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Oxford County, Blenheim twp


These marriages are taken from the register book of the Gobles and Showers Corners charge of the United Church in Blenheim Township, Oxford County. The clergy was J.F. Clugston

Marriages are from June 1 1910 to March 21 1917

For these entries the following format is followed- groom’s name,age,his residence,his birth place,occupation,religion,his parents names; bride's name,age,her residence, her birthplace,religion,her parents’ names; witnesses,date and place of marriage.


David Samuel McLELLAN, 21, Blenheim, same, farmer, Baptist, s/o David McLellan and Bea McNicoll married Minnie STEVENSON, 28, widow, Blenheim, Wales, Meth., d/o James PALMER and Hannah TENANCE, Witn: Mary McLellan and Louisa Clugston on June 1 , 1910

Alexander Rupert BARTON, 21, Paris, Richwood, farmer, Meth. s/o William Rupert and Elizabeth Muir married Evelyn McGEE, 20, Blenheim, same, Pres. d/o Harry McGee and Sara Wesley. Witn: Jas. McGee of Blenheim and Louisa Clugston of Gobles on Jan 25 1911

Thomas Brush WILSON , 24, Blenheim, same, farmer, Pres. s/o Thomas Wilson and Regina Brown married Emma Elizabeth RACKNOR 20, Blenheim, Burford, Pres. d/o James Racknor and Elizabeth Burkholder. Witn: Roy Wilson and Alice Racknor on March 1 1911.

William GOCKYER, 27,Camlackie, New Durham, cheese maker, Meth. s/o Thomas Gockyer and Mary Hutcheson married Jessie RICH, 24, Burford, same, Pres. d/o William Rich and Sara Butler. Witn: Irving E Brown and Myrtle Rich on Sept 12 1911.

Alfred ZINN, 29, Blandford, Blenheim, farmer, Saints, s/o Mr and Mrs John Zinn married Ida THOMPSON, 25, Blenheim, Blandford, Cong., d/o Mr and Mrs John Thompson. Witn: Mr and Mrs Lee Godfrey on Dec 25 1911.

Garfield Arthur WILSON, 24, Blenheim, same, farmer Pres., s/o Robert and Mary Wilson married Bessie Alberta McARTHUR, 21, Blenheim, same, Pres. d/o William And Alice McArthur. Witn: Roland McArthur and Margaret Wilson on Dec. 27 1911.

John R. WILKINSON, 43, Holland Centre, Alton, clergyman, Meth., s/o Mr and Mrs Richard Wilkinson married Mary Elfreda WILKINSON 25, Meaford, Euphrasia, Pres. d/o Mr and Mrs. George CRABTREE. Witn: Mary Hubbard and Early Sinclair at Meaford Jan 8 1913.

George William EVERETT 36, Burford, same, grocer, Meth., s/o George and Julian Everett married Ellen Annie WILSON 24, Blenheim, Peel Co., Baptist d/o Mr and Mrs Paul Wilson. Witn: Fannie Wilson on Jan 15 1913.

William Gilbert LAIRD 32, Brantford, Burford, mason, Meth., s/o William And Margaret Laird married Laura Alice COCKBURN, 24, Blenheim, same, Pres. d/o John and Mrs Cockburn. Witn: John R Laird and Ethel F. Cockburn on March 20 1913.

Edwin Jeffrey ROSS 26 Woodstock, Bruce County, mail clerk, Pres., s/o Thom. And Mrs Ross married Alice Maud BUCK 26, Blenheim, same Pres., d/o Henry and Mrs Buck. Witn: Bessie Fullick and Mrs Radloff on April 3 1913.

John Garfield WISE, 25, East Oxford, Blenheim, farmer, Baptist, s/o Alex and Mrs Wise married Amy Alberta OVERBOLT, 23, East Oxford, same, Baptist, d/o John and Mrs Overbolt. Witn: Percy Wise and Gertrude Overbolt on April 16 1913.

Herbert Edward HEWITT, 20, Hamilton, Blenheim, Brakeman, Congregationalist, s/o John Hewitt and Sara Adams married Alberta KOCH 20, Blenheim, New Hamburg, Meth. d/o John Koch and Harriett Cole . Witn: James Snyder of Woodstock and Grace Hewitt of Hamilton on June 25 1913.

Howard Moody WILSON 31, Sedgwick - Alberta, Nissouri, Agent, Pres., s/o Thomas Wilson and Regina Brown married Lillian B. McARTHUR, 31, Blenheim, same, Pres., d/o Jas.McArthur and Maggie McArthur., Witn: Joseph Wilson and Mary Gibson of Princeton on Jan 14 1914.

John Greg GREGOR, 32, Burford, same, farmer, Pres. s/o Peter and Margaret Gregor married Marion Emily DANBROOK, 25, East Oxford, same, Pres., d/o George and Helen Danbrook . Witn: Jas. Danbrook and B.B. Gregor on March 25 1914.

Roy WILSON, Blenheim, same, farmer, Pres., s/o Thomas Wilson and Regina Brown married Olive SULSTON, Blenheim, same, Pres., Witn: Gordon Wilson and Winnie Sulston on April 2 1914.

Edwin Jeffrey ROSS, 26, Woodstock, Bruce County, Pres., s/o Thomas And Mrs Ross married Alice Maud BUCK 26, Blenheim, same, Pres., d/o Henry and Mrs Buck. Witn: Bessie Fullick and Mrs Radloff on April 3 1914.

Chas. William RADLOFF, 30, Burford, same, farmer , E. Chris., s/o John and Mrs Radloff married Florence Ellen WILMOTT, 20, Blenheim,,same, Eng. Ch., d/o Reg and Mrs Wilmott. Witn: Carter Wilson and Eva Allison on June 23 1914.

William PIPE , 28, Blenheim, same, farmer, Meth., s/o John and Mary Pipe married Amanda Isobel FRITCH ,18, Blenheim, same, Pres., d/o George and Amanda Fritch. Witn: William Kloz and Annie Kloz on July 30 1914.

Ross N.NEWTON, 24, Dereham, same, farmer, Meth., s/o William And Mrs Newton married Pearle Blanche RUSSELL, 28, Burford, same, Pres., d/o William And Penelope Russell, Witn: W.E. Butler and Grace Russell in Burford on Aug 17 1914

George Edwin PARKHILL, 22, Paris, Burford Twp., teacher, Pres., s/o George Parkhill and Mary Steel married Ethel May WALLACE 18, East Oxford, Burford, Pres., d/o William Wallace and Alice Hopkins. Wtn: L.M. Clugston and Annie Ayres on Aug 19 1914.

John George RANGER ,25, Ingersoll, same, Express Messenger, Baptist, s/o John Ranger and Margaret Pickard married Merian Pearl WILTSHIRE 20 , Blenheim, Woodstock, Pres., d/o Neil Wiltshire and Sara Peterson. Witn. Stanley Moon and Annie Wood on April 2 1915.

Morley SHOWERS, 24, Blenheim,same, farmer, Meth, s/o Mr and Mrs Showers, Etonia married Ethel Florence COCKBURN, 22, Blenheim, same, Pres., d/o John and Mrs Cockburn. Witn: Wilfred Cockburn and Mrs Pellow on April 14 1915.

James Norman SULSTON, 23, Blenheim, same, farmer s/o James and Mrs Sulston married Marjory Alma SULSTON 18, Blenheim, same, Pres., d/o William And Annie Thompson. Witn: Reg Rowe and Rosobel Thompson on April 5 1916.

George Gordon WILSON, 34, Blenheim, same, farmer, Pres., s/o James and Mrs Wilson married Annie Wilfred SULSTON 26, Blenheim, same, Pres., d/o James and Mrs Sulston on June 28 1916.

John Fullarton FARRINGTON, 21, Burford, same, farmer, Ch. Of Eng., s/o Jas. Farrington and Lizzie Lang married Mary Gertrude BENNET, 20, East O