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Northern Districts, 1927, part 3

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20482-27 Wilfred George ADAMS, 29, butcher, Perth Ont., Sudbury, s/o James E. ADAMS & Fannie McNOLTY, married Lillian Mary WILTSHIRE, 24, Kittenham England, Garson Mine, d/o William WILTSHIRE & Emily ASSER, witn: Gilbert THOMAS & Mae ADAMS, both of Sudbury, 30 June 1927 at Sudbury


20483-27 Jrjo AERILA, 26, miner, Finland, Sudbury, d/o Samuel AERILA, b. Finland & Miina YLI-OLLA, married Maria NIEMI, 21, Finland, Sudbury, d/o John NIEMI, b. Finland & Christine LINDROS, witn: Mrs. Elli LEHTMAATO & Mary WHARRAM, both of Sudbury, 9 Nov 1927 at Sudbury

20484-27 Urho AHLGREN, 24, farmer, Finland, Broder twp. - Thunder Bay Dist., s/o Oscar AHLGREN, b Finland & Anna PELHOLA, married Sylvie RISTOMAKI, 18, Copper Cliff, Broder twp., d/o John RISTOMAKI, b. Finland & Susan TILIPRUUKI, witn: Annie PAANANEN of Copper Cliff & Helmi AHLGREN of Broder twp, 18 May 1927 at Sudbury [divorced 12 July 1933]

15050-27 Louis AIABENS, 24, workman, Wikwemikong, same s/o Simon AIABENS & Mary BEBONISSE, married Therese TRUDEAU, 24, Wikwemikong, same, d/o Ignace TRUDEAU & Suzanne ANIMIKWAAM, witn: Mary Jane PANGOWISH of Wikwemikong & Edmond TAKWADJIWAN of Manitowaning on Feb. 21, 1927 at Wikwemikong

20485-27 John Robert AIKEN, 26, Glasgow Scotland, Chapleau, s/o James AIKEN, b. Pelligo Fermanagh Ireland & Anne BARTON, married Grace RICHARDSON, 25, music teacher, Blackpool England, Chapleau, d/o James RICHARDSON, b. Droughmore Armagh Ireland & Catherine HALL, witn: John DAVIDSON & Elizabeth Ellen RICHARDSON, both of Chapleau, 6 April 1927 at Chapleau

20486-27 Malcolm AINSLIE, 28, Sault Ste Marie, Sudbury, s/o Alex AINSLIE, b. Sherbrook Que & Lillian BOTTEREL, married Zelda M. LECLAIR, 24, Callander Ont., Sudbury, d/o William LECLAIR, b. South River Ont & Laura DUFRESNE, witn: Dermot KELLY & Dorothy BOTSFORD, both of Sudbury, 1 Dec 1927 at Sudbury

15051-27 Oliver AINSLIE, 24, farmer, Burpee twp., same, s/o Lewis AINSLIE (b. Scotland) & Ida Belle EATON, married Florence Laura Ellen TRICK, 20, Robinson twp., same, d/o George Hedley TRICK (Hamilton ? Ontario) & Ada Florence KEMP, witn; Charlie TRICK of Silver Water & Julia AINSLIE of Elizabeth Bay on May 13, 1927 at Robinson twp

13081-27 John Wesley ALCOCK, 21, farmer, Kenora, same, s/o George Henry ALCOCK, b. Belleville Ont & Emma Frances BARKER, married Mary Louise BARNARD, 17, London England, Keewatin, d/o Christopher George BARNARD, b. London England & Lily WARE, witn: Alfred WALLACE of Kenora & Maggie BOSWELL of Keewatin, 19 Nov 1927 at Keewatin

13082-27 Ernest ALLAN, 29, laborer, Scotland, Northgrove Ont., s/o John ALLAN, b. Scotland & Isabella SMITH, married Katherine BOSSAN, 34, widow, Charleston West Virginia, Northgrove, d/o William Paul EASTERDAY, b. Kansas City US & Minnie ROBERTS, witn: Mrs. FISK of Sioux Lookout & J. McPHERSON of Edmonton Alberta, 1 Sept 1927 at Sioux Lookout

13083-27 Eldon Lyle ALLIN, 22, railway employee, Kenora, same, d/o Arthur Lyle ALLIN, b. Bowmanville Ont & Louise Ellen nee ALLIN, married Beatrice Ellen KESWICK, 19, Liverpool England, Kenora, d/o John Charles KESWICK, b. Yorkshire England & Marie WILLIAMSON, witn: Jean Loretta & Ward WATSON of Kenora, 24 May 1927 at Kenora

16210-27 Darius ARCHAMBAULT, 26, school teacher, St. Thomas d'Aquin Que., Smokey Falls, s/o Odilon ARCHAMBAULT (b. St Thomas d'Aquin Que.) & Emma VIEU, married Irene RIVET, 15, Smokey Falls, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Eugene RIVET (b. Maniwaki) & Gertrude MAUREL?, witn: Hermes LAVOIE & Eugene RIVET both of Smokey Falls on May 17, 1927 at St. Joseph's Church in Field

13084-27 Joseph Arthur ARCHIBALD, 24, engineer, Kenora,, same, so John ARCHIBALD, b. Ont & Isabel Maud DEARDON, married Harriet Ann HOWARD, 23, Hull England, Kenora, d/o Matthew HOWARD, b. Hull England & Sarah Jane GIBSON, witn: Thomas JACKSON & Ethel HOWARD, both of Kenora, 23 Dec 1927 at Kenora

16211-27 James ARMITAGE, 23, labourer, Sturgeon Falls, same, s/o Ferguson ARMITAGE (b. Shawville Que.) & Jane SUNSTRUM, married Margaret LAFORCE, 18, Ottawa, Cache Bay, d/o John LAFORCE (b. Buckingham Que.) & Georgina PLOUFFE, witn: Mrs. A. ARMITAGE & Bernard COSGROVE both of Sturgeon Falls on Oct. 14, 1927 at Sturgeon Falls

16212-27 Joseph Wesley ARNOTT, 56, blacksmith, widower, Brock Tp., Callander, s/o Charles ARNOTT (b. Buckinghamshire England) & Fanny HEARN, married Mary Emily Barnet Allan BAILEY, 45, widow, Renfrew, Callander, d/o John BARNET (b. Quebec Prov.) & Ruth HAYES, witn: Norman & Maud BUCHANAN both of North Bay on April 8, 1927 at North Bay.

15052-27 William ATKINSON, 25, farmer, Mills twp., same, s/o William John ATKINSON (b. Grey Co.) & Albertine H. RATTLEY, married Dorothy Gertrude LANGMAN, 16, student, Dawson twp., same, d/o Thomas James LANGMAN (b. Midland) & Mabel Gertrude JUNK, witn: Mrs. J. W. GRANVILLE of Meldrum Bay & Cecil LANGMAN of Gore Bay on June 29, 1927 at Gore Bay

15053-27 William Norman Leonard BAILEY, 22, fisherman, Burpee twp., same, s/o Donald BAILEY (b. Manitoulin Island) & Eta HARPER, married Gertrude Laura BAILEY, 18, Burpee twp., same, d/o Joseph BAILEY (b. Manitoulin Island) & Isabella CAMPBELL, witn: A. N. CANNON & S. E. MARTIN both of Gore Bay on Nov. 23, 1927 at Gore Bay

13085-27 Hermon Allen BAKER,, 26, paper maker, Grand Lake Stream Maine, Kenora, s/o John William BAKER, b. Maine & Georgia GOULD, married Edith Margaret RIVERS, 19, Kenora, same, d/o Frederick Horace RIVERS, b. Essex England & Annie Kathleen HAGAN?, witn: Herbert RIVERS of Kenora & Miss Marjorie REID of Fort William, and Frederick RIVERS, 28 Sept 1927 at Kenora

13086-27 William BALLAN, 43, widower, farmer, Durham England, Maid--? Sask., s/o William BALLAN, b. England & Ann BALLAN, married Lucy Alma ROBINSON, 32, Keewatin, same, d/o James Henry ROBINSON, b. Bristol Que & Mary Graham COLE, witn: J.H. ROBINSON & Mary ROBINSON, both of Keewatin, 4 Jan 1927 at Keewatin

13087-27 William James BAXENDALE, 27, fireman, Kenora, same, s/o James BAXENDALE, b. Manchester England & Amelia NEW, married Laura TRIMMER, 18, Little Current - Manitoulin Island, Kenora, d/o John TRIMMER, b. Canada & Laura WEIR, witn: Hug Ernest CLEMMENS & Daisy CLEMMENS, both of Kenora, 2 July 1927 at Kenora

13088-27 Harry BAXTER, 50, widower, locomotive engineer, Edinburgh Scotland, Kenora, s/o Andrew BAXTER, b. Lochgilly Scotland & Martha BRUCE, married Bertha GRAHAM, no age given, widow, of Kenora, d/o James SMALL, b. Toronto & Mabel KENT, witn: M. & Victoria MASTERS of Kenora, 28 May 1927 at Kenora

15054-27 Charles Henry BAXTER, 48, farmer, Assignack, Sandfield, s/o Henry BAXTER (b. England) & Susannah MILLS, married Charlotte TURNBULL, 38, Sandfield, same, d/o George TURNBULL (b. Grey Co.) & Elizabeth HARTRY, witn: John S. & Ada McLEAN both of Manitowaning on Feb. 16, 1927 at Sandfield twp.
15056-27 Gordon Allan BEATTY, 36, farmer, Perth Co., Manitowaning, s/o William A. BEATTY (b. Elginburg Ontario) & Lottie HOWLANDS married Catherine Phoebe RUSSELL, 37, seamstress, Ontario, Manitowaning, d/o John RUSSELL (b. Ontario) & Ellen MARTIN, witn: Mrs. S. SINCLAIR & Mrs. M. MODDLE both of Mindemoya on Oct. 22, 1927 at Mindemoya Village 15055-27 James BEBONANG, 26, West Bay, same, widower, s/o Dominique BEBONANG & Susanne WAKAOSSE, married Angelique JAWENIGWANEBI, 21, Sagamok, same, d/o Simon JAWENIGWANEBI & Marie Anne TOULOUSE, witn: Louise EBINS & Narcisse ENISTANA both of West Bay on Aug. 22, 1927 at West Bay.

16223-27 Emile BELLEFEUILLE, 21, farmer, Sturgeon Falls, same, s/o Marcel BELLEFEUILLE & Georgiana MAJOR, married Dolores SEGUIN, 16, Cache Bay, Smokey Falls, d/o Adelard SEGUIN & Amanda ST. PIERRE, witn: Michel BELLEFEUILLE & Adelard SEQUIN both of Smokey Falls on July 4, 1927 at Field.

15057-27 Joseph Richardson BEST, 25, farmer, Gordon twp., same, s/o J. W. BEST (b. Ontario ) & Jane NEALLY, married Freda Margaret Elizabeth STRAIN, 17, Gordon twp., same, d/o Charles Wesley STRAIN (b. Ontario) & Emily LOWRIE, witn: Ardath BEST & Lyman GIBBS both of Gore Bay on April 12, 1927 at Gore Bay

13089-27 Robert Henry BICKNELL, 28, farmer, Tramore Ont., Bedworth, s/o William Frederick BICKNELL, b. London England & Eliza HAZELTON, married Ina Gertrude MOFFATT, 22, teacher, Leonard Ont., Bedworth, d/o Richard J. MOFFATT, b. Leonard Ont & Rachel MELVIN, witn: Ayton Webster DAVIDSON & Hazel SAUNDERSON, both of Bedworth, 30 Nov 1927 at Dryden

16229-27 William Harry BINION, 39, salesman, widower, Iroquois, North Bay, s/o William Henry BINION (b. Iroquois Ont.) & Elizabeth LEWIS, married Annie STEWART, 21, saleslady, Burghead Scotland, North Bay, d/o Alexander STEWART (b. Burghead Scotland) & Annie McGINNIS, witn: Pearl E. WAGG & Beatrice M. LOOKES both of 33 First Ave. West North Bay on March 22, 1927 at North Bay.
15059-27 Phillippe BITAWANAKWAT, 29, labourer, Wikwemikong, same, s/o Ignace BITAWANAKWAT & Marie AIAHEWN, married Susanne McGREGOR, 23, Birch Island, same, d/o Gregory McGREGOR & Veronique NIGEUIWINA, witn: Agnes ASSINABE & Dan McGREGOR both of Poncet on Feb. 17, 1927 at Birch Island.

13090-27 James Fulton BLAKE, 27, locomotive fireman, Greenock Scotland, Dryden, s/o William BLAKE, b. Ireland & Mary COWAN, married Katherine Clara BARBER, 19 (on 13 Jan 1927), Sturgeon Falls Ont., Dryden, d/o Hugh BARBER, b. Ont & Mildred McPHEE, witn: Madresse MINGS? & Jack FOOTE, both of Dryden, 26 April 1927 at Dryden

13091-27 John Augustine BONNELL, 34, brakeman, St. Stephen NB, Sioux Lookout, s/o George Woodbury BONNELL, b. Fredericton NB & Mary O'BRIEN, married Soara POLSSON, 22, domestic, Lumden? Manitoba, Sioux Lookout, d/o Johahn POLSSON, b. Iceland & Christena THORSTEIN, witn: Humphrey & Mrs. Humphrey CREEDON of Sioux Lookout, 3 Nov 1927 at Sioux Lookout

15060-27 Lee Austin BRANDON, 28, farmer, Cameron twp., Allan twp., s/o Joseph Charles BRANDON (b. Ontario) & Laura BURNETT, married Joyce Hilda CORNELIUS, 17, Shedden twp., Allan twp., d/o John Alvin CORNELIUS (b. Ontario) & Mary PICKARD, witn: Lillian CORNELIUS of Kagawong & Allan BRANDON of Ice Lake on Oct. 19, 1927 at Gore Bay

13092-27 George Baden BROWN, 27, railroad clerk, Liverpool England, Chicago, s/o Thomas BROWN, b. Dumfries Scotland & Ann WILSON, married Dorothy Eunite NEWMAN, 22, nurse, Wheatland Manitoba, Rivers Manitoba, d/o Percy Edwin NEWMAN, b. Barnett England & Florence Mary SUMPTOR, witn: Eric NEWMAN & Mrs. Lyle TODD, both of Kenora, 26 Dec 1927 at Kenora

15061-27 George Nelson BUCK, 29, mill pressman, Kagawong, same, s/o William Alfred BUCK (b. Ontario) & Laura WILSON, married Mary Louise DEERING, 19, Allan twp., same, d/o Robert John DEERING (b. Ontario) & Louisa Rachel WRIGHT, witn: Mary GORDON of Providence Bay & Wilson WILSON of Kagawong on Aug. 17, 1927 at Kagawong

15058-27 Milton Warren BUIE, 32, farmer, Campbell twp., same, s/o William BUIE (b. Nottawasega Ontario) & Jane McEACHERN, married Catherine BOWSER, 24, Billings twp., same, d/o John BOWSER (b. King Tp.) & Annie McLEOD, witn: A. K. CANNON & S. E. MARTIN both of Gore Bay on June 8, 1927 at Gore Bay

16247-27 John Stephenson BURNIE, 33, machinist, Carleton Place, North Bay, John Stephenson BURNIE, (b. Eastern Tps. Quebec) & Margaret ROBERTSON, married Bertha Adella COVENTRY, 24, clerk, North Himsworth, North Bay, d/o Joseph COVENTRY (b. Wingham Ont) & Jane COCKERLINE, witn: Beulah MacLEAN & George L. BURNIE both of North Bay on June 16, 1927 at North Bay,

13093-27 John BUTOVSKY, 26, laborer, Ukrainia, Kenora, s/o Jacob BUTOWSKY & Mary KOLADA, married Dorka TENDIUK, 22, Ukrainia, Kenora, d/o Joseph TENDIUK & Sophia KRYVOVIG, witn: Peter REYVADISKY? & Stephen SHELEST, both of Kenora, 15 Oct 1927 at Kenora

15062-27 Oliver David CADOTTE, 38, minister, Marine City Michigan, Sheguiandah, s/o James H. CADOTTE (b. Marine City Michigan) & Clarissa Jane OLDS, married Ethalyn A. GORDON, 25, teacher, Green Bay Ontario, same, d/o William Henry GORDON (b. King twp. York Co.) & Hannah Amelia FERGUSON, witn: Bill FERGUSON of Green Bay & F. A. ABBOTT of Sheguindah on April 18, 1927 at Little Current 16248-27 Gordon Arthur CAMERON, 21, farmer, Eau Claire, same, s/o John CAMERON (b. Campbell's Bay Quebec) & Teressa MOORE, married Margaret Jane CAMERON, 28, Eau Claire, same, d/o William CAMERON (b. Campbell's Bay Quebec) & Elizabeth LEWIS, witn: Mildred E. GELDEE & Fred G. MEEK both of North Bay on June 23, 1927 at North Bay.
15063-27 John Masson CAMPBELL, 23, garage proprietor, Blind River, Little Current, s/o John Henry CAMPBELL (b. Peterboro Ont.) & Mary Eleanor BROAD, married Rita Marie LABARGE, 20, nurse, North Yagama Washington USA, Little Current, d/o Joseph LABARGE (b. Bay City Michigan) & Jeanette Abigail McKENZIE, witn: Steele O`BRIEN & Jeannette VALLIQUETTE of Little Current on June 30, 1927 at Mindemoya 15064-27 Norman Russell CAMPBELL, 21, farmer, Campbell twp., same, s/o Norman CAMPBELL (b. Collingwood) & Mary PEARSON, married Mildred Irene LEWIS, 18, Campbell twp., same, d/o Asa LEWIS (b. Uxbridge Ont.) & Mary Jane SLOSS, witn: Leonard LEWIS of Grimsthorpe & A. K. CANNON of Gore Bay on April 13, 1927 at Gore Bay.

13094-27 Albert CAMPBELL, 27, machinist, Cambridge Mass., Sioux Lookout, s/o James CAMPBELL, b. PEI & Marie Grace SULLIVAN, married Elizabeth Ann SHELHORN, 21, clerk, Manchester England, Sioux Lookout, d/o Archibald SHELHORN, b. Manchester England & Sarah DUCKETT, witn: Sarah Ellen SKELHORN & Robert BENTLEY, both of Sioux Lookout, 17 Nov 1927 at Sioux Lookout

13095-27 William Garfield CARSON, 28, laborer, Kenora, same, s/o James Wiley CARSON, b. Ont & Henrietta FROST, married Wilhelmina CORRIER, 26?, Port Arthur, Kenora, d/o Herman CORRIER, b. Cobalt Canada & Ellen LAPLANTE, witn: Ida DIAMOND & Gertrude Mary WALTERS, both of Kenora, 19 Oct. 1927 at Kenora

16250-27 Georges CATSFORD, 24, post office clerk, River Valley, North Bay, s/o Xavier CATSFORD & Marie Louise LAURINS, married Lorette ST. LOUIS, 22, office clerk, North Bay, same, d/o Francis ST. LOUIS & Celina LARMANT, witn: Francis ST. LOUIS & Theophile ROY both of North Bay on Nov. 22, 1927 at North Bay 16251-27 Harold Joseph Ashbridge CHAMBERS, 24, construction engineer, Wiltshire England, Windsor Ont., s/o Thomas Pentland CHAMBERS (b. England) & Minnie GUISE, married Madeline Agnes Detlor MILNE, 22, North Bay, Windsor Ont., d/o Fred MILNE (b. Huron Bay Ont.) & Mabel G. DETLOR, witn: Francis MILNE of North Bay & Frank WILSON of Toronto on June 28, 1927 at North Bay
16252-27 Frank CHAMPAGNE, 30, farmer, St. Gabrielle Quebec, Lavigne, s/o Francis Xavier CHAMPAGNE (b. St. Norbert Que.) & Aglae DAUPHIN, married Anna COUTU, 36, storekeeper, widow, Red Lake Minn. USA, res not given, d/o Pierre ST. JEAN (b. Red lake Falls Minn. USA) & Lea PLANTE, witn: Mrs. O. ROBERT & Mrs. H. BOISSONNEAULT both of Lavigne on Feb. 12, 1927 at McPherson Tp. 16253-27 Joseph Henri CHAMPAGNE, 27, farmer, Corbeil, same, s/o Prosper CHAMPAGNE & Delphine CORBEIL, married Philomene Marie CHAPUT, 24, Rutherglen, same, d/o Felix CHAPUT & Philomene LEVESQUE, witn: Felix CHAPUT of Rutherglen & Prosper CHAMPAGNE of Corbeil on Oct. 10, 1927 at Corbeil.
16254-27 Ovila CHAMPAGNE, 45, farmer, Grenville, Eau Claire, s/o Isidore CHAMPAGNE (b. Grenville P.Q.) & Justine DESJARDINS, married Dora SAVARD, 18, Papineau Tp., Mattawa, d/o Clovis SAVARD (b. Baie St. Paul P.Q.) & Celina TURPIN, witn: Isidore CHAMPAGNE of Eau Claire & Clovis SAVARD of Mattawa on Feb. 28, 1927 at Mattawa. 16255-27 Prosper CHAMPAGNE, 34, farmer, Corbeil, same, s/o Prosper CHAMPAGNE & Delphine CORBEIL, married Rosaline BOURQUE, 19, Corbeil, same, d/o Olivier BOURQUE & Salome LEBLOND, witn: Max LEBLOND & Prosper CHAMPAGNE both of Corbeil on Sept. 19, 1927 at Corbeil.
15065-27 William Ivan CHAPMAN, 24, fisherman, South Baymouth, Fitzwilliam Island, s/o James S. CHAPMAN (b. Meaford) & Hazel BAILEY, married Lottie Emma MOORE, 21, teacher, Lion`s Head, same, d/o Whitford MOORE (b. Lion`s Head Ont.) & Leama (Emma?) LYMBURNER, witn: Olga Irene PURVIS of Gore Bay & William Ray BAILEY of Melville Saskatchewan on Aug. 7, 1927 at Gore Bay

13098-27 Harry CHAPMAN, 26, machinist, Gateshead on Tyne England, Kenora, s/o Joseph CHAPMAN, b. Westmoreland England & Mary Ann BARIS, married Emma Marjory SORENSON, 18, Vassar Manitoba, Kenora, d/o Samuel SORENSON, b. Denmark & Lucy GLOUTNEY, witn: Stanley EVANS & Hattie HARDSTY?, both of Kenora, 12 Nov 1927 at Kenora

16256-27 Onesime CHAPUT, 27, farmer, Bonfield, Great Desert - Bonfield Tp., s/o Leon CHAPUT & Celina BELAIR, married Yvonne SCHREYER, 19, Bonfield, same, d/o Joseph SCHREYER & Emma FOISY, witn: Joseph SCHREYER of Bonfield & Leon CHAPUT of Rutherglen on May 24, 1927 at Bonfield 16257-27 Luke Philip CHASSE, 30, labourer, Kamouraska Que., Des Joachims Que., s/o Charles CHASSE & Febrini L'EVEQUE, married Eva Margaret LAROCHELLE, 19, Moore Lake, Stonecliffe, d/o Alex LAROCHELLE & Ellen DUPONT, witn: Julianne CHOUINARD of Des Joachims Que. & Leo LAROCHELLE of Stonecliffe on June 28, 1927 at Stonecliffe.
16258-27 Delphis CHRETIEN, 24, farmer, Riviere aux Renaud, St. Charles Ont., s/o Urbain CHRETIEN & Marie Louise GIRARD, married Clara FRAPPIER, 19, St. Charles, same, d/o Xavier FRAPPIER & Mathilde LACAINE? (Lacoine?), witn: Xavier FRAPPIER & Urbain CHRETIEN both of St. Charles on Sept. 6, 1927 at St. Charles.

13099-27 Melville Morris CHRISTIUK, 21, locomotive fireman, North Bay, Sioux Lookout, s/o Albert CHRISTIUK, b. Pembroke Ont & Christena MacDONALD, married Nellie Helena SEMETOK, 18, Pheron Center? Manitoba, Sioux Lookout, d/o Herman SEMETOK, b. Austria & Teresa MALOCK, witn: Herman SEMETOK & Mrs. William DUFFUS, both of Sioux Lookout, 17 Oct 1927 at Sioux Lookout

13100-27 John CHORNYLIUK, 33, laborer, Brody - East Galicia, , Kenora, s/o Danylo CHORNYLIUK, & Marie MELNYCHUK, married Katherine GAMUS, 19, Rodachiw East Galicia, Kenora, d/o Hryhonig GAMUS & Donilla BOYKO, witn: D GRUCHECKO & Semen HANCHARYK, both of Kenora, 5 Feb 1927 at Ukrainian Catholic Church

13101-27 Angelo CLARA, 28, laborer, Italy, Sioux Lookout, s/o Antonio CLARA, b. Italy & Sante COLAMINO, married Ida BELLUZ, 18 (b. 14 May 1908), Azzarro Udine Italy, Sioux Lookout, d/o Louis BELLUZ, merchant, b. Italy & Gudia DELAROSE, witn: Egidio MENUZ & Irina BATIGELI, both of Sioux Lookout, 23 Jan 1927 at Sioux Lookout

16259-27 James Ross CLARK, 22, farmer, Battersea, same, s/o Charles CLARK (b. Battersea) & Margaret ROBB, married Leila Evelyn BELL, 22, teacher, Moscow Ont., Battersea, d/o Alfred Mansell BELL (b. Moscow Ont.) & Bertha May LAKE?, witn: Lillian Muriel BELL & Edward illegible both of Industrial Farm Burwash on Oct. 20, 1927 at Sudbury 16260-27 John George CLARKE, 31, labourer, Wasing Chisholm Tp., North Bay, s/o John Walter CLARKE (b. Drummond Ont.) & Christina CRAIG, married Elvennia May EDES, 22, Huntsville, North Bay, d/o James EDES (b. London Ont.) & Emma Elizabeth FRASER, witn: Edna SANDERSON & Elizabeth RICHARDSON both of North Bay on Nov. 1, 1927 at North Bay
16261-27 Johny CLOUTIER, 39, labourer, Webbwood, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Joseph CLOUTIER & Azilda LEGAULT, married Winnifred MOUSSEAU, 19, Chapeau, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Salomon MOUSSEAU & Adeline LARIVIERE, witn: Salomon MOUSSEAU of Sturgeon Falls & Joseph CLOUTIER of St. Charles on Sept. 27, 1927 at Sturgeon Falls 16262-27 Alexander CLUSIAUX, 27 (b. Aug. 18, 1899), labourer, Bonfield Tp., same, s/o Elie CLUSIAUX (deceased) & Lucille PROULX (deceased), married Lawrence PICHE, 23 (b. Feb. 7, 1904) Bonfield Tp., same, d/o Damase PICHE & Hermina CLOUTHIER, witn: Damase PICHE & Mederic VAILLANCOURT both of Bonfield on Feb. 28, 1927 at Bonfield
15066-27 William Sidney COBURN, 35, labourer, Gordon twp., Gore Bay, s/o Samuel COBURN (b. Essex Ontario) & Isabel BRIEN, married Mary CALBACK, 28, Barrie Island, same, d/o John CALBACK (b. Ontario) & Mabel GAMBEL, witn: Mrs. Louise WISMER & Ruby Pearl McCOLEMAN both of Gore Bay on Aug. 3, 1927 at Gore Bay  

13102-27 Kenneth COLLINS, 23, laborer, Selby England, Dryden, s/o Fred COLLINS, b. Selby Yorks. Eng & Mary HAZELWOOD, married Eva Adelaide KENTNER, 19, paper finisher, Owen Sound, Dryden, d/o David Moore KENTNER, b. Eramosa twp & Candace BAKER, witn: Nora COLLINS & George NOBLE, both of Dryden, 7? April 1927 at Dryden

16263-27 Thomas Patrick COLLINS, 28, machinist, North Bay, same, s/o William COLLINS & Bridget O'MALLEY, married Agnes May DOUCETTE, 19, Mattawa, North Bay, d/o Frederick DOUCETTE & Agnes PRIDE, witn: Pearl TURNER & Gordon ROCHE both of North Bay on Oct. 5, 1927 at North Bay.
16249-27 Thomas COSGROVE (Casgrove?), 49 (b. Jan. 16, 1878), barber, widower, Allumette Island Quebec, North Bay, s/o Hugh COSGROVE & Margaret SPENCE, married Elizabeth THIBAULT, 43 (b. April 29, 1873), widow, Pontiac Quebec, Bonfield Tp., d/o Moses THIBAULT (sic) (deceased) & Marceline PARENT, witn: Rae RICHER & Denis COSGROVE both of North Bay on April 18, 1927 at Bonfield. 16265-27 Calixte COURCHESNE, 63, farmer, widower, St. Felix de Valois, Lavigne, s/o Narcisse COURCHESNE & Genevieve GODIN, married Rosanna AUDET (Mrs. Dan Bureau) , 53, widow, Quebec City, Lavigne, d/o Jean AUDET & Celonire VERRETTE, witn: Telesphore COURCHESNE & Frank CHAMPAGNE both of Lavigne on Aug. 23, 1926 at Lavigne
16266-27 Horace COUSINEAU, 26, salesman, North Bay, same, s/o James COUSINEAU & Annie SAGADORE, married Mary Pearl COUGHLIN, 27, North Bay, Renfrew, d/o Charles COUGHLIN & Annie PULTZ, witn: Cora McDONNELL of Connaught & E. L. ST. GERMAIN of North Bay on Sept. 29, 1927 at North Bay. 16267-27 Albert Earl COVEY, 25, telephone operator, Farnham Centre Quebec, New Liskeard, s/o John Wesley COVEY (b. Quebec) & Priscilla Bell INGALLS, married Mary Elizabeth COXON, 28, Morpeth England, Gillies Depot, d/o Richard Calvert COXON (b. Newcastle England) & Clara KINSEY, witn: Winnifred M. OLIVER & Dorothea HALL both of North Bay on Feb. 15, 1927 at North Bay.

13103-27 Alfred Cameron COWIE, 22, steam fitter, Aberdeen Scotland, Kenora, s/o Alfred COWIE, b. Scotland & Margaret CAMPBELL, married Idella FERGUSON, 19, Kenora, Greenfield, d/o Peter FERGUSON, b. Ont & Mary MacDONALD, witn: Robert & Laura BUDD of Kenora, 26 Dec 1927 at Kenora

16268-27 William Clarence COX, 21, labourer, Vennachar Frontenac Co., North Bay, s/o George COX (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth GREGG, married Violet Victoria BALL, 16, Collingwood, North Bay, d/o William James BALL (b. Ontario) & Olive DALES, witn: William James BALL of 102 3rd Ave. East & Elizabeth COX of 27 Bell Ave. both of North Bay on Aug. 11, 1927 at North Bay
16269-27 Lee Tolmie CRAIG, 24, salesman, Toronto, Hamilton, s/o James Tolmie CRAIG (b. Toronto) & Jessie Lee BARNES, married Ruth Margaret Isabel GORDON, 24, Sturgeon Falls, Hamilton, d/o George GORDON (b. Pembroke) & Alice Emma PARRY, witn: George Harvard CRAIG of Hamilton & Elizabeth Josephine GORDON of North Bay on Nov. 5, 1927 at North Bay

13104-27 Gunar CRAMON, 33, pulp worker, Denmark, Kenora, s/o Ludvig CRAMON, b. Denmark & Magdalene HANSEN?, married Gertrude DYER, 25, London Ont., Kenora , d/o Francis DYER, b. Isle of Wight & Gertrude SHEPPCOTT, witn: A. MEDLEY & Mrs. L. SMITH, both of Kenora, 7 April 1927 at Kenora

16270-27 Henry CRESSEY, 34, butter maker, Dartford England, North Bay, s/o Henry CRESSEY (b. Dartford England) & Alice HARRINGTON, married Charlotte Eliza May BRILL, 28, stenographer, North Bay, same, d/o Ben BRILL (b. Arnprior) & Charlotte THOMPSON, witn: J. T. BRILL of Timmins & Beth THOMPSON of North Bay on Feb. 7, 1927 at North Bay. 16271-27 Albert Jubal CROWE, 24, labourer, Stratham Cambridgeshire England, North Bay, s/o Jubal CROWE (b. Stratham Cambridgeshire England) & Mary Jane WERTLEY, married Constance Fanny IVATT, 24, hotel worker, Aldreth Cambridgeshire England, North Bay, d/o James IVATT (b. Aldreth Cambridgeshire England) & Alice Kate ALLEN, witn: Henry A. BLANCHARD of 132 Main East North Bay & Thomas LLOYD of Fort William on Sept. 1, 1927 at North Bay
15067-27 Simeon CULL, 24, clerk, Newfoundland, 114 Maitland St. Toronto, s/o James CULL (b. Newfoundland) & Emma DOWNTON, married Verna Jane ADDISON, 21, Ontario, Silver Water, d/o Joseph ADDISON (b. Ontario) & Lucinda MAY, witn: Edgar ADDISON of Silver Water & Gwendoline McLAREN of Meldrum Bay on Dec. 26, 1927 at Robinson twp. 16264-27 Michael CUNNINGHAM, 26, labourer, Ottawa, same, s/o Michael CUNNINGHAM & Annie Mary COWAN, married Loretta May COLLINS, 24, North Bay, same, d/o William COLLINS & Bridget O'MALLEY, witn: George COUGHLAN of Ottawa & Beatrice COLLINS of North Bay on Sept. 14, 1927 at North Bay
16272-27 Robert Patrick CUNNINGHAM, 27, captain, Mattawa, same, s/o John CUNNINGHAM (b. Gloucester Ontario) & Sarah McMEEKIN, married Leonie FINK, 25, Mattawa, same, d/o J. Arthur FINK (b. illegible Quebec - Joliette) & Emma BANGS, witn: W. Arthur KEYES & Jeane MOREL both of Mattawa on June 20, 1927 at Mattawa 16273-27 Donat DALCOURT, 24, farmer, Verner, same, s/o Napoleon DALCOURT & Genevieve ST. AUBIN, married Marie Reine BEAUDRY, 18, Verner, same, d/o Sinai BEAUDRY & Georgiana TRUDEL, witn: Sinai BEAUDRY & Napoleon DALCOURT both of Verner on Aug. 21, 1927 at Verner
16274-27 Eusebe DAOUST, 76, free holder, widower, St. Louis de Goudaill Quebec, Noelville, s/o Michel DAOUST (b. L' Ile Perrot) & Emelie LADURANTAYE, married Marilda GUY, 66, free holder, widow, Chicoutimi Quebec, Noelville, d/o Louis GUY (b. Chicoutimi) & Lea GIRARD, witn: William G. & Alcide DAOUST both of Noelville on Feb. 3, 1927 at Cosby Tp.

13105-27 Raymond Glenn DAVIDSON, 31, Brighton Ont., Kenora, s/o David Richmond DAVIDSON, b. Ont & Ann Mae GLENN, married Agnes Anne McLEOD, 30, Keewatin Ont., Kenora, d/o Donald McLEOD, b. Ont & Alexandria SUTHERLAND, witn: Stuart Milne FISHER of Keewatin & Jessie McLEOD of Kenora, 7 Sept 1927 at Kenora

16275-27 William Douglas DAVIS, 24, prospector, Tweed, Rouyn Que., s/o George DAVIS (b. Tweed Ont.) & Lily ROTH, married Aldine MILLS, 22, Cache Bay, Rouyn Que., d/o J. G. MILLS (b. Eganville) & Elizabeth PAUL, witn: A. J. & Mrs J. C. COCHRANE both of 33 First Ave West North Bay on Sept. 19, 1927 at North Bay.

13106-27 Harold DAVIS, 23, clerk, Birmingham England, Kenora, s/o William J.B. DAVIS, b. Birmingham England & Edith PLANT, married Nellie Ellen TAYLOR, 21, clerk, Winnipeg, Kenora, d/o James TAYLOR, b. Edinburgh Scotland & Alice DONELLY, witn: William James WALLACE of Winnipeg & Rev. J.Y. HOLMES of Invermere BC, 30 July 1927 at Kenora

15068-27 Isaac DEBASSIGE, 26, farmer, West Bay, same, s/o Louison DEBASSIGE & Louise WAGOSH, married Lillian (Denault) McDONALD, 19, Little Current, West Bay, d/o Albert McDONALD & Agnes CORBIERE, witn: Bertha McDONALD & Dominique CORBIERE both of West Bay on April 18, 1927 at West Bay. 16276-27 Richard Bernard DEFORREST, 26, gardener, Ryde Isle of Wight UK, North Bay, s/o James DEFORREST (b. Ryde Isle of Wight UK) & Frances ANDREWS, married Amy Evelyn DALY, 21, Ottawa, North Bay, d/o father unknown (b. Scotland) & Cecila DALY, witn: William CLARK & James J. DENNIS both of North Bay on Oct. 12, 1927 at North Bay
16277-27 Florent DELAROSBEL, 38, labourer, Paspebiac Que., North Bay, s/o Leopold DELAROSBEL (b. Paspebiac Que.) & Josephine DENIS, married Hortense MANTHA, 25, North Bay, same, d/o Joseph MANTHA Jr. (b. St. Joseph de Orleans Que.) & Marie Louise PUSSON, witn: Joseph Jr. & Georges MANTHA both of North Bay on Nov. 21, 1927 at North Bay 16278-27 Joseph Florimond DENIS, 24, labourer, Riviere au Renard Que., Sturgeon Falls, s/o Dosithe DENIS & Florida SAMUEL, married Alda OUELLETTE, 19, Espanola, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Joseph OUELETTE & Clorida PICHE, witn: Joseph OUELLETTE & Simeon BOIS both of Sturgeon Falls on April 18, 1927 at Sturgeon Falls
16279-27 James J. DENNIS, 33, deputy chief constable, Thurles Co. Tipperary Ireland, North Bay, s/o David DENNIS & Kate NEVILLE, married Marie Alma ST. PIERRE, 29, registered nurse, North Bay, same, d/o David ST. PIERRE & Mathilda BLANCHETTE, witn: Marguerite ST. PIERRE of North Bay & John F. DENNIS of Quebec City on Sept. 5, 1927 at North Bay

13107-27 Edgar Frank DENTRY, 25, locomotive fireman, England, Sioux Lookout, s/o Albert DENTRY, b. London England & Eliza MOORE, married Isabella MUTCH, 24, domestic, Scotland, Sioux Lookout, d/o William MUTCH, b. Fraserburgh Scotland & Mary CARL, witn: Ada VERHOEVE & Eliza DENTRY, both of Sioux Lookout, 11 Oct. 1927 at Sioux Lookout

16280-27 Pady DE VERONO, 23, CNR sectionman, Italy, Chisholm Tp., s/o Carmine DE VERONO (b. Italy) & Giuseppina MARTINA, married Ruth PILGRIM, 23, Madawaska, Chisholm Tp., d/o William Robert PILGRIM (b. Algoma Tp.) & Annie BOEHME, witn: John William PILGRIM & Bertha Mary BOEHME both of Chisholm Tp. on Nov. 29, 1927 at Chisholm Tp.

13108-27 Luke DIDUCH, 26, laborer, Ukrainia, Kenora, s/o John DIDUCH & Anna PURA, married Anne KULEC, 21, Ukrainia, Kenora, d/o Peter KULEC & Josephina KLEMAN, witn: [illegible signature] of Sioux Lookout & [illegible signature] of Winnipeg, 29 Oct 1927 at Kenora

16281-27 Eugene DIONNE, 24, labourer, Augers Que., Cosby Tp., s/o Francois Xavier DIONNE (b. St. Alexandre Que.) & Marie Louise CHENIER, married Lily Anne LAHAIE, 17, Noelville, Cosby Tp., d/o Hormisdas LAHAIE (b. Augers Que.) & Rosie JOANISSE, witn: Francois Xavier DIONNE & Hermisdas LAHAIE both of Noelville on July 19, 1927 at Church of St David, Noelville

13109-27 Ernest Harold DONDIET, 24, farmer, Dryden, same, s/o Alfred DONDIET, b. Montreal & Rose ORME, married Ellen Margaret BENNETT, 18, North Dakota?, Dyment, d/o J BENNETT, b. North Dakota US & Lily BUDLONG, witn: A. & Marie BORUP of Dryden, 8 Jan 1927 at Dryden

16282-27 Isaac William DONET (Donat?), 27 (b. July 10, 1900), labourer, Bonfield, same, s/o Edward DONET & Mary FRANKIE, married Marie Elianore MYRE, 18, (b. Oct. 14, 1908), Callander, Bonfield Tp., d/o Louis MYRE & Adeline RAYMOND, witn: Arthur RAYMOND & Paul FOISY both of Bonfield on July 18, 1927 at Bonfield 16283-27 Joseph Adrien DORION, 22, labourer, Noelville, Sturgeon Falls, s/o George DORION & Alexina CADIEUX, married Leona GOSSELIN, 21, Sturgeon Falls, same, d/o Adrien GOSSELIN & Angelina SABOURIN, witn: Adrien GOSSELIN of Sturgeon Falls & George DORION of Noelville on July 18, 1927 at Sturgeon Falls
16284-27 Arthur DOUCETTE, 32, labourer, Mattawa, same, s/o Joseph DOUCETTE & Marie LAFRAMBOISE, married Marie BASTIEN, 18, Mattawa, same, d/o Bernard BASTIEN & Elizabeth MONTREUIL, witn: Bernard BASTIEN & Athanase DOUCETTE both of Mattawa on July 5, 1927 at Mattawa. 16285-27 Anthine DUFRESNE, 22, carpenter, East Templeton Que., North Bay, s/o Henri DUFRESNE & Zenaide TROTTIER, married Emma DENOMME, 21, Verner, same, d/o Victor DENOMME & Elmire CHARTRAND, witn: Victor DENOMME of Verner & Henri DUFRESNE of North Bay on Aug. 22, 1927 at Verner
16286-27 Alphonse DUMAS, 23, labourer, Rockland, Whitney, s/o Godfrey DUMAS (b. Rockland) & Eva SARAZEN, married Mary Elizabeth LYNCH, 24, Airy Tp., Whitney, d/o Edward LYNCH (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth GANNON, witn: Alfred P. DWYER & Mrs. Elizabeth LYNCH both of Whitney on March 23, 1927 at Whitney 16287-27 Joseph Augustin DUMOULIN, 21, mill hand, Montebello Que., Brent, s/o Joseph DUMOULIN & Eugene SARRAZIN, married Celine DUVAL, 14, Notre Dame de la Paix P.Q., Brent, d/o Palma DUVAL & Emma SAUVE, witn: Felix LARENTE & Palma DUVAL both of Brent on July 27, 1927 at Cheswick
15069-27 Angus Arden DUNCANSON, 23, farmer, Robinson twp., same, s/o Laughlin DUNCANSON (b. Ontario) & Margaret PATTON, married Laura Ruth BUCK, 19, Carnarvon twp., Robinson twp., d/o Alonzo V. BUCK (b. Welland) & Mary E. HOPKINS, witn: Norman DUNCANSON of Silver Water & Doris BUCK of Providence Bay on July 27, 1927 at Village of Silver Water 16288-27 Joseph Georges DURET, 23, labourer, St. Jean Evangeliste Que., Sturgeon Falls, s/o William DURET & Archange CAISSIE, married Alda MALETTE, 23, Rockland, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Mathias MALETTE & Marie Louise LEBLOND, witn: Mathias MALETTE & Augustin FRAPPIER both of Sturgeon Falls on Oct. 18, 1927 at Sturgeon Falls.

15070-27 Austin Sherman EADE, 24, motorman, Howland twp., Little Current, s/o Arthur George EADE (b. Manitoulin Island) & Barbara FRICK, married Florence Jean DRYBRUGH, 21, Howland twp., Little Current, d/o William DRYBURGH (b. Stratford Ontario) & Hannah LOWE, witn: Russell VASEY & Annie ROWE both of Little Current on March 22, 1927 at Mindemoya

16289-27 Charles Victor ELLIS, 30, expressman, Widdifield Tp., North Bay, s/o William John ELLIS (b. Newmarket) & Maria STRINGER, married Ena WINTER, 19, clerk, Lochee Scotland, North Bay, d/o John WINTER (b. Scotland) & Janet SCOTT, witn: Joseph LEES & Edith WINTER both of North Bay on May 5, 1927 at North Bay

16290-27 Fritzof Ninian ENGLAND, 25, farmer, Kipling, same, s/o Olaf ENGLAND (b. Sweden) & Wilhemina OLSON, married Ella ACKERLUND, 23, Sweden, Kipling, d/o Leonard ACKERLUND (b. Sweden) & Bertha ERICKSON, witn: L. ACKERLUND of Kipling & Miss Sagfrana HALL of Box 558 Parry Sound on June 25, 1927 at Village of Kipling 15073-27 Joseph ENOSSE, 35, farmer, Wikwemikong, same, s/o J.B. ENOSSE & Seraphine WIBAKAMIGAD, married Sarah MANDAMIN, 20, Wikwemikong, same, d/o Elie MANDAMIN & Mary DEBASSIGE, witn: Marguerite ENOSSE of Wikwemikong & Isadore NADJUWAN of Byng Inlet on April 25, 1927 at Wikwemikong.

13112-27 Wolfgang EULER, 28, farmer, Cando North Dakota, s/o Richard EULER, b. Germany & Louisa FISHER, married Johanna Arnolda SCHORNENBERG, 18, Blankenstein Germany, Waldhof, d/o Peter SCHORNENBERG, b. Holland & Johanna ARNOLDA, witn: Mrs. PITTEH of Dryden & Gerald SPRENG of Waldhof, 21 May 1927 at Dryden

13111-27 Theodore EULER, 26, farmer, Cando North Dakota, Waldhof, s/o Richard EULER, b. Germany & Louisa FISHER, married Florence E. JOHNERT, 18 (on 24 Dec 1926), Gunton Manitoba, Waldhof, d/o William JOHNERT, b. Germany & Norine HARTONG, witn: Freye EULER & Fred JOHNERT of Waldhof, 29 May 1927 at Dryden

15071-27 Narcisse EUSTANE, 20, labourer, West Bay, same, s/o Riel EUSTANE & Agnes EWIIWE, married Josephine CORBIERE, 18, West Bay, same, d/o Ignace CORBIERE & Angele ABITASSANG, witn: Rose WABANGE & David DEBASSIGE both of West Bay on May 2, 1927 at West Bay 15072-27 Narcisse EUWSTANANG, 20, labourer, West Bay, same, s/o Pierre EUWSTANANG & Agnes EWIIWE (Ewinve?), married Josephine CORBIERE, 18, West Bay, same, d/o Ignace CORBIERE & Marie ABITASANG, witn: Adeline DEBASSIGE & James ESSIBAN both of West Bay on May 2, 1927 at West Bay

15074-27 Robert Alexander FERGUSON, 30, farmer, Carnarvon twp., Mindemoya, s/o Charles Peter FERGUSON (b. Markham Tp.) & Jane McDONALD, married Frances Charlotte BOND, 27, Carnarvon twp., Mindemoya, d/o George Henry BOND (b. Manchester Ontario) & Frances Charlotte COOK, witn: Oliver BOND & Isabella FERGUSON both of Mindemoya on June 1, 1927 at Carnarvon Tp

15075-27 William George FERGUSON, 21, farmer, Howland twp., same, s/o George FERGUSON (b. near Owen Sound) & Nellie PECK, married Jessie Florence EADE, 18, Howland twp., same, d/o Robert EADE (b. Howland twp) & Edith EADE, witn: Charles WESTON & Teenie HAWKE both of Honora on June 1, 1927 at Carnarvon twp.

15076-27 William John FERGUSON, 28, farmer, Mindemoya Carnarvon twp., same, s/o Charles Peter FERGUSON (b. Ontario) & Jane McDONALD, married Kathleen Allison COX, 17 (b. 1 Feb 1910), Balscote Oxfordshire England, Mindemoya, d/o Sidney COX (b. Oxfordshire England) & Fanny TAYLOR, witn: John BREATHAT of Perivale & Frances COX of Mindemoya on Feb. 17, 1927 at Carnarvon

16291-27 Frank FISHER, 29, lumberman, Garden Village, same, s/o John FISHER & Sara ARUIKWABI, married Philomine McLEOD, 18, Garden Village, same, d/o Angus McLEOD & Catherine LARIVIERE, witn: Madeline STEPHEN & Joseph BENISSI both of Garden Village on Feb. 15, 1927 at Garden Village.

15077-27 Clark Wallace FLOOD, 21, labourer, Derby twp. Grey Co., Cockburn Island, s/o A. L. FLOOD (b. England) & Johana KANE, married Martha Marion WILLITON, 18, Cockburn Island, same, d/o W.K. WILLITON (b. Walkerton) & Eva JOHNSTON, witn: Arthur FAHRER & Etta FLOOD both of Cockburn Island on Aug. 10, 1927 at Cockburn Island 16292-27 James FOISY, 30 (b. March 31, 1897), mechanic, Bonfield, same, s/o John FOISY (deceased) & Julia ARCHAMBAULT, married Laurence MARTIN, 21 (b. Sept, 26, 1906), Bonfield, same, d/o Ovide MARTIN & Marie BEAULIEU, witn: Ovide MARTIN & Paul FOISY both of Bonfield on June 28, 1927 at Bonfield

13113-27 Ernest Joseph FORTIER, 22, yardman, Kenora, same, s/o Joseph FORTIER, b. Quebec & Exilda LEBLANC, married Elena Bertha DUFRESNE, 22, Kenora, same, d/o Octave DUFRESNE, b. Quebec & Albina POIRIER, witn: Alfred POIRIER & Joseph Louis FORTIER, both of Kenora, 14 Feb 1927 at Kenora

16293-27 George Dalton FOSTER, 18, salesman, North Bay, same, s/o William FOSTER (b. Brockville) & Edith SHERMAN, married Leda Leuhanna Gertrude FISHER, 21, saleslady, Christiana Norway, North Bay, d/o John FISHER (b. Germany) & Hilda GOODSTUFSEN, witn: W. ANDERSON of 59 Hight St & Jean COCHRANE of 33 First Ave both of North Bay on Sept. 2, 1927 at North Bay

15078-27 Cecil Ellison FOSTER, 28, farmer, Billings twp., same, s/o George FOSTER (b. Ontario) & Sarah THOMPSON, married Margaret Delmar BAKER, 21, Allen twp., same, d/o Edward BAKER (b. Grey Co.) & Janet ROBERTSON, witn: Gertrude FOSTER of Kagawong & John L. BAKER of Barrie Island on June 7, 1927 at Barrie Island

15079-27 James Richard FOSTER, 27, farmer, Mills twp., same, s/o James FOSTER (b. Toronto) & Hannah LIDES (Sides?), married Ruby Josephine VAN MAER, 22, Gordon twp., Campbell twp., d/o Jacob E. VAN MAER (b. Campbell Tp.) & Annie MORRELL, witn: Mrs. J. E. VAN MAER of Long Bay & W. MORRELL of Burpee on August 17, 1927 at Long Bay

13114-27 Hellemuth Max FRANZ, 23, farmer, Kitchener Ont., Waldhof, s/o August FRANZ, b. Germany & Ann STEINER?, married Emeline VAN THADEN, 19, Madog Ont., Waldhof, d/o Fred VON THADEN, b. Germany & Alvira (Alovna?) KRAUS, witn: Mark FRANZ of Minitaki & Lizzie BULLOCK of Oxdrift, 17 Sept 1927 at Dryden

16294-27 Leonard FULLER, 19, labourer, Airy Tp., Whitney, s/o Henry FULLER (b. Maynooth) & Laura HEGGART, married Marie Jeannette PERRY, 17, Airy Tp., Whitney, d/o Thomas PERRY (b. Gaspe Que.) & Laura AUBREY, witn: Albert PERRY & Lauretta MARTIN both of Whitney on Oct. 6, 1927 at Whitney Village
15080-27 Daniel GAIARK (Garark?), 22, Wikwemikong, same, s/o Louis GAIARK & Bridget WAGOOK, married Agnes GABEMI (Gaboni?), 19, Wikwemikong, same d/o Joseph GABEMI & Isabelle CORBIERE, witn: Maria Louisa GAIARK & Wilfred WAGOOK both of Wikwemikong on July 11, 1927 at Wikwemikong 16295-27 Nicholas GALANIS, 38, merchant, Isle of Crete Greece, North Bay, s/o James GALANIS (b. Island of Crete Greece) & Alice PAPPADICE, married Martha Dora MARTINSEN, 23, waitress, Christiana Norway, North Bay, d/o Nels MARTINSEN (b. Christiana Norway) & Marie ERIKSON, witn: James Edgar COCHRANE of 100 4th Ave West North Bay, Asta HANSEN & Asbysin MARTINSEN both of Kipling on Aug. 11, 1927 at North Bay.
16296-27 John James GAUDAUR, 27, labourer, Powassan, same, s/o Edward GAUDAUR (b. Orillia) & Johanna GREEN (b. Toronto), married Katherine Ethel O`CONNOR, 23, Chiswick Chisholm Tp., Astorville, d/o Charles O`CONNOR (b. Glengarry) & Rose BOGUE (b. Co. Tyrone Ireland), witn: Helen GAUDAUR of Powassan & Charles O`CONNOR of Astorville on June 6, 1927 at Astorville. 16297-27 Arthur GAUTHIER, 22, farmer, Cornwall, Powassan, s/o Cleophas GAUTHIER & Ermeline BRISSON, married Rose LEDOUX, 20, Astorville, same, d/o Hormidas LEDOUX & Rose HOULE, witn: Hedwige GAUTHIER of Astorville & Albert BRISSON of Cochrane on Jan. 31, 1927 at Astorville.
16298-27 Harvey GAUTHIER, 26, labourer, Verner, Delamere Tp., s/o Delphis GAUTHIER & Oseline LAFONTAINE, married Rosanna ROCHON, 18, Ripon, Delamere Tp., d/o Joseph ROCHON & Emilia CHARBONNEAU, witn: Joseph ROCHON & Ernest GAUTHIER both of Rutter on Dec. 26, 1927 at Noelville. 16299-27 William GAUTHIER, 27, mill hand, Little River New Brunswick, Foss Mill, s/o Jean GAUTHIER & Francoise GUIGNARD, married Edna BEDARD, 20, Monte Bello Que., Foss Mill, d/o Hilaire BEDARD & Victorine JOANNISSE, witn: Hilaire & H. H. BEDARD both of Foss Mill on June 6, 1927 at Chiswick.
16300-27 Louis GAUVIN, 62, hotel keeper, widower, Rimouski Que., North Bay, s/o Victor GAUVIN (b. Riviere Ouelle Que.) & Suzanne LANGIS, married Philomene ROCHON, 55, widow, St Joseph d'Orleans, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Antoine ROCHON (sic) (b. Ste Martine Que.) & Celina POTVIN, witn: Edmond ROY & Rene LAROCQUE both of Sturgeon Falls on Sept. 6, 1927 at Sturgeon Falls

13115-27 Edward GHERINGHELLI, 29, section foreman, Beaudrome Italy, Bigsby, s/o Luigi GHERINGHELLI, b. Briganeva? Italy & Felicita VIGARELLI, married Josephina MASCETTI, 18, Banago Italy, Bigsby, d/o Luigi MASCETTI, b. Binago Italy & Catharina HARACELLI?, witn: illegible & Lugena MASCETTI of Barclay, 3 May 1927 at Dryden

16301-27 Eddie GIGUERE, 21, farmer, Verner, Lavigne Ont., s/o Joseph GIGUERE & Pamela VINCENT, married Bernadette ROUSSEAU, 17, Lavigne, same, d/o Damase ROUSSEAU & mother's name not given, witn: Damase ROUSSEAU & Joseph GIGUERE both of Lavigne on June 20, 1927 at Lavigne 16302-27 Andrew Nairn GILMOUR, 37, hotel keeper, Glasgow Scotland, Capreol, s/o Archibald GILMOUR (b. Glasgow Scotland) & Helen O'BRIEN, married Elizabeth Agnes JENSON, 22, Sudbury, Capreol, d/o Henry JENSON (b. Denmark) & Annie ROSS, witn: Mrs. J. C. COCHRANE of 33 1st Ave. West & Edith BILLINGTON of 29 1st Ave West both of North Bay on June 13, 1927 at North Bay

13116-27 John GINGARA, 27, miner, Dauphin Manitoba, Sioux Lookout, s/o Peter GINGARA, b. Austria & Mary OSISUK, married Jane BEREZNE, 18, Dauphin Manitoba, Sioux Lookout, d/o Sam BEREZNE, b. Austria & Mary NATCHUCK, witn: John KOROP & John PLYTKE?, both of Sioux Lookout, 19 Nov 1927 at Sioux Lookout

13117-27 Eric GOODBY, 23, farmer, Leeds England, Britton twp - Dryden, s/o John GOODBY, b. England & Elizabeth BANKS, married Marion Charlotte MARSHMAN, 23, Carmel Ont., Britton twp - Dryden, d/o Thomas MARSHMAN, b. Ont & Minerva JOHNSTON, witn: L.G. & Mrs. L.G. MARSHMAN of Oxdrift, 12 Oct 1927 at Dryden (Britton twp)

16303-27 Glen Duncan GORDON, 19, delivery man, Ross Tp., North Bay, s/o Samuel GORDON (b. Ross Tp.) & Wilhemina McFAYDEN, married Minnie Margaret LAING, 21, book keeper, North Bay, same, d/o Arthur Oliver LAING (b. Ottawa) & Matilda Adelaide DOHERTY, witn: Hazel L. STEELE & Robert PARR both of North Bay on Nov. 16, 1927 at North Bay.

13118-27 Edward GOULD, 36, farmer, Kenora, same, s/o Richard GOULD, b. Ireland & Phebe HENDERSON, married Ida Ruth HYGAARD, 16, Winnipeg, Kenora, d/o John HYGAARD, b. Iceland & Rosetta LYONS, witn: Lily CHEYNE & John KRATES?, both of Kenora, 28 Sept 1927 at Kenora

16304-27 Neil Hugh GRASSICK, 26, police officer, Cumberland Scotland, North Bay, s/o William GRASSICK (b. Inverness Scotland) & Catherine ROBERTSON, married Ethel Mary THOMPSON, 21, waitress, Barnsley England, North Bay, d/o Harold Ernest THOMPSON (b. Staincross England) & Elizabeth Ann PASHLEY, witn: James J. DENNIS of 29 1st Ave West & David HOGBEN of 132 McIntyre East both of North Bay on Aug. 4, 1927 at North Bay.

13119-27 Gust GREEN, 30, laborer, Sweden, Kenora, s/o John GREEN, b. Sweden & Gertrude OLSON, married Gladys DOWLES, 27, Crick England, Kenora, d/o Fred DOWLER, b. Gloucestershire England & Millicent WETTER, witn: William & Nora RONNEBECK of Kenora, 3 Sept 1927 at Kenora

15081-27 Gordon A. GRIFFITH, 24, farmer, Barrie Island, same s/o Donald GRIFFITH (b. Manitoulin Island) & Edith FLANIGAN, married Ardath CROFT, 24, Ice Lake, same, d/o George CROFT (b. Yorkshire England) & Rachael McARTHUR, witn: Mamie PALMER & Ernest CROFT both of Ice Lake on March 1, 1927 at Ice Lake. 16305-27 Charles GUILBAULT, 25, labourer, Ottawa, Noelville, s/o Charles GUILBAULT (b. Ottawa) & Almina DECHAMPAGNE, married Kathleen NORMAN, 25, Montreal, Noelville, d/o Jack NORMAN (b. Montreal) & Sarah BERNARD, witn: J. A. & Edith CLARK both of Sturgeon Falls on Oct. 27, 1927 at Sturgeon Falls

13120-27 Victor GUSTAFSON, 21, section foreman, Sweden, Ostermond Ont., s/o John GUSTAFSON, b. Finland & Annie BARKLUND, married Engrid ADAMSON, 20, Norway, Ostersund Ont., d/o Andrew ADAMSON, b. Norway & Constance JOHNSON, witn: H.P. COOK & Andrew ADAMSON, both of Kenora, 8 Jan 1927

16306-27 James HAGARTY, 43, labourer, Packenham, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Sandy HAGARTY (b. Arnprior) & Bella BORDER, married Amelia SERRE, 29, Sturgeon Falls, same, d/o Gabriel SERRE (b. Ste Marguerite Que.) & Rachel JODOUIN, witn: Mathias LAJEUNESSE & Gabriel SERRE both of Sturgeon Falls on Sept. 27, 1927 at Sturgeon Falls

13121-27 Charles HAINSWORTH, 27, merchant, Calgary Alberta, s/o Arthur Edward HAINSWORTH, b. Yorkshire England & Mary WRIGHT, married Alice Vernon GREEN, 23, nurse, Fort William, Sioux Lookout, d/o William Henry GREEN, b. Devonshire England & Amelia Ann DOBB, witn: James & Violet HAINSWORTH of Sioux Lookout, 6 July 1927 at Sioux Lookout

13122-27 Fred Henry HAMILL, 24, barber, Winnipeg, Kenora, s/o Henry HAMILL, b. Massachusetts & Annie LE CLAIR, married Helen Rae JOHNSTON, 19, Glasgow Scotland, Kenora, d/o John JOHNSTON, b. Hastings England & Nellie RAE, witn: George Alex HAMILL & Mary WEBB, both of Kenora, 12 Dec 1927 at Kenora

15082-27 George Franklin HAMMOND, 24, labourer, Kagawong, Allan twp., s/o George HAMMOND (b. near Sound Ontario) & Annie BASSINGWEIGHT, married Margaret Arlene McDOUGALL, 20, Gordon twp., same, d/o Alexander McDOUGALL (b. Grey Co.) & Catherine McCONNEL, witn: Verna MERRICK & James McCONNEL both of Gore Bay on Dec. 28, 1927 at Gore Bay.

13123-27 Pete HANSEN, 26, locomotive fireman, Denmark, Sioux Lookout, s/o Albert HANSEN, b. Denmark & Andrea BECK, married Lillian Selena DENTRY, 21, London England, Sioux Lookout, d/o Albert DENTRY, b. London England & Eliza MOURE?, witn: H. KENDALL & O.N. GODDAN, both of Sioux Lookout, 18 Dec 1927 at Sioux Lookout

15083-27 Charles Wesley HARPER, 21, farmer, Burpee twp., same, s/o Thompson Ellis HARPER (b. Spence Ontario) & Sarah Ann NESBITT, married Grace Irene ARMSTRONG, 26, dressmaker, Robinson twp., Gordon twp., d/o John ARMSTRONG (b. England) & Emma KEMP, witn: Clarence HARPER of Burpee & Stella ARMSTRONG of Gore Bay on July 6, 1927 at Gore Bay

13124-27 Micheal HASHVA, 30, laborer, Cishanow East Galicia, Kenora, s/o John HASHVA & Pelagia NEBENICK, married Anastasia WENCHER, 22, domestic servant, Ternapol East Galicia, Kenora, d/o Daniel WENCHER & Annie KAT, witn: M. HASHVA & Fred SERDECHEY, both of Kenora, 28 Aug 1927 at Kenora

15307-27 Joseph Charles HAWKINS, 23, correspondence clerk, Pembroke, North Bay, s/o Isaac HAWKINS (b. Derbyshire England) & Frances HARWOOD, married Mabel Frances MARSHALL, 20, clerk, North Bay, same, d/o Joseph MARSHALL (b. Orangeville) & Mary McGAUGHEY, witn: Alice McDOWELL & C. Smith HAWKINS both of North Bay on July 4, 1927 at North Bay

13125-27 Lincoln HENDRICKSON 28, paper maker, Cleveland Minnesota, Kenora, s/o John HENDRICKSON, b. Sweden & Adeline JARVIS, married Fabiola FAVREAU, 25, Medicine Hat Alberta, Kenora, d/o Joseph FAVREAU, b. Quebec & Mary Louise GAUTHIER, witn: Joseph & Antoinette FAVREAU of Kenora, 15 June 1927 at Kenora

16308-27 George Henry HOCKENHOLL, 38, boiler maker, Carleton Place, North Bay, s/o George HOCKENHOLL & Matilda PAQUETT, married Ann Josephine McMAHON, 44, widow, Casselman, North Bay, d/o Samuel CUMMINGS & Jane McPHEE, witn: Mary Jane ROY of Sudbury & Jane CUMMINGS of North Bay on June 8, 1927 at North Bay 15084-27 Joseph HODGSON, 32, farmer, Ayr Waterloo Co., Mindemoya, s/o George HODGSON (b. Skulkill Co. Pennsylvania USA) & Jean WILLIAMSON, married Jean Anna Lillian TUSTIAN, 24, Billings twp., Mindemoya, d/o Ross TUSTIAN (b. Canada) & Mary Elizabeth FARQUHAR, witn: George HODGSON of Mindemoya & Christina I. McKENZIE of 282 Western Ave Toronto on July 29, 1927 at The Church, Billings twp.
16309-27 Samuel Laughlin HOWIE, 23, labourer, Droine? Scotland, Oshawa, s/o Robert Wilson HOWIE & Margaret Bell Strong ELLIOTT, married Wilhemina HOWIE (sic, s/b Wilhelmina COSSAR), 24, Lanarkshire Scotland, Foss Mill, d/o William COSSAR & Janet ANDERSON, witn: James Edward SANDERSON of North Bay & Marion Frood COSSAR of Foss Mill on Oct. 4, 1927 at North Bay. 16310-27 Thomas HRYCUK, 32, labourer, Poland, North Bay, s/o Sam (b. Poland) & Mary, married Martha Elmira TUCK, 21, Parry Sound, North Bay, d/o John TUCK (b. Parry Sound) & Sarah WILLCOCK, witn: Albert GRANGER & Mary WILLETT, both of North Bay on March 10, 1927 at North Bay.

13126-27 Leon HRYNYK, 27, section man, Roumania, Kenora, s/o Epifani HRYNYK, b. Roumania & Mary MARKOWICH, married Sofia MANDZICK, 17, Roumania, Kenora, d/o George MANDZICK, b. Roumania & Mary BATANICK, witn: Mary CARNYTO & John MOOSTOV?, both of Kenora, 14 May 1927 at Kenora

16311-27 Percy Adams HUNTINGTON, 36, merchant, Sault Ste Marie, North Bay, s/o Stewart HUNTINGTON (b. Kazabazua Quebec) & Annie Laura MILLS, married Joy Ruth HARRISON, 28, dental assistant, North Bay, same, d/o Charles R. HARRISON (b. England) & Teresa GARVIN, witn: Francis PERKINS of Powassan & Hannah VALIN of North Bay on Sept. 19, 1927 at North Bay.
16312-27 Francis Charles HUTCHINS, 21, baggage man, Toronto, North Bay, s/o Albert HUTCHINS (b. Goderich) & Violet O`KEEFE, married Tessie Rheda Sarah LUXTON, 21, North Bay, same, d/o Thomas LUXTON (b. Powassan) & Frances YOUNG, witn: Clifford GRIEVE of 244 Fisher St & John McGOWAN of Ferguson Block both of North Bay on Nov. 16, 1927 at North Bay 15085-27 Wellington JACOBS, 33, labourer, Little Current, Byng Inlet, s/o Peter JACOBS (b. Southampton) & Mary Ann KEGKAKAKME, married Eliza HOWELL, 22, Sucker Creek Reserve, Sucker Creek, d/o Sam HOWELL (b. Sagamok) & Annie McGRAW, witn: Mrs. Frank ABTOSWAY & May McGRAW both of Sucker Creek Reserve on Jan. 6, 1927 at Little Current
16313-27 Thomas Emlyn JAMES, 25, labourer, Jolly Tp., Sundridge, s/o Thomas JAMES (b. England) & Catherine SEDORE, married Rhoda May McNEILL, 23, factory operator, Creighton - Oro Tp., Sundridge, d/o Alexander McNEILL (b. Glasgow Scotland) & Mary GODFREY, witn: J. E. & Marjory SANDERSON both of North Bay on Dec. 23, 1927 at North Bay. 16314-27 Hormisdas JOBIN, 21, farmer, La Salette Quebec, Astorville, s/o Narcisse JOBIN (of La Salette Que.) & Lea LETOUR, married Alice OUELLETTE, 16, Bonfield, Astorville, d/o Zoel OUELLETTE & Adelina MAINVILLE, witn: Alph TESSIER & Zoel OUELLETTE both of Nosbonsing on April 19, 1927 at Astorville

13128-27 John JOHANSON, 25, laborer, Boden Sweden, Kenora, s/o Erick JOHANSON, b. Boden Sweden & Herla CARLSON, married Molly BYSTROM, 19, domestic servant, Whitemouth Manitoba, Kenora, d/o Manders BYSTROM, b. Sweden & Hilda BABERYL, witn: Ivan & Mrs. Isa? ANDERSON of Kenora, 27 July 1927 at Kenora

13129-27 John Helmer JOHNSON, 28, bridge builder, Piteo Sweden, s/o Anton JOHNSON, b Norslund Sweden & Matilda NYSTROM, married Annie Erika NORMAN, 19, Bjarton Sweden, Wabigoon, d/o G.E. NORMAN, b. Norslund Sweden & Anna FRYBERG, witn: Ruben NORMAN & Delia WICKMAN, both of Wabigoon, 14 Nov 1927 at Wabigoon

16315-27 Thomas Theodore JOHNSTON, 25, mail clerk, Belfast Ireland, North Bay, s/o Hugh JOHNSON (b. Belfast Ireland) & Esther SINTON (Linton?), married Gladys May GRAHAM, 24, clerk, Hallam Algoma Co., North Bay, d/o James GRAHAM (b. Webbwood) & Catherine A. STEWART, witn: Katie STEWART & Albert JOHNSTON both of North Bay on April 13, 1927 at North Bay 16316-27 Harold Chester JORDAN, 22, bookkeeper, Toronto, North Bay, s/o Joseph JORDAN (b. England) & Charlotte CHESTER, married Olive Eleanor COLYER, 20, London England, North Bay, d/o Walter Charles COLYER (b. London England) & Olive MILTON, witn: Reginald & Alice Mary ELSTON both of 174 Ann Street North Bay on June 14, 1927 at North Bay.
16317-27 Wilton James JUDSON, 25, linesman, St. Thomas, same, s/o Frederick JUDSON & Elisa WILTON, married Irene Elizabeth ARNELL , 18, McDonalds Corners, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Gilbert ARNELL & Demerise MICHAUD, witn: Stella BIGLOW & Leo ARNEL, both of Sturgeon Falls on Dec. 28, 1927 at Sturgeon Falls 16318-27 Ange Eldige JUSSAUME, 20, farmer, Fall River USA, Desaulniers, s/o Philias JUSSAUME & Rosa RIVET, married Ange Emma BIGRAS, 14, Cobalt, Desaulniers, d/o Joseph BIGRAS & Yvonne RICARD, witn: Joseph BIGRAS & Napoleon SAVAGE both of Desaulniers on Jan. 5, 1927 at Field.
16319-27 Gregory KANE, 25, machinist, Arnprior, North Bay, s/o Joseph KANE & Bridget McGINTY, married Christine McDONELL, 26, Markstay, North Bay, d/o James McDONELL & Mary KERR, witn: Elizabeth McDONELL & J. J. ST. PIERRE both of North Bay on Feb. 9, 1927 at North Bay  

13130-27 Edward Melville KELSO, 26, butcher, Russell Manitoba, Dryden, s/o William Alexander KELSO, b. Ont & Christena McTAVISH, married Grace Penman McKELLAR, 18, Hamilton Ont., Dryden, d/o Duncan McKELLAR, b. Scotland & Margaret WILLIAMS, witn: Evelyn? May BOOMHOWER & J. McKELLAR, both of Dryden, 1 June 1927 at Dryden

16320-27 John Gordon KELSO, 21, clerk, Huntsville, Sturgeon Falls, s/o John KELSO (b. Scotland) & Martha BESWICK, married Lucille Jane LIVINGSTONE, 20, Sturgeon Falls, same, d/o Charles LIVINGSTONE (b. Alexander Bay USA) & Maud HATCH, witn: Arthur MANN & Edna MALYON both of North Bay on March 3, 1927 at North Bay
16321-27 Patrick Gilbert KENNEDY, 19, apprentice tinsmith, North Bay, same, s/o Joseph Lawrence KENNEDY (b. Mattawa) & Annie SLATER, married Matilda Josephine SLACK, 18, North Bay, same, d/o George SLACK (b. England) & Florence TAILOR, witn: Mary of 429 McIntyre St & William HUTSON both of North BAY on Oct. 20, 1927 at North Bay. 15086-27 Thomas James KERR, 26, farmer, Assignack Tp,, same, s/o John KERR (b. Tara) & Annie LOCKYER, married Eliza COLLINS, 20, Howland twp., same, d/o William COLLINS (b. London England) & Margaret RICHARDS, witn: Frank KERR & Violet CHATWELL both of Assignack twp. on Aug. 31, 1927 at Howland twp.

15087-27 Frank KEWAGKUNDO, 24, farm hand, Parry Sound, Sheguindah, s/o Peter KEWAGKUNDO (b. Petoskey Michigan USA) & Nancy KWAGEMALIKIN, married Josephine KEGISHOMIA, 20, Sheguindah, same, d/o William KEGISHOMIA (b. Sheguiandah) & Mary KEGHGOBENAE, witn: Joe WANDABENCE & Mrs. William KAGESHEONGEIA both of Sheguindah on Aug. 26, 1927 at Little Current

16322-27 Joseph David KING, 21, bridge builder, Luther Michigan USA, North Bay, s/o William KING (b. Guelph) & Anna PERRY, married Thelma Emily Ethel ALLAN, 18, Blind River, North Bay, d/o William George ALLAN (b. Arnprior) & Mary Emily BARNET, witn: J. W. & Mary Emily ARNOTT both of North Bay on Oct. 13, 1927 at North Bay

13131-27 Eric KNIGHT, 24, paper maker, Eganville Ont., Kenora, s/o James KNIGHT, b. Ont & Effie MORROW, married Rose KYGART, 18, Winnipeg Beach? Manitoba, Kenora, d/o Kost KYGART, b. Italy & Mariana WILSON, witn: Mrs. Effie KNIGHT & Mrs. Alfred BLOM, both of Kenora, 14 Aug 1927 at Kenora

13132-27 Sam KONHON, 33, laborer, Russia, Kenora, s/o James KONHON & blank, married Maggie BERHULKA, 26, Ukrainia, Kenora, d/o Moe BERHULKA, b. Ukrainia & blank, witn: John KANUSKI of Keewatin & Mary ZELESKI of Norman, 12 Feb 1927 at Keewatin

16324-37 Josaphat LACHANCE, 23, saw mill worker, Masson Quebec, Cache Bay, s/o Ovila LACHANCE & Alexina PLOUFFE, married Yvonne SEGUIN, 25, L'Orignal, Cache Bay, d/o Gregoire SEGUIN & Clemense LACROIX, witn: Gregoire SEGUIN & Charles LACHANCE both of Cache Bay on Nov. 22, 1927 at Cache Bay 16323-27 Jean LACHANCE, 18, saw mill man, Masson Quebec, Cache Bay, s/o Ovila LACHANCE & Alexina PLOUFFE, married Orize GRAVELLE, 18, Byng Inlet, Cache Bay, d/o Liguori GRAVELLE & Angelina LACHANCE, witn: Liguori GRAVELLE & Ovila LACHANCE both of Cache Bay on Aug. 2, 1927 at Cache Bay.
  16325-27 Abraham J. R. LACOMBE, 40, labourer, widower, Montnaguay Quebec, s/o Isadore LACOMBE (b. Montnaguay Que.) & Hassie COLIN, married Maria Laura Nathalie BISSONNETTE, 17, Whitney, same, d/o Leonidas BISSONNETTE (b. Ottawa) & Marie Zephire PITRE, witn: Joseph COULAS & Leonidas BISSONNETTE both of Whitney on July 11, 1926 at Whitney
16326-27 Emery Joseph LAFLECHE, 28, labourer, Sturgeon Falls, same, s/o Emery LAFLECHE & Marie Aime LAMOTHE, married Marie Florence ST. ONGE, 20, Sturgeon Falls, same, d/o Honore ST. ONGE & Albertine LORTIE, witn: Honore ST. ONGE & Guie MONETTE both of Sturgeon Falls on Jan. 25, 1927 at Sturgeon Falls. 16327-27 Jean LAFLECHE, 20, painter, Sturgeon Falls, same, s/o Joseph LAFLECHE & Odile LARIVIERE, married Rose Anna Jeanette CUSSON, 17, North Bay Sturgeon Falls, d/o Aime CUSSON & Louisa PROULX, witn: Aime CUSSON & Joseph LAFLECHE both of Sturgeon Falls on Sept. 15, 1927 at Sturgeon Falls
16328-27 Joseph Edouard Walter LAFLEUR, 22, carpenter, North Bay, same, s/o Andre LAFLEUR & Emma LADOUCEUR, married Germaine CUSSON, 18, school teacher, North Bay, same, d/o Louis CUSSON & Marie PROULX, witn: John SEGUIN & Georges LAFLEUR both of North Bay on Aug. 18, 1927 at North Bay. 16329-27 Joseph Noel LAFLEUR, 24, labourer, Gracefield, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Jean Baptiste LAFLEUR & Marie LABELLE, married Delia LACOURSIERE, 19, Noelville, Sturgeon Falls, d/o George LACOURSIERE & Alma LESAGE, witn: George LACOURSIERE & Jean Baptiste LAFLEUR both of Sturgeon Falls on June 21, 1927 at Sturgeon Falls.
16330-27 Alexander LAFORTUNE, 25, labourer, Bryson Que., North Bay, s/o Michel LAFORTUNE (b. Calumette Island Que.) & Marie BRISARD, married Laura Cyr GENEREAUX, 30, widow, Chalk River, North Bay, d/o Joseph CYR (b. Ontario) & Delina LAFAUTAISIE, witn: Michael LAFORTUNE & Rene LEBEAU both of North Bay on April 1, 1927 at North Bay. 16331-27 Francois Xavier LAFRAMBOISE, 24, labourer, Snow Road Palmerston Tp., North Bay, s/o Xavier LAFRAMBOISE & Christena McFARLANE, married Salome SOUCIE, 25, Calvin near Mattawa, North Bay, d/o Joseph SOUCIE & Mary Louisa DECOSSES, witn: Lizzie Ann COUCHIE & Oswald RASBERRY both of North Bay on June 22, 1927 at North Bay.
16332-27 William LAHTI, 37, labourer, Oulun Finland, North Bay, s/o John LAHTI (b. Finland) & Peits KUUKAS, married Gretta MAATA, 31, Oulun Finland, North Bay, d/o Henry MAATA (b. Finland) & Liisa KUARINKI, witn: Matt & Esther ORTCH both of 107 Frank North Bay on June 20, 1927 at North Bay.

13134-27 Claude Thomas LAIRD, 22, engineer, Winnipeg, International Falls, s/o Benjamin LAIRD, b. Hepworth Ont & Minerva Ellen JEFFREY, married Ellen Elizabeth LYSEN, 23, Kenora, same, d/o Charles Axel LYSEN, b. Herrmera Sweden, & Alma Elizabeth ERICKSON, witn: Benjamin Armour LAIRD of International Falls USA & Elvera Victoria LYSEN of Kenora, 30 Aug 1927 at Kenora

13135-27 Roland LAJEUNESSE, 19, laborer, Kenora, same, s/o Antoine LAJEUNESSE, b. Quebec & Olive LACOMBE, married Marie PELLETIER, 18, Cutler Ont., Kenora, d/o Acesis? PELLETIER, b. Quebec & Albertine BECHARD, witn: Antoine LACOMBE & Amanda CHANDONET, both of Kenora, 11 May 1927 at Kenora

16333-27 Emile LAMOTHE, 28, taxi driver, Bonfield, same, s/o Joseph LAMOTHE & Marie Louise CHARRON, married Marcella HOULE, 21, Bonfield, same, d/o Marcel HOULE & Henriette LACHAPELLE, witn: Marcel HOULE & Joseph LAMOTHE both of Bonfield on Sept. 25, 1927 at Bonfield.
16334-27 Isa LANDRIAULT, 33, labourer, widower, Cheneville Que., Sturgeon Falls, s/o Isa LANDRIAULT (b. Cheneville Que.) & Emma SABOURIN, married Dora LAVALLEE, 27, not given, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Hilaire LAVALLEE (b. St. Odile Que.) & Adelaide RAYMOND, witn: Eugene MARCEAUX & David CHRISPIN, both of Sturgeon Falls on Jan. 12, 1927 at Sturgeon Falls. 16335-27 Philippe LANDRIAULT, 28, mill hand, St Thomas Lafaivre Ont., Foss Mill, s/o Johnny LANDRIAULT & Ibelda LECLAIR, married Olivina TOUSIGNANT, 22, Perkins Michigan USA, Foss Mill, d/o Zepherin TOUSIGNANT & Celina LACASSE, witn: Eugene HUNEAULT & Zepherin TOUSIGNANT both of Foss Mill on Aug. 30, 1927 at Chiswick.
16337-27 Walter Thomas LANG, 28, labourer, Powassan, same, s/o John A. LANG (b. Gravenhurst) & Rebecca GOHEN, married Margaret CRAWFORD, 24, Chisholm Tp., Powassan, d/o Bert CRAWFORD (b. England) & Katie RANGER, witn: Mrs. Stanley STONE of Haileybury & William E. LANG of Powassan on Oct. 19, 1927 at North Bay. 16336-27 Olivier LANGEVIN, 28, paper maker, Sturgeon Falls, same, s/o Alexandre LANGEVIN & Alexina GIROUX, married Eliane ST. ONGE, 20, Sturgeon Falls, same, d/o Frederick ST ONGE & Exilda LAPLANTE, witn: Frederic ST. ONGE & Leo LANGEVIN both of Sturgeon Falls on Sept. 20, 1927 at Sturgeon Falls
16338-27 Joseph LAPLANTE, 21, labourer, Bonfield, Crystal Falls, s/o Denis LAPLANTE & Marie McQUORY, married Yvonne LEVESQUE, 14, Astorville, Crystal Falls, d/o Louis LEVESQUE & Celina PIGEAULT, witn: Louis LEVESQUE of Crystal Falls & Joseph PIGEAULT of North Bay on Nov. 7, 1927 at Field. 16339-27 Hector LAPOINTE, 29, CNR officer, Ottawa, North Bay, s/o Joseph LAPOINTE & Maria BRUYERE, married Anna MARLEAU, 28, school teacher, North Bay, same, d/o Hilaire MARLEAU & Delima TRUCHON, witn: Hilaire MARLEAU & Joseph LAPOINTE both of North Bay on July 19, 1927 at North Bay.
16340-27 Nil Eli LARIVIERE, 27, merchant, Bonfield Tp., Rouyn Que., s/o Oderic LARIVIERE (b. Pembroke) & Alma PERRON, married Louise Irene SMITH, 26, maid, Bonfield, Rouyn Que., d/o Peter SMITH (b. England) & Virginie DUPUIS, witn: Oderic LARIVIERE & Peter SMITH both of Bonfield on May 19, 1927 at Bonfield

13136-27 Joseph LARRETT, 32, boat man, England, Hudson, s/o John LARRETT, b. Belamina? Ireland & Mary JARVIS, married Alice Sinclair POLLOCK, 21, Scotland, Goldfare? Ont., d/o Joseph POLLOCK, b. Auchinloch Ayrshire Scotland & Janet S. SHAW, witn: Robert HENDREY & L.H. LENNOX, both of Sioux Lookout, 22 July 1927 at Sioux Lookout

15088-27 Bernard LAVALLEE, 31, labourer, Wikwemikong Indian Reserve, same, s/o Joseph LAVALLEE & Henriette NAGANIGWANE, married Louise TECOMAH, 16, Wikwemikong Indian Reserve, same, d/o Joseph Pierre TECOMAH & Martha PANGOWISH, witn: Esther NAGANIGWANE & Paul WEMIGWANCE both of Manitowaning on Feb. 28, 12927 at Wikwemikong Indian Reserve

13137-27 Cecil LAWRENCE, 27, lumberman, French River, Osaqua, s/o John LAWRENCE, b. Orangeville Ont & Mary CODY, married Mary Irene DURFEY, 17, Oxdrift, Osaqua, d/o Lewis DURFEY, b. Bahare? Michigan & Irene ROBINSON, witn: John LAWRENCE Jr. & Flora FIDDLER, both of Osaqua, 3 Nov 1927 at Ignace

13138-27 Melville Wauchope LAWSON, 26, clerk, Kenora, same, s/o Charles LAWSON, b. Scotland & Christena LANG, married Olive Pearl CONLON, 20, Kenora, same, d/o John CONLON, b. St. John NB & Clara SPEIGHT, witn: Lawrence CADIEUX & Ida Holbrook DIAMOND, both of Kenora, 30 June 1927 at Kenora

15089-27 Charles LEFLER, 47, labourer, widower, Little Boston Brant Co., Cockburn Island, s/o Joe LEFLER (b. Ontario) & Mary Ellen HOWEY, married Matilda Ellen NORTON, 54, widow, Guelph twp., Cockburn Island, d/o James ROBB (b. Ireland) & Ellen GRANE, witn: Pauline PATEMAN & Edward J. SMITH both of Cockburn Island on July 3, 1927 at Village of Tolsmaville

13139-27 Philebert LEGROS, 25, clerk, Pinewood Ont., Sioux Lookout, s/o Damase LEGROS, b. Masham Mills Que. & Melodie BROSSARD, married Caroline SHAYASKI, 23, domestic, Beausejour Manitoba, Sioux Lookout, d/o Joseph SHAYASKI, b. Poland & Agnes ZEDNOUCK, witn: Robert McCARRELL & Gertrude LEGROS, both of Sioux Lookout, 3 May 1927 at Sioux Lookout

13140-27 Burton Frederick LEWIS, 37 (57?), US Army officer, Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania, France Field C.Z., s/o Arthur (Ansten?) LEWIS, b. Kingston Pennsylvania, & Katherine Anna KURTZ, married Kathleen A. GUNNE, 26, Kenora, same, d/o William James GUNNE, b. Florence Ont & Alzine Evelyn LIVINGSTON, witn: Dr. L.J. GUNNE of Kenora & Dorothy GREENE of Dayton Ohio, 26 Oct 1927 at Kenora

13141-27 John LIPPAMAN, 29, farmer, Waltimo Finland, Vermilion Bay, s/o Baara LIPPAMAN, b. Finland & Lena JUUTINEN, married Annie PIIRAINAN, 19, Paloigarvi Finland, Vermilion Bay, d/o Peter PIIRAINAN, b. Finland & Emelia KETTUNAN, witn: O.W. HARPERT of Vermilion Bay & Marjorie RIVERS of Dryden, 16 May 1927 at Dryden

15090-27 Thomas Harry LLOYD, 28, labourer, Billings twp., Lot 22 Conc 14 Billings twp., s/o Richard James LLOYD (b. Owen Sound) & Amelia Anne TUSTIAN, married Jessie Blanche BAKER, 20, Gore Bay, Lot 21 Conc 15 Billings twp., d/o Henry Frederick BAKER (b. Brantford) & Jane GORDON, witn: R. Cecil & Mildred Eliza LLOYD both of Kagawong on April 12, 1927 at Mindemoya

15091-27 Clifford LOCKYER, 18, tailor, Little Current, same, s/o Thomas LOCKYER (b. Sheguindah) & Mary Helen KERR, married Annie COUGHILL, 18, Little Current, same, d/o Walter COUGHILL (b. Welland) & Maggie TURNBULL, witn: Ed VAILLIQUETTE & Edith LOCKYER both of Little Current on Oct. 9, 1927 at Mindemoya Village

15092-27 Russell LONDRY, 22, garage proprietor, Meaford, same, s/o James Adam LONDRY (b. illegible Ontario) & Miriam McCARTNEY, married Ethel Elizabeth CROFT, 25, Allen twp., same, d/o George CROFT (b. England?) & Rachael McARTHUR, witn: A. K. CANNON & Sara E. MASTIN both of Gore Bay on Sept. 14, 1927 at Gore Bay.

13142-27 Roger Montague LONGE, 25, prospector, Kenora, Hudson, s/o John LONGE, b. Southend England & Sarah SMITH, married Bertha Louise WILSON, 19, Stratford Ont., Kenora, d/o Walter WILSON, b. Stratford Ont & Annie WALKER, witn: Alice GORDON & R.S. COLBORNE, both of Sioux Lookout, 16 Dec 1927 at Sioux Lookout

13143-27 Ernest Affleck LUNAM, 27, lumberman, Bryson Que., Osaqua, s/o John LUNAM, b. Quebec & Jean Read McFARLANE, married Marjorie Ellen HEARSEY, 18, Vermilion Bay, Osaqua, d/o William Edgar HEARSEY, b. England & Ellen Susanna GOODSON, witn: Frederick Raymond NICOLL of Osaqua & Emily Ellen JACQUES of Ignace, 24 Dec 1927 at Ignace

15093-27 Owen MAGUIRE, 25, farmer, Sheguindah twp., Assignack twp., s/o John MAGUIRE (b. Glasgow) & Cecilia HOWE, married Amy Louisa SEESON (Serson?), 22, Assignack twp., same, d/o James (b. Wellington Co.) & Mina SEESON, witn: William McGUIRE & Selena JORDAN both of Hilly Grove on Dec. 20, 1927 at Assignack Tp

13144-27 William MAGUS, 30, station foreman, Ukrania, Sioux Lookout, s/o Andrew MAGUS, b. Galicia & Sophia TATATYN, married Sophie NOWAKOSKA, 19, domestic, Ukrainia, Sioux Lookout, d/o Adam NOWAKOSKA, b. Galacia & Agniska KARCHUR, witn: John PLYTKA & Andrew HUSSAK, both of Sioux Lookout, 5 Feb 1927 at Sioux Lookout

13145-27 John MALONA, 25, laborer, Mukani Poland, Kenora, s/o John MALONA, b. Galicia & Annie JENDZEJOWSKA, married Annie JENDZEJOWSKA, 23, Mukani Poland, Kenora, d/o Matey ANDZIAWSKY, b. Galicia & Paraska DOMAWCHUK, witn: Peter RATUCKY & Paulo KETZEMUK, both of Kenora, 3 Sept 1927 at Kenora

15094-27 Tomase MANITOWABI, 24, labourer, Wikwemikong, same, s/o Joseph MANITOWABI & Theresa McLEOD, married Elizabeth TRUDEAU, 22, Wikwemikong, same, d/o Ignace TRUDEAU & Suzanne OMMITWAM, witn: Dominique MANITOWABI & Lucy TRUDEAU both of Wikwemikong on June 15, 1927 at Wikwemikong
15099-27 James Coleman McCAULEY, 40, farmer, widower, Assignack twp., Manitowaning, s/o James McCAULEY (b. Grey Co.) & Isabella COLEMAN, married Mary Pearl WOOLLEY, 24, teacher, Billings twp., Manitowaning, d/o Charles WOOLLEY (b. Green Bay) & Agnes McPHAIL, witn: Stanley WOOLLEY & Violet SLAGEL both of Manitowaning on July 14, 1927 at Manitowaning Village

15100-27 Daniel McGREGOR, 20, labourer, Birch Island, same, s/o Gregory McGREGOR & Veronique NIGAUIWINA, married Lucy KITCHIMOKOWAN, 18, Wikwemikong, Birch Island, d/o Antoine KITCHIMOKOWAN & Marie WABIGONIBENE, witn: Francis & Suzanne PELLETIER both of Poncet on Sept. 28, 1927 at Birch Island

13151-27 Emery Gordon McGUFFIN, 31, mill hand, Glenella Manitoba, Kenora, s/o John McGUFFIN, b. St. Marys Ont & Ellen SUGDEN, married Mary Margaret Adella BROUGHTON, 20, Hamiota Manitoba, Kenora, d/o James Henry BROUGHTON, b. St. Catharines & Sophia Thressa McWADE, witn: Audrey ALCOCK & Ernest James CRAWFORD, both of Kenora, 11 May 1927 at Kenora

15101-27 Neil McKECHNIE, 26, farmer, The Slash, same, s/o John McKECHNIE, (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth Jane COLE, married Florence Lavinia FERGUSON, 22, Big Lake, The Slash, d/o William FERGUSON (b,. Manitoulin Island) & Agnes ROBINSON, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Leonard FERGUSON both of Gore Bay on Dec. 9, 1927 at The Manse in Gore Bay.

15102-27 William John McKENZIE, 26, carpenter, Mindemoya, Kagawong, s/o William McKENZIE (b. Ontario) & Katherine KING, married Lottie Selina GRAHAM, 16, Billings twp., Kagawong, d/o Albert GRAHAM (b. Ontario) & Edith WILSON, witn: Guy PALMER & Emma GRAHAM both of Kagawong on Aug. 9, 1927 at Village of Manitowaning

13152-27 William McKIE, 25, miller, Ayr Scotland, Keewatin, s/o William Anderson McKIE, b. Girvan Ayrshire & Agnes GORDON, married Beatrice STEWART, 20, Oshawa, Keewatin, d/o Peter STEWART, b. Campbellton Scotland & Bessie ALLEN, witn: Agnes McKIE & Mary Ann PRICE, both of Keewatin, 29 June 1927 at Keewatin

13153-27 Hector MacLEOD, 23, salesman, Liverpool, Winnipeg, s/o Robie MacLEOD, b. Liverpool NS & Ida RITCHIE, married Neta Ledwith JOHNSON, 26, Liverpool NS, same, d/o Harry Robie JOHNSON, b. Nova Scotia & Bertha COLE, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Oliver MILLARD of Kenora, 22 Jan 1927 at Kenora

15103-26 William Alex McMURRAY, 22, labourer, Tehkummah twp., Little Current, s/o Thomas McMURRAY (b. Bradford) & Margaret McMULLEN, married Flora Elizabeth COLLINS, 18, Howland twp., Little Current, d/o Isaac COLLINS (b. Little Current) & Amanda BURNETT, witn: Walter & Lucy COLLINS both of Sheguindah on March 5, 1927 at Howland Tp

13154-27 Ray Wester McNEAL, 25, locomotive fireman, David McNEAL, b. USA & Sadie CARRON, married Ida Elizabeth CAMPBELL, 19, clerk, Fort Frances, Sioux Lookout, d/o Kenneth CAMPBELL, b. Canada & Frances LONG, witn: Dorothy J. READE & Clyde H. L--?, both of Sioux Lookout, 16 Nov 1927 at Sioux Lookout

15095-27 Hiram Franklin MERRICK, 20, labourer, Allen twp., Kagawong, s/o William Henry MERRICK (b. Merrickville Ontario) & Mary Ann McCARROLL, married Hazel Agnes McCOLEMAN, 16, Manitoulin Island, Billings twp., d/o Archibald John McCOLEMAN (b. Young? Ontario) & Letitia Agnes HEWITT, witn: George GRAHAM Jr. of Kagawong & Verna MERRICK of Gore Bay on June 24, 1927 at Village of Kagawong

13146-27 Carl Henry William METZLER, 25, Stadteldendorf Germany, Waldhof, s/o Carl Henry METZLER, b. Cossel Germany & Mary Christena LETZE, married Melida MANTEY, 21, Legarde Poland, Waldhof, d/o Gustav MANTEY, b. Letisack Poland & Marie DORGER, witn: Adolph MANTEY of Waldhof & Elsie WEBB of Eagle River, 9 April 1927 at Eagle River

15096-27 Joseph Francis MISHIBINEJIMA, 29, farmer, Wikwemikong Indian Reserve, same, s/o of Esther MISHIBINEJIMA, married Mary TRUDEAU, 27, Wikwemikong, same, d/o Ignace TRUDEAU & Suzanne ANIMIKWAAM, witn: Elizabeth TRUDEAU & Alexis ANIMIKAAM both of Wikwemikong on March 1, 1927 at Wikwemikong.

13148-27 Rupert Holyoke MOORE, 30, insurance agent, Stratford on Avon England, Kenora, s/o John George MOORE, b. England & Mary JENNERS, married Margaret O'FLAHERTY, 27, stenographer, Cork Ireland, Kenora, d/o Thomas O'FLAHERTY, b. Ireland & Annie O'DELL, witn: Mary & Annie METAIL of Kenora, 1 June 1927 at Kenora

13147-27 Harry MOORE, 27, pipe coverer, MacGregor Manitoba, Kenora, s/o James MOORE, b. Haliburton Ont & Martha POGUE, married Doris Primrose PORTMAN, 19, Wednesfield England, Kenora, d/o Herbert William PORTMAN, b. England & Jessie Clara HOUGHTON, witn: William MOORE & Gladys PORTMAN, both of Kenora, 29 Nov 1927 at Kenora

15097-27 Walter J. MORDEN, 36, farmer, Burpee twp., same, s/o William MORDEN (b. Ontario) & Margaret PRICE, married Julia AINSLIE, 29, Burpee twp., same, d/o Lewis AINSLIE (b. Scotland) & Ida Belle EATON, witn: Oliver AINSLIE of Elizabeth Bay & Laura AINSLIE of Silver Water on May 18, 1927 in The Church at Elizabeth Bay

15098-27 John MORRISON, 26, fisherman, Port Colborne, Tehkummah twp., s/o Angus MORRISON (b. Goderich) & Margaret McLENNAN, married May CANNARD, 26, Howland twp., Sandfield twp., d/o Henry CANNARD (b. England) & Mary STIRLING, witn: George H. MORRISON of South Bay & Hazel CANNARD of Big Lake on June 27, 1927 at Sandfield Tp

13149-27 Morten MORTENSON, 25, paper maker, Cloquet Minnesota, s/o Jacob MORTENSON & Annie ERICKSON, married Beatrice AUBE, 21, Norman, Kenora, d/o Hormisdas AUBE, b. Canada & Clara DUCHESNE, witn: Hormidas AUBE of Norman & Philebert MIGNAULT of Kenora, 11 May 1927 at Kenora

13150-27 Anthony MURPHY, 30, laborer, Ballinablake Ireland, Kenora, s/o John MURPHY, b. Ireland & Bridget SINNOTT, married Lucy JUDGE, 27, Cloghan Ireland, Kenora, d/o Peter JUDGE, b. Ireland & Mary KENNEY, witn: Joseph GALLAGHER & Mae BROWN, both of Kenora, 15 June 1927 at Kenora

15104-27 Oliver Golden NOBLE, 25, farmer, Robinson twp., same, s/o Harry T. NOBLE (b. Ontario) & Bertha STEELE, married Sarah Ellen SAGLE, 21, Assignack twp., same, d/o David John SAGLE & Annie Isabel SIMS, witn: Robert Nelson SAGLE of The Slash & Bertha Opal NOBLE of Silver Water on Sept. 14, 1927 at Manitoulin.

15105-27 Robert Lorne NOBLE, 25, farmer, Bidwell, Manitowaning, s/o William John NOBLE (b. Markdale Ontario) & Agnes HALCROW, married Jean Gladys STRINGER, 21, teacher, Sheguindah, same, d/o Jacob Robert STRINGER (b. Orangeville, Ontario) & Elizabeth Dunlop, witn: Ruth Wynn STRINGER & Oliver BURNETT both of Sheguindah on Oct. 26, 1927 at Manitoulin

15106-27 William Wesley NOBLE, 23, farmer, Bass Creek, same, s/o William John NOBLE (b. Markdale Ontario) & Agnes HALCROW, married Ella STRINGER, 24, Sheguindah, Bass Creek, d/o Jacob Robert STRINGER (b. Orangeville, Ontario) & Elizabeth Lizzie DUNLOP, witn: Robert Lorne & Jean Gladys NOBLE both of Manitowaning on Nov. 23, 1927 at Manitowaning

13155-27 George McGilvray NOBLE, 21, laborer, New Pitshego? Scotland, Dryden, s/o George Gerry NOBLE, b. Scotland & Jane Annie McGILVRAY, married Norah COLLINS, 21, mill hand, Ilkley England, Dryden, d/o Fred COLLINS, b. England & Mary HAZELWOOD, witn: Kenneth & Mrs. Kenneth COLLINS of Dryden, 1 Dec 1927 at Dryden

13156-27 John Rudolf NORMAN, 22, lineman, Sweden, Kenora, s/o Otto Manuel NORMAN, b. Augermanlund? Sweden & Ann Foresty? FORBERG, married Suama HERROGA, 18, Alajarvella Finland, Kenora, d/o Hudka HARROJA, b. Alajarvella Finland & Anna SARRILA?, witn: Pete R. & Ellin WALLINS of Kenora, 21 Nov 1927 at Kenora

13157-27 John Patrick O'BRIEN, 32, telegraph operator, Havelock Ont., Kenora, s/o Joseph O'BRIEN, b. Ont & Margaret O'NEILL, married Florence Myrtle Maud CROSIER, 19, Uxbridge Ont., Kenora, d/o Marshall CROSIER, b. Ont & Elizabeth BRIGNALL, witn: Philip & Mrs. Philip O'BRIEN, both of Kenora, 30 Sept 1927 at Kenora

13158-27 Steve OLYNUCK, 25, laborer, Ukrania, Sioux Lookout, s/o Harry OLYNUCK, b. Galicia & Polly PAHYNYSHNA, married Annie CHOPCHUK, 16, Ukraine, Sioux Lookout, d/o George CHOPCHUK, b. Roumania & Maria KURYLYK, witn: Roman NASTYN & Sam TRULYK, both of Sioux Lookout, 18 June 1927 at Sioux Lookout

13159-27 Thomas ORR, 23, mill hand, Belfast Ireland, Dryden, s/o George ORR, b. Ireland & Sadie LAPPIER (Lappin?), married Josephine Frances FREEBORN, 18, Misalla Ont., Dryden, d/o William FREEBORN, b. Ont & Gertrude BARTLEY, witn: Mrs. Gladys SMART & H. FRASER, both of Kenora, 8 Jan 1927 at Kenora

15107-27 Ernest Laurence OSHKABEWISONS, 18, farmer, Wikwemikong, same, s/o Moses OSHKABEWISONS & Angela WAGASH, married Sarah WEMIGWANS, 16, Wikwemikong Indian Reserve, same, d/o Daniel WEMIGWANS & Julie JAKS, witn: Angela WEMIGWANS & Onesime JAKS both of Wikwemikong on May 16, 1927 at Wikwemikong

15108-27 Samuel Thomas OVERFIELD, 42, farmer, Grinnell twp., Tehkummah twp., s/o Samuel OVERFIELD (b. England) & Sarah Jane FAWCETT, married Minnie Ellen UTLEY, 35, widow, Owen Sound, Little Current, d/o Robert HUMMERFELT (b. Ontario) & Margaret BYERS, witn: Pearl LOWRIE & Lydia SWELZTER both of Manitowaning on June 15, 1927 at Assignack Tp

15109-27 Hiram PEARSON, 60, farmer, widower, Uxbridge twp., Gore Bay, s/o George M. PEARSON & Matilda KESTER, married Margaret Ann KNOX, 59, Clarence twp., Ottawa, d/o John KNOX & Margaret ANDERSON, witn: William J. & Florence FERGUSON both of Gore Bay on July 28, 1927 at Gore Bay

13161-27 Olaf Wilfred PEARSON, 27, fisherman, Sweden, Kenora, s/o John PEARSON, b. Sweden & Matilda PEARSON, married Nellie Mildred BURRITT, 30, teacher, Kimberley Ont, Keewatin, d/o Stephen BURRITT, b. Canada & Maggie ABERCROMBIE, witn: Martin ERICKSEN & Edith PEARSON, both of Norman, 28 June 1927 at Kenora

13162-27 Arthur James PILKEY, 27, farmer, Bracebridge Ont., Dryden, s/o Christopher Columbus PILKEY, b. Barrie Ont & Mary CHAPMAN, married Leah Marion McMASTER, 21, clerk, Keewatin Ont., Dryden, d/o James Wilson McMASTER, b. Winnipeg, & Mary CUNNINGHAM, witn: Mr. & Mrs. B. CONNOLLY of Kenora, 22 Aug 1927 at Kenora

13163-27 George Henry PILKEY, 21, mechanic, Montreal, Dryden, s/o Christopher PILKEY, b. Barrie Ont & Mary CHAPMAN, married Valborg JOHNSON, 17 (on 22 Sept 1927), Hallevadsholm Sweden, Oxdrift, d/o Adolph JOHNSON, b. Sweden & Emelia LUNDSTEAD, witn: Mr. & Mrs. J. McMASTER of Dryden, 22 Aug 1927 at Kenora

13164-27 Michael POCHAILO, 24, laborer, Austria, Kenora, s/o Joseph POCHAILO, Poland & Anna ROMANICK, married Lena HALINSKI, 21, Sifton Manitoba, Kenora, d/o Charles HALINSKI, b. Poland & Caroline PEATROWSKI, witn: Adam OLYNICK of Rainey River & Kathleen KINDORET? of Kenora, 12 Oct 1927 at Kenora

15110-27 William Henry PRESTAGE, 51, mill hand, widower, Quebec, Billings twp., s/o twp., same, s/o Thomas PRESTAGE (b. Ireland) & Eliza HOGAN, Harriett Amanda VAN HORN, 38, widow, Billings twp., same, d/o Robert James PICKARD (b. England) & Harriett Amanda RIVETT, witn: Mrs. Annie BOYD of Kagawong & Mrs. W. T. SWAINSON of Gore Bay on Nov. 9, 1927 at Gore Bay

15111-27 Humphrey Gilbert PRIDDLE, 33, farmer, Robinson twp., Silver Water, s/o George J. PRIDDLE (b. Ontario) & Dorcas Amelia MAY, married Winnifred Eleanor COOK, 24, Robinson twp., Silver Water, d/o George H. COOK (b. Durham Ontario) & Betty McGIBBON, witn: E.P. SAWYER of Escanaba Michigan & Mabel PRIDDLE of Silver Water on Oct. 5, 1927 at Robinson Tp

15112-27 Reuben PYETTE, 25, farmer, Tehkummah, same, s/o William PYETTE (b. Owen Sound) & Edith SLOAN, married Winnifred LUSCOMBE, 21, Sandfield, Tehkummah, d/o William LUSCOMBE (b. Ontario) & Sybille MOODY, witn: Edna TANN & Mrs. E. C. MODDLE both of Mindemoya on Dec. 21, 1927 at Village of Mindemoya.

13166-27 Harold REEVES, 21, plumber, Kenora, same, s/o James George REEVES, b. England & Annie BELLING, married Seuna Marion VILLENEUVE, 19, Kenora, same, d/o Patrick VILLENEUVE, b. Canada & Lucy LEDGIER, witn: Arthur HALVERSON & Julia VILLENEUVE, both of Kenora, 28 Aug 1927 at Kenora

13167-27 Henry James REID, 27, engineer, Huntsville Ont., North Bay, s/o James REID, b. France, & Teressa ALBERT, married Edna Mildred WHITING, 17, Glen Ewen Sask., Dryden, d/o George WHITING, b. Huron Co Ont & Maggie SINCLAIR, witn: George & Lilian DAGG of Dryden, 31 July 1927 at Dryden

13168-27 Edwin Simpson RIGG, 26, salesman, Brandon Manitoba, Winnipeg, s/o James RIGG, b. England & Susy SIMPSON, married Freda Louise LARSON, 24, ledger keeper, Kenora, Winnipeg, d/o Nels Edward LARSON b. Norway & Annie JEPPSON, witn: Elgar & Sarenty LARSON of Kenora, 9 July 1927 at Kenora

13169-27 Robert ROSS, 25, Scotland, Bucke? Ont., s/o Alexander ROSS, b. Stornaway Scotland, & Pansie McKENZIE, married Catherine Ann McDONALD, 19, Marquette Manitoba, Bucke, d/o Daniel J. McDONALD, b. Southampton Ont, & Sadie MacKAY, witn: Mrs. Mary McDONALD & Alex DORAN, both of Sioux Lookout, 12 July 1927 at Sioux Lookout

15113-27 Edouard ROY, 36, workman, Wikwemikong, same, s/o Louis ROY & Bernadine AGOSSE, married Marguerite OSAWABINE, 20, Wikwemikong, same, d/o David OSAWABINE & Esther MADJIWITA, witn: Catherine TRUDEAU & Ambrose RECOLLET both of Wikwemikong on Nov. 21, 1927 at Wikwemikong

15114-27 John ROY, 27, labourer, Wikwemikong, same, s/o Michel ROY & Philomene METOSAGE, married Catherine ST. AMAND (Flamand?), 22, Wikwemikong, same, d/o Joseph ST. AMAND & Catherine WIGANIGIJIG, witn: Dominic MANITOWABE & Elizabeth MEJABO both of Wikwemikong on June 6, 1927 at Wikwemikong.

15115-27 Walter Nelson RUNNALLS, 27, farmer, Barrie Island, same, s/o William Oliver RUNNALLS (b. Ice Lake Ontario) & Kate JENNINGS, married Verna Margaret BAKER, 20, Mills twp., same, d/o Joseph John BAKER (b. Grey Co.) & Gloria Delmah SITZER (Sizer?), witn: W.C. RUNNALS of Barrie Island & A. K. CANNON of Gore Bay on April 20, 1927 at Gore Bay

13170-27 William Rufus RUSSELL, 38, Winnipeg, Sioux Lookout, s/o John RUSSELL, b. Ireland & Mary HETATHERMAN? (Hutchinson?) , married Helen Kathleen KOSTNIUK, 20, domestic, Malanton Manitoba, Sioux Lookout, d/o John KOSTNIUK, b. Poland & Annie CHLAPECKI, witn: A. MERCHERINE & [illegible signature] both of Sioux Lookout, 22 Nov 1927 at Sioux Lookout

13171-27 Gustav RYDELL, 42, widower, lumberman, Sweden, McDougalls Mills, s/o Andreas John RYDELL, b. Sweden & Sophia ANDERSON, married Anna LARSON, 45, Sweden, McDougalls Mills, do Lars MATTASON, b. Sweden & Anna JOHNSON, witn: Sissor (Susan?) LOCKHART & N.L. McPHERSON, both of Sioux Lookout, 4 April 1927 at Kenora

13172-27 Michaell SABADOZ, 26, Poland, Kenora, s/o Alexander SABADOZ, b. Poland & Sophia RATNICK? (Batnick?), married Dora SLYZAK, 21, Poland, Kenora, d/o Tony SLYZUK, b. Poland & Paraska ORNENICK?, witn: Alexander SABADOZ & Billy MOSLCHEK, both of Norman, 3 Oct 1927 at church, Norman

13173-27 Steve SAWCHUK, 36, paper maker, Russia, Kenora, s/o Fild SAWCHUK, b. Kiev Russia z7 Domiki, married Kelnein RENDZIAK, 29, Austria, Kenora, d/o Nykola TEDZNICK, b. Kiev Russia & Annie SYNATIAK, witn: Nellie? ROMANUK & William BOYCHUK, both of Kenora, 24 Feb 1927 at Kenora

15116-27 Edward Park SAWYER, 40, lumberman, Owen Sound, Silver Water, s/o Joseph A. SAWYER & Nellie A. ABBOTT, married Mable Jane PRIDDLE, 36, Little Current, Silver Water, d/o George Joseph PRIDDLE & Dorcas Amelia MAY, witn: Winifred & Humphrey PRIDDLE both of Silver Water on Oct. 11, 1927 at Village of Silver Water.

15117-27 Joseph SEGON, 43, labourer, widower, Cockburn Island, Sheshegwaning, s/o Etienne SEGON & Agathe JIGWANEBI, married Marie Anne PEGONEIASSANG, 52, widow, Wikwemikong, Sheshegwaning, d/o Riel W. PEGONEIASSANG & Marie NIBINEIANEKENAT, witn: Philomene DEBASSIGE & Daniel LAWSON both of Sheshegwaning on July 1, 1927 at Sheshegwaning.

15118-27 Whitney James SHIELDS, 23, druggist, Manitowaning, Toronto, s/o John A. SHIELDS (b. Ontario) & Lulu WATSON, married Helen Jane McKINLEY, 21, tailoress, Burpee twp., Gore Bay, d/o Andrew McKINLEY (b. Ontario) & Lydia Jane WILLIAMS, witn: Kathleen L. SHIELDS & L. E. JACKSON both of Gore Bay on July 8, 1927 at Gore Bay

20756-27 Vincent Joseph James Lester SHIELS, 27, high school teacher, Brockville, Chapleau, s/o James SHIELS, b. Brockville & Grace BALCAM, married Vera CRICHTON, 18, drug clerk, Sunderland England, Chapleau, d/o Vincent CRICHTON, b. Sunderland England & Helen MURRAY, witn: Clarence DOWNEY & E.J. BAKER, both of Chapleau, 19 Nov 1927 at Chapleau

15119-27 Albert SHIGWADJA, 21, farmer, Wikwemikong Indian Reserve, same, s/o Alexis SHEGWADJA & Philomine MIDWAAOBINEMS, married Charlotte GAIASHK, 18, Wikwemikong Indian Reserve, same, d/o Louis GAIASHK & Bridget Wagoshal FOX, witn: Henriette BIDAWANAKWAD & Daniel GAIASHK both of Manitowaning on May 9, 1927 at Wikwemikong

13174-27 Joseph Erwin SHOULDICE, 30, CPR fireman, Kenora, same, s/o Joseph SHOULDICE, b. Pontiac Que. & Christena SUTHERLAND, married Dorothy Ann MILLER, 22, Glasgow Scotland, Kenora, d/o Frank MILLER, b. Kenora & Catherine SMITH, witn: Thomas CAWLEY & Isabella SHOULDICE, both of Kenora, 18 Nov 1927 at Kenora

20759-27 Adam Watson SIMS, 34, engineer, Scotland, Toronto, s/o Thomas Watson SIMS, b. Scotland & Alice GIBB, married Helen Grant IRVING, 28, b. 30 Dec 1898, stenographer, Gore Bay, Sudbury, d/o Alexander IRVING, b. Ontario & Jeannie GRANT, witn: Jennie Irving SMITH of Sudbury & Cecil Watson SIMS of Toronto, 19 Feb 1927 at Sudbury

13175-27 Levi Wilmot SINCLAIR, 34, painter, Manitoulin Island, Sioux Lookout, s/o D.G. SINCLAIR, b. Ont & E.A. BROCK, married Emily WETENDORF, 26, Norman Ont., Sioux Lookout, d/o Rudolph WETENDORF, b. Denmark, & Georgina JOHNSON, witn: William & Marie Louise FORREST of Sioux Lookout, 14 May 1927 at Sioux Lookout

20760-27 William Robert Thomas SINFIELD, 30, locomotive foreman, Buck Hill Park - Middlesex England, Chapleau, s/o George SINFIELD, b. London England & Mary Elizabeth CHANDLER, married Norma Louise KINNEY, 24, nurse, Chapleau, same, d/o Reuben Thomas KINNEY, b. Montreal & Margaret Anna CRIPPS, witn: T.J. KINNEY of Chapleau & Ada SINFIELD of Schreiber, 6 Sep 1927 at Chapleau

15120-27 Stuart Albert SLOAN, 23, farmer, Tehkummah twp., same, s/o William John SLOAN (b. Tehkummah Ontario) & Annie G. DAVIDSON, married Leila Ann RUSSELL, 19, Tehkummah, same, d/o Robert RUSSELL (b. illegible twp. Ontario) & Catherine Louise PYETTE, witn: Stanley BROWN of Big Lake & Mary SLOAN of Tehkummah on March 16, 1927 at Tehkummah Tp

20761-27 Joseph William SMART, 27, miner, Chelmsford, Sudbury, s/o Joseph L. SMART, b. Deseronto & Philomene ANTOINE, married Phoebe HARLEY, 21, England, Sudbury, d/o James C. HARLEY, b. England & Ethel SMITH, witn: Sarah HARLEY of Gasson Mine & Mary H. WHIDDEN of Sudbury, 10 Sep 1927 at Sudbury

13176-27 John Frederick SMITH, 26, sulphate cook, Chatham NB, Kenora, s/o David SMITH, b. Chatham NB & Lucy CRAIG, married Gladys HINDS, 20, Kenora, same, d/o Edward HINDS, b. Ont & Margaret PEEVER, witn: William & Edith PAULSON of Kenora, 30? June 1927 at Kenora

15121-27 Maurice SOUCIE, 27, chauffeur, Mattawa, Sudbury, s/o Louis SOUCIE (b. Ft. Colouge) & Florence LONG, married Hazel CANNARD, 24, Howland twp., Big Lake, d/o Henry CANNARD (b. England) & Minnie STIRLING, witn: David M. THOMSON of Gore Bay & Mrs. N. J. CANNARD of Big Lake on July 9, 1927 at Gore Bay.
20764-27 William SPOSKE, 31, miner, England, Garson Mine, s/o Robert SPOSKE & Margaret MARCHBANK, married Jane Ellen TOWNSEND, 31, housekeeper, England, Garson Mine, d/o John TOWNSEND & Ann WARREN, witn: William SMITH & Harold PEACOCK, both of Garson Mine, 17 Aug 1927 at Copper Cliff 20765-27 Robert W.R. SRIGLEY, 24, farmer, Gore Bay, May Twp., s/o William SRIGLEY, b. Grey Co. & Anne MILLIGAN, married Sarah Ellen WITTY, 21, May Twp., same, d/o James WITTY, b. Stainnes & Kathleen NELBY, witn: Charles H. WITTY & Rose MARIER, both of Massey, 20 Apr 1927 at Massey
20766-27 Benjamin STAPLETON, 72, widower, tinsmith, England, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Frank STAPLETON, b. England & Sarah SHARP, married Elizabeth WICKENDEN, 61, widow, housekeeper, England, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o John WICKENDEN & Elizabeth "maiden name not known", witn: Mrs. S.L. WICKENDEN & Miss L.V. MCNAB, both of Sudbury, 25 Aug 1927 at Sudbury 20767-27 William STECIUK, 31, merchant, Austria, Worthington, s/o Knut STECIUK, b. Kopacrynu Ukraine & Justina, married Daisy GERMAN, 22, clerk, Worthington, same, d/o Solomon GERMAN, b. near Philadelphia [illegible] Ohio & Emeline LEBLANC, witn: Roy E. SMITH & Miss A.E. SIDFORD, both of Worthington, 26 Aug 1927 at Sudbury
20770-27 Edward Francis STEVENSON, 25, labourer, Briques Newfoundland, Sudbury, s/o William STEVENSON & Marguerite HOWE, married Aileen Elida COLLIER, 24, Sudbury, same, d/o Jacob COLLIER & Malvina LARIVIERE, witn: William STEVENSON & Jacob COLLIER, both of Sudbury, 18 Apr 1927 at Sudbury (RC) 20771-27 Kelvin Alexander STEWART, 30, forestry dept., Sheet Harbour NS, Sudbury, s/o William Alexander STEWART, b. Glasgow Scotland & Jennie MCCOY, married Marion Gertrude Hoffman SMITH, 23, registered nurse, Sudbury, same, d/o Albert Henry SMITH, b. England & Alice Marion COLLIER, witn: J. Victor STEWART of Toronto & Mrs. Horwood JACKSON of Sudbury, 20 Jan 1927 at Sudbury

13177-27 William Clayton STOVER, 21, millhand, Palmerston Ont., Kenora, s/o Thomas STOVER, b. Allenford Ont & Mary BROOKS, married Lawrencia GALLIPEAU, 20, Depot Harbor Ont, Kenora, d/o Eugene GALLIPEAU, b. Ironside Quebec, & Selina CONSTANTINEAU, witn: L.M. SMITH & Mr. J.C. BAXTER, both of Kenora, 8 Jan 1927 at Kenora

20772-27 Albert Edward SWEEZIE, 23, railroad man, Pembroke, Hornepayne, s/o Erin Thomas SWEEZIE, b. Pembroke & Alice EDWARDS, married Lillian Adele HENRY, 19, Sudbury, Hornepayne, d/o John HENRY, b. Pennsylvania USA & Lillian FINCH, witn: Edith EVANS of Sudbury & Melvin HENRY of Copper Cliff, 21 Sep 1927 at Sudbury

13178-27 Dan SYNIUTA, 23, laborer, Mosty Welyke Galicia, s/o William SYNIUTA, b. Galicia & Anastasia KARPOVITCH, married Polly CIUPA, 20, domestic servant, Mosty Welki Galicia, d/o John CIUPA, b. Galicia & Anna KNISL? (Knish?), witn: Louis KOZYCKI & Frederick SEDESKY, both of Kenora, 7 Aug 1927 at Kenora

20774-27 James William SZOKA, 26, mechanic, Renfrew, Sudbury, s/o Isidore SZOKA & Lucy KULAS, married Helene CRETE, 18, Sudbury, same, d/o Alexander CRETE & Mavis PORCELLA, witn: Alexander CRETE & Louis CRETE, both of Sudbury, 4 July 1927 at Sudbury (RC)
16462-27 Louis Gratien TAILLEFER, 27, farmer, Corbeil, same, s/o Louis TAILLEFER & Melina FASCETTE, married Maire Jeanne Antoinette BOULERICE, 25, Notre Dame de Grace - Hull Que., Corbeil, d/o Eusebe BOULERICE & Parmela CLOUTIER, witn: Louis TAILLEFER & Eusebe BOULERICE, both of Corbeil, 4 July 1927 at Corbeil

15122-27 Edmond TAKWADJIWAN, 18, farmer, Wikwemikong, same, s/o Alexander TAKWADJIWAN & Madeleine ODJUG, married Florence WEMIGWANS, 17, Wikwemikong, same, d/o Stephen WEMIGWANS & Louise MICHIBINEJIMA, witn: Mary ATCHITAWANS of Wikwemikong & Daniel TAKWADJIWAN of Manitowaning on May 16, 1927 at Wikwemikong

20775-27 Hubert TASSE, 47, widower, farmer, St. Michel d'Argenteuil Que., Hanmer, s/o Jean-Baptiste TASSE & Marie AUGER, married Eudoxie LAFRAMBOISE, 47, widow, Mattawa, Hanmer, d/o Paul LAFRAMBOISE & Clotilde AMANT, witn: Isidore BERTRAND & Jean-Baptiste ROBERT, both of Hanmer, 19 Sep 1927 at Hanmer (RC)

15123-27 William Robert TAYLOR, 21, labourer, Bidwell twp., Sheguindah, s/o Frank TAYLOR (b. Ontario) & Mary Ann DUNLOP, married Elizabeth McMURRAY, 24, Tekhummah, Little Current, d/o Thomas McMURRAY (b. Bradford) & Margaret McMULLEN, witn: T. H. TRIMMER & Mary EADIE both of Little Current on March 3, 1927 at Little Current

16463-27 Rene Mathias TESSIER, 22, laborer, Warren, Verner, s/o Felix TESSIER & Louisa LACHANCE, married Mary Julia BOYER, 19, lady, Tout Lac, North Bay, d/o Peter BOYER & Edwidge LAUZON, witn: Peter BOYER of North Bay & Felix TESSIER of Verner, 20 April 1927 at North Bay 16468-27 David Thompson THAW, 32, deputy Chief Ranger, Hamilton Ont., Emsdale, s/o David THAW, b. Scotland & Margaret ANGUS, married Mary Jane Thorne BROHM, 32, widow, Somerville twp., Emsdale, d/o Joseph THORNE, b. Tennessee USA & Eliza BRYSON, witn: Margaretta PRITCHARD & Viola SINCLAIR, both of North Bay, 9 July 1927 at North Bay
20778-27 Frederick Garrett THERRIEN, 27, widower, mechanic, Quyon Que., Chapleau, s/o Denis THERRIEN & Zoe DROUIN, married Adrienne LEVESQUE, 20, clerk, Chapleau, same, d/o Louis LEVESQUE, b. Le Bic Que. & Marie Ann DUMAS, witn: Leo FOURNIER & Wilhelmine LEVESQUE, both of Chapleau, 25 Oct 1927 at Chapleau (RC) 16469-27 Adelard Aime THIBAULT, 21, delivery man, North Bay, same, s/o Joseph Adelard THIBAULT, b. Matane Que & Lina DE CHENE, married Rose Delia COUSINEAU, 18, Cornwall Ont., North Bay, d/o Alderic COUSINEAU, b. Cornwall Ont & Eva SPINK, witn: Edna & Marjorie SANDERSON of North Bay, 27 Feb 1927 at North Bay
20779-27 George John THOMPSON, 22, clerk, Copper Cliff, Sudbury, s/o George THOMPSON & Catherine RYAN, married Mary Agnes MARCOTTE, 23, Copper Cliff, same, d/o Joseph MARCOTTE & Johanne WALKER, witn: James MARCOTTE of Copper Cliff & Irene BARRAND of Sudbury, 12 Jan 1927 at Copper Cliff (RC)

15124-27 Francis Orion THOMSON, 31, labourer, Sandfield twp., Big Lake, s/o Thaddeus Wright THOMSON (b. Pickering Ontario) & Eliza Jane KEY, married Mary Katherine PARKINSON, 18, Honora, Big Lake, d/o Robert PARKINSON (b. Ontario) & Rebecca HALLETT, witn: David M. THOMSON of Big lake & Audrey C. ANDERSON of North Bay on June 30, 1927 at Sandfield twp.

20780-27 Patrick Joseph TIMON, 27, widower, steam plant foreman, Balengere - Co Roscommon Ireland, Iroquois Falls, s/o James TIMON & Sarah CONROY, married Katherine Ann GANNON, 48, widow, Quyon Que., Sudbury, d/o John RYAN & Jane HANNAWAY, witn: Richard A. O'CONNOR & Minnie WALSH, both of Copper Cliff, 29 Sep 1927 at Sudbury (RC) 20781-27 George John TINCOMBE, 23, electrician, Gravenhurst, Copper Cliff, s/o George TINCOMBE, b. Canada & Edith Lucia, married Muriel BRYSON, 24, no birth place given, Copper Cliff, d/o Andrew BRYSON, b. England & Clara Agnes, witn: Pearl Edith TIMCOMBE & Albert Henry TINCOMBE, both of Turbine, 24 Mar 1927 at Copper Cliff

13180-27 Charles Aron TOMLINSON, 31, prospector, Glasgow Scotland, Goldpines, s/o John TOMLINSON, b. Scotland & Mary PEEL, married Victoria Mary GUEST, 23, Glenilla Manitoba, Goldpines, d/o Andrew GUEST, b. Manchester England & Lydia CLARK, witn: Florence Amelia BURDEN of Pine Ridge Ont. & Katherine DONALD of Sioux Lookout, 8 June 1927 at Sioux Lookout [divorced 15/10/52]

16470-27 George TRAINOR, 51, driver, Cobourg Ont., Chaudivres Falls - Nipissing, s/o William TRAINOR & Jane TRAINOR, married Philomene MORRISSETTE, 55, widow, Gracefield Que., Chaudivres Falls, d/o Joseph PLANTE & Philomene LACOURSE, witn: Godefroi BELISLE of Sturgeon Falls & Joseph LEPAGE of Chaudivres Falls, 10 Oct 1927 at Chaudivres Falls
16471-27 William Edward TRENT, 332, druggist, Aurora, Espanola, s/o William Wilfred TRENT, b. Whitchurch Ont & Mary Ann Isabel CLARK, married Mary Theresa Eugenie GAUTHIER, 28, teacher, Papineauville Que., Espanola, d/o Elie Augustine GAUTHIER, b. Papineauville Que & Mary Regina BAULNE, witn: F.J. MARTYN & Annie SIMS, both of North Bay, 27 July 1927 at North Bay 20773-27 Michael TROPHINIUS, 23, smelterman, Poland, Coniston, s/o Clemtind? TROPHINIUS, b. Galicia & Peraska DTINZI?, married Maria KULYK, 23, Poland, Coniston, d/o illegible KULYK, b. Galicia & Sophia KRIZK, witn: John PERSWICZ & Annie BABBIS?, both of Coniston, 24 May 1927 at Coniston (RC)

15125-27 Alexandre TRUDEAU, 27, labourer, widower, Wikwemikong, Cockburn Island, s/o Alexandre TRUDEAU & Mary KIJIASSIGE, married Mary Louise BEBONANG, 18, Cockburn Island, same, d/o Moise BEBONANG & Marguerite WAGOSH, witn: Lena BEBONANG & William WAGOSH both of Cockburn Island on May 24, 1927 at Cockburn Island Reserve

15126-27 Louis TRUDEAU, 36, farmer, Wikwemikong, same, s/o Ignatius TRUDEAU & Susan AMIMKWASM, married Mary ATCHITAWANS, 18, Wikwemikong, same, d/o Joseph & Philomen, witn: Elizabeth & Alexis MEJAKI both of Wikwemikong on June 1, 1927 at Wikwemikong.

20782-27 Albert TURGEON, 22, farmer, Warren, same, s/o Frank TURGEON & Louisa LEPAGE, married Agnes TROTTIER, 21, Warren, same, d/o Frank TROTTIER & Olida CHEVALIER, witn: Hector ROY & Frank TROTTIER, both of Warren, 21 Mar 1927 at Warren (RC) 16472-27 Alexander VACHON, 22, farmer, Chiswick, same, s/o Joseph VACHON Sr., b. Sarsfield & Brigid LAPALME, married Gisele MARIER, 16, Acton Vale, same, d/o Hector MARIER, b. Ste. Claire de Tetregaultville?, & Aurelie BERNIER, witn: Joseph Sr & Joseph Jr VACHON of Chiswick, 7 June 1927 at Chiswick
16474-27 Phlias VACHON, 34, widower, farmer, Ottawa Ont., Chisholm twp., s/o Procule VACHON, b. Sarsfield Ont & Philomene GABIN, married Virginie DYELLE, 20, Rutherglen, same, d/o John DYELLE, b. Coulonge Que & Zoleca OUELLETTE, witn: Henry & Theodore OUELLETTE of RR4 Powassen, 23 Feb 1927 at Chisholm twp 16473-27 Joseph Adolphe VACHON, 26, farmer, Sturgeon Falls, same, s/o Domias VACHON & Elizabeth Ann McDONALD, married Eglantine RIOPEL, 17, Ste. Marguerite Que., Sturgeon Falls, d/o Louis RIOPEL & Zephirina BELEC, witn: Domias VACHON & Louis RIOPEL, both of Sturgeon Falls, 29 Aug 1927 at Sturgeon Falls
16475-27 Oscap VAGARA, 33 , laborer, Pachuka Russia, North Bay, s/o Gregory VAGARA, b. Pachuka Russia & Martha VAGARA, married Mary Dorilda Gabrielle GASCON, 18 (b. 2 8 Oct 1908), waitress, Ripon Que., North Bay, d/o Damase GASCON, b. Clarence Creek Ont & Cordelia LAROUCHE, witn: Miss Clara PICARD & Damase GASCON, both of North Bay, 9 June 1927 at North Bay 20783-27 Stephen VAILLANCOURT, 30, labourer, St. Theodore de Chertsey Que., Coniston, s/o Francis VAILLANCOURT & Mary Jane MOONEY, married Bella MCMASTER, 23, Markstay, same, d/o Duncan MCMASTER & Catherine GRANT, witn: Francis VAILLANCOURT of Coniston & Jessie MCMASTER of Markstay, 11 Oct 1927 at Warren (RC)
16476-27 Henri VENNE, 22, farmer, Verner, same, s/o Arthur VENNE & Ida GAGNON, married Adelina BEAUPARLANT, 22, Verner, res not given, d/o Joseph BEAUPARLANT & Emma DAUPHINAIS, witn: Arthur VENNE & Joseph BEAUPARLANT, both of Verner, 9 Aug 1927 at Verner

13182-27 Robert Henry VERBOEVE, 35, clerk, Haarlem Holland, Sioux Lookout, s/o Robert VERBOEVE, b. Ma--? Holland & Hendericke TENHOOPEN, married Ada Florence LAWS, 29,, domestic, Norwich England, Sioux Lookout, d/o William George LAWS, b. England & Harriet MOORE, witn: Leota KERTZ & W.C?. CRAW, both of Sioux Lookout, 8 July 1927 at Sioux Lookout

13183-27 Victor VICTORIA, 23, cabinet maker, Budapest Hungary, Kenora, s/o Victor VICTORIA, b. Hungary, & Cornelia KLOTAN, married Theresa PIROSKA (Prioska?), 21, Resicabanga Hungary, Kenora, d/o Joseph PRIOSKA, b. Hungary & Teresa CAUVAI, witn: Stephen & Cornelia CARPOWITZ of Kenora, 9 June 1927 at Kenora

16477-27 Joseph Zephir VINET, 48, merchant, St. Urbain, Field, s/o Antoine VINET, b. St. Urbain Que & Marguerite PRIMEAU, married Germaine CHRETIEN, 24, Verner, Desaulnier, d/o Hilaire CHRETIEN, b. St. Urbain Que & Emelie BONTIN, witn: Henry RACETTE & Hilaire CHRETIEN, both of Field, 15 Feb 1927 at St. Josephs Church, Field

15127-27 Levy WABIGIJIG, 23, labourer, Sheshegwaning, same, s/o George WABIGIJIG & Elisabeth BANIGIJIG, married May Wright MISISSEUR, 16, Sheshegwaning, same, d/o John Wright MISISSEUR & Philomene OKEDA, witn: Charlotte BINESSIWABI & J. Berchwans WABIGIJIG both of Sheshegwaning on Jan. 3, 1927 at Sheshegwaning

15128-27 James WAKIGIJIG, 26, farmer, Wikwemikong, same, s/o Michel WAKIGIJIG & Elizabeth MURRAY, married Jane Gertrude KING, 23, Wikwemikong, same d/o Charles KING & Elizabeth PROULX, witn: Josephine KING & Albert MISHIBINEJIMA both of Wikwemikong on Jan. 19, 1927 at Wikwemikong

13184-27 William Hearl WALL, 34, tanner, Colchester South - Essex Co., Oxdrift, s/o William Benjamin WALL, b. Welland Co Ont & Ada May WATTS, 19, Sask, Oxdrift, d/o Elmer WATTS, b. Ohio & Ida TEETS, witn: Eva OLIPHANT & Marjorie RIVERS, both of Dryden, 5 May 1927 at Dryden

15129-27 William Henry WARDROP, 45, manufacturer, Bruce Tp. Bruce Co., Little Current, s/o Robert WARDROP (b. Scotland) & Mary McLEOD, married Audice Neola VINCENT, 32, nurse, Little Current, same, d/o Oliver VINCENT (b. England) & Rebekah McFARLANE, witn: Mr. & Mrs. W. A. MILLER both of Little Current on Feb. 9, 1927 at Little Current.

13185-27 Bert WARTTIG, no age given, farmer, Berlin Germany, Kenora, s/o Otto WARTTIG, b. Germany & Gertrude KALME (Kahne?), married Maria Martha IRNSHER (Winsher?), no age given, Germany, Waldorf, d/o Gustav IRNSHER, b. Germany & Olga LADEGOST, witn: Mrs. A. PIETACH of Dryden & Mr. R. IRNSHER of Waldorf, 18 April 1927 at Dryden

13186-27 Harry WASYLYNIUK, 38, farmer, Ukrainia, Sioux Lookout, s/o Daniel WASYLYNIUK, b. Galicia & Mary YARANELNIUK, married Georgina PETRUSZCZUK, 21, Ukrainia, Sioux Lookout, d/o Paul PETRUSZCZUK, b. Galicia & Nellie PRYINICK, witn: Metro BRYSHKA & Emil VOLKE, both of Sioux Lookout, 21 May 1927 at Sioux Lookout

16478-27 John Wesley WELDON, 29, lumberman, Sunderland Ont., North Bay, s/o Wilfred John WELDON, b. Scott twp & Martha Jane COOMBE, married Olive Edna BUTSON, 24, teacher, Sundridge Ont., North Bay, d/o George BUTSON, b. Reach twp & Mary McGIRR, witn: Edith BILLINGTON of 29 First Ave & Mrs. H. COCHRANE of 33 First Ave., 21 Jan 1927 at North Bay 16479-27 Wilfred George WELLS, 21, baker, King twp., North Bay, s/o John William WELLS, b. Southampton England & Alice PURDUE, married Lillian Annie MacMILLAN, 21, Toronto, North Bay, d/o William Moore MacMILLAN, b. Toronto & Annie ATTWOOD, witn: William Gordon MacMILLAN & Margaret Scott MacMILLAN, both of North Bay, 29 Nov 1927 at North Bay
16480-27 Kenneth Nelson Alexander WHITE, 21, mail clerk, Beachburg, North Bay, s/o Alfred WHITE, b. Beachburg & Ida LINDBERG, married Veryl Jean JESSOP, 22, stenographer, Orillia Ont., North Bay, d/o William Holmes JESSOP, b. Dublin Corners Ont & Minnie Jean McDONALD, witn: E.F. MULLIGAN of Cochrane & Eleanor BEGG of North Bay, 16 May 1927 at North Bay 16481-27 Nathan James Gordon WHITE, 28, farmer, South March twp., Blackburn Ont., s/o Robert James WHITE, b. South March & Mary Isabel DUNCAN, married Rosa HANSEN, 26, teacher, Hunters Point Que., Blackburn, d/o Isaie HANSEN, b. Hunters Point Que & Minnie PERRIER, witn: Isaie HANSEN & Agnes Mary HANSEN, both of Hunters Point, 23 Aug 1927 at North Bay
16482-27 Wasil WHITE, 33, section foreman, Horodenka Galicia, Daventry Ont., s/o Andrew WHITE, b. Horodenka Galicia & Mary WINTOMY, married Emma Pearl LAMB, 20, teacher, Cavan twp., Daventry, d/o Norman Percy LAMB, b. Cavan twp & Margaret Irene McBRIEN, witn: Edwin & Emily THOMAS of Brent, 24 June 1927 at North Bay

15130-27 Charles WHITELOVE, 24, farmer, Sault Ste Marie, Little Current, s/o Nixon WHITELOVE (b. Sault Ste Marie) & Maria ABOTOSWAY, married Nancy WABANOSA, 28, Manitowaning, Little Current, d/o Joseph WABANOSA (b. Wikwemikong) & Olutte? WABONGA, witn: Levi THOMPSON & Amelia McMAHON both of Sucker Creek on Dec. 13, 1927 at Indian Reserve Manitoulin Island

15131-27 Coy WILKIN, 21, farmer, Howland twp., Little Current, s/o William WILKIN (b. Walpole Haldimand Co.) & Margaret LEWIS, married Eva CHATWELL, 21, Bass Creek, Little Current, d/o E. CHATWELL (b. Chatsworth) & Margaret LOCKYER, witn: Carl SKIPPEN of Sheguindah & Mrs. Margaret CHATWELL of Bass Creek on May 4, 1927 at Village of Mindemoya

15132-27 Roy Alexander WILLIAMS, 23, fisherman, Burpee twp., Meldrum twp., s/o John Henry WILLIAMS (b. Ontario) & Janetta RUMLEY, married Mary Elizabeth McGIBBON, 17, Collingwood, Meldrum Bay, d/o William Lewis McGIBBON (b. Manitoulin District) & Lucy PURNELL, witn: George A. WILLIAMS of Elizabeth Bay & Lucy Alice McGIBBON of Meldrum Bay on Nov. 30, 1927 at Dawson twp

13189-27 William James WILSON, 24, flour packer, Stratford Ont., Kenora, s/o Walter WILSON & Annie O'BRIEN, married Gladys HATTERSLEY, 20, Sheffield England, Kenora, d/o Joseph Henry HATTERSLY & blank, witn: John A. KING & Annie WILSON, 28 Dec 1927 at Kenora

16483-27 William Thomas WINDSOR, 78, widower, gentleman, Lockport USA, Sturgeon Falls, s/o James WINDSOR & Elizabeth FOX, married Mrs. John ROCHON, 64, widow, Ireland, Sturgeon Falls, d/o James POWERS & Johanna KENNEDY, witn: Leonie SYLVESTER & Florestine LEGAULT, both of Sturgeon Falls, 14 Jan 1927 at Sturgeon Falls

13190-27 John WOLSKI, 32, trapper, Poland, Sioux Lookout, s/o Stanley WOLSKI, b. Poland & Mary GOGDA, married Margaret CHIEF, 22?, Frenchmans Head Reserve, Sioux Lookout, d/o Jim CHIEF, b. Ont & Mary EUSOWAN?, witn: Jim CHIEF & Mary CHIEF, both of Hudson Ont., 14 June 1927 at Sioux Lookout

15133-27 Ernest Grant WYSE, 23, lumbering, Lions Head Bruce Cp., Fitzwilliam Island, s/o Mark WYSE (b. New York USA) & Ann HALL, married Margaret Ann MacLENNAN, 22, Stokes Bay Bruce Co., Fitzwilliam Island, d/o Donal McLENNAN (sic) (b. Lindsay) & Katherine MURRAY, witn: Gillie Teal McLENNAN of Fitzwilliam Island & Mabel M. BURLEY of Stokes Bay on Aug. 20, 1927 at Village of Manitowaning.