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  Cobalt, June 2006

Northern Districts 1870

birth place is given before residence


Vol 4-Pg 68 - John Baptiste Kasnatin (?) AJIDEJIJIG , 25, laborer, Michipicoten, Fort William, s/o Joseph & Louisa, married Angelique POBI, 21, Interior (sic), Fort William, d/o Francis & Angelique, witn: Jacob MANGUTINIE & Daniel READON both of Fort William on Aug. 1, 1870 at the R. C. Mission at Fort William Vol 4-Pg 68 - David DESMATOAS, 23, hunter, Fort William, Nipigon, s/o Isidore & Betsy, married Betsy BEVINS, 20, of Nipigon, d/o ANIWONS (sic), witn: none given on June 12, 1870 at Nipigon
Vol 4-Pg 69 - John DUBOIS, 23, trapper/voyageur, Alsguana (Algoma?) River, Michipicoten River, s/o Joseph DUBOIS & Louisa GASTON, married Jane MORRISEAU, 19, Pic River, Michipicoten River, d/o Joseph MORRISEAU & Antoine DUBOIS both of Michipicoten River on July 5, 1870 at Fort William. Vol 4-Pg 70 Joseph DUBOIS, 62, Indian trader, widower, Moose Factory, Michipicoten River, s/o Francois DUBOIS & Marie GRANBOIS, married Angelique GAGON, 35, widow, Batchewana, Michipicoten, d/o John SCHELLIN & Antonia JOULIERE both of Michipicoten River on Aug. 15, 1870 at Michipicoten
Vol 4-pg 70 - Edward HILL , 23, blank, Canada, Wellington Mines, s/o Vasey & Sarah, married Elizabeth Ann FOX, 20, England, Wellington Mines, d/o Thomas & Ann, witn: Richard & Matilda FOX both of Wellington Mines on Sept. 1, 1870 at Wellington Mines Vol 4-Pg 69 - Thomas H. KIRKNESS , 30, laborer, widower, Orkney Islands, Fort William, s/o Thomas KIRKNESS & Catherine LINKLATER, married Louisa RUSH, 22, of Fort William, d/o illegible RUSH & illegible LATUSE, witn: Mary Violet & Georgina McINTYRE both of Fort William on Sept. 13, 1870 at Free Church Fort William
Vol 4-Pg 69 - John Baptiste MASTAT, 48, boatman, Sault Ste Marie, same, s/o John Baptiste & Marie, married Angele BELVAL, 18, Bruce Mines, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o not known other than BELVAL (as written) witn: Sarah & Louis WILSON both of Sault Ste. Marie on Feb. 16, 1870 at Sault Ste. Marie Vol 4-Pg 71 Magnus McBETH , 26, blank, Scotland, Algoma, s/o Andrew & Isabella, married Elizabeth McBETH, 25, Canada, Algoma, d/o David & Mary Jane, witn: John & Elizabeth GLANVILLE both of Bruce Mines on Aug. 11,1870 at Bruce Mines.
Vol 4-Pg 71 - Roderick McLEOD, 24, blank, Scotland, Wellington Mines, s/o Donald & Mary, married Mary GILLIS, 21, Nova Scotia, Wellington Mines, d/o Neil & Janet, witn: John & Eliza GILLIS both of Wellington Mines on Nov. 18, 1870 at Wellington Mines vol 4, pg 67 - Anthony MISKIBIUSE, 24, laborer, Fort William, same, s/o David & Charlotte, married Charlotte DUFAULT, 2-?, widow, Ft William, same, d/o Francois DUFAULT & Josette SHAGUSHUIS?, witn: Jean Pere MEGAKIASSONG & Jacob MUNQUTISEAU & William CROW & Simon LOUIS, all of Ft. William, 16 May [1870?] at RC Mission, Ft. William
vol 4, pg 67 - Simon NEBABIKESYE?, 25, laborer, Nipigon, Fort William, s/o Lebaugishe & blank, married Agatha MYSKIBIKOSE?, 20, Nipigon, Fort William, d/o David & Charlotte, witn: Paul DEBAKONAON & Jean Pere MEGAKISSONG, both of Fort William, 20 June [1870?] at RC Mission, Fort William Vol 4-Pg 70 John ROGERS , 28, engineer, England, Bruce Mines, s/o John & Ann, married Ellen JAMIESON, 27, Scotland, Bruce Mines, d/o Archibald & Isabella, witn: Thomas NELSON of Bruce Mines on June 7, 1870 at Bruce Mines.
Vol. 4, pg 67 - Joseph WABAGAGON, 25, laborer, Fort William, same, s/o John & Louisa, married Charlotte WINDABIKEAU, 17, Michipocoten, Fort William, d/o Eskedjibt & Nancy NESSAGONEBIN, witn: Jacob MANGOTION? & John Baptist COLLIER, both of Ft. William, 27 Feb. [1870?] at RC Mission, Ft William Vol 4-Pg 68 - Peter Waboos (?) WINNIGO, 22, hunter, Nipigon, same, s/o Francis & Ann, married Mary AKODGISH, 17, Nipigon, same, d/o AKODGISH (sic), witn: John SAMCOE & Marguerite MINAUGYU both of Nipigon on Apr. 28, 1870 at Nipigon