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Ontario County Marriages, 1862, part 1

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from Ontario Archives microfilm, MS 248, Reel 12,

on this page birth place is given after residence


Return of John Law for 1862 filed 15 January 1863, No. 20706:  

Henry PARSONS, 23, Prince Albert, England, s/o Richard & Elizabeth PARSONS, married Frances PALMER, 19, Prince Albert, United States, d/o William & Mary Ann PALMER; witn: Francis RAE of Prince Albert and Henry GORDON of Scugog, January 1, 1862  

Samuel HOSKINS, 31, Reach, England, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth HOSKINS, married Susan GILL, 19, Reach, England, d/o Philip & Susanna GILL; witn: Sarah BARBER & Wesley A. LAW, both of Prince Albert, January 11, 1862  

George MOORE, 27, Town of Lindsay, Ireland, s/o Arthur & Elizabeth MOORE, married Lysella SILVER, 21, Lindsay, Upper Canada, d/o Daniel & Louisa SILVER, witn: Francis RAE & Charlotte M. HURD, both of Prince Albert, January 30, 1862  

John BENTLEY, 23, Reach, Scarborough, James & Mary BENTLEY, married Mary Ann BESWICK, 20, Reach, England, d/o George & Ann BESWICK; witn: Andrew T. DALBY & James MITCHELL, both of Reach, February 6, 1862  

William BEARE, 38, Reach, England, s/o Joseph & Ann BEARE, married Ann PERKINS, 39, Prince Albert, England, d/o David & Susanna PERKINS, witn: George & Catherine CURRIE, both of Prince Albert, April 23, 1862  

Robert A. WORSWICK, 31, Whitby, England, s/o John & Elizabeth WORSWICK, married Margaret BUCHANAN, 21, Reach, Reach, d/o Edward & Elizabeth BUCHANAN, witn: Thomas BUCHANAN and James BEATY, both of Reach, June 4, 1862  

Hazard Watson WILCOX, 23, Whitby, Whitby, s/o John S.M. & Mary WILCOX, married Mary FARQUHARSON, 24, Whitby, Whitby, d/o John & Eliza FARQUHARSON; witn: John S. M. WILCOX & John FARQUHARSON, both of Whitby, Dec. 18, 1862    


Return of G.N.A.F.T. Dickson for 1862 filed 3 January 1863, No. 20636:  

George GURLY, 40, Oshawa, Ireland, s/o Matthew & Jane GURLY, married Jane STEPHENSON, 28, Oshawa, England, d/o Saml. & Dorothy STEPHENSON; witn: Joseph GALL & Annie STEPHENSON, both of Oshawa, January 21, 1862  

Joseph H. DEITZ, 24, Oshawa, Germany, s/o John & Margaret DEITZ, married Phoebe MARTIN, 25, Oshawa, Toronto, d/o Moses & Catherine MARTIN; witn: William DEITZ & Catherine MARTIN, both of Oshawa, March 5, 1862  

Daniel DREW, 23, Oshawa, England, s/o Daniel & Mary DREW, married Louisa KER, 22, Oshawa, East Whitby, d/o Harvey & Mary Ann KER; witn: William KER & Maria KER, both of Oshawa, May 24, 1862  

William HEPINSTALL, 25, Brooklin, Brooklin, s/o Christopher & Ann HEPENSTALL, married Sarah A. CAMPBELL, 23, Brooklin, Richmond Hill, d/o Robt. & Catherine CAMPBELL; witn: W.W. CAMPBELL  & E.A. WARREN both of Brooklin, June 2, 1862  

John HARRY, 45, Darlington, Co. Durham, s/o Christopher & Ann HARRY, married Eliza GIBSON, 25, Darlington, not given, d/o not given; witn: John & Grace SPRY, both of Darlington, June 18, 1862  

Edmund B. WESH (West?), 24, Oshawa, Churchville, s/o Thomas & Catherine WESH, married Alice SPUR, 19, Oshawa, Pittsville, d/o James & Amanda SPUR; witn: Fanny DICKSON & Sarah COOK, both of Oshawa, July 30, 1862  

Hughesman DUNN, 34, East Whitby, not given, s/o not given, married Eliza COURTICE,  not given, East Whitby, not given, d/o not given; witn: James & Jane SMITH, both of East Whitby, August 2, 1862  

John SHARRARD, 30, Oshawa, not given, s/o not given, married Jane BURKE, 18, Bowmanville, not given, d/o not given; witn: David KER & Matthew RYAN, both of Oshawa, August 2, 1862  

Jacob S. WHETTER, 28, Mariposa, not given, s/o not given, married Eliza MICHAEL, not given, East Whitby, not given, d/o not given; witn: Edward MORRIS & Susan STERNE, both of Oshawa, October 19, 1862  

William H. MANUEL, 24, Whitby Township, England, s/o Matthew & Jane MANUEL, married Jane SMEDES, 24, Oshawa, Lockport, U.S., d/o Joseph & Mary SMEDES; witn: John CODY and Mary BRYANT, both of Oshawa, Dec. 31, 1862  

Fred K. (Frederick?)  FROST, 26, Oshawa, England, s/o Isaac & Ann FROST, married Mary MANUEL, Oshawa, England, d/o Elisha & Catherine MANUEL; witn: P. MANUEL & L. DAVISON, both of Oshawa, December 31, 1862  


Return of Joseph Markham for 1862 filed 9 January 1863, No. 20672:  

Eustice VESSY, 31, Reach, England, s/o Gervis & Mary VESSY, married Sarah HOWARD, 25, Reach, England, d/o  John & Elizabeth HOWARD; witn: William VESSY of Reach, January 6, 1862  

Elisha MARCK, 21, Reach, England, s/o Philip & Achsah MARCK, married Margaret CRAGG, 20, Reach, Canada, d/o Timothy & Mary Ann CRAGG; witn: Elijah MARK of Maraposa, January 9, 1862  

James MUMBERSON, 28, Scott, England, s/o Matthias & Elizabeth MUMBERSON, married Martha BODEN, 21, Scott, Canada, d/o Thomas & Lucy BODEN; witn: Abraham BODEN of Scott, January 28, 1862  

John KELLINGTON, 21, Uxbridge, Canada, s/o John & Mary KELLINGTON, married Mary Elma JERMES, 18, Uxbridge, Canada, d/o Job & Hannah SIMES; witn: Isaac JERMES of Uxbridge, February 7, 1862  

Richard HOULDENLOW, 30, Reach, England, s/o Richard & Elizabeth HOULDENLOW, married Susannah STONES, 19, Reach, England, d/o Joseph & Jane STONES; witn: Joseph STONES of Reach, February 10, 1862  

John WALKER, 30, Whitby, England, s/o John & Deborah WALKER, married Hannah WALKER, 35, Whitby, England, d/o David & Hannah WALKER, witn: John STRICKLAND  of Whitby May 19, 1862  

John KAY, 25, Reach, Canada, s/o Daniel & Francis KAY, married Sarah TORRES, 24, Reach, Canada, d/o Thomas & Nancy Ann TORRES; witn: George TORRES of Reach, July 19, 1862  

William WATSON, 24, Reach, Canada, s/o Joseph & Rachel WATSON, married Louisa ORCHARD, 26, Reach, England, d/o Thomas & Ann ORCHARD; witn: John ORCHARD  of Reach, July 16, 1862  

William GIBSON, 21, Reach, Canada, s/o John & Ann GIBSON, married Jane TUCKER, 19, Reach, England, d/o John & Maria TUCKER; witn: George COOK of Reach, August 5, 1862  

William COOK, 30, Reach, England, s/o Houlding & Mary COOK, married Margaret CRAIG, 20, Reach, Scotland, d/o John & Caroline CRAIG, witn: James CRAWFORD of Reach, August 12, 1862  

Robert BLAKESON, 31, Whitby, England, s/o William & Mary BLAKESON, married Martha COLES, 26, Whitby, England, d/o Louis & Hannah COLES, witn: Thomas HOTHAM of Reach, August 16, 1862  

Christopher SHERWOOD, 58, York, England, s/o Richard & Mary SHERWOOD, married Emma HAWKLEY, 36, Scott, England, d/o William & Amelia HAWKLEY, witn: George F. LEE of Pickering, September 18, 1862  

John WILDON, 28, Scott, England, s/o John & Barbara WILDON, married Ann HOLLIDAY, 21, Whitby, Canada, d/o Wilfred & Mary HOLLIDAY; witn: Wilfred HOLLIDAY of Whitby, October 13, 1862  

John L. BARBER, 25, Reach, Canada, s/o William & Hannah BARBER, married Elizabeth GRAHAM, 20, Reach, Ireland, d/o Richard & Catherine GRAHAM; witn: William BROWN of Reach, October 13, 1862  

John WOOD, 25, Reach, England, s/o John & Lucy WOOD, married Mary WOODCOCK, 18, Reach, Canada, d/o James & Margaret WOODCOCK; witn: Wesley WOODCOCK of Reach, December 31, 1862  


Return of Robert Monteath for 1862 filed 2nd February 1863, No. 20855  

Andrew BURNS, 34, Whiby, Scotland, s/o John & Isabella BURNS, married Janet STEVENSON, 18, Whitby, Canada, d/o Andrew & Janet STEVENSON; witn: Charles CONLEY of Whitby, January 14, 1862  

Archibald MITCHELL, 28, Eldon, Scotland, s/o William & Margaret MITCHELL, married Elizabeth MITCHELL, 22, Reach, Scotland, d/o Donald & Janet MITCHELL, witn: James McKINLAY of Reach, February 26, 1862  

William McGEW (McGirr?), 24, Reach, Scotland, s/o Anthony & Mary McGEW, married Margaret JAMIESON, 21, Reach, Scotland, d/o Thomas & Janet JAMIESON; witn: Eleanor W. TAYLOR of Prince Albert, March 31, 1862  

John MASSON, 19, Reach, Canada, s/o George & Margaret MASSON, married Elizabeth GIMLET, 20, Reach, England, d/o George & Ann GIMLET; witn: George STEELE of Prince Albert, April 15, 1862  

George GIBSON, 25, Eldon, Canada, s/o John & Mary GIBSON, married Margaret SINCLAIR, 29, Reach, Scotland, d/o Archibald & Margaret SINCLAIR, witn: Dr. E. WARE of Prince Albert, May 22, 1862  

William MARNES, 23, Reach, Canada, s/o Richard & Agnes MARNES, married Harriet DEMERAY, 21, Reach, Canada, d/o Abraham & Hannah DEMERAY; witn: George MONTEATH of Prince Albert, July 7, 1862  

Michael VICKERY, 23, Reach, Canada, s/o Michael & Marion VICKERY, married Elizabeth KIMER, 18, Darlington, Canada, d/o Robert & Sarah KIMER, witn: John BOYNTON of Borelia, August 20, 1862  

Duncan FORBES, 25, Mariposa, Scotland, s/o Alexander & Harriet FORBES, married Mary McLACHLAN, 23, Reach, Scotland, d/o Dongald & Jane McLACHLAN, witn: Neil STEPHENSON of Prince Albert, September 27, 1862  

Thomas MARTIN, 40, Mariposa, England, s/o Thomas & Ann MARTIN, married Theresa CAMERON, 31, Reach, Canada, d/o James & Ann CAMERON, witn: James CAMERON of Reach, December 30, 1862