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Ontario Co., 1909

birthplace is given before residence, if it was on the registration


15828-09 Ransom Melville ARNOLD, 29, core maker, of Oshawa, s/o Samuel ARNOLD, farmer, & Mary Ann NORTON, married Gertrude ELFORD, 18, of Oshawa, d/o Isaac ELFORD, farmer, & Rebekah JOHNSON, witn: Talbot ARNOLD & Evalina ELFORD, both of Oshawa, 29 Dec 1909 at Oshawa  
15814-09 William Charles ARTHUR, 29, of Oshawa, s/o Robert ARTHUR & blank, married Violet KEENAN, 24, of Oshawa, d/o Thomas KEENAN & Sivina SMITH, witn: Joseph ARTHUR & Margaret ARTHUR, both of Oshawa, 25 Sept 1909 at Oshawa 15815-09 Joseph Edward ARTHUR, 25, machinist, of Oshawa, s/o Robert ARTHUR & Caroline KIPPEN, married Margaret GALLAGHER, 22, of Oshawa, d/o John GALLAGHER & Annie McGOEY, witn: William ARTHUR & Violet KEENAN, both of Oshawa, 25 Sept 1909 at Oshawa
15870-09 Nelson Stone BAIRD, 23, farmer, of Saintfield, s/o James R. BAIRD, farmer, & Mattabella STONE, married Sylva Jane LEASK, 22, of Reach twp., d/o James LEASK, farmer, & Anna PERKINS, witn: William A. LEASK & Laura BAIRD, both of Greenbank, 28 Jan 1909 at not given 15871-09 Norman BLAKELY, 27, farmer, of Saintfield, s/o James BLAKELY, farmer, & Mary GORDON, married Margaret DUSTY, 23, of Greenbank, d/o Samuel DUSTY, farmer, & Mary GORDON, witn: Robert B. BLAKELY of Saintfield & Mamie DUSTY of Greenbank, 25 Feb 1909 at not given
15874-09 Ewart J.W. BLIGHT, 22, farmer, of Reach twp., s/o Reuben BLIGHT, farmer, & Amelia CLAMPTON, married Nora M. MEDD, 20, of Reach twp., d/o James MEDD, farmer, & Alice CROSIER, witn: Myrtle M. MEDD of Utica & Lena BLIGHT of Epsom, 1 Sept 1909 at not given 15825-09 James BLOOMER, 23, mechanic, of Oshawa, s/o William BLOOMER, day laborer, & blank, married Ethel Maria MORRIS, 20, of Oshawa, d/o Robert MORRIS, carpenter & Annie ORILLA, witn: Frank & Fred MORRIS of Oshawa, 3 Nov 1909 at Oshawa
15875-09 John Thomas BRAY, 25, farmer, of East Whitby, s/o Jonathan BRAY, farmer, & Violet ATWELL, married Maud Kathleen COOK, 21, of Reach twp., d/o William COOK, farmer, & Mary WHITE, witn: Mrs. E. ROBERTS of St. Catharines & Sybil SNELL of Prince Albert, 4 Sept 1909 at not given 15823-09 Frederick Eldon BROOKS, 18, farmer, of Oshawa, s/o Robert BROOKES (sic), farmer, & Annie CINNAMON, married Margrata M. OSTLE, 16, of Oshawa, d/o John Henry OSTLE & Eliza PARKER, witn: Mrs. E.J. HOIT & M.S. HODGES, both of Oshawa, 6 Oct 1909 at Oshawa
15820-09 James BROWN, 31, widower, machinist, of Oshawa, s/o Alex BROWN & Mary MORRISON, married Marion AMBROSE, 18, of Oshawa, d/o James AMBROSE, machinist & Annie McCAIG, witn: William ATKINSON & Mrs. M. HODGES, both of Oshawa, 9 Oct 1909 at Oshawa 15852-09 Russell James CARTER, 24, farmer, of Cherrywood, s/o William CARTER, farmer, & Mary COLLINS, married Janet TWEEDIE, 28, Whitevale, d/o Thomas TWEEDIE, farmer, & Janet STARK, witn: William WOOLCOTT of Toronto & Martha TWEEDIE of Whitevale, 15 Dec 1909 at Rosebank
15839-09 William James CATHERWOOD, 21, farmer, of Weyburn Saskatchewan, s/o James CATHERWOOD, farmer, & Jane WEIR, married May MORRISON, 21, of Pickering twp., d/o Andrew MORRISON, farmer, & Anna ISLES, witn: Oscar BARKER & Louisa BARBER, both of Balsam, 17 March 1909 at Balsam 15887-09 Ernest J. CHAMBERS, 32, express agent, of Walkerville, s/o William CHAMBERS & Mary McCARENY?, married Minnie VERNON, 29, of Reach twp., d/o Robert VERNON, farmer, & Mary WILSON, witn: Frank VERNON of Myrtle Station & E. May HOLLIDAY of Aurora, 14 Oct 1909 at Myrtle Station
15848-09 Ernest Livingstone CHAPMAN, 34, merchant, of Toronto, s/o Nelson CHAPMAN, farmer, & Eliza Jane HALL, married Edna Jessie BOYES, 25, of Pickering, d/o John BOYES, farmer, & Jane RANKIN, witn: Albert BOYES & Mayme GAMBLE, both of East Toronto, 27 Oct 1909 at Pickering 15841-09 Arthur Leopold COAKWELL, 26, farmer, of Markham twp., s/o William COAKWELL, farmer, & Hannah CRAWFORTH, married Annie Elizabeth BOOTH, 25, of Pickering twp., d/o William John BOOTH, farmer, & Maria Jane SPENCE, witn: J.F. BOOTH & Alberta COAKWELL, both of Green Rover, 19 May 1909 at Pickering twp
15845-09 Dyson Egremont COWAN, 24, farmer, of Pickering twp., s/o William COWAN, farmer, & Mary Emma PEARCE, married Mabel MAW, 24, of Myrtle, d/o William MAW, farmer, & Mary Elizabeth WARING, witn: Alex ANNAN & Alice COWAN, both of Dunbarton, 1 Sept 1909 at Dunbarton 15856-09 Harry Charles COWDRY, 28, banker, of Toronto, s/o Edmund COWDRY & Caroline J. SADLIER, married Grace Marion ROSS, 25, of Port Perry, d/o William ROSS, ex-MP, merchant and grain buyer, & Clarissa BINGHAM, witn: Hugh LeRoy SLAGHT of Haileybury & Gertrude ROSS of Port Perry, 3 March 1909 at Port Perry
15877-09 Stanley William CROXALL, 25, farmer, of Reach twp., s/o Samuel CROXALL, farmer, & Mary Ellen LEE, married Alice Jane WALKER, 21, of Reach twp., d/o Robert W. WALKER, farmer, & Elizabeth BAGSHAW, witn: John Wesley REAL of Greenbank & Alma Sarah WALKER of Utica, 30 June 1909 at not given 15884-09 William Richard CRUSE, 45, widower, station agent, of Pefferlaw, s/o John CRUSE, carpenter, & Eliza HONEY, married Maud Elizabeth SPENCE, 45, of Manchester, d/o William SPENCE, ex township clerk, & Mary Ann PARDON, witn: John SPENCE of 503 Euclid Ave in Toronto & Nellie SPENCE of 24 Dowling Apts. in Toronto, 28 Dec 1909 at not given
15816-09 Sydney Eugene DAY, 29, moulder, of Oshawa, s/o Adam Henry DAY & Elizabeth GARDINIER, married Clara Edna ABERNATHY, 19, of Oshawa, d/o Samuel John ABERNATHY & Elizabeth PLOWMAN, witn: Milton & Adelia TAUTON of Oshawa, 28 Sept 1909 at Oshawa 15858-09 Elias DAY, 40, farmer, of Reach twp., s/o Aaron DAY, laborer, & Louisa Jane WATSON, married Mary ROBINSON, 37, of Brooklin, d/o Luke ROBINSON, farmer, & Lucinda JAMES, witn: Mrs. J.M. MURRAY & Mrs. L. McGRATTON, both of Port Perry, 6 April 1909 at Port Perry
15812-09 John Wesley EDWARDS, 25, barber, of Colborne, s/o Levi EDWARDS & Mary WILLIAMS, married Edith May RICHARDS, 23, of Bowmanville, d/o William RICHARDS & Mary GRIGG, witn: J.A. CLATWORTHY& Cora SANDERSON, both of Oshawa, 10 Sept 1909 15842-09 Edwin Austin FORSYTH, 25, farmer, of Uxbridge twp., s/o Vanburen FORSYTH, farmer, & Mary JENNINGS, married Cora SPANG, 23, of Pickering twp., d/o Anthony SPANG, farmer, & Lydia BARKEY, witn: Harry SPANG & Alice HOOVER, both of Ringwood, 16 June 1909 at Pickering twp
15876-09 Isaac FOSKETT, 24, of Port Perry, s/o blank FOSKETT & Mary SMITH, married Georgina May GIBSON, 19, of Reach twp., d/o George GIBSON, farmer, & Elizabeth McDAIRMAID, witn: R.W. McCLINTOCK of Manchester & Sybil SNELL of Prince Albert, 8 Sept 1909 at not given 15821-09 George Gibson GREEN, 34, merchant, of Bradford Ont., s/o Robert Franklin GREEN, merchant & Jennie COOK, married Jessie E. RAE, 22, of not given, d/o Francis F. RAE, physician & Elizabeth Jane CURRIE, witn: E.N. GRAHAM of Toronto & Catherine McCUTCHEON of Oshawa, 21 July 1909 at Oshawa
15860-09 Louie GREENBERG, 26, horse dealer, of Port Perry, s/o Henry GREENBERG, peddler, & Sarah LOCHLENKY, married Fannie SUKLOFF, 19, of Woodville, d/o Max SUKLOFF & Annie BLACK, witn: Norman SUKLOFF of Woodville & B. DAVIS of 1220 Yonge St. in Toronto, 1 July 1909 at Port Perry [Hebrew] 15872-09 Norman GRILLS, 23, farmer, of Mariposa twp., s/o Mervin GRILLS & Mary Grace HOBBS, married Eletta Jane WEBSTER, 21, of Mariposa twp., d/o Richard WESTERN & Mary Jane RODMAN, witn: Fred WESTERN of Mariposa twp & Ella GRILLS of Valentine, 10 March 1909 at not given
15822-09 George GUMMON, 60, widower, wood worker, of Oshawa, s/o William GUMMON & Jane HUGO, married Mary Jane BARNETT, widow, 50, of Oshawa, d/o Samuel WOOLRIDGE & Sarah WOOLRIDGE, witn: Mrs. E.J. HOITT & M.S. HODGES, both of Oshawa, 22 Oct 1909 at Oshawa 15861-09 Ernest Edward HANCE, 24, farmer, Scugog twp., s/o John Alfred HANCE & Margaret CELLS, married Mellisa Jane HENRY, 30, of Scugog twp., d/o Thomas HENRY, farmer, & Sarah DENT, witn: Charles PARISH & Nellie LEITCH, both of Port Perry, 15 Dec 1909 at Port Perry
15865-09 Robert Hayns? HARPER, 30, GTR agent, of Longford Mills, s/o Robert HARPER & Mary WAGNER, married Isobel Smith MORTON, 25, of Longford Mills, d/o James MORTON, stone cutter & Jennet McGILL, witn: C.S. BOYD of Uxbridge & Annie MORTON of Longford, 29 June 1909 at Longford Mills 15847-09 Hugh Ralph HERRON, 30, financial agent, of Toronto, s/o Thomas HERRON, farmer, & Augusta BALL, married Bertha Alice PALMER, 26, of Pickering, d/o Melissa DOYLE of Toronto & Robert James HERRON of Windham Centre, 209 Oct 1909 at Pickering
15840-09 Ernest HEWSON, 23, farmer, of Pickering twp., s/o Wellington HEWSON, farmer, & Julia GIFFIS, married Isabella GRAHAM, 22, of Pickering twp., d/o John GRAHAM, laborer, & Sarah ELSON, witn: Walter HEWSON of Brooklin & Edgar A. TOTTAN of Claremont, 14 April 1909 at Claremont 15882-09 Wallace Victor HOCKIN, 22, farmer, of Shirley - Reach twp., s/o Henry HOCKIN, farmer, & Lucinda SOPER, married Flossie BRAY, 20, of Shirley, d/o John BRAY, farmer, & Cynthia SMITH, witn: Sarah Louise BROWN & Sybil SNELL, both of Prince Albert, 15 Dec 1909 at Prince Albert
15844-09 Walter HOSKIN, 22, farmer, of Hastings Co., s/o Robert HOSKIN, farmer, & Mary SALTER, married Phoebe Elizabeth TOMLINSON, 25, of Pickering twp., d/o Frank TOMLINSON, farm laborer, & Eliza POUCHER, witn: Frank HOSKINS of Plainfield & Lillian CARTER of Green River, 4 Aug 1909 at Pickering twp 15826-09 William John JOHNSTON, 22, mechanic, of Oshawa, s/o Samuel JOHNSON (sic), farmer, & Fannie FREEBORN, married Dora May PARKER, 21, of Oshawa, d/o Thomas J. PARKER & Louisa COOPER, witn: C.E. SANDERSON & M.B. CLATWORTHY, both of Oshawa, 1 Dec 1909 at Oshawa
15850-09 Gordon James LAW, 29, blacksmith, of Pickering, s/o John LAW, farmer, & Theresa SECORD, married Mary Loretta BALSDON, 28, of Pickering twp., d/o Edwin BALSDON, farmer, & Rebecca STORK, witn: John BALSDON of Pickering & Edythe LAW of Toronto, 20 Oct 1909 at Pickering twp 15818-09 Russell James LUKE, 22, mechanic, of Oshawa, s/o William LUKE & Sharlotte COURTICE, married Nelllie May SALTER, 26, of Oshawa, d/o Isaac SALTER, farmer, & Elizabeth STAPLE, witn: Gordon SALTER & Nelllie OSTLE, both of Oshawa, 13 Oct. 1909 at Oshawa
15862-09 Mark Chase MALLETT, 5, moulder, of Whitby twp., s/o Mark MALLETT & Jane MYHALL, married Pearl Camilla BOYES, 26, of Manchester, d/o John BOYES, farmer, & Annie WILSON, witn: Allen BUTLER of St. Catharines & Ella BOYES of Manchester, 29 Dec 1909 at Manchester 15888-09 Arthur Augustine McCONNELL, 27, steam fitter, of Toronto, s/o Thomas McCONNELL & Julia FILLSON, married Alice May MILLMAN, 25, of Toronto, d/o John MILLMAN, farmer, & Louisa PLUMMER, witn: Norman PRENTICE & Evelyn MILLMAN, both of Epsom, 25 Oct. 1909 at Reach twp.
15863-09 Thomas McDONALD, 22, farmer, of Rama, s/o Daniel McDONALD, farmer, & Hannah WARREN, married Alice Lilian TAYLOR, 18, of Rama, d/o Charles TAYLOR & Jane WRIGHT, witn: Daniel McDONALD & Gertrude TAYLOR, both of Rama, 17 Feb 1909 at Rama twp 15873-09 John Christopher McGILL, 23, merchant, of Oshawa, s/o William McGILL, banker & Laurena COVEY, married Winnifred Erilla BARRETT, 21, of Manchester, d/o Samuel BARRETT, farmer, & Mary DIXON, witn: Fred SIEGEL of Oshawa & Merle TAGGART of Port Perry, 15 June 1909 at Manchester
15831-09 William Henry McKNIGHT, 25, laborer, of Oshawa, s/o Samuel McKNIGHT, farmer, & Esther KENNAN, married Emma Ida Salina SCORGIE, 21, of Oshawa, d/o Frank SCORGIE, laborer, & Jessie SCOTT, witn: Nellie SCORGIE & Robert LAMB, both of Oshawa, 25 Dec 1909 at Oshawa 15866-09 Alexander Duncan McPHEE, 40, widower, farmer, of Markstay, s/o John McPHEE & Anne McDONALD, married Kate BETHUNE, 31, house keeper, of Black River, d/o John BETHUNE & Mary McDONALD, witn: John McPHEE of Markstay & Anne BETHUNE of Black River, 14 Sept 1909 at Uptergrove
15869-09 George Webster MICHIE, 32, farmer, of not given, s/o William MICHIE & Elizabeth AKHURST, married Annie Bella McMILLAN, 26, of not given, d/o William McMILLAN, farmer, & Mary WALLACE, witn: John McMILLAN of Saintfield & Jessie MICHIE of Greenbank, 20 Jan 1909 at not given 15838-09 Albert Edward MIDGLEY, 33, street railway conductor, of Toronto, s/o William MIDGLEY, farmer, & Sarah AYTO, married Florence Ethel POWELL, 30, domestic, of Claremont, d/o Ira POWELL, implement agent & Eleanor Tracy HAYWARD, witn: Samuel HUFFMAN of Toronto & Olive R. POWELL of Claremont, 25 Feb 1909 at Claremont
15889-09 William Sharp MILNER, 26, farm laborer, of Reach twp., s/o George MILNER, steward in Hull England & Charlotte SHARP, married Margaret Annie KIGHT, 22, of Reach twp., d/o William KIGHT, farmer, & Margaret Hannah WILDMAN, witn: Walter HARMON of Utica & Mrs. William SPENCE of Port Perry, 1 Dec 1909 at Utica, Reach twp. 15880-09 Frederick MOORE, 46, farmer, widower, of Reach twp., s/o Thomas MOORE & Ellen GROVES, married Nancy Ann DODDS, 25, of Reach twp., d/o Thomas William DODDS & Annie CURRIE, witn: Annie & Aaron WILLIAMS of Port Perry, 1 Sept 1909 at not given
15864-09 Charles Wesley NATZ, 23, of North Orillia twp., s/o Henry NATZ, farmer, & Mathilda LONG, married Mary Elizabeth STERLING, 24, widow, of North Orillia twp., d/o Don McFARLANE, gardener & Mary WREATH, witn: Mrs. F.D.B. CARY of Washago & Don McFARLANE of Hamlet, 15 March 1909 at Washago, North Orillia twp [reg’d in Rama twp] 15849-09 William John NICHOLSON, 24, farmer, of Dunbarton, s/o Samuel NICHOLSON, farmer, & Mary Ann TOMS, married Minnie Elizabeth PATTERSON, 22, of Dunbarton, d/o John PATTERSON, farmer, & Jennie SELLEY, witn: Samuel NICHOLSON of Dunbarton & Rhoda PATTERSON of Minesing, 27 Oct 1909 at Dunbarton
15830-09 George John NORTHCOTT, 24, farmer, of Darlington, s/o Samuel NORTHCOTT, farmer, & Elloner KELLY, married Addie E.W. CAMPBELL, 22, of Oshawa, d/o Amos Wright CAMPBELL, physician & Eliza MITCHELL, witn: N.S. & Mrs. N.S. WASHINGTON of Darlington, 30 Dec 1909 at Oshawa 15843-09 George Pirie O’LEARY, 25, furniture dealer, of Pickering, s/o Daniel O’LEARY, deceased, & Isabella PIRIE, married Jean SMALES, 24, of Dunbarton, d/o Charles SMALES, farmer, & Jean SOMERVILLE, witn: Norman M. KERR of East Toronto & Isabel SMALES of Dunbarton, 23 June 1909 at Dunbarton
15846-09 George OLIVER, 31, farmer, of Bright, s/o Robert OLIVER, farmer, & Agnes STEEDMAN, married Minnie Maud ANNAN, 28, of Dunbarton, d/o Andrew ANNAN, farmer, & Amelia WHITE, witn: Thomas ANNAN of Dunbarton & Jessie OLIVER of Bright, 6 Oct. 1909 15813-09 George Gilbert PAWSON, 28, chauffeur, of Oshawa, s/o Joseph PAWSON & Amey JONES, married Emily VICKERSTAFF, 30, of Oshawa, d/o Peter VICKERSTAFF & Hannah FOSKETT, witn: Edward DRAPER & Lottie NEWTON, both of Oshawa, 18 Sept 1909 at St. Georges Church
15833-09 Homar Henry PEARSE, 29, farmer, of Highland Creek, s/o James PEARSE, farmer, & Amelia STAINTON, married Jean Stuart JACKSON, 30, of Highland Creek, d/o Robert JACKSON, farmer, & Margaret COWIE, witn: George PEARSE of Highland Creek & Adelia MACKIN? of Brougham, 27 Jan 1909 at Brougham 15819-09 Wesley J.A. POWELL, 22, farmer, of Oshawa, s/o Benjamin POWELL & Mary Ann HUBBARD, married Laura M. CLARKE, 19, of Oshawa, d/o Albert CLARK, farmer, & Alice A. ROBSON, witn: Norman WHITNEY of Raglan & Mabel POWELL of Oshawa, 27 Oct 1909 at Oshawa
15836-09 William A. RICHARDSON, 24, contractor, of Toronto, s/o William J. RICHARDSON, contractor & Rebecca LUSTY, married Elizabeth Jane TOOLE, 28, of Brock Road, d/o George TOOLE, farmer, & Jane MIDDLETON, witn: J.W. WESTERBY of Toronto & Georgina TOOLE of Brock Road, 5 Jan 1909 at Brock Road 15824-09 Edward RITTWAGE, 21, clerk, of Oshawa, s/o Arthur RITTWAGE, laborer, & Sarah WICKS, married Mary FOSKETT, 18, of Oshawa, d/o Frederick FOSKETT, laborer & Sarah DINTON, witn: Nelson & Emma SMITH of Oshawa, 2 Nov 1909 at Oshawa
15857-09 Henry ROBINSON, 27, farmer, of West Whitby twp., s/o Luke ROBINSON, farmer, & Lucinda JAMES, married Elizabeth Slowan? WILSON, 23, of West Whitby twp., d/o William, farmer & Margaret WILSON (also), witn: A.H. ANDREWS & A.H. LEITCH, both of Port Perry, 17 March 1909 at Port Perry 15854-09 Archibald Hardy SEYMOUR, 26, commercial traveler, of Peterborough, s/o Charles James SEYMOUR, accountant, & Mary Elizabeth BROWN, married Mabel Alice CAMPBELL, 23, of Port Perry, d/o William CAMPBELL, carter & Adelaide BALFOUR, witn: C.J. SEYMOUR & Miss L.M. CAMPBELL, 8 Jan 1909 at Port Perry
15878-09 Thomas SHARP, 29, tailor, of not given, s/o Thomas SHARP & Mary SHARP, married Sarah Ida PHOENIX, 34, of Reach twp., d/o Edward PHOENIX & Mary Ann GANTON, witn: William MITCHELL of Toronto & A.J. PHOENIX of Greenbank, 19 March 1909 at Greenbank 15859-09 Ernest Samuel STACKHOUSE, 33, insurance, of Ottawa, s/o Acel Gilbert STACKHOUSE & Jane BEGGS, married Hazel Laura JONES, 23, milliner, of Port Perry, d/o Charles Wesley JONES, merchant & My Ann O’BRIEN, witn: Herbert Hood McELROY & Dora JONES, 23 June 1909 at Port Perry
15851-09 George M. STEPHENSON, 29, farmer, of Pickering, s/o John STEPHENSON, farmer, & Sarah Ann BLATTON, married Florence E. WHITE, 25, house keeper, of Pickering, d/o Henry & Mabel WHITE of Pickering, 27 Oct 1909 at Pickering 15817-09 Samuel SYBAHAK, 27, moulder, of Oshawa, s/o not given, married Maria KOSTIUK, 25, maid, of Oshawa, d/o not given, witn: Mrs. & Edna MOORE of Brandon Manitoba, 28 Aug 1909 at Oshawa
15885-09 Albert THAXTER, 22, farmer, of Reach twp., s/o James THAXTER, farmer, & Susan KEELER, married Ada May WAGNER, 22, of Reach twp., d/o William WAGNER, farmer, & Hannah Jane LAKEY, witn: William THAXTER & Mary WAGNER, both of Epsom, 29 Dec 1909 at not given 15868-09 William E. TIMMONDS, 26, Reach twp., s/o John TIMMONDS, farmer, & Martha Alice PICK, married Florence M. LAWTON, 24, of Reach twp., d/o James LAWTON, farmer, & Johanna BURTON, witn: J. Earl TIMMONDS of Epsom & Bella LAWTON of Pickering twp., 20 Jan 1909 at not given
15827-09 James TOPHAM, 33, laborer, of Oshawa, s/o George TOPHAM & Caroline THORNTON, married Isabella PEARCE, widow, 37, of Oshawa, d/o John ALLEN & Margaret TAYLOR, witn: F.& M. DUFFIELD of Oshawa, 2 Oct 1909 at Oshawa 15886-09 Albert Ernest UTTER, 23, tinsmith, of Stoney Creek, s/o Palmer UTTER, farmer, & Margaret Minerva NASH, married Eleta Lewella BAKER, 25, of Reach twp., d/o Elias BAKER, farmer, & Margaret RYNARD, witn: James & Maud BOE of Saintfield, 29 Dec 1909 at not given
15867-09 Robert James VYSE, 26, farmer, of Mara twp., s/o Robert James VYSE, farmer, & Margaret LONDO, married Leafy Ann TENNYSON, 18, of Rama twp., d/o not given, witn: George VYSE of Mara twp & Bella McDONALD of Rama twp., 11 Oct 1909 at Rama twp 15829-09 Norval Stephen Du Mont WASHINGTON, 27, farmer, of Darlington, s/o Albert WASHINGTON, farmer, & Elizabeth DODGE, married Alice Maud CAMPBELL, 30, of Oshawa, d/o Amos Wright CAMPBELL, physician & Eliza MITCHELL, witn: M.S. HODGES of Oshawa & Mrs. FORBES of Toronto, 25 Dec 1909 at Oshawa
15881-09 James L. WHITE, 43, farmer, of Whitby twp., s/o William WHITE, farmer, & Euphemia McMILLAN, married Florence V. HORN, 38, of Reach twp., d/o Thomas HORN, farmer, & blank, witn: William WHITE of Whitby twp & Ada CROZIER of Uxbridge, 8 Dec 1909 at not given 15853-09 John WILLIAMS, 23, farmer, of Picton, s/o Edwin A. WILLIAMS, farmer, & Carrie BOWERMAN, married Anna Florence Ethel JONES, 30, of Pickering, d/o George H. JONES, farmer, & Fanny M. RICHARDSON, witn: Martin WILLIAMS of Picton & Frances JONES of Pickering, 23 Dec 1909 at Pickering
15883-09 Samuel J. WILSON, 32, machinist, of Toronto, s/o William WILSON, farmer, & Ann Jane DAVIDSON, married Annie E. MARK, 26, of Reach twp., d/o William MARK, farmer, & Emma SMITH, witn: James MARK of Lindsay & Winnie WILSON of Port Perry, 27 Dec 1909 at not given 15837-09 Alexander WILSON, 65, widower, hotel keeper, of Claremont, s/o Alexander WILSON, farmer, & Agnes FAINT, married Nancy Stewart BRANSCOMBE, 55, widow, of Toronto, d/o John STEWART, farmer, & Jane HALL, witn: Thomas & Margaret WILSON of Myrtle, 4 Feb 1909 at Claremont