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Oxford Co. 1926

birth place is given before residence


041627-26 William Arthur ALLEN, 18, dairyman, Courtland, Courtland, s/o John Nathan ALLEN (b. U.S.A) & Mary DRAYDON married Audrey Helena Frances Grace ELSBRIE, 17, Verschoyle, Tillsonburg, d/o George W. ELSBRIE (b. Norwich) & Grace EMPREY, witn: Mrs? Mary THOMAS of Staffordville & George W. ELSBRIE of Tillsonburg, 4 January 1926 in Tillsonburg  
041628-26 Wilmore George ANDERSON, 35, farmer, London, RR#3 Thamesford, s/o George F. ANDERSON (b. Nissouri Twp) & Amarilla YAKE, married Annie Patience NELSON, 42 (b. 9 June 1883), housekeeper, Howick Twp, RR#3 Thamesford, widow, d/o Charles WRIGHT (b. England) & Elizabeth V. ARNEIL (both deceased), witn: Mrs. W. P. LANE & Miss Helen LANE both of Embro, 10 February 1926 in Embro 041629-26 James Claude ANNABLE, 20, laborer, Lincoln Co., Aylmer, s/o William Jesse ANNABLE (b. Canada) & Nellie May YORK married Eleatha Pearl BAUGHMAN, 19, Elgin Co., Aylmer, d/o Solon Herman BAUGHMAN (b. Canada) & Charlotte Esther BLASHILL, witn: Iva NOBLE of Gasport N.Y. & Lloyd ANNABLE of Aylmer, 28 October 1926 in Tillsonburg
041630-26 George Whetstone ARTHUR, 26, farmer, East Nissouri Twp, RR#1 Lakeside, s/o John L. ARTHUR (b. England) & Sarah E. WHETSTONE married Meta STAINTON, 26, housekeeper, East Nissouri Twp, RR#4 Thamesford, d/o Albert STAINTON (b. Nissouri Twp) & Minnie SLOMAN, witn: Vera STAINTON of RR#1 Thamesford & Henry ARTHUR of RR#1 Lakeside, 17 November 1926 in Thamesford 041631-26 William A. AVERY, 26, printer or painter, Ohio, Medicine Hat Alberta, s/o Robert AVERY (b. Detroit) & Minnie AIKENS married Hope Aileen HILLIKER, 26, school teacher, Burgessville, Burgessville, d/o Herbert HILLIKER (b. Oxford Co) & Eliza A. CORBIN, witn: Ben H. KEPNER of Port Colborne & Beryl HILLIKER of Burgessville, 16 January 1926 in Burgessville
041632-26 Justus BARDAWILL, 23, wholesale fruit merchant, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Richard BARDAWILL (b. Syria) & Maude WILSON married Edith Madeline PAYNE, 18, Ontario, Woodstock, d/o William PAYNE (b. Canada) & Jenny BAILLIE, witn: Grace & Robert HENRY both of 115½ Broadway St. Woodstock, 11 December 1926 in Woodstock 041633-26 William George BARLOW, 26 (b. 18 September 1900), electrician, 57 Claybrooke Rd. - Fulham England, Buffalo N.Y., s/o Frederick BARLOW (b. England) & Clara Elizabeth NICHOLSON married Mabel Agnes ALLEN, 19, hemmer, Toronto, Woodstock, d/o Walter Linley ALLEN (b. England) & Agnes BUTCHER, witn: Harold Walter HALL & Phyllis Celia ALLEN both of 151 Norwich Ave., 30 October 1926 in Woodstock
041635-26 Melvin Fayette BARNES, 21, farmer, Burford Twp, Burford Twp, s/o Clarence BARNES (b. Norwich Twp) & Annie SALISBURY married Daisy Leona HANNON, 24, school teacher, Burford Twp, North Norwich, d/o Rufus HANNON (b. Glanford Twp) & Caroline PRIDDLE, witn: Jim MOTT of Norwich & Nina WEIR of Cathcart, 16 October 1926 in Norwich 041634-26 Frederick Edgar Alexander BARNES, 23, moulder, England, Woodstock, s/o Robert Alexander BARNES (b. England) & Melia? Emma BILL married Ivy Louisa ROWE, 27, domestic, England, Woodstock, d/o William ROWE (b. England) & Helen HODGES, witn: Douglas A (blurry) & Mary BARNES both of Woodstock, 14 September 1926 in Woodstock
041636-26 James Nelson BASKETT, 19, cheese maker, Ontario, Durham Twp, s/o Noble BASKETT (b. Ontario) & Lila AUGER married Anna Madgeline RAMSAY, 18, Ontario, Ingersoll, d/o Emile Christopher A. RAMSAY (b. Ontario) & Effie WELT, witn: Freddie BURGESS of Woodstock & Evelyn RAMSAY of Ingersoll, 2 June 1926 in Ingersoll 041637-26 Thomas Henry BATTRAM, 25, laborer, Blandford, Woodstock, s/o Frederick BATTRAM (b. Blandford Twp) & Isabel Margaret COCHRANE married Dorothy Gladys FARRELL, 25, box making, Norwich, Woodstock, d/o Andrew FARRELL (b. Cathcart Ont) & Maud NEILL, witn: Evelyn Augusta SMITH & Fred BATTRAM, both of Woodstock, 23 December 1926 in Woodstock
041638-26 James BAXTER, 42, illegible occupation, England, North Oxford, s/o Alexander BAXTER (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth WILSON married Isabella McKENZIE, 29 (b. 14 September 1896), Cumbernauld? Dunbarton Co. Scotland, North Oxford, d/o Alexander MacKENZIE (b. Scotland) & Ann MacKENZIE, witn: E. L. & Jessie L. ALLEN both of Ingersoll, 18 August 1926 at St. James Church in Ingersoll. [re bride: "no relatives in Canada"] 041639-26 Edgar Ernest BEACHAM, 37, farmer, Dorchester Twp, RR#2 St. Marys, s/o James BEACHAM (b. Dorchester Middlesex Co) & Martha CONNOR married Elizabeth Jean SHARP, 19, housekeeper, N. Nissouri Twp, Lakeside Ont., d/o Philipp SHARP (b. East Nissouri) & Jennie IRWIN, witn: Mrs. E. C. STRACHAN & Mrs. Annie FEWSTER both of Lakeside, 27 November 1926 in East Nissouri Twp
041640-26 James BEATTIE, 30, buffer, England, Hamilton, s/o James BEATTIE (b. England) & Mrs. BEATTIE married Alma GARTON, 23, presser, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Edward GARTON (b. England) & Margaret CRANDLE, witn: M. Sydney F. ARDUM of 55 Hess St. Hamilton & Ellen BEATTIE of 129 Emerald St. Hamilton, 17 July 1926 in Tillsonburg. 041641-26 Lloyd Arnold BECKHAM, 27, farmer, Burford Twp, Hatchley, s/o John W. BECKHAM (b. Burford Twp) & Susan DOUGHERTY married Lavonia Viola COOK, 21, Brantford Twp, RR#3 Cainsville, d/o Alfred Freeman COOK (b. Brantford Twp) & Mary Alice DOUGHERTY, witn: Myrtle I. ENNIS & Ruth Day KENDALL both of Norwich, 21 April 1926 in Norwich
041642-26 Alfred Colin BELORE, 25, farmer, Ontario, Dereham Twp, s/o Alex BELORE (b. Canada) & Mary CROSS married Margaret Eliza TUNKS, 21 (b. 13 May 1905), British Columbia, West Oxford, d/o Andrew TUNKS (b. Canada) & Isabel McCRAE, witn: Harold BELORE of Verschoyle Ont. & Mrs. John HANLEY of Ingersoll, 2 June 1926 in Verschoyle 041643-26 William Carleton Read BERTRAND, 21, farmer, East Oxford, North Norwich twp, s/o Arthur BERTRAND (b. Norwich twp) & Jennie READ married Evelyn May SAGE, 18, home duties, East Oxford twp, East Oxford twp, d/o William SAGE (b. East Oxford twp) & Annie COWING, witn: A. M. KINSEY of Norwich & Marguerite T. PARKHILL of RR#1 Burgessville, 7 December 1926 in Burgessville
041644-26 Stanley Charles BIGG, 25, soldier, England, Camp Borden Ont., s/o Charles T. BIGG (b. England) & Agnes DYSON married Elsie Selina LAWRENCE, 25 (b. 2 January 1901), 126 Leyton Rd. - Stratford England, en route from England, d/o Percy Bunyon LAWRENCE (b. England) & Alice Marion CLARKE, witn: Tom H. McLEOD of RR#2 Thamesford & Marjorie WHETSTONE of RR#1 Thamesford, 17 April 1926 at 8 Concession East Nissouri. 041645-26 John McKay BIRTCH, 22, auto painter, Blandford twp, Woodstock, s/o John Nicholas BIRTCH (b. St. Marys) & Ethel CANFIELD married Evelyn Mary PARKER, 21, stenographer, England, Woodstock, d/o John Allen PARKER (b. Lancashire England) & Mary Elizabeth Annie FAWCETT, witn: Ethel L. PARKER & Annabel E. BIRTCH both of Woodstock, 1 December 1926 in Woodstock
041646-26 John BISHOP, 54 (34 ?), laborer, Ontario, London, widower, s/o John BISHOP (b. Ireland) & Margaret LART (Last?), married Minnie RUTLEDGE, 37, Ontario, St. Thomas, widow, d/o Stanley CHALK (b. Canada) & Sarah HOTCHKISS, witn: Leigh CRUESS? of New York & Rhea M. PEEVER of Ingersoll, 4 September 1926 in Ingersoll. 041647-26 George Edward Thomas BODEN, 25, painter, England, Woodstock, s/o Walter Thomas BODEN (b. England) & Agnes Ellen PALMER married Ruby Alice MILLS, 18, Houghton, Woodstock, d/o Richard MILLS (b. Houghton twp) & Glady FLEWELLEN, witn: Minnie & Mrs. L. SWANTON both of Woodstock, 26 August 1926 in Woodstock
041648-26 Robert Gordon BOND, 24, machinist, Woodstock, Woodstock, s/o Charles BOND (b. Toronto) & Sara PICKERING married Mary Margaret LEWIS, 21, operator, South Wales, Woodstock, d/o Alexander LEWIS (b. Wales) & Margaret JONES, witn: Eugene BOND & Annie O'BRIGHT both of Woodstock, 7 September 1926 in Woodstock 041649-26 Delbert Anson BONESTEEL, 51, undertaker, Ontario, Ingersoll, widower, s/o Norval A. BONESTEEL (b. Hastings Co) & Armintha HARDER married Elizabeth Lavina BOYSE, 45, Ontario, Ingersoll, spinster, d/o Durham BOYSE (b. Dereham Ont) & Ellen DODDS, witn: Harry F. BOYSE & D. J. MITCHELL both of Ingersoll, 27 February 1926 in Ingersoll
041650-26 Floyd Archie BOOK, 21, farmer, Cornell, Ostrander, s/o William Henry BOOK (b. Bookton Oxford Co) & Annie LOCKEY married Hazel OATMAN, 18, South Norwich, South Norwich, d/o Angus Oren OATMAN (b. South Norwich) & Alfretta CARLE, witn: Frank OATMAN of St. Thomas & Mrs. Jessie ANDERSON of London, 16 June 1926 in Springford 041651-26 Israel Oscar BOOMER, 39, clergyman, Norfolk Co., Reach twp, s/o Washington BOOMER (b. Windham twp - Norfolk Co) & Elizabeth Jane SMITH married Mary Ann OTIS, 34, housemaid, Oxford Co., Reach twp, spinster, d/o George OTIS (b. South Norwich twp) & Sarah Anne WADE, witn: Bertha H. WADE of Norwich & Charles OTIS of Burgessville, 15 September 1926 in Springford
041652-26 Frank BORLAND, 27, farmer, East Nissouri twp, East Nissouri twp, s/o William BORLAND (b. Canada) & Elizabeth BIRK married Edna Eva Dorothy HEARNS, 19, postal clerk, West Nissouri, Drumbo Village, d/o Albert Edward HEARNS (b. Canada) & Margaret McFALLS, witn: Owen HEARNS & Ethel M. SPARLING both of Drumbo, 1 December 1926 in Drumbo Village 041653-26 Ralph Waldo Emmerson BOWMAN, 20, machinist, Ingersoll, Ingersoll, s/o William BOWMAN (b. England) & Elizabeth HALL married Doris Laurene JENVEY, 18 (b. 16 July 1908), West Oxford, West Oxford, d/o Elroy JENVEY (b. Ontario) & Sarah NANCEKIVELL, witn: R. AGAR & Elizabeth PEEVER, both of Ingersoll, 24 (29) November 1926 in Ingersoll.
041654-26 Edmund Arnold Gray BRANCH, 29, physician, Antigua British West Indies, Antigua British West Indies, s/o Samuel Edmund BRANCH (b. West Indies) & Susan Agnes HUTSON married Marion Wilson NOXON, 29, housekeeper, Ingersoll, Ingersoll, d/o Stephen NOXON (b. Bloomfield Ont) & Jessie WILSON, witn: J. H. PALMER of Rossland B.C. & Agatha Mary SIMISTER of Ingersoll, 14 July 1926 at St. James Church in Ingersoll 041655-26 George Alex BRAZIER, 24, farmer, Kintore Ont., RR#4 St. Marys, s/o Fred BRAZIER (b. Lakeside Ont) & Mary BOYD married Dorothy Jean TYE, 24, housekeeper, Lambeth Ont., RR#1 Thamesford, d/o Samuel TYE (b. Ontario) & Nora Martha BRYANT, witn: Emma R. BRAZIER of Ilderton & Bryant TYE of Kintore, 29 June 1926 in Kintore.
041657-26 Moses BRENNEMAN, 20, farming, East Zorra Oxford Co., East Zorra, s/o Nick BRENNEMAN & Catharine ERB married Catie ROTH, 20, East Zorra Oxford Co., Wilmot, d/o Noah ROTH & Lydia BENDER, witn: Josiah ROTH of New Hamburg & Elma BRENNEMAN of Tavistock, 9 December 1926 in East Zorra 041656-26 Amos BRENNEMAN, 23, farmer, South Easthope Perth Co., South Easthope, s/o Peter BRENNEMAN & Mary OESCH married Tillie ROTH, 21, Wilmot, East Zorra Oxford Co., d/o Noah M. ROTH & Mary ZEHR, witn: Alvin BRENNEMAN of Shakespeare & Josiah ROTH of Tavistock, 18 November 1926 in East Zorra.
041658-26 William BRINN, 32, farmer, Bayham Ont., Vienna Ont., s/o John BRINN (b. Guysboro) & Emelyn OSTRANDER married Ellen Jane TAYLOR, 28, housekeeper, Houghton Ont., Vienna Ont., widow, d/o Thomas REID (b. Seneca twp) & Eliza Jane ESSELTINE, witn: Mrs. A. E. MARSHALL & Mrs. J. VANLOON both of Tillsonburg, 7 April 1926 in Tillsonburg 041663-26 William Alfred BROWN, 23, salesman, Burks Falls, Woodstock, s/o George BROWN (b. York Co) & Margaret BRADFORD married Evelyn Winnifred BLACK, 19, home duties, Palmerston, Woodstock, d/o Charles E. BLACK (b. York Co) & Mary EDWARDS, witn: Margaret BROWN & Manuel BLACK both of Woodstock, 17 February 1926 in Woodstock
041660-26 Earl Arthur Wilson BROWN, 23, farmer, Ratho, Plattsville, s/o Ralph M. C. BROWN (b. Canada) & Anna L. NICKOLS married Victoria WARE, 23, telephone operator, Innerkip, Plattsville, d/o William WARE (b. England) & Henrietta SKILLING, witn: Mary T. LAW & Federica TRICKEY both of Drumbo, 18 August 1926 in Drumbo 041659-26 David Pringle BROWN, 26, farmer, South Dumfries, South Dumfries, s/o Thomas A. BROWN (b. Blenheim Twp) & Jean L. PRINGLE married Catherine McDonald LILLICO, 24, home duties, Blenheim Twp Oxford Co., South Dumfries, d/o James H. LILLICO (b. Blenheim Twp) & Christena C. BARTON, witn: David Hall BROWN of Ayr & Jessie Margaret LILLICO of Bright, 16 November 1926 in Blenheim Twp
041662-26 Fred Russel BROWN, 37, merchant, Ontario, Arkona, s/o John George BROWN (b. Ireland) & Eliza SHILLINGTON married Aubin Lela WILKINSON, 30, teacher, Ontario, Brownsville, spinster, d/o John WILKINSON (b. Dereham Twp Oxford Co) & Mary SANDHAM, witn: Herbert & Mrs. H. McCLINTOCK both of RR#1 Brownsville, 8 September 1926 in Brownsville 041661-26 Frederick Charles BROWN, 28, farmer, Woodstock, Woodstock, s/o William BROWN (b. Oxford Co) & Sarah Ann DOWDING married Maggie Russell RICHMOND, 24, domestic, Scotland, Woodstock, d/o Alexander RICHMOND (b. Scotland) & Margaret RUSSELL, witn: Robert BROWN of RR Woodstock & Elizabeth RICHMOND of Auld Essex Ont., 15 November 1926 in Woodstock
041664-26 Edwin BRUNK, 26, farming, North Easthope Perth Co., East Zorra Oxford Co., s/o Charlie BRUNK & Ellen GRODY married Alieda JANTZI, 20, Minnesota U.S.A., East Zorra, d/o Rudy B. JANTZI & Katie BRUNK, witn: Joe YANTZI (sic) of Tavistock & Manuel LEIS of Wellesley, 16 December 1926 at her home 041665-26 Ernest Albin BUCHNER, 26, farmer, Houghton Twp, Clear Creek Ont., s/o Mark BUCHNER (b. Norfolk Co) & Anna Barbara WALSER married Verna Henrietta WHITESELL, 20, domestic, Malahide Twp, Clear Creek, d/o George WHITESELL (b. West Lorne Twp Norfolk Co) & Rosa MEHARG, witn: Arthur WHITESELL of Kinglake Ont. & Elda BRINN of RR#6 Tillsonburg, 12 May 1926 in Tillsonburg
041666-26 Max BUTCHER, 25, farmer, Norfolk Co., West Zorra, s/o Walter BUTCHER (b. Norfolk Co) & Jennie BARKER, married Kate Florence McDONALD, 24, bookkeeper, Embro Village, West Zorra, d/o John McDONALD (b. Embro Village) & Ada HERRON, witn: Miss Jean BUTCHER & Mr. John R. McDONALD both of Embro, 10 March 1926 in Embro.  
041667-26 Donald CAMPBELL, 28, grocer, Eldon Twp, Stratford, s/o William Hunter CAMPBELL (b. Elgin Twp) & Catherine McCAUGIE, married Helen Maud WHITE, 22, Innerkip, Windsor, d/o John WHITE (b. Ontario) & Caroline KADING, witn: Pauline D. THORBURN & Lena RUTTAN both of Woodstock, 12 November 1926 at the Knox Manse in Woodstock. 041668-26 John Alexander CAMPBELL, 24, machinist, Scotland, Ingersoll, s/o Kenneth CAMPBELL (b. Rothshire Scotland) & Barbara TAYLOR married Lyla Irene TINNEY, 25, Woodstock, Ontario, d/o John TINNEY (b. Hensal Ont) & Sarah COLCLOUGH, witn: Merton SEXSMITH & Barbara CAMPBELL both of Ingersoll, 29 September 1926 at the Knox Manse in Woodstock. [re bride: b/p & res reversed? birth reg'n gives b/p as Hay twp]
041669-26 Percy Lyle CANFIELD, 39, lumber merchant, East Oxford, Woodstock, widower, s/o Valentine CANFIELD (b. Canada) & Abigail SCOFIELD married Florence Ellen DUNSTER, 43, home duties, Woodstock, Woodstock, spinster, d/o William DUNSTER (b. England) & Louisa DOWDING, witn: William G. & Mrs. Blanche G. DUNSTER both of 171 Sydenham St. Woodstock, 22 June 1926 in Woodstock 041670-26 Stephen Edwin CANNON, 23, farmer, Blenheim Twp, Detroit, s/o Walter CANNON (b. London England) & Jessie JEPP married Clara MALTBY, 22, knitter, Scarborough, Woodstock, d/o Richard MALTBY (b. Faulkton Yorkshire England) & Henrietta ATKINSON, witn: Eva PILFREY of Pembroke Ont. & John W. DEADMAN of Masonic Temple Woodstock, 4 August 1926 in Woodstock
041671-26 Harold Thomas CARTER, 36, farmer, Ontario, RR#1 Islington, s/o Richard CARTER (b. Ontario) & Annie DUFFIELD married Helen Irene SCOTT, 26, secretary, Ontario, RR#7 Woodstock, d/o William R. SCOTT (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth K. NELSON, witn: Wilfrid F. IRVINE of 33 Thornhill Ave? Toronto & Mary I. SCOTT of Grace Hospital Detroit, 21 August 1926 at the Bride's Home RR#7 Woodstock 041672-26 Matthew CASKEY, 30, farmer, Fermullan Co. Derry Ireland, East Zorra, s/o David CASKEY (b. Fermullan Derry Co. Ireland) & Jessie NIMOCK, married Mary Elizabeth CALDWELL, 27, domestic, Ireland, Woodstock, d/o Samuel CALDWELL (b. Cadlerock? Derry Co. Ireland) & Annie McCONNOCHEY, witn: William CALDWELL & Lizzie SHARKEY both of Woodstock, 13 January 1926 at Knox Manse in Woodstock.
041673-26 George Sylvester CHESNEY, 23, grocer, Burford Twp, Woodstock, s/o George A. CHESNEY (b. Burford Twp) & Maggie P. WILLIAMSON married Fern Kathleen HOSHAL, 16 yrs 9 mths, knitting machine operator, Bayham Twp, Woodstock, d/o Emerson B. HOSHAL (b. Niagara Falls Ont) & Sarah FERRIS, witn: James IRONS & Elizabeth I. PRUDHAM both of Woodstock, 8 May 1926 in Woodstock 041674-26 Joseph Leslie George CHESNEY, 21, farmer, Blandford Twp, Blandford Twp, s/o John CHESNEY (b. Oxford Co) & Eliza PAGE? married Gertie May KALBFLEISCH, 20, housekeeper, Blandford Twp, Blenheim Twp, d/o Samuel KALBFLEISCH (b. Oxford Co) & Alice SCHERMERHORN, witn: Wilfred F. SHERMAN of Innerkip & L. MEADOWS of Woodstock, 17 November 1926 in Innerkip
041675-26 George CHURCHWARD, 23, moulder, England, Woodstock, s/o George CHURCHWARD (b. Devonshire England) & Annie HAMILTON married Celia CARTER, 20, knitter, England, Woodstock, d/o George CARTER (b. London England) & Frances FULLINGTON, witn: Fred G. & Susan TREWIN both of 528 Grace St. Woodstock, 20 March 1926 at 771 Dundas St. Woodstock 041676-26 Hercules Nelson CLARK, 21, salesman, Tillsonburg, Tillsonburg, s/o Chaney CLARK (b. Tillsonburg) & Lavina BURWELL married Leah Cloe FULKERSON, 19, Norfolk Co., Ostrander, d/o John Robert FULKERSON (b. Glen Meyer Ont) & Arvilla BALL, witn: Carl FULKERSON of Ostrander & Mildred BOUGHNER of RR#2 Delhi Ont., 8 September 1926 in Plattsville
041677-26 Martin Jackson COCHRANE, 36, farmer, Lot 27-28 Conc 11 North Dumfries, Lot 27-28 Conc 11 North Dumfries, s/o Robert COCHRANE (b. Lanarkshire Scotland) & Anne BROWN married Edna Douglas MITCHELL, 32, housekeeper, North Dumfries, North Dumfries, spinster, d/o George MITCHELL (b. South Dumfries Brant Co) & Christina BROWN, witn: John W. COCHRANE & Margaret MITCHELL both of Ayr, 5 May 1926 in Blenheim Twp 041678-26 Robert Deans COCHRANE, 29, farmer, Elma Twp, North Dumfries Twp, s/o John COCHRANE (b. Elma Twp) & Isabella DEANS married Isabella McRae LILLICO, 22, Blenheim Twp, Blenheim Twp, d/o Douglas R. LILLICO (b. Blenheim Twp) & Elizabeth EDGAR, witn: Louis A. FOULDS of St. George & Elizabeth Hall LILLICO of RR#3 (?) Bright, 1 September 1926 in Blenheim Twp
41679-26 Arthur Frederick COOK, 60, widower, farmer, Norfolk Co., East Oxford, s/o William COOK, b. England & Henrietta PROSSER, married Joan FLETCHER, 60, widow, Walsingham, Beachville, d/o George PIRIE, b. Scotland & Gordon (sic) MAXWELL, witn: Mrs. Melbourne GERMAN of Beachville & Harold K. COOK of Curries, 11 Dec 1926 at Woodstock 41680-26 Gordon Lyle COOK, 27, painter, Woodstock, Oshawa, s/o William Richard COOK, b. Woodstock & Phoebe MAYES, married Ida WILKINSON, 21 (b. 17 Sept 1904), stenographer, Ickeston Derbyshire England, Blandford, d/o Isaac WILKINSON, b. England & Mary DUFFIELD, witn: George MARCHELL of 587 Ingersoll Ave & Isaac WILKINSON of Clark St., both Woodstock, 3 Feb 1926 at Old St. Pauls Church, Woodstock
41681-26 William Fenton COOK, 26, farmer, West Oxford, Yarmouth twp., s/o Silas S. COOK, b. Ont & Nellie FENTON, married Enid Island HOYLE, 25, West Oxford, Ingersoll, d/o Alex HOYLE, b. Scotland & Elizabeth MIDWINTER, witn: George Robin ROW of East Oxford twp & Grace LONGWORTH of Woodstock, 9 June 1926 at Ingersoll 41682-26 James Anderson COULTER, 57, widower, life insurance agent, Ontario, 22 Lynwood Apts. - Avenue Rd Toronto, s/o James COULTER, b. Ireland & Mary Anna HARGAN, married Sarah Jean McBride WALKER, 35, public health nurse, Culloden Ont., 496 Spadina Ave in Toronto, d/o Colville WALKER, b. Ont & Maria COWAN, witn: J. WALKER of 3421 Chicago St. in Detroit & D.W. COULTER of 22 Richwood Apts in Toronto, 17 April 1926 at Ingersoll
41683-26 Gordon D. CRANDALL, 29, farmer, Oxford Co., Bayham, s/o Melvin CRANDALL, b. Tilsonburg & Maggie CAMPBELL, married Mildred KULP, 21, house maid, Bayham, same, d/o Gordon KULP, b. Straffordville & Eleanor KELMER, witn: Clifford & Gladys McCOLLOW of Tilsonburg, 24 April 1926 at Tilsonburg 41684-26 Howard Judson CRANDELL, 24, clerk, Ontario, Brantford, s/o John CRANDELL, b. Ont & Esther GRANTHAM, married Alma Muriel SMILEY, 21, teacher, Paris Ontario, Brantford, d/o Arthur SMILEY, b. Ont & Mary NEVILLE, witn: Phoebe A. McDONALD & Lettia B. ELLIOTT, both of Ingersoll, 2 Sept 1926 at Ingersoll
41685-26 George Alexander CRAWFORD, 26, baker, Mt. Albert - York Co., Tilsonburg, s/o George C. CRAWFORD, b. London Ont & Bessie JONES, married Vera Evelyn STEMBER, 25, book keeper, Blenheim twp., Plattsville, d/o Aaron STEMBER, b. Plattsville & Christine ECKEL, witn: Bessie Rae CRAWFORD of Tilsonburg & Walter ECKEL of Plattsville, 22 May 1926 at Plattsville 41686-26 Henry Maxwell CREARIE, 24, hospital attendant, Dumfries Scotland, East Zorra, s/o John CREARIE, b. Dumfries Scotland & Elizabeth BRYDEN, married Elizabeth Florence MOORE, 18, Toronto, East Zorra, d/o John MOORE, b. Maehera - Co. Derry Ireland & Emma ELMOR, witn: Matthew CASKEY & Helen AITKEN, both of Ontario Hospital, 18 Jan 1926 at East Zorra
41687-26 John Matthew CROSBY, 21, York England, Woodstock, s/o John CROSBY, dead, & Jane Agnes BAINBRIDE, married Teresa SCOTT, 21, Tilsonburg, Woodstock, d/o Enos SCOTT, dead, & Lucinda WILLIAMS, witn: Mr. & Mrs. W.E. YELUSKY of Hanover, 5 April 1926 at St. Marys Church, Woodstock 41688-26 Ernest CUMMINGS, 35, wood worker, Embro, Woodstock, s/o William Henry CUMMINGS, b. Bath England & Lucy GALE, married Irene THOMPSON, 21 (b. 20 Aug 1904), textile inspector, Fenkle St. - Alnwick Northumberland England, Woodstock, d/o George THOMPSON, b. Creston Bank England & Esther LLOYD, witn: George THOMPSON & Anna Maude APPLEYARD, both of Woodstock, 29 May 1926 at Woodstock
41689-26 Ashton Markoe? CURRIE, 21, mechanic, New York City, New Jersey, s/o David B. CURRIE, b. Canada & Edythe M. FISH, married Mary Anne BRANDENBURG, 19, clinical nurse, Elizabeth NJ, New Jersey, d/o Frank BRANDENBURG, b. Germany & Mary BRECHER, witn: Nell P. DAHNKE of Union City Tennessee & Hilda R. McMILLEN of Ingersoll, 10 Aug 1926 at St. James Church, Ingersoll 41690-26 Harold Cecil CURTIS, no age given, packer, England, Brantford, s/o William Walter CURTIS, b. England & Sarah CORKETT, married Jane Annie RICHARDSON, b. 5 Sept 1906, domestic, Kenthead - Cumberland England, RR1 Richwood, d/o Emmanuel RICHARDSON, b. England & Sarah Jane ENGLISH, witn: Hilda RICHARDSON of Richwood & John Thomas HALL of RR3 Ayr, 25 Sept 1926 at Blenheim twp
  41691-26 Joseph Lorne DAIR, 21, farmer, Walsingham, Langton, s/o John DAIR, b. Ont & Etta Jane LEE, married Mary Irene CROSSETT, 21, Bayham, Tilsonburg, d/o Alvin CROSSETT, b. Bayham twp & Mary THOMPSON, witn: Emma Frances DAIR & Leta M. MILLS, both of Tilsonburg, 18 Aug 1926 at Tilsonburg
41692-26 Naboth Henry DANIEL, 24, farmer, Ingersoll, Dereham twp., s/o W.T. DANIEL, b. Ont & Elizabeth ROWSOM, married Delia Iva GATES, 21, Ontario, Port Burwell, d/o R?. C. GATES, b. Ont & Rosa GORDON, witn: Elizabeth & Clarissa PEVER of Ingersoll, 16 June 1926 at Ingersoll 41693-26 Ross Ira DANIEL, 23, farmer, Dereham twp., same, s/o William Naboth DANIEL, b. Ont & Angela Melora EMPEY, married Etta Helen HARTNETT, 19, Dereham, same, d/o Herbert HARTNETT, b. Ont & Edith HUNTER, witn: Douglas HARTNETT of Wallaceburg & Florence ODELL of Ingersoll, 17 Nov 1926 at Mt. Elgin
41694-26 Francis Richard DARK, 18, clerk, St. Thomas, Lakeview, s/o Henry DARK, b. Reading England & Nettie JOHNSON, married Lena H. McKIBBON, 20, Port Burwell, Lakeview, d/o Alvin McKIBBON, b. Langton Ont & Jennie MARSHALL, witn: Louisa & Catherine CARR of Tilsonburg, 8 May 1926 at Tilsonburg 41695-26 Edward Derwood DELLER, 23, brick & tile manufacturer, Norwich, Brownsville, s/o Albert Edward DELLER & Annie Maria WOOTTAN, married Maude Beatrice KELLY, 24, Hagersville, Culloden, d/o Robert James KELLY & Jane Beatrice LINDSAY, witn: Clarence KELLY of Culloden & Doris E. DELLER of Brownsville, 5 June 1926 at Otterville
41695-26 Fred DERBYSHIRE, 22, farmer, Ontario, RR1 Burgessville, s/o Lou DERBYSHIRE, b. Ont & Catherine TICHBORN, married Marjorie MURRAY, 22, Scotland, RR1 Burgessville, d/o John MURRAY, b. Scotland & Martha EDWARD, witn: Fred E. & Mrs. Grace BELL of Norwich, 22 May 1926 at Norwich 41696-26 Arthur Christopher George DESMOND, 24, mechanic, England, Detroit, s/o Eugene DESMOND, b. England & Emma COPPING, married Maud Elizabeth ALLEN, 20, knitter, England, Woodstock, d/o Walter L. ALLEN, b. England & Agnes TILFORD, witn: Stanley CLARKE of Detroit & Mabel ALLEN of Woodstock, 3 April 1926 at Woodstock
41697-26 William Lloyd DICKEY, 22, laborer, West Nissouri, Thorndale, s/o William DICKEY, b. St. Marys & Ada GARDINER, married Irene May MATHESON, 24, stenographer, West Zorra, Tavistock, d/o Alex MATHESON, b. East Zorra twp & Sarah Jane PEARSON, witn: Kathleen E. & George MATHESON of Stratford, 6 Nov 1926 at Tavistock 41698-26 Albert DORKEN, 22, printer, London England, Woodstock, s/o Frederick Thomas DORKEN, b. London England & Emily BALLS, married Evelyn LaVerne LYNCH, 20, textile worker, Woodstock, same, d/o William Edward LYNCH, b. Ingersoll & Mary Ann MOORE, witn: Edward DORKEN & Beatrice COOK, both of Woodstock, 31 July 1926 at Old St. Pauls Church, Woodstock
41699-26 James Ernest DOSSER, 27, shoe maker, Haldimand Co., Tilsonburg, s/o William DOSSER, b. England & Mary HARRIS, married Mabel Rose APPLEFORD, 23, Tyrrell Ont., Tilsonburg, d/o George APPLEFORD & Emma WESLEY, witn: Elsie STEVENS of Tilsonburg & Earl McKENZIE of Port Stanley, 3 Sept 1926 at Tilsonburg 41700-26 Milton V. DOTY, 23, special representative MCRR, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Louis Valda DOTY, b. Michigan & Lena CASTER, married Ione Maida MacMONAGLE, 24, Tilsonburg, Woodstock, d/o William A. MacMONAGLE, b. Ont & Mary Elizabeth WILLIAMS, witn: Tolbert Edward MacMONAGLE of St. Catharines & Jane RENNIE of West Grand Blvd in Detroit, 12 Oct 1926 at Woodstock
41702-26 Richard Edwin DOUGHERTY, 59, widow, farmer, Burford, North Norwich, s/o James DOUGHERTY, b. Co. Antrim Ireland & Ann DORAN, married Margaret Winnifred CARTER, 43, housekeeper, Bentinck Twp., North Norwich, d/o George CARTER, b. Ontario & Mary Ann WILSON, witn: Mary McAdam YEOMAN of Woodstock & Ann J. LATT of Camden NY, 29 Jun 1926 at Woodstock 41703-26 Wilfred Elias DUNN, 23, inspector, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Nicholas DUNN, b. Ingersoll & Margaret PICKARD, married Irene Livinia MOFFATT, 21, b. 1 May 1904, Mitchell Ont, Ingersoll, d/o William MOFFATT, b. Mitchell & Annie PORTERFIELD, witn: Ford DUNN & Louise MCSHERRY, both of Ingersoll, 18 Feb 1926 at Ingersoll (RC)
41704-26 Clarence Leslie EDWARDS, 26, printer, Woodstock, same, s/o William Jerome EDWARDS, b. Canada & Mary WILSON, married Violet Erie SMILEY, 25, St. Thomas, Woodstock, d/o James Young SMILEY, b. Canada & Mary Jane MCCANDLESS, witn: Mary J. SMILEY of Woodstock & E. Kathleen SMILEY of London, 1 Dec 1926 at Woodstock 41705-26 Gordon David EKINS, 23, chauffeur, Woodstock, same, s/o James EKINS, b. Ontario & Theresa HAUNN, married Lauretta Leonore SINCLAIR, 22, textile worker, Bright, Woodstock, d/o Edmund SINCLAIR, b. Ontario & Hilda WOODHAM, witn: L. DAWSON of Woodstock & Stanley SINCLAIR of Paris, 28 Apr 1926 at Woodstock
41706-26 Richard Seldon ELLIOTT, 58, widower, farmer, Ontario, North Oxford, s/o John ELLIOTT, b. England & Alice RICHARDSON, married Fanny OLIVER, 57, widow, England, North Oxford, d/o Thomas WILLIAMSON, b. England & Margaret ROBINSON, witn: Arthur OLIVER of North Oxford & Gordon E. OLIVER of Toronto, 24 Feb 1926 at Ingersoll 41707-26 Charles Walter ELSON, 18, farmer, England, East Zorra, s/o Charles ELSON, b. Essex England & Alice Beatrice BUTLER, married Mary Margaret WILKINSON, 17, England, East Zorra, d/o William WILKINSON, b. Derbyshire England & Harriet EATON, witn: Isaac WILKINSON & Mrs. M. WILKINSON, both of Woodstock, 29 Apr 1926 at East Zorra
41708-26 Archieval Richard ELSWORTHY, 23, lithographer, Dolton England, London, s/o Samuel ELSWORTHY & Emily BRIGHT, married Florence Olive DIXON, 26, bindery worker, London England, London, d/o John Charles DIXON & Emily Florence POPE, witn: John Thomas WEBB & Mary WEBB, both of Woodstock, 23 Oct 1926 at Woodstock 41709-26 William Frederick FAIRS, 22, labourer, Tillsonburg, same, s/o Jesse FAIRS & Alice Mary SHARP, married Alice Maud Mary BURN, 24, clerk, England, Tillsonburg, d/o George Joseph BURN & Ida Elizabeth LIVERSUCH, witn: Norman CHAMBERS & Alice FAIRS, both of Tillsonburg, 25 Sep 1926 at Tillsonburg
41710-26 William FALLON, 37, farmer, Middlesex Twp., same, s/o Patrick FALLON & Catherine COGLIN, married Mary SHANNON, 30, housekeeper, Dorchester Twp., same, d/o John SHANNON & Margaret CLEAR, witn: Michael SHANNON of Salford & Nellie DUNN of St. Thomas, 14 Jul 1926 at Ingersoll (RC) 41711-26 Joseph Sebastian FARDELLA, 22, barber, Sicily, Tillsonburg, s/o Anthony FARDELLA, b. Tribea Sicily & Angela RIZZA, married Flossie Bell GARNETT, 21, Woodstock, Tillsonburg, d/o Charles GARNETT (guardian), b. Tillsonburg & Emma FRETZ, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Leo PETZ, both of Tillsonburg, 7 Apr 1926 at Tillsonburg
41712-26 Andrew FERGUSON, 60, widower, labourer, Glasgow Scotland, Embro, s/o Andrew FERGUSON, b. Edinburgh Scotland & Isabel MCNICOLL, married Mary MORRISON, 54, b. 23 Jun 1871, widow, housekeeper, Dundee Scotland, Embro, d/o Hugh DUMFY, b. Scotland & Margaret MCFENEY?, both deceased, witn: Robert Watt FERGUSON & Walter FERGUSON, both of Woodstock, 3 Jan 1926 at Woodstock [re bride: parents "died in Scotland some years ago"] 41713-26 George Arthur FINBOW, 50, fruit grower, Stourmarket England, Beamsville, s/o Alfred FINBOW, b. England & Mary GOUGH, married Clara Celeste HAIGHT, 34, New Durham, Norwich, d/o Newton HAIGHT, b. Canada & Clara MILES, witn: Sadie REID of Beamsville & Charles E. HAIGHT of Norwich, 10 Nov 1926 at Norwich
41714-26 Harold John FITCH, 21, farmer, Courtland, same, s/o Nathan FITCH, b. Houghton Twp. & Hannah SUTTON, married Florence Jennie KIRBYSON, 19, Ingersoll, Tillsonburg, d/o William John KIRBYSON, b. Canada & Eliza FOSTER, witn: Walter FITCH of Tillsonburg & Herbert FITCH of Courtland, 13 Jan 1926 at Tillsonburg 41715-26 Herbert James FITCH, 22, carpenter, Courtland, Tillsonburg, s/o Nathan FITCH, b. Houghton Twp. & Hannah SUTTON, married Mary BEAUMONT, 28, England, Tillsonburg, d/o Thomas BEAUMONT, b. Yorkshire England & Elizabeth CHIPPINDALE, witn: Hazel FITCH & Walter FITCH, both of Tillsonburg, 2 Oct 1926 at Tillsonburg
41716-26 Robert Northcote FLOOD, 22, farmer, England, Chinguacousy Twp., s/o William FLOOD, b. Devonshire England & Martha NORTHCOTE, married Mildred Pearl HEWITT, 19, clerk, Oxford Co., Chinguacousy Twp., d/o Walter HEWITT, b. Oxford Co. & Annie HOLMES, witn: Margaret MUIR of Toronto & Clarence DAVIS of Woodstock, 27 Jan 1926 at Woodstock 41717-26 Clifford H. FRANCIS, 27, farmer, Houghton Twp., Blenheim Twp., s/o Henry FRANCIS, b. Houghton Twp. & Mary L. HANNIGAN, married Emily Margaret Blanche MATTHEWS, 21, Hamilton, Blenheim Twp., d/o George E. MATTHEWS, b. Garafraxa Twp. & Emily NASH, witn: Samuel C. POTTER & Gladys Isabella MATTHEWS, both of Drumbo, 11 Sep 1926 at Blenheim Twp.
41718-26 William Nixon GARNER, 36, farmer, Blenheim Twp., South Easthope Twp., s/o Joseph GARNER, b. Canada & Margaret BUTLER, married Vera Frances Catherine MOON, 32, East Zorra Twp., South Easthope Twp., d/o George Henry MOON, b. Canada & Rhoda May CULLEN, witn: Eliza Alice MOON & Margaret JONES, both of Woodstock, 19 May 1926 at Woodstock 41719-26 Nelson Johnson GEORGE, 23, machinist, Ingersoll, Royal Oak Mich., s/o Albert C. GEORGE, b. Strathroy & Maud JOHNSON, married Marjorie Hearle RUSS, 21, stenographer, Woodstock, same, d/o Harvey M. RUSS, b. Grimsby Twp. & Bessie HEARLE, witn: Marjorie EASTMAN & Audrey HEANER, both of Woodstock, 7 Apr 1926
41720-26 Clarence Grant GERMAN, 20, farming, Ontario, same, s/o Jacob G. GERMAN, b. St. Thomas & Lila ELLIOTT, married Flossie Elizabeth CHUTE, 17, Ontario, Bayham Twp., d/o James H. CHUTE, b. Bayham & Alma JOHNSON, witn: Annie PATTERSON & L.F. GERMAN, both of Embro, 5 Nov 1926 at Ingersoll 41721-26 William John GORRIE, 31, plumber, West Zorra, Detroit, s/o David John GORRIE, b. Scotland & Margaret Ann BLAIR, married Alice Mary JACKSON, 28, stenographer, Brighton England, Ingersoll, d/o James JACKSON, b. England & Hannah HUCKLE, witn: Margaret E. JACKSON & George GORRIE, both of Ingersoll, 1 Apr 1926 at Ingersoll
41722-26 Sutton GIBBINS, 41, florist, England, Tillsonburg, s/o George GIBBINS, b. England & Eliza CAMPION, married Ethel Ray WALKER, 37, b. 12 Nov 1888, Houghton - Norfolk Co., Tillsonburg, d/o George W. WALKER. b. Canada & Harriet A. EMERICK, witn: Gertrude BURTON & illegible GARRETT, both of Tillsonburg, 24 Aug 1926 at Tillsonburg 41723-26 Donald Filman GIBSON, 27, barrister, St. Catharines, Tillsonburg, s/o Walter T. GIBSON, b. Canada & Elizabeth HODGINS, married Violet Elva Marie MCQUEEN, 22, school teacher, Tillsonburg, same, d/o Henry A. MCQUEEN, b. Canada & Violet L. HOCKEY, witn: H.A. MCQUEEN & Violet L. MCQUEEN, both of Tillsonburg, 11 Aug 1926 at Tillsonburg
41724-26 John Andrew GODDARD, 55, widower, weigh master, West Oxford Twp., Bright, s/o George GODDARD, b. Canada & Abigail KIRKPATRICK, married Edith ROTH, 40, Blandford Twp., Bright, d/o John ROTH, b. Canada & Margaret MITCHELL, witn: Nellie Maud ROTH & Sarah Ann MILTON, both of Richwood, 15 Dec 1926 at Blenheim Twp 41725-26 Ronald Thomas GOODEVE, 22, stove mounter, Ireland, Woodstock, s/o Thomas S. GOODEVE & Annie HELE, married Coza Helen MONGER, 19, machine operator, Huntsville, Woodstock, d/o James Suter MONGER & Laura McKENNA? (Whittma?), witn: Arthur J. STACEY & Helen SMITH, both of Woodstock, 8 Nov 1926 at Woodstock (RC)
41726-26 Errol T. GRASBY, 23, cement worker, 23, Durham, St. Marys, s/o Thomas GRASBY, b. Ontario & Catherine BLACK, married Ada M. PHELPS, 23, Oxford Co., Beachville, d/o Charles PHELPS, b. Ontario & Adeline CARR, witn: Julia A. PHELPS of Beachville & Cecil GRASBY of St. Marys, 8 Sep 1926 at Beachville 41727-26 Clarence Robert GRAY, 22, shoemaker, St. Thomas, Tillsonburg, s/o James Francis GRAY, b. Stoney Creek & Anna STYNES, married Florence Pearl DREYER, 19, Courtland, same, d/o James Edward DREYER, b. Bayham & Mary LAWRENCE, witn: Clara HELSDON & Emery BURNETT, both of Courtland, 19 May 1926 at Otterville
41728-26 James William GREEN, 21, farmer, Tillsonburg, same, s/o James GREEN, b. London England & Agnes DISCH, married Mildred Grace SCOTT, 20, Tillsonburg, Bayham, d/o John SCOTT, b. Bayham Twp. & Genevieve LOWRIE, witn: Laurie SCOTT of Brownsville & Agnes I. SCOTT of Pickering, 3 June 1926 at Brownsville 41729-26 Ernest William Henry GREENLY, 22, farmer, Blandford, East Oxford, s/o Henry Watkins GREENLY, b. Blandford & Olive Helena BLOW, married Elizabeth Bernice TRAVERS, 22, school teacher, East Oxford, Brant Twp., d/o Bernard Henry TRAVERS, b. East Oxford & Alice Sarah PERRETT, witn: C. Howard WEESE of London & Violet A. TRAVERS of Woodstock, 30 Jun 1926 at Woodstock
41730-26 Alvin HALL, 43, farmer, Burford Twp., same, s/o Thomas HALL, b. East Oxford Twp. & Christina WILSON, married Edna Rebecca OSMOND, 39, housekeeper, Burford Twp., West Oxford, d/o David OSMOND, b. Somerset England & Mary Jane GEDDIE, witn: Grace RUDLAND of London & W.R. OSMOND of Burgessville, 2 Jun 1926 at Foldens 41731-26 Ernest HALL, 26, farmer, Vienna, Ostrander, s/o George W. HALL, b. Charlotteville & Cora Mabel MCGREGOR, married Mabel POYNTZ, 22, Kaslo BC, Ostrander, d/o James Allen POYNTZ, b. Pleasant Hill Missouri & Mary Elizabeth BECKETT, witn: Frank MacELHANE of Mount Elgin & H. Maud BECKETT of Toronto, 23 Dec 1926 at Dereham Twp.
41732-26 Watson Isaac HALLOCK, 23, druggist, Woodstock, Walkerville, s/o Isaac HALLOCK, b. Ontario & Elizabeth MOSCROP, married Elsie Edith NEAVE, 21, Tottenham England, Woodstock, d/o Alexander NEAVE, b. England & Edith THOMPSON, witn: Mrs. Greeta RAPER & Edith BAXTER, both of Woodstock, 30 Jan 1926 at Woodstock  
41733-26 Edward Grant HAMILTON, 24, farmer, Guelph Twp., West Zorra, s/o William HAMILTON, b. Guelph Twp. & Lucy ANSTER (Auster?), married Ruth Elizabeth MCCORQUODALE, 23, West Zorra, same, d/o James R. MCCORQUODALE, b. West Zorra Twp. & Annie E. MCDONALD, witn: Tina A. MCCORQUODALE of Lakeside & Lucy G. HAMILTON of Embro, 23 Jan 1926 at West Zorra 41734-26 Melvin Delos Crooker HAMILTON, 31, mechanic, Owen Sound, Tillsonburg, s/o D. Al HAMILTON, b. Owen Sound & Elen Hoath HAMILTON, married Rose PEPPER, 24, Markham, Tillsonburg, d/o Thomas PEPPER, b. Markham & Annie SPECK, witn: Harry PEPPER & Bessie PEPPER, both of Tillsonburg, 28 Sep 1926 at Tillsonburg
41735-26 George Charles HARRIS, 30, laundryman, London England, Byron, s/o Charles HARRIS, b. England & Kate WILSON, married Josephine Edith Mary WATSON, 23, Croydon England, Byron, d/o Charles Vincent WATSON, b. England & Emily MORSE, witn: Kathleen WATSON of Ingersoll & D. CHAPMAN of Byron, 6 Feb 1926 at Ingersoll 41736-26 James HARRISON, 62, widower, gentleman, s/o George West HARRISON, b. England & Agnes FISH, married Susan PIPE, 47, Blenheim Twp., Drumbo, d/o John PIPE, b. Blenheim & Mary Bruce GIBSON, witn: Pauline THOMPSON & Lena RUTTON, both of Woodstock, 29 Dec 1926 at Woodstock
41737-26 George Wesley HASTINGS, 33, gasoline merchant, Metz, Woodstock, s/o Alex HASTINGS, b. Wellington Co. & Martha St. Clair HENDERSON, married Florence Irene CAMPBELL, 33, widow, Brantford, Woodstock, d/o William WILSON, b. Hamilton & Frances WOODS, witn: William WILSON & Alex HASTINGS, both of Woodstock, 112 Apr 1926 at Woodstock 41738-26 Frederick Henry HAUKE, 32, mason, Tavistock, same, s/o Charles HAUKE, b. Germany & Bertha SCHMIDT, married Annie Ferne HUNTER, 25, school teacher, Blenheim, Bright, d/o Randall HUNTER, b. Canada & Rillie SINCLAIR, witn: Tabitha HAUKE of Tavistock & Blanche HUNTER of Bright, 18 Sep 1926 at the Chesterfield Manse
41739-26 Robert HAYLOCK, 36, dairyman, England, St. Catharines, s/o Robert HAYLOCK & Esther BANYARD, married Revah HYNDMAN, 18, Norfolk Co., Otterville, d/o Frederick Washington HYNDMAN & Mary Catherine GRADEN, witn: Cecil HYNDMAN & Fred W. HYNDMAN, both of Otterville, 3 Jun 1926 at Otterville 41740-26 Charles Lorne HEMINGWAY, 27, bookkeeper, Brant Co., Aylmer, s/o John A. HEMINGWAY, b. Burford & Janet ARMSTRONG, married Nettie Elizabeth PITCHER, 28, South Norwich, Norwich, d/o Frank A. PITCHER, b. Norwich & Elizabeth MCCURDY, witn: Mr. & Mrs. F.A. PITCHER, both of Norwich, 5 Sep 1926 at Norwich
41741 Charles Henry HIBBERT, 27, steelworker, New Brunswick, Tillsonburg, s/o Harry HIBBERT, b. England & "information not available", married Annie JONES, 21, England, Tillsonburg, d/o Pryce JONES, b. Wales & Eliza HUGHES, witn: Annie S. HONE & Katherine WILDFANG, both of Tillsonburg, 1 Dec 1926 at Tillsonburg 41742-26 Frederick Henry HILL, 38, farmer, England, Dereham Twp., s/o William HILL, b. England & Mary Ann FARTHING, married Ellen Jane WITHAND, 44, widow, England, Dereham, d/o John WOODHOUSE, b. England & Ellen BETTS, witn: George H. BECKETT & Mrs. George BECKETT, both of Salford, 16 Aug 1926 at Salford
41743-26 Harold Gordon HILLIKER, 20, farmer, North Norwich, same, s/o Ernest D. HILLIKER, b. Canada & Maggie Jane EDMUND, married Hazel Alice WATKINS, 19, telephone operator, South Norwich, Norwich, d/o Albert WATKINS, b. Canada & Mary Louisa CLIFFORD, witn: Gertrude Bernice WATKINS of Norwich & Earl E. PERRY of Burgessville, 23 Oct 1926 at North Norwich Twp 41744-26 Cyril HINGE, 22, farmer, England, North Oxford, s/o Harry HINGE, b. England & Maude BARRETT, married Peggy PARKINSON, 20, Ireland, Ingersoll, d/o James PARKINSON, b. Ireland & Peggy ELLIOTT, witn: Phyllis HINGE & Harold AWCOCK, both of Ingersoll, 3 Mar 1926 at Ingersoll
41745-26 Leslie William HOARE, 22, labourer, England, West Oxford, s/o Frederick HOARE, b. England & Sarah JOHNSIL, married Elizabeth Jane REYNOLDS, 19, England, Ingersoll, d/o William REYNOLDS, b. England & Emily Jane SEARLE, witn: Evelyn EMBURY & Harold HOARE, both of Beachville, 1 Jun 1926 at Ingersoll Divorced 9 Sep 1953 41746-26 Charles Frederick HODGETT, 27, farm labourer, Nottingham England, East Oxford, s/o William HODGETT, b. England & Elizabeth WHITTAKER, married Hazel Lauretta EMBURY, 18, Brantford Twp., West Oxford, d/o Addison EMBURY, b. Canada & May CHAMBERLAIN, witn: Jennie May STRICKLER of Woodstock & William Addison EMBURY of Beachville, 21 Oct 1926 at Woodstock
41747-26 John L. HOGG, 44, farmer, East Nissouri Twp., same, s/o Robert HOGG, b. East Nissouri Twp. & Jane CLUBB, married Esther Susan GRAYDON, 24, Norfolk Co., East Nissouri Twp., d/o William J. GRAYDON, b. Norfolk Co. & Mary ULLMAN, witn: Charles MANGER of Thamesford & Leo GRAYDON of Embro, 19 Jan 1926 at Embro 41748-26 John Leonard HOLDEN, 28, farmer, Ontario, East Nissouri, s/o John HOLDEN, b. Canada & Mary Jane BURTON, married Phoebe PARRY, 25, England, East Nissouri, d/o Henry PARRY, b. England & Mary Jane MEAKIN, witn: Lillian PARRY & John PARRY, both of Lakeside, 24 Apr 1926 at Ingersoll
41749-26 Henry George HOLMES, 26, porter, England, Woodstock, s/o Henry George HOLMES, b. Nottingham England & Alice JONES, married Ruby Alma BLAKEBROUGH, 32, waitress, England, Woodstock, d/o Walter Joseph BLAKEBROUGH, b. London England & Maria Louise COOKE, witn: Willie RICHARDS of Woodstock & Marjorie Alice BLAKEBROUGH of London, 17 Dec 1926 at Woodstock 41750-26 Douglas Mac HOOVER, 25, farmer, Springfield, North Norwich, s/o J. Mac HOOVER & Maie MORRISON, married Lettice CLUTTON, 24, England, Norwich, d/o John H. CLUTTON & Bessie WILKINS, witn: Marion PINKEY of Norwich & Ralph C. BADBURY? of Salford, 23 Nov 1926 at Norwich
41751-26 Emin HOSSACK, 21, farmer, Oxford Co., Thamesford, s/o Duncan HOSSACK, b. Oxford Co. & Alice HOLIDAY, married Stella Barbara BLAKIE, 18, Westminster Twp., Thamesford, d/o A.J. BLAKIE, b. Westminster Twp. & Isabella RIDDELL, witn: Duncan BLAKIE & A.J. BLAKIE, both of Thamesford, 15 Jun 1926 at Thamesford 41752-26 William HURD, 65, widower, labourer, Durham Twp., Tillsonburg, s/o William HURD, b. England & Cecilia BLAIR, married Nellie JAMIESON, 61, widow, Townsend, Tillsonburg, d/o Alfred WALKER, b. Canada & Lizana WOODLEY, witn: William H. SCHOOK & Ann E. SCHOOK, both of Tillsonburg, 28 Apr 1926 at Tillsonburg
41753-26 Victor R. HUTTON, 21, farmer, East Nissouri, same, s/o George HUTTON, b. Canada & Hannah HUTTON, married Mary Iva MCCLAIN, 19, East Nissouri, same, d/o John H. MCCLAIN, b. Canada & Jane TOWLE, witn: Joseph R. HUTTON & Elsie HUTTON, both of East Nissouri, 27 Jan 1926 at East Nissouri 41754-26 Thomas Harry JACOBS, 22, wagon erector, England, Woodstock, s/o unknown deceased & Molly JACOBS, married Irene JOHNSON, veneer worker, 19, England, Woodstock, d/o Charlie JOHNSON, b. England & Ada COSTLER, witn: Henry Alex James CROSS & Mary CROSS, both of Woodstock, 20 Sep 1926 at Woodstock
41755-26 Raymond JOHNSON, 26, farmer, North Dakota, same, s/o John JOHNSON, b. Kinkardine & Jessie MCLEOD, married Muriel CUTHBERTSON, 21 yrs, 11 mo., Pillsbury PA, Bright, d/o Thomas CUTHBERTSON, b. Bright & Ida EVANS, witn: Evans CUTHBERTSON & Dorothea BRISTOW, both of Bright, 16 Feb 1926 at Bright 41756-26 George Pryce JONES, 24, farmer, England, Springford, s/o Richard JONES, b. Dolfor - Montgomeryshire Wales & Mary Ann JAMES, married Emily Victoria WILKES, 22, England, Springford, d/o Richard WILKES, b. Chisbury - Shropshire England & Emily BOWEN, witn: Henry THOMPSON & Eva THOMPSON, both of Springford, 11 Jun 1926 at Otterville
41757-26 Russell Mervin KEMPERT, 18, farmer, Burford Twp., same, s/o Frank KEMPERT, b. Burford Twp. & Maria ROBINSON, married Dorothy Jane COULTER, 16, Burford Twp., Blandford Twp., d/o Frederick COULTER, b. Canada & Frances HUTCHINSON, witn: Frank KEMPERT & Cora KEMPERT, both of Princeton, 16 Jan 1926 at Princeton 41758-26 Oliver Russell KENNEDY, 23, mechanic, Blenheim Twp., Detroit, s/o William KENNEDY, b. Drumbo & Clarissa BRAND, married Anna Grace STICKLES, 23, Burford Twp., same, d/o John R. STICKLES, b. Wyndham Twp. & Sarah LATTIMER, witn: Maude STICKLES of Woodstock & Myron SHOWERS of Princeton, 8 Jul 1926 at Gobles
41759-26 Donald Harry KITCHEN, 21, machinist, Toronto, Sandwich, s/o William D. KITCHEN, b. Canada & Annie SHERMAN, married Beatrice Ruth LAUZON, 22, forelady, West Sandwich Twp., Windsor, d/o Henry LAUZON, b. Canada & Clara WISE, witn: Mr. & Mrs. William ROBLEY, both of Woodstock, 30 Aug 1926 at Woodstock 41760-26 Herbert Henry KNIGHT, 51, widower, janitor, England, Niagara Falls, s/o Thomas KNIGHT, b. Winchester England & Jane CARTER, married Daisy Ellen JONES, 36, b. 1 Mar 1890, nurse, Warwick England, Woodstock, d/o Frank Francis JONES, b. Warwickshire England & Ellen DAVIS, witn: Mrs. J.B. LECLAIR & Mrs. E.M. CONNOLLY, both of Woodstock, 30 Jul 1926 at Woodstock
41761-26 Russell Alfred LANGFIELD, 23, farmer, East Zorra, same, s/o Adolph LANGFIELD, b. Ontario & Anne PEARSON, married Mable Pansy FISHBACH, 26, housekeeper, Norfolk Co., Burford Twp., d/o William FISHBACH, b. Simcoe & Ora E. ALWARD, witn: Mary Elena FLETCHER of St. Thomas & John D. LANGFIELD of Woodstock, 16 Oct 1926 at Woodstock 41762-26 William LARDER, 24, farmer, Lincoln England, Goderich, s/o John William LARDER, b. Strubly - Lincolnshire England & Ada MOLSON, married Annie May PETTIGREW, 30, Blandford Twp., same, d/o Robert PETTIGREW, b. Bright & Lena May SYLVESTER, witn: John W. LARDER of Goderich & Robert PETTIGREW of Bright, 14 Apr 1926 at bride's home, Blandford Twp
41763-26 Harold Hazelette LAWRENCE, 26, buyer, Ontario, Belleville, s/o David LAWRENCE, b. Lexington Mich. & Lilly VANDERWATERS, married Edna Ethel MCNALLY, 19, Ontario, East Nissouri, d/o Robert MCNALLY, b. Cartwright Twp. & Louisa Emmaline STEVENSON, witn: S.L. MCNALLY of Detroit & Reta E. MCNALLY of Kintore, 26 Jul 1926 at Kintore 41764-26 Hyman Samuel LEFF, 25, general manager, London, same, s/o William LEFF, b. Russia & Jennie LEFF, married Freda VINICK, 23, bookkeeper, Hamilton, Detroit, d/o Ellis VINICK, b. Russia & Ida VINICK, witn: H. GOLDBERG & J. SUSKIND, both of London, 8 Aug 1926 at Ingersoll (Jewish)
41765-26 Garnet Lithay LESLIE, 23, farmer, East Nissouri, same, s/o James Henry LESLIE, b. West Zorra & Annie Maude BRAZIER, married Mary Lottie SMITH, 18, East Nissouri, same, d/o Alexander SMITH, b. Blanchard Twp. & Mary Rebecca COOPER, witn: William SMITH of Lakeside & Lucilla SYMONS of St. Mary's, 24 Feb 1926 at Lakeside 41766-26 Charles LINDSAY, 21, farmer, Bayham, Corinth, s/o George William LINDSAY, b. Corinth & Mary Olive KELMER, married Annie May MARSHALL, 20, Culloden, Tillsonburg, d/o Robert F. MARSHALL, b. Middleton Twp. & Ann Jane HILL, witn: Olive A.M. MARSHALL & Howard Francis CAMPEAU, both of Tillsonburg, 22 Feb 1926 at Tillsonburg
41767-26 Edward Sidney LINES, 28, labourer, East Oxford, same, s/o Ambrose LINES, b. England & Mary LINES, married Clara Louise Walker LOGAN, 24, Burford, Woodstock, d/o Samuel LOGAN, b. Ontario & Martha H. WALKER, witn: Rose GRIER & E.I. PRUDHAM, both of Woodstock, 3 Jul 1926 at Woodstock 41768-26 Wilfred Edward LITTLEJOHN, 21, farmer, Vesper Twp - Simcoe Co, East Zorra, s/o Charles David LITTLEJOHN, b. Simcoe & Eleanor Jane BLANSHARD, married Clara Alice SCHERMERHORN, 22, East Zorra, Blenheim Twp., d/o Francis Dennis SCHERMERHORN, b. Blenheim & Rosanne KALBFLEISCH, witn: Pauline THOMPSON & Lena RUTTAN, both of Woodstock, 13 Oct 1926 at Woodstock
41769-26 Robert Arthur LONG, 41, packer, England, Ingersoll, s/o William LONG, b. Suffolk England & Mary Ann LONG, married Nellie May CURRY, 36, b. 27 May 1890, widow, domestic, St. Mary's, Ingersoll, d/o "no record", both deceased, b. Ireland, witn: Beatrice GARTON & William Henry GARTON, both of Ingersoll, 7 Sep 1926 at Ingersoll 42770-26 Elijah LUCAS, 21, farmer, Houghton, Clear Creek, s/o John LUCAS, b. Houghton Twp. & Lavina DAVIS, married Abigail CONN, 21, Thorndale, Clear Creek, d/o Samuel CONN, b. Ireland & Sarah MURPHY, witn: George WINKWORTH of Frogmore & Inez Pearl LUCAS of Clear Creek, 9 Jun 1926 at Tillsonburg Divorced 19 Feb 1949
41771-26 Otto Wray LYMBURNER, 29, widower, shoemaker, Ontario, Tillsonburg, s/o Matthias Elmore LYMBURNER, b. Ontario & Mary Emily VAUGHAN, married Kathleen Winnifred BUSH, 19, England, Tillsonburg, d/o William BUSH, b. England & Edith Elizabeth PITTS, witn: Ivan PALMER & Ila CULP, both of Tillsonburg, 22 Dec 1926 at Tillsonburg 41772-26 Clayton John LYNCH, 28, telegrapher, Ingersoll, London, s/o John H. LYNCH, b. Ontario & Mary DENNING, married Florence Jeanette PATTERSON, 24, Ontario, West Oxford, d/o Thomas PATTERSON, b. Ontario & Jennie WOOD, witn: Jennie PATTERSON & Mary LYNCH, both of Ingersoll, 6 Sep 1926 at Ingersoll
41773-26 Albert Douglas MABEE, 28, Waterford, Tilsonburg, s/o James E. MABEE, b. Norfolk & Katherine MELDRUM, married Grace PALMER, 23, Springford, same, d/o Elias W. PALMER, b. Oxford & Louise MALCOLM, witn: Malcolm & Cecilia PALMER of RR1 Norwich, 28 July 1926 at Otterville  
41774-26 William Henry MACTYE, 26, accountant, New York City, same, s/o John H. MACTYE, b. New York City & Mary J. MULLER, married Margaret Louise Minto HARRIS, 21, West Oxford, same, d/o J.C. HARRIS & Annie Margaret CRAIG, witn: Olive M. CRAIG of 314 Russell Hill Rd in Toronto & Elise McCOEY of Ingersoll, 6 July 1926 at Ingersoll 41775-26 Lyle Leeland MANSFIELD, 25, farmer, Ontario, Dereham, s/o Moses Warren MANSFIELD, b. Canada & Sarah JENNEY, married Greeta Marion BODWELL, 25, Ontario, Dereham, d/o James Vining BODWELL, b. Canada & Bertha Ellen SHERK, witn: Cecil OVERBAUGH of RR2 Port Rowan & Olive M. BODWELL of Columbine Rd in Toronto, 1 Sept 1926 at Mt. Elgin [affidavit re bride's birth reg was signed by her mother, Bertha SHUTTLEWORTH]
41776-26 James William MANSHIP, 32, moulder, Moncton NB, Woodstock, s/o James William MANSHIP, b. New Brunswick & Hattie HICKS, married Violet Louise TANNER, 27, widow, London Ont, Woodstock, d/o William James PLAYER, b. England & Sarah Ann BROWN, witn: Edith R. McCRACKEN & Margaret EYRE, both of Woodstock, 8 Nov 1926 at Woodstock 41777-26 William Arthur MANSON, 21, farmer, East Oxford, same, s/o William. T. MANSON, b. Ont & Ida BRANCHFLOWER, married Annie Ellen DWINNELL, 20, domestic, Orillia, Woodstock, d/o Thomas A. DWINNELL, b. Ont & Frances G. SHANNON, witn: Franklin B. & Edith L. MANSON of Curries Crossing, 12? Dec 1926 at East Oxford twp
41778-26 Joseph Henry MARKLE, 25, merchant, Drumbo, same, s/o Solomon MARKLE, b. Ont & Mary HECKADON, married Lillian Meredina COXSON, 26, teacher, Plattsville, same, d/o Andrew COXSON, b. Ont & Elizabeth QUANDT, witn: Mrs. William & Mrs. V.T. MOONEY of Woodstock, 26 July 1926 at Woodstock 41779-26 George Lawrence MARR, 63, widower, farmer, Woodhouse twp., Charlotteville twp., s/o Joseph MARR, b. Marsburg Ont & Elizabeth LEAVER?, married Mary Cyrena LEES, 57, Rockford Ont. Simcoe, d/o William LEES, b. Ancaster Ont & Ella BURLINGHAM, witn: Charles FORMAN of Otterville & Mr. RUTHERFORD of Minneapolis Minn., 3 March 1926 at Otterville
41781-26 Reginald MARTIN, 40, widower, chef, England, Westminster Hospital in London, s/o George MARTIN, b. England & Kathleen BARBER, married Harriet Jane SHILSTONE, 40, spinster, London England, 216 Windsor Ave in London, d/o Richard WILLIAM [surname?], b. England & Sarah Jane COOKE, witn: Mrs. Lily R. & Mr. Sidney Lewis RUSSELL of Dundas St. in Woodstock, 24 Aug 1926 at Woodstock 41780-26 George Walter MARTIN, 21, machinist, England, Woodstock, s/o James John MARTIN, b. England & Eliza Ella HODDER, married Violet Rosetta HILL, 22, hosiery worker, Dundas Ont., Woodstock, d/o Francis Edmond HILL, b. England & Emily L. GUERRARD, witn: James John MARTIN of Eliza Ella HODDER, both of Woodstock, 18 Nov 1926 at Woodstock
41782-26 Percy Lewis MARTINELL, 27, file cutter, Ontario, Cleveland Ohio, s/o Joseph MARTINELL, b. Michigan US & Hattie GARETT, married Christena Catherine HAMILTON, 26, Woodstock, Ingersoll, d/o Robert HAMILTON, b. Liverpool & Mary McGREGOR, witn: Robert Sanders HAMILTON of Ingersoll & Hughena Mary HAMILTON of Woodstock, 7 Sept 1926 at Ingersoll 41783-26 Robert Morris MATHESON, 26, merchant, West Zorra, same, s/o Thomas MATHESON, b. Scotland & Christena MORRISON, married Marguerite Dolina WEIR, 24, East Zorra, West Zorra, d/o David WEIR, b. East Zorra & Ellen MURRAY, witn: Catherine MATHESON & David S. MURRAY, both of Embro, 2 Oct. 1926 at Embro
41801-26 Clifford McCOLLOW, 23, farmer, Tilsonburg, same, s/o Herbert McCOLLOW, b. Ont & Caroline COOPER, married Gladys KULP, 22, Straffordville, Tilsonburg, d/o Ambrose KULP, b. Ont & Bessie WILLIAMS, witn: Eva McCOLLOW & Gordon GRAVES, both of Tilsonburg, 16 Jan 1926 at Tilsonburg 41802-26 William McDONNELL, 26, Hickson, same, s/o Patrick McDONALD (sic), b. Limerick Ireland & Kathleen McGAHAN, married Kathleen DOUGLAS, 22, winder in knitting factory, Embro, Woodstock, d/o John DOUGLAS, b. Scotland & Harriet Gertrude KELLY, witn: Harriet G. DOUGLAS of Woodstock & Alexander McCACHEN of Aurora, 29 March 1926 at Woodstock
41803-26 John Roderick McDOUGALL, 24, farmer, Burford twp., same, s/o "dead", b. Scotland & Emma LEFLER, married Ida May MOORE, 24, lady, South Norwich, same, d/o Alex MOORE, b. Bookton & Emma MOORE, witn: Alex MOORE of La Salette & Archie MOORE of Norwich, 9 June 1926 at Bookton 41804-26 Alexander Page McGREGOR, 22, machinist, Scotland, Ingersoll, s/o Dugald McGREGOR, b. Glasgow Scotland & Catherine PAGE, married Margaret Victoria LAWRENCESON, 23, Dereham twp., Ingersoll, d/o John LAWRENCESON, b. Port Hope & Lillian ARMSTRONG, witn: Alex & Mrs. Alex COLLINS of Ingersoll, 23 Dec 1926 at Ingersoll
41805-26 Wilbert George McINTOSH, 25, merchant, South Mountain Ontario., Woodstock, s/o Thomas McINTOSH, b. Matilda twp & Elizabeth EASTMAN, married Agnes HARVEY, 30, Woodstock, same, d/o Robert HARVEY, b. Paisley Scotland & Janet ANDERSON, witn: Maude ROWE & E.J. PRUDHAM, both of Woodstock, 4 Dec 1926 at Woodstock 41806-26 John Alvin McKAY, 30, farmer, East Nissouri, West Zorra, s/o William McKAY, b. East Nissouri & Margaret McKELLAR, married Annie McLEOD, 22, teacher, West Zorra, same, d/o Robert McLEOD, b. West Zorra & Christena McBURNEY, witn: Agnes E. McKAY of Thamesford & William McLEOD of Embro, 1 Sept 1926 at East Nissouri
41807-26 Harry Hepburn McKEE, 31, farmer, North Norwich, same, s/o John McKEE, b. Norwich & "dead", married Vivian Margaret STEVENSON, 26, Norwich village, North Norwich, d/o Archie R. STEVENSON & Elizabeth M. STEVENSON, witn: John McKEE & A.R. STEVENSON, both of Norwich, 7 Jun 1926 at Norwich 41808-26 James Albert McKIE, 24, farmer, North Norwich twp., same, s/o John McKIE, b. Ont & Alberta STOVER, married Myrtle Mahala STEVENSON, 24, Norwich village, North Norwich twp., d/o Archie STEVENSON, b. Ont & Elizabeth WAGNAR, witn: W.F. McKIE & Vivian Margaret STEVENSON, both of Norwich, 14 April 1926 at res of Archie Stevenson
41809-26 Percy Roy McLEAN, 39, decorator, Newcastle NB, Woodstock, s/o William H. McLEAN, b. New Brunswick & Annie HARE, married Gladys WHITEHEAD, 33, stenographer, Woodstock, same, d/o Duncan C. WHITEHEAD, b. Woodstock & Margaret McGACHIE, witn: Margaret ELLWOOD of London & B.M. McLEAN of 227 Queen St. in Ottawa, 9 Oct. 1926 at Woodstock  
037464-26 Earnest McLEOD, 24, farmer, West Zorra, West Zorra, s/o Frank McLEOD (b. West Zorra) & Ida HOWE married Jessie FRASER, 27, housemaid, West Zorra, West Zorra, d/o Angus FRASER (b. Scotland Beauly?) & Margaret GILLANDERS, witn: Mrs. A. LAING & Sarah GORLEY both of Embro, 6 November 1926 in Embro 41810-26 Bernard Joseph MacMILLAN, 25, clerk, Ingersoll, Cleveland, s/o Benjamin MacMILLAN, b. Ingersoll & Mary HEARD, married Elizabeth Daisy SHOEBRIDGE, 27 (b. 2 Dec 1898), 63 Misjid Rd in Battersea London England, d/o Frank Thomas SHOEBRIDGE, b. England & Elizabeth Annie ELMER, witn: Francis C. HARRINGTON of Detroit & Madelin MacMILLAN of Ingersoll, 10 June 1926 at Ingersoll
41784-26 Donovan Alexander MERNER, 29, Sebringville Ont., New Hamburg, s/o Emanuel MERNER, b. Canada & Marion KASHNER, married Dorothy Isobel WILLSON, 24, Plattsville, New Hamburg, d/o Arthur J. WILLSON, b. Canada & Ada PERRY, witn: Walter BOWMAN of New Hamburg & Valerie TODD of Stratford, 22 May 1926 at Plattsville 41785-26 John MILNE, 49, widower, silk cutter, St. Thomas, Toronto, s/o John MILNE & Isabelle THOMPSON, married Delia M. BOND, 35, milliner, Woodstock, same, d/o Francis H. BOND & Mary E. MALONEY, witn: Darcy BRYSON & Louise M. BOND, both of Woodstock, 27 Nov 1926 at Woodstock
41786-26 Frederick Cairns MINNES, 42, sanitary engineer, Brantford, same, s/o William John MINNES, b. Canada & Fannie Elizabeth KERR, married Edith Jane IMRIE, 34, bookkeeper, Tilsonburg, same, d/o Charles Edward IMRIE, b. Canada & Lavinia WALLER, witn: C.E. & Lavinia IMRIE of Tilsonburg, 29 (28?) July 1926 at Tilsonburg 41787-26 Percy Elmer MITCHELL, 35, farmer, East Oxford twp., Burgessville, s/o James MITCHELL, b. Canada & Etta HENDERSHOT, married Nellie Louisa MOGG, 20, Middleton twp., Burford twp., d/o Walter MOGG, b. England & Ellen THRASHER, witn: W. Evan & Mrs. W. E. POLLARD of Burgessville, 28 April 1926 at Norwich
41788-26 Douglas Samuel MOFFATT, 26, machinist, Montreal, Edmonton Alberta, s/o William MOFFATT, b. Montreal & Annie TAYLOR, married Roberta Janet FOSTER, 19, Nevada USA, Brownsville, d/o Thomas FOSTER, b. Mansfield England & Grace MAITHERS?, witn: Robert & Grace FOSTER of Somers Corners, 2 Oct. 1926 at Brownsville 41789-26 Henry William MOFFATT, 26, machinist, Ontario, Ingersoll, s/o William MOFFATT, b. Mitchell Ont & Annie PORTERFIELD, married Hilda Marguerite RATZ, 25, Tavistock Ont., Woodstock, d/o Samuel RATZ, b. Tavistock & Frances REDMOND, witn: Wilfred RATZ of Blandford twp & Pulena D. THOMPSON of Knox Manse in Woodstock, 19 June 1926 at Knox Manse, Woodstock
  41790-26 Glenn Sheppard MONTGOMERY, 30, widower, auto truck driver, Gosfield twp., Woodstock, s/o William MONTGOMERY, b. Ottawa Ont & Ellen SHEPPARD, married Edna Irene MacKAY, 33, knitting operator, Embro, Woodstock, d/o Charles MacKAY, b. Embro & Ida KARN, witn: Verna E. MacKAY & F.G. BEWLEY, both of Woodstock, 22 May 1926 at Woodstock
41791-26 Colborne MOORE, 32, mechanic, Straffordville, Tilsonburg, s/o Samuel MOORE, b. Ont & Mary DAVIS, married Laura May Katherine FISHER, 21, South Middleton twp, Tilsonburg, d/o George FISHER, b. Norfolk Co & Amber DOAN, witn: Amber FISHER & Mary A. BARTON, both of Tilsonburg, 30 June 1926 at Tilsonburg 41792-26 Theodore MOORE, 22, farmer, Cultus - Houghton twp., same, s/o Richard MOORE, b. Canada & Rosie MacDONALD, married Annie Foster SNYDER, 25, teacher, Esquesing Ont., Cultus, d/o John SNYDER, b. Canada & Sophia STAUFFER, witn: Harvey WILDFANG & Mrs. J. B. REID, both of Tilsonburg, 30 June 1926 at Tilsonburg [affidavit re birth reg'n for the groom was signed by his sister, Margaret E. BENSON]
41793-26 Roy Alexander MORRIS, 21, laborer, North Oxford, Ingersoll, s/o Herbert MORRIS, b. Dereham twp & Bertha GARRETT, married Grace Laurene FLEMING, 18, North Oxford, same, d/o Courtland D. FLEMING, b. Courtland Ont & Edith May CADDEY, witn: Mrs. George W. WOOD & Mrs. Bertha MORRIS, both of Ingersoll, 27 Feb 1926 at Ingersoll 41794-26 Francis Phillips MOULTON, 24, merchant, Dereham twp., same, s/o Herman MOULTON, b. Dereham twp & Ellen PHILLIPS, married Edna May McEWEN, 24, clerk, Brooke twp - Lambton Co., Dereham twp., d/o Frank McEWEN, b. Dereham twp & Mary KENLINE, witn: James MOULTON of Mt. Elgin & Myrtle LITTLE of Ingersoll, 29 Sept 1926 at Dereham twp
41795-26 James Harris MOULTON, 23, farmer, Dereham twp., same, s/o Samuel John MOULTON, b. Dereham twp & Emma Nora HARRIS, married Verna Lulu GILBERT, 21, Dereham twp., same, d/o Horace John GILBERT, b. Dereham twp & Minnie Beatrice PROUSE, witn: Elsie MOULTON & Leighton GILBERT, both of Mt. Elgin, 2 Dec 1926 at Dereham twp 41796-26 Morris Edwin MOULTON, 21, farmer, Dereham twp., same, s/o Emerson MOULTON, b. Ont & Nettie REED, married Gladys Sadie ROULSTON, 18, London twp., Dereham, d/o John ROULSTON, & Lela McKONE, witn: Harry MOULTON of Mt. Elgin & Blanche NANCEKIVELL of Salford, 21 Oct. 1926 at Verschoyle
41797-26 Matthew Ford MUIR, 62, widower, Kings Counsel, Burford, Paris, s/o Robert Cuthbertson MUIR, b. Ayrshire Scotland & Margaret Elizabeth THWAITES, married Ruby Winona BEGG, widow, 39, lady, East Oxford, Woodstock, d/o Edwin M. SAGE, b. East Oxford & Margaret OSWALD, witn: Allan B. & illegible Margaret MUIR of Burford, 30 Oct. 1926 at Woodstock 41798-26 William Gregory MULHERN, 24, salesman, Woodstock, same, s/o Gregory MULHERN, b. Galway Ireland & Mary SAVIN, married Mary CAMPBELL, 20, waitress, Petrolia, Woodstock, d/o Allen CAMPBELL, b. Ont & Anna MILLER (Hiller?), witn: Beech REID & Mable HAYCOCK, both of Woodstock, 10 April 1926 at Woodstock
41799-26 Alexander Clark MURRAY, 25, druggist, West Zorra, Woodstock, s/o Donald MURRAY, b. Ont & Jane CLARK, married Euphemia Grace RANKIN, 23, saleslady, Toronto, Woodstock, d/o William RANKIN, b. Scotland & Euphemia TOD, witn: Aileen MURRAY & Gilbert RANKIN, both of Woodstock, 8 June 1926 at Woodstock 41800-26 James Wesley MURRAY, 34, farmer, Ontario, West Zorra, s/o James MURRAY, b. Ont & Violetta CRAIG, married Catherine Lilian BISHOP, 24, domestic, Bristol England, Ingersoll, d/o Samuel BISHOP, b. England & Emily BOARD (both deceased), witn: Ann K. WYNN of Toronto & Hilda McMILLEN of Ingersoll, 29 July 1926 at St. James Church, Ingersoll
41811-26 John H. NEEB, 23, laborer, Tavistock, same, s/o John S. NEEB, b. Woolwich twp & Mary DIETZ, married Mollie B. FUNK, 33, Detroit, res not given, d/o John FUNK, b. Woolwich twp & Annie SMITH, witn: Fred FUNK of Tavistock & Olive STROHKIRCH of Milverton, 15 Feb 1926 at Tavistock 41812-26 William Ford NEWELL, 23, operator, Ontario, Cilver Indiana, s/o Robert NEWELL, b. Ont & Nellie PIPER, married Shirley Emeline BALL, 23, Ontario, Walsingham twp., Ingersoll, d/o William BALL, b. Ont & Alva COYNE (Cayne?), witn: Charles G. HOLMES & Betty BALL, both of Ingersoll, 27 Sept 1926 at Ingersoll
41813-26 Alfred William NEWTON, 39, widower, traveller, London England, Ottawa, s/o Harry NEWTON, b. London England & Harriet WILLIAMS, married Janet Urie PATRICK, 24, domestic, Millers Land - North Road - Bellshill Lanark Scotland, Woodstock, d/o James PATRICK, b. Newmuirs Scotland & Mary GIBSON (married 27 Nov 1896 at Paisley), witn: John CAMPBELL & Elizabeth PATRICK, both of Woodstock, 31 Dec 1926 at Woodstock 41814-26 John Edward NICHOLSON, 25, laborer, Muskoka Dist., Milford Bay, s/o Thomas NICHOLSON, b. Canada & Mary LEADER, married Anna Johnston CRAWFORD, 30, Renfrewshire Scotland, 24 Cronyn St. in Woodstock, d/o Duncan Shearer CRAWFORD, b. Scotland & Annie LETSON, witn: Miss Martha CRAWFORD of 24 Cronyn St. & Duncan S. CRAWFORD Jr. of RR2 Embro, 27 Oct. 1926 at Woodstock
41815-26 William Austin NOAD, 24, machinist, Ontario, Ingersoll, s/o William E. NOAD, b. Ont & La Vina VICKERS, married Mary Beatrice MILLER, 18, Ingersoll, same, d/o John MILLER, b. Ont & Alice Maud SMITH, witn: James MILER & Mrs. M. L. WATERMAN, both of Ingersoll, 17 June 1926 at Ingersoll 41816-26 Joseph Othmar NURSE, 21, barber, Wellesley twp., Innerkip, s/o Joseph NURSE, b. Wellesley twp & Minnie BURNETT, married Laura Adele CHESNEY, 23, Blandford twp., same, d/o John CHESNEY, b. Blenheim twp & Alice PAGE, witn: Leslie CHESNEY & Alice WRIGHT, both of Innerkip, 19 May 1926 at Manse, Innerkip
041818-26 James Ed O'DOUD, 20, accountant, Embro, Oshawa, s/o Arthur O'DOUD (b. Oxford Co) & Jeannie YOUNGS married Lucy May McGINNIS, 29, home duties, East Zorra, Woodstock, d/o Hugh McGINNIS (b. Oxford Co) & Mary J. COULTER, witn: Mrs. Lawrence MARKENS? of Detroit & John Everett McGINNIS of London, 1 July 1926 in Woodstock 041819-26 Gordon George OLMSTEAD, 20, farmer, Windham Twp, East Oxford, s/o George B. OLMSTEAD (b. Windham Centre) & Elizabeth HAMMOND married Florence Christine SIMMONS, 19, home duties, North Norwich Twp, East Oxford, d/o John SIMMONDS (b. East Oxford) & Jennet McCOLL, witn: Edith May SIMMONS of Curries Crossing Ont. & Ross Albert PALMER of Burgessville, 27 January 1926 in Burgessville
041820-26 Thomas Joseph O'ROURKE, 35, traveller, Woodstock, Woodstock, s/o James O'ROURKE (b. Ireland) & Mary McMAHON married Edith Christine RATZ, 28, housekeeper, Tavistock, Woodstock, d/o Samuel RATZ (b. Canada) & Frances REDMEN, witn: James & Mrs. James O'ROURKE both of Woodstock, 11 August 1926 in Woodstock. 041821-26 Robert Russel PAGE, 23, laborer, Blenheim Twp, Ayr, s/o John PAGE (b. Canada) & Nellie T. PATTERSON married Anna Meade BROWN, 19, housekeeper, Ratho, no residence given, d/o Ralph M.C. BROWN (b. Canada) & Anna L. NICKOLS, witn: James LAW & Frederica TRICKEY both of Drumbo, 1 July 1926 in Drumbo
041822-26 Norman PARNALL, 26, farmer, St. Ewe England, North Dorchester, s/o Richard Henry PARNALL (b. England) & Kathleen JACOBS married Gladys Evelyn HESTALL, 20, domestic, Birmingham England, North Dorchester, d/o George HESTALL (b. England) & Gladys JONES, witn: Ida Maud PARNALL & Langford SMITH both of Mossley Ont., 8 September 1926 in Thamesford 041834-26 William PATTERSON, 18, machine hand, York Twp, Woodstock, s/o Frederick PATTERSON (b. Canada) & Phoebe WARNER married Evelyn LaVerne PARKER, 19, domestic, West Zorra, Woodstock, d/o Wesley PARKER (b. Canada) & Sylvia FORD, witn: James BLOOMFIELD & Edith COLLINS both of Woodstock, 13 October 1926 in Woodstock
  041823-26 Thomas Franklin PELLOW, 18, farmer, Blenheim Twp, East Oxford, s/o Frederick E. PELLOW (b. Ontario) & Christina ARMSTRONG married Vera Amelia Emeline TABOR, 20, home duties, West Oxford, West Oxford, d/o Isaac TABOR (b. Ontario) & Ellen DAVIS, witn: Ottolene TABOR of RR#5 Ingersoll & William E. PELLOW of RR#1 Curries Ont., 30 March 1926 in Beachville
041824-26 Howard Beaupre PERRY, 22, laborer, Ontario, Brantford, s/o Herbert PERRY (b. Cayuga Ont) & Fannie COCHRANE married Gertrude Vera Maud STEPHENSON, 18, Lindsay, Ingersoll, d/o George R. STEPHENSON (b. England) & Maud M. HEBSON, witn: William Wallace WILFORD & Florence Lillian Helen STEPHENSON both of Ingersoll, 16 January 1926 in Woodstock. 041825-26 Roy Milton PFEIFER, 25, farmer, Logan Twp, Logan Twp, s/o Charles PFEIFER (b. Logan Twp) & Mary Elizabeth OSBORN married Mary UNIAC, 30 (b. 4 May 1896), housekeeper, Logan Twp, Logan Twp, spinster, d/o William UNIAC (b. Logan Twp) & Mary Jane CONNOLLY, witn: Mrs. Annie & E. J. HOLDER both of Ingersoll, 29 April 1926 at St. James Church in Ingersoll
041826-26 George PHELPS, 58, farmer, Beachville, Blandford Twp, widower, s/o Joel PHELPS (b. Oxford Co) & Jane GERMAN married Annie May DOWNEY, 50, housekeeper, East Zorra Twp, Blandford Twp, widow, d/o James SKILLING (b. England) & Mary Ann HAGEN (HAGAN?), witn: Agnes & Alfred HILLARY both of Beachville, 5 October 1926 in Innerkip 041827-26 William Gordon PHILLIPS, 35, foreman, Blandford Twp, Bristow Oklahoma., s/o William George PHILLIPS (b. Wolverton Ont) & Jennie CURRAH married Mary ANDERSON, 36, home duties, West Oxford, West Oxford, spinster, d/o William ANDERSON (b. Drumbo) & Janet MELVIN, witn: Melvin ANDERSON of Detroit & Florence CARR of Paris Ont., 2 October 1926 in Beachville.
041828-26 Clesson PICKERD, 18, fisherman, Port Rowan, Port Rowan, s/o William PICKERD (b. Ontario) & Laura WILLIAMS married Barbara SMITH, 18, Manitoulin, Port Rowan, d/o Henry SMITH (b. England) & Florence Jane HARRISON, witn: M. DUNBAR & S. DORLAND both of Tillsonburg, 18 January 1926 in Tillsonburg. 041829-26 William Isaac Stanley PIPER, 27, machine hand, East Oxford, Woodstock, s/o Herbert PIPER (b. Oxford Co) & Lottie E. BOWMAN married Frances Ardell BALFOUR, 23, bookkeeper, Blenheim Twp, Woodstock, d/o James H. BALFOUR (b. Oxford Co) & Susanna Margueretta FRANCIS, witn: Marguerite BALFOUR of Woodstock & Roy PIPER of Salford, 4 November 1926 in Innerkip
041830-26 Blake Almon PITCHER, 58, gentleman, Londonderry N.H., West Oxford, widower, s/o Theron PITCHER (b. Canton Mass.) & Harriet WHITE married Belle ARMSTRONG, 45, Corsica Penn., Pittsburgh Penn., widow, d/o Newton A. TAYLOR (b. Crawford Co. Penn) & Sarah Elizabeth MOORE, witn: Elizabeth Christena & Arthur Alexander WILLIAMS both of Bower Hill Woodstock, 16 February 1926 at the Residence of M.A. WILLIAMS Bower Hill Woodstock 041831-26 Amos Franklin PLETSCH, 24, veneerer, East Zorra, Woodstock, s/o Daniel PLETSCH (b. not given) & Emma MEYERS married Edna Emma KRUG, 21, telephone operator, East Zorra, Woodstock, d/o Reinhard KRUG (b. not given) & Catharine GIMBEL, witn: R. J. RICHARDS of 132 Charles St. Stratford & Minnie PLETSCH of 31 King St. Stratford, 4 September 1926 in Woodstock
041832-26 Andrew Edwin POSTILL, 22, farmer, Windham Twp, Windham Twp, s/o Frank POSTILL (b. Ontario) & Della CLAPP married Flossie Mae ALMAS, 19, Windham Twp, Windham Twp, d/o Edward ALMAS (b. Ontario) & Emma J. QUARRIE, witn: Alex & Beatrice SLAGHT both of RR#2 LaSalette, 27 November 1926 in Otterville. 041833-26 Henry C. POWELL, 32, farmer, West Nissouri, West Nissouri, s/o Lindsay POWELL (b. West Nissouri) & Margaret HOBBS married Mary E. WEIR, 18, East Nissouri, East Nissouri, d/o John WEIR (b. East Nissouri) & Edna Elizabeth McGUIRE, witn: Margaret POWELL of Granton & John Murray WEIR of Thamesford, 1 December 1926 in East Nissouri Twp.
041835-26 Stanley Roy PULLEN, 33, machinist, Saginaw U.S.A., Ingersoll, s/o Henry PULLEN (b. Beachville Ont) & Elizabeth DOWNING married Gladys May McINTYRE, 30, machine operator, Woodstock, Woodstock, spinster, d/o Allan McINTYRE (b. Woodstock) & Elvina HEATH, witn: Vera DOPP of 367 Dundas St. Woodstock & Pauline D. THOMPSON of Knox Manse Woodstock, 16 June 1926 at the Knox Manse in Woodstock 041836-26 Charles Seawert RANK, 21, clerk, Plattsville Village, Plattsville Village, s/o (father's name not known) (b. not known) & Matilda RANK married Florence QUANDT, 21, telephone operator, Plattsville Village, Plattsville Village, d/o William QUANDT (b. Plattsville) & Susie HARMER, witn: William QUANDT of Plattsville & Mrs. W. H. JOHNSTON of Chesterfield, 8 December 1926 in Chesterfield
041837-26 Clarence Andrew RATZ, 20, truck driver, Tavistock, Blandford Twp, s/o Samuel RATZ (b. North Easthope) & Frances REDMAN married Marjorie Isobel LOVETT, 20, Woodstock, Woodstock, d/o Frank C. LOVETT (b. Galt) & Laura CREIGHTON, witn: Edna Bell LOVETT & Wilfred Samuel RATZ both of Woodstock, 4 December 1926 in Woodstock. 041838-26 Lawrence REABURN, 20, woodworker, Woodstock, Woodstock, s/o Robert REABURN (b. Canada) & Harriet BUNSTON married Millicent Lula IZZARD, 21, Woodstock, Woodstock, d/o Edwin IZZARD (b. England) & Kate FRIEND, witn: Laura & Francis WARD both of Woodstock, 30 December 1926 in Ingersoll
041839-26 Wray Melvin REAVELY, 23, vulcanizer, Harley Ont, Flint Michigan, s/o James C. REAVELY (b. Canada) & Laura MOORE married Leona Marie COXSON, 31, school teacher, Plattsville, Plattsville, d/o Andrew COXSON (b. Canada) & Elizabeth QUANDT, witn: Fred QUANDT & Elizabeth COXSON both of Plattsville, 22 September 1926 in Plattsville. 041840-26 Arthur REEVES, 22, farmer, West Oxford, West Oxford, s/o Alfred REEVES (b. Canada) & Catharine McGOGAN married Hazel GARTON, 17 yrs 5 mths, domestic, West Oxford, North Norwich, d/o William GARTON (b. Canada) & Edith DAY, witn: Mrs. Mabel & Mr. Leonard HEATHER both of RR#1 Burgessville, 8 January 1926 in Norwich.
  041841-26 Leslie REID, 28, farmer, Medicine Hat Alberta, Oneida Twp Haldimand Co., s/o James REID (b. Oneida) & Diana EARL married Rose Eilleen HERRON, 29, teacher, Middleton Twp, Tillsonburg, d/o James Gilbert HERRON (b. Middleton) & Mary McDONALD, witn: Lottie HERRON of Tillsonburg & J. Alex REID of Hagersville, 20 October 1926 in Tillsonburg
041842-26 Frank Ernest Charles RENN, 22, cutter in paper factory, London England, 612 Dundas St. Woodstock, s/o William Henry RENN & Ada BLACKBURN married Agnes HEPWORTH, 26, paper bag maker, Bradford Yorkshire England, 612 Dundas St. Woodstock, d/o Fred HEPWORTH & Martha MITTON, witn: Herbert HEPWORTH & Beatrice E. ROBINSON both of Woodstock, 3 July 1926 in Woodstock 041843-26 Amos Vaughn RICE, 22, truck driver, East Oxford, Detroit, s/o Alfred J. RICE (b. Curries Crossing) & Nellie Lillie PULLIN married Martha May TAYLOR, 18, home duties, East Oxford, East Oxford, d/o Charles TAYLOR (b. Atwood) & Nellie M. DOWNEY, witn: Harold A. HARVEY of Curries & Gertrude M. PAGE of Woodstock, 7 April 1926 at 771 Dundas St. Woodstock.
041844-26 Carle Mc.P. RIDLEY, 28, farmer, Downie Twp, Downie Twp, s/o David M. RIDLEY (b. Downie) & Louisa McKENZIE married Grace E. CLARK, 22, Sydenham Twp, East Nissouri, d/o William CLARK (b. Keppel Twp) & Margaret DAWSON, witn: John H. CLARK & Charles SMITH both of East Nissouri, 30 June 1926 in East Nissouri. 041845-26 Donald Bayne RIDLEY, 25, farmer, Downie Twp, Downie Twp, s/o George H. RIDLEY (b. Canada) & Margaret BAYNE married Ruby Ann THOMSON, 22, school teacher, West Zorra Twp, no residence given, d/o William THOMSON (b. Canada) & Harriett Eve O'DOUD, witn: Janet RIDLEY of Acton Ont. & Harvey THOMSON of RR#1 Embro, 7 December 1926 in West Zorra Twp
041846-26 Matthew RODEN, 20, laborer, Ontario, East Nissouri, s/o William RODEN (b. England) & Elizabeth SALLEN (?) married Annie Hattie QUART, 18, domestic, Ontario, London, d/o John QUART (b. Canada) & Nettie BOYCE, witn: Mrs. Elsie QUART of London & Mrs. Melinda WICKENS of Ingersoll, 15 October 1926 at St. James Church Ingersoll 041847-26 George Basil ROHRER, 22, lumberman, Clear Creek Ont., St. Catharines, s/o Elgin ROHRER (b. Canada) & Elizabeth UNDERHILL married Eula Belle DELANEY, 19, domestic, Courtland, St. Catharines, d/o Philip DELANEY (b. Canada) & Mary MUIR, witn: Mrs. J. VAN LOON & Jessie MARSHALL both of Tillsonburg, 23 April 1926 in Tillsonburg.
041848-26 James Clarence RONSON, 21, shoemaker, Norfolk Co., Tillsonburg, s/o Charles Luis RONSON (b. Canada) & Pearl TURNBULL married Vera Kathleen SWEAZEY, 18, stenographer, Norwich, Norwich, d/o James Francis SWEAZEY (b. Canada) & Edith TREFFRY witn: Mrs. Pauline M. & Joseph Ernst JAMES both of 596 Peel St. Woodstock, 3 April 1926 in Woodstock. 041849-26 Innes Featherston ROSE, 22, farmer, West Zorra, West Zorra, s/o David Innes ROSE (b. West Zorra) & Lena Maud FEATHERSTON married Margaret Mae MARSHALL, 21, housework, West Zorra, West Zorra, d/o Robert Henry MARSHALL (b. West Zorra) & Elizabeth Jane SUTHERLAND, witn: Albert David ROSE & Edna Mary MARSHALL both of Embro, 18 August 1926 in West Zorra
041850-26 Stanley Alexander ROSS, 50, salesman, Woodstock, Woodstock, s/o David S. ROSS (b. Ontario) & Catherine F. MUNRO, married Gladys Josephine ODLUM, 37, stenographer, Woodstock, Woodstock, spinster, d/o John ODLUM (b. Ontario) & Miriam Jane WOOD, witn: Margaret Clark ROSS & Kathleen Margaret ODLUM both of Woodstock, 18 September 1926 in Woodstock. 041851-26 Thomas Gordon ROSS, 24, farmer, East Zorra, East Zorra, s/o James ROSS (b. Perth? Co Ontario) & Frances Ellen CULLEN married Gladys Hester GUSTIN, 22, clerk, Listowel, Innerkip, d/o Harry GUSTIN (b. Norfolk Co) & Agnes RAE, witn: Freeman M. KARN of 1538 Berwick Ave. Detroit Michigan & Vera GUILER of Simcoe Ont., 23 June 1926 at the Bride's Home in Innerkip
041852-26 Laverne ROTH, 24, machinist, Wilmot Twp, New Hamburg, s/o Elias ROTH (b. Wilmot Twp) & Fanny DOZART married Agnes Catherine KAUFMANN, 26, East Zorra Twp, New Hamburg, d/o Andrew A. KAUFMANN (b. Blandford Twp) & Catharine HEINBUCH, witn: Herbert Alexander HAMEL of New Hamburg & Cora Mary KAUFMANN of RR#1 Tavistock, 12 May 1926 at the Lutheran Church in East Zorra Twp.  
041853-26 Glen William ROWE, 22, mechanical dentist, Ontario, 87 Marion St. Toronto, s/o William J. ROWE (b. Ontario) & Ethel WEBBER married Verna Doreen LATTIMER, 24, Ontario, RR#7 Woodstock, d/o James R. LATTIMER (b. Ontario) & Jennie TERRYBERRY, witn: Mrs. Gertrude A. ROWE of RR#6 Tavistock & J. Ralph LATTIMER of Windsor, 11 February 1926 in East Zorra. 041854-26 William Thomas ROWE, 52, farmer, England, Blandford Twp, widower, s/o Henry ROWE (b. England) & Ann MAJOR married Margaret Mary HARRISON, 38, housekeeper, Kingston, Blandford Twp, widow, d/o Edward WILSON (b. Kingston Mills) & Mary Jane QUINN, witn: Harry & Bertha Lynn LAMBLE both of RR#1 Curries, 12 November 1926 at the 2nd Conc. Blandford, Innerkip
041855-26 Amos Willie RUBY, 24, farmer, East Zorra Oxford Co., East Zorra, s/o John RUBY & Barbara BAECHLER married Marion Cathrine ROTH, 19, East Zorra, East Zorra, d/o Sam ROTH & Barbara OESCH, witn: Alvin Earl ROTH of Woodstock & Manuel RUBY of Tavistock, 1 December 1926 at the Bride's Residence 041856-26 Clayton RUBY, 19, farming, East Zorra Oxford Co., East Zorra, s/o Nick RUBY & Sarah BRENNEMAN married Christena SOMMERS, 18, Blandford Oxford Co., East Zorra, d/o David SOMMERS & Nancy BENDER, witn: Nelson RUBY & Clayton SOMMERS both of Tavistock, 22 December 1926 in East Zorra
041857-26 Harry Spencer RUCKLE, 28, farmer, Ontario, West Oxford, s/o George RUCKLE (b. Canada) & Eleanor BIGHAM, married Etta Prudence HEENEY, 23, Ontario, West Oxford, d/o Fred HEENEY (b. Canada) & Edith NICHOLLS, witn: Nora CLYDESDALE of Mooretown & Roy RUCKLE of Ingersoll, 24 June 1926 in West Oxford 041858-26 John Franklin RUTLEDGE, 20, laborer, Walsingham Ont., Clear Creek, s/o John William RUTLEDGE (b. Glenmeyer Ont) & Mary Ann DAVIS married Eva Violetta UNDERHILL, 20, domestic, Warwick Ont., Clear Creek Ont., d/o Robert Jesse UNDERHILL (b. King Lake) & Linda Grace TOMLIN, witn: Arthur RALLINS (Rollins?) of Clear Creek & Mrs. A. E. MARSHALL of Tillsonburg, 16 March 1926 at St. Paul's Parsonage in Tillsonburg
  41859-26 Floyd Alex SACKRIDER, 31, cheese maker, North Norwich, Norwich, s/o Albert SACKRIDER, b. Lambton Co. & Norah J. AUSTIN, married Lula Pearl TRACEY, 29, Malahide, Tillsonburg, d/o Thomas TRACEY, b. Bayham Twp. & Rachel HEWER, witn: George LANE & Carol LANE, both of Moseley, 16 Jun 1926 at Brownsville
41861-26 Gordon Elwood SCHELL, 24, farmer, East Oxford Twp., same, s/o Israel SCHELL, b. Oxford Co. & Edith DANBROOK, married Esther Elizabeth BARKER, 26, housekeeper, Brant County, East Oxford, d/o John BARKER, b. Toronto & Margaret Eliza LAMONT, witn: John BARKER of Burford & Israel SCHELL of Woodstock, 18 Aug 1926 at Innerkip 41860-26 Fred Leslie SCHELL, 32, farmer, East Oxford, same, s/o John Henry SCHELL, b. Eastwood & Mary Ella LEAKE, married Margaret Mildred May BARKER, 22, Burford, same, d/o John BARKER, b. Toronto & Margaret Eliza LAMONT, witn: Alex HENRY of Cass City - Mich. & John BARKER of Burford, 30 Jun 1926 at Innerkip
41862-26 Thomas Nicholas SCHMIDT, 25, auto mechanic, Arthur Twp., Stratford, s/o Thomas SCHMIDT, b. Canada & Agnes HAYES, married Leila May SCHRAM, 23, b. 28 Sep 1902, Grey Co., Stratford, d/o George SCHRAM, b. Canada & Lottie NEILL, witn: Francis V. KNOWLES & J.J. BROWN, both of Woodstock, 28 Apr 1926 at Woodstock 41863-26 William SCHUMM, 19, farmer, East Zorra, same, s/o John SCHUMM & Fannie ROPP, married Solena YANTZI, 19, South Easthope, East Zorra, d/o Daniel YANTZI & Catherine SCHLEGEL, witn: Aaron RUBY of Tavistock & Ezra SCHLEGEL of Shakespeare, 17 Jun 1926 at East Zorra (Mennonite)
41864-26 Grant Tompkins SCHUYLER, 38, salesman, Townsend Twp., Simcoe, s/o William Wesley SCHUYLER, b. Townsend Twp. & Elizabeth WYCKOFF, married Erie May BOWMAN, 34, Port Dover, Norwich, d/o George D. BOWMAN, b. Northfield & Georgina GILLIES, witn: John F. ROBERTSON of Ingersoll & Pearle BOWMAN of Norwich, 16 Jun 1926 at Norwich 41865-26 John B. SERVICE, 45, widower, carpenter, Ontario, Tillsonburg, s/o James SERVICE, b. Canada & Rachael TURNER, married Vida HOCKEY, 35, Ontario, Tillsonburg, d/o Havelock HOCKEY, b. Canada & Maud HENDERSON, witn: Edith KACHER & George KACHER, both of Tillsonburg, 6 Jan 1926 at Tillsonburg
41866-26 Milton SEYMOUR, 27, farmer, Glenmeyer, Tillsonburg, s/o John SEYMOUR, b. Langton & Susan SUMMERS, married Mabel C. WILSON, 25, Eden, same, d/o Clayton WILSON, b. Delhi & Rosana WILSON, witn: Mary Hazel EMMONS & Fred P. EMMONS, both of Tillsonburg, 20 May 1926 at Tillsonburg 41867-26 Leslie Milo SHARP, 21, shoemaker, Tillsonburg, same, s/o Wesley SHARP, b. Dereham Twp. & Eva SMALE, married Hazel Ilene SCIDMORE, 23, Houghton, Tillsonburg, d/o Herbert SCIDMORE, b. Fair Grounds & Cora Dell KENNEDY, witn: Wanda SCIDMORE & Alvin SHARP, both of Tillsonburg, 2 Apr 1926 at Tillsonburg
41868-26 Andrew Addison SHEARER, 25, farmer, Blandford Twp., same, s/o William SHEARER, b. Blandford Twp. & Agnes BAIRD, married Luella PEARSON, 28, East Zorra, same, d/o Edgar PEARSON, b. East Zorra & Marilla COWING, witn: J. S. MARK & Mrs. S. MARK, both of Woodstock, 16 Mar 1926 at Woodstock  
41869-26 Arthur Robert SIMPSON, 21, cheese box maker, London England, Woodstock, s/o John SIMPSON, b. England & Florence MITCHELL, married Myrtle Jean CUNNINGHAM, 20, machine operator, Stratford, Woodstock, d/o William James CUNNINGHAM, b. Lucan & Agnes MOORE, witn: Fred BRIGHT & Rhoda BRIGHT, both of Woodstock, 11 Sep 1926 at Woodstock 41870-26 Lawrence C. SINKINS, 26, mechanic, East Nissouri, same, s/o John SINKINS, b. East Nissouri & Charlotte MARTIN, married Alice S. MEADOWS, 20, Maplewood, same, d/o Charles MEADOWS, b. West Zorra & Susanna ARMSTRONG, witn: Verna MEADOWS of Stratford & A. KENTISH of St. Marys, 14 Jan 1926 at Woodstock
41871-26 Frank Lamb SMITH, 23, farmer, West Zorra, same, s/o Alex SMITH, b. West Zorra & Margaret LAMB, married Jean Elise CORMACK, 21, East Nissouri, West Zorra, d/o William CORMACK, b. West Zorra & Elizabeth LOVE, witn: Ena L. PEARSON & James G. SMITH, both of Embro, 18 Nov 1926 at Embro 41872-26 Robert Loyde SMITH, 32, produce dealer, East Zorra, Woodstock, s/o William SMITH, b. Canada & Mary Jane BURNEY, married Ruby Maud KNIGHT, 24, knitting factory cutter, West Oxford, Woodstock, d/o Henry KNIGHT, b. Canada & Elizabeth WOODALL, witn: Pauline M. JONES & Arthur LEE, both of Woodstock, 23 Jan 1926 at Woodstock
41873-26 William Lewis SMITH, 25, farmer, Ontario, Erie Twp., s/o Joseph Henry SMITH, b. Ontario & Mary DOYLE, married Mabel REITH, 19, teacher, Ontario, North Oxford, d/o John Alexander REITH, b. Ontario & Christina MacKay WEIR, witn: May MCMURRAY & Emma M. ANTHONY, both of Thamesford, 21 Aug 1926 at Thamesford 41874-26 William Maxwell SMITH, 22, farmer, Dereham, Tillsonburg, s/o John H. SMITH, b. Oxford Co. & Maude POLLARD, married Gladys Emaline RODGER, 20, Tillsonburg, same, d/o Frank RODGER, b. Oxford Co. & Mary SWANCE, witn: Levi Harold SMITH & Flossie Mae SMITH, both of Tillsonburg, 24 Nov 1926 at Tillsonburg
41875-26 Brock LeRoy SNELL, 21, farmer, North Norwich Twp., same, s/o Herman SNELL, b. North Norwich Twp. & Annie ROCKETT, married Beatrice Florence May LONGWORTH, 19, North Norwich Twp., same, d/o Arthur N. LONGWORTH, b. Ontario & Mildred GIBBS, witn: E. Leone SNELL & Albert LONGWORTH, both of Norwich, 10 Feb 1926 at Burgessville 41876-26 Charles Edward STANLEY, 25, farmer, Ontario, Brantford, s/o Edward STANLEY, b. Ontario & Emma COOK, married Muriel ROBERTSON, 22, Brant Co., Brantford, d/o Rusk ROBERTSON, b. Gaspe & Sadie CUTTNEY, witn: Mrs. S.J. FORTNER & Mrs. J. MCINTYRE, both of Fingal, 14 Jan 1926 at Thamesford
41877-26 Ephraim STAUFFER, 65, widower, gentleman, Blenheim Twp., Bright, s/o Christian STAUFFER, b. Stouffville & Rebecca MOTHERALL, married Ellen GRIBBLE, 42, housekeeper, England, Woodstock, d/o William GRIBBLE, b. England & Sarah Ann LOOSEMORE, witn: Mr. & Mrs. W.H. GRIBBLE, both of Woodstock, 1 Dec 1926 at Woodstock 41878-26 John Percival STEELE, 18, machinist, Woodstock, same, s/o James STEELE, b. Hamilton & Jane Ellen PATRICK, married Martha Christine LAPERRIERE, 17, East Oxford, Woodstock, d/o Adolphe Pierre LAPERRIERE, b. Ottawa & Susan BOYLE, witn: Norman BELL & Susan Boyle LAPERRIERE, both of Woodstock, 2 Dec 1926 at Woodstock
41879-26 Eldred Ross STEVENS, 28, machinist, Salford, Woodstock, s/o Andrew STEVENS, b. Norwich & Mary Jane GEORGE, married Eva Jessie LOCKE, 23, stenographer, Woodstock, same, d/o George William LOCKE, b. England & Jessie BIDDIS, witn: F.V. KNOWLES & Percival Charles LOCKE, both of Woodstock, 21 May 1926 at Woodstock 41880-26 Robert Samuel STEVENSON, 29, farmer, Buffalo NY, Blenheim Twp., s/o James STEVENSON, b. Drumbo & Eleanor CHERNEY, married Lillian May CHATTINGTON, 20, telephone operator, Townsend Twp., Blenheim Twp., d/o Edgar William CHATTINGTON, b. not stated & Annie HAZEL, witn: Violet CHATTINGTON of Princeton & Lloyd STEVENSON of Drumbo, 14 Apr 1926 at Woodstock
41881-26 Frank STEWART, 22, farmer, London England, Norwich, s/o Fred STEWART, b. Scotland & "deceased", married Charlotte KEATINGS, 23, Ballybrin - Ireland, Woodstock, d/o George KEATINGS & Jane MCDOWELL, witn: William KEATINGS of Embro & Pauline THOMPSON of Woodstock, 1 Mar 1926 at Woodstock 41882-26 Frank STILING, 29, student, London, Woodstock, s/o John W. STILING, b. Ann Arbor - Mich. & Emily Maud GUNN, married Retta Isabel MASON, 27, bookkeeper, Woodstock, same, d/o James MASON, b. Woodstock & Amy DAVIDSON, witn: Agnes CULLIS of Stratford & John W. STILING of Woodstock, 1 Sep 1926 at Woodstock
41883-26 Thomas Henry STONEMAN, 45, farmer, England, Blandford, s/o William STONEMAN, b. Devonshire - England & Emma FLOOD, married Ethel May HAYMAN, 42, b. 3 Nov 1883, housekeeper, Buckfastleigh - Devonshire England, Blandford, d/o Thomas HAYMAN, b. Devonshire - England & Maria PETHERICK, witn: William FLOOD & Martha FLOOD, both of Woodstock, 22 Apr 1926 at Woodstock 41884-26 Alex McCorquodale SUTHERLAND, 42, farmer, East Zorra, same, s/o William Campbell SUTHERLAND, b. West Zorra & Isabel MCCORQUODALE (deceased), married Myrtle SUTHERLAND, 34, East Zorra, same, d/o Angus SUTHERLAND, b. West Zorra & Annie WALKER, witn: George Sutherland RAPSON & Helen SUTHERLAND, both of Woodstock, 17 Apr 1926 at Woodstock
41885-26 Charles Bryant SUTHERLAND, 22, farmer, East Nissouri, same, s/o Charles SUTHERLAND, b. East Nissouri & Mary ROUNDS, married Verna Marie LAUR, 21, East Nissouri, same, d/o Lafayette LAUR, b. East Elgin Co. & Ida CROSSETT, witn: Evelyn Juanita LAUR & Donald R. MACKAY, both of Embro, 13 Nov 1926 at Embro 41886-26 George SUTHERLAND, 57, widower, agent, Ingersoll, same, s/o George SUTHERLAND, b. Scotland & Jessie MATHESON, married Edith Bradbury O'NEILL, 57, widow, Ingersoll, same, d/o Frederick BRADBURY, b. England & Hannah WATERHOUSE, witn: William THOMPSON & Martha E. THOMPSON, both of Ingersoll, 23 Nov 1926 at Ingersoll
41887-26 Clarence SWANCE, 21, farmer, South Norwich, Tillsonburg, s/o Benjamin SWANCE, b. Tillsonburg & Amelie BRUMPTON, married Gladys ECKER, 22, Walsingham, Tillsonburg, d/o Robert ECKER, b. Walsingham & Sara BRONSON, witn: Mrs. Arnold SWANCE & Sara ECKER, both of Tillsonburg, 16 Jan 1926 at Springford 41888-26 Frank Richard SWANCE, 27, plumber, West Elgin, Otterville, s/o Martin SWANCE, b. Oxford Co. & Margaret R. RAISEN, married Ellen Olive RACHER, 16, New Durham, Otterville, d/o E.L. Roy RACHER, b. Brant Co. & Effie L. WATTS, witn: Alan MCMULLAN of Otterville & Alta M. LAWRENCE of Le Salette, 16 Jun 1926 at Otterville
41889-26 Harry Louis TABOR, 29, druggist East Oxford, Woodstock, s/o Robert TABOR, b. East Oxford & Mary Jane CURRY, married Ethel Marguerite BARR, 28, stenographer, Woodstock, same, d/o Henry BARR, b. Woodstock & Mary Ann SKUSE, witn: Marjorie Gertrude TABOR & William Benesley GIVER, both of Woodstock, 30 Aug 1926 at Woodstock 41890-26 William Henry TEAR, 23, foreman, Woodstock, same, s/o William Henry TEAR, b. England & Bertha BEGLEY, married Anna Doris SEARS, 20, cashier, East Oxford, Woodstock, d/o Thomas SEARS, b. England & Mabel RICE, witn: M.A. DAVIS & Mabel M. SEARS, both of Woodstock, 15 May 1926 at Woodstock
41891-26 George James TEDSTONE, 50, widower, painter, England, Toronto, s/o John TEDSTONE, b. England & "didn't know", married Harriet WRIGHT, 55, Ontario, Woodstock, d/o John WRIGHT, b. Canada & Sarah MALLON, witn: Marie A. WRIGHT & Jean M. TEDSTONE, both of Woodstock, 2 Aug 1926 at Woodstock 41892-26 Thomas John TEMPLE, 33, merchant, Dixie, Mimico, s/o Andrew TEMPLE & Elizabeth DONNELLY, married Mildred Pauline MCWEBB, 19, Princeton, same, d/o Clyde MCWEBB & Fannie TEW, witn: John BARNEY & Mildred TEMPLE, both of Mimico, 16 Jun 1926 at Woodstock (RC)
  41893-26 Lorne Emerson THOMAS, 24, dairyman, Ontario, Dereham, s/o Arthur L. THOMAS, b. Ontario & Mabel Hannah MORGAN, married Gertrude Rebecah JONES, 24, Ontario, Dereham Twp., d/o William JONES, b. Norwich Twp. & Nettie T. BURRILL, witn: William JONES of Elgin & Arthur L. THOMAS of Salford, 12 Jul 1926 at Zenda
41894-26 John Earl THOMPSON, 23, electrician, Blenheim Twp., Woodstock, s/o John THOMPSON & Mary HAWS, married Jessie Rosenia HAGGETT, 21, textile factory worker, Cleveland, Woodstock, d/o Jesse HAGGETT & Mary Rosenia TUCKER, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Milton ROBLEY, both of Woodstock, 1 May 1926 at Woodstock 41895-26 Paul Dewey THURSTON, 26, checking clock, Straffordville, same, s/o Edward THURSTON, b. Straffordville & Jennie DEFOE, married Edith Marion BURN, 21, Tillsonburg, Burgessville, d/o William Charles BURN, b. Lenda? & Annie Craiger KELMAN, witn: Howard RYAN of Tillsonburg & Evelyn THURSTON of Straffordville, 21 Jun 1926 at Tillsonburg
41897-26 Eugene Francis TILL, 19, driver, Ontario, Ingersoll, s/o Reston Warden TILL, b. Listowel & Jean RYAN, married Mary Elizabeth MCKAY, 19, Ontario, Ingersoll, d/o Harry MCKAY, b. Listowel & Alice CRANE, witn: Laura WARD & Francis WARD, both of Woodstock, 9 Oct 1926 at Ingersoll

41898-26 John TINDALE, 72, widower, England, Mr. Elgin, s/o John TINDALE, b. England & Anna MORLEY, married Margaret Anne MCDOUGALL, 72, widow, England, Mt. Elgin, d/o Henry ROBINSON, b. England & Anna GARBUTT, witn: Dr. H.M. BARRETT & James Douglas TRANTER, both of Mt. Elgin, 30 Mar 1926 at Dereham.

41899-26 Ernest Samuel TODD, 26, labourer, Ingersoll, same, s/o John Edward TODD, b. Oxford Co. & Eliza NUTTER, married Mabel Elinor MCCULLOCH, 17 (b. 16 Aug 1908), Dereham Centre, Dereham Twp., d/o Alexander MCCULLOCH, b. Sparta & Cora May BIDDLECOME, witn: Henry & Ella TODD, both of Ingersoll, 14 Oct 1926 at Salford

41900-26 Ernest Harvey TOWLE, 29, motor mechanic, East Nissouri, Woodstock, s/o James Harvey TOWLE, b. East Nissouri & Janet HOLDEN, married Jean Gray SMITH, 25, South Norwich, Woodstock, d/o John E. Smith, b. South Norwich & Orpha GRAY, witn: Gladys TOWLE of Lakeside & Lewis A. SOVEREIGN of Grimsby, 1 Sep 1926 at Woodstock

41901-26 Albert Edward TROWHILL, 24, teamster, Norwich, same, s/o Benjamin TROWHILL, b. Canada & Lucy CORNELL, married Mary Jane STRICKLER, 21, Blenheim Twp., Burford Twp., d/o Alexander STRICKLER, b. Canada & Annie E. KALBFLEISCH, witn: James Harvey TROWHILL of Norwich & Verna BUSH of Hatchley, 18 Mar 1926 at Norwich

41902-26 Orval Martin TUTTLE, 25, inspector, Ontario, Detroit Mich., s/o Wallace D. TUTTLE, b. Ontario & Eliza MARTIN, married Myrtle Muriel CHENOWETH, 26, Ontario, Embro, d/o Alfred E. CHENOWETH, b. Ontario & Mary DONNELL, witn: Coral CRAIG of Lakeside & Hersall TUTTLE of Oxford Centre, 17 Apr 1926 at Embro

41903-26 Samuel Bryant TYE, 21, farmer, London, Kintore, s/o Samuel TYE, b. Lambeth & Norah BRYANT, married Mary Emily SKINNER, 22, Dorchester Twp., Kintore, d/o S.G. SKINNER, b. London England & Mary BEATTIE, witn: Mrs. S.G. SKINNER & Miss S. TYE, both of Thamesford, 25 Sep 1926 at Ingersoll.


41896-26 Jacobus Antonie VAN TILBORG, 36, baker, Holland, Woodstock, s/o Peter Hubert VAN TELBORG, b. Holland & Joan VAISER, married Mary Johnstone WESTMACOTT, 30, b. 23 Apr 1895, saleslady, Greenock Scotland, Woodstock, d/o Henry WESTMACOTT, b. London England & Margaret MCGREGOR, witn: David MCKILLOP & Mary MCKILLOP, both of Woodstock, 6 Jan 1926 at Woodstock 41904-26 Earl VINCENT, 20, farmer, Oxford, Bayham, s/o Jacob VINCENT & Susan DEMUTH, married Reita HALEY, 21 (b. 22 Jun), housemaid, Tillsonburg, Middleton, d/o Thomas HALEY & Florence MCKIBBON, witn: Clifford HALEY of Tillsonburg & Bernie VINCENT of Straffordville, 17 Nov 1926 at Tillsonburg. (RC)

41905-26 Willard Daniel WALKER, 24, farmer, Fort Erie, Princeton, s/o Cyrenne WALKER, b. Ontario & Minnie Evelyn RENNER, married Mary Hazel KIPP, 17, Burford Twp., Princeton, d/o William Henry KIPP, b. Ontario & Annie READING, witn: Melburn LeRoy KIPP & Ethel May KIPP, both of Princeton, 10 Nov 1926 at Blenheim Twp

41906-26 Sydney WALTON, 32, farm hand, Lincolnshire England, East Zorra, s/o Redman WALTON, b. England & Caroline HEPWORTH, married Louisa Maud GAWTHORNE, 29, domestic, Surrey England, East Zorra, d/o "died in bride's infancy, names unknown", witn: Mrs. C.E. SUTHERLAND & Frank PARKER, both of Woodstock, 10 Mar 1926 at Woodstock

41907-26 Francis WARD, 20, plumber, England, Woodstock, s/o Francis Marchant WARD, b. England & Emily TATHERS, married Laura CRANE, 20, sewing machine operator, Dereham Twp., Woodstock, d/o Herbert CRANE, b. Ontario & Florence Mary TRUMAN, witn: Lucy MCKAY of Ingersoll & Charles H.P. OWEN of Brantford, 25 Sep 1926 at Ingersoll.

41908-26 Gordon Robert WATERS, 25, optometrist, Ingersoll, same, s/o Frederick William WATERS, b. Cambridgeshire England & Dora Agnes CLOUSE, married Gladys Fern WAITE, 31, Ontario, Ingersoll, d/o Ralls WAITE, b. Elgin Co. & Bessie PHELPS, witn: D. Mae WATERS & W. WAITE, both of Ingersoll, 26 Aug 1926 at Ingersoll

41909-26 James Henry WATLING, 22, teamster, Ingersoll, Norwich, s/o William George WATLING, b. Ingersoll & Minnie SADLER, married Nina Aletha KERR, 18, South Norwich, same, d/o C. John KERR, b. Campbellford & Mabel RANSOM, witn: Lily Irene WATLING, & Pauline JONES, both of Woodstock, 16 Oct 1926 at Woodstock.

41910-26 Corson WEAVER, 50, widower, agent, Brant Co., Lynden, s/o Zenas WEAVER, b. Ontario & Eliza Jane GRESHAM, married Mary Elizabeth VAN ALSTYNE, 53, trained nurse, Norwich, Lynden, d/o Jacob VAN ALSTYNE, b. Ontario & Alice NORRIS, witn: Maud C. CURRY & George A. CURRY, both of Woodstock, 10 Feb 1926 at West Oxford.

41911-26 Alfred Isaac WEEKS, 21, labourer, South Norwich, Woodstock, s/o Isaac Austin WEEKS, b. Canada & Ida Bell FRENCH, married Grace Elizabeth STEVENS, 22, inspector, Woodstock, same, d/o William George STEVENS, b. Canada & Rose Nettleton BROWN, witn: Violet N. STEVENS of Woodstock & Orlipt? Stanley WEEKS of Tillsonburg, 30 Jun 1926 at Woodstock

41912-26 William Robert WELSHMAN, 34, florist, Hamilton, Guelph, s/o Robert WELSHMAN, b. Kent England & Jane Ellen SMITH, married Esther Inez COWING, 27, housekeeper, East Zorra Twp., Ontario, d/o William R. COWING, b. East Zorra & Rebecca HARGREAVES, witn: Emery C. COWING of Innerkip & Margaret Ruth GIBB of Galt, 8 Jul 1926 at Innerkip

41913-26 George Albert WEST, 38, farmer, East Zorra, same, s/o Albert WEST, b. Ontario & Gertrude TREE, married Marjorie Armstrong COSTELLO, 24, school teacher, Blandford, same, d/o Thomas COSTELLO, b. Ontario & Mary ARMSTRONG, witn: Mabel COSTELLO & Lloyd JACKSON, both of Woodstock, 30 Jun 1926 at Woodstock

41914-26 Albert Henry WETTLAUFER, 33, mechanic, South Easthope, Tavistock, s/o John Christian WETTLAUFER, b. Canada & Wilhelmine SCHMIDT, married Muriel Mary Margaret SCHAFER, 22, Toronto, Tavistock, d/o Henry SCHAFER, b. Canada & Henrietta CANN, witn: Kathleen CROZIER & Mrs. H.G. CROZIER, both of Tavistock, 20 Oct 1926 at Tavistock

41915-26 Laurence Livingstone WHEATLEY, 22, foreman, Woodstock, same, s/o Wallace WHEATLEY, b. England & Alice Maud GODDARD, married Reta Kathleen BOND, 20, Woodstock, same, d/o William James BOND, b. Teeswater & Annie BONNETT, witn: Mrs. W.J. BOND & Mrs. Wallace WHEATLEY, both of Woodstock, 12 Jun 1926 at Woodstock.

41916-26 Charles Wilfred WHITEHEAD, 44, widower, painter, Woodstock, same, s/o Duncan C. WHITEHEAD, b. Woodstock & Margaret MCGACHIE, married Julia Mabel BROWN, 39, nurse, Simcoe, Woodstock, d/o Frank A. BROWN, b. N.Y. & Annie HORN, witn: Margaret ELLWOOD of London & Gladys WHITEHEAD of Woodstock, 10 Apr 1926 at Woodstock.

41917-26 Samuel John WICK, 31, draughtsman, England, Hamilton, s/o Jesse WICK, b. England & Amelia COOK, married Mary Josephine Florence TAYLOR, 29 (b. 7 Aug 1896), stenographer, Toronto, Richwood, d/o John Spiers TAYLOR, b. Canada & Joanna GOWDY, witn: J.O. MCDONALD of Dundas & Lillian TAYLOR of Richwood, 20 Jul 1926 at Richwood

41918-26 William John WILKS, 28, farmer, Dereham Twp., East Zorra, s/o Thomas S. WILKS, b. Lichfield - England & Harriet HALLIDAY, married Irene Pearl CLIFFORD, 17 9/12, East Zorra, same, d/o Isaac CLIFFORD, b. Middlesex Co. & Hannah May TUBBS, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Amos EDWARDS, both of Tavistock, 3 Mar 1926 at Woodstock

41919-26 Alfred Holliday WILSON, 30, farmer, England, East Zorra, s/o Richard Holliday WILSON, b. London - England & Isabella PRESTON, married Melva Pauline LEE, 35, school teacher, East Zorra, same, d/o Thomas Lee, b. Ontario & Elvena GREEN, witn: James WILSON & Lora COLE, both of Woodstock, 7 Apr 1926 at Huntingsford

41920-26 Ranold Harvey WILSON, 24, labourer, West Norwich, Woodstock, s/o John A. WILSON, b. Ontario & Annie A. LOCKYER, married Mildred HIRD, 24, Windham Twp., East Oxford, d/o John R. HIRD, b. Ontario & Alma HILL, witn: Mary A.J. DOWN & Edith E. DOWN, both of Curries, 21 Jul 1926 at Curries

41921-26 George Robert WINKWORTH, 21, farmer, Frogmoor, same, s/o Alex WINKWORTH, b. Houghton twp & Erie UNDERHILL, married Inez Pearl LUCAS, 18, Fairground, same, d/o John LUCAS, b. Houghton twp & Lavina DEIRS, witn: Elijah LUCAS & Abigail CONN, both of Clear Creek, 9 June 1926 at Tilsonburg 41922-26 Francis Earl WOLCOTT, 26, machinist, South Norwich, Detroit, s/o William Boncroft? WOLCOTT, b. South Norwich & Emma WOLCOTT, married Annie Elizabeth TOD, 22, tailoress, Blandford twp., Woodstock, d/o John TOD, b. Scotland & Mabel, witn: Mabel Marion & John Morton TOD of Woodstock, 16 June 1925 at Knox manse, Woodstock
41923-26 Alex Gilbert WOODASON, 28, machinist, England, Woodstock, s/o Gilbert Stephen WOODASON, b. Hook - Hants. England & Elizabeth HALL (Wall?), married Edna Katherina May MASON, 22, folder, Guelph twp., Woodstock, d/o Thomas Alfred MASON, b. England & Marion Ann ESCH, witn: John William DEADMAN of Woodstock & Mildred MASON of Hamilton, 4 Sept 1926 at Woodstock 41924-26 Harmon WRIGHTMAN, 49, farmer, South Walsingham twp., same, s/o Hiron WRIGHTMAN, b. Canada & Catherine FICK, married Leita Irene ROBBINS, 18, South Walsingham twp., same, d/o Eli ROBBINS, b. Walsingham & Edith BRANDOW, witn: C.J. & Diana FICK of Tilsonburg, 11 Sept 1926 at Tilsonburg
41925-26 Fred Leroy YOUNG, 23, laborer, South Norwich, Tilsonburg, s/o William YOUNG & Florence HURD, married Laura Irene DEMARAY, 18, Brantford, Tilsonburg, d/o Guy DEMARAY, b. Houghton & Lillian JAMES, witn: Violet HYATT & Charlie YOUNG, both of Tilsonburg, 31 July 1926 at Tilsonburg 41926-26 Harvey YOUNGS, 30, bank clerk, Oxford Co., Wallaceburg, s/o Edward YOUNGS, b. Oxford Co & Mary Ellen VANNATTER, married Myrtle SCARLAND, 29, book keeper, Orangeville, Toronto, d/o Thomas SCARLAND, b. England & Elizabeth CARD, witn: Mrs. Pauline & J. Morist? JONES of 596 Peel St. in Woodstock, 21 Aug 1926 at Woodstock