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Prince Edward Co., 1908

birthplace is given before residence, if it is given on the registration


#016853-08 William B. ASHWELL (or OSHWELL), 30, farmer, Hampshire England, Wellington, s/o William ASHWELL & Mary MOWNTER (MOUNTER?), married Liliam Mary WEICOMBE, 22, Brockville, Wellington, d/o Seth WEICOMBE & Mary GRAHAM, witn: MRS. V.H. & Miss F. EMORY, both of Picton, 24 Sept 1908 at Picton  
16874-08 (Prince Edward Co): William Harry AYLSWORTH, 20, farmer, of Hallowell twp., s/o William Martin AYLSWORTH & Jane BURLEY, married Cora Estella CARTER, 22, of Picton, d/o Thomas William CARTER, farmer, & Agnes Ann ANDERSON, witn: Wilmott & Eula STEENBURG of Hallowell twp., 30 Sept 1908 at Demorestville 016825-08 Harry BALFOUR, 27, civil engineer, Bath in Ontario, Bath s/o Thomas BELFOUR (sic) & Hannah McCREADY married Hattie HURLBUT, 24, Cressy, Picton d/o Thomas HURLBUT & Elizabeth PLEWS wtn: Georgina HURLBUT & Oscar BURLEY both of Picton, 14 January 1908 at Picton
#016858-08 Frederick G. BELSH, 34, post office clerk, Picton, same, s/o Henry J. BELSH & Margaret ORR, married Daisy Georgina CROFT, 27, Middleville, Picton, d/o not given & Margaret WHITE, witn: Thomas W. & Carrie EARL, both of Picton, 21 Oct 1908 at Picton 016839-08 Anson BENSON, 24, farmer, Sophiasburg twp, Picton s/o John BENSON & Susan MINAKER married Mildred THOMPSON, 19, Sophiasburg, Sophiasburg d/o John THOMPSON & Addie ROSE wtn: A.D. EMORY & Florence EMORY both of Picton, 3 June 1908 at Picton
016823-08 Henry Gordon BLAKELY, 21, farmer, South Marysburg twp, Picton s/o Andrew BLAKELY & Isobel PALMATEER married Marion Victoria MABEE, 22, Cherry Valley, Cherry Valley d/o Marshal MABEE & Agnes WOODROW wtn: Harold MABEE & Ethel BLAKELY both of Picton, 1 February 1908 at Picton  
016832-08 Shabeen BOODHAR, 38, widower, farmer, Syria, Picton s/o George BOODHAR & Annie TIMEMA married Siltone JACOBI, 35, widow, Syria, Picton d/o Jacob HIMIM & Hasmi WASSAR wtn: Marianne B. ARMITAGE & Mary A. FRANCIS both of Picton, 28 April 1908 at Picton 016845-08 James Frederick BONTER, 21, GTR brakeman, Trenton, Toronto s/o William BONTER & Jane CROUTER married Laura Lucy COWAN, 19, Consecon, Toronto d/o Robert COWAN & Mary WEEKS wtn: Arthur C. BONTER of Toronto & Helen L. FRALICK of Kingston, 24 June 1908 at Picton
016812-08 Samuel James BRANSCOMBE, 24, farmer s/o William Henry BRANSCOMBE & Hannah M. COLE married Ethel Jane RORABECK, 20, dressmaker, South Marysburg d/o Philip RORABECK (farmer) & Phoebe CANNON, wtn: Gertrude BROWN & Adeline STRIKER both of Milford, 16 July 1908 at Milford 016818-08 Samuel BRUMMEL, 23, farmer, Demorestville, Demorestville s/o William BRUMMEL & Flinda SPENCER married Nellie HUFF, 24, Athol twp, Cherry Valley d/o Hosea HUFF & Fanny COLLIER wtn: Mrs V.H. EMORY & V.H. EMORY Jr both of Picton, 15 January 1908 at Picton
#016860-08 George CAUGHEY, 33, farmer, Big Island - P.E. Co, Sophiasburg, s/o James CAUGHEY & Jane PALMER, married Helen Jane FOX, 27, Demorestville, Sophiasburg, d/o Sobiska FOX & Mary BUCHANAN, witn: Sidney FOX & Mary Agnes CAUGHEY, both of Big Island, 14 Nov 1908 at Picton 16873-08 (Prince Edward Co): William H. CAUGHEY, 25, farmer, Big Island, same, s/o James CAUGHEY & Jane PALMER, married Martha J. BARKER, 27, Northport, same, d/o Samuel BARKER & Isabel RAPSON, witn: Mary Agnes CAUGHEY of Big Island & Annie FORBES of Northport, 23 June 1908 at Northport
#016865-08 Charles Manzo CLARK, 20, farmer, Bloomfield, same, s/o Robert J. CLARK & Eliza NORWOOD, married Nina May DEMILL, 18, Demorestville, Bloomfield, d/o Stephen DEMILL & Mary E. WANNAMAKER, witn: Mrs V.H. & Florence EMORY, both of Picton, 13 Dec 1908 at Picton 16807-08 (Prince Edward Co): E. William CLARKE, 23, laborer, Athol twp., Milford, s/o Sheldon CLARKE & Cynthia WELBANKS, married Bertha Estella MINAKER, 18, Port Milford, same, d/o Lewis MINAKER & Addie OSTRANDER, witn: Fred WELBANKS of Milford & Maude MINAKER of Pt. Milford, 15 Jan 1908 at Milford
016817-08 Jeremiah CLIFFORD, 34, engineer, Co Clare in Ireland, Picton s/o Michael CLIFFORD & Joanna CONNOR married Mary Ann BIRD, 35, servant, Picton, Picton d/o Michael BIRD & Mary DELANEY wtn: Peter BIRD & Annie McCARTHY both of Picton, 7 January 1908 at Picton 016822-08 James COLE, 26, farmer, Athol twp, Athol twp s/o William COLE & Ester ANNELLY married Sarah BRUMMEL, 19, Demorestville, Demorestville d/o William BRUMMELL & Felinda SPENCER wtn: J. EMORY & Mrs V.H EMORY both of Picton, 5 February 1908 at Picton
016835-08 Albert CRUMBLEHULME, 28, labourer, Lancashire England, Bloomfield s/o Alfred CRUMBLEHULME & Sarah BROWN married Annie Pearl SCOTT, 20, Wellington, Bloomfield d/o Gary SCOTT & Hannah HUTCHINSON wtn: Edward SMITH & Zella SMITH both of Bloomfield, 15 May 1908 at Picton 016847-08 Joseph M. CUNNINGHAM, 56, widower, farmer, Hallowell, Sophiasburg s/o William CUNNINGHAM & Sarah WARING married Gloranale Jennie YARWOOD, 49, Athol, Picton d/o Samuel YARWOOD & Phoebe WILLIAMS wtn: Bruce YARWOOD of Hallowell & Charles H. SAYLOR of Bloomfield, 6 July 1908 at Picton
016848-08 John Harvey EATON, 26, clerk, Mountain View, Picton s/o Robert EATON & Abigail FOX married Mary Winifred LANDER, 23, Ameliasburg Ameliasburg d/o Robert LANDER & Susan PLATT wtn: Durinda EATON of Picton & Velma LANDER of Mountain View, 21 July 1908 at Picton  
016820-08 George FERGUSON, 51, contractor, Wellington Co, British Columbia s/o William & Martha FERGUSON married Emma DEWITTA, 48, South Marysburg, South Marysburg d/o John DEWITTA & Nancy BONGARD wtn: Davis DEWITTA & Helena DEWITTA both of South Marysburg, 15 January 1908 at Picton 16806-08 (Prince Edward Co): Judson M.W. GALLAGHER, 28, builder & contractor, Picton, Regina Sask., s/o David W. GALLAGHER & Roxy Ann BUTTS, married Flora Gladys LONEY, 18, South Marysburg, same, d/o John W. LONEY & Catherine OSTRANDER, witn: Mr. & Mrs. John E. LONEY of S. Marysburg, 8 Jan 1908 at Marysburg
16882-08 (Prince Edward Co): John Y. GARRATT, 68, widower, merchant, of Wellington, s/o Isaac GARRATT, farmer, & Lucretia FERGUSON, married Hattie TRUMPOUR, 63, lady, widow, of Wellington, d/o Francis MITCHELL, cabinet maker, & Elizabeth HUYCK, witn: Thomas J. & Harriet HOWARD of Wellington, 19 Sept 1908 at Wellington #016855-08 Joseph GARTHAN, 29, engineer, England, Bloomfield, s/o James GARTHAN & Catherine WILD, married Annie C. WOOD, 18, Bloomfield, Picton, d/o James B. WOOD & Mary Jane MARSH, witn: Wesley BURCHELL, Deseronto & Phyllis ADAMS, Picton, 12 Oct 1908 at Picton
16803-08 (Prince Edward Co): George W. GERMAN, 33, widower, canner, Hallowell twp., Picton, s/o Nelson GERMAN & Flora GRAHAM, married Victoria May ROSSEAU, 31, Athol twp., Picton, d/o W.H. ROUSSEAU & Catherine DAINARD, witn: Gertrude BROWN of Milford & Carrie L. DUETTA of Pt. Milford, 26 Feb 1908 at Milford 016831-08 Ralph Conger GEROW, 26, clerk, Picton, Picton s/o Seth T. GEROW & Annie Laura EYRE married Ada Marguerite McDONALD, 20, Hallowell twp, Picton d/o Francis Greer McDONALD & Orlinda THOMAS wtn: John Edward SHEARER & William R. SHEARER both of Picton, 31 March 1908 at Picton
016850-08 George Frederick GILMORE, 21, labourer, London England, Picton s/o Charles Godfrey GILMORE & Jessie Eliza MARTIN married Eliza Rhoda CLARKE, 21, London England, Picton d/o Henry John CLARKE & Hannah INGLELETT wtn: George Alfred PRESS of Picton & Edward HARTT of Waupoos, 29 July 1908 at Picton 016840-08 Flavius Tripp GORSLINE, 26, farmer, Demorestville, Demorestville s/o Robert GORSLINE & Susan TRIPP married Mary Eliza THOMPSON, 26, Demorestville, Solmesville d/o Irvine THOMPSON & Sarah THOMPSON wtn: Mrs V.H. EMORY & Florence EMORY both of Picton, 3 June 1908 at Picton
16875-08 (Prince Edward Co): Mac Royal GREEN, 22, butcher, of Picton, s/o John C. GREEN & Adalaide GRAHAM, married Elizabeth WEAVERS, 18, of Picton, d/o Fred WEAVERS & Sarah MASSEY, witn: Sarah WEAVERS of Picton, 2 Oct 1908 at Demorestville  
016837-08 Harris Alexander HAMILTON, 25, bank manager, Wroxeter, Bloomfield s/o John HAMILTON & Eleanor Susanna HARRIS married Margaret Beatrice WILLIAMSON, 29, Hallowell, Picton d/o William H. WILLIAMSON & Henrietta A. HOUGH wtn: C.C. TAMBLYN of Toronto & Alice HAMILTON & Miss HAMILTON both of Wroxeter, 3 June 1908 at Picton 16878-08 (Prince Edward Co): Gilliam HARDY, 29, farmer, Hillier, same, s/o George HARDY & Nancy HOWARD, married Carrie TINKLEPAUGH, 20, Hillier, Bloomfield, d/o Malcolm TINKLEPAUGH & Emma HICKS, witn: R.B. & Marion McCOLL of Wellington, 2 April 1908 at Wellington
#016852-08 Osborn Alonso? HARRISON, 20, labourer, Picton, Hallowell, s/o James HARRISON & Amelia JEWELL, married Sarah E. BEASLEY, 18, London England, Hallowell, d/o James BEASLEY & Sarah BURNS, witn: G. GILMORE & Sarah BEASLEY both of Picton, 29 Aug 1908 at Picton 16804-08 (Prince Edward Co): Eldon HINEMAN, 21, fireman, South Marysburg twp., Toronto, s/o Charles HINEMAN & Mary E. SAYERS, married Bertha May McCONNEL, 21, South Marysburg twp., same, d/o George McCONNEL & Aldora HINEMAN, witn: Manly MOORE of Point Petre & Cora BRUMMELL of Cherry Valley, 30 May 1908 at Milford
  016813-08 Joseph INGRAM, 60, widower, farmer, Milford s/o John INGRAM & Jane DOAKE married Bertha HUFF, 35, lady, Picton d/o James HUFF & Zilpha SMITH wtn: W.W. BURLEY & G.C. BROWN both of Milford, 17 September 1908 at Milford
#016884-08 John ISTEED, 23, farmer, of Hallowell Twp, s/o Samuel ISTEED, farmer & Hannah SMITH, married Maud MCCULLOUGH, 19, of Hillier Twp P.E. Co, d/o John MCCULLOUGH, gardener & Ida OAKHAM, witn: Miss M.A. JOHNSON, Welland Ont & MRS. H. RORABECK, Wellington, 17 Nov 1908 at Wellington 16877-08 (Prince Edward Co): Thomas George JACKSON, 35, farmer, Bloomfield, same, s/o Samuel JACKSON & Eliza TAYLOR, married Mary Alice HARRIS, 32, Wellington, same, d/o William Garrett HARRIS & Bessie STEPHENS, witn: Menzo CLARK of Bloomfield & M.L. STEWART of Hillier, 19 Feb 1908 at Wellington
016851-08 John Wesley JAMIESON, 24, farmer, Picton, Picton s/o John JAMIESON & Frank JOHNSTON married Pearl KERR, 18, Milford, Picton d/o William KERR & Sadie BOWERS wtn: Percy WANNAMAKER & Georgie WEAVER both of Picton, 12 August 1908 at Picton  
016799-08 Samuel Adelbert JARVIS, 32, carpenter, Black River Bridge s/o Samuel Chase JARVIS (farmer) & Valetta BLAIR married Nancy Effie HUGHES, 26, farmer’s daughter, Waupoos d/o Calvin HUGHES (farmer) & Sarah HUGHES wtn: Arthur C. ALYEA of Rossmore & Nellie JARVIS of Milford, 23 December 1908 at Waupoos 016795-08 George Daniel JOHNSON, 43, widower, blacksmith, Consecon s/o Elisha JOHNSON & Rachel VANELLAN married Annie CHASE, 39, Ameliasburg d/o Philip CHASE & Amelia McDONALD wtn: C.R. CHASE & Cora CHASE both of Ameliasburg 23 December 1908 at Consecon
016836-08 George Henry KELLAR, 21, farmer, Athol twp, Athol twp s/o John S. KELLAR & Eliza PETERS married Ethel May SPAFFORD, 18, Athol twp, Athol twp d/o A. Dalton SPAFFORD & Minnie DEMILLE wtn: Mary HAYES & Bertha C. LEWIS both of Picton, 13 May 1908 at Picton 016826-08 Dorman Henry KELLEY, 24, farmer, Murray twp in Hastings Co, Murray twp s/o J.J. KELLEY & Adelaide STONEBURG married Beatrice BONTER, 22, Marmora, Consecon d/o Edward BONTER & Emma PAGET wtn: Bertha C. LEWIS & Maggie LEWIS both of Picton, 5 February 1908 at Picton
016829-08 Frederick George KENT, 20, England, Sophiasburg twp s/o Frederick KENT & Elizabeth WARNER married Daisy Julia PRATT, 20, England, Sophiasburg twp d/o Frederick PRATT & Ellen Jane DEARMAN wtn: Elizabeth KENT & Ellen Jane PRATT both of Sophiasburg, 3 March 1908 at Picton 016842-08 Harold A. KINGSTON, 21, professor, Picton, Picton s/o Joseph KINGSTON & Annie REYNOLDS married Ethel Maude HOLT, 23, Picton, Picton d/o John B. HOLT & Nancy GILMORE wtn: Mrs V.H. EMORY & Florence EMORY both of Picton, 3 June 1908 at Picton
#016885-08 Herman KLEINSTEUBER, 24, farmer, of Bloomfield, s/o Carl KLEINSTEUBER, dead & Hannah POTTER, married Jetta Russell MACK, 19, of Bloomfield, d/o Barney MACK, labourer & Lottie PARKER, witn: James Ira HILL & Roselia KOCH, both of Picton, 25 Nov 1908 at Wellington  
016849-08 Harry LALONE, 22, farmer, Hallowell, Hallowell s/o David Lalone & Rebecca McQUAID married Lilly KERR, 18, Hallowell, Hallowell d/o William KERR & Sarah BOWERS wtn: Mrs Lilly FERGUSON & Margaret LUCAS both of Picton, 12 August 1908 at Picton 16876-08 (Prince Edward Co): Thomas Henry LESLIE, 33, farmer, of Northport, s/o Alexander LESLIE, farmer, & Mary Jane FOX, married Elizabeth Jennie KENNEDY, 19, of Solmesville, d/o John KENNEDY, farmer, & Jennie PARKS, witn: Samuel & Mrs. Laura May CLEMENT of Demorestville, 30 Dec 1908 at Demorestville
#016856-08 Charles LIGHTHALL, 26, labourer, Picton, same, s/o Alexander LIGHTHALL & Georgina SNIDER, married Ada HUTCHINSON, 18, Sophiasburg, Picton, d/o John HUTCHINSON & Flora MCQUADE, witn: Mrs K. TAYLOR & Bertha C. LEWIS, both of Picton, 5 Sept 1908 at Picton 016796-08 Nicholas LIGHTHALL, 43, widower, labourer, Ontario, North Marysburg s/o Elijah LIGHTHALL & M. McGRAW married Jean IRVINE, 20, labourer, Scotland, North Marysburg d/o Charles IRVINE & Annie BIGGAR wtn: Mabel SMART & Ada ROSE of Glenora, 27 June 1908 at Glenora
#016862-08 John LOCEY (Losey?), 44, labourer, Prince Edward Co, Picton, widower, s/o Cornelius LOCEY & Mary REGAN, married Mary LEDSHAW, 36, nurse, England, Picton, d/o William LEDSHAW & Mary HARRISON, witn: Jeremiah KENNY & Mary MCKENNA, both of Picton, 16 Nov 1908 at Picton, RC 16880-08 (Prince Edward Co): M. Cornelius LOUCKS, 23, clerk, Aultsville, Toronto, s/o Jeremiah LOUCKS & Fanny BOWEN, married Norma Campbell HARDY, no age given, stenographer, Hillier twp., Wellington, d/o Thomas HARDY & Mary E. TRIPP, witn: Maude HARDY & Jennie PETERS, both of Wellington, 17 June 1908 at Wellington
016838-08 Arthur James MACKLIN, 32, jeweller, Cobourg, Picton s/o Edwin MACKLIN & Emma LUXTON married Marcia Helen GERMAN, 24, Picton, Picton d/o Martin BENSON & Theresa BENSON wtn: Miss BLAKELY of Picton & Ethel MACKLIN of Cobourg, 3 June 1908 at Picton #016854-08 Frederick Joseph MCGRATH, 26, machinist, Canada, Peterboro, s/o Thomas MCGRATH & Margaret CUNNINGHAM, married Mary POWERS, 22, stenographer, Canada, Peterboro, d/o William POWERS & Julia KELLY, witn: Frederick LAPLANT, Peterboro & Elizabeth POWERS, Picton, 15 Sept 1908 at Picton, RC
016794-08 William Henry McQUINN, 49, farmer, Hillier s/o Edgar McQUINN (farmer) & Mary Ann GILES married Harriet Louisa TERRY, 51, Hillier d/o Harvey TERRY (farmer) & Agnes SCYCLE wtn: Ernest TERRY & Ida HOYLE both of Wellington, 16 December 1908 at Prince Edward Co #017763-09 Thomas James MILLIGAN, 22, farmer, of Sophiasburgh Twp, s/o James MILLIGAN, farmer & Sarah ALEXANDER, married Hattie Bella COLLIER, 21, Athol Twp, d/o James COLLIER, farmer & Caroline FIELDS, witn: A.E. RODWAY, Picton & Ella May COLLIER, Athol, 30 Dec 1908 at Picton
016819-08 Sherman E. NOBLE, 22, farmer, Cherry Valley, Cherry Valley s/o John NOBLE & Alida M. BRISTOW married Eva G. FURSE, 21, South Fredericksburg twp, West Lake d/o John FURSE & Carrie BRISTOW wtn: Sarah SEVYER & Mrs John SINCLAIR both of Picton, 15 January 1908 at Picton  
16867-08 (Prince Edward Co): George Thomas OVENS, 22, harness maker, Athol, Picton, s/o Thomas OVENS & Margaret COLLIER, married Maud CRONYN, 22, Oswego NY, Picton, d/o Michael CRONYN & Clarinda FOSTER, witn: George S. HUDGIN & Norma BLAKELY, both of Picton, 16 Dec 1908 at Picton 16872-08 (Prince Edward Co): Thomas PEARCE, 32, laborer, Wellington, Midland, s/o Reuben PEARCE & Sophia HAZZARD, married Sarah C. ZUFELT, 30, Massassauga, Wellington, d/o Albert ZUFELT & Maggie GEROW, witn: Mrs. W.V. & Miss Mildred SEXSMITH of Demorestville, 15 April 1908 at Demorestville
  016800-08 Robert U. PENMAN, 38, farmer, Churchill NY s/o Robert J. PENMAN (farmer) & Sarah PENNICK married Ida M. BRISCOE, 22, farmer’s daughter, Lanark d/o Thomas R. BRISCOE (farmer) & Abba DUNHAM wtn: Mr & Mrs John PENMAN of Bongard, 4 November 1908 at Glenora
#016861-08 Alan Ebenezer POPE, 27, labourer, England, Wellington, s/o Ebenezer POPE & Kate SINDEN, married Edith SMITH, 30, England, Wellington, d/o Samuel SMITH & Mary BEER, witn: E.M. BIGG & M.B. ARMITAGE, both of Picton, 14 Nov 1908 at Picton 16871-08 (Prince Edward Co): Samuel J. POTTER, 22, mariner, Picton, same, s/o Alfred POTTER & Mary A. ROWE, married Sarah HASKELL, 19, Picton, same, d/o William HASKELL of Bianca BOVAY, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Walter GRAVES of Demorestville, 27 Feb 1908 at Demorestville
#016859-08 Francis POWERS, 29, farmer, Canada, Hallowell, s/o William POWERS & Julia KELLY, married Alice MCAULEY, 27, N. Marysburg, same, d/o Patrick MCAULEY & Susan MINAKER, witn: Wm Hauley REID, Hastings Co & Elizabeth POWERS, Hallowell, 23 Sept 1908 at Picton, RC 016833-08 Charles Albert PUBLOW, 25, professor, Perth  Ontario, Ithaca NY s/o Gordon G. PUBLOW & Elizabeth McLEAN married Muriel BARKER, 24, Picton, Picton d/o David J. BARKER & Rose JELLETT wtn: R.A. PEARSON of Albany NY & C. Christine BARKER of Picton, 29 April 1908 at Picton
016846-08 William REYNOLDS. 27, farmer, London in England, Adolphustown twp in Lennox Co s/o (names unattainable) married Pearl WHITE, 22, Adolphustown twp, Adolphustown twp d/o (names unattainable) wtn: Louise SUTTON & Bertha C. LEWIS both of Picton, 7 July 1908 at Picton 016846-08 William REYNOLDS. 27, farmer, London in England, Adolphustown twp in Lennox Co s/o (names unattainable) married Pearl WHITE, 22, Adolphustown twp, Adolphustown twp d/o (names unattainable) wtn: Louise SUTTON & Bertha C. LEWIS both of Picton, 7 July 1908 at Picton
016811-08 George ROBBINS, 54, widower, farmer, South Marysburg s/o George ROBBINS & Mary DAINARD married Eliza LACEY, 50, lady, widow d/o Charles WARD & Eliza CORNER wtn: Gertrude BROWN & Adeline STRIKER both of Milford, 9 July 1908 at Milford #016863-08 Edward Henry ROBINSON, 46, farmer, Sophiasburg, same, s/o Henry ROBINSON & Eliza DONEY, married Olive PUTMAN, 40, Sophiasburg, same, widow, d/o Samuel SPENCER & Charlotte VANDUSEN, witn: M.B. ARMITAGE & Mary FRANCES both of Picton, 3 Dec 1908 at Picton
016841-08 George RORABECK, 30, carpenter, Demorestville, Bloomfield s/o Arthur RORABECK & Margaret WRIGHTMIRE married Hattie ROBERTSON, 20, Trenton, Bloomfield d/o Charles ROBERTSON & Minnie PEEK wtn: Roy COVERT & Gertrude COVERT both of Bloomfield, 20 May 1908 at Picton  
016797-08 Milton Bryant ROSE, 20, farmer, Ontario, North Marysburg s/o Lewis E. ROSE & Ada V. WELBANKS married Leah MILLER, 20, farmer’s daughter, Ontario, North Marysburg d/o Robert & Louisa MILLER wtn: Robert & Louisa MILLER of Cressy, 11 June 1908 at Glenora 16869-08 (Prince Edward Co): Lawrence St.PETER, 76, widower, farmer, Prince Edward Co., Wellington, s/o Lawrence St.PETER & Ann CAMPBELL, married Charity FERGUSON, 68, widow, Hillier, same, d/o Benjamin PINE & Abigail GARDENER, witn: Mr. & Mrs. H.V. SAUNDERS of Gilberts Mills, 4 Jan 1908 at Gilberts Mills
016843-08 John M. SMITH, 66, widower, grocer, Prince Edward Co, Picton s/o Frederick SMITH & Letitia MILLER married Almeda JOHNSON, 59, widow, Hillier, Picton d/o Robert (last name not given) & Margaret CLAPP wtn: Mrs V.H. EMORY & A.D. EMORY both of Picton, 17 June 1908 at Picton 016824-08 Walter L. SMYTH, 31, electrical engineer, Waubaushene, Vancouver BC s/o Charles SMYTH & Mary SMITH married Lottie THOMPSON, 25, South Bay, Picton d/o David THOMPSON & Mary KEELEY wtn: S.E. SMYTH of Pembroke & Lily SHAW of Kingston, 29 January 1908 at Picton
016821-08 Richard SPENCER, 28, horse trainer, Louisville in Kentucky, Picton s/o David & Mary SPENCER married Pearl HARE, 22, Pulaski NY, Picton d/o Chester HARE & Maria SELICK wtn: William KNEW & Miss CAMERON both of Picton, 25 January 1908 at Picton 016798-08 James Harry STORMS, 28, farmer, Ontario, North Marysburg s/o Peter STORMS & Jane HOPPER married Agnes L. McPHERSON, 21, lady, Scotland, North Marysburg d/o John McPHERSON & Lilly WHITELAW wtn: Clayton BONGARD & Ethel BONGARD of Bongards, 4 March 1908 at Glenora
16809-08 (Prince Edward Co): Gilbert STRIKER, 24, laborer, of South Marysburg, s/o Hamilton STRIKER, laborer, & Adeline MILLER, married Rosa Bell DODGE, 24, lady, of South Marysburg, d/o Frederick DODGE, merchant, & Eliza THOMPSON, witn: Laura STRIKER & Gertrude BROWN, both of Milford, 28 Dec 1908 at South Marysburg #016866-08 Albert Lewis THENELL, 22, baker, Kingston Ont, Carthage N.Y., s/o Adolph THENELL & Rose GOODFIELD, married George Estella ROSE, 19, Picton, same, d/o Eldon ROSE & Sarah MINAKER, witn: Clarence E. ROSE & Mrs. J.B. HUGHES, both of Picton, 23 Dec 1908 at Picton
16870-08 (Prince Edward Co): Stanly William THOMPSON, 21, farmer, South Marysburgh, Sophiasburgh, s/o John THOMPSON & Annie ROSE, married Flossie Ann CLARK, 19, Sophiasburgh, same, d/o David CLARK & Charlotte YEREX, witn: G.F. PINKNEY of Northport & Lucy BOWERMAN of Toronto, 1 Jan 1908 at Northport 016844-08 Edward J. THOMPSON, 23, farmer, Jackson Michigan, Kingston s/o Joseph THOMPSON & Elizabeth WATSON married Lena SCOTT, 23, Kingston, Kingston d/o Carey SCOTT & Hannah HUTCHINSON wtn: Mrs V.H. EMORY & A.D. EMORY both of Picton, 17 June 1908 at Picton
016827-08 Alvin David THURSTON, 34, marine engineer, Bath in Ontario, Picton s/o William THURSTON & Catherine SHEPPARD married Ilday May MONCK (Mouck?), 23, South Bay, Picton s/o Richard MONCK & Mary FARRINGTON wtn: Mrs V.H. EMORY & V.H. EMORY Jr both of Picton, 18 February 1908 at Picton 16879-08 (Prince Edward Co): Joseph TITUS, 67, widower, butcher, Hallowell, Wellington, s/o Samuel TITUS & Deborah BENNETT, married Marion OSTERHOUT, 55, widow, house keeper, Murray, Wellington, d/o Robert THORN & Margaret CLAPP, witn: Stephen & Lydia LEAVENS of Wellington, 7 June 1908 at Wellington
016883-08 Francis Henry TRENEAR, 24, farmer, of Hallowell Twp, s/o Goodwin C. TRENEAR, labourer & Martha J. GREEN, married Ethel Frances MINTER, 23, of Hallowell Twp, d/o Abraham MINTER, labourer & Frances WOODHAM, witn: Fred & Kate ORCHARD, both of Wellington, 5 Nov 1908 at Wellington 016828-08 Horace Bart TULLY, 26, clerk, Picton, Picton s/o Walter TULLY & Harriet GORDONIER, married Lena WRIGHT, 32, Athol twp, Picton d/o William R. WRIGHT & Amelia KINNEY wtn: R.E. WRIGHT & Mary BOYCE both of Picton, 24 February 1908 at Picton
#016857-08 Paren TUTTLE, 21, farmer, Salmon Point, Athol, s/o James Albert TUTTLE & Matilda JINKS, married Jennie E. INSLEY, 18, Picton, same, d/o Daniel INSLEY & Catherine Ann LALONE, witn: Claud INSLEY & B. SMITH, both of Picton, 20 Oct 1908 at Picton 016834-08 William TYNAN, 21, labourer, Birmingham in England, Picton s/o Isaac TYNAN Mary MURRAY married Martha GILSON, 19, London in England, Picton d/o William GILSON & Martha PRESTON wtn: William GILSON & Martha GILSON both of Picton, 9 May 1908 at Picton
16810-08 (Prince Edward Co): Robert WADFORTH, no age given, farmer, of South Marysburg, s/o Henry WADFORTH, farmer, & Hannah ACKERMAN, married Evelyn HICKS, no age given, lady, of South Marysburg, d/o Levi HICKS, farmer, & Alzina DULMAGE, witn: Luella HYATT of Point Traverse & Elmer COLLIER of South Bay, 16 Dec 1908 at South Bay 16808-08 (Prince Edward Co): William WALMSLEY, 25, farmer, of Athol twp., s/o James F. WALMSLEY, farmer, & Sarah Ann WELBANKS, married Mary Ann MILLER, no age given, lady, of South Marysburg, d/o John MILLER, farmer, & Susan McCORNOCK, witn: Arthur G. & Isa POWERS of Milford, 28 Nov 1908 at South Marysburg
16881-08 (Prince Edward Co): David WALSH, 28, hotel keeper, of Belleville, s/o William WALSH, farmer, & Rose KELLY, married Theresa SMITH, 31, dress maker, of Belleville, d/o John SMITH, farmer, & Mary Ann CALLAGHAN, witn: Joseph WALSH of Tyendinaga & Hattie KEHOE of Trenton, 30 June 1908 at Wellington (Rom Cath) #017744-09 Wilfred William WARD, 26, farmer, of Consecon, s/o Joseph John WARD & Mary J. BURR, married Lola Rae WEEKS, 22, school teacher, of Consecon, d/o Harmon W. WEEKS & Almeda YOUNG, witn: Rosy H. WARD, 312 East St., Kingston & Nellie T. WEEKS, Consecon, 26 Dec 1908 at Consecon
016814-08 Fred WELLBANKS, 24, farmer, South Marysburg s/o John WELLBANKS (farmer) & Mary WARRING married Cassie Maude MINAKER, 20, lady, South Marysburg d/o Lewis MINAKER (farmer) & Addie OSTRANDER wtn: Hedley WELLBANKS of Milford & Isabella May CLARKE of South Bay, 1 July 1908 at Milford 016830-08 Robert J. WELSH, 23, horseman, Picton, Picton s/o Richard WELSH & Mary Anne BURNS married Ellen GORDON, 25, Crofton, Crofton d/o Martin GORDON & Margaret DIXON wtn: Isabella A. SHEARER & John Edward SHEARER both of Picton, 7 March 1908 at Picton
016801-08 Thomas WILSON, 28, editor, New York city s/o Robert WILSON & Elizabeth McNAIR married Mabel Jane MONROE, 21, farmer’s daughter, Glenora d/o Henry MONROE (farmer) & Rhoda YOUNG wtn: E.F. LAKE of Boyonne? NY & F. McDOUGALL of Picton, 31 December 1908 at Glenora 16802-08 (Prince Edward Co): William WRIGHT, 54, widower, farmer, North Marysburg, Picton, s/o Eliphalet WRIGHT & Isabella PIERCE, married Nettie WOOD, 30, Ameliasburgh, Cressy, d/o Jacob R., farmer, & Alwilda, witn: Mrs. E.J. HARRISON & Mrs. J.R. WOOD, both of Cressy, 5 Aug 1908 at Cressy
16805-08 (Prince Edward Co): Charles Ernest Francis YORK, 21, farmer, Jones Falls, South Marysburg, s/o William YORK & Isabel KEYS, married Gertrude Eudamma ROSSEAU, 19, Milford, same, d/o Joseph ROSSEAU & Martha Alzina WOOD, witn: Arthur WELBANKS of Pt. Milford & Georgia ROSSEAU of Milford, 24 June 1908 at Milford #016864-08 George Riley YOUNG, 42, farmer, Athol, same, widower, s/o Daniel YOUNG & Ann LEADER, married Alice Augusta GILMORE, 41, Hallowell, Picton, d/o James GILMORE & Martha A. BRAMSCOMB, witn: Mrs.V.H. & Florence EMORY, both of Picton, 16 Dec 1908 at Picton