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Prince Edward Co., 1904


#016226-04 (Prince Edward Co): Nathaniel H. ALLAN, 22, mechanic, Maine USA, Hallowell twp., s/o Albert H. ALLAN & Susan E. SMITH, married Lena J. PALMATEER, 18, Hallowell twp., same, d/o James PALMATEER & Caroline LOCKLIN, witn: Claire POWERS & Mary STURNEY, both of Picton, 12 April 1904 at Picton #016221-04 (Prince Edward Co): Louis Albert AUSTIN, 28, traveler, Wooler twp., same, s/o Louis Thorpe AUSTIN & Charlotte PLUMPTON, married Ethelwyn Mildred BREWSTER, 22, Rednerville, Picton, d/o Joseph BREWSTER & Martha Ann ROSE, witn: Edward BREWSTER of Picton & Annie URQUHART of Trenton, 8 March 1904 at Picton

16175-04 William E. BAIRD, 22, labourer, Hillier, Hallowell, s/o Thomas BAIRD & Mary GORDON, married Mable T. GOODMURPHY, 17, Hallowell, same, d/o John GOODMURPHY & Lucinda CLARK, witn: H.G. McDONALD & John GOODMURPHY, both of Hallowell, 17 June 1904 at Hallowell

#016242-04 (Prince Edward Co): William Gilbert BADGELY, 49, widower, farmer, Big Island, same, s/o Reuben BADGELY & Maria KETCHAPAW, married Flora Letitia FOX, 38, Sophiasburg, Hallowell, d/o Sobriste FOX & Mary BUCHANAN, witn: Florence BADGELY of Big Island & Sidney A. FOX of West Lake, 17 Sept 1904 at Picton

16179-04 James Edwin BAXTER, 23, farmer, Hallowell, same, s/o John H. BAXTER & Mary BURLINGHAM, married Gertrude Lillian BURR, 24, Hallowell, same, d/o Peter BURR & Adelaide TRUMPOUR, witn: Edward KELLY of Hallowell & Lockina WARRING of Picton, 21 Sept 1904 at Hallowell

#016243-04 (Prince Edward Co): Samuel Dartsa Lorne BENNETT, 24, farmer, Hastings Co., same, s/o Edward BENNETT & Eustaca BURGESS, married Alice May DAFOE, 23, Hastings Co., same, d/o Daniel DAFOE & Electa PERRY, witn: Ethel THOMAS & Mrs. F.M. MOON, both of Picton, 4 Oct 1904 at Picton
16256-04 Charles Holmes BIGG, 38, farmer, Picton, Ridge Road, s/o Louis BIGG & Ruth HANDLEY, married Mary Ellen HOLMES, 23, Fish Lake, same, d/o James HOLMES & Miss SIMPSON, witn: Herbert SIMPSON of Fairmount & Florence BIGG of Picton, 30 Nov 1904 at Fairmount  
#016251-04 (Prince Edward Co): Francis Varney BRADEN, 45, widower, farmer, Hallowell, same, s/o Archibald BRADEN & Deborah CUNNINGHAM, married Annie MAITLAND, 38, Glasgow Scotland, Picton, d/o John MAITLAND & Bella CAMPBELL, witn: David S. TERRILL & Jennie BOOTH, both of Picton, 14 Dec 1904 at Picton #016246-04 (Prince Edward Co): Arthur J. BRANSCOMBE, 28, carpenter, Hallowell, same, s/o Robert BRANSCOMBE & Eustace NAISTEA?, married Edith Pearl STEELE, 20, Sophiasburgh, same, d/o Manly STEELE & Mary E. MURDROFF, witn: Thomas BATTY of P.E. County & Ethel NORTON of Bloomfield, 23 Sept 1904 at Picton

16174-04 John BRANT, 22, farmer, Tyendinaga, Hallowell, s/o William BRANT & Phoebe DAVISON, married Berthia LEWIS, 16, Tyendinaga, Hallowell, d/o Burton LEWIS & Kate BRANT, witn: Martha & Arthur HENRY of Bloomfield, 22 June 1904 at Hallowell

#016236-04 (Prince Edward Co): Malcolm Wallace BRUCE, 39, commercial traveler, Grey Co., London Ont., s/o James BRUCE & Elizabeth WALLACE, married Maud Estella PORTER, 29, Georgetown, Picton, d/o Thomas G. PORTER & Augusta KIMBALL, witn: Anna A. GORDON of Fernie BC & Clara E. PORTER of Picton, 22 June 1904 at Picton

16184-04 Hyatt BYRON, 60, farmer, widower, Hallowell, same, s/o John J. HYATT & Susan HASLETT, married Annie T. MASTIN, 28, Athol, Hallowell, d/o Gilbert E. MASTIN & Ellenor BLAKLEY, witn; Stephen BOWMAN & Maud McDONALD, both of Hallowell, 5 Sept 1904 at Hallowell

#016231-04 (Prince Edward Co): Milton W. CHRISTIE, 25, mechanic, Bloomfield, same, s/o Charles S. & Sarah E., married Beatrice DUNN, 25, Madoc, Picton, d/o Thomas A. DUNN & Rebecca WHATHAIN, witn: Elmo CHRISTY (sic) of Bloomfield & Sadie DUNN of Picton, 9 April 1904 at Picton
#016216-04 (Prince Edward Co): John Malcolm CHRISTIE, 38, painter, Kingston, Belleville, s/o Archibald CHRISTIE & Margaret GIBSON, married Alice Maud RORKE, 34, Athol twp., Picton, d/o Edward RORKE & Mary TURNBULL, witn: Thomas & Ada WALMSLEY of Picton, 9 Feb 1904 at Picton #016228-04 (Prince Edward Co): George CLAXTON, 27, farmer, England, Athol twp., s/o not known, married Ida J. THIBAULT, no age given, Athol twp., same, d/o Edmund THIBAULT & Christina HUDGIN, witn: George C. & Lillian WRIGHT of Picton, 27 April 1904 at Picton
#016241-04 (Prince Edward Co): George Wilbur COLE, 23, plumber, P.E. County, Picton, s/o Zachariah COLE & Sophia CARR, married Edith Luella CLOW, 29, Brockville, Picton, d/o Alexander CLOW & Janet HEMINGWAY, witn: Ward BRISTOL of Belleville & Myrtle CLOW of Picton, 31 Aug 1904 at Picton #016225-04 (Prince Edward Co): Israel COLE, 24, moulder, Picton, same, s/o William J. COLE & Susan SHAW, married Jean Helina GIBSON, 22, Picton, same, d/o Robert W. & Rose Mary, witn: Mary E. GIBSON & George B. COLE, both of Picton, 6 April 1904 at Picton
#016214-04 (Prince Edward Co): Edwin Eugene COOLIDGE, 21, farmer, Demorestville, same, s/o Ira A. COOLIDGE & Ruth WILLIAMS, married Ellen Louise LONGNELL, 21, Minnesota USA, Demorestville, d/o James LONGNELL & Emily BADGLEY, witn: Chester LONGNELL of Demorestville & Pearl COURTIER of Frankford, 20 Jan 1904 at Picton

16182-04 Harold Roy COOPER, 20, farmer, Hallowell, same, s/o Ranselor COOPER & Elizabeth GOODMURPHY, married Arley STRAWBRIDGE, 20, Hallowell, same, d/o James STRAWBRIDGE & Emma THOMPSON, witn: Ella & W. Sherman COOPER of Hallowell, 14 Dec 1904 at Hallowell

#016247-04 (Prince Edward Co): Arthur Douglas COTTER, 26, banker, Ruperts House - Hudsons Bay, Brockville, s/o James COTTER & Frances IRONSIDES, married Marion Church SOLMES, 21, P.E. County, Picton, d/o Reuben SOLMES & Florence CHURCH, witn: C.G. SCARTH of Toronto & Katherine COTTER of Kingston, 2 Dec 1904 at Picton

16183-04 Allen J. DORLAND, 26, hotel keeper, Hallowell, Woodbridge, s/o Arnold DORLAND & Elizabeth KINSMAN, married Serena Owedia CHANNELL, 18, Hallowell, same, d/o Edward CHANNELL & Martha Jane MILLER, witn: Herb & Mrs. Herb CHANNELL of Hallowell, 28 Dec 1904 at Hallowell

  16254-04 Aubert Wesley FOOTE, 30, apiarist, Picton, Sophiasburgh, s/o John Wesley FOOTE & Lydia A. COLE, married Lilly Beatrice ROBLIN, 22, Sophiasburgh, same, d/o Rodney C. ROBLIN & Matilda DORLAND, witn: Kenneth ROBLIN of Green Point & Ethel M. COLE of Fish lake, 5 Oct. 1904 at Sophiasburgh
#016219-04 (Prince Edward Co): John GOODWIN, 30, farmer, N. Marysburg twp., same, s/o John GOODWIN & Jane HARRINGTON, married Margaret RORKE, 31, Athol twp., Picton, d/o Edward RORKE & Mary Ann TURNBULL, witn: R. Gerald NORMAN & Lena GOODWIN, both of Picton, 10 Feb 1904 at Picton #016215-04 (Prince Edward Co): George Howard GRIMMON, 26, farmer, S. Marysburg twp., same, s/o Alva GRIMMON & Louisa BRICKMAN, married Catherine Elizabeth TULLEY, 26, Halifax NS, Picton, d/o Charles TULLEY & Matilda HENNIBURY, witn: Harry GRIMMON & Bessie TULLEY, both of Picton, 10 Feb 1904 at Picton
#016229-04 (Prince Edward Co): Alexander HEASLITT, 65, widower, fruit grower, Picton, Adolphustown twp., s/o Joseph HEASLITT & Mary PETERSON, witn: George E. BOULTER & Nellie A. LEITCH, both of Picton, 28 April 1904 at Picton 16253-04 Edwin Milo HERRINGTON, 32, vet. surgeon, Prince Edward Co., Picton, s/o Zachariah HERRINGTON & Amity CHASE, married Harriet HOPKINS, 30, Picton, same, d/o Robert HOPKINS & Eliza BAILEY, witn: William & Nellie STREET of Picton, 27 Dec 1904 at Picton
#016220-04 (Prince Edward Co): Frederick Walter INSLEY, 20, seedman, Wellington, same, s/o Herman INSLEY & Sarah FREDERICK, married Edith Barbara McGILLIVRAY, 18, Picton, same, d/o John McGILLIVRAY & Adeline WILLIAMS, witn: Archibald J. PRESTON & Edith E. GOFORTH, both of Picton, 24 Feb 1904 at Picton  
#016197-04 (Prince Edward Co): Thomas IRVINE, 20, laborer, Glasgow, Picton, s/o Charles IRVINE & Annie BIGGAR, married Grace Isabella Alberta NELSON, 20, Napanee, same, d/o Thomas NELSON & Nancy BROWN, witn: Philip & Annie CANNON of Picton, 7 Nov 1904 at Glenora #016238-04 (Prince Edward Co): Frank Baker JOHNSTON, 27, merchant, Oshawa, Toronto, s/o Sanford JOHNSTON & Emily BAKER, married Lillian May CARTER, 28, Picton, same, d/o Henry A. CARTER & Martha CLARK, witn; William J. & J.G. CARTER of Picton, 6 July 1904 at Picton
#016244-04 (Prince Edward Co): John KEARNEY, 31, architect, NY City, same, s/o Charles KEARNEY & Isabella GREEN, married Elizabeth WIDDIFIELD, 31, nurse, Uxbridge, Picton, d/o John WIDDIFIELD & Elizabeth STOUGHTENBURGH, witn: James & E. WIDDIFIELD of Picton, 28 Sept 1904 at Picton #016239-04 (Prince Edward Co): James H. KENNEDY, 22, farmer, Ameliasburgh twp., same, s/o James KENNEDY & Mary RYAN, married Bertha CROSBY, 21, Trenton, Ameliasburgh, d/o James CROSBY & Mary FERGUSON, witn: Charles DOLAN & Jennie CARNWRIGHT, both of Ameliasburgh, 17 Aug 1904 at Picton (Rom Cath)
#016240-04 (Prince Edward Co): Byron A. KENNEDY, 37, widower, farmer, Hallowell, same, s/o Almon REYNOLDS & Rachel FRENCH, married Viola Celina VINCENT, 31, Hallowell, same, d/o Hiram VINCENT & Nancy ORSER, witn: C.A. VINCENT of Picton & Mrs. E.A. KINGSTON of Lockport USA, 24 Aug 1904 at Picton #016222-04 (Prince Edward Co): Frederick T. KNIGHT, 25, dentist, Campbellford, Picton, s/o Adolphus G. KNIGHT & Jane CARR, married Grace E. TRUMPOUR, 21, Wellington, Picton, d/o George A. TRUMPOUR & Mabel GERMAN, witn: A.G. KNIGHT & Mabel GERMAN, both of Picton, 26 March 1904 at Picton
#016249-04 (Prince Edward Co): James LLOYD, 21, laborer, Hastings Co., Picton, s/o James LLOYD & Sarah GAULT, married Beatrice Annie STOREY, 21, Birmingham England, Picton, d/o William S. STOREY & Esther PEARSALL, witn: Walter & Ethel PHELPS of Picton, 9 Dec 1904 at Picton #016248-04 (Prince Edward Co): Robert MAY, 23, book keeper, Picton, same, s/o James MAY & Mary WELSH, married Annie MURPHY, 19, servant, Hastings Co., same, d/o Thomas MURPHY & Catherine NASH, witn: William CLOW & Nellie KILLEEN, both of Picton, 26 Nov 1904 at Picton
#016199-04 (Prince Edward Co): Frederick Royal MAYBEE, 28, commercial traveler, Belleville, Toronto, s/o George E. MAYBEE & Helen LAZIER, married Mabel Irene BUCHANAN, 20, Brighton, Belleville, d/o William H. BUCHANAN, farmer, & Catherine E. MAHONEY, witn: Fred CROFT of Glenora & Gertie A. BRISCOE of Belleville, 24 Aug 1904 at Glenora #016234-04 (Prince Edward Co): Patrick McCARTHY, 24, laborer, Picton, same, s/o James McCARTHY & Jane McCABE, married Annie M. ALEXANDER, 20, Picton, same, d/o Andrew ALEXANDER & Helen MOORE, witn: Harry J. & Helen W. ENGLISH of Hallowell twp., 26 May 1904 at Picton
16163-04 Oscar McCONNELL, 27, farmer, Athol twp., same, s/o Ranselor McCONNELL & Henrietta COLL--?, married Nellie MINAKER, 20, Athol, same, d/o John MINAKER & Blanche McCINTOSH (McIntosh?), witn: Stirling FARRINGTON of Picton & Carrie McCONNELL of Salmon Pt., 19 Oct. 1904 at Cherry Valley 16164-04 Herman C. McKIBBON, 21, farmer, Picton, Athol twp., s/o Robert H. McKIBBON & Rosie RANKIN, married Mary Evie DULMAGE, 19, South Marysburgh, Athol, d/o Fagan DULMAGE & Elizabeth OSTRANDER, witn: Burton S. RANKIN of Salmon Pt. & Elva MINAKER of Pt. Traverse, 25 Oct. 1904 at Salmon Pt.
#016202-04 (Prince Edward Co): William MINAKER, 18, farmer, Bongards, Cressy, s/o Levi B. MINAKER & Margaret McQUAID, married Lelia TERRY, 18, Bloomfield, same, d/o William TERRY & Martha DERBYSHIRE, witn: Mrs. A. DULMAGE & Mrs. M.W. LEIGH, both of Glenora, 17 Dec 1904 at Glenora #016218-04 (Prince Edward Co): Frank Herbert MINAKER, 33, commercial traveller, Milford, Montreal, s/o Albert H. MINAKER & Adelia L. LOSEE (Laser?), married Annie Theresa BUCHANAN, 32, milliner, Picton, same, d/o Andrew M. BUCHANAN & Sarah WOODHOUSE, witnesses were Elizabeth BUCHANAN & Eugene V. ILLSEY, both of Picton, Feb. 20, 1904 at Picton
#016223-04 (Prince Edward Co): Lorn Eldon MITCHELL, 22, farmer, Murray twp., same, s/o Shadrock MITCHELL & Mariah MAYBEE, married Marion May WILKINSON, 20, Glasgow Scotland, Picton, d/o James WILKINSON & Sarah RICK, witnesses were Ernest G. MITCHELL & Nellie A. LEITCH, both of Picton, March 28, 1904 at Picton #016204-04 (Prince Edward Co): John MOORE, 29, farmer, Athol twp., same, s/o James MOORE & Flora McCONNEL, married Maura May DODGE, 25, teacher, S. Marysburgh, Milford, d/o Wm (or Dr?) DODGE & Amelia THOMPSON, witn: Frederick DODGE & Lilly CRACKER, both of Milford, 5 April 1904 at Milford
16257-04 William PAGET, 64, widower, farmer, Picton, Big Island, s/o William PAGET & Catherine PERNHAM, married Hester Ann BADGLEY, 60, Big Island, same, d/o Ruben BADGELY & Mociah KETCHEPAW, witn: W.G. & Letitia BADGELY of Big Island, 28 Dec 1904 at Big Island 16255-04 Thomas PALMATIER, 30, laborer, Prince Edward Co., Demorestville, s/o Solomon PALMATIER & Mary MOORE, married Emma HENRY, 20, Melville, Demorestville, d/o Charles HENRY & Sarah FORSHEA, witn: Charles & Mrs. Charles HENRY of Demorestville, 4 Nov 1904 at Demorestville
#016200-04 (Prince Edward Co): John Shaw PENMAN, 28, farmer, Lanark, same, s/o Robert PENMAN & Sarah Jane RENNICK, married Margaret Isabella BRISCOE, 24, Lanark, Bougards?, d/o Thomas R. BRISCOE (farmer) & Abbie DUNHAM, witn: James E. MANSON of Galbraith & Gertie A. BRISCOE of Bongards, 21 Sept 1904 at Bongards #016227-04 (Prince Edward Co): George PHILPS, 20, can maker, Picton, same, s/o Daniel PHILPS & Irene LAWSON, married Maggie Alma HARRISON, Picton, same, d/o Sylvester HARRISON & Mary BAXTER, witn: Mrs. N. & Mr. W. PHILPS of Picton, 13 April 1904 at Picton
#016201-04 (Prince Edward Co): William PLEWS, 22, farmer, Pringer?, same, s/o Ed Thomas PLEWS & N. Jane ROSE, married Ena HURLBURT, 24, Cressy, same, d/o George Clinton HURLBURT (farmer) & Jessie Amelia KERR, witn: J. Harry HURLBURT of Cressy & Helen PLEWS of Pringer?, 10 Oct 1904 at Cressy #016224-04 (Prince Edward Co): Joseph Terwilliger REYNOLDS, 72, widower, dentist, Prince Edward Co., Picton, s/o Joseph REYNOLDS & Annie TERWILLIGER, married Hannah Amelia YOUNG, 57, widow, Prince Edward Co., Picton, d/o David VAN DUSEN & Amelia ZWICK, witnesses were W.P. REYNOLDS & Nellie A. LEITCH, both of Picton, April 2, 1904 at Picton
#016232-04 (Prince Edward Co): Horatio Nelson ROSE, 30, carpenter, P.E. County, Picton, s/o Peter ROSE & Mary MINAKER, married Elizabeth WELSH, 22, Picton, same, d/o William J. WELSH & Nessie BURNS, witn: Nixon & William J. WELSH of Picton, 11 May 1904 at Picton #016250-04 (Prince Edward Co): John SHANNON, 24, farmer, P.E. County, same, so John SHANNON & Mary CALL, married Madelaine MASTIN, 20, P.E. County, same, d/o W. Albert MASTIN & Eliza LOVELL, witn: Joseph GOODWIN of Athol, 16 Nov 1904 at Picton
#016233-04 (Prince Edward Co): John SINCLAIR, 27, glove maker, Manchester England, Picton, s/o William & not known, married Susan E. THOMPSETT, 29, Athol twp., Picton, d/o George THOMPSETT & Emilie PARKS, witn: Nelson ROSE & Alida BRISTOW, both of Picton, 23 May 1904 at Picton #016237-04 (Prince Edward Co): Thomas SMITH, 27, farmer, Belleville, Hillier twp., s/o John SMITH & Mary W. CALLAGHAN, married Matilda FLINDALL, 24, Northumberland Co., Hillier twp., d/o George A. FLINDALL & Esther Jane BABBITT, witn: Edward McMAHON & Ellen DORAN, both of Wellington, 15 June 1904 at Picton
#016217-04 (Prince Edward Co): Alfred Frederick SMITH, 24, blacksmith, Prince Edward Co., Picton, s/o Manly SMITH & Susan MACK, married Lillian RYAN, 30, dressmaker, Picton, same, d/o Edward RYAN & Bridget CULLITON, witnesses were F. McKINLEY of Clayton NY & Mary RYAN of Picton, Feb. 15, 1904 at Picton #016203-04 (Prince Edward Co): Donald STEWART, 20, farmer, Hallowell twp., same, s/o Robert McDONALD & Martha HARRIS, married Mable Reathe? DAINARD, 20, S. Marysburgh, same, d/o Jacob DAINARD & Susan JENKINS, witn: Inize & Harold A. MILLS of West Lake, 10 March 1904 at Millford
#016230-04 (Prince Edward Co): Percy Earl THURSTON, 23, mariner, Glenora, Picton, s/o Joseph THURSTON & Sarah E. PALMATEER, married Nina Maud BONGARD, 23, N. Marysburgh, Picton, d/o Robert BONGARD & Sarah MINAKER, witn: Ernest G. MITCHELL of Picton & Florence BONGARD of N. Marysburgh twp., 3 May 1904 at Picton #016212-04 (Prince Edward Co): William Burton TICE, 28, farmer, Hillier twp., same, s/o James A. TICE & Sarah MONAGHAN, married Marguerite GARRATT, 28, Hillier twp., same, d/o Benjamin GARRATT & Margaret BAIRD, witn: Eliza A. & Lydia SHOREY of Picton, 6 Jan 1904 at Picton
#016245-04 (Prince Edward Co): Walter TUTTLE, 22, farmer, Athol, same, s/o John TUTTLE & Elen Ann JENKS, married Anna Lillian KEELER, 22, Athol, same, d/o William KEELER & Matilda HARRIS, witn: Samuel & Gussie TUTTLE of Athol, 1 Nov 1904 at Picton

16178-04 Frank VANWART, 25, labourer, widower, Tyendinaga, Hallowell, s/o William VANWART & Phoebe WILLIAMS, married Mary LEWIS, 30, Tyendinaga, Hallowell, d/o James LEWIS & Mary SERAL, witn: Abram BRANT of Hallowell, 31 Aug 1904 at Hallowell

16166-04 Sidney E. WALLIS, 24, farmer, Cramahe twp., Hallowell, s/o William & Florence, married Josephine JOYCE, 19, Cramahe twp., Athol, d/o Richard JOYCE & Charlotte SECORD, witn: Nina LAMBERT & Bessie C. FRITZ, both of Cherry Valley, 8 Nov 1904 at Cherry Valley 16165-04 Fred Earl WARREN, 20, railroading, Hallowell, Picton, s/o Manson L. WARREN & Rhoda GIBSON, married Mary McQUAID, 20, Athol, same, d/o Bartlett McQUAID & Paulina HUGHES, witn: Emma W. COON & Bessie C. FRITZ, both of Cherry Valley, 5 Nov 1904 at Cherry Valley
16252-04 Frank WILDMAN, 30, farmer, Prince Edward Co., Hallowell, s/o James WILDMAN & Mary Ann HICKS, married Jane MILLS, 28, Ireland, Picton, d/o James MILLS & Catherine BROWN, witn: George W. SNIDER & Maggie SNIDER, both of Picton, 15 Dec 1904 at Picton #016235-04 (Prince Edward Co): George WILLIAMS, 32, merchant, Picton, same, s/o Caleb WILLIAMS & Eliza GIBSON, married Mary Ethel WILLIAMSON, 24, Picton, same, d/o Wesley WILLIAMSON & Ellen CORK, witn: J.B.A. & Cassie HOWELL of Ameliasburgh twp., 4 June 1904 at Picton
#016213-04 (Prince Edward Co): James C. WILSON, 70, widower, manufacturer, Picton, Glenora, s/o Stuart WILSON & Elenor O'NEIL, married Clara Jane KEMP, 38, Picton, same, d/o William E. KEMP & Jane HUBBS, witnesses were Isabel G. KEMP of Picton & Louisa B. McPHAIL of Blairemore Allen NWT, Jan. 13, 1904 16162-04 George Blake WORKMAN, 22, farmer, Newtonville, Colborne, s/o Samuel WORKMAN & Martha McGIBBON, married Mary SPAFFORD, 24, Cramahe twp., Athol twp., s/o James SPAFFORD & Emily NOBLE, witn: Thomas G. BOWERMAN of Bloomfield & Abbie SPAFFORD of Salmon Pt., 14 Sept 1904 at Salmon Pt.