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Marriages in Oxford County, 1867

submitted by Diane Geddes

1867 Marriages by Rev. Donald McKenzie,

Minister of the Canada Presbyterian Church

Thomas PROCTOR, age 28, of Pickering, born U. States, s/o William Proctor, to Mary GIMBLET, age 21, of Reach, born Darlington, d/o George Gimblet, on January 2, 1867. Witnesses: John Mason and Eliza Mason, both of W. Zorra.

Robt. GEDDES, age 30, of Woodstock, born Scotland, s/o Alex Geddes, to Anne McPHERSON, age 22, of and born W. Zorra, d/o Alex McPherson, on January 16, 1867. Witnesses: Andrew McPherson, W. Zorra, and Thomas M. E. Bayne, Ingersoll.


1867 Marriages by Simon Terwilligar,

Minister in the Methodist Episcopal Church in Canada

John D. FISH, age 33, of S. Norwich, born Trafalgar, s/o Joseph and Eliza Fish, to Jennett A. TITUS, age 28, of and born S. Norwich, d/o Henry A. and Ameline Titus, on June 17, 1867. Witnesses: Charles W. Fish and Angeline Titus, both of S. Norwich.

George MORE, age 38, of N. Norwich, born Wilmott, s/o Charles and Rosie More, to Jane HUNTER, age 35, of N. Norwich, born Lockport, U.S., d/o David and Hannah Haynes, on October 10, 1867. Witness: Theresa T. Terwilligar.

Andrew WILLIKER, age 23, of Norwich Sore?, born Norwich S., s/o William and Catherine Williker, to Semantha KENNY, age 19, of Norwich, born Windham, d/o David and Eliza Kenny, on October 22, 1867. Witnesses: William Sherwood and Sarah A. Hilliker*, both of Norwich. *Note similarity to groom’s name

David MARTIN, age 26, of and born E. Oxford, s/o Philip and Mary Martin, to Meranda DAYTON, age 24, of and born E. Oxford, d/o Rolan and Nancy Dayton, on October 29, 1867. Witness: Philip Martin, E. Oxford.

Lewis E. STAFFORD, age 22, of and born Southwold, s/o Abel and Nancy Stafford, to Ellen BLEWITT, age 22, of S. Norwich, born E. Oxford, d/o Wilson and Ruth Blewitt, on December 25, 1867. Witness: Henry A. Titus, S. Norwich.