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Prince Edward Co., 1909

birth place is not using given on 1909 registrations


#017765-09 Sherman ACKERMAN, 27, engineer, of Picton, s/o William Henry ACKERMAN, blacksmith & Rachel WARDELL, married Christine BIDDLE, 25, of Picton, d/o Charles BIDDLE & Annie WILLIAMSON, witn: Mrs Bertha C. LEWIS & Mrs Martha A. STEPHENS, both of Picton, 22 Jan 1909 at Picton 017720-09 (Prince Edward Co) Byron Orwell ADAMS, 27, Farmer, of Ameliasburg, s/o Ephriam W. ADAMS, Farmer, & Martha COLEMAN, married Bessie HAMILTON, 22, Farmer's Daughter, of Massassaga, d/o Robert HAMILTON & Matilda LAFFERTY, Witn.: James L. BROAD of Rossmore, Bessie M. SPENCER of HALLOWAY, November 25, 1909 at Massassaga
#017746-09 Robert Nairn AFFLECT, 25, farmer, of Davidson East, s/o Robert R. AFFLECT & Grace NAIRN, married Effa Rose READY, 22, farmer's daughter, of Hillier Ont, d/o William James READY, farmer & Mary CAMPBELL, witn: Leonard PALMER, Allisonville & Annie S. READY, Hillier, 24 Feb 1909 at Hillier #017745-09 William George ALEXANDER, 19, farmer, of Hillier Twp., s/o William ALEXANDER, farmer & Ellen WEEKS, married Norma Bland-- THOMPSON, 21, farmer's daughter, of Hillier Twp, d/o Walter THOMPSON, farmer & Laura SMITH, witn: Bentley WEEKS & Annie THOMPSON, both of Hillier, 17 Feb. 1909 at Hillier Twp.,
17755-09 Arthur C. ALYEA, 27, carpenter, Ameliasburgh, same, s/o John S. ALYEA & Catherine M. GEROW, married Nellie Caroline JARVIS, 20, Trenton, S. Marysburgh, d/o Samuel JARVIS & Valletta BLAIR, witn: Allen David JARVIS of Black River Bridge & May ALYEA of Rossmore on Jan. 6, 1909 at Black River Bridge 17710-09 Orbey ALYEA, 30, farmer, of Ameliasburgh, s/o Jacob Smith ALYEA, farmer & Augusta MOON, married Florence E. ONDERDONK, 33, evaporator, widow, of Ameliasburgh, d/o John H, GARBUTT & Mary BABCOCK, witn: Ida SAGER of Rednerville on June 29, 1909 at Rednerville
17708-09 Charles Edward BABCOCK, 25, labourer, of Rednerville, s/o Aaron BABCOCK, labourer & Annie E. GLENN, married Rosalind Pearl TOMPKINS, 20, of Rednerville, d/o Alva TOMPKINS, labourer & Emma BRICKMAN, witn: Ernest E. REDNER & Annie SHEARS both of Rednerville on Jan. 13, 1909 at Rednerville 17712-09 Hugh BAXTER, 45, blacksmith, widower, of Melville, s/o Hugh BAXTER & Jane FLEMING, married Arzilla CHASE, 43, dressmaker, of Consecon, d/o Andrew CHASE labourer & Margaret A. MASSEY, witn: Mr. & Mrs. J. H. CHASE both of Melville on April 10, 1909 at Ameliasburgh
017719-09 (Prince Edward Co) Earl Franklin BELNAP, 21, Fisherman, of Rossmore, s/o Daniel BELNAP, Fisherman, & Caroline KELLAR, married Annie Grace GEROW, 18, of Rossmore, d/o Bon GEROW, Sailor, & Emma WEESE, Witn.: William Ray BRICKMAN, Mrs. William R. BRICKMAN, both of Rossmore (see 017718-09 ), November 24, 1909 at Ameliasburg 17750-09 Thomas Burton BIDDLE, 30, labourer, Kingston, Picton, s/o Charles BIDDLE & Ann WILLIAMS, married Margaret Ann HILL, 21, Glenora, same, d/o Robert A. HILL & Martha PRINGLE, witn: Miss. L. LITTLER of Glenora & Robert Andrew JONES of Picton on April 28, 1909 at Glenora
017717-09 (Prince Edward Co) Grover Cleveland BLAKELY, 23, Farmer, of Hallowell Twp., s/o Frank BLAKELY, Farmer, & Susie VINCENT, married Beatrice Lillian BUSH, 21, Farmer's Daughter, of Ameliasburg Twp., d/o Samuel W. BUSH & Alice A. DELONG ,Witn.: R.H. ZUFELT of Wellington, Mabel R. THOMPSON of Consecon, October 12, 1909 at Ameliasburg 017715-09 (Prince Edward Co) Ernest Earl BONTER, 21, Farmer, of Albury, s/o George S. BONTER, Farmer, & Stella CHASE, married Grace Evelyn PECK, 21, of Ameliasburg Twp., d/o William PECK & Sarah DEMPSEY, Witn.: John S. BONTER of Albury, A. SPRAGUE of Mountain VIew, August 4, 1909 at Albury, Prince Edward Co.
017724-09 (Prince Edward Co) Harry Hubert BONTER, 19, Farmer, of Ameliasburg, s/o George S. BONTER, Farmer, & Stella CHASE, married Flossie ADAMS, 21, of Ameliasburg, d/o Charles M. ADAMS, Farmer, & Sophronia BROOKS, Witn.: Bruce ADAMS, Maude E. GRILLS, both of Montreal, December 29, 1909 at Prince Edward Co. #017740-09 Joshua William BRANT, 24, farmer, of Hallowell Twp, s/o Joshua BRANT, farmer & Mary HILL, married Annie BRANT, 17, of Hallowell Twp, d/o Abram BRANT, farmer & Mary Eliza LE(illegible), witn: Libbie BURLINGHAM & Lena ORSER, both of Chish--m Ont, 25 Aug 1909 at Hallowell Twp
017718-09 (Prince Edward Co) William Ray BRICKMAN, 21, Farmer, of Ameliasburg, s/o Asa BRICKMAN & Jennie GREY, married Hazel Pearl BELNAP, 18, of Ameliasburg, d/o John Wesley BELNAP & Marietta Manda SWEN... (or SEVEN..)Witn.: Frank BELNAP, Grace GEROW, both of Rossmore, November 24, 1909 at Rednersville 17711-09 Harry Everett BRICKMAN, 23, farmer, of Ameliasburgh, s/o W. Francis BRICKMAN, farmer & M.A. BONTER, married Flossie Evelyn WEESE, 19, of Ameliasburgh, d/o James F. WEESE, farmer & Martha M. STEWART, witn: Clayton G. WEESE & Keitha B. BONISTEEL both of Rednerville on Sept. 1, 1909 at Ameliasburgh
17735-09 Earnest C. BROUGH, 29, labourer, of Picton, s/o George BROUGH, labourer & Atilia POTTER, married Jennie COOPER, 25, of Picton, d/o Alfred COOPER, farmer & Margaret A. WALKER, witn: Ethel M. RICHARDSON of Millbrook & Della CAMPBELL of Bloomfield on Oct. 4, 1909 at Bloomfield. #017770-09 Stewart BROWN, 80, farmer, of Bloomfield widower, s/o Joseph BROWN & Matilda CHRISTY, married Eliza Jane SKINNER, 70, of Picton, widow, d/o Abraham WARREN & Deborah ELSWORTH, witn: Joseph J. BROWN, Bloomfield & Manson WARREN, Picton, 3 Mar 1909 at Picton
#017768-09 Charles BULL, 39, railway employee, of Picton, widower, s/o Joseph BULL and not given, married Ellen Maud BURNS, 38, of Picton, widow, d/o Ichabod BURNS & Phoebe ELLIS, witn: Mrs V.H. & Florence EMORY, both of Picton, 16 Feb. 1909 at Picton 17734-09 Gordon CAHOON, 31, farmer, of Hallowell Tp., s/o Nelson CAHOON, farmer & Secelia A. WELBANKS, married Mary BLACK, 23, school teacher, of Bloomfield, d/o John BLACK, farmer & Nancy J. COOLIDGE, witn: Emma CAHOON & Frank CAHOON M.D. both of Bloomfield on Aug. 30, 1909 at Bloomfield
17772-09 Joseph CEMELAH, 39, labourer, widower, of Consecon, s/o Michal CEMELAH & Elizabeth GODDY, married May KEMP, 25, of Consecon, d/o Henry KEMP & Hannah PERRY, witn: Mrs. V. H. & Florence EMERY both of Picton on March 18, 1909 at Picton. 17754-09 Frederick William CHURCHER, 26, farmer, Prinzer Ont., s/o Alfred CHURCHER & Henrietta BOWERMAN, married Emily PAIGE, 25, of Prinzer Ont., d/o William Richard & Emma Matilda, witn: W. GILDER of Cressy & Josephine DENIKE of Prinzer on Dec. 21, 1909 at N. Marysburgh.
17730-09 Britton D. COLE, 24, yeoman, of Athol, s/o Daniel COLE, farmer & Olive ROBINS, married Emma L. HUDGINS, 20, of Athol, d/o Lewis HUDGINS & Mary GENIER, witn: Nettie Watson TINK & Mrs John FRANCIS both of Cherry Valley on Oct. 6, 1909 at Athol. #017760-09 Ira Wallace COLE, 27, farmer, Big Island Sophiasburg, South Marysburg, s/o Samuel James COLE & Hannah COOLIDGE, married Gussie ACKERMAN, 20, lady, South Marysburg, same, d/o Jacob ACKERMAN & Maggie STARK, witn: Gertrude BROWN & Annie Pearl DODGE, both of Milford, 30 June 1909 at Milford
17753-09 Lewis Henry COLE, 57, carpenter, widower, Ogdensburg, same, s/o Nathaniel COLE & Hannah LATHAM, married Addie ROSE, 49, widow, Black River, East Waupoos, d/o William WELBANKS & Eliza VANDOUSEN, witn: Mr. & Mrs. A. LIGHTHALL both of Bloomfield on June 28, 1909 at E. Waupoos. 17727-09 Elmer A. COLLIER, 21, yeoman, of South Marysburgh, s/o George D. COLLIER, yeoman & Mary E. FARRINGTON, married Nellie Rose LAMBERT, 19, of Cherry Valley, d/o Elisha LAMBERT, deceased & Rebecca SCOTT, witn: Earl COLLIER of South Marysburgh & Nina LAMBERT of Cherry Valley on April 14, 1909 at Athol
#017741-09 William Wesley DAINARD, 20, farmer, of Picton, s/o Willet C. DAINARD, farmer, & Lavina MORGANSON, married Edna LALONE, 18, of Picton, d/o David LALONE, farmer & Rebecca MCQUAID, witn: William COX, Picton Ont & Pearl MARTEN, Hallowell Twp, 14 Oct 1909 at Hallowell Twp 17736-09 Samuel DAWSON, 55, widower, labourer, of Watertown New York USA, s/o George DAWSON, labourer & Sarah MORRIS, married Cora VANHORNE, 47, widow, of Picton, d/o Stephen FRICKEY, labourer & Martha FRICKEY, witn: Harry NEWMAN of Picton & Mrs. G. R. CLARE of Bloomfield on Oct. 11, 1909 at Bloomfield.
  17728-08 Seward C. G. ELLSWORTH, 20, dairyman, of Picton, s/o David Riley ELLSWORTH, farmer & Antoinette WESDEN, married Evelyn May OSTRANDER, 18, of Picton, d/o Philip Manly OSTRANDER, farmer & Patience ROSE, witn: Nellie Watson TINK of Cheery Valley & Albert E. TINK of Brooklin on July 28, 1909 at Athol.
017716-09 (Prince Edward Co) Stephen Henry FLINDALL, 70, Wid., of Murry, s/o Stephen FLINDALL & Caroline B. FLINDALL, married Elizabeth C. HUNT, 65, Wid., of Consecon, d/o Peter ALYEA & Elizabeth SHEARS, Witn.: Peter ALYEA, Robert HUNT, Mrs. Peter ALYEA, all of Consecon, August 18, 1909 at Consecon, 017714-09 (Prince Edward Co) Morley Ray FOX, 21, Farmer, of Ameliasburg Twp., s/o Wilbert S. FOX, Farmer, & Jane Ann LONT (maybe LENT), married Charlotte Luella BUSH, 18, of Ameliasburg, d/o Samuel W. BUSH, Farmer, & Alice A. DELONG, Witn.: G.C. BLAKELY of Wellington, S.B. BUSH of Consecon, June 30, 1909 at Prince Edward Co.
#017758-09 George GENIER, 41, farmer, South Marysburg, same, widower, s/o Oliver GENIER & Patience HUDGIN, married Mary Jane MINAKER, 41, South Marysburg, same, widow, d/o John LONEY & Catharine OSTRANDER, witn: Ida HEAD & Georgia ROUSSEAU, both of Milford Ont, 21 June 1901 at Milford 17776-09 Andrew GOODWIN, 29, sailor, of North Marysburgh, s/o Denis GOODWIN, farmer & Sarah WALMSLEY, married Jessie RYAN, 26, clerk, of Picton, d/o Edward RYAN, blacksmith & Bridget CULLITON, witn: Daniel GOODWIN of Trenton & Nona KEARNEY of Picton on April 12, 1909 at Picton
17732-09 Delbert Earl HANDLEY, 20, yeoman, of South Marysburgh, s/o Robert HANDLEY, farmer & Isabell OSTRANDER, married Belle BLAKELY, 22, of Hallowell Tp., d/o John BLAKELY, farmer & Phoebe BEECHAM, witn: Clara HINEMAN & Jennie THOMPSON both of Cherry Valley on Dec. 15, 1909 at Athol 17778-09 David HARRIS, 34, labourer, of Toronto, s/o George HARRIS & Elizabeth KINCADE, married Mrs. Mary POTTS, 26, widow, of Trenton, d/o John TOBEY & Louisa FURNIA, witn: Mr. & Mrs V. H. EMORY both of Picton on May 24, 1909 at Picton
#017764-09 Everton Hicks HARTIN, 22, harness maker, of Picton, s/o Asa MARTIN, harness maker & Jerusha HEARIES, married Vita Pearle GILBERT, 22, of Picton, d/o Nehemiah GILBERT, local registrar & Debbie COOK, witn: Mrs & Mrs GILBERT, Picton, 12 Jan 1909 at Picton #017747-09 William Henry HAYDON, 26, farmer, of Hillier Twp, s/o William HAYDON & Eliza (maiden name not known), married Georgina MCGOWAN, 19, farmer's daughter, of Hillier Twp, d/o George MCGOWAN & Annie (maiden name not known), witn: Charles BENWAY & Ruth WOOD?, both of Hillier, 9 Mar 1909 at Hillier Twp
017723-09 (Prince Edward Co) Edward Meredith HUBBS, 25, Farmer, of Mountain View, s/o Reuben B. HUBBS, Farmer, & Jennie HARLTLEY, married Susie PARLIAMENT, 25, of Mountain View, d/o Henry J. PARLIAMENT, Farmer, & Sarah M. GLENN, Witn.: Hope YOUNG, Pearl SPRUNG, both of Mountain View, December 15, 1909 at Mountain View 17733-09 Percy Gilbert HUDGIN, 21, mariner, of Picton, s/o John HUDGIN & Catherine BROWN, married Mildred Irene HAWKINS, 19, of Picton, d/o Fred HAWKINS & Mary E. BARRATT, witn: May WEEKS & Theresa CHRISTY both of Bloomfield on June 17, 1909 at Bloomfield
17779-09 Joseph HUFF, 20, farmer, of Adolphustown, s/o Albert HUFF & Ellen MILLER, married Annie BROOKS, 18, of Adolphustown, d/o George BROOKS & Minnie HOWARD, witn: Bertha C. LEWIS & Annie MOXON both of Picton on May 24, 1909 at Picton. 17774-09 Wallace C. HUMPHRIES, 25, farmer, of Warkworth, s/o John HUMPHRIES & Elizabeth HOLME, married Etta HUFFMAN, 21, of Picton, d/o James HUFFMAN & Annie HILTON, witn: P. C. DROPE of Warkworth & Ella M. JORDON of Picton on April 6, 1909 at Picton
  017722-09 (Prince Edward Co) James Wilmot KNOX, 19, of Murray, s/o John Wilmot KNOX & Annie BLACK, married Mildred Ardie CROSBY, 18, of Ameliasburg, d/o James CROSBY & Mary FERGUSON, Witn.: M.L. HOWARD, E.L. CHISLETT, both of Rednersville, December 15, 1909 at Rednersville
#017771-09 William Andrew MARTELL, 26, labourer, of Picton, s/o Sidney MARTELL & Eliza PATTERSON, married Fanny BAILEY, 20, of Picton, d/o not given and Sarah not given, witn: Flora MARTELL & A.D. EMORY, both of Picton, 13 Mar 1909 at Picton 17729-09 Charles W. MARTIN, 21, yeoman, of Picton, s/o Frederick W. MARTIN, farmer & Lucinda GIBSON, married Rosie May McQUAID, 21, of Picton, d/o Henry B. McQUAID, blacksmith & Paulina W. TUTTLE, witn: Harold W. OSBORNE & Lillian McQUAID both of Picton on Aug. 9, 1909 at Athol
017721-09 (Prince Edward Co) William Andrew MASTERS, 23, Cheesemaker, of Tweed, s/o James Wasley MASTERS, Laborer, & Nancy LEWIS, married Josephine SILLS, 21, of Ameliasburg, d/o William Murney (?) SILLS, Farmer, & Lovetta FERGUSON, Witn.: P. Earl MASTERS, Effie G. SILLS, both of Ameliasburg, December 8, 1909 at Ameliasburg 17749-09 Frederick John MAXWELL, 24, farmer, of Hungerford Tp., s/o Robert J. MAXWELL, farmer & Minnie THOMPSON, married Edna Edith DELINE, 18, of Hillier, d/o Alfred N. DELINE, farmer & Ida MARTIN, witn: Hugh A. WEIR & Edna MAXWELL no residences given on Nov. 10, 1909 at Hillier.
17780-09 David McAULEY, not given, farmer, of North Marysburgh, s/o Patrick McAULEY, farmer & Susan MINAKER, married Elizabeth POWERS, no age given, of Hallowell Tp., d/o William POWERS, farmer & Julia KEELEY, witn: Archibald & Stella SULLIVAN both of Picton on June 2, 1909 at Picton 17751-09 Wallace MINAKER, 19, farmer, Bongard, same, s/o Wilson MINAKER & Jane GORDON, married Mary MINAKER, 20, N. Marysburgh, same, d/o Byron MINAKER & Frances STORMS, witn: Burton PRINGLE of Bongard & Ella MINAKER of Cressy on April 7, 1909 at Glenora
#017762-09 Nelson Thompson MINAKER, 30, farmer, of Point Traverse, widower, s/o Thomas MINAKER, farmer & Christena THOMPSON, married Lulu BONGARD, 19, dressmaker, of Point Traverse, d/o George BONGARD, farmer & Eliza Jane HUDGIN, witn: Lizzie BURLEY & G.C. BROWN, both of Milford, 1 Sept 1909 at Milford #017767-09 Robert MINAKER, 33, labourer, of Picton, s/o Conrad MINAKER & Jane PATTERSON, married Mary VESTERFELT, 23, of Picton, d/o William VESTERFELT & Nora JOHNSON, witn: Alva & Emma MINAKER, both of Picton, 3 Feb 1909 at Picton
17731-09 Manly MOORE, 24, yeoman, of Cherry Valley, s/o James MOORE, farmer & Flora McCONNELL, married Cora BRUMMELL, 22, of Cherry Valley, d/o Samuel BRUMMELL, farmer & Emily BOWERMAN, witn: Nettie TINK & Nellie BRUMMELL both of Cherry Valley on Nov. 24, 1909 at Athol 17781-09 William Ellwood NELSON, 25, miner, of Picton, s/o Thomas NELSON, labourer & Nancy BROWN, married Hazel OTTERSON, 20, of Picton, d/o Rolls OTTERSON, processor & Nellie HART, witn: Mr. & Mrs. V. H. EMORY both of Picton on June 5, 1909 at Picton.
#017759-09 James Abram Garfield OSTRANDER, 27, farmer, Picton, South Marysburg, s/o Hiram OSTRANDER & Frances A. WALTERS, married Mary Luella REID, 21, lady, South Marysburg, same, d/o Hugh REID & Elzina E. WALKER, witn: Everett OSTRANDER, Bloomfield & Florence REID, Picton, 23 June 1909 at Milford #017742-09 William PEARSALL, 26, farmer, of Hallowell Twp, s/o Philip PEARSALL, farmer & Mary Jane NIXON, married Mable Clare STOREY, 21, of Hallowell Twp, d/o Frank STOREY, farmer & Effie BURR, witn: Gretta N. DOOLITTLE, Allisonville & Ray CLAPP, Picton, 17 Nov 1909 at Hallowell Twp
#017769-09 George RICHARDS, 22, farmer, of Picton, s/o William RICHARDS & Mary JONES, married Mary Elizabeth PAGE, 26, of Picton, s/o Thomas PAGE & Kate MARTIN, witn: Edward STRICKLAND & Mary FRANCIS both of Picton, 17 Feb 1909 at Picton #017739-09 James Albert RINGER, 22, tinsmith, of West Lake, s/o George RINGER & Emily HODGINS, married Lou NORTON, 20, dressmaker, of Picton, d/o James NORTON, labourer & Cordelia CAMERON, witn: Lillian HICKS & Emma MASSEY, both of West Lake Ont, 8 July 1909 at West Lake
17773-09 Dorland ROGERS, 26, farmer, of West Lake, s/o Emery ROGERS & Frances WHEELER, married Myrtle MOLYNEUX, 19, of West Lake, d/o James MOLYNEUX, farmer & Susan GREATRIX, witn: Mr. & Mrs. P. A. SUDDARD both of Bloomfield on March 31, 1909 at Picton. 17713-09 George ROWLAND, 25, clergyman, Norwood, s/o David ROWLAND & Martha BOYD, married Florence Edna PECK, 27, Ameliasburgh, d/o William PECK & Sarah DEMPSEY, witn: George H. CRANE of Consecon & Harriet C. PECK of Ameliasburgh on June 2, 1909 at Ameliasburgh
17775-09 George H. RUTTAN, 47, engineer, widower, of Picton, s/o William RUTTAN & Sarah Jane CARSON, married Annie M. HALL, 19, of Picton, d/o John HALL & Florence V. DANARD, witn: Fred E. HALL & Ethel V. WERDEN both of Picton on April 7, 1909 at Picton 17709-09 William Henry SECA , 26, farmer, of Belmont Tp., s/o George SECA & Arvilla Q. KIBBY, married Dora E. RONEY, 25, of Trenton, d/o John Thomas RONEY & mother not known (sic), witn: James A. SECA of Ameliasburgh & Myrtle May GRAVES of Picton on Jan. 21, 1909 at Ameliasburgh
#017743-09 Curtis Leonard STANTON, 32, farmer, of Hallowell Twp, s/o Elias P. STANTON, farmer & Alida LOSEE, married Florance Malina SAYLOR, 24, organist, of Hallowell Twp, d/o Adam H. SAYLOR, farmer & J. Nancy KELLY, witn: E.J. COLLINER, West Lake Road & Rowena M. SAYLOR, Bloomfield, 22 Dec 1909 at Hallowell Twp 17748-09 Arthur M. STINSON, 25, farmer, of Hallowell, s/o John David STINSON, farmer & Emma PETTINGELL, witn: married Jessie Blanche STAPLETON, 24, of Hillier Tp., d/o Joseph STAPLETON, farmer & Annie WELLS, witn: J. H. & Winnifred DAVIDSON both of Wellington on April 12, 1909 at Hillier.
#017757-09 George Elmer THOMPSON, 20, farmer, South Marysburg, same, s/o Christian Doney THOMPSON & Annie MINAKER, married Georgia WHATTAM, 20, South Marysburg, same, d/o Henry WHATTAM & Clarinda OSTRANDER, witn: Laura STRIKER & Gertrude BROWN, both of Milford, 1 June 1909 at Milford #017766-09 James Herbert TUBBS, 40, farmer, of Hallowell Ont, s/o Isaiah TUBBS and not given, married Cordelia THOMPSON, 39, of Picton, d/o David THOMPSON and not given, witn: M.J. TUBBS & Mrs S. THOMPSON, both of Picton, 27 Jan 1909 at Picton
17752-09 Emery E. WALKER, 33, farmer, Milford, same, s/o Archibald & Matilda, married Mabel S. MILLER, 29, Cressy, same, d/o Robert & Louisa, witn: Willet WALKER of Milford & Gertrude COUCH of Picton on May 12, 1909 at Cressy. 017725-09 (Prince Edward Co) Arthur WALLIS, 21, Farmer, of Ameliasburg, s/o Samuel Jeffery WALLIS & Fanny HOAR, married Ethel May IRWIN, 18, of Ameliasburg, d/o John IRWIN, Laborer, & Mary TAYLOR, Witn.: Bruce IRWIN of Murray, Bertha E. WHITE of Consecon, December 23, 1909 at Ameliasburg
#017761-09 Hedley Perrin WELBANKS, 21, farmer, of South Marysburg, s/o John WELBANKS, farmer & Mary WARRING, married Isabel May CLARKE, 19, lady, of South Bay, d/o Andrew M. CLARKE, farmer, & Sophia SWEETMAN, witn: Walter CLAPP, Milford & Bessie ROSE, South Bay, 21 Aug 1909 at Milford 17726-09 William Arthur WELBANKS, 33, merchant, of South Marysburgh, s/o William WELBANKS, farmer & Matilda LOWRY, married Abbie MOORE, 26, of Athol, d/o James MOORE, farmer & Flora McCONNELL, witn: Manly MOORE of Point Peter & Cora BRUMMELL of Cherry Valley on March 10, 1909 at Cherry Valley
17737-09 William A. WESTBEARE, 19, farmer, of Hallowell Tp., s/o Alfred WESTBEARE & Selina MOWBERRY, married, Gladys NUGENT, 18, of Hallowell Tp., d/o Edward NUGENT & Josephine AIKINS, witn: M. E. DORLAND of Bloomfield & Mrs. George YEREX of Picton on Nov. 13, 1909 at Bloomfield #017756-09 Charles Stanley WHATTAM, 26, farmer, South Marysburg, same, s/o Henry WHATTAM & Clarinda OSTRANDER, married Ida Lavella Grace FRITZ, 26, school teacher, Smithfield, South Marysburg, d/o Edward FRITZ & Minnie DAVIS, witn: Laura STRIKER & G.E. BROWN, both of Milford Ont, 22 May 1909 at Milford
17777-09 Charles Edwin WILSON, 30, doctor of medicine, of Napanee, s/o Uriah WILSON M.P. & Mary MOYLE, married Evelyn Maud HADDEN, 30, of Picton, d/o Richard HADDEN, hardware merchant & no mother's name given, witn: Lillie PHELP & R. HADDEN Junior both of Picton on April 14, 1909 at Picton