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Ontario County Marriages, 1867

from Ontario Archives microfilm, MS 248, Reel 12, submitted by Eileen Wilson

on this page birth place is given after residence


Return of James Smith filed 30 January 1868, No. 30687  

Watson Playter WIDDIFIELD, 22, Uxbridge, Uxbridge, s/o Samuel and Mace WIDDIFIELD married Ann FRANKISH, 18, Uxbridge, England, d/o Thompson & Ann FRANKISH; witn: James BLUDGETT and Sarah FRANKISH, both of Uxbridge, January 1, 1867  

John WARD, 22, Reach, Reach, s/o John & Elizabeth WARD, married Jane LONGFIELD, 19, Reach, Canada, d/o William & Elizabeth LONGFIELD; witn: George WARD & Sarah A. WARD, both of Reach, January 7, 1867  

John ACKNEY, 25, Reach, England, s/o James & Jane ACKNEY, married Ruth HART, 27, Reach, England, d/o William & Hannah HART; witn: Sarah HART and Robert VESCH, both of Reach, January 10, 1867  

Ira CANE, 27, Scott, Canada, s/o not known, married Sarah Ann VESCH, 21, Reach, Reach, d/o Rob & Jemima VESCH; witn: John VESCH and Margaret SCOTT, both of Reach, January 29, 1867  

Henry HALE, 21, Reach, England, s/o Thomas & Mary HALE, married Hannah LEE, 19, Reach, Reach, d/o Joseph & Roxana LEE; witn: John Lee of Reach and Christie SMITH of Brock, February 13, 1867  

Emanuel WRIGHT, 26, East Gwillumbury, Canada, s/o John & Harriet WRIGHT, married Hannah HARGRAVE, 18, Reach, Canada, d/o George & Hannah HARGRAVE; witn: John HARGRAVE, and Eliz. NICHOLS, both of Reach, May 28, 1867.  

Cornelius DIKE, 26, Uxbridge, Canada, s/o John & Louisa DIKE, married Mary Jane WATERS, 20, Uxbridge, Canada, d/o Charles & Issa WATERS; witn: Joseph WATERS & Conn...(?) DIKE, both of Uxbridge, March 13, 1867  

Richard GIBSON, 25, Reach, Canada, s/o John & Ann GIBSON, married Ann ACKNEY, 19, Reach, England, d/o James & Jane ACKNEY; witn: William DUNLOP & Eliza ACKNEY, both of Reach, April 18, 1867  

Chaney BROWN, 24, Brock, Canada, son of Martha(sic) & Sara BROWN, married Agnes HAM, 16, Brock, Canada, d/o Alexander & Ann HAM; witn: Luther BROWN & Hannah HAM, both of Reach, April 30, 1867  


Return of Elder Joseph King filed 30 January 1868, No. 30688  

Alva JOHNSON, 33, St. Arnaud, C.E., Canada East, s/o Lyman & Mary JOHNSON, married Emily SAMBUYER, 22, East Whitby, Canada West, d/o Barnabas & Donuda SAMBUYER, witn: Chas. SAMBUYER of East Whitby, January 3, 1867  

Wilson E. BRIGGS, 22, Reach, Canada East, s/o George & not given BRIGGS, married Maggie A. McCAW, 20, Reach, Canada East, d/o Hugh H. & Elizabeth McCAW; witn: John BIGELSON of Reach, March 24, 1867  

John SMITH, 27, Brock, Scotland, s/o David & Mary SMITH, married Jane GILLIES, 18, Brock, Scotland, d/o William & Mary GILLIES; witn: Donald STALKER of Brock, June 10, 1867  

Tom HAZLEHURST, 26, Reach, Canada West, s/o not given, married Minnie E. EDDY, 21, Reach, Canada East, d/o Rice H. & Mindwile EDDY; witn: John BIGELSON of Reach, June 18, 1867  

William L. KING, 41, Mariposa, England, s/o William & Harriett KING, married Sarah Eliza Foster, 30, Reach, Canada, d/o Chas. E. & Elizabeth CONGELE; witn: Charlotte King of Whitby Twp., October 1, 1867  


Return of David Watson filed 10 February 1868, No. 30773  

Benjamin FINNEY, 31, Manvers, Ireland, s/o John FINNEY & Sarah MANNING, married Isabella McCRADIE, 22, Eldon, Eldon, d/o William McCREADEE & Maria PARKER, witn: John Finney of Manvers, January 2, 1867  

Eachern McEACHERN, 30, Eldon, Eldon, s/o Hugh McEACHERN and Elizabeth McALPIN, married Mary RAY, 20, Eldon, Eldon, d/o Angus RAY & Euphemia McFADYEN; witn: Peter CURRIE of Eldon, January 9, 1867  

John CAMPBELL, 30, Eldon, Eldon, s/o Donald CAMPBELL &  Cath. SMITH, married Mary McEACHERN, 30, Eldon, Scotland, d/o Peter McEACHERN & Rachel McEACHERN; witn: Peter McEACHERN of Eldon, January 23, 1867  

John GILLESPIE, 32, Eldon, Islay, s/o Dugald GILLESPIE & Sarah BAGSHEE, married Ann McDRAYALE, 26, Eldon, Eldon, d/o John McDRAYALE & Helen GRANT; witn: John BOYLER of Eldon, February 14, 1867  

Joseph HODGSON, 30, Mara, Canada, s/o Henry HODGSON & Angelie THOMPSON, married Jane RITCHIE, 30, Mara, Mara, d/o James RITCHIE & Helen DOWNIE, witn: William WESTENOTT of Thorah, February 19, 1867  

Duncan McKENZIE, 33, Kirkfield, Montreal, s/o John McKENZIE & Mary McLAUGHLAN married Ann McDONALD, 27 Kirkfield, Iona (or Iowa), d/o John McDONALD & Christine McINNIS; witn: A. MUNRO of Kirkfield, March 6, 1867  

Angus GILLESPIE, 33, Thorah, Islay, s/o Dugald GILLESLIE & Mary McEACHERN, married Margt. McARTHUR, 27, Thora, Islay, d/o Duncan McARTHUR & Marg. CAMPBELL; witn: Henry GLASFORD of Thorah, May 30, 1867  

John AINSWORTH, 40, Brock, England, s/o William AINSWORTH & Phebe SCRIMSHAW, married Margt. BROWN, 22, Brock, Brock, d/o Donald BROWN & Ann McNAB; witn: Dean BRAWES of Brock, August 20, 1867  

Henry GLASFORD, 24, Thorah, Thorah, s/o John GLASFORD &  Jane McBREW, married Mary GLOVER, 19, Thorah, Brock, d/o David GLOVER & Jane McKEGG; witn: William GLASFORD of Thorah, December 24, 1867  


Return of Robert McArthur filed 11 February 1868, No. 30783  

George MICHIE, 20, Brock, Scotland, s/o George MICHIE & Barbara TAYLOR, married Isabella THOMSON, 27, Brock, Scotland, d/o James THOMSON & Eliz. LAMB; witn: James THOMSON & George MICHIE, both of Brock, February 21, 1867  

William CAMPBELL, 26, Scott, Scotland, s/o Arch. CAMPBELL & Isab. FERGUSON, marrried Ann ROBINSON, 17, Brock, Scotland, d/o James ROBINSON & Jane HOWIE; witn: John REESE & Wilson KENNEDY, both of Scott, February 27, 1867  

William McLEOD, 32, Reach, Scotland, s/o Angus McLEOD & Sarah W. GILL, married Eliza Ann McPHADDON, 27, Brock, Ontario, d/o Arch. McPHADDEN & Rebecca HINDS; witn: Donald CARMICHAEL & Malcolm GILLESPIE, both of Brock, March 11, 1867   

John GIBSON, 24, Reach, Ireland, s/o John GIBSON & Margt. SPRATT, married Angelique SPRING, 19, Reach, Ontario, d/o Albert SPRING &  Jane CLARK; witn: William SPRING & Mrs. William SPRING, both of Reach, August 18, 1867  

William HILE, 23, Brock, Ontario, s/o George HILE & Mary JONES, married Janet HUNTER, 19, Reach, Ontario, d/o John HUNTER & Eliz. KERTAN; witn: Rev. Arch. LEES of Napanee and John KERTAN of Reach, December 23, 1867  


Return of Richard Sykes Fornin filed 12 February 1868, No. 30790  

Joseph MILLER, 26, Scott, not given, s/o James & Catherine MILLER, married Rachel JOHNSON, 19, Scott, not given, d/o William & Elizabeth JOHNSON, witn: Samuel Qu...(illegible), East Gwillimbury, York. Co., January 9, 1867  

Alexander WATSON, 25, Reach, England, s/o John & Elizabeth WATSON, married Mary CAFFERINA, 22, Reach, not given, d/o Robert & Clymina CAFFERINA; witn: James BOULTON of Epsom, Reach, January 20, 1867  

James GIBSON, 20, Cartwright, Ireland, s/o William & Mary GIBSON, married Isabella BROWN, 22, Reach, Ireland, d/o William & Jane BROWN, witn: Robert BROWN of Reach, May 24, 1867  

Robert HARPER, 22, Reach, Canada, s/o William & Sarah HARPER, married Mary WAGGONER, 18, Reach, Canada, d/o Henry & Lilly WAGGONER; witn: George LAWTON of Reach, June 20, 1867  

Arch'd WALKER, 47, Epsom, Reach; Ireland, s/o Unknown and Isabella ENGLISH (sic), married Isabella ENGLISH, 22, Epsom, Reach; England, d/o Thomas ENGLISH & not given; witn: Marilla ENGLISH of Reach, October 29, 1867  

James PAWDE, 23, Brooklyn, Ireland, s/o Susan PAWDE, married Mary Ann PLANK, 19, Manchester, Reach; Canada, d/o Bartholomew & Angelina PLANK; witn: John HODGINGS of Manchester, Reach, November 25, 1867  

Joseph MARTIN, 26, Scott, England, s/o Joseph & Jane MARTIN, married Mary MARTIN, 17, Scott, England, d/o John & Jane MARTIN; witn: Donald KENNEDY of Eudora, December 4, 1867  

Francis WAGG, 22, Uxbridge, not given, s/o Thomas & Susan WAGG, married Eliza Anne COOKE, 18, Goodwood, not given, d/o John & Charlotte COOKE; witn: George WAGG of Uxbridge, December 26, 1867  


Return of James R. Scott filed 12 February 1868, No. 30791  

Robert R. CAMPBELL, 39, Pickering, Scotland, s/o Alexander & Barbara CAMPBELL, married Marg't K. GORDON, 24, Whitby, Whitby, d/o William & Christine GORDON; witn: Fergus BLACK of Barrie, January 3, 1867  

George J. SOUTHWILE, 27, Whitby, Nova Scotia, s/o Thomas & Marg't SOUTHWILE, married Mary A. HASTINGS, 2?, Whitby, England, d/o Joseph & Elizabeth HASTINGS; witn: William SPENCE of Whitby, February 4, 1867  

Royal G. McGREGOR, 28, Oshawa, Oshawa, s/o John & Ann McGREGOR, married Sarah J. WILSON, 23, Darlington, Oshawa, d/o William  & Jane WILSON; witn: David McGREGOR of Whitby, April 2, 1867  

Thomas Bell STRAITON, 27, Manchester, Scotland, s/o John & Catherine STRAITON, married Eliza FRASER, 21, Whitby, Whitby, d/o Hugh & Mary FRASER; witn: J.D. RAMSEY of Whitby, May 24, 1867  

William SINCLAIR, 27, Whitby, Whitby, s/o William & Mary SINCLAIR, marrried Susan M. HAVELAND, 33, Whitby, York State (sic), d/o Cornelius & E. HAVELAND; witn: Edward SANDERSON of Whitby, December 9, 1867