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Northern Dist., 1895


001133-95 Thomas ALLEN, 30, farmer, Arkansas USA, Barrie Island, s/o J. & Catherine, married Eliza Jane VANCISE, 20, Stayner, Barrie Island, d/o William & Naomi, witn: William Leonard VANCISE & Catherine WITTY both of Barrie Island on Nov. 13, 1895 at Gore Bay. #0010590-95 (Manitoulin Dis): William J. ARMSTRONG, 23, farmer, Rochester USA, Little Current, s/o George & Elizabeth, married Catherine THIRD, 24, Manitouwaning, same, d/o William & Sarah, witnesses were J.R. ROBINSON & Miss BRYDON, Aug 7, 1895 at Little Current
#001011-96 (Thunder Bay Dist): James ARTHUR, 28, farmer, Ireland, Port Arthur, s/o Thomas & Jane, married Isabella JOHNSON, 20, Baltimore Ont., Port Arthur, d/o Robert & Amelia, witn: William & Maggie ARTHUR, 26 Dec 1895 at St. John's Church, Port Arthur 01130-95 Samuel BAILEY, 22, farmer, Algoma Mills, Burpee Tp., s/o John & Barbara, married Ellen Jane GIBSON, 20, Port Perry, Burpee Tp., d/o Robert & Sarah, witn: Maud GIBSON & James BAILEY both of Burpee Tp., on Oct. 11, 1895 at Gore Bay.
1095-95 Andrew Paul BAIRD, 28 + 1 month, miller, Bristol Que., Keewatin, s/o John BAIRD & Margaret YOUNG, married Emma Alison FRASER ,20 + 11 months, Sellarville Que.., Keewatin, d/o Hugh FRASER & Emma NEWCOMBE, witn: James Young BAIRD & Lizzie SINCLAIR, both of Keewatin, 17 Dec 1895 at Keewatin 008648-96 Moise BEAUCAGE, 24, laborer, Ontario, Beaucage Bay, s/o Louis BEAUCAGE & Angélique METIGNE, married Pelalique MICAUBE, 21, Ontario, Beaucage Bay, d/o Michel MICAUBE & Sophie PADISE, witn : Theodule MIVILLE & Ludivine GAGNE both of Sturgeon Falls on May 2, 1895 at Sturgeon Falls. (RC)
1026-95 Magorique BELISLE, no age given, carpenter, of Rat Portage, s/o Narcisse BELISLE & Adelaide LAROCHE, married Helena MASSE, no age given, of Rat Portage, d/o Francis Xavier MASSE (Massi?) & Delina FERGON, witn: Arthur GAUTHIER & Edmund BELISLE, 17 June 1895 at Rat Portage 1024-95 Philippe BELLEFEUILLE, no age given, Quebec, Keewatin, s/o Anton BELLEFEUILLE & Sar DARGES, married Amanda LALONDE, no age given, of Keewatin, d/o Pierre LALONDE & Henrietta FILLION, witn: N. LADOUCEUR & Pierre ROCHON, both of Keewatin, 27 April 1895 at Keewatin
1011-95 George James BIGG (Begg?) , 31, railway conductor, Middlesex Co., Ft William, s/o James & Mary, married Margaret Sar Nina COBB, 20, Quebec, Ignace, d/o William & Susan, witn: J. A. ROGERS of Ft. William & M. S. COBB of Ignace, 12 June 1895 at Ignace 001124-95 (Manitoulin) James BLACKBURN, 34, farmer, York Co., Burpee Tp., s/o John and Jane BLACKBURN married Rachel MORDEN, 23, Walkerton, Barrie Island, d/o Robert and Elizabeth MORDEN, wtn., Franklin MORDEN of Barrie Island & Lily WARD of GoreBay on March 27, 1895 at Gore Bay.
008731-96 - Alfred E. BONESTEEL, 24, Grey Co., Wisawasa, F ( or Y), s/o Albert BONESTEEL & Carolina HUGHSTON, to Grace B. POLLARD, 22, Algoma, Wisawasa, d/o James POLLARD & Isabella CAMERON, witn F. J. YORK & Mrs. F. J. YORK, both of North Bay, 9 Oct 1895 at North Bay 008649-96 Benjamin BRAZEAU, 50, laborer, widower, Quebec, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Benjamin BRAZEAU & Marceline GAUTHIER, married Aurelie DUMOND, 45, widow, Quebec, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Marcel DUMOND & Olive MIVILLE, witn: Isaac LAVESQUE & Hercule DECAIRE both of Sturgeon Falls on June 9, 1895 at Sturgeon Falls. (RC)
1004-95 Neil BRUNSKILL, 28, laborer, St. Catharines, Rat Portage, s/o Aryas? & Elizabeth, married Mary McLEOD, 27, St. Clemens, Whiteworth?, d/o Donald & Matilda, witn: Mrs. NAIRN & Kate KERR, 7 March 1895 at Rat Portage  
10804-1897 Clement E. BURRITT, 26, Section Foreman, Cameron Co., Klock’s Mills, s/o Elijah BURRITT & Hattie MATHEWS, married Christine McLEOD, 28, Prescott Co., North Bay, d/o Donald & Annie McLEOD, Wtn. John McLEOD, Christy TAYLOR, on Dec. 31, 1895, at North Bay 001120-95 (Manitoulin) Adam CASSEN, 28, lumberman, Lancashire, England, Gore Bay, s/o Adam and Elizabeth CASSON married Janet ALLEN, 23, Mount Carbon?- Jackson Co. Illinois, Gore Bay, d/o Samuel and Elizabeth ALLEN, wtn., Henry DIXON & Hannah ALLEN both of Gore Bay on April 9, 1895 at Gore Bay.
#001060-95 (Manitoulin Dis): Charles Lester CLARK, 27, lumberman, Milton Ont., Little Current, s/o Robert & Sarah, married Elizabeth Jane OLIVER, 20, Little Current, same, d/o Richard & Annie, witnesses were L.J. GARNER & Latitia OLIVER of Little Current, Aug 13, 1895 at Little Current 008710-96 Henry Edward COULTER, 25, Sumerville - Ontario, Bobcaygeon, no settled occupation, s/o Andrew & Rebecca COULTER, to Josephine JENKINS, 22, Verulam, Bobcaygeon, d/o John & Maria JENKINS, witn: William L. PATTERSON & Eliza A COULTER, both of Peterboro, 5 June 1895 at North Bay
#001056-95 (Manitoulin Dis): William Robert CRAIG, 28, lumberman, no birth, res, or parents given, married Minnie CATHCART, 22, of Little Current, d/o Thomas & Minnie, witnesses were Miss McGRATH & D. SAMPSON of Little Current, Aug 12, 1895 at Little Current 1005-95 Alphonse DALRAD? (Dutad?), 21, laborer, Three Rivers, Elm Bay, s/o Joseph & Mary Louise, married Bella PARK, 24, Selkirk Manitoba, Rat Portage, d/o George & Mary, witn: Isaac BARKER & Mrs. Sadie GREEN, both of Elm Bay, 14 April 1895 at Elm Bay
1012-95 William DAMER, 30, farmer, Lanark Co., Rainy River, s/o William & James, married Maria WEIR, 20, Ontario, Rainy River, d/o David & Jane, witn: Mrs. NAIRN & William Henry WEIR, both of Rat Portage, 20 June 1895 at Rat Portage 1023-95 Arthur DERY (Davy?), no age given, of Rat Portage, s/o George DERY & Debra BLANCHARD, married Ida BELLEFEUILE, no age given, of Rat Portage, d/o Gabriel BELLEFEUILLE & Sar KNIGHT, witn: Joseph DERY & Fanny McKEEN?, both of Rat Portage, 28 Nov 1895 at Rat Portage
008699-96 - David DESJARDIN, 36, Widdifield Twp, farmer, s/o Charles DESJARDIN & Angelica LAVALLER, to Anna Jane LALONDE, 32, Widdifield Twp., d/o Alexander LALONDE & Mary Ann STVEO?, witn Dennis & Emma LALONDE, Indian Reservation, 17 Feb 1895 at North Bay 001132-95 Robert Spink DINSMORE, 28, farmer, Cartwright Tp., Gore Bay, s/o Thomas & Eliza, married Sophronia HARPER, 20, Darlington Tp., Gore Bay, d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: Hugh McPHADYEN & Selina DINSMORE both of Gore Bay on Sept. 30, 1895 at the residence of the groom’s father in Gore Bay.
008720-96 - William Thomas DOOLITTLE, 20, Co. Northumberland, North Bay, carpenter, s/o Ephraim & Esther DOOLITTLE, to Catherine McGILLIVRAY, 35, Cranitre (Cramahe?), Thurso - Co. Ottawa, d/o John & Mathilda McGILLIVRAY, witn George McILVENA & Agnes NEIL, both of North Bay, 1 August 1895 at North Bay 008733-96 - James Robert DREANEY, 28, Port Albert - Co. Huron, North Bay, C P Railway Co., s/o Alexander & Margaret DREANEY, to Mary Edith GALLAGHER, 21, Lanark Village Ont, North Bay, d/o John & Margaret GALLAGHER, witn William J. KELLOG & Lizzie HAZZARD, both of North Bay, 17 Oct 1895 at North Bay
008724-96 - Robert Munroe EASTWOOD, 28, Twp. of Rodden, Wahnapitae, farmer, s/o Edgar & Susan EASTWOOD, to Aggie ROBSON, 27, Marmora, same, d/o George & Mary ROBSON, witn Isaac & Isabella EASTWOOD, both of Wahnipitae, 28 August 1895 at North Bay 008715-96 - Edmund Bruce EDEY, 28, Douglas -Co. Renfrew, North Bay, widoer, conductor, s/o Edmund & Henrietta FLORENCE [surname?], to Wilhelmina Black ROBERTSON, 19, Montreal, North Bay, d/o John & Georgina ROBERTSON, witn John Joseph MACKAY & Edith ROBERTSON, both of North Bay, 25 June 1895 at North Bay
1344-96 Andrew EDINGTON, 35, minister, Haldimand Co., Neche? - North Dakota, s/o Robert & Margaret, married Grace MURRAY, 32, Oneida twp., Caledonia, d/o George & Margaret, witn: Andrew & Alice ROBERTSON of Keewatin, 26 Nov 1895 at Keewatin 008705-96 - Andrew FRASER, 24, Greville -Quebec, Ottawa, cook, s/o Alexander FRASER & Christina CAMPBELL, to Frances FENNELL, Simcoe Co., Calvin Twp., d/o Joseph FENNELL & Rebecca MORROW, witn William TAYLOR & Aimie REID, both of North Bay, 24 April 1895 at North Bay
1009-95 Alphonse GARNEAU, 26, section man, Montreal, Barclay, s/o Charles & Margaret, married Ellen PETCHENNES, 18, Wabigon, Barclay, d/o Duncan James ANDERSON & Maggie Ann McLEOD, both of Barclay [these might be witnesses, not parents], 25 June 1895 at Barclay 008726-96 - Amadeus GAUTHIER, 31, no birth place, Widdifield Twp., farmer, s/o Deodalus GAUTHIER & Helena ANGE, to Mulvina BRUNEAU, 15, Widdifield Twp, same, d/o Xavier BRUNEAU & Maria Louisa PAGET, witn John B. LALONDE & Xavier BRUNEAU, both of Widdifield, 28 September 1895 at North Bay
008703-96 - William Henry GOODFELLOW, 30, Bells Corner -Ont., North Bay, CPR employee, s/o does not know - died when he was young, to Margaret Jane McNUIM, 20, Allandair, same, d/o Robert Bruce & Mary, witn Louis & Matilda CHAPELLE of North Bay, 3 April 1895 at North Bay 1025-95 James GRACE, no age given, Grenville Que., Rat Portage, s/o James GRACE & Caroline MASON, married Mathilde DUCHARME, no age given, of Rat Portage, d/o Nazaire DUCHARME & Adelaide LANNAULT, witn: Philbert L. HENEREUX & Joseph DOUCETTE, both of Rat Portage, 27 Aug 1895 at Rat Portage
008736-96 - John Cardiff GRAWBURGER, 25, Petawawa, Lot 18 & 18 -Con 6 - Patterson Twp., lumberman, s/o Andrew (Andreis?) & Sarah Jane GRAWBURGER to Isabella GRAWBURGER, 29 , Alice twp, Patterson Twp., widow, d/o Thomas & Marion Gilchrist GRAWBURGER, witn: none, 20 Nov 1895 at North Bay 08730-96 - Francis HENDERSON, 34, Antrim Co. - Ireland, Copper Cliff, laborer in smelter, s/o James & Jessie HENDERSON, to Jessie McCHARLES, 28, Huron Co., Chisolm Twp., d/o Farquhar & Mary McCHARLES, witn John ANDERSON & Mary GRAFF, Chisolm Twp., 25 Sep 1895 at Chisolm Twp
008697-96 - John HANNEN(?), 46, Fordingbridge - Hampshire England, North Bay, widower, railway accountant, s/o Charles & Eliza HANNEN(?), to Maria GARRIOCH, 26, Portage La Prairie - Manitoba, North Bay, d/o John & Eliza GARRIOCH, witn John J. MacKAY & Winnifred GARRIOCH, both of North Bay, 18 Jan 1895 at North Bay 008708-96 - Albert Lindon HARRISON, 33, Rochester - NY, New York, actor, s/o James HARRISON & Elizabeth WRIGHT, to Elizabeth PARKER, 20, Hamilton - Ont., Cincinatti, d/o Allan PARKER & Margaret ARMSTRONG, witn W. J. & F. G. CARKEEK(?), both of Toronto, 29 April 1895 at North Bay
001129-95 John James HORE (Hare?), 20, farm assistant, Verulam, Howland Tp., s/o Edward & Margaret, married Esther CAMPBELL, 20, Manvers, Billings, d/o James & Esther, witn: Miss Mary HORE & John T. SKIPPEN both of Howland Tp. on Sept. 20, 1895 at Gore Bay. 008707-96 - Henry ILL, 29 Illinois - US, Cache Bay, saw filer, s/o Frank ILL & Catherine CHEIRER, to Leslie M. JOHNSTON, 20 Belle Ewart - Simcoe Co., Cache Bay, d/o Irvin JOHNSTON & Hannah REINBER (?) witn Maggie S. JESSOP & W. H. KINTREA, both of Cache Bay, 17 April 1895 at North Bay
10729-1897 Thomas JARRON, 23, Labour, St. Laurent, Ferris Twp., s/o Didier JARRON & Eulalie GONGEON, married Marie Melina LEDOUX, 18, Montreal, Chisholm, d/o Charles LEDOUX & Lumina MARTEL, Wtn. Charles LEDOUX, Joseph GUILMETTE, on Feb. 25, 1895 at Ferris Twp  
1007-95 John JOHNSTON, 29, laborer, Sweden, Rat Portage, s/o Daniel & Johanna, married Euretta ENGSTROM, 25, Sweden, Rat Portage, d/o P. A. & Berta, witn: Hans HANSON & Lonia? CARLSON, 14 May 1895 at Rat Portage 1020-95 Weekler? JOHNSTON, 30, mill hand, Finland, Rat Portage, s/o Jaist? & Buba?, married Maria Celina JOHNSON, 19, Finland, Keewatin Ont., d/o John & Berta Johanna, witn: Hans HANSON of Keewatin & Amanda JOHNSON of Rat Portage, 20 Nov 1895 at Rat Portage
1008-95 Stephen KALHEY, 26, mill hand Sweden, Rat Portage, s/o Olaf & Anna, married Mary PIERSON, 29, Sweden, Rat Portage, d/o Peter & Carlina, witn: Mrs. & Annie LARSON, 18 June 1895 at Rat Portage 008713-96 - Sidney KELLAND, 37, Crealkton -Devonshire England, Montreal, G.T.R. employee, s/o George & Ann KELLAND, to Elizabeth ROUNSEFELL, 32, Collington -Cornwall England, North Bay - late of Bathurst & New South Wales, d/o Joseph & June ROUNSEFELL, witn John HANNEN of North Bay, 18 June 1895 at North Bay
1010-95 Arthur? James KENNEY, 32, engineer, England, Rat Portage, s/o Nicholas & Katherine, married Gertrude M. HERMAN, 25, England, Rat Portage, d/o Edw & Nelly, witn: Isabella & Robert NAIRN, 4 June 1895 at Rat Portage 008704-96 - William KERR, 62, Dumfrieshire -Scotland, Little Rapids -Algoma, widower, merchant, s/o John KERR & Isabella WALKER, to Eliza Ann BERNIR, 42, Aberdeen -Scotland, Toronto, widow, d/o Thomas MORRISON & Jane DAVIDSON, witn Georgie BERNIE of Toronto, John LIDDEL of North Bay, 16 April 1895 at North Bay
008702-96 - Harry Goldsmith KINCHIN, 24, Brussels - Belgium, North Bay, CPR employ. dining car, s/o Richard & Annie, to Patience Maude EVANS, 18, Port Perry, North Bay, d/o Henry John & Mary Jane, witn Walter G. EVANS & May EVANS, both of North Bay, 28 March 1895 at Mrs Evans residence, North Bay 1031-95 William Charles KING, 24, harness maker, England, Rat Portage, s/o William Charles & Emma, married Ada DUNCAN, 20, New Brunswick, Rat Portage, d/o Robert & Eliza, witn: Robert & Eliza DUNCAN of Rat Portage, 24 Dec 1895 at Rat Portage
008719-96 - Charles A. KINSELLA, 24, Burford, Widdifield, farmer, s/o Marquis KINSELLA & Mary LOUTHWICK, to Mary Eva WOODEN, 19, Burford, Widdifield, d/o Wellington WOODEN & Elizabeth HANNSON, witn John OVERHOLT & Mrs. John OVERHOLT, both of Widdifiled, 17 July 1895 at North Bay 008654-96 Hermidas LALIBERTE, 26, farmer, Quebec, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Aime LALIBERTE & Valerie DUFRESNE, married Analda QUENNEVILLE, 18, Quebec, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Olivier QUENNEVILLE & Henriette DUPUIS, witn: Charles JEANISSE of Badgero & Isidore QUENNEVILLE of Sturgeon Falls on Oct. 20, 1895 at Sturgeon Falls. (RC)
008725-96 - Ferdinand LAPIERRE, 25, not given, North Bay, occupation not given, s/o John Baptiste LAPIERRE & Helena LAFLEUR, to Marie Louisa DUPUIS, 23, not given, North Bay, d/o Meuric (or Mederic) DUPUIS & Mulvina PUMEALT, witn P. J. O'LEARY & Hannah LUDGATE, both of North Bay, 29 August 1895 at North Bay 1029-95 Emery LAROQUE, no age given, laborer, of Rat Portage, s/o Augustin LAROCQUE & Henriette BOIVIN, married Rose Ann POIRIER, no age given, of Rat Portage, d/o Alfred POIRIER & Marie BRULE, witn: Augustin LAROQUE & Alfred POIRER, both of Rat Portage, 19 Nov 1895 at Rat Portage
1017-95 John LAWRENCE, 29, musician, Bath, Rat Portage, s/o Thomas & Emily, married Maggie WARPER, 27, widow, Liverpool, Rat Portage, d/o Owen GALLAGHER & Mary, witn: J. E. MUSGROVE & Mrs. Richard HOLDEN, 6 July 1895 at Rat Portage 008727-96 - Levie John LEACH, 30, Utica Ontario, Sturgeon Falls, shoemaker, s/o Lewis & Esther Emma LEACH, to Sarah Jane DICKSON, 23, Ira N.Y., Sturgeon Falls, d/o James & Maria DICKSON, witn Walter James HARVEY & Jamie DOUGLAS, both of Sturgeon Falls, 9 Sep 1895 at North Bay
008651-96 Amable LEFEBVRE, 30, laborer, Pembroke, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Olivier LEFEBVRE & Vitaline BOICE, married Victoire SABOURIN, 22, Crysler, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Luc SABOURIN & Rosalie FILION, witn: Luc SABOURIN & Joseph LEFEBVRE both of Sturgeon Falls on Aug. 19, 1895 at Sturgeon Falls. (RC) 001122-95 (Manitoulin) George James LIDDICOAT, 24, carpenter, Tara, Gore Bay, s/o James and Jane LIDDICOAT married Margaret Jane MONTGOMERY, 22, Flos, Gore Bay, d/o William and Eliza MONTGOMERY, wtn., Joseph MONTGOMERY of Gore Bay & Bertha BRETT of Ice Lake on June 18, 1895 at Gore Bay.
1028-95 Henry LONGLY, no age given, painter, England, Rat Portage, s/o William LANGLY & Elizabeth YOUNG, married Jessie Mary ATTERBURY, no age given, England, Rat Portage, d/o John ATTERBURY & Maria MANNING, witn: Henry H. WOODLY & Catherine MUNROE, 7 Nov 1895 at Rat Portage 001125-95 (Manitoulin) Thomas Robert LOUGHEED, 33, Agent, Muskoka, Gore Bay, s/o Thomas and Margaret (ARMSTRONG) LOUGHEED married Sarah COBURN, 20, Sunnidale, Gore Bay, d/o William and Frances COBURN, wtn., John A. LOUGHEED & Maggie COBURN, both of Gore Bay on November 14, 1895 at Gore Bay.
1003-95 John MARK, 25, brakeman, Ontario, Rat Portage, s/o Michael MACK & Bridget FORTIER, married Mary Ann DOHERTY, 26, widow, Ontario, Rat Portage, d/o Michael CORCORAN & Mary NOLAN, wtn: James Edw WALLACE & Nelly PARKER, both of Rat Portage, 8 Jan 1895 at Rat Portage (also 1022-95) 1022-95 John MARK, no age given, of Rat Portage, s/o Michael MARK & Bridget FORTIER, marred Mary Ann DOHERTY, widow, no age given, of Rat Portage, d/o Michael CORCORAN & Mary NOLAN, witn: James E. WALLACE & Nelly PARKER, 9 Jan 1895 at Rat Portage
008717-96 - William MARTIN, 25, Essa Twp, Dunnett Twp., laborer, s/o Matthew MARTIN & Mary Ellen LATIMER, to Elie YOUNG, 19, United States, Dunnett Twp., d/o Joseph YOUNG & Adeline CHERBOTT, witn Nellie DALE & Aleck ARDIDE, both of Dunnett Twp., 10 July 1895 at Warren Village 001121-95 (Manitoulin) Theodore MASTIN, 28, lumberman, Thornbury, GoreBay, s/o Joseph and Hannah MASTIN married Maggie McDOUGALL, 23, Egremont, Gore Bay, d/o Laughlin McDOUGALL and Annie McCANNELL, wtn., Mary Jane MASTIN & Sandy McDOUGALL both of Gore Bay on April 10, 1895 at Gore Bay.
  1002-95 James MATHIEU, 29, waterman, Carlton Junction, Rat Portage, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Rachel PARK, 17, Selkirk, Rat Portage, d/o George & May, witn: Bella & Henry (Mary? ) PARK , 8 Jan 1895 at Rat Portage
008716-96 Thomas McCOURT, 24, Pickering Twp, Dunnett Twp., engine driver, s/o William McCOURT & Sarah WRIGHT, to Mary SUMMERS, 17, Brentwood - Co. Simcoe, Dunnett Twp., d/o Robert SUMMERS & Elizabeth McDONALD, witn: Angus (or Fergus) SUMMERS, & Lizzie CUTHBERTSON, both of Dunnett Twp., 10 July 1895 at Warren Village 008737-96 - William J. McDOWELL, 27, New York, Milton Ontario, culler, s/o Robert & Mary A. McDOWELL, to Annie Rose LAMOREAUX, 18, Sandpoint, Cache Bay, d/o Antoine & Mary LAMOREAUX, witn C. L. HENDERSON & Edith McCREIGHT, both of North Bay, 22 Nov 1895 at North Bay
008718-96 - John McILVENA. 38, Glasgow -Scotland, North Bay, widower, loco. fireman, s/o Sarah JACKSON & Thomas McILVENA, to Elizabeth LOVEL, 34, Albion, North Bay, d/o Enos LOVEL & Martha FARTHING, witn Hellen DETLOR & C. L. HENDERSON, both of North Bay, 11 July 1895 at North Bay 008711-96 - James McILVENNA 30, Ayr - Scotland, North Bay, loco. engineer, s/o Thomas & Sarah McILVENNA to Gertrude Rebecca LANDERS, 20, Prescott -Ontario, North Bay, d/o Charles & Mary LANDERS, witn James FALLON & Elizabeth MARSHALL, both of North Bay, 5 June 1895 at North Bay
008714-96 - John M. McNAMARA, 31, Perth, North Bay, lawyer, s/o Michael McNAMARA & Gertrude MURPHY, to Anna DORAN, 26, Lanark Co., North Bay, d/o William DORAN & Isabella McRAE, witn Leonard H. McNAMARA of Walkerton, Gertrude DORAN of New York, 24 June 1895 at North Bay 001128-95 William A. MERRICK, 34, lumberman, St. Vincent Tp., Gore Bay, s/o Hiram MERRICK & Lucretia BISSET, married Mary Ann McCONNELL, 24, Egremont Tp., Gore Bay, d/o James McCONNELL & Betsey ORR, witn: Janet ORR & George McCOLEMAN both of Gore Bay on July 24, 1895 at Gore Bay
#001061-95 (Manitoulin Dis): William Nelson MICKEY, 23, lumberman, Lindsay, Little Current, s/o John & Jane, married Emma McKENZIE, 20, Little Current, same, d/o Donald & Affie, witnesses were Thomas JACK & Jennie BISHOP of Little Current, Aug 13, 1895 at Little Current 1094-95 John Albert MINOR, 26 + 4 months, miller, Northumberland Ont., Keewatin, s/o George Washington MINOT & Eliza Ann BROWN, married Isabella CAMERON, 26, Dundee Que., Keewatin, d/o Alexander CAMERON & Annie McMASTER, witn: William D. & Mrs. Frank ARMSTRONG of Keewatin, 11 Dec 1895 at Keewatin
1030-95 Joseph MONTEBELLO, no age given, laborer, Milan Italy, Bella CPR, s/o Charles MONTEBELLO & Joanna VENATI?, married Rose MONTEBELLO, no age given, Milan Italy, Rat Portage, d/o Pierre M& Servina, witn: Cesar & Theodolinda MONTEBELLO of Hanke? Lake, 4 Dec 1895 at Rat Portage 008734-96 - David MOORE, 27, Ontario, North Bay, brakeman, s/o James MOORE & Sarah LITTLE, to Bella TRICK, 24, Montreal , North Bay, d/o Charles TRICK & Bella ORNOFF, witn William ANDREWS & S. S. MOORE, both of North Bay, 1 Nov 1895 at North Bay
01131-95 John MORDEN, 27, farmer, Bruce Co., Barrie Island, s/o Stephen & Susan, married Susan K. JEFFKIN, 19, Grey Co., Barrie Island, d/o James & Emma, witn: James & Martha MORDEN both of Barrie Island on Oct. 29, 1895 at Barrie Island. #001058-95 (Manitoulin Dis): Thomas MORROW, 28, farmer, Ontario, Manitouwaning, s/o Joseph & Margaret, married Margaret McDONALD, 21, Bentick, Manitouwaning, d/o Peter & Susan, witnesses were James & Lenia McLEOD of Little Current, Aug. 6, 1895 at Little Current
10730-1897 Charles O’CONNOR, 21, Farmer, Shultonburg, Chisholm, s/o Edouard & Margaret O’CONNOR, married Rose BOGUE, 14, County Tyrone Ireland, Chisholm, d/o Bernard BOGUE & Mary NAIRN, Wtn. Patrick BOGUE, Margaret BOGUE, on June 4, 1895 at Ferris Twp  
008650-96 Darcey OLIVIER, 27, laborer, Quebec, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Edmond OLIVIER & Charlotte MATHSTEN married Lucie d’AMOUR, 20, Quebec, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Hermidas d’AMOUR & Lisa RANGER, witn: Hermidas d’AMOUR of Warren & Edmond OLIVIER of Sturgeon Falls on Aug. 19, 1895 at Sturgeon Falls. (RC) 008698-96 - William PATTON, 25, Mulmur Twp -Ontario, Callander, carpenter, s/o Nathaniel PATTON & Martha SHAW, to Isabella BARKER, 19, London England, Callander, d/o William BARKER & Martha MAXWELL, witn Thomas WHITE of Wisawasa & Martha BARKER of Callander, 25 Jan 1895 at North Bay
1021-95 Alexander PAUL, 30, mill hand, Ontario, Rat Portage, s/o George & Christena, married Isabella McIVOR, 24, Stornaway Scotland, Rat Portage, d/o Kenneth & Maggie, witn: J. W. SEYMOUR & W. E. BOHEN, 18 Dec 1895 at Rat Portage 1004-96 Wellington J. PLATT, 35, farmer, New York, Roy Minn., s/o Benjamin & Nancy, married Pearl E. BOLIN, 15, Wassa Wisconsin, Roy Minn, d/o Lewis & Ida, witn: Bella & D. J. GLENDENNING of Rainy Lake, 23 Dec 1895 at Fort Frances
#001057-95 (Manitoulin Dis): John PYATTE, 26, farmer, Owen Sound, Little Current, s/o David & Mary, married Mary PENNY, 19, Manitouwaning, same, d/o Robert & Lizzie, witnesses were James C. OWEN & Mrs. PORTER of Little Current, July 27, 1895 at Little Current 1016-95 Andre Baldwin RANNARD?, 25, brakeman on CPR, England, Winnipeg, s/o Richard & Harriet, married Annie Blanch HENESY, 23, Ontario, Rat Portage, d/o Sheldon & Charlotte, witn: Charles F. RANNARD of Winnipeg & Eva DES BUSAY of Rat Portage, 16 Sept 1895 at Rat Portage
008735-96 - Thomas RANSOM, 22, Co. Grey, North Bay, laborer, s/o Robert & Catherine RANSOM, to Annie YANSON, 20, Denmark, North Bay, d/o Hans & Catherine YANSON, witn Henry & Mary YANSON, both of North Bay, 11 Nov 1895 1005-96 James RAY, 41, farmer, of Beaver Mills, s/o Richard & Mary, married Bella CATHCART, 25, of Beaver Mills, d/o Thomas & Catherine, witn: William & Lavina CATHCART of Beaver Mills, 30 Dec 1895 at Beaver Mills
008732-96 - William RESTOUIL, 29 Lake Nipissing, Nipissing, steam boat hand -Smith & Sons - Callander, s/o Joe & Jane RESTOUIL, to Charlotte TWIGGER, 19, Pembroke, Nipissing, d/o John & Jane TWIGGER, witn William ALBERTA of Nipissing Junction, 14 Oct 1895 at the parsonage North Bay  
001126-95 George Alfred ROOME (?), 26, night watchman, Pickering Tp., Kennabutch, s/o John & Sarah, married Rachel MARSHALL, 23, Mariposa, Spanish River, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: Gilbert AGAR of Gore Bay on June 26, 1895 at Gore Bay. 008706-96 - Fred RUSTON, 32, Pinchbeck -England, Cache Bay, blacksmith, s/o William RUSTON & Daroline SHORT, to Mary CARR, 32, Thellon -Halton Co., Cache Bay, widow, d/o Alexander KINTREA & Mary McKINNIS, witn S. J. Wheeton & W. H. KINTREA, both of Springer Twp., 25 Apr 1895 at North Bay
008652-96 Elie SEGUIN, 26, farmer, Quebec, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Alexandre SEGUIN & Odile GAREAU married Lea LAUZON, 18, Clarence, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Hilaire LAUZON & Rose LATOUR, witn: Alexandre SEGUIN & Hilaire LAUZON both of Sturgeon Falls on Sept. 22, 1895 at Sturgeon Falls. (RC) 008653-96 Jerome SERE, 20, laborer, Quebec, Badgero, s/o Jean Baptiste SERE & Marie FOURNIER, married Sophie DAOUST, 18, Quebec, Badgero, d/o Cyrille DAOUST & Dom DUHAIME, witn: Jean Baptiste SERE & Thomas FERRON both of Sturgeon Falls on Aug. 14, 1895 at Sturgeon Falls. (RC)
1104-96 Herbert Augustus SHAW, 28, insurance agent, Detroit, Toronto, s/o Samuel & Caroline, married Agnes Mary ROSE, 26, Thorold, Rat Portage, d/o Donald & Agnes, witn: A. G. CAMPBELL & E. M. CHADWICK, both of Rat Portage, 10 July 1895 at Rat Portage 008721-96 - Gottlieb SLAVEN, 33, Germany, Warren, farmer, s/o Charles & Mary SLAVEN, to Jennie YOUNG, 21, Arnprior, Warren, d/o Joseph & Addie YOUNG, witn Jennie McGUIN (McGuire?) & C. L. HENDERSON, both of North Bay, 7 August 1895 at North Bay
001127-95 Robert Norman SMITH, 21, carpenter, Stayner, Gore Bay, s/o William Henry & Sarah, married Maria JOHNSTON, 18, Sunnidale, Gore Bay, d/o James Albert & Sophia, witn: Miss Carrie CONNOR & Andrew HALL of Gore Bay on July 17, 1895 at Pacific Hotel at Gore Bay 001134-95 Sandford SMITH, 23, carpenter, Collingwood, Walford Village, s/o William & Louisa, married Ellen FIDDLER, 21, Scotland, Manitowaning, d/o Samuel & Jeane, witn: Mr & Mrs Samuel KEYS both of Gore Bay on Nov. 17, 1895 at the residence of Rev. J. H. McLeod at Gore Bay
1015-95 Francis James STRAITON, 28, engineer, Wellington Co., Rat Portage, s/o Robert & Isabella, married Jennie M. KAY, 21, Paisley Ont., Nairn, d/o John & Ann, witn: Donald McLEOD of Keewatin & Euphemia KAY of Nairn, 25 Sept 1895 at Rat Portage 008738-96 - George Albert SWAIN, 26, New Market, Mt. Alford, laborer, s/o Joseph SWAIN & Jane RITAN, to Maud WALKER, 18, Kingston, North Bay, d/o Robert WALKER & Nancie SPENCER, witn Charles R. JESSOP of Trout Lake, William A. WHEELER of Mt. Alford, 24 Dec 1895 at North Bay
1006-95 Gustav SWANSON, 30, miner, Sweden, Rat Portage, s/o Peter & Sophia, married Josephine CARLSEN, 19, Sweden, Rat Portage, d/o Carl BENSON & Anna, witn: William HENDERSON, John ANDERSON, Henry SERA? & Alma THO--?, 7 May 1895 at Rat Portage 008722-96 - Aaron SWEEZY, 47, Pembroke, Deux Riviere, widower, hotelkeeper, s/o Aaron SWEEZY & Jessie RANKIN, to Catherine LAFLEUR, 44, Renfrew Co., Deux Riviere, widow, d/o Michael MAHON & Margaret GRACE, witn Daniel & Mary Ann DELANEY, both of North Bay, 17 August 1895 at North Bay
1027-95 John Patrick TAFFY, no age given, bar tender, Osceola Ont., Rat Portage, s/o John TAFFY & Helen O'BRIEN, married Isabella COUGHLIN, no age given, of Rat Portage, d/o John & Mary, witn: A.J. & Annie McCULLUCH of Rat Portage, 30 Oct 1895 at Rat Portage  
008709-96 - Richard THOMAS, 28, Kevernan Co. - Michigan, Wahnapitae, storekeeper, s/o Thomas C. THOMAS & Ann EDDY, to Elizabeth H. BACON, 25, Collingwood, Ernsdale, d/o John BACON & Ann Jane WHITE, witn Mrs. Jas. McMILLAN & Miss Gerty McMILLAN, 22 May 1895 at North Bay 008700-96 - William H. THOMPSON, 26, Ottawa -Ontario, Warren, laborer, s/o James THOMPSON & Margaret WILSON, to Alice SHUFF, 20 London - England, Chelsea -Quebec, d/o George Henry SHUFF & Mary EVANS, witn Janet AGNEW of North Bay, William MARTIN of Warren, 5 March 1895 at North Bay
08712-96 - Thomas Henry TORRANCE, 23, Munster - Ont., North Bay, book keeper, s/o Robert & Margaret TORRANCE, to Mary Elizabeth KNAPP, 20, Mount Brydges Ontario, North Bay, d/o George & Sydney KNAPP, witn H. T. SHERWOOD & Bertha KNAPP, both of North Bay, 5 June 1895 at North Bay 008696-96 - David TRUCHEON, 22, Quebec, North Bay, laborer, s/o Xavier TROUCHEON & Margaret CROTTEAU, to Malonia MANTHA (MAUTHA?), 19, Quebec, North Bay, s/o Peter MANTHA & Mechtildis NADEAU, witn Joseph TRUCHEON & Mechtildis MANTHA , North Bay, 7 Jan 1895 at North Bay
  1135-85 Aaron WALKER, 23, farmer, Proton twp., Allan twp., s/o Aaron & Mary Ann, married Ida May TOMPKINS, 18, Port Dover Ont., Allan twp., d/o David & Hannah, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Samuel KEYS of Gore Bay, 27 Nov 1895 at res of Rev. J. H. McLeod, Gore Bay
1013-95 William Henry WEIR, 27, farmer, London twp., Rainy River, s/o David & Jane, married Nellie SCOTT, 21, Nissouri, Rainy River, d/o Richard & Sar, witn: Mrs. NAIRN & William DAMER, both of Rat Portage, 29 June 1895 at Rat Portage 1018-95 Herbert WILLIAMS, 34, H.B. CO clerk, Devon England, Rat Portage, s/o Joseph & Elizabeth, married Agnes Sarah LUCAS, 25, Bristol England, Rat Portage, d/o Hannah? & Frances, witn: Hannah F. BRERETON? & James M. KING?, 12 Aug 1895 at Rat Portage
1270-95 (Algoma Dist) Hy. F. WILSON, 31, Arnprior, Tickford Mich., Farmer, Widower, s/o James WILSON & Jane GLEN, married Isabella HUNTER, 31, Mirliner? Ont, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Thomas HUNTER & Isabella WALKER, wtn: Jms. G., DUNCAN of Sault Ste. Marie, on March 18, 1895, at Sault Ste. Marie 008723-96 - Walter Watson WOOD, 23, Drifield -England, Laurier Twp., laborer, s/o Robert & Eliza WOOD, to Susan WRIGHT, 18, Mulmer twp.,, South River, d/o Thomas WRIGHT & Margaret RUSSELL, witn Archibald McGRATH of Cache Bay, Mary WRIGHT of South River, 28 August 1895, at North Bay
001045-96 Richard Franklin WYMAN, 28, farmer, Ontario, Billings Tp., s/o Richard L. WYMAN & Rachel ELLIS, married Martha Selina BURNETT, 18, Ontario, Howland Tp., d/o John BURNETT & Sarah BRISAIR, witn: John & Hettie MORPHET both of Howland Tp., on Dec. 25, 1895 at Little Current 1014-95 Henry WYSE, 25, brick layer, Russia, Rat Portage, s/o John & Caroline, married Jennie THOMPSON, 19, Campbellton Ont., Nairn, d/o James & Jane, witn: J. K. BRYDON of Rat Portage & Mary Martin of Nairn, 11 Sept 1895 at Rat Portage