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Northern Districts, 1921, part 2

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21447-21 (Thunder Bay Dist) Albert Elphington BONESTEEL, 49, widower, carpenter, Meaford, Port Arthur, s/o Albert BONESTEEL, Ontario & Caroline HUGHSON married Levina BURTON, 44, England, Port Arthur, d/o John BURTON, England & Emma RADDI, witn: Mary BURTON & William BURTON of Port Arthur, 2 Aug 1921, Port Arthur

16487-1921 Elmer DURAND, 28, Engineer, Deseronto, Capreol, s/o Godfrey DURAND & Alexina HOULE married Elizabeth PICKETT, 22, Owen Sound, Capreol, d/o Michael PICKETT & Marie WHITE, Wtn. E. TETREAULT, on Sept. 28, 1921 at Capreol. 16498-1921 Ludovic DUMONT, 26, Labour, Sturgeon Falls, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Alexis DUMONT & Malvina CHRETIEN married Clarida DALLAIRE, 17, Eganville, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Hermes DALLAIRE & Alexina PAQUETTE on Mar. 28, 1921 at Sturgeon Falls.
16480-1921 Anton DUNCE, 40, Widower, Labour, Russia, Whitney, s/o Timothy Dunce & Matrona HAITMAN married Zoe GOSLIN, 38, Widow, Pasbo Lake - Que., Whitney, d/o Felix LEBLANC & Susanne PREVOST on Aug. 16, 1921 at Whitney. 16491-1921 Nelson Charles (Carl) DUNN, 23, Farmer, Powassan, Chiswick, s/o John DUNN & Louise REID married Rose Ann DEMERS, 21, Chiswick, Chiswick, d/o Thomas DEMERS & Adele DELORME on Sept. 7, 1921 at Chiswick.
16484-1921 Maxime DYELL, 22, Labour, Renfrew, Eau Claire, s/o (not known) & Angele Dimitelle DYELL married Evelyn Juliet TURPIN, 18, Kenora, Eau Claire, d/o David TURPIN & Elmira CHAMPAGNE, Wtn. Isadore CHAMPAGNE, on Mar. 28, 1921 at Eau Claire. 16504-1921 Louis Lucien EMOND, 29, Barber, Chapeau Que., North Bay, s/o Nazaire EMOND & Laura CHARTRAND married Melinda LALONDE, 25, North Bay, d/o Daniel LALONDE & Virginia BEAUCHAMP, Wtn. John EMOND, Israel LALONDE. on Oct. 4, 1921 at North Bay
16501-1921 Frank EMPIE, 67, Widower, Farmer, Three Mile Bay NY, same, s/o Charles EMPIE & Abigail LASALLE married Jennie COLLINS, (Jane COLLINGS) 56, Widow, England, Detroit, d/o John WARNE & Mary Ann BOVEY on April 8, 1921 at North Bay. 16502-1921 Clarence Bunkee ESTABROOKS, 35, Ironworker, Grand Falls N.B., Iroquois Falls, s/o Joseph ESTABROOKS & Ellen REDGODE married Ida May LUFFY, 30, Bookkeeper, Cobden, Iroquois Falls, d/o William LUFFY & Sarah GLANCY, Wtn. Edward BURKE, Aurelia LUFFY, on April 18, 1921 at Iroquois Falls.
16503-1921 August ETMANSKI, 30, Labour, Wilno, Sabine Twp., s/o Martin ETMANSKI & Anna CYBULSKI married Celia CENZURA, 16, Poland, Sabine Twp. d/o Michael CENZURA & Katherine ZELUK, Wtn. Stephania CECHONSKI on Oct. 25, 1921 at Madawaska 16511-1921 Xavier FACETTE, 23, Labour, Corbeil, Callander, s/o Napoleon FACETTE & Celanie DUPUIS, married Marie Philomene PAGE, 24, St. Joseph D’Orleans, Corbeil, d/o Joseph PAGE & Annie KEHOE, Wtn. Louis FACETTE, Marie Jane SOULIERE, on May 3, 1921 at Corbeil
16508-1921 John MacMillan FANCY, 24, Accountant, Nova Scotia, Cobalt s/o William F. FANCY & Henrietta MAC MILLAN married Carrie Evelyn OTTO, 21, Cumberland Twp., North Bay, d/o William G. OTTO & Henrietta YORK on April 27, 1921 at North Bay 16512-1921 Alexandre FASSET, 43, Widower, St. Joseph D’Orleans, St. Joseph D’Orleans, s/o Philippe FASSET & Sophie DUPUIS married Albertine CORBEIL, 33, Dressmaker, St. Joseph D’Orleans, North Bay, d/o Ferdinand CORBEIL & Isabelle AUGRIGNON, Wtn. Napoleon FASSET on June 1, 1921 at North Bay
16509-1921 Stanley Nathan FETTERLEY, 27, Carpenter, Huntsville, North Bay, s/o James FETTERLEY & Mary CAMPBELL married Emily Ruth JOHNSTON, 18, Prescott, North Bay, d/o Con JOHNSTON & Florence SCOTT, Wtn. G. HODGINS, M. JOHNSTON on Sept. 20, 1921 at North Bay. 16510-1921 Albert FICHAULT, 29, Labour, Ste Philomine Que., Bonfield, s/o Jean Baptiste FICHAULT & Catharine HUOT married Alma POLIQUIN, 30, Chiswick, Bonfield. d/o Jean Bte. POLIQUIN & Leocadie MARTIN, Wtn. Georges & Letitia FICHAULT, on July 13, 1921 at Bonfield.
16513-1921 Mathias FILLION, 29, Labour, Sturgeon Falls, Field, s/o Francis FILLION & Marcelline BRIERE married Donalda PORTELANCE, 26 St. Joseph D’Orleans Que. Field, d/o Joseph PORTELANCE & Emilie BRISEBOIS on Apr. 5, 1921 at Field. 16505-1921 William Angus FLOYD, 28, Farmer, Nipissing Village, Nipissing Village, s/o William Joseph FLOYD & Mary Jane McEACHRAN married Mable Anna GORMAN, 20, Nipissing Village, Nipissing Village, d/o Benjamin GORMAN & Amanda STORIE, Wtn. Elizabeth Johnston, Lila LATOUR, on Dec. 7, 1921 at North Bay.
16506-1921 Patrick Joseph FRANKLIN, 22, Labour, Arnprior, North Bay, s/o Antoine & Molly FRANKLIN married Beatrice Carmel BAILEY, 20, Widdifield, North Bay, d/o Thomas & Margaret Emily BAILEY, Wtn. Elizabeth Johnston, Alvin George KNIGHT on Oct. 19, 1921 at North Bay. 16514-1921 Paul FRAPPIER, 33, Labour, Masson Que., Sturgeon Falls, s/o Gedeon FRAPPIER & Mathilda DEROUIN, married Isabelle BISSON, 18, Buckingham Que., Sturgeon Falls, d/o Calixte BISSON & Isabelle ROBERT, Wtn. Joseph SERRE, Emile BEAUDRY on Aug. 27, 1921 at Sturgeon Falls.
16507-1921 Carl FREDERICK, 23 Farmer, Chisholm, Powassan, s/o Edward FREDERICK & Mary Ann WALSH married Lila Muriel ELLIOTT, 23, Midland, Chisholm, d/o Thomas ELLIOTT & Mary Jane ROBERTSON, Wtn. William NEWMAN, on Sept. 22, 1921 at North Bay 16529-1921 Oscar GALIPEAULT, 28, Labour, Pointe Gatineau, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Thomas GALIPEAULT & Elise CYR married Elisia GUINDON, 21, Warren, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Joseph GUINDON & Anastasia GAREAU, Wtn. Joseph DAOUST on March 28, 1921 at Sturgeon Falls.
16528-1921 Leon GERVAIS, 26, Labour, Warren, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Ferdinand GERVAIS & Suzanne TROTTIER married Anna MARTIN, 16, Sturgeon Falls, Field, d/o Luis MARTIN & Florida THIBEAULT on Apr. 12, 1921 at Field. 16517-1921 Joseph Raoul GILBERT, 21, Clerk, Roberval Que., Sturgeon Falls, s/o Ernest GILBERT & Mary McCLEAN married Yvonne SEGUIN, 20, Office Clerk, Sturgeon Falls, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Adelard SEGUIN & Oliva LEGAULT, Wtn. Mrs. Maxime FREDETTE, on May 23, 1921 at Sturgeon Falls.
16515-1921 Alfred Edwin GOOD, 26, Mill Man, South River, Sundridge, s/o Israel GOOD & Charlotte GREENWOOD married Laura Edna RHUEBOTTOM, 21 Sundridge, Sundridge, d/o Benjamin RHUEBOTTON & Minnie PINKERTON, Wtn. Albert E. DUNCAN, on Apr. 6, 1921 at North Bay 16523-1921 Thomas Sherman GOSSELIN, 25, Farmer, Bonfield, Bonfield, s/o Frederick GOSSELIN & Sarah DORE married Virginie LAPLANTE 19, Bonfield, Bonfield, d/o Alex LAPLANTE & Abigail BROWN, Wtn. Joseph MORIN, on June 22, 1921 at Bonfield
16516-1921 Hugh GOURLEY, 21, Telegrapher, Westmeath, Hornepayne, s/o W.H. GOURLEY & Alice EBBS married Ida M. WILSON, 20, Warren, Warren, d/o Robert H. WILSON & Mabel FRY, Wtn. Elizabeth JOHNSTON, on June 6, 1921 at North Bay. 16519-1921 Albert GRAHAM, 55, Widower, Farmer, Norfolk Co., Mattawa, s/o John GRAHAM & Tamson Ann BOWBEER married Emilia CHARLTON, 57, Widow, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Thomas JOYCE & Emma CROMPTON, Wtn. Mrs. Lila BROWNLEE, Mrs. E.C. ALLEN on Sept 13, 1921 at North Bay.
16526-1921 Emilien G. GRANT, 28, Labour, Austria, Iroquois Falls, s/o William Grant & Anna K? married Martha Cecilia FLOOD, 24, Cambridge USA, Iroquois Falls, d/o Edward FLOOD & Martha SANDY on June 1,1921 at Iroquois Falls 16525-1921 Eugene GRENON, 31, Labour, Hull, Iroquois Falls, s/o Augustine GRENON, & Adele SEGUIN, married Anne Marie Ange HEBERT, d/o Cherie ? HEBERT & Dominique (illegible), Wtn Samuel ROMAIN on July 26, 1921 at Iroquois Falls.
16518-1921 Isadore Olivier GUERTIN, 23, Gents Furnishing Salesman, Pembroke, North Bay, s/o Isadore GUERTIN & Sarah CAUGHY married Jane Elizabeth DEVOR, 20, Stenographer, Salt Lake City Utah, North Bay, d/o Ulyses S. DEVOR & Alta Bella TOWNSEND, Wtn. Charles L. ADAMS on May 20, 1921 at North Bay. 16521-1921 Joseph GUILBEAULT, 33, Farmer, Mattawa, Mattawa, s/o Frederick GUIBEAULT & Margaret FRANK, married Marguerite BELAIRE, 20, Sault. Ste. Marie, Mattawa, d/o Phileas BELAIRE & Frazile LAPLANTE on Nov. 8, 1921 at Mattawa
16524-1921 Omer GUITARD, 22, Labour, Hull, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Calixte GUITARD & Rose GAUTHIER, married Marie Mildred DUFRESNE, 18, Fan River, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Cyprien DUFRESNE & Ida GAUTHIER, Wtn. J. Bte. LIARD, Oscar GUITARD, on Aug. 31, 1921 at Sturgeon Falls. 16520-1921 Gustaf Leonard GUSTAFSON, 51, Widower, Farmer, Sweden, Kipling, s/o Gustaf GUSTAFSON & Karolina ANDERSON, married Carolina NEILSON, 47, Widow, Norway, Kipling, d/o Andreas JOHNSON & Carolina ANDERSON on Nov. 30, 1921 at Kipling.
  16541-1921 Weldon Francis HAGGART, 23, Labour, Twp. Joly, Sundridge, s/o William Humphrey HAGGART, & Hannah Christina McNAUGHTON married Clara Bell PERRY, 16, Cloyne, Sundridge, d/o George Wesley PERRY & Annie FINCH, Wtn. Lillie PERRY, John CLARKE, on Nov. 9, 1921 at North Bay.
16532-1921 Lenold HALL, 28, Bookkeeper, Pickering, Timmins, s/o George T. HALL & Annie E. COOKE, married Grace R. JONES, 20, England, Dryden, d/o Douglas JONES & Elizabeth HUTCHINSON, Wtn. Lila BROWNLEE, Ellen LAST, on July 1, 1921 at North Bay. 16530-1921 Samuel HAMILTON, 23, Labour, Callander, Callander, s/o Harry HAMILTON & Agnes SITH, married Hazel KETTLE (KETTYLE), 24, Widow, Sundridge, Callander, d/o Archie MACDONALD & Elizabeth MC INNIS on Jan. 6, 1921 at North Bay
16533-1921 Harry HAMMELL, 24, Liveryman, Raymond, Powassan, s/o Thomas HAMMELL & Annie BUNN, married Minerva LONG, 29, Widow, Port Berval (Port Burwell?), Powassan, d/o Cyrus SMITH & Sarah LANE, on Aug. 31 1921 at North Bay 16536-1921 James Herbert HANNAH, 24, Teamster, Callander, Callander, s/o James HANNAH & Mary ORTON, married Frances May HUMPHREY, 17, Callander, Callander, d/o William HUMPHREY & Mary Jane REID, Wtn. Mary Jane HUMPHREY on Dec. 16, 1921 at North Bay.
16535-1921 Victor William HARLING, 31 Labour, Fenelon Falls, North Bay, s/o Charles HARLING & Annie WILKINSON married Hazel Melinda TURCOTTE, 18 North Bay, North Bay, d/o Thomas TURCOTTE& Mary BLACK, Wtn. Nellie JONES, Verner TURCOTTE, on Mar. 9, 1921 at North Bay 16539-1921 James Charles HAWLEY, 46, Engineer, Thorpe Eng., Sturgeon Falls, s/o Johnathon HAWLEY & Sarah CONNELLY married Geraldine Katharine WALKER, 37, Roxbury Mass., Sturgeon Falls, d/o William WALKER & Elizabeth GRAY, Wtn. Christina HAMILL, Elizabeth Johnston, on Sept. 3, 1921 at North Bay
16543-1921 Antoine HEBERT, 22, Farmer, Maniwaki, Desaulniers, s/o William HEBERT & Ursula LARIVIERE married Blanche BRAZEAU, 16, Sturgeon Falls, Smokey Falls, d/o Joseph BRAZEAU & Sara DEBUC, Wtn. Arthur COUSINEAU, on Dec. 26, 1921 at Smokey Falls. 16540-1921 George Arthur HENRY, 47, Physician & Surgeon, Beamsville, Sudbury, s/o James O. HENRY & Caroline Mathilda SMITH married Hilda May SILVERTHORN, 26, Chief Clerk in Municipal Office, North Bay, Sudbury, d/o Joseph SILVERTHORN & Levina Dorcas RUSSELL, Wtn. Mrs. Nellie HUME, on Nov. 9, 1921 at North Bay.
16537-1921 Morris Carlton HICKS, 22, Clerk, Sparta, North Bay, s/o William E. HICKS & Mary J. FOGAL married Bernette BAXTER, 21, Sturgeon Falls, Sturgeon Falls, d/o William BAXTER & Florence MORRISON on Dec. 13, 1921 at Sturgeon Falls. 16534-1921 Wilfred Samuel HILL, 37, Farmer, Oar, Lake, Charlton, s/o William Henry HILL & Ellen HEASLIP, married Elizabeth Sarah BARR, Burridge, North Bay, d/o Carson BARR & Margretta BERTRAM, Wtn. Jennie Gladys BARR, Norman Upton Hill, on Apr. 20, 1921 at North Bay.
16538-1921 Robert M. HOBSON, 26, Druggist, Niagara Falls, Niagara Falls, s/o Harry HOBSON & Winnifred FLYNN married Cecilia QUINLAN, 23, South Gloucester, North Bay, d/o Joseph QUINLAN & Alice McGEE, Wtn. J.R. HOBSON, Theresa QUINLAN, on Aug. 1, 1921 at North Bay. #015236-15 Patrick HOGAN, 36, Orillia Ont, Fort William, grain man, s/o Patrick HOGAN & Elizabeth BROWN, married Ellen BAKER, 24, Penetanguishene Ont, Fort William, at home, d/o George BAKER & Minnie ROBITAILLE, witn Ambrose HOGAN, Viola SIMARD, both Fort William, married 7 Oct 1915, St Patrick’s Church, Fort William
16542-1921 William HOULE, 22, Farmer, Bonfield, Bonfield, s/o Seraphin HOULE & Clara PERRON married Lucia LAPLANTE, 18, Bonfield, Bonfield, d/o Alex LAPLANTE & Abby BROWN, Wtn. Thomas GOSSELIN, Virginie LAPLANTE, on June 8, 1921 at Bonfield. 16531-1921 William Andrew HUGGINS, 26, Civil Engineer, Ganisboro Ind. USA., Smokey Falls, s/o Wiliam Andew HUGGINS & Elizabeth PALLIS married Rose TURNER, 18, Pembroke, Smokey Falls, d/o James TURNER & Bela ARPIN on July 6, 1921 at Field.
14390-22 Austin Alexander HUNT, 26, merchant, Kagawong, same, s/o Cromwell HUNT (b. Billings twp) & Myra CAMPBELL, married Stella Annie HILLIARD, 27, Kagawong, same, d/o John HILLIARD (b. Manitoulin) & Annie SNOW, witn: Mrs. E. F. & L?. T. PRIDDLE of Silverwater, Manitoulin Island, 20 Sept 1922 at Kagawong 16544-1921 William IMBEAU, 21, Labour, Gracefield Que., Sturgeon Falls, s/o John IMBEAU & Delima GAUTHIER married Aurore DECAIRE, 17, Sturgeon Falls, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Elie DECAIRE & Mary Louise DAVIDSON on Aug. 18, 1921 at Sturgeon Falls.
16551-1921 Charles D. JACKSON, 24, Machinist, Montreal, North Bay, s/o Charles C. JACKSON & Mary WALL married Maysae (sic) BOAL, 18, Bookkeeper, North Bay, North Bay, d/o Elijah BOAL & Kathleen BLAIR on Apr. 27 1921 at North Bay 16545-1921 David JAMES, 23, Farmer, Twp. Strong, Twp. Joly, s/o Thomas A. JAMES & Catharine SEDOR married Elizabeth Ellen Edna BUTTERICK, 18, England, Twp. Joly, d/o John T. BUTTERICK & Elizabeth TAYNTON, Wtn. Christina HAMILL, on Dec. 26, 1921 at North Bay.
16552-1921 Charles JARVIS, 27, Labour, Polmead Eng., North Bay, s/o Edwin John JARVIS & Elizabeth PEARSE married Laura Louise TINNEY, 31, Widow, England, North Bay, d/o Edward J. BRINSCOMBE & Hannah WEST, Wtn. Norah Mary NICHOLS on Apr. 12, 1921 at North Bay. 16553-1921 Emmanuel JETTE, 22, Labour, Gracefield Que., Sturgeon Falls, s/o Firmin JETTE & Sophie CARRE married Ida PELLETIER, 21, Sturgeon Falls, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Benjamin PELLETIER & Emma BONENFANT on Aug. 15, 1921 at Sturgeon Falls.
16555-1921 John Jacob JOHNSON, 52, Widower, Farmer, Sweden, Kipling, s/o Johan Gustav CARLSON & Martha ANDERSON married Fanny Elizabeth SUNDVIK, 41, widow, Sweden, Kipling, d/o Nils HAGLAND & Anna Gustava NORGEN, Wtn. John & Jenny WESTIN on July 5, 1921 at Kipling. 16548-1921 Harvey George Eldon JOHNSON, 24, Railway, Allandale, North Bay, s/o William Johnson & Maud WICE married Ellen Elizabeth SPEDDING, 21, Hillsburg, North Bay, d/o John A. SPEDDING & Mary Elizabeth EVERDELL, Wtn. Mrs. H. MC GEE, on July 12, 1921 at North Bay.
16546-1921 Olaf JOHNSON, 27, Clerk, Valders Norway, Kipling, s/o John ERICKSON & Kari KNUTSDATTER married Olga Ingeborg CARLSON, 20, Christianna Norway, Kipling, d/o Paul CARLSON & Mathilda ALBINSDATTER on Nov. 26, 1921 at Kipling 16550-1921 Charles Duncan JOHNSTON, 25, Liveryman, Harriston, New Liskeard, s/o Alex JOHNSTON & Bella MC INTOSH married Minetta Ethel SHIELDS, 25, Widow, Mt. Forest, Mt. Forest, d/o John ILES? & Jessie ORR, Wtn. Mary FITZPATRICK, on May 16, 1921 at North Bay.
16549-1921 Thomas McMaster JOHNSTON, 32, Butter maker, Seymour Twp., Campbellford, s/o James E. JOHNSTON & Margaret McMASTER married Isabell NESBITT, 28, Milliner, Nipissing, Cache Bay, d/o William J. NESBITT & Elizabeth RUSK, Wtn. Gladys NESBITT, Roy DODDS on Apr. 27, 1921 at North Bay. 16554-1921 Austin JONES, 33, Labour, England, North Bay, s/o John JONES & Emma MOSS married Alice JOHNSON, 26, England, North Bay, d/o George William JOHNSON & Fanny RAY, Wtn. Emerson SMITH, Ann Elizabeth JOHNSON, on June 22, 1921 at North Bay
16558-1921 Arthur Robert KIDDELL, 28, Polisher, England, St. Catharines, s/o James KIDDELL & Mary NORRIS married Charlotte Ethel GRAHAM, 22, Delhi, St. Catharines, d/o Albert GRAHAM & Sarah Jane TUPPER,Wtn. Welby GRAHAM, Ethel GRAHAM, on Sept. 22, 1921 at Mattawa. 16556-1921 Francis Reuben KITCHENER, 29, Assistant Agent, Montreal, North Bay, s/o Frederick KITCHENER & Emma HARGRAVES married Mertle (sic) COWAN, 19, Muskoka, North Bay, d/o George COWAN & Harriet HARE, Wtn Orville KING, May SIMMONS, on May 20, 1921 at North Bay.
16559-1921 Jacob KRAFTCHICK, 22, Labour, Sabine Twp., Canoe Lake, s/o John KRAFTCHICK & Margaret RICOSKI married Teresa DARGAS, 16, Whitney, Whitney, d/o Jacob DARGAS & Caroline BEMISH on Sept. 20, 1921 at Whitney 16560-1921 Maximilian KULAS, 22, Wilno, Madawaska, s/o Thomas KULAS & Annie LIBERA married Mary Agatha PIGEON, 21, Killaloe, Madawaska, d/o Thomas PIGEON & Florence CHIPIESKI, Wtn. John PIGEON, Mary RUDDY, on Sept.27, 1921 at Madawaska.
16586-1921 Donat LABELLE, 20, Labour, Gracefield, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Hormidas LABELLE & Mathilde GAUTHIER, married Marie-Ange LEBLANC, 19, Sturgeon Falls, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Arcade LEBLANC & Emma DAVIDSON, on Aug. 30, 1921 at Sturgeon Falls 16568-1921 Abraham LACROIX, 31, Widower, Barber, Mattawa, Mattawa, s/o Isaac LACROIX & Marguerite ST. ONGE, married Leda LADOUCEUR, 31, Widow, Mattawa, Mattawa, d/o Edward MINOR & Mary LEFEBRE, Wtn. Elie JODOUIN, J. J. HOGAN, on Nov. 29, 1921 at Mattawa
16582-1921 Joseph Henry LAMOREAUX, 33, Painter, St. Croix Ont., North Bay, s/o Paul LAMOREAUX & Louise VAILLANCOURT married Alice May PAQUETTE, 16, Maid, St. Hugh de Sarsfield, North Bay, d/o Pierre PAQUETTE & Elizabeth HUNEAULT, Wt. Narcisse GIROUX on Feb 8, 1921 at North Bay. 16565-1921 William Edward LANG, 27, Labour, Kilworthy, Powassan, s/o William LANG & Elizabeth PARTRIDGE, married Mary Lucy May DEAULT, 18, Temiskaming, Stonecliffe, d/o James DEAULT & Mary GUILBEAULT, Wtn. Annie FULLERTON, on June 1, 1921 at North Bay
  16587-1921 Emile LAPENSEE, 30, Farmer, Hull, Verner, s/o Joseph Lapensee & Philomena GAGNON, married Victoria DEMERS, Verner, Verner, d/o George DEMERS & Rosina SABOURIN, on Aug 29, 1921 at Verner.
16584-1921 Alphonse Gatien LAPIERRE, 22, Farmer, Verner, Lavigne, s/o Isai LAPIERRE & Albina SCHNOBB, married Marie Antoinette ST. ONGE, 17, Glen Robertson, Lavigne, d/o Adelard ST. ONGE & Marie-Joseph BINETTE, Wtn. Andre LAPIERRE, Blanche LAFRENIERE, on Oct. 4, 1921 at Lavigne. 16561-1921 (Nipissing) Thomas LAPIERRE, 53, Widower, Labour, Gatineau Pt., Mattawa, s/o Moses LAPIERRE & Louise DUFOND married Mary GREEN, 46, Calabogie, Rutherglen, d/o John Green & Susan LAMURE, Wtn. Ocias LACELLE, Louis MOSKI, on Oct 8, 1921 at Mattawa
16574-1921 Francois LARCHE?, 20, Labour, Gracefield Que., River Valley, s/o Francois LARCHE? & Delima ROCHON, married Melanie ROCHON, 20, Gracefield, River Valley, d/o Emory Rochon & Marie LAMOREAUX, Wtn. Mederic GOULARD, David ROCHON, on Nov. 7, 1921 at River Valley 16575-1921 Thomas Joseph Jereme LARIVIERE, 21, Labour, Ft. Coulonge, Iroquois Falls, s/o Francois LARIVIERE & Laura ROMAIN, married Lorette TREMBLAY, 22, Widow, Baie St. Paul Que., Iroquois Falls, d/o Alfred LAVOIE & L. TREMBLAY, Wtn. Patrick CONROY, Eugene BOISVERT, on Dec. 19, 1921 at Iroquois Falls.
16579-1921 Theodore LARIVIERE, 26, Farmer, Bonfield, Bonfield, s/o Oderic LARIVIERE & Alma PERRON, married Bella BOYCE, 18, Bonfield, Great Desert, d/o George BOYCE & Marguerite BELAIR, Wtn. Oderic LARIVIERE, Wallace BOYCE, on May 16, 1921 at Bonfield 16588-1921 Joseph Ludger Achille LAROCHELLE, 22, Labour, Astorville, Callandar, s/o Late Achille LAROCHELLE & Sophronie BESSETTE married Mary ROCHEFORT, 17, Astorville Astorville, d/o Francois ROCHEFORT & Adelaide TREMBLAY, Wtn. Pierre CORREAUX, Marie-Ange ROCHEFORT, on Aug. 15, 1921 at Astorville.
16581-1921 Arthur LAROCQUE, 21, Labour, Renfrew, Field, s/o Maxime LAROCQUE & Mathilda RANGER, married Valentine LAVIGNE, 16, Rockland, Field, d/o Orphile LAVIGNE & Melina ROCHON on Feb. 8, 1921 at Field 16576-1921 Joseph LAROCQUE, 25, Farmer, Darlan, Field, s/o Moise & Olympe LAROCQUE, married Marie C. AMYOTTE, 17, Trout River Que., River Valley, d/o Amable AMYOTTE & Delia BISSON?, Wtn. Aza TESSIER, on June 13, 1921 at River Valley.
16572-1921 Joseph LARONDE, 31, Farmer, Pembroke, Feronia, s/o John LARONDE & Marie LANTIER married Violet Wilhelmina MANNING, 20, Maid, Copper Cliff, Feronia, d/o Nelson MANNING & Isabella MYLNE, Wtn. Michel LARONDE on Sept. 26, 1921 at Feronia. 16562-1921 Enock Gordon LAUR, 24, Section Hand, Staffordville, Klock, s/o William LAUR & Mary DICKENS, married Lydia MEILLEUR, 24, Battle Creek Mich., Klock, d/o Jules MEILLEUR & Henriette MOORE, Wtn. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph MEILLEUR, on Aug. 23, 1921 at Mattawa
16569-1921 Joseph LAVICTOIRE, 19, Machinist, Corbeil, North Bay, s/o John LAVICTOIRE & Salome RATHWELL, married Ethel Rose DUNCAN, 20, Clerk, Sturgeon Falls, North Bay, d/o John Wesley DUNCAN & Rose BOIVERT, Wtn. John LAVICTOIRE, Joseph SOUCY, on Oct. 11, 1921 at North Bay. 16577-1921 Maxime LAVOIE, 26, Farmer, Ft. Coulonge, Smokey Falls, s/o Eugene LAVOIE & Marie BOISVERT, married Beatrice ST. DENIS, 18, Ripon, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Alexandre ST. DENIS & Marie Ida PARENT on June 7, 1921 at Sturgeon Falls.
16585-1921 Oscar LAVOIE, 29, Farmer, Chersey Que., McPherson Lavigne, s/o Onezime LAVOIE & Eugenie DUMOULIN married Elina CHRETIEN, 19, Gaspe Que., McPherson Lavigne, d/o Urbain CHRETIEN & M. Louise GIRARD, Wtn. Rosario LEMIEUX, Marie Louise CHRETIEN, on Jan 27, 1921 at Lavigne. 16571-1921 Joseph Pierre Rosario LECLERC, 26, Labour, Notre Dame d’Hebertville Que. Iroquois Falls, s/o Joseph LECLERC & Georgianna REMOND? married Carona POIRIER, 22, Valleyfield Que., Iroquois Falls, d/o Frederique POIRIER & Adele SENECAL, on Sept. 5, 1921 at Iroquois Falls.
16580-1921 Brunet LECOMPTE, 22, Farmer, Ste. Anne Prescott, Verner, s/o Etienne LECOMPTE & Victoria LALANDE, married Isola LOUISEIZE, St. Rose de Lima Que., Verner, d/o Edouard LOUISEIZE & Delia CHARBONNEAU, Wtn. Edmond CHARBONNEAU, on Apr. 5, 1921 at Verner 16578-1921 Charles LEDOUX, 27, Farmer, Astorville, Astorville, s/o Late Charles LEDOUX & Late Lamina MARTEL, married Marie Emma LABRECQUE, 16, Chiswick, Chiswick, d/o Octave LABRECQUE & Justine BOISVERT, Wtn. William LEDOUX, Octave LABRECQUE, on June 7, 1921 at Chiswick.
16589-1921 Joseph Moise LEGER dit PARISIEN, 21, Labour, St. Joseph d’Orleans, River Valley, s/o John LEGER dit PARISIEN & Rose Ann LALONDE married Emela BELANGER, 17, Sturgeon Falls, Desaulnier, d/o Xavier BELANGER & Rose Anna DAGENAIS on June 28, 1921 at Field 16564-1921 John LESLIE, 28, Clerk, Scotland, North Bay, s/o John LESLIE & Maggie MORTON, married Sarah Maud REES, 30, Gloster Eng., North Bay, d/o John REES & Janet SMITH, Wtn. Allan FRASER, Nellie M. LESLIE, on June 24, 1921 at North Bay
16566-1921 William James Russel LETTS, 24, Trainman, Ft. Coulonge, North Bay, s/o William LETTS & Margaret Jane STITT married Sarah Elizabeth RAMSAY, 22, Windsor Mills Que., Sturgeon Falls, d/o George RAMSAY & Birdie ROSS, Wtn. Blanche KENNY, N.J. McCUBBIN, on April 4, 1921 at North Bay. 16570-1921 George Wesley LINKLATER, 30, Widower, Bridge Foreman, Grand Valley, Trout Creek, s/o William LINKLATER & Amelia LUXTON, married Mable (Mary)Elizabeth OSBORNE, Trout Creek, Trout Creek, d/o Jarvis OSBORNE & Mary McKIM, Wtn. Mrs. A. KILGOUR, Mrs. E.C. HUNTER, on Sept. 9, 1921 at North Bay.
16567-1921 Samson LITTLEWOOD, 27, Clergyman, Pembroke Wales, Charlton, s/o Walter LITTLEWOOD & Martha Ann WOOD, married Ilda Thursabell BAILEY, 22, Stenographer, Widdifield, North Bay, d/o John BAILEY & Jennie HOWATT, Wtn. Hulda M. HOLDITCH, Alexander BAKER on Jan. 14, 1921 at North Bay. 16583-1921 William Morgan LONG, 37, England, Toronto, R.R. Employee, s/o Morgan LONG & Louisa WILSON, married Ernestine BAKER, 30, Clerk, North Bay, North Bay, d/o Alphonsus Baker & Mathilda PROULX, on Jan. 10, 1921 at North Bay
16563-1921 Umberto LONGHI, 35, Section Foreman, Renazzo Italy, Tashota, s/o Giovanni LONGHI & Lucia BALBONE married Selena Florence COMMANDA, 27, Beaucage, Tashota, d/o Tom COMMANDA & Mary Louise LERONTE, Wtn. Michel FRACASSA, Flomena MANNO, on June 10, 1921 at North Bay 16573-1921 Theodore LORTIE, 19, Labour, Sturgeon Falls, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Adrien LORTIE & Emelia CHAMPAGNE married Marie DUFRESNE, 21, Ottawa, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Joseph DUFRESNE & Marie PROVOST, Wtn. Charles GAGNE, Joseph DUFRESNE, on Oct. 11, 1921 at Sturgeon Falls

7482-21 Ernest Theodore LUNDKIRST, 25, section foreman, Osby Sweden, Denison CPR, s/o Leon LUNDKIRST & Lissy JOHNSON married Sven Juliana MONSON, 21, Haveria Sweden, White River, d/o Isaac MONSON & Martha, witn: Bernt HALL & Alvina L. MONSON of White River, 31 Dec 1921, White River

16605-1921 Alphonse MAINGUY, 23, Labour, Loutteville Que., Sturgeon Falls, s/o Telesphore MAINGUY & Celina BEDARD, married Imelda ALLAIRE, 17, Sturgeon Falls, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Thomas ALLAIRE & Oliva DAOUST, Wtn. Stanislaus POULIN, Thomas ALLAIRE, on Aug. 19, 1921 at Sturgeon Falls
16608-1921 Donat MAJOR, 18, Farmer, Field, Verner, s/o Emile & Emma MAJOR, married Mabel GAREAU, 18, Verner, Verner, d/o Ovila G. & Albina VENNE, Wtn. Emile MAJOR, Ovila GAREAU, on Mar. 28, 1921 at Verner. 16607-1921 Edmond MAJOR, 24, Labour, Sturgeon Falls, Field, s/o Magloire MAJOR & Albertine LARIVIERE, married Flora MENARD, 24, Sturgeon Falls, Field, d/o Alphonse MENARD & Victoria YELLE, Wtn.Magloire MAJOR, Alphonse MENARD, on April 26, 1921 at Field.
16609-1921 Rene MAJOR, 20, Farmer, Sturgeon Falls, Verner, s/o Emile & Emma MAJOR, married Laura GAREAU, 19, Verner, Verner, d/o Ovila GAREAU & Albina VENNE, on March 28, 1921 at Verner 16601-1921 (Nipissing) Henry MAJOR, 19, Labour, Dotling, Field, s/o Thomas MAJOR & Adeline LARONDE married Anna LAROCQUE, 18, Field, Field, d/o Moise L. & Olympe CARDINAL, on Aug. 22, 1921 at Field
16604-1921 Adelard MANTHA, 25, Labour, North Bay, North Bay, s/o Wilfred Mantha & Mathilda FLEURY, married Josephine SABOURIN, 26, Bonfield, Bonfield, d/o Joseph SABOURIN & Lillian Maud BESSERER, Wtn. Leo PAPINEAU, Amelia SABOURIN, on June 14, 1921 at North Bay. 16610-1921 Alben MARLEAU, 21, Farmer, Curran, River Valley, s/o Dosite MARLEAU & Trescelle SAUVE, married Alice Leger PARISIEN, 18, Sturgeon Falls, River Valley, d/o Jean Leger PARISIEN & Rosanna LALANDE, Wtn. D. MARLEAU, Jean Leger PARISIEN, on April 7, 1921 at River Valley
16591-1921 Remi MARCOTTE, 36, Labour, La Ross Que., Mattawa, s/o Remi MARCOTTE & Adeline POIRIER, married Margaret WUNSCH, 18, Mattawa, Mattawa, d/o Adolph WUNSCH & Liza COSHACK, Wtn. J. Bte. POIRIER, Emma MARCOTTE, on Aug. 23, 1921 at Mattawa  
16594-1921 Wilbert MAROIS, 27, Labour, Dungannon, Whitney, s/o Louis MAROIS & Jane ROBINS? Married Ida PARKS, 19, Domestic, Whitney, Whitney, d/o Nathaniel PARKS & Elizabeth BOWERS, Wtn. William HARRISON, on April 6, 1921 at Whitney. 16590-1921 Robert Joseph MARSHALL, 24, Plumber, Cornwall, Sault Saint Marie, s/o John Thomas MARSHALL & Margaret WATT, married Jessie Dawson WHITEHEAD, 22, Nurse, Glasgow, North Bay, d/o Thomas WHITEHEAD & Margaret Ellen DAWSON, Wtn. Archie WHITEHEAD, Freda MARSHALL, on Aug 25, 1921 at North Bay.
16592-1921 John Watt MAVOR? (Manor?), 37, Professor, Glasgow, Schenectady, NY, s/o James MAVOR & Christina J. B. WATT married Dorothy JESSUP, 32, Teacher, Deighton Mass. Algonquin Park. d/o John Colgate JESSUP & Carrie HUNTINGTON, Wtn. Wilfred MAVOR, Fanny L. CASE, on Aug 22, 1921 at Northway Lodge, Algonquin Park. 16597-1921 James Clarence MAXWELL, 22, Engineer, Thorne Center Que., North Bay, s/o Thomas MAXWELL & Isabel CALDERS, married Isabella KNIGHT, 21, Moneuth, (Maynooth?) North Bay, d/o John KNIGHT & Mary COSWELL, on Jan. 20, 1921 at North Bay.
16599-1921 Raoul MAYER, 40, Widower, Carpenter, Mayerville Ont., Sturgeon Falls, s/o Moise MAYER & Ada PROULX married Barbara LAROCQUE, 30, Field, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Joseph LAROCQUE & Sophie DENIS, Wtn. Emile AUBERT, on Oct. 8, 1921 at Cache Bay. 16625-1921 Roy McARMOND, 24, Farmer, Cripple Creek, Mattawa, s/o John McARMAND & Lucinda Jane EAKINS, married Annie Elizabeth RICHARDS, 24, Mattawa, Mattawa, d/o George RICHARDS & Cecilia McKENZIE, Wtn. T.A. EVERETT, Mrs. E. EVERITT, on April 11, 1921 at Mattawa
16614-1921 Frank McCHARLES, 25, Farmer, Powassan, North Bay, s/o Frank McCHARLES & Vina DELORME married Ihla Myrtle HUNT, 18, Powassan, North Bay, d/o William HUNT & Hattie STOCKHILL, Wtn. Mr. & Mrs. William MOLACKI on Dec. 12, 1921 at North Bay. 16615-1921 James Walker McCLUSKEY, 26, Bookeeper, North Bay, North Bay, s/o James McCLUSKEY & Elizabeth Jane BRILL married Annie Kathleen DAWKINS, 25, Huntsville, North Bay, d/o John James DAWKINS & Charlotta IRWIN, Wtn. Marie DAWKINS, J.H. LOWNEY, on Nov. 21, 1921 at North Bay.
16621-1921 John Charles McDERMOTT, 39, Merchant, Pembroke, Cobalt, s/o Patrick McDERMOTT & Mary LEE, married Mary Florence FISHER, 30, Poltimore Que., Webbwood, d/o Hugh FISHER & Mary DACEY, Rev. Joseph MEGNA, Rev. Jos. MARCHAND, on July 1, 1921 at North Bay. 16618-1921 John McDONALD, 29, Stationary Engineer, Renfrew, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Donald McDONALD & Elizabeth SCOTT, married Maggie MICHAUD, 32, Widow, Snow Rd. Ont, Sturgeon Falls, d/o David HAMEL & Elizabeth HUGHES on Sept. 26, 1921 at Sturgeon Falls
16620-1921 Alexander Gordon McDONALD, 36, Merchant, Alexandria, Haileybury, s/o Angus McDONALD & Rachael McMASTER, married Ida Marie VILLENEUVE, 20, Moose Creek, Malville, d/o Francois VILLENEUVE & Falina MARION, Wtn. Rev. Jos. MEGNA, on Aug. 21, 1921 at North Bay. 16628-1921 Michael Andrew McGAFF, 41, Labour, Quyon Que., Sudbury, s/o John McGAFF & Mary Ann WEIR, married Mary Helen DOLAN, 36, Quyon Que., Sturgeon Falls, d/o Michael DOLAN & Catharine McKENNY, Wtn., Francis DOLAN, Suzanne SLACK, on Nov. 16, 1921 at Sturgeon Falls.
16622-1921 Peter McGUEY, 28, Farmer, Bonnecherre Que., Whitney, s/o Dennis McGUEY & Margaret FOY, married Mary Alma SAUNDERS, 18, Whitney, Whitney, d/o Thomas SAUNDERS & Janet McGIBBON, Wtn. Ivy SAUNDERS, Henry McGUEY, on June 1, 1921 at Whitney 16623-1921 Alexander Anson McKEE, 25, Railwayman, South River, North Bay, s/o Andrew McKEE & Janet TENNANT, married Katherine McGILLIS, 23, North Bay, North Bay, d/o Charles McGILLIS & Mary SMITH, Wtn. Charlie McGILLIS, Bessie McKEE, on June 2, 1921 at North Bay
16626-1921 William James McLEOD, 25, Locomotive Fireman, Alpine Texas, Winnipeg, s/o Michael McLEOD & Rose McFARLANE, married Bertha Annie SMITH, 27, North Bay, North Bay, d/o James SMITH & Annie PECKOVER, Wtn. Mr. & Mrs. Gordon SMITH, on Mar. 21, 1921 at North Bay. 16619-1921 Norman Donald McLEOD, 39, Foreman, Milan Que., Mattawa, s/o Malcolm McLEOD & Mary DONALD married Annie WALTERS, 26, Montreal, Papineau Twp., d/o William WALTERS & Mary JOHNSTON, Wtn. Jas. D. McLEOD, Mary WALTERS, on Sept. 12, 1921 at Mattawa.
16624-1921 Charles McLURE, 41, Widower, Carman, Edinburgh Scotland, North Bay, s/o Alexander & Annie McLURE, married Elizabeth HILL, 42, Widow, Westmeath, North Bay, d/o David PRICE & Isabel JOHNSTON, Wtn. Elizabeth JOHNSTON, Mrs. Louise PUCH, on Apr. 21, 1921 at North Bay. 16616-1921 Alexander McLURE, 38, Carpenter, Isle of Skye Scotland, North Bay, s/o Alexander & Annie McLURE married Janet Robinson BUCHANAN, 29, Glasgow Scotland, North Bay, d/oGeorge BUCHANAN & Mary McLURE, Wtn. Charles McLURE, Elizabeth McLURE, on Oct. 25, 1921 at North Bay.
16617-1921 Robert John McMILLAN, 35, R.R. Conductor, Thornton, North Bay, s/o James Parker McMILLAN & Mary Jane FREEMAN, married Mary Edith McLENNON, 31, Ottawa, North Bay, d/o James McLENNON & Esther SHEPPARD, Wtn. John & Ellen BARKER, on Oct. 18, 1921 at North Bay 16627-1921 Michael E. McPARLAND, 23, Labour, Chapeau Que., North Bay, s/o John McPARLAND & Elizabeth MORRIS, married Anastasia COUSINEAU, 23, North Bay, North Bay, d/o James COUSINEAU & Anna LAGANNE, Wtn. Victor COUSINEAU, Mary Jane O’DONNEL, on Sept. 27, 1921 at North Bay.
16598-1921 Roland Solomon MERNER, 46, Lumberman, Waterloo, Trout Creek, s/o Absolom MERNER & Susannah SCHAFFER, married Annie Edna CARR, 35, Magnatewan, Trout Creek, d/o Thomas CARR & Anna STEWART, on Jan 11, 1921 at North Bay. 16612-1921 Francis John MILLER, 26, Electrician, North Bay, North Bay, s/o William MILLER & Mary McDONALD, married Ida May BENNETT, 21, Stenographer, North Bay, North Bay, d/o Edward BENNETT & Sophia ST.PIERRE, Wtn. A.F. DOYLE, Elizabeth NEWELL, on Jan. 10, 1921 at North Bay.
16596-1921 Lawrence MILLER, 24, Electrician, Sundridge, North Bay, s/o John MILLAR & Ada JACKSON, married Mary Jane ARCHIBALD, 22, Aberdeen Scotland, North Bay, d/o Robert ARCHIBALD & Annie STODDARD, Wtn. H.R. & Ruth MILLER on Jan 16, 1921 at North Bay. 16602-1921 William MOLASKI, 23, Labour, Galicia Austria, North Bay, s/o Stephen MOLASKI & Mary TESKI, married Isabelle McCHARLES, 19, Chiswick, Chiswick, d/o Frank McCHARLES & Olinne DELORME, Wtn. William McCHARLES & Oscar DELORME, on Oct. 10, 11921 at North Bay
16600-1921 Oliver William MOORE, 24, Farmer, Golden Valley, Golden Valley, s/o John William MOORE & Annie Charlotte WHITEHEAD, married Nettie Hummel EVERS, 24, Widow, Commer, Golden Valley, d/o Stephen HUMMEL & Susanna CULHANE, Wtn. J.S. LOVELL, E.A. MOORE, on Oct. 26, 1921 at North Bay 16611-1921 Joseph MOQUIN, Labour, 28, Ste Agnes, Lac Megantic, Sturgeon Falls, s/o August MOQUIN & Celanie MIGNEAULT married Marie Yvonne COULOMBE, 27, Lowell Mass., Sturgeon Falls, d/o Noe COULOMBE & Hermine ROY, Wtn. George LEVEQUE, Paul Olivier COULOMBE on Jan. 25, 1921 at Sturgeon Falls.
16613-1921 Placide MOREAU, 20, Labour, Ste. Cecile de Masham Que., Springer Twp., s/o Joseph MOREAU & Delima PICHETTE, married Emma VALADE, 17, Teacher, Springer Twp., Cache Bay, d/o Augustin VALADE & Nadia LANDRIAULT, on Jan. 19, 1921 at Cache Bay 16606-1921 Elphige MOREL, 26, Labour, Mattawa, Sturgeon Falls, s/o J. Bte. MOREL & Celina BRUNET, married Ena FERGUSSON, 18, Sturgeon Falls, Sturgeon Falls, d/o John FERGUSSON & Flore BELIVEAU, Wtn. J. Bte. MOREL, John FERGUSSON, on April 25, 1921 at Sturgeon Falls.
  16603-1921 Pierre MORIN, 24, Farmer, Bonfield, Bonfield, s/o Joseph Morin & Marie BOISVERT, married Marie Jeanne LAPLANTE, 21, Bonfield, Bonfield, d/o Alexandre LAPLANTE & Abigail BROWN, Wtn. Joseph MORIN, Alexandre LAPLANTE, on June 22, 1921 at Bonfield
16595-1921 Nick MORNS, 28, Papermaker, Serbia, Iroquois Falls, s/o Alexander MORNS & Ljuba VIRICH, married Dorothea McBURNEY, 21, Calandar, Iroquois Falls d/o James McBURNEY & Jenny LEA, Wtn. Frank McBURNEY, Beatrice McBURNEY on Jan 26, 1921 at Widdifield. 16593-1921 Frank MUGGEI, 35, Machinist, Italy, Grass Mines, s/o Joseph MUGGEI & Maria ANDREANO, married Maria Cerefa POETA, 22, Italy, North Bay, d/o Pietro POETA & Assunta PERRI, Wtn. Vito PERRI, Domenick MAZZEI on Mar. 31 1921 at North Bay.
16629-1921 William Edward NEILEY, 39, Decorator, Haliburton, Cache Bay, s/o Lemuel McNEILY & Annie WINDSOR, married Olive Margaret YOUMANS, 23, Milliner, Denbigh, Cache Bay, d/o David YOUMANS & Margaret CARSWELL, Wtn. Ella YOUMANS, Lance HARDY, on June 1, 1921 at Cache Bay. 13431-23 John Johnston NESS, 35, bank manager, St. Andrews Scotland, Markow? - Kindersley? Dist. Sask., s/o Charles NESS (b. St. Andrews Scotland) & Mary Ann SMITH, married Theresa Veronica SWANSON, 35, nurse, Kenora, same, d/o George SWANSON (b. Norway) & Anna Grace LESETT?, witn: George & Mrs. A. G. SWANSON of Kenora, 9 May 1923 at St. Albans Cathedral, Kenora
  16630-1921 William Henry OLDFIELD, 24, Farmer, Toronto, Powasson, s/o James OLDFIELD & Mary STEWART, married Olive Elizabeth McFADDEN, 27, Widow, Victoria ON., Powassan, d/o Oliver LAMB & Elinor CURRIE, Wtn. Thomas Russell VOKES, Agnes Maud VOKES, on Sept. 19, 1921 at North Bay.
16634-1921 Eugenio OLIVERIO? 25, Labour, Italy, North Bay, s/o Luigi OLIVERIO? & Rosita (illegible) married Assunta MAGLIORI, 18, Italy, North Bay, d/o Salvatore MAGLIORI & Concetta PISANO, Wtn. Antonio CALVANO, Cardina CALVANO, on May 21, 1921 at North Bay. 16631-1921 Harry Harper OLMSTEAD, 22, farmer, Portage du Fort, Que., Smokey Falls, s/o David OLMSTEAD & Marcelline CHARTRAND, married Lida LAVIGNE, 17, Field, Smokey Falls, d/o Frank LAVIGNE & Rosanna CAYEAU, on Sept. 13, 1921 at North Bay
16632-1921 Joseph Henry O’NEILL, 41, Locomotive Engineer, Port Hope, North Bay, s/o Thomas O’NEILL & Mary QUINN, married Margaret Inez LaFLEUR , 38, Deux Rivieres, Cranbrooke, B.C., d/o Charles LaFLEUR & Catharine MAHON, Wtn. Vera SNYDER, Blanche KENNY, on June 23, 1921 at North Bay. 16633-1921 Alfred OUIMET, 21, Labour, Buckingham, Bigwood Stn. S/o A. OUIMET & Josephine ARQUETTE?, married Amanda MATHIAS, 16, Hull, Bigwood Stn., d/o Theophile MATHIAS & Rose Alba PREVOST, Wtn. Alexandre BERUBE on Aug. 16, 1921 at Bigwood Stn
16635-1921 James Oliver PARKS, 30, Labour, Dungannon, Whitney, s/o Nathaniel PARKS & Elizabeth BOWERS married Annie SAYYEA, 22, Dungannon, Whitney, d/o Jacob SAYYEA & Mary E. MATT, Wtn. Ellen Nora SAYYEA, on April 6, 1921 at Whitney. 16645-1921 Randolphe PELLAND, 21, Farmer, Ste. Elizabeth Que., McPherson, s/o Wilfred PELLAND & Anna GUILBEAULT married Annette SYLVESTRE, 18, Verner, McPherson, d/o Octave SYLVESTRE & Amanda LECUYER on June 21, 1921 at Lavigne
  16641-1921 Arthur Edward PENNY, 44, Widower, News Agent, London Eng., Sudbury, s/o George PENNEY & Ema COE, married Emma Louise KIRVELL, 33, Winchester Eng., North Bay, d/o John KIRVELL & Harriet SPENCER, Wtn. Mrs. E.C. HUNTER, on July 11, 1921 at North Bay
16644-1921 Joseph PERRAULT, 20, Farmer, St. Theodore de Chertsy Que., Lavigne, s/o Emile PERRAULT & Celina VINCENT, married Albanie LAFRENIERE, 18, St. Gabriel de Brandon Que., Lavigne, d/o Cuthbert LAFRENIERE & Claris BEAUSOLEIL, on Aug. 16, 1921 at Lavigne. 16452-1921 Elphage PERRON, 21, Blacksmith, Chiswick, Astorville, s/o Belani PERRON & Desange BOULANGER, married Mathilda ETHIER, 17, Astorville, Astorville, d/o Louis ETHIER & Armeline GUILLMETTE, Wtn. Leon PERRON, Aurore ETHIER, on May 2, 1921 at Astorville.
16649-1921 Daniel PETRA, 20, Labour, Bear Island, Temagami, s/o William PETRA & Marie McLANE married Elizabeth WHITEBEAR, 18, Bear Island, Temagami, d/o Frank WHITEBEAR & Annie McLANE, Wtn. Donall McKENZIE, Margaret WHITEBEAR on Jan. 31, 1921 at Temagami. NOTEs: Natural Name: Elizabeth GAUDAUR?, Natural Father: J. GAUDAUR?, Natural Mother: Martha COMMANDA 16643-1921 Camille PICHE, 19, Labour, Ste. Cecile de Masham,Que., Cache Bay, s/o Camille PICHE & Natalie BRASSEAU, married Louise Annette DUBEAULT, 20, Lowell Mass., Cache Bay, d/o Hormidas DUBEAULT & Fabiola CHAMPAGNE, on Sept. 13, 1921 at Cache Bay.
16639-1921 Adilon Hormidas PICHE, 25, Labour, Masham Que., Cache Bay, s/o Magloire PICHE & Emelie BRASSARD, married Irene COLE, 25, Otter Lake Que., Cache Bay, d/o Samuel COLE & Christian MARTIN, Wtn. Magloire PICHE, Alcide PICHE, on Aug. 4. 1921 at Cache Bay. 16637-1921 Frank Bliss PIDGEON, 26, Commercial Traveller, Peterborough, Cobalt, s/o George PIDGEON & Annie Eliza MORTON, married Agnes Caroline McDONALD, 24, North Bay, Cobalt, d/o John Wallace McDONALD & Margaret Ewart WAY, Wtn. Stanley J. MOFFITT, Margaret McDONALD, on Oct. 12, 1921 at North Bay.
16456-1921 Alfred Joseph PIGEAN, 21, Labour, Astorville, Bonfield, s/o Napoleon PIGEAN & Vitalene BELLEFEUILLE, married Exilda BEAULIEU, 20, Bonfield, Bonfield, d/o Isadore BEAULIEU & Alphonsine BELAIR, Wtn. Napoleon PIGEAU, Isadore BEAULIEU, on Jan 25, 1921 at Bonfield. 16453-1921 Edure PILON, 27, Painter, Washburn Wisc., North Bay, s/o Napoleon PILON & Marie LAHAIE, married Virginie BRUSSEAU, 26, Buckingham Que., North Bay, d/o Xavier BRUSSEAU & Melina LAFRANCE, Wtn. Napoleon PILON, Xavier BRUSSEAU, on May 3, 1921 at North Bay.
16647-1921 Joseph PLAYER, 21, Painter, Riviere du Loup, Que., North Bay, s/o Rodolphe PLAYER & Marie REGIS, married Amande ALLARD, 18, Bonfield, Bonfield, d/o Louis ALLARD & Ena BEAULIEU on Aug. 16, 1921 at Bonfield 16450-1921 Sylvio PLOUFFE, 21, Mill man, Masson Que., Cache Bay, s/o Felixinne PLOUFFE & Azilda TAILLON, married Aveline YOUNG, 18, St. Charles, Cache Bay, d/o Alfred YOUNG & Marcelline POULIOT, Wtn. F. PLOUFFE, Alfred YOUNG, on Aug. 30, 1921 at Cache Bay.
16455-1921 Emile POIRIER, 27, Labour, Croghan, NY., Field, s/o Theodule POIRIER & Henriette BRILLON, married Alphonsine GAGNON, 19, South Indian, Field, d/o Joseph GAGNON & Sarah MALRAY, Wtn. Moise LAROQUE, Joseph GAGNON, on Mar. 30, 1921 at Field 16636-1921 Virden K. POLK, 29, Clerk, Cramworth, Capreol, s/o Samuel POLK & Margaret Delia POLK, married Catherine Meryl COCKERLINE, 26, North Bay, Capreol, d/o George Peacock COCKERLINE & Mary Ann DREANY, Wtn. George W. CHUBB & Syble CHAPELLE, on Dec. 12, 1921 at North Bay.
16638-1921 John E. POPKIE, 21, Boilermaker, Killaloe, Madawaska, s/o Henry POPKE & Annie LISK, married Agatha PRINCE, 21, Waitress, Barrys Bay, Madawaska, d/o Mick PRINCE & A. SKLUSKIE, Wtn. John DUPUIS, Gladys POPKIE, on Sept. 27, 1921, at Madawaska. 16451-1921 Hormidas PORTELANCE, 27, Farmer, St. Joseph d’Orleans, Que., Field, s/o Joseph PORTELANCE & Emelie BRISEBOIS married Albertine PAQUETTE, 20 Verner, Field, d/o Moise PAQUETTE & Delima COURTEMANCHE, Wtn. Joseph PORTELANCE, Moise PAQUETTE, on June 7, 1921 at Verner.
16642-1921 William C. PORTER, 48, Widower, Postmaster, Kemptville, Powassan, s/o James PORTER & Eliza BOWER, married Essie G. SHIELDS, 30, Cobden, Powassan, d/o John SHIELDS & Mary WILSON on May 4, 1921 at North Bay. 16648-1921 James POTRAS, 24, Section Hand, Piercy, Gaspe, Sellwood, s/o James POTRAS & Josephine WALKER, married Rosanna GAUTHIER, 18, Victoria Mine, Sellwood, d/o Charles GAUTHIER & Elizabeth BOULET, Wtn. Mrs. Mike CHEVRETTE, on June 30, 1921 at Capreol.
16646-1921 Patrick POULIN, 23, Shoe Repairer, Lamec, N.B., Callandar, s/o Peter Xavier POULIN & Emily BLANCHARD, married Mary Delima CARROUX, 17, Astorville, Astorville, d/o Joseph CARROUX & Late Agnes PAQUETTE, Wtn. Stanislaus CARROUX, Blanche Anais HUDEBINE, on Oct. 24, 1921 at Astorville. 16454-1921 Joseph Leonard POWER, 20, Labour, Eganville, North Bay, s/o John POWER & Mary A. SMITH, married Eva LEACH, 19, Copper Cliff, North Bay, d/o Joseph LEACH & Henrietta PORTER, Wtn. W.L. POWER, Mary NOEL, on June 6, 1921 at North Bay.
16640-1921 Cecil PRATT, 21, Farmer, Calvin, Calvin, s/o James PRATT & Margaret CONNOLLY, married Alice MAXWELL, 21, Calvin, Calvin, d/o William MAXWELL & Lavina CURRAN, Wtn. Margaret BOLEN, Evans MAXWELL, on July 13, 1921 at Mattawa.  
16457-1921 Daniel Joseph QUINN, 26, Railroad employee, Campbells Bay Que., North Bay, s/o William QUINN & Mary Ann SMITH, married Ida LeCLAIR, 22, Corbeil, Corbeil, d/o Charles LeCLAIR & Marie Louise CORBEIL, Wtn. William QUINN, Charles LeCLAIR, on June 28, 1921 at Corbeil. 16458-1921 David Henry QUINN, Engineer, Perkins Que., North Bay, s/o John QUINN & Margaret HORAN, married Adele Patricia NOLAN, 26, Brudenell, North Bay, d/o John NOLAN & Mary Jane REYNOLDS, Wtn. George P. QUINN, Cecilia REGAN, on Aug. 8, 1921 at North Bay.
16663-1921 Stephen Joseph RALSTON, 24, Carpenter, Bristol Que., Haileybury, s/o Hugh RALSTON & Ellen TOWLAN, married Margaret McANULTY (s/b McNulty?), 30, Bristol Que., North Bay, d/o Thomas McANULTY & Sarah Ann KENNEDY, Wtn. Edward LEACH, Daniel McANULTY, on June 7, 1921 at North Bay. 16662-1921 John Horace RENNICK, 22, Journeyman, Shawville Que., North Bay, s/o Samuel RENNICK & Elizabeth Annie KELLY, married Bessie Abigail JOHNSON, 19, Prescott, North Bay, d/o Con JOHNSON & Florence May SCOTT, Wtn. Ruth JOHNSON, S.N. FETTERLY, on June 9, 1921 at North Bay.
16661-1921 Henry REPLINSKI, 25, Section Foreman, Ruza, Russia, Jocko, s/o John REPLINSKI & Molly MALMOOSKI, married Olga GALINSKI, 18, Sokal Galicia, Austria, Jocko, d/o Joseph GALINSKI & Stella BAILAY, Wtn. George LETYK, Bella LOXTON, on Nov. 3, 1921 at North Bay. 16665-1921 Charles RIBERDY, 72, Farmer, Widower, Ste. Melanie Que., McPherson, s/o Magloire RIBERDY & Hermeline LAVOIE, married Helene LEMIEUX, 56, Widow, Quebec, McPherson, d/o Hilaire PARE & Philomene BLOUIN, Wtn. Leon GIROUX, Zenon RIBERDY on April 28, 1921 at Lavigne

7580-21 Harry RICHARDSON, 19, finisher in paper company, England, Sault Ste Marie, s/o George RICHARDSON (b. England) & Ethel HENDERSON married Jean Marie THOMPSON, 18, Sylvain Valley, Sault Ste Marie, d/o John THOMPSON (b. Ontario) & Mary ARLSON, witn: D. A. STOVEL & Margaret THOMPSON of Sault Ste Marie, 12 Feb 1921, Sault Ste Marie

16459-1921 Clyde Edward RIGBY, 21, Brakeman, Carleton Place, North Bay, s/o Thomas RIGBY & Emma PARSONS, married Muriel Emily LEAMAN, 20, Bookeeper, Toronto, North Bay, d/o Joseph LEAMAN & Annie Elizabeth MORTIMER, Wtn. Hugh OWEN, W.J. SMITH on Feb. 16, 1921 at North Bay. 16666-1921 Louis Robert ROBIDOUX, 23, not given, Astorville, North Bay, s/o Louis ROBIDOUX & Angele DENEAULT, married Marie Louise BERARD, 17, Pakenham, North Bay, d/o Joseph BERARD & Lucille BRAZEAU, Wtn. Louis ROBIDOUX, Joseph BEREARD, on Aug. 22, 1921 at North Bay.
16460-1921 Joseph ROY, 20, Baker, Sturgeon Falls, Sturgeon Falls, s/o J. Bte. ROY & Malvina AUGER? Married Marie LAFLEUR, 20, Gracefield Que., Sturgeon Falls, d/o J. Bte. LAFLEUR & Marie LABELLE, Wtn. J. Bte. ROY, J. Bte. LAFLEUR, on Jan 11, 1921 at Sturgeon Falls. 16664-1921 Ward RUSSELL, 22, Labour, Watertown NY., North Bay, s/o Joseph RUSSELL & Mary KELSALL, married Gertrude May FINCH, 19, Powassan, Powassan, d/o Arthur FINCH & Sarah Florence ALSTON, Wtn. Mrs. Annie SARGENT, Ernest FINCH, on March 28, 1921 at North Bay.