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Ontario County Marriages, 1865

MS 248, Reel 12, Vol. 46, Ontario Co. marriages.

Format - Groom; age; birthplace; residence; his parents; bride; age; birthplace; residence; her parents; witnesses; marriage date


Page 39, top, (return 26638) by Kenneth Macliman, no church given

William YOUNG, 23, Whitby, same, s/o James & Isabella YOUNG, married Mary M. SINAU (Sinan? Lenan?), 2-, Markham, Pickering, d/o James M. SINAU & Jane M. MAIR, wtn: George DICKSON, of Markham, & Charles SYNEC of Whitby, on January 12, 1865

William WALKER, 35, Scotland, Whitby, s/o James WALKER & Barbara RITCHIE married Christine CANSE, 2-, Scotland, Pickering, d/o Robert CANSE & Elizabeth BARCLAY, wtn: Elizabeth CANSE of Pickering & Robert CANSE of Scotland, on April 29, 1865

Henry FANALI, 26, Ireland, ?, s/o James FANALI & Jessie MADELL, married Georgina WILSON, 28, Markham, Whitby, d/o Jacob WILSON & Charlotte ELD??, wtn: Henry MADELL of Pickering & John MADELL of East Whitby, on September 15, 1865

William GOYNE, 27, Darlington, East Whitby, s/o William GOYNE & Eliza HARRIS, married Annie SCOTT, 20, East Whitby, Whitby, d/o no father given, Annie SCOTT, wtn: Archibald ??  of East Whitby & John GOYNE of Whitby, on September 26, 1865

Caleb START, 24, Whitby, same, s/o Nathan START & Matilda EL----TH, married Mary PALMER, 23, England, Whitby, d/o Thomas PALMER & Mary BROCK, wtn: John PALMER & Hugh T?????, both of Whitby, on October 4, 1865

Joseph ATKINSON, 22, Whitby, same, s/o William ATTKINSON & Sarah CATTIN, married Isabella BRAMER, 2-, Whitby, same, d/o James BRAMER & Marjorie GRAHAM wtn: John BRAMER & Hubert SP--?, both of Whitby, on November 7, 1865

Christopher ELLIOTT, 26, Pickering, Reach, s/o John ELLIOTT & Edith TAYLOR, married Irene M??TTAKER, 2-, England, Whitby, d/o Richard M??TTAKER & Irene BARD, wtn: Charles & Grace M??TTAKO both of Reach, on December 19, 1865


Page 39, bottom (return 26639) by John Williams, Bible Christian

Joseph SHELL, (?)1, United States, Scugog, s/o George & Elizabeth SHELL, married Rebecca HAMSON, 3-, Mariposa, same, d/o George & Betsey SHELL, wtn: George & Catherine SHELL, both of Mariposa, June 12, 1865

William MASK, 21, Reach, same, s/o John & Mary MASK, married Mary Ann MILLER, 19, Reach, same, d/o John & Susan MILLER, wtn: Philip MASK of Reach & Richard T. C--? of Scotland, on June 12, 1865

Benjamin MARTIN, 30, Reach, same, A--? & Margaret MARTIN, married Francis SMITH, 22, Reach, same, Peter & Marion SMITH wtn: Joseph P. illegible, & Richard C--? & John SMITH, all of Reach, on November 2, 1865

Robert ?INSUER, 26, Reach, same, s/o William & Elizabeth ?INSUER, married Susan BOYER, 2-, Reach, same, d/o George & Unice BOYER, wtn: John & Elizabeth WILLIAMS, both of Reach, on November 23, 1865

William Henry McDONALD, 25, Reach, same, s/o George & Elizabeth McDONALD, married Christine BELO, 20, Scotland, Reach, d/o Daniel & Ann M. BELO, wtn: John WILLIAMS & Benjamin MARTIN, both of Reach, on November 28, 1865

William SINCE, 19, Reach, same, William & Elizabeth SINCE, married Margaret THOMAS, illegible age, Reach, same, d/o William & Charlotte THOMAS, wtn: John & Elizabeth WILLIAMS both of Reach, on December 25, 1865


From here down:

from Ontario Archives microfilm, MS 248, Reel 12, submitted by Eileen Wilson



Return of Robert MacArthur filed 31 December 1865, No. 26736  

for this return birth place is given after residence

James McMILLAN, 24, Reach C.W., Upper Canada, s/o Archibald McMILLAN and Isabella AIMOUR, married Anna GIBSON, 20, Reach, Lower Canada, d/o George GIBSON & Susan HORNE; witn: William WELSH of Uxbridge and Duncan McMILLAN of Reach, January 31, 1865  

David HALL, 29, Reach C.W., England, s/o Stephen HALL and Ann CORBY, married Harriet MORROW, 21, Reach, Upper Canada, d/o Joseph MORROW and Maria TRUCESC; witn: William J. TRUCESC of Reach and Joseph MORROW of Brock, February 25, 1865  

Joseph MAIR, 35, Brock C.W., Scotland, s/o Alexander MAIR & Margaret SINCLAIR, married Sarah Jane GILLAN, illegible, Brock, Upper Canada, d/o Thomas GILLAN & Mary BROWNLEE; witn: Morrison MAIR and Thomas GLOWE, both of Brock, April 13, 1865  

John LOURNBERGER, 24, Brock C.W., Upper Canada, s/o Barnaby LOURNBERGER & Annie WHITEMAN, married Mary E. CAMPBELL, 20, Brock, Upper Canada, d/o Alexander CAMPBELL & Christiana HAMILTON, witn: William BOWEN & Winthrop JOHNSTON, both of Brock, May 31, 1865  

William MATTHEWS, 25, Reach C.W., Upper Canada, s/o Valentine MATTHEWS & Jane JOHNSTON, married Eliza BAIRD, 21, Reach, Upper Canada, d/o Robert BAIRD & Mary McCULLY; witn: Thomas ROBINSON of Reach & Robert BAIRD of Brock, October 19, 1865  

Robert ALLAN, 25, Reach C.W., Scotland, s/o Robert ALLAN and Jane WARDEN, married Elizabeth GANTON, illegible, Reach, Upper Canada, d/o Thomas GANTON & Sarah STONE; witn: John PHANX (s/b Phoenix) & George ALLAN, both of Reach, December 20, 1865  


Return of Jacob Wilson filed 29 January 1866, No. 26744  

for this return birth place is given after residence

Joseph MONKHOUSE, 40, Altona, England, s/o John & Sarah MONKHOUSE, married Elizabeth KESTER, illegible, Pickering, Markham, d/o Cornelius & Mary JOHNSON; witn: Achibald M. SWAN amd Thomas MONKHOUSE, both of Altona, October 2, 1865  


Return of Jesse Tatton filed 29 January 1866, No. 26751  

for this return birth place is given after residence

John Mordick ARMSTRONG, 23, Scott, Nova Scotia, s/o John & Sarah ARMSTRONG, married Mary Elizabeth HANCOCK, illegible, King, King, d/o Amos & Eunice HANCOCK, witn: Leander HANCOCK & Cecilia PRIGLY, both of King, January 17, 1865  

William CASE, 25, Uxbridge, Port Hope, s/o Henry & Elizabeth CASE, married Mary RANDELL, illegible, Whitchurch, Whitchurch, d/o Concily & Elizabeth RANDELL; witn: Henry CASE and Phebe RANDELL, both of Whitchurch, March 14, 1865  

Thomas G. REGIN, 28, Pickering, Pickering, s/o Thomas & Sarah REGIN, married Rena J. ROGERS, illegible, King, King, d/o Augustus & Mary ROGERS; witn: William J. REGIN of Pickering & Mary E. ROGERS of King, August 31, 1865  

Alfred HASTINGS, 22, Pickering, Pickering, s/o Nathan & Elizabeth HASTINGS, married Elizabeth PLACE, 21, Pickering, Madoc, d/o Jeremiah & Mary PLACE; witn: Warren HASTINGS and Lordina YOUNG, both of Pickering, October 23, 1865  

Thomas HUTCHISON, 25, Scott, Pickering, s/o Clement & Harriet HUTCHISON, married Sarah Ann PARLIAMENT, Brock, Brock, d/o John & Elizabeth PARLIAMENT; witn: George LINTON and Mary Jane MOTTS, both of Pickering, October 31, 1865  


Return of James D. Gibson filed 30 January 1865, No. 26756  

for this return birth place is given after residence

Edward PHOENIX, 20, Reach, Canada West, s/o John & Elizabeth PHOENIX, married Mary A. GANTON, 20, Reach, Canada West, d/o Thomas & Sarah GANTON; witn: Robert ALLEN and Elizabeth GANTON, both of Reach, March 21, 1865  

Hugh GIBSON, 23, Pickering, Canada West, s/o William & Elizabeth GIBSON, married Amelia STEPHENSON, illegible, Brock, Canada West, d/o William & Ann GIBSON; witn: Andrew ST. JOHN & Elizabeth STEPHENSON, both of Brock, June 1, 1865  

William H. BLACK, 23, Brock, Canada West, s/o John & Caroline BLACK, married Elizabeth HODGSON, 18, Brock, Canada West, d/o William & Elizabeth HODGSON; witn: James ST. JOHN & Elizabeth FARROW, both of Brock, June 1, 1865  

George A. HAMILTON, 19, Markham, Canada West, s/o William & Ann HAMILTON, married Mary WEBSTER, 19, Uxbridge, Canada West, d/o Lewis & Martha BROWN; witn: Alexander HAMILTON and Sarah WEBSTER, both of Uxbridge, October 25, 1865  

George PEART, 29, Pickering, England, s/o Jacob & Hannah PEART, married Mary Jane LEGGE, 19, Scott, England, d/o Robert & Hannah LEGGE, witn: David PERKIN of Scott and James PEART of Pickering, November 9, 1865  

Josia TOMPKINS, 25, Uxbridge, England, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth TOMPKINS, married Sarah A. WATEMAN, illegible, Uxbridge, England, d/o Michael & Elizabeth WATEMAN; witn: Daniel & Matilda TOMPKINS both of Uxbridge, December 6, 1865  

Robert TAYLOR, 24, Brock, Canada West, s/o James & Mary Ann TAYLOR, married Margret McKEE, 19, Brock, Canada West, d/o John & Mary McKEE; witn: Stewart McCOY of Brock and Elizabeth THOMB of Uxbridge, December 25, 1865  


Return of William McFadden & John N. Lake filed 30 January 1866, No. 26759  

for this return birth place is given after residence

Jabez MASON, 23, Pickering, Canada, s/o Thomas & Ann MASON, married Julia HORTOP, illegible, Pickering, Canada, d/o John & Ann HARTOP; witn: James HORTOP and George MASON, both of Pickering, January 3, 1865  

Wilford SADLER, 22, Pickering, Canada, s/o John & Jane SADLER married Mary Ann FOSTER, illegible, Pickering, Canada, d/o James & Sarah FOSTER; witn: George COCHRANE of Oshawa and Sara HARTOP of Pickering, January 24, 1865  

Thomas LAWTON, 26, Pickering, U. States, s/o John & Jane LAWTON, married Susanna GIBSON, illegible, Pickering, England, d/o Joseph & Jane GIBSON, witn: Ralph MOWBRAY & Judson GIBSON, both of Pickering, February 7, 1865  

John HOPPER, 23, Pickering, Canada, s/o George & Margt. HOPPER, married Eliza SMITH, illegible, Pickering, Scotland, d/o William & Elizabeth SMITH; witn: Jas. SMITH & Jas. McHEWAN(?), both of Pickering, February 9, 1865  

Henry DUNN, 21, Pickering, Canada, s/o George Mary & Ann DUNN, married Mary A. WINTER, illegible, Pickering, Canada, d/o Jacob & Ann WINTER; witn: D.M. WINTER & Jas. McMURRAY, both of Pickering, March 9, 1865  

George CUTTLE, 25, Pickering, England, s/o David & Mary CUTTLE, married Tarony(?) GILL, illegible, Pennsylvania, U. States, d/o John & Hannah GILL; witn: Rev. G. COCHRANE and Rev. E. MORROW, both of Oshawa, June 29, 1865  

Abraham BOYER, 29, Pickering, Canada, s/o Sam & Mary BOYER, married Jane SMITH, illegible, Pickering, Canada, d/o William & Elizabeth SMITH; witn: S.M. BROOKS of Pickering, July 24, 1865  

Edious WADE, 26, Pickering, England, s/o William & Anne WADE, married Marg't BERRY, illegible, Pickering, Canada, d/o Robt. & Mary BERRY; witn: Elizabeth BERRY of Pickering, Dec. 12, 1865


Return of Robert Darlington filed 9 February 1866, No. 26834  

for this return birth place is given after residence

George SADDLER, 21, Pickering, Toronto, s/o Thomas & Eliza SADDLER, marrried Esther REDMOND, 20, Pickering, Pickering, d/o Jalvin(?) & Susan REDMOND; witn: William REDMOND and Susana JUDELLA, both of Pickering, October 14, 1865  

Andrew T. DALBY, 26, Reach, Vaughan, s/o John and Anne DALBY, married Catherine GIBSON, 18, Reach, Reach, d/o John & Anne GIBSON, witn: Charles GIBSON & Sarah WARD, both of Reach, November 27, 1865  

William EASTBY, 25, Whitby, England, s/o Thomas & Anne EASTBY; married Francis MAUNCEY, 23, Canada, Canada, d/o Anthony & Anne MAUNCEY; witn: William WARDEN & Harriet WARDEN, both of Whiby, January 27, 1866  


Return of John Darcy Cayley filed 10 February 1866, No. 26839  

for this return birth place is given after residence

Robert LUSCUMBE, 45, Pickering, Rawdon, s/o Zacharias & Sarah LUSCOMBE, married Menuce(?) BROOM, not given, Uxbridge, New Jersey, d/o William & Ruth SHUFELT, witn: S. LUSCOMBE of Pickering, January 4, 1865  

Albert GAMBLE, illegible, Scugog, not given, s/o James & Jane GAMBLE, married Mary A. SMITH, illegible, East Whitby, not given, d/o George & Mary Anne SMITH; witn: R.C. WANUW (Warren?) of Brooklin, March 1, 1865  

Walker HAYMOND, 26, Belleville, Buckinghamshire, s/o William & Catherine HAYMAND, married Emily F. PALE, 19, Whitby, Cork City, d/o Frederick & Anna Maria PALE; witn: Eliza WANEW, Whitby, June 7, 1865  

Hamond GRUNMOON, 33, Whitby, Herefordshire, s/o William & Mary GRUNMOON, married Charlotte HUBBARD, 21, Pickering, Pickering, d/o Clayton & Harriet HUBBARD; witn: Isabella HUBBARD, Pickering, September 14, 1865  

John GRUNLAN, 22, Pickering, Scotland, s/o James & Margaret GRUNLAN, married Mary A. PEAK, 22, Pickering, Pickering, d/o James & Anne PEAK; witn: James PEAK of Pickering, October 7, 1865  

William H. BARNETT, 23, Reach, Reach, s/o Samuel & Sarah BARNETT, married (Illegible) PAYNE, 21, Reach, Pickering, d/o Charles & Jane C. PAYNE; witn: John BARNETT of Reach, November 29, 1865  

Hugh McLAUGHLAN, 26, Brooklin, Ireland, s/o James & Ann McLAUGHLAN, married Mary McLEARY, 22, Brooklin, Ireland, d/o James & Mary McLEARY; witn: Ellen CAPPLE of Brooklin, December 1, 1865  

Robert WATSON, 26, Whitby, Ireland, s/o Francis & Mary Jane WATSON, married Mary BLACK, illegible, Whitby, Kingston C.W., d/o William & Maria BLACK; witn: Samuel STORY of Whitby, December 25, 1865