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Prince Edward Co., 1915

birth place is given before residence


12880-15 Gerald ACKERMAN, 20, farmer, South Bay, same, s/o G. Sills ACKERMAN & Annie Mary WELBANKS, married Gertrude J. ROSE, 20, South Bay, same, d/o Nelson ROSE & Eugenie Mary CLARKE, witn: Laura D. STRIKER & Mrs. H. H. MUTTON both of Milford on Oct. 20, 1925 at Milford

12879-15 Archibald Gilbert ARTHUR, 21, printer, Picton, same, s/o John ARTHUR & Annie WANNAMAKER, married Alice INGRAM, 18, Utterson, Picton, d/o William INGRAM & Eliza Jane PATERSON, witn: James HILL & Isabel GOWLING both of Picton on Feb. 15, 1915 at Picton

12881-15 Cecil Uriel AYRHART, 20, farmer, Prince Edward Co., Carrying Place same, s/o Thomas AYRHART & Ida FOX, married Jennie Phoebe BADGELY, 18, Prince Edward Co., Carrying Place, d/o Peter BADGELY & Emma VANMEER, witn: Albert Cleveland BADGELY & Mrs. A. C. BADGELY both of Carrying Place on Nov. 24, 1915 at Carrying Place

12890-15 Wilkie Marcus BAILEY, 23, farmer, Picton, Hallowell twp., s/o Marcus BAILEY & Edith DERRY, married Verna Bernice ROSSEAU, 19, Milford, Hallowell twp., d/o Samuel ROSEAU & Mary Jane DAINARD, witn: Leslie Burton & Pearle Almira BOWERMAN both of Bloomfield on Nov. 24, 1915 at the Parish Church Picton

12884-15 George Henry BENSON, 70, farmer, widower, Sophiasburgh, Hallowell, s/o Garrett BENSON & Elizabeth E. WOOD, married Susan E. WRIGHT, 60, widow, S. Marysburgh, Hallowell, d/o Andrew DIANARD & Rachel LANY (Lacey?), witn: Delbert Percy & Anita B. BOLES of Picton on Sept. 23, 1925 at Picton

12891-15 Joseph BESON, 20, soldier, Glasgow Scotland, Northport, s/o Joseph & Alice, married Dora ANDERSON, 21, Sophiasburgh, Solmesville, d/o John ANDERSON & Charlotte DAWSON, witn: Florence NELSON of Demorestville & Edith ANDERSON of Solmesville on March 3, 1915 at Demorestville

12894-15 George BAITLEY, 29, farmer, Sandhurst, Hillier, s/o James BAITLEY & Mary GAUTREY, married Lillian Mary CARVER, 21, Bermondsy England, Hillier, d/o George CARVER & Sarah ALDONS, witn: Alfred OGILVY of Bloomfield & Edith Lucy CARVER of Hillier on March 31, 1915 at the Church of St. Mary Magdalene at Picton

12885-15 Harold BARKER, 24, farmer, Northport, same, s/o W. R. BARKER & Annie CHRISTIE, married Frances H. BLACK, 21, Northport, same, d/o C. F. BLACK & M. CANNIFF, witn: Roy SIMPSON & Mary LAMBERT both of Northport on Dec. 22, 1915 at Northport

12886-15 William James BEATTY, 26, farmer, Hungerford, Hallowell, s/o John W. BEATTY & Catherine Jane PORTER, married Ila A. BROUGH, 20, Hallowell, same, s/o John W. BROUGH & Charlotte A. WALKER, witn: John W. & Charlotte A. BROUGH both of Picton on Dec. 21, 1915 at Picton

12888-15 Bernard BERTRAM, 22, farmer, England, Picton s/o Bernard BERTRAM & mother unknown, married Annie KNIGHT, 18, Hallowell, Picton, d/o William KNIGHT & Maria PRICE, witn: Joseph DAY & Maud MASSEY, no residences given on Sept. 1, 1915 at Bloomfield

12889-15 Donald BONGARD, 19, soldier, Picton, same, s/o John & Annie, married Ina GILMORE, 18, Milford, same, d/o William Anson GILMORE & Mary HAWLEY, witn: William Anson GILMORE & Evalina LOWERY both of Milford on Sept. 11, 1915 at Village of Milford

12896-15 Lee BONGARD, 23, farmer, Cressy, Prince Edward Co., s/o John BONGARD & Jane Ann JEWELL, married Sarah JOHNS, 18, Picton, Bloomfield, d/o Peter JOHNS & Christina ROUNDPOINTE, witn: Delia LAMBERT & Mrs. W. J. WOOD both of Picton on March 8, 1915 at Picton

12892-15 Percy BONGARD, 21, farmer, Picton, same, s/o John BONGARD & Jane Ann JEWEL, married Martha CARRY, 18, Milford, Picton, d/o William CARRY & Lillie YOUNG, witn: May B. WEEKS & Christina SPENCE both of Bloomfield on Feb. 6, 1915 at The Parsonage at Bloomfield

12882-15 William E. BONGARD, 21, farmer, South Bay, same, s/o Amos BONGARD & Rosetta OSTRANDER, married Cora L. VAN VLACK, 22, Guilford?, Picton, d/o John VAN VLACK & Charlotte DEITERMANN, witn: M. Viola POWELL of Whitby & Mary McGILL of Picton on Sept. 21, 1925 at Picton


12887-15 Thomas G. BOWERMAN, 32, merchant, widower, Bloomfield, Milford, s/o Joseph BANNERMAN & Sarah SPAFFORD, married Barbara L. HARCUS, 34, Scotland, Milford, d/o James HARCUS & Janet FOUBISTER, witn: Henry McGILL & S. SEXSMITH both of Picton on Sept. 1, 1915 at Picton

12883-15 William BROWN, 31, banker, Milburn Australia, Guelph, s/o Donald McKenzie BROWN & Louisa COLLER, married Luella BURLINGHAM, 24, Bloomfield, Picton, d/o Arthur BURLINGHAM & Annie E. LEAVITT, witn: Howard LEAVITT of Bloomfield & Marjorie CARTER of Picton on June 19, 1915 of Picton

12897-15 Philip BROWNE, 23, merchant, Picton, Cherry Valley, s/o William T. BROWNE & Sarah E. FARRINGTON, married Vera Ethel BLAKELY, 26, Cherry Valley, Picton, d/o W. S. BLAKELY & Ella E. WOODROW, witn: George N. BROWNE of Picton & Addie I. GILBERT of Toronto on June 24, 1915 at Picton

12893-15 Harry BRYANT, 25, labourer, Campbellford, Picton, s/o Thomas BRYANT & Jemina HOBBS, married Eva May VESTERFELT, 22, Picton, same, d/o William VESTERVELT & Norah JOHNSON, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Ford DIER both of Picton on Feb. 10, 1915 at Picton


12898-15 John BURNS, 62, widower, gentleman, Amherst Island, Picton, s/o Thomas BURNS & Betsy PIFER (Piper?), married Miriam TITUS, widow, Hillier, Picton, d/o Robert THORN & Margaret CLAPP, witn: Leida HURLURT & Nancy L. ACKERMAN both of Picton on July 10, 1915 at Picton

12895-15 Berton Clyde BURNS, 28, clerk, Picton, same, s/o Samuel BURNS & Matilda SHORR, married Florence HICKS, 20, Watertown, Picton, d/o James HICKS & Eliza WRIGHT, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. SELSON of Mary St. Picton on March 1, 1915 at Picton.

12869-15 John MINAKER, 55, farmer, widower, Athol Tp., same, s/o Samuel MINAKER & Maria AUSTIN, married Anna Maud HUFF, 49, Athol Tp., same, d/o James N. HUFF & Cylpha SMITH, witn: Bessie C. SMITH & Georgie WRIGHT both of Picton on Feb. 15, 1915.

12970-15 William Arthur NEER, 23, farmer, Warkworth, Royal Street Milford, s/o William NEER & Phebe DAINARD, married Marion Grace COLLIER, 21, Port Milford, same, d/o Royal A. COLLIER & Lavinia MINAKER, witn: Mrs. W. J. & Kenneth WOOD both of Picton on Jan. 27, 1915 at Picton

12971-15 (Prince Edward Co) Alfred OGILVY, 27, soldier, London England, Bloomfield, s/o George OGILVY & Mary NESBIT married Edith Lucy CARVER, 18, Bermondsay London, Hillier, d/o George CARVER & Sarah ALDOUS, witn: Arthur PHAREY of Bloomfield, Lillian Mary BAILLEY of Hillier, 10 April 1915, Picton

12972-15 (Prince Edward Co) Wilfred Roy OUTWATER, 21, farmer, Hay Bay, Napanee, s/o Bayst OUTWATER & Sarah E. TIERNEY married Viola Bell SHORE, 24, High Shore, High Shore, d/o C. SHORE & Philana WILLIAMS, witn: Anson SHORE of High Shore & Edith TIERNEY of Napanee, 6 Oct 1915, High Shore

12973-15 (Prince Edward Co) Edmund Murney PARKS, 19, farmer, Madoc, Sophiasburgh, s/o Gilbert PARKS & Sarah THOMAS married Ethel Maud BOVAY, 19, Crofton?, Sophiasburgh, d/o Peter William BOVAY & Sophia PENNYCOCK, witn: Alice L. PARKS of Ameliasburg & Oscar PARKS of Sophiasburg, 26 May 1915, Sophiasburg

12976-15 (Prince Edward Co) Frederick H. PARTINGTON, 23, farmer, England, Athol, s/o unknown married Hattie Verna LUTTLE (Tuttle?), 19, Athol, Athol, d/o Samuel LUTTLE & Annie Augusta INSLEY, witn: Mary MCGILL & S. SEXSMITH of Picton, 3 Nov 1915, Picton

12877-15 Norman Blake PEARSALL, 20, farmer, Hallowell, Bloomfield, s/o Philip PEARSALL & Emma HOWSON?, married Keitha GIBSON, 19, Bloomfield, same, d/o Henry Cooper GIBSON & Martina BURR, witn: C. W. BURR & Gladys M. STORY, both of Bloomfield on Aug. 31, 1915 at Bloomfield. [divorced 13 June 1932]

12978-15 Samuel Clifford PECK, 28, farmer, of Ameliasburg Prince Edward Co., s/o Francis PECK & Christian CLINE, married Gretta Evelin WEESE, 18, of Ameliasburg, d/o John WEESE & Mary Elizabeth JONES, witn: Henry ADAMS & Marie WEESE both of Rednersville on Dec. 15, 1915 at home of the bride at Ameliasburg.

12974-15 (Prince Edward Co) Percy Walter PETTITT, 25, soldier, Howsden Suffolk England, Picton, s/o Arthur PETTITT & Jane HALL married Lena HENRY, 18, Bloomfield, Bloomfield, d/o Edward HENRY & Lydia FOSHAY, witn: Herbert JACKSON & May JACKSON of Bloomfield, 14 April 1915, Picton

12975-15 (Prince Edward Co) John Wesley POWELL, 39, loomer, Boston (Barton?), Lowbanks - Moulton twp. s/o John POWELL & Sarah N. HUGHES married Bessie Amelia CONKLIN, 33, Ameliasburgh, Ameliasburgh, d/o Lewis CONKLIN & Hannah Avis MOORE, witn: Lillian Blanche CONKLIN & Louis CONKLIN of Rossmore, 18 Aug 1915, Ameliasburgh

12982-15 Walter Burton REID, 23, cooper, Picton, same, s/o Robert REID & Mary SHAW, married Emma Jane DAYTON, 21, Milford, Picton, d/o George DAYTON & Evalina HINEMAN, witn: Herbert E. & Florence MARTIN both of Picton on Feb. 16, 1915 at Picton

12979-15 David Rae ROBLIN, 20, farmer, of Ameliasburg, s/o Adelbert George ROBLIN & Della SPRAGUE, married Cora Ethel WEESE, 20, of Ameliasburg, d/o George Washington WEESE & Martha Emily HARRY, witn: George Ross ROBLIN & Edna WEESE both of Ameliasburg on May 12, 1915 at Consecon Village.

12980-15 Milton Bryant ROSE, 26, farmer, Waupoos North Marysburgh, same, s/o Lewis Escott ROSE & Addie Victoria VANDUSEN, married Violet Edna EVERETT, 23, widow, Owen Sound, Alliston, d/o Alfred James BAIRD & Clara MONING, witn: Clara J. WILSON & Isabel J. KEMP both of Picton on June 2, 1915 at Picton.

12981-15 Earl RYKMAN, 19, soldier 80th Battalion, Picton, same, s/o Aursey RYKMAN & Isabella DAUBNEY, married Emilie WANGLIER, 16, Burnt Church New Brunswick, Line Blue Orphanage Picton, d/o no parent's names available, witn: Henry McGILL & S. SEXSMITH both of Picton on Sept. 8, 1915 at Picton.

12983-15 Bernard Raymond SAYERS, 22, clerk, widower, Picton, same, s/o James SAYERS & Mary DUNLOP, married Mabel Pauline Helen BAKER, 18, England, Picton, d/o William BAKER & Emma PEAK, witn: Robert Alexander LAWRIE of Petrolia & Mary Ann SAYERS of Picton on May 20, 1915 at the Parish Church Picton.

12889-15 Jeptha W. SCHUREMAN, 36, physician, Rome USA, Detroit USA, s/o Samuel F. SCHUREMAN & Martha A. LOD (Tod?), married Rose L. WILLIAMS, 31, Picton, same, d/o Peter A. WILLIAMS & Elizabeth BROWN, witn: Peter A. WILLIAMS & Annie E. MOFFATT both of Picton on Aug. 25, 1915 at Picton.

12987-15 James SEMPLE, 28, farmer, Ireland, Big Island, s/o Robert SEMPLE & Martha McLEOD, married Elizabeth BLACK, 25, Philadelphia USA, Big Island, d/o Henry BLACK & Elizabeth McELLARY, witn: Mrs. W. J. & K. WOOD both of Picton on Feb. 10, 1915 at Picton. 12986-15 Charles SHANNON, 40, farmer, North Marysburgh, same, s/o Alexander SHANNON & Ann McCAIN, married Mary Estella SULLIVAN, 37, Picton, same, d/o Daniel & Margaret, witn: John KEOGH of Black River & Belle SHANNON of Waupoos on Jan. 12, 1915 at Picton.

12888-15 Albert Edward SHAW, 35, grain merchant, widower, Hamilton, Toronto, s/o Wellington SHAW & Fanny HOWDEN, married Maude Antoinette GOSSLINE, 30, Bloomfield, Toronto, d/o Rickerson C. GOSSELINE & Helena Catharine MYERS, witn: Mrs. & Mr. R. C. GOSSELINE both of Bloomfield on July 28, 1915 at St. Andrew's Church in Picton

12984-15 Clarence SPENCER, 23, farmer, Ameliasburgh, Hillier Tp., s/o Samuel Dennis SPENCER & Bertha TICE, married Mary Elizabeth SMITH, 18, Wellington, Ameliasburgh Tp., d/o Eli Charles SMITH & Sarah Emma HUNT, witn: R. L. & Edna Pearl VAN COTT both of Ameliasburgh on Feb. 10, 1915 at Consecon.

12985-15 Delbert Henry STEINBURG, 23, tanner, Kingston, Bloomfield, s/o Benjamin Marshall STEINBURG & Nancy Maria ROSE, married Elda Mabel ARKETT, 22, Greenbush, Bloomfield, d/o Nathan Howard ARKETT & Nancy May CRONK, witn: Roy & L. A. HOBSON both of Bloomfield on Jan. 14, 1915 at Bloomfield

12991-15 (Prince Edward Co) Hiram STORMS, 77, laborer, widower, Marysburg, not given, s/o George STORMS & Elizabeth STORMS married Emma HENDRY, 60, widow, England, Marysburg, d/o William MEDE? ( Micle?) & E. BARRETT, witn: Leander M. SMITH of Prinyer & Emma Eliza SPICE, 25 Oct 1915, Cressy

12990-15 (Prince Edward Co) George S. STRAWBRIDGE, 29, personal artist, North Marysburg, Picton, s/o John Henry STRAWBRIDGE & Susanna TUGWELL married Mildred EATON, 27, Ameliasburgh, Picton, d/o Rod EATON & Abigail POTTS, witn: Edgar C. FRALICK & Ada M. FRALICK of Picton, 9 Dec 1915, Picton

12994-15 (Prince Edward Co) Noah TRUMBEL, 24, farmer, Cashel, Bethel, s/o Daniel F. TRUMBEL & Hannah PARKS married Eva Rose MARTIN, 21, Yerexville, Elmbrooke, s/o Edmond P. MARTIN & Rose BRAVERY, witn: Kenneth SPAFFORD & Mrs. A. K. SCOTT of Picton, 29 Dec 1915, Picton

12992-15 (Prince Edward Co) George Anson TUTTLE, 24, farmer, Athol, Athol, s/o Andrew TUTTLE & Martha CARNAHAN married Celia Abbie SPAFFORD, 26, Haldimand, Haldimand, d/o James SPAFFORD & Emily NOBLE, witn: George B. MORTIMER of Cherry Valley & Mary WORKMAN of Cherry Valley, 25 Nov 1915, Cherry Valley

12993-15 (Prince Edward Co) John Wesley TUTTLE, 40, laborer, widower, Athol, Athol, s/o John TUTTLE & Elsie JINKS married Annie Elizabeth INSLEY, 22, Picton, Athol, d/o Henry Herman INSLEY & Martha JINKS, witn: George T. TUTTLE & Mrs. George T. TUTTLE of Cherry Valley, 15 Aug 1915, Picton

12997-15 (Prince Edward Co) Harold L. VANCLEAF, 21, farmer, Athol, Athol, s/o John VANCLEAF & Emily Maud SCOTT married Muriel Glee NOXON, 19, Sophiasburgh, Sophiasburgh, d/o Stephen D. NOXON & Maria B. WILSON, witn: P. Clifford WILSON & Nellie WILSON of Wellington, 13 Oct 1915, residence of Stephen NOXON

12998-15 (Prince Edward Co) Eugene VAN DUSEN, 21, cheese maker, North Marysburgh, Sophiasburgh, s/o Jacob VAN DUSEN & Sarah Ann BOVAY married May BOVAY, 21, Picton, Picton, d/o William BOVAY & Nellie CLARKE, witn: Edward BOVAY & Dorothy HARRISON of Picton, 10 March 1915, Picton

12996-15 (Prince Edward Co) Henry C. VANGESEN, 23, farmer, North Marysburgh, North Marysburgh, s/o Gilbert VANGESEN & Lucy COOK married Hannah Margaret DOBINSON, 18, England, North Marysburgh, d/o William DOBINSON & Ada Jane MULCASTER, witn: Ada June MULCASTER & Henry MCGILL of Picton, 27 Dec 1915, Picton

12995-15 (Prince Edward Co) James VANWART, 37, farmer, widower, Picton, Bloomfield, s/o William VANWART & Phebe WILLIAMS married Ida BRANT, 21, Hastings Co, Northport, d/o Nelson BRANT & Mary HALLS, witn: Jake BRANT Jemina BRANT of Northport, 27 July 1915, Northport

12999-15 Lewis WALLBRIDGE, 38, farmer, Ameliasburgh, Rossmore, s/o Elias WALLBRIDGE & Hanna NIGHTINGALE, married Mabel G. KINNEAR, 30, Hillier twp., same, s/o John KINNEAR & Elizabeth WALLER, witn: Arthur KINNEAR & Lily WALLBRIDGE both of Prince Edward Co. on Feb. 25, 1915 at Melville

13006-15 Herbert WATTAM, 33, farmer, Waupoos, North Marysburgh, s/o David G. WATTAM & Clarissa PALEN, married Margaret E. KERR, 18, Waupoos, same, d/o Archibald KERR & Catherine REEVE, witn: Percy B. & Geraldine WATTAM both of Waupoos on July 3, 1915 at Picton

13005-15 Walter WAY, 25, florist, Mountain View, Wellington, s/o David B. WAY & Mary Jane GEROW, married Mildred Angelette McCULLOUGH, 20, Wellington, same, d/o Samuel McCULLOUGH & Helen Elda PETTICK, witn: Mr. Fletcher & Mrs. Alice QUAIFF both of Wellington on July 3, 1915 at Wellington

13008-15 James Arthur WELSH, 25, moulder, Picton, Hillier, s/o James C. WELSH & Elizabeth DAVIS, married Muriel Irene GRAVES, 26, Sophiasburgh, Picton, d/o Aaron GRAVES & Anna Cecilia OSBORNE, witn: Willard WELSH & Violet COLE both of Picton on Dec. 25, 1915 at Picton

13002-15 Harry WHATTAM, 30, farmer, South Marysburgh, North Marysburgh, d/o Thomas WHATTAM & Bertha HICKS, married Beulah R. HARRISON, 29, Waupoos, North Marysburgh, d/o Byron HARRISON & Sarah PATTERSON, witn: Byron E. HARRISON of Waupoos & Maud HARRISON of Bongard on March 31, 1915 at the home of the bride at Waupoos.


13007-15 Charlie WHITE, 18, soldier, Scotland, Picton, s/o Robert WHITE & Emma SMITH, married Elizabeth Madeline WILKINS, 18, London England, Picton, d/o Edward John WILKINS & Madeline Rosetta Ann ELLIOTT, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Orval BROWN both of Milford on Sept. 15, 1915 at The Rectory Picton

13003-15 Joshua WHITNEY, 80, farmer, widower, Sophiasburgh, same, s/o William WHITNEY & Lynn COLE,, married Emma DECK, 55, widow, Sophiasburgh, same, d/o Isaac COLE & Lucy DECK, witn: Mrs. W. F. WOOD & Mrs. HAUTON both of Picton on March 11, 1915 at Picton.

13000-15 Roy Martin WILLIAMS, 19, farmer, Athol twp., same, s/o Edgar WILLIAMS & Minnie MARTIN, married Anna BRUMMELL, 19, Sophiasburgh, Athol twp., d/o Samuel James BRUMMELL & Emily BOWERMAN (deceased), witn: Florence & Earl BRUMMEL (sic) both of Cherry Valley on Feb. 3, 1915 at residence of bride's father at Athol

13004-15 Ernest Eugene WILLIAMS, 21, farmer, Hallowell, same, s/o Thomas E. WILLIAMS & Sarah Ann HEFFER, married Annie N. RUTTAN, 18, Picton, same, d/o John A. & Martha, witn: F. R. & Clara SMITH both of Picton on Aug. 18, 1915 at Picton.

13001-15 Charles WRIGHT, 21, farmer, Essex England, East Lake, s/o George WRIGHT & Eliza M. CROZIER, married Lily HARVEY, 22, Essex England, East Lake, d/o William HARVEY & Mary ASHMEN, witn: G. WRIGHT of Cherry Valley & Mrs. E. GREGORY of Picton on May 24, 1915 at Baptist Church Picton

13009-15 Arno H. ZEIDLER, 21, machinist, Batavia New York USA, West Henrietta New Jersey USA, s/o Carl ZEIDLER & Dorothy KREIGER, married Aileen FARRINGTON, 18, Picton, Greenbush, d/o John FARRINGTON & Annie SHAW, witn: P. M. CAMPBELL of Welland & Reta FARRINGTON of Picton on Feb. 10, 1915 at the home of the bride at Greenbush near Picton