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Marriages in Oxford County, 1868

submitted by Diane Geddes

1868 Marriages by Rev. D. McDermid,

A Minister of the Canada Presbyterian Church

John SUTHERLAND, age 28, of Woodstock, born Canada, s/o William Sutherland and Ephemy Sutherland, to Margaret ANDERSON, age 21, of Woodstock, born Canada, d/o John Anderson and Ellen McIntosh, on January 28, 1868. Witnesses: James Ross and Alexander Sutherland, both of Woodstock.

Luke GILHOLME, age 23, of Galt, born Canada, s/o Robert Gilhome and Annie Sindal, to Mary MURRAY, age 22, of W. Zorra, born Canada, d/o Peter Murray and Mary Murray, on February 7, 1868. Witnesses: Niel Murray, Woodstock, and Thomas Henry, Blandford.

Thomas PRICE, age 36, of W. Oxford, born England, s/o James Price and Hannah Jones, to Alice THYNE, age 24, of Woodstock, born Scotland, d/o John Thyne and Barbara Scott, on February 19, 1868. Witnesses: Elliott Thyne, E. Oxford, and Sarah Stuart, Woodstock.

Aaron CROSS, age 26, of W. Zorra, born Canada, s/o Darwin Cross and Jane Osborne, to Leora THORNTON, age 19, of W. Oxford, born Canada, d/o Calvin Thornton and Elizabeth Onnes, on February 22, 1868. Witnesses: Alexander Ross, Woodstock, and William Pallister, Sweabourg.

William H. DENNIS, age 28, of N. Norwich, born Canada, s/o John Dennis and Sophia Dickson, to Elizabeth ROSS, age 25, of E. Oxford, born Canada, d/o William Ross and Jane Telfer, on March 4, 1868. Witnesses: Donald Ross and Agnes Ross, both of E. Oxford.

Douglas BRUCE, age 31, of E. Zorra, born Scotland, s/o William Bruce and Annie Douglas, to Margaret McDONALD, age 23, of E. Zorra, born Canada, d/o Donald McDonald and Janet Murry, on March 11, 1868. Witnesses: William Weir, E. Zorra, and Robert Gelmston, Woodstock.

Fraser SUTHERLAND, age 40, of W. Zorra, born Scotland, s/o George Sutherland and Mary McKay, to Cinderella VANSICKLE, age 16, of W. Zorra, born Canada, d/o Levi Vansickle and Mary McDermid, on March 12, 1868. Witnesses: Robert Sutherland, W. Zorra, and James McDonald, Woodstock.

William MUNROE, age 26, of Woodstock, born Nova Scotia, s/o Alexander Munroe and Christina McIntosh, to Mary BRYANT, age 23, of Woodstock, born Newfoundland, d/o John Bryant and Mary O. Neil, on April 4, 1868. Witnesses: George McKay and Catherine Stuart, both of Woodstock.

John SUTHERLAND, age 31, of E. Zorra, born Canada, s/o Hugh Sutherland and Catherine Sutherland, to Emily MARSHALL, age 20, of E. Zorra, born Canada, d/o Adam Sutherland and Jane Chambers, on April 17, 1868. Witnesses: William Ross and Jiles Marshall, both of E. Zorra.

Robert S. DENNING, age 32, of Woodstock, born Ireland, s/o Henry Denning and (obscured), to Caroline McKAY, age 29, of Woodstock, born Scotland, d/o Thomas McKay and Christian White, on May 15, 1868. Witnesses: Jefferson Hill and Caroline McDermid, both of Woodstock.