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Northern Dist., 1896


14188-97 Frank ANDERSON, brakeman, of Schreiber, s/o not given, married Sarah TOWNSLEY, 20, of Schreiber, d/o John TOWNSLEY & blank, witn: James & Mrs. J. SCOTT of Schreiber, 4 June 1896 at Schreiber

001091-96 William ARMSTRONG, 36, lumberman, Ontario, Sturgeon Falls, s/o William & Jane, married Alice ROCHE, 25, Ontario, Sturgeon Falls, d/o John & Lucy, witn: D. BERGERON & Mrs. F. CHAMPAGNE both of Sturgeon Falls on Jan. 11, 1896 at Sturgeon Falls. 008754-96 - George Edward BAMPTON, 42, Plymouth England, Lachute PQ, widower, queen's counsel, s/o Augustus H. BAMPTON C.E., & Caroline P.D. SYMONS, to Eva Kate LAWSON, 25, Montreal, North Bay, d/o John LAWSON & Sarah Ann TEES, witn James & Fanny SHOTTON, both of North Bay, 10 September 1896 at North Bay
#001140-96 (Algoma Dist): Eugene BERGERON, 21?, lumberman, Sturgeon Falls, Walford, s/o Eugene BERGERON & Lallie? LANAPPIE?, married Cordalie? MOUSSEAU, 20, Massey Station, same, d/o Thomas MOUSSEAU & Julie RAYMOND, witn: Patrick FAISEY & illegible Alex McLAUGHLIN, 16 June 1896 at Walford (Rom Cath) 2560-97 (Algoma Co) Octave BOUCHER, 27, merchant, not given, Chapleau, s/o David BOUCHER & Marie CARON married Catherine MARTIN, 22, not given, Chapleau, d/o Michael MARTIN & Mary DOYLE, witn: Noe BRUNET & Celina HENDRON of Chapleau, 21 Sept 1896, Chapleau
2625-97 Thomas BOYTER, 23, fisherman, Ontario, Meaford, s/o Thomas BOYTER & Mary CONOLL, married Mary McGILLIS, 18, Ontario, Chatsworth, d/o Alex McGILLIS & Jennie STEWART, witn: R. D. BOYTER & Mrs. J. R. BOYTER, both of Little Current, 18 Sept 1896 at Little Current 10848-1897 William BRENNAN, 23, Labour, Pembroke, Warren, s/o William BRENNAN & Mary DIAMOND, married Elizabeth STEVENS, 16, Pembroke, Warren, d/o John STEVENS & Christiana PELOWS, Wtn. N.J. ELDON, Mrs. Eva LAVOIE, on July 27, 1896 at Warren
8755-96 - Alexander BRENNAN, 33, Co. Renfrew, North Bay, laborer, s/o James BRENNAN & Julia DOUGLAS, to Nina KINGSTON, 23, not given, Wisawasa, d/o Thomas KINGSTON & Catherine CARR, witn Eutrope SAVOY & Rosa WHITE, both of Wisawasa, 15 September 1896 at North Bay 001097-96 Joseph Xavier BRIBO, 24, yeoman, Quebec, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Joseph BRIBO & Marie HAMEL, married Emilina CHERTRAUD (Chartrand?),19, Quebec, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Louis CHERTRAUD & Eliza DAVIDSON, witn: none given, on Apr. 27, 1896 at Sturgeon Falls. (RC)
008647-96 Joseph F. BRIBO, 26, laborer, USA, Springer, s/o Joseph BRIBO & Marie HAMEL, married Emelina CHARTRAND, 20, Cambridge, Springer, d/o Louis CHARTRAND & Elmire DAVIDSON, witn: Louis CHARTRAND & Peter CONNERS both of Springer on Apr. 27, 1896 at Sturgeon Falls. (RC) 2555-97 (Algoma Co) Noe BRUNET, 23, clerk, not given, Chapleau, s/o Noe BRUNET & Marguerite CECIRE married Celina GRENDRON, 19, not given, Chapleau, d/o Olivier GENDRON & Emerence FILION, witn: Louis BRUNET & Adeline BERTRAUD of Chapleau, 3 Nov 1896, Chapleau
1002-96 George CALDER, 29, butcher, Fr. Alexander Manitoba, Fort Frances, s/o James & Mariah, married Margaret Jane LYONS, 19, Fort Frances, same, d/o John & Rosette, witn: Alfred CROWE & Mary Jane BREYER, both of Fort Frances, 22 April 1896 at Fort Frances 001079-96 Joseph Wandsworth CALLAGHAN, 27, locomotive fireman, Ireland, Webbwood, s/o James & Isabella, married Susan COLVIN, 23, Ireland, Webbwood, d/o William & Lizzie, witn: John McALLISTER, of Sudbury & Miss Mary McKECHNIE of Webbwood on Feb. 5, 1896 at Webbwood
12736-97 John CAMERON, 24, millhand, Ontario, Rat Portage, s/o John & Ann, married Maggie Ann HUGHES, 25, Pembroke, Rat Portage, d/o B. N. & Mary, witn: Robert & Mrs. FOY of Rat Portage, 22 Dec 1896 at Rat Portage 10887-1897 Thomas L. CAMRIDGE, 28, Labour, York Twp., Widdifield Twp., s/o Thomas L. CAMRIDGE & Mary C. MORRISON, married Pricella WEST, 20, Huntley, Widdifield, d/o R.L. WEST & Jane PECK, Wtn. Robert L. WEST, Alice HARVEY, on Nov. 10, 1896, at Widdifield
10812-1897 George Duncan CAMPBELL, 23, Machinist, Bromley Ont, Chapleau, s/o John CAMPBELL & Mary HYNES, married Charlotte Grace COWE, 21, Sand Point, North Bay, d/o William H. COWE & Nancy LEVOI, Wtn. John HANNAH, Elizabeth CURRAN, on Nov. 25, 1896 at North Bay. 1125-96 Hans Martin CARLSEN, 32, section man, Sweden, Barclay, s/o Carl EDMONDSON & Johanna JOHNSTON, married Eliza Christena OLSEN, 28, Denmark, Rat Portage, d/o Preston & Christena OLSEN, witn: Fred SHAW & Anna JENNASON?, 9 Nov 1896 at Rat Portage
1128-96 John CARLSEN, 26, mill hand, Sweden, Rat Portage, s/o Carl CARLSEN & Christine ANDERSON, married Saha ANDERSON, 23, Norway, Rat Portage, d/o Andrew OLSEN & Berta SWANSTON, witn: William PALMER & Larua CARLSEN, 19 Dec 1896 at Rat Portage 008745-96 - Richard CARNE, 34, Newland -Cornwall England, Wisawasa, widower, laborer, s/o Henry & Elizabeth CARNE, to Margaret BAILEY, 33, Co. Antrim Ireland, Widdifield Twp., d/o Alexander & Sarah BAILEY, witn William James & Sarah Jane PEEL, both of Widdifiled, 22 April 1896 at North Bay
001092-96 John CARSON, 21, lumberman, Quebec, Cache Bay, s/o Robert & Margaret, married Catherine Elizabeth CRAIG, 21, Quebec, Cache Bay, d/o Luke & Mary, witn: Margaret & Ellen CARSON both of Cache Bay on Mar. 18, 1896 at Cache Bay 16288-97 (Algoma Co) Charles CASTONQUAY, 24, machinist, Heptamine, Cutler, s/o Joseph & Annie CASTONQUAY married Maggie COLLINNE, 25, Ottawa, Cutler, d/o Alex & Vereime COLLINNE, witn: Mrs. G. A. JORDAN & Miss, J. G. LOW of Webbwood, 30 Dec 1896, Webbwood
10809-1897 George CHALMERS, 24, Railway Agent, Galt, Haggarty Twp., s/o George & Jane CHALMERS, married Lillie E. VAIL, 24, Potsdam USA., Ratter Twp., d/o Frank M & Margaret VAIL, Wtn. Eldon J. NEWTON, Mary JOHNS, on June 2, 1896 at Warren  
001100-96 Jolis CHARBONNEAU, 28, yeoman, Quebec, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Ensilie CHARBONNEAU & Henrietta LAUZON, married Lena BELLIVEAU, 19, Quebec, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Augustine BELLIVEAU & Elein LALONDE, witn: none given, on Aug. 16, 1896 at Sturgeon Falls. (RC) 2552-97 (Algoma Co) Ernest CHARETTE, 25, dining car waiter, not given, Chapleau, s/o Antoine CHARETTE & Celina BOURGOIN married Delia FORGET, 18, not given, Chapleau, d/o Calixte FORGET & Sophie DANOSIER, witn: Lambert LAFRANCE & Anetole ARCHAMBAULT of Chapleau, 22 Sept 1896, Chapleau
  10784-98 Joseph CHEVRIER, 24, farmer, Canada East, Warren, s/o Napoleon CHEVRIER & Eveline LETULIPPE, married Rose Anna BERTRAND, 16, Canada East, Warren, d/o Napoleon BERTRAND & Delima DELORME, witn: Ferdinand BERTRAND & Arthemise LEGAULT, both of Warren, 14 Sept 1896 at RC Church, Warren
008757-96 - Paul Alexander COBBOLD, 34, Dedham - Essex England, Haileybury , merchant , s/o Roland T. & Sarah Francis COBBOLD, to Clara Delphina BERRY, 30, Kelso Scotland, Haileybury, widow, d/o Edward & Ruth Louisa PROBYN, witn Emily Farr & Henry G. WOOD, both of Haileybury, 21 Oct 1896 at Mrs. C. C. Farr's residence in Haileybury 8753-96 - John COCKERLINE, 28, Hullet Twp., North Bay, railroading, s/o Robert & Elizabeth COCKERLINE, to Isabella THORPE, 23, Hull Ontario, North Bay, d/o Atkin & Margaret THORPE, witn J. J. McGONIGUL & Maggie BROWN, both of North Bay, 17 August 1896 at North Bay
008740-96 - Anthony Johnstone COCKERLINE, 24, Morris Kincardine Ontario (sic), Noth Bay, railroading, s/o Robert & Elizabeth COCKERLINE, to Elizabeth Helen HUGHES, 23, Perth Ontario, North Bay, d/o Robert & Annie HUGHES, witn Christopher WYNN & Christinia TAYLOR, 27 March 1896 at North Bay 002976-00 Edgar COLLWOOD, 29, steward, Liverpool Eng., Sault Ste Marie, s/o Edgar & Jane, married Hannah PARR, 20, Canada, Sault Ste Marie, d/o Fred & Elizabeth, witn: Walter GRAY & Lizzie ARMSTRONG both of Sault Marie on Oct. 9, 1896 at Sault Ste Marie
2664-97 (Algoma Co) Henry COLON, 21, lumberman, Norfolk, Howland, s/o Henry COLON & Martha Jane TOAY? married Mary Alice MCVAY, 18, Ashfield, Howland, d/o Matthias MCVAY & Sarah LITTLE, witn: Marshall GARBUTT & Maggie GARBUTT of Little Current, 16 Sept 1896, Howland 008750-96 - Juco COTIEU, 18, Indian River, same, laborer, s/o Juco COTIEU & Mary Anne ANTOINE, to Hanna COMMANDA, 17, Indian River, same, d/o Semo COMMANDA & Mury LARONDE, witn William DUSCHERIEAU of Indian River, Susanna STEPHENS of North Bay, 29 June 1896 at North Bay
10813-1897 Jacko COUCHAI, Beaucage, Beaucage, s/o Jacko COUCHAI, & Mary Ann ANTOINE, married Hannah COMMANDA, Bp. not given, Beaucage, d/o Semo COMMANDA & Mary LARONDE, Wtn. William DUCHENEAU, Susanna STEPHENS, on June 29, 1896 at North Bay. 1112-96 Henry CRAGGS, 22, section man, Lincoln England, Ostersand, s/o James & Amy, married Maria HEARN, 24, Buckingham England, Ostersand, d/o James F. & Bridget, witn: Robert GILL & Maggie BROWN, both of Ostersand, 22 Jan 1896 at Ostersand
001117-96 Herbert S. DANSLY, 22, Buckveler?, Rat Portage, Brakeman, s/o George DANSLY & Lucinda LUCINDA, married Minnie ELDRIDGE, 18, Port Colborne, Rat Portage, d/o Jesse E. ELDRIDGE & Mary Ann ELDRIDGE. Wtn: James WILCOX & Mrs. ELDRIDGE on July 8, 1896 at Rat Portage 001090-96 Andrew DAVIDSON, 41, carpenter, widower, Colborne Ontario, Gore Bay, s/o John & Margaret, married Jane RAMSEY, 26, Sutton West, Cutler, d/o William S & Susan, witn: Dr. S. E. FLEMING of Webbwood & Mrs. W. W. GRANT of Spanish Station on Dec. 30, 1896 at Webbwood
10783-1897 Joseph Adam DEVENNY, 30, Clerk, Buckingham Que., Whitney, s/o Adam DEVENNY Janet McCULLOUGH married Laura Agnes TAYLOR, 19, Pembroke, Murchison, d/o John TAYLOR & Elizabeth PAYNE, Wtn. Charles E. DEVENNY, Maggie E. TAYLOR, on Dec. 23, 1896, at Murchison 001049-96 James DEVLIN, 26, railroader, New York City, Whitney, s/o Francis & Jane, married Mary Jane ELLIS, 30, widow, Co. Down Ireland, Whitney, d/o George McIVOR & Ann BLACK, witn: Fred McCALLUM of Renfrew & Eliza STEWART of New Bliss on Sept 2, 1896 at Whitney.
  1117-96 Herbert S. DOUSLEY, 22, brakeman, Brockville, Rat Portage, s/o George DOUSLEY & Lucinda LUCINDA (sic), married Minnie ELDRIDGE, 18, Port Colborne, Rat Portage, d/o Jesse E. & Mary Ann, witn: James WILCOX & Mr?. ELDRIDGE, 8 July1896 at Rat Portage
10811 1897 Richard DOUGLAS, 38, Labour, Carleton, North Bay, s/o John & Margaret DOUGLAS, married Minnie T. A. GOLTZ, 28, Berlin Germany, North Bay, d/o William & Lena GOLTZ, Wtn. John DOUGLAS, Hattie GOLTZ, on Oct. 28, 1896 at North Bay. 008752-96 - William DUCHENEAU, 32, Beaucage, same, laborer, s/o William DUCHENEAU & Mary SIMPSON, to Marion ANTOINE, 30, not given, Mattawa, d/o Francis & Elizabeth ANTOINE, witn David BEAUCAGE & Philomena LAUVOIRE, both of Beaucage, 9 July 1896 at North Bay
#001141-96 (Algoma Dist): Pierre ERSSE (Ensse?), 20, lumberman, Wikwenikong?, Kinsbutch?, s/o Jean Baptiste & Genevieve, married Catherine TRUDEAU, 16, Wikwenikong?, Kinsbutch?, d/o Andre & Christine TRUDEAU alias Otawaningewa, witn: J.B. BEAUDRY of Massey Stn & James SHABESENS of Cutter, 26 June 1896 at Massey Stn (Rom Cath) 008741-96 - Walter G. EVANS, 22, Hollon Landing Ont (Holland Landing?), North Bay, brakeman, s/o H. J. & Mary Jane EVANS, to Louisa H. CONE, 17, Sand Point, North Bay, d/o William Henry & Annie CONE, witn Lottie G. CONE & James McGONIGAL, both of North Bay, 8 April 1896 at North Bay
2626-97 John J. FEE, 29, lumberman, Ontario, Little Current, s/o James FEE & Bella JELLY, married Fanny A. E. HENRY, 23, Ontario, Little Current, d/o Charles HENRY & Martha SLADE, witn: David STRINGER & Annie McMINN, both of Little Current, 21 Oct. 1896 at Little Current 001086-96 Charles R. GLOVER, 21, clerk, Bay City Michigan, Massey Station, s/o Rolla GLOVER & Sarah GIBSON, married Mary J. MILLER, 18, Osceola Michigan, Massey Station, d/o T. J. MILLER and Mary J. ALLEN, witn: T. J. & Susanna MILLER both of Massey, on Sept. 23, 1896 at Massey Station.
#001144-96 (Algoma Dist): John GRAHAM, 30, farmer, not given, Walford, s/o John GRAHAM & Elizabeth SCAMFOSE?, married Caroline ZETTLER, 26, not given, Walford, d/o Anthony ZETTLER & Margaret McCARTNEY, witn: Floria & Francesca ZETTLER of Walford, 8 Jan 1896 at Walford (Rom Cath) 008746-96 - Ferdinand GRATTON, 23, not given, Widdifield, farmer, s/o Barnaby GRATTON & Victoria PRESEAULT, to Hosanna TOUISSANT, 19, not given, Widdifield, d/o Louis TOUISSANT & Olivina AUBIN, witn Louis TOUISSANT & Pamilla GRATTON, both of Widdifield, 22 June 1896 at North Bay
001087-96 William James GUEST, 28, not given, Haley Station, Massey Station, s/o George & Catherine, married Annie E. BRINDALL, 28, Spencerville, Massey Station, d/o William Asa BRINDALL & Catherine CLEARY, witn: Sarah WHITNEY of Walford & John MUNCASTER of Massey Station on July 30, 1896 at Walford 10785-1898 Pierre GUILMETTE, 33, Labour, Canada East, Warren, s/o Pierre GUILMETTE & Delima GRENIER, married Apolina CLOUTIER, 22, Canada East, Warren, d/o Orendomic CLOUTHIER & Alphonsine McMURRAY, Wtn. Archer SCOTT, Alphonsine CHENETTE, on June 29, 1896 at Warren
10754-1897 James Harding GUTHRIE, 22, Section Foreman, CPR., Arnprior, Romford, s/o William GUTHRIE & Mary HARDING, married Ellen Mary McKEEN, 22, Williamsburg Twp., Warren, d/o William McKEEN & Elizabeth THOMPSON, Wtn. Ella DALE, William GUTHRIE, on Dec. 30, 1896 at Warren 12731-97 George William HADLEY, 27, merchant, New York, Rat Portage, s/o Andrew & Agnes, married Isabella Clark LEASK, 21, Dundee Scotland, Rat Portage, d/o Magnus & Margaret, witn: Allen SHAW & Edna CLARK, both of Rat Portage, 7 Oct 1896 at Rat Portage
008739-96 - James Robert Lee HALLOCK, 26, Co. Grey, Wahnapitae, prospector, s/o James D. & Sarah Ann HALLOCK, to Rebecca Jane CRYDERMAN, 16, Co. Simcoe, Wahnapitae, d/o John T. & Abagail CRYDERMAN, witn J. R. CRYDERMAN & Carrie SALMON, both of Walmapitar, 3 March 1896 at Wahnapitae  

14159-97 Thomas HAMER, 25, laborer, Preston - Lancashire England, Bremner CPR station, s/o Thomas HAMER & Ellen ETNOUGH?, married Sarah HARVEY, 19, Ontario, Bremner Station, d/o John HARVEY & Jane LINKLATER, witn: Samuel CUNNINGHAM & Annie HARVEY, both of Bremner Station, 24 Sept 1896 at Bremner Station

2610-97 (Algoma Co) Albert J. HAMILTON, 24, engineer, Centerville NB, Spanish Station, s/o Gustaves & Annie HAMILTON married Christiana TROWBRIDGE, 20, King Station, Spanish Station, d/o Albert TROWBRIDGE & Nora LANG, witn: Albert TROWBRIDGE & Mora LANG of Spanish Station, 21 Oct. 1896, Spanish Station
12732-97 Edward HAMMELL, 34, miner, Ontario, Rat Portage, s/o William & Margaret, married Amy JENNINGS, 27, London England, Rat Portage, d/o Thomas & Eliza, witn: James & Nellie WALLACE of Rat Portage, 14 Oct. 1896 at Rat Portage 2658-97 (Algoma Co) Amos HARPER, 25, farmer, Bruce Co, Sault Ste Marie Michigan, s/o Hugh HARPER & Amarilla TEDD married Clara Ann WESLEY, 27, Lambton Co, Sault Ste Marie Ontario, d/o Charles WESLEY & Louisa ALFORD, witn: William GREIG of Sault Ste Marie Michigan & Nellie WESLEY of Sault Ste Marie Ontario, 12 Jan 1896, Sault Ste Marie
002975-00 David A. HARRISON, 21, traveler, of Sault Ste Marie, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Ellen E. DAY, 18, of Sault Ste Marie, d/o Edward & Elizabeth, witn: William J. CHAMBRAY & Margaret J. HARRISON both of Sault Ste Marie on Dec. 4, 1896 at Sault Ste Marie. 001050-96 William HASKINS, 25, fire warden, Camden, Victoria Lake, s/o James & Ann, married Maryanne J.CARSWELL, 21, McKenzie Lake, same, d/o John CARSWELL & Ann PAYNE, witn: George & Mary Ann CARSWELL both of McKenzie Lake on Oct. 7, 1896 at McKenzie Lake.
008656-96 Narcisse HEBERT, 30, farmer, Quebec, Gibbons, s/o Narcisse HEBERT & Jeanne BISON, married Marie C. VEZINA, 19, Russell, Gibbons, d/o Joseph VEZINA & Flavie HEBERT, witn: Paulie ST. JEAN & Emma MORIN both of Gibbons on Mar. 24, 1896 at Sturgeon Falls. (RC) 001094-96 Narcisse HEBERT, 28, yeoman, Quebec, Gibbon Tp. s/o Narcisse HERBERT & J. BISSON, married Marie C. VEZINA, 20, Quebec, Gibbon Tp. d/o Joseph VEZINA & Flavia HEBERT, witn: non given, on Mar. 24, 1896 at Sturgeon Falls. (RC)
1129-96 John HEDLUND, 26, miner, Sweden, Rat Portage, s/o Gustaf HEDLUND & Sofa PETERSON, married Hilda CARLSEN, 26, Sweden, Rat Portage, d/o Carls ANDERSON & Lisa, witn: Mrs?. Nels LARSON & Robert CUTHBERT, 19 Dec 1896 at Rat Portage 1127-96 James HENDERSON, 26, engineer, Halton, Rat Portage, s/o John & Cander?, married Annie KAY, 26, Dundee Scotland, Rat Portage, d/o John & Annie, witn: H. E. ROBINSON & Euphemia KAY, 9 Dec 1896 at Rat Portage
008701-96 - George HODGINS, 28, Huntley Twp. -Ontario, Lots 14 & 15 -Con 10 - Chisholm Twp., farmer, s/o William & Rachael HODGINS, to Lily Emily SKINNER, 17, Brighton - Sussex England, Lots 15 & 16 -Con 12 - Chilsholm Twp., d/o Henry James & Matilda Jane SKINNER, witn Florence E. TOPPS & Henry C. SKINNER, both of Chisholm Twp., 18 March 1896 at Lots 15 & 16 -Con. 12 -Chisholm Twp 001089-96 John HOLLAND, 41, laborer, Toronto, Webbwood, s/o Joseph & Charlotte, married Margaret Ann STEWART, 43, widow, Montreal, Webbwood, d/o Duncan KENNEDY & Ann MacDONALD, witn: Archie STEWART & Mrs Agnes BENTLEY both of Webbwood on Oct. 23, 1896 at Webbwood
1126-96 August JOHNSON, 31, mill hand, Sweden, Rat Portage, s/o John & Ann, married Annette MODALL, 28, Sweden, Rat Portage, d/o Lars & F., witn: Charles & Christena JOHNSTON, 17 Nov 1896 at Rat Portage 1123-96 William Sarge JOHNSON, 36, London, Rat Portage, s/o Joseph & Jane, married Mary Jane COX, 38, widow, of Rat Portage, d/o William A. & Maria SHARPE, witn: Eliza Jane WERDEN & Jessie PAGE, 13 July 1896 at Rat Portage
001085-96 John JOHNSON, 35, farmer, Holland, Walford, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Angeline ASSINAWA, 46 Manitowaning, Walford, d/o John & Mary, witn: John & Margaret WHEELER both of Walford on Sept. 15, 1896 at Lutterworth Tp. [reg'd in Algoma Dist] 002511-97 William JOHNSTONE, 26, ironworker, Hamilton, Little Current, s/o George & Mary, married Margaret HANNAH, 24, Arran Ontario, Assiginack, d/o Andrew & Electa, witn: Willie & M. HANNAH both of Bidwell Tp. on Oct. 15, 1896 at Bidwell
10782-1897 James Orville JONES, 24, Mill Sawyer, Boardman Wisc., Whitney, s/o Isaac JONES & Martha BENSON, married Annie O'NEILL, 18, Almonte, Whitney, d/o Patrick O'NEILL & Bridget CULHAN, Wtn. James Mark CRAIN, Teressa FITZMAURICE, on Dec. 28, 1896 at Whitney 2554-97 (Algoma Co) Ferdinand KELLY, 30, lumberman, not given, Cartier, s/o Charles KELLY & Ellen DONNELLY married Isabella ARMSTRONG, 22, not given, Cartier, d/o Robert ARMSTRONG & Catherine MCKECHNIE, witn: J. J. TURCOTTE & Mary TREMBLAY of Chapleau, 3 Nov 1896, Cartier

14189-97 Samuel Alexander KING, 26, merchant, of Nipigon, s/o Samuel & Matilda, married Caroline IRISH, 28, widow, of Nipigon, d/o William GALBRAITH & Eliza, witn: J. JOURDAN & ? TUCK, 25 Nov 1896 at Nipigon

1122-96 John Ine--? KNAUFF, 29, miner, Quebec, Rat Portage, s/o Jacob & Martha, married Martha MANNING (spelled Maning), 23, Winnipeg, Rat Portage, d/o Joseph & Margaret, witn: D. B. DULMAGE & Miss EVERETT, 10 Sept 1896 at Rat Portage
008744-96 - Alexander Alfred LAFAVE, 26, Pembroke, Cache Bay, lumbering, s/o Alexander & Maggie LAFAVE, to Mary McCauley BOYLE, 19, Tuckers Creek - Renfrew, Cache Bay, d/o Robert & Margaret BOYLE, witn William R. BOYLE & M. F. JESSUP., both of North Bay, 15 April 1896 at North Bay 10783-98 Joseph LAGRANDEUR, 20, farmer, Canada East, Warren, s/o Joseph LAGRANDEUR & Philomid ARCAND, married Elise VALLEE, 17, Canada East, Warren, d/o Jean VALLEE & Marguerite LABRIE, witn: George & Georgina DUBEAU of Warren, 15 Oct. 1896 at RC Church, Warren
2596-97 Charles LANE, 27, farmer, Hampshire England, Barrie Island, s/o John & Sarah, married Elizabeth A. GREENMAN, 21, Collingwood, Barrie Island, d/o Thomas Baker GREENMAN & Delila MORRIS, witn: Henry WHITBY (Whitley?) & Edith Sophia GREENMAN, both of Barrie Island, 25 Dec 1896 at Barrie Island 01088-96 Frank E. LANG, 27, laborer, Coldwater, Spanish Station, s/o John LANG & Elizabeth MARTIN, married Nora Lee HAMILTON, 22, Florenceville N.B., Spanish Station, d/o John HAMILTON & Annie WRIGHT, witn: Sarah WHITNEY of Walford & Charles HAMILTON of Spanish Station on Sept. 23, 1896 at Spanish Station
2553-97 (Algoma Co) Alex LANGEVIN, 60, widower, laborer, not given, Biscotasing, s/o not given, married Marie LASHNOLEAU?, 54, widow, not given, Biscotasing, d/o not given, witn: Jeremie PROULX & Thomas MESSEWIER? of Biscotasing, 14 Oct. 1896, Biscotasing 001095-96 Pierre LARIVIERE, 21, yeoman, Quebec, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Noel LARIVIERE & Philomine GAUTHIER, married Marguerite LEBEAU, 18, Quebec, Sturgeon Falls, d/o M. LEBEAU & Mary OWENS, witn: none given, on Apr. 16, 1896 at Sturgeon Falls. (RC)
008645-96 Pierre LARIVIERE, 27, laborer, Pembroke, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Noel LARIVIERE & Philomine GAUTHIER, married Maguey LEBEAU, 23, Pembroke, Sturgeon Falls, d/o M. LEBEAU & Mary OWENS, witn: Theodore LARIVIERE & Mary LEBEAU both of Sturgeon Falls on Apr. 16, 1896 at Sturgeon Falls. (RC) 008643-96 Fred LEBLANC, 22, farmer, Quebec, Springer, s/o Julien LEBLANC & Charlotte HURTEAU, married Philomine BELLEFEUILLE, 30, Quebec, Springer, d/o Felix BELLEFEUILLE & Delima PROUDHOMME, witn: Francis LEBLANC & Adelia BELLEFEUILLE both of Springer on July 20, 1896 at Sturgeon Falls. (RC)
001099-96 Fredericus LEBLANC, 27, yeoman, Quebec, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Julian LEBLANC & Charlotte HURTEAU, married Philomene BELLEFEUILLE, 21, Quebec, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Felix BELLEFEUILLE, & Delma PRUDHOMME, witn: none given, on July 20, 1896 at Sturgeon Falls. (RC) 008743-96 - Michael LEPAGE, 31, Joliette PQ., North Bay, widower, farmer, s/o Melchior LEPAGE & Philomen LAGACE, to Basilia CHAPUT, 22, Allumete Island, North Bay, d/o Baptist CHAPUT & Rochelle VALLANCOURT, witn Baptist CHAPUT of Allumette Island, Alexina St. PIERRE of North Bay, 14 April 1896 at North Bay
2545-97 Jesse LEHMAN, 22, merchant, Canada, Kagawong, d/o Abraham & Annie, married Kate McLEOD, 19, Canada, Gore Bay, d/o James & Mary, witn: James FISHER & Nancy LEHMAN, both of Gore Bay, 12 Aug 1896 at Gore Bay 1115-96 Edward LEVETT, 26, farmer, Ontario, Rat Portage, s/o William LEVETT & Catherine SPRATT?, married Rosabel WINTERMAN, 17, Michigan, Rat Portage, d/o W. F. & Mary, witn: Joseph ARMSTRONG & W. J. WINTERMAN, 3 April 1896 at Rat Portage
1001-96 Edward John LOCKE, 23, tinsmith, Yorkshire England, Fort Frances, s/o Ephraim & Charlotte, married Isabella M. McDONALD, 17, Selkirk Manitoba, Fort Frances, d/o William & Margaret, witn: Christena McDONALD & Edward LYONS, both of Fort Frances, 16 Jan 1896 at Fort Frances #001143-96 (Algoma Dist): Alfred LONGPIE, 22, farmer, Quebec, Massey Station, s/o Louis LONGPIE & Angelique LEMAY, married Delina CRULLERIER, 20, Quebec, Massey Station, d/o Ambroise CRULLERIER & Delina GAGNON, witn: Adelon VEZINA & Josephine CRULLERIER, both of Massey Station, 20 Jan. 1896 at Massey Station (Rom Cath)
  12733-97 George MAGGARTY (Muggarty?), 21, laborer, Selkirk, Rat Portage, s/o Julius & Isabella, married Margaret CORRIGALL, 21, St. Andrews, Rat Portage, d/o W. C. & Marie, witn: William CORRIGALL & Jessie MUGGARTY, both of Rat Portage, 22 Oct. 1896 at Rat Portage
001096-96 - A. MAJOR, 26, yeoman, Quebec, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Gideon MAJOR & Marie LARIVIERE, married Exilda BEAULI--? (Page cut off), 20, Quebec, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Cyrille MONETTE (sic) & Aurele BOUIN--?( Page cut off), witn: none given, on Apr. 19, 1896 at Sturgeon Falls. (RC) 008646-96 Amedè MAJOR, 38, farmer, Quebec, Springer, s/o Gideon MAJOR & Marie LARIVIERE, married Exilda BEAULIEU, 32, widow, Quebec, Springer, d/o Cyrille MONETTE & Aurelie BOVIN, witn: Michel LARIVIERE & Charles GAUTHIER both of Sturgeon Falls on Apr. 19, 1896 at Sturgeon Falls. (RC)
001048-96 Allen MATHESON, 29, farmer, Ohio USA, Burpee Twp., s/o David & Mary, married Mary Ann BAILEY, 18, Grey Co., Burpee Twp., d/o James & Catherine, witn: Charles BELL & Janet BAILEY both of Burpee on July 1, 1896 at residence of bride's father James Bailey of Burpee Twp 2655-97 Robert McCULLOCH, 30, farmer, Canada, Korah twp., s/o Thomas & Mary Ann, married Marianne WILDING, 26, England, Korah twp., d/o George & Mary, witn: John & Adelaide WILDING of Korah twp., 30 Dec 1896 at Christs church, Korah
008728-96 - John McCURDY, 32, Halton Co., North Bay, carpenter, s/o Angus & Catherine McCURDY, to Elizabeth Edith HARWOOD, 21, Glamorganshire -Wales, North Bay, d/o John & Susannah HARWOOD, witn I. HAWLEY & Sarah HARWOOD, both of North Bay, 14 Sep 1896 at North Bay 1116-96 Daniel McDONALD, 19, railroad man, Grey Co., Rat Portage, s/o Allan & Catherine, married Isabella MORISON, 22, Stornaway Scotland, Rat Portage, d/o John & Annie, witn: Joseph ARMSTRONG & Laura WESTGATE, 17 June 1896 at Rat Portage
2665-97 (Algoma Co) James Albert McGILL, 22, lumberman, Markham, Howland, s/o William & Louisa MCGILL married Ann Eliza EDWARDS, 20, Howland, Howland, d/o Edward EDWARDS & Ann PRYKE, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Hiram BRANDON of Howland, 16 Sept 1896, Howland 08729-96 - Robert Henry McJAMES (McJanet?), 22, Milton -Ont., Cache Bay, blacksmith, s/o Thomas McJAMES & Jessie BERNARD, to Jennie EBERT, 22, Litchfield - Co. Pow--?? (cut off), d/o John EBERT & Albin(?) FROST, witn Julia LINDSAY & Archibald McGRA? (cut off) both of Cache Bay, 23 Sep 1896 at North Bay
1346-96 Donald McLEOD, 28, lumberman, Bexley twp., Keewatin, s/o Farquhar & Jessie, married Alexandrina SUTHERLAND, 23, Scotland, Keewatin, d/o Angus & Marion, witn: H. W. ESHLIN & Edith ORR, both of Keewatin, 3 June 1896 at Keewatin 12735-97 Kenneth McLEOD, 44, cook, Scotland, Rat Portage, s/o Neil & Katherine, married Christena HAMILTON, 35, New Brunswick, Rat Portage, d/o James & Mary, witn: Mr. NAIRN & Mrs. D. CAMPBELL, both of Rat Portage, 9 Nov 1896 at Rat Portage
  #001006-96 (Thunder Bay Dist): Joseph Edward McNAB, 22, farmer, Marquette Mich., Fort William, s/o Joseph McNAB & Hanna GARDEN, married Mary BURIN, 23, Edinburgh Scotland, Winnipeg Man., d/o William HASGOW? & Mary BURIN, witn: Mr. W. D. TIPER? & Miss A. KIRKNY?, 19 Feb 1896 at Port Arthur
01098-96 Alexander MICHAUD, 29, yeoman, Quebec, Cartier, s/o Sifroid MICHAUD, & Flavie GODEOUT, married Victoria LEBLANC, 21, Quebec, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Alex LEBLANC & Adelaide SOUCIER, witn: none given, on July 6, 1896 at Sturgeon Falls. (RC) 008642-96 Alex MICHAUD, 24, laborer, Quebec, Chapleau, s/o Sifroid MICHAUD & Flavie GODBOIS, married Victoria LEBLANC, 18, Quebec, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Alexandre LEBLANC & Adelaide SAUCIER, witn: Joseph BELIVEAU of Cartier & Silvie McKAY of Sturgeon Falls on July 6, 1896 at Sturgeon Falls. (RC)
1133-96 Angelo MONTEBELLO, 35, railroad hand, Italy, Oxdrift, s/o Pietre MONTEBELLO & Pers SEVERINA, married Clement BOTTELLI, 19, Italy, Oxdrift, d/o Joseph BOTTELLI & Amelia AMABA, witn: Carson MONTEBELLO & Theodolinfa MONAGHAN, 17 June 1896 at Rat Portage 12734-97 William Robert MONTGOMERY, 34, millwright, Haldimand Co., Rat Portage, s/o James & Ann Jane, married Jessie WOODWARD, 30, England, Rat Portage, d/o John & Helen, witn: A. J. & Mrs. TAYLOR of Rat Portage, 1 Dec 1896 at Rat Portage
1131-96 Louis MORIN, 22, laborer, Montreal, Rat Portage, s/o Calstin? MORIN & Caroline St.PIERRE, married Marie CYR, 17, Manitoba, Rat Portage, d/o Joseph & Marie, witn: Celestine MORIN & Frederic MONGRAVE?, 12 April 1896 at Rat Portage 2663-97 (Algoma Co) John George MORPHET, 24, farmer, Collingwood, Howland, s/o Robert MORPHET & Isabella LISSON married Mary Elizabeth SKIPPEN, 21, Bidwell, Howland, d/o John SKIPPEN & Hannah HEADSTONE, witn: W. J. SKIPPEN of Little Current & Margaret E. SKIPPEN of Green Bay, 16 Sept 1896, Howland
008749-96 - Charles MOUR, 22, Moose Factory, Temagamingue, hunter, s/o not given, to Emma TURNER, 20, not given, Temagamingue, d/o John & Mary TURNER, witn Joseph TURNER of Temagamingue, Margaret TURNER of Mattawa, 28 June 1896 on the shore of Lake Temiceamingue #001009-96 (Thunder Bay Dist): Donald MURRAY, 28, fisherman, Goderich, Rosport, s/o Allan MURRAY& Mary McDONALD, married Barbara GAVIN, 19, Peterboro, Oliver, d/o William GAVIN & Grace HOSKINS, witn: Mrs. Allan MURRAY & Winnifred McKENZIE, 20 Jan 1896 at Port Arthur
1106-96 Patrick O'CONNOR, 26, fisherman, Ireland, Lisgar Point - Lake of the Woods, s/o John & Bridget, married Sarah Jane MacPHERSON, 18, Saleskay? Bay - Lake of the Woods, same, d/o George & Sophia, witn: E. P. JACKSON & George MacPHERSON & Joseph MORRISON, 8 Jan 1896 at Sasbackey? Bay 12737-97 John NEALE, 25, clerk, England, Rat Portage, s/o Job (John?) & Emma, married Isabella Ann SHERRINGTON, 16, Parry Sound, Rat Portage, d/o James & Fannie, witn: William SHERRINGTON & William FLOWERS, both of Rat Portage, 25 Dec 1896 at Rat Portage
  1114-96 John NELSEN, 24, mill hand, Sweden, Rat Portage, s/o Nels & Catherine, married Sarah Augusta ERICKSON, 19, Sweden, Rat Portage, d/o Erick ERICKSON & Catherine, witn: Theodore JOHNSEN & Ann Christena CARLSEN, 30 May 1896 at Rat Portage
001051-96 Harry NELSON, 32, mill hand, widower, Norway, Whitney, s/o Hans & Caroline, married Mary Ann FOREN, 34, widow, Sebastopol, Whitney, d/o James NELSON & Ann GALLAGHER, witn: Julius & Margaret SAUTERNE both of Whitney on November 20, 1896 at Whitney. (RC) 2624-97 Elmont E. PATTISON, 22, farmer, Ontario, Kagawong, s/o William PATTISON & Jenet TURLEY, married Mary BURCH, 19, Ontario, Providence Bay, d/o George BURCH & Elizabeth McDONALD, witn: R. M. JORDAN & Mrs. S. W. DEAN, both of Little Current, 28 Aug. 1896 at Little Current
#014282-1898 (Thunder Bay District): Victor PELLETIER, 37, merchant, St Rischal Quebec, Gunflint, s/o William PELLETIER & Adela BRIANT, married Malvina BARNES, 33, widow, Quebec, Port Arthur, no parents listed; wit: Peter SHALEN, Edwige MARIN. 25 Aug 1896 at Port Arthur 1132-96 Alfred PEPIN, 34, laborer, Quebec, Rat Portage, s/o Louis PEPIN & Julina CAUDETTE, married Leine LAROCQUE, 17, Winnipeg, Rat Portage, d/o Augustis & Henriette, witn: Augustis LAROCQUE & Louis PAQUIN, 16 April 1896 at Rat Portage
#001142-95 (Algoma Dist): Jean Baptiste POTVIN, 42, widower, lumberman, not given, Massey Station, s/o not given, married Marcille STRASBOURG, 34, Quebec, Massey, d/o Pierre STRASBOURG & Addie LAFRANCE, witn: Pierre STRASBOURG & Nazaire WASS, both of Massey Station, 26 June 1896 at Massey Station (Rom Cath) 10806-1897 George RACICOT, 22, Section Hand, Montebello Que., Bonfield, s/o Felix & Louise RACICOT, married Annie May RACICOT, 21, Montebello Que., Bonfield, d/o Emery RACICOT & Elizabeth SEGUIN, Wtn. Elizabeth & Margaret McADAM, on Oct. 9, 1896 at North Bay
001113-96 Thomas Edwin RILEY, 21, Ontario, Winnipeg, Tailor, s/o George RILEY & Catherine RILEY married Florence May BOWENS (Burrows?), 21, Ontario, Winnipeg, d/o Frederick BOWENS & Jane BOWENS. Wtn: Archer McLEOD & Agnes McLEOD at Rat Portage on July 1, 1896 008748-96 - John Alexander ROSS, 24, Port Dalhousie, North Bay, clerk, s/o Alexander M. ROSS & Jennie E. LAURIE, to June Emma SHOTTON, 26, Montreal, North Bay, d/o James SHOTTON & Margaret Ann LAWSON, witn Alfred RONALDSON & Lillian SHOTTON, both of North Bay, 24 June 1896 at North Bay
008655-96 Joseph ST. AUBIN, 23, farmer, Quebec, Badgero, s/o Joseph ST. AUBIN & Vitaline ST. ONGE, married Eulalie TANGUAY, 20, Quebec, Badgero, d/o Pierre TANGUAY & Hermeline LEGAULT, witn : Adelor ST. AUBIN & Selenire TANGUAY both of Badgero on Feb. 16, 1896 at Sturgeon Falls. (RC) 001093-96 Jos. St. AUBIN, 26, yeoman, Quebec, Badgerow, s/o Joseph ST. AUBIN & Vitaline ST. ONGE, married Eulalie TANGUAY, 20, Quebec, Badgerow, d/o Pierre TANGUAY & Hairilie LEGAULT, none given, on Feb. 16, 1896 at Sturgeon Falls. (RC)
1121-96 Nelson SCHNARR, 27, dentist, Tavistock Ont., Rat Portage, s/o William & Katherine, married Eva Helen MAYART? (Magart?), 23, Lindsay Ont., Rat Portage, d/o William & Helen, witn: W. L. RESTERN & Mary MAYART?, 28 July 1896 at Rat Portage #001139-96 (Algoma Dist): James J. SHEA, 35, widower, lumberman, Calumette Island, Spanish Station, s/o Michael SHEA & Mary GEROY?, married Mary Ann DUNN, 25, Calumette Island, Spanish Station, d/o William DUNN & Helen HAMILTON, witn: M.P, STELLAN & Augusta HA--, both of Spanish Stn., 14 June 1896 at Spanish Stn (Rom Cath)
001082-96 Warren SMITH, 23, lumberman, Hullett Tp. Bruce Co., Webbwood, s/o Marc & Sarah, married Mary JARVIS, 23, Renfrew Webbwood, d/o John & Margaret, witn: T.& Mary O'CONNOR both of Webbwood on July 26, 1896 at Webbwood 12744-97 Thomas Albert SPENCE, 22, laborer, St. Peters Man., Hungry Hall, s/o Thomas & Julia, married Elizabeth SPENCE, 33, widow, of Hungry Hall, d/o not given, witn: Joseph & Laura GIBBONS of Beaver Mills, 12 Nov 1896 at Beaver Mills RR
10810-1897 Arthur STEPHEN, 28, Labour, Lanark, North Bay, s/o John & Mary A. STEPHEN, married Margaret DUCHENEAU, 28, Widow, Nipissing Twp., Indian Reserve, d/o William & Mary Ann Simpson, Wtn. Annie HUNTINGTON, E. TIPPETT, on June 11, 1896 at North Bay 001081-96 Archibald N. STUART, 24, boxer, Sand Point Ottawa, Webbwood, s/o Neil & Margaret Ann, married Margaret FRANKLIN, 22, Margate Kent -England, Webbwood, d/o Patrick & Margaret, witn: Thomas ARNOTT & Mary McCLUSKY both of Webbwood on Feb. 18, 1896 at Webbwood
2627-97 Arthur SYLVESTER, 21, lumberman, Ontario, Little Current. s/o James SYLVESTER & Laura, married Hettie CAUGHELL, 19, Ontario, Little Current, d/o Walter CAUGHELL & Adda BROWN, witn: Fred ROWE & Latitia PHILLIPS, both of Little Current, 26 Nov 1896 at Little Current 12745-97 Albert James TAYLOR, 27, carpenter, Wellington Ont., Rat Portage, s/o Stephen & Rhoda, married Mary Frances MARTIN, 23, Bruce Ont., Rat Portage, d/o Richard & Lucy, witn: Jennie WOODWARD & Mark MONTGOMERY, both of Rat Portage, 26 Nov 1896 at Rat Portage
  2551-97 (Algoma Co) Alexander Angus THOMSON, 27, locomotive fireman, Dundee Scotland, Chapleau, s/o John & Isabella THOMSON married Julia Josephine St.PIERRE, Point Alexander, Chapleau, d/o Joseph & Mary Ann ST. PIERRE, witn: James McNeice & Lily A. AUSTIN of Chapleau, 29 Dec 1896, Chapleau
008644-96 Peter TREMBLAY, 21, laborer, of Springer, s/o Honore & Helene, married Marie AYOTTE, 18, Quebec, Springer, d/o Louis AYOTTE & Elodie RACETTE, witn: Angelina GAGNON & Louis AYOTTE both of Springer on Oct. 19, 1896 at Sturgeon Falls. (RC) 001101-96 Pitre TREMBLAY, 30, yeoman, Quebec, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Honore TREMBLAY & Helene SEVENNEY, married M. AYOTTE, 21, Quebec, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Francis AYOTTE & Elodie RACITTE, witn: none given on Oct. 19, 1896 at Sturgeon Falls. (RC)
10825-1897 Pierre TREMBLAY, 30, Labour, Quebec, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Honore TREMBLAY & Helene QUINCESEY (sic) married M. AYOTTE, 18, Sturgeon Falls, Same, d/o Israel AYOTTE & Elodie RACETTE, Wtn. Israel AYOTTE, on Oct. 19, 1896 at Sturgeon Falls  
001080-96 James TRODE, 22, labourer, Fox Bay, Webbwood, s/o Henry & Jane Frances TRODE, married Isabella BAILEY, 26, Matachewan, Webbwood, d/o William BAILEY & Margaret McPHERSON, witn: Edward McMILLAN of Webbwood & Edith NEWTON of Massey Ontario on Feb. 22, 1896 at Webbwood 008756-96 - Joseph TRUCHEON, 25, province of Quebec, North Bay, laborer, s/o Xavier TROUCHON & Margaret CROTTEAU, to Matilda Imbeau DE MAUTHA, 24, not given, North Bay, Peter Imbeau DE MAUTHA & Matilda NADEAU, witn Felix & Erminie DE MAUTHA, both of North Bay, 28 September 1896 at North Bay
008747-96 - John TRUCHEON, 19, not given, North Bay, laborer, s/o Xavier TRUCHEON & Margaret COTTEAU, to Emos DUPUIS, 18, not given, North Bay, d/o Arnesse DUPUIS & Mulvinia PREMEAU, witn Joseph TRUCHEON & Xavier TRUCHEON, both of North Bay, 23 June 1896 at North Bay #001007-96 (Thunder Bay Dist): William Frederick TRUCKS, 30, butcher, Dresden Germany, Port Arthur, s/o William Frederick TRUCKS & Paulina LEONARD, married Millie McEWEN, 34, Pictou Nova Scotia, Port Arthur, d/o Joseph McEWEN & Jessie McLEOD, 4 Feb 1896 at Port Arthur
1345-96 William WALKER, 36, widower, farmer, Simcoe Co., Keewatin, s/o John WALKER & Sarah Jane LEE, married Lucy Ann COLLIGNON, 36, widow, Leeds England, Keewatin, d/o Hubert BURLURANT (Burlivant?) & Susanna HODGSON, witn: Bella DOWNS & Walter EASTWOOD, both of Keewatin, 15 April 1896 at Keewatin 001047-96 John WALKER, 26, farmer, Innisfil Twp., Dawson Twp., s/o Samuel & Jane, married Mary Alice CORNELIUS, 18, Port Albert, Burpee Twp., d/o Thomas & Harriet, witn: Thomas CAMPBELL & Mary Ann BAILEY both of Burpee on April 26, 1896 at residence of Mr. Robert Elliott of Burpee Twp
#001010-96 (Thunder Bay Dist): Phineas WARD, 23, locomotive fireman, Birmingham England, Fort William, s/o Thomas WARD & Mary Ann BASFORD, married Benjamina Elizabeth MOWATT, 22, Caithness Scotland, Fort William, d/o Benjamin MOWATT & Janet GUNN, witn: George D. WARD & Jeanie G. illegible, 29 Jan 1896 at Port Arthur 1105-96 Charles Henry WATERMAN, 22, clerk, Stepley England, Rat Portage, s/o William Charles & Harriet, married Constance BRUNEAU, 20, Ottawa, Rat Portage, d/o Anton & Angelina, witn: Ada Jessie PAGE & G. W. SMITH, & Albert VODEN, 1 Jan 1896 at St. Allans Church, Rat Portage
  008742-96 - Richard James WAUGH, 26, Putnam, Walmapitar, railway agent, s/o James & Isabel WAUGH, to Florence Daisie PICKARD, 18, Seattle USA, Walmapitar, d/o George & Hattie PICKARD, witn Charles J. & Annie E. PICKARD, not given, 4 April 1896 at Walmapitar
001084-96 Clarence Wilmot WAY, 22, CPR agent, Columbus Ont, Cutler, s/o John H & Charlotte E., married Maggie Beatrice WAY, 21, Port Burwell, Walford, d/o James & Sophia, witn: Charles H.WAY of Sault Ste Marie & Ann S. CROMARTY of Walford on Sept. 2, 1896 at Walford 008751-96 - Thomas G. WHITE, 26, not given, Wisawasa, farmer, s/o John WHITE & Catherine CARLOW, to Elizabeth STONE, 22, Grenville PQ, Callander, d/o Daniel STONE & Mary GROSJEAN, witn James McBURNEY of Callander, Rosa WHITE of Wisawasa, 7 July 1896 at North Bay
001046-96 Thomas WILKIN, 24, butcher, Ontario, Little Current, s/o Thomas WILKIN & Mary A. UNDERHILL, married Elizabeth Maud TAYLOR, 20, Ontario, Bidwell, d/o George & Sarah, witn: Mrs. D. J. RAYMOND & Jasper WILKIN both of Little Current on Jan. 15, 1896 at Bidwell Twp 001083-96 William WITTY, 27, farmer. Collingwood, Massey Station, s/o Burton & Salome, married Eliza Jane BROWN, 19, Owen Sound, Walford, d/o George & Mary, witn: William BROWN of Massey & Annie BROWN of Walford on Aug. 27, 1896 at Walford
1002-96 Henry Francis WOODWORTH, 22, farmer, England, Fort Frances, s/o Thomas & Myra, married Magdalene STEVENSON, 17, York Factory, Fort Frances, d/o John & Annie, witn: F. C. CORNISH & William WOODS, both of Fort Frances, 10 Jan 1896 at Fort Frances 10807-1897 Edward B. ZEALAND, 25, Watchmaker, Bp. not given, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Samuel Zealand & Jane BRODERICK, married Jennie FLETCHER, 20, Bp. not given, North Bay, d/o Robert N. FLETCHER & Martha ANDERSON, Wtn. L.S. DENT, Mary M. FLETCHER, on Dec. 31, 1896 at North Bay.