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Prince Edward Co., 1910


19003-10 Daniel Edward BELNAP, 28, fisherman, of Rossmore, s/o Daniel BELNAP & Caroline KELLAR, married Alice BAILEY, 23, of Bancroft, d/o John BAILEY & Sophia WHITEFOOT, witn: Claude THOMPSON of Rossmore & Florence BAILEY of Bancroft on April 13, 1910 at Rednerville


19010-10 John BELNAP, 68, fisherman, widower, of Rossmore, s/o William BELNAP, labourer & Julian GEROW, married Emily WATSON, 48, widow, of Picton, d/o W. PARSONS, farmer & no mother’s name given, witn: David & Emily BELNAP both of Rossmore on Aug. 31, 1910 at Rednerville.

19016-10 Manley BELNAP, 21, fisherman, of Rossmore, s/o David BELNAP, fisherman & Maria KELLAR, married May ALYEA, 19, of Rossmore, d/o John ALYEA, carpenter & Catherine GEROW, witn: Frank REDDICK & Una BELNAP both of Rossmore on Nov. 23, 1910 at Ameliasburg

19011-10 James Elliott BIRD, 31, farmer, of Ameliasburg, s/o Robert BIRD, farmer & Jane WEST, married Alberta CAVE, 23, of Ameliasburg, d/o John CAVE, farmer & Louisa AINSWORTH, witn: Rosella CAVE of Toronto & Violet BIRD of Belleville on June 22, 1910 at Ameliasburg

19046-10 Herbert Stinson BONGARD, 34, fisherman, of Point Traverse, s/o Peter BONGARD, fisherman & Deborah OSTRANDER, married Olive Dette ROSE, 18, of Prinyer, d/o William ROSE, labourer & Margaret WELSH, witn: Thomas Wilson BONGARD of Point Traverse & Mabel ROSE of Prinyer on Aug. 10, 1910 at Point Traverse

019053-10, Samuel Edgar BRISBIN, 29, Engineer, of Sarnia, s/o Angus BRISBIN & Nancy WRIGHT, married Ella JORDAN, 22, of Picton, d/o Moses JORDAN & Jane GORDAN, witn- Huie Le HEUP & Helen LE HEUP, January 29 1910 at Picton 019054-10, Wilkie COUSINS, 31, Farmer, of Adolphustown, s/o Robert COUSINS & Mary HART, married Alice Jane VANALSTYNE, 18, of Collins Bay, d/o George VANALSTYNE & Cyntha SNIDER, witn- J. McILQUHAM(?), & Mrs. EMBORY, January 31 1910 at Picton

19000-10 Norris DAFOE, 23, farmer, of Hillier, s/o Daniel DAFOE, farmer & Laura PERRY, married Mary SOPER, 23, of Hillier, d/o Robert SOPER, farmer & Mary McDOUGALD, witn: John D & A. SOPHER (sic) both of Melville on Feb. 9, 1910 at Consecon

18999-10 Henry Cecil DAWN, 20, farmer, of Murray twp., s/o Abraham DAWN, farmer & Addie ROBERTS, married Minnie Louisa MAYBEE, 22, of Ameliasburg twp., d/o Abraham N. MAYBEE, farmer & Sarah J. SANDERS, witn: Harold MAYBEE of Consecon & Maggie OLIVER of Bloomfield on Feb. 8, 1910 at Consecon

19001-10 Alexander DONALD, 43, farmer, of Hillier, s/o Alexander DONALD, farmer & Isabella McKEE, married Bertie DE CEW, 26, of Hillier, d/o Edmund DE CEW, merchant & Jeanette HANEY, witn: Bentley WICKS & Annie THOMPSON both of Hillier on March 23, 1910 at Consecon

19045-10 George Clayton DULMAGE, 21, fisherman, of South Marysburgh, s/o Dorland DULMAGE, light keeper & Jane ROSE, married Dencie Valeria SPAFFORD, 17, of South Marysburgh, d/o Marshal SPAFFORD, fisherman & Annie Amelia THOMPSON, witn: G. C. BROWN & Adeline STRIKER both of Milford on May 24, 1910 at Milford.

19018-10 Arthur Emery ELLIS, 21, farmer, of Hillier, s/o Joseph ELLIS, farmer & Amanda CLARK, married Effie Gertrude SILLS, 19, of Ameliasburg, d/o William Murney SILLS, farmer & Loretta FERGUSON, witn: Ashton SILLS of Ameliasburg & Mamie CROSBY of Belleville on Dec. 7, 1910 at Ameliasburg.

#019024-10 Norman John FENNELL, 21, yeoman, of Cherry Valley, s/o James FENNELL, mechanic & Mary OSTRANDER, married Ida May ROSSEAU, 22, of Cherry Valley, d/o Burley ROSSEAU, farmer & Edith BATTON, witn: Philip BROWN & Vera BLAKELY, both of Cherry Valley, 23 Nov 1910 at Cherry Valley

19009-10 Stillman GARDINER, 21, section man, of Belleville, s/o Caniff GARDINER, farmer & Phoebe Jane STAPLEY, married Grace DAFOE, 19, of Belleville, d/o John DAFOE, mason & Mary ROLLISON, witn: William Wesley & Elizabeth Maud GARDINER no residences given on Aug. 26, 1910 at Rossmore.

019052-10, Albert Harris GEROW, 30, Farmer, of Sophiasburgh Tp, s/o Hezekiah GEROW & Mary McGUIRE, married Pearl BRUMMEL, 23, of Sophiasburgh Tp, d/o William BRUMMEL & Delinda SPENCER, witn- Stanley BRUMMEL & Dora BRUMMEL, January 24 1910 at Picton

19042-10 Walter GILDER, 26, farmer, of Cressy North Marysburgh, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Hetty PAIGE, 32, of Cressy, d/o William Richard PAIGE & Emma CRONIN, witn: Mary L. SMITH & Mrs W LINART both of Glenora on March 3, 1910 at Glenora.

19006-10 William Arthur GRAY, 28, labourer, of Ameliasburg, s/o William Albert GRAY & Margaret Matilda RUSH, married Mabel Gertrude WOOD, 27, of Ameliasburg, d/o Robert WOOD & Mary Mahaley McCUMBER, witn: A. WHIGHTMAN & Evelyn M. FORGE both of Lovett on June 22, 1910 at Rednerville.

019038-10, Garfield HARRISON, 19, Butcher, of Picton, s/o S. HARRISON & Mary BAXTER, married Cora Amelia WOOD, 18, of Greenbush, d/o William WOOD & Mary J. JOHNSTON, witn- Reuben S. JOHNSTON & Daisy GOODWIN, October 19 1910 at Greenbush 019039-10, Ralph HUBBS, 19, Farmer, of Athol Tp, s/o George HUBBS & Blanche WEISE (Weese?), married Helen ORSER, 18, of Hallowell Tp, d/o E. L. ORSER & Matilda BECKETT, witn- Nellie CLINTON & M. Franklin HAWKINS, December 1 1910

19048-10 William Norman HUGHES, 20, farmer, of Cherry Valley, s/o Willie Judson HUGHES, farmer & Emma MINAKER, married Barbara Earle BONGARD, 19, of Waupoos, d/o John BONGARD, sailor & Lavina SOLMES, witn: Milton & Helen VANDUSEN both of Woodrows Corners on Dec. 22, 1910 at Milford

019040-10, George Thomas JACKSON, 32, Farmer, of Hillier Tp, s/o S. JACKSON & C. TAYLOR, married Ethel May McDONALD, 31, Home house maid, of West Point Hallowell, d/o Robert McDONALD & Martha HARRIS, witn- W. G. HULL & Mabel J. MARSHALL, December 14 1910 at West Point 019056-10, George Semmera JINKS, 21, Farmer, of North Marysburgh, s/o Chester JINKS & Matilda BRUMMEL, married Myrtle Marguerite ROLSTAN, 21, of North Marysburgh, d/o Robert ROLSTAN & Emily STEELE, witn- M. B. ARMITAGE & Pauline PULING(?), February 16 1910 at Picton

19014-10 Charles Leslie JONES, 38, farmer, of Hillier twp., s/o R. S. JONES & Rebecca HOWE, married Annie SMITH, 32, of Hillier twp., d/o Joseph SMITH & Jane ROBINSON, witn: Lucy WRIGHT & Kate L. A. TOUR both of Murray on Oct. 5, 1910 at Ameliasburg

19015-10 Fred Middleton LAUDER (Lander?), 23, farmer, of Mountain View, s/o Charles Edwin LAUDER, farmer & Amerilla J. CUNNINGHAM, married Clara May REDNER, 18, of Rednerville, d/o Fred REDNER, farmer & Minnie J. VALLEAU, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Mack LONT both of Rednerville on Nov. 29, 1910 at Rednerville


19043-10 James Allen LEAVITT, 28, mechanic, of Picton, s/o Dewitt Allan LEAVITT, farmer, & Hannah WEEKS, married Lillian CLARKE, 32, of Waupoos, d/o Ezekiel CLARKE, farmer & Josephine BANFORD, witn: Harry CLARKE & Mabel HARRISON both of Waupoos on Dec. 14, 1910 at Waupoos.

019050-10, Huie Adrian LeHEUP?, 23, Plumber, of Kingston, s/o John LeHEUP? & Louise COGLAN, married Helen Iona BRISBIN, 22, of Picton, d/o Angus BRISBIN & Nancy WRIGHT, witn-Stephen C. BRISBIN & Edythe A. WRIGHT, January 15 1910 at Picton #019021-10 William Archibald LIDDLE, 19, time keeper, of Shannonville, s/o Robert H. LIDDLE, blacksmith & Georgiana SINE, married Elizabeth Adelia RUSSELL, 19, of Rednerville, d/o William R. RUSSELL, farmer & Hannah RUSSELL, witn: Robert S. PHILLIPS Woodstock & Polly May RUSSELL, Rednerville, 28 Dec 1910 at Rednerville
019060-10, William LLOYD, 27, Labourer, of Picton, s/o Samuel LLOYD & not ascertainable, married Gussie DIACE, 29, widow, of Picton, d/o Daniel WANNAMAKER & Aphrona YEREX, witn- Johney HARE & Bertha C. LEWIS, January 22 1910 at Picton

19009-10 Lewis M. LONT (Lout?) 23, butcher, of Ameliasburg, s/o William Albert LONT, butcher & Mary E. HUMPHREY, married Bessie WYCOTT, 19, of Ameliasburg, d/o Everett Henry WYCOTT, farmer & Ida Mary CARNRIKE, witn: R. H. ZUFELT of Wellington & Aletha LONT of Ameliasburg on June 22, 1910 at Ameliasburg.

019055-10, Lacklin LOVE, 40, Traveler, of Belleville, s/o John LOVE & Catherine McNEIL, married Mabelle Violet WILLIAMSON, 28, of Picton, d/o Wesley WILLIAMSON & Ellen CORK, witn- D. LOVE & Gertrude PRESTON, February 15 1910 at Picton  
#019022-10 Allen E.M. LOVETT, 29, liveryman, of Trenton, s/o Marcus LOVETT & Margaret MAY, married Annie E. PECK, 29, of Ameliasburg, d/o J.G. PECK & Nancy J. WEESE, witn: William ALLISON & Ida WILLIAMSON, not given, 26 Dec 1910 at Ameliasburg Twp #019023-10 Fredrick MAKIN, 35, labourer, of Cherry Valley, s/o Frank MAKIN & Eliza REDLYN, married Letitia MACK, 19, of Cherry Valley, d/o William MACK & Emma FERGUSON, witn: Philip BROWN & Jennie THOMPSON, both of Cherry Valley, 16 Feb 1910 at Prince Edward
#019027-10 James J. MCCARTHY, 36, labourer, of Hallowell Twp, s/o James MCCARTHY & Jane MCCABE, married Dora PATTEMAN, 35, of Picton, widow, d/o Joseph BREWSTER & Martha ROSE, witn: Mrs George FINNAMORE & Mrs George R. CLARE, both of Bloomfield, 18 June 1910 at Bloomfield

19047-10 Anson Herbert McLAUGHLIN, 29, farmer, of South Bay, s/o George McLAUGHLIN, farmer & Lucy SHERIFF, married Amy Helena BONGARD, 22, of Balfour, d/o George BONGARD, fisherman & Eliza Jane HUDGIN, witn: Adeline & Laura STRIKER both of Milford on Aug. 29, 1910 at Milford

  019051-10, Philip MULLIGAN, 34, Cook, of Hallowell Tp, s/o James MULLIGAN & Catherine QUINN, married Agatha McCONNELL, 27, Servant, of Picton, d/o John McCONNELL & Elizabeth BRENNAN, witn-John McCONNELL & Catherine MULLIGAN, January 17 1910 at Picton
#019026-10 Stirling D. PALMATEER, 19, farmer, of Sophiasburgh Twp, s/o Daniel PALMATEER & Ida HICKS, married Mable Mae BRISTOL, 23, of West Lake, d/o Walter S. BRISTOL & Sophrona BARTLETT, witn: Sherman D. MILLS, West Lake & Nairno? D. illegible, 6 June 1910 at Bloomfield 019049-10, Walter Tremaine POPE, 25, Clerk, of Picton, s/o Henry R. POPE & Harriet S. WARD, married Edna Blanche DEMPSEY, 20, of Picton, d/o Thomas DEMPSEY & Drusilla LOVELACE, witn-Arthur POPE & Alileen WELSH, January 1 1910 at Picton

19012-10 German W. REID, 34, farmer, widower, of Brandon, s/o Hiram REID, farmer & Margaret BURNETT, married Arville LOVELESS, 34, of Rednerville, d/o Wellington LOVELESS, farmer & Melissa A. BURLEY, witn: Mr. & Mrs. W. STONEBERG both of Consecon on July 20, 1910 at Rednerville

019059-10, William Earle RINGER, 19, Moulder, of Picton, s/o William A. RINGER & Minnie OSTRANDER, married Lillian Gertrude Madeline BEAVIS, 20, of Picton, d/o William BEAVIS & Jane NICHOLSON, witn- W. A. RINGER & Daisy BEAVIS, March 23 1910 at Picton #019020-10 George Herbert SIMPSON, 31, farmer, of Brighton, s/o Herbert William SIMPSON, farmer & Emma F. SIMPSON, married Effie Alina ADAMS, 31, farmer's daughter, of Ameliasburg, d/o David ADAMS, farmer & Deborah WERDEN, witn: James E. WEIR & Annie ADAMS, both of Consecon, 21 Dec 1910 at Ameliasburg

19044-10 Harold Ernest SPENCER, 22, farmer, of Picton, s/o David Austin SPENCER, auctioneer & Jennie STINSON, married Cassie Mae DAYTON, 20, of Picton, d/o George DAYTON, farmer & Evalena HINEMAN, witn: Hermon DODGE & George BURLEY both of Milford on Jan. 3 1910 at Milford.

19017-10 Percy Earl SPENCER, 20, farmer, of Ameliasburg, s/o Samuel Dennis SPENCER, farmer & Meda Alberta TICE, married Etna Blanche CALNAN, 20, of Ameliasburg, d/o Oliver D. CALNAN, mason & Lena RIVERS, witn: Arthur L. & Mrs. Alice CALNAN both of Belleville on Dec. 7, 1910 at Ameliasburg.

019058-10, Earl Eugene STEVENS, 19, Farmer, of Picton, s/o Thomas STEVENS & Amanda FERMAN, married Vera Grace JOHNSON, 18, of Picton, d/o William JOHNSON & Mary MITCHELL, witn- Durwood ROSENBURGH & Norma ROSENBURGH, March 15 1910 at Picton 019057-10, Clayton STUFFLES, 21, Farmer, of Marysburgh, s/o Albert STUFFLES & Alice BRISTOL, married Sarah MAX, 21, of Marysburgh, d/o Will MAX & Emma FORSEN, witn- Fred McQUEEN & Mars F. McQUEEN, February 24 1910 at Picton

19019-10 Fred Gilbert TAYLOR, 27, farmer, of Ameliasburg, s/o George E. TAYLOR & M. A. HALL, married Eva Beatrice CHASE, 23, of Ameliasburg, d/o Jewett CHASE, farmer & M. ORSER, witn: Charles R. CHASE of Ameliasburg twp. & F. M. HAYES of Murray twp. on Dec. 20, 1910 at Ameliasburg

#019025-10 Robert THOMPSON, 24, blacksmith, of Picton, s/o Thomas THOMPSON & Susan EVERTON, married Florence BRADEN, 20, of Picton, d/o Francis BRADEN & Lenora BROWN, witn: Daniel & Mrs D. BONGARD, both of Picton, 24 May 1910 at Bloomfield 19041-10 Charles Edward TURNER, 31, laborer, of Hallowell, s/o William TURNER, laborer, & Eliza HICKS, married Addie JICKELS, 26, of Lot 21 2MT? of Hallowell, d/o William Edward JICKELLS (sic), farmer, & Addie TURNER, witn: William J. JICKELLS & Edyth JEWELL, both of Picton, 6 Dec 1910 at res of the bride, Hallowell

19005-10 Walter Sadow VANDERVOORT, 34, farmer, of Sidney Hastings Co., s/o Ranson M. VANDERVOORT, farmer & Rebecka McMULLEN, married Hattie Belle BROWN, 20, of Ameliasburg, d/o John H. BROWN, farmer & Sarah Adaline KEMP, witn: Smith BROWN of Murray & E. Beatrice CLARKE of Trenton on June 8, 1910 at Ameliasburg.

19004-10 Harry M. WALLBRIDGE, 24, farmer, of Massassaga, s/o T. D. WALLBRIDGE, farmer & Annie SYMES, married Ethel JOSE, 25, of Massassaga, d/o William JOSE, farmer & Delacy PREST, witn: Ben WALLBRIDGE & Blanch WRIGHT both of Belleville on June 1, 1910 at Rossmore.

19002-10 Ray Hiller WEESE, 21, liveryman, of Belleville, s/o Addison Edward WEESE & Susan Emily ROSE, married Edna Pauline CROSBY, 22, of Roblins Mills, d/o James CROSBY & Mary FERGUSON, witn: M. L. HOWARD & Effie B. CHISLETT both of Rednerville on March 30, 1910 at Rednerville.

19007-10 Alfred WOOD, 32, farmer, of Ameliasburg, s/o Robert WOOD & Mary Mahaley McCUMBER, married Minnie Gertrude GRAY, 32, of Ameliasburg, d/o William GRAY & Margaret Matilda RUSH, witn: Charles MOWBRAY of Montreal & Florence BELNAP of Rednerville on June 22, 1910 at Rednerville.

19013-10 Nelson Gilbert YOUNG, 77, farmer, widower, of Ameliasburg, s/o Daniel YOUNG, farmer & Rebecca WEEKS, married Martha Ann NIX, 48, of Ameliasburg, d/o James H. NIX, farmer & Hannah BLAKELY, witn: M. F. NICKLE & M.E. HERRINGTON both of Consecon on July 27, 1910 at Ameliasburg