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Ontario County Marriages, 1860

from Ontario Archives microfilm, MS 248, Reel 12, submitted by Eileen Wilson

on this page birth place is given after residence


Return of G.N.A. F.T. Dickson for 1860 filed 2 January 1860, No. 15745  

Aaron P. CAMERON, 28, Oshawa, Scotland, s/o not given, married Mary THOMAS, 24, Whitby, same place, d/o William THOMAS & not given; witn: William H. THOMAS of E. Whitby and J. McCULLOCH of Brantford, August 4, 1860  

Thomas PHILLIP, 30, E. Whitby, not given, s/o not given, married Elizabeth DAMES (or JAMES), 25, Victoria Mills, not given, d/o not given; witn: Clark ROBINSON and Fanny DICKSON, both of Oshawa, September 26, 1860  

Thomas SHANNON, 29, Oshawa, not given, s/o not given, married Eliz. A. FOSTER, 24, E. Whitby, Canada W., d/o not given; witn: Robert & Maria FOSTER, both of East Whitby, October 26, 1860  

James TAYLOR, 25, Oshawa, not given, s/o not given, married Charlotte GODKIN, 26, Oshawa, England, d/o not given; witn: Jas. PHILLIPS and Sarah GODKIN, both of Oshawa, November 22, 1860  

Thomas KELLY (or KIRBY), 23, Oshawa, Canada West, s/o not given, married Elizabeth A. TREMAINE, 24, Township of Whitby, not given, d/o not given, witn: James ELDER & Alice SPEARS, both of Victoria Mills, December 25, 1860  

James HORTOP, 26, Hensale C.W., Canada West, s/o not given, married Susan GIBSON, 25, Salem, Canada West, d/o James & Dinah GIBSON; witn Jas. HARTOP of Reach and Susan GIBSON of Salem, December 27, 1860  

James CROSKEM, 25, Oshawa, England, s/o Thomas & Elziabeth CROSKEM, married Mary A. STEPHENSON, 22, E. Whitby, Oshawa, d/o Paul & Mary STEPHENSON; witn: Isaac & Jane McPHERSON, both of Oshawa, December 29, 1860


Page 123, Return 15986, marriages by Robert Monteath

John REBELL, 24, Cartwright, Canada, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Mary Ann WORDEN, Cartwright, Canada, d/o John & Mary; witn: John Johnston of Cartwright; 17 January 1860  

John McLEAN, 25, Reach, Scotland, s/o Donald & Margaret, married Jane McFARLANE, 18, Reach, Canada, d/o John & Mary; witn: John Wilkinson of Borelia; 5 April 1860  

John McILRAVIE, 22, Reach, Canada, s/o Alexander & Mary, married Jane McLOCHLAN (McLachlan?), 20, Reach, Scotland, d/o Dugald & Jane; witn: Ralph Langlands of Brock; 7 April 1860  

Aiken ROCKEY, 24, Reach, England, s/o William & Mary, married Marg't DUNCAN, Reach, Ireland, d/o William & Margaret; witn: William Farmer of Port Perry; 1 May 1860  

John N. DARLING, 27, Reach, Canada, s/o John & Laura, married Marg't JANEY, 21, Reach, Canada, d/o Luke & Bridget; witn: John A. Philips of Port Perry; 5 May 1860  

David BAIRD, 22, Reach, Canada, s/o James & Jane, married Lydia FARMER, 18, Reach, Canada, d/o Russell & Thankful; witn: William Farmer of Port Perry; 10 May 1860  

Edward C. BROWN, 26, Brock, Canada, s/o Henry & Sarah, married Eliza Jane GRAHAM, 24, Brock, Canada, d/o John & Margaret; witn: David Brown of Cannington; 31 May 1860  

Farquhar McHACHER, 26, Reach, Canada, s/o John & Catharine, married Susanna BIGNELL, 26, Reach, England, d/o John & Mary; witn: George Broderick of Utica; 6 June 1860  

George M. EVEREST, 24, Reach, England, s/o George & Elizabeth, married Ann STEPHENSON, Reach, Canada, d/o Henry & Mary; witn: George Broderick of Utica; 6 June 1860  

William LITTLEPROUD, 23, Reach, England, s/o Robert & Elizabeth, married Phebe Jane MONROE, Reach, Canada, d/o Joseph & Mary; witn: James Morden of Port Perry; 9 June 1860  

James PRINCE, 23, Reach, England, s/o Henry & Ann, married Cath'e CALHOUN, 27, Reach, Ireland, d/o John & Catharine; witn: Samuel Calhoun of Prince Albert; 14 August 1860  

Alfred ELY, 38, Reach, England, s/o William & Sarah, married Hannah M. SMITH, Reach, Canada, d/o John & Sarah; witn: Henry McCoy of Prince Albert; 20 September 1860  

John SUTLIFF, 36, Reach, Canada, s/o Orron & Mary, married Jane SYKES, 27, Reach, Canada, d/o John & Susanna; witn: Seth Claughton of Reach; 25 October 1860  

Seth CLAUGHTON, 23, Reach, England, s/o Joseph & Eunice, married Ann SYKES, 20, Reach, Canada, d/o John & Susanna; witn: John Sutliff of Reach; 25 October 1860  

Arch'd STEWART, 44, Brock, Scotland, s/o William & Catherine, married Christ'n McLEAN, 24, Reach, Scotland, d/o Donald & Margaret; witn: Malcolm McGeachie of Brock; 22 November 1860  

Malcolm McPHAIL, 35, Brock, Scotland, s/o Neil & Flora, married Mary FRAZER, Brock, Canada, d/o Joseph & Barbara; witn: William Frazer of brock; 31 December 1860