembroke & Sarah CASHMORE, witn: Robert PIPER & Mary LABELLE, both of Fort William, 28 July 1926 at Fort William 31996-26 Francisco PIRO, 24, labourer, Italy, Sault Ste Marie, s/o Giuseppe PIRO & Maria CALABRESE, married Maria FERA, 15, Sault Ste Marie, same, d/o Giuseppe & Angela, witn: Marietta & Leonardo FERA both of Sault Ste Marie on Nov. 27, 1926 at Sault Ste Marie.

31997-26 Hector PITTOLI, 34, baker, Graduca Udine Italy, White River, s/o Antonio PITTOLI (b. Graduca Udine Italy) & Oswalda ZARATTA, married Virginia WORMOLD, 33, milliner, New York City USA, White River, d/o Josiah WORMOLD (b. Australia) & Emily JOBESON, witn: Mike & Kasio? PRUKNUK both of White River on May 12, 1926 at White River.

45224-26 Michael POJOZ (Pajoz?), 28, laborer, Poland, Fort William, s/o Anthony POJOZ & Rosalina SNUGIEL (Sungiel?), married Olga KRCJDZIK, 21, drug store, Port Arthur, Fort William, d/o Ludwig KRZJDZIK & Julia SZKALI, witn: Bronislaw BRZYZOWSKI & Henry COLORIMO, both of 234 Finlayson St., 21 Aug 1926 at Fort William

45225-26 Thomas Charles POLLARD, 18, sailor, England, Port Arthur, s/o Thomas POLLARD, b. England & Edith MOALE, married Mabel Florence WRIGHT, 19, Owen Sound, Port Arthur, d/o Samuel WRIGHT, b. Woodbridge Ont. & not known, witn: Miss Lillie LANDGROFF of Fort William, 25 Nov 1926 at Port Arthur 31998-26 Nestor POLLARI, 37, labourer, Finland, Sault Ste Marie, s/o John POLLARI (b. Finland) & Emma HOLFRON, married Alma MARJANEN, 24, Finland, Sault Ste Marie, d/o Kusta MARJANEN (b. Finland) & Fanny KEROLA, witn: Rebecca HEAVES of All People's Mission & Mary E. SMITH of 134 Hudson St both of Sault Ste Marie on Dec. 30, 1926 at Sault Ste Marie
  45226-26 Wilfred PORTLANCE, 25, Superior Wisconsin, McIntyre twp., s/o Adelard PORTELANCE (sic), born near Ottawa Ont & Lea SHERMAN, married Doris Clara WHISTLE, 18, Port Arthur, same, d/o William WHISTLE, b. Canada & Melvina DUCLOS, witn: George LAFONTAINE of Duluth Minn. & Bertha WHISTLE of Port Arthur, 28 June 1926 at Port Arthur
45227-26 Reginald POTVIN, 23, railroading, Mackeys Ont., Schreiber, s/o Joseph POTVIN & Sophia DUFOE, married Ellen KEMBALL, 20, England, Schreiber, d/o Alfred KEMBALL & Mary COLEMAN, witn: William KEMBALL & Beatrice BEURGUINON, both of Schreiber, 11 Jan 1926 at Schreiber

31999-26 Joseph Alfred POTVIN, 27, labourer, Notre Dame de Grecco Hull, Spanish, s/o Alfred POTVIN & Angelino CABANA, married Liliane SAUVE, 19, Naughton, Spanish, d/o Napoleon SAUVE & Eugenie BOUILLON, witn: Alice & William SAUVE both of Spanish on Nov. 22, 1926 at Spanish

45228-26 Harry POWROZNIAK, 23, laborer, Winnipeg, 709 McLaughlin St., s/o Nick POWROZNIAK & Catherine DEMBROWSKA, married Annie WOZNA, 19, Galicia Ukraine, 1016 Alberta St., d/o John WOZNY & Mary STEPHAUCIN, witn: Constantine HEWKO of 138 Ogden St. & Wasyl PETRONIAK of 1311 Donald St., 7 Aug 1926 at Fort William 45229-26 Herbert Thorold PRESLEY, 28, stationary engineer, Carleton Place, Port Arthur, s/o James PRESLEY, b. Ireland & Susan LAKE, married Hyacinth Anita WARREN, 17, Port Arthur, same, d/o Albert WARREN, b. Augusta Georgia, & Anetta RODDAN, witn: Jean MARTIN of 96 Jean St. & Floyd ARNOLD of 123 May St., 20 Oct 1926 at Fort William
45230-26 Frank Henry RABB, 28, operator, Port Arthur, same, s/o John RABB, b. Ont & Kathleen MUIR, married Violet Ethel SEAMAN, 26, stenographer, Rutherglen Ont., Port Arthur, d/o Samuel SEAMAN, b. Manitoba & Alice DAVIDSON, witn: Luella M. SEAMAN of 422 Dawson St. & G.S. SEAMAN of 164 Peter St., 15 Nov 1926 45231-26 Clarke RABIDEAU, 22, moving picture theatre, Fort William, same, s/o James RABIDEAU, b. Canada & Sophia DAY, married Devah MUNSON, 18 + 4 mon., England, Fort William, d/o Albert MUNSON, b. England & Elizabeth NEWINGTON? (deceased), witn: Mrs. A. J. BRUCE of 1309 Edward St. & Mrs. R. ANDERSON of Fort William, 12 April 1926 at Fort William
45232-26 Nestor RAJAMAA, 39, laborer, Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Isak RAJAMAA, b. Finland & Heta HEITTOLA, married Ines Marie KORHONEN, 28, Finland, Port Arthur, d/o Alex KORHONEN, b. Finland & Anna KAINULAINEN, witn: William JUUSOLA & Ida JUUSOLA, both of Fort William, 8 July 1826 at Port Arthur 454233-26 William Einard RANDA, 19, wire? builder, Fort William, Nakina, s/o Henry RANDA, b. Finland & Lena BARBARA, married Minerva Annie LUXTON, 18, North Bay, Nakina, d/o Alfred LUXTON, b. Ont & Lily SHELLEY, witn: Albert & Mrs. A. LUXTON of Nakina, 16 July 1926 at Nakina
45234-26 Lauri Michall RANTALA, 28, pulp cutter, Thallinen Finland, Tarmala?, s/o Tabetti RANTALA, b. Finland & Hilma KAIVEINTO, married Elma Aniitta TIENORI, 20, Thallinen Finland, Tarmola?, d/o Albert TIENARI, b. Finland & Hilda HAKALA, witn: L. Mabel PATTERSON & F. KOIVU, 16 Jan 1926 at Trinity United parsonage, Port Arthur 45235-26 Alexander REITH, 22, machinist, Scotland, Fort William, s/o Andrew J. REITH, b. Scotland & Jean MORRISON, married Carla M. FOSSUM, 21, Norway, Port Arthur, d/o Peter FOSSUM, b. Norway & Marie HANSEN, witn: William LARCOMBE & Alexandra WHEELER, both of Port Arthur, 18 Sept 1926 at Port Arthur
45236-26 James Beattie RIDDELL, 37, foreman, Inch Scotland, Port Arthur, s/o John RIDDELL, b. Cullen Scotland & Mary BEATTIE, married Catherine Maud GRAHAM, 38, Stewartville Ont., Port Arthur, d/o Alexander GRAHAM, b. Innisville Ont. & Sarah HAMILTON, witn: Harvey WATT & Isabell WATT, both of 223 College St., 27 Jan 1926 at Port Arthur 45237-26 Ferdinand RIEMULA, 30, farmer, Pyhayaki Finland, Forbes twp., s/o Erick REIMULA, b. Finland & Marie POKELA, married Alliina SAARI, 37, Merujarris Finland, Forbes twp., d/o John HITTOLA, b. Finland & Kausa SARIKOSKI, witn: Emil Edward & Tyyne Maria HARRI, of Nolalu, 24 May 1927
45238-26 Edmund Milton ROACH, 26, auto driver, Petersburg Ont., Fort William, s/o Charles Henry ROACH, b. Hespeler & Magdalena BEYERS, married Edith May SYKES, 24, Montreal, Fort William, d/o Ernest Edward SYKES, b. Montreal & Emily Susan HIBBARD, witn: C. Edgar GAMMOND of Fort William & Emily SYKES of 308 Brodie St., 9 June 1926 at Fort William 45239-26 Risto ROIVAS, 29, laborer, Kuopijo Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Risto ROIVAS, b. Finland & Katii IHONEN, married May ANDERSON, 20, domestic, Canto Miss. USA, Port Arthur, d/o Heikki ANDERSON, b. Finland & Lina LASSILA, witn: H. & Annie THOMPSON of Port Arthur, 28 May 1926 at Port Arthur
45240-26 Demetro ROMANIW, 23, laborer, Galicia, Rowland Rd - West Fort, s/o Luke ROMANIW & Antonina STETKEWYCH, married Pauline ZACHARY, 19, West Fort, 1601? Fredrica St. in West Fort, d/o Wasyl ZACHARY & Anna STELNIKA, witn: Theodor MARTYNIAK of 1801 Fredrica St. & Paul BORECKY of 1614 Home Ave., 25 Sept 1926 45241-26 Reginald Wallace ROSEVEAR, 23, bank clerk, Port Hope, Winnipeg, s/o Howard Stanley ROSEVEAR, b. Port Hope & Ellen WALLACE, married Ula CALDWELL, 21, Oliver twp., Port Arthur, d/o Robert Atchison CALDWELL, b. Ont & not known, witn: Helen ANDREW of 283 Harrington Ave & H.J. ROGERS of 28 Ray Blvd., 28 Sept 1926 at Port Arthur
45242-26 Sime ROSIN, 33, plasterer, Pakostane? Dalmetia Jugo-Slavia, Newark NJ, s/o Roch ROSIN, b. Austria & Mathia VOKOIV, married Onka SINOVCHEIK, 23, Nonegret? Dalmetia Jugo-Slavia, Port Arthur, d/o Frank SINOVCIK (sic) & Ika BAKICH, witn: John KRURICH of Port Arthur & Lucia SIMURINA of Fort William, 2 Aug 1926 at Port Arthur 45243-26 Joseph ROY, 72 (b. 1855), journalier, Quebec, Michigan, s/o Joseph ROY, b. France, & blank, married Josephine LEVALLIE, 62, Mattawa Ont., Temiskaming, d/o Moise LAVALLIE, b. Montreal & Rosa TAYLOR, witn: Joseph BURNS of Nakima & Elodie BOURGEOIS (Mrs. Burns) of Nakima, 7 May 1926 at Nakima
45244-26 John Henry RULE, 21, elevator employee, Murillo, Fort William, s/o Thomas RULE, b. England & Margaret EVERETT, married Bertha MERRYFIELD, 20, Port Arthur, Kakbecka Falls, d/o Joseph MERRYFIELD, b. Ont & Christena CAMERON, witn: Archie & Laurina GRANT of Fort William, 28 May 1926 at Fort William 45245-26 Alexander RUSKIN, 23, farmer, Finland, Sellers, s/o Erik RUSKIN, b. Finland & Eva KAVILABAON?, married Aili KATALA, 19, Finland, Seller, d/o John KATALA, b. Finland & Mary HYRYAD, witn: John KARLEBOON? of Sellers & Elvira RUSKIN of Fort William, 11 June 1926 at Fort William
45257-26 Albert SERRE, 30, locomotive fireman, Chapleau, same, s/o Joseph T. SERRE, b. Ont & Clarinda CHARTRAND, married Ilene KOVISTO, 19, Fort William, same, d/o Leonard KOVISTO, b. Finland & Hilda HILL, witn: Mabel & Archie GRANT of Fort William, 18 Nov 1926 at Fort William 49562-26 Carl August SKIOLDEBRAND, 32, paper mill superintendent, Lungrund Sweden, Hull Que., s/o Frederick SKIOLDEBRAND, b. Berquik Sweden & Tinny LARELL?, married Alice WILDE, 25, office assistant, Bolton Lancs. England, Hull Que., d/o William WILDE, b. Yorkshire England & Martha Ann HOLROYD, witn: W. WILDE of Kapuskasing & Raghar MOUCHEY of Smooth Rock Falls, 4 Aug 1926 at Kapuskasing
49563-26 Samuel SLACK, 26, miner, Manchester England, Timmins, s/o Henry SLACK, b. England & Mary MARKS, married Annie Salome VALVE, 20, Pyhtsa Finland, Timmins, d/o John VALVE, b. Finland & Aino RERELIND?, witn: Lewis Raymond & Hazel Jane CUTHBERTSON of Timmins, 6 Feb 1926 at Timmins 45267-26 Anton SLIPETZ, 31, laborer, Galicia Ukraina, 116 Rowand St., s/o Joseph SLIPETZ & Barbara BILENKA, married Sophia CYBULSKA, 24, Galicia Ukraina, 116 Rowand St., d/o John CYBULSKI & Catherine DRABYNIASTA, witn: Joseph KOWALCZUK & Harry SOLTYO, both of 116 Rowand St., 30 Oct 1926 at Fort William
45268-26 Percival Craig SLY, 32, CPR trainman, Bristol Que., Schreiber, s/o William SLY & Josephine CRAIG, married Nellie Julia PRISKE, 18, Wallkingborough England, Schreiber, d/o Sidney Montague PRISKE & Alice Kate WHEATLEY, witn: George PRISKE & Ivy PRISKE< both of Schreiber, 28 Oct 1926 at Schreiber 49564-26 Joseph SNYDER, 26, miner, Ciezowow Austria, Timmins, s/o Andrew SNYDER & Mary MOCHO, married Stlla MELNIK, 17, Grace Bay NS, Timmins, d/o John MELNIK & Annie PEGELSKA, witn: Joseph PIDFERYHORE of Schumacher & Millie PIEHUTA of Toronto, 2 May 1926 at Timmins
49565-26 Tom SOUK, 39, oiler, Russia, Ansonville, s/o Yost SOUK, b. Russia & not known, married Mary Bridget TANNISCO, 39, Maniwaki Que., res not given, d/o Ermias? TANNISCO, b. Canada & Marion MINASS, witn: B. CNEPEKSKY & Bill BRIHOW, both of Ansonville, 11 Sept 1926 at Iroquois Falls 49566-26 Arthur John STANUTZ, 25, miner, Roumania, Timmins, s/o John STANUTZ, b. Roumania & Jennie STANUTZ, married Lucy SPENCER, 20, Buckingham, Timmins, d/o Maxime H. SPENCER, b. Montreal & Ovelina ALLAIRE, witn: John MUSTATO & Alexia SPENCER, both of Timmins, 23 Nov 1926 at Timmins
49567-26 Cornelius SULLIVAN, 30, miner, Cornwall England, Timmins, s/o Michael SULLIVAN, b. Cornwall England & Katie PASCOE, married Olive PEARCE, 19, Cornwall England, Timmins, d/o Charles Henry PEARCE, b. Cornwall England & Lillie JAMES, witn: H. BARRETT & Audrey PEARCE, both of Timmins, 21 Oct 1926 at Timmins 49568-26 Jalmari SUNDHOLM, 29, miner, Finland, Timmins, s/o Karl SUNDHOLM, b. Finland & Minnie KALLIO, married Saimi SMITH, 28, Finland, Timmins, d/o Edri SMITH, b. Finland & Mari AUTIO, witn: John & Edwin? NIHULA of Schumacher, 21 Aug 1926 at Schumacher
49569-26 Michael SWEENEY, 38, miner, Old Chelsea Que., Timmins, s/o John SWEENEY & Ellen O'NEIL, married Elizabeth McGee WAINRIGHT, 26, widow, Maniwaki, Timmins, d/o James McGEE & Elizabeth GALLAGHER, witn: Mrs. Y. O'LEARY & Mrs. Alex DONOVAN, both of Toronto, 1 June 1926 at Timmins 49570-26 Sabatino TALEVI, 34, miner, Cartaceto Italy, Timmins, s/o Lini TALEVI & Maria DONATI, married Maria ROBERTI, 27, St. Joseph Ad Portuna Italy, Timmins, d/o Augusti ROBERTI & Assumpta PRANCHINI, witn: D. PEZZOLA & Iona TRAVAGLIANI, both of Timmins, 18 Sept 1926 at Timmins
49571-26 William Henry TAYLOR, 30, mechanic, England, Cochrane, s/o Charles Edward TAYLOR, b. England & Caroline MARCHAND, married Dorothy May Lillian WATTS, 24, England, Monteith, d/o Edward WATTS, b. England & Isabella TUCKER, witn: Katie & Edward WATTS of Iroquois Falls, 30 Nov 1926 at Monteith 49572-26 Julien Nikolai THANDER, 27, miner, Finland, South Porcupine, s/o Julius THANDER, b. Finland & Maria JOHNSON, married Taini Edit KINNUNEN, 21, Finland, South Porcupine, d/o Matti KINNUNEN, b. Finland & Anna PEARSON, witn: Melnii KINNUNEN & Toriv THANDER, both of South Porcupine, 22 July 1926 at Schumacher
49573-26 Joseph Albert THERIAULT, 27, laborer, St. Godefrois Que., Ansonville, s/o Andre THERIAULT & Elizabeth LE BRASSEUR, married Rosilda MARCHAND, 23, Champion Mich., Ansonville, d/o Albert MARCHAND & Amanda PEPIN, witn: Benoni THERIAULT & Albert MARCHAND, both of Ansonville, 3 Feb 1926 at Iroquois Falls 49574-26 David Joseph THIBAULT, 32?, Lowell Mass. US, Kapuskasing, s/o Joseph THIBAULT, b. Mistic Que & Azelia COTE, married Flore Ange LAFERRIERE, 35, widow, boarding house keeper, Berthier Que., Kapuskasing, d/o Jacques NAULT, b. Berthier Que & Elise DRAINVILLE, witn: Napoleon LACASSE & Ernest PORTELANCE, both of Timmins, 12 Dec 1926 at Kapuskasing
49575-26 Aloyisius TIERNEY, 27, miner, Chapeau Que., Timmins, s/o William TIERNEY & Mary DUNN, married Myrtle BOUCHER, 17, Deux Rivieres Ont., Timmins, d/o Thomas BOUCHER & Cecilia BROWCE, witn: Eddy MULCARE of Schumacher & Evelyn BOUCHER of Timmins, 20 Jan 1926 at Timmins 49576-26 George TIMMINS, 28, laborer, St. Medard des Chiebes Ottawa, Timmins, s/o Noe TIMMINS & Antonia MARCHAND, married Valeda CHARTIER, 20, Aylmer Que., Timmins, d/o George CHARTIER & Emma St.JULES, witn: J.R. CLEMENT & G. CHARTIER, both of Timmins, 22 Sept 1926 at Timmins
49577-26 Russell James TOAL, 23, laborer, Montfort Que, Cochrane, s/o James TOAL, b. Que & Maud CADIEAU, married Lenora May HALL, 18, Baines City Michigan, Cochrane, d/o Amos HALL, b. Michigan & Clara GILL, witn: Robert TOAL of Cochrane & Velma MacARTHUR of Brower? Ont., 29 July 1926 at Cochrane 49578-26 Angelo TOFFANELLO, 24, miner, Italy, Timmins, s/o Giovanni TOFFANELLO & Lucia JACOBS, married Virginia Angela GAZZOLA, 23, S. Vito d'Asolo Italy, Timmins, d/o Giovanni GAZZOLA & Carolina MARCAGRAN, witn: Antonia MODOLO & Lena AMADIO, both of Timmins, 25 April 1926 at Timmins
49579-26 Donald TOLE, 22, electrician, Westport Ont., Timmins, s/o M. James TOLE, b. Bedford Mills & Nell WARREN, married Lydia Ernestine LENTZ, 24, Palmer Rapids, Timmins, d/o Hyman LENTZ, b. Germany & Mary CHISAU (Chisan?), witn: Miss Florence MILLS & Mrs. M.R. HALL, both of Timmins, 12 Feb 1926 at Timmins 49580-26 Thomas Fletcher TOMLINSON, 27, miner, Regina, Timmins, s/o George TOMLINSON, b. England & Eliza GRIMES, married Pearl Elizabeth MARTIN, 26, Nova Scotia, Timmins, d/o Charles MARTIN, b. Nova Scotia & Laura May EDDY, witn: Mrs. G. PARR & Joe PICHIETA, both of Timmins, 13 Feb 1926 at Timmins
49581-26 Ernest TOPPARE, 26, miner, Finland, South Porcupine, s/o John TOPPARE, b. Finland & Maria KANGAS, married Aili FREEMAN, 17, Finland, South Porcupine, d/o Nestor FREEMAN, b. Finland & Mary Lehti KANGAS, witn: Lennard & Fanny SEPPALA of South Porcupine, 9 Nov 1926 at South Porcupine 49582-26 Johanas TORN, 40, carpenter, Estonia, Timmins, s/o Karl TORN, b. Estonia & Miina PRAHV, married Lydia ERIKOV, 37 (b. 11 Aug 1888), Estonia, Timmins, d/o Erik ERIKOV, b. Estonia & Katerine VEKART, witn: Annie & Philip BEADMAN of Timmins, 2 Jan 1926 at Timmins [re bride: parents live in Estonia]
49583-26 William TREMBLAY, 71, widower, laborer, L'ile aix Coudres Que., Drinkwater Pit, s/o Octave TREMBLAY & Francoise TREMBLAY, married Anne VILLENEUVE, 56, widow, Hull Que., Drinkwater Pit, d/o Seraphin VILLENEUVE & Philomene GIRARD, witn: A. LAJEUNESSE & Remi BEAUCHAMP, both of Drinkwater Pit, 4 Oct 1926 at Drinkwater Pit 49584-26 Desiderio TRORIETTO, 29, miner, Brazil, Timmins, s/o Eugenio TROIETTO, b. Italy & Romano MARTINI, married Italia Rose LORENZON, 27, Italy, Timmins, d/o Giovanni LORENZON, b. Italy & Antonia MARCON, witn: Pietro FLORA & Elena ZONETTI, both of Schumacher, 14 June 1926 at Timmins
49585-26 Louis Philippe TRUDEL, 26, clerk, St. Laurent Manitoba, Mattice, s/o Ernest TRUDEL & Georgianna MARCHAND, married Marie Albina AINSLEY, 18, Thetford Mines Que.., Mattice, d/o Elzear AINSLEY & Eliza LABRANCHE, witn: Joseph Noel BERNARD & Elzear AINSLEY, both of Mattice, 21 July 1926 at Mattice 49586-26 Charles TUCKER, 32, blacksmith, Ireland, Timmins, s/o Lawrence TUCKER, b. England & Mary RILEY, married Emma Mary BROUGHTON, 35, widow, England, Timmins, d/o John BEADMAN, b. England & Annie BAKER, witn: Annie & Philip BEADMAN of Timmins, 2 Jan 1926 at Timmins
49587-26 John TURNER, 31, miner, Standish Lancs. England, Timmins, s/o Stephen TURNER & Jane Ann SIMM, married Nita Alexandra Olive WEDLAKE, 25, Chew Stoke Somerset England, Timmins, d/o John WEDLAKE & Prudence CLARK, witn: Frederick Arthur WALKLEY & Mercy Harriet WALKLEY, both of Timmins, 17 May 1926 at Timmins 49588-26 Telesphore VAILLANCOURT, 25, miner, Chapeau Que., Timmins, s/o Leon VAILLANCOURT & Elenore St.CYR, married Mary Cordelia MAHER, 27, St. Lin Que., Timmins, d/o Joseph MAHER & Zenaide TOURANGEAU, witn: Josephat BARBARIE & Ovila GOULET, both of Timmins, 1 June 1926 at Timmins
49589-26 James VALLIER, 26, laborer, Madawaska, Timmins, s/o Christie VALLIER, b. Pembroke & Lozey WALEY (Maley?), married Ida WELSH, 17, Nova Scotia, Timmins, d/o Allan WALSH, b. Nova Scotia & Fanny HOLLEY, witn: Fred & Francis DAVIDSON of Timmins, 7 May 1926 49590-26 Joseph VARITSKI, 28, farmer, Poland, Matheson twp., s/o John VARITSKI, b. Poland & Paucavia KRUK, married Jennie MARKIEWICZ, 15, Poland, Matheson twp., d/o John MARKIEWICZ, b. Poland & Mary MASZLIEWICZ, witn: John MARKIEWICZ & W.B. NICHOLSON, both of Matheson twp., 13 Feb 1926 at South Porcupine
49591-26 William John VARIN, 49, widower, barber, Renfrew, Schumacher, s/o Joseph VARIN, b. Renfrew & Katharine SHELLY, married Lorna Pearl GOOD, 23, Bathurst NB, Schumacher, d/o M. William GOOD, b. Bathurst NB & Iris BATEMAN, witn: Miss Louise LATOUR & Mr. Harry STEVENS, both of Schumacher, 25 Dec 1926 at Timmins 49592-26 Aime VILLENEUVE, 25, farmer, St. Bernabe Que., Genier Ont., s/o Adem VILLENEUVE & Resiva LAMPRON (Dampron?), married Emerance PAPINEAU, 21, St. Janvier Terrebonne Que., Frederick, d/o Julien PAPINEAU & Alice DESJARDINS, witn: Adem VILLENEUVE of Genier & Julien PAPINEAU of Frederick, 5 Jan 1926 at Frederick
49593-26 Waino WALTONEN, 24, farmer, Finland, Bruce Mines, s/o Martin WALTONEN, b. Finland & Liisa ONKAMANEN, married Hilda SALO, 23, Finland, Bruce Mines, d/o Gust SALO, b. Finland & Amanda ELAMAN, witn: Mary LISTER & Emily KILLICK, both of Hearst, 1 Dec 1926 at Hearst 49594-26 James B. Emery WATIER, 30, carpenter, St. Raphaels Ont., Cochrane, s/o George WATIER & Rosanna ANDRE, married Marie Aglae Alma BOLDUC, 20, St. George de Beauce Que., Cochrane, d/o Albert BOLDUC & Zerilda PEPIN, witn: Louis MASSE & Albert BOLDUC, both of Cochrane, 26 Aug 1926 at Transfiguration Church
49595-26 Charles Richard WEIR, 34, paper maker, Co. Limerick Ireland, Iroquois Falls, s/o Frank WEIR, b. Ireland & Elizabeth SMITH, married Hilda JACOBS, 28, Harrow England, res not given, d/o George JACOBS, b. England & Matilda Ellen HOSKING, witn: F.C. RICHARDSON & E. ARNETT, both of Porquis Junction, 22 Oct. 1926 at Porquis Junction 49596-26 John Russell WELDON, 33, CNR accountant, Carleton Place, Cochrane, s/o John, b. Ont & Matilda nee KINGSTON, married Winnifred Katie NUNN, 29, bookkeeper, Haverhill - Suffolk England, Cochrane, d/o William, b. England & Matilda nee GOWERS, witn: W.R. & Irene ANDERSON of Cochrane, 28 July 1926 at Holy Trinity Cathedral, Cochrane
49597-26 John WHEELER, 37, mechanic, Newfoundland, Iroquois Falls, s/o Jabez WHEELER, b. Nfld & Dorcas GARLAND, married Lilly May McDONALD, 24, Kazubazus Que., res not given, d/o Duncan McDONALD, b. Canada & Charlotte MILFORD, witn: Charles WEIR & Ethel HORWOOD, both of Iroquois Falls, 3 April 1926 at Iroquois Falls 49598-26 Stanley WHITTAN, 23, miner, England, Timmins, s/o Jackson WHITTAN, b. England & Mary NOBLE, married Margaret Jane MURRAY, 22, England, Timmins, d/o William MURRAY, b. England & Susannah WRIGHT, witn: Annie Ruth & George JOPSON of Timmins, 28 July 1926 at Timmins
49599-26 Frederick MacQuarrie WILSON, 24, watchman, Keighly Yorkshire England, Kapuskasing, s/o Daniel MacQuarrie WILSON, b. Glasgow Scotland & Charity WALL, married Matilda SIMPSON, 24, Keighly Yorkshire England, Kapuskasing, d/o Albert SIMPSON, b. Ingraw? Keighley, & Sarah Ann MAUDE, witn: Ernest PILKINGTON & Lily WILSON, both of Kapuskasing, 19 Aug 1926 at Kapuskasing 49600-26 John Alexander WILSON, 40, clerk, Chesley Ont., Smooth Rock Falls, s/o Alexander WILSON, b. Scotland & Tena McGAW, married Florence EGLEY, 30, widow, Marshall Terrace - Frank Place ND, Smooth Rock Falls, d/o Arthur PRICE, b. England & Elizabeth TAYLOR, witn: Herbert & Mabel Florence FAULKNER of Frederick House, 11 march 1926 at Cochrane
49601-26 Harold WOOD, 26, miner, England, Timmins, s/o M. Reuben WOOD, b. England & Martha Jane DYSON, married Doris Maud RUSHWORTH, 20, England, Timmins, d/o Willie RUSHWORTH, b. England & Maud BROADHEAD, witn: W. KENNEDY & Peter GARLAND, both of Timmins, 27 May 1926 at Timmins 49602-26 Alfred YOUNG, 21, laborer, Calls--? twp Ont., Tisdale twp., s/o Fred YOUNG, b. Canton NY & Tillie DE FORGE, married Ivy PARSONS, 18, Manitoba, Tisdale twp., d/o Thomas PARSONS, b. England & Allice SULLIVAN, witn: Fred YOUNG of Timmins & Mrs. Percy HENRY of South Porcupine, 21 Sept 1926 at St. Matthews church, Timmins