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Prince Edward Co., 1881

birth place is given before residence


009815-81 Robert ALLISON, 35, farmer, Ameliasburgh, same, s/o James & Margaret, married Letitia WEESE, 27, Ameliasburgh, same, d/o James A. WEESE & C. RALEIGH, witn: S. A. A. McLEAN & Anna ARTHUR both of Consecon on Feb. 23, 1881 at Consecon  
009944-81 Stephen H. ALYEA, 22, labourer, Canada, Ameliasburg s/o Samuel ALYEA & Margaret MOON married Mary E. DAVIES, 21, Sophiasburgh, Ameliasburg d/o Robert DAVIES & Sarah A. FULLARTON wtn: Louisa CHATTERSON & Natty ALYEA both of Ameliasburg, 4 June 1881 at Ameliasburg 009950-81 Charles W. BABCOCK, 22, labourer, Canada, Ameliasburg s/o James & S.A. BABCOCK married Janey E. GIBSON, 19, Canada, Ameliasburg d/o John & Sarah GIBSON wtn: Socrates GIBSON & Alzina A. BABCOCK both of Ameliasburg, 23 November 1881 at Rednersville
9932-81 Abram BATTESE, 21, farmer, Tyendinaga, Hallowell, s/o John BATTESE & Ellen, married Sarah SERO, 20, Tyendinaga, Hallowell, d/o Abram SERO & Christena, witn: Lucy SING & Abram SERO, both of Hallowell, 23 March at Bloomfield 009935-81 Solomon BATTESE, 26, labourer, Tyendinaga in Hastings Co, Sophiasburgh s/o John & Ellen BATTESE married Lydia HILLARD, 18, Tyendinaga in Hastings Co, Sophiasburgh d/o Archibald & Charlotte HILLARD wtn: Dennis SIRS (Sero?) & Sarah J. BRANT, 11 May 1881 at Bloomfield
009814-81 William BEAVERSTOCK, 21, farmer, Athol, Salmon Point d/o Robert & Martha married Margaret GRAHAM, 19, Alnwick, Northumberland d/o James & Louisa wtn: James A. TATTLE & Phoebe BEAVERSTOCK both of Athol, 14 November 1881 at Cherry Valley 009820-81 John Thomas BELLNAP, 20, laborer, Hillier, same, s/o William & Louisa Jane, married Mary Ann WAY, 15, Sophiasburgh, Hillier, d/o William WAY, no mother’s name given, witn: Mary FORSHEE & Louisa J. BELLNAP both of Hillier on no date of marriage given at Melville Hiller Tp

9847-81 Franklin BLAKELY, 29, farmer, Hallowell, same, s/o Robert & Sarah Ann, married Patience CLAPP, 19, South Marysburgh, same, d/o Joseph & Susannah, witn: Henry & Eliza KNIGHT (Wright?) both of South Marysburgh on Feb. 16, 1881 at South Marysburgh.

009939-81 Jacob Edwy BONTER, 24, widower, yeoman, Ameliasburg, Ameliasburg s/o Jacob & Margaret BONTER married Mary Ann ROWE, 23, widow, Cavan, Murray d/o George & Elizabeth ROWE wtn: W.H. MAY & S.E. PORTER both of Murray, 2 February 1881 at Ameliasburg

9927-81 Charles E. BOWERMAN, 27, farmer, Hillier, same, s/o Ichabod & Ruth, married Emma Lucretia BENSON 23, Sophiasburgh, Hallowell, d/o William & Abigail, witn: William COLE of Picton & L. L. BOWERMAN of Hillier on Feb. 1, 1881 at Hallowell. 009938-81 James BRICKMAN, 23, farmer, Ameliasburg, Ameliasburg s/o James & Margaret BRICKMAN married Cinderella DELONG, 25, Ameliasburg, Ameliasburg d/o Henry & Rachel DELONG wtn: Peter DELONG & Emma WEESE both of Ameliasburg, 23 March 1881 at Ameliasburg

9851-81 Anson W. BROWN, 42, farmer, N. Marysburgh, same, s/o James M. & Hannah, married Helen Mary KEMP, 38, Sophiasburgh, same, d/o Aaron & Christiana, witn: William B. & Elizabeth C. SAUNDERS both of Sophiasburgh on Dec. 27, 1881 at Sophiasburgh.

9910-81 Joseph BROWN, 39, labourer, Picton, same, s/o Joseph & Betsy, married Annie SETH, 19, Brockville, Picton, d/o Charles & Anna M., witn: Isabella & Beatrice COULTHARD both of Picton on Oct. 12, 1881 at the Manse Picton.

009943-81 Joseph BRYANT, 24, farmer, Ameliasburg, Ameliasburg s/o Samuel & Susan BRYANT married Alzeida RUSH, 23, Ameliasburg, Ameliasburg s/o Donald & Jane RUSH wtn: Reynard BABCOCK & Harriet WEESE both of Ameliasburg, 15 March 1881 at Ameliasburg  

9897-81 George BURLEY, 21, harness maker, South Marysburgh, same, s/o Emerson & Julia Ann, married Lizzie NOBLE, 21, Hallowell, South Marysburgh, d/o Irvine & Mary, witn: Calvin SPAFFORD & Abbie NOBLE both of Athol on Nov. 2, 1881 at Picton.

010057-82 James A. BURLINGHAM, 28, Hallowell, same, Farmer, s/o Cornelius BURLINGHAM & Phoeba BURLINGHAM married Phoeba E. CHISHOLM, 20, Huntington  Hastings, Hallowell, d/o John V. CHISHOLM & Hannah CHISHOLM. Wtn: William H. ECKART and Mary BABBIT of Hallowell on November 27, 1881 at Hallowell
009836-81 John P. CAMERON, 25, farmer, Percy, Hillier, s/o Aaron & Jane E., married Sarah E. WILLIAMS, 21, Hiller, same, d/o Caleb & Sarah, witn: Maud CAMERON & Charles J. THORN both of Hillier on Nov. 1, 1881 at Wellington. 9876-81 J. W. CAMERON, 21, captain, North Marysburgh, Picton, s/o G. P. & Louisa, married Minnie BRISBIN, 21, Picton, same, d/o Israel & Jane, witn: Angus & Maggie BRISBIN both of Picton on July 18, 1881 at Picton.
9931-81 Walter CARMAN, 21, farmer, Percy, Hallowell, s/o Joseph CARMAN & Ada, married Ella HAIGHT, 17, Hillier, Hallowell, d/o Stephen HAIGHT & Adaline, witn: Robert CUNNINGHAM of Hallowell & Franklin ORSER of Sophiasburg, 13 April 1881 at Hallowell 9881-81 Edward CHANNEL, 21, farmer, England, Hallowell, s/o Richard & Sarah, married Martha Jane MILLER, 18, Hallowell, same, d/o Jesse & Lydia, witn: Edward & Margaret MILLER both of Hallowell on July 30, 1881 at the Manse at Picton.
009941-81 William CHATTERSON, 18, clerk, Tamworth, Ameliasburg s/o David & Rachel TEAL (sic), married Mary Louise BONTER, 16, New York, Ameliasburg d/o Shuter & Mary BONTER wtn: Francis REDDICK & Florence BONTER both of Ameliasburg, 18 October 1881 at Ameliasburg

9848-81 Hiram S. CLAPP, 21, farmer, North Marysburgh, South Marysburgh, s/o David & Lucinda, married Samantha CLAPP, 18, South Marysburgh, same, d/o Zachariah & Margaret, no witnesses given on March 26, 1881 at Milford

Next 81-9885 Thomas CLAPP, 31, farmer, South Marysburgh, same, s/o Joseph & Susan Ann, married Nancy B. HUBBS, 30, Athol, same, d/o Stephen Lee & Lydia, witn: Kate A. GERMAN & Sarah KELLY both of Picton on Sept. 14, 1881 at Picton. 009816-81 Peter CLAPP, 25, farmer, Hillier, same, s/o William T & Bucetta, married Susie E. BOWERMAN, 23, Hillier, same, d/o Jonathon CLARK & Charlotte BOWERMAN (sic), witn: Henry CUNNINGHAM of Trenton & Lydia BOWERMAN of Hillier on Mar. 23, 1881 at Hillier.
#010052-82 (Prince Edward Co): Robert E. CLARK, 21, farmer, Hallowell, same, s/o David & Sarah, married Ella May CLARK, 19, Hallowell, same, d/o William G. & Sarah, witnesses were N.E. HAZARD & Lena MYERS, both of Bloomfield, Dec. 20, 1881 at Hallowell 9872-81 George A. CLARKE, 22, farmer, North Fredericksburgh, same, s/o James M. & Annie, married Emma S. CLATE, 17, South Fredericksburgh, Deseronto, d/o John & Lucy, witn: J. D. CLARKE of d/o Sophiasburgh & H. HOUGH of Deseronto on May 18, 1881 at Globe Hotel Picton
009952-81 John Wesley COBY, 20, labourer, Whitby in Ontario, Ameliasburg s/o Henry & Clara COBY married Helen GRENIER, 18, Ameliasburg, Ameliasburg d/o Lewis & Sophia GRENIER wtn: Lewis SCEA & Lettie SPRAGUE both of Ameliasburg, 15 October 1881 at Ameliasburg 9850-81 Robert COLE, 26, farmer, Sophiasburgh, same, s/o James & Louise, married Mary Ellen CLAPP, 19, Marysburgh, Sophiasburgh, d/o William & Sarah, witn: John D. & Mrs J. D. GILBERT both of Sophiasburgh on July 26, 1881 at Sophiasburgh.
9866-81 Walter CRAMPTON, 20, telephone operator, Napanee, Trenton, s/o Thomas & Mary Ann, married Georgia CARSON, 20, Milford, Picton, d/o Henry V. & Mary C., witn: W. A. & Annie CARSON both of Picton on April 27, 1881 at Picton. 9892-81 Thomas Henry CREIGHTON, 21, farmer, Ontario, North Marysburgh, s/o Thomas Henry & Adelia, married Mary Nettie NORTON, 21, Ontario, North Marysburgh, d/o Samuel & Mary, witn: Mary Ann & Emily TUCKER both of Picton on Oct. 18, 1881 at Picton.
009835-81 Elias B. CUNNINGHAM, 34, farmer, Hallowell, Hillier, s/o Young & Sarah, married Sarah T. HARRIS, 28, Hallowell, same, d/o Nelson & Deborah, witn: Fred C. SPENCER & Elijah CUNNINGHAM both of Hillier on Oct. 11, 1881 at Wellington

9859-81 John DAUBNEY, 21, labourer, England, Hallowell, s/o Henry & Martha, married Margaret Armanda CAMERON, 18, Ontario, Picton, d/o Henry & Jane, witn: Thomas W. POTTER & Emily TUCKER both of Picton on Nov. 20, 1881 at Picton.

009957-81 Thomas J. DAVIS, 23, baker, Canada, Ameliasburg s/o Reuben & S.A. DAVIS married Sarah E. FULLERTON, 19, Canada, Ameliasburg d/o Alexander & Lydia FULLERTON wtn: Gilbert McMURTER & M.E. RUSSEL both of Ameliasburg, 20 October 1881 at Ameliasburg 009955-81 Charles DEENS, 21, Canada, Shannonville s/o Paul & A., married Jane REDDICK, 21, Canada, Ameliasburg d/o Edward & M. wtn: Henry HOWARD & Annie HOWARD, both of Shannonville, 26 December 1881 at Rossmore
9837-81 Peter J. DEMILL, 74, widower, farmer, Northport, same, s/o Isaac DEMILL & Mary, married Elmira LOOMIS, 61, widow, Prince Edward Co., Cambridge NY, d/o Daniel McFAUL & Hannah, witn: J.S. & Eldura PEARSOLL of Wellington, 23 Nov 1881 at Wellington 9933-81 Philip R. DEMILL, 21, blacksmith, Prince Edward Co., Picton, s/o Stephen DEMILL & Eliza, married Mary Ester WINTERS, 16, Prince Edward Co., Picton, d/o Daniel WINTERS & Mary, witn: Elen & Theodosa MILLER of Bloomfield, no date given, at Bloomfield
  9887-81 Delen DETLOR, 33, farmer, South Fredericksburgh, same, s/o Byard & Martha, married Carrie Frances DERBY, 23, North Fredericksburgh, same, d/o William & Ann, witn: Annie DERBY of North Fredericksburgh & Agnes CHEETHAM of Napanee on Sept. 29, 1881 at Picton.
009824-81 Andrew DEWITTA, 19, teamster, Wellington, same, s/o Andrew & Mary, married Margaret FORSYTHE, 19, Amable, Hillier, d/o David & Jane, witn: N. E. & Charlotte E. HALLIWELL both of Hillier on Oct. 6, 1881 at Hillier 009833-33 M. DOOLITTLE, 38, carpenter, widower, Hillier, Deseronto, s/o Joseph & Annie, married Helen Melissa VALLEAU, 24, Brighton, Hillier, d/o Cornelius & Polly, witn: Benjamin HOXON of Hillier & James PEARSOLL of Wellington on June 1, 1881 at Wellington.

9846-81 Thomas W. EARLE, 27, mechanic, Belleville, North Marysburgh, s/o Thomas & Phoebe, married Jane PALMATEER, 21, South Marysburgh, same, d/o Jacob & Rebecca, witn: Andrew BLAKELY & Maggie CLARKE both of South Marysburgh on Feb. 3, 1881 at South Marysburgh

9839-81 Philip Henry EMPEY, 24, salesman, South Marysburgh, same, s/o Harvey EMPEY & Caroline, married Martha Jane HUYCK, 24, Athol, South Marysburgh, d/o George HUYCK & Minerva, witn: Calvin GRIMMON & Alice CRONK, both of South Marysburgh, 15 Nov 1881 at South Marysburgh

009812-81 David J. FARINGTON, 21, farmer, South Marysburgh, South Marysburgh, s/o Wesley & Jane FARINGTON married Amest OBRINE, 20, Castleton, South Marysburgh, d/o Martin & Julia OBRINE wtn: Mrs. Foster McAMMOND of Cherry Valley, 14 November 1881 at Cherry Valley 009948-81 George FERGUSON, 44, labourer, Inverness in Scotland, Rossmore s/o Thomas & Catherine FERGUSON married Lalay Ann DOMAN, 38, widow, South Fredericksburg, Rossmore d/o Michael & Margaret KELLAR wtn: Daniel & Caroline BELKNAP of Rossmore, 24 July 1881 at Rossmore
9845-81 John FLAKE, 27, farmer, Nottawasega - Simcoe Co., same, s/o Robert FLAKE & Margaret, married Emma HICKS, 26, South Marysburgh, same, d/o Lewis HICKS & Eliza, witn: Finley HICKS & Sarah McCLURE, both of South Marysburgh, 29 Dec 1881 at South Marysburgh 9920-81 Philip Sidney FORSHAY, 22, farmer, Canada, Hallowell, s/o Charles & Phoebe, married Clara GIBSON, 19, Canada, North Marysburgh, d/o Thomas J. & Mary June, witn: William PIERCE of North Marysburgh & Agnes FAIRBURN of Picton on Dec. 21, 1881 at North Marysburgh.
009826-81 John FORSYTHE, 21, farmer, Bruce Co., Hillier, s/o David FORSYTHE & Jane CUMMINGS, married Almina De WITTA, 16, Wellington, same, d/o Andrew De WITTA & Mary Jane McQUAIG, witn: John De WITTA & Albert CLARY both of Wellington on Dec. 29, 1880 at Wellington 9863-81 Stanley FOX, 25, farmer, Sophiasburgh, same, s/o Harmonus & Agnes, married Eva CARR, 23, North Marysburgh, Sophiasburgh, d/o Conrad & Lorraine, witn: Phebe MAIR & H. H. WILSON both of Picton on March 14, 1881 at Picton.
9877-81 Ashley GARRATT, 22, gentleman, Hallowell, Picton, s/o Jonathan & Eliza, married Nellie HORAN, 18, Wellington, Picton, d/o Edward & Sarah, witn: Charles COMER & Eliza GARRATT both of Picton on June 4, 1881 at Picton.

9853-81 Thomas GAY, 24, farmer, Rawdon, Sophiasburgh, s/o Robert & Eliza, married Isabella HETHERINGTON, 23, Sophiasburgh, same, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: M. C. BURNS & W.R. BROWN both of Demorestville on March 16, 1881 at Demorestville.

009945-81 Robert C. GILL, 21, carriage maker, Canada, Ameliasburg s/o Robert GILL & Mary PURRET married Mary E. ALYEA, 21, Ameliasburg, Ameliasburg d/o Samuel ALYEA & Margaret MOON wtn: Thomas DAVIES & M. ALYEA both of Ameliasburg, 18 June 1881 at Ameliasburg  
009834-81 Franklin GORDON, 20, farmer, Sophiasburgh, same, s/o Edward & Sarah, married Phyleta J. ALBEE, 19, Hillier, same, d/o Amos & Martha, witn: Gertie & Maurice BURNS both of Wellington on Aug. 13, 1881 at Wellington 009965-82 Nathaniel GORDON, 27, Ireland, Hillier, Farmer, s/o Robert & Ann GORDON married Susan BAIRD, 18, Hillier, same, d/o Hugh & Isabella BAIRD. Wtn: Isabella COULTHARD and Mary KILGOUR of Picton on December 14, 1881 at the Manse in Picton

9925-81 Edgar G. GRAHAM, 44, carpenter, widower, Hallowell, same, s/o Duncan T. & Julia A., married Sarah A. HYDE, 26, London England, Hallowell, d/o Daniel & Sarah, witn: James FREAR of South Marysburgh & Jane HYDE of Hallowell on Jan. 7, 1881 at Hallowell

9878-81 William Thomas GRIPPEN, 21, farmer, Canada, Hallowell, s/o Orry & Mary Catharine, married Elizabeth Ann FREDERICKS, 19, Canada, Hallowell, d/o James & Angeline, witn: Albert & Harrietta GRIPPEN both of Hallowell on June 8, 1881 at Picton.

9917-81 Canniff HAIGHT, 20, farmer, Murray Tp., Hallowell, s/o Philip & Lois Anna, married Ruthie Amelia CONGER, 18, Hallowell, same, d/o John & Mary, witn: Wilfred HAIGHT & Josephine CONGER both of Hallowell on Dec. 28, 1881 at Picton.

009811-81 James E. HAIGHT, 21, farmer, Hillier, Hillier s/o Anthony & Susanna HAIGHT married Phoebe A. GILES, 19, Ameliasburg, Hillier d/o Thomas & Mary GILES wtn: Charles CLINTON & Edward GILES both of Hillier, 20 September 1881 at Hillier
009951-81 George Riley HARDEN, 19, labourer, Ameliasburg, Ameliasburg s/o William & Sarah HARDEN married Margaret Jane VANWART, 16, Ameliasburg, Ameliasburg d/o Andrew & Mary VANWART wtn: John W. COBY & Ida FOX both of Ameliasburg, 22 October 1881 at Ameliasburg 009823-81 Edwin John HARDING, 33, none given, London England, Winnipeg, s/o Thomas & Maria, married Grace Elizabeth LESLIE, 37, Dundas, Toronto, d/o Joseph & Sarah, witn: Joseph LESLIE & A. M. BALDWIN both of Toronto on Sept. 14, 1881 at Wellington
9893-81 Alexander HARRISON, 29, farmer, widower, North Marysburgh, same, s/o William & Mary, married Maggie ELLIS, 29, South Marysburgh, Picton, d/o William & Mary, witn: A. W. ROBERTS of Port Perry & Lizzie ALBERT of Picton on Oct. 18, 1881 at Picton. 9883-81 William HAYLOCK, 22, painter, Picton, same, s/o Charles & Betsy, married Elizabeth BLANDFORD, 23, England, Picton, d/o Isaac & Amelia, witn: James LINDEN & Mary E. WATSON both of Picton on Aug. 18, 1881 at the Manse at Picton.

9915-81 Philip Henry HEAD, 27, cabinet maker, Ontario, South Marysburgh, s/o Reuben & Levina, married Martha Jane LONEY, 16, Ontario, South Marysburgh, d/o William & Margaret, witn: James CREIGHTON of Marysburgh & Alice HARRISON both of Picton on Dec. 22, 1881 at Picton

10066-82 Oscar HENESSY, 25, farmer, Ameliasburg, same, s/o J. H. HENESSY & Sarah Ann CARNRIKE, married Nettie TERWILLEGER, 25, Ameliasburg, same, d/o John & Sarah, witn: Mr. & Mrs. A. LUNDY both of Roblins Mills on Oct. 14, 1881 at Roblins Mills.

9904-81 William HILL, 26, farmer, Canada, Hallowell, s/o John & Betsy, married Sarah BRANT, 19, Canada, Hallowell, d/o Cornelius & Mary Ann, witn: John BRANT of Hallowell & Lydia LOFT both of Tyendinaga on Nov. 25, 1881 at Picton

9926-81 John A. HOLMES, 26, yeoman, Sophiasburgh, same, s/o John & Amy, married Hannah E. SIMPSON, 22, Sophiasburgh, same d/o James & Mary, witn: Lucy SING & Hester WATSON both of Bloomfield on Jan. 15, 1881 of Bloomfield.

009954-81 Henry HOWARD, 23, Canada, Shannonville in Ontario s/o Henry & C. HOWARD married Annie CHATTERSON, 19, Canada, Ameliasburg d/o William H. & S.C. CHATTERSON wtn: Charles DEENS of Shannonville & Jane REDDICK of Rossmore, 26 December 1881 at Rossmore 009946-81 William HOWE, 24, farmer, Hillier, Hillier s/o Daniel & Nancy HOWE married Victoria HUYCKE, 20, Ameliasburg, Ameliasburg d/o Cornelius & Eliza HUYCKE wtn: Rufus HOWE of Hillier & Debbelena HART of Ameliasburg, 5 January 1881 at Ameliasburg
9896-81 John HUDGINS, 20, farmer, South Marysburgh, same, s/o Gilbert & Eliza, married Catharine BROWN, 22, Northumberland Co., Deseronto, d/o Joseph & Angeline, witn: Kate A. GERMAN & Sarah KELLY both of Picton on Nov. 1, 1881 at Picton.

9900-81 William HURST, 23, stone mason, Kingston, Portsmouth, s/o William & Jane, married Mary McKEEVER, 20, Adolphustown, same, d/o Michael & Ellen, witn: Kate A. GERMAN & Sarah KELLEY both of Picton on Nov. 15, 1881 at Picton.

9867-81 Thomas James HUTCHINS, 22, farmer, England, Sophiasburgh, s/o John & Elizabeth G., married Jane Ann CROSS, 19, Canada, Sophiasburgh, d/o Robert & Mary M., witn: Samuel ZIMMERMAN & Elda CROSS both of Sophiasburgh on May 21, 1881 at Picton.

9906-81 Gordon HUTCHINSON, 21, farmer, Hallowell, Hillier, s/o Philip & Angeline, married Lucille CLAPP, 21, Hillier, same, d/o William & Sarah, witn: D. WILSON of Northport & Isabella McGUIRE of Picton on Nov. 30, 1881 at Picton.

9899-81 Richard JINKS, 30, farmer, Athol Tp., same, s/o Elijah & Hester, married Lucy Jane HENDERSON, 18, Hallowell Tp., same, d/o Stephen & Helen HENDERSON, witn: John Stanley HENDERSON & Mary E. HICKS both of Hallowell on Nov. 14, 1881 at Picton.

9879-81 John JOHNSON, 19, merchant clerk, Bath, Picton, s/o John & Maggie, married Ida SHAW, 18, Picton, same, d/o William & Eliza, witn: John JAMIESON & Frances JOHNSON both of Picton on Aug. 13, 1881 at Picton. 9863-81 Finley S. JOHNSON, 21, carpenter, Hillier, Picton, s/o Robert JOHNSON & Jane Ann JACKSON, married Harriett BURBRICK, 20, Hillier, Picton, d/o Thomas BURBRICK & Diana BROOKS, witn: Robert & Jane Ann JOHNSON both of Picton on March 23, 1881 at Picton.

9916-81 William Fawcett JOHNSON, 25, artist, Hillier, Picton, s/o John P. & Eliza, married Elizabeth FLANAGAN, 23, Hillier, Picton, d/o Patrick & Rachel, witn: David WILSON of Demorestville & Lizzie ALBERT of Picton on Dec. 21, 1881 at Picton.

9907-81 George JOHNSTON, 27, farmer, Kingston, Picton, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Ada BUTTS, 25, Picton, same, d/o James S. & Sarah Jane, witn: Sarah A. ROBERTS of Bridgewater & Lizzie ALBERT of Picton on Dec. 6, 1881 at Picton.

009830-81 A. KNOX, 21, merchant, Athol, Milford, s/o J. H. & S. E., married Emma F. FERGUSON, 16, Sophiasburgh, Milford, d/o Samuel & Lillie, witn: George BURLEY & Lizzie NOBLE both of Milford on April 26, 1881 at Wellington 009828-81 Titus E. LEAVENS, 25, farmer, Hallowell, same, s/o Titus & & Harriett, married Sarah CUNNINGHAM, 20, Hallowell, same, d/o Abram & Rebecca CUNNINGHAM, witn: Dorland CLAPP of West Lake & Gertie BURNS of Wellington on Jan. 31, 1881 at Wellington.
9888-81 Albert Edwin LOBB, 40, sailor, widower, South Marysburgh, same, s/o Richard & Almira, married Annie RUTTER, 21, Picton, Sophiasburgh, d/o John & Eliza, witn: John & Mary BROWN both Sophiasburgh on Oct. 1, 1881 at Picton. 9886-81 Charles LYNN, 26, railroad clerk, Canada, Palisade Nevada USA, s/o Miles & Jane, married Charlotte ATHOS, 21, Canada, Picton, d/o Alford & Philey, witn: Allen NEILSON Junior of Elmira New York USA & Cynthia BONGARD of North Marysburgh on Sept. 20, 1881 at Picton.
009813-81 Salten G. MARACLE, 39, widower, Richmond, Picton s/o William & Hnnagh married Jerusha ROSE, 33, Milford, Milford d/o David & Senia wtn: Alexander MILLER & Christianna MILLER both of Athol, 20 September 1881 at Cherry Valley 9878-81 Caleb B. MARSHALL, 27, farmer, Sophiasburgh, same, s/o Right & Phebe, married Mary McKIBBON, 21, Athol, same, d/o Hugh & Margaret, witn: D. WILSON of Sophiasburgh & H. E. WILSON of Picton on June 13, 1881 at Picton.

9860-81 Arnold MASTIN, 26, grocer, Athol, same, s/o Daniel & Mary, married Sarah Jane KELLY, 25. Belleville, Picton, d/o George & Sarah, witn: Kate A. GERMEN & Sarah KELLY no residences given on Feb. 23, 1881 at Picton.

9880-81 Stewart E. MASTIN, 23, school teacher, Hallowell, same, s/o Benjamin & Susan, married Elma A. NOXON, 20, Brighton Tp., Hallowell, d/o Reuben & Mary Jane, witn: James E. NOXON of Picton & Emily TALCOTT of Hallowell on July 18, 1881 at the Manse at Picton
9844-81 George Herrington MAY, 24, farmer, Murray twp., same, s/o Daniel MAY & Lucinda, married Mary Ellen LOWRY, 18, South Marysburgh, same, d/o James LOWRY & Lydia, witn: James CHURCH & Sarah Emma LANINGTON?, both of South Marysburgh, 26 Dec at South Marysburgh

9901-81 William James McBURNEY, 24, farmer, Picton, Hallowell, s/o James & Jane, married Annie McDONALD, 20, Hallowell, same, d/o Charles & Rebecca, witn: Burton VAN BLARICOM & Jennie McBURNEY both of Picton on Nov. 22, 1881 at Picton.

009825-81 T. J. McCLELLAND, 35, clergyman, Toronto, Indiana Ill. USA, s/o Alexander & Eliza, married Matilda MORTON, 35, widow, Hillier, Melville, d/o Mathew & Mary (sic), witn: T. J. ARTHUR & Esther McCONKEY both of Hillier on Oct. 28, 1881 at Melville Hillier Tp. 009817-81 William J. McCOMB, 25, tailor, Hillier, Wellington, s/o James McCOMB & Anna BAIRD, married Jennie PETTINGELE, 18, Hillier, same, d/o Robert PETTINGELE & Lydia GARRETT, witn: N. SPENCER of Hillier & A. C. C. GARRET of Picton on Jan. 9, 1881 at Hillier.
9894-81 Franklin McDONALD, 26, farmer, Hallowell, same, s/o George & Jane, married Mary J. STRICKER, 28, Hallowell, Bloomfield, d/o Vincent & Sophia, witn: Greer McDONALD of Hallowell & Emma VAN CLEAF of Picton on Oct. 25, 1881 at Picton.

9849-81 Joseph Jackson McDONALD, 22, school teacher, Hillier, South Marysburgh, s/o Andrew & Nancy, married Margaret Lawrie VANDUSEN, 21, South Marysburgh, same, d/o Jacob & Catharine, witn: Mrs DODGE & Prudence WALMSLEY both of South Marysburgh on May 9, 1881 at Milford

9889-81 Philip McGONNEL, 23, labourer, Demorestville, same, s/o Edward & Catherine, married Almira POTTER, 26, Sophiasburgh, same, d/o Willet & Catherine, witn: John Bayne & Annie COULTHARD both of Picton on Aug. 28, 1881 at Picton. 9874-81 Samuel McKINLEY, 53, soldier, widower, Scotland, Hallowell, s/o Robert & Rebecca, married Margette HART, 48, Picton, same, d/o Samuel & Lydia, witn: Andrew M. & Sarah BUCHANAN both of Picton on June 22, 1881 at Presbyterian Manse Picton.
9871-81 Robert McLEOD, 27, farmer, Picton, same, s/o Moses & Sarah, married Annie ORR, 24, Cornwall, same, d/o Matthew & Christina, witn: Isabella COULTHERD of Picton & Jane ORR of Cornwall on May 18, 1881 at the Manse Picton. 010074-82 James Henry McMURTER, 24, Ameliasburgh, same, Farmer, s/o Thomas & Mary Jane McMURTER married Ella SAGER, 16, Ameliasburgh, same, d/o David & Elizabeth SAGER. Wtn: Gertrude SAGER and Alina WANNAMAKER both of Ameliasburgh on December 14, 1881 at Ameliasburgh (also 9956-81)

9902-81 Richard H. McQUAIG, 20, farmer, Sophiasburgh, same, s/o Hiram & Rachel, married Margaret A. GOODWIN, 17, Tyendinaga, Sophiasburgh, d/o Henry & Emma Jane, witn: John Allen GOODWIN & Ida Jane McQUAIG both of Sophiasburgh on Nov. 22, 1881 at Picton.

9865-81 Henry B. McQUOID, 26, blacksmith, Hastings Co., Athol Tp., s/o Robert & Esther, married Paulina A. HUGHES, 21, widow, Hallowell, same, d/o Solomon & Emeline TUTTLE, witn: Kate A. GERMAN & Sarah KELLY both of Picton on April 26, 1881 at Picton.

9898-81 Irwin D. MILLER, 22, farmer, North Marysburgh, same, s/o Robert & Ann Jane, married Ida Jane HARRISON, 18, North Marysburgh, same, d/o Walter & Mary Ann, witn: Calvin MINAKER & Mahala HARRISON both of North Marysburgh on Nov. 3, 1881 at Picton.

9905-81 James MITCHELL, 26, farmer, Hallowell, North Marysburgh, s/o Robert & Elizabeth, married Mary Emily HANDLEY, 20, Sullivan Bruce Co., Hallowell, d/o Newlove & Nancy, witn: Newlove & Jane HANDLEY both of Hallowell on Nov. 29, 1881 at Picton.

009949-81 Peter MOON, 32, carpenter, Canada, Ameliasburg s/o John & Mary MOON married Isabella MOXLEY, 20, Canada, Oswego U.S. d/o William & Jane MOXLEY wtn: Robert R. SCALES & S.S. SCALES both of Rednersville, 19 November 1881 at Rednersville  

9918-81 Hiram N. MORAN, 23, farmer, Sophiasburgh, same, s/o Almerin & Rhoda, married Nettie WELSH, 23, Picton, same, d/o John & Sarah Ann, witn: Joseph GRAHAM of Oshawa & Louisa MORAN of Sophiasburgh on Dec. 22, 1881 at Picton.

9864-81 Samuel Richard MORDEN, 24, clerk, Bruce Co., Picton, s/o William & Nancy, married Flora SPENCER, 19, Picton, same, d/o Corey & Eliza, witn: N. S. MORDEN of Picton & Mina TODD of Belleville on April 5, 1881 at Picton
9895-81 Finley W. MORDEN, 28, farmer, Hallowell, same, s/o Richard S. & Lucy, married Alice G. NOXON, 21, Hallowell, same, d/o Cornelius & Phebe, witn: Alvilda BENSON of Hallowell & Margaret FOSTER of Picton on Oct. 25, 1881 at Picton. 009822-81 Nathaniel S. MORDEN, 21, druggist & chemist, Sophiasburgh, Picton, s/o J. Noxon & Rebecca, married Lydia BOWERMAN, 21, Hillier, same, d/o Ichabod & Phila Ann, witn: Edward CROWE of Picton & Eva BOWERMAN of Hillier on Sept. 7, 1881 at Hillier.
009831-81 John MORGAN, 31, farmer, Prince Edward Co., Wellington, s/o Thomas & Eliza, married Hannah M. GILES, 31, Prince Edward Co., Wellington, d/o Thomas & May, witn: William H. GILES & Matilda GILES both of Wellington on May 10, 1881 at Wellington 010056-82 William John MORRIS, 24, Hillier, same, Farmer, s/o Samuel MORRIS & Eliza MORRIS married Clara REDDICK, 20, Hallowell, same, d/o Henry REDDICK & Margaret DAVIS. Wtn: George REDDICK and Emma TAYLOR of Hallowell on Nov. 30, 1881 at Hallowell
9959-81 George NOBLE, 23, farmer, Canada, Ameliasburgh, s/o Nelson NOBLE & Mary A., married Melissa OSBORNE, 33, Ameliasburgh, same, d/o Nathan OSBORNE & Mary, witn: S.S. & R.K. SCALES of Rednersville, 21 Sept 1881 at Rednersville 009964-82 Samuel NORTON, 48, Ireland, North Marysburgh, Widower, millwright, s/o John & Mary NORTON married Mary Ann GIBSON, 42, Ireland, Athol, Widow, d/o Thomas and Agnes REID. Wtn: Beatrice COULTHARD and Annie COULTHARD of Picton on November 28, 1881 at the Manse in Picton
009936-81 Lewis Albert OSTERHOUT, 28, widower, clothier, Hillier, Wellington s/o John & Henrietta OSTERHOUT married Violet May LOOMIS, 17, New York state, New York city d/o Joel & Louisa LOOMIS wtn: E.A. LOOSE & Mary A. YOUNG both of Hallowell, 23 November 1881 at Hallowell 9843-81 Benjamin PALMATEER, 22, farmer, South Marysburgh, same, s/o Zachariah PALMATEER & Jane, married Lilly COLLIER, 18, South Marysburgh, same, d/o Celia COLLIER & Jacob, witn: Charles WHATTOM & Eveline HICKS, both of South Marysburgh, 22 Dec 1881 at South Marysburgh
009818-81 Byron PALOMAR, (Palmer?) 32, carpenter, Hillier, same, s/o Benjamin & Sarah Ann, married Angeline TITUS, 30, Hallowell, Hillier, d/o Samuel & Deborah, witn: Catharine BURLEY of Ameliasburgh & Carrie McAMMOND of Hillier on May 17, 1881 at Hillier

9857-81 Samuel PATTERSON, 20, sailor, Canada, Belleville, s/o James & Margaret, married Eliza DAVERS, 21, Ireland, Picton, d/o James & Sarah, witn: William SEEDS of Belleville & Annie DAVERS of Picton on Jan. 12, 1881 at Picton

009827-81 William PEARCE, 23, farmer, Brighton, Hallowell, s/o Reuben & illegible, married Lucinda BRICKMAN, 21, Percy, same, d/o no parents given, witn: Bateman & J. W. CLARKE both of Wellington on Jan. 23, 1881 at Wellington

9854-81 Wilfred PHILIPS, 23, farmer, Hallowell, same, s/o Smith PHILIPS & Hannah PETTINGELL, married Mary Ann DORLAND, 25, Sophiasburgh, same, Parson DORLAND & Orra MATTHEWS, witn: Edward T. & John W. DORLAND both of Sophiasburgh on June 7, 1881 at Sophiasburgh.

9891-81 Michael PHILP, 31, farmer, England, North Marysburgh, s/o Joseph & Caroline, married Louisa KELLY, 19, North Marysburgh, same, d/o John & Catherine, witn: Kate A. GERMAN & Sarah KELLY both of Picton on Oct. 11, 1881 at Picton

9929-81 William RANKIN, 76, farmer, widower, Kingston, Athol, s/o James & Phoebe, married Sarah JOHNSON, 66, widow, Kingston, Picton, d/o James & Margaret KNAPP, witn: William H. & Amy JOHNSON both of Hallowell on March 1, 1881 at Hallowell.

9852-81 Norman A. REYNOLDS, 20, farmer, Hallowell, Sophiasburgh, s/o Calvin & Louisa, married Charlotte MACNAMARA, 20, Brockville, Sophiasburgh, d/o Thomas & Sabra, witn: Alexander & Charlotte FOX both of Sophiasburgh on Dec. 28, 1881 at Sophiasburgh

9868-81 Henry A. ROBERTSON, 25, carpenter, widower, Lennox Co., Deseronto, s/o William & Miriam, married Lydia I. CLARKE, 20, Prince Edward Co., Deseronto, d/o Conrad & Mary, witn: Herbert BRANSCOMBE of Hallowell & Mary E. HICKS of Hillier on May 24, 1881 at Picton.
9930-81 Jacob H. ROBLIN, 56, widower, blacksmith, Sophiasburg, Demorestville, s/o Jacob ROBLIN & Sarah, married Nancy McDONALD, 54, widow, Hillier, same, d/o Martin PETTENGILL & Susan, witn: William GERMAN of Hallowell & Hester WILSON of Picton, 21 Feb 1881 at Hallowell 009958-81 Joseph ROBSON, 23, labourer, Canada, Rawden s/o Edward & Mary ROBSON married Sarah E. HOARD, 18, Canada, Ameliasburg d/o John & Ruth HOARD wtn: Stephen M. NIX & Amelia J. NIX both of Rossmore, 27 September 1881 at Rossmore

9912-81 Burley RUSEAU (Ruseaw?), 26, blacksmith, South Marysburgh, same, s/o Peter & Rosanna, married Edith BATTON, 21, Athol, South Marysburgh, d/o John & Sarah, witn: John HEAD & Sarah BATTON both of South Marysburgh on Dec. 21, 1881 at Picton.


009947-81 William Wesley SAGER, 21, farmer, Ameliasburg, Ameliasburg s/o William & Margaret SAGER married Mary Etta WEESE, 20, Ameliasburg, Ameliasburg d/o Benjamin & Maria WEESE wtn: David ROSE of Rednersville & Anna ALYEA of Ameliasburg), 28 September 1881 at Roblin Mills 9909-81 Lawrence SAINT PETER, 50, farmer, widower, Athol, Hillier, s/o Laurence & Ann, married Sarah BROWN, 40, Ireland, Hallowell, d/o Thomas & Eliza, witn: William & Selina TURNER both of Picton on Oct. 15, 1881 at Picton.

9928-81 Charles SAM, 21, gardener, California, village of Colborne, s/o William & Christina, married Sarah Cassie PALMER, 19, Demorestville, Cherry Valley, d/o William & Sarah, witn: Mrs Lucy THORN & Miss Jane PALMER both of Hallowell on Feb. 21, 1881 at Hallowell.

9911-81 William SAUNDERS, 35, farmer, Sophiasburgh, same, s/o Peter & Mary, married Amanda RORABECK, 27, South Marysburgh, same, d/o Reuben & Catherine, witn: Mrs. J. W. BRADBEER & Mrs Archibald CLOW both of Picton on Dec. 14, 1881 at Picton

009940-81 Corey SCRIVER, 20, farmer, Brighton, Ameliasburg s/o Henry & Rachael SCRIVER married Eliza HARDEN, 19, Ameliasburg, Ameliasburg d/o William & Sarah HARDEN wtn: James HEKLE & Frank WANNAMAKER both of Ameliasburg, 1 January 1881 at Ameliasburg 9914-81 John SHANNON, 27, mechanic, Canada, Picton, s/o John & Margaret, married Belinda BARNETT, 25, Canada, Picton, d/o Alfred & Sarah, witn: Alfred BARNETT & Louisa MCGINNIS both of Picton on Dec. 21, 1881 at Picton.

009953-81 Moses Wilson SHEAR, 25, farmer, Ameliasburg, Ameliasburg s/o John & Mary Ann SHEAR married Frances L. BRICKMAN, 18, Ameliasburg, Ameliasburg d/o William H. & Mary Jane BRICKMAN wtn: Elijah W. BRICKMAN & Mary E. RUSSEL both of Ameliasburg, 18 October 1881 at Roblin Mills

9871-81 Richard SKILLEN, 27, carpenter, Picton, same, s/o John & Jane, married Martha McCLEMENT, 27, Picton, same, d/o Robert & Eliza, witn: Eleanor MOORE & Isabella COULTHERD both of Picton on Jan. 11, 1881 at Presbyterian Manse Picton.

9908-81 Thomas SPAFFORD, 25, farmer, Prince Edward Co., Grand Rapids Michigan USA, s/o Jacob & Elizabeth SPAFFORD, married Jessie CREIGHTON, 24, North Monaghan, same, d/o Thomas & Delia, witn: James FRIAR & Annie HEAD both Prince Edward Co. on Nov. 28, 1881 at Picton.

009942-81 Arza SPENCER, 32, farmer, Hallowell, Sophiasburgh s/o James & Lucy SPENCER married Eugenia FAIRMAN, 18, Sophiasburgh, Sophiasburgh s/o Enoch & Zilph FAIRMAN wtn: W.E. SPENCER & Mary SPENCER both of Ameliasburg, 18 January 1881 at Ameliasburg 9838-81 Fred C. SPENCER, 24, widower, farmer, Hillier, Wellington, s/o Joseph SPENCER & Sarah, married E.J. Gertrude BURNS, 21, Ernestown, Wellington, d/o William BURNS & N.M., witn: J.U. SIMMONS of Murray & B.C. ANDERSON of York, 9 Nov 1881 at Wellington
9890-81 John STAFFORD, 21, farmer, Hallowell, same, s/o John & Rebecca, married Dora WILLIAMSON, 17, Hallowell, same, d/o James & Mary, witn: Eleanor MOORE & Annie COULTHERD both of Picton on Oct. 8, 1881 at Picton. 009819-81 T. Edward STEPHENSON, 32, contractor/builder, England, Toronto, s/o Edward STEPHENSON & Ann CHAPMAN, married Sarah Jane Victoria PIERSON, 21, Hillier, same, d/o Joseph PIERSON & Lucretia A. HUFFMAN, witn: John YOUNG & Lancelot NETHERY both of Hillier on June 8, 1881 at Hillier
9841-81 Chauncey STEVENS, 29, farmer, South Marysburgh, same, s/o Orrin STEVENS & Rebecca, married Emma M. DULMAGE, 21, South Marysburgh, same, d/o William DULMAGE & Sarah, witn: John VANSLACK & Edith COSENS, both of South Marysburgh, 21 Dec 1881 at South Marysburgh

9850-81 Finley STEWART, 31, farmer, Ireland, Athol, s/o James & Jane, married Jane WILLIAMSON, 30, widow, Canada, North Marysburgh, d/o Andrew & Mary McKINLEY, witn: E. B. H. M. LOUCKS both of Picton on Jan. 12, 1881 at Picton.

9840-81 George STORMS, 25, farmer, North Marysburgh, same, s/o James STORMS & Hannah, married Matilda FLAKE, 23, Camden - Lennox Co., Sophiasburgh, d/o Charles FLAKE & Mindolla?, witn: Irwin FLAKE & Malinda WRIGHT, both of North Marysburgh, 16 Nov 1881 at South Marysburgh 9875-81 Samuel W. STORTZ, 21, clerk, Picton, same, s/o S. & Catherine, married Alma JACKSON, 17, Athol, Picton, d/o James & Harriet, witn: A. W. GEROW & Carrie STORTZ both of Picton on June 24, 1881 at Picton.
9884-81 Thomas S. TAIT, 25, merchant clerk, Canada, Campbellford, s/o David & Ellen, married Adelaide G. COUCH, 22, Canada, Picton, d/o Richard & Rosetta, witn: Stuart SIMMONDS of Kingston & Mary WALLACE of Picton on Sept. 7, 1881 at Picton. 9869-81 George THIBAULT, 21, farmer, Prince Edward Co., Athol, s/o Edmond & Christina, married Matilda NOBLE, 22, Prince Edward Co., Athol, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth, witn: Douglas GRAHAM of Salmon Point & Eva DAVIS of Picton on May 24, 1881 at Picton.

9913-81 James M. THOMPSON, 25, mechanic, Canada, Picton, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Mary BECKETT, 25, Canada, Picton, d/o William & Louisa, witn: Samuel FORSHEY & Louisa BECKETT both of Picton on Dec. 19, 1881 at Picton.

9903-81 Fred Clayton THORN, 20, farmer, Canada, Hillier, s/o Samuel & Cleo, married Cora Emma TERRY, 20 years, Canada, Hillier, d/o Harvey & Agnes, witn: Edward A. TITUS of Hallowell & Lizzie TITUS of Hillier on Nov. 23, 1881 at Picton.

009832-81 James S. TRIPP, 24, farmer, Hillier, same, s/o Gideon & Hannah, married Mary M, CLAPP, 18, Hillier, same, d/o Henry & Margaret, witn: Gertie BURNS & Miriam HYATT both of Wellington on May 18, 1881 at Wellington 009821-81 Andrew M. WALT, 23, turner, Brighton, Hillier, s/o Amos & Harriet, married Catherine E. McFAUL, 20, Hillier, same, d/o Nelson & Basheba, witn: Welbethe AINSWORTH & Ancil E. AYLSWORTH both of Hillier no date of wedding legible, at Hillier

9919-81 Daniel Gilbert WANNAMAKER, 27, farmer, widower, Ontario, Picton, s/o Jacob & Mary Elizabeth, married Agnes Johnson MINAKER, 26, widow, Ontario, Hallowell, d/o John & Alida JOHNSON, witn: Nazereth & Hannah MINAKER both of North Marysburgh on Oct. 16, . 1881 at North Marysburgh

9855-81 Clarence WAY, 25, mechanic, Prince Edward Co., Picton, s/o Daniel F. & Sally, married Nancy GRIMMON, 27, Prince Edward Co., Picton, d/o Ellis & Mary, witn: John GRIMMON & Mary COLBURN both of Picton on Jan. 1, 1881 at Picton.

9923-81 James H. WAY, 24, plasterer, Ireland, Belleville, James & Jane, married Mary M. WELSH, 19, Picton, same, d/o Robert & Grace, witn: John L. SHANNON of Picton & Lucy SING of Bloomfield, on Dec. 20, 1881 at Bloomfield.

9862-81 Reuben J. WAY, 22, farmer, Ameliasburgh, Hallowell Tp., s/o James R. & Catharine, married Lydia M. COOPER, 25, widow, Hallowell, same, d/o Elisha & Sarah TALCOTT, witn: Sarah KELLY & Mary SEVELY both of Picton on March 17, 1881 at Picton 010070-82 William H. WAY, 21, Ameliasburgh, same, Farmer, s/o William C. & H. A. WAY married Lena May TITUS, 21, Hallowell, Ameliasburgh, d/o John & Sarah TITUS. Wtn: Lizette COLEMAN and Isabella CORBURN of Roblin’s Mills on Dec. 21, 1881 at Roblin’s Mills
9882-81 Richard WELSH, 22, mason, Picton, same, s/o Robert & Grace, married Mary Ann BEVINS (Barns?), 26, Adolphustown, Picton, d/o Thomas & Jane Payne, witn: Beatrice & John Payne COULTHERD on Aug. 2, 1881 at Picton.

9858-81 Joseph Henry WELSH, 26, mechanic, Canada, Picton, s/o Robert & Grace, s/o Harriet Letitia THOMPSON, 24, Canada, Picton, d/o Thomas & Eliza, witn: Lizzie PARSONS & W. M. LOUCKS both of Picton on Feb. 1, 1881 at Picton

9842-81 James S. WHATTOM, 29, farmer, South Marysburgh, same, s/o Richard WHATTOM & Abigal, married Bertha A. HICKS, 19, South Marysburgh, same, d/o Nathan HICKS & Margaret, witn: George & Maggie CLARK of South Marysburgh, 21 Dec 1881 at South Marysburgh 010075-82 David Henry WHITNEY, 21, Brighton, Ameliasburgh, Farmer, s/o David & Mercy WHITNEY married Ida May WYCOTT, 15, Picton, Ameliasburgh, d/o Nelson & Elizabeth WYCOTT. Wtn: Simon H. DELONG and Marltitia WHITNEY both of Ameliasburgh on December 21, 1881 at Ameliasburgh
009937-81 William Ezra WILLIAMS, 20, carpenter, Picton, Athol s/o Charles & Deborah WILLIAMS married Mary Ann MANN, 19, Hallowell, Hallowell d/o Henry & Lucy MANN wtn: Henry & Lucy MANN of Witney?, 23 November 1881 at Hallowell 9934-81 Alfred S. YARWOOD, 24, yeoman, Athol, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Samuel YARWOOD & Rhoda, married Emma SAYLORS, 20, Ameliasburgh, Hallowell, d/o Addison PEARSOLL & Mary Jane (adopted d/o Robert H. SAYLORS), witn: Edwin WILLIAMS & Janey YARWOOD, no date given, at Bloomfield