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Northern Districts, 1890


1078-90 Henry ALEXANDER, 27, laborer, Yorkshire England, Fort William West, s/o John ALEXANDER & Martha MOODY, married Maggie FRASER, 21, Montreal, Fort William West, d/o John FRASER & Margaret HANLON, witn: James FRASER & Frances McCORMICK, both of Fort William West, 30 Oct 1890 at Fort William Mission  
001086-91 Charles ANAKWAT, 40, hunter, widower, Grand Marais Minnesota USA, same, s/o Matthew ANAKWAT & Therese COLLIN, married Marie OSHLIGWANESKI, 65, Fort William, same, d/o Charles OSHLIGWANESKI & Sarah DUCHARME, witn: Thomas BINESKI & Louis KEBEWINSO both of Fort William on July 7, 1890 at Fort William. (RC) 001078-91 Joseph P. BOULAY, 26, rail road man, Quebec, Schreiber, s/o Joseph BOULAY & Beatrice ROULEAU, married Catherine SHANAHAN, 30, Tipperary Ireland, Port Arthur, d/o Edward SHANAHAN & Margaret KELLY, witn: Philippe BORDEAU & Anna BROWN both of Port Arthur on July 23, 1890 at Port Arthur. (RC)
1082-90 Peter BOURBA (Boinba?), about 30, hunter, Algoma Long Lake, Pays Plats River, s/o Francis Xavier Tom MESINAWAKAMSKIGABOW & the late Tomajins, married Mary OMASINIGIJIGOK, about 21, Pays Plats River, same, d/o late Manitobineus & Magdalen NONONS, witn: Joseph WEDJIGIWE alias FISHER & his wife Lucy nee OMBININI of Pays Plats River, 23 Nov 1890 at Pays Plat 1083-90 1083-90 Ernest John BRIMMELL, 23, locomotive fireman, of Fort William West, s/o George & Elizabeth, married Henrietta Maria BYRNE, 22, of Fort William West, d/o William & Maria Henrietta, witn: Herbert BENNETT & Maggie QUIGLEY, both of Fort William West, 4 July 1890 at Fort William West
001091-91 Joseph DENBY, 30, locomotive engineer, board ship on ocean crossing, Fort William, s/o William DENBY & Marianne SOUTH, married Alice JENNINGS, 19, London England, Fort William, d/o Thomas JENNINGS & Eliza BASSON, witn: A. D. SUTHERLAND & Amy HURDON both of Fort William on July 29, 1890 at St. John's Church, Port Arthur 001079-91 David DONOVAN, 25, miner, Quebec, Silver Mountain East End, s/o David DONOVAN & Catherine McMILLAN, married Ellen McQUIGG, 21, Antrim Ireland, Port Arthur, d/o John McQUIGG & Anna J. BALMER, witn: Michael LYNCH & Elizabeth ROLLINGS both of Silver Mountain East End on July 15, 1890 at Silver Mountain East End, Port Arthur.(RC)
1148-91 (Nipissing Dist): Aaron Sweezy DOPSON, 21, laborer, Pembroke, Belford twp., s/o Richard & Catherine, married Mary Gerta OLDENBURG, 19, Petewawa, Belford twp., d/o August & Caroline, witn: August OLDENBURG & Emeline GEESE, 2 July 1890 at Belford twp 001263-90 (Nipissing Co) Charles DOUTH, 24, Cultivator, Papineauville, same, s/o Joseph DOUTH & Genevieve GLANDY, married Rose Ann AUSSANT, 18, Sorel, Eau Claire, d/o Toussaint AUSSANT & Aurelie VANDALE. Witn: Toussaint AUSSANT & Xavier PACAUD both of Eau Claire. June 16, 1890, Eau Claire. (R. C.)
1147-91 (Nipissing Dist): Charles DUXBURY, 43, carpenter, Canada, Sudbury, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Emma COLLINS, 24, Canada, Owen Sound,, d/o John & Margaret, witn: Fred & Mrs. Fred DUXBURY of Sudbury, 6 Dec 1890 at Sudbury 001264-90 (Nipissing Co) John EDMUNDS, 24, Montegal (Mounteagle?) Hastings Co., Calvin, s/o William B. & Mary EDMUNDS, married Margaret Mary VELLIQUETTE 26, Dacre, Dacre Renfrew Co., d/o Robert & Margaret VELLIQUETTE. Witn: D. & Mary EDMUNDS, both of Calvin. April 28, 1890, Calvin.
001080-91 Peter ESHKWEGABARD, about 24, hunter, Jackfish Island Lake Nipigon, mouth of Vermilion River Lake Nipigon, s/o MASSANAKIGABAW & BUINAASHIK, married Mary Jane BEJIZIPGOK, about 21, Near Martin’s Falls Ontario, Jackfish Island Lake Nipigon, d/o BEKADUIGIJIG & KAGIGEKWE, witn: Guilbert BOUCHARD and Catharine TATAGOKWE both of Nipigon House, Lake Nipigon on Aug. 3, 1890 at Jackfish Island Lake Nipigon, Port Arthur. (RC) 1146-91 (Nipissing Dist): Thomas FOSTER, 27, miner, Canada, Whitefish, s/o Mr. & Mrs. FOSTER, married Miss E.E. SMITH, 17, Canada, Whitefish, d/o Henry (mother dead), witn: Henry SMITH & Mrs. Henry SMITH, both of Whitefish, 20 blank 1890 at Whitefish
1076-91 Nicholas FOX, 24, miner, Cornwall England, Port Arthur, s/o Thomas & Anne, married Emma JONES, 20, Ontario, Port Arthur, d/o Thomas & Mary Jane, witn: Thomas JAMES & Annie WOODSIDE, both of Port Arthur, 12 June 1890 at Port Arthur 1084-90 John Paul HALE, 29, fisherman, Mackinaw Mich., Port Arthur, s/o John Paul & Eunise, married Catherine STACEY, 29, London England, Port Arthur, d/o George & Annie, witn: Richard & Ellen REESE of Fort William, 13 Aug 1890 at Fort William
1075-91 Thomas HENDERSON, 29, miner, Bruce Mines, Badger Mine – Thunder Bay, s/o Thomas & Edith R. Paynter HENDERSON, married Martha ONION, 18, Hampshire England, Paipoonge Algoma, d/o Thomas & Hannah Glineross ONION, witn: W. JAMES & Mrs. Mary IROUX?, both of Port Arthur, 22 May 1890 at Port Arthur 001090-91 Jens JORGENSEN, 26, laborer, Denmark, Port Arthur, s/o Jens JORGENSEN & Karen OLSEN, married Maren JENSEN, 24, Denmark, Port Arthur, d/o Jens PETER & Mary HANSEN, witn: B. MERSETH, George & Annie JOHNSON all of Port Arthur on June 28, 1890 at St. John's Church Port Arthur. (Luth)
1144-91 (Nipissing Dist): Camile KERNVILLE (or Kerwille), blacksmith, of Sudbury, married Mary Louise Natalie SCHRYER, of Sudbury, d/o Vitaline SCHRYER (father dead), 17 Feb 1890 at Sudbury (Rom Cath) 001081-91 Paul KIWIIE, 30, laborer, widower, Nipigon House Lake Nipigon, Jackfish Island, s/o Joseph NAWE & Margaret SOKWENS (as written), married Mary Margaret BAGONEGYIGOK, about 25, Near Martins Falls Ontario, Jackfish Island, d/o BEKADJIGIJIG & Mary Isabella BWANAKWADOK (as written), witn: Peter & Mary NINAKIWENSI of Nipigon House Lake Nipigon on Aug. 3, 1890 at Jackfish Island Lake Nipigon, Port Arthur. (RC)
  1079-90 Louis LAGARDE alias Tigoj, about 55, widower, hunter, Michipicoten River - Lake Superior, same, s/o the late LAGARDE (father) & blank, married Teresa MONSOMIN alias Beshabanok, about 26, near Amoyt CPR, Michipicoten River - Lake Superior, d/o the late MOUSOMIN (father) & blank, witn: Chief J. B. DESMOULINS & his wife Margaret SABOURIN alias Ichimys of Pic River, 14 Oct 1890 at Pic River
001094-91 William LOUTTIL? 21 telegraph operator, Bellwood Ontario, White River, s/o James & Margaret, married P. E. E. NEIL, 19, Castleford, White River, d/o James & Catherine, witn: J. T. YEATS of Heron Bay & Mary RAND Port Arthur on Aug. 13, 1890 at Port Arthur. 001087-91 John MADJRIVE, 35, hunter, Lake Nipigon, same, s/o MANITO & KAINDJI, married Angelique WABAS, 18, Lake Nipigon, same, d/o Peter WABAS & Mary ACKRODJISH, witn: T. B BINSHI & Barbara DUCHARME both of Fort William on July 14, 1890 at Fort William. (RC)
1080-90 Paul MADJUASSANG, 25, laborer, Fort William West, same, s/o Michael & Mary, married Maggy GANIDJINS, 22, Dog Lake Ont., Fort William West, d/o Joseph GANIDJINS & Binesikwe, witn: J. Baptiste BINESO & Mary his wife, 11 Nov 1890 at Fort William West  
001093-91 James Martin McCOMBS, 27, farmer, Palmerston, Qu Appelle, s/o Thomas McCOMBS & Bridget ANSLEY, married Millie GOOD, 24, Ontario, Qu Appelle, d/o Thomas GOOD & Sarah MOORE, witn: James H. WOODSIDE & Sarah ROSS both of Port Arthur on Sept. 1, 1890 at Port Arthur. 001088-91 Donald Joseph McNEAL (McNEIL?) 29, engineer, Pointe Levis Quebec, Fort William West, s/o Donald McNEAL & Jane PRESTON, married Mary C. LABILLOIS, 21, of Fort William West, d/o John LABILLOIS & Mary Ann HOGAN, witn: John William LABILLOIS, & Jane Mary McNEAL both of Fort William West. (RC)
001096-90 Joseph MONTEGIA, 39, laborer, Italy, Port Arthur, s/o Domenico MONTEGIA & Mary TONELLA, married Anna BOHMUN, 27, Sweden, Port Arthur, d/o Andrew BOHMUN & Eliza ANDERSEN, witn: Joseph & Marguerite DEBERNARD both of Port Arthur on Oct. 20, 1890 at Port Arthur (RC) 001089-91 Joseph NENABAGISIDE, about 25, hunter, Nipigon House Lake Nipigon, same, s/o Gabriel MONIAWININIEUS (as written) & BETATSIG, married Mary Teresa GANAGA, about 18, Lake Nipigon, Nipigon House Lake Nipigon, d/o JONIIANS & OGABEWISBEWE, witn: James & Barbara MARCEL of Fort William Mission on Aug. 20, 1890 at Fort William Mission. Port Arthur Tp. (RC)
001085-91 Allan Ross PETERS, 21, brake man, Paisley Ontario, Schreiber, s/o Alexander PETERS & Janet ROSS, married Mary Alma BAILEY, 17, Port Arthur, same, d/o James & Mary E., witn: Kate BAILEY of Port Arthur & Will WALLBRIDGE of Schreiber on Aug. 11, 1890 at Port Arthur 001077-91 Erik Efram PETTERSON, 29, CPR section foreman, Sweden, Wolf River Station, s/o Efram PETTERSON & Prula MALSON, married Lissa KAAKE, 23, Finland, Port Arthur, d/o Adam KAAKE & Keeta ARO, witn: Peter & Theresa PELTO & Ari KWIKANENEN all of Port Arthur on June 6, 1890 at St John's Church at Port Arthur (Luth)
001097-90 Joseph Peter REARDON, 23, barber, Ontario, Fort William West, s/o John REARDON & Bessy SMITH, married Bessie GRANT, 18, Glengarry, Port Arthur, d/o Alexander GRANT & Jennie McQUINN, witn: J. M. FRASER of Fort William & Joan GRANT of Port Arthur on Oct. 29, 1890 at Port Arthur. 001082-91 Thomas SCHELAN, 20, laborer, Michipicoten River Lake Superior, same, s/o Bessie SCHELAN (no father known) married Isabella DUBOIS, about 22, of Michipicoten River Lake Superior, d/o Joseph (alias SEVARD) DUBOIS, & Mary Ann OGWEIAW, witn: George WATAGIE of Michipicoten River & Fanny SCHELAN of Agawa Lake Superior on June 22, 1890 at Michipicoten River. Port Arthur (RC)
1081-90 Alexander SCOT (s/b Scott?), 22, Fort William West, same, s/o Francis SCOT & Rosalie LOUIS, married Nanette Jean SIERRE, 33, Fort William West, same, d/o Jean Pierre MESHKIROSSANG & Mary CHRISTIE, witn: Ambrose GYRETTE of Fort William & Maria SERRON? of Port Arthur, 25 Nov 1890 at Fort William West 001083-91 William John SMITH, 24, plasterer, Toronto, Port Arthur, s/o William John & Hannah, married Alberta BROOKS, 27, Cornwall England, Port Arthur, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: Arthur J. BROOKS & Frances C. COOKE both of Port Arthur on Aug. 19, 1890 at Port Arthur.

1281-91 (Algoma Co) John STRINGER, 25, farmer, Mono, Bidwell, s/o Jacob R. STRINGER & Ann MCLEAN married Abigal WHITNEY, 20, Walkerton , Bidwell, d/o William WHITNEY & Ann FOYELL, witn; Lizzy WILKINS & Christina MILLS of Haw, 29 Oct 1890, Little Current

001091-91 Robert H. VERRALL, 49, hotel keeper, England, Port Arthur, s/o George VERRALL & Harriett HANISHIRE, married Clara Theresa GWATKIN, 44, Toronto, same, d/o Robert Colin GWATKIN & Mary Theresa TODD, witn: Johnson & Clara CARSON both of Port Arthur on Aug. 16, 1890 at St. John's Church Port Arthur
001095-90 William H. WADLAND, 32, locomotive engineer, Woodstock, Schreiber, s/o Henry & Charlotte, married Emma A. KING, 21, Brockville Ontario, White River, d/o Alex & Aurelia, witn: Phemie McGURRIE & Richard HARLY both of Port Arthur on Oct. 15, 1890 at Schreiber. Port Arthur 001098-90 George WAINWRIGHT, laborer, 24, laborer, Cobourg, Port Arthur, s/o John & Sophia, married Lillie E. CRONKHITE, 24, Kingston, Port Arthur, d/o Samuel CRONKHITE & Bessie GRAHAM, witn: Alex McDONALD & Mary CHISHOLM both of Port Arthur on Nov. 5, 1890 at Port Arthur.
1149-91 (Nipissing Dist): Francis WATERS, 24, laborer, Napnie?, Warren, s/o John & Mary, married Margaret Jane LEVEILLE, 28, Russell, Warren, d/o Francis LEVEILLE & Barbara TEMPLE, witn: Frank LEVEILLE & Sarah STANCE, 25 Nov 1890 at Sudbury (Rom Cath) 001084-91 John T. YEATS, 36, merchant, Ireland, Heron Bay, s/o John YEATS & Ellen TERRY, married Mary E. RANDS, 25, Walton Ontario, Heron Bay, d/o John RANDS & Martha HEWITT, witn: William J. HASKIN & Sarah ROSS both of Port Arthur on Aug. 18, 1890 at Port Arthur
001265-90 (Algoma Co) Humphrey Fleming YOUNG, 25, Farmer, Lansdown Ont., Jocelyn St. Joseph-Jocelyn Tp., s/o Cristopher (sic)& Jane YOUNG, married Barbara Elizabeth WILLIAMSON, 20, England, Jocelyn St. Joseph-Jocelyn Tp., d/o Walter & Annie Elizabeth WILLIAMSON. Witn: Annie YOUNG, Edith WILLIAMSON, William KENT & Richard YOUNG all of Jocelyn. December 30, 1890, Jocelyn