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Northern Districts, 1924, part 2 

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18848-24 Michael ABER, 38, bridge man, Estonia Republic, Chapleau, s/o John ABER & Anna SURAPA, married Louisa KERS, 26, Estonia Republic, res not given, d/o Giva KERS & Tiina NESLER, witn: J. KIMMETS? & L. KERS, both of Chapleau, 27 July 1924 at Chapleau 18850-24 Lawrence ABLE, 21, paper maker, Carthage NY, Espanola, s/o John ABLE (b. New York) & Cora SMITH, married Bertha GRAVELLE, 21, Springfield Ont., Massey, d/o Alphonse GRAVELLE (b. Casselman Que) & Paulina GRAVELLE, witn: Gordon PATTERSON of Espanola & Clara LACHANCE of Massey, 26 May 1924 at Massey
18849-24 Frank ALEXANDER, 38, cook, Dublin Ireland, Sudbury, s/o Almer? ALEXANDER & Mary ALLEN, married A. Christina GRANT, 20, May twp., same, d/o Charles E. GRANT & Iley R. BUCKNELL, witn: Herbert GRANT & C. M. WILLIAMS, both of Massey, 1 Jan 1924 at Massey

13727-24 Francois ANIMIKWAAM (?), 43, farmer, Wikwemikong, same, s/o J. B. ANIMIKWAAM & Marie BEGONEIASSANG, married Elizabeth MANITONABI, 40, Wikwemikong, same, d/o father’s name not given & Eva MANITOWABI, witn: Marie NAPOUS & Joseph MANITOWABI both of Wikwemikong on June 11, 1924 at Wikwemikong

18851-24 Jules Ferdinand AUBERTIN, 27, laborer, Massey, same, s/o Louis AUBERTIN & Cleophie SAUNIERE (Saumiere?), married Celie DIONNE, 17, Massey, same, d/o Auguste? DIONNE & Lucy CHARTRAND, witn: Louis AUBERTIN & August DIONNE, both of Massey, 26 May 1924 at Massey

13731-24 Robert BAILEY, 29, farmer, Gore Bay, Burpee, s/o Isaac BAILEY (b. Hanover) & Mary GILSON, married Clara ALLAN, 18, Boone Island, same, d/o Thomas ALLAN & Eliza VANCISE, witn: James ALLAN of Barrie Island & Olive BAILEY of Burpee on June 18, 1914 at Gore Bay

018878-24 Philias BARBEAU, 29 chauffeur, Azilda Ont., Sudbury, s/o Narcisse BARBEAU & Azilda MENARD, married Yvonne LEBLANC, 20, clerk, Sturgeon Falls, Sudbury, d/o Frederic LEBLANC & Philomine DE BELLEFEUILLE, witn: Frederic LEBLANC, Sudbury, Victor ALLARD, Coniston, 18 Aug 1924 at Sudbury

18861-24 Joseph Alphonse Alyre BARNWELL, 33, CNR telegraph operator, St. Charles - Bellechosse Co., Ruel Ont., s/o John BARNWELL (b. Wexford Ireland) & Marie Desanges PARE, married Eva ROY, 33, governess, St. Anodque - Dorchester Co., d/o Alphonse ROY (b. St. Henidine Que) & Emma LAVONDIERE?, witn: Hilaire CHENIER & J. Achille LEMIEUX? (Lemiau?), both of Sudbury, 22 May 1924 at Sudbury

13735-24 Thomas Julien BATMAN, 34, farmer, Green Bay, Sheguiandah, s/o Thomas BATMAN (b. Liverpool England) & Evangeline AGNEW, married Edna Grace STEVENS, 21, teacher, Green Bay, not given, d/o William STEVENS (b. Kent England) & Bertha BASSINGTHWAITE, witn: Albert McDOUGAL of Bass Creek & Stella ROBBINS of Sheguiandah on Jan. 2, 1924 at Little Current

13728-24 Clarence Lyle BEATTY, 23, farmer, Manitowaning, same, s/o Robert BEATTY (b. St. Mary’s Ont) & Margaret VAN ZANT, married Louise COND, 21, Bass Creek, same, d/o Frederick COND (b. Birmingham England) & Elizabeth FOSTER, witn: Cortland J. MORROW of Manitowaning & Edith COND of Bass Creek on Nov. 19, 1924 at Little Current.

018879-24 Alexander BEAUDRY, 31, laborer, Chelmsford, Larchwood, s/o Alex BEAUDRY & Rosina SAUCIER, married Delina OBONASAWIN, 24, not given, Larchwood, d/o Joseph OBONASAWIN & Zoe Miron, witn: Alex BEAUDRY, Jos. OBONASAWIN, both of Larchwood, 15 Sept 1924 at Chelmsford

18855-24 Gordon BELL, 22, machinist, Sunderland England, Garson, s/o John Ferguson BELL (b. Sunderland England) & Sarah Ann FISHWICK, married Eva (Ena?) ALLEN, 24, Sunderland England, Garson, d/o Robert Todd ALLEN (b. London England) & Abigail WRIGHT, witn: Arthur LYE & William SMITH, both of Garson Mine, 13 Sept 1923 at Church of the Epiphany, Sudbury
18858-24 Alfred BENNETT, 23, electrician help, Chester England, Garson, s/o Samuel BENNETT & Emily WILLCOCK, married Beatrice May WAINHAM, 20 + 5 months, telephone, Toronto, Garson, d/o Samuel W. WAINHAM & Frances J. BAYES, witn: Mary & Annie E. PREWER of Sudbury, 12 Aug 1923 at Sudbury 18854-24 Arthur BENNETT, 22, carpenter, Chester England, Garson, s/o Samuel BENNETT (b. Chester England) & Emily WILCOCKS, married Susannah May BRANKLEY, 18 + 4 months, Dryden Ont., Garson, d/o Josiah BRANKLEY (b. Owen Sound) & Louisa TRIST, witn: Percy & Mrs. F. BENNETT of Garson Mine, 4 Oct 1923 at Church of the Epiphany, Sudbury
18856-24 Emery BENOIT, 63, farmer, St. Lois Que., Con 1 of Dunest twp., s/o Louis BENOIT & Melanie DESLAURIERS?, married Palmira LEFEBVRE, 54, widow, St. Hippolyte Que., Appleby twp., d/o Joseph FORGET & Melina St.GERMAIN, witn: Joseph CHAMBERLAND & Auguste THERIEN, both of St. Charles, 6 Sept 1924 at St. Charles 18862-24 John BERGSTRAND, 44, laborer, Sweden, Sudbury, s/o Anderen BERGSTRAND (b. Sweden) & Brita ANDERSEN, married Anna Sofia LAMMI, 32, Finland, Sudbury, d/o Petter LAMMI (b. Finland) & Margaretta TULISALO, witn: T. MOLAND of Sudbury & Aili HONGELL of Copper Cliff, 17 May 1924 at 121 Larch St. in Sudbury

018873-24 Eugene BLAIS, 24, farmer, Chelmsford, same, s/o Hubert BLAIS & Catilda ALLAIRE, married Alma LEDUC, 18, Ste. Marguerite, Chelmsford, d/o Joseph LEDUC & Osina BROSSEAU, witn: Hubert BLAIS, Joseph LEDUC, both of Chelmsford, 6 May 1924 at Chelmsford

13732-24 Alfred Charles BOND, 22, laborer, Barking-Essex England, Little Current, s/o Albert BOND (b. Barking England) & Mary Ann BLEWETT, married Millie Mae McCULLOGH, 21, Bidwell Tp., same, d/o George A McCULLOGH (b. Bidwell Tp) & Lucy Ellen HEMBRUFF, witn: James J. BOND of Little Current & Catherine Rowena McCULLOGH of Bass Creek on June 26, 1924 at Bass Creek, Bidwell Tp.

18857-24 Joseph Armand BOSSE, 26, fireman, Salem Mass. USA, Chapleau, s/o Maxime BOSSE (b. Riviere du Loup Que) & Alphea BEAULIEU, married Maria Antoinette GODBOUT, 19, Isle Verte Que., Chapleau, d/o Felix GODBOUT (b. Isle Verte Que) & Emilia? MIDLAND?, witn: Alexandre TREMBLAY & Felix GODBOUT, both of Chapleau, 25 Aug 1924 at Chapleau 18863-24 Peter BOSZUIKA, 28, farmer, Austria, Capreol, s/o Antonius BOSZUIKA (b. Austria) & Anna VEREMIOWSKA, married Antonna KARAL, 20, Austria, Capreol, d/o Carolus KARAL (b. Austria) & Catharina VIALINOWSKA, witn: Mike PROCY & Mary KONASKA, both of Sudbury, 10 May 1924 at Hanmer
18852-24 Louis BOUILLON (Boullion?), 30, boiler washer, Chapleau, same, s/o Thomas BOUILLON (b. Montagny Que) & Lydia MERAQUE?, married Elmira CHAMBERLAIN, 28, widow (bridegroom’s sister-in-law) Sudbury, res not given, d/o Horace CHAMBERLAIN (b. Le Bic Que) & Elmire DION, witn: Thomas BOUILLON & George OUELETTE, both of Chapleau, 29 Dec 1924 at Chapleau 18859-24 Clarence Gilbert BOYD, 23, jitney driver, Narin Centre, same, s/o James BOYD & Mary EDWARDS, married Elizabeth LINDSAY, 19, maid, Nairn Centre, same, d/o Hugh LINDSAY (b. Scotland) & Charlotte McNAB, witn: Arthur McKEACHINE & Milly RICHER, both of Nairn Centre, 11 July 1923 at Church of the Epiphany, Sudbury
018871-24 Arthur Edmond BOYER, 22, day laborer, Cutler, Foleyette, s/o Guillaume BOYER & Lucinda BELLEMARE, married Gilberte DESROCHERS, 16, Thessalon, Foleyette, d/o Guillaume DESROCHERS & Auxelia BOILEAU, witn: Louis DESROCHERS & Guillaume DESROCHERS of Foleyette, 22 Apr 1924 Foleyette 18866-24 William Emerson BOYLE, 27, brakeman, Eganville, Odonnell, s/o Edward BOYLE (b. Bangor - Hastings Co) & Susan LEACH, married Barbara McCallum MITCHELL, 22, teacher, Burks Falls, same, d/o Duncan MITCHELL (b. King twp) & Margaret McLAUCHLAN, witn: M.E. & E. A. PRITTIE of Copper Cliff, 15 March 1924 at Copper Cliff
018870-24 Robert Melville BOYTER, 26, railroad agent, Little Current,  same, s/o Robert James BOYTER (b. Ontario) & Annie Christena BOLAND, married Ellen Nellie DUNCLIFFE, 27, teacher, Waubaushene, Little Current, d/o John George DUNCLIFFE (b. Ontario) & Alice HULME,  witn: Mr. R.E. MORTON & Edna CURRY, both of Sudbury, 8 Jan 1924 at Sudbury 18864-24 Peter BROSSEAU, 27, laborer, Rockland, same, s/o Victor BROSSEAU (b. St. Augustin Ont) & Araina BAULNE, married Rose GRAVELLE, 18, maid, Gracefield Que., Massey, d/o Alphonse GRAVEL (sic) (b. Elms Creek Ont) & Pauline GRAVEL, witn: Alphonse GRAVEL & Telesphore illegible, both of Massey, 12 April 1924 at Massey
018868-24 Leslie BROUSE, 22, farmer, Webbwood Twp. of May, s/o John BROUSE (b. Ottawa) & Mary ERSDALE, married Olive MCPHEE, 19, Webbwood, Twp. of May, d/o Archie MCPHEE (b. Buckingham Que.) & Margaret MCMULLEN, witn: Stanley MCPHEE, Ethel COOPER, both of Webbwood, 11 Mar 1924 at Espanola

13733-24 Ernest Joseph BROWN, 20, farmer, Allen Tp., same, s/o Hugh BROWN & Volinda WALKER, married Florence Blanche GIBSON, 18, Burpee Tp., same, d/o William GIBSON & Mary Ann CAMPBELL, witn: J. Albert GIBSON & Elizabeth ARKELL both of Teeswater on Feb. 27, 1924 at Gore Bay.

018865-24 John Robertson BROWN, 29, police officer, Pembroke, Sudbury, s/o John BROWN (b. Ont.) & Elizabeth WRIGHT, married Hazel Lee ARTHUR, 18, clerk, Chelmsford, Sudbury d/o Morley ARTHUR (b. Ont.) & Thomasine RILEY, witn: Edward James ARTHUR & Gladys T. ARTHUR, 9 April, 1924 at Sudbury

18867-24 Calvin Walter BROWN, 23, paper maker, Wiarton Ont., Espanola, s/o Alex BROWN (b. Ont) & Mary TRAVIS, married Esther CONWAY, 18, Massey, Espanola, d/o William CONWAY (b. Ont) & Elizabeth BROWN, witn: Mrs. Ethel KING & Orvilla? WINTERS, both of Espanola, 12 Jan 1924 at Espanola
18853-24 Morley Callander BRUCE, 30, fire alarm operator, North Gower, 88 Huron St. in Ottawa, s/o George Alfred BRUCE & Violet Jane CALLANDER, married Ida Mabel HUGHES, 25, civil servant, Bristol Que., Copper Cliff, d/o John Henry HUGHES & Maria DAVIS, witn: R. A. & Mary ELLIOTT of Copper Cliff, 29 Oct 1924 at Copper Cliff  

018899-24 Thomas Gordon CALFORD, 24, baggage mastrer, Renfrew, Sudbury, s/o David A. CALFORD, (b. Ont.) & Caroline FASSETT, married Mae BELL, 20, Pembroke, Sudbury d/o William BELL (b. N.B.) & Isobel MCDONALD, witn: Allan CALFORD, Florence May CAMERON, both of Sudbury, 7 May 1924 at Sudbury

018902-24 Jeremiah CALLAGHAN, 23, workman, Warren, same, s/o James CALLAGHAN & Annie MURPHY, married Catherine MCDONALD, 19, Hamilton, Warren, d/o Thomas MCDONALD & Catherine JONES, witn: Frank MCDONALD, Laura MARION, both of Warren, 4 Mar 1924 at Sudbury

19236-24 Joseph CAMPBELL, 24, telegrapher, Cape Breton, Schreiber, s/o John CAMPBELL (b. Cape Breton) & Mary McDONALD, married Winifred TAYLOR, 20, England, Schreiber, d/o George TAYLOR (b. England) & Minnie PERRY, witn: Harry JOANETTE & Gladys TAYLOR, both of Schreiber, 3 March 1924 at Schreiber 19228-24 Ervin Claude CAMPBELL, 33, farmer, Nova Scotia, Kakabeka Falls, s/o Alfred William CAMPBELL (b. New Brunswick) & Emma Jane BRITTON, married Anna Mary MUIR, 25, Riceville Ont., Kakabeka Falls, d/o Duncan MUIR (b. Scotland) & Annie HILLRIDGE, witn: Oliver & Mrs. Oliver SCHRAM of 242 Victoria St. in Port Arthur, 2 July 1924 at Port Arthur

018900-24 Howard Alexander CAMPBELL, 22, school teacher, Kincardine, Sellwood, s/o James B. CAMPBELL (b. Ontario) & Margaret MCPHERSON, married Elba Alberta SIMPSON, 18, stenographer, Parry Sound, Sellwood, d/o William Jos. SIMPSON (b. Ont.) & Louise LEONARD, witn: William R. SIMPSON, Windsor, Alice M. ALTO, Sellwood, 23 Apr 1924 at Sudbury

13738-24 Nelson Earl CANNARD (Connard?), 30, farmer, Bidwell Tp., Big Lake, s/o William CANNARD (b. England) & Anna GOULD, married Alva Auretta YOUNG, 20, Big Lake, not given, d/o Norman YOUNG (b. Manitoulin) & Myrtle MEADOW, witn: Oliver COUTTS of The Slash & Bertha YOUNG of Big Lake on Nov. 12, 1924 at Mindemoya.

19224-24 Nicholas Joseph CARNEY, 37, electrician, Fort William, same, s/o John CARNEY (deceased, b. Toronto) & Alice ELWARD, married Clara Ellen McGREGOR, 31, stenographer, Arnprior, Fort William, d/o Gerard J. McGREGOR (b. Arnprior) & Ellen O'BRIEN, witn: Jack & Mary CARNEY of Fort William, 7 Aug 1924 at Fort William

018895-24 Eugene CARREY, 22, paper maker, Victoria Mines, Espanola, s/o Pierre CARREY, (b. Maniwaki Que.) & Melina CLEMENT, married Cecilea LAFORTUNE, 20, St. Charles, Espanola, d/o Joseph LAFORTUNE (b. Que.) & Marie SABOURIN, witn: Joseph LAFORTUNE, Pierre CARREY, both of Espanola, 10 June 1924 at Espanola

018901-24 Robert Fredrick CARSON, 29, carpenter, Portage du Fort Que., Markstoy, s/o Robert CARSON (b. Quebec) & Ellen SOMERVILLE, married Annie CHARETTE, 25, Markstoy, same, d/o Robert CHARETTE (b. Ontario) & Margaret Ann MCPHEE, witn: Beatrice SOULLIERE, Marjorie MCDONALD, both of Sudbury, 16 Apr 1924 at Sudbury

19230-24 Joseph St. Ludger CASSEY, 47, widower, dining car steward, Philadelphia USA, Port Arthur, s/o Joseph St. Ludger CASSEY (b. USA) & Carrie Elmira MITCHELL, married Lillian Wood KERRISON, 18, London England, Port Arthur, d/o James Albert KERRISON (b. England) & Ellen STONE, witn: Harvey & Mrs. Beatrice BOULDIN of Port Arthur, 9 June 1924 at 99 Cumberland, Port Arthur

018896-24 Joseph Ayelsworth CHANT, 23, lumberman, Newburg, Espanola, s/o Stanley Gladstone CHANT (b. Thurston Que.) & Emma AYELSWORTH, married Mary Helen SMITH, 31, Midland, Espanola, d/o Franklin James SMITH (b. Port Hope) & June Elizabeth FOWLER, witn: Mrs. Charles. J. SMITH, Ironaga?, Douglas B. CHANT, Espanola, 9 June 1924 at Sudbury

018906-24 Francois d’Assise CHEVRIER, 21, farmer, Chelmsford, same, s/o Joseph CHEVRIER & Marie PROULX, married Blanche BROUSSEAU, 20, Hull, Chelmsford, d/o Pierre BROUSSEAU & Aurelie SAUMIER, witn: Joseph CHEVRIER, Pierre BROUSSEAU, both of Chelmsford, 12, May 1924 at Chelmsford
19223-24 Joseph Andrew CHRISTIE, 44, salesman, Owen Sound, Winnipeg, s/o William CHRISTIE (b. Winchester Ont) & Catherine AIKEN, married Lona WILLIAMS, 38, artist, Oshawa, Port Arthur, d/o Jesse WILLIAMS (b. Enniskillen Ireland) & Eliza LANSING, witn: Grace McGONIGLE of 25 Jean St. & M. R. TUER of 234 Munroe St., 25 Aug 1924 at Port Arthur 19229-24 John Henry CHRISTY, 25, clerk, England, Port Arthur, s/o Walter CHRISTY (b. England) & Edith Annie BAYLIS, married Ola Juanita CREIGER, 25, Canada, Port Arthur, d/o William Wallace CREIGER & Ola SPEDDING, witn: Cyril BIGGS of Fort William & Jennie CHRISTY of Port Arthur, 18 June 1924 at First Baptist Church, Port Arthur

19225-24 Peter CHRISTOFF, 27, section foreman, Bulgaria, Oba (on main line of CNR), s/o Christ CHRISTOFF (b. Bulgaria) & Bona DRASKO, married Annie STOYKA, 19, Austria, Oba, d/o Mike STOYKA (b. Austria) & Helen KOBAL, witn: D. BUDROW of 536 McTavish St. & A. ZAWSLOSKI of 609 McBain, 20 Aug 1924 at Fort William

018905-24 Jean Baptiste CLERMONT, 23, millhand, Vankleek Hill, Laforest Ont., s/o Olivier CLERMONT & Eliza DIOTTE, married Marie Linette PROULX, 17, Brennan Harbor, Laforest, d/o Robert ADAMS & Laura CAMERON, witn: Arthur PROULX, Joseph FILITREAULT, both of Laforest, 22 Apr 1924 at Laforest

13737-24 George William Frederick COND, 24, farmer, Bass Creek, same, s/o Frederick COND (b. England) & Elizabeth FOSTER, married Enid Oriel QUACKENBUSH, 19, teacher, Tehkummah, Bass Creek, d/o Thomas QUACKENBUSH & Mary LEESON, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Joseph D. COND both of Bass Creek on Dec. 31, 1924 at Little Current

19231-24 George CONVEY, 28, policeman, Scotland, Fort William, s/o Patrick John CONVEY (b. Scotland) & Annie HILL, married Marion McSKIMMING, 22, Scotland, Toronto, d/o John McSKIMMING (b. Scotland) & Margaret TAYLOR, witn: Mrs. W. PRESTON of 745 Harkness St. & David A. MOORE of 366 Brodie St., 15 May 1924 at Fort William

13743-24 Narcisse CORBIERE, 19, laborer, West Bay, same, s/o Joseph CORBIERE & Josette MEKATEBIN, married Lena DEBASSIGE, 19, West Bay, same, d/o Alexander DEBASSIGE & Madeleine JAWENASKI (?), witn: Philomene & Thomas DEBASSIGE both of West Bay on Oct. 18, 1924 at West Bay

13739-24 Harker Francis COUTTS, 25, electrician, Barrie Island, Detroit Michigan USA, s/o George COUTTS (b. Grey Co) & Sarah COLE, married Vera Elizabeth CASSON, 26, teacher, Gore Bay, same, d/o Adam CASSON (b. England) & Janet ALLEN, witn: S. A. CASSON & R. G. HEWSON both of Gore Bay on Oct. 1, 1924 at Gore Bay.

19222-24 Harold CRAIG, 27, laborer, Fredericton NB, Hymers, s/o James CRAIG (b. Canada) & Nellie SUMMERVILLE, married Alice HELLMAN, 18, Nolalu, same, d/o John HELLMAN (b. Finland) & Eva SALMYNEN, witn: Kate SUDDABY of Link St. in Port Arthur & A. G. HANBRIDGE of 223 Lincoln St., 3 Sept 1924 at Port Arthur

018903-24 Howard Jos. William CROTEAU, 25, gov. scaler, Sudbury, same, s/o Leo CROTEAU & Maria Jane ANDREWS, married Olin Madeline WHITE, 26, Montreal, same, d/o Daniel James WHITE & Mary McCARTHY, witn: Florence CROTEAU, Ralph CROTEAU, both of Sudbury, 24 Mar 1924 at Sudbury

19232-24 William CURTIS, 39, locomotive fireman, England, Fort William, s/o Charles CURTIS (b. England) & Emma HASMER, married Jemima DUNCAN, 35, divorced, Scotland, Fort William, d/o David DUNCAN (b. Scotland) & Anna McKECHNIE, witn: Mrs. Mary LUCAS of 234 North Brodie in Fort William & James DUNCAN of Ignace, 20 May 1924 at Fort William 19250-24 Gordon Himsworth DARLING, 26, clerk, Himsworth twp., North Bay, s/o Thomas DARLING (b. Edinburgh Scotland) & Emma Josephine MURPHY, married Olive Irene ROBINSON, 22, teacher, Port Arthur, North bay, d/o William James ROBINSON (b. Owen Sound) & Mary Alice DICKENSON, witn: E. DEEGAN of North Bay & F. O. ROBINSON of Port Arthur, 9 July 1924 at Port Arthur
19254-24 John Henry DAVIS, 20, farmer, England, Murillo, s/o John Archibald DAVIS (b. England) & Edith LONG, married Kathleen STEADEY, 21, Canada, Murillo, d/o William STEADEY (b. Canada) & Maggie SEYMOUR, witn: Marjorie E. COOMBS of 2227 S. John in Fort William & Ellen L. ELLARD of 624 S. Selkirk in Fort William, 27 March 1924 at Fort William 19255-24 Merle DECHAINE, 23, laborer, Minnesota USA, Cloud Bay Ont., s/o Alexander DECHAINE (b. Minnesota) & Gladys NORMAN, married Catherine ANDERSON, 20, Ontario, Cloud Bay, d/o John ANDERSON (b. Rockwood Ont) & Christine McLEOD, witn: Miss Mary ANDERSON & Andrew HYATT, both of Cloud Bay, 19 March 1924 at Fort William
19257-24 Frank DELVECCHIO, 22, fireman, Montana USA, Fort William, s/o Antony DELVECCHIO (b. Italy) & Vinchenza LAURELLA, married Annie TAPAK, 18, Fort William, same, d/o Michael TAPAK (b. Austria) & Annie BALINA, witn: Tommaso ABDON of 326 Robinson St. in Fort William & Alex PAGE of 215 Deare St. in Fort William, 27 Jan 1924 at St. Joseph's RC Church, Fort William 19251-24 Blanchard R. DENNIS, 29, marine engineer, PEI, Port Arthur, s/o Henry DENNIS (b. PEI) & Evelyn McCARTHUR, married Gladys Fernande M. POWELL, 21, Canada, Port Arthur, d/o Reginald C. POWELL (b. England) & Madeline L. COURET, witn: Lillie M. ANDERSON of 361 Wiley St. & John DENNIS of 319 Tupper St., 2 June 1924 at Port Arthur
19258-24 Laurence DESMOULINS, 29, trapper, Heron Bay, same, s/o Thomas DESMOULINS & Marie MONSOMIN, married Marie WABOS, 16, Pays Plat, Heron Bay, d/o blank & Nanette WABOS, witn: Moise STAR & Veronique GOODCHILD, both of Heron Bay, 13 Jan 1924 at Heron Bay 19260-24 Stephen DOBROWSKI, 30, laborer, Jablonow - East Galicia, 611 Winnipeg Ave in pa, s/o Joseph DOBROWSKI & Thedla SAK, married Eugenia BALACKO, 18, Jablonow - East Galicia, 611 Winnipeg Ave., d/o John BALACKI (sic) & Sabina MOELLER, witn: John DOBYK & Josephine NOBICKA, both of 611 Winnipeg Ave., 10 May 1924 at St. Patricks Church, Fort William
19253-24 Millard Winfield DONALDSON, 28, jeweller, Stratford Ont., Schreiber, s/o John B. DONALDSON (b. Ont) & Agnes DORLAND, married Marion Munroe DUNCAN, 22, Ontario, Fort William, d/o Robert DUNCAN (b. Stratford Ont) & Marion MUNROE, witn: Miss Rose DUNCAN of 205 South Syndicate in Fort William & J. W. CRUSE of 222 Marks St. in Fort William, 3 June 1924 at Fort William 19249-24 John Francis Michael DOWNEY, 24, telegrapher, Chapleau Ont., Cavers, s/o Thomas C. DOWNEY (b. Canada) & Catherine CONNOLLY, married Irene Cecilia EASTON, 23, Chicago, Fort William, d/o Alfred G. EASTON (b. Acton Ont) & Margaret PHELAN, witn: W. E. LECLAIR of Sudbury & Rheta S. GRAHAM of Owen Sound, 15 Sept 1924 at Fort William
19259-24 Lawrence Ewart DUNN, 26, fisherman, Bonfield, McDiarmid, s/o Thomas Daniel DUNN & Adeline PAPIN, married Beatrice INCH, 28, grass-widow (divorced in USA), Sault Ste. Marie, McDiarmid, d/o Alexander McDONALD & Josephine DAVIS (Davia?), win: Kathleen & Gordon McDONALD of McDiarmid, 24 April 1924 at Port Arthur 19252-24 William DUNN, 50, widower, farmer, USA, Kaminestigna, s/o Samuel DUNN (b. USA) & Elizabeth BELANGER, married Winifred BJORNSON, 48, widow, England, Port Arthur, d/o Gudnyson JOHNSON (b. England) & Engurg ENERSON, witn: Mrs. M. WALSH of 239 Edgar? St. & W.M. HALLADA of Algoma Hotel, 30 May 1924 at Port Arthur
19248-24 Percy Edgar DUNN, 50, widower, merchant, Orillia, Port Arthur, s/o John DUNN (b. Kingston) & Marg FLETCHER, married Bertha Annetta HALLIDAY, 38, widow, Canada, Port Arthur, d/o George CUMMINGS (b. Quebec) & Emma GAMBELL, witn: Mrs. Allan GRAY & Margaret DUNN, both of Port Arthur, 25 Sept 1924 at Port Arthur 19256-24 Richard Murray DYKES, 24, car helper, Copenhagen Denmark, Fort William, s/o Richard Murray DYKES (b. Scotland) & Jessie SPIERS, married Margaret Minnie WOODS, 31, widow, England, Fort William, d/o Thomas HAINES (b. England) & Emma DAVEY, witn: Miss Margaret HEBDITCH of 318 Huron St. in Fort William & G. DYKES of 610 Selkirk Ave in Fort William, 5 Feb 1924 at Fort William

13748-24 Wilbert Charles EADE, 24, mill man, Little Current, same, s/o William Frederic EADE (b. Ont) & Marie ABBOTASAW, married Mabel Sprag O’BRIEN, 20, Honora, Little Current, d/o Wesley O’BRIEN (b. Ont) & Elizabeth PARKINSON, witn: John COSBY & Mary O’BRIEN both of Green Bay on April 30, 1924 at Mindemoya

13747-24 John Garnett EADIE, 42, cook, widower, Howland Tp., Little Current, s/o John EADIE (b. Scotland) & Alice B. HEDGES, married Mary SIM, 24, Manitoulin Island, Little Current, d/o Edward SIM (b. Scotland) & Margaret McMULLEN, witn: Charles A. BROWN & Lizzie McMURRAY both of Little Current on Sept. 3, 1924 at Little Current.

19297-24 Carlton Ruben GAMMOND, 30, purchasing agent, Fort William, same, s/o Samuel H. GAMMOND (b. Kent England) & Maria CARLTON, married Ethel Kathleen CALWELL, 23, Rainey River, Fort William, d/o William CALDWELL (b. Ireland) & Fanny ROB, witn: M. J. CALDWELL of A. M. GALLANT, both of Fort William, 8 Oct. 1924 at Fort William 018951-24 Stanley GARDNER, 29, garage man, England, Sudbury, s/o Richard GARDNER (b. England) & Alice LEDGER, married Marion Todd GRIDWOOD, 29, Scotland, Sudbury, d/o Campbell GRIDWOOD (b. Scotland) & Aurelia SMITH, witn: Percy GARDNER, Mary GRIDWOOD, both of Sudbury, 16 Sept 1924 at Sudbury
018958-24 Wilfred GASCON, 19, miner, Ottawa, Levack, s/o Philion GASCON (b. Ottawa) & Rosa GASCON, married Henrietta Pearl ARMSTRONG, 19, Gertrude Mine, Levack, d/o William ARMSTRONG (b. Ontario) & Alice ROACH, witn: Ralph ARMSTRONG, Gertrude ARMSTRONG both of Garson Mine, 28 January 1924 at Sudbury 19302-24 David Elming GATHERUM, 24, grocer clerk, Scotland, Fort William, s/o David GATHERUM (b. Scotland) & Christena FLEMING, married Margaret SMITH, 22, Scotland, Fort William, d/o Peter SMITH (b. Scotland) & Catherine McLEOD, witn: Robert GATHERUM of 235 Finlayson St. & Isobel MacKENZIE of 114 Cumming, 3 Sept 1924 at Fort William

018953-24 Desire GAUTHIER, 24, lumberman, Seyesbec? P.Q., Creighton Mine, s/o Charles GAUTHIER (b. Matane) & Elsie BOULAY, married Laura HAMILTON, 18, Matane Que., Creighton Mine, d/o Desire HAMILTON (b. Matane) & Odila BOULAY, witn: Victor PAQUETTE, John WILSON, both of Sudbury, 01 July 1924 at Sudbury

018963-24 Joachim George GAUTHIER, 27, painter-decorator, North Bay, Hamilton, s/o Octave GAUTHIER & Clara VIAU, married Marie Leonie QUESNEL, 19, Mattawa, Sudbury, d/o Alfred QUESNEL & Marie Louise SOUCY witn: Octave GAUTHIER, North Bay, Charles SOUCY, Sturgeon Falls, 13 May 1924 at Sudbury

19294-24 Ernest Harston GEROW, 21, engineer, Rossport, Port Arthur, s/o James Walter GEROW (b. Toronto) & Rose May DAMPIER, married Madeline Gladys OLIVE, 21, nurse, Port Arthur, same, d/o Frederick OLIVE (b. Carpenter Ont) & Brigetta Catherine EGAN, witn: J. A. & Viola McKINLEY of Port Arthur, 27 Sept 1924 at St. Johns Church, Port Arthur

018954-24 William John GIBSON, 35, widower, chief fire ranger, Bracebridge, Chapleau, s/o Thomas GIBSON (b. Orillia) & Mathilda TOOK married Evangeline Emma Catherine BOWLES, 29, Chapleau, same, d/o Mark BOWLES (b. London England) & Elizabeth ROSEA, witn: Everett BOWLES, Evelynn BOWLES, both of Chapleau, 30 June 1924 at Chapleau

19293-24 Robert GILROY, 22, mechanic, Stranvaer? Scotland, Port Arthur, s/o Edward GILROY (b. Londonderry Ireland) & Elizabeth BLAIN, married Esther JOHNSON, 22, telephone operator, Norway, McIntyre twp., d/o Arnold J. JOHNSON (b. Norway) & Matilda OSSE, witn: Hannah JOHNSON of Port Arthur & Robert PARKER of Detroit, 23 Oct. 1924 at Port Arthur  

018959-24 Wilfrid GIONET, 31, lumberman, Caraquet N.B., Devon Ont., s/o Utrope GIONET (b. Caraquet N.B.) & Marie CORMIER, married Lena Pearl DELLAIRE, 18, Sturgeon Falls, not given, d/o Raphael DALLAIRE & Marguerite DALY, witn: Thomas GIONET, Raphael DALLAIRE, both of Devon, 20 Jan 1924 at Devon

19299-24 Raymond Charles GLAVISH, 33, lumberman, Thompson Michigan, Port Arthur, s/o Joseph GLAVISH (b. USA) & Josefina GLAVISH, married Amy SIDEEN, 20, student, Stanley Ont., Port Arthur, d/o Neil SIDEEN (b. Sweden) & Anna CARLSON, witn: William OIKONAN (Oibonan?) of 103 Prospect Ave & Sophia HIRVI of 262 Wilson St., 13 Sept 1924 at Port Arthur
19298-24 James Morton GLENN, 23, switchman, Scotland, Fort William, s/o Charles GLENN (b. Scotland) & Annie MORTON, married Violet Elsie AXTON, 18, Canada, Fort William, d/o unknown, witn: Miss Jeanie LAW of 626 Wiley St. & Sidney OKE of 225 South Norah St., 27 Sept 1924 at 211 South Brodie St., Fort William 19296-24 James GLENN, 25, grain inspector, Belfast Ireland, Port Arthur, s/o James GLENN (b. Ireland) & Georgina JAMIESON, married Lillias WIGMORE, 20, telephone operator, London (could be London England), Port Arthur, d/o George William WIGMORE (b. England) & Catherine CONLEY, witn: E. C. LINDSAY of Cumberland St. & J. W. WIGMORE of 91 N. Hill St., 29 Sept 1924 at Port Arthur
19303-24 Donald GRAHAM, 44, blacksmith, Ontario, Stewarts Spar, s/o John GRAHAM (b. Scotland) & Catherine SMITH, married Mina HAMILTON, 30, widow, dress maker, Quebec, Stewarts Spar, d/o John STEVENSON (b. Quebec) & Sarah CARSAW, witn: D. R. THOMPSON of Fort William & Annie FOTHERINGHAM of Port Arthur, 3 Sept 1924 at Port Arthur 19300-24 Vernon GRAINGER, 25, car repairer, Fort William, same, s/o Stephen GRAINGER (b. Bruce Co) & Mary Elizabeth GRAY, married Daisy GIBBONS, 40, widow, England, Fort William, d/o Frank CHURCH (b. London England) & Rose EGLISE, witn: Catherine SKINN of 227 Begin St. & Stanley GLADHILL of 1010 Donald St. in Fort William, 10 Sept 1924 at 223 Begin St., Fort William
19295-24 James William GRATTAN, 31, farmer, Port Arthur, McIntyre twp., s/o M. William GRATTAN (b. Banbridge Ireland) & Margaret Ellen MORGAN, married Johanna Margaret ROBILARD, 21, housekeeper, Grenville Que., McIntyre twp., d/o Joseph ROBILARD (b. Grenville Que) & Olive POULIN, witn: Miss Lillian Agnes ROBILLARD & M. Edward Milton GRATTAN, both of Port Arthur, 8 Oct 1924 at McIntyre twp 19301-24 George Walter GRAVES, 37, electrician, Palmerston, Fort William, s/o William John GRAVES (b. USA) & Annie NAPPE, married Hannah Margaret O'NEIL, 35, MacKenzie Ont., Port Arthur, d/o James O'NEIL (b. Ireland) & Sarah MILLAR, witn: Jessie AMES of Port Arthur & Janet T. CRUICKSHANK of Fort William, 21 Aug 1924 at Fort William

018964-24 Moise Jancrede GRENIER, 20, laborer, Ste. Adelaide de Pabos P.Q., Merrit, s/o Moise GRENIER & Esther COTE, married Evonne BEAUDRY, 16, Bonfield, Merrit, d/o Philix BEAUDRY & Cordelia DUCHESNE, witn: Philix BEAUDRY, Isidore CHAMPAGNE, both of Espanola, 19 May 1924 at Espanola

13750-24 John William GRIFFITH, 42, blacksmith, widower, Euphrasia Grey Co., Gore Bay, s/o Thomas GRIFFITH (b. Vaughan Tp. York Co) & Jane MacARTHUR, married Hilda Ellen JAFFRAY, 36, widow, Ice Lake, Gore Bay, d/o Robert PALMER (b. England) & Laura WRIGHT, witn: Mamie PALMER of Ice lake & Robert JAFFRAY of Gore Bay on Sept. 3, 1924 at Gore Bay

19304-24 Thomas GRIMSHAW, 22, book keeper, Blackburn England, Port Arthur, s/o William GRIMSHAW (b. England) & Mary Ann FOSELUND, married Ila Marie PERRY, 24, Sault Ste. Marie USA, Fort William, d/o John PERRY (b. Scotland) & Mary MACKIE, witn: Annie PEEL & Jack MARSTON, both of 9 July 1924 at Port Arthur

018979-24 Sydney HALFORD, 28, farmer, Oxford Co. England, Twp. of Awrey Ont., s/o John HALFORD (b. England) & Elizabeth MARTIN, married Mildred McINNIS, 32, widow, England, Twp. of Awrey, d/o John STEVENS (b. England) & Elsie RALPH, witn: J.S. LAND, Mrs. J.S. LAND, both of Coniston, 28 May 1924, at Wahnipitea

018981-24 Eugene Kelly HAYNES, 36, fire ranger, Charlton NY, Twp. of Larkin, s/o Charles Sheldon HAYNES, (b. Galloway NY) & Fanny MAXWELL, married Dorothy Anne NELDER, 33, England, Twp. of Larkin, d/o Charles W. NELDER (b. Devonshire England) & Edith NELDER, witn: Mary PRIERE & Ethel Jessie Halstead, both of Sudbury, 3 May 1924, at Sudbury

018980-24 John Allen HENDERSON, 24, paper maker, Streymond Que., Espanola, s/o John HENDERSON (b. Quebec) & Phoebe WILLIAMSON, married Jean Shaw DAVIDSON, 20, telephone operator, Hamilton Scotland, Espanola, d/o Alexander DAVIDSON (b. Scotland) & Jean SHAW, witn: Jack C. JOHNSON, Edna R. KING, both of Espanola, 28 Oct 1924, at Espanola

19359-24 John Baird JACK, 30, paper maker, Lockport NY, Port Arthur, s/o John JACK (b. Scotland) & Mary BAIRD, married Beulah Frances WINTER, 18, Keewatin, Port Arthur, d/o William Thomas WINTER (b. England) & Alice BRIDGES, witn: Mary A. HOGARTH of 118 N. John St. in Fort William & J.C. COOK of 222 S. Archibald St. in Fort William, 14 April 1924 at Fort William 19356-24 Stanley JAGO, 30, salesman, Cornwall England, Port Arthur, s/o Joseph John JAGO (b. Kent England) & Mary Emma CUNDY, married Lavina CARDINAL, 26, clerk, Alymer Ont (Aylmer?), Port Arthur, d/o Joseph CARDINAL (b. Perth Ont) & Lizina GUERTIN, witn: Miss Eva LOVELACE of 174 N. Algoma St. in Port Arthur & Mr. James P. JOHNSTON of YMCA Fort William, 21 July 1924 at St. Johns Church, Port Arthur
19357-24 Frederick Joseph JAMES, 25, teacher, Bridgeburg Ont., Port Arthur, s/o Fred W. JAMES (b. England) & Georgia McKEE, married Helen Mae SCOTT, 22, Port Arthur, same, d/o John SCOTT (b. Ireland) & Electa PEEBLES, witn: Charlotte REID & Harvey SCOTT, both of Port Arthur, 2 July 1924 at Port Arthur 19355-24 Frank Oswald JAMES, 38, cook, England, Fort William, s/o Henry (b. England) & Adelaide, married Amy HARPER, 21, England, Winnipeg, d/o Herbert HARPER (b. Manchester England) & Marie GRASTY, witn: Miss Christena ROSS of 206 N. Harold in Fort William & Donald MURIE of 131 S. John St. in Fort William, 17 Nov 1924 at 211 South Brodie St. in Fort William
19360-24 Morton JOHNSON, 30, lumberman, Nova Scotia, Port Arthur, s/o Uriah JOHNSON (b. Nova Scotia) & Mary SHIPLEY, married Virginia ZAGADORE, 18, Port Arthur, same, d/o Gustave ZAGADORE & Rosana WILSON, witn: Charlotte M. REID & Alice M. REID, both of Port Arthur, 27 may 1924 at Port Arthur 19358-24 William JOHNSON, 21, laborer, Finland, Nipigon, s/o Emil JOHNSON (b. Finland) & Amalia MAKILUOMA, married Ruaha MAKI, 22, Finland, Nipigon, d/o Santere Savi MAKI (b. Finland) & Maria MAKI, witn: Urho AHO of Sunshine & Mary MATTSON of Fort William, 3 June 1923 at 262 Wilson St. in Port Arthur

13756-24 Stephen Edward JOHNSON, 33, sawmill manuf., Shawville, Ottawa, s/o Stephen Fred JOHNSON (b. Pembroke) & Fanny HORNER, married Elsie May BLACKBURN, 21, Elizabeth Bay, Gore Bay, d/o James BLACKBURN & Rachael MORDEN, witn: Alfred H. & Edith M. BURT both of Gore Bay on Nov. 19, 1924 at Gore Bay

13755-24 William James JOHNSTON, 27, farmer, Gore Bay, Gordon Tp., s/o Frank JOHNSTON (b. Manitoulin Island) & Sarah NEELY, married Margaret Eloise CURRIE, 23, Gordon Tp., same, d/o Archie CURRIE (b. Simcoe Co) & Jennie EMOLIE, witn: Mrs. F. JOHNSTON of Gore Bay & Archie CURRIE of Gordon Tp. on Dec. 23, 1924 at Gordon Tp.

019000-24 Peter KARCHER, 24, chauffeur, Cleveland OH, Nicholson Siding, s/o Joseph KARCHER (b. USA) & Mary KARCHER, married Doris LADEROOT, 21, Webbwood, Nicholson Siding, d/o Victor LADEROOT (b. Westmeath Ont.) & Alphonjean SARNEY?, witn: Mrs. James ROBINSON, James G. ROBINSON, both of Chapleau, 6 May 1924 at Sudbury

13758-24 Michel KAYIGE (Kagige?), 29, farmer, Wikwemikong, same, s/o Louis KAYIGE & Angelique AWANAGIMA, married Isabelle Catherine OSAWAIENS (?), 28, Wikwemikong, same, d/o Gaspar OSAWAIENS & Sophie AWANEGIJIG, witn: Elizabeth & Michel OSAWAIENS both of Wikwemikong on Sept. 3, 1924 at Wikwemikong. 

018999-24 Alonzo KEAST, 24, lineman, Lindsay, Toronto, s/o Jack KEAST (b. Lindsay) & Sarah CALVERT, married Muriel McDOWELL, 22, Castleton - Co. Ont., Toronto, d/o Edward McDOWELL (b. Otter Lake) & Emily STEVENS, witn: Harvey GORDON, Lerena MCDOWELL, both of Sudbury, 22 May 1924 at Sudbury

13757-24 Herbert Mervyn KENNEDY, 29, merchant, Georgetown, same, s/o J. W. KENNEDY (b. Georgetown) & M. E. JONES, married Kathleen MERRYLEES, 23, clerk, Gore Bay, same, d/o Alex MERRYLEES (b. Stratford) & M. A. BEST, witn: Evelyn WOOD of Gore Bay & Joseph MERRYLEES of Barrie Island on Oct. 7, 1924 at Gore Bay.

018998-24 Wilfred KING, 24, laborer, Newberry Mich, Sudbury, s/o William KING (b. Que.) & Virginia GOODYEAR, married Nora Frances BARTON, 17, Nestorville, Sudbury, d/o John BARTON (b. Ontario) & Jessie MUNRO, witn: Jean C. McDONALD, Marjorie McDONALD, both of Sudbury, 17 June 1924 at Sudbury

019001-24 Milton Oliver KITTO, 39, bushman, Manitoulin Island, Sudbury, s/o Milton KITTO (b. Ont.) & Elizabeth FRAMPTON, married Sadie VINEY, 38, Manitoulin Island, Sudbury, d/o William VINEY (b. Ont.) & Sarah SLOAN, witn: Sarah HUMPHREY, Marjorie MCDONALD, both of Sudbury, 22 April 1924 at Sudbury

019048-24 Henry MAKINEN, 53, widower, gentleman, Finland, Copper Cliff s/o Matti MAKINEN (b. Finland) & Eva MAKI, married Hilma SALO, 48, widow, Finland, Copper Cliff, d/o Kosta HATAMAA (b. Finland) & NOT GIVEN, witn: Paul KARFI, Sophia KARFI, both of Copper Cliff, 6 May 1924 at Sudbury

019061-24 Dominic Joseph MALEY, 39, laborer, Almonte, Sudbury, s/o Michael MOLEY & Mary CODY, married Susan BANNIGAN, 37, widow, Glasgow Scotland, Sudbury, d/o Michael BANNIGAN & Margaret ANDERSON, witn: Robert A. GILMORE & Catherine BARAGAR, 7 Oct 1924 at Sudbury

19445-24 Nicolas MARAK, 23, laborer, Galicia, Fort William, s/o Peter MARAK & Maria SAHAJDAK, married Archatina? KORENIUK, 20, Galicia, Fort William, d/o Esa? KORENIUK & Anna ZYANYA, witn: Elias MARAK of 695 High St. & Peter MARAK of 1511 Centre St., 26 Jan 1924 at Fort William 19426-24 Angus Percival MARCELL, 33, warehouseman, Fort William, same, s/o Edward MARCELL (b. Hudson Bay Ont) & Jane ROBERTSON, married Florence Mary BLUNT, 30, London England, Fort William, d/o George BLUNT (b. London England) & Fannie BENTLEY, witn: Rose HANNON & Stanley COOPER, both of Fort William, 16 April 1924 at Fort William
19432-24 William Horace MARCHBANK, 27, paper maker, Vancouver Washington, Fort William, s/o Walter D. MARCHBANK (b. Michigan US) & Julia BELDING, married Bessie Wyatt ROUSHORN, 20, Fort William, same, d/o John W. ROUSHORN (b. Ont) & Lillie WYATT, witn: Carleton SALER? of YMCA & Mrs. J. A. WARD of 303 Robertson St., 6 Jan 1924 at Fort William 19435-24 Carlo Angelo MARTIN, 29, laborer, Italy, Port Arthur, s/o Luigi MARTIN & Regina ZANATTO, married Rosa Caterina MARSON (Marion?), 29, Italy, Port Arthur, d/o Isidoro MARSON & Rosa Catherina, witn: Aurelis JAGO & Benjamin TAL--?, both of Port Arthur, 10 May 1924 at Port Arthur
19444-24 Sante MASSARA (Massaro?), 20, workman, Italy, Fort William, s/o Frank MASSARA & Caterina PICCONE, married Teresa Ursula Ancia TEROCCRI (Terocci?), 22, Italy, Fort William, d/o Alfonso TEROCCRI & Anna Maria PAYLIALOUNGA, witn: Giacomo CURASI & Oreste CIERAMELLA, both of 808 Albert St. in Fort William, 20 March 1924 at St. Joseph's RC Church, Fort William 19442-24 Kondrat MATIEVICH, 35, laborer, Ukraine, Ladawa Ont., s/o Teleman & Christena?, married Katerine KAWALCHUK, 28, Galicia, 727 McLachlin St., d/o Panteleman & Pahellina Bihun, witn: Andre PYTLIOVARY of 730 McFarlane St. & Michael KAWALCHUK of 727 McLachlin St., 15 Nov 1924 at Fort William
19428-24 Alexandros MATOS, 32, wrestler, Greece, Fort William, s/o Constantine MATOS (Metos?) (b. Greece) & Diovano THEODOMPOULOS, married Florence CLINE, 24, Minnesota USA, Fort William, d/o John CLINE (b. USA) & Lydia FERGUSON, witn: Mrs. Julia HANES of 122 S. Harold St. & Luella WERDEN of 1534 Donald St., 14 March 1924 at Fort William  

019049-24 William Irvine MAY, 35, sales supervision, Creemore, Toronto, s/o William MAY (b. Cannington Ont.) & Sarah Ellen CHRISTIAN, married Edna Valetta GREEN, 30, book keeper, Sudbury, Toronto, d/o Philip John GREEN (b. Eganville Ont.) & Annie MCDONALD, witn: Wilfred I. GREEN, Christina GREEN both of Sudbury, 21 Apr 1924 at Sudbury

19443-24 Alexander MAYDANSKY, 29, Galicia, Fort William, s/o John MAYDANSKY & Olena GRAGOVASUK, married Irene TURECKA, 20, Galicia, Fort William, d/o Michael TURECKY (sic) & Palina KICUL, witn: Nicolas FAKAS of 416 Adams St., & Nicola FAKAS Jr. of 385 Folley St., 1 March 1924 at Fort William
19433-24 Nathan MAYDARYK, 23, laborer, Galicia, Fort William, s/o John MADARYK & Sophia LEWCZUK, married Josepha BEHMA, 17, Galicia, Fort William, d/o Steve BEHMA & Paulina RUDYK, witn: Nicolas & Mike KICYLUK of 729 McLaughlin St., 20 Jan 1924 at Fort William 19452-24 David James McCALL, 23, truck driver, Ireland, Fort William, s/o Robert? McCALL (b. Ireland) & Sarah ALLEN, married Dorothy AUSTIN, 20, Toronto, Fort William, d/o Albert AUSTIN (b. Ireland?) & Hannah LUDLOW, witn: Dora MITCHELL of Port Arthur & Albert Willard AUSTIN of Fort William, 20 Aug 1924 at Fort William
19461-24 William McCAULEY, 43, laborer, Ireland, Port Arthur, s/o Richard McCAULEY & Ellen McCULKINS (McCullum?), married Evelyn Mary MORPHET, 27 (29?), maid, England, Port Arthur, d/o John MORPHET & Eleanor ANGLIN, witn: John MORPHET & Ellen McILHENAY, both of Port Arthur, 21 April 1924 at Port Arthur 19446-24 John Harold Campbell McCLELLAND, 26, physician, Peel Co., Mimico? Beach, s/o Samuel Joseph McCLELLAND (b. Ont) & Agnes Maria McCOY, married Maisie Victoria LEITCH, 30, nurse, Ontario, Port Arthur, d/o Peter Albert LEITCH (b. Ont) & Jessie Dalrymple SCOTT, witn: Maude D. & Harold LEITCH of 102 Winnipeg Ave in Port Arthur, 29 Dec 1924 at St. Johns Church, Port Arthur
19460-24 George Joseph McCOMBER, 23, manager, Port Arthur, same, s/o Alexander Jarvis McCOMBER (b. USA) & Georgina GUERARD, married Julia Odelle CRAFTON, 22, teacher, Indianapolis US, Port Arthur, d/o James Gregory CRAFTON (b. USA) & Sarah CORDROY, witn: Jarvis Laurier McCOMBER & Anita Blanche CRAFTON, both of Port Arthur, 13 Jan 1924 at Port Arthur 19451-24 Jarvis Laurier McCOMBER, 28, barrister, Port Arthur, same, s/o Alexander J. McCOMBER (b. Michigan USA) & Georginana GUERARD, married Sybil Maude HASKING, 23, Port Arthur, same, d/o William J. HASKING (b. England) & Margaret VIGARS, witn: George & Mrs. George McCOMBER of Fort William, 10 Sept 1924 at Port Arthur

019063-24 Robert John MCCORMICK, 21, student, Scotland, Creighton, s/o John MCCORMICK (b. Scotland) & Ballantyne MCEWAN, married Theresa May FURLONG, 20, nurse in training, Creighton, same, d/o Michael FURLONG (b. Ont.) & Julia TERRGH, witn: Miss Jean I. MACDONALD, Mrs. Jean C. MACDONALD, both of Sudbury, 21 Aug 1924 at Sudbury

19447-24 John McCREADIE, 28, carman, Scotland, Fort William, s/o Edward McCREADIE (b. Scotland) & Helen GRAHAM, married Jean CRABBE, 28, Ireland, Fort William, d/o Matthew CRABBE (b. Ireland) & Dorothe? MILLER, witn: May CRABBE & Andrew Walker CRABBE, both of Fort William, 26 Nov 1924 at Fort William

019064-24 Joseph Richard McDONALD, 24, lumbering, Chapleau, Massey, s/o Duncan McDONALD (b. Quebec) & Elizabeth SOUVIE, married Clara LAPLANTE, 19, Twp. of Salter, same, d/o John LAPLANTE (b. Massey) & Alphonsine LECUYER, witn: Earl McKIE, Maud McKIE, both of Twp. of Salter, Massey, 4 Aug 1924 at Massey

19457-24 Henry Clayton MacDONELL, 31, switchman, Belleville Ont., Fort William, s/o William MacDONELL (b. Scotland) & Mary CHAMPAGNE, married Mary JOHNSON, 27, widow, Cape Breton, Port Arthur, d/o George IVES (b. England) & Jane CATTERALL, witn: G. BOURKE & Mae GIRVIN, both of Fort William, 21 April 1924 at Fort William

019069-24 William MACGREGOR, 21, farmer, Massey, same, s/o William MACGREGOR & Louise BELLEMERE, married Louise GELLINEAU, 21, Espanola, same, d/o Samuel GELLINEAU & Nillis (Nellie?) HAMELIN, witn: William MACGREGOR, Massey, An? SABOURIN, Espanola, 9 Sept 1924 at Espanola

19459-24 Merrit Milton McINTEE, 34, train man, Ontario, Fort William, s/o James W. McINTEE (b. Ont) & Minnie M. COLE , married Anna LOWE, 27, Manitoba, Port Arthur, d/o Michael LOWE (b. France) & Marie LAMOWAY, witn: Priscella & Vivian McINTEE of 141 S. Vickers St., 20 Feb 1924 at 320 N. Brodie St. in Fort William 19448-24 Kenneth MacKAY, 38, weighman, Scotland, Fort William, s/o William MacKAY (b. Scotland) & Kathleen GRANT, married May Craig GEMMELL, 30, Scotland, Fort William, d/o Samuel GEMMELL (b. Scotland) & Nettie WATSON, witn: Miss Jean STEVENSON of 231 S. Sylvester Ave & J. A. PAYNE of Wayside House in Fort William, 31 Dec 1924 at St. Andrews Pres. Church, Fort William
19449-24 Roderick McKENZIE, 32, locomotive fireman, Scotland, Fort William, s/o John McKENZIE (b. Scotland) & Mary McKENZIE, married Yvonne OUELETTE, 26, Montreal, Fort William, d/o Henry OUELETTE (b. Quebec) & Clementine LEMIEUX?, witn: P. Jane CREIRE & Martha POIRIER, both of Fort William, 10 Dec 1924 at Fort William 19456-24 Murdo MacKENZIE, 30, elevator employee, Scotland, Fort William, s/o John MacKENZIE (b. Scotland) & Maggie MacLEOD, married Christena MacKENZIE, 24, Scotland, Fort William, d/o Roderick MacKENZIE (b. Scotland) & Naomi MacLEAN, witn: Malcolm MacLEOD of 239 North Syndicate & Barbara MacLEOD of Helena? St., 23 May 1924 at Fort William

019067-24 Earl McKIE, 30, farmer, Broken Front of Salter, same, s/o Levi McKIE (b. Quebec), & Dora SIMS, married Maude LAPLANTE, 18, Broken Front of Salter, same, d/o John LAPLANTE (b. Massey) & Alphonsine LECUYER, witn: Norman FAUBERT, Kate FAUBERT, both of Walford, 28 May 1924, at Massey

19453-24 John Andrew McKINLEY, 25, telegraph operator, Gore Bay Ont., Port Arthur, s/o Andrew McKINLEY (b. Toronto Ont) & Jane WILLIAMS, married Viola OLIVE, 19, teacher, Ottawa, Port Arthur, d/o Frederick OLIVE (b. Ottawa) & Bridgetta Catherine EGAN, witn: Albert OLIVE of 307 Elgin St. & M.G.M. OLIVE of 57 Ontario St., 28 June 1923 at Port Arthur

019062-24 Daniel Cleveland MACKINNON, 31, widower, wholesale merchant, Madoc, Sudbury, s/o Daniel Laughlin MCKINNON (b. Marmora) & Ellen Celina PRICE, married Mary Gertrude Ottie CROTEAU, 19, Sudbury, same, d/o Napoleon Leon CROTEAU, (b. Chapleau) & Marie Jane ANDREWS, witn: Napoleon Leon CROTEAU, James Henry MCKINNON, 13 Oct 1924 at Sudbury

019068-24 Robert Alex MCKINNON, 29, commercial handler, Sault Ste. Marie, Sudbury, s/o Robert Jos. MCKINNON & Mary Eva KIRKWOOD, married Daina? Bernadette ACQUIN, 25, Mattawa, Sudbury, d/o Olan ACQUIN & Mary BOWEN, witn: Joseph SAMPSON, Robert Jos. MCKINNON, both of Sudbury, 2 June, 1924 at Sudbury

19454-24 Oliver McLAREN, 34, widower, government employee, Scotland, Port Arthur, s/o William McLAREN (b. Scotland) & Susan MATTHEWS, married Margaret SHEA, 19, USA, Port Arthur, d/o Patrick SHEA (b. Ireland) & Nellie DWYER, witn: Iva & M. J. CAMPBELL of 14 Marlborough, 1 Aug 1924 at Port Arthur 19458-24 Donald MacLENNAN, 70, widower gentleman, Rosshire Scotland, 223 Victoria St. on Port Arthur, s/o John McLENNAN (b. Rosshire Scotland) & Ellen GOLLIN, married Anna Belle OTTERSON, 60, widow, Detroit, 29 Sheppard St., d/o Daniel DOWD (b. Kerry Ireland) & Abigail MOORE, witn: Frank Edward & Mrs. K. WESTLAKE of Port Arthur, 26 April 1924 at Port Arthur

019066-24 Archibald Paterson MacMILLIAN, inspector, Scotland, Saco Maine USA, s/o Thomas MacMILLAN (b. Scotland), & Margaret PATERSON, married Grace NEILSON, 25, Scotland, Sudbury, d/o Robert NEILSON (b. Scotland) & Grace STEWART, witn: Gilbert NEILSON, Sudbury, Catherine McDonald HOGG, Sault Ste. Marie, 24 June 1924 at Sudbury

19463-24 Wilfred Adrian MacMILLAN, 22, telegraph operator, Sydney Nova Scotia, Fort William, s/o Daniel MacMILLAN & Ida LIND, married Marguerite Elmera HALLENON, 23, Carleton Place, Fort William, d/o Daniel HALLENON & Mabel HURSLEY, witn: Daniel MCMILLAN & Ethel HALLERON, both of Fort William, 9 July 1924 at Fort William
19455-24 Angus McNAUGHTON, 27, pulp mill employee, Scotland, Port Arthur, s/o Angus J. McNAUGHTON (b. Scotland) & Agnes O’CARROL, married Mina (Jemima) BARCLAY, 30, Scotland, Port Arthur, d/o Colin BARCLAY (b. Scotland) & Isabella MOWAT, witn: Mary MOORE & Adam WATSON, both of 223 Park St. in Port Arthur, 6 June 1923 at Fort William 19450-24 George Thomas Alexander McNEILL, 29, accountant, Carlow Scotland, Port Arthur, s/o George McNEILL (b. Scotland) & Mary Lee HOLLINSHEAD, married Elizabeth Mitchell HARPER, 22, Garen? Glasgow, Port Arthur, d/o William HARPER (b. Scotland) & Martha McINTOSH, witn: Maude PYATT of 111 Jean St. & D. M. GRAHAM of 80 Jean St., 30 Sept 1924 at Port Arthur
19462-24 Andrew Bernard McTEIGUE, 29, auditor, Port Arthur, Duluth Minn, s/o James McTEIGUE & Louise GUERARD, married Julia Randine LELAND, 25, clerk, Norway, Port Arthur, d/o Olaf LELAND & Tomine PETERSON, witn: Michael McTEIGUE & Albina McTEIGUE, both of Port Arthur, 16 June 1924 at Port Arthur 19427-24 Mattea MEDENA, 30, carpenter, Italy, Fort William, s/o Pietro MEDENA (b. Italy) & Maria CANDUSO, married Angelina VIGNUDA, 23, Italy, Fort William, d/o Dominico VIGNUDA (b. Italy) & Giuseppa SIVILATTI, witn: Bernard Bell PANALDO? & Luigia MEDENA, both of Fort William, 12 April 1924 at Fort William
19437-24 Aran MELNYK, b. 1896, laborer, Galicia, Fort William, s/o Roman MELYNK & Mary HRYNYSHYZ, married Rosy SALYPA, b. 1904, Galicia, Fort William, d/o Joseph SALYPA & Mary WISDALA, witn: Nycefor? KONALCHUK of 335 McBain & Michael LYSAK of 629 Simpson S., 21 June 1924 at Fort William 19430-24 Sam MEZYBROSKI, 29, laborer, East Galicia, Fort William, s/o Panko MEZYBROSKI (b. Galicia) & Annie, married Annie MELNYCZUK, 21, Galicia, Fort William, d/o Gregory MELNYCZUK (b. Galicia) & Mary SWEYDA, witn: John MYMOSCHID Murdock? St. (Steel Comp) & illegible SHEWCHUK of 1900 Mountain Ave., 1 March 1924 at Fort William
19438-24 Aloysius MIKITA, 27, laborer, Bjesoptok? Orava, 703 McIntosh? in Fort William, s/o Michael MIKITA & Theresa KASTORK?, married Marie HUDEN, 22, Porbjer? Orave, 1020 Alberta in Fort William, d/o Alexander HUDEC & Susanna LOFAJ?, witn: illegible HRBARZ if 1020 Alberta & Sophrona DULORIKA of 806 McIntosh, 19 May 1924 at Fort William  

019043-24 John Charles MILLER, 22, mail clerk, Parry Sound, Sudbury, s/o Irwin MILLER (b. Ireland) & Hannah BRISCOE, married Christina Helen Isobel WRIGHT, 23, milliner, Scotland, Sudbury, d/o Robert WRIGHT (b. Scotland) & Isabelle CAMERON, witn: M.E. PRITTIE, E.A. PRITTIE, Copper Cliff, 26 June 1924 at Copper Cliff

19440-24 Harold Amos MILLER, 41, railway employee, Liverpool England, Fort William, s/o Thomas MILLER & Margaret GREAVES, married Myfanmy EVANS, 21, Wales, Fort William, d/o Edward EVANS & Jeanette WHITEHURST, witn: Rose SHIELDS & George Cornwall HUTCHISON, both of Fort William, 3 Sept 1924 at Fort William
19429-24 Dominic MINALATTI, 22, contractor supervisor, Falmonte Italy, Port Arthur, s/o Arvelas? & Catherine, married Annie Margaret NELSON, 19, Stockholm Sweden, Schreiber, d/o August NELSON (b. Sweden) & Elma WESTMAN, witn: James WEST of Schreiber & Pauline MINALATTI of Port Arthur, 3 March 1924 at Schreiber 19425-24 Howard MITCHELL, 26, elevator employee, New Britain Conn., Port Arthur, s/o William A. MITCHELL (b. England) & Rebecca J. VERNON, married Isabel Gertrude BROCK, 21, Slate River, same, d/o W. A. BROCK & Miss? M. McINROY, witn: Frank V. MITCHELL of South Gillies & Clara E. LEE of Bradford Ont., 4 June 1924 at Fort William
19436-24 John MOKOMELA, 28, laborer, Ukraine, Port Arthur, s/o Frederick MOKOMELA & Polly DOBUACH?, married Kathleen LOOS, 17, Port Arthur, same, d/o William LOOS & Julia LENZ, witn: George PATSOS & Josephine NOWISKA, both of Port Arthur, 17 May 1924 at Port Arthur 19431-24 William John MONTEITH, 24, farmer, Fort William, Slate River, s/o Samuel A. MONTEITH (b. Ireland) & Mabel HALL, married Dorothy STOKES, 21, England, Fort William, d/o William STOKES (b. England) & Sarah Jane ELLIS, witn: Eva G. MONTEITH of Slate River & illegible MONTEITH of 304 Catherine St., 21 Jan 1924 at Fort William

019037-24 Giuseppe MONTESI, 27, furnace man, Italy, Copper Cliff, s/o Antonia MONTESI, (b. Italy) & Annunsiata BALDINI, married Lodoina TOMASSINI, 19, Italy, Copper Cliff, d/o Vincenso TOMASSINI (b. Italy) & Teresa VITALE, witn: Emelio AGOSTINELLI, Arturo TOMASSINI, both of Copper Cliff, 14 Aug 1924 at Copper Cliff


019044-24 John Wesley MOORE, 22, teamster, North Bay, Sudbury, s/o John Wesley MOORE (b. Ont.) & Elizabeth MCDONALD, married Marjorie Wilson HICKEY, 19, Thessalon, Sudbury, d/o William Henry HICKEY (b. Ont.) & Elizabeth WILSON, witn: Roy Pully BLANK, Irene MOORE, both of Sudbury, 19 June 1924 at Sudbury

019050-24 William Robert MOORE, 22, fireman, Odessy, Port Arthur, s/o William MOORE (b. Three Rivers) & Agnes WATSON, married Agnes Gertrude CARNEY, 19, England, Port Arthur, d/o Thomas CARNEY, (b. Ireland) & Julia O’GRADY, witn: Elwoode MOORE, High Falls, Julia CARNEY, Port Arthur, 15 Apr 1924 at Sudbury


019042-24 William Forsyth MORGAN, 30, mining engineer, New York USA, Sudbury, s/o William John MORGAN (b. Liverpool Eng.) & Emily FORSYTH, married Hanna Isabel Dorothy DREWITT, 29, stenographer, Southampton Eng., Sudbury, d/o Harry William DREWITT (b. London Eng.) & Lulu SLEEMAN, witn: Mrs. H.I. CASBOULD, John H. CLARY, both of Sudbury, 28 July 1924, at Sudbury

19441-24 Alexander Weir Harold MORRISON, 25, traveller, Scotland, Port Arthur, s/o James MORRISON & Catherine KILLORAN, married Mary Catherine REGAN, 22, Golden Lake Ont., Port Arthur, d/o Samuel Joseph REGAN & Mary Teresa SANSTRUM, witn: Michael MORRISON & Mary Margaret REGAN, both of Port Arthur, 29 Sept 1924 at Port Arthur 19431-24 Pierre MOSES, 17, trapper, Heron Bay, same, s/o Antoine MOSES & Marie MICHAND, married Philomene TAKANEY, 18, Mobert, same, d/o Joseph TAKANEY & Marie Anna SAGABAROLE, witn: Joseph TAKANEY of Mobert & Jane NABIGAN, both of Mobert, 11? May 1924 at Mobert
19439-24 Petro MYKYTAZYA, 30, laborer, Potoczysk Horodenka Galicia, 1325 Stanley Ave in Fort William, s/o Toma MYKYTAZYA & Anna PRYTALAK, married Kateryna KOZYK, 20, Potoczyoka Horodenka Galicia, 1313 Mountain Ave in Fort William, d/o Ivan KOZYK & Maria BITINSKA, witn: Stefan KUZYK of 1313 Mountain Ave & Sam TYDIRCHUK? of 1327 Georgina Ave in Fort William, 19 July 1924 at Fort William 19474-24 Peter NADWORNY, b. 1897, laborer, Meraina Russia, Fort William, s/o Sam NADWORNY & Parasca LATIUK, married Catherina HERCHAK, b. 1898, Galicia, Fort William, d/o Michael HERCHAK & Isagdalina? WALCHUK, witn: Mike BAGINSKI of 219 Pearl St. & John KUZ of 486 McLaughlin St., 21 June 1924 at Fort William
19467-24 Reman NASHTYN, 38, cook, Austria, Fort William, s/o Theodor NASHTYN (b. Ukraine) & Parasevoa? PABLOUSKA, married Catherine SHUBA, 25, Austria, Port Arthur, d/o Michael SHUBA (b. Ukraine) & Anna FEDORYSHYN, witn: George HORAN of 1007 Albert St. in Port Arthur & Edera? PETERS of 448 Rita St. in Port Arthur, 5 Aug 1924 at Fort William 19475-24 Alfred Warden NEIL, 36, elevator employee, Leicester England, Port Arthur, s/o Arthur NEIL & Jane HUTCHESON, married Emily Louisa CROWTHER, 25, London England, Port Arthur, d/o Charles Alfred CROWTHER & Mary Louisa TINDALL, witn: John NEIL & Elsie LANGEN?, both of 31 Pine St., 16 Aug 1924 at Port Arthur
19472-24 Francis NETAMIGIJIG, 29, widower, trapper, Nipigon Mission, Sand Point - Lake Nipigon, s/o Joseph NETAMIGIJIG & Marie BOUCHARD, married Mary Ann ISHKWEGA, 18, Sand Point, same, d/o Peter ISHKWEGA & Isabelle WASSEGIJIG, witn: John Baptist & Nanette MORRISEAU of Sand Point, 21 Jan 1924 at Sand Point 19464-24 Abraham Edward NEVALA, 32, bushman, Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Oskar NEVALA (b. Finland) & Ida AALTO, married Hilja Susana UPPALA, 24, cook, Finland, Port Arthur, d/o Heikki UPPALA (b. Finland) & Maria RAJALA, witn: Sophia HIRVI of 262 Wilson St. & Hilja KORTE of 595 Algoma St., 24 Dec 1924 at Port Arthur
19471-24 George NEVE, 52, widower, merchant, England, Stanley Ont., s/o Charles NEVE (b. Kent England) & Susan FIRST, married Celia COLSON, 35, Schreiber, Stanley Ont., d/o John COLSON (b. Sweden) & Clara LAWSON, witn: Albert NEVE of 400 Tupper St. in Port Arthur & K. E. CLENDINNEN of 320 N. Brodie St., 12 Feb 1924 at 320 N. Brodie St. in Fort William 19470-24 Thomas Edward NICHOLSON, 25, farmer, Scotland, Fort William, s/o Thomas NICHOLSON (b. Scotland) & Marg STRONG, married May COLPITTS, 21, USA, Fort William, d/o M. R. COLPITTS (b. Maine USA) & Alina MacDONALD, witn: Beatrice COLPITTS of 273 E. Francis St. in Fort William & James ARRIL of 68 Martha St. in Port Arthur, 25 March 1924 at Fort William

019071-24 Nathan B. NICKERSON, 29, electrician, Alger County Mich., Narin Centre, s/o William NICKERSON (b. Canada) & Elizabeth TAYLOR, married Mabel Lucy MANLEY, 37, Brighton Eng., Narin Centre, d/o James MANLEY (b. Eng.) & Lucy Ann PROSPER?, witn: Melinda Helena BAKER, Narin Centre, Ethel KING, Espanola, 17 May 1924 at Espanola

19465-24 Samuel NORTH, 33, farmer, England, Gillis twp., s/o Robert NORTH (b. England) & Ruth KUKLIA?, married Georgina LOAN (Soan?), 23, Surrey England, Port Arthur, d/o Charles LOAN (b. England) & Annie CRAIN, witn: Thomas McAULLIFFE of YMCA Port Arthur & Ruby A. SPARROW of 513 Van Norman St., 26 Nov 1924 at Port Arthur

019070-24 Sven Herman Gunnard NOYES, 25, miner, Sweden, Kirkland Lake, s/o Clarke NOYES, (b. probably Scotland) & Johanna LUNDEN, married Ida Irene ISAAKSON, 24, Finland, Kirkland Lake, d/o Marten DAHLSTROM (b. Antiala by Voro [illegible word] - Lasa Finland) & Anna Lisa SMAROS, witn: Yrjo HOOPALA, Aili HONGET, William MARTTINEN & Aili NIEMI, all of Copper Cliff, 18 Aug 1924 at Sudbury [with note: "bride's father uses name Dahlstrom although most of children use name Isakson..."]

19469-24 Wasyl NYKFORIAK, 35, laborer, Galicia, Fort William, s/o Ivan & Paraska, married Evadokia CZEREPACHE, 26, Galicia, Fort William, d/o Ihnaty CZEREPACHE (b. Galicia) & Kateryna SKALEZUK, witn: Nick TONSZUL? of 501 Cristin St. in Fort William & H. CKYZEPACHE of 715 McKenzie St. in Fort William, 3 May 1924 at Fort William
19473-24 George NYKOLAYCHUK, b. 1893, laborer, Galicia, Fort William, s/o Theodor NYKOLAYCHUK & Eudolie CHEMBUR, married Catherina SWEHUN, b. 1902, Galicia, Fort William, d/o Timothy SWERHUN & Ivana SWERHUN, witn: PO. MOSCHUK of 714 McGillvray St. & Wasyl RUDYK of 739 Simpson St., 14 June 1924 at Fort William 19476-24 Roy NYKOR, 27, CPR, Eastern Galicia, Fort William, s/o Harry NYKOR & Mary CARPUIK, married Mary PARKER? 18, widow, Fort William, same, d/o Frank HOPPER & Annie TURCLACK, witn: William DANALEWITCH & Katherine? LUKENCHUCK, both of Fort William, 19 Jan 1924 at Fort William
19466-24 Karl Kustar NYMAN, 43, pulp mill operator, Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Kustar Malahias NYMAN (b. Finland) & Anna Louisa STIRFOSS, married Elma Elen PARMAN, 27, dress maker, Finland, Port Arthur, d/o Lennard Alfonse PARMAN (b. Finland) & Elen Sophia ERHENWALL, witn: Kalle SEHTIMAKI & Sophia HIRVI, both of Port Arthur, 11 July 1924 at 262 Wilson St. in Port Arthur 19468-24 Petrus Josephus Abraham NYTENBOGAART, 25, foreman, Netherlands, Hornepayne, s/o Johane Wilhelm NYTENBOGAART (b. Netherlands) & Jacqueline ZEBROBERG, married Elizabeth Jane POPE, 25, cook, England, Hornepayne, d/o Henry POPE (b. England) & Elizabeth McQUEEN, witn: A. ?--ZZELL & Winifred MONTZAMBAT?, both of pa, 21 June 1924 at Port Arthur
19478-24 Francis Elsworth OAKLEY, 29, steam fitter, St. Paul Min., Fort William, s/o Samuel N. OAKLEY (b. St. Paul Minn) & Margaret MICHAEL, married Margaret Eva Jane BURNS, 26, Meldrum Bay Ont., Port Arthur, d/o George BURNS (b. Meaford Ont) & Elizabeth FALLS, witn: F. W. RANKIN of Fort William & Ethel M. BURNS of Port Arthur, 12 Feb 1924 at Port Arthur 19479-24 Stefan OLESKO, 24, laborer, Galicia, Fort William, s/o Ivan OLESKO (b. Galicia) & Maria NORACKO?, married Maria MANDRYK, 21, Galicia, Fort William, d/o Danyil MANDRYK (b. Galicia) & Maria PRUSHNICKA, witn: Harry BOHUN & illegible, 9 Feb 1924 at Fort William
19477-24 Helmar John OLSON, 33, carpenter, Norway, Port Arthur, s/o Ole TOMASON, (b. Norway) & Mesith LAKARICSON, married Augusta RASCK, 23, domestic, Norway, Port Arthur, d/o Johan RASCK (b. Norway) & Laura MOLLER, witn: Ana DAHL of Jackfish Ont & Asbjorn GAARDEN of 155 N. Court in Port Arthur, 4 May 1924 at Port Arthur 19480-24 Sergius OSADEE, 23, laborer, Ukraine Russia, Port Arthur, s/o John OSADEE & Melania OLCHOWEE, married Julia BODNAR, 19, Galicia, Fort William, d/o John BODNAR & Eudokia WASYLIV, witn: John KERNICKY of 38 Water & Wasyl BOYKO of 80 Water, 9 Feb 1924 at Fort William
19484-24 Athanios PAGIANOS, 34, Greece, Port Arthur, s/o Konstatio & T--a?, married Josafina Nicolana ANDSOTON, 23, Greece, Port Arthur, d/o Nicholas & Trina, witn: Frederick VEYSEY (O--?) of Red River Rd in Port Arthur & Nick DROUMHATZ of 700 McTavish St., 20 Oct 1924 at Fort William 19499-24 Lewis Romuald PARENT, 24, Bic Que., Fort William, s/o Alfred PARENT (b. Quebec) & Elmire CHAMBERLAND, married Rosa Alice HAMM, 26, England, Fort William, d/o Henry W. HAMM (b. England) & Mary E. TUBB, witn: Miss E. HAMM & Alice BLIMBRICK?, both of 1112 Walsh St. in Fort William, 16 May 1924 at Fort William
19483-24 Thomas Lloyd PARR, 21, railway secretary, Toronto, Jellina, s/o Francis Thomas PARR (b. Ont) & Mary Jane BOUSKILL, married Della Selina NAPIER, 19, Lindsay Ontario, Jellina, d/o John James NAPIER (b. Ont) & Selina ASHTON, witn: Mrs. A. W. SCHNIDER of Capreol & E. NAPIER of Parry Sound, 28 Nov 1924 at Port Arthur 19500-24 Alfred PARTRIDGE, 39, engineer, Ontario, Port Arthur, s/o Wharton PARTIDGE (b. Commadar? US) & Susan GARVEL, married Evangaline HOWIE, 26, Ireland, Port Arthur, d/o Robert HOWIE (b. Scotland) & Margaret MILLAR, witn: Neil MacLEAN of 574? Empire Ave & Margaret KELLY of Murillo, 16 April 1924 at Port Arthur
19488-24 Alfred Baxter PECKETT, 36, cabinet maker, Liverpool England, Port Arthur, s/o Samuel PECKETT (b. Liverpool England) & Elizabeth ROUTLEDGE, married Elizabeth Esther HAMPTON, 34, teacher, Liverpool England, Port Arthur, d/o Charles A. HAMPTON (b. Isle of Man) & Catherine KELLY, witn: Ar--? & Vera PECKETT of Port Arthur, 1 Sept 1924 at Port Arthur 19481-24 Peter James PELLAN, 29, farmer, Jersey - Channel Islands, Port Arthur, s/o Peter James PELLAN (b. Channel Islands) & Agnes Adeline TERAULT, witn: Beulah Juanita CLEMENTS, 31, dress maker, Ontario, Port Arthur, d/o Thomas CLEMENTS (b. Canada) & Ellen HOOEY, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Clifford CLEMENTS of Port Arthur, 4 Dec 1924 at Port Arthur
19482-24 Adam Ray PENRICE, 29, pilot, USA, Fort William, s/o John PENRICE (b. USA) & Elizabeth HAMILTON, married Mabel WESENBERG, 38, widow, Ontario, Stratford Ont., d/o William LEAKE (b. Perth Co) & Christiana BEAM? (Bleam?), witn: Grace PRESTON & Pearl RODTKA, both of 211 S. Brodie St., 6 Dec 1924 at 211 South Brodie St. in Fort William 19502-24 Arthur Thomas PERRIS, 23, machinist, England, Fort William, s/o Thomas PERRIS (b. England) & Kate SNELLING, married Beatrice Pearl WILLIAMS, 23, Rowe? Port Ont., Port Arthur, d/o Richard WILLIAMS (b. Canada) & Janet LINDSAY, witn: Gerald & Sadie M. SHURTER? of 201 S. Mark?, 7 April 1924 at Fort William
19507-24 Samuel PHILLIPOVITCH, 29, laborer, Dalmatia, Port Arthur, s/o Nicholas PHILIPPOVICH (sic) & Mary IVANAC, married Rebecca TOKA, 26, maid, Dalmatia, Port Arthur, d/o Ante RIBICIC & Mauda LANUE, witn: Robert SLISKOVIC & Rose PHILIPPOVITCH, both of Port Arthur, 17 Nov 1924 at Port Arthur 19485-24 Alfred Ernest PHILLIPS, 45, switchman, Petrolia Ont., Fort William, s/o Charles PHILLIPS (b. Petrolia) & Mary J. BUSCH (Burch?), married Rose Gertrude O’CONNOR, 31, Arnprior Ont., Fort William, d/o Tim O’CONNOR (b. Arnprior) & Carrie? (Connie?) COLLIER, witn: Donald McNEIL of Mrs. C. DODD, both of Fort William, 13 Oct 1924 at Fort William
19497-24 David Ray PIPER, 28, pulp mill foreman, Slate River On., Fort William, s/o David J. PIPER (b. Ireland) & Minnie SHERIDAN, married Nora Illeene WHEATLEY, 23, Schreiber, Fort William, d/o John A. WHEATLEY (deceased, b. Quebec) & Agnes CAMPBELL, witn: Claude PIPER & Adaline WHEATLEY, both of Fort William, 1 July 1924 at Fort William 19504-24 Edward Arthur PLUMRIDGE, 34, ship worker, England, Port Arthur, s/o James PLUMRIDGE (b. England) & Sarah BUTLER, married Ruth Almire WOLFRAM, 19, domestic, Canada, Port Arthur, d/o Hamlet WOLFRAM (b. Canada) & Florence NAYLOR?, witn: John THOMPSON & Winifred MONTGOMLAT?, both of Pearl St. in Port Arthur, 13 Jan 1924 at Port Arthur
19496-24 John POGUE, 23, farmer, British Columbia, Kakabeka Falls, s/o George POGUE (b. Canada) & Mary KELLY, married Ethel FENTON, 26, widow, Ontario, Kakabeka Falls, d/o John NUNN (b. Ont) & Priscilla COOK, witn: M. & K. E. CLENDINNEN of Brodie St. in Fort William, 9 July 1924 at Fort William 19508-24 Alfred Joseph POIRIER, 29, station agent, of Fort William, s/o John POIRIER & Ernestine MIREAULT, married Ida LEMIEUX, 29, Montreal, Fort William, d/o Joseph LEMIEUX & Albina LEBLANC, witn: C. ROBIDOUX & Martha POIRIER, both of Fort William, 17 Dec 1924 at Fort William
19487-24 Andrew George PORTEOUS, 30, bus man, Arran twp., Chesley, s/o Thomas PORTEOUS (b. Ireland) & Isabella UNDERWOOD, married Lena Elizabeth LAMONT, 34, Chesley, same, d/o Andrew George LAMONT (b. Canada) & Isabella Nevin CLARKE, witn: Gertrude R. TUER of 349 Wamsley St. in Port Arthur & R. W. RUMSLEY? of 124 Amelia St. in Fort William, 17 Sept 1924 at Port Arthur 19489-24 William POSTAR, 32, laborer, Austria Fort William, s/o Tom POSTAR (b. Austria) & Ann SEMENIVICH, married Mary DENESCHUCK, 21, Austria Fort William, d/o Parftimse? DENESCHUCK (b. Austria) & Zandina? SCOCEE, witn: Tom DRAIN of Port Arthur & Mary KOSMENDIN of Fort William, 11 Sept 1924 at Fort William
19490-24 Edmund POULIN, 29, electrician, Ottawa, 328 South High St. in Port Arthur, s/o Charles POULIN (b. Grenville Que) & Alice THIBERT, married Gertrude Anna TILSON, 27, cashier, Trout Creek, Port Arthur, d/o John TILSON (b. Sturgeon Falls) & Gertrude SLOMAN, witn: Alfred W. & Maria Louise GROULX of Port Arthur, 31 Aug 1924 at Port Arthur 19494-24 Thomas James PROCTOR, 22, machinist, Quebec Que., Fort William, s/o John PROCTOR (b. Vancouver BC) & Gertrude BOLAND, married Agnes ELVISH, 17, Stratford Ont., Fort William, d/o John ELVISH (b. London England) & Mary HARRINGTON, witn: James ASSYH? & Berna HARRIS, both of Fort William, 28 July 1924 at Fort William
19486-24 Harold Marvin PROULX, 20, laborer, Ontario, Port Arthur, s/o Charles PROULX (b. Quebec) & Emma WOODS, married Elizabeth Catherine SMITH, 19, Michigan, Port Arthur, d/o James SMITH (b. Scotland) & Catherine GRAHAM, witn: Gladys H. GREER of Port Arthur & Ernest C. ROCKEY of Fort William, 20 Sept 1924 at Port Arthur 19498-24 Peter PTYSNUK, 32, laborer, Austria, Savanne, s/o John PTYSNUK (b. Austria) & Mary WERSTUK, married Hanna NOSAT, 23, Austria, Fort William, d/o Nicolas MOSAT (b. Austria) & Mary RUTKA, witn: Jacob WIRSTUCK of 618 McBain & Nick KICYLUK of 727 McLaughlin St., 17 May 1924 at Fort William
19501-24 Eino Andrew PUDAS, 22, grocery clerk, Port Arthur, same, s/o Andrew PUDAS (b. Finland) & Maria AHO, married Cecelia SOREL, 20, Fort William, same, d/o Edward SOREL (b. Canada) & Mary CREIGHTON, witn: Sophia HIRVI & Hilya KORTE, both of Port Arthur, 9 April 1924 at 262 Wilson St., Port Arthur 19491-24 John Albert PUDAS, 25, clerk, Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Albert PUDAS (b. Finland) & Anna Maria IMPALA, married Belle ROBERTSON, 20, stenographer, Fort William, same, d/o John Martin ROBERTSON (b. Canada) & Agnes WILSON, witn: Irene Joy KELLOUGH of Winnipeg & Eleanor MAYE? of Port Arthur, 23 Aug 1924 at Port Arthur
19503-24 Monty PULLAN, 23, printer, Deloraine Manitoba, Fort William, s/o Thomas R. PULLAN (b. London England) & Ethel WILLIAMS, married Pearl PERO, 18, Fort William, same, d/o Thomas PERO & Mary WALKER, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Douglas ANTHRUBOS? of Fort William, 30 Jan 1924 at Fort William 19493-24 William Arthur PURVIS, 26, loco fireman, Renfrew Ont., Port Arthur, s/o William Arthur PURVIS (b. Canada) & Mary McKAY, married Mildred Annie GALE (Yale?), 23, telephone operator, Kenora, Port Arthur, d/o William GALE (b. England) & Mary SIMMONS, witn: Ethel M. SHARPE of 48 Jean St. in Port Arthur & Arthur GALE of 298 Wilson St., 18 Aug 1924 at St. Johns Church, Port Arthur
19520-24 Joseph H. ROBERTS, 33, CNR switchman, Elena Falls NY, Fort William, s/o T.H. ROBERTS (b. England) & Ella DWYRE, married Ivy B. TURNER, 34, widow, England, Murillo, d/o J. RILEY (b. England) & Elizabeth HALLOWELL, witn: Miss Minnie WILLIAMS of Dyke B--? in Fort William & K. E. CLENDINNEN of Fort William, 6 Feb 1924 at Brodie St. in Fort William

019114-24 Oscar ROBICHAUD, 32, farmer, La Passe Ont., Warren, s/o Frank ROBICHAUD & Marguerite DUPUIS, married Bertha SMITH, 22, Bonfield, Warren, d/o Peter SMITH & Virginia DUPUIS, witn: Frank ROBICHAUD, Maxine ROBICHAUD, both of Warren, 29 Dec 1924 at Warren

19512-24 James M. RUTHERFORD, 30, steel worker, Minneapolis, Cleveland, s/o James RUTHERFORD (b. Alloa Scotland) & Ida Jane JOHNSTON, married Helen B. LOVERING, 20, Coldwater Ont., Fort William, d/o William D. LOVERING (b. Coldwater) & Eleanor BANKS, witn: Mrs. & Egerton LOVERING of Fort William, 10 Sept 1924 at Fort William

019126-24 Charles Paul SABOURIN, 26, laborer, Canton NY, Gogama, s/o Thomas SABOURIN & Elisabeth BLAIS, married Marie Georgiana GIROUX, 22, Chelmsford, not given, d/o Zephis GIROUX & Angeline GODARD, witn: Paul GIROUX, Paul PELLITIER, both of Gogama, 3 Mar 1924

019124-24 George Mathew SAVAGE, 22, train man, Perkins Mills Que., Sudbury, s/o William SAVAGE (b. Perkins Mills) & Elizabeth CASEY, married Alma BURNS, 17, Chapleau, not given, d/o Robert BURNS (b. Perkins Mills) & Elaine LAFRANCE, witn: Jean BURNS, Robert BURNS, both of Chapleau, 10 Mar 1924 at Sudbury

19531-24 Edward William SCHUTTE, 25, farmer, Ontario, Moose Hill, s/o August SCHUTTE (b. Germany) & Bertha LANG, married Myrtle WARK, 19, Ontario, South Gillies, d/o James WARK (b. Ont) & Alice HAYWARD, witn: Albert SCHUTTE of Moose Hill & Velma WARK of South Gillies, 18 Nov 1924 at Port Arthur

019129-24 Leo Patrick SHEA, 23, laborer, Sarsfield Ont., Sudbury, s/o Dennis SHEA & Rosanna ROCHETTE, married M. Eglantine PHILION, d/o Joseph PHILION & Antonia GIRARD, witn: Frederick BISAILLON, Adolphe RANGER, both of Sudbury, 29 Dec 1924 at Sudbury

019115-24 Walter Lloyd SHEFFIELD, 26, lumberman, Arnprior, Nicholson Siding, s/o Charles SHEFFIELD (b. Bristol Co. Pontiac) & Annie CRAIG, married Laura Grace GLENN, 21, stenographer, Arnprior, Nicholson Siding, d/o William B. GLENN (b. Co. Hastings) & Grace YUILL, witn: W.A. GLENN, Mrs. Lillian GLENN, both of Nicholson Siding, 26 Nov 1924 at Nicholson Siding


019123-24 Frank SIMARD (or SEYMOUR), 21, cook, Sudbury, same, s/o Alphonse SIMARD (b. Montreal) & Marie LABELLE, married Marie Louise SAVOIE (Lavoie?), 21, Sudbury, same, d/o Henry SAVOIE (b. Ont.) & Mary ST. JEAN, witn: Mrs. Mary MENARD, Mr. E. COUSINEAU, both of Sudbury, 17 Mar 1924 at Sudbury

19533-24 William SKARBAN, 25, teamster, USA, Fort William, s/o Adolphe SKARBAN (b. USA) & Annie MEOS, married Agnes KAILEK, 19, waitress, Ontario, Fort William, d/o Frank KAILEK (b. Czechoslovakia) & Rose BARDOCK, witn: Edward ROY & Mary KOHOL, both of Fort William, 18 Nov 1924 at Fort William

019125-24 Christopher Allen SMALL, 32, engineer, Pembroke, Chapleau, s/o Robert SMALL, (b. Alice Ont.) & R. Marguerite MOLTON, married Julia Clementine BRUNETTE, 25, clerk, not given, Chapleau, d/o Noah BRUNETTE (b. Westmeath Ont.). & Celina GENDRON, witn: Philip Patrick MULLIGAN, Noah BRUNETTE, both of Chapleau, 8 Jan 1924 at Chapleau

019122-24 Alex SMITH, 33, bushman, Austria, Sudbury, s/o Tadauch SMITH (b. Gabera) & Maria SMITH, married Olina BOREK, 18, Austria, Sudbury, d/o Frederick BOREK (b. Gabera) & Catherina IAMBUKSH, witn: G. KENNEDY, D. FYDORCZUK, both of Sudbury, 9 Apr 1924 at Sudbury

019118-24 Andrew Leask SMITH, 28, painter, Inverurie Scotland, Chapleau, s/o Alexander D. SMITH (b. Inverurie Scotland) & Agnes CATTO, married Katherine McALLISTER, 24, Whitehaven England, Chapleau, d/o John McCALLISTER (b. Whitehaven Eng.) & Rose Ann HARRISON, witn: Edward R. MONTCRIFF, Betsie M. McKEE, both of Chapleau, 22 Oct 1924 at Chapleau

019116-24 William Joseph STURGEON, 28, mechanic, Essex England, Sudbury, s/o William STURGEON (b. England) & Ada HEDNBOURK, married Doris HACKETT, 21, England, Sudbury, d/o David HACKETT (b. England) & Frances SIDDAWAY, witn: William STURGEON Sr., Elizabeth JENKINS, both of Sudbury, 29 Nov 1924 at Sudbury

019117-24 Donald A. SUTHERLAND, 26, fireman, Hamilton, Sudbury, s/o William J. SUTHERLAND (b. Rochester NY) & Emma Florence MOORE, married Isabel Caroline CAMERON 26, Renfrew, Sudbury, d/o Alexander CAMERON (d.) & Clara FOSTER, witn: Allan CALFORD, Martha CAMERON, both of Sudbury, 5 Nov 1924 at Copper Cliff


019132-24 Archie Edmund TAYLOR, 26, electrician, Muskoka, Sellwood, s/o Merritt Franklin TAYLOR (b. Ontario) & Mary D. MONTGOMERY, married Irene HANSON, 20, Cache Bay Ont., Sellwood, d/o William HANSON (b. Ontario) & Annie Jane GOODFELLOW, witn: Mr. W.L. HANSON, Mrs. W.L. HANSON, both of Sellwood, 29 April 1924 at Sudbury

019131-24 Redvers Colenso TOMBS, 24, mechanic, Berkshire Eng., Sudbury, s/o Harry TOMBS (b. England) & Elizabeth FLEETWOOD, married Mabel BRINDLEY, 21, Utoxeter Eng., Sudbury, d/o James BRINDLEY (b. England) & Rose HIND, witn: James BRINDLEY, Mrs. R.E. MORTON, both of Sudbury, 20 July 1924 at Sudbury

019133-24 Lisle Leroy TOOK, 23, time keeper, Oregon USA, Espanola, s/o James TOOK (b. Winnipeg) & Myrtle MONTOUR, married Dorothy Mary MORAN, 21, Schreiber Ont., Espanola, d/o Robert T. MORAN (b. Pembroke) & Helen QUINN, witn: Milton MORAN, Geraldine MORAN, both of Sudbury, 3 Feb 1924 at Sudbury

19138-24 Urgel TROTTIER, 34, machinist, Perkins Mills Que., Windsor, s/o John TROTTIER & Esaid ROUTHIER, married Anna BOUCHER, 20, Fort Coulonge Que., Sudbury, d/o William BOUCHER & Margaret HANNAH, witn: William BOUCHER of Sudbury & Jules TROTTIER of Windsor, 29 Dec 1924 at Sudbury 19139-24 Paul UBOHY, 29, section foreman, Russia, Kukatush Ont., s/o Yollusey UBOHY (b. Russia) & Tatana CHOMYK, married Mary NEAKLEWA, 21, Austria, Kukatush, d/o Stephen MAKLEWA (b. Austria) & Climka KARPUK, witn: Alex VICK & Amioi ANDREJCHUK, both of Sudbury, 18 July 1923 at Church of the Epiphany, Sudbury
19141-24 Mike VICHNOSKI, 33, laborer, Galicia, Sudbury, s/o Nicholas VICHNOSKI & Katafina MODERNSKI, married Katafina RADAVITZ, 20, Galicia, Sudbury, d/o Uric RAADAVITZ & Anna RADAVITZ, witn: Peter HRYCAY of Coniston & Mary NAZAR of Sudbury, 10 Feb 1924 at Sudbury 19140-24 Vilho VIHURI, 29, Finland, Sudbury, s/o John VIHURI (b. Finland) & Silja, married Anna POUTANEN, 22, Finland, Sudbury, d/o Mikko POUTANEN (b. Finland) & Sumbra VUOGARVI, witn: Kaino SAPPALA of 22 Monk St. in Sudbury & Frida POUTANEN of 375 Montague St., 25 March 1924 at Church of the Epiphany, Sudbury
19148-24 Essead WALKEAM, 32, merchant, Syria, Toronto, s/o Kalil WALKEAM (b. Syria) & Shiaha GEORGES, married Mary MENSOUR, 22, clerk, Kingston, Toronto, d/o John MENSOUR (b. Syria) & Lulu MENSOUR, witn: Miss Marjorie & Mrs. Jean C. McDONALD of Sudbury, 4 March 1924 at St. Andrews Church, Sudbury 19144-24 Harry Law WALKER, 22, motion picture operator, Leeds - Yorkshire England, North Bay, s/o Wilfred WALKER (b. England) & Lily LAW, married Jane Douglas ADALIS, 21, South Shields - Durham England, North Bay, d/o George ADALIS (b. Greece) & Mary Ann DOUGLAS, witn: Edmund G. DALE of Sudbury & Nellie CROWTHER of North Bay, 22 Oct 1924 at Copper Cliff
19142-24 Jack Walbret WALLI, 29, laborer, Finland, Copper Cliff, s/o Karl WALLI (b. Finland) & Greta TAMMI, married Mary KUUSISTO, 24, Finland, Copper Cliff, d/o Nestor KUUSISTO (b. Finland) & Mary JOENSUUN, witn: Ute KORPINEN & Elmi KOSKI, both of Copper Cliff, 10 Dec 1924 at Copper Cliff 19150-24 George WANZIAK, 28, laborer, Ukraine, Coniston, s/o Wasyl WANZIAK & Marie BOLON, married Annie GOREM, 18, Victoria Mine Ont., Coniston, d/o Fred GOREM & Elizabeth MERCK, witn: Metro PROSNYCK & Staphen GEKER?, both of Coniston, 28 Feb 1924 at Coniston
19146-24 William Thomas WATSON, 23, actuary clerk, Thamesford Ont., res not given, s/o Thomas Archibald WATSON (b. Scarboro twp) & Annie ELLERBY, married Elizabeth FOLKERTS, 27, stenographer, Haarlem Holland, Winnipeg, d/o Anna (sic) FOLKERTS (b. Friesland Holland) & Anna Petronella MEIJER, witn: George LEIGH & Margaret J. GODFREY, both of Chapleau, 28 Aug 1924 at Chapleau 19147-24 Hugh WILSON, 24, stationary engineer, Levack Ont., Massey Bay, s/o Samuel WILSON (b. Ont) & Mildred CALHOUN, married Rachel May BURTON, 25, Whitney Ont., Massey Bay, d/o James BURTON (b. Harriston) & Rachel Geneva HAGGART, witn: Thomas OLDHAM of Sudbury & Elmer BURTON of Massie (sic) Bay, 21 July 1924 at Sudbury
19151-24 Thomas WISSEL, 20, farmer, Cache Bay, Noelville, s/o Auguste WISSEL & Salomie DINEL, married Rosa MARTIN, 21, St. Charles, same, d/o Ovide MARTIN & Mathilde ASSELIN, witn: Jules PROVOST of Noelville & Adeline MARTIN of St. Charles, 16 Sept 1924 at St. Charles 19145-23 Norman Garfield WOODS, 22, book keeper, Roches Point, Benny, s/o John Edward WOODS (b. Roches Point) & Vina FAIRBAIRN, married Laurent PEMENT, 17 + 7 months, Angus Que., Benny, d/o Louis PEMENT (b. Quebec) & Delima PHILION, witn: Louis & Mrs. Loius PEMENT of Sudbury, 20 Oct 1924 at Sudbury
19149-24 Frank WOSSNY (Wassny?), 24, laborer, Poland, Espanola, s/o Nicholas WOSSNY (b. Austria) & Justina SLOAN, married Jessie HACHKOWSKA, 18, domestic, Shale Lake Manitoba, Espanola, d/o Martin HACHKOWSKA (b. Austria) & Mary ZIMMERMAN, witn: Michael DANYLYSHYN & Michael HURTIUK, both of Espanola, 19 Jan 1924 at Espanola 19143-24 Stephen WRUBLISKI, 42, widower, paper maker, Germany, Espanola, s/o Stanislas WRUBLISKI (b. Germany) & Emilia GRAPH, married Delina SNYDER, 36, widow, teacher, Duluth Minn., Espanola, d/o Antoine SABOURIN (b. Krysler Ont) & Obeline MAHEU, witn: Antoine SABOURIN & William OLSON, both of Espanola, 28 Oct 1924 at Espanola
19153-24 William YASGCHUK, 29, miner, Galicia Sudbury, s/o Peter YASGCHUK (b. Zahschik Galicia) & Irena YARITCHACK, married Mary Lyna MATYCHUK, 20, Galicia, Sudbury, d/o Nick MATYCHUK (b. Serapensi Galicia) & Mary JESSON, witn: Nick ALECHUK & Anny SCHENKIEVSKI, both of Blizard Valley, 1 Aug 1924 at Blizard Valley, Sudbury District 19155-24 James YEATES, 30, store man, Essex England, Capreol, s/o Lee YEATES & Amelia CHAPMAN, married Martha WYLIE, 20, domestic, 58 Steamer St. in Barrow on Furness - Lancs. England, Capreol, d/o Robert Hawthorne WYLIE & Martha FINLAY, witn: Isabella WYLIE & William STEPHENS, both of Capreol, 2 July 1924 at St. Albans Church, Capreol
19152-24 William Frank YEO, 35, mechanic, England, Copper Cliff, s/o William N. YEO (b. England) & Clara RUNDLE, married Mabel Ruby HYLAND, 28, teacher, Carleton Co., Copper Cliff, d/o Thomas HYLAND (b. Carleton Co) & Ruby PIERCE, witn: Ethel F. HYLAND of Copper Cliff & William M. BRODIE of Sudbury, 16 Sept 1924 at Copper Cliff 19154-24 Alexander YURSPUK, 29, laborer, Nepolokouts Roumania, Sudbury, s/o William YURSPUK & Anna YALOBELLO, married Mary HERRON, 16, Acna Roumania, Sudbury, d/o John HERRON & Lena PICKUSH, witn: Mrs. George ROSCOE of Sudbury, 6 Nov 1924 at Sudbury