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Ontario Co., 1908

birthplace is given before residence, if it was on the registration


15005-08 (Ontario Co): Horace BASCOM, 45, widower, physician, of Uxbridge, s/o John BASCOM, hotel keeper & Amelia ANDERSON, married Mary Louise CROSBY, 29, of Uxbridge, d/o Harmon CROSBY, civil service, & Mary C. GOULD, witn: Mabel SHARPE & Nora CROSBY, both of Uxbridge, 27 Oct 1908 at Uxbridge  
014945-08 (Ontario Co) Leslie James BEARE, 24, farmer, Reach Twp, same s/o William BEARE and Eliza WILSON married Arvella REAL, 25, Reach Twp, same d/o George REAL and Elizabeth LEE, witn: Hattie BEARE (BEANE?) and Wesley REAL, both of Greenbank, February 26, 1908, Greenbank #014935-08 Charles William BOWERMAN, 30, engineer, not given, Port Perry, s/o John BOWERMAN & Louisa KEMPLEY, married Clara Maud SCHELL, 22, not given, Scugog Island, d/o Samuel SCHELL & Mellisa BOLTON, witn: Charles H. SCHELL & Bessie M. SPENCER, both of Port Perry, 22 Dec 1908 at Port Perry
014989-08 (Ontario Co) Jas. Edgerton BRABAZON, 25, farmer, Reach Twp, same s/o Edward BRABAZON and Eliza Ann DOBLE married Annie J. BAGSHAW, 28, housekeeper, Reach Twp, same d/o William BAGSHAW and Evangeline PUGH, witn: Talmage BRABAZON of Vroomanton and George H. BAGSHAW of Wilfrid, June 30, 1908, Uxbridge 15001-08 (Ontario Co): Hezekiah BRETHOUR, 43, widower, mason, of Udora, s/o Edward BRETHOUR & Eliza GUTHRIE, married Ella WATSON, 35, of Udora, d/o David F. WATSON & Ella RUTLEDGE, witn: Phoebe HUNTINGTON & Lilly OLLIFFE, both of Uxbridge, 16 Dec 1908 at Uxbridge

15045-08 Edmund G. BROMELL, 27, farmer, East Whitby twp., Whitby twp., s/o Richard BROMELL & Margaret GOODMAN, married Marion BLAIR, 25, Whitby twp., same, d/o John BLAIR & Janet IMERY, witn: John BROMELL of Raglan & Maggie BLAIR of Brooklin, 25 March 1908 at Whitby twp 

014984-08 (Ontario Co) William James BROWN, 24, farmer, of Thorah Twp s/o Donald BROWN and Mary SKINNER married Maud CONNORS, 24, of Thorah d/o Jerry CONNORS and Eliza DUKELOW, witn: Donald Alexander BROWN and Alice Edna DUKELOW, December 23, 1908, Thorah Twp 014946-08 (Ontario Co) Roy Clifford BRYANT, 25, farmer, Manchester – Reach Twp, same s/o Thomas BRYANT and Elizabeth BURTON married Florence Edith SLEEP, 20, Reach Twp, Seagrave d/o Oliver SLEEP and Martha Ann MOON, witn: Winifred HARDY of Mariposa twp and Mrs. J.W. ROBINS of Seagrave, March 4, 1908, Seagrave
#014933-08 William John CANE, 28, farmer, not given, Manvers, s/o Jacob CANE, farmer & Jane ALLISON, married Cypha WRIGHT, 18, not given, Galloway Twp Victoria, d/o John WRIGHT, farmer & Emily COOPER, witn: William CURRIE & Nellie A LEITCH, both of Port Perry, 18 Nov 1908 at Port Perry #014937-08 George Murray CHISHOLM, 25, farmer, Rama Twp, same, s/o Donald CHISHOLM & Margaret MCLEISH, married Maggie CRONK, 23, Rama Twp, same, d/o Luther H. CRONK & Sarah Margaret IRETON, witn: Grace O. CHISHOLM & Luther Abraham CRONK, both of Rama Twp, date not given at Rama Twp [marriage registered 31 Mar 1908]
14998-08 (Ontario Co): William J. CHITTENDEN, 24, carriage maker, of Windsor, s/o N. H. CHITTENDEN & Hattie J. PETIT, married Mary C. BARRETT, 24, of Windsor, d/o Silas BARRETT & Mary McPHAIL, witn: Frank MILMAN & Clara E. BARRETT, both of Uxbridge, 9 Sept 1908 at Uxbridge 014985-08 (Ontario Co) William John CLAYTON, 26, of Thorah Twp s/o William CLAYTON and Hannah McKINNON married Martha Ellen TUCKER, 24, of Thorah Twp d/o Abel TUCKER and Eliza HOWE, witn: Fred CLAYTON and Nellie TUCKER, December 30, 1908, Thorah Twp
014983-08 (Ontario Co) Alexander COLVILLE, 29, farmer, Brock Twp, Beaverton s/o Thomas COLVILLE and Margaret McEACHERN, married Margaret Christena MORRISON, 29, Thorah, same d/o John MORRISON and Margaret McINNIS, witn: David G. MORRISON and Janet McDONALD, April 8, 1908, Thorah #014949-08 William Francis CROSIER, 26, farmer, Reach Twp, same, s/o Wright CROSIER & Fannie DALTON, married Elizabeth Maud MCDERMOTT, 20, not given, Utica, d/o Thomas MCDERMOTT & Katie MORRISON, witn: David CROSIER, Reach Twp & Vera RIDLEY, Utica, 3 June 1908 at Utica Reach Twp
014972-08 (Ontario Co) Archibald Claude CULVERWELL, 25, farmer, of Zephyr - Scott Twp s/o Robert and Jane CULVERWELL married Minnie MADILL, 25, of Zephyr d/o Robert MADILL and Ruth JONES, witn: F. CULVERWELL of Sutton West and Julia MADILL of Zephyr, November 18, 1908, Zephyr  
#014934-08 George Ernest DAWES, 28, traveller, not given, St John N.B., s/o Clement DAWES, auctioneer & Euphemia Caroline MILLS, married Bertha Helena BEDFORD, 26, teacher, not given, Port Perry, d/o Thomas BEDFORD, farmer & Sabra Bedford JONES, witn: C.W. & Hazel L. JONES, both of Port Perry, 24 Dec 1908 at Port Perry #014932-08 Frederick Norman DAWSON, 27, farmer, not given, Reach Twp, s/o George DAWSON, farmer & Catherine JOHNS, married Florence CORRIN, 20, not given, Port Perry, d/o William CORRIN, clerk & Isabella LENNIE, witn: Isaiah & Mrs. I IRWIN, both of Port Perry, 3 Oct 1908 at Port Perry
#015029-08 Howard Osborne DOBSON, 22, farmer, Reach Twp, same, s/o Thomas DOBSON & Elizabeth GIBBS, married Edith C.C. HOLTRY, 22, Uxbridge Twp, Westminster Twp, d/o Benjamin HOLTRY & Eliza Ann CHRISTIE, witn: Sarah ABRAHAM & Alice MCKAY, both of Whitby, 10 June 1908 at Whitby

15046-08 Oscar Henry DOWNEY, 29, farmer, Whitby twp., Oshawa, s/o Thomas DOWNEY & Ellen HODGES, married Ethel Ina BROWN, 27, Myrtle, same, d/o Frank BROWN & Matilda DUFF, witn: Robert CAMPBELL & Hattie A. CAMPBELL, both of Toronto, 15 April 1908 at Myrtle

  #015025-08 Edward DUSTY, 77, shoemaker, Niagara, Reach Twp, widower, s/o Anthony DUSTY and not given, married Charlotte GRIFFIN, 67, New Brunswick, Reach Twp, widow, d/o William TUNSTALL & Sarah FOLCHER, witn: Janet MCKAY & Sarah ABRAHAM, both of Whitby, 17 Apr 1908 at Whitby
14999-08 (Ontario Co): Henry ELSON, 21, farmer, of Udora, s/o Henry ELSON & Phoebe MILLS (or Miller), married Irene ENSIGN, 18, of Udora, d/o Elisha ENSIGN & Esther BODEN, witn: Herbert WEST & Lucinda MORDEN, both of Uxbridge, 29 July 1908 at Uxbridge (Salv Army) #014948-08 Egerton R. GIBSON, 21, farmer, Reach Twp, same, s/o George GIBSON & Lizzie MCDERMOTT, married Muriel E. WILLIAMS, 21, domestic, Reach Twp, same, d/o Aaron WILLIAMS & Hannah WYVILLE, witn: Robert A. DODDS, Prasac New Jersey & Max WILLIAMS, Port Perry, 10 June 1908 at Lot 14 Con 6 Reach
014971-08 (Ontario Co) William James GRAHAM, 33, grocer, of Toronto s/o James GRAHAM and Ann Jane McCORMACK married Melinda May BARTON, 30, of Scott Twp d/o Joseph BARTON and Rachel VEITCH, witn: Russel BARTON and Lottie BARTON, both of Uxbridge, October 14, 1908, Scott Twp 15855-09 Isaac William HADLEY, 59, widower, laborer, of Port Perry, s/o Sylvester HADLEY & Mary FRALICK, married Mary SMITH, 43, of Port Perry, d/o John SMITH & Maria CARREL, witn: William & Mrs. William TAYLOR of Port Perry, 16 Dec 1908 at Port Perry
014990-08 (Ontario Co) Franklin George HARRIS, 35, farmer, Pickering, Whitby s/o William HARRIS and Mary LITTLEJOHN married Alice Sophia BURGESS, 34, tailoress, Pickering, Uxbridge d/o George BURGESS and Mary WARD, witn: Millin HARRIS and Eva TARR (FARR?), both of Claremont, April 7, 1908, Uxbridge #014936-08 Richard HENDERSON, 34, farmer, Vaughan Twp, Morrison Twp Muskoka, s/o George HENDERSON & Mary FRISSELL, married Annie May GODFREY, 19, Eudora, Thorah Twp, d/o William GODFREY & Mary Esther USHER, witn: Alexander & Mrs A. HENDERSON, Morrison Twp, 26 Feb 1908 at Washago
[no number] Walter J. HOCKIN, 28, blacksmith, not given, Port Perry, s/o F. Henry HOCKIN, farmer & Rebecca CORNER, married Naomi A. BUNKER, 20, milliner, not given, Port Perry, d/o Hanna BUNKER, farmer & Eliz BUNKER, witn: Martin HOCKIN, Shirley & A. MCKITRICK, Greenbank, 30 Sept 1908 at Port Perry 15834-09 J. Henry HOLTBY, 37, farmer, of Brougham, s/o Edward HOLTBY, farmer, & Melissa DOXSEE, married Bertha Maxwell HARCOURT, 23, of Mara twp., d/o George HARCOURT & Agnes RITCHIE, witn: M.M. TUCKER of Greenwood & Susannah DELERCE? of Walters Falls, 2 Dec 1908 at Greenwood
#014939-08 William Henry HOWE, 36, cook, Port Perry, Sudbury, widower, s/o Sidney HOWE & Annie HAMILTON, married Eliza Ellen DWINNELL, 30, Tiny Twp, Elmvale, d/o Thomas DWINNELL & Ellen YORK, witn: Mrs Annie SHANNON, South Orillia & Mrs Lilian CARY, Washago, 18 Aug 1908 at Washago

15047-08 Harry Coniff HUGHSON, 25, farmer, Whitby, Reach, s/o Johnson HUGHSON & Lucy PIKE married Naomi BRAY, 26, Michigan, Whitby, d/o Jonathan BRAY & Violet ATWELL, witn: F. H. HOWARD of Rednersville & Mrs. E. E. HOWARD of Myrtle, 18 April 1908, Myrtle

014991-08 (Ontario Co) Earnest HYMAN, 34, farm laborer, England, Mt. Albert s/o John HYMAN and Elizabeth FORBES married Ellen CHANDLER, 32, England, Guelph d/o Harry and Mary GODFREY, witn: Jane E. HARPER and Alice FERGUSON, both of Uxbridge, June 1, 1908, Uxbridge 014978-08 (Ontario Co) John Thomas JACKSON, 29, farmer, of Scugog Twp s/o James JACKSON and Hannah PATCH married Florence PHARN, 20, servant, of Scugog d/o Frank SPARN (sic) and "unknown", witn: Jeanie DEMERA of Scugog and Lula READER of Port Perry , December 12, 1908, Scugog
15002-08 (Ontario Co): Alfred F. JARVIS, 22, farmer, of Mount Albert, s/o John S. JARVIS, farmer, & Harriet ROBINSON, married Annie M. POWELL, 19, of Mount Albert, d/o L.C. POWELL, farmer, & Mary Jane TRAVIS, witn: R.B. POWELL of Mt. Albert & Jessie L. FORTIER of Uxbridge, 2 Dec 1908 at Uxbridge #014943-08 George Richard JOHNSON, 42, labourer, Utica Reach Twp, Uxbridge, widower, s/o John JOHNSON & Eliza MCBEAN, married Eliza Ann SMART, 48, Glasgow Scotland, Uxbridge, widow, d/o John HUDSON & Matilda MCDOUGALD, witn: Allen & Mary E. ASLING, both of Epsom, 13 Jan 1908 at Epsom
014977-08 (Ontario Co) Robert JOHNSTON, 24, railway conductor, of Deport Harbor s/o Robert JOHNSTON and Mary ROBINSON married Margaret Ellen CLIFTON, 32, of Scugog d/o James MACKIE and Ellen MINTY, witn: Jas. A. MACKIE and Margaret Ellen JOHNSTON, both of Port Perry, July 28, 1908, Scugog #014940-08 Silas JOSLIN, 29, farmer, Dalton Twp, Rama Twp, s/o Thomas JOSLIN & Sarah ADDY, married Elizabeth Jane RENNIE, 25, Bradford, North Orillia Twp, d/o George RENNIE & Isabella Sophia MOORE, witn: John William JOSLIN, Dalton Twp & Mrs CARY, Washago, date not given at Washago [marriage was registered 30 Sept 1908]
#01530-08 William David LEDGETT, 31, farmer, Pickering Twp, Whitby Twp, s/o Edward LEDGETT & Laura STEPHENS, married Ida SMITH, 31, Whitby Twp, Whitby, d/o Owen W. SMITH & Jane MURRAY, witn: Charles LEDGETT, Kinsale & Mary J. SMITH, Toronto, 18 June 1908 at Whitby #014944-08 James Simpson LEE, 42, farmer, Whitby, not given, s/o John LEE & Elizabeth MCCRAE, married Ida Victoria PHAIR, 39, Reach Twp, not given, d/o Thomas PHAIR & Annie Jane REAL, witn: Ethel M. PHAIR, Sunderland & Florence CHAMBERS, Wilfrid, 12 Feb 1908 at Reach Twp
014976-08 (Ontario Co) William Parmenas LOBB, 30, farmer, Hayden – Darlington Twp, Oakwood s/o John LOBB and Elizabeth YEO married Ida WICKETT, 27, Columbus, Little Briton (Britain) d/o William Henry WICKETT and Agness AYRES, witn: Frederick WICKETT of Little Britain and Maude HERON of Port Perry, April 15, 1908, Scugog 014986-08 (Ontario Co) William R. Baird McDONALD, 24, farmer, Reach Twp, same s/o William McDONALD and Jane BAIRD married Jennie Maud JAMIESON, 24, Reach Twp, same d/o Alexander JAMIESON and Rebecca CAMPLIN, witn: John McDONALD of Reach and Cora JAMIESON of Uxbridge, January 22, 1908, Uxbridge
#014941-08 John MCLEAN, 28, contractor, not given, Glengarry, s/o Archibald MCLEAN & Margaret MCCASKILL, married Mary KENNEDY, not given, teacher, not given, Rama, d/o Duncan KENNEDY & Mary Ellen AMOS, witn: Alexander KENNEDY & Lorena THOMAS, both of Rama Twp, 19 Oct 1908 at St Columbkills Church, Uptergrove #014981-08 Duncan Neil MCNABB, 32, farmer, Thorah Twp, Cannington, s/o Colin MCNABB & Margaret MCKINNON, married Ethel Eliza FRANCIS, 23, housekeeper, Thorah Twp, Cannington, d/o Thomas FRANCIS & Elizabeth HAWKINS, witn: Norman A. SHIER, Wilfrid & Sophia M. FRANCIS, Cannington, 12 Feb 1908 at Thorah
15004-08 (Ontario Co): George J. MERRICK, 25, farmer, of Reach twp., s/o George MERRICK, farmer, & Bridget GOLDING, married Ann BURNS, 25, of Scott twp., d/o Robert BURNS, farmer, & Rose DIAMOND, witn: John BURNS of Scott twp & Delia MERRICK of Reach twp., 17 Nov 1908 at Uxbridge (Rom Cath) 15835-09 Alexander MOORE, 23, laborer, of Kinsale, s/o Alexander MOORE, farmer, & Jessie HOPKINS, married Carrie M. HARRISON, 26, of Kinsale, d/o Lovell HARRISON, farmer, & Amelia STEVENSON, witn: M.M. TUCKER of Greenwood & Susannah DELERCE? of Walters Falls, 23 Dec 1908 at Greenwood
15832-09 George Herbert PARKIN, 25, farmer, of Pickering twp., s/o William PARKIN, farmer, & Jennie HARBRON, married Mabel Jane PILKEY, 22, of Pickering twp., d/o Charles Henry PILKEY, farmer, & Margaret CRAIG, witn: Victor PARKIN & Florence PILKEY, both of Pickering twp., 30 Dec 1908 at Pickering twp #014980-08 John Currie PATERSON, 31, farmer, New Cummach Scotland, Beaverton, s/o John PATERSON & Mary CURRIE, married Mary WESTLAKE, 22, Woodville, Thorah, d/o John WESTLAKE & Mary HAWKINS, witn: John James MURRAY & Mabel WESTLAKE, both of Beaverton, 29 Jan 1908 at Thorah
15879-09 Norman Russel PHAIR, 27, farmer, of Reach twp., s/o Thomas PHAIR & Agnes ASLING, married Rose Irene WALKER, 19, of Reach twp., d/o Robert WALKER, farmer, & Elizabeth BAGSHAW, witn: Mrs. George WRIGHT of Stouffville & W.F. WALKER of Utica, 24 Dec 1908 at not given  
#015026-08 William POTTER, 25, blacksmith, Whitby, same, s/o Barker & Mary A. POTTER, married Stella HARRIS, 24, Myrtle, Whitby, d/o Thomas HARRIS & Mary WHEELER, witn: Annie CROSSLEY & Susan SAUNDERS, both of Whitby, 2 May 1908 at Whitby #015027-08 Andrew John POTTER, 39, engineer, Frontenac Co, Kingston, widower, s/o John POTTER & Mary PETERSON, married Jemima Harriet SCOTT, 31, Halton Co, Whitby, d/o Robert SCOTT & Jane KYLE, witn: John W. PATTERSON & Annie NEWHART, both of Whitby, 2 June 1908 at Whitby
014974-08 (Ontario Co) Harry RAYMES, 26, farmer, Scugog, same s/o Oliver RAYMES and Agnes COLLINS married Lottie SHUNK, 22, Scugog, same d/o James SHUNK and Charlotte BOND, witn: John W. COLLINS of Port Perry and Annie SHUNK of Scugog, December 18, 1907, Scugog 15003-08 (Ontario Co): Charles Crawford REID, 30, clerk, of Uxbridge, s/o Reginald REID, banker, & Minnie STIRLING, married Lena NOLAN, 26, of Uxbridge, d/o H.J.V. NOLAN, book keeper, & Helena BURCHELL, witn: A.V. & M.B. NOLAN of Uxbridge, 28 Oct 1908 at Uxbridge
014982-08 (Ontario Co) Norman Alfred SHIER, 24, farmer, Wilfrid, same s/o Adam SHIER Jr. and Adelia CRUESS married Sophia Mary FRANCIS, 22, teacher , Cannington, Thorah Twp d/o Thomas FRANCIS and Elizabeth HAWKINS, witn: Duncan Neil McNABB and Ethel Eliza FRANCIS, February 12, 1908, Thorah 014988-08 (Ontario Co) Frederick SNOOKS, 40, farmer, Georgina Twp, Brock Twp s/o Philip SNOOKS and Elizabeth PILKINS married Mary EVANS, 34, Brock Twp, same d/o Thomas EVANS and Isabella HARGRAVE, witn: Mary McGREGOR and Bessie WARD, both of Uxbridge March 3, 1908, Uxbridge
#014979-08 John Henry STEWART, 33, labourer, Brock Twp, Beaverton, s/o Richard STEWART & Ann ARGUE, married Maggie WILL, 20, teacher, Brock Twp, Thorah Twp, d/o George WILL & Elsie THOMSON, witn: William Alexander STEWART, Beaverton & Elsie WILL, Thorah, 8 Jan 1908 at Thorah Twp 15006-08 (Ontario Co): John STUDHOLME, 55, widower, farmer, of Uxbridge twp., s/o Joseph STUDHOLME & Margaret ROME, married Charlotte BROWN, 40, of Uxbridge twp., d/o William BROWN & Maria PATTERSON, witn: John A. BROWN & Amelia B. HOPKINS, both of Uxbridge, 14 Oct 1908 at Uxbridge
014975-08 (Ontario Co) John Albert SWEETMAN, 44, Scugog, same s/o Michael SWEETMAN and Martha Ann LANSING married Julia WILLIAMS, 42, Scugog, same d/o Peter WILLIAMS and Emelina BARTS (Baits?), witn: Oliver WILLIAMS and Alma WILLIAMS, both of Scugog, March 4, 1908, Scugog 014973-08 (Ontario Co) Joseph TAYLOR, 27, farmer, of Scott Twp s/o James TAYLOR and Jane CLELAND married Barbara Ellen KESTER, 21, of Scott Twp d/o William KESTER and Mary RAMSDEN, witn: William TAYLOR of Zephyr and A.E. RAMSDEN of Toronto, December 16, 1908, Scott Twp
#014938-08 Arthur TRYON, 26, lumberman, Sommerville Twp, Ryde Twp, s/o William TRYON & Sarah GRIFFIN, married Effie Eva May COMMINS, 25, Lewisham, Ryde Twp, d/o Jesse Owen COMMINS & Mary MCDONALD, witn: Fred COOPER, Rama Twp & Jesse Owen COMMINS, Ryde Twp, 27 June 1908 at Washago #014942-08 James TURNER, 30, farmer, Port Perry, Carroll Manitoba, s/o John TURNER & Ann SMITH-ROSS, married Lillie HOLTBY, 29, teacher, Reach Twp, same, d/o John W. HOLTBY & Mary DOBSON, witn: Mrs Margaret LAMB, 712 Crawford St Toronto & Miss Elva HOLTBY, Reach Twp, 8 Jan 1908 at Lot 12 Con 3 Reach
#015028-08 Howard B. WALLBRIDGE, 23, farmer, Ameliasburgh, same, s/o John F. WALLBRIDGE & Hannah E. MCCOMB, married Mary Ellen SPRAGUE, 18, Sophiasburgh, same, d/o James SPRAGUE & Maud DONEY, witn: James B. & Mrs J.B. JOHNSTONE, both of Whitby, 22 June 1908 at Whitby 15000-08 (Ontario Co): William Lewis WILFORD, 24, manager of brick yard, of Beaverton, s/o John WILFORD & Matilda CROSS, married Tina B. MOORE, 27, of Uxbridge, d/o John MOORE, farmer, & Mary BAIRD, witn: Charles DUKELON of Thorah & R. MOORE of Uxbridge, 24 June 1908 at Uxbridge
014947-08 (Ontario Co) Robert WRIGHT, 28, farmer, Reach Twp, Knox – North Dakota s/o Joseph WRIGHT and Jane KELLY married Velma Evaline LUKE, 22, Brock Twp, Epsom – Reach Twp d/o Pascoe LUKE and Elizabeth HODGSON, witn: Joel CLAUGHTON (CLOUGHTON?) of Rokesby? Sask., and Florence LUKE of Epsom, February 26, 1908, Reach Twp