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Ontario Co., 1894


9085-94 (Ontario Co): Wilber Rose ARNISON, 24, merchant, Barrie, St. Catharines, s/o John & Jeanie, married Donald Mary CAMPBELL, 20, Cannington, Port Perry, d/o Donald & Christena, witn: Ernest BOLTON of Toronto & Olga DIESFIELD of Port Perry, 3 July 1894 at Port Perry  
#008934-94 George AVERY, 22, farmer, Brock, same, s/o Sylvester & Janet AVERY, married Amelia Ellen BROAD, 26, Brock, same, d/o Samuel & Mary BROAD, witn: John & Matilda BROAD, both of Brock, 12 Feb 1894 at Cannington 9087-94 (Ontario Co): William AVERY, 24, carpenter, Canada, Scugog, s/o Joseph & Margaret, married Alice WARN, 21, Canada, Lindsay, d/o William & Rebecca, witn: William LANG & Maria AVERY, both of Scugog, 14 Sept 1894 at Port Perry
9123-94 (Ontario Co): John BARTLEY, 40, widower, farmer, Cartwright twp., East Whitby twp., s/o William BARTLEY & Eliza Jane FREEBORN, married Mary Jane GRAHAM, 39, Cartwright, same, d/o James GRAHAM & Margaret SAUNDERS, witn: Job GRAHAM of Cartwright & Ruth GRAHAM of Port Perry, 7 Nov 1894 at Prince Albert 8964-95 (Ontario Co): William F. BAYS, 29, farmer, Whitby twp., same, s/o John & Isabella, married Melinda WEBB, 18, Whitby twp., same, d/o Joshua & Susan, witn: Sarah WEBB & Samuel BAYS, both of Whitby twp., 26 Dec 1894 at Whitby twp
  #008935-94 William Mapplethorp BLACKBURN, 26, farmer, England (Lancashire), Cannington, s/o John & Elizabeth BLACKBURN, married Elizabeth Lucilla SANDERS, 22, Devonshire England, Cannington, d/o John & Mary Ann SANDERS, witn: George BLACKBURN & Maude SANDERS, both of Cannington, 21 Mar 189-?(off page) at Cannington
9117-94 (Ontario Co): George BOOTH, 40, widower, manufacturer, Canada, Toronto, s/o John & Mary BOTH (sic), married Rachel WATSON, 39, Canada, Reach twp, d/o Joseph & Rachel, witn: Robert & Susan WATSON of Reach, 7 Aug 1894 at Reach twp 9125-94 (Ontario Co): William Francis BRIGGS, 37, farmer, Whitby twp, 8th con of Whitby, s/o David & Phoebe, married Ida Jane BLIGHT, 22, 7th con of Darlington, 1st con of Reach twp, d/o Richard & Jane, witn: Henry W. BRIGGS of Toronto & Clara BRYANT of Lindsay, 11 Sept 1894 at res of Richard BLIGHT, 1st con of Reach twp
9089-94 (Ontario Co): Joseph BROWN, 23, farmer, East Whitby, same, s/o James BROWN & Sarah COOPER, married Mary Jane ALLEN, 24, Bowmanville, East Whitby, d/o John ALLEN & Mary Jane BATTEN, witn: Clara & E.H. JOLLIFFE of Oshawa, 24 March 1894 at Oshawa 009137-95 Sidney BURRIDGE, 26, coachman, Compton Abbas-Dorsetshire England, Lake Forest, s/o Edwin & Emma, married Elizabeth CLARKE, 30, Toddington Bedfordshire-England, Lake Forest, d/o William & Sarah, witn: A. J. & Jennie OKE both of Darlington on Sept. 12, 1894 at Oshawa
8941-95 John CALDERWOOD, 41, widower, lumberman, Scotland, Rama twp., s/o Peter & Christie, married Mary Elizabeth MILLER, 29, Ontario, Rama, d/o David & Susan, witn: George & Lillias MILLER of Longford Mills, 6 Dec 1894 at Longford Mills #008974-94 Andrew Hill CALLMODNON, 23, farmer, Brock, Sunderland, s/o Peter & Ann CALLMODNON, married Margaret Jane St Clair BEWILL, 27, Brock, Sunderland, d/o Thomas & Ann BEWILL, witn: William A. CALLMODNON, Sunderland & Lena HALL, Port Perry, 12 Sept 1894 at Brock
#008932-94 Fred William CHAPMAN, 26, merchant, King Ont, Cannington, s/o Henry & Sarah CHAPMAN, married Annie Alberta WOODWARD, 19, Cannington, same, d/o Thomas & Emma WOODWARD, witn: Fred C. ARMSTRONG & Flora MCLEAN, both of Toronto, 29 May 1894 at Cannington 8921-94 (Ontario Co): Francis CLUTCHY, 27, farmer, Port Perry, Mara twp., s/o Joseph CLUTCHY & Mary Jane JEROTT, married Mary S. WOOD, 28, Newmarket Ont., Mara twp, d/o John WOODS & Mary Ann BOND, witn: James WOODS & Gertrude CLUTCHY, both of Mara, 13 June 1894 at Brechin (Rom Cath)
8924-94 (Ontario Co): Patrick COSGROVE, 30, farmer, Mara, same, s/o Patrick COSGROVE & Catherine McNULTY, married Kate MAHONEY, 23, Mara, same, d/o James MAHONEY & Ann BISSETTE, witn: J. MAHONEY of Mara & Maggie McNULTY of Orillia, 27 June 1894 at Uptergrove (Rom Cath) #008928-94 Arthur W. CUDDAHEE, 28, farmer, Canada, Mara, s/o Patrick CUDDAHEE & Rose Ann KELLY, married Mary Ellen O'LEARY, 27, Canada, Mara, d/o Arthur O'LEARY & Ellen FLYNN, witn: John James BOYLE & Norah O'LEARY, both of Mara, 16 Oct 1894 at Brechin
8944-94 John CUNNINGHAM, 30, widower, smythe? plater, Richmond Hill, Cedar Dale, s/o Hugh & Margaret, married Rhoda VEALE, 24, Oshawa, Cedar Dale, d/o Augustine & Ann, witn: Miss VEALE & Miss Gertie VEALE of Cedar Dale, 17 Oct 1894 at Cedar Dale  
9088-94 (Ontario Co): George A. DEARBORNE, 20, farmer, East Whitby, same, s/o Samuel & Amanda, married Minnie DREW, 25, East Whitby, same, d/o Joseph & Minerva, witn: Lorne DREW & Lillian HALL, both of Oshawa, 28 Feb 1894 at Oshawa 9002-95 Thomas DOWSWELL, 48, widower, mason, Pickering, Mount Albert, s/o Amos DOWSWELL & Eliza COOPER, married Sarah CAIN, 35, Scott, same, d/o Thomas CAIN & Jane WILSON, witn: Albert CAIN & Marion LUNDY, both of Scott, 12 Dec 1894 at Scott
8916-94 (Ontario Co): John DOYLE, 32, farmer, Mara, same, s/o Owen & Honora, married Margaret DUFFY, 26, Mara twp., same, d/o Bernard DUFFY & Isabella McINTAGGART, witn: James DOYLE & Kate DUFFIE (sic), both of Mara, 10 April 1894 at Mara twp (Rom Cath) #008940-94 Ruben DOYNES, 31, farmer, Prince Albert, Eldon Twp, widower, s/o George DOYNES & Sarah WILSON, married Catharine CAMPBELL, 23, Edinburgh Scotland, Eldon Twp, d/o Donald CAMPBELL & Margaret MCCOY, witn: John MCDONALD, Argyle & Frances DOYNES, Eldon, 10 Oct 1894 at Cannington
#008942-95 Charles Edward EDWARDS, 43, farmer, Brock Twp, same, widower, s/o John EDWARDS & Rebecca KEELER, married Rachell FLEWELL, 36, Uxbridge, Brock Twp, d/o Richard FLEWELL & Clarissa WICKSON, witn: Mrs B. GREATRIX & Miller BELFRAY, both of Cannington, 28 Nov 1894 at Cannington #008927-94 Thomas K. EGAN, 27, labourer on G.T.R., Trafalgar Ont, Mara, s/o Patrick EGAN & Bridget CAVAN, married Catherine Ann MCLEAN, 23, Mara, same, d/o Michael & Maria MCLEAN, witn: John FLANNERY & Maria MCLEAN, both of Mara, 16 Sept 1894 at Brechin
#008930-94 Lester Mark ELLIOT, 32, farmer, Little Britain, Mariposa, s/o James R. & Angelina Mark ELLIOT, married Mary Elinor DIXON, 25, Manilla, same, d/o William & Mary DIXON, witn: Eliza A. MOYLEY & Sarah COCKBURN, not given, 23 Apr 1894 at Cannington #009084-94 (Ontario Co): Wakefield Isaac FENTON, 24, insurance agent, Reach twp., Pt. Perry, s/o Isaac & Mary, married Lillie M. DAWES, 18, Pt. Perry, same, d/o Clement & Euphemia, witnesses were William HARRIS of Brighton & Agnes Rosaline DAWES of Pt. Perry, Dec. 20, 1894 at the residence of the bride's mother, Pt. Perry
9124-94 (Ontario Co): Joseph Horatio FLEWELL, 28, currier, Uxbridge, same, s/o John FLEWELL & Susan BALLARD, married Julia Jane FERGUSON, 32, Epson - Reach twp, Reach twp, d/o Gilbert FERGUSON & Jane McDERMOTT, witn: Arthur FERGUSON of Reach & Minnie DUSTER of Uxbridge, 21 Nov 1894 at Reach twp #008941-94 Albert Reid FRENC--?(off page, French?), 31, baker, Markham Twp, Cannington, s/o Isaac FRENC--? & Hanna SANDERS, married Annie MCPHERS--?(off page, McPherson?), 21, Cannington, same, d/o Lauchlan MCPHE(off page) & Sarah BRYSON, witn: Charles F. BECK(off page) & Ann ANDERSON, both of Cannington, 31 Oct 189-?(off page), at Cannington
009133-95 Edwin Healy FRINK, 28, farmer, Earnest Town? same, s/o Robert & Cynthia married Lottie Bell SCHEMERHORN, 22, Earnest Town, same, d/o Samuel & Mary, witn: H. W. & George E. CLARKE both of Oshawa on Dec. 12, 1894 at Oshawa 8911-94 (Ontario Co): John GRIMMON ( Grimmer?), 30, farmer, England, Mara, s/o John GRIMMON & Susanna FLAWDAN, married Martha Jane CALDERWOOD, 27, Mara, same, d/o Peter CALDERWOOD & Flora Ann CAMPBELL, witn: Murdock & Mary McKENZIE of Mara, 11 Jan 1894 at Mara
#008949-94 John Thomas HAMBLYN, 24, cove maker, East Whitby, Oshawa, s/o Thomas & Mary Ann HAMBLYN, married Lavinia BRIGHTON, 21, Yorkshire England, Oshawa, d/o John & Martha BRIGHTON, witn: William Henry HAMBLYN & Harriett Lavina WARNER, both of Oshawa, 23 Mar 1894 at East Whitby 8922-94 (Ontario Co): John HANNAN, 34, farmer, Toronto, Mara, s/o Thomas HANNAN & Margaret KENNELLY, married Mary Ann COX, 30, Mara, same, d/o Andrew COX & Elizabeth DEVLIN, witn: Patrick MULVAHILL & Kate DEVLIN, both of Mara, 19 June 1894 at Mara (Rom Cath)
#008933-94 William Henry HARVEY (as written), 24, merchant, South Wellington Ont, Toronto, s/o William Henry & Maria HARVER (as written), married Rebecca Edith MARSHALL, 23, Ballinafad? Cannington, d/o James & Margaret MARSHALL, witn: Milt CRAIG, 1235 Queen St Toronto & Maggie J.F. MARSHALL, Cannington, 7 Feb 1894 at Cannington  
#008929-94 Charles HEAVENER, 28, farmer, Rama, same, s/o William HEAVENER & Mary GAYNOR, married Bridget Monica HEALY, 22, Mara, same, d/o Martin & Ann HEALY, witn: Henry HEAVENER, Rama & Cecilia HEALY, Mara, 30 Oct 1894 at Uptergrove 8958-95 (Ontario Co): William A. HENDERSON, 27, teacher, Uxbridge twp., Goodwood, s/o Joseph & Rachel, married Agnes Bertha FLUMERFELT, 22, Uxbridge twp., Goodwood, d/o Stephen A. & Margaret, witn: M. HUBBARD of Lloydtown & Minnie May FLUMERFELT of Goodwood, 26 Dec 1894 at Goodwood
8993-95 John Andrew HERSHEY, 30, doctor, Welland Co., Massey Station - Algoma, s/o John HERSHEY & Charity VANALSTINE, married Annie Mary Elsie JOHNSTON, 23, Whitby, same, d/o James JOHNSTON & Agnes KELLEY, witn: Fred Burton Ranney HELLEMS of Welland & Eliza JOHNSTON of Whitby, 20 Dec 1894 at Whitby #008944-94 George Albert HILBORN, 21, blacksmith, Cartwright Twp, Cannington, s/o Thomas Wilson & Martha HILBORN, married Elizabeth Ann SANDERS, 18, Cannington, same, d/o John SANDERS & Mary MORSE, witn: Albert COOMB, Cartwright & Maud SANDERS, Cannington, 13 Dec 1894 at Cannington
009130-95 William H. HITSON, 50, painter, widower, London England, Oshawa, s/o John HITSON & Federica HOFFMAN, married Mrs. Jennie HUGGINS, 45, widow, Cannington, Oshawa, witn: H. B. KENNEY & Mrs Peter CLARKE both of Oshawa on July 4, 1894 at Oshawa. 009134-95 - C. N. HOLMES, 26, painter, Ontario, Toronto, s/o J. H. & M. A. HOLMES, married Mary H. MITCHELL, 26, Oshawa, same, d/o J. & C. MITCHELL, witn: Miss D. HIGGINS of Oshawa & Edward S. GINGG of Niagara on Dec. 25, 1894 at Oshawa.
  #008975-94 Thomas J. HUMPHREY, 40, carriage builder, Tyrone, Woodville, widower, s/o William & Maryann HUMPHREY, married Sarah E. CORMSBERRY, 25, Reach Twp, Brock Twp, d/o Elizah & Ann CORMSBERRY, witn: William H. HUMPHREY, Udora & Jennie CAMPBELL, Cannington, 24 Oct 1894 at Brock
8920-94 (Ontario Co): John JOHNSTON, 48, farmer, Argyleshire Scotland, Thorah, s/o Duncan JOHNSTON & Catherine McLEAN, married Isabella McLEOD, 34, Oro twp., same, d/o Cameron McLEOD & Janet LITSTER?, witn: William McLEOD & Janet LEIGH, both of Oro, 6 June 1894 at Mara 8959-95 (Ontario Co): John JONES, 70, widower, gentleman, Manchester England, Uxbridge twp., s/o Robert & Ann, married Elizabeth ASHENHURST, 54, widow, Ireland, Uxbridge twp., d/o Thomas & Susannah McPEAK, witn: Thomas TODD & Maggie DUNN, both of Uxbridge twp., 19 Dec 1894 at Goodwood
9126-94 (Ontario Co): John Edward JONES, 27, laborer, Ontario, Beaverton, s/o William & Christena, married Mary Ann BUTCHER, 24, Ontario, Beaverton, d/o Edwin & Amelia, witn: Joseph BUTCHER & Christena Ann JONES, both of Beaverton, 21 March 1894 at Beaverton 009138-95 Thomas George KENNEDY 32, carriage painter, Enniskillin Ont, Oshawa, s/o Robert & Mary, married Mabel Victoria MENAGH, 22, Oshawa, same, d/o John & Rachel, witn: Samuel TREW & Helen M. KENNEDY both of Oshawa on Oct. 2, 1894 at Oshawa.
009131-95 William Andrew KESTER, 50, painter, widower, USA, Oshawa, s/o Isaiah & Elizabeth, married Eliza HERN, 41, Clarke Tp, Oshawa, d/o Grange? & Jane OGDEN, witn: H. B. KENNEY of Oshawa & Mrs. Janet MASTEN of Toronto on Nov. 15, 1894 at Oshawa. #008973-94 Joseph LABY, 26, merchant, Quebec, Toronto, s/o John & Louisa LABY, married Ida PURDY, 20, Brock, Toronto, d/o Louis & Maggie OLIVER, witn: Emma JACKSON, Brock & Samuel THORN, Mariposa, 20 Sept 1894 at Brock
#009083-94 (Ontario Co): Thomas LAMB, 41, farmer, Reach twp., same, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Mary SQUELCH, 24, E. Whitby twp., same, d/o William & Jane, Nov. 21, 1894 at Port Perry 8943-95 William LANG, 25, carpenter, Port Perry, same, s/o Alexander & Catherine, married Nettie LANSING, 19, Port Perry, same, d/o Freeman & Isabella, witn: Minnie LANSING & Arthur GRAHAM, both of Port Perry, 26 Dec 1894 at Cedar Dale
8926-94 (Ontario Co): Robert MARSHALL, 27, bar tender, Ireland, Orillia, s/o Robert MARSHALL & Eliza TAYLOR, married Mary MURPHY, 22, Oro, Mara, d/o Thomas MURPHY & Mary Ann O’SHAUGHNESSY, witn: Wellington FIBO (Tibo?) & Alice MURPHY, both of Atherley, 12 Sept 1894 at Uptergrove 8915-94 (Ontario Co): William John MARTIN, 27, farmer, Grey Co., Mara, s/o James MARTIN & Eliza FAIR, married Sarah Jane Cowan SPEIRAN, 18, Brock twp., Mara twp., d/o Charles & Sarah, witn: Samuel SPEIRAN & Mary C. MARTIN, both of Mara, 28 March 1894 at Mara
#008931-94 George Francis MASON, 25, mechanic, Oakwood, Toronto, s/o John M. & Elizabeth MASON, married Sarah Grace JAMES, 23, Mariposa, Brock, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth JAMES, witn: William J. MASON, Toronto & Annie HARDY, Cannington, 23 May 1894 at Cannington #008970-94 George Francis MASON, 25, tinsmith, Oakwood, Toronto, s/o John M. & Elizabeth MASON, married Sarah Grace JAMES, 23, Mariposa, Brock, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth JAMES, witn: William J. MASON, Toronto & Annie HARDY, Cannington, 23 May 1894 at Cannington
8919-94 (Ontario Co): James McCANN, 37, blacksmith, Northumberland Co., Mara, s/o John McCANN & Margaret CROAKIN?, married Ann FLYNN, 32, of Mara, d/o Michael FLYNN & Honora McMERNEY, witn: Peter MAUGAN (Mangan?) & Elizabeth FLYNN, both of Mara, 29 May 1894 at Brechin (Rom Cath) #008936-94 John Nelson MCDONALD, 44, yeoman, Hillier Twp Prince Ed Co, same, widower, s/o John MCDONALD & Sarah JONES, married Lizzie VALLENTYNE, 36, 11th Con Brock Twp, Cannington, d/o Thomas & Emma VALLENTYNE, witn: R.M. VALLENTYNE, Derryville & Jennie VALLENTYNE, Cannington, 25 July 1894 at Cannington
8918-94 (Ontario Co): Angus McFARLAN, 24, lumberman, Glengarry Canada, Longford, s/o Murdock McFARLAN & Harriet McDONALD, married Emma ELLICE, 20, Dartmore Ont., Longford, d/o George ELLICE & Emma TRENIER?, witn: Thomas WILLIAMS of Longford & Elizabeth PRESTON of Carden, 19 April 1894 at Atherley 8917-94 (Ontario Co): Alexander McISAAC, 37, farmer, Mara, same, s/o Donald McISAAC & Jessie McDONALD, married Mary Ann DUFFY, 32, Mara, same, d/o Bernard DUFFY & Isabella McINTAGGART, witn: Alexander McDONALD & Eliza Sarah DUFFY, both of Mara, 10 April 1894 at Mara twp (Rom Cath)
#008938-94 George MCKAY, 36, farmer, Sydenham Twp, same, s/o Angus & Eliza Campbell MCKAY, married Ida WHI---?, 28, Mariposa Twp, Cannington, d/o Jacob S. WHI--- & Elizabeth MICHAELS, witn: Frank G. WHELLER, Toronto Junction & Minnie KAM?, Pt Perry, 12 Sept 1894 at Cannington 9121-94 (Ontario Co): Charles McLEAN, 37, farmer, Brock, Reach twp, s/o Malcolm & Sarah, married Jane AKHURST, 33, Whitby, Reach twp, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: Mariah AKHURST & John MUNRO, both of Reach twp, 24 Oct 1894 at Reach twp
#008971-94 James Charles MCLEAN, 25, tailor, Thorah, Cannington, s/o Charles & Barbara GRAHAM, married Lorie MCNABB, 20, Brock, same, d/o John & Catharine MCNABB, witn: Duncan MCLEAN, Thorah & Isabella MCNABB, Brock, 30 May 1894 at 18941 Bond #008976-94 Duncan MCLEAN, 24, farmer, Thorah, same, s/o Charles & Barbara MCLEAN, married Margaret Ellen Victoria PURVIS?, 22, Brock, same, d/o James & Margaret PURVIS?, witn: Andrew CHALMERS, Beaverton & Lena WHITESIDE, Toronto, 21 Nov 1894 at Brock
8925-94 (Ontario Co): Duncan Michael McRAE, 32, farmer, Mara, same, s/o Farquhar & Isabella, married Emma NEWMAN, 26, Newmarket, Mara, d/o John NEWMAN & Rose DEVLIN, witn: Donald McRAE & Sarah NEWMAN, both of Mara, 11 Sept 1894 at Uptergrove (Rom Cath) 8914-94 (Ontario Co): F. Alexander McRAE, 27, farmer, Stormont, same, s/o Duncan & Annie, married Alexia MATHESON, 29, Mara, Stormont, d/o Margaret MATHESON & blank, witn: none, 14 March 1894 at Mara
#008977-94 William Thomas MERRICK, 21, farmer, Reach, same, s/o James & Margaret MERRICK, married Alice Matilda SCOTT, 23, Reach, Brock, d/o William & Martha SCOTT, witn: William MERRICK & Bertha SCOTT, both of Brock, 12 December 1894 at William Scott's, Brock #008972-94 Farrs? Leslie MILLER, 29, mason, Markham, same, s/o Andrew & Elizabeth MILLER, married Josephine CONNELL, 16, Georgina, same, d/o William & Sarah Jane CONNELL, witn: Mrs J.S.T. WILSON & Miss M. GRIFFITH, both of Wilfred, 18 Sept 1894 at Wilfred
#008979-94 Christopher Wesley MILLER, 25, farmer, Brock, same, s/o John & Morgan MILLER, married Alice Florence BRETHOUR, 24, Brock, same, d/o Arnold & Margaret Ann BRETHOUR, witn: George MILLER & Ida BRETHOUR, both of Brock, 19 Dec 1894 at Brock #008946-94 William Archibald MITCHELL, 33, carpenter, Mariposa Twp, Little Britain, widower, s/o William MITCHELL & Jane MERRYFIELD, married Sarah Alberta YERA (Yerex?), 36, Mariposa Twp, Little Britain, d/o Henry YERA & Mary HOOVER, witn: Mrs B. GREATRIX & Lila MOR, both of Cannington
  8913-94 (Ontario Co): Alexander MONTGOMERY, 28, officer, Beaverton, Toronto, s/o Malcolm & Sarah, married Emma EDWARDS, 23, Mariposa, Toronto, d/o Henry & Ann, witn: George EDWARDS & Jessie MONTGOMERY, both of Mara, 21 Feb 1894 at Mara twp
9127-94 (Ontario Co): Joseph MORTON, 26, farmer, Ontario, Cavan, s/o George & Sarah Jane, married Margaret Jane BURNS, 23, Ontario, Thorah twp., d/o Lewis & Jane, witn: Lewis & William G. BURNS of Thorah twp., 28 March 1894 at Beaverton 9120-94 (Ontario Co): William James ORSER, 48, widower, trader, Reach twp, Thornhill, s/o Andrew & Matilda, married Elizabeth MOORE, 38, widow, England, Reach twp, d/o George & Sarah LANE, witn: James MUNRO & Carrie SCEANES, both of Reach twp, 3 Oct 1894 at Reach twp
8912-94 (Ontario Co): William PAGE, 19, farmer, Minden, Mara, s/o James PAGE & Ellen McPHADDEN, married Margaret FAIRHERN, 20, Mara, same, d/o Robert FAIRHERN & Clarinda HANES, witn: Colin SMITH & Minto FAIRHERN, both of Mara, 13 Feb 1894 at Atherley 8942-95 Levi PERKINS, 27, farmer, Gray, Keppel, s/o Elias & Mary, married Ada HINTON, 18, Whitby, same, d/o Robert & Louisa, witn: Ellen HINTON of Harmony & Joseph S. GARRETT of Toronto Junction, 27 Dec 1894 at Harmony
9090-94 (Ontario Co): Oshawa Samuel Edward PHELP (or Philp?), 27, master mariner, Cobourg, Port Hope, s/o Joseph PHELP & Elizabeth COUCH, married Elizabeth Jane GREY (or Guy?), 28, East Whitby, same, d/o Thomas GREY & Elizabeth Jane HENRY, witn: Jabez MILLER of Port Hope & Nellie GREY of East Whitby, 21 Feb 1894 at East Whitby #008948-94 William Thomas PHILLIPS, 29, yeoman, East Whitby, same, s/o William & Eliza PHILLIPS, married Laura GILBERT, 24, Devon England, East Whitby, d/o Richard & Celia GILBERT, witn: Richard A. & Edith GILBERT, both of East Whitby, 31 Jan 1894 at East Whitby
9118-94 (Ontario Co): Ephraim READER, 27, widower, farmer, Scugog Island, same, s/o William READER & Catherine GAMBLE, married Annie Louisa PALMER, 21, Manchester, Port Perry, d/o John PALMER & Sarah BLANCHARD, witn Florence Mable READER of Scugog Island & George Arthur PALMER of Port Perry, 12 Sept 1894 at Prince Albert 009142-95 William a. RODE (ROSE?), 24, farmer, Hope Tp., same, s/o William & Eveline, married Ada MARTIN, 24, Port Hope, Hope Tp. d/o Alfred & Elizabeth, witn: Jessie HOPKIRK & Mrs James KINES both of Oshawa on Nov. 8, 1894 at Oshawa
#008939-94 Nicholas William ROSS, 23, merchant, Cannington, same, s/o Alex ROSS & Catharine McTHADDERY, married Agnes MCLACHLAN, 22, London Ont, Cannington, d/o John MCLACHLAN & Elizabeth BELL, witn: William MCLACHLAN, Cannington & Annie HODGSON, Beaverton, 19 Sept 1894 at Cannington 9086-94 (Ontario Co): William Spear SHORT, 23, clerk, Cornwall England, Port Perry, s/o John SHORT & Martha Jane SPEAR, married Bertha DENNISON, 25, Oakwood, Port Perry, d/o Daniel B. DENNISON & Mary Ann ORMSBY, witn: John SHORT of Port Hope & Fred W. DENNISON of Port Perry, 19 Sept 1894 at Port Perry
#008942-94 Len Henry SPARKS, 28, farmer, Mariposa Twp, same, s/o John SPARKS & Grace OSBORN, married Frances Ann WALLACE, 29, Mariposa Twp, same, d/o William WALLACE & Melinda NOBLE, witn: Mrs G. GREATRIX & Miss Nellis BELFOR, both of Cannington, 15 Nov 1894 at Cannington #008945-94 John Clarence SPARK, 22, farmer, Mariposa Twp, same, s/o Levi SPARKS & Emily WESTERN, married Eliza Ann SHORT, 18, Mariposa Twp, Little Britain, d/o John SHORT & Charlotte WESLEY, witn: Charles SPARK, Little Britain & Maggie WOBURN, Sonya, 19 Dec 1894 at Cannington
8923-94 (Ontario Co): Robert SWEENEY, 30, laborer, Canada, Orillia, s/o John SWEENEY & Julia MORIARTY, married Mary LEOPARD, 22, Mara, same, d/o Ezekiel LEOPARD & Margaret SMITH, witn: Edward REGAN of Orillia & Alesia LEOPARD of Mara, 30 June 1894 at Uptergrove (Rom Cath) #008937-94 Harry David TALBOT, 22, post master, Cannington, same, s/o Robert & Sarah Helena Smith TALBOT, married Ida Maria May PERRY, 18, Cannington, Brock Twp, d/o Mathew & Elizabeth Cowan PERRY, witn: William G. TALBOT & Pere PERRY, both of Cannington, 5 Sept 1894 at Brock Twp
#008969-94 Richard Elkannah TRETHEWY, 26, farmer, Mariposa, same, s/o Richard & Xavanie TRETHEWY, married Charlotte BOTT, 23, Northamptonshire England, Brock, d/o George & Jane BOTT, witn: William TRETHEWY, Mariposa & Francis BOTT, Brock, 18 apr 1894 at Brock #008947-94 John VINSON, 26, yeoman, Cornwall England, East Whitby, s/o John & Susan VINSON, married Edith GILBERT, 21, Devon England, East Whitby, d/o Richard & Celia GILBERT, witn: James BRAND, Darlington & Flora GILBERT, East Whitby, 7 Mar 1894 at East Whitby
9122-94 (Ontario Co): John WATSON, 24, farmer, Reach twp, same, s/o William & Mary, married Margaret Jane HOWSON, 21, Canada, Reach twp, d/o John & Margaret, witn: Joseph WATSON & Fanny HOWSON, both of Reach, 7 Nov 1894 at Greenbank 9119-94 (Ontario Co): Charles Henry WHITE, 23, yeoman, England, Reach twp, s/o Abel & Elizabeth, married Phoebe Gertrude WATSON, 22, Reach twp, same, d/o Robert & Susan, witn: Arthur EVERETT of Greenbank & Mary WATSON of Reach, 19 Sept 1894 at Reach twp, near Greenbank
009132-95 - C. Frederick WILKINSON, 24, butcher, Whitby, same, s/o Samuel & Hannah, married Mary CAMERON, 21, Queenstown, Whitby, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: H. M. & George E. CLARK both of Oshawa on Dec. 10, 1894 at Oshawa #008978-94 James Stamford WILSON, 29, farmer, Whitby Twp, Reach, s/o Obediah & Betsy WILSON, married Margaret Agnes GLOVER, 21, Brock, same, d/o William & Catharine GLOVER, witn: Christopher WILSON, Raglan & Sarah WILL, Layton, 17 Dec 1894 at Reach