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Ontario Co., 1891

birth place is given before residence


008720-91 Andrew Ellsworth ANNIS, 23, farmer, East Whitby, same s/o Andrew and Clarrissa ANNIS married Eunice Jane DICKIE, 26, Oshawa, same d/o Robert and Janet DICKIE witn: Alfred H. ANNIS of East Whitby and Helena R. HALL of Oshawa, May 7, 1891, Oshawa 008735-91 (Ontario Co) Samuel D. ARMOUR, 31, iron moulder, Ops Twp, Oshawa, s/o Robt ARMOUR & Matilda CURTIS, married Margaret Isobella BLAINEY, 24, Co Tyrone Ireland, Oshawa, d/o John BLAINEY & Ann CUNNINGHAM, witn: J.E. & Annie E. ARMOUR, both of Oshawa, 25 Nov 1891 at Oshawa
9796-91 James ASHTON, 25, farmer, Reach, same, s/o John ASHTON & Mary, married Annie Lawre SELLERS, 21, Reach, same, d/o William SELLERS & Mary Ann, witn: William J. ASHTON of Epsom & Leomia M. STEPHEN, 23 Dec 1891 at Epsom #008760-91 (Ontario Co.) Ralph W. ASLING, 19, Greenbank Reach twp, Uxbridge, piano finisher, s/o Walter & Amanda ASLING, married Frances Jane HARRISON, 20, Balaston Ireland, Uxbridge, d/o John & Annie HARRISON, witn: G. HARRISON, L. RICHARDS, both Uxbridge, 18 July 1891, Town of Uxbridge
008805-91 Thomas AVERY, 27, blacksmith, Mariposa, Toronto s/o John AVERY and Elizabeth THENKAM?, married Harriet LYON, 30, Thorah, Toronto d/o William LYON and Mary Ann PLUMTREE witn: John WINDATT of Thorah, April 22, 1891, Thorah #008765-91 (Ontario Co.) David BAIRD, 28, Sandfield Reach Twp, Uxbridge, dental surgery, s/o Robert & May BAIRD, married Annie THOMPSON, 23, Uxbridge, same, d/o Alexander THOMPSON & Catherine SHARP, witn: Fred BRANDON of Cannington, Mary SCOTT of Uxbridge, 2 September 1891, Uxbridge
008791-91 James BAIRD, 38, widower, farmer, Reach Twp, same s/o Robert BAIRD and Mary McCULLY married Bethua WALLACE, 30, Reach Twp, same d/o George WALLACE and Margret GORDON witn: James WALLACE and Mary Ida MATHEWS both of Reach, February 11, 1891, at residence of George Wallace Jr. Reach Twp 008789-91 Robert BAIRD, 33, farmer, Reach Twp, same s/o Robert BAIRD and Mary McCULLY married Mary Jane GREGG, 26, Reach Twp, same d/o David GREGG and Elizabeth WAGGONER witn: David BAIRD of Uxbridge and Nellie GREGG of Reach Twp, January 22, 1891, at residence of bride's father, Reach Twp
008714-91 Edward BAKER, 21, accountant, Galt, Oshawa s/o Abner and Jane BAKER married Alberta Gertrude CONANT, 20, Oshawa, East Whitby d/o Thomas and Margaret CONANT witn: Herbert LAKE of Oshawa and Edith I. CONANT of E. Whitby, February 18, 1891, East Whitby 8847-91 S.J. BANBRIDGE, 29, blacksmith, Ontario, Wick, s/o Francis BANBRIDGE & Emily, married Lilie RUNDLE, 19, Ontario, Layton, d/o Philip RUNDLE & Janet , witn: Philip A. RUNDLE of Layton & Annie BANBRIDGE of B--ville?, 1 Jan 1891 at Layton
8858-91 Deforest BANKS, 28, street railway conductor, Pickering twp., Toronto, s/o Bolton BANKS & Sarah MOODIE, married Annie HORNE, 28, Reach twp., Pickering, d/o Joshua HORNE & Isabella McINTOSH, witn: F.A. McRAE & Mrs. CLARK, 21 Jan 1891 at Pickering 008718-91 Robert James BARTLEY, 28, labourer, Cartwright, Cannington s/o William and Eliza J. BARTLEY married Hannah Jane TORDIFF, 30, Darlington, same d/o Leonard and Louisa TORDIFF witn: Fred McDEARMID and Edith CONANT both of Oshawa, February 25, 1891, Oshawa (also 8715-91)
008729-91 (Ontario Co) William James BEER, 21, farmer, East Whitby, same, s/o John & Hannah BEER, married Alice REED, 20, East Whitby, same, d/o Charles & Miriam REED, witn: F. A. MCDIARMID, Oshawa & Jennie HILL, Bond Head, 1 Oct 1891 at Oshawa 8841-91 William John BELCH, 24, laborer, Fenelon Falls, same, s/o Samuel BELCH & Susannah?, married Henrietta RISE (Rice?), 20, Pickering, Brock, d/o John Joseph RISE & Mary, witn: Neil McLAREN & Selena ROSE, both of Brock, 21 Dec 1891 at Brock
8974-90 William Peter BELL, 29, carpenter, Pickering twp., Uxbridge twp., s/o Joseph BELL & Charlotte, married Mary Ann WIDDIFIELD, 23, Uxbridge twp., same, d/o Benjamin WIDDIFIELD & Elizabeth, witn: Sarah Jane IDLE of Goodwood, 14 Jan 1891 at Goodwood 008801-91 Walter Bryan BEMISTER, 32, potter, Hampshire England, Beaverton s/o James BEMISTER and Jane L. BELBIN? (Belbere?), married Jane GALLOWAY, 26, Thorah, same d/o Charles GALLOWAY and Mary THOMPSON witn: A.T. WILLIAMS of London, October 15, 1891, Thorah
008779-91 (Ontario Co) Edward BEWELL, 29, farmer, Canada, Reach, s/o Henry C. & Margaret BEWELL, married Harriet Rebecca CAMPLIN, 27, Canada, Reach, d/o Robert & Hannah CAMPLIN, witn: Henry BEWELL, Port Perry & M.E. CAMPLIN, Greenbank, 23 Sept 1891 Reach Twp 008813-91 Ingle BLANCHARD, 35, farmer, Scott, same s/o James and Hannah BLANCHARD married Francis GIBSON, 23, Scott, same d/o Thomas and Frances GIBSON witn: William P. GIBSON of Scott and Nellie SMITH of Toronto, March 4, 1891, Scott
008719-91 Samuel BONATHAN, 24, tinsmith, Bruce Mines, Bowmanville s/o John and Mary BONATHAN married Carrie DICKIE, 21, Michigan, Clarke Twp. d/o Archibald and Elizabeth DICKIE witn: Mabel H. WHITNEY and Emma L. McDARMAID, both of Oshawa, March 26, 1891, Oshawa 8844-91 Robert Nelson BRANDON, 28, farmer, Brock, same, s/o John BRANDON & Isabella, married Emma ROACH, 29, Brock, same, d/o Absalom ROACH & Eliza, witn: Shepherd BRANDON & Lillia ROACH, both of Brock, 30 Dec 1891 at Tindal
008747-91 (Ontario Co) George Henry BROTHERSTON, 30, mining engineer, Michigan U.S.A., Port Arthur Ont, widower, s/o William Henry & Caroline BROTHERSTON, married Elizabeth Hannah ADAMS, 28, London Eng, Beaverton, d/o Robert Joseph & Elizabeth Caroline ADAMS, witn: Robert Joseph & Mary Ann ADAMS, both of Beaverton, 15 Apr 1891 at Beaverton 8806-91 Robert CAMPBELL, 28, farmer, Mara, same, s/o Nicol CAMPBELL & Flora CARMICHAEL, married Jessie MacNABB, 23, Thorah, Mara, d/o John MacNABB & Catherine MATHIESON, witn: Duncan CAMPBELL of Mara, 30 June 1891 at Mara
008794-91 Calvin Fletcher CAMPLIN, 35, farmer, Canada, Brock s/o James and Mary CAMPLIN married Mary THOMPSON, 26, Canada, Brock d/o William and Catherine THOMPSON witn: Mathew CAMPLIN and Mary McCOY both of Saintfield, February 24, 1891, Saintfield 008810-91 David William CARD, 38 (30?), farmer, Scott Twp, same s/o John and Eliza CARD married Margret E. STARK, 23, Scott, same d/o John and Mary Ann STARK witn: John CARD and Etta STARK both of Scott Twp, December 17, 1891, Sandford
008787-91 Moses CHERRIE, 22, brick layer, Manvers, Chicago s/o Robert CHERRIE and Mary BRADSHAW married Alma ASHTON, 22, Reach, same d/o John ASHTON and Mary BENTLY witn: James ASHTON and Annie SELLERS both of Epsom, January 7, 1891, Reach Twp 8857-91 Henry CHURCHILL, 28, farmer, York, same, s/o Sylvester CHURCHILL & Matilda, married Amanda May PENNOCK, 18, Pickering twp., same, d/o William PENNOCK & Ann, witn: William & Mrs. William ARMSTRONG of Pickering, 19 Jan 1891 at Pickering twp
8818-91 Peter CLARK, 25, farmer, Scott, same, s/o John CLARK & Jessie, married Mary Emily KENNEDY, 24, Scott, same, d/o William KENNEDY & Jane, witn: David & Ida KENNEDY of Scott, 3 June 1891 at Scott 8821-91 William CLELAND, 25, farmer, Scott, same, s/o William CLELAND & Isabella ORR, married Mary KENNEDY, 28, Uxbridge, Scott, d/o Robert KENNEDY & Jane TRAVIS, witn: Maggie Jane CLELLAND (sic) & J. KENNEDY, both of Scott, 16 Dec 1891 at Scott
#008763-91 (Ontario Co.) Daniel CLODD, 30, Markham twp, Scott twp, widower, farm labourer, s/o William CLODD & Nancy STIVER, married Eliza CLODD, 13 (underlined), Scott twp, same, d/o James CLODD & Therse GRAHAM, witn: J.J. KENNEDY, B. ANDERSON, both Uxbridge, 9 Sep 1891, Uxbridge 9175-92 John Thomas COLLINS, 25, farmer, Uxbridge twp., Scarboro twp., s/o Joseph & Mary Jane, married Elizabeth Jane GOURLIE, 22, Uxbridge twp., same, d/o Robert & Elizabeth, witn: Fred G. COLLINS of Scarboro & Alberta ALSOP of Uxbridge, 23 Dec 1891 at Claremont
008741-91 (Ontario Co) Thomas COOK, 30, yeoman, Canada, East Whitby, s/o Thomas & Margaret COOK, married Mary Jane WARD, 19, Canada, East Whitby, d/o William & Mary Jane WARD, witn: John A. HUNTER, illegible & Mary COOK, East Whitby, 13 or 15 Oct 1891 at East Whitby  
8842-91 Thomas COONES, 23, teacher, Pefferlaw, same, s/o William COONES & Mary, married Mary LEIGHTON, 20, Brock, same, d/o James LEIGHTON & Mary, witn: Thomas BAGSHAW of illegible & Elizabeth CAROLINE of Sybella?, 22 Dec 1891 at Brock, 008732-91 (Ontario Co) Richard William COOPER, 24, printer, Devonshire England, Lansing Mich. U.S.A., s/o Richard COOPER & Louisa MATHEWS, married Frances GODDARD, 24, London England, Oshawa, d/o Edward GODDARD & Sarah CASWELL, witn: Alf'd & Sarah A. HILL, both of Oshawa, 29 Oct 1891 at Oshawa
008734-91 (Ontario Co) Frederick William COWAN, 25, manufacturer, Oshawa, same, s/o William F. & Susan COWAN, married Lillis Margaret MCMILLAN, 23, Whitby, Oshawa, d/o Thomas H. & Louisa MCMILLAN, witn: William C. PHILLIPS, Toronto & Ada MCMILLAN, Oshawa, 5 Nov 1891 at the residence of T.H. McMillan Oshawa 9179-92 John Walker COWAN, 23, farmer, Port Union, same, s/o William & Mary Ann, married Nellie BROWN, 23, Baltimore Ont., Port Union, d/o Robert & Janet, witn: James NELSON & Minnie McKITRICK, both of Port Union, 8 April 1891 at Port Union
008780-91 (Ontario Co) William John COX, 26, farmer, Canada, Reach, s/o William & Mary COX, married Mary Ann HOWSAM, 21, Canada, Reach, d/o John & Margaret HOWSAM, witn: Franklin HOWSAM, Marsh Hill & Lizzie MOULDERSHAW, Saintfield, 4 Nov 1891 at Greenbank Reach Twp 008798-91 Charles CROSIER, 22, barber, Prince Albert, Toronto s/o Thomas CROSIER and Ella EPZOBIE (Epzoba?) married Christiana TAYLOR, 23, Udora, Toronto d/o John TAYLOR and Ann KENNEDY witn: Mrs. William HALL and Ethel HALL both of Prince Albert, May 11, 1891, Parsonage, Prince Albert
8709-91 William Henry CROSWELL, 19, mechanic, Dublin Ireland, Whitby, s/o William & Mary Jane, married Dora CLARGO, 19, Whitby, same, d/o Elijah & Mary, witn: William Henry WILLS & Mary Jane CROSSWELL (sic), both of Whitby, 21 Jan 1891 at Whitby 8837-91 John CUNNINGHAM, 26, blacksmith, Ontario, Beaverton, s/o Alexander CUNNINGHAM & Ann, married Mary CODE, 18, Port Hope, Beaverton, d/o William CODE & Jennie, witn: A. BARRET & Bessie WYATT, both of Cannington, 12 Sept 1891 at Brock
008814-91 Ferdinan Alonzo DALES, 28, school teacher, Drayton, Brechin s/o Robert Perry and Elenor DALES married Hattie Eliza LEMON, 19, Scott, same d/o Jacob Baldice and Elenor Elizabeth LEMON witn: John LEMON and Minnie BARBER both of Sandford, March 28, 1891, Scott Twp 008750-91 William DOTY, 38, widsower, labourer, Wellington Square, Georgina Twp s/o Barnett and Elizabeth DOTY married Sarah Jane McKENZIE, 22, Port Credit, Toronto d/o Alexander and Mary Ellen McKENZIE witn: Carrie GRAHAM of Georgina Twp and Elizabeth BARBER of Beaverton, July 22, 1891, Beaverton
008785-91 Levi DUNCAN, 24, farmer, Reach Twp, Epsom s/o James and Jane DUNCAN married Carrie COSTELLO, 20, Reach, same d/o William and Sarah COSTELLO witn: Luther A. SCOTT of Epsom and Essie E. HERSIE (Heise?), December 23, 1891, Epsom 008754-91 William Henry DYER, 21, farmer, Reach Twp, East Whitby Twp s/o Frank and Hannah DYER married Lilian Augusta LEMONS, 17, Whitchurch Twp, Uxbridge Twp d/o George and Catherine LEMONS witn: Fred BEAVER and Bonella JONES both of Uxbridge, February 18, 1891, Uxbridge
8828-91 William H. EBY, 25, salesman, Elora, Port Elgin, s/o William EBY & Sarah A., married Alberta VANZANT, 21, Goodwood, Stouffville, d/o James VANZANT & Matilda, witn: Frank & Edith LEECH of Brooklin, 23 Feb 1891 at Brooklin 8823-91 Martin Luther EVELY, 21, carriage builder, Michigan US, Guelph, s/o John EVELY & Mary DURRANT, married Mary Elizabeth THOMPSON, 19, Brock twp., Whitby twp., d/o George THOMPSON & Susannah COULTHARD, witn: Frederick HOAG & Ida J. THOMPSON, both of whit twp., 9 Sept 1891 at Whitby twp
008739-91 (Ontario Co) Frederick illegible FAIRWEATHER, 28, policeman, England, Toronto, s/o Henry & Mary Ann FAIRWEATHER, married Mary Martha B. WHITTON, 32, Prince Edward Island, Columbus, d/o Jesse & Mary W. WHITTON, witn: Richard CASPER, Darlington & Anne WHITTON, Columbus, 14 Jan 1891 at Columbus, East Whitby 8725-91 Michael FITZGERALD, 45, farmer, Toronto, same, s/o Morris FITZGERALD & Ellen PENDER, married Danny DOWN, 30, Toronto, same, d/o Richard DOWN & Mary DOIGE, witn: E.H. & Clara JOLLIFFE of Oshawa, 15 July 1891 at Oshawa
008766-91 Charles William FLINTOFF, 24, labourer, Whitchurch Twp, same s/o Henry FLINTOFF and Annie STEPHENS married Ethel Etta TOOLE, 21, Whitchurch Twp, same d/o Alfred TOOLE and Harriett JOHNSTON witn: M. ANDERSON and A?. H. ANDERSON, September 29, 1891, Uxbridge 008711-91 Thomas Chalmers FORMAN, 32, farmer, Reach Twp, Manchester Village s/o James FORMAN and Jane CLARKSON married Diana HEARD, 35, Town of Whitby, same d/o William HEARD and Mary TRIMMEAR witn: James WALTERS of Whitby and Nettie HEARD of Manchester, May 27, 1891, Whitby
8840-91 Edward FRANCIS, 32, farmer, Brock, same, s/o George FRANCIS & Eliza, married Maria MacDONALD, 27, Brock, same, d/o Ulick (Mick?) MacDONALD & Jane, witn: Thomas IRWIN & Elizabeth Josephine MacDONALD, 11 Nov 1891 at Brock 8816-91 Adam GIBSON, 28, farmer, Scott, same, s/o Thomas GIBSON & Frances, married Mercie E. CARD, 24, Scott, same, d/o John CARD & Eliza, witn: John CARD & Isabell MUSTARD, both of Scott, 11 March 1891 at Scott
8822-91 Charles Henry GILROY, 40, widower, farmer, Whitchurch, Whitby twp., s/o John GILROY & Mercy, married Margaret BELL, 29, widow, Kings County, Myrtle, d/o Samuel HURST & Kate, witn: Louis & Mary McTAGGART of Myrtle, 18 March 1891 at Myrtle 008769-91 James GOURLEY, 28, farmer, Uxbridge Twp, same s/o James and Louisa GOURLEY married Sarah A. PICKET, 26, Uxbridge Twp, Claremont d/o Ezra and Margaret PICKET witn: Dunning IDLE Jr. and Sarah J. IDLE both of Goodwood , September 23, 1891, Goodwood
8724-91 John Frederick GRIERSON, 30, lawyer, Oshawa, same, s/o George GRIERSON & Louisa, married Katherine Christena MASSON, 26, Oshawa, same, d/o George Alexander MASSON & Elizabeth, witn: William D. GRIERSON of Toronto & Frederick WARREN of Oshawa, 6 July 1891 at Oshawa 008756-91 William Selkirk HAGGAS (WAGGAS?), 22, machinist, Ontario, Uxbridge s/o Joseph and Elizabeth HAGGAS married Annie Susanna HUTT, 20, England, Uxbridge d/o George and Elizabeth HUTT witn: Fred WILLIS and Amy E. HUTT, March 25, 1891, Uxbridge
  8826-91 Alfred HAMILTON, 22, farmer, Canada, Pickering twp., s/o John HAMILTON & Ann, married Marion BEER, 21, Canada, Pickering twp., d/o Joseph BEER & Mary, witn: William HAMILTON & Lena BEER, both of Pickering, 11 Nov 1891 at Brooklin
008746-91 (Ontario Co) Frederick HANCOCK, 37, farmer, England, Georgina Twp., widower, s/o George & Mary Ann HANCOCK, married Harriet Ann ANDREWS, 38, New York City, Beaverton, widow, d/o John & Susanna STEVENSON, witn: George SHIER & Edwin LAMBERT, both of Brock Twp, 17 Mar 1891 at Beaverton 008751-91 James HANCOCK, 45, widower, farmer, Devonshire England, Thorah Twp s/o George and Mary HANCOCK married Margaret WARWICK, 45, widow, Reach Twp, Thorah Twp d/o Edward and Elizabeth BUCHANAN witn: William WILLIAMS and L.M. WILLIAMS of Beaverton, August 15, 1891, Beaverton
008770-91 John HARNDEN, 55, widower, agriculturist, Whitby Twp, Reach Twp s/o Luther HARNDEN and Sarah Ann TAYLOR married Clara CASTER, 48, widow, Kingston, Town of Uxbridge d/o Benjamin Van Louvens CASTER and Jane GOLWAY witn: William McGILL and Joseph McGILL both of Uxbridge Twp, September 5, 1891, Uxbridge Twp  
008749-91 (Ontario Co) James Wellington HARRISON, 35, banker, Markham Ont, Beaverton, s/o Henry Wade & Ann HARRISON, married Donalda WATSON, 30, Thorah Twp, Beaverton, d/o David & Jane E. WATSON, witn: Angus WATSON, Thorah Twp & Georgina COCKBURN, Beaverton, 25 Mar 1891 at Beaverton 008809-91 George F. HARRISON, 23, mason, Scott, same s/o John and Elizabeth HARRISON married Martha PROUT, 23, Scott, same d/o John and Elizabeth PROUT witn: George IONSON of Mt. Albert and Emma PROUT of Scott, date n/g, Scott Twp
008713-91 William J. HARRISS, 29, blacksmith, Hope Twp, same s/o William and Mary married Catherine L. BICE, 32, McGillvray Twp, same d/o Gilbert and Eliza Jane witn: D.G.A. CARSON and Lydia McCORMACK both of Whitby, May 25, 1891, Whitby 9174-92 Alfred E. HAYWARD, 30, carpenter, Uxbridge twp., Pickering twp., s/o Henry & Hannah, married Eliza Jane LEE, 25, Uxbridge twp., same, d/o John & Mary, witn: Mrs. Etta M. MILLARD & Frances C. TITUS, both of Claremont, 23 Dec 1891 at Claremont
008803-91 James Fraser HEADRIDGE, 27, grocer, Edinburgh, Toronto s/o Archibald and Ann FRASER married Bessie MacCALLUM, 26, Thorah, same d/o Dugald MacCALLUM and Catherine CAE (or COE) witn: William JAMIESON of Toronto, January 1, 1891, Thorah 008730-91 (Ontario Co) William E. HEWIS, 26, butcher, Whitby, same, s/o George HEWIS & Annie STURDEVANT, married Catherine J. BONE, 20, Chesley Ont, d/o David BONE & Eliz'th SHEA, witn: James BONE, Oshawa & Sarah E. HEWIS, Whitby, 3 Nov 1891 at Oshawa
8825-91 Robert M. HOLTBY, 22, farmer, Reach twp., same, s/o William HOLTBY & Mary, married Ada J.S. KENT, 23, Myrtle, same, d/o James KENT & Susan Jane, witn: S.A. GREENWOOD of Manchester & Emma CARMICHAEL of Myrtle, 10 Nov 1891 at Myrtle 9194-92 James HORTOP, 27, miller, England, Port Perry, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Christena SMITH, 25, Scotland, Balsam, d/o James & Mary, witn: James STANTON of East Whitby twp & Margaret SMITH of Balsam, 1 June 1891 at Balsam
008792-91 John William HOULDERSHAW, 25, farmer, Canada, Reach s/o Richard and Susannah HOULDERSHAW married Priscilla BRANNING, 17, Canada, Reach d/o Abraham and Mary BRANNING witn: John BRANNING and Elizabeth HOULDERSHAW, February 18, 1891, Saintfield, Reach Twp 8652-91 Carey William ILER, 23, minister, Essex Co., Uxbridge?, s/o Richard ILER & Catherine, married Nellie Allice MAYBEE, 20, Brock twp., Cannington, d/o James MAYBEE & Addie R., witn: James & Addie R. MAYBEE of Cannington, 11 Aug 1891 at Cannington
8849-91 Joseph JOHNSTON, 26, farmer, Carden Ont., Brock, s/o Jefferson JOHNSTON & Sarah, married Louisa Jane JONES, 22, Brock, Vroomanton, d/o Andrew JONES & Sarah, witn: Wesley RETTLE & Maggie JONES, both of Brock, 26 Jan 1891 at Vroomanton 8852-91 Sidney JOHNSTON, 33, laborer, Mariposa, Brock, s/o Irwin JOHNSTON & Hannah, married Annie SMITH, 24, England, Brock, d/o George SMITH & Mary, witn: Curtis JOHNSTON of Brock & Mary BULLMANT? of Mariposa, 17 March 1891 at Manilla
008797-91 Enoch KENDELL, 31, farmer, Utica, same s/o Enoch and Isabella KENDELL married Annie WARD, 19, Reach Twp, same d/o Joseph and Elizabeth WARD witn: Sarah McDONALD of Brooklin and George. W. WARD of Reach Twp. April 20, 1891, Utica 008815-91 Robert Thompson KENNEDY, 26, farmer, Uxbridge Twp, Scott s/o Robert and Jane KENNEDY married Allice Etta BLANCHARD, 22, Scott, same d/o George and Mary Jane BLANCHARD witn: Eva EMMONS of Port Perry and William KENNEDY, March 25, 1891, Scott Twp
8723-91 Edgar Gibson LAKE, 24, manufacturer, Oshawa, same, s/o Joseph LAKE & Ellen, married Louisa J. McDIARMID, 22, Cayuga, Oshawa, d/o John McDIARMID & Elizabeth, witn: Ford A. & E.C. McDIARMID of Oshawa, 10 June 1891 at Oshawa 008800-91 William Henry LINCE, 23, farmer, Canada, Reach Twp s/o William and Margret LINCE married Frances Rebecca WARREN, 21, Canada, Mara Twp d/o William and Malisa WARREN witn: Benjamin WARD and Elizabeth WATSON both of Reach, June 10, 1891, Greenbank
008783-91 James A. LOVE, 32, widower, carpenter, Canada, United States s/o James and Eliza LOVE married Florence M. LOVE, 17, Canada, Greenbank d/o Henry and Hannah LOVE witn: Henry LOVE Jr of Reach Twp and Lucy WELLS, December 22, 1891, Reach Twp  
8845-91 Henry LOWES, 28, thresher, Ireland, Brock, s/o William LOWES & Priscilla, married Elizabeth MORGAN, 19, Scott, Sunderland, d/o Edward MORGAN & Margaret, witn: Philip BACON & Rachel MORGAN, both of Brock, 30 Dec 1891 at Sunderland 008748-91 (Ontario Co) Alexander MATHISSON [Matheson?], 28, blacksmith, Mara Twp, Beaverton, s/o Duncan & Margaret MATHISSON, married Jessie CAMPBELL, 28, Thorah Twp, Beaverton, d/o Alexander & Mary CAMPBELL, witn: Frederick COX, Toronto & Mary Ann CAMPBELL, Kirkfield, 25 Feb 1891 at Beaverton
8650-91 John D. McCRIMMON, 33, farmer, Mariposa twp., same, s/o Donald McCRIMMON & Rachel McLEOD, married Flora SMITH, 33, Woodville, Cannington, d/o Archibald SMITH & Jannette McCORQUODALE, witn: Dr. GRANT of Woodville & Minnie SINCLAIR of Toronto, 18 July? at Cannington 008777-91 (Ontario Co) Moses McKENZIE, 22, railway employee, Ireland, Toronto, s/o William & Jane MCKENZIE, married Letitia DOUGLAS, 26, Pickerng Twp, Reach Twp, d/o Samuel & Jane DOUGLAS, witn: Isaac JEFFS, Toronto & Annie DOUGLAS, Reach, 17 July 1891 at Victoria Corners Reach
008731-91 (Ontario Co) James McKEOWN, 26, hotel keeper, Hamilton, same, s/o Terrence MCKEOWN & Annie GAINE, married Mary O'REGAN, 25, Oshawa, same, d/o John O'REGAN & Ellen GIBBONS, witn: John LYNN, Hamilton & Celilia PHAIR, Oshawa, 26 Nov 1891 at Oshawa, RC 008807-91 William McKNIGHT, 27, farmer, Scott Twp, same s/o Thomas and Sarah McKNIGHT married Jessie KENNEDY, 20, Brock, Scott d/o Thomas and Jane KENNEDY witn: Robert T. KENNEDY of Uxbridge and Maggie KENNEDY of Leaskdale, February 11, 1891, Scott Twp
  008774-91 (Ontario Co) Alex McWANE, 62, farmer, Whitchurch Twp, Pickering Twp, widower, s/o Ezekial & Ellen MCWANE, married Hannah MARSON, 44, England, Uxbridge Twp, widow, d/o John HILES & Maria DUNLEY, witn: John & Martha REDSHON, both of Uxbridge Twp, 24 Jan 1891 at Uxbridge Twp
008727-91 (Ontario Co) George MILLER, 26, merchant, Newcastle, Oshawa, s/o Thomas & Sarah MILLER, married Cora PARKINS, 24, Oshawa, same, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth PARKINS, witn: T.J. BOYD, Oshawa & Minnie SINCLAIR, Brantford, 9 Sept 1891 at Oshawa #008764-91 (Ontario Co.) Henry Watson MILLS, 20, Thora twp, Cartwright twp, farmer, s/o Stephen MILLS & Amelia GADEY, married Sarah MILLS, 17, Brock twp, same, d/o James MILLS & Elizabeth McEckern, witn: George M. MURRAY of Brock twp, Annie MILLS of Cartwright, 16 September 1891, Uxbridge
008799-91 Cornelius MOLE, 51, widower, farmer, Whitby, Reach Twp s/o John and Jane MOLE married Hannah DAVIDSON, 50, widow, Trenton, Reach Twp d/o Jacob and Catherine RATTENBERY witn: C. RATTENBERRY (sic) of Reach and L.C. LEGGOTT of Seagrave, May 23, 1891, Seagrave 008772-91 (Ontario Co) Peter MONTGOMERY, 33, farmer, Scott Twp, same, s/o William & Jane MONTGOMERY, married Eliza Jane BRETHOUR, 23, Reach Twp, Scott Twp, d/o Edward & Eliza Ellen BRETHOUR, witn: S. Jane IDLE, Fordwich & Carriola IDLE, Goodwood, 11 Nov 1891 at Goodwood
9182-92 John Charles MORRISH, 21, carpenter, Scarboro twp., same, s/o John & Ann, married Julia Agnes STOTT, 22, Scarboro twp., same, d/o William & Mary, witn: George FALCONER & Hattie WOOD, both of Dunbarton, 31 Dec 1892 at Dunbarton [should be 1891, reg'd June 1892] 008804-91 Joel William Jasper MORROW, 25, carpenter, Rockwood, Toronto s/o William and Mary MORROW married Flora MacDOUGALL, 29, Gamebridge, same s/o Neil and Sarah MacDOUGALL witn: Neil MacDOUGALL of Gamebridge and Delia THOMAS of Toronto, March 26, 1891, Gamebridge
008742-91 (Ontario Co) William James MOUNTJOY, 26, yeoman, Canada, East Whitby, s/o James & Ann MOUNTJOY, married Margaret DUNN, 24, United States, East Whitby, d/o David & Catherine DUNN, witn: Frederick MOUNTJOY & Agnes BELFOUR, East Whitby, 14 Oct 1891 at East Whitby 008796-91 George A. NASH, 23, farmer, Reach Twp, same s/o William and Emma NASH married Emma BACHE, 27, England, Reach Twp d/o Thomas and Sarah BACHE witn: Fred McCLINTOCK and Sarah WALTON both of Reach, March 25, 1891, Reach
8853-91 Michael NEALON, 28, farmer, Napanee, Brock, s/o John NEALON & Margaret, married Mary E. DONOVAN, 28, Georgina, Brock, d/o Jeremiah DONOVAN & Jennie, witn: Timothy DONOVAN of Brock & Ellen McDONALD of Kirkfield, 4 April 1891 at Vroomanton 008808-91 Thomas NUGENT, 33, farmer, Ops Twp, Scott s/o Richard and Harriet NUGENT married Ann Jane FARREN (Fanon?), 32, Whitby Twp, Scott d/o Henry and Georgina FARREN witn: John NUGENT of Eden Valley and Mary Ann WALKER, February 11, 1891, Scott Twp
008811-91 David Frederick OLIVER, 26, farmer, Mariposa, Brock s/o John and Mary OLIVER married Linda Sarah BUSHELL, 24, Orillia, Brock d/o Alfred and Maria Ann BUSHELL witn: William OLIVER of Brock and Emma THORNTON of Scott, March 4, 1891, Sandford 008716-91 Fred H. ORCHARD, 21, farmer, Hampton, Oshawa s/o William and Emma ORCHARD married Hannah Laura HOCKEN, 23, Haden (s/b Heyden?) Ont, Oshawa d/o John and Elizabeth HOCKEN, witn: Bella TOTTEN and Florence TOTTEN both of Oshawa, March 9, 1891, Oshawa
8850-91 J.W. PASCOE, 25, farmer, Oshawa, same, s/o Edward PASCOE & Mary Ann, married Julia LORDIFF, 22, Darlington? Ont., Layton, d/o Thomas LORDIFF & Elizabeth, witn: Arthur LEWIS? & Lilly TREVELYAN?, both of Layton, 28 Jan 1891 at not given 8836-91 Walter PAYNE, 26, gardener, England, Cannington, s/o James PAYNE & Ann, married Ida Jane HULLER (Keeller?), 23, Mariposa, Cannington, d/o William HULLER & Cintha, witn: George L. C. WELCH of illegible & Mrs. Robert BENNET of Cannington, 22 July 1891 at Sunderland
008767-91 Franklin PEARSON, 27, farmer, Scott Twp, same s/o John PEARSON and Elizabeth SLATER married Anna JOHNSON, 20, Scott Twp, same d/o Robert and Elizabeth JOHNSON witn: R.F. WILLIS of Uxbridge and Mary J. JOHNSON of Scott Twp, October 19, 1891, Uxbridge 008712-91 James Richard PELLOW, 42, farmer, Birdstowe England, Whitby s/o Edward and Ann married Sarah BONHAM, 30, Suffolk England, Whitby d/o James and Emma witn: Ernest BONHAM and Jennie BLOSS, April 16, 1891, Whitby
008736-91 (Ontario Co) James PORTEOUS, 70, merchant, Linton East Scotland, Galt Waterloo Co, widower, s/o John PORTEOUS & Elizabeth SINCLAIR, married Eliza Ellen HENDEN, 41, East Whitby, same, d/o John HENDEN & Ellen STEPHENSON, witn: Elizabeth BROWN, Port Perry & William G. HENDON, East Whitby, 11 Mar 1891 at 8th Con East Whitby 8843-91 Arthur Leslie PROSSER, 25, farmer, North Gwillimbury, same, s/o Elijah PROSSER & Cinderella, married Mary Elizabeth CULBERT, 25, Mariposa, same, d/o William CILBERT & Elizabeth, witn: Sarah LEGG (Twigg?) of Sunderland, 23 Dec 1891 at Sunderland
8856-91 John RANKIN, 44, farmer, Glasgow Scotland, Pickering village, s/o Robert RANKIN & Mary DONALDSON, married Mary HENDERSON, 37, Dumfrieshire Scotland, Pickering village, d/o Joseph HENDERSON & Jane FRASER, witn: Julia HOLT & William HENDERSON, both of Pickering, 17 Dec 1891 at Cherrywood 8710-91 Barney Edward READ, 24, farmer, Whitby twp., same, s/o James READ & Mary Ann BUNN, married Carrie MOODY, 22, Belleville Ont., Whitby twp., d/o James MOODY & Mary Ann REDDEN, witn: Sarah ABRAHAM & Ada ROWLAND, both of Whitby, 8 April 1891 at Whitby
008755-91 Seth REDMAN, 41, farmer, Pickering Twp, same s/o Thomas and Susan REDMAN married Mary Jane BAGSHAW, 33, Reach Twp, Brock Twp d/o Moses and Susanna BAGSHAW witn: Lucy WHITE and Martha BAGSHAW, March 11, 1891, Uxbridge 008721-91 James F. ROBINSON, 38, wood carver, Toronto, same s/o James and Maria ROBINSON married Mary O'CONNOLL, 27, Oshawa, same d/o Michael and Sarah O'CONNOLL witn: Daniel O'CONNOLL and C.R. TOTTEN both of Oshawa, May 30, 1891, Oshawa
008752-91 Abraham A. SACKETT, 51, labourer, Darlington, Beaverton s/o Augustus and Mary SACKETT married Martha STAYNER, 46, Worcestershire England, Mariposa Twp d/o Richard and Martha STAYNER witn: James and Frances BENHAM of Beaverton, December 10, 1891, Beaverton 008737-91 (Ontario Co) Thomas SCOTT, 35, yeoman, Darlington Twp, East Whitby, widower, s/o William SCOTT & Helen ENGLIS, married Emma J. GREY, 32, East Whitby, same, d/o Thomas GREY & Eliza HENRY, witn: J.L. FOUKE & Bertha HALL, both of Oshawa, 19 Mar 1891 at East Whitby
008771-91 (Ontario Co) William Albert SELLARS, 22, farmer, Reach Twp, same, s/o William & Mary SELLARS, married Margaret Ann SHERRARD, 20, Uxbridge Twp, same, d/o James & Comfort SHERRARD, witn: James ASHTON & Annie L. SELLARS, both of Reach Twp, 7 Oct 1891 at Pine Grove Uxbridge Twp 008757-91 James SHANK, 24, farmer, Ontario, Pickering Twp s/o Jacob and Barbara SHANK married Eliza HAMILON, 18, Ontario, Pickering d/o Seth and Sarah HAMILON witn: James and Ada ROBERTS, April 2, 1891, Uxbridge
008758-91 William H. SHARPE, 23, merchant, Scott Twp, Uxbridge s/o George and Mary Ann SHARPE married Cora Alice BUCHAN, 19, Uxbridge, same d/o J.H. BUCHAN and M.C. HEMPHILL witn: W.C. CONBOY of Toronto and Mabel CROSBY of Uxbridge, May 6, 1891, Uxbridge 8817-91 William SHEPHERD, 27, farmer, Scott, same, s/o Richard SHEPHERD & Mary, married Elizabeth SMITH, 26, Ireland, Scott, d/o James SMITH & Elizabeth, witn: Alfred SHEPHERD & A. SMITH, both of Scott, 13 April 1891 at Scott
008775-91 (Ontario Co) James SHERRARD, 23, yeoman, Uxbridge Twp, same, s/o James & Comfort SHERRARD, married Florence J. MITCHELL, 23, Reach Twp, Uxbridge Twp. d/o James & Bella MITCHELL, witn: William SELLARS, Reach Twp & Maggie SHERRARD, Uxbridge Twp, 25 Mar 1891 at Goodwood 8835-91 John James SHIER, 22, shoe maker, Brock, Cannington, s/o Joshua SHIER & Margaret, married Mary BURGESS, 22, Brock, same, d/o George BURGESS & Elizabeth, witn: Adam Wellington SHIER & Martha Jane CAMPBELL, both of Cannington, 11 March 1891 at Brock
8827-91 Joel SILVER, 34, farmer, Canada, Reach twp., s/o Emery SILVER & Elizabeth, married Elizabeth POLLOCK, 22, Canada, Whitby twp., d/o James POLLOCK & Mary, witn: Charles SILVER of Uxbridge & Ada A. HARDY of Solina, 16 Dec 1891 at Whitby twp  
008776-91 (Ontario Co) Charles SILVERSIDE, not given, farmer, Uxbridge Twp, same, s/o not given SILVERSIDE, married Isabella DENNIS, not given, Markham twp, Uxbridge Twp, d/o not given DENNIS, witn: not given, 3 Mar 1891 at Uxbridge Twp 8759-91 Pearson SILVERSIDES, 28, farmer, Whitchurch, Scott, s/o William SILVERSIDES & Elizabeth, married Hannah BATEMAN, 30, Scott, Uxbridge, d/o Isaac BATEMAN & Lydia, witn: John BATEMAN & Emeline SCOTT, both of Uxbridge, 20 May 1891 at Uxbridge
008782-91 (Ontario Co) William James SLABBACK (Stabback?), 2, farmer, Canada, Reach, s/o John & Mary SLABBACK, married Annie MCKEY, 20, Canada, Reach, d/o Thomas & Jane MCKEY, witn: F. A. & S. J. TOWN, Reach, 21 Dec 1891 at Reach Twp 008793-91 William SMITH, 29, farmer, Reach Twp, Whitby Twp s/o Daniel SMITH and Elizabeth ALCOMBRACE (Alcombrack?), married Fanney WILSON, 23, Whitby Twp, same d/o Obed WILSON and Betsy Maria MARTIN witn: Alfred VALENTINE of Myrtle and Nancy Emilind SMITH of Myrtle, February 18, 1891, Reach
8839-91 Harry SMITH, 22, farmer, Lincolnshire England, Manilla, s/o George SMITH & Mary, married Emma TRIMBLE, 21, Brock, same, d/o James TRIMBLE & Hannah, witn: William CARTER & Effie McLEAN, both of Manilla, 29 Oct 1891 at Sunderland 8820-91 David SMOKUM, 26, farmer, Whitchurch, same, s/o George & Meleath, married Annie Hughena MARTIN, 18, Scott, same, d/o George MARTIN & Sarah, witn: Mercie SMITH of Uxbridge & Mary STEWART of Sandford, 18 March 1891 at Sandford
8665-91 Charles Christopher SPEIRAN, 25, Brock twp., same, s/o James SPEIRAN & Henrietta, married Mary Elizabeth LAMBERT, 18, Brock twp., same, d/o John LAMBERT & Elizabeth, witn: Daniel WRIGHT & Mary Jane WARVILLE?, both of Brock, 21 Dec 1891 at Cannington 8838-91 Albert Franklin STONE, 26, farmer, Reach twp., same, s/o James STONE & Mary Ann, married Ellen Jane CHRISTIE, 23, Reach twp., Brock, d/o Donald CHRISTIE & Jane, witn: Headly STONE of Reach twp. & Maggie CHRISTIE of Brock, 7 Oct 1891 at Brock
008738-91 (Ontario Co) William James TAYLOR, 19, moulder, Canada, Whitby, s/o John & Mary TAYLOR, married Annie Elizabeth BOYCE, 19, Canada, W Whitby Twp, d/o James & Mary BOYCE, witn: Edward TAYLOR, Whitby & Mary BOYCE, W Whitby, 25 Mar 1891 at West Whitby 8726-91 William Arthur TAYLOR [middle part of reg'n obscured by note dated 22 Aug 1972 - "No information, certificate, or certified copy to be issued from this record without first checking with Head Office. M. Easson D.F. #983 Marriage record Taylor & May"] d/o Richard MAY & Louisa, witn: James E. HOLMES & Maud MAY, 7 Sept 1891 at Oshawa
8819-91 Peter McNab THOMPSON, 26, miller, Ontario, Mount Albert, s/o Thomas THOMPSON & Jane, married Emma MANNERS, 25, Ontario, Mount Albert, d/o John MANNERS & Nancy BROOKS, witn: Sarah & Emma TOMPKINS, 29 July 1891 at Sandford 8855-91 John L. TIPP, 21, tailor, Brock, Sunderland, s/o John TIPP & Sarah, married Rosanna TUCKER, 20, Scott, Sunderland, d/o Thomas TUCKER & Mary, witn: Charles & Emma TUCKER of Sunderland, 29 April 1891 at Sunderland
008722-91 David Muir TODD, 25, merchant, Bowmanville, Oshawa s/o Charles And Jane TODD married Della BREWER, 21, Oshawa, same d/o John and Susan BREWER witn: F.K. VANN of Bowmanville and Alice KEMP of Oshawa, June 3, 1891, Oshawa 008728-91 (Ontario Co) Frederick J. TONKIN, 30, gardiner(as written), Devon England, East Whitby, s/o John TONKIN & Grace BRANTON, married Ada MOUNTJOY, 28, Darlington, East Whitby, d/o James MOUNTJOY & Ann HOSKIN, witn: Fred MOUNTJOY, East Whitby & Martha FARRELL, Darlington, 15 Sept 1891 at Oshawa
008743-91 (Ontario Co) John TRIGG, 32, yeoman, East Whitby, Brooklin, widower, s/o Charles & Ellen TRIGG, married Elizabeth GRICE, 21, England, Raglan, d/o Richard & Martha GRICE, witn: Peter GRICE, Raglan & Daniel BROWN, Pickering, 18 Mar 1891 at Raglan  
8854-91 John Nelson UMPHREY, 24, farmer, Brock, same, s/o William UMPHREY & Fanny, married Ena Mary CONDEN, 23, Brock, same, d/o Ernest CONDEN & Sarah, witn: Sidney JOHNSTON & Annie SMITH, both of Brock, 4 March 1891 at Manilla 008790-91 Alexander VANCE, 27, farmer, Arran - Bruce Co, Cartwright s/o Thomas VANCE and Margaret DARCY married Georgina Alice COATES, 22, Reach Twp, same d/o Thomas COATES and Margret BEATY witn: Albert Leslie COATES and Mary VANCE, January 28, 1891, Prince Albert
008717-91 Alfred VANDYKE, 25, farmer, East Whitby, same s/o Dixon and Jane VANDYKE married Ida MITCHELL, 24, Darlington, Oshawa d/o Anthony and Hannah MITCHELL witn: Bella TOTTEN and Oliver TOTTEN both of Oshawa, April 25, 1891, Oshawa 008802-91 George VEALE, 26, farmer, Brock, Thorah s/o John VEALE and Mary Jane HAWKIN married Flora Jane SKINNER, 20, Thorah, same d/o William SKINNER and Mary Ann MacDONALD witn: Phillip VEALE of Thorah, November 25, 1891, Thorah
  8824-91 John WALKER, 34, farmer, Whitby twp., same, s/o James WALKER & Mary, married Ida May WILSON, 20, Whitby twp., same, d/o Alexander WILSON & Elizabeth, witn: Ada F. FAIRFIELD & Ester BESSIE, both of Claremont, 7 Oct 1891 at Whitby twp
008781-91 (Ontario Co) Robert WALLACE, 26, farmer, Canada, Reach, s/o George & Margaret WALLACE, married Clara Ada BEARE, 21, Canada, Reach, d/o John & Harriett BEARE, witn: David WALLACE & Rebecca BEARE, both of Reach, 25 Nov 1891 at Reach 008795-91 James WALLACE, 33, farmer, Brock Twp, Reach Twp s/o George WALLACE and Margret GORDON married Jennie MUNRO, 28, Reach Twp, same d/o John MUNRO and Mary Ann SUTHERLAND witn: George WALLACE Jr. and Mary Ann MUNRO both of Reach, March 4, 1891, Reach
008784-91 George Cassey WALLIS, 31, widower, farmer, Mariposa, same s/o William and Malinda WALLIS married Sara Jane RICHARDSON, 29, Brock Twp, same d/o Robert and Elizabeth RICHARDSON witn: Miss Hannah RICHARDSON of Layton and Mrs. Louisa LEGGOTT of Seagrave, December 23, 1891, Seagrave 008778-91 (Ontario Co) Benjamin Way WARD, 23, farmer, Canada, Reach, s/o Joseph & Elizabeth WARD, married Elizabeth WATSON, 23, Canada, Reach, d/o William & Mary WATSON, witn: John WATSON & Emma MURSSA, both of Marsh Hill, 16 Sept 1891 at Greenbank Reach Twp
008812-91 John WARREN, 24, farmer, Scott, same s/o Thomas and Jane WARREN married Fannie LEHMAN, 25, Sandford, same d/o John and Elizabeth LEBANON witn: Daniel LEHMAN of Sandford and Ida MILLER of Markham, March 4, 1891, Sandford 008733-91 (Ontario Co) George Walter WART (or WALT), not given, farmer, of Prince Edward Co, s/o not given, married Emmeline HYLAND, not given, Oshawa, East Whitby, d/o John & Mary HYLAND, witn: Lizzie PYE, Oshawa & Robert SPINTIS?, East Whitby, 16 Sept 1891 at residence of R. Hyland
008773-91 (Ontario Co) Daniel WATSON, 28, farmer, Uxbridge Twp, same, s/o William B. & Jane WATSON, married Florence M. YOUNG, 22, Uxbridge Twp, same, d/o Oliver & Jane YOUNG, witn: William MORRISON, Whitby Twp & Ida PALMER, Uxbridge Twp, 31 Dec 189(cut off) at Pine Grove Uxbridge Twp 008740-91 (Ontario Co) James Henry WERRY, 40, machinist, Ontario, Clinton, widower s/o Thomas & Jane WERRY, married Charlotte L. ADAIR, 30, Ontario, East Whitby, d/o John & Julia ADAIR, witn: William J. & Florence J. ADAIR, both of East Whitby, 16 Sept 1891 at East Whitby
8834-91 Albert Henry WEST, 26, teacher, Georgina, Brock, s/o John WEST & Mary Ann, married Maggie Ella SHIER, 19, Brock, same, d/o Adam SHIER & Mariah, witn: Ella HOLMES, Bertha & John SHIER, all of Brock, and George WEST, 1 Jan 1891 at Brock 008788-91 Isaac Joseph WHEELER, 22, butcher, Oshawa, Port Perry s/o Thomas WHEELER and Esther KING married Mary BRAVENER, 21, Reach, Prince Albert d/o William BRAVENER and Marion SINCLAIR witn: James BALFOUR of Prince Albert and Tilly ROBSON of Port Perry, January 20, 1891, Prince Albert
8851-91 Walter WILSON, 29, widower, Owen Sound, Manilla, s/o Walter WILSON & Mary A., married Florence CULVERWELL, 24, East Gwillimbury, Manilla, d/o Robert CULVERWELL & Edna, witn: Wesley Hanna & Margaret ROSEN?, both of Manilla, 2 March 1891 at not given #008762-91 (Ontario Co) William WINFIELD, 27, London England, Uxbridge, clerk, s/o William W. WINFIELD & Marie WATT, married Elizabeth McGUIRE, Uxbridge, same, d/o John McGUIRE & Mary Ann HOWLETT, witn: Alfred PETERS, Lynda CONBOY, both Toronto, 26 August 1891, Uxbridge
008768-91 Joseph YORK, 22, farmer, Uxbridge Twp, same s/o Joseph and Mary YORK married Hannah Matilda PILCH, 18, Uxbridge Twp, same d/o James and Sarah Ann PILCH witn: Peter WRIGHTMAN and Ann WRIGHTMAN of Siloam, August 17, 1891, Siloam, Uxbridge Twp #008761-91 (Ontario Co) Arthur YORK, 21, Uxbridge twp, same, yeoman, s/o Alfred & Eliza YORK, married Elizabeth GARBUTT, 17, Toronto, Sutton Ont, d/o David & Nancy GARBUTT, witn: Michael SULLIVAN, Phoebe Ann SULLIVAN, both Uxbridge twp, 30 July 1891, Uxbridge