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Northern Districts, 1880

birth place is given before residence


#001007-79 (Algoma Dist): John ABERCROMBIE, 24, farmer, Durham Co Ont., Hawkin? twp., s/o William ABERCROMBIE & Rosanna BRADLEY, married Susan McGILL, 21, Bruce Co., Sault Ste. Marie, d/o John & Eliza, witnesses were Mrs. J.R. McLEAN & Mrs. Eliza McGILL, Jan 1, 1880  
10838-80 (Algoma Co) Robert Alexander ANDERSON, 23, carpenter, Armagh Ireland, Prince Arthurs Landing, s/o Daniel ANDERSON & Eliza MCCLUNG married Sarah Jane SIMPSON, 24, Norfolk, Prince Arthurs Landing, d/o Robert SIMPSON & Eliza CUNNINGHAM, witn: Horace BRAY & Mary PLEASANCE of P. A. Landing, 28 July 1880, St. Johns Church P. A. Landing 1055-80 Thomas Sidney ATKINSON, 26, farmer, Yorkshire England, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o J. C. & Jane Hill ATKINSON, married Ada Laura Augusta IRONSIDE, 29, Essex Co., Sault Ste. Marie, d/o George & Annie, witn: John S. C. IRONSIDE & Annie SIMPSON, both of Sault Ste. Marie, 30 Nov 1880 at Sault Ste. Marie
10832-80 (Algoma Co) Henry BALDWIN, 22, farmer, Southwold, Oliver, s/o Jacob BALDWIN & Julia HOWARTH married Isabella MCKINNON, 22, Caledonia, Prince Arthurs Landing, d/o D. C. MCKINNON & Catherine MCDONALD, witn: Thomas JACKSON & Mary Hellen MCKINNON of Prince Arthurs Landing, 11 May 1880, Prince Arthurs Landing 10828-80 (Algoma Co) John Henry BARTLE, 24, merchant, Eagle Harbor, Prince Arthurs Landing, s/o John BARTLE & Theresa REYNOLDS married Jennie AITKENS, 21, Lancaster, Prince Arthurs Landing, d/o John AITKENS & Adeline FRICKNER, witn: W. C. DOBIE & J. A. MCKENZIE of Prince Arthurs Landing, 4 Feb 1880, Prince Arthurs Landing
10834-80 (Algoma Co) John Frederich BISHOFF, 24, tinsmith, Superior City Wisconsin, Prince Arthurs Landing, s/o John Frederich BISHOFF & Augusta Sophia KASTEN married Mary Louisa OGILVIE, 20, Brantford, Prince Arthurs Landing, d/o John OGILVIE & Elsie PRICE, witn: Thomas MCNEICE & Phoebe PENFOLD of Prince Arthurs Landing, 2 June 1880, St. Johns Church, Prince Arthurs Landing 1040-80 Henry Edward BISHOP, 23, farmer, Ontario, St. Joseph Island, s/o John & Barbara, married Barbara M. VANHORN, 19, Ontario, St. Joseph Island, d/o E. O. & Margaret, witn: Ambrose & Mary J. BISHOP of St. Joseph Island, 25 Aug. 1880 at St. Joseph Island
10827-80 (Algoma Co) Carl Axel CARLSON, 28, laborer, Sweden, Prince Arthurs Landing, s/o Charles JOHNSON & Mary ENQUIST married Jenny RONQUIST, 19, Sweden, Prince Arthurs Landing, d/o Daniel RONQUIST & Kate MYBERG, witn: Andrew JOHNSON & Katherine JOHNSON of Prince Arthurs Landing, 29 Jan 1880, St. Johns Church, Prince Arthurs Landing 1053-80 George CHRISTOPHER, 22, carpenter, Bruce Co., same, s/o William & Eliza Ann, married Margery Ellen TILLEY, 20, Wellington Co., Fenwick twp., d/o Frederick & Sarah, witn: Joseph VEGEL of Bruce Co & Sophia Charlotte TILLEY, 9 Nov 1880 at Sault Ste. Marie
10849-80 (Algoma Co) William Joseph CLARKE, 31, chemist & druggist, Vittoria, P. A. Landing, s/o John F. & Susan CLARKE married Lillie Louisa MITCHELL, 19, Lindsay, P. A. Landing, d/o Zecharia & Mary Jane MITCHELL, witn: William F. DAVIDSON & Elanor Maria CLARKE of P. A. Landing, 24 Nov 1880, P.A. Landing 1024-80 Louis CODERRE, 24, laborer, Joliette Que., Blind River, s/o Wilson & Lizzie, married Aurtiot? FOREST, 18, Brantwood Que., Blind River, d/o Henry & Zoe? FORERST (sic), witn: Maggie CURRIE & Daniel Herbert HUNT, both of Gore Bay, 12 Nov 1880 at Gore Bay
  10839-80 (Algoma Co) John F. COOKE, 23, carpenter, Pickering, Prince Arthurs Landing, s/o John COOKE & Francis Charlotte CHAPMAN married Emily Edith BRAY, 22, Cornwall England, Prince Arthurs Landing, d/o John BRAY & Marianne KNIGHT, witn: James W. HARVEY & Evelyn BRAY of P. A. Landing, 27 July 1880, St. Johns Church, P. A. Landing
10847-80 (Algoma Co) George Forsyth COSGRAVE (Cosgrove?), 26, mariner, England, Prince Arthur Landing, s/o Alex COSGRAVE & Emily FORSYTH married Elizabeth PRITCHARD, 17, Black Bay, Fort William, d/o Warrington PRITCHARD & Louisa SOLOMON, witn: Warrington PRITCHARD of Fort William & Donald MORRISON Of Prince Albert Landing, 13 Nov 1880, St. Johns Church Parsonage P. A. Landing 1056-80 Henry Boylan COSSAR, 25, farmer, Selkirk Scotland, Oliver twp., s/o James & Janet, married Elizabeth Lillian BEVERIDGE, 22, Nottawasega, Oliver twp., d/o Peter & Mary, witn: Walter COSSAR & Peter BEVERIDGE, both of Oliver twp., 24 Dec 1880 at Oliver twp
1036-80 Richard CREBO, 28, blacksmith, Bruce Mines, same, s/o William & Mary, married Jane TREGENZA, 24, Bruce Mines, same, d/o Thomas & Mary A., witn: Ellen TREGENZA & Mathew H. GROVE, both of Bruce Mines, 29 Dec 1880 at Bruce Mines 10845-80 (Algoma Co) James DINGWELL, 36, clerk, Scotland, Duluth Minnesota, s/o William DINGWELL & Margaret HOLMES married Effie MCDOUGALL, 25, Glenelg, P. A. Landing, d/o Duncan MCDOUGALL & Mary MCDONALD, witn: Donald CAMPBELL & Maggie MCKERACHER of P. A. Landing, 20 Oct 1880, P. A. Landing
1031-80 Fred EDDY, 24, farmer, Canada, St. Joseph Island, s/o Alfred & Alvira, married Emma FISH, 21, Canada, St. Joseph Island, d/o Charles & Elizabeth, witn: George H. KENNY of Lefroy & Elizabeth HODGSON of Bruce Mines, 11 May 1880 at Bruce Mines 1039-80 John Nelson ELLIOTT, 23, farmer, Hastings Co., St. Joseph Island, s/o John & Emily, married Fanny Jane GREXTON, 19, Cartwright Ont., St. Joseph Island, d/o William John & Mary Ann, witn: William S. & Charlotte A. ELLIOTT, both of St. Joseph Island, 22 Sept 1880 at Bruce Mines
1029-80 Benn GARSIDE, 26, farmer, England, St. Joseph Island, s/o Thomas & Hannah, married Eliza LOWEN, 20, England, St. Joseph Island, d/o Alfred & Emma, witn: Alfred & Emma LOWEN of St. Joseph Island, 1 Jan 1880 at St. Joseph Island 10836-80 (Algoma Co) Albert M. GILL, 29, engineer, Blendford England, P. A. Landing, s/o Albert GILL & Matilda MOORE married Elvira MUNSON, 40, widow, Fulton Nova Scotia, P. A. Landing, d/o James MONTANEY & Lois AVERY, witn: M. I. HEALEY & Christina HEALEY of P. A. Landing, 13 July 1880, P. A. Landing
1033-80 John GLAZIER, 35, widower, farmer, Canada, Bridgeland twp., s/o John & Mary Ann, married Ellen BURDEN, 26, Canada, Plummer twp., d/o William & Margaret, witn: John BURDEN & Matilda MAGUIRE, both of Plummer, 31 Dec 1880 at Plummer twp 1041-80 John GORDON, 26, farmer, Ontario, Thessalon, s/o Samuel & Gordon (sic), married Mary WILLAN, 22, Northumberland Co., Bruce Mines, d/o Robert & Jane, witn: James McCRACKEN & Margaret GORDON, both of Thessalon, 13 Oct 1880 at Thessalon
10829-80 (Algoma Co) Luke GROVER, 38, laborer, Maine United States, Gull River C. P. R. ,s/o Luke GROVER & not given married Helen KELLEY , 36, widow, Wexford Ireland, Fort William, d/o Patrick KELLEY & Mary DOYLE, witn: Donald CAMPBELL & William WATSON of Prince Arthurs Landing, 25 march 1880, St. John's Church, Prince Arthurs Landing  
10842-80 (Algoma Co) John August HAKENSON, 21, laborer, Sweden, Ignace C. P. R., s/o Haken ANDERSON & Irgred PETERSON married Thorinda Wictoria PETTERSON, 17, Sweden, Ignace C. P. R. , d/o Swen PETTERSON & Anna PETTERSON, witn: Michall J. HEALEY & Christina HEALEY of P. A. Landing, 6 Sept 1880, Shunish Hotel, P. A. Landing 10840-80 (Algoma Co) Henry HARKNESS, 21, butcher, Kingston, P. A. Landing, s/o William & Ann HARKNESS married Mary Jane HENDERSON, 17, Bruce Mines, P. A. Landing, d/o Thomas & Edith Cary HENDERSON, witn: Edward MACH & Caroline JONES of P. A. Landing, 5 Aug 1880, P. A. Landing
1038-80 James HARVEY, 30, laborer, Scotland, Bruce Mines, s/o James & Jemima, married Esther GLANVILLE, 20, Cornwall England, Bruce Mines, d/o John & Mary Ann, witn: Fred HODGSON & Barbara Jane McFEE, both of Bruce Mines, 23 Sept 1880 at Bruce Mines 10835-80 (Algoma CO) Albert HEADLEY, 24, carpenter, Ingersoll, Fort William, s/o William HEADLEY & Mary CIPHRY married Robina McKay MCKENZIE, 26, widow, Woodstock, Fort William, d/o Hugh MCKAY & Sarah MCLEOD, witn: John MCKINNON & Charlotte BROAD of Fort William, 23 June 1880, P. A. Landing
1054-80 Symington James IRONSIDE, 45, customs service, Essex Co., Sault Ste. Marie, s/o George & Annie, married Rose FLAMANK?, 29, England, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o not given, witn: John S. C. IRONSIDE & Annie SIMPSON, both of Sault Ste. Marie, 30 Nov 1880 at Sault Ste. Marie 10844-80 (Algoma Co) William JACKSON, 51, teamster, widower, Yorkshire England, Prince Arthurs Landing, s/o Robert JACKSON & Elizabeth RIBY married Grace MCKENZIE, 47, widow, Sutherlandshire Scotland, Fort William, d/o John MCGREGOR & Elizabeth MCLEOD, witn: William Currie DOBIE & Minnie JACKSON of P. A. Landing, 14 Oct 1880, Fort William
1044-80 Coleman KEETCH, 25, farmer, of Korah twp., s/o William & Claricy, married Eliza Jane DOHERTY, 18, of Korah twp., d/o Edward & Catherine, witn: Edward & Kate DOHERTY of Korah twp., 15 June 1880 at Korah twp 1035-80 James KENNEDY, 27, lumberman, Quebec, Thessalon, s/o Donald & Eliza, married Margaret CHISHOLM, 23, Owen Sound, Thessalon, d/o George & Mary Ann, witn: George DODDS & Victoria CHISHOLM, both of Thessalon, 15 Nov 1880 at Thessalon
1037-80 John G. KIRK, 39, farmer, Ireland, St. Joseph Island, s/o Joseph & Margaret, married Sarah BROWN, 23, Scotland, St. Joseph Island, d/o John & Jenet, witn: John BROWN & Ruth FIELDS, both of St. Joseph Island, 2 Dec 1880 at St. Joseph Island 1028-80 Francis LEES, 25, farmer, Dundas, Barrie Island, s/o Francis & Jessie F., married Whilhelmina BOYTER, 17, Pullem--? Scotland, Lighthouse, d/o Robert & Isabella, witn: John LEES of Barrie Island & Elizabeth SMITH of Gore Bay, 21 June 1880 at Lighthouse, Gore Bay
1025-80 Frederick LEITCHFIELD, 30, painter, Wiltonshire (sic) England, Mills twp., s/o William & Jane, married Sarah E. ORFORD, 19, Hastings Co., Mills twp., d/o Robert & Ellen, wtn: John & Maria SCOTT of Gore Bay, 27 Dec 1880 at Mills twp 1023-80 William MARTIN, 34, farmer, widower, Ireland, Gordon twp., s/o James & Elizabeth, married Elizabeth Ann MARTIN, 18, Manvers twp., Gore Bay, d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: Henry SULLIVAN & James MARTIN, both of Gore Bay, 8 Nov 1880 at Gore Bay
1026-80 Walter MASON, 19, photographist, England, Robertson twp - Manitoulin, s/o Walter & Margaret, married Mary MEDWIN, 18, Missouri USA, Robertson twp., d/o William MONTGOMERY & Maggie DINSMORE, both of Gore Bay village, 26 Feb 1880 at Gore Bay 1066-81 Duncan McDERMID, 22, farmer, Potawasaga, Carnarvon, s/o Finley McDERMID & blank, married Mary CLINTON, 21, Caledonia, Providence Bay, d/o James CLINTON & Sarah, witn: Alex CADDER & Eliza STEPHENSON, both of Carnarvon, 27 Sept 1880 at Carnarvon
  10826-80 (Algoma Co) Charles J. MCLENNAN, 28, engineer, Martintown, Fort William, s/o John MCLENNAN & Ellen MCLENNAN married Annie M. MCCALLUM, 24, Flinton, Fort William, d/o Duncan MCCALLUM & Jane MCCALLUM, witn: W. S. BEAVER & Nettie ALLEN of Prince Arthurs Landing, 1 Jan 1880, Fort William
10837-08 (Algoma Co) William Henry MCPARLAND, 26, carter, Durham, P. A. Landing, s/o Barnard & Caroline MCPARLAND married Emily JOHNSON, 16, Sweden, P. A. Landing, d/o Peter & Gunrle JOHNSON, witn: Thomas JACKSON & Mary PLEASANCE of P. A. Landing, 14 June 1880, P. A. Landing 10846-80 (Algoma Co) Daniel MCPHEE, 27, mining explorer, Kincardine, P. A. Landing, s/o John & Mary MCPHEE married Caroline Elizabeth JONES, 18, St. Joseph’s Islands, P. A. Landing, d/o Hugh & Agnes JONES, witn: Gustavus SPROULE & Susie HIGGINS of P. A. Landing, 5 Nov 1880, P. A. Landing
10833-80 (Algoma Co) Thomas MILLS, 28, farmer, Carlton Ont., Prince Arthurs Landing, s/o Edward MILLS & Anne HILL married Minnie COBB, 30, Ottawa, Prince Arthur Landing, d/o John COBB & Margaret Dilhe CANNON, witn: R. R. MILLS of Carlton & Carrie ENDRES of Prince Arthurs Landing, 17 May 1880, Prince Arthurs Landing 1030-80 Peter MURRAY, 50, lumber merchant, Scotland, Blind River, s/o Peter & Margaret, married Margaret LEIGH, 22, USA, Blind River, d/o Martin & Margaret, witn: John ANDERSON of Mississauga & Mary HAWKINS of Blind River, 15 Jan 1880 at Blind River
1045-80 Charles OBETOSSAWAY, 21, Indian, Manitoulin Island, Garden River, s/o George & Sarah, married Mary Jane THOMPSON, 18, Riviere aux Desert, Garden River, d/o Jacob & Mary, witn: Thomas OBETEAAWAY & Jacob THOMPSON, 6 July 1880 at Sault Ste. Marie 10850-80 (Algoma Co) John Donald O’GORMAN, not given, Hotel Keeper, Clare Ireland, Fort William, s/o Patrick O’GORMAN & Hannah MCDONALD married Mary Teresa MCDONOUGH, not given, Canada, Fort William, d/o Patrick MCDONOUGH & Bridget MORAN, witn: Peter LENNON & Margaret Catherine O’GORMAN of P. A. Landing, 29 Nov 1880, P. A. Landing
10848-80 (Algoma Co) Fred Campbell PERRY, 31, clerk, Kenosha Wisconsin, Fort William, s/o George & Rebecca PERRY married Katie MCKELLAR, 31, Middlesex, Fort William, d/o Duncan & Margaret MCKELLAR, witn: Neil MCDOUGALL & Maggie MCKELLAR of Fort William, 17 Nov 1880, Fort William 1032-80 William PIKE, 37, widower, farmer, Canada, Kirkwood twp., s/o John & Eliza, married Lucy GRIGG, 25, Canada, Lefroy twp., d/o James & Jemima, witn: James CREIGHTON of Kirkwood & Jemima GRIGG of Wawanosh, 24 May 1880 at Lefroy twp
1043-80 Thomas Aldridge REYNOLDS, 36, Hudson Bay Co., England, Red Rock - Lake Nipigon, s/o not given, married Elizabeth FINLAYSON, 28, Fort William, Pic River, d/o John & Angelique, witn: Fred Stanley SIMPSON & John RICHARDS, 10 Oct. 1880 at Red Rock 1022-80 Thomas ROBERTSON, 24, farmer, Scotland, Allen twp., s/o James & blank, married Janet EDNIE, 19, Scotland, Allen twp., d/o Alexander & blank, witn: James EDNIE & Ellen ROBERTSON, 22 Oct. [1880] at Allen twp
1034-80 Edwin Ashton SANDERSON, 45, widower, engineer, England, Bruce Mines, s/o George & Martha, married Matilda JACKSON, 54, widow, England, Bruce Mines, d/o Robert & Susan HOARE, witn: Charles & Maggie HENDRICKSON of Bruce Mines, 26 Oct 1880 at Bruce Mines 1027-80 Jacob SCOTT, 26, farmer, King twp., Burpee twp., s/o George & Annie, married Sarah CAMPBELL, 19, Grey twp., Burpee twp., d/o Colin & Sarah, witn: Isaac CAMPBELL & Elizabeth BAILEY, both of Burpee twp., 1 March 1880 at Gore Bay
10831-80 (Algoma Co) James SMITH, 28, farmer, Metis Quebec, Prince Arthurs Landing, s/o Dougald SMITH & Mary MCEWEN married Julia FRAZER, 23, Metis Quebec, Prince Arthurs Landing, d/o Duncan FRAZER & Eliza TAILLON, witn: Isaac FRAZER & Lucy FRAZER of Prince Arthurs Landing, 26 April 1880, Prince Arthurs Landing 1046-80 Thomas SNOWDEN, no age given, farmer, of Tarentorus twp., s/o not given, married Sarah Ann HARPER, no age given, of Tarentorus twp., d/o not given, witn: Henry HARPER & Rebecca GIBSON, both of Sault Ste. Marie, 12 Oct. 1880 at Tarentorus twp
10830-80 (Algoma Co) David Arthur SQUIER, 24, farmer, Vaughan, Oliver, s/o Aaron SQUIER & Margaret RAYNOR married Christina MCKENZIE, 20, East Missouri, Prince Arthurs Landing, d/o Roderick MCKENZIE & Dolina Maud MCLEOD, witn: F. DANIELS of Prince Arthurs Landing & Isabella MCLEAN of Fort William, 14 April 1880, Prince Arthurs Landing 10843-80 (Algoma Co) William TRESISE, 21, miner, Copper Harbour, Silver Islet, s/o Frank & Jane TRESISE married Elizabeth VIVIAN, 24, Easton Philadelphia, P. A. Landing, d/o John & Mary VIVIAN, witn: Richard & Honor FOX of Silver Islet, 2 Oct 1880, P. A. Landing
1042-80 Joseph WEIR, 33, farmer, Ontario, Coffin twp., s/o Robert & Ann Jane, married Charlotte WEDGER, 19, Ontario, Bruce Mines, d/o John & Mary, witn: Hugh & Mary Ann DAVIDSON, both of Bruce Mines, 20 Aug 1880 at Bruce Mines 10841-80 (Algoma Co) Nicholas WILLIAMS, 26, miner, Cornwall England, Duncan Mine, s/o Stephen & Sarah WILLIAMS married Hannah PROFIT, 19, Cornwall England, P. A. Landing, d/o John & Jane PROFIT, witn: Daniel MCLACHLAN & Lucy WILLIAMS of Duncan Mine, 1 Sept 1880, Duncan Mine