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Ontario County Marriages, 1859

from Ontario Archives microfilm, MS 248, Reel 12, submitted by Eileen Wilson

on this page birth place is given after residence


Return of William Willoughby for 1859 filed 31 January 1860, Return No. 13701  

Henry W. AMES, 32, Whitby, Canada, s/o Ezra & Maria AMES, married Charlotte F. HOWARD, 26, Whitby, Canada, d/o Erastus & Tryphema HOWARD, witn: John LOWES of Whitby, January 26, 1859  

Abel WILCOCK, 24, Toronto, England, s/o Abel & Fanny WILLCOCK, married Eliz. R. LUKE, 19, Whitby East, Canada, d/o Richard & Mary LUKE, witn: Charles PASCOE of Whitby East, February 26, 1859  

William ROBSON, 21, Whitby Town, England, s/o John & Ann ROBSON, married Eliabeth McMULLEN, 24, Whitby Town, Ireland, d/o William & Margaret McMULLEN; witn: William IRONS of Whitby Town, March 5, 1859  

Charles SMITH, 25, Whitby, Canada, s/o William & Hannah SMITH, married Elizabeth JONES, 19, Whitby, Wales, d/o John & Elizabeth JONES, witn: Thomas SMITH of Whitby, March 23, 1859  

Peter DELONG, 21, Whitby, Canada, s/o Peter & Silence DELONG, married Susannah POWELL, 21, Whitby, Canada, d/o William & Elizabeth POWELL, witn: David DELONG of Whitby, March 31, 1859  

James CLARKE, 23, Pickering, Canada, s/o John CLARKE & not given, married Hannah STEPHENSON, 24, Pickering, England, d/o William STEPHENSON & not given; witn: John DRYDEN of Whitby, April 25, 1859  

Robert GRAHAM, 28, Pickering, England, s/o Thomas & Mary GRAHAM, married Sarah ADAMSON, 19, Pickering, Canada, d/o John & Elizabeth ADAMSON; witn: John BLACK of Pickering, May 14, 1859  

John ERZ, 31, Oshawa, Germany, s/o Matthew & Barbara ERZ, married Catherine CROWN, 19, Oshawa, Ireland, d/o John & Mary CROWN; witn: Joseph BANDEL of Whitby, May 17, 1859  

William FORMAN, 22, Whitby, England, s/o Francis & Mary FORMAN, married Charlotte GIBSON, 19, Pickering, Canada, d/o William & Elizabeth GIBSON; witn: Andrew SUMMERFIELD of Pickering, May 17, 1859


Return of William Clelande for 1859 filed 6 January 1860, No. 13755  

John MADILL, 26, Scott, Ireland, s/o Aaron & Mary MADILL, married Elizabeth MADILL, 21, Scott, Ireland, d/o Henry & Mary MADILL, witn: John & Margaret Jane MADILL, both of Scott, January 26, 1859  

Levi SHELL, 24, Saugeen, Canada, s/o Joseph & Sarah SHELL, married Mg. FAULKNER, 23, Uxbridge, Canada, d/o George & Rachel FAULKNER; witn: Enos HULL of Scott and Rebecca FAULKER of Uxbridge, January 31, 1859  

David DAVENNY, 25, Scott, Ireland, s/o William & Ann DAVENNY, married Ann WALL, 21, Scott, Canada, d/o John & Slalvie(?) WALL, witn: John TAYLOR & Mary CARRUTHERS, both of Scott, February 24, 1859  

Mark SHELL, 18, Uxbridge, State of New York, s/o Frederick & Elizabeth SHELL, married Sarah Long, 20, Uxbridge, Canada, d/o Jacob & Elizabeth LONG; witn: Henry and Mary Ann STEINER, both of Uxbridge, March 2, 1859  

William McPHAIL, 30, Cartwright, Scotland, s/o William & Elizabeth McPHAIL, married Mary Ann SCHUSTER, 20, Uxbridge, Canada, d/o John & Margaret SCHUSTER; witn: Levi M. & Jane M. SQUIER, both of Bowmanville, March 17, 1859  

John HUTCHISON, 22, Uxbridge, Canada, s/o George & Jane HUTCHISON, married Margaret GIBSON, 19, Uxbridge, Ireland, d/o John & Margaret GIBSON, witn: George HUTCHISON of Uxbridge and Sarah GIBSON of Reach, March 22, 1859  

John VANCE, 26, Uxbridge, Ireland, s/o Andrew & Mary VANCE, married Mary SMITH, 24, Scott, Ireland, d/o William & Eliza SMITH, witn: John THOMPSON of Uxbridge and Jane SMITH of Scott, March 24, 1859  

James SHEARER, 19, Scott, Canada, s/o Peter & Effie SHEARER, married Elizabeth BARKER, 23, Scott, Canada, d/o John & Catherine BARKER; witn: William & Lucinda MILLER, both of Scott, May 2, 1859  

Allen WRIGHT, 23, Uxbridge, Canada, s/o Joshua & Miranda WRIGHT, married Mary E. TAYLOR, 24, Uxbridge, Canada, d/o Robert & Dorothea Ann TAYLOR; witn: George & Jane Eliza PLANK, both of Uxbridge, May 26, 1859  

John MADILL, 23, Brock, Ireland, s/o Henry & Elizabeth MADILL, married Margaret DOBLE, 22, Brock, Brock, d/o John & Mary DOBLE; witn: Donald ROSS and John MADILL, both of Scott, October 26, 1859  

Ira CASTOR, 23, Uxbridge, Canada, s/o Jacob & Sarah CASTOR, married Martha Ann TODD, 20, Uxbridge, Canada, d/o William & Margaret Ann TODD; witn: William MORGASON and Mary Mg. TODD, both of Uxbridge, November 9, 1859  

John YOUNG, 21, Uxbridge, Canada, s/o John & Mary YOUNG, married Eliza ARBUCKLE, 17, Uxbridge, Ireland, d/o Thomas & Catharine ARBUCKLE, witn: John YOUNG & Thomas ARBUCKLE, both of Uxbridge, November 10, 1859  

William MORGASON, 20, Uxbridge, Canada, s/o John & Elizabeth MORGASON, married Mary Mg. TODD, 18, Uxbridge, Canada, d/o William & Mg. Jane TODD; witn: Samuel DAVIS & Annie PELCH, both of Uxbridge, November 17, 1859  

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