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10830-11 Abraham ABSTEIN, 46, widower, merchant, of Detroit, s/o Charles ABSTEIN & blank, married Pearl Blanche HEIRSHLING, 25, widow, of Winnipeg, d/o Morris KRAMER, wholesale merchant, & Fanny BARRETT, Jan 1911 at Woodstock (Hebrew) 10831-11 Welby J. ALMAS, 28, farmer, of Kelvin, s/o William ALMAS, farmer, & Elizabeth BAKER? (Cabe?), married Ina HOLMES, 25, of Norwich, d/o Henry HOLMES, gentleman, & Ann HAINES, witn: Henry FITNESS? of Brantford & Elva HOLMES of Toronto, 15 Feb 1911 at Norwich village
10837-11 George William ANDERSON, 35, merchant, of Hespeler, s/o James ANDERSON, merchant, & Hannah HOFFMAN, married Bertha Julia CLARKSON, 33, instructor, of Woodstock, d/o Thomas L. CLARKSON, lumber merchant, & Maria Pryor BRIAN, witn: Mrs. B. C. KEMP & Mrs. C. L. McIRVINE, both of Woodstock, 4 Oct 1911 at Woodstock 10833-11 Sydney Herbert AUSTIN, 27, carpenter, of Woodstock, s/o Edmund AUSTIN, baker, & Eliza CHASE, married Susan Irene Watson KENNEDY, 24, of Zenda, d/o Hamilton KENNEDY, store keeper, & Victoria WALLER, witn: Lewis KENNEDY of Corinth & Victor KENNEDY of Tilsonburg, 12 April 1911 at Woodstock
10847-11 William Archibald BANNERMAN, 26, prospector, of Porcupine, s/o William BANNERMAN, farmer, & Mary McDONALD, married Christena McDONALD, 24, of East Nissouri, d/o Philip F. McDONALD, farmer, & Jemima YOUNG, witn: Ernest McDONALD & Christena BANNERMAN, both of E. Nissouri, 26 April 1911 at East Nissouri twp 10846-11 Samuel BARLOW, 27, engineer, of Port Carling - Muskoka, s/o James BARLOW, laborer, & Sarah STEVENS, married Lucy Jane MAJOR, 26, of Colspie, d/o William MAJOR, farmer, & Ann Elizabeth WHITE, witn: Clara M. & Edward MAJOR of Colspie, 22 April 1911 at Beachville
10865-11 Noble BASKETT, 33, widower, cheese maker, of Salford, s/o George BASKETT, farmer, & Susannah DICKINSON, married Emma WOODHOUSE, 26, nurse, of Ingersoll, d/o John WOODHOUSE, farmer, & Ellen BETTS, witn: Thomas BASKETT & Bertha SECORD, both of Brantford, 30 Dec 1911 at res of Noble Baskett, Dereham twp 10856-11 Robert Benjamin BAYES, 28, carpenter, of Toronto, s/o George BAYES, laborer, & Lucy Sarah Ann MARSHALL, married Hilda COWING, 25, of Innerkip, d/o Jonathan COWING, farmer, & Elizabeth HARGREAVES?, witn: Jonathan & Susie M. COWING of Innerkip, 7 Aug 1911 at Woodstock
10866-11 Cecil Francis BEACHAM, 23, farmer, of Putnam, s/o John BEACHAM, farmer, & Eliza COOPER, married Lizzie RENNIE, 21, of Putnam, d/o Charles RENNIE & Elliot HUTCHINSON, witn: Vera BEACHAM & George RENNIE, both of Putnam, 20 Dec 1911 at Ingersoll 10863-11 William BISSETT, 31, painter, of Woodstock, s/o William BISSETT, mason, & Grace PIPER, married Mable ARMISTEAD, 26, of Woodstock, d/o Isaac ARMISTEAD, teamster, & Jean Ellen BOND, witn: Alice M. BUTLER & Gertrude E. BARKER, both of Woodstock, 20 Dec 1911 at Woodstock
10841-11 John Edward BORLAND, 23, farmer, of East Nissouri twp., s/o William BORLAND, farmer, & Elizabeth BIRK, married Mildred THORNTON, 29, of East Nissouri, d/o Richard THORNTON, farmer, & Anna PRESLEY, witn: George B. ANDERSON Jr. & Mrs. George B. ANDERSON, both of E. Nissouri, 8 Feb 1911 at East Nissouri twp 10844-11 Herman BOWES, 21, laborer, of Sweaburg, s/o John BOWES, farmer, & Julia DOWZER, married Ruth Ellen SPICER, 18, of Sweaburg, d/o Albert SPICER, laborer, & Mary VIOLETS, witn: Lizzie Maud BELL of Sweaburg & Alfred HARPER of Beachville, 8 March 1911 at Sweaburg
10843-11 George William BOWMAN, 25, broom maker, of Norwich, s/o George W. BOWMAN, butcher, & Theresa LOVER? (Losee?), married Mabel CRONKWRIGHT, 21, house maid, of Burford twp., d/o George CRONKWRIGHT, farmer, & Isador WILSON, witn: Herbert FLETCHER & Annie HARRISON, both of Brantford, 30 March 1911 at Norwich 10840-11 William Thomson BOWMAN, 27, piano regulator, of Ingersoll, s/o William BOWMAN, barber, & Mary MARTIN, married Edith HUMPHREYS, 21, of Ingersoll, d/o James HUMPHREYS, barber, & Mary SMITH, witn: J. M. & Mrs. Mary HUMPHREYS of Ingersoll, 12 Jan 1911 at Ingersoll
10850-11 Charles BROCK, 25, brick layer, of Brantford, s/o Henry BROCK, mason, & Elizabeth NICOLLS, married Nellie Marian PAUL, 20, of Braemar, d/o Thomas Andrew PAUL, gentleman, & Isabel HOLMES, witn: Mr. & Mrs. J. G. ANDERSON of Braemar, 5 April 1911 at West Zorra twp 10853-11 Frank Lionel BROWN, 30, farmer, of Lot 12 Con 18 of East Zorra, s/o Alfred BROWN, laborer, & Maria HENLEY, married Caroline Mary JOHNSON, 28, Lot 12 Con 18 of East Zorra, d/o William JOHNSON, laborer, & Emma FULKER, witn: Hiram & Mrs. H. HALLOCK of RR2 Woodstock, 22 July 1911 at East Zorra
10864-11 John BROWN, 28, farmer, of 9th con of East Zorra, s/o James BROWN, laborer, & Elsie PIRIE, married Mary Helen BELL, 30, of 11th con of East Zorra, d/o William Murray BELL, farmer, & Magdalena BRODRECHT, witn: William SKELTON & Lizzie C. BELL, both of Tavistock, 26 Dec 1911 at 11th con of East Zorra 10858-11 Robert Alexander BROWN, 25, jeweller, of Tilsonburg, s/o Walter Bennet BROWN, jeweller, & Mary DURWARD, married Minnie Lulu WILSON, 27, widow, of Tilsonburg, d/o James Henry WILSON, teacher, & Ann BELL, witn: James Henry WILSON & Walter Bennet BROWN, both of Tilsonburg, 23 Aug 1911 at Tilsonburg
10842-11 Charles Edward BURGESS, 49, restauranteur, of Prince Rupert, s/o Elijah William BURGESS, farmer, & Harriet BEAN, married Allie Elizabeth SUTHERLAND, no age given, of Braemar, d/o Alexander SUTHERLAND, watchman, & Elizabeth LESLIE, witn: Mr. & Mrs. A. W. HARWOOD of Woodstock, 22 Feb 1911 at West Zorra twp 10852-11 Arthur BURTCH, 23, electrician, of Detroit, s/o Thomas BURTCH, teamster, & Elizabeth HARP, married Alma WRIGHT, 19, helper, of Woodstock, d/o Mark WRIGHT, teamster, & Luella SIMPKINS, witn: J. E. NEWELL of Detroit & Lucy NEWELL of Woodstock, 4 July 1911 at Woodstock
10861-11 Roy Elgin BURTIS, 20, farmer, of Burford twp., s/o Edison BURTIS, farmer, & Carrie HELLENS, married Sadie E. ALLEN, 20, of Burford twp., d/o William ALLEN, farmer, & Sarah PALMER, witn: Frank & Mrs. Frank ALLEN of New Durham, 8 Nov 1911 at Norwich 10854-11 Edwin Radcliffe BUSCOMBE, 24, physical director, of Toronto, s/o Richard BUSCOMBE, contractor, & Frances KERRAN, married Lila Shepherd HUTCHISON, 24, of Woodstock, d/o David HUTCHISON, butcher, & Martha HARMAN, witn: Richard W. BUSCMBE of Hamilton & David HUTCHISON of Woodstock, 12 July 1911 at Woodstock
10880-11 Theodore Thomas CAMPBELL, 23, farmer, of Middleton twp., s/o Benjamin CAMPBELL, farmer, & Susanna SWARTS, married Mary Edith MILES, 17, of Tilsonburg, d/o Richard MILES & Alice BARNETT, witn: Clarence CAMPBELL of Middleton twp & Mrs. Alice AUSTIN of Tilsonburg, 4 Oct 1911 at Tilsonburg 10881-11 Robert CAMPBELL, 50, widower, carpenter, of Galt, s/o Robert CAMPBELL, farmer, & Elizabeth CREWSON, married Mary Ann FRUER, 45, widow, of Galt, d/o George BOLTON, farmer, & Elizabeth MOORE (Moon?), witn: Jane A. McMULLEN of Woodstock & Verna G. LEE of Chicago, 3 Oct. 1911 at Woodstock
10876-11 Bunion CARR, 56, widower, merchant, of Gainsboro, s/o unknown & Rebecca LANE, married Viola LOUKS, 46, house keeper, of Gainsboro, d/o William Henry LOUKS, mason, & Amy BROWN, witn: Ethel Mary & Frances Mildred CLARK of Tilsonburg, 22 July 1911 at Tilsonburg 10879-11 Douglas Raymond CHAMBERS, 20, cabinet maker, of Woodstock, s/o James CHAMBERS, blacksmith, & Mary HOPKING?, married Ellen Muriel LACEY, 19, of Woodstock, d/o Leonard LACEY, painter, & Theresa WELLS, witn: Albert J. HAWN of Stratford & Mary LACEY of Woodstock, 28 Sept 1911 at Woodstock
10867-11 Earl M. CLARK, 24, of Ingersoll, s/o not given, married Beatrice ROWSOM, 20, of Ingersoll, d/o not given, witn: David VANCE of Ingersoll & Edna ROWSOM of Verschoyle, 2 Jan 1911 at Ingersoll 10875-11 David CLARK, 39, baker, of 762 Peel St., s/o David CLARK, baker, & Isabella R. GRAY, married Dorothy TELFER, 28, lady, of 495 Canterbury St., d/o James TELFER, paper maker, & Margaret MacKAY, witn: Mr. & Mrs. John WATSON of 818 James St., 16 June 1911 at Woodstock
10873-11 Harry CLARKE, 22, knitting factory, of Paris, s/o Henry CLARKE, watchman, & Nellie REED, married Gertrude May DAVIS, no age given, of Woodstock, d/o Edward DAVIS, was a farmer, & Elizabeth CORY, witn: Jessie M. SHAW & Marion LITTLE, both of Woodstock, 26 May 1911 at Rectory, Woodstock 10872-11 George COLLINS, 28, butcher, of Woodstock, s/o Thomas COLLINS, mechanic, & Johanna BOWERS, married Clarissa Ellen BOTTOMS, 25, of Woodstock, d/o Harry BOTTOMS, painter, & Clarissa BOWLES, witn: Thomas MEAGHER & Maud STANLEY, both of Woodstock, 4 May 1911 at Woodstock
10878-11 William Edward CRAGG, 32, clerk, of Ingersoll, s/o Charles CRAGG, deceased, & Jane MORAN, married Norah Margaret WILSON, 24, of Ingersoll, d/o Charles Clements Lumsden WILSON, manager of packing company, & Margaret Helen CHADWICK, witn: Ralph WILLIAMS of Ingersoll & Winifred BOYLE of Niagara Falls, 12 Sept 1911 at Ingersoll 10871-11 Hiram Leroy CUNNINGHAM, 25, painter, of Norwich, s/o Stephen CUNNINGHAM & Rebecca CHAMBERS, married Ella May PULLIN, 28, of Woodstock, d/o Albert PULLIN & Bessie ARMSTRONG, witn: Ethel R. CHRISTIE & Gladys M. SIMS, both of Ingersoll, 11 May 1911 at Ingersoll
10868-11 Arthur Edwin CURRY, 37, farmer, of Woodstock, s/o James CURRY, farmer, & Caroline MUNDY, married Adeline GLEAVE, 34, lady, of Woodstock, d/o William GLEAVE, farmer, & Emily PENNELL, witn: William H. OTTON of Woodstock & Louise GLEAVE of Paris, 28 Feb 1911 at Woodstock 10870-11 Charles Emerson CUTHBERT, 21, farmer, of Sweaburg, s/o John CUTHBERT, farmer, & Mary Jane RICE, married Edith May MANZER, 21, of Foldens, d/o George MANZER, general merchant, & Emma SHELTON, witn: Mrs. E. V. BULLOCK of Los Angeles Calif. & Emerson J. MANZER of Toronto, 30 March 1911 at West Oxford
10888-11 Charles DAIKENS, 26, butcher, of South Norwich, s/o Henry DAIKENS & Phoebe BURKHOLDER, married Cora GILLET, 20, of Windham, d/o Flave GILLET & Hattie SOVEREIGN, witn: Alfred & Mrs. Alfred SCOTT of Otterville, 1 March 1911 at Springford 10900-11 Charles Garfield DANFORD, 30, motorman, of Ingersoll, s/o George DANFORD, farmer, & Elizabeth DODGE, married Anna J. IRELAND, 28, of West Zorra, d/o Robert IRELAND, farmer, & Jane MURRAY, witn: Etta BRIGHT & Jessie NISBET, both of Ingersoll, 25 Dec 1911 at Ingersoll
10896-11 Stanley L. DAVIS, 22, farmer, of North Norwich, s/o John? Edwin DAVIS, clergyman, & Laura LOCKHART, married Rena Winnifred SMITH, 25, of North Norwich, d/o Adelbert SMITH, deceased, & Mary A. JACKSON, witn: John W. DAVIS of Norwich & Mrs. F. AVEY of Otterville, 5 Sept 1911 at twp of North Norwich 10892-11 Walter James DAVIS, 23, miller, of Tilsonburg, s/o James DAVIS & Mary DAVIDSON, married Ethel Mary PROCTOR, 23, weaver, of Tilsonburg, d/o Charles PROCTOR & Emma HART, witn: K. J. & Mary BROWN of Tilsonburg, 27 June 1911 at Tilsonburg
10886-11 William DENT, 34, farmer, of Holiday, s/o "not able to say", married Jennie REITH, 46, of Holiday, d/o David REITH, farmer, & Jean, witn: John REITH of North Oxford & Isabell McKENZIE of Holiday, 22 Feb 1911 at Ingersoll 10897-11 Ernest Edwin DOUGAL, 34, piano finisher, of Woodstock, s/o George DOUGAL, deceased, & Agnes KIRBY, married Evelyn Gladys HAWKINS, 22, of Ingersoll, d/o Fred HAWKINS, deceased, & Minnie Mary KEMPSTALL, witn: Beatrice Madeline HOLCROFT & Laura Maude PERKINS, both of Ingersoll, 4 Sept 1911 at Ingersoll
10887-11 Alfred Henry DOWNING, 23, butcher, of Brownsville, s/o Charley DOWNING, butcher, & Hester Jane DAVEY, married Florence Lazella DAVIS, 25, of Brownsville, d/o Charles DAVIS, farmer, & Precilla SNIDER, witn: Thirsa DOWNING & G. O. DAVIS, both of Brownsville, 15? March 1911 at Tilsonburg 10893-11 Robert John DUNBAR, 23, rancher, of Buckage? Arizona, s/o John DUNBAR, laborer, & Mary McNEILL, married Lillie McGAUGHEY, 24, of Woodstock, d/o Andrew McGAUGHEY, laborer, & Ella CARNEGIE, witn: Frank LANAWAY & Isabelle HARRISON, both of Woodstock, 29 July 1911 at Woodstock
10906-11 Stanley Elden EDWARDS, 21, electrician, of Woodstock, s/o Lincoln E. EDWARDS, shoe maker, & Maggie MUNROE (Menard?), married Gladys Victoria LARGIN (Langin, spelled both ways), 19, of Woodstock, d/o Edward M. LANGIN, carpenter, & Sarah Ann COLTSON, witn: Jennett B. COCHRANE of Toronto & Emma L. MacKAY of Woodstock, 8 July 1911 at Woodstock 10909-11 Edward EDWARDS, 31, cooper, of Woodstock, s/o David EDWARDS, cooper, & Sarah HOPE, married Mrs. Ida DAVIS, 32, widow, of Sweaburg, d/o Daniel BRIGGS, farmer, & Sarah LONG, witn: Gordon E. & Mrs. W. C. WEIR of Woodstock, 16 Sept 1911 at Woodstock
10904-11 Amos Cecil EDWARDS, 21, farmer, of West Oxford twp., s/o John EDWARDS, farmer, & Annie SIMMONS, married Myrtle Ivey CLIFFORD, 18, of East Oxford twp., d/o Isaac Edward CLIFFORD, farmer, & Annie May TUBBS, witn: Belva E. OLLSON & Gertrude E. BARKER, both of Woodstock, 21 June 1911 at Woodstock 10902-11 John EDMONDS, 26, brick layer, of Toronto, s/o John EDMONDS, brick layer, & Miss Angela JOHNS, married Mary McLEAN, 24, lady, of Woodstock, d/o Donald McLEAN, chair maker, & Emma ZIMMERMAN, witn: Sylvester McLEAN of 57 Girring St. in Woodstock & Laura McLEAN of 206 St. George St. in Toronto, 13 April 1911 at Woodstock
10903-11 Vernon ELLIOTT, 21, farmer, of Fairfield Plain, s/o Oliver ELLIOTT, farmer, & Margaret HOWARD, married Myrtle SHELLINGTON, 21, of Northfield - Brant Co., d/o Robert SHELLINGTON, farmer, & May YEAGER, witn: Bert SHELLINGTON of Northfield Centre & Alice GILLESPIE of Norwich, 12 April 1911 at Norwich 10905-11 Frank ENGLAND, 41, laborer, of Woodstock, s/o George ENGLAND, gardener, & Mary BACHELOR, married Jessie Crockart SMITH, 20, lady, of Dunning Scotland, d/o Andrew SMITH, shoe maker, & Christena PATTERSON, witn: David CLARK of 818 James St. & Alex WILSON of 302 Dundas St., 10 June 1911 at Woodstock
10926-11 James FAIRBANKS, 31, widower, baker, of Woodstock, s/o not given, married Anna Grace LEWIS, 19, of Sweaburg, d/o Frederick HARD & blank, witn: Charles & Annabel J. LEWIS of Sweaburg, 12 Dec 1911 at Sweaburg 10923-11 Roy FARLEY, 22, moulder, of St. Thomas, s/o Reuben FARLEY & Anna WILLIAMS, married Jessie HOOVER, 20, tailoress, of Embro, d/o George HOOVER & Annie McPHAIL, witn: Marie? McIRVINE & Emeline MORGENROTH, both of Woodstock, 28 Sept 1911 at Woodstock
10913-11 Herbert Stanley FARLEY, 21, barber, of Toronto, s/o Thomas FARLEY, merchant, & Mary Ann DUNNETT?, married Ida Elizabeth Elsie HENDERSON, 21, of Blank Bank Ont., d/o George HENDERSON, farmer, & Elizabeth DUFFIN, witn: Clara Gladys FARLEY of 13 Fern Ave in Toronto & R. N. DUFFIN of Woodstock, 23 Jan 1911 at Woodstock 10917-11 Robert Watt FERGUSON, 24, mechanic, of Woodstock, s/o Robert FERGUSON, gentleman, & Elizabeth TENNANT, married Henrietta THORBURN, 24, of Woodstock, d/o William THORBURN, hotel proprietor, & Harriett CARTER, witn: Charles LEWIS & Jennie BIRD, both of Woodstock, 29 May 1911 at Woodstock
10927-11 Harry FIDDY, 23, teamster, of Ingersoll, s/o Herbert FIDDY, workman, & Alice Jane WARD, married Myrtle Jean ROBINSON, 18, of Ingersoll, d/o John ROBINSON, workman, & Lydia THOMPSON, wit: Jessie M. SAW & Rebecca KERR, both of Woodstock, 13 Dec 1911 at Rectory, Old St. Pauls, Woodstock 10924-11 Henry Bartley FORD, 24, farmer, of West Zorra, s/o John Austin FORD, farmer, & Rachel YOUNG, married Gertrude M. BAKER, 25, of Downie twp., d/o Robert BAKER, farmer, & Lydia HASFORD, witn: Edwin FORD & Effie KIPPEN, both of Harrington, 5 Dec 1911 at Harrington, West Zorra
10922-11 Lorne FRANKLIN, 21, commercial traveller, of Clear Creek - Norfolk, s/o Floyd FRANKLIN, farmer, & Hannah GOODYER, married Pearl GATES, 20, of Clear Creek, d/o George L. GATES, farmer, & Ora DUNN, witn: Jane A. McMULLEN of Woodstock & Verna G. LEE of Chicago, 3 Aug 1911 at Woodstock 10925-11 Roland Bollert FRY, 27, farmer, of Bright, s/o Christian FRY, farmer, & Minnie? Amelia BOLLERT, married Edith Luella McKAY, 20, of Cathcart, d/o Robert McKAY, farmer, & Hannah PEARSON, witn: Malcolm TERRYBERRY of Burford & Luella FRY of Bright, 11 Dec 1911 at Woodstock
10938-11 Albert Francis GAREY, 32, farmer, of Chatham, s/o Thomas GAREY, farmer, & Calena KENNEDY, married Annie Jean McKENZIE, 33, teacher, of East Nissouri, d/o Murdock McKENZIE, farmer, & Ann McKENZIE, witn: Thomas C. McKENZIE of Lakeside & Evelyn HEYWOOD of 8 Churchill Ave in Toronto, 29 Aug 1911 at res of Caleb Patterson, Lakeside 10939-11 Joseph Angelo GARNER, 26, electrician, of Detroit, s/o Joseph Angelo GARNER, miller, & Belle MURRAY, married Margaret Rose SIBLEY, 21, of Woodstock, d/o Joseph SIBLEY, laborer, & Margaret HASLETT, witn: Ernest & Mary Maude SIBLEY of Woodstock, 28 Oct. 1911 at Woodstock
10935-11 Reginald William GEORGE, 21, farmer, of North Norwich, s/o Richard James GEORGE, painter, & Annie E. BROCKWAY, married Isabella HUNTER, 21, domestic servant, of New Durham, d/o David HUNTER & Maggie WHYTE, witn: Irene GEORGE of New Durham & Alice TRECOCK of Norwich, 15 July 1911 at Norwich 10944-11 George GIBSON, 25, cheese maker, of Middlesex Co., s/o William GIBSON, gentleman, & Jane RAMSEY, married Anna Belle SUTHERLAND, 27, house keeper, of West Zorra, d/o Daniel SUTHERLAND, farmer, & Catherine JESSOP, witn: Kate a. JESSOP of Fleming Sask. & Elmer J. ATTWELL of Wellburn, 20 Dec 1911 at West Zorra twp
10943-11 Edgar William GOODHAND, 29, laborer, of Mt Elgin, s/o William GOODHAND & Ellen EARLY, married Ruby HYDEN, 16, of Mt. Elgin, d/o Joseph HYDEN & Laura CRANE, witn: B. R. GOODHAND of Mt Elgin & Fred CRANE of Salford, 16 Dec 1911 at Ingersoll 10930-11 John Henry GOODHAND, 38, widower, farmer, of North Oxford, s/o Enoch GOODHAND, farmer, & Jeanetta ROUTLEY, married Nellie May DAINES, 25, of Dereham, d/o Robert DAINES, farmer, & Mary Elizabeth PALMER, witn: Caroline RUSSELL & Laura Maude PERKINS, both of Ingersoll, 19 April 1911 at Ingersoll
10946-11 Robert GORDON, 36, widower, farm laborer, of Newark - North Norwich, s/o James GORDON, mason, & Mary CREGGOR, married Cora INGRAHAM, 24, of Tilsonburg, d/o William INGRAHAM, cobbler, & Mary Ann PALMER, witn: Mrs. A. L. & Natalie BEVERLEY of Tilsonburg, 23 Dec 1911 at St. Johns Rectory, Tilsonburg (Salv Army) 10945-11 Frederick William GRAY, 40, of Woodstock, s/o William GRAY, merchant, & Alice DEATH, married Louise LOREE, 35, widow, of Woodstock, d/o John STITZINGER, farmer, & Catherine DEMUTH, witn: Mr. Francis Henry & Mrs. Julia A. JACQUES of Woodstock, 25 Dec 1911 at Woodstock
10942-11 Walter James GREEN, 42, widower, farmer, of Dereham, s/o George GREEN, mason, & Elizabeth SCOTT, married Ida GREEN, 42, widow, of Dereham, d/o Alfred COURTNEY, farmer, & Nancy FLUELLING, witn: Myrtle M. & John F. BOYCE of Tilsonburg, 13 Dec 1911 at Tilsonburg 10933-11 Clarence Frederick GREENAWAY, 21, weaver, of Woodstock, s/o Joseph GREENAWAY, drayman, & Susanna HICKSON, married Laura Eliz. Jane TREE, 17, of Woodstock, d/o Willis Alfred TREE, band sawer, & Mary Marilla HOTRUM, witn: Willis Alfred TREE & Mrs. S. GREENAWAY, both of Woodstock, 3 June 1911 at Woodstock
10972-11 George HACKMAN, 26, farmer, of Dereham Centre, s/o George HACKMAN, farmer, & not known, married Minnie KENNEDY, 18, of Eden, d/o Simon KENNEDY, farmer, & Jane KASSELL, witn: K. J. & Mary BROWN of Tilsonburg, 5 Dec 1911 at Tilsonburg 10954-11 Wilton Walker HALL, 31, factory superintendent, of Jamestown NY, s/o Wilkinson HALL & Martha LEDGER, married Alba Estelle NETHERCOTT, 30, nurse, of Woodstock, d/o Samuel NETHERCOTT, school principal, & Sarah MARTIN, witn: Lottie Nethercott BLAIR & Erma NETHERCOTT, both of Woodstock, 20 May 1911 at Woodstock
10971-11 Henry HARGREAVES, 26, farmer, of Dereham twp., s/o Lawrence HARGREAVES, teacher, & Alice BARNES, married Mary NEWELL, 21, of Dereham twp., d/o Frederick NEWELL, teacher, & Mary Ellen WADE, witn: Percy & Florence NEWELL of Tilsonburg, 4 Nov 1911 at Tilsonburg 10974-11 Eli HARLOW, 23, farm servant, of Hickson, s/o Samuel HARLOW, deceased, & mother deceased, married Annie PARSONS, 20, domestic, of Hickson, d/o both deceased, witn: Mr. & Mrs. A. B. ABELL of Hickson, 16 Dec 1911 at East Zorra twp
10961-11 Walter William HARRIS, 48, widower, farmer, of West Oxford twp., s/o Edwin HARRIS, grocer, & Elizabeth CRACKER (Crocker?), married Eliza Jane JUKES, 54, of Oxford Co England, d/o James JUKES, engineer, & Mary Ann FRICKER (Tricker?), witn: Gifford POOL of Foldens Corners & Margaret B. CORNWALL of Ingersoll, 12 Aug 1911 at Ingersoll 10969-11 John Albert James HARRIS, 26, section man, of Hawtrey, s/o Henry Herbert HARRIS, laborer, & Martha Maria SHEPHARD, married Emily BROWN, 24, of Hawtrey, d/o Samuel John BROWN, box maker, & Emma MAYNOT, witn: M. J. COLWELL & Zella JOHNSON, both of Woodstock, 13 Nov 1911 at Woodstock
10958-11 William Henry HART, 44, widower, machinist, of Woodstock, s/o John HART, farmer, & Emma DUNCOMB, married Anna Elizabeth HARRISON, 34, of Woodstock, d/o Charles Pool HARRISON, piano maker, & Caroline BONE, witn: Charles Pool & Caroline HARRISON of Woodstock, 26 July 1911 at Woodstock 10955-11 Frank Allen HENDERSON, 27, barber, of Woodstock, s/o John William HENDERSON & Bella MARSHALL, married Mary WOOD, 21, of Woodstock, d/o James WOOD, laborer, & Elizabeth McDONALD, witn: Florence McKAY of Woodstock & M. P. CRAIG of Delhi, 5 June 1911 at Woodstock
10966-11 William HENRY, 29, laborer, of London, s/o James HENRY, boiler maker, & Jane HARRIS, married Edith WILSON, 29, of Ingersoll, d/o Joseph WILSON, butcher, & Ann GIBBONS, witn: Arthur WILSON of London & Mrs. Albert NUNN of Ingersoll, 11 Oct. 1911 at Ingersoll 10967-11 William Henry HERLICK (or Herrlick, spelled both ways), 26, baggage master, of Woodstock, s/o Henry HERLICK, hotel keeper, & Mary FLACH, married Eliza NEWMAN, 27, of Woodstock, d/o James NEWMAN, carpenter, & Annie GALBRAITH, witn: Colin FARNSWORTH & Lottie REDDEN, both of Woodstock, 4 Oct 1911 at Woodstock
10947-11 Vinton Thomas HEWER, 23, farmer, of Delmer, s/o Thomas HEWER, farmer, & Clarinda HAYES, married Nellie Catherine AGAR, 23, of Brownsville, d/o Ebenezer AGAR, condenser?, & Mary DRURY, witn: W. E. DRURY of Grimsby & Mrs. J. STEPHENS of Ingersoll, 18 Jan 1911 at Brownsville 10963-11 Herbert David HILDERLEY, 22, butcher, of Innerkip, s/o Robert James HILDERLEY, butcher, & Alice Maria RIDDEL, married Ethel May SKILLINGS, 20, of Innerkip, d/o George Henry SKILLINGS, farmer, & Maria HAGEY, witn: Charles RIDDEL & Anne INKSTER, both of Innerkip, 6 Sept 1911 at Woodstock
10960-11 Ernest William HILL, 23, brick layer, of London, s/o William HILL, builder, & Mary Ann PARKER, married Ethel Brisband CROWTHER, 26, of Putnam, d/o Harry CROWTHER, deceased, & Sarah BRISBAND, witn: John MULLINS & Helen LOUDEN, both of Berlin, 1 July 1911 at Ingersoll 10964-11 Murry HOLMES, 28, farmer, of Otterville, s/o William HOLMES, farmer, & Janet MURRY, married Velma JOHNSON, 25, of Springford, d/o John r. JOHNSON, farmer, & Ella M. ANSTICE, witn: Charles BELL of Springford & Eva JONES of Union, 11 Oct 1911 at Springford
10956-11 Walter Alexander HOLMES, 23, organ builder, of Woodstock, s/o William John HOLMES, farmer, & Alice Mary WILSON, married Ida Florence ROBERTSON, 34, of Woodstock, d/o Peter ROBERTSON, laborer, & Ruth PAPST, witn: Mary & William J. ROBERTSON of Woodstock, 21 June 1911 at Woodstock 10968-11 James HOLMES, 30, farmer, of Harwich, s/o Henry HOLMES, farmer, & Mary MAW, married Alicia WELCH, 29, of Paris, d/o Ebenezer WELCH, farmer, & Medora SNELL, witn: Roswell MERRIAM & Flossie POLLARD, both of Norwich, 7 Oct. 1911 at Norwich
10950-11 William HOUSE, 49, farmer, of Bayham twp., s/o Isaac HOUSE, farmer, & Martha TRAVIS, married Ethel BEST, 23, of Bayham twp., d/o George BEST, farmer, & Elizabeth HILL, witn: Mrs. F. C. TATE & Mrs. W. E. KERR, both of tilsonburg, 21 Feb 1911 at Tilsonburg 10975-11 Arthur William HOWGEGO, 21, farmer, of East Zorra, s/o Henry Arthur HOWGEGO, compositor, & Laura Elizabeth MORTIMER, married Ada May HARRIS, 22, of East Zorra, d/o John Charles HARRIS, farmer, & Sarah Ann HANCOCK, witn: Albert HARRIS & Henrietta WALLACE, both of Woodstock, 23 Dec 1911 at Woodstock
10953-11 John Junius HUMPHRIES, 28, horse man, of Woodstock, s/o John Junius HUMPHRIES, officer of law, & Emma Rebekah JONES, married Clara Abigail BARTLEY, 18, of Woodstock, d/o James BARTLEY, butcher, & Mary PARKER, witn: George DINGWALL & Margaret A. E. LAMB, both of Woodstock, 22 May 1911 at Woodstock 10949-11 Searle Fraser HUNTER, 26, farmer, of Chinguacousy twp., s/o John H. HUNTER, farmer, & Elizabeth J. FRASER, married Eva Sarah NELSON, 25, of East Oxford twp., d/o Thomas NELSON, farmer, & Jennie DIXON, witn: Freeman N. LAMPMAN of Burgessville & Olive CAUFIELD of Oxford Centre, 11 Jan 1911 at East Oxford twp
10980-11 Thomas Richard JOLLIFFE, 23, farmer, of Culloden, s/o Robert JOLLIFFE, farmer, & Mary TILDEN, married Margaret HOLLINGSHEAD, 18, of Culloden, d/o S. A. HOLLINGSHEAD, farmer, & Maggie TAYLOR, witn: A. L. SCOTT & K. J. BROWN, both of Tilsonburg, 29 Nov 1911 at Tilsonburg 10978-11 Herbert Edward JONES, 30, drayman, of Woodstock, s/o Robert JONES, carpenter, & Sophia JONES, married Eleanor KIDMAN, 25, of Woodstock, d/o Alfred KIDMAN, deceased, & Eleanor C. WING, witn: Percy JONES & Mary KIDMAN, 8 April 1911 at Woodstock
10989-11 Guy Moran KELLETT, 27, Springford, Woodstock, s/o Edward KELLETT, carriage builder, & Maud MORAN, married Alice Pearl MORDEN, 27, Brighton Ont., Woodstock, d/o Thomas E. MORDEN, was a farmer, & Annie E. BUTLER, witn: James J. GUNN & Annie McLAUGHLIN, both of Woodstock, 27 Dec 1911 at Old St. Pauls Church, Woodstock 10990-11 William Kneal KELLY, 38, farmer, of North Norwich, s/o David KELLY, farmer, & Carolie Victoria HAINES, married Olive Laverne PEARSON, 31, of North Norwich, d/o William George PEARSON, farmer, & Eliza Jane CUTHBERT, witn: Arthur E. KELLY & Ida May PEARSON, both of Holbrook, 20 Dec 1911 at North Norwich twp
10991-11, (Oxford Co), Bert KERSEY, 33, Mechanic, , Woodstock, s/o, Anthony KERSEY & Martha Jane CLAY, married, Clara Jane SELBY, 21, , Woodstock, d/o, Samuel George SELBY & Orpha Jane PETERSON, witn:, , December 23, 1911, Woodstock 10988-11 Frederick KEYS, 20, farmer, of Banner Ont., s/o John KEYS, farmer, & Margaret McMILLEN, married Maggie DOWNHAM, 20, of Evelyn Ont., d/o Margaret KEYS (sic), farmer, & Mary Ann DAY, witn: W. W. DOWNHAM of Thamesford & Mary Ann DOWNHAM of Evelyn, 29 Nov 1911 at home of Allen Downham
10986-11 Arthur George KILLING, 34, farmer, of Hickson, s/o Henry KILLING, farmer, & Lena P--? M--?, married Elizabeth Gillespie SIM, 31, of Braemar, d/o William SIM, farmer, & M. GILLESPIE (deceased), witn: Alva S. SIM of Braemar & Alice KILLING of Hickson, 5? Nov 1911 at Braemar 10984-11 Gifford KING, 25, banker, of Innerkip, s/o Samuel KING, retired farmer, & Anna WILSON, married Theresa Loreen CALLAN, 21, of Innerkip, d/o Thomas CALLAN, stone mason & plumber, & Mary LOCK, witn: Olive KING of Woodstock & Nora CALLAN of Hamilton, 15 Aug 1911 at Innerkip
10983-11 Frederick KOLBE, 26, laborer, of Woodstock, s/o John KOLBE, hatter, & "does not remember", married Alice STEIN, 26, of Woodstock, d/o John STEIN, laborer, & Elizabeth ELLIS, witn: A. S. ROBINS & Clara B. VOLLMERSHAUSEN, both of Woodstock, 23 May 1911 at Woodstock 10982-11 John Ernest Matthew KNAGGS, 32, farmer, of 5th con of East Oxford (Vandecar), s/o Thomas KNAGGS, farmer, & Mary Ann FRENCH, married Florence Maud PETTIT, 31, of Burgessville, d/o Colborne PETTIT, deceased farmer, & Sarah AIKMAN, witn: Francis E. PETTIT of Burgessville & Dr. Charles W. KNAGGS of Detroit, 8 Feb 1911 at Burgessville
10992-11 William Francis LAMPMAN, 39, widower, contractor, of Woodstock, s/o Archibald LAMPMAN, farmer, & Elsie INNES, married Georgina SCOTT, 30, of Woodstock, d/o Justus W. SCOTT, gentleman, & Mary E. BRANCHFLOWER, witn: Willard SCOTT & Maggie ABBEY, both of Curries Crossing, 7 Feb 1911 at Woodstock 10993-11 Levi Percy LAND, 24, CPR fireman, of Toronto, s/o William Henry LAND & Lillian CLIFFORD, married Edith JOHNSON, 19, of Ingersoll, d/o John Henry JOHNSON & Lillian CLIFFORD (sic), witn: Nellie May DAINES of Ingersoll & Mrs. R. J. MURPHY of Thamesford, 1 Feb. 1911 at Rectory, North Oxford
11004-11 Stanley Frederick LAWRENCE, 25, porter, of Woodstock, s/o Andrew David LAWRENCE, master mariner, & Elizabeth ROBSON, married Jessie MATHESON, 21?, of Woodstock, d/o William MATHESON, merchant seaman, & Jessie SMITH, witn: Hugh MARPLE & Rosina C. NEED?, both of Woodstock, 14 Oct 1911 at Woodstock 10996-11 George LEVER, 25, weaver, of Woodstock, s/o William LEVER, weaver, & Eliza BOSWICK, married Mariah GREENHALGH, 24, of Darwin Lane England, d/o Harry GREENHALGH, milliner, & Alice MARSDEN, witn: John NOYCE & Dora Alice SANDERSON, both of Woodstock, 27 May 1911 at Woodstock
11002-11 William LOCKYER, 27, cheese maker, of Comlachie - Lambton Co., s/o Thomas LOCKYER, gardener, & Mary HUTCHINS, married Jessie RICH, 24, of Burford, d/o William RICH, farmer, & Sarah BUTLER, witn: Irving BROWN of Vandecar & Grace Myrtle RICH of Cathcart, 12 Sept 1911 at Blandford twp 11001-11 John LONDON, 29, manufacturer, of Tilsonburg, s/o James LONDON, manufacturer, & Mary SCOTT, married Rosalind HARRISON, 25, of Tilsonburg, d/o Bailey HARRISON, banker, & Hattie TILLSON, witn: Scott MERRILL of Toronto & Louisa BAIN of Tilsonburg, 15 Aug 1911 at Tilsonburg
11005-11 James Austin LONG, 27, Innerkip, same, s/o Charles LONG, farmer, & Jennie CHESNEY, married Jessie PATON, 21, Woodstock, same, d/o George Ramsey PATON, farmer, & Christena WILSON, witn: Christena BAKER of Toronto & George PATON of Woodstock, 28 Dec 1911 at Blandford twp 10995-11 William Richard LONG, 19, finisher, of Ingersoll, s/o William Richard LONG, farmer, & Helen BRADLEY, married Margaret LOUDEN, 21, of Ingersoll, d/o James LOUDEN, night watchman, & Sarah POLLARD, witn: James & Helen LOUDEN of Ingersoll, 18 April 1911 at Ingersoll
10994-11 Percy George LONGWORTH, 22, farmer, of 2nd con of Dereham twp., s/o Francis LONGWORTH, deceased, & Margaret GRISWOLD, married Lydia Grace? MORLEY, 22, of 3rd con of Dereham twp., d/o David MORLEY, farmer, & Henrietta SWARTOUT, witn: Moses & Edith MORLEY of Woodstock, 2 March 1911 at 3rd con of North Norwich twp 10999-11 John Andrew LUCAS, 62, widower, painter, of Brantford, s/o Andrew LUCAS, laborer, & Martha Elizabeth LEE, married Mary Ellen MARSHALL, 45, widow, of Woodstock, d/o Charles MOREY, farmer, & Phlanna LYBASTER, witn: Sarah Melinda MOREY (Mosey?) of Detroit & Solomon Alexander LUCAS of Guelph, 4 July 1911 at Woodstock
11027-11 Andy MACDONALD, 39, widower, farmer, of Woodstock, s/o Andrew MACDONALD, farmer, & Ellen STINSON, married Susanna Carrie MEADOWS, 38, widow, d/o father not given, farmer, & Annie ROBINSON, witn: John D. HILL? & Mrs. Wesley KENT, both of Woodstock, 1 June 1911 at Woodstock 11042-11 John Donald MACDONALD, 32, physician, of Ingersoll, s/o Allen MACDONALD, farmer, & Annie CAMERON, married Helen COLERIDGE, 31, of Ingersoll, d/o John COLERIDGE, insurance agent, & Margaret Allandetta LOSSEE, witn: G. Allen MACDONALD of Stratford & L. Gertrude COLERIDGE of Detroit, 27 Sept 1911 at Ingersoll
11025-11 Thomas H. MacKAY, 35, widower, railroad agent, of Walton Ont., s/o James MacKAY & Elizabeth KNOX, married Alma HOOVER, 20, of Zorra, d/o George HOOVER & Annie McPHAIL, witn: Etta BRIGHT & Jessie NISBET, both of Ingersoll, 28 June 1911 at Ingersoll 11023-11 Thomas Alexander MacKAY, 28, electric operator, of Woodstock, s/o Alexander MacKAY, insurance agent, & Agnes Easter OSBORNE, married Edith May CARTER, 28, of London England, d/o George Henry CARTER, wine merchant, & Annie Maria HAYDAY, witn: Annie & Reginald T. COLBOURNE of Woodstock, 12 May 1911 at Woodstock
11050-11 John W. MAHON, 38, lawyer (sawyer?), of Cobalt, s/o Thomas MAHONE (sic) & Mary JONES, married Sarah O. HOLMES, 36, teacher?, of Tilsonburg, d/o Charles HOLMES & Mary LIVINGSTONE, witn: May NICHOLSON of Tilsonburg & Kate NICHOLSON of Cleveland USA, 17 Oct 1911 at Tilsonburg 11045-11 Harry Roy MALCOLM, 30, clerk, of Tilsonburg, s/o Andrew F. MALCOLM, carpenter, & Minerva NETHERCOTT, married Arlina Etta BROWN, 33, clerk, of Tilsonburg, d/o Lauther? BROWN, "has been dead some time" & Arlina BROWN, witn: David W. & Mrs. D. W. LOWN of Tilsonburg, 4 Oct 1911 at Tilsonburg
11044-11 Alfred James MALLINSON, 23, printer, of Woodstock, s/o Alfred James MALLINSON, mechanic, & Harriet HAZEL, married Irene WHITEHEAD, 20, of Woodstock, d/o Aaron WHITEHEAD, farmer, & Jane YATES, witn: Moses McIRVINE & Emeline MORGENROTH, both of Woodstock, 11 Oct 1911 at Woodstock 11029-11 William Earl MARKHAM, 24, farmer, of Newark, s/o William MARKHAM, farmer, & Edith Annie PAGE, married Ada Gertrude SANDERSON, 18, of Newark, d/o Jerome SANDERSON, farmer, & Edith KETTLE, witn: Mrs. William KIRKPATRICK & Miss Agnes HARN?, both of Burgessville, 7 June 1911 at Burgessville
11008-11 Hugh Johnston MATHESON, 27, blacksmith, of East Zorra, s/o George Benjamin MATHESON, wagon maker, & Elizabeth SMITH, married Margaret Matilda COOK, 30, of Kincardine, d/o John Wesley COOK, laborer, & Mary MOWAT, witn: Mrs. D. S. ALDRIDGE & Edith A. PETERS, both of Bright, 31 Jan 1911 at Bright 11022-11 George Angus MATHESON, 25, farmer, of East Nissouri, s/o George MATHESON, farmer, & Lydia McCOOMBS, married Mary Elizabeth TAYLOR, 28, of Ingersoll, d/o James TAYLOR, farmer, & Phedora CANFIELD, witn: Mr. & Mrs. W. W. BANBURY of Woodstock, 14 May 1911 at Ingersoll
11031-11 Harold MATTHEWS, 27, machinist, of Detroit, s/o George MATTHEWS, gentleman, & Bessie S. EDMONDSON, married Mary A. MATTHEWS, 18, of Woodstock, d/o Charles MATTHEWS, commercial traveller, & Miranda STOCKS, witn: Arthur & Mrs. A. FOX of Woodstock, 4 July 1911 at Woodstock 11046-11 Charles Leroy MAYBERRY, 31, telephone man, of Ingersoll, s/o George MAYBERRY, laborer, & Elizabeth BUCHANAN, married Cora Ethel KERR, 23, of Ingersoll, d/o William KERR, laborer, & Alice WATLING, witn: Walter KERR & Mrs. James KERR, both of Ingersoll, 30 Oct 1911 at Ingersoll
11021-11 Harvey Gordon MAYES, 19, electrician, of Bracebridge, s/o William James MAYES, electrician, & Harriet A. Rose EYRE, married Olive Tisdale WITHERING, 19, of Tilsonburg, d/o unknown, witn: E. W. ROBINSON of Tilsonburg & W. J. MAYES of Bracebridge, 15 April 1911 at Tilsonburg 11032-11 Halley Hunter McBAIN, 28, grocer, of Ingersoll, s/o William McBAIN, dry goods clerk, & Christena HUNTER, married Coza Cecil Ethel SKUCE, 30, of Ingersoll, d/o Thomas SKUSE (sic), deceased farmer, & Susannah INGRAM, witn: Fred P. TENNANT of Ingersoll & Coza A. MERCER of Woodstock, 17 July 1911 at Ingersoll
11030-11 Albert McBURNEY, 19, farmer, of West Zorra, s/o Albert McBURNEY, farmer, & Elsie Jane ALEXANDER, married Kate MATHESON, 20, of West Zorra, d/o John MATHESON, farmer, & Annie SUTHERLAND, witn: Jean & Annie MATHESON of Youngsville, 21 June 1911 at West Zorra twp 11009-11 John Franklin McDONALD, 25, farmer, of East Zorra, s/o Finley McDONALD, farmer, & Marion SHARON, married Agnes SMITH, 24, of East Zorra, d/o William SMITH, farmer, & Sar S. E. McLEVIN, witn: Archie SMITH & Jessie McDONALD, both of Woodstock, 15 Feb 1911 at res of Mr. Smith, East Zorra
11011-11 Arthur Herbert McDONALD, 26, farmer, of Dereham, s/o illegible (George?) McDONALD, dead, & Elizabeth Ann PRATT, married Ethel Elizabeth LAINCHBURY, 20, of Dereham, d/o Albert William LAINCHBURY, farmer, & Maria BUTLER, witn: Charles Earl McDONALD & Flossie Lavina LAINCHBURY, both of Dereham Centre, 23 March 1911 at Dereham twp 11041-11 William McDONALD, 29, farmer, of Woodstock, s/o John McDONALD, farmer, & Mary POGSON, married Edna May WHYTE, 19, of Woodstock, d/o John WHYTE, farmer, & Charlotte Elizabeth LITTLE (Tottle?), witn: Mrs. B. C. PARKER & Mrs. Fred c. HORNIGBY?, both of Woodstock, 6 Sept 1911 at Woodstock
11059-11 Harold Vernon McINTOSH, 28, of Detroit, s/o James McINTOSH, merchant, & Sophia WALLER, married Monta Lena Alberta HATCH, 25, of Tilsonburg, d/o Levi Johnston HATCH, farmer, & Mary Jane KETCHABAW, witn: Edward HATCH & Mrs. Morley HATCH, both of Eden, 27 Dec 1911 at Tilsonburg 017688-10 ( Oxford Co) Donald McINTOSH , 25 , merchant , from Maplewood , s/o John McINTOSH & Jane SUTHERLAND , married Maggie May AMES , 21 , from West Zorra , d/o James AMES & Margaret Jane LITTLE , witn: David McINTOSH & Mrs. Samuel McKAY both of West Zorra , 4 Jan 1911 at Harrington  (also 11007-11)
11037-11 Bernard McKIERNAN, 35, widower, Drumcree Ireland, Woodstock, s/o William McKIERNAN & Mary Jane MURPHY, married Margaret HUGHES, about 30, Tyrone Ireland, Woodstock, d/o Andrew HUGHES & Mary LOUGHLIN, witn: James & Catherine DEWAR, 7 Aug 1911 at Woodstock 11012-11 Joseph Edward McLELLAND, 23, farmer, of Blandford twp., s/o David Samuel McLELLAND, farmer, & Maria McNICOL, married Charlotte ROSS, 21, of West Zorra, d/o William ROSS, farmer, & Catherine McKAY, witn: William Henry McLELLAND of Eastwood & Jessie Margaret ROSS of Braemar, 22 March 1911 at Embro
11026-11 James McWILLIAM, 27, machinist, of Woodstock, s/o John McWILLIAM, fencer, & Agnes CAMPBELL, married Lucy CLIFTON, 29, of Edinburgh Scotland, d/o James CLIFTON, farmer, & Mary HOLMES, witn: R. D. McGEE & Alex WILSON, both of Woodstock, 21 June 1911 at Woodstock 11043-11 Edward METHERELL, 21, laborer, of Woodstock, s/o Edward METHERELL, mechanical engineer, & Elizabeth TAYLOR, married Alice May NAPTHEN, 18, factory hand, of Woodstock, d/o Robert NAPTHEN, GTR hand, & Emily FULLER, witn: Reuben WILKES & Emily NAPTHEN, both of Woodstock, 26 Oct 1911 at res of the bride, Woodstock
11019-11 Jesse MILLARD, 21, cheese maker, of Avon Ont., s/o Clinton J. MILLARD, farmer, & Mary DICKSON, married Annie LOUCH, 19, of Cultus Ont., do Richard LOUCH, farmer, & Alice FARR, witn: Ella CARTWRIGHT & Ruth OLIVER, both of Tilsonburg, 5 April 1911 at Tilsonburg 11058-11 Gordon MILMINE, 23, cheese maker, of Courtland, s/o Isaac B. MILMINE, farmer, & Emily PRIDDLE, married Minnie May SINDEN, 21, of Middleton, d/o John SINDEN, farmer, & Mary Jane KENNY, witn: Margaret SCOTT of Bayham & Archie LEACH of Brownsville, 20 Dec 1911 at Tilsonburg
11034-11 David MILSON, 24, street car conductor, of Woodstock, s/o George William MILSON, contractor, & Rosanna HUNTSBERGER, married Mary GRIFFIN, 21, of West Oxford twp., d/o Nathaniel GRIFFIN, farm laborer, & Angelina RIDDLE, witn: George E. PHILLIPS & Gertrude E. BARKER, both of Woodstock, 4 July 1911 at Woodstock 11016-11 Charles Albert MINERS, 35, laborer, of Dereham twp., s/o John J. MINERS, farmer, & Elizabeth Ann JONES, married Erie Pearl MILLARD, 24, of Bayham twp., d/o Oliver Fowler MILLARD, laborer, & Serena Amelia MONTROSE, witn: Emma L. & J. Harold KERR of Tilsonburg, 22 March 1911 at Tilsonburg
11053-11 Archie L. MOORE, 24, farmer, of South Norwich, s/o Alex MOORE, farmer, & Mary STOTTARD, married Velma Aletha HICKS, 20, of South Norwich, d/o Albert HICKS, farmer, & Jennie MACKLEM, witn: Elston HICKS & Mae L. OATMAN, both of Cornell, 30 Nov 1911 at South Norwich twp 11052-11 Frederick William S. MOORE, 25, farmer, of South Norwich, s/o Byron MOORE, farmer, & Amelia MOORE, married Estella BROUGH, 18, of North Norwich, d/o James BROUGH, farmer, & Ida RANDALL, witn: Ira FOX & Florence RAYMOND, both of Sspringford, 15 Nov 1911 at twp of North Norwich
11048-11 Edward Hughes MORGAN, 40, machinist, of Ingersoll, s/o David MORGAN, deceased, & Annie SHARBOTTOM, married Florence BADDEN, no age given, of 41 Ulster St. in Toronto, d/o James BADDEN, deceased, & Jane McLEOD, witn: Mr. & Mrs. James MAYBERRY of Ingersoll, 12 Oct 1911 at Ingersoll 11035-11 Watkin William Wynn MORGAN, 28, merchant, of Norwich, s/o Edwin MORGAN, merchant, & Plezzie HILLIS, married Gertrude LAWRASON, 25, of Norwich, d/o John LAWRASON, artisan, & Caroline STRODE, witn: Alice M. TANCOCK of Norwich, 26 July 1911 at Norwich
11038-11 Reginald MORRIS, 20, butcher, of Ingersoll, s/o Alexander MORRIS & May Frances ILES, married Georgina SHEPHERD, 20, of Ingersoll, d/o George SHEPHERD & Margaret SHEPHERD, witn: Mary J. BAILEY & Rose MORRIS, both of Ingersoll, 29 Aug 1911 at Ingersoll 11040-11 Albert Gower MORRISON, 28, civil engineer, of Chilliwack BC, s/o John MORRISON, city clerk, & Kate HENRY, married Isabel Elizabeth McHARDY, 28, nurse, of Woodstock, d/o William George McHARDY, merchant, & Mary Ann TOCHTEN, witn: C. H. MORRISON & Leban McHARDY, both of Woodstock, 20 Sept 1911 at Woodstock
11024-11 Albert Edward MOTTERSHEAD, 20 + 4 mon, printer, of Toronto, s/o James MOTTERSHEAD, dead, & Edith Annie HILL, married Mabel BAXTER, 19 + 10 mon, of Woodstock, d/o Benjamin BAXTER, furniture finisher, & Mahala KNELL, witn: Harry MOTTERHEAD & Mildred NEALY, both of Toronto, 24 June 1911 at Woodstock 11047-11 Gerrit MULDER, 21, laborer, of Tilsonburg, s/o "he does not know", married Mary LOWRIE, 33, helper, of Tilsonburg, d/o William LOWRIE, policeman, & Anna MULMYN, witn: Marie McIRVINE & Emeline MORGENROTH, both of Woodstock, 14 Oct. 1911 at Woodstock
11039-11 Samuel Pomeroy MURRAY, 40, mechanic, of Woodstock, s/o John MURRAY, laborer, & Mary Ann POMEROY, married Jean HEARD, 27, of Ingersoll, d/o James HEARD, deceased, & Minnie APPLETON, witn: William Henry HOLDEN of Ingersoll & Winnie A. SHELTON of Peebles, 15 Sept 1911 at Ingersoll 11049-11 John MYCOCK, 28, mechanic, of Woodstock, s/o James MYCOCK, workman, & Annie SALTER, married Mary SALTER, 24, of Woodstock, d/o dead & Elizabeth MYCOCK, witn: William MYCOCK & Lillie BOLMETT?, both of Woodstock, 14 Oct 1911 at Rectory, Old St. Pauls, Woodstock
11062-11 John Ernest NEWELL, 23, laborer, of Detroit, s/o Henry NEWELL, machinist, & Louisa ROGERS, married Lucy BURTCH, 18, of Woodstock, d/o Thomas BURTCH, laborer, & Elizabeth HARP, witn: Arthur BURTCH of Detroit & Alma WRIGHT of Woodstock, 14 July 1911 at Woodstock 11063-11 John Underwood NICHOLS, 25, farmer, of West Oxford twp., s/o George NICHOLS, farmer, & Ida BROWN, married Edith York ELLIOTT, 20, of Dereham twp., d/o Washington A. ELLIOTT, builder, & Sarah E. YORK, witn: Washington A. ELLIOTT & George NICHOLS, both of Ingersoll, 2 Sept 1911 at Ingersoll
11069-11 William ORR, 38, carpenter, of Broderick Sask., s/o James ORR, farmer, & Christena MORRISON, married Abilane JEFFERY, 24, house keeper, of Thamesford, d/o William JEFFREY (sic), farmer, & Frances SHIPP, witn: Isabella ORR of Thamesford & Catherine SUTHERLAND of Embro, 6 Dec 1911 at East Nissouri 11064-11 Lewis John OSBORN, 24, butcher, of Woodstock, s/o Andrew Wallace OSBORN, teamster, & Charlotte WHITTINGTON, married Emma Maud WILTSHIRE, 22, of Woodstock, d/o Hugh WILTSHIRE, laborer, & Marie OLSON, witn: Charlotte OSBORN & Annie WILTSHIRE, both of Woodstock, 29 March 1911 at Woodstock
11065-11 John Oliver OTTERBEIN, 24, bank manager, of Odessa Ont., s/o Christian OTTERBEIN, brewer, & Henrietta KEIL, married Anna Henrietta SHOEBOTHAM, 22, of Woodstock, d/o William Melville SHOEBOTHAM, book keeper, & Elizabeth PEACHEY, witn: Laoma OTTERBEIN & Helene E. SHOEBOTHAM, both of Woodstock, 17 April 1911 at Woodstock 11068-11 Thomas Courtney OTTON, 29, of Woodstock, s/o Daniel L. OTTON, mechanic, & Annie Catherine FLESK, married Catherine Annie SIMPSON, 22, of Woodstock, d/o James Allan SIMPSON, machinist, & Annie LARK, witn: George E. & Annie OTTON and James SIMPSON, all of Woodstock, 11 Oct 1911 at Rectory, old St. Pauls, Woodstock
11080-11 William L. PALMER, 54, widower, teamster, of Norwich village, s/o John PALMER, farmer, & Lydia SPRAGUE, married Mary J. FLETCHER, 52, widow, house keeper, d/o Lydia SPRAGUE (sic), painter, & Margaret RAINEY, witn: Ursula CRABBE & Hettie G. DOOLITTLE, both of Norwich, 10 June 1911 at Norwich village 11085-11 Edwin PAYNE, 21, machinist, of Ingersoll, s/o John PAYNE & Margaret McCLELLAN, married Angela Margaret CLEAR, 20, of Ingersoll, d/o Patrick CLEAR & Hattie PATON, witn: Howard GOULD of Beachville & Ella PAYNE of Ingersoll, 4 Nov 1911 at Ingersoll
11081-11 Oliver PERRY, 24, laborer, widower, of Otterville, s/o Oliver PERRY, laborer, & Jane STOVER, married Susannah HARP, 18, of Otterville, d/o Thomas HARP, machinist, & Hannah Rebecca HOWELL, witn: Thomas HARP of Otterville & Jennet SPRAGUE of Summerville, 8 July 1911 at Otterville 11073-11 Arthur William PHELPS, 26, farmer, of village of Crompon - Middlesex Co., s/o Ottmel? PHELPS, farmer, & Delia HORNING, married Margaret Helen TAGNEY, 24, of Ingersoll, d/o Michael TAGNEY, deceased farmer, & Mary CRONIN (deceased), witn: John Alexander BIRMINGHAM of 23 Scott St. in Toronto & Laura Maude PERKINS of Ingersoll, 1 March 1911 at Ingersoll
11082-11 Stephen PRATT, 60, widower, of Springford, s/o Abel W. PRATT & Patience WARE, married Ann Nettie McMEHAN, 44, of Springford, d/o Thomas McMEHAN, blacksmith, & Louisa SHELDON, witn: Nellie BUCHNER of Guelph & Huldah MOYER of Woodstock, 27 Sept 1911 at Springford 11078-11 Harry Ernest PRITCHARD, 29, farmer, of Newark, s/o William PRITCHARD, farmer, & Eleanor McEWEN, married Priscilla Jane MacMILLAN, 25, of Newark, d/o Robert MacMILLAN, farmer, & Sarah Ann ROBINSON, witn: J. R. MacMILLAN & Maggie illegible, both of Newark, 28 June 1911 at 4th con of North Norwich twp
11072-11 James E. PROUSE, 25, farmer, of Ostrander, s/o Thomas PROUSE, farmer, & Elizabeth HENDERSON, married Mabel J. BRADBURN, 23, teacher, of Tilsonburg, d/o Thomas BRADBURN, farmer, & Marie BURTON, witn: Walter P. HARPER? & Vera HOCKEY, both of Ostrander, 8 March 1911 at Tilsonburg 11077-11 William Henry PRUDHAM, 36, farmer, of Flamboro Centre, s/o Thomas PRUDHAM, deceased farmer, & Martha HARRIS, married Mary Hazel LYONS, 28, of East Flamboro, d/o John LYONS, market farmer, & Elizabeth RASBERRY, witn: Bertha M. KRUG (King?) & Mrs. C. A. CAVERS, both of Hickson, 24 May 1911 at Hickson
11091-11 William Bruce RAYMOND, 26, liveryman, of Paris Ont., s/o William RAYMOND & Mary Jane RUSLING, married Pauline Flossie BEARSS, 18, of Ingersoll, d/o Henry BEARSS & Lena SERVICE, witn: W. SINGURE? of Paris & Annie BEARSS of Ingersoll, 29 March 1911 at Ingersoll 11089-11 John REDMOND, 30, farmer, of Demaine? Sask., s/o John REDMOND, farmer, & Margaret GIVENS, married Mabel BURRILL, 24, of North Oxford twp., d/o Herbert L. BURRILL, farmer, & Hettie THOMAS, witn: Harriet Reid FINLAY of Embro & E. May REID of Wingham, 22 Feb 1911 at Embro
11102-11 William John RIBBLE, 21, farmer, of Courtland, s/o William H. RIBBLE, farmer, & Elizabeth THOMPSON, married Winnifred NULES, 18, of Tilsonburg, d/o Richard NULES, deceased, & Alice? BARNETT, witn: Mrs. G. C. LAMONT & Florence RANDALL, both of Springford, 25 Oct. 1911 at North? Norwich twp. 11097-11 George RICE, 21, laborer, of Orwell, s/o Jacob RICE, farmer, & Emeretta JOHNSTON, married Louisa McLEAN, 18, collector, of Ingersoll, d/o Hugh McLEAN, butcher, & Mary Ann BURK, witn: A. W. READER & Myrtle PHILLIPS, both of Ingersoll, 10 Aug 1911 at Ingersoll
11090-11 Thomas Edward RICHENS, 25, farmer, of Verschoyle, s/o Henry RICHENS, laborer, & Matilda WINGFIELD, married Florence WESTCOTT, 29, of Verschoyle, d/o Francis KLOSTERMAN, mechanic, & Harriet WESTCOTT, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Elihu WELCH of Burgessville, 1 March 1911 at Burgessville 11096-11 Frederick Clarence ROBERTS, 23, printer, of Woodstock, s/o George ROBERTS, tailor, & Sarah HAWLEY, married Elsie Gertrude EADE, 20 + 9 mon, of Woodstock, d/o George EADE, farmer, & Alice SMITH, witn: V. Leroy HEATH & A. E. WOODRUFFE, both of Woodstock, 22 July 1911 at Woodstock
11099-11 George Edward ROBINSON, 38 (28?), commercial traveller, of Toronto, s/o George ROBINSON, retired gentleman, & Sarah Ann RAYNOR, married Ella May CRABBE, 25, of North Norwich, d/o Charles CRABBE, farmer, & Elizabeth GRIFFIN, witn: F. A. FISH of Toronto & Ethel R. CRABBE of North Norwich, 5 Aug 1911 at North Norwich twp ( Norwich village Road) 11103-11 William ROSS, 23, machinist, of Woodstock, s/o William ROSS, laborer & Jennie EAVES, married Ann Frances CARTER, 21, of Woodstock, d/o George CARTER & Annie FULLARTON, 13 Oct 1911 at Woodstock
11101-11 Alexander McDonald ROSS, 24, farmer, of Nissouri, s/o John F. ROSS, farmer, & Mayan? McDONALD, married Sophia Isabella SUTHERLAND, 20, of Harrington West, d/o Innis SUTHERLAND, farmer, & Bessie DOUGLAS, witn: Innis SUTHERLAND of Harrington West & Ida S. CLARK of Nissouri, 13 Sept 1911 at Harrington West 11095-11 Walter Hugh ROSS, 24, mason, of Kintore, s/o Hugh ROSS, farmer, & Carrillon McCORQUODALE, married Myrtle J. McLEOD, 25, of Kintore, d/o George B. McLEOD, farmer, & Janet C. KENNEDY, witn: Olive ROBINSON of Mitchell & Elizabeth LINDSAY of Kintore, 29 June 1911 at Kintore, East Nissouri
11093-11 John ROSS, 32, cableman, of Woodstock, s/o William ROSS, laborer, & Jennie EAVES, married Harriet MATTSON, 29, widow, of Woodstock, d/o Walter NASH, cutter, Eliza KIRK, witn: William ROSS Jr. & A. CARTER, both of Woodstock, 24 May 1911 at Woodstock 11100-11 Hugh ROSS, 33, farmer, of Brannan?, s/o Andrew ROSS, deceased farmer, & Catherine SUTHERLAND, married Mary Annabelle ALEXANDER, 21, of Brannan?, d/o Robert Henry ALEXANDER, farmer, & Maryann MURRAY, witn: Robert ALEXANDER & Catherine MURRAY, both of Braemar, 6 Sept 1911 at East Zorra twp
11126-11 James Andrew Frederick SANDERS, 26, farmer, of Dereham, s/o Fred McClarence SANDERS, farmer, & Bertha Amelia WHITE, married Agnes Anabella FEWSTER, 26, of Tilsonburg, d/o William FEWSTER & Isabella ELLIS, witn: Susanna McMULLEN of Woodstock & Verna G. LEE of Chicago, 23 Aug 1911 at Woodstock 11116-11 John SAVILLE, 27, laborer, of East Oxford, s/o William SAVILLE & not known "he is an Englishman, parents lay dead", married Rose May WILSDON, 20, of East Oxford, d/o William WILSDON, farmer, & Sarah BATES, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. SMITH of Oxford Centre, 29 April 1911 at East Oxford twp
11112-11 Guy SCOTT, 23, mechanic, of Woodstock, s/o Frank SCOTT, farmer, & Agnes SCOTT, married Hattie O'ROURKE, 24, of Ingersoll, d/o Patrick O'ROURKE, farmer, & Mary TYRELL, witn: M. M. McIRVINE & Annie THOMPSON, both of Woodstock, 9 March 1911 at Woodstock 11123-11 Wallace Burt SCOTT, 29, contractor, of Paris Ont., s/o George SCOTT, farmer, & Mary ROCHESTER, married Mary Ann BARTLEY, 32, lady, of Woodstock, d/o James BARTLEY, farmer, & Jennie LOUDEN, witn: Gordon SCOTT of Paris & Mrs. A. N. LOVE of Detroit, 7 June 1911 at Woodstock
11115-11 Edward SHEAR, 43, widower, teacher, of Allandale, s/o Benjamin SHEAR, farmer, & Jeanette SUTHERLAND, married Mildred Anna HODGINS, 25, of Woodstock, d/o Charles C. HODGINS, bursar, & Margaret M. HODGINS, witn: C. C. & M. M. HODGINS of Woodstock, 19 April 1911 at Woodstock 11110-11 William Benjamin SHERK, 52, widower, drover, of Burgessville, s/o Jesse SHERK, farmer, & Susannah FARMER, married Mary Marilla KELLY, 35, telephone operator, of 23 Perry St. in Woodstock, d/o James P. KELLY, deceased, & Hannah CHANTLER, witn: Mrs. Minnie BATES & John KELLY, both of Woodstock, 15 Feb 1911 at Woodstock
11131-11 Benson R. SIPLE, 52, widower, farmer, of East Oxford, s/o John SIPLE, farmer, & Eugenia LOSSING, married Bertha M. SMART, 38, house maid, of South Norwich twp., d/o John SMART, farmer, & Rebecca MEDDAUGH, witn: Mr. & Mrs. L. B. FLEMING of Springford, 18 Oct 1911 at Springford 11134-11 Robert Edward SLIMMON, 38, widower, section foreman, of Princeton Ont., s/o William Gillies SLIMMON, mason, & Charlotte MANNELL, married Sophie BAYLISS, 38, widow, of Woodstock, d/o William PARKER, farmer, & Sophia LAING, witn: S. BAYLISS of Woodstock & Mabel PARKER of Falkland, 22 Nov 1911 at Woodstock
11133-11 Charles Thomas SMITH, 23, farmer, of Woodstock, s/o William SMITH, farmer, & Mary OAKLEY, married Lillian DOWNEY, 19, of Woodstock, d/o William DOWNEY, farmer, & Martha CHESNEY, witn: James DOWNEY & Pearl Cherrett BLANDFORD, both of Woodstock, 29 Nov 1911 at Woodstock 11122-11 Elmer Pomeroy SMITH, 31, farmer, of South Norwich, s/o Josiah SMITH, farmer, & Eliza CHAPIN, married Iva Pearl MONK, 20, of South Norwich, d/o Jehiel MONK, farmer, & Ella FLETCHER, witn: Mabel SMITH of Tilsonburg & Brock STIRTON of Ingersoll, 14 June 1911 at South Norwich twp.
11137-11 George W. SMITH, 32, carpenter, of Ingersoll, s/o J. C. SMITH, milkman, & Grace CRAIG, married Jennie KNUTSON, 33, of Callendar Ohio, d/o Burgess KNUTSON & Mary KELLEY, witn: Rose & Homer SMITH of Ingersoll, 27 Dec 1911 at Ingersoll 11124-11 Andrew Richard SMITH, 32, grocer, of Woodstock, s/o Alexander M. SMITH, grocer, & Mary J. ABBS, married Audrey Maud WATSON, 27, of Woodstock, d/o Andrew WATSON & Charlotte E. MITCHELL, witn: Miriam F. SMITH & Bertha L. WATSON, both of Woodstock, 31 July 1911 at Woodstock
11129-11 Frederick William SPARKS, 28, soldier, of Kingston, s/o William John SPARKS, soldier, & Georgina SCAMMELL, married Helen Betts HANNA, 26, lady, of Woodstock, d/o William HANNA, baker, & Mary Ann BETTS, witn: Frederick BOLTON of 119 Arthur St. in Toronto & Libby BOTTOMS of Huron St. Deer Park in Toronto, 20 Sept 1911 at Woodstock 11127-11 Edmund Arthur SPRING, 27, broker, of Saskatoon, s/o James SPRING, carpenter, & Emlay AVIS, married Hilda Elsie Vivian BIRD, 25, book keeper, of Woodstock, d/o Joseph Charles BIRD, chair framer, & J. C. STREET, witn: William HAWKES of Hamilton & Dola P. BIRD of Tupperville, 16 Aug 1911 at Woodstock
11117-11 Arthur Alexander STEELE, 22, machinist, of Woodstock, s/o James STEELE, smelter, & Mary Ellen PATRICK, married Ethel May LUCAS, 22, of Woodstock, d/o Job LUCAS, laborer, & Sarah Jane MEADOWS, witn: Edward J. LUCAS of Hamilton & Bella CLARKE of London, 5 April 1911 at Woodstock 11111-11 Edward STEPHENSON, 37, farmer, of Wiwa Hill Sask., s/o Joseph STEPHENSON, farmer, & Elizabeth WILSON, married Minnie Belle MILLER, 29, of Woodstock, d/o Robert MILLER, farmer, & Charlotte KING, witn: G. B. & Rahette? B. STEPHENSON of Walmer Ont., 8 March 1911 at Woodstock
11108-11 William James SUTHERLAND, 35, of Toronto, s/o not given, married Mary JACKSON, 33, of Woodstock, d/o not given, witn: A. T. SUTHERLAND of Castor Alberta & M. MACKAY of Cobalt, 3 Jan 1911 at Old St. Pauls Church, Woodstock 11121-11 John Alex SUTHERLAND, 32, farmer, of Braemar, s/o Andrew SUTHERLAND, farmer, & Jane McKAY, married Charlotte McKAY, 24, of Braemar, d/o William B. McKAY, farmer, & Harriet SPECK, witn: John W. McKAY of Tavistock & Charlotte SUTHERLAND of Braemar, 20 June 1911 at West Zorra twp
11149-11 Percy TALBOT, 20, farmer, of Culloden, s/o Albert TALBOT, farmer, & Fanny BAKER, married Maggie COLE, 19, of Mount Elgin, d/o Charles COLE, farmer, & Ada TIMMONS, witn: Joseph THOMPSON & W. C. BROWN, both of Tilsonburg, 8 Nov 1911 at Tilsonburg 11148-11 William Robert TAYLOR, 29, of Vancouver, s/o William TAYLOR, druggist, & Margaret DEANS, married Helen Fern McKAY, 25, of Toronto, d/o Donald McKAY, blacksmith, & Agnes McKELLAR, witn: Elizabeth MacKAY of Vancouver & Adam F. SMITH of Toronto, 3 Oct. 1911 at Hickson
11140-11 Henry Bruce TAYLOR, 23, farmer, of Dereham, s/o Henry Peter TAYLOR, farmer, & Margaret Alice CORNEL, married Mary Catherine GEORGE, 20, of Dereham, d/o Thomas Albert GEORGE, farmer, & Catherine Ellen McLACHLAN, witn: William McLachlan GEORGE of Ingersoll & Annie Alena GEORGE of Mt. Elgin, 4 March 1911 at Dereham twp 11144-11 William James TAYLOR, 23, book keeper, of Detroit, s/o Stewart TAYLOR, farmer, & Catherine Helena CARTER, married Anna Christina MURRAY, 25, nurse, of West Zorra, d/o Hugh MURRAY, farmer, & Isabella MUNRO, witn: Annie M. McKAY & Milton ROBB, both of Woodstock, and Selena? M--? of Detroit, 16 Aug 1911 at West Zorra twp
11145-11 William Alfred TERRY, 39, widower, clergyman, of Trafalgar twp., s/o Charles Albert TERRY, dentist, & Elizabeth BARBER, married Josephine NANCEKIVELL, 36, Evangelist, d/o Thomas NANCEKIVELL, farmer, & Harriet RICE, witn: Alice H. WALKER of Detroit & Thomas W. NANCEKIVELL of Woodstock, 6 Sept 1911 at West Oxford twp 11142-11 Charles Albert THOMPSON, 27, brakeman, of Stratford, s/o William THOMPSON, baker, & Edith DOAN, married Clarissy Ann FOWLER, 22, of Woodstock, d/o Hiram Phelps FOWLER, gentleman, & Eliza LEWIS, witn: Arthur L. FOWLER & Florence M. NETTLETON, both of Woodstock, 21 June 1911 at Woodstock
11150-11 William John TILLETT, 28, laborer, of Ingersoll, s/o "no information" & Mary Ann JONES, married Nellie May LEIGH, 20, of Ingersoll, d/o William Henry LEIGH, engineer, & Elizabeth NORRIS, witn: Harry PARKER & Jean McLEAN, both of Ingersoll, 20 Dec 1911 at Ingersoll 11147-11 Byron Alexander TODD, 23, laborer, of Beachville, s/o Alexander TODD, stone mason, & Elmira CLARK, married Miss Clema MANZER, 21, of Sweaburg, d/o James MANZER, farmer, & Mary BRIGGS, witn: Mrs. Emily L. & Gordon E. WEIR of Woodstock, 14 Oct. 1911 at Woodstock
11146-11 Bruce L. TURNBULL, 22, farmer, of S. Middleton - Norfolk, s/o Andrew TURNBULL, farmer, & Pricilla MAYBE, married Mabel Ethel CRAVEN, 21, of Tilsonburg, d/o Lazenby CRAVEN, farmer, & Ann LEECE, witn: Charles H. KERR of Thornloe & Emma L. KERR of Tilsonburg, 12 Sept 1911 at Tilsonburg 11139-11 Clancey Alexander TURNER, 26, farmer, of North Norwich, s/o Henry TURNER, laborer, & Amy Elsie OTIS, married Bessy Plenty HARRIS, 31, nurse, of Hawtrey, d/o Henry Albert HARRIS, farmer, & Martha SHEPHERD, witn: James & Mrs. James GRIFFIN of Otterville, 29 March 1911 at South Norwich
11151-11 Fred Y. VANDERLIP, 44, farmer, of Brantford twp., s/o Harmon VANDERLIP, deceased, & Estella STARR, married Maud M. FIELDEN, 21, of Brantford twp., d/o Henry FIELDEN, engineer & Annie Matilda MEEKING, witn: Charles ROWE & Ada CAVERS, both of Hickson, 1 June 1911 at Hickson 11152-11 Edgar Vernon VANNORMAN, 73, widower, physician, of Los Angeles Calif., s/o William VAN NORMAN, farmer, & Jills BLACK, married Bertha CROLY, 57, widow, of Sacramento Calif., d/o Johnston VAN NORMAN, farmer, & Hannah Everett VAN NORMAN, witn: William McGUIRE of Tilsonburg & Charles M. VAN NORMAN of Detroit, 30 Oct 1911 at Tilsonburg
11164-11 Mark Albert WALMSLEY, 20, laborer, of Woodstock, s/o Richard WALMSLEY, deceased, & Jennie BALDWIN, married Selina HOLMES, 20, of Woodstock, d/o Henry HOLMES, chimney sweep, & Mary LINDSAY, witn: Joseph HOLMES & Ada KITCHEN, both of Woodstock, 24 July 1911 at Woodstock 11174-11 Frank WALTERS, 30, farmer, of North Oxford, s/o William WALTERS, farmer, & Margaret BAIRD, married Catherine B. SANDERS, 22, of North Oxford, d/o Thomas SANDERS & Matilda BOWEN, witn: Mr. & Mrs. J.W. FISHLEIGH of Ingersoll, 24 Dec 1911 at Ingersoll
11172-11 Walter Edington WARNER, 26, commercial traveller, of Woodstock, s/o Walter WARNER, gardener, & Mary Jane EDGINGTON, married Lillie Inez GEE, 21, of Woodstock, d/o Jacob Bradford GEE, factory, & Catherine LEWIS, witn: Mrs. George PHILLIPS & Gertrude BARKER, both of Woodstock, 8 Nov 1911 at Woodstock 11165-11 William WATERLAND, 20, furniture, of Woodstock, s/o John Henry WATERLAND, farmer, & Lucy PEARSON, married Eliza CARTER, 22, of Woodstock, d/o George CARTER, wagon maker, & Susan FULLINGTON, witn: Arthur ABBOTT & Miss Nellie WATERLAND, both of Woodstock, 4 Aug 1911 at Woodstock
11155-11 Thomas James WATTERS, 30, miller, of Tamworth, s/o Thomas WATTERS, farmer, & Nancy HAGGARTY, married Charlotte Magdalen CHAPMAN, 27, of East Zorra, d/o Matthew CHAPMAN, farmer, & Catherine HOHNER, witn: Della & Arthur B. CHAPMAN of Tavistock, 22 Feb 1911 at East Zorra twp 11162-11 Charles Robert WEBB, 21, printer, of Woodstock, s/o George WEBB, laborer, & Rhoda Nairn WEBB, married Clara May COPP, 21, of Woodstock, d/o David COPP, machinist, & Ida Ward COPP, witn: Mabel & Harry W. MORROW of Ingersoll, 19 July 1911 at Ingersoll
11157-11 Ransom WEEKS, 43, farmer, of Tilsonburg, s/o Isaac WEEKS, farmer, & Nancy WESTBROOK, married Sarah E. SCANLON, 38, widow, of Tilsonburg, d/o James PARKMAN, farmer, & Margaret SCANLON, witn: K. J. & Mary BROWN of Tilsonburg, 25 April 1911 at Tilsonburg 11166-11 Robert WEIR, 25, laborer, of Toronto, s/o John WEIR, laborer, & Mary Ann BROWN, married Mabel COLLINGS, 23, of Woodstock, d/o James COLLINGS, motorman, & Matilda BOSTRIDGE?, witn: William S. & Mary COLLINGS of 816 Maitland St. in London, 27? Sept 1911 at Woodstock
11158-11 Roy Francis WELLS, 18, painter, of Otterville, s/o Peter WELLS, laborer, & Julia STEVENS, married Annie G. BOWERMAN, 21, of South Norwich, d/o John BOWERMAN, farmer, & Gertrude BELLS, witn: David A. BOWERMAN of Cornell Ont & Miss BRADT of Otterville , 21 May 1911 at Springford 11170-11 Ebenezer WELSH, 65, widower, farmer, of Brantford, s/o Martin WELSH, farmer, & Eliza WELSH, married Lenna (Senna?) COOK, 66, widow, of Woodstock, d/o James Edward TURNER, blacksmith, & Julia C. LIBBEY, witn: Mr. & Mrs. W. J. BEATTY of Woodstock, 4 Oct. 1911 at Woodstock
11154-11 Arthur Roy WHITE, 28, of Middleton twp., s/o Robert WHITE, farmer, & Sarah Eleanor HOWEY, married Grace BUCKRELL, 20, of Tilsonburg, d/o George Henry BUCKRELL, laborer, & Julia Elizabeth MITCHELL, witn: Edith M. BUCKRELL of Tilsonburg & Harry GRAHAM of Pt. Dover, 8 Feb 1911 at Tilsonburg 11159-11 Reuben Albert WILKES, 20, gunstocker?, of Woodstock, s/o Reuben WILKES, plasterer, & Kate ROOKS, married Frances NICHOLLS, 19, of Woodstock, d/o John Henry NICHOLLS, engineer, & Ellen DATSON, witn: John Thomas WEBB & Frederick H. WEBBER, both of Woodstock, 30 May 1911 at Woodstock
11167-11 Harry Mason WILLISEY, 31, weaver, of Woodstock, s/o Thomas Arthur WILLISEY, soldier, & Isabella PICKERING, married Beatrice Mirian WOOD, 23, of Woodstock, d/o Arthur Samuel WOOD, carriage builder, & Margaret MASON, witn: Mrs. Alfred GREEN & Mrs. W. C. WEIR, both of Woodstock, 27 Sept 1911 at Woodstock 11168-11 John Curzon WILLMOTT, 27, merchant, of Bracebridge, s/o John Henry WILLMOTT & Katherine McMAHON, married Myrtle R. BOGART, naa, of Woodstock, d/o Reuben BOGART, mechanic, & Josephine SILLS, witn: John McMAHON & Sadie LYONS, both of Woodstock, 20 Sept 1911 at Woodstock
11169-11 Frederick Clayton WILTON, 21, freight clerk, of Hamilton, s/o Herbert B. WILTON, gentleman, & Elizabeth FARROW, married Edna Pearl CRAMER (or Kramer, spelled bothways), 21, of Grimsby, d/o Peter B. CRAMER, gentleman, & Emily ELLIOTT, witn: Alva CRAMER of & Mrs. PALMER of Gobles, 30 Oct 1911 at Norwich 11180-11 George YEO, 25, farmer, of Innerkip, s/o James YEO, farmer, & Susan GLOVER, married Ida May MANN, 24, of Innerkip, d/o George MANN, farmer, & Sarah Jane CHESNEY, witn: John YEO & Annie Olive MANN, both of Innerkip, 12 July 1911 at Innerkip
11179-11 Lee YING, 26, laundryman, of London, s/o Sun KEE & Wong YEE, married Muriel HINDS, 22, of London, d/o Robert HINDS & Mary PENNYMAN, witn: August ROSE & Jennett B. COCHRANE, both of Woodstock, 14 July 1911 at Woodstock 11175-11 Wilbur G. YOUNG, 21, farmer, of West Zorra, s/o John YOUNG, farmer, & Margaret GREEN, married Vera M. MULLINS, 21, of East Oxford, d/o illegible A. MULLINS, farmer, & Annie CHAMBERS, witn: Carl JAQUES & Marie WALLACE, both of Burgessville, 14 Feb 1911 at North Norwich twp
11178-11 Joseph William Lawrence YOUNG, 20, laborer, of Woodstock, s/o Alfred YOUNG, butcher, & Ida CUDNEY, married Nellie Jane HUGGINS, 15, of Woodstock, d/o David Henry HUGGINS, laborer, & Elizabeth Mary SIPLE, witn: Frank HUGGINS & Mrs. W. E. CANNON, both of Woodstock, 8 June 1911 at Woodstock (also 11176-11) 11177-11 William Arthur YOUNG, 23, laborer, of Ingersoll, s/o Thomas YOUNG & Melissa Jane ATWOOD, married Mabel May BEIRNES, 21, of Ingersoll, d/o George BEIRNES & Margaret McDONALD, witn: Margaret Jane BEIRNES & Harvey YOUNG, both of Ingersoll, 23 May 1911 at Ingersoll
11181-11 James Earl ZAVITZ, 23, farmer, of West Oxford, s/o Orvel ZAVITZ, farmer, & Fanny LEARN, married Mary Louise STENABAUGH, 18, of West Oxford, d/o J. Wellington STENABAUGH, farmer, & Emma TANNER, witn: Delos ZAVITZ & Mabel STENABAUGH, both of Putnam, 12 April 1911 at West Oxford twp 11182-11 Alfred ZINN, 29, Blenheim, Blandford, s/o John M. ZINN, farmer, & Mina SPICKLE, married Ida THOMPSON, 25, Blandford, Blenheim, d/o John THOMPSON, farmer, & Lena BENDER, witn: Mr. L. GODBUY & Mrs. L. GODFREY, both of Blandford, 25 Dec 1911 at Blenheim twp