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Ottawa, 1858

from Ontario Archives microfilm MS 248, reel 12, vol 48, Ottawa marriages 1858 - 1864

birth place is given before residence


page 2, return by Rev. John Carroll, Wesleyan Methodist,

John MOORE, 22, Ireland, Masham, s/o John & Margaret, married Sarah RYAN, 18, Ireland, Masham, d/o John & Winifred, witn: M. E. CARROLL & C. P. HENTON (Hinton?), both of Ottawa, 15 July 1858

William POPHAM, 24, Osgoode, same, s/o William & Mary, married Sarah Jane CLUFF, 23, Bytown, Ottawa, d/o Isaac & Elizabeth, witn: M. H. CLUFF & Eliza CARSON, both of Ottawa, 22 July 1858

Henry KENNEDY, 20, March, Ottawa, s/o William & Mary Jane, married Margaret BOYLE, 20, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o John & Mary, witn: Robert BELL & John CROSS, both of Ottawa, 14 Aug 1858

James BROWN, 22, Hull C.E., same, s/o James & Ann, married Susan PRITCHARD, 17, Masham C.E., same, d/o Thomas & Alvira, witn: Robert BROWN of Hull & John IRWIN of Wakefield, 18 Aug 1858

William WARREN, 23, Nepean, Hull C.E., s/o Henry & Margaret, married Catherine WHALEN, 22, Ireland, Hull C.E., d/o James & Mary, witn: Andrew & Elizabeth McLEAN of Ottawa, 7 Sept 1858

Arthur H. MATHEWSON, 23, England, Ottawa, s/o George & Maryann, married Elizabeth LANG, 23, Grenville C.E., Ottawa, d/o John & Hannah, witn: James LANG & Adelaide KEOUGH, both of Ottawa, 4 Sept 1858

John PHAIR, 27, Bytown, Gloucester, s/o William & Martha, married Elizabeth WOODBURN, 28, Ireland, Gloucester, d/o Jane (sic) & Martha, witn: William PHAIR of Gloucester & A. WOODBURN of Ottawa, 16 Sept 1858

Joseph BENEDICT, 29, Hull C.E., same, s/o Samuel & Eleanor, married Maria HICKS, 19, Cumberland, same, d/o Andrew & Hester, witn: James MAXWELL & Sarah BENEDICT, both of Hull, 10 Nov 1858

William CLEAVER, 24, England, Ottawa, s/o William & Mary Ann, married Agnes GUNN, 21, Quebec C.E., Ottawa, d/o James & Margaret, witn: Abraham LANGFORD & James EASTCOTT, both of Ottawa, 17 Nov 1858

James STEIN, 26, Upper Canada, Ottawa, s/o John & Frances, married Mary STANLEY, 23, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o Robert & Margaret, witn: Henry KENNEDY & Mary A. ALEXANDER, both of Ottawa, 18 Nov 1858


Page 4, return by D. Dandurand, parish priest, Catholic Cathedral in Ottawa

Joseph Eugene FILLION, 24, St. Eustache CE, Ottawa, s/o Martin FILLION & Felicite DESORMEAUX, married Philomene LORIOT, 16, Ottawa, same, d/o Jean Baptiste LORIOT (Lariot?), & Claire VALIQUET, witn: Jean B. LORIOT Sr. of Ottawa, 17 Jan. 1858

Antoine CHARETTE, 23, Lower Canada, Ottawa, s/o Jacques CHARETTE & Susane GODIN, married Melina VENILLOT, 16, Hull CE, same, d/o Olivier VENILLOT & Josephte BOILEAU, witn: Pierre BEIQUE of Hull, 7 Jan. 1858

Thomas S. MOORE, 24, Ireland, Ottawa, s/o James MOORE & Anna MORAN, married Margaret CARLTON, 24, Ireland, Ottawa, widow of Michael FAGAN, witn: Mary FAGAN of Ottawa, 17 Jan 1858

Joseph Lachapelle LANGLOIS, 45, Lower Canada, Cumberland, widower of the late Louise MORIN, married Flavie ROBERT, 16, Lower Canada, Ottawa, d/o Charles ROBERT & Rose DUQUET, witn: Charles ROBERT Jr. of Ottawa, 11 Jan. 1858

Peter SHEAHAN (Sheehan?), 40, Ireland, Ottawa, widower of the late Bridget DONNELLY, married Mary FOLEY, 21, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o John FOLEY & Mary MULLAND, witn: Patrick SHEAHAN of Ottawa, 24 Jan 1858

James BURNS, 24, Ireland, Ottawa, s/o John BURNS & Mary BURNS, married Honorah DALY, 16, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o John DALY & Bridget DALY, witn: John COLEMAN of Ottawa, 2 Feb 1858

William SLATTERY, 40, Ireland, Ottawa, widower of the late Honora McGRATH, married Margaret HENRICK, 21, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o John HENDRICK (sic) & Mary HENDRICK, witn: Patrick CAVANAGH of Ottawa, 9 Feb 1858

Octave GAUTHIER, 21, Lower Canada, Ottawa, s/o Jean B. GAUTHIER & Marguerite BRISEBOIS?, married Rosalie GUMOND, 21, Lower Canada, Ottawa, d/o Benjamin GUMOND & Marie CHARTRAND, witn: Javite RENARD? (Pinard?) of Ottawa, 15 Feb 1858

Joseph Barbe LEBLANC, 20, Gatineau, same, s/o Pascal LEBLANC & Marie MILLER, married Elizabeth GIRARD, 21, Lower Canada, Ottawa, d/o Jean GIRARD & Felicite TOURAND, witn: Joseph GIRARD of Ottawa, 20 Feb 1858

Francois Mitte GAMICK, Indian, 19, Lake of Two Mountains, Madawaska, s/o Francois Egotihe RABERITE & Marie Veronice EGO, married Elizabeth MISKABINIT, 16, Lake of Two Mountains, Madawaska, d/o Louis MISKABINIT & Therese MISKABINIT, witn: Louis NIKIK of Madawaska, 11 Feb 1858

Joseph BEAUCHAMP, 33, Lower Canada, Ottawa, widower of the late Leocadie CARPENTIER, married Josephine BOURGEOIS, 30, Lower Canada, Ottawa, widow of the late Emery LAROCQUE, witn: Damase BOURGEOIS of Ottawa, 4 April 1858

James BRENNAN, 21, Ireland, Ottawa, s/o Paul BRENNAN & Mary WALSH, married Catherine BRENNAN, 21, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o Robert BRENNAN & Catherine BRADY, witn: Daniel DOYLE of Ottawa, 4 April 1858

Pierre Damour POITVIN, 22, Black Rapids, same, s/o Joseph POITVIN & Phebe LABRECHE, married Marguerite RENAUD, 16, Ottawa, same, d/o Joseph RENAUD & Catherine LALONDE, witn: Joseph POITVIN of Black Rapids, 12 April 1858

Luc David AIMOND, 22, Lower Canada, Ottawa, s/o Hyacinthe AIMOND & Catherine MAINVILLE, married Josephine WISSEL, 16, Ottawa, same, d/o Emery WISSEL & Marguerite SEGUIN, witn: Emery WISSEL of Ottawa, 13 April 1858

Narcisse TRUDEL, 22, St. Remi LC, Hull, s/o Amable TRUDEL & Marguerite TERRAS, married Helene RIEL, 16, Chelsea LC, same, d/o Louis RIEL & Marguerite WEIR, witn: Louis RIEL of Ottawa, 20 April 1858

Moise DUPONT, 24, Lower Canada, Ottawa, s/o Francois DUPONT & Celeste DAIGNAULT, married Marguerite NORMAND, 24, Lower Canada, Ottawa, d/o Pierre NORMAND & Rose COURVAL, witn: Pierre NORMAND of Ottawa, 2 May 1858

Damase DAIGNAULT, 22, Lower Canada, Ottawa, s/o Michel DAIGENAIS & Angele LAUZON, married Eliza LAPOINTE, 16, Lower Canada, Ottawa, d/o Jean B. LAPOINTE & Scholastique POITVIN, witn: Jean B. LAPOINTE of Ottawa, 10 may 1858

John BRODIN, 21, Ireland, Ottawa, s/o Patrick BRODIN & Sarah NAUGHTON, married Judith MARA, 21, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o Patrick MARA & Helen DUNN, witn: Patrick BRODIN of Ottawa, 10 May 1858

Michael CULLEN, 21, Ireland, Ottawa, s/o John CULLEN & Helen CAVANAGH, married Catherine SHEA, 21, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o John SHEA & Margaret TALON, witn: Thomas CULLEN of Ottawa, 11 May 1858

Daniel SULLIVAN, 21, Ireland, Ottawa, s/o Thomas SULLIVAN & Julia O'LEARY, married Elizabeth HARROLD, 21, England, Ottawa, d/o George HARROLD & Ann NETT, witn: Louis REEVE? of Ottawa, 13 May 1858

Antoine MELANCON, 24, Lower Canada, Ottawa, s/o Antoine MELANCON & Elizabeth HELLER, married Eliza CLARE, 21, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o James CLARE & Elizabeth SYNNOTT, witn: James O'BRIEN of Ottawa, 17 may 1858

William BRENNAN, 36, Ireland, Ottawa, widower of the late Mary DRANKILL, married Sarah BUTLER, 21, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o James BUTLER & Ann LALLY, witn: Michael YOUNG of Ottawa, 24 May 1858

Edward DUPONT, 33, Lower Canada, Ottawa, s/o Francois DUPONT & Celeste DAIGNAULT, married Marie GIRARD, 30, Lower Canada, Ottawa, widow of the late Francois PAYETTE, witn: Francois COUREL? of Ottawa, 23 May 1858

James WELLS, 22, Ireland, Ottawa, s/o Daniel WELLS & Sarah CLEMENTS, married Ann WELSH, 21, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o Walter WELSH & Mary FOGARY, witn: Louis ROUSE of Ottawa, 31 may 1858

Auguste DEGUISE, 24, Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Pierre DEGUISE & Eliza ENOUFFALA, married Henriette DORIN, 21, Ottawa, same, d/o Olivier DORIN & Catherine BARBEAU, witn: Olivier DORIN of Ottawa, 5 June 1858

Joseph ROCKBRUNE, 21, Lower Canada, Ottawa, s/o Jean M. ROCKBRUNE & Sophie FANCOEUR, married Mary Ann ARLTON, 16, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o Joseph ARLTON & Eliza McGRATH, witn: Jean ROCKBRUNE of Gatineau, 13 June 1858

John QUAIN, 21, Ireland, Ottawa, s/o Redmond QUAIN & Bridget DOWLING, married Mary HEARN, 21, Ottawa, same, d/o John HEARN & Honorah POWER, witn: Pat DEVINE of Ottawa, 17 June 1858

Alexandre RICHARD, 22, Lower Canada, Masham, s/o Jeremie RICHARD & Marie BARBEAU, married Julienne PAQUETTE, 21, Lower Canada, Ottawa, d/o Augustin PAQUETTE & Marie MEILLEUR, witn: Augustin PAQUETTE of Ottawa, 21 June 1858

Paul PILON, 24, Lower Canada, Ottawa, s/o Hyacinth PILON & Apolline LADOUCEUR, married Aurelie ROI, 16, Ottawa, same, d/o Charles ROI & Reine SEGUIN, witn: Augustin ROI of Ottawa, 21 June 1858

Gilbert BRACONNIER, 22, Gatineau, same, s/o Basile BRACONNIER & Josephte DOUVIER, married Eliza HOTTE, 16, Ottawa, same, d/o Jean B. HOTTE & Marie THECLE, witn: Pierre HOTTE of Ottawa, 28 June 1858

Pierre QUEVILLON, 30, Lower Canada, Alfred, s/o Paul QUEVILLON & Rosalie St.OMER, married Henriette BELANGER, 24, Lower Canada, Ottawa, d/o Jean BELANGER & Louis DAGENAIS, witn: Louis ROUX of Ottawa, 7 July 1858

Laurent COUTU, 22, Lower Canada, Ottawa, s/o Laurent COUTU & Louise BONIN, married Matilda PARADIS, 16, Lower Canada, Ottawa, d/o Pierre PARADIS & Henriette GOULET, witn: Isidore MASSON of Ottawa, 11 July 1858

John DOOLY, 17, Gloucester, same, s/o Richard DOOLY & Catherine DOOLY, married Mary LALLY, 16, Gloucester, same, d/o Edward LALLY & Catherine MULBERRY, witn: Bridget LALLY of Gloucester, 10 July 1858

Leonard TURCOT, 21, Lower Canada, Ottawa, s/o Ambroise TURCOT & Angelique LABRECHE, married Adeline BRUNET, 16, St. Eustache LC, Ottawa, d/o Jean B. BRUNET & Louise GAUTHIER, witn: Francois BRUNET of Ottawa, 15 July 1858

John MOORE, 24, Ireland, Ottawa, s/o William MOORE & Anna CRONE, married Mary McKENNA, 21, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o James McKENNA & Jane CARMODY, witn: John READY of Ottawa, 20 July 1858

Ludger LAFONTAINE, 22, Lower Canada, Ottawa, s/o Olivier LAFONTAINE & Esther PREVOST, married Olive DEMERS, 25, Montreal, Ottawa, widow of late Oliver COUTURIER, witn: Hemi LAFONTAINE of Ottawa, 25 July 1858

Stanislas HOTTE, 23, Lower Canada, Ottawa, s/o Jean B. HOTTE & Angelique LORRAIN, married Philomene JOLIBOIS, 16, Lower Canada, Ottawa, d/o Amable JOLIBOIS & Domathilde ROY, witn: Joseph GAUTHIER of Ottawa, 26 July 1858


Page 6, return by Rev. Mr. D. Dandurand (cont)

David ROCHON, 21, Lower Canada, Ottawa, s/o Francois ROCHON & Louise ARCHAMBAULT, married Eliza JOANNISE, 21, Lower Canada, Ottawa, d/o Jean B. JOANNISE & Adelaide ROI, witn: Etienne MALETTE of Ottawa, 31 July 1858

Edouard JOHNSON, 21, Ottawa, same, s/o John JOHNSON & Julia MENARD, married Sophia JOLIBOIS, 18, Lower Canada, Ottawa, d/o Amable JOLIBOIS & Domathilde ROI, witn: John JOHNSON of Ottawa, 2 Aug 1858

Jean Baptiste GREUX, 24, Lower Canada, Ottawa, widower of the late Celine FILLION, married lea LOQUER, 16, Lower Canada, Ottawa, d/o Antoine LOQUER & Narcissa LACASSE, witn: Antoine LOQUER of Ottawa, 4 Aug 1858

Thomas Brien DESROCHERS, 22, Lower Canada, Ottawa, s/o Thomas DESROCHERS & Marguerite St.JEAN, married Domathilde LECLERC, 21, Ottawa, same, d/o Noel LECLERC & Josephte BASTIEN? (Botoun?), witn: Paul HOGUE of Ottawa, 25 Aug 1858

Francois MONET, 24, Lower Canada, Masham, s/o Francois MONET & Esther LORRAIN, married Henriette SARAZIN, 21, Lower Canada, Ottawa, d/o Francois X. SARAZIN & Angele COUVILLON, witn: Charles SARAZIN of Ottawa, 24 Aug 1858

Terence TUNY?, 24, Ireland, Ottawa, s/o Francis TUNNY? (Tierny?) & Mary KEOGH, married Helen McCREA, 21, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o Patrick McCREA & Rosah McCREA, witn: Mary DALY of Ottawa, 6 July 1858

Edouard RAINVILLE, 24, Ottawa, same, s/o Francois RAINVILLE & Charlotte DUNBAR?, married Sophie PROULX, 22, Ottawa, same, widow the late John SHEPHERD, witn: Antoine PROULX of Ottawa, 31 Aug 1858

Edmond HEALY, 24, Ireland, Ottawa, s/o Daniel HEALY & Catherine NEEDEN? (Werden?), married Bridget DANE, 21, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o Thomas DANE & Bridget BURKE, witn: Michael MALONEY of Ottawa, 31 Aug 1858

Michel MOREL, 21, Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Francois MOREL & Julia TANGUAY, married Cleephe ROI, 15, Ottawa, same, d/o Augustin ROI & Lucie GROUX, witn: Augustin ROI of Ottawa, 7 Sept 1858

James DOWNS, 24, Ireland, Ottawa, s/o Joseph DOWNS & Mary HILLARY, married Catherine HONAN, 21, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o Edward HONAN & Mary BROWN, witn: Louis ROUX of Ottawa, 13 Sept 1858

Henri BARTON, 24, Ottawa, same, s/o Henri BARTON & Marie PARIS, married Sophia CHAMPAGNE, 21, Lower Canada, Ottawa, d/o Francois CHAMPAGNE & Marie LEBOEUF, witn: Henri BERTON of Ottawa, 18 Sept 1858

Olivier DORION, 20, Ottawa, same, s/o Olivier DORION & Catherine BARBEAU, married Celine DESLOGES, 15, Ottawa, same, d/o Francois DESLOGES & Marie LANTIER, witn: Charles St. JACQUES of Ottawa, 15 Oct. (or Sept) 1858

George LETAUD (Letand?), 25, Lower Canada, Ottawa, s/o Thomas LETOUD & Louise GUENETTE, married Louise RENARD, 25, Lower Canada, Ottawa, widow of the late Vital St.LOUIS, witn: Vital PATENAUDE of Ottawa, 18 Oct (or Sept) 1858

Francois X. JARRY, 21, St. Hermas Que., same, s/o Joseph JARRY & Appolline TROTTIER, married Henriette FOUBERT, 16, Ottawa, same, d/o Antoine FOUBERT & Henriette LAPIERRE, witn: Thomas DAVIS of Ottawa, 4 Oct. 1858

Charles KING, 22, Ottawa, same, s/o Horace KING & Melinda HAWLEY, married Julia HICKEY, 24, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o James HICKEY & Mary BYRNE, witn: Mary DALEY of Ottawa, 5 Oct. 1858

John WRIGHT, 22, Hull, same, s/o John WRIGHT & Jane ROQUEBRUNE, married Elizabeth ROACH, 20, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o James ROACH & Hannah KING, witn: John WRIGHT of Hull, 28 Oct. 1858

Israel JOANNISE, 22, Ottawa, same, s/o Louis JOANNISE & Marie RINALON?, married Melina PAQUETTE, 21, Lower Canada, Ottawa, d/o Charles PAQUETTE & Marie Louise TERIARD, witn: Antoine DUFOUR of Ottawa, 19 Oct. 1858

Andre POIRIER, 22, Ottawa, same, s/o Jean B. POIRIER & Marie GRATTON, married Flais? LAFLEUR, 21, Lower Canada, Ottawa, d/o Michel LAFLEUR & Scholastique BINET, witn: Michel LAFLEUR of Gloucester, 25 Oct. 1858

Prudent LEBLANC, 21, Ottawa, same, s/o Edouard LEBLANC & Marceline DESLOGES, married Anastastia St.LOUIS, 16, Lower Canada, Ottawa, d/o Hyacinthe St.LOUIS & Thediel FORGET, witn: Magdere? DUBOIS of Ottawa, 26 Oct. 1858

Francois ROBERT, 25, Aylmer, same, s/o Phillipe ROBERT & Margaret LOQUER, married Aglae BOWEN, 16, St. Scholastique Que., Ottawa, d/o Gabriel BOWEN & Louise PROULX, witn: Philippe ROBERT of Ottawa, 6 Nov 1858

Benjamin LEPAGE, 28, Ottawa, same, widow of the late Catherine GRANT, married Marie RIVARD, 28, Leocadies Que., Ottawa, d/o Joseph RIVARD & Josephte CLOUTIER, win: Catherine CHARBONEAU of Ottawa, 20 Nov 1858


page 8, return by Rev. Alexander Moore, Presbyterian Church, Pakenham

James YOUNG, 41, Ayr Scotland, McNab, s/o James YOUNG & Isabella GIBB, married Margaret WRIGHT, 37, Paisley Scotland, Fitzroy, d/o Daniel WRIGHT & Agnes SINCLAIR, witn: Hugh YOUNG of Bristol, 16 June 1858

Henry EDEY, 24, Hull, McNab, s/o Edmond EDEY & Hannah WYMAN?, married Mary FORBES, 22, Fitzroy, same, d/o Andrew FORBES & Margaret FLAIVE? (Haive?), witn: John FORBES of Fitzroy, 27 Dec 1858


Page 10, return by Rev. J. Louder, minister of Christ Church, Ottawa

John BRADLEY, 24, Nepean, Fitzroy, s/o not given, married Eliza SMITH, no age given, of Fitzroy, d/o not given, witn: Samuel BELL & Sarah PARDUE, 23 Feb 1858

James SHORE, 25, Montreal, Nepean, s/o William SHORE & Judy, married Martha BUCKINGHAM, 20, Nepean, Cumberland, d/o Thomas BUCKINGHAM & Sarah, witn: Thomas HORN & Jane SHORE, both of Nepean, 27 Feb 1858

William STAPLETON, 23, Richmond CW?, Nepean, s/o Philip STAPLETON & Elizabeth, married Sarah Jane McLEOD, 18, Nepean, same, d/o Malcolm McLEOD & Margaret, witn: John KENNECK of Nepean, 4 March 1858

James STANLEY, 37, Ottawa, same, s/o Thomas STANLEY & Elizabeth, married Mary EDWARDS, 22, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o Robert EDWARDS & Margaret, witn: Francis HALLINDALE of Ottawa, 24 March 1858

Robert PARSONS, 24, Hull CE, Ottawa, s/o William PARSONS & Ann, married Martha DUNCAN, 18, Lochiel CW, Ottawa, d/o Donald McDonald DUNCAN & Dorothy, witn: William SUTHERLAND of Ottawa, 25 March 1858

George REDMARE, 36, Ireland, Hull, s/o Calvin REDMARE & Eliza, married Mary Ann SMITH, 31, Montreal, Aylmer CE, d/o Mathew McCRUMB & Elizabeth, witn: William AYLEN of Nepean, 12 April 1858

Jenham? MOSSOP, 44, London England, Ottawa, s/o Jonathan MOSSOP & Frances, married Clarinda STANLEY, 24, Ottawa, same, d/o John Robert STANLEY & Clarinda, witn: Richard STANLEY of Osgoode, 17 April 1858

Francis HALLINDALE, 31, Toronto, Ottawa, s/o Henry HALLINDALE & blank, married Mary Ann BRERETON, 23, Suffolk England, Ottawa, d/o James BRERETON & Frances, witn: Richard GUY of Ottawa, 18 April 1858

George KEATING, 26, Salisid? LC, Ottawa, s/o Michael KEATING & blank, married Eliza Jane MURPHY, 19, Kingston, Ottawa, d/o James MURPHY & Dorinda, witn: Thomas J. MURPHY of Ottawa, 22 April 1858

Antoine DEVELLIN, 27, Ireland, Cumberland, s/o Colla DEVELLIN & Josette, married Mary FRAPIER, 24, Papineauville CE, Cumberland, d/o Xavier FRAPIER & Rosette, witn: Thomas A. GREENE? of Ottawa, 4 May 1858

Allen DILLON, 24, England, Cumberland, s/o James DILLON & Rachel, married Maria McKINNON, 18, Cumberland, same, d/o Malcom McKINNON & Eliza, witn: John DILLON of Plantagenet, 26 May 1858

John H. RICHMOND, 45, Ottawa, same, s/o Henry RICHMOND & Ann, married Mary Ann PHILLIPS, 30, Ottawa, same, d/o John PHILLIPS & Margaret, witn: John BROCK (Breck?) of Ottawa, 16 June 1858

John FRANKLIN, 22, Ottawa, same, s/o George FRANKLIN & Mary, married Mary EGAN, 20, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o Denis EGAN & Mary, witn: Robert TERNEY (Tierney?) of Ottawa, 1 July 1858

John TIGHE, 21, England, Ottawa, s/o Charles TIGHE & Elizabeth, married Joanna BULGER, 19, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o Thomas BULGER & Bridget, witn: Edward NOWLAN of Ottawa, 5 July 1858

Charles LEDWOOD, 25, March CW, Ottawa, s/o Thomas LEDWOOD & Susan, married Margaret LESLIE, 26, Nepean, Ottawa, d/o William LESLIE & Anne, witn: Henry CHALKER of Ottawa, 8 July 1858

Isaac SCHARF, 22, Montreal, Templeton CE, s/o Enoch SCHARF & Catherine, married Elizabeth SCHARF, 19, March, Russell, d/o John SCHARF & Eliza, witn: Thomas SCHARF of Templeton, 9 Jul 1858

George COX, 24, Quebec, Ottawa, s/o James COX & Mary Ann, married Harriet Julia MURPHY, 18, Kingston, Ottawa, d/o James MURPHY & Dorinda, witn: Dr. J. GARVEY of Ottawa, 20 July 1858

William Henry BULLEY, 25, Ireland, Ottawa, s/o Robert BULLEY & Ann, married Elizabeth LAIRD, 29, Glasgow Scotland, Ottawa, d/o John LAIRD & Margaret, witn: Henrietta LOUDER of Ottawa, 29 July 1858

David (Daird?) BROWNE, 25, Wakefield CD, Hull CE, w/o John BROWNE & Ann, married Anna CLARKE, 25, Ireland, Hull CE, d/o Hugh CLARKE & Mary, witn: James KILPATRICK of Ottawa, 9 Aug 1858

Thomas MAXWELL, 23, Manchester England, Wakefield CE, s/o William MAXWELL & Jane, married Agnes FARMER, 22, Hull CE, same, d/o William FARMER & Margaret, witn: Frances FARMER of Hull CE, 19 Aug 1858

John Ryder RIDGEWAY, 21, Ireland, Ottawa, s/o Robert RIDGEWAY & Ellen, married Betsy BOWMAN (Brooman?), 27, England, Ottawa, d/o Samuel BOWMAN & Elizabeth, witn: Henry BOWMAN of Ottawa, 5 Sept 1858

Alexander LITTE, 28, England, Ottawa, s/o William LITTE & Jane, married Mary Anna BAILEY, 30, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o Samuel BAILEY & Martha, witn: James STONER of Ottawa, 27 Sept 1858

Joseph BROKENSHIRE, 28, England, Ottawa, s/o William BROKENSHIRE & Mary, married Mary CORN, 19, England, Ottawa, d/o William CORN & Eliza, witn: Charles CHENEY of Ottawa, 2 Oct. 1858

George CHAMBERLAIN, 24, England, Gloucester, s/o Stephen CHAMBERLAIN & Martha, married Jane NOWLAN, 23, Ireland, Gloucester, /do John NOWLAN & Ann, witn: Thomas COLE of Ottawa, 6 Dec 1858

John FOSTER, 24, Ireland, Nepean, s/o Arthur FOSTER & Mary, married Mary BOX, 29, England, Nepean, d/o Alexander BOX & Elizabeth, witn: James MALCOMSON of Nepean, 9 Dec 1858

John WILSON, 30, Ireland, Nepean, s/o George WILSON & Margaret, married Eliza Jane HAY, 22, Nepean, same, d/o John HAY & Agnes, witn: William J. OLIVER of Nepean, 9 Dec 1858

Daniel HARKINS, 22, England, Ottawa, s/o Joseph HARKINS & Fanny, married Sarah HOBBS, 19, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o John HOBBS & Margaret, witn: Edward HAWKINS of Ottawa, 30 Dec 1858


page 12, return by Alexander Trudeau, St. Josephs Church, Ottawa

John YOUNG, 26, Ireland, Chelsea, s/o Thomas YOUNG & Julia GLEASON, married Catherine DU--?, 22, Gloucester, same, d/o Maurice DU--? & Alice PROUT, witn: Thomas YOUNG of Chelsea & Moses DU--? of Gloucester, 22 April 1858

Timothy SHEHAN, 35, Ireland, Ottawa, s/o Patrick SHEHAN & Mary COGHLAN, married Mary DOYLE, 37, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o James DOYLE & Mary BOYLAN, witn: Felix McHUGH & John KEARNS, both of Ottawa, 26 April 1858

James MEAGHER, 35, Ireland, Ottawa, s/o Dennis MEAGHER & Bridget GRACE, married Mary CLUNE, 30, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o Patrick CLUNE & Mary NAVAN, witn: A. Grahonde? CHAIN & Paul BERTRAND, both of Ottawa, 4 May 1858

James GEARY, 28, Ireland, Ottawa, s/o Redmond GEARY & Mary MOORE, married Bridget NEVIN, 18, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o Thomas NEVIN & Bridget CONROY, witn: Robert CULEY? & Mary Ann HAYES, both of Ottawa, 13 June 1858

Patrick KENNEDY, 30, Ireland, Ottawa, s/o Patrick KENNEDY & Ann KEARNS, married Judith FLANNERY, 30, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o Patrick FLANNERY & Bridget MURPHY, witn: Patrick KELLY & Maria KENNEDY, both of Ottawa, 10 Aug. 1858

Charles CRILLEY, 25, Hull C.E., Ottawa, s/o Charles CRILLEY & Margaret BIRMINGHAM, married Johanna SHEA, 17, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o Patrick SHEA & Mary SULLIVAN, witn: Hugh & Catherine CRILLEY of Hull C.E., 7 Sept 1858

Patrick HAYES, 24, Ireland, Ottawa, s/o Edward HAYES & Ann SYBIL, married Bridget NORMAL, 20, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o Michael NORMAL & Mary DILLON, witn: William DUGAN & Catherine DONAGHUE, both of Ottawa, 8 Sept 1858

Michael LAFLEUR, 28, Canada East, Gloucester, s/o Michael LAFLEUR & Scholastique BINETTE, married Emilie MAISONNEUVE, 22, Canada East , Gloucester, d/o Pierre MAISONNEUVE & Emilie LALONDE, witn: David GINGRAS & Joseph LAFLEUR of Gloucester, 25 Oct 1858

Cornelius SHEA, 20, Ireland, Ottawa, s/o John SHEA & Bridget LONG, married Mary KANE, 17, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o Thaddeus KANE & Bridget LYDEL, witn: Timothy CONNOLLY & Charlotte CURRAN, both of Ottawa, 2 Nov 1858

Pierre DUCHARME, no age given, Canada, Aylmer C.E., s/o Pierre DUCHARME & Lucinda BUCEDIGE, married Alice CONNORS, no age given, Canada, Aylmer C.E, d/o Hugh CONNORS & Matilda NICHOLS, witn: Henry & Ellen CONNORS of Aylmer, 8 Nov 1861 (sic)

Michael NOWLAN, 24, Gloucester, same, s/o William NOWLAN & Elizabeth ROBIN, married Mary DALY, 25, Ireland, Gloucester, d/o Patrick DALY & Honora QUINN, witn: Patrick FINN & Hannah DALY, both of Gloucester, 22 Nov 1858


Page 14, return by Alexander Spence, Minister, of Ottawa City

Robert ADAMS, 22, Geullium?, North Greene, s/o Robert ADAMS & Jane HENDERSON, married Dorothea PAGET, 24, Ireland, Gloucester, d/o Thomas PAGET & Elizabeth HERIOT, witn: Edward DAVEY of Gloucester, 12 Jan 1858

Thomas HERN, 26, Scotland, Gloucester, s/o Gilbert HERN & Margaret SHEPHERD, married Euphemie CHRISTIE, 22, Bathurst, Gloucester, d/o John CHRISTIE & Isabella WRIGHT, witn: Charles CHRISTIE of Gloucester, 10 March 1858

William ARBUCKLE, 25, Ireland, Russell, s/o Samuel ARBUCKLE & Mary McMILLAN, married Mary Ann HENRY, 25, Canada East, Russell, d/o William HENRY & Martha DICKSON, witn: John CRENCAN? of Ottawa, 3 May 1858

Andrew KERR, 25, Montreal, Port Hope, s/o John KERR & Elizabeth DAVIDSON, married Helen Eliza BLASDELL, 15, Hawkesbury, Ottawa, d/o Julius BLASDELL & Margaret BLYTH, witn: George SUTHERLAND of Ottawa, 10 June 1858

William CRAIG, 30, Ottawa, Russell, s/o William CRAIG & Janet ROSS, married Isabella PETRIE, 19, Mera--?, Aylmer, d/o John PETRIE & Jane CANT, witn: John PETRIE of Gatineau, 17 June 1858

John WALKER, 28, Hull, same, s/o Charles WALKER & Eliza ROW, married Jessie WRIGHT, 25, Ottawa, Hull, d/o Andrew H. WRIGHT & Mary ATCHEN, witn: Charles MATCH of Hull, 25 June 1858

Louis FECLIT, 28, Prussia, Ottawa, s/o William FECLIT & Louisa Violet DE CHEVALIER, married Elizabeth McDONALD, 27, Montreal, Ottawa, d/o Thomas McDONALD & Margaret BROWNE, witn: William CLEGG of Ottawa, 5 July 1858

James DOWNIE, 19, Huntley, same, s/o Henry DOWNIE & Mary BOCKINS (Bolkins?), married Ann TACH (Pach?), 16, Goulburn, same, d/o James TACH & Sarah BRADLEY, witn: Isaac BRADLEY of Goulburn, 19 Aug 1858

Robert DALE, 43, Ireland, Ottawa, s/o Samuel DALE & Agnes BRIENS, married Elizabeth TAYLOR (or Nicholson), 30, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o James NICHOLSON & Margaret JOHNSON, witn: William TAYLOR of Ottawa, 17 Sept 1858

David CONN (Coun?), 21, Scotland, Ottawa, s/o Thomas CONN & Ann CLARKE, married Elizabeth GILMOUR, 15, Huntley, Ottawa, d/o John GILMOUR & Jane CLARK, witn: John ELLIOT of Ottawa, 6 Oct. 1858

Peter McKAY, 24, Lower Canada, Cumberland, s/o James McKAY & Hannah GRANT, married Mary FAIREN, 22, Canada East, Cumberland, d/o William FAIREN & Aurelia CAMPBELL, witn: James BANCROFT of Cumberland, 14 Oct. 1858

Andrew WILSON, 31, Ireland, Cumberland, s/o Thomas WILSON & Ann HICKS, married Mary Jane WILSON, 26, Ireland, Cumberland, d/o Richard WILSON & Margaret BLACK, witn: Thomas WILSON of Cumberland, 2 Nov 1858

John STEWART, 25, Scotland, Bagot, s/o Alexander STEWART & Janet DOUGLAS, married Jane ARCHIBALD, 23, Scotland, Ottawa, d/o Alexander ARCHIBALD & Margaret ROY (McGregor), witn: Daniel McDONALD of Ottawa, 4 Nov 1858

John COOKE, 21, Ireland, Ottawa, s/o Robert COOKE & Elizabeth HASTIE, married Ellen HAPPENY, 19, Gloucester, same, d/o William HAPENEY (sic) & Sarah (or Ann?) ELLIS?, witn: Alexander CLARKE of Cumberland, 8 Dec 1858

George Sinclair SUTHERLAND, 28, Scotland, Ottawa, s/o John SUTHERLAND & Jessie SINCLAIR, married Mary Janet ADDISON, no age given, Ottawa, same, d/o William ADDISON & Sarah BARNES, witn: John KINLEY of Ottawa, 8 Dec 1858

James HANLEY, 27, Torbolton, same, s/o Andrew HANLEY & Christena MILLER, married Catherine MUIR, 27, St. Therese, Torbolton, d/o James WEIR & Elizabeth ANDERSON, witn: Theodore MAINE of Ottawa, 18 Dec 1858

William WILSON, 22, Cavan Ireland, Ottawa, s/o Archibald WILSON & Ellen TAYLOR, married Elizabeth GRIFFIN, 28, Cavan Ireland, Ottawa, d/o John GRIFFIN & Ann F. CAILIS?. witn: James KILPATRICK of Ottawa, 1 July 1858

James B. DUNCAN, 34, Dundee Scotland, Perth, s/o James DUNCAN & Kay KARNSAY, married Anne BORTHWICK, 25, Shetland Isle, Perth, d/o Hugh BORTHWICK & Anna ORR, witn: Thomas McKAY of Ottawa, 13 July 1858

James SHARP, 21, Perth Scotland, Osgoode, s/o James SHARP & Mary ROBERTSON, married Ellen McROSTIE, 20, Osgoode, same, d/o Adam McROSTIE & Janet SHARP, witn: Peter McROSTIE of Osgoode, 16 July 1858

Calvin S. V. LENT, 30, Hamilton, Westmeath, s/o James LENT & Amelia VANDUSEN, married Lucinda EVANS, 29, Grenville, Gloucester, d/o John EVANS & Lucinda PINKERTON, witn: Samuel EVANS of Gloucester, 19 Aug 1858

Robert JOHNSTON, 24, Gloucester, same, s/o James JOHNSTON & Margaret Jane JOHNSTON, married Eliza JOHNSTON, 21, Gloucester, Ottawa, d/o Joseph JOHNSTON & Mary ABBOTT, witn: Kennedy JOHNSTON of Gloucester, 30 Sept 1858

William H. FORD, 29, Washington NY, Templeton, s/o George FORD & Sarah Ann HOPKINS, married Martha McAFFERTY, 22, Chatham Que., same, d/o John McAFFERTY & Margaret HARRISON, witn: Thomas W. LEE of L'Orignal, 15 Oct. 1858

Robert MOFFAT, 33, Hull, Nepean, s/o Alex MOFFAT & Isabella PINK, married Jessie ANGUS, 26, Lanark, Nepean, d/o Thomas ANGUS & Jane ANGUS, witn: Andrew ANGUS of Nepean, 3 Dec 1858


Page 16, return by Rev. Thomas Wardrope, Presbyterian Church

William HUNTER, 24, St. Andrews CE, Clarence, s/o John HUNTER & Mary HUNTER, married Christena McDONALD, 24, Chatham CE, Cumberland, d/o Kenneth McDONALD & Catherine, witn: Charles HUNTER of Cumberland, 11 Jan 1858

William HAY, 24, Inverness Scotland, Ottawa, s/o John HAY & Elizabeth, married Frances A. BLASDELL, 22, Ottawa, same, d/o Nathaniel BLASDELL & Harriet, witn: George HAY of Ottawa, 31 Jan. 1858

Andrew WILSON, 33, Antrim Ireland, Ottawa, s/o Andrew WILSON & Margaret WEIR, married Margaret HOGAN, 21, Nepean, Ottawa, d/o Luke HOGAN & Eliza BOLLARD, witn: James MONTGOMERY of Ottawa, 6 April 1858

Charles PINK, 28, Hull, same, s/o Charles PINK & Catherine, married Agnes Elliott SIMPLE, 18, Belfast Ireland, Hull, d/o John SIMPLE & Catherine ELLIOTT, witn: Daniel PINK of Hull, 21 April 1858

James DAVIS, 21, Sligo Ireland, March, s/o Solomon DAVIS & Margaret, married Jane GLEASON, 26, March, same, d/o Michael GLEASON & Mary, witn: William LEWIS of March, 22 April 1858

Robert PHAIR, 25, Gloucester, same, s/o William PHAIR & Martha BELL, married Margaret WHILLANS, 19, Gloucester, same, d/o John WHILLANS & Jane LILLICO, witn: George PHAIR of Ottawa, 23 April 1858

James PHILLIPS, 25, Goulbourn, Nepean, s/o John PHILIP (sic) & Margaret DUNLOP, married Jane McLEOD, 20, Nepean, same, d/o Daniel McLEOD & Jane STEELE, witn: John McLEOD of Nepean, 24 May 1858


Page 18, return by John D. Bell & other ministers of the M.E. Church, Ottawa

Joseph GOODMAN, 29, Beckwith, Gloucester, s/o Peter GOODMAN & Esther WILLIAMS, married Eliza GOODWIN, 15, Gloucester, Ottawa, d/o Samuel J. GOODWIN & blank, witn: Margaret FORBES & Olive C. ROBINSON, both of Ottawa, 30 Jan 1858

George SHOULDIS, 50, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o Henry SHOULDIS & Elizabeth WHITSLAND, married Frances ALLISON, 25, England, Ottawa, d/o William MILBURN (sic) & Frances HICKS, witn: Thomas MAY & Calvin GOODWIN, 8 April 1858

Santy GIBSON, 28, Ireland, Ottawa, s/o Edward GIBSON & May JOHNSTON, married Mary ARMSTRONG, 22, Huntley, Ottawa, d/o Thomas ARMSTRONG & Mary JOHNSTON, witn: Edward ARMSTRONG of Huntley & Erastus BULLIS of Hull, 9 April 1858

Stewart WOODLAND, no age given, of Ottawa, s/o not given, married Eliza GODWIN, 20, of Ottawa, d/o not given, witn: George GODWIN & Neil MORRISON, both of Ottawa, 2 June 1858

Richard DAGG, 28, Ireland, Gloucester, s/o Thomas DAGG & Susan FARMER, married Ann Bridget SPOONER, 23, Ireland, Ottawa, s/o George SPOONER & Margaret FARMER, witn: Norman McLEOD of Glengarry & John FARMER of Gloucester, 14 June 1858

Ambrose T. CAREY, 23, England, Ottawa, s/o Daniel CAREY & Mary Ann CHARLIE, married Eliza T. HOWES, 23, England, Ottawa, d/o William HOWS & Eliza TARRANT, witn: H. LANE & A.J. WAITE, both of Ottawa, 13 July 1858

William CRAVEN, 23, England, Ottawa, s/o William CRAVEN & Eliza JOLLIFE, married Mary BRADDOCK, no age given, England, Ottawa, d/o James BRADDOCK & Jane TURNER, witn: William HILLIER of Fabean, 28 July 1858

Thomas WHITE, 26, Nepean, same, s/o Charles WHITE & Elenora GAMER, married Sarah OLMSTED, 18, Nepean, same, d/o Abram OLMSTED & Ann FOSTER, witn: Alkeny HANNEWEL & Sarah McAMMOND, both of Nepean, 9 June 1858

William SWAN, 56, Lanark Scotland,, Wisconsin, s/o James SWAN & Jennet SWAN, married Mary DAVIDSON, 25, Lanark C.W., Templeton, d/o Thomas DAVIDSON & Crawford DAVIDSON, witn: Andrew & Jennet DAVIDSON of either Templeton or Nepean, 9 June 1858

Robert CROWE, 23, Ireland, Nepean, s/o Francis CROWE & Margaret, married Margaret CORBET, 17, Nepean, same, d/o Patrick CORBET & Elizabeth, witn: John RENNEY & Diana CORBET, both of Nepean, 26 Sept 1858

Alex M. MILLS, 23, Prescott, Ottawa, s/o John MILLS & Ann, married Jane T. BURNS, 19, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o John BURNS & Elizabeth, witn: George W. GODWIN & Mary NELSON, both of Ottawa, 7 Oct. 1858

Samuel EVANS, 28, Gloucester, same, s/o John EVANS & Lucinda, married Pamelia WALKLEY, 27, of Gloucester, d/o Enoch WALKLEY & Hannah, witn: Daniel WALKLEY of Ottawa & Hannah PULEFER of Gloucester, 13 Oct. 1858

Daniel WALKLEY, 23, Ottawa, same, s/o Enoch WALKLEY & Hannah, married Matilda McDOUGLE (McDougal?), 21, Glasgow Scotland, Ottawa, d/o John McDOUGLE & Hannah, witn: Rev. Richard PETZ of Farmersville & Mary Ann McCARTHY of Ottawa, 28 Oct 1858

John HANAN, 33, Ireland, Nepean, s/o John HANAN & Jane, married Sarah Ann DRAFFIN, 24, Nepean, same, d/o John DRAFFIN & Emily, witn: John ORANGE & Eliza M. EVANS, both of Nepean, 18 Nov 1858

Joseph PADDOCK, 24, Nepean, same, s/o Joseph PADDOCK & Phoebe, married Mary ALBERT, no age given, Nepean, same, d/o Henry DESMERE? (Dunmore?), witn: Thomas S. GREENE? of Ottawa & Angeline ALBERT of Nepean, 26 Nov 1858

John PINKHAM, 23, Bangor, Ottawa, s/o Samuel PINKHAM & Eunice, married Julia CARRUTHERS?, 20, Kemptville, Ottawa, d/o John CARRUTHERS & Fanny, witn: John CARRUTHERS & Jane CARRUTHERS, both of Ottawa, 3 Dec 1858