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Ontario County Marriages, 1869 (before July 1)

from Ontario Archives microfilm, MS 248, Reel 12, submitted by Eileen Wilson

on this page birth place is given after residence


Return of M.L. Pearson filed 22nd May 1869, Return No. 50:  

"I do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and correct statement of all Marriages solemnized before me for the year ending on the 31st day of December next preceding the date hereof" ...signed M.L. Pearson [i.e. some of these marriages are 1868 and some are 1869]

John Wright HARGRAVE, 23, Reach, Reach, s/o George & Hanah HARGRAVE, married Elizabeth NICHOL, 18, Reach, Reach, d/o William & Zaniphan NICHOL, witn: John NICHOLS of Reach, January 1,

William REID, 25, Uxbridge, York, s/o Francis & Eliza HARGRAVE, married Rachel SMITH, 26, Uxbridge, Pickering, d/o not given; witn: not given, March 8,

William SELLARS, 27, Uxbridge, Markham, s/o Richard & Sarah SELLARS, married Sarah JONES, 25, Uxbridge, Uxbridge, d/o Henry SELLARS & not given; witn: Henry MILL of Uxbridge; March 8,

Timothy DEGEER, 28, Oshawa, Reach, s/o not given; married Amanda MARCH, 21, Reach, Reach, d/o Henry & Ann MARCH; witn: Mr. PEARSON, Uxbridge, April 3,  

Peter WRIGHTMAN, 26, Uxbridge, Markham, s/o Henry & Frances WRIGHTMAN, married Hannah Maria PEELY, 20, Uxbridge, Uxbridge, d/o John & Eliza PEELY; witn: not given, Nov. 22,

Powd HARMAN, 26, Uxbridge, Ontario, s/o Jacob & Hannah HARMAN, married Lucinda HUMPHREY, 22, Georgina, Georgina, d/o James & Ann HUMPHREY; witn: Robert HUMPHREY of Brock; Sept. 10,

George HODGSON, 26, Uxbridge, Ontario, s/o not given, married Jemima BENTLEY, 20, Reach, Reach, d/o James & Mary BENTLEY; witn: John CROZIER of Reach, March 24,    


Return of Robert Darlington filed 1st July 1869, Return No. 51:  

Henry Widowfield LIDDLE, 22, Whitby, Whitby, s/o George & Almira SIDDLE, married Annie ALCUMBACK, 21, Whitby, Thurlow, d/o Samuel & Eliza ALCUMBACK, witn: George BURTON of Oshawa and Eliza SIDDLE of Whitby, April 21, 1869  

Thomas ROBSON, 29, Whitby, Whitby, s/o Robert & Catherine ROBSON, married Mary Jane PENTECOST, 30, Brooklyn, Whitby; Cornwall, England; d/o John & Grace PENTECOST; witn: Joseph SHORT and Hannah M. GROAT. both of Whitby, May 22, 1869


Return of J.B. Edmondson filed 2 July 1869, Return No. 52  

John CHISHOLM, 27, West Whitby, Cavan, Ont., s/o Alex & Ann CHISHOLM, married Mary CAVINS, 23, West Whitby, West Whitby, d/o M. & Harriet CAVINGS; witn: John SHAND of East Whitby, March 15, 1869  

John THOMPSON, 38, West Whitby, Edinburgh, s/o John & Jane THOMPSON, married Elizabeth Down SAMON, 25, West Whitby, West Whitby, d/o Daniel & Catherine SAMON; witn: James SAMON of Whitby, May 5, 1869  

David ROGERS, 21, Toronto, Glasgow, s/o Charles & Janet ROGERS, married Eliza Alice BROCK, 20, Whitby, England, d/o John & Catharine BROCK; witn: John CALDER of Columbus, June 23, 1869  

George HEATHS, 22, Darlington, Darlington, s/o James & Hannah HEATHS, married Margaret VIRTUE, 21, Darlington, Darlington, d/o Robert & Isabella VIRTUE; witn: John VIRTUE of Darlington, June 30, 1869  


Return of Gardner Wells filed 2 July 1869, Return No. 53  

William GILLIAN, 20, Whitby, Brock, s/o Thomas & Mary GILLIAN, d/o Rosana E. CROCKER, 19, Whitby, States, d/o Francis W. & Eunice CROCKER; witn: Thomas (Illegible) of Reach & Diana CROCKER of Whitby, March 2, 1869  

Henry BLANCHARD, 30, Scugog, Whitby, s/o Richard & Eliza A. BLANCHARD, married Martha HILL, 19, Brock, Brock, d/o George & Mary HILL; witn: Charleston KEFORD & Hannah BLANCHARD, both of Scugog, April 15, 1869  

Charles SERVIS, 24, Reach, Whitby, s/o William & Cintha SERVIS, married Mary A. JOHNSTON, 23, Reach, Camdon, d/o Andrew & Maria JOHNSTON; witn: Elizabeth JOHNSON and William SERVIS, both of Reach, May 25, 1869  

Samuel HARNDEN, 41, Whitby, Haldermon, s/o Suther & Sarah HARNDON, married Olivia F. CROWLER, 39, Whitby, Haldermon, d/o Abel & Jane FENNAL, witn: Satham & Sarah CLARK both of Whitby, June 27, 1869  


Return of T.P. Hull and W.S. Pascoe filed 10 July 1869, Return No. 54  

James GROSE, 25, Bowmanville, England, s/o John & Harriet GROSE, married Salome Emma HOME, 19, Oshawa, Canada, d/o Richard & Salome HOME; witn: Nathaniel & Eliz HOME, both of Oshawa, January 1, 1869  

Robert Bruce FAREWELL, 23, East Whitby, Canada, s/o Charles & Mary FAREWELL, married Sarah Jane SMITH, 21, Darlington, Canada, d/o Abraham & Fanny SMITH; witn: John PELLOW and Hester S. PASCOE both of Oshawa, January 17, 1869  

Josiah DONELY, 23, Toronto, Canada, s/o Thomas & Martha DONELY, married Mary ERFARES, 17, Oshawa, United States, d/o George & Margaret GIBSON (sic); witn: Charles PHILLIP and Caroline (illegible), both of Oshawa, March 8, 1869 (see Griffith/Gibson entry for mixup on brides' parents' names)  

James GRIFFTIH, 23, Newcastle, England, s/o James & Martha GRIFFITH, married Maria GIBSON, 19, East Whitby, England, d/o Thomas & Mary ERFARES (sic); witn: John McGILL and Jane JOHNSTON, both of Newcastle, March 29, 1869 (see Donely/Erfares entry for mixup on brides' parents' names)  

John McGILL, 22, Newcastle, Canada, s/o Robert & Mary McGILL, married Jane JOHNSTON, 23, Newcastle, Ireland, d/o Christopher & Margaret JOHNSTON; witn: James GRIFFITH of Newcastle and Maria GRIFFITH of East Whitby, March 29, 1869  

John DOWD, 25, Rochester, United States; United States, s/o John & Maria DOWD, marrid Alice DENNIS, 19, East Whitby, Canada, d/o Robert & Mary Ann DENNIS; witn: George DENNIS and Elizabeth PHILLIPS, both of East Whitby, May 8, 1869  

Richard T. COURTICE, 23, Hampton, Canada, s/o Thomas & Mary COURTICE, married Betsey DAVIES, 19, East Whitby, Canada, d/o James & Jane DAVIES; witn: Andrew COURTICE of Pickering & Mary Ann DAVIES of East Whitby, June 7, 1869