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BLENHEIM TOWNSHIP, United Brethren Church

submitted by Gayle Gurney


Marriages are from December 1898 to August 1917.

These marriages are taken from the register book of the UNITED BRETHREN IN CHRIST CHURCH. It states that the United Brethren Association of Congregational Church marriages were performed at several churches in the circuit, mainly Gobles. The clergy involved were D. C DAFOE ., M.T. WALKER, W.E. MICHENER, Louis E. WEST, J.B. BACKUS, J.R. WOLSTENCROFT and George McGREGOR.


For these entries the following format is followed - groom’s name, age, his residence, his birth place, occupation, religion, his parents’ names;bride's name, age, her residence, her birthplace, religion, her parents’ names; witnesses, date and place of marriage.


George Allan NASH, 26, Blenheim, Worcestershire England, labourer, Church of England s/o George and Ann married Annetta WHICHELLO, 22, Blenheim, London England, United Brethren, d/o William Whicello, ( mother died when an infant) witn: Arthur NORRIS of Princeton and Mary A WHITTRICK of Drumbo, Dec.21, 1898 at residence of James Tottle.

Henry Edward HUBNER, 22, Woodstock, New Dundee, Machinest, Methodist, s/o Charles HUBNER and Mary SINCLAIR married Bertha F HEWITT, 20, Blenheim, same, United Brethren, d/o John HEWITT and Maria WOOLCOTT.witn James BRODERICK and R.M. CANFIELD both of Gobles , Sept 20 1899 at Gobles in U.B. Parsonage.

Frank Albert SINCLAIR, 25, Bright, Wilmot, farmer, Methodist, s/o Henry SINCLAIR and Dorothy JURY married Eliza Helen WOODS, 26, Blenheim, Uxbridge, Baptist d/o Alfred WOODS and Jane IRVING.wtn.Minnie and Wm . WOODS both of Gobles, Dec 27 1899 at Medow mere Farm.

Henry WHIDBY, 40, ?, Zorra, farmer, Congregational, s/o Samuel WHIDBY and Martha WHITTRICK married Mary Ann WOODS, 31, Windfall, same, Baptist, d/o Alfred WOODS and Jane IRVING. Wtn. John WHITTRICK and Nellie ? Bright, June 20, 1900 at Blenheim.

George Alexander SIM, 23, Blandford, same, Yeoman, United Brethren, s/o Alexander SIM and Rachel SIM married Margaret VANCE, 23, Blandford, Gray, Presbyterian, d/o Joseph VANCE and Margaret McPHERSON. Wtn. Peter SIM and Sarah VANCE both of Blandford, June 20 1900 at home of Joseph VANCE.

William David BURGESS, 47, Woodstock, Drumbo, Laborer, Baptist, s/o William BURGESS and Elizabeth Ann COATS married Louise Cordelia KIPP, 42, Blenheim, Burford, U.B. Church d/o Benjamin KIPP and Elizabeth FORCE.wtn C.W. and Lizzie SCHULTZ, Woodstock, Dec 25 1901 at residence of Alfred KIPP Blenheim

Silas CORNELL, 51, Blenheim, Beverley Township, farmer, United Brethren, s/o Aaron CORNELL and Maria LAWSON, married Alice RANDALL, 41, Blenheim, Derby Township, Gray, Baptist, d/o William ORMANDY and Elizabeth WINDFIELD. Wtn. B. CORNELL, Sheffield and Gordon CORNELL, Drumbo March 17 1903 at the home of Silas CORNELL, Blenheim.

Charles GRIGGS, 33, Gobles, same, labourer, United Brethren s/o Charles GRIGGS and Ann ROSE married Lucilla Theresa ROBINSON, 29, Gobles, same , United Brethren d/o Ann Elizabeth RUTLEDGE and Robert ROBINSON.wtn.Clara Beatrice ROBINSON and Maggie May Robinson both of Gobles on April 29 1903 at the home of Robert ROBINSON, Gobles.

Frank A KENNEY, 42, Drumbo, same, farmer, United Brethren, s/o Patrick KENNEY and Margaret LAWERSON married Elizabeth KOCH, 36, Drumbo, Petersburg, Lutheran, d/o John KOCH and Harriet COLE. Wtn Thomas WOODS, Drumbo and Frances PRETTY, Tomahawk, Wisconsin on Oct. 22 1903 at the home of Frank KENNEY, Blenheim

Amos Delmar PEMBLETON , 54, Blenheim, Dumfries, widower, farmer, Baptist, s/o Amos PEMBLETON and Clarinda ROSEBROUGH married Susan Sarah ADAMS, 55, Blenheim, St. George, widow, United Brethren, d/o James CODLIN and Ann Barnsdail. Wtn John E HEWITT and Sarah HEWITT Blenheim on April 13 1904 at the home of Susan Sarah ADAMS, Blenheim.

John ARMSTRONG, 27, Woodstock, Burford, mason, Presbyterian, s/o Christopher ARMSTRONG and Sarah COOPER married Bertha Maud UTLEY, 19, Blenheim, Woodstock, United Brethren d/o Isaiah UTLEY and Anna RAYMOND. Wtn Arthur UTLEY, Gobles and Mae INNIS, Drumbo on May 24 1906 at the home of Isaiah UTLEY, Blenheim.

James Allen SKILLINGS, 30, Drumbo, Innerkip, farmer, Congregational, s/o Elias SKILLINGS and Jane ZINMER married Annie Gertrude HEWITT , 29, Drumbo, Blenheim, Congregational, d/o John HEWITT and Sarah ADAMS. Wtn Fred SKILLINGS, Drumbo and Florence E WERT, Gobles on Oct. 21 1909 at Gobles.

John Thomas ATTENBOROUGH, 23, London, Middlesborough England, constable, Church of England, s/o Goran ATTENBOROUGH and Emma MEADOWS married Anna Mable CADOO, 23, London Ont., Ireland, Church of England, d/o James CADOO and Hannah HOLMES.wtn Florence E. WEST and Mary RUTHERFORD both of Gobles on Feb. 2 1910 in Gobles parsonage.

David WOODS, 54, Gobles, Blenheim, widower, farmer, U.B. Congregational s/o James WOOD and Elesebeth STACK married Mary A THOMPSON 51, Princeton, Blenheim widow, Presbyterian d/o Daniel MORELL and Harriet ADAMS.wtn. Mr. And Mrs Henry TOTTLE of Gobles on Nov. 9 1910 at Gobles.

James Gordon HEWITT, 21, Blenheim, same, farmer, U.B.Congregational, s/o John E HEWITT and Sarah ADAMS married Olive Victoria DUMA, 18 Blenheim, Blandford, U.B.Congregational, d/o William Thomas DUMAN and Rebbeca BAUER.wtn Mrs J.B. BACKUS and Mrs W HUTCHINSON both of Gobles (no date)

Allan Eardley GOW, 22 , Blandford, Paris, farmer, Presbyterian, s/o William GOW and Emma WAGG married Alpha Muriel SKILLINGS, 20, Blenheim, same, U.B. Congregational d/o Louisa SKILLINGS.wtn Janie WOLSTENCROFT, Gobles and Sarah T SHELBUINE on Jan 14 1914 at Gobles parsonage.

William James LYNCH, 23, Woodstock, same, baker, English church, s/o William LYNCH and Mary MOORE married Grace HEWITT, 21, Drumbo, Blenheim, Congregational, d/o John HEWITT and Sarah ADAMS.wtn. Earnest Charles ??bley and Belva Rose HEWITT both of Woodstock on June 9 1915 at Gobles parsonage.

William BURBANK, 48, Blandford, same , farmer, Congregational s/o Eliam BURBANK and Harriett WILLETT married Caroline Mary KEMP 54, Blandford, London England, Church of England d/o Richard James KEMP and Mary Jane CARLYLE. wtn Norman A SIM Innerkip and Sarah HEWITT Drumbo on Oct 11 1915 at Windfall.

Charles Levi HOPKINS, 38, Woodstock, Grey county, brickmaker, English church s/o John Dallas HOPKINS and Frances REED married Melissa DONALDSON , 45 ,Woodstock, East Zorra, Methodist, d/o William DONALDSON and Olive SHARP. Wtn.Elizabeth HARLEY, Gobles and Edna RADLOFF, Richwood on Aug 8 1917 at home of Arch. HARLEY in Gobles.


Part 2:

These are marriages performed in conjunction with the United Brethren Church and by their preachers or elders, but they were performed at homes in other townships or counties


Charles LEFLER, 34, Brantford, Townsend, moulder, Methodist, s/o Joel LEFLER and Mary HOWEY married Samantha SCHLIMME, 32, New Dundee, Baptist d/o August SCHLIMME and Kattie HILDGARTNER.wtn Sylvester and Serina SCHLIMME both of New Dundee on Aug. 3 1899 at the home of the brides’ father in Wilmot Township in Waterloo County.

John Henry BENNETT, 37, Blenheim, Wentworth, farmer, United Brethren, s/o Mathew BENNETT and Harriet Ann CHINESTER married Mrs. Nina METZ, 31, Innerkip, East Zorra, widow, Methodist, d/o John SKILLING and Jemima DOUGHERTY. Wtn. William BENNETT, Blenheim and Pearl ROGERS, Innerkip on Feb 8 1905 at Innerkip in East Zorra .

Albert DANBY, 61, Muir, storekeeper, Presbyterian, s/o William DANBY and Margaret MURRAY married Annie ELLIOTT, 29, Muir, widow, Methodist, d/o Ernest TUMICK and Sophia EVERS.wtn.William and Edith ARMBRUST both of Delhi at Muir at grooms home on March 9 1909 in East Oxford .

Leonard ARMSTRONG, 21, Woodbury, Burford, mason, United Brethren s/o Christopher ARMSTRONG and Sarah Ann COOPER married Lucy ELVIDGE, 19, Woodbury, Blenheim, United Brethren d/o Charles ELVIDGE and Sarah Elizabeth KUISELLA.wtn. Charles and Sarah E. ELVIDGE of Woodbury on Aug 11 1909 at Woodbury at home of Charles Elvidge in Township of Burford in Brant County.

Joseph Henry TOTTLE, 44, Gobles, Blandford, widower, farmer, United Brethren s/o George TOTTLE and Maria GOODMAN married Margaret Maud TURNBULL, 38, Burford, same, United Brethren d/o William TURNBULL and Mary SCARFF. Wtn. Robert TURNBULL, lot 20 con.2 Burford and Miss C.H.TURNBULL lot 21 con.1 Burford on Oct 13 1909 in Burford at home of William Turnbull.

Martin Edward MILLAR, 25, Blandford, same, farmer, Presbyterian s/o Thomas MILLAR and Delilah TAYLOR married Mabel THOMPSON, 19, Blandford, same, United Brethren d/o Cicero THOMPSON and Ellen Ann TOTTLE.wtn. Lila ? and Ellen THOMPSON both of Blandford on Feb. 16 1910 at home of Mrs.C. THOMPSON in Blandford Township.

Louis Dennis SOVEREIGN, 35, Paris, Brantford Township, farmer, Methodist s/o Warren SOVEREIGN and Catherine DENNIS married Alice V.VERLEY, 24, Blenheim, Dresden, Baptist d/o George VERLEY and Elizabeth HOPPER.wtn. Mrs.J.B. BACKUS and Mrs. W. HUTCHINSON both of Gobles on April 24 1912 at Gobles in Burford Township in Brant County.