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Ontario Co., 1925

birth place is given before residence


15946-25 Joseph ABEL, 28, textile worker, England, Hamilton, s/o Sam ABEL, b. England & Isabella HARRIS, married Minnie May BONE, 25, Canada, Brechin, d/o John Wesley BONE, b. England & Sarah J. WILES, witn: Mr. & Mrs. J.W. BONE of no location shown, 12 Jun 1925 at Brechin.

15942-25 Walter Perry ADAMS, 32, accountant, Palmerston, Orillia, s/o Thomas ADAMS & Mary HOPPER, married Ethel May GREGORY, 28, cashier, Oshawa, same, d/o James GREGORY & Mary Elizabeth CLARKE, witn: S.A. FLINTOFF & Muriel Fern GREGORY, both of Oshawa, 25 Aug 1925 at Oshawa

15940-25 Arthur Robert ALCHIN, 19, labourer, Detroit - Mich., Oshawa, s/o Frederick Clifton ALCHIN, b. Oshawa & Margaret MOGT (Mogk?), married Elva May Blight PALMER, 23, widow, East Whitby, Oshawa, d/o Edward BLIGHT, b. Columbus & Evelyna HARPER, witn: Mrs. Thomas PALMER of Bowmanville & W.T. PALMER of Bowmanville, 10 Sep 1925 at Oshawa.

15939-25 Frank Ernest ALEXANDER, 22, auto mechanic, Hastings Co., Oshawa, s/o John Herbert ALEXANDER, b. Hastings Co. & Edith PARKS, married Lillie Irene RICHARDS, 15, Oshawa, same, d/o James Franklin RICHARDS, b. Columbus & Ann L. DORLAND, witn: Mrs. George BURDGE & Mrs. R.A. WHATTAM, both of Oshawa, 17 Oct 1925 at Oshawa

15949-25 Truman Wesley ANDERSON, 34, barber, Ontario, Port Perry, s/o John T. ANDERSON, b. Scotland & Annie WATSON, married Alice Mildred MARSHALL, 36 (b. 10 March 1889), widow, Toronto, Oshawa, d/o William Richard HUGHES, b. Reading - Berkshire England & Kathleen SINCLAIR, witn: John T. & Annie ANDERSON, both of Port Perry, 17 Dec 1925 at Port Perry. [re bride: "mother is dead, father resides in England"]

15951-25 Reginald Leslie Geddes ANDERSON, 21, labourer, Scotland, Oshawa, s/o William Gordon ANDERSON, b. Scotland & Mina WOOD, married Beatrice MORSE, 22, seamstress, Wales, Toronto, d/o William Henry MORSE, b. Wales & Annie CANTERBURY, witn: Andrew SUTHERLAND of Oshawa & Gertrude MORSE of Toronto, 19 Jan 1925 at Oshawa

15945-25 Robert Riby APPLEBY, 20, farmer, Toronto, Whitby Twp., s/o William E. APPLEBY, b. England & Ida Rose RODD, married Essie Winnifred PEGG, 20, Manitoba, Pickering Twp., d/o Andrew PEGG, b. Canada & Essie L. HILL, witn: George E. PEGG & Sarah L. CHESHER, both of Claremont, 25 Dec 1925 at Lot 11, Concession 7, Pickering Twp.

15947-25 Thomas ARBUCKLE, 55, widower, farmer, Uxbridge Twp, same, s/o Joseph ARBUCKLE, b. Ireland & Jane POYNOR, married Ella LAVENDER, 45, Uxbridge Twp., same, d/o Robert LAVENDER, b. Ireland & Naomi DEGEER, witn: Robert LAVENDER of Goodwood & Mrs. PETERSON of Uxbridge, 30 Dec 1925 at Uxbridge Twp.

15943-25 Peter Gerrie ARGO, 63, widower, farmer, Scotland, Mattawa Twp., s/o James ARGO, b. Scotland & Mary GERRIE, married Cornelia DE MON, 50, domestic, Holland, Cobourg, d/o Hendrik DE MON, b. Holland & Anna Maria (no surname given), witn: William WASELL of London & Nina BARRETT of Oshawa, 7 Jul 1925 at Oshawa.

15950-25 Howard Nelson ARKSEY, 24, farmer, Brooklin, same, s/o William ARKSEY, b. Ontario & Ruth CRAWFORTH, married Ivy May CUBBAGE, 23, England, Brooklin, d/o John CUBBAGE, b. England & Rose WELKS, witn: Mrs. A.J. COOK & Eva ROUTLY, both of Brooklin, 5 Mar 1925 at Brooklin

15944-25 Bertram Oswald ARMSTRONG, 21, motor mechanic, Lindsay, Oshawa, s/o Seawood ARMSTRONG, b. Lindsay & Gertrude HARRISON, married Ethel May SOULE, 21, trimmer, Kingston, Oshawa, d/o Philip SOULE, b. Belleville & Isabel BONNER, witn: John W. POWERS & Jean MITCHELL, both of Port Perry, 25 Aug 1925 at Port Perry.

15948-25 Ernest Edward ARNOLD, 20 core maker, Oshawa, same, s/o George ARNOLD, b. Ontario & Eliza Jane ESSERY, married Helen May MILLER, 18, Toronto, Oshawa, d/o William MILLER, b. Peterborough & Amy PORTER, witn: Reta Mae WHITE & Gordon William JACOBI, both of Oshawa, 11 Apr 1925 at Oshawa

15941-25 Oscar ASSELTINE, 78, widower, gentleman, Camden Twp., Hungerford Twp., s/o William C. ASSELTINE, b. Ontario & Katharine MOORE, married Eliza Margaret CROZIER, 54, widow, housekeeper, Sheffield Twp., Hungerford Twp., d/o Nelson TRYON, b. Ontario & Mary Ann VAN WINKLE, witn: O.L. WOODCOCK of Oshawa & Lucy BROWN of Hampton, 1 Aug 1925 at Oshawa

15952-25 William Charles Harris ATKINSON, 33, butcher, Altofts England, Oshawa, s/o Arthur ATKINSON & Emma HARRIS, married Victoria Louise LACK, 24, teacher, Lindsay, Oshawa, d/o Herbert LACK & Mary DIAMOND, witn: E. RICHARDSON & Katie LACK, both of Oshawa, 15 Jul 1925 at Oshawa


15969-25 Charles Headley BABCOCK, 23, motor mechanic, Rossmore, Oshawa, s/o Charles Wesley BABCOCK, b. Ontario & Effie RENNICK, married Gladys WATSON, 18, Chatham, Oshawa, d/o P. John WATSON, b. England & Annie HANDY, witn: Rachel M. MCBAIN of Toronto & B. MCBAIN of Oshawa, 9 Apr 1925 at Oshawa

15966-25 Felix BABIASZ, 21, labourer, Poland, Oshawa, s/o Andrew BABIASZ, b. Poland & Catherine KLISZOWSKI, married Theodosea KULIGIEWICZ, 18, Poland, Oshawa, d/o William KULIGIEWICZ, b. Poland & Mary MASS, witn: Nojoisch GARDIAN & Malvina MAZURKIAVICH, both of Oshawa, 20 Jun 1925 at Oshawa. (RC)

15974-25 Sleven BADIUK, 22, labourer, East Galicia, Toronto, s/o Peter BADIUK & Maria SHEWCHUK, married Anna KOROP, 21, East Galicia, Toronto, d/o Paul KOROP & Eudokie HARASYM, witn: Michael STOLWINSKY & John GURNIAK, both of Oshawa, 29 Aug 1925 at Oshawa. (Greek RC)

15963-25 Alfred Clarence BAGSHAW, 30, farmer, Brock Twp., same, s/o Thomas E. BAGSHAW, b. Brock Twp. & Elizabeth JARDINE, married Jennie MCCLEARY, 26, Brock Twp., Beaverton, d/o James MCCLEARY, b. Brock Twp. & Elizabeth DAWSON, witn: Gerald & Joanna BAGSHAW, both of Sunderland, 9 Sep 1925 at Cannington

15973 Gerald Jardine BAGSHAW, 26, farmer, Brock Twp., same, s/o Thomas E. BAGSHAW, b. Brock Twp. & Elizabeth JARDINE, married Joanna RUNDLE, 24, school teacher, Brock Twp., same, d/o John H. RUNDLE, b. Brock Twp. & Lydia C. EASTON, witn: Flossie V. RUNDLE & Walter R. JOHNSON, both of Blackwater, 1 Jan 1925 at home of bride's mother, Brock Twp

15961-25 Oscar Wreford BAKER, 21, farmer, Brock Twp., Brook Twp., s/o Wesley S. BAKER, b. Georgina Twp. & Eliza BRETHOUR, married Georgina Boulton MCILMURRAY, 18, Brock Twp., same, d/o George MCILMURRAY, b. Brock Twp. & Elizabeth E. THOMPSON, witn: Albert LEWIS of Sunderland & Mrs. S. OWEN of Uxbridge, 2 Sep 1925 at Uxbridge.

15970-25 William Walter BAKER, 23, labourer, Lakefield, Oshawa, s/o William John BAKER, b. Peterborough Co. & Alma GORDON, married Hilda PRATT, 19, cutter, England, Oshawa, d/o Albert PRATT, b. England & Ada Ellen SAVAGE, witn: Raymond W. YEO & Annie PRATT, both of Oshawa, 21 Mar 1925 at Oshawa

15962-25 Albert Edward BELLIS, 21, trimmer, England, Windsor, s/o George BELLIS, b. England & Agnes SMITH, married Kathleen Marie Vivian BRADY, 18, Lindsay, Windsor, d/o Peter BRADY, b. Lindsay & Margaret O'REILLY, witn: Elsworth BRYANT & Nellie DWYER, both of Oshawa, 5 Aug 1925 at Oshawa. (RC) Divorced 1954-07-14

15953-25 Frank BIONTEK, 30, moulder, Poland, Oshawa, s/o Walentz BIONTEK, b. Poland & Mary BANIOS, married Annie BRUDEK, 17, waitress, Poland, Oshawa, d/o Jan BRUDEK, b. Poland & Catherine SADALOCHA, witn: Ignsay KARGUL & Tonsie COLGOVIR, both of Oshawa, 9 May 1925 at Oshawa. (RC)

15958-25 Reuben Arthur William BLAIR, 22, teamster, East Whitby, Oshawa, s/o William BLAIR, b. Ontario & Lillian HILL, married Elsie May HAMILTON, 14, Bracebridge, Oshawa, d/o John Arthur HAMILTON, b. England & Winnifred MOORE, witn: Moira E. REESON & Ernest W.J. BLAIR, both of Oshawa, 29 Sep 1925 at Oshawa

15972-25 Albert Edward BLATCH, 27, labourer, England, Oshawa, s/o Benjamin BLATCH, b. England & Alice HALLMAN, married Sarah Winnifred ARMSTRONG, 26, Toronto, Myrtle, d/o John ARMSTRONG, b. USA & Isabella MULHOLLAND, witn: William BLATCH of Oshawa & Helena MORRISSEY of Toronto, 1 Jan 1925 at Myrtle

15956-25 Sidney Albert BONEHAM, 20, fitter, England, Oshawa, s/o Frederick BONEHAM, b. England & Emily POOL, married Ellen Mary HILTON, 19, mfg. co. employee, Toronto, Oshawa, d/o George HILTON, b. England & Blanch KELSEY?, witn: Arthur W. READ of Oshawa & Emma PARKHAM of Mt. Dennis, 6 Oct 1925 at Oshawa.

15971-25 Harold BOUCKLEY, 22, clerk, England, Oshawa, s/o Aubrey L. BOUCKLEY, b. England & Elizabeth FISHER, married Anna Louise TOPPING, 20, Mallorytown, Oshawa, d/o Francis Topping, b. Ardock & Annie GILLIFELLEN, witn: Victor GORMAN & Mildred A. FAIR, both of Oshawa, 19 Feb 1925 at Oshawa

15967-25 Irwin Henry BOYCE, 24, accountant, Ontario, Toronto, s/o William BOYCE, b. Ontario & Lucy NORRIS, married Clara Isabel MCLEAN, 23, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Archie MCLEAN, b. Ontario & Clara WOOLDRIDGE, witn: Mary MCTAGGART & Harold SHONE, both of Toronto, 18 Jun 1925 at Brock Twp.

15960-25 Titus BRANTON, 68, widower, gentleman, England, East Whitby, s/o Richard BRANTON, b. England & "groom doesn't know", married Emily BIGWOOD, 62, widow, England, Oshawa, d/o James BATTLEY, b. England & Ann TERRY, witn: W. MORGAN & Phoebe MORGAN, both of Oshawa, 19 Sep 1925 at Oshawa

15957-25 Harry Long BRODIE, 22, trimmer, Montreal, Oshawa, s/o John BRODIE, b. Dundee - Scotland & Cecelia Belle KIDD, married Hilda Mae SHUTRON, 18, Trenton, Oshawa, d/o Morley SHUTRON & Helen Bertha MCDONALD, witn: Edna M. KINGSTON & Robert James ANDREWS, both of Oshawa, 22 Sep 1925 at Oshawa.

15968-25 Claude Herbert BRUNDAGE, 40, painter, Chatham, Toronto, s/o Thomas BRUNDAGE, b. Ontario & Sarah GREEN, married Gladys Rebecca KIRK, 28, school teacher, Port Burwell, same, d/o William KIRK, b. Chicago & Mary BRIEN, witn: Belle & Alice MCBAIN, both of Oshawa, 30 May 1925 at Oshawa

15964-25 Sidney BURNETT, 23, motor mechanic, Longford Mills, Oshawa, s/o James BURNETT, b. England & Elizabeth COWRIE, married Millie Doreen MORRISON, 21, office clerk, Souris Manitoba, Oshawa, d/o Joseph Boltin MORRISON, b. Ontario & Katherine Dina OUDERKIRK, witn: A.A. MAXWELL & Barbara A. WIGGINS, both of Oshawa, 9 Jul 1925 at Oshawa

15954-25 Everett Melvern BURNHAM, 26, farmer, Uxbridge Twp. same, s/o William John BURNHAM, b. Uxbridge Twp. & Abbie SCOTT, married Velva Meta BRETHOUR, 17, Ontario, Uxbridge Twp., d/o Richard Wesley BRETHOUR, b. Ontario & Margaret Jane KYDD, witn: Verna MILSTEAD & Edith QUAIFE, both of Zephyr, 26 Aug 1925 at Zephyr.

15959-25 Herbert Rumford BUTT, 25, salesman, Keynsham England, Toronto, s/o Herbert B.G. BUTT, b. England & Frances RAYNER, married Kathleen Ann SZAMONERS, 24, Toronto, Pickering Twp., d/o John Charles SZAMONERS, b. Hungary & Anne WISNERT, witn: Catharine PARKS & Marion RATCLIFFE, both of Whitevale, 7 Sep 1925 at Whitevale

15965-25 Wallace James BUTT, 28, carpenter, Whitby, same, s/o Alfred James BUTT, b. Mariposa Twp. & Evelyn WOOD, married Kathleen Reta WARREN, 18, Reach Twp., Prince Albert, d/o James WARREN, b. Reach Twp. & Dinah BARKER, witn: David W. & Nellie WARREN, both of North Oshawa, 5 Jul 1925 at Prince Albert.

15955-25 Arthur BUTT, 35, farmer, England, Darlington, s/o Cornelius BUTT, b. England & Mary Ann GOUGH, married Mabel May HUGGINS, 29, housekeeper, Pickering, Darlington, d/o Alfred HUGGINS, b. Ontario & Ann Eliza SULLY, witn: Alfred HUGGINS of Courtice & Alberta DELVE of Brooklin, 4 Nov 1925 at Brooklin

15983-25 John Henry CAMPSALL, 49, farmer, widower, England, Scott Tp., s/o George CAMPSALL (b. England) & Lucy LAWSON, married Viola Evelyn MERRICK, 27, Reach Tp., Scott Tp., d/o William Thomas MERRICK (b. Reach Tp.) & Alice Matilda SCOTT, witn: Rev. William H. MOORE PH.D of 203 Dewitt Ave. Ithaca NY & Sam Hamilton MOORE of Box 35 Uxbridge Ontario on June 10, 1925 at Uxbridge

15980-25 William Ned CHANDLER, 21, mechanic, Ormstown Quebec, 348 Verdun Rd Oshawa, s/o Sidney CHANDLER (b. England) & Mary Addie TURRELL, married Dorothy Grace Marie EVANS, 19, operator, Weymouth England, 165 Annis St Oshawa, d/o William EVANS (b. Canterbury Wales) & Edith Marie MASSERELLA, witn: Edith Jane CHANDLER of 248 Verdon Rd. Oshawa & J. Theodora PRIEST of Whitby on Aug. 29, 1925 at Whitby

15993-25 Cyril CHURCHLEY, 20, watchmaker, Cumberland England, Oshawa, s/o Cyril (b. Cumberland England) & Rosamond, married Mary Alda HALL, 23, Oshawa, same, d/o Orlon R. HALL (b. Darlington Tp.) & Sarah Lydia LAW, witn: Mildred LOWERY of 39 Gibbs St. & Howard HALL of 213 College Ave both of Oshawa on Feb. 2, 1925 at 243 College Ave. Oshawa

15990-25 John Edward CLARKE, 21, barber, England, Midland, s/o John Brown CLARKE (b. England) & Mary Ann SPOONER, married Annie CONNOR, 27, Whitby Tp., Whitby, d/o John CONNOR (b. Ireland) & Lidia WHITTER, witn: Eric W. CLARKE of Whitby & Mrs. H. ELLIS of 934 Mary Ave. Windsor on March 25, 1925 at All Saints Church Whitby.

15981-25 Seaborne CLAUS, 19, labourer, Deseronto, 28 ½ Simcoe South Oshawa, s/o John CLAUS (b. Deseronto) & Harriet MARICLE, married Margaret Walter MITCHELL, 17, trimmer, Oshawa, 114 Olive Ave. same, d/o David MITCHELL (b. Glasgow Scotland) & Elizabeth ROBERTSON, witn: David MITCHELL & Alice MASON both of Oshawa on Dec. 31, 1925 at Oshawa

15984-25 Clarence G. COLE, 39, tire builder, widower, Tampa Florida, 291 Wilmott St. Kitchener, s/o John C. COLE (b. Montreal Quebec) & Alice Victoria KIMMERS?, married Mary FORD, 39, widow, Gold Ontario, 57 Elgin East Oshawa, d/o Edward Henry ROBINSON (b. Galt) & Mary Elizabeth MARA, witn: Dan GALT of Toronto & Frances GALT of Oshawa on May 23, 1925 at 18 Aberdeen St. Oshawa

15995-25 Charles William COLLINS, 27, stock keeper, London England, Oshawa, s/o William John COLLINS & Ellen GILBERT, married Dorothy SNOWDON, 27, Gateshead England, Oshawa, d/o Thomas Richard SNOWDON & Isabel Mary BACKUSS, witn: E. COLLINS & E. SNOWDON both of Oshawa on Jan. 17, 1925 at Oshawa

15982-25 Walter Henry COLTON, 24, auto mechanic, Picton, 263 Haig St. Oshawa, s/o William Wallace COLTON (b. Picton) & Anna Jay SNIDER, married Florence May LOTT, 28, telephone operator, Oshawa, 101 Brock St. East Oshawa, d/o Walter LOTT (b. Darlington Tp.) & Emma PARKER, witn: Charles H. LEE of 215 Kingsdale Ave. & Freda PERRY of 97 Colborne Street both of Oshawa on June 27, 1925 at Oshawa

15994-25 Frederick Thomas CONNORS, 23, scaler, Ontario, Pickering, s/o Thomas BLACKSHAW (sic) (b. Ontario) & Margaret DESMOND, married May BLACKSHAW, 21, England, 46 Lyall Ave. Toronto, d/o Earnest BLACKSHAW (b. England) & Lucy SHERRITT, witn: Dan GRIFFIN of Whitby & May CONNORS of Pickering on Jan. 12, 1925 at Whitby

15976-25 Clarence COOK, 31, soda water manufacturer, Port Perry, same, s/o Thomas COOK (b. Deseronto) & Mary BOLTON, married Minnie LINTON, 23, clerk, Uxbridge, Port Perry, d/o Thomas LINTON (b. Uxbridge) & Jeanetta TITUS, witn: Roy Maxwell COOK of R. R. 4 St. Catharines & Ethel Mae McCOY of Sonya on Sept. 23, 1925 at Port Perry.

15977-25 Earl George COOK, 32, motor mechanic, Myrtle Ont., same, s/o William COOK (b. Ontario Co.) & Mary WHITE, married Sarah Ann McMILLAN, 34, Port Perry, same, d/o George McMILLAN (b. Brant Co.) & Agnes WATSON, witn: Mrs. Clare & Clare PRICE both of Myrtle Station on Sept. 5, 1925 at Myrtle

15988-25 Ray Lyle COOK, 23, motor mechanic, Ontario Co., 32 Elgin East Oshawa, s/o William James COOK (b. Ontario Co.) & Mary WHITE, married Alice Ethel WILLIAMS, 21, clerk, Port Perry, same, d/o Alonzo WILLIAMS (b. Port Perry) & Ethel STILL, witn: Belle & Alice McBAIN both of Oshawa on March 25, 1925 at Oshawa.

15978-25 Harry George COOKE, 25, lathe operator, Amherst Nova Scotia, 587 Ritson Rd. South Oshawa, s/o Amos Ripling COOKE (b. Amherst Nova Scotia) & Mable Juanita WETHERBEE, married Violet Elizabeth BRADFORD, 20, operator, Morristown Pennsylvania USA, 373 Ritson Rd. Oshawa, d/o Albert Frank BRADFORD (b. Tottenham England) & Annie Louisa PRATT, witn: J. McGHEE of 273 Ritson Rd & Mrs. Walter JASIUNAS? of 587 Ritson Rd South Oshawa on Aug. 5, 1925 at Whitby

15991-25 Benjamin Franklin COOMBE, 45, carpenter, Uxbridge, same, s/o William COOMBE (b. England) & Emma FLEWELL, married Elva GIBSON, 24, Reach Tp., Uxbridge, d/o James GIBSON (b. Reach Tp.) & Mary Ellen AKNEY, witn: Ben & Catherine FLEWELL both of Uxbridge on March 19, 1925 at home of the witnesses Uxbridge

15996-25 Elgin Aubrey COOPER, 32, merchant, Oshawa, 10 Centre St. same, s/o Elgin Edward COOPER & Elizabeth Jane GOULD, married Winnifred Mary FLUTTER, 24, clerk, Colborne, 565 Masson St. Oshawa, d/o Edward FLUTTER & Evelina RUSSELL, witn: Dorothy DUDLEY of Colborne & Rev. R. FOSTER of Orono on Sept. 7, 1925 at Oshawa.

15987-25 Arthur George COPPIN, 26, clerk, England, 227 Arthur St. Oshawa, s/o George Frederick COPPIN (b. England) & Caroline PICTON, married Margaret Eileen HORNBY, 23, stenographer, Quebec, 207 Clark St. Oshawa, d/o David HORNBY (b. Quebec) & Elizabeth CLARK, witn: R. P. HILL of 53 Queen St. Oshawa & Margaret LYONS of Renfrew on Aug. 20, 1925 at Oshawa

15979-25 Cameron Walker COTTON, 24, blacksmith, Seabright, Pefferlaw, s/o Samuel J. COTTON (b. Orillia Tp.) & Fannie TURNER, married Laura Elizabeth Amey DURE, 24, dressmaker, Derryville, same, d/o Edward DURE (b. Brock Tp.) & Ellen FRANCIS, witn: William C. COTTON & Cora J. BURGESS both of Cannington on Aug. 20, 1925 at Wilfrid

15992-25 Robert Broadbent COWEN, 23, pattern maker, Nottingham England, 68 1st Ave. Oshawa, s/o George COWEN (b. England) & Ettie BROADBENT, married Letitia Frances BISHOP, 22, dressmaker, Nottingham England, same, d/o Jack BISHOP (b. England) & Letitia MATHESON, witn: P. E. TOPLISS & Ellen HOLMES both of 68 First Ave. Oshawa on March 9, 1925 at Oshawa

15989-25 Clarence Wilbert CRANDELL, 21, truck driver, Cedar Dale, 732 Cedar St. Oshawa, s/o Albert Edward CRANDELL (b. Prince Albert Ontario) & Sarah Jane SHORT, married Fern Inez OKE, 16, Darlington Tp., 94 Bloor West Oshawa, d/o William Simon OKE (b. Darlington Tp.) & Florence Julia GIBSON, witn: Florence J. & N. N. OKE both of Oshawa on April 11, 1925 at Oshawa

15986-25 Wilfred Norman CREASOR, 23, farmer, Ullswater, same, s/o Henry CREASOR (b. Canada) & Rebecca FORGE, married Edith Mildred Viola WIDDIFIELD, 19, teacher, Sandford, same, d/o Benjamin Allan WIDDIFIELD (b. Scott Tp.) & Estella Helen HERRINGTON, witn: Sadie CREASOR of Ullswater & Grant WIDDIFIELD of Sandford on April 15, 1925 at Scott Tp.

15975-25 Aubrey R. CROUTER, 25, printer, Deseronto, 100 William East Oshawa, s/o Peter CROUTER (b. Prince Edward Co.) & Sarah Elizabeth DELONG, married Ella Forler ROGERS, 23, Oshawa, 494 King St. East Oshawa, d/o Lineus? ROGERS (b. Oshawa) & Ann Catherine FORLER, witn: Pauline SCHENLING of 417 Franklin St. Buffalo New York USA & Harmon F. ROGERS of Oshawa on Oct. 20, 1925 at Oshawa

15985-25 Malcolm Garfield CRYDERMAN, 26, farmer, North Gwillimbury, Belhaven, s/o Arthur CRYDERMAN (b. North Gwillimbury) & Ida THOMPSON, married Daisy Amelia RIDDELL, 18, North Gwillimbury, Sutton, d/o Sylvester RIDDELL, b. Georgina & Angonetta Rose RIDDELL, witn: Ewart MAINPRIZE & Geraldine CRYDERMAN both of Sutton on April 16, 1925 at Zephyr  
15997-25 Charles Delbert DANIEL, 30, minister, widower, Hanford California USA, Campbellford, s/o James Hartley DANIEL & Martha Jane PORTER, married Ethelwyn Maude SWITZER, 23, teacher, Port Perry, same, d/o Cyrus Warner SWITZER (b. Camden Tp. Ontario Co.) & Georgina Frances FINDLAY, witn: Orval E. SWITZER of Toronto & Marion G. SWITZER of Port Perry on Aug. 5, 1925 at Port Perry.

15999-25 William James DAVIS, 21, labourer, Oshawa, 87 Queen St. same, s/o Henry Milton DAVIS (b. Trenton) & Ida J. EDWARDS, married Celia Elizabeth BROUGH, 20, trimmer GMC, Woodnorth Manitoba, 22 ½ Simcoe North Oshawa, d/o William BROUGH & Rebecca BUTCHER, witn: Percy WILLIAMS & Evelina DAVIS both of Whitby on Nov. 28, 1925 at Oshawa.

16006-25 Frederick Norman DAWSON, 40, labourer, widower, Scugog Island, 190 Simcoe South Oshawa, s/o George DAWSON (b. Darlington Tp.) & Sylvia JOHNS, married Charlotte Ann THOMPSON, 40, widow, Toronto, 190 Simcoe South Oshawa, d/o William THOMPSON (b. Ontario) & Susan BURTON, witn: Harry FERRIL? of 118 Taylor Ave & Mrs. Grace KIRKE of 499 Albert St. both of Oshawa on Feb. 19, 1925 at Oshawa

16998-25 Charles De GEER, 22, labourer, Markham Tp., same, s/o Avery De GEER (b. Pickering) & Mary Ann WESTLAND, married Lila TAYLOR, 18, Mount Albert, Sutton West, d/o Ernest TAYLOR (b. England) & Ethel CRITTENDEN, witn: Mary & Ken E. ROBB both of Beaverton on Dec. 11, 1925 at The Manse Beaverton

16000-25 Chauncey Morgan DEPEW, 26, secretary, White River, Ignace, s/o Joseph Eason DEPEW (b. Burlington) & Sarah Jane DRAKE, married Marjorie Anne GOLDRING, 26, school teacher, Port Whitby, Ignace, d/o Francis GOLDRING (b. Toronto) & Mary Emma SEVAN, witn: A. W. KEMBALL of White River & Ethel A. GOLDRING at Whitby on July 1, 1925 at Whitby 16003-25 William James DICKSON, 64, farmer, widower, Scott Tp., Hanna North Dakota, s/o James DICKSON (b. Scotland) & Bella BLANCHARD, married Mary Jane McKNIGHT, 63, widow, of Scott Tp., d/o John OXTOBY & Elizabeth MADELL, witn: Chris OXTOBY of R. R. 2 & Sarah E. COOK both of Leaskdale on May 15, 1925 at Leaskdale
16002-25 Melvin John DOBLE, 22, farmer, Brock Tp., same, s/o William J. DOBLE (b. Brock Tp.) & Ida E. ROY, married Ola May STONE, 22, Reach Tp., same, d/o Hedley STONE (b. Bowmanville) & Mary J. HORN, witn: Harold A. SHIER of R. R. 2 Sunderland & Edna B. WALLACE of R. R. 1 Seagrave on June 3, 1925 at the home of the bride's father at Reach Tp. 16007-25 William Luke DOBLE, 43, farmer, Brock Tp., same, s/o William Luke DOBLE (b. Brock Tp.) & Fanny FAIR, married Annie THOMPSON, 35, Brock Tp., same, d/o George William THOMPSON (b. Brock Tp.) & Margaret KELLY, witn: Walter R. & Janet ASHTON both of 135 Huron St. Oshawa on July 11, 1925 at Oshawa.
16001-25 Harry DOVE, 25, painter, England, Simcoe St. South, Oshawa, s/o George DOVE (b. England) & Louisa Emma COLE, married Lily PHILLIPS, 18, Seagrave, Simcoe St. South Oshawa, d/o George PHILLIPS (b. Picton) & Ethel LLOYD, witn: Louisa E. DOVE of 220 Nassau St. & Gordon PHILLIPS of 220 Court St. both of Oshawa on June 9, 1925 at Oshawa. 16005-25 George Ewart DUNN, 21, farmer, Port Perry, same, s/o Benjamin DUNN (b. Scugog) & Dell HUCKINS, married Hazel CHRISTIE, 18, Port Perry, same, d/o John Joseph CHRISTIE (b. Utica Ont.) & Mary Bertha LAKEY, witn: Mildred E. DENNY of Epsom & Florence MITCHELL of Utica on March 2, 1925 at Epsom
16004-25 David DUVAL, 27, labourer, Grimsby, Rama Tp., s/o Carpenter DUVAL (b. Hamilton) & Rachel HENRY, married Dinah INGERSOLL, 18, Rama Tp., same, d/o Solomon INGERSOLL (b. Rama Reserve) & Nina YORK, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Solomon INGERSOLL both of Rama Road on March 19, 1925 at Rama Reserve 16008-25 John Herbert EDGERTON, 30, telegrapher, Kennington (Cannington?), Whitby, s/o Herbert EDGERTON (b. England) & Isabella CHAPMAN, married Elena Ethel May GILLESPIE, 23, telephone operator, Orangeville, Whitby, d/o George GILLESPIE (b. England) & Lily May HUBBARD, witn: Ethel HUBBARD of Beaconsfield Ave. Whitby & Joseph EDGERTON of 35 15th St. New Toronto on June 27, 1925 at Whitby

16011-25 William Lorne EDWARDS, 23, labourer, Brock Tp., same, s/o John William EDWARDS & Rebecca Sarah LOWES, married Annie Dorian McQUE, 24, of Brock Tp., d/o (bride's parents died in her infancy, has no knowledge of them) foster parents were Mr. & Mrs. Edward Payne of Sunderland, witn: Olive M. BRANDON & Ernest B. KILLANS both of Sunderland on May 20, 1925 at Sunderland

16009-25 Arthur James ELLIOTT, 45, gardener, Manilla, Brooklin, s/o William ELLIOTT (b. England) & Emma Jane BUTT, married Mary Idalina Jane BROOKS, 38, Oshawa, same, d/o Robert BROOKS (b. Clark Tp.) & Annie Jane CINNAMON, witn: Annie W. DE MILLE of 139 King St. East of Oshawa & Jennie WEBB of Brighton on Dec. 28, 1925 at Oshawa.

16010-25 Percy Herman ELLIOTT, 20, painter, Keswick, 67 Bond St. East Oshawa, s/o Thomas Richard ELLIOTT (b. Muskoka) & Minnie JEWELL, married Elma Charlotte OGDEN, 18, Oshawa, 160 Bruce St. same, d/o Thomas Herbert OGDEN (b. Kendal) & Alice LEIGHTON, witn: Ann R. & Jennie WRIGHT both of Whitby on Aug. 10, 1925 at Whitby

16012-25 Eric Robert ELLIOTT, 26, carpenter, Colton, 218 Bond Street East Oshawa, s/o Edmund ELLIOTT (b. Huron Co.) & Annie Jane O'NEIL, married Annie Marie JOHNS, 22, Sudbury, Brooklin, d/o Harry JOHNS (b. Ireland) & Georgina MENARD, witn: Georgina JOHNS of Brooklin & A. C. MITCHELL of Oshawa on May 21, 1925 at Oshawa.

16020-25 Horace Oswald FAIR, 40, farmer, Brock Tp., same, s/o Christopher (b. Brock Tp.) & Emma, married Annie Florence MILLER, 28, Brock Tp., same, d/o John MILLER (b. Brock Tp.) & Rebecca BAGSHAW, witn: Wilmot T. MILLER of Sunderland & Nellie McCLEARY of Beaverton on March 26, 1925 at Wilfred 16024-25 Thomas James FANNING, 52, actor, Bradford England, Punxsutawney Pennsylvania USA, s/o Thomas FANNING (b. Ireland) & Nora HERRON, married Belle ROSE, 55, widow, of Rednersville, d/o John Franklin HELENTOLT? & Elizabeth BABCOCK, witn: M. & G. W. ROSE both of 153 Simcoe St. North Oshawa on Jan. 3, 1925 at Oshawa
16022-25 Joseph Aldrick FECTEAU, 29, pressman, Trenton, 213 Boulton Ave. Toronto, s/o Frank FECTEAU (b. Valleyfield Que.) & Johanna BURGOYNE, married Annie Muriel SMITHSON, 21, telephone operator, Toronto, 12 Grand St. Toronto, d/o William SMITHSON (b. Toronto) & Esther CHAPMAN, witn: Belle McKENZIE & Ada A. MAXWELL both of Oshawa on March 27, 1925 at Oshawa 16017-25 George Henry FLEMING, 29, inspector, Alton Hampshire England, 116 Simcoe St. Oshawa, s/o Arthur Charles FLEMING (b. England) & Florence Annie BRINSTEAD, married Gertrude Elizabeth BROOKS, 26, clerk, Durham Co., 103 Ritson Rd. North Oshawa, d/o Robert BROOKS (b. Clarke Tp.) & Ann Jane CINNAMON, witn: Annie W. & Donald DEMILLE both of 139 King St. East Oshawa on Sept. 19, 1925 at Oshawa.
16013-25 Edward FLETCHER, 54, farmer, Whitby, East Whitby, s/o Michael FLETCHER (b. England) & Helen Annie KNAPP, married Alice Regina JOHNS, 45, East Whitby, same, d/o John JOHNS (b. England) & Alice LEWIS, witn: Annie W. DEMILLE of 139 King St. East & W. C. FURSEY of 198 Division St. both of Oshawa on Nov. 18, 1925 at Oshawa 16019-25 Richard James Orville FLEWELL, 23, farmer, Uxbridge, same, s/o Richard Graham FLEWELL (b. Ontario) & Bertha Ella JAMES, married Gertrude Maud KNIGHT, 24, Guelph, same, d/o Isaac Thomas KNIGHT (b. Ontario) & Frances Agnes HALL, witn: Gordon R. FLEWELL of Uxbridge & Mrs Hector McDONALD of Uxbridge Tp. on June 17, 1925 at Uxbridge
16018-25 Stephen Arthur FLINTOFF, 27, merchant, East Whitby, 29 Elgin East Whitby, s/o William Frederick FLINTOFF (b. Darlington Tp.) and Fannie CRUMB, married Muriel Fern GREGORY, 26, nurse, Oshawa, 201 Bond St. Oshawa, d/o James GREGORY (b. England) & Mary Elizabeth CLARKE, witn: W. P. ADAMS of Orillia & Ethel M. GREGORY of 201 Bond St. East Oshawa on Aug. 25, 1925 at Oshawa 16016-25 Alfred Raymond FLINTOFF, 25, motor mechanic, Darlington Tp., Courtice, s/o Howard FLINTOFF (b. Ontario) & Lida CRUMB, married Mary VON VOLKINBURG, 20, trimmer, Havelock, 255 Arthur St. Oshawa, d/o Simon VON VOLKENBURG (b. Ontario) & Matilda NOBES, witn: Florence & John H. FLINTOFF both of Courtice on Dec. 23, 1925 at Oshawa
16014-25 James Franklin FORBES, 30, railroad, Kaladar Tp., same, s/o John FORBES & Elizabeth ALLPORT, married Minnie Ethel LUCAS, 19, Hungerford, same, d/o James LUCAS & Maud MARSH, witn: R. R. & Mrs Nellie ADAIR both of 72 Bond St. West Oshawa on Dec. 26, 1925 at Oshawa 16015-25 Duncan FOREMAN, 22, riveter, Collingwood, 113 Brock St. East Oshawa, s/o Frank FOREMAN (b. Collingwood) & Minnie MICKLER, married Annie Kathleen WEBB, 20, bookkeeper, Oshawa, 72 William St. East Oshawa, d/o John Isaac WEBB (b. Stroud) Katherine CAMERON, witn: Marvin J. & A. M. SHORTT both of 185 Stibbard Ave. Toronto on Oct. 21, 1925 at Oshawa
16021-25 Andrew Burnet FORSYTH, 34, bank manager, Scotland, 325 Windermere Ave. Toronto, s/o Andrew Burnett (sic) FORSYTH (b. Scotland) & Janet C. SPROUL, married Marguerite Louise DACK, 31, operator, Ontario, 225 Glendonwynne Rd. Toronto, d/o Moses DACK (b. Ontario) & Agnes MUIR, witn: Jenny C. & Thomas FORSYTH both of Toronto on Sept. 19, 1925 at Brechin 16023-25 Albert FRANCIS, 44, cook, widower, England, 277 Sherbourne St. Toronto, s/o J. Joseph FRANCIS (b. England) & Mary Jane LOWE, married Olive Louisa BLAKESLEY, 44, maid, England, 31 Forest Hill Road Toronto, d/o Edwin BLAKESLEY (b. England) & Emily MILLERSLIP?, witn: G. A. PRIOR of Harmony & Ellen SAYERS of Toronto on Feb. 28, 1925 at Oshawa
  16025-25 Robert Austin FRANKLIN, 32, farmer, Reach Tp., same, s/o Frank FRANKLIN (b. England) & Margaret HUNTER, married Edna May BOYES, 23, Pickering Tp., Reach Tp., d/o Arthur BOYES (b. Pickering Tp.) & Minnie WESTGATE, witn: Violet J. KEMP of Whitby & Harry W. BOYES of Pickering on Jan. 20, 1925 at Pickering

16048-25 Armadore GAGNE, 26, labourer, Griffith Ont., Oshawa, s/o Antoine GAGNE & Adesse BELANGER, married Ann Edith RUSSELL, 19, London England, Oshawa, d/o Henry RUSSELL & Mary Ann BLAKE, witn: Jean FITZPATRICK of Perth & Edward CONALD of Oshawa on July 25, 1925 at Oshawa.

16028-25 John Thomas GALLOGLEY, 25, moulder, Ireland, 330 Simcoe St. Oshawa, s/o Charles GALLOGLEY (b. Ireland) & Mary McNAMEE, married Mabel Emily HURLBERT, 23, nurse, Bracebridge, 328 Simcoe St. Oshawa, d/o Calvin HURLBERT (b. Canada) & Theresa Emily BELL, witn: Hollis Calvin HURLBERT of 275 King East Oshawa & Maria HURLBERT of Oshawa on Nov. 16, 1925 at Oshawa
16044-25 Richard Willmer GARLAND, 25, farmer, Bruce Co., Lot 7 Con 6 East Whitby, s/o Nicholas GARLAND (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth JOHNSTON, married Estella Maude REESON, 31, nurse, East Whitby, lot 7 Con 6 East Whitby, d/o Herbert REESON (b. Ontario) & Alice BRYANT, witn: W. G. BATTY of 15 Charles St. & Annie W. DEMILLE of 139 King St. East both of Oshawa on March 23, 1925 at Oshawa. 16031-25 John Edgar GAULD, 33, mechanic, Montreal, Toronto, s/o Robert E. GAULD (b. Keith Scotland) & Sophia ANDERSON, married Myrtle Pauline BARR, 22, Washington USA, Toronto, d/o William BARR (b. Myrtle Creek Oregon USA) & Rosa LAWLER, witn: C. C. & Ethel A. F. JEFFREY both of Port Perry on Sept. 26, 1925 at Port Perry
16035-25 Frederick Reginald Morley GEH, 25 (b. 15 Aug 1900), bookkeeper, Chadder - Somerset England, 263 Woodfield Rd. Toronto, s/o Frederick M. GEH (b. England) & Marrie, married Emma Matilda BRYANT, 20, school teacher, Ontario, Pickering, d/o John C. BRYANT (b. Ontario) & Charlotte E. GRICE, witn: W. John & Gladys BRYANT both of Pickering on Sept. 12, 1925 at Pickering. 16037-25 Richard Reginald GENGE, 22, labourer, Peterboro Co., 15 William E. Oshawa, s/o Charles GENGE (b. Peterboro Co.) & Ida HILL, married Violet Maude GIBBS, 19, telephone operator, Ontario Co., 55 Ritson Rd North Oshawa, d/o Thomas William GIBBS (b. England) & Margaret POOLE, witn: Jean & Theodora PRIEST both of Whitby on July 6, 1925 at Whitby.
16032-25 Frank Howard GIBSON, 27, mechanic, Enfield Darlington Tp., Darlington Tp., s/o John GIBSON (b. England) & Elizabeth HILL, married Rosaline Alethia POLLARD, 23, Clarke Tp. Durham Co., same, d/o Milton POLLARD (b. Clarke Tp.) & Nellie RUTHERFORD, witn: Rutherford POLLARD of Orono & Ada A. MAXWELL of Oshawa on Dec. 4, 1925 at Oshawa 16029-25 George Freeman William GIBSON, 22, farmer, Brock Tp., same, s/o William A. GIBSON (b. Brock Tp.) & Eva PARRITT, married Marguerite Elizabeth Louise UMPHREY, 21, Scott Tp., same, d/o John UMPHREY (b. Georgina Tp.) & Ethel BAGSHAW, witn: Roy E. SHIER of Toronto & Vivian UMPHREY of Udora Oct. 28, 1925 at Udora
16045-25 Charles Henry GIFFORD, 21, machinist, Port Hope, 70 Celina Street Oshawa, s/o Elias GIFFORD (b. Port Hope) & Sarah LEE, married Eleanor HARRISON, 21, Oshawa, 74 Celina Street Oshawa, d/o William H. HARRISON (b. England) & Mary Ann COOPER, witn: C. H. MILLARD of 115 Alice St. & R. Lloyd KELLY of 71 Ritson Rd North both of Oshawa on Feb. 12, 1925 at Oshawa 16046-25 Douglas Foster GILLESPIE, 22, mechanic, Beaverton, 109 Simcoe St. Oshawa, s/o Dugald GILLESPIE (b. Beaverton) & Jean SKINNER, married Pearl MAHAFFY, 18, Oshawa, 9 Athol St. West Oshawa, d/o John MAHAFFY (b. Port Perry) & Ida HEATLIE, witn: Mrs. B. L. TURKINGTON & Susan LITTLE both of Whitby on Feb. 2, 1925 at The Manse Whitby.
16042-25 John Lumley GILLMAN, 41, farmer/bee keeper, Ontario, Brougham same, s/o John GILLMAN (b. England) & Mary Alice LUMLEY, married Mildred Aurilla HARDEN, 32, widow, Quebec, Highwater Que., d/o Edgar Barnett HARDEN (b. Quebec) & Rose TURNER, witn: Jean T. PRIEST of Whitby & John FULLER of Locust Hill on April 15, 1925 at Whitby 16034-25 Cecil Floyd GLENNEY, 25, farmer, Mariposa Tp., same, s/o John R. GLENNEY (b. Mariposa Tp. Victoria Co.) & Bertha ST. JOHN, married Jeanette Elizabeth MacALPINE, 25, school teacher, Eldon Tp., same, d/o James MacALPINE (b. Eldon Tp.) & Ella LAPP, witn: Helen GLENNEY of Little Britain & R. J. McALPINE (sic) of Lorneville on Sept. 1, 1925 at Cannington
16039-25 Charles Russell GLIDE, 29, farmer, Udora, Reach Tp., s/o Charles GLIDE (b. Columbus Ont.) & Jessie HUNTER, married Annie Edna TRUAX, 27, Saintfield, Reach Tp., d/o David TRUAX (b. Eldon Tp.) & Keturah HARMON, witn: Markham TRUAX of R. R. 1 Seagrave & Mrs Bert WASHBURN of 20 Concord Ave Toronto on June 11, 1925 at The manse Greenbank 16027-25 Gordon Harold Blight GLOVER, 19, painter, East Whitby, same, s/o William GLOVER (b. East Whitby) & Alberta BLIGHT, married Mary Elizabeth Kathleen TERWILLIGAR, 17, newspaper office, East Whitby, same, d/o John James TERWILLIGAR (b. East Whitby) & Lydia PEREMAN, witn: Mrs. Iva STEWART & Mrs Lydia TERWILLIGAR both of Oshawa on Oct. 30, 1925 at Oshawa.


16043-25 Orton Herbert GOARD, 29, farmer, Mariposa Tp., same, s/o William GOARD, (b. Mariposa Tp.) & Mary HARPER, married Adela Charlotte HARRISON, 27, Mariposa Tp., Scott Tp., d/o B. W. HARRISON (b. Reach Tp.) & A. R. BANBURY, witn: Leslie HARRISON & Flossie FAIRMAN both of Udora on April 8, 1925 at Udora.
16033-25 George Albert GODFREY, 31, farmer, Georgina Tp. York Co., Port Bolster Georgina Tp. York Co., s/o Louis GODFREY (b. Georgina Tp.) & Mary Ann HALES, married Ivy Edith DAWSON, 26, London England, Port Bolster York Co., d/o George DAWSON (b. London England) & Gertrude JARMAN, witn: W. AITCHINSON of Sutton West & Emma GODFREY of Port Bolster Ontario on Dec. 23, 1925 at Wilfrid 16041-25 Alfred Edgar GOODALL, 22, labourer, Bristol England, 106 Eldon Avenue Oshawa, s/o Ernest GOODALL (b. England) & Sarah Ann FORD, married Alta HALL, 22, sorter, Oshawa, 155 Simcoe South same, d/o John HALL (b. East Whitby) & Fannie GAMBLE, witn: Wallace HALL & Elsie GOODALL both of Oshawa on April 16, 1925 at Oshawa.
16040-25 Benjamin John GOODHEAD, 35, shipper, England, 43 Eileen Avenue Oshawa, s/o David GOODHEAD (b. England) & Hannah UPTON, married Hendrika Wilhelmina VAN SON, 26, Holland, 283 Simcoe St. South Oshawa, d/o Theodorus Cornelius VAN SON (b. Holland) & Hendrika Wilhelmina SEIGMOON, witn: A. E. BARTLETT of 128 Hastings Avenue Toronto & E. VAN SON of 283 Simcoe St. South Oshawa on June 6, 1925 at Oshawa 16026-25 John Gordon GRAHAM, 34, auto mechanic, divorcee, Ontario, 98 Mutual St. Toronto, s/o Robert GRAHAM (b. Ontario) & Anna LEAMING?, married Leta May GRAHAM, 30, widow, Ontario, 536 Masson St. Oshawa, d/o Thomas GRAHAM (sic) (b. Ontario) Mary PHOENIX, witn: Mrs. H. GARDINER of Pickering & Mrs W. MANSON of Toronto on Nov. 9, 1925 at Pickering

19036-25 Frank John GRAY, 28, druggist, Whitby Tp., Whitby, s/o James GRAY & Annie MOFFAT, married Bessie Agnes BROWN, 28, Whitby, same, d/o William BROWN (b. Ontario) & Eliza Margaret PREST, witn: Lillian LOWE of Whitby & Edward Gibb SWAN of Toronto on July 9, 1925 at Columbus

19038-25 William Stanley GRAY, 28, carpenter, Hastings Co., 310 Burk St. Oshawa, s/o John GRAY (b. Hastings Co.) & Deborah Jane LUCAS, married Opal Louisa STEELE, 23, trimmer, Bonaventure Co. Que., 211 Elliott Ave. Oshawa, d/o Robert STEELE (b. Quebec) & Agnes McLENNAN, witn: Charlotte Elma STEELE of 211 Elliott Ave & Murney Edward GRAY of 310 Burk St. both of Oshawa on July 7, 1925 at 18 Aberdeen St. Oshawa.

19030-25 Herbert Ernest GREEN, 45, soldier, widower, England, 228 Rosemount Ave, Toronto, s/o Isaac GREEN (b. England) & Catherine WILLIAMSON, married Helen NORMOYLE, 42, widow, Whitby, 25 Ontario St. Oshawa, d/o Andrew BREEN (b. Canada) & Ellen MAHONEY, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Albert SMITH both of Whitby on Oct. 5, 1925 at Oshawa

16047-25 Daniel GRIFFITHS, 25, enameller, Spitafields England, 391 Verdun Rd Oshawa, s/o Henry Edwin GRIFFITHS (b. England) & Margaret MAGUIRE, married Annie VANN, 23, woolen mill employee, England, 142 Olive Avenue Oshawa, d/o Cornelius VANN (b. England) & Alice KITCHEN, witn: Robert GRIFFINS & Mary VANN both of Oshawa on Dec. 23, 1925 at Oshawa

016071-25 Bernard HALL, 35, Farmer, Ontario, Sonya, s/o Richard HALL (b. Ontario) & Mary J. ACTON; married Margaret Mary Maud McINTYRE, 34, Ontario, Sunderland, d/o John McINTYRE (b. Ontario) & Mary McKINNON; wit Mrs. Mary McINTYRE, Sunderland & Howard HALL, Sonya, 4 Mar 1925, Sunderland

016068-25 Whitwell Alexander HALL, 26, Mechanic, Darlington Twp, Whitby, s/o Richard HALL (b. Brooklin Ont) & Christina ROSS; married Mabel Rosella CLARKE, 23, Oshawa, Oshawa, d/o Albert CLARK (sic) (b. Markham) & Alice ROBSON; wit Ruth HALL, Whitby & Ronald R.M. HALL, Belleville, 2 May 1925, Oshawa

16054-25 Arthur Goldsborough HALL, 28, insurance agent, South Africa, Oshawa, s/o William HALL, b. Wales & Elizabeth WILLIAMSON, married Winnifred Amber GYATT, 22, operator, Middlesex Co. - England, Oshawa, d/o Charles Joseph GYATT, b. England & Amelia WOLTON, witn: P.W. GYATT of Toronto & E.M. ECCLES of Oshawa, 24 Dec 1925 at Oshawa.

16053-25 Kimrata HALUSKI, 48, widower, labourer, Ukraine, Oshawa, s/o Fred HALUSKI, b. Ukraine & Mary HALUSKI, married Anastozya KOBACZ, 41, widow, factory employee, Ukraine, Oshawa, d/o Andry RUDIY, b. Ukraine & Mary RUDIY, witn: George STESIY & Marta I. GEL, both of Oshawa, 20 Sep 1925 at Oshawa. (Greek RC)

16056-25 Arthur Worth HANES, 23, medical student, Ontario, Brantford, s/o John Taylor HANES, b. Ontario & Isobel ANDERSON, married Dorothy Carlotta ROSS, 22, Mexico, Toronto, d/o George Forbes ROSS, b. Ontario & Frances Griffin SHERLOCK, witn: J. Lorne MCLEAN of Toronto & Norma SHEPPERSON of Brantford, 18 Aug 1925 at Pickering

16057-25 Lloyd Arden HARDACKER, 29, inspector, Grand Pre - N.S., Oshawa, s/o James HARDACKER, b. Grand Pre - N.S. & Olivia BISHOP, married Hazel Mildred MOTHERSILL, 22, Cedar Dale, Oshawa, d/o Eugene MOTHERSILL, b. Cedar Dale & Carry HILL, witn: Mrs. A.D. TOMLIN & Mrs. E.T. COTTEN, both of Oshawa, 29 Aug 1925 at Oshawa

016066-25 Morley Joseph HARLOCK, 23, Farmer, Whitby Twp, Pickering Twp, s/o Joseph HARLOCK (b. England) & Annie LONGMAID; married Margaret Ellen GIBSON, 22, Pickering Twp, Pickering Twp, d/o William H. GIBSON (b. Pickering Twp) & Georgina MURLOCK; witn Mrs. J.T. PRIEST & J. PARKES, both Whitby, 10 Jun 1925, Whitby

016065-25 John Leonard HARRISON, 25, Druggist, Ontario, 300 Dovercourt Rd in Toronto, s/o George T. HARRISON (b. Ontario) & Martha PROUTT; married Grace Isobel LANDER, 24, El Paso Texas, 55 Drew St. in Oshawa, d/o George L. LANDER (b. Ontario) & Helena R. HALL; witn George H. LANDER & Marion L. FELT, both Oshawa, 23 Jun 1925, Oshawa

16058-25 Kenneth Carlyle HASKILL, 23, telephone installer, Port Hope, Oshawa, s/o Wilkins Poyelle (Rozelle?) HASKILL, b. Port Hope & Sarah L. CAMPBELL, married Alma Florence ARMSTRONG, 19, stenographer, Lindsay, Oshawa, d/o Seward ARMSTRONG, b. Lindsay & Gertrude Elizabeth HARRISON, witn: Gladys B. MCLAUGHLIN & Fred J. ARMSTRONG, both of Oshawa, 29 Aug 1925 at Oshawa

16051-25 Arthur HAWLEY, 28, mechanic, Whitby, Oshawa, s/o Alonzo HAWLEY, b. Whitby & Annie NICHOL, married Susannah LAWTON, 18 (b. 17 May 1907), clerk, Middle Hulton - Bolton Lancs. England, Oshawa, d/o Joseph LAWTON, b. England & Catharine LANE, witn: Sidney & Madge HORNE, both of Oshawa, 19 Oct 1925 at Whitby.

16061-25 Charles Pullin HEAVEN, 35, clergyman, England, Sunderland, s/o Maurice Pullin HEAVEN, b. England & Sarah SMITH, married Pauline THOMPSON, clerk, 31, Brock Twp., Sunderland, d/o Samuel THOMPSON, b. Brock Twp. & Susannah I. GANTON, witn: Edwin Perry & Norma E. MCGREGOR, both of Sunderland, 2 Jul 1925 at Sunderland

016064-25 Oliver Morton HELLEMS, 30, Lithographer, Rochester NY, Rochester NY, s/o Charles C. HELLEMS (b. Rochester NY) & Mariam REYNOLDS; married Annie Estelle SIMPSON, 18, Toronto, Oshawa, d/o Wilfred SIMPSON (b. Galt) & Lillian BOOTHE; wit Annie C. FRIEND, Oshawa & Charles C. HELLEMS, Rochester NY, 20 Jun 1925, Oshawa

016073-25 William Frank HEPBURN, 24, Picture Framer, Kingston, Oshawa, s/o William Spencer HEPBURN (b. Ottawa) & Margaret Gertrude SWAIN; married Edith May CHANDLER, 19, Woolen Mill employee, Fort William, Oshawa, d/o George Edward CHANDLER (b. England) & Mable Kate WILLIAMS; wit Stella Dorothy SHARRARD, Oshawa & Kingsley B. OTTO, no place given, 14 Feb 1925, Oshawa

16055-25 Donald HERALD, 57, music teacher, Ontario, Toronto, s/o David HERALD, b. Ireland & Jane REID, married Jessie SIMS, 63, music teacher, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Robert SIMS, b. England & Jane CARLYLE, witn: Albert E. & Elizabeth CASHMAN, both of Toronto, 15 Jul 1925 at Newcastle

016069-25 Aiken Orin HETHERINGTON, 24, Sheet Metal Worker, Thornbury, Thornbury, s/o James HETHERINGTON (b. Barrie) & Minerva McGUINN; married Marion KNAUS, 22, Bakery, Cold Springs Minn, Toronto, d/o Nicholas KNAUS (b. Cold Springs Minn) & Tressa JANDLE; wit Wilda BITTENSON & Stanley SIMPSON, both Toronto, 4 Apr 1925, Oshawa

016067-25 Sidney William HOLLAND, 54, Baker, Wid, England, Oshawa, s/o Samuel HOLLAND (b. England) & Jane SIMS; married Sybil Pauline RAFFERTY, 22, England, Oshawa, d/o Walter RAFFERTY (b. England) & Charlotte HEMMINGS; wit F. COOK & Mabel COOK, both Oshawa, 9 May 1925, Oshawa

16059-25 George Henry HOMES, 20, tanner, London - England, Oshawa, s/o Thomas HOMES, b. London England & Sophia "not known", married Betsy Hird NICOL, 21, Ontario Malleable Iron Co. employee, Arbroath Scotland, Oshawa, d/o James NICOL, b. Arbroath - Scotland & Jessie Ann WEBSTER, witn: W. MASON & E. HENDERSON, both of Oshawa, 24 Dec 1925 at Oshawa.

16050-25 Edgar Morley HONEY, 30 (b. 15 Feb 1895), dentist, Logan twp, Schumacher, s/o Charles A. HONEY, Ontario & Mary J. LAWSON, married Kathleen Paxton MCCAW, 33, secretary, Ontario, Port Perry, d/o William H. MCCAW, b. Quebec & Emma Josephine BIGELOW, witn: Ralph C. HONEY of Toronto & Mrs. H.W. EMERSON of Port Perry, 22 Oct 1925 at Port Perry

16062-25 Alva George HOOKER, 25, painter, Oshawa, 203 King St. in Oshawa, s/o Perry HOOKER, b. Myrtle Ont & Jessie CARNEGIE, married Laura Louisa HARRIS, 22, England, 65 Albert St. in Oshawa, d/o Barnett HARRIS, b. England & Emma CONIBBER (Conibear?), witn: W.N. AFFLECK & Lena COOK, both of Oshawa, 4 July 1925 at Oshawa

016072-25 John Phillip HOOPER, 21, Steam Fitter, Newfoundland, Oshawa, s/o Edwin HOOPER (b. Newfoundland) & Annie Cordelia PIEROWAY; married Julia BURTON, 20, Dressmaker, Newfoundland, Oshawa, d/o Calis BURTON (b. Newfoundland) & Helen WELLS; wit Morgan BERRY & Mrs. Maud BERRY, both Oshawa, 17 Feb 1925, Oshawa

16049-25 Walter Harold HORNER, 38, widower, railway conductor, Millbrook, Lindsay, s/o John Alfred HORNER, b. Hope Twp. & Elizabeth HAWTHORNE, married Edith May STEEDMAN, 42, widow, housekeeper, Bath, Lindsay, d/o Thomas WISKIM, b. London England & Eleanor SHEPHERD, witn: Jean T. PRIEST & J. Theodora PRIEST, both of Whitby, 6 Nov 1925 at Whitby

016070-25 Eric Paul HUDSON, 28, Toolmaker, Gananoque, Detroit Mich, s/o George Albert HUDSON (b. Lyn Leeds Co) & Marjorie PAUL; married Elsie Cora JOHNSTON, 23, Telephone Operator, Inkerman, Spencerville, d/o James Albert JOHNSTON (b. Inkerman) & Eliza Ann JACKSON; witn Charles A. STEWART & Mrs. Viola STEWART, both Oshawa, 23 Mar 1925, Oshawa

16060-25 Allen Clinton HUMES, 28, farmer, Edwardsburgh Twp., Lucky Lake Sask., s/o James R. HUMES, b. Ontario & Sarah JONES, married Anne Myrtle BARNES, 19, Cavan Twp., Mara Twp., d/o William C. BARNES, b. Ontario & Hannah J. HARGRAVE, witn: Hilda DOBLE & James BARNES, both of Udney, 11 Dec 1925 at Mara Twp

016063-25 Hollis Calvin HURLBERT, 19, Shipper, Balsam, Oshawa, s/o Calvin HURLBERT (b. Cartwright Twp) & Teresa BALL; married Molly Evelyn SPENCER, 18, Clerk, Thurlow Twp Hastings Co, Oshawa, d/o Albert Franklin SPENCER (b. Thurlow Twp Hastings Co) & Ella MUNNS; wit Mabel Emily HURLBERT, Oshawa & William L. DRACUP, Belleville, 24 Jun 1925, Oshawa

16052-25 George Frederick HURST, 21, tuner, New Bedford Mass., Oshawa, s/o James HURST, b. England & Mary Ellen HUNT, married Eva May KEECH, 16, Stoco, Oshawa, d/o Sydney Emerson KEECH, b. Canada & Edith Ethel BLACKHURST, witn: Frances Annie BOTTOMLEY of Oshawa & Frank James MEYER of North Oshawa, 5 Oct 1925 at Oshawa.


016079-25 Thomas Sidney JEWELL, 46, Yeoman, Darlington Twp, East Whitby, s/o William JEWELL & Catherine HICKS; married Ada SADLER, 27, Bookkeeper, Norwich England, St. Catharines, d/o Samuel SADLER & Maria CROFTS; wit Mrs. May SHIPMAN & Earl SHIPMAN, both no place given, 25 Mar 1925, Oshawa

016074-25 Edward JOE, 38, Labourer, Rama Twp, Rama Twp, s/o Peter KINICE (b. Rama Reserve) & Rachel JOE; married Ida JOHNSTON, 25, Georgina Island, Rama Twp, d/o Isaiah JOHNSTON (b. Rama Reserve) & Mary JACOBS; wit Edward SIMCOE & Mrs. Edna SIMCOE, both Rama, 12 May 1925, Rama

016075-25 Robert Redvers JOHNSON, 22, Machinist, England, Oshawa, s/o Robert James JOHNSON (b. England) & Mary Ann MARTIN; married Ann Isabel GREER, 25, Houghton Twp Michigan, Oshawa, d/o William Edward GREER (b. Canada) & Elizabeth STORIE; wit Lois STACEY & Lloyd RORABECK, both Oshawa, 4 Sept 1925, Oshawa

016076-25 Russell S. JOHNSON, 25, Mechanic, Alnwick Twp, Harwood, s/o James H. JOHNSON (b. Northumberland Co) & Helen HAGG (Hogg?); married Dora Irene PAYNE, 19, Dummer Twp, Harwood, d/o Luther PAYNE (b. Peterboro Co) & Bertha LITTLE; wit Berle McBAIN & Alice McBAIN, both Oshawa, 6 Apr 1925, Oshawa

016078-25 James Walter JOHNSTON, 29, Electrical Engineer, Uxbridge Twp, Uxbridge, s/o John JOHNSTON (b. Uxbridge Twp) & Jessie HUSSACK; married Olive Lillian HADDEN, 26, Farmer, Brock Twp, Uxbridge, d/o James HADDEN (b. Brock Twp) & Asencath SONLEY; wit J.L. URQUHART, Uxbridge & E.C. HADDEN, Blackwater, 28 Mar 1925, Brock Twp

016077-25 Douglas Butterwood JOHNSTON, 26, Physician, Athens, Athens, s/o William JOHNSTON (b. Scotland) & Margaret Anne MILLS; married Edith Lillian BURCHELL, 26, Teacher, Marlborough Twp, none given, d/o James Edward BURCHELL (b. Prescott) & Edith MILLIGAN; wit James Edward BURCHELL & Edith BURCHELL, both Uxbridge, 26 Sept 1925, Uxbridge

016081-25 Richard Pearson JONES, 25, Advertiser, Montreal Quebec, King St. Chambers in Oshawa, s/o Walter Pearson JONES (b. Montreal Quebec) & Jennie MALIN; married Hazel McINROY, 25, Saleslady, Marmora, Oshawa, d/o James McINROY (b. Hastings Co) & Lydia HUFF; wit A.A. MAXWELL & Bella McKENZIE, both Oshawa, 3 Jan 1925, Oshawa

016080-25 Gilbert Ireland JONES, 24, Lancaster England, Bowmanville, s/o William John George JONES (b. England) & Jessie E. IRELAND; married Helen Loretta BOTTRELL, 29, Accountant, Bowmanville, Bowmanville, d/o Thomas J. BOTTRELL & Jane McCAFFREY; wit Norman BOTTRELL & Edna BOTTRELL, both Bowmanville, 14 Sept 1925, Oshawa

016083-25 John KARPOVICH, 26, Polisher, Russia, Oshawa, s/o Harry KARPOVICH (b. Russia) & "mother died when he was 3 years old and he has forgotten"; married Erma Amelia BRISTOW, 17, Bath, Oshawa, d/o George BRISTOW & Edna Amelia FRINK; witn Rosalie BURDGE & Florence A. WHATTAM, both Oshawa, 7 Nov 1925, Oshawa

016086-25 Milton Kay KELLER, 24, Farmer, Scott Twp, Scott Twp, s/o Henry KELLER (b. Scott Twp) & Mary Jane KAY; married Sarah Almeda MEYER, 24, Scott Twp, Scott Twp, d/o Daniel MEYERS (sic) (b. Scott Twp) & Mary HODGSON; wit Henry Bertram MEYERS & Marinda E. KELLER, both Zephyr, 12 Sept 1925, Scott Twp

016084-25 William John KELSO, 45, Tinsmith, Kingston, Oshawa, s/o Ephram KELSO (b. Ireland) & Isabelle CREIGHTON; married Harriet Jane CLAUS, 45, Wid, Deseronto, Oshawa, d/o Charles MARACLE (b. Deseronto) & Sarah SEARLE?; wit Wilfred POWLESS & Laura J. POWLESS, both no place given, 6 Oct 1925, Oshawa

016087-25 George KERR, 22, Farmer, Manvers Twp, Manvers Twp, s/o Robert KERR (b. Manvers Twp) & Mary SHECKLETON; married Laura Jane ARGUE, 18, Manvers Twp, Manvers Twp, d/o William ARGUE (b. Manvers Twp) & Annie McCULLOUGH; wit Loreen PAGE & Walter KERR, both Bethany, 8 Aug 1925, Oshawa

016089-25 Benjamin Allen KESTER, 27, Farmer, Ontario, Zephyr, s/o William James KESTER (b. Ontario) & Mary RAMSDEN; married Mary Alice KAY, 22, Ontario, Cedar Brae, d/o Edward Charles KAY (b. Ontario) & Sarah MEYERS; witn Howard Milton KARRINGTON & Mabel Magdelane KAY, both Zephyr, 21 Mar 1925, Cedar Brae

016085-25 John Herbert KINSMAN, 36, Contractor, Port Hope, Oshawa, s/o George KINSMAN (b. England) & Jane HEARD; married Gladys Irene COLBOURNE, 18, Shoreham by Sea Sussex, Oshawa, d/o Ernest Clifford COLBOURNE (b. England) & Emily BALL; witn Emily COLBOURNE & Pursy COLBOURNE, both Oshawa, 28 Dec 1925, Whitby

016088-25 Frederick Thomas KINTON, 31, Projectionist, England, Oshawa, s/o Charles Frederick KINTON (b. England) & Elizabeth SHELBY; married Violet Lily TURNER, 18, Trimmer, England, Oshawa, d/o Harry William TURNER (b. England) & Violet Rose YOUNG; witn J.R. MILNE & E. MILNE, both Oshawa, 6 Jul 1925, Oshawa

016082-25 William Appleton KNOWLTON, 31, Carpenter, Hornings Mills, Oshawa, s/o Alfred KNOWLTON (b. London England) & Ellen FLEAR; married Dorothy MORTON, 31, Oxford England, Oshawa, d/o William MORTON (b. England) & Frances COLEGROVE; witn E. DRAGE & L. LOWE, both Oshawa, 17 Nov 1925, Oshawa

016090-25 Luka KRAVCHUCK, 28, Painter, Russia, 165 Bloor St. in Oshawa, s/o Tarasy KRAVCHUCK; married Dominica PAVLINCHUK, 18, Oshawa, 165 Bloor St. in Oshawa, d/o Nick. PAVINCHUK & Sanda WARILASHKO or MARILASHKO; wit Peter Donnella HREBORUK & John ZMUL, both Oshawa, 31 Jan 1925, St. Marys Church

016091-25 Basil KRAYDUBA, 24, Labourer, East Galicia, Oshawa, s/o Tymko KRAYDUBA & Julia MAKOVSKY; married Melanis LYSY, 21, East Galicia, Oshawa, d/o John LYSY & Julia HLADY; wit Demeter KRAYDUBA & Theodor TYCHY, both Cedardale, 21 Nov 1925, Oshawa

016095-25 James George LATIMER, 26, Electrician, Ontario, none given, s/o James LATIMER (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth GLENSHAND?; married Nellie Alberta LUKE, 30, Stenographer, Ontario, Raglan, d/o William LUKE (b. Ontario) & Nellie CAMPLIN; wit Laura __, ? & ___ett W.E. LUKE, Toronto, 23 Sept 1923, Raglan

016094-25 Lewis LAVERTY, 20, Labourer, Manchester England, Whitby, s/o John LAVERTY (b. England) & Eliza JACKSON; married Edna POWELL, 18, Clarke Twp, Clarke Twp, d/o Thomas POWELL & Elizabeth McGAHEY; witn William LAVERTY, Oshawa & Minnie SEARL, Newcastle, 9 Nov 1925, Oshawa

016093-25 Frederick Martin LEE, 24, Farmer, Pickering Twp, Pickering Twp, s/o Martin LEE (b. England) & Alice RICHARDS; married Alice Maud HEALY, 23, Domestic, Tilsonburg Town, Whitby Twp, d/o Comp HEALY (b. Canada) & Carrie WHALEY; wit Edgar ALLMAN & Mrs. Edgar ALLMAN, Whitby, 3 Nov 1925, Whitby

016092-25 Ernest LEVICK, 27, Beekeeper, Eckington England, Carden Twp, s/o Amos LEVICK (b. England) & unknown; married Elizabeth Amelia Jane DACK, 26, Carden Twp, Carden Twp, d/o Kim HACK (sic) (b. Canada) & Jane EASCOTT?; wit Mrs. John HILL & John DACK, both Dalrymple, 11 Nov 1925, Brechin

016100-25 Milfred Frederick LITTLE, 27, Farmer, Thorah Twp, Thorah Twp, s/o John Edwin LITTLE (b. Aberdeenshire Scotland) & Bertha ROSEBOROUGH; married Mary Bell WILL, 27, Thorah Twp, Thorah Twp, d/o George WILL (b. Thorah Twp) & Elsie THOMPSON; witn Winnifred WILL & Melville LITTLE, both Beaverton, 17 Jun 1925, Beaverton

016097-25 David George LOCKHURST, 25, London England, Oshawa, s/o Charles LOCKHURST (b. England) & Agnes MORTON; married Ella Mae WILSON, 25, Domestic, of Reach Twp, d/o William WILSON (b. Scott Twp) & Sarah STARK; wit Eliza WILSON, Toronto & Albert STARK of Udora, 13 Sept 1925, Victoria Corners

016096-25 Thomas Frankim LOVE, 55, Mason, Wid, Greenbank Twp, Eldon Twp, s/o Thomas LOVE (b. England) & Elizabeth FRANKIM; married Etta INGLES, 51, Housekeeper, Wid, Haldimand Twp, Eldon Twp, d/o James BAYES (b. England) & Eliza Ann DRINKWATER; wit H.T. LOVE, Toronto & M.L. LOVE, Lorneville, 25 Sept 1925, Cannington

016101-25 Frank Gordon LOVELL, 27, Painter, Bister (Bicester?) Oxfordshire England, Oshawa, s/o John Gordon LOVELL (b. England) & Rose PORTER; married Violet Ellen TITHECOTT, 21, Housekeeper, Stoke Devonport England, Oshawa, d/o Fred W. TITHECOTT (b. England) & Ella S. HANNAFORT; wit Frederick W. TITHECOTT & Ella S. TITHECOTT, both Oshawa, 7 Feb 1925, Whitby

016099-25 George Brimsley LOWE, 40, paymaster, Port Hope, 97 Rumsey Rd in Leaside, s/o Leo LOWE (b. Port Hope) & Margaret SMITH; married Minnie Ethel HAM, 42, Clerk, East Whitby, 150 William St. in Oshawa, d/o Richard HAMM (sic) (b. East Whitby) & Louise BAILEY; wit Richard HAMM & Louisa HAMM, both Oshawa, 23 Jun 1925, Oshawa

016098-25 Harold Charles Arthur LOWERY, 19, Clerk, Oshawa, East Whitby, s/o Charles Robert LOWERY (b. Guelph) & Zella May BURROUGHS; married Nora Margaret ANDERSON, 19, Stenographer, Gt. Yarmouth England, East Whitby, d/o Charles Robert ANDERSON (b. Gt. Yarmouth England) & Annie Margaret McCULLOUGH, witn: W.M. MILLER & D.D. MILLER, both Oshawa, 12 Sept 1925, Oshawa

016115-25 Gordon MAGEE, 20, Auto Mechanic, Oshawa, Oshawa, s/o William MAGEE (b. Foley) & Elizabeth WESLEY; married Mildred WALLACE, 23, Housemaid, Scott Twp, Oshawa, d/o Abraham WALLACE (b. Uxbridge) & Mary Ellen JOHNSON; wit Evelyn WALLACE & Earl WALLACE, both Port Perry, 24 Jun 1925, Port Perry

016120-25 Ewart MAINPRIZE, 22, Farmer, Scott Twp, North Gwillimbury, s/o Edger (b. Mt. Albert) & Jessie Rose MAINPRIZE; married Geraldine CRYDERMAN, 22, Scott, North Gwillimbury, d/o Arthur CRYDERMAN (b. North Gwillimbury) & Ida THOMPSON; wit Malcolm CRYDERMAN, Belhaven & Daisy RIDDELL, Sutton West, 16 Apr 1925, Zephyr

016121-25 Howard Wesley MAPES, 20, Labourer, Markham, Uxbridge, s/o Abraham MAPES (b. Reach Twp) & Adelia BROWN; married Dorothy Mary BEARDEN, 16, Uxbridge Twp, Uxbridge, d/o John George BEARDEN (b. Port Perry) & Mary HAMBLY; wit Albert JONES & Elizabeth JONES, both Uxbridge, 18 Apr 1925, Uxbridge

016107-25 Harry MARTENSUK, 22, Labourer, Saskatchewan, Oshawa, s/o Harry (b. Austria) & Ellen MARTENSUK; married Sophie KRYOWUCHKA, 19, Waitress, Roblin Manitoba, Colder Sask, d/o Panteleymon (b. Austria) & Vasilina KRYOWUCHKA; wit George DROGOMOTZ & Mary DROGOMOTZ, both Oshawa, 20 Oct 1925, Oshawa
016117-25 Roy MARTIN, 25, Motor Mechanic, Toronto, Toronto, s/o Edward MARTIN (b. USA) & Mabel ROBINS; married Alice Helen BARNARD, 20, Furrier, England, Toronto, d/o Ernest BARNARD (b. England) & Margaret WELLS; wit W. VROOMAN & Gladys DENNIS, both Toronto, 23 May 1925, Whitby

016102-25 Robert MASON, 21, Tacker, London England, Oshawa, s/o George MASON (b. England) & Alice FARR; married Jane Wilson Byers MITCHELL, 19, Employee GMC, Glasgow Scotland, Oshawa, d/o David MITCHELL (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth ROBERTSON; wit G.F. MASON & Violet TWINE, both Oshawa, 23 Nov 1925, Oshawa

016109-25 Charles Herbert MATTHEWS, 20, Automobile Employee, Paddington England, Oshawa, s/o Herbert MATTHEWS (b. England) & Esther MOTT; married Beatrice LANGEVIN, 19, Factory Employee, Cornwall, Oshawa, d/o Fred LANGEVIN (b. Cornwall) & Margaret McGINN; wit Thomas MURPHY & Mary MURPHY, both Oshawa, 12 Sept 1925, Oshawa

016124-25 Charles Edward Wellington MAW, 20, Gardener, Myrtle, Whitby, s/o William MAW (b. Myrtle) & Lilian HOWSON; married Isabella Florence STEPHENSON, 19, Domestic, Peterborough, Whitby, d/o Edward John FOSTER (sic) (b. Orillia) & Margaret PATTON; wit Sidney FOSTER & Grace FOSTER, both Whitby, 6 Feb 1925, Whitby

016126-25 Roy McARTHUR, 24, Cabinet Makes, Eldon Twp, Detroit, s/o Malcolm. McARTHUR (b. Canada) & Josephine ODERKIRK; married Doris Alexandria WILLIAMS, 21, Bookkeeper, Tranmure? Cheshire England, Oshawa, d/o William Woodcock WILLIAMS (b. England) & Emma JOHNSON; wit Mrs. J.O. COLDRICK & Florence A. WHATTAM, both Oshawa, 26 Nov 1925, Oshawa

016127-25 Charles Roy McCOWIE, 29, Physician, Ontario, East Lansing Mich. s/o John McCOWIE (b. Ontario) & no first name McLAREN; married Eva Maud Amanda MILLER, 29, Stenographer, Ontario, 103 Wright Ave in Toronto, d/o Samuel MILLER (b. Ontario) & Dina A. SWITZER; wit Lillian B. McCOWIE, Chatham & E. Earle MILLER, Toronto, 9 Nov 1925, Sunderland

16131-25 Arnold Claude McDONALD, 21, laborer, Thurlow twp., 239 Dearborn Ave in Oshawa, s/o Harry Cameron McDONALD, b. Ont & Amanda Melissa PALMER, married Myrtle Flossie BOWLER, 20, Belleville, 361 Verdun Rd in Oshawa, d/o John BOWLER, b. Belleville & Mary Ellen KIZER, witn: George E. BOWLER of 361 Verdun & G.M. FRINK of 360 Verdun, 26 Nov 1925 at Oshawa

016128-25 James MACDONALD, 23, Farmer, Mara Twp, Mara Twp, s/o Malcolm MACDONALD (b. Canada) & Annie JOHNSTON; married Olive Margery ANDERSON, 25, School Teacher, Mara Twp, Mara Twp, d/o Henry Norman ANDERSON (b. Canada) & Mabel McCLELLAND; wit Robert MACDONALD & Anna B. WHITNEY, both Atherley, 28 Oct 1925, Atherley

016129-25 Joseph McDONNELL, 31, Section Man, Rama Twp, Rama Twp, s/o Moses McDONNELL & Anne DUFFY; married Mary DUDENHOFFER, 19, Domestic, Mara Twp, Rama Twp, d/o Louis DUDENHOFFER (b. Atherley) & Mary LAMB; wit Stafford McDONNELL & Myrtle McDONNELL, both O'Connell, 28 Apr 1925, Uptergrove

16140-25 Angus (Argue?) Joseph McDOUGALL, 51, builder, Beaverton, same, s/o William McDOUGALL & Isabella McPHERSON, married Elizabeth Jan CHAPELLE, 24, teacher, Newmarket, Manitoulin Island, d/o Haram CHAPELLE & Ann WHITE, witn: William McDOUGALL & Margaret O'BRIEN, both of Beaverton, 8 Oct. 1925 at Beaverton
16130-25 Ronald Archibald McEACHERN, 36, farmer, Lorneville, Gamebridge, s/o Ronald McEACHERN, b. Eldon Ont & Margaret McEACHERN, married Elizabeth Margaret CARSON, 26, Medonte twp., Gamebridge, d/o D.A. CARSON, b. Halton Co & Elizabeth Jane BEACH?, witn: Anna CARSON of Gamebridge & Mrs. L. CRYDERMAN of Penetang., 22 Sept 1925 at Beaverton 16132-25 Richard McILWAINE, 30, Knoxville Tennessee, 1583 Highland Ave in Knoxville, s/o Clement? R. McILWAINE, b. Virginia US & Herrie? WHITING, married Mary Isabel LUKE, 24, nurse, Montreal, Oshawa, d/o J.R.L. LUKE, b. Oshawa & Emma LONG, witn: Charles R. McILWAINE of Knoxville & Margaret A. SMITH of illegible Ont., 27 Aug 1925 at Oshawa
16139-25 Donald McISAAC, 29, farmer, Uptergrove, same, s/o Alex McISAAC & Mary Ann DUFFY, married Eva BAYE, 24, maid, Orillia, Uptergrove, d/o Frank BAYE & Drewsilla BULL, witn: John McISAAC & Agatha BAYE, both of Atherley, 2 June 1925 at Uptergrove 16138-25 Michael James McLAREN, 24, laborer, Cobourg Ont., 202 Park Rd in Oshawa, s/o Henry McLAREN & Jane PATTERSON, married Phyllis Elizabeth GARDINER, 20, Manitoba, Oshawa, d/o Henry GARDINER & Agnes DONALDSON, witn: Oliver McLAREN of Cobourg & Rose McLAREN of Oshawa, 23 Feb 1925 at Oshawa
16136-25 John James McLAUGHLIN, 26, accountant, Kingston Ont., 144 Colborne St. in Oshawa, s/o Thomas McLAUGHLIN, b. Prescott Ont. & Annie McNAMEE, married Lorna Elizabeth STEVENSON, 23, stenographer, Wolfe Island, 174 Church St. in Oshawa, d/o Andrew STEVENSON, b. Amherst Island, & Eliza DONNELLY, witn: C. D. & E. Muriel SMITH of 121 Allice St. in Oshawa, 21 Feb 1925 at Manse, Oshawa 16133-25 Stewart McLEAN, 28, engineer, Brock Ont., Cleveland, s/o Angus D. McLEAN, b. Mariposa twp & Martha E. McKAGUE, married Roberta Georgina BEDSON, 26, Toronto, same, d/o Robert George BEDSON, b. Whitby twp & Henrietta DOYLE, witn: Egbert DOYLE of Pickering & Gordon E. McLEAN of Jackson Mich., 4 July 1925 at Pickering
16135-25 Alexander Stewart McLEESE, 34, journalist, Forresters Falls Ont., Oshawa, s/o William McLEESE, b. Ireland & Annie McLAREN, married Agnes Hett Buchanan GRANDISON, 33, secretary, Scotland, Oshawa, d/o Peter GRANDISON, b. Scotland & Isabella BOYTER, witn: Ken FOSTER of Orono & Thomas ENGLISH of Toronto, 24 June 1925 at Oshawa 16137-25 George Harold McMULLEN, 22, farmer, Brock twp., same, s/o David McMULLEN, b. Brock twp & Susan CRONSBERRY, married Annie Elizabeth Ruth McILLMURRAY, 21, Brock twp., same, d/o George McILLMURRAY, farmer, b. Brock twp, & Dinah SHIELDS, witn: W.J. McILLMURRAY & Elda KERVELL?, both of Sunderland, 4 Feb 1925 at Vallentyne
16134-25 Daniel Lorne McTAGGART, 29, farmer, Mariposa twp., same, s/o John A. McTAGGART, b. Victoria Co & Sarah McDOUGALL, married Catherine Jane CLARKSON, 30, Brock twp., Mariposa twp., d/o Thomas D. CLARKSON, b. Reach twp & Isabel McMILLAN, witn: Maribelle CLARKSON of 204 Union Ave in Mt. Vernon NY & Jean McTAGGART of Cresswell Ont., 10 Dec 1925 at Sonya

016111-25 Earl Ernest MEALING, 25, Clerk, Orillia Twp, Orillia, s/o Arthur (b. England) & Annie MEALING; married Hope Ann McDONALD, 24, Atherley, Orillia, d/o Neil J. (b. Canada) & Louise MACDONALD (sic); wit Marion ANDERSON & Lilly J. MACKERSIE, both Atherley, 25 Aug 1925, Atherley

016118-25 Steve MELNYCHUK, 28, labourer, Austria, Oshawa, s/o Demitre? MELNYCHUK (b. Austria) & Mary GUIDA; married Annie STRYCHALSKI, 18, Manitoba, Oshawa, d/o Walter STRYCHALSKI (b. Austria) & Lavina PATTERSON; wit Tony KAPNUSKY, Toronto & Nellie PATTERSON, Oshawa, 2 May 1925, Oshawa

016113-25 Arthur MEREDITH, 31, Machinist, Manchester England, Oshawa, s/o Arthur MEREDITH (b. England) & unknown; married Henrietta CUMMINGS, 22, Domestic, Portsmouth, Oshawa, d/o John CUMMINGS & Elizabeth CAROL; wit Annie W. DeMILLE & John DeMILLE, both Oshawa, 23 Dec 1925, Oshawa

016105-25 William Percy MIDDLETON, 29, Miller, Ontario, Buffalo NY, s/o William Thomas MIDDLETON (b. Ontario) & Julie COLLINS; married Mary Charlotte STREET, 29 (b. 11 April 1896), Whitewood Saskatchewan, Pickering, d/o John STREET (b. not known) & Florence E.V. DOVELL (b. Ben Miller Ont) (parents married 22 March 1893 at Moosomin Sask); witn F.H. PUCKRIN, Whitby & Edna P. MIDDLETON, Greenwood, 28 Oct 1925, Pickering Twp

016119-25 Frederick Charles MIDDLETON, 28, Farmer, Uxbridge Twp, Brooklin, s/o James L. MIDDLETON (b. Uxbridge Twp) & Elida A. GARBUTT; married Winnifred Violet DREW, 29, Film Operator, London England, Pickering Village, d/o George Robert DREW (b. England) & Maria DICKINSON; witn Dean W. IRWIN & Ross IRWIN, both Whitby, 4 May 1925, Whitby

016110-25 McLaren MILLER, 32, Teacher, Mount St. Louis Simcoe Co., Parry Sound, s/o Robert McLaren MILLER (b. Mt. St. Louis Ontario) & Mary DRYSDALE; married Alice Robinson MILNE, 23, Teaching, Leaskdale, Blackwater Jct., d/o Andrew S. MILNE (b. Morris? Ontario) & Martha CAMPBELL; wit Kenneth C. MILNE, Blackwater & Mary MILLER, Vasey, 11 Aug 1925, Blackwater

016114-25 Harry Clifford MILLS, 23, Auto Mechanic, Napanee, Oshawa, s/o Alexander MILLS (b. Napanee) & Hattie Blanche LUCAS; married Nellie Edith Hepton RICHARDSON, 25, Trimmer, Bedford England, Oshawa, d/o Thomas Warwick RICHARDSON (b. England) & Rebecca PHALANEY; wit Thomas Warwick RICHARDSON & Catherine RICHARDSON, both Oshawa, 18 Jul 1925, Oshawa

016122-25 William Matthews MONCAR, 19, Lineman Bell Telephone Co, Aberdeen Scotland, Oshawa, s/o William MONCAR (b. Aberdeen Scotland) & Mary MATTHEWS; married Eleanor Grace HAY, 20, Bell Telephone Operator, Oshawa, Oshawa, d/o Hugh HAY (b. Newcastle) & Eleanor Jane BARR; wit Marion CASSELMAN & A.A. MAXWELL, both Oshawa, 26 Feb 1925, Oshawa

016108-25 Wilfred MONROE, 21, Driver, Prince Edward Co, Oshawa, s/o William Sidney MONROE (b. Prince Edward Co) & Emma CANNON; married Grace Ann BAVESTOCK, 20, Canning Factory, Hillier, Oshawa, d/o George L. BAVESTOCK (b. Prince Edward Co) & Eliza Jane COOK; wit C. WANNAMAKER & Edna WANNAMAKER, both Oshawa, 2 Sept 1925, Oshawa

016123-25 James Ellis MOORE, 30, East Whitby, Darlington Twp, s/o George MOORE (b. Reach Twp) & Maria BRAY; married Ruby Alberta THOMPSON, 25, East Whitby, East Whitby, d/o Thomas THOMPSON (b. East Whitby) & Adeline BULLIED; witn Mary HODGSON & C?. W. HODGSON, both Oshawa, 25 Nov 1925, Oshawa

016104-25 Frederick MOORHEAD, 26, Police Constable, Ontario, none given, s/o Thomas MOORHEAD (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth SAWDON; married Mary Gladys DICK, 25, Ontario, Sandford, d/o Daniel Allen DICK (b. Ontario) & Eliza Jane RUSNELL; witn Aggie DICK, Sandford & Frank MOORHEAD, Albert, 28 Oct 1925, Sandford

016106-25 John Earl MORGAN, 25, Blacksmith, Crookston Hastings Co, Roslin, s/o Royal MORGAN (b. Cookston Hastings Co) & Susie MONTGOMERY; married Annie Elizabeth MAY, 36, Housekeeper, Wid, Roslin Hastings Co, Roslin, d/o Robert CRAWFORD & Ann Jane JORDAN; wit Mrs. Frank JAMES & Mrs. H.M. IRWIN, both Whitby, 5 Oct 1925, Whitby

016112-25 Alex Evans MORGAN, 26, Creamery, Uxbridge, Lakefield, s/o Duncan M. MORGAN (b. Canada) & Sarah EVANS; married Margaret Mabel WAGG, 24, Pickering, Claremont, d/o Nelson WAGG (b. Canada) & Rebecca Mary FISHER; wit Denton Douglas LEARD?, Lakefield & Mary Evelyn WAGG, Claremont, 22 Aug 1925, Claremont

016103-25 James MOUNTJOY, 70, Retired Farmer, Wid, Darlington, Darlington, s/o Richard MOUNTJOY (b. England) & Jane GILBERT; married Fernie (Feenie?) STREET, 68, Housekeeper, Wid, Darlington, Darlington, d/o Robert WASHINGTON (b. Ontario) & Mary Ann ARGUE; wit Duncan CAMERON & Kate CAMERON, both Oshawa, 6 Nov 1925, Oshawa

016125-25 Christopher C. MURTY, 28, Manufacturer, Clayton Mich, Oshawa, s/o Neal MURTY & Alice WELCH; married Amanda R. O'REGAN, 29, Oshawa, Oshawa, d/o John O'REGAN & Margaret SHERRING; wit Ralph J. RICHARDS, Toronto & Mary O'REGAN, Oshawa, 20 Apr 1925, Oshawa

016116-25 John MYERS, 30, Labourer, United States, Oshawa, s/o William MYERS (b. Scotland) & Sarah STICKEL; married Helen EVANS, 21, Operator, England, Oshawa, d/o James EVANS (b. England) & Mary A. GARRITY; wit Mary EVANS, Oshawa & Leonard FOSTER, Peterboro, 6 Jun 1925, Oshawa

16142-25 William NESS, 32, metler?, Scotland, 114 Stacey Ave in Oshawa, s/o James NESS, b. Scotland & Janet Kinnear? KERR, married Martha Lawrie RUSSELL, 28, employee in radiator dept of GMC, Scotland, 212 Burk St. in Oshawa, d/o James RUSSELL, b. Scotland & Mary SCOTT, witn: Hugh SHIELDS & Mary Scott GOULD, both of Oshawa, 10 Aug 1925 at Oshawa
16145-25 Charles Everett NICHOLS, 26, apiarist, Curtis Ont., same, s/o Fred NICHOLS, b. England & Lena GAY, married Marie Isabelle HOPPS, 25, England, Curtis, d/o John HOPPS, b. England & Mary GAINES, witn: John E. HOPPS & Bernice HOCKIN, both of Bowmanville, 10 June 1925 at Brooklin 16144-25 David John NICOL, 21, farmer, Ontario, Pickering, s/o Frank NICOL, b. Ont & Margaret Ann FRIER?, married Lillian STEPHENSON, 18, England, 17 Oak St. in Toronto, d/o George STEPHENSON, b. England & Alice CROFT, witn: John N. HENRY of 207 Clinton St. & Judith C. NICOL of 7 Cornwall St., both Toronto, 17 Aug 1925 at Pickering
16143-25 Frank NOKES, 30, farmer, London England, Uxbridge twp., s/o Joseph NOKES, b. England & Ellen FRANKLIN, married Dellma Kathleen HOPKINS, 22, Glen Major, same, d/o Charles HOPKINS, b. Ont & Alvira READMAN, witn: Cara CULLERY & Ellen R. WATCH, both of Uxbridge, 27 June 1925 at parsonage, Uxbridge 16147-25 John Henry NORTON, 28, laborer, Prince Edward Co., 356 Ritson Rd in Oshawa, s/o William Benson NORTON, b. Prince Edward Co & Elizabeth KEARNSLEY, married Levancha Marie BARRETT, 20, Cedar Dale, 519 Albert St. in Oshawa, d/o James Robert BARRETT, b. Clarke twp & Louisa Eliza SNUDDEN, witn: Joseph SHORT of 182 Albert St. & Rosemary SIM of Cromwell Ave., 10 June 1925 at Oshawa
16146-25 John Andrew NORTON, 20, farmer, Uxbridge twp., same, s/o Joseph NORTON, b. Uxbridge twp & Elizabeth BROWN, married Ina Marinda REDSHAW, 22, Uxbridge twp., same, d/o William REDSHAW, b. Uxbridge twp & Elizabeth Amanda CALDER, witn: Ira REDSHAW of Claremont & Linda BROWN of Stouffville, 13 Jan 1925 at Goodwood 16148-25 Walter NORTON, 46, widower, farmer, Uxbridge twp., same, s/o Edward NORTON, b. Ont & Jane LINTON, married Florence ROBERTS, 38, England, Uxbridge twp., d/o James ROBERTS, b. Yorkshire England & Martha HAYES, witn: Edna? F. & Mary Jane LEGATE of Goodwood, 18 March 1925 at Pleasant View, Goodwood
16141-25 Lloyd Robert NOTT, 19, office clerk, Oshawa, 91 Celina St. in Oshawa, s/o W.B. NOTT, & Edna GREENWAY, married Edna Margaret LOBB, 18 + 11 mon, stenographer, Oshawa, 77 Queen St. in Oshawa, d/o Harry LOBB, b. Cornwall England & Margaret VOKES, witn: Harry & Mrs. Harry LOBB of 77 Queen St. in Oshawa, 25 July 1925 at 77 Queen St., Oshawa 16151-25 Daniel O'CONNOR, 24, farmer, Ireland, Uxbridge, s/o Daniel O'CONNOR, b. Co. Cork Ireland & Julia RIORDAN, married Beatrice MILNER, 27, England, Uxbridge, d/o William MILNER, b. Ingleby - illegible England, & Sarah DALTON, witn: Ralph MORAN & Mrs. Elizabeth MECHAM, both of Uxbridge, 18 July 1925 at Uxbridge
16149-25 Lawrence Decimus OGG, 21, grocery clerk, England, Whitby, s/o Joseph Foster OGG, b. England & Emma WILKES, married Wilma Lauretta BLAKELY, 20, Ontario, Oshawa, d/o John C. BLAKELY, b. Ont & Bertha McCONKEY, witn: Annie E. & Donald DEMILLE of 139 King St. in Oshawa, 5 Oct. 1925 at Oshawa 16152-25 John Thomas OKE, 20, truck driver, Courtice Ont., 154 Bloor West in Oshawa, s/o William OKE, b. Darlington twp & Florence GIBSON, married Minnie LANG, 19, Port Perry, 154 Bloor west in Oshawa, d/o William LANG, b. Cartwright twp, & Annetta LANSING, witn: Alma THOMPSON & Dora M. ROBINSON, both of Napanee, 2 June 1925 at Oshawa
16156-25 William Avery OLIVER, 22, farmer, Georgina twp., same, s/o William OLIVER & Mary TRILETTE, married Sarah HIBBERT, 14, Georgina twp., same, d/o George HIBBERT & Ida O'NEILL, witn: John & Mary HIBBERT of Georgina twp., 14 April 1925 at Beaverton 16153-25 Leon Earle OSIER, 29, theatrical manager, Ontario, 172 Celina St. in Oshawa, s/o Tanesse OSIER, b. Ont & Charlotte YOUNG, married Jean Louise BAIN, 23, Toronto, 76 Drew St. in Oshawa, d/o George BAIN, b. Ont & Henrietta HALLIDAY, witn: John Michael TURNEY of 146 Albert St. in Oshawa & Mrs. J. P. CARR of Detroit, 2 April 1925 at Oshawa
16154-25 Elmer OSTLE, 26, soldering, Ontario, East Whitby, s/o Robert OSTLE, b. Ont & Eliza PARKER, married Myrtle BROCK, 19, Hampden Ont., King St. East in Oshawa, d/o John BROCK, b. Ont & Clara CLARK, witn: Gordon BROCK of Courtice & Nora MONTGOMERY of Oshawa, 28 March 1925 at Brooklin 16155-25 Kingsley Beaumont OTTO, 21, wood worker, London England, 197 Celine St. in Oshawa, s/o Lewis OTTO, b. England & Agnes BEAUMONT, married Stella Dorothy SHARRARD, 19, Oshawa, 197 Celina St., d/o Ernest SHARRARD, b. Uxbridge Ont & Mary JONES, witn: Miss Sylvia SHARRARD of 197 Celina & Walter GARDINER of Whitby, 24 Feb 1925 at parsonage, Oshawa
16150-25 David OWEN, 27, farmer, Wales, East Whitby, s/o David OWEN, b. Wales & Annie WILLIAMS, married Violet Rilda BROCK, 18, East Whitby, same, d/o Thomas BROCK, b. Ont & Louisa BRADLEY, witn: Firnie BROCK of RR1 Oshawa & Roy J. PERRY of 15 Patricia Ave in Oshawa, 19 Sept 1925 at Oshawa  

016167-25 (Ontario Co) Walter Harold PALMER, 26, Farmer, Reach Twp, Reach Twp, s/o Robert Henry PALMER (b. Uxbridge Twp) & Susan Ida MACKIE; married Olive Lilian DRAKE, 20, England, Reach Twp, d/o bride knows nothing of father illegitimate (b. England) & Lilian DRAKE; wit Arthur? J. WESTERTON & Ethel H. WESTERTON, both Scott Twp, 14 Jan 1925, Uxbridge

016163-25 (Ontario Co) Harry George PALMER, 22, Office Clerk, Illinois, Oshawa, s/o Ethan PALMER (b. Northport) & Frances WEBBER; married Grace Luella VALENTINE, 21, Office Clerk, Ernestown, Oshawa, d/o John VALENTINE (b. Ernestown) & Ann WISEMAN; witn Annie W. DEMILLE & Donald DEMILLE, both Oshawa, 18 Apr 1925, Oshawa

016169-25 (Ontario Co) Alfred Charles PARISH, 22, Electrician, Kent England, Oshawa, s/o Charles PARISH (b. England) & Emma WALKINS; married Henriette May FUDGER, 19, Weaver, England, Oshawa, d/o Robert Arthur FUDGER (b. England) & Lydia TAYLOR; wit U.G. SWEENEY & E.F. SWEENEY, both Oshawa, 5 Jan 1925, Oshawa

016158-25 (Ontario Co) Percy James PASCOE, 28, Carpenter, West Whitby, Oshawa, s/o Oliver PASCOE (b. East Whitby) & Nettie RUTTAN; married Mabel Madeline DRAPER, 24, Clerk, Whitby Twp, Whitby, d/o Fred DRAPER (b. West Whitby) & Annie UNDERWOOD; wit Muriel DRAPER, Whitby & Edward PASCOE, Pickering, 28 Oct 1925, Whitby

016170-25 (Ontario Co) Semesn PAVLINCHUK, 25, Farmer, Barksvina Romania, Oshawa, s/o Andrey PAVLINCHUK (sic) & Zanhira TZEBULIAK; married Eupimia KOZAB, 19, Barksvina Romania, Oshawa, d/o Stephan KOZAB & Elizabeth FEDORETZ; witn George SEBULAK & Garchisa SEBULAK, both no place given, 21 Feb 1925, Oshawa

016165-25 (Ontario Co) Herbert John PEARSON, 25, Farmer, Escott Twp, Escott Twp, s/o Charles B. PEARSON (b. Whitby Twp) & Victoria A. THORNTON; married Irene Louise BROWN, 22, Reach Twp, Escott Twp, d/o Charles Johnson BROWN (b. Reach Twp) & Marie Jane MILLMAN; wit Earle Clifford PEARSON, Seagrave & Beatrice Evelyn BROWN, Toronto, 18 Feb 1925, Uxbridge

016164-25 (Ontario Co) John Bennett PETERSON, 21, Farmer, York Co. Uxbridge Twp, s/o Edward PETERSON (b. York Co) & Effie LEMON; married Gladys Viola ASHTON, 23, Goodwood, Uxbridge Twp, d/o William ASHTON (b. Uxbridge) & Eughocta? PHILLIP; wit Amy KENDALL & William ASHTON, both Uxbridge, 9 Apr 1925, Raeville

016172-25 (Ontario Co) Thomas PISTROWSKI, 29, Shoemaker, Poland, Toronto, s/o John PISTROWSKI & Emily STAHARA; married Stella GREZAIK, 17, Poland, Oshawa, d/o Peter GREZAIK & Mary GIBOLA; wit Fred BAGDANOWIZ, Toronto & Mary GREZAIK, Oshawa, 14 Nov 1925, Oshawa

016159-25 (Ontario Co) Aylmer PLOUGHMAN, 21, Farmer, Scugog Twp, Scugog Twp, s/o John PLOUGHMAN (b. Pickering) & Edith CROSIER; married Effie Ann BRUCE, 26, Stenographer, Manvers?, Port Perry, d/o Wallace BRUCE (b. Cartwright Twp) & Mary McKEE; wit Ada L. WATSON, Seagrave & Stanley PLOUGHMAN, Port Perry, 14 Oct 1925, Port Perry

016161-25 (Ontario Co) Lewis Rae POWER, 27, Farmer, Darlington, Darlington, s/o James Herbert POWER & Minnie Marie BANFORD; married Mary Thorp SEWARD, 18 (in August), Sheffield England, Darlington, d/o Arthur SEWARD & Sarah THORP; wit Angus R. TRULL & Constance SEWARD, both Bowmanville, 9 May 1925, Oshawa

016171-25 (Ontario Co) Nicholas POWINCHUK, 35, Labourer, Wid, Bucowina, Oshawa, s/o Dmitriy & Frusina POWINCHUK; married Mary MEGAS, 25, Bucowina, Oshawa, d/o George MEGAS & Peladgea IVANOVA; wit Basil KRYCULAK & Mary KRYCULAK, both New Toronto, 24, May 1925, Oshawa

016160-25 (Ontario Co) Austie Melvin POWLESS, 24, Trimmer, Deseronto, Oshawa, s/o David POWLESS (b. Deseronto) & Louise MARCLE; married Marie Regina Berthe GAUVREAU, 20, Stenographer, Maniwaki Quebec, d/o Lucien GAUVREAU (b. Quebec) & Regina LACROIX; wit Thomas DRISCOLL & Eva BUCKEL, both Oshawa, 20 Jun 1925, Oshawa

016168-25 (Ontario Co) Louis PRENTISS, 45, Sales Manager, Ontario, Baltimore Maryland, s/o William PRENTISS (b. Ontario) & Sarah Ellen STANDISH; married Ethel Jane GLENDENNING, 40, Graduate Nurse, Ontario, Manilla Ontario, d/o Henry GLENDENNING (b. England) & Catherine Shoebb? ST. JOHN; wit Mrs. M. BEATTY & Norman GLENDENNING, both Manilla, 29 Dec 1925, Manilla

016166-25 (Ontario Co) Albert Robert PRITCHARD, 23, Waiter, London England, Oshawa, s/o Edward PRITCHARD (b. London England) & Nellie BAKER; married Rachael ROBERTS, 20, London England, Oshawa, d/o Thomas ROBERTS (b. London England) & Mary Elizabeth [surname unknown]; wit Martha BRYAN & Ann R. WRIGHT, both Whitby, 17 Feb 1925, Whitby (NOTE – Divorced 4/10/49)

016162-25 (Ontario Co) William Isaac PUCKRIN, 20, Farmer, Pickering Twp, Whitby Twp, s/o William PUCKRIN (b. Pickering Twp) & Minnie ORVIS; married Gladys M. FRENCH, 26, Oshawa, Whitby Twp, d/o William H. FRENCH (b. Oshawa) & Hilda LICK; wit Elizabeth COLLICUTT & Cora E. SANDERSON, both Pickering, 22 Apr 1925, Pickering


016177-25 (Ontario Co) Archibald William RANDALL, 26, Tanner, Scotland, Oshawa, s/o Thomas RANDALL (b. Scotland) & Ann SALTER; married Annie Victoria SCOTT, 24, Scotland, Gill Pier - Westray Scotland, d/o James SCOTT (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth ALLEN; wit S.J. BALIE & Mrs. S.J. BALIE, 10 Aug 1925, Oshawa

016174-25 (Ontario Co) James Harry REAL, 32, Farmer, Reach Twp, Reach Twp, s/o John Macabe REAL (b. Greenbank) & Jennie LEASK; married Gladys Ina COULTER, 30, School Teacher, Pickering Twp, Reach Twp, d/o William James COULTER (b. Greenbank) & Permelia A. BURTON; wit W.F. WALKER & Mrs. W.F. WALKER, both Port Perry, 18 Dec 1925, Port Perry

016184-25 (Ontario Co) Harold Marshall REED, 24, Tanner, Toronto, Acton, s/o James Harry REED (b. Eramosa Twp) & Lydia Martha JOHNSTON; married Ethel Isabel WILLETT, 18, Stenographer, Bournemouth England, Acton, d/o Charles WILLETT (b. England) & Maud HENSHAW; wit William L. COURTICE & Annie C. COURTICE, both Pickering, 10 Jan 1925, Pickering

016183-25 (Ontario Co) David Gordon REID, 26, Engineer, Keith Banffshire Scotland, West Oshawa, s/o John Alexander REID (b. Keith Scotland) & Catherine SMITH; married Flossie HOBBS, 23, Trimmer, Oshawa, Oshawa, d/o William James HOBBS (b. East Whitby) & Catherine Louise DREW; wit John PARISH, Oshawa & Mrs. Mary EDGAR, Sundridge, 3 Dec 1925, Whitby

016185-25 (Ontario Co) Ralph Joseph RICHARDS, 32, Salesman, Dayton Ohio, Toronto, s/o James RICHARDS & Anna May TOOHY; married Mary O'REGAN, 26, Oshawa, Oshawa, d/o John O'REGAN & Margaret SHEERING; wit Chris C. MURTY & Mrs.. C.C. MURTY, both Oshawa, 1 Jul 1925, Oshawa

016180-25 (Ontario Co) Roy Maurice RIDDELL, 28, Farmer, Georgina Twp, Georgina Twp, s/o Robert John RIDDELL (b. Scotland) & Phoebe BAKER; married Olive J. PARKER, 23, Adjala Twp, Georgina Twp, d/o Ephraim PARKER (b. Bond Head) & Ruth ROBBINS; wit Mrs. Donald LIGHTFOOT & Mrs. E. G. ROBB, both Beaverton, 24 Feb 1925, Beaverton

016182-25 (Ontario Co) John Leslie RISEBROUGH, 23, Farmer, Scott Twp, Scott Twp, s/o William RISEBROUGH (b. Scott Twp) & Margaret Jane PEGG; married Clara Bertha HOCKLEY, 24, Scott Twp, Scott Twp, d/o Albert Thomas HOCKLEY & Mary Ann GERROW; wit Mildred L. SIMPSON, Port Perry & T. Everett HOCKLEY, Claremont, 25 Nov 1925, Goodwood

016181-25 (Ontario Co) Ernest George RIXON, 23, Farmer, England, Brock Twp, s/o Ernest John RIXON (b. Wiltshire England) & Elizabeth TUCKER; married Ella Lawrene CORNER, 17yr 6mo, Georgina Twp York Co, Georgina Twp, d/o George A. CORNER (b. Pefferlaw) & Emma LAMBERT; wit Vincent E. RIXON, Derryville & Beulah M. CORNER, Pefferlaw, 2 Dec 1925, Wilfred

016173-25 (Ontario Co) Alexander RORISON, 28, Electrician, Glasgow Scotland, Oshawa, s/o Robert RORISON (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth GRAY; married Evelyn Rose RICHARDSON, 24, Sussex England, Uxbridge, d/o Edward RICHARDSON (b. England) & unknown; wit Evelyn BARKER, Uxbridge & George HARDING, Oshawa, 18 Sept 1925, Columbus

016179-25 (Ontario Co) Cecil George ROWDEN, 21, Motor Mechanic, Oshawa, Oshawa, s/o Walter R. ROWDEN (b. Port Hope) & Nellie CLAY; married Rose COOPER, 20, Weaver, England, Oshawa, d/o William COOPER (b. England) & Mary BROWNING; wit J.E. CLANCY & Gertrude CLANCY, both Oshawa, 28 Feb 1925, Oshawa

016178-25 (Ontario Co) James RUDDY, 43, Restaurant Keeper, Port Perry, Port Perry, s/o William John RUDDY (b. Brock Twp) & Mary LENNIE; married Flossie Lequida MEDD, 40, Brock Twp, Brock Twp, d/o William MEDD (b. Ontario) & Jennie CHRISTIE; wit William MEDD, Seagrave & John ROACH, Port Perry, 14 Jun 1925, Seagrave

016175-25 (Ontario Co) Charlie Batson RUSSELL, 24, Herdsman, Pickering Twp, Whitby, s/o David RUSSELL (b. Pickering Twp) & Martha JOHNSTON; married Clara Jane BELL, 23, Audley, Whitby, d/o William J. BELL (b. Audley) & Alvina ORVIS; wit Arthur RUSSELL, Harkbane & Susie BELL, Brooklin, 22 Sept 1925, Pickering Twp

016176-25 (Ontario Co) Mitchell Charles RUTHERFORD, 27, Telegraph Operator, Newcastle, Coniston, s/o David RUTHERFORD (b. Ontario) & Ann Elizabeth HALLOWELL; married Rowena Elizabeth NUTTING, 27, Teacher, Uxbridge, Caniston, d/o Marshall Lafayette NUTTING (b. Ontario) & Sara Priscilla JONES; wit F.S. HENRY, Peterborough & G.L. LAPP, Toronto, 18 Aug 1925, Uxbridge

016189-25 (Ontario Co) John Redverse SAWDON, 25, Teamster, Whitby, Whitby, s/o James SAWDON (b. Yorkshire England) & Alice READ; married Elsie Mae MYCROFT, 26, domestic, Sheffield England, Whitby, d/o Thomas James MYCROFT (b. England) & Don't Know; wit W.J. SAWDON & Mrs. Tillie SAWDON, both Whitby, 11 Nov 1925, Whitby

01697-25 (Ontario Co) James Wilfred SAYLOR, 26, Accountant, Trenton, Oshawa, s/o George W. SAYLOR (b. Sydney Twp Hastings Co) & Laura Ethel LOTT; married Jennie May REDDEN, 22, Nurse, Ernestown, Oshawa, d/o Cora Herbert REDDEN (b. Ontario) & Nellie Louisa DAVEY; wit Laura Grace FRASER, RR3 Kingston & G.F. SLADE, Lakeshore - Centre Island in Toronto, 8 Jul 1925, Oshawa

016217-25 (Ontario Co) John Francis SCOLLARD, 29, Farmer, Ennismore, Ennismore, s/o William J. SCOLLARD & Ann STOCKDALE; married Ellen McBRADY, 29, Pickering, Oshawa, s/o James McBRADY & Ellen GARLAND: wit P.J. SCOLLARD, Ennismore & Mary McBRADY, Oshawa, 26 Aug 1925, Oshawa

016186-25 (Ontario Co) Frederick Thomas SHARLAND, 24, Shipper, London England, Oshawa, s/o George SHARLAND (b. England) & Miss DAWSON; married Emma LOVERIDGE, 18, Lancashire England, Oshawa, d/o Albert Henry LOVERIDGE (b. England) & Mary Elizabeth WATSON; wit Fred BENNETT & Mary HARNETT, both Oshawa, 3 Oct 1925, Oshawa

016212-25 (Ontario Co) Oscar Vivian SHAW, 23, Salesman, Midland, Oshawa, s/o Obediah SHAW (b. England) & Helena May BENNETT; married Leonore Bernice HARRISON, 18, Saleslady, Brooklin, Oshawa, d/o Frank HARRISON (b. Ontario) & Mabel KNIGHT; wit H.C. BABCOCK & Elva M. SHARPE, both Oshawa, 19 Feb 1925, Oshawa

016203-25 (Ontario Co) Phillip Rufes SHIER, 25, Farmer, Carnduff Sask, Thorah Twp, s/o Philip SHIER (b. Canada) & Mary SMITH; married Bertha DIXON, 21, Gamebridge Thorah, Thorah Twp, d/o Frederick DIXON (b. Canada) & Fanny BROWN; wit Mrs. T. DIXON & Mrs. F. DIXON, both Gamebridge, 21 May 1925, Gamebridge

016195-25 (Ontario Co) George Frederick SHREVE, 39, Accountant, Kent Co, Oshawa, s/o Abraham S. SHREVE (b. Kent Co) & Louise Paxton GLOVER; married Hazel Irene HARPER, 26, Clerk, Columbus, Oshawa, d/o John HARPER (b. Columbus) & Nettie Clarke McCLEARY; wit Mrs. Kathleen Beatrice SCOTT & Charles SCOTT, both Toronto, 5 Sept 1925, Oshawa

016204-25 (Ontario Co) Albert Wesley SHUNK, 41, Farmer, Scugog Island, Prince Albert, s/o James SHUNK (b. Canada) & Charlotte BAND; married Agnes Eddie BOYNTON, 46, Prince Albert, Prince Albert, d/o Robert BOYNTON (b. England) & Margaret RUMNEY; wit William DYKES & L.W. IRWIN, both Whitby, 28 Mar 1925, Whitby

016205-25 (Ontario Co) Edward SIMCOE, 31. Labourer, Rama Twp, Rama Twp, s/o John HENDRON (b. Canada) & Nancy SIMCOE; married Florence BENSON, 26, Rama Twp, Rama Twp, d/o Fred W. BENSON (b. Rama Reserve) & Phoebe SNACHE; wit Edward JOE, Langford & Ida JOHNSTON, Rama Road, 27 Apr 1925, Rama

016211-25 (Ontario Co) William SINGLETON, 26, Attendant, Belfast Ireland, Whitby Hospital, s/o John SINGLETON (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth CLARKE; married Audrey WARD, 18, Hastings England, Whitby Hospital, d/o William George WARD (b. England) & Alice LOVE; wit Greta ELLIS & Marion MACKIE, both Oshawa, 6 Mar 1925, Oshawa

016207-25 (Ontario Co) Herbert Clarence SKINNER, 23, Barber, Brock Twp, Cannington, s/o John J. SKINNER & Mary E. LODWICK; married Mae Lilla GRAHAM, 20, Cannington, Cannington, d/o Thomas S. GRAHAM & Mary McDONALD; wit Thomas S. GRAHAM & Tina HODGSON, both Cannington, 16 Apr 1925, Cannington

016193-25 (Ontario Co) George Henry SLATE, 27, Farmer, Cartwright Twp, Reach Twp, s/o William SLATE (b. Durham Co) & Mary Jane DEMILLE; married Ethel Irene FIELDING, 21, Reach Twp, Reach Twp, d/o Henry FIELDING (b. Durham Co) & Maria CAPIAN (Espian?); wit Evelyn SLATE & Albert SLATE, both Raglan, 2 Nov 1925, Myrtle

016188-25 (Ontario Co) Earl Francis SMITH, 21, Brighton, Oshawa, s/o Hugh Ernest SMITH (b. Brighton) & Aggie CORNWALL; married Marjorie Bernice ROBINSON, 21, Telephone Operator, Oshawa, Oshawa, d/o William ROBINSON (b. East Whitby) & Margaret ROWDEN; wit E.R. SMITH & M. STANDBYE, both Oshawa, 7 Nov 1925, Oshawa

016202-25 (Ontario Co) Albert Victor SMITH, 33, Motor Mechanic, England, Oshawa, s/o James SMITH (b. England) & Jane BAYLESS: married Gladys Florence GAY, 19, Spinner, England, Oshawa, d/o Henry John GAY (b. England) & Grace Louise EVERETT; wit H.J. GAY & G.L. GAY, both Oshawa, 12 Jun 1925, Oshawa

016206-25 (Ontario Co) Marcus Everett SMITH, 29, Manufacturer, Port Hope, Oshawa, s/o Marcus F. SMITH (b. Port Hope) & Caroline E. HAWKINS; married Margaret Alexander LUKE, 23, Nurse, Montreal Quebec, Oshawa, d/o J. Herbert R. LUKE (b. Oshawa) & Emma LONG; witn Walter Ruby EMSLEY & Dorothy Marion TAIT, both Oshawa, 15 Apr 1925, Oshawa

016199-25 (Ontario Co) Frank SMITH, 30, Labourer, Belmont Twp Peterboro Co, Trenton, s/o Joseph Bright SMITH (b. England) & Alice Rebecca COOPER; married Daisy May BAKER, 20, Newton, Newton, d/o Alexander BAKER (b. Marmora Ontario) & Elizabeth ALLISON; wit Henry M. FALKENBURG & Mrs. Harry M. FALKENBURG, both Oshawa, 17 Dec 1925, Oshawa

016192-25 (Ontario Co) George William SMOKER, 24, Labourer, London England, Oshawa, s/o George SMOKER (b. London England) & Harriet EVANS; married Catherine Etheldride LODGE, 22, Nurse, London England, Oshawa, d/o Alfred H. LODGE & Mabel E. WARDEN?; witn Mrs. Eliza VAMPLEW & C.S. LEE, both Oshawa, 28 Nov 1925, Oshawa

016194-25 (Ontario Co) Arthur James SNARE, 29, Barber, England, Oshawa, s/o Arthur James SNARE (b. England) & Bessie CURNEL; married Emma Adera Mae JORDAN, 20, Telegraph Operator, Toronto, Belleville, d/o William John JORDAN (b. Ontario) & Emma Taleka KNIGHT; wit Annie W. DEMILLE & John DEMILLE, both Oshawa, 25 Sept 1925, Oshawa

016201-25 (Ontario Co) John Philip SNODDON, 23, Farmer, Georgina Twp, Brock Twp, s/o William J. SNODDON (b. Georgina Twp) & Eliza A. SNOOKS; married Anna Lilian Marion OLIVER, 24, Dressmaker, Brock Twp, Sunderland Village, d/o D.J. OLIVER (b. Ontario) & Tina BASHELL; wit Verna J. OLIVER, Sunderland & Lorne T. SNODDON, Blackwater, 1 Jul 1925, Sunderland

016210-25 (Ontario Co) Albert SNOWDEN, 22, Core maker, London England, Oshawa, s/o Thomas SNOWDEN (b. England) & Isabel Mabel BARKESS; married Madeline Louise OTTERSBY, 23, Core maker, England, Oshawa, d/o Ernest Martin OTTERSBY (b. England) & Emily Madeline ADGER?; wit C.S. CLARK & H. OTTERSBY, both Oshawa, 7 Mar 1925, Oshawa

016215-25 (Ontario Co) Peter SOBOL, 34, Moulder, Galicia, Oshawa, s/o Josef SOBOL (b. Galicia) & Marcella KAPNICKA; married Sarofina TARECKA, 30, Domestic, Galicia, Oshawa, d/o Basil TARECKA (b. Galicia) & Victa KACHAK; wit Harasyon ZURKEVICH & Basil KUZ, both Oshawa, 24 Jan 1925, Oshawa

016187-25 (Ontario Co) Clifford Van Emery SOMERS, 26, Insurance Agent, Toronto, Toronto, s/o James William SOMERS (b. Ontario) & Margaret CARAT; married Stella Almeda RICHARDS, 23, Clerk, Ontario, Toronto, d/o William James RICHARDS (b. Ontario) & Delia HUMPHRIES; wit S.H. GARDINER, Pickering & E.B. MANSON, Toronto, 18 Jul 1925, Pickering

016196-25 (Ontario Co) Frederick Garfield SPRY, 31, Clerk, London, Oshawa, s/o James L. SPRY (b. Bowmanville) & Bessie STEINMAN; married Dorothy Drew McMURTRY, 26, Bowmanville, Oshawa, d/o Thomas Herbert McMURTRY (b. Bowmanville) & Stella Eugene McKEOWN; wit Frank H. SPRY, Amherstburg & Helen McMURTRY, Oshawa, 19 Sept 1925, Oshawa

016191-25 (Ontario Co) Roy Bertram STEPHENS, 23, Mechanic, Picton, Oshawa, s/o John Gurney STEPHENS & Lillian DENIKE; married Lillian Euphemia PATTON, 21, Stenographer, Somerville Twp, Cannington, d/o Albert E. PATTON & Elizabeth E. GRIFFIN, witn J.N. McDOUGALL, Oshawa & Edith P. GRIFFIN, Cannington, 31 Dec 1925, Cannington

016208-25 (Ontario Co) Cephus STEPHENSON, 24, Farmer, Collingwood, Pickering Twp, s/o James L. STEPHENSON (b. Collingwood) & Edith H. HAIGHT; married Winnifred BRADS, 22, Machinist, Guelph, Myrtle, d/o William BRADS (b. Freeport) & Magdelen FOOD (Ford?); wit Joseph J. STEPHENSON & Edith H. STEPHENSON, both Pickering , 18 Mar 1925, Whitby

016213-25 (Ontario Co) Harry Ambrose STEPHENSON, 23, Machinist, Lindsay, Oshawa, s/o Edward STEPHENSON (b. Victoria Road Ontario) & Sarah MAHAFFEY; married Gladys Viola HENDERSON, 20, Stenographer, Brinston, Whitby, d/o Sherman George HENDERSON (b. Bentnor Ont) & Nettie L. PAYNE; wit Hugh M. ALLIN, Oshawa & Lyla MAYNE, Whitby, 22 Feb 1925, Whitby

016190-25 (Ontario Co) Aden STEVENS, 49, Gentleman, Wid, Ontario, North Norwich Oxford Co, s/o W.H. STEVENS & Rachel DENNIS; married Laura Edith MULLETT, 45, Ontario, Pickering, d/o Alfred N. MULLETT & Sarah R. BROWN; wit G.D. BLY & M.A. BLY, both Toronto, 28 Nov 1925, Pickering (see ** at bottom of page)

016200-25 (Ontario Co) Ronald John Forrest STIVER, 26, Farmer, Scott Twp, Leaskdale, s/o Edwin STIVER (b. Scott Twp) & Letitia Ann TATE; married Mary Hester OXTOBY, 21, Farmer, Leaskdale, Leaskdale, d/o Richard OXTOBY (b. Reach Twp) & Jane MADILL; wit Russell STIVER, Uxbridge & Douglas MADILL, Leaskdale, 11 Mar 1925, Leaskdale

016198-25 (Ontario Co) Roy Alexander SUTCLIFFE, 29, Barber, Reach Twp, Oshawa, s/o Jerome SUTCLIFFE (b. Utica) & Caroline BASSETT; married Eva Inez JAMES, 18, Reach Twp, Oshawa, d/o Leslie JAMES (b. Mariposa) & Elizabeth McKEE: wit William ARMSTRONG & Mildred E. DENNY, both Epsom, 4 Dec 1925, Epsom

016216-25 (Ontario Co) Hugh Jocelyn SWAN, 28, Labourer, England, Oshawa, s/o John SWAN & Ellen TYLER; married Mary Magdaline SPRATT, 44, Enterprise Ontario, Oshawa, d/o Matthew SPRATT & Ann KENNY; wit Dennis SPRATT & Lauretta SPRATT, both Oshawa, 30 Jun 1925, Oshawa

016200-25 (Ontario Co) Elmer Ward SWEETMAN, 26, Farmer, Scugog Island, Scugog Twp, s/o Wellington SWEETMAN (b. Scugog Island) & Bertha HENRY; married Ruby Inez MILNER, 20, Scugog Island, Scugog Twp, d/o John MILNER (b. Verulam Ontario) & Lottie CROOKS; wit Mrs. Alice HIGGS & Rita Kathleen MILNER, both Port Perry, 25 Jul 1925, Port Perry

016214-25 (Ontario Co) John Luzerne SWEETMAN, 23, Farmer, Ontario, Scugog Island, s/o George E. SWEETMAN (b. Ontario) & Sina Jane SAVAGE; married Mabel Edna JACKSON, 20, Ontario, Scugog Island, d/o Robert JACKSON (b. Ontario) & Zylpha WELLS; wit Allan SWEETMAN & Aileen JACKSON, both Scugog Island, 10 Feb 1925, Ontario Co.


016222-25 (Ontario Co) Maurice Andrew TAITE, 23, Farmer, Huntsville, Queensville, s/o Andrew TAIT (sic) (b. Scott Twp) & Beatrice THOMPSON; married Mary Evelyn CARNEGIE, 26, School Teacher, Greenbank, Greenbank, d/o James CARNEGIE (b. Scotland) & Eva Jane LOVE; wit Herbert TAITE, Queensville & Viola CARNEGIE, Uxbridge, 1 Sept 1925, Greenbank

016223-25 (Ontario Co) Thomas Clayton TAYLOR, 31, Farmer, Verulam Twp, Verulam Twp, s/o Thomas B. TAYLOR (b. Verulam Twp) & Martha LEWIS; married Gladys Elsie MITCHELL, 23, School teacher, Toronto, Reach Twp, d/o Herbert MITCHELL (b. Mariposa Twp) & Alice BLIGHT; wit Lewis E. TAYLOR & Gertrude MITCHELL, both Bobcaygeon, 9 Sept 1925, Seagrove

016219-25 (Ontario Co) William Thomas TEEBLE, 29, Mechanic, Clarke Twp, Orono, s/o Jonathan P. TEBBLE (sic) (b. Clark Twp) & Martha HAY; married Margaret Ann HAMILTON, 19, Cartwright Twp, Manvers Twp, d/o William HAMILTON (b. Cartwright Twp) & Mary BROWN; wit J.L.E. HISCOCK & Ada MAXWELL, both Oshawa, 3 Dec 1925, Oshawa

016220-25 (Ontario Co) Albert Edward TENNANT, 44, Bricklayer, Wid, Cartwright Twp, Oshawa, s/o David TENNANT (b. Darlington Twp) & Jane FOWLER; married Mabel Alberta NEDON, 37, Wid, Ontario Co, Oshawa, d/o William GLIDE (b. Reach Twp) & Mary Ann TRUAX; wit Donald DE MILLE & Annie W. DE MILLE, both no place given, 7 Dec 1925, Oshawa

16226-25 Alfred Learoyd TENNYSON, 26, electrical engineer, Ontario, 269 Wellesley St. in Toronto, s/o Whitfield TENNYSON, b. Ont & Maud HORTOP, married Florence Muriel GROVE, 21, Toronto, 20 Colborne St. in Oshawa, d/o William Richard GROVE, b. Ont & Margaret MAXWELL, witn: Alymer H. TENNYSON of 269 Wellesley St. & Janice GROVE of Kingston Rd., both Toronto, 3 June 1925 at Oshawa

016221-25 (Ontario Co) George Reuben TESKEY, 31, Steel Worker, Medonte Twp, Orillia, s/o Benjamin TESKEY (b. Ireland) & Margaret HORNE; married Lula Vivian NICHOLSON, 25, Nurse, Mara Twp, Mara Twp, d/o Joseph NICHOLSON (b. Ontario) & Catherine YOUNG; wit Carrie TESKEY & William J. TESKEY, both Orillia, 10 Oct 1925, Uptergrove

16227-25 Arthur THOMPSON, 23, farmer, England, Reach twp., s/o John THOMSON, b. England & Alice MOORE, married Sadie Irene WILSON, 20, Reach twp., same, d/o James WILSON, b. Reach twp & Margaret GLOVER, witn: Susie L. RAMER & Grace G. SWAYNE, both of Prince Albert, 20 May 1925 at Prince Albert

016218-25 (Ontario Co) Walter Frederick THOMSON, 25, Merchant, Markham Twp, Windsor, s/o William THOMSON (b. Canada) & Sophy SMARDONS; married Mary Mildred KAYES, 24, Pickering Twp, Pickering Twp, d/o James KAYES (b. Canada) & Annie HAMBROOK; wit Roy SEVENPIPER, Toronto & Edward M. KAYES, Pickering, 18 Nov 1925, Pickering

16228-25 James THOMSON, 23, salesman, Scotland, 54 Ritson Rd in Oshawa, s/o Alexander THOMSON, b. Scotland & Elizabeth YEOMAN, married Jessie Bernice BUCKLER, 22, stenographer, East Whitby, 207 Dearborn Ave in Oshawa, d/o Silas Henry BUCKLER, b. Ont & Jessie ROSS, witn: W. THOMSON of 506 Bathurst St. in Toronto & E.M. THOMSON of 54 Ritson Rd
16229-25 Henry TOCHER, 64, widower, financial agent, Brock twp., Sunderland, s/o James TOCHER, b. Scotland & Elizabeth GLENDENNING, married Annie Marion THOMPSON, 52, widow, Brock twp., Sunderland, d/o William CUMMING, b. Scotland & Margaret McCALLUM, witn: John TOCHER of Sunderland & Frank SHIER of Toronto, 11 April 1925 at Sunderland

016225-25 (Ontario Co) William TONKIN, 26, Motor Mechanic, Bristol England, Oshawa, s/o Walter TONKIN (b. England) & Alice BOAZ; married Florence Marion ESSERY, 22, Stenographer, Oshawa, Detroit Mich, d/o William ESSERY & Ethel Jane PEAREL?; wit John DE MILLE & Ruth COOK, both Oshawa, 10 Jul 1925, Oshawa

016224-25 (Ontario Co) Albert Ernest TURPIN, 21, Signalman, St. Mary England, Oshawa, s/o Sydney TURPIN (b. England) & Elizabeth LEE; married Isabelle FERGUSON, 18, Brockville, Oshawa, d/o William FERGUSON (b. England) & Ethel STEELS; wit Fred KIRKPATRICK, Oshawa & Elizabeth TURPIN, Colborne, 14 Sept 1925, Oshawa

16230-25 Alfred Warren TYSON, 23, shipping clerk, New York NY, 343 Arthur St. in Oshawa, s/o Godfrey Charles TYSON, b. New York NY & blank, married Mabel Jane SMITH, 20, Oshawa, 342 Mary St. in Oshawa, d/o Abram SMITH, b. Oshawa & Jennie LEAMING, witn: Mr. & Mrs. K. RODDICK of 73 Harold St. in Oshawa, 27 Feb 1925 at parsonage, Oshawa
16231-25 Clarence Hamilton UMPHREY, 23, farmer, Brock twp., same, s/o Ernest UMPHREY, b. Brock twp & Mary DAVISON, married Myrtle Marjorie REID, 23, Brock twp., same, d/o James REID, b. Brock twp & Alberta KAY, witn: Elma McMULLEN & George REID, both of RR2 Sunderland, 17 June 1925 at Vallentyne 16232-25 James Lawrence URQUHART, 28, physician, Scott twp., Cambray, s/o David D. URQUHART, b. Scott twp & Emma SMOCKUM, married Elva Isabella HADDEN, 23, teacher, Brock twp., same, d/o James HADDEN, b. Brock twp & Asenath SOULEY, witn: A.E. WILSON of 215 Robert St. in Toronto & Velma LAKING of 121 Alberta Ave., 23 Nov 1925 at res of James Hadden, Brock twp
16233-25 Edgar Charles VANDEWALKER, 20, musician, Kingston, 199 Nassau St. in Oshawa, s/o Charles J. VANDEWALKER, b. Holland & Iola Winnifred BYSON?, married Ellen Sarah BELL, 22, moulding works, Woolwich England, 199 Nassau Ave in Oshawa, d/o John Thomas BELL, b. England & Grace Ann DAVIES, witn: E. VANDEWALKER & J. BELL, both of Oshawa, 10 Nov 1925 at Oshawa 16234-25 Earl Fee VANSTONE, 29, widower, salesman, Ops twp., Lindsay, s/o Joseph H. VANSTONE, b. Ops twp & Caroline FEE, married Vera Iola LODWICK, 23, dress maker, Georgina twp., Cannington, d/o Adam LODWICK, b. York Co, & Margaret R. St.JOHN, witn: Earnest R. FEE? & Annie LODWICK, both of Beaverton, 5 Sept 1925 at Pickering
16244-25 John WALLACE, 23, motor mechanic, Victoria Co., 109 Simcoe St. in Oshawa, s/o Robert WALLACE, b. Hastings Co & Georgina HORE, married Elsie May HARRIS, 22, teacher, Bobcaygeon, same, d/o Hollis HARRIS, b. Ont. & May Matilda VAN VALKINBURG, witn: James Theodore PRIEST Jr. & Jean PRIEST, both of Whitby, 22 Aug 1925 at Whitby 16243-25 Cecil William WALLACE, 25, farmer, Uxbridge twp., same, s/o George WALLACE, b. Uxbridge twp & Elizabeth LA FRAUGH, married Bertha STEWART, 21, Uxbridge twp., same, d/o Albert STEWART, b. Uxbridge twp & Elizabeth LITTLE, win: Minnie STEWART of Goodwood & Arnold WALLACE of Stouffville, 14 Jan 1925 at Goodwood
16241-25 Frederick Sidney WARREN, 44, cabinet maker, Bristol England, 98 Alice St. in Oshawa, s/o Samuel William WARREN, b. England & Sarah DIDCOTT, married Madgeline KERR, 25, domestic, Glasgow Scotland, 6 Bond West in Oshawa, d/o John KERR & Anne McGLADE, witn: John & Elizabeth POWER of Oshawa, 4 July 1925 at Oshawa  
16246-25 Milton WEIR, 23, painter, Sharbot Lake, 307 Eulalie Ave in Oshawa, s/o William John WEIR, b. Ireland & Elizabeth Sutton? WARREN, married Annie May BRYANT, 18, domestic, Wooler Ont., 62 Elgin East in Oshawa, d/o Fred BRYANT, b. Wooler & Ethel SMITH, witn: Annie E. DE MILLE of 139 King St & E. CARSON of 94 Centre St., both Oshawa, 21 May 1925 at Oshawa 16245-25 Herbert James WEIR, 30, motor mechanic, Agincourt Ont., 110 William St. in Oshawa, s/o Thomas WEIR, b. Browns Corners Ont & Emily Isabella THOMPSON, married Mary Elizabeth HELE, 30, clerk, Toronto, 93 Mechanic St. in Oshawa, d/o John Sweet HELE, b. England & Mary Elizabeth TOWERS, witn: Violet & John HELE of Oshawa, 12 Sept 1925 at Oshawa
16240-25 George Archibald WELLS, 25, draftsman, Montreal, Detroit, s/o J.B. WELLS, b. Clarks Beach Nfld., & Edith MEADE, married Eldorado NEWELL, 25, Toronto, Detroit, d/o R.J. NEWELL, b. Cranington? Ont & Ida R. COWLING, witn: W.J. WELLS of 285 Sorensen Ave in Toronto & Gladys A. NEWELL of Sunderland, 16 Sept 1925 at Vroomanton 16238-25 Wilfrid Lorne Ethelbert WEST, 22, farmer, Brock twp., same, s/o Charles R. WEST, b. Georgina twp & Mary Ann HUNTER, married Jessie LANCE, 20, Watt twp., Georgina twp., d/o Richard LANCE, b. Muskoka & Rebecca EATON, witn: W. John & Mrs. W.J. WEST of Woodville, 2 Nov 1925 at Cannington
16235-25 William Archie WHITE, 23, polisher, Eldorado - Hastings Co., 39 Simcoe St. in Oshawa, s/o George WHITE, b. Ont & Christena FRANKS, married Laura BENNETT, 22, Eldorado Ont., 28 Aberdeen St. in Oshawa, d/o John BENNETT, b. Ont & Annie Elizabeth BRONSON, witn: Madge J. BENNETT of 28 Aberdeen St. & Herbert S. WHITE of 7 Maple St. in Oshawa, 6 June 1925 at Oshawa 16237-25 Robert WIGGINS, 60, widower, laborer, England, Albert St. in Oshawa, s/o James WIGGINS, b. England & Alice BURNIP?, married Maude Alice WESLEY, 50, widow, Sheldon Vermont, 196 Celina St. in Oshawa, d/o Rodney HUNTER, b. USA & Emma WRY?, witn: Harry & Sarah A. LYNCH of 217 Albert St., 6 Nov 1925 at Oshawa
16247-25 David WILSON, 42, teamster, Whitby, same, s/o Thomas WILSON, b. Ireland & Mary Jane COWAN, married Frances Melville MARSHALL, 32, Newcastle on Tyne England, Whitby, d/o John MARSHALL, b. Ireland & Frances MELVILLE, witn: Kathleen FORESTER & Ross HALLETT, both of Oshawa, 2 June 1925 at Whitby 16242-25 Norman WILSON, 31, farmer, Dalton twp., Carden twp., s/o Thomas WILSON, b. Canada & Mary TAYLOR, married May Elizabeth STRATH, 22, Mara twp., same, d/o John STRATH, b. Canada & Mary Ann BEATTY, witn: Willmot WILSON of RR1 Sebright & Velma A. COX of Orillia, 21 Dec 1925 at Uptergrove
16248-25 James Oscar WILSON, 39, thresher, Myrtle, Brougham, s/o Hugh WILSON, b. Scotland & Hannah SARLES, married Sarah Jane HUTCHINGS, 32, Pickering twp., same, d/o William HUTCHINGS, b. England & Fannie MORGAN, witn: Florence Edna McKAY & Marion RATCLIFFE, both of Whitevale, 19 Jan 1925 at Whitevale  
16239-25 Frederick James WOODWARD, 26, blacksmith, Bedlirood? Wales? England, Ravenshoe, s/o Fred J. WOODWARD, b. Tintern Wales England, & Elizabeth Goldworthy WOODWARD, married Elizabeth Emma APPLETON, 20, domestic, London England, Pickering twp., d/o George APPLETON, b. Kent England & Mary Young APPLETON, witn: Earnest A. WOODWARD of Ravenshoe & Ellen Mary APPLETON of Locust Hill, 30 Sept 1925 at Pickering twp 16236-25 George Edward WOTTON, 23, pattern maker, England, 289 Celina St. in Oshawa, s/o Samuel WOTTON, b. England & Olive WOOD, married Minnie Doris CRIDGE, 19, London England, 127 Barrie Ave in Oshawa, d/o Thomas CRIDGE, b. England & Susan NIGHTINGALE, witn: William LAVERTY & Nellie E. CRIDGE, both of Oshawa, 12 Nov 1925 at Oshawa
16250-25 Leslie Melville WRIGHT, 30, farmer, Manvers twp., same, s/o Alfred WRIGHT, b. Clarke twp & Eliza McLEAN, married Cora Willins Nora DAY, 22, Fenelon twp., Mariposa twp., d/o John DAY, b. Fenelon twp & Catherine BURLEY, witn: Jean DAY of Valentia & John COOPER of Sonya, 4 Nov 1925 at Cannington 16249-25 Clarence Albert WRIGHT, 24, carpenter, Utica Ont., Gibbons St. in East Whitby, s/o William WRIGHT, b. Bethesda Ont., & Alice Robena STEPHENS, married Lillian Beryl HEATH, 22, machine operator, Napanee, Gibbons St. in East Whitby, d/o Charles HEATH & Lydia DENNIS, witn: Annie E. & John DE MILLE of 139 King St. in Oshawa, 4 Feb 1925 at Oshawa
16251-25 Oliver YAKE, 29, farmer, York Co., Uxbridge twp., s/o Leonard YAKE, b. York Co & Mary Ann COLLINGWOOD, married Mary Ann HOCKLEY, 20, Ontario Co., Uxbridge twp., d/o William Daniel HOCKLEY, b. Ontario Co & Mary Ann JACKSON, witn: Albert S. HOCKLEY & Nettie YAKE, both of Uxbridge twp., 25 Feb 1925 at Uxbridge 16253-25 Fred YAKIMCHUK, 31, moulder, Russia, 64 Oshawa St. in Oshawa, s/o Andrew YAKIMCHUK, b. Russia, & Elena, married Julia LEBIT, 30, Austria, 64 Oshawa St., d/o Ignatius LEBIT, b. Austria & Frances, witn: Jacob & Anna YAKIMOVICH of 226 4th Ave in Oshawa, 8 Nov 1925 at Oshawa
16254-25 Harry Alfred YOUNG, 27, mechanic, Chepstow Ont., 40 Division St. in Oshawa, s/o Henry YOUNG, b. Scotland & Margaret HALL, married Dorothea Marguerite HERRING, 22, clerk, Oshawa, 19 Brock East in Oshawa, d/o John HERRING, b. East Whitby & Mary Jane DUNNE?, witn: Alberta HUGH of Port Hope & J. BATEMAN of Whitby, 7 Oct. 1925 at Oshawa 16252-25 Frank YOUNG, 28, bumper, England, 254 Bank (Burk?) St. in Oshawa, s/o David Lewis YOUNG, b. England & Emma SAUNDERS, married Catherine Pope MILLER, 23 (b. 31 May 1902), mill worker, Bon Vista Place - Spital Aberdeen Scotland, 181 Blackthorn Ave in Toronto, d/o George Wesley MILLER, b. Scotland & Helen CHEYNE (married 24 April 1896 at Woodside), witn: Walter Herbert JACKSON & Rose Annie YOUNG, both of Oshawa, 26 Dec 1925 at Oshawa
16255-25 William Ezra YOURTH, 34, foreman, Ontario, 278 French St. in Oshawa, s/o Fred YOURTH, b. Ont & Bertha SMITH, married Margaret Jeannette WALKER, 37 (b. 28 April 1888), widow, Barrie Ontario, 31 Melbourne Ave in Toronto, d/o Thomas NESS, b. Ont & Margaret SEATON, witn: Mrs. H.S. & Miss Dorothea DOUGALL of Oshawa, 12 Oct. 1925 at Oshawa  


** re 16190-25 Stevens - Mullett: with attached form: "In the matter of an application for a licenses under the Marriage Act for the submission of the marriage of Aden STEVENS. To Wit he and Laura Edith MULLETT. I, Samuel HAIGHT of the Village of Norwich in the County of Oxford in the Province of Ontario, Gentleman, Affirm, oath and say: 1. That I the uncle of Laura Edith MULLETT of the Village of Pickering in the County of Ontario one of the said parties to the intended marriage. 2. That I have personal knowledge of the fact as to the age, date and place of birth of the said Laura Edith MULLETT. 3. That the said Laura Edith MULLETT was born on the 15th day of July A.D. 1880 in the Township of Huntington in the County of Hastings in the Province of Ontario. Signed Samuel K. HAIGHT. Affirmed before me at the Village of Norwich in the County of Oxford in the Province of Ontario this 10th day of November 1925 signed M.L. BUSHEL, Notary Public"