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Prince Edward Co., 1891

birth place is given before residence


010224-91 Albert W. ADAMS, 26, farmer, Hillier, same, s/o William Henry & Eliza, married Annie Laura BRASON, 21, Hastings, Hillier, d/o Joseph & Louisa, witn Hubert BRASON & Harriet ADAMS, both of Melleville, Feb 11, 1891, Chisholm  
010266-91 John H. ALLAN, 22, Canada, Picton, Moulder, s/o John & Eliza ALLAN married Norah J. ROWBERRY, 20, England, Picton, d/o James & Jane ROWBERRY. Wtn: A.H. WHALLEY of Milford and Meg. H. LOUCKS of Picton on July 27, 1891 at Picton 010604-92 (Prince Edward) Robert ALLISON, 22, Farmer, Northumberland Co., Ameliasburg, s/o William & Rhoda ALLISON, married Christina RUSH, 19, Ameliasburgh, Ameliasburg, d/o David & Elizabeth RUSH, witness, E. R. DOXSEE & Maud DOXSEE both of Murray, December 24 1891 at Ameliasburg
010187-91 Andrew W. ARTHUR, 23, clerk, Ontario, Picton, s/o Alexander & Mary J., married Etta DAINARD, 21, Ontario, Picton, d/o Alfred & Mary Ann, witn: George WILLIAMS & Mary DAINARD both of Picton on Apr. 21, 1891 at South Marysburgh Tp. 010247-91 William Manley AMES, 22, So. Marysburgh, same, Farmer, s/o Acel? & Ellen AMES married Emma E. HENDERSON, 19, So. Marysburgh, Picton, d/o Reuben & Mary E. HENDERSON. Wtn: George SPRAGUE and Eunice HENDERSON of Picton on March 18, 1891 at Picton
010621-92 (Prince Edward) Spencer ANDERSON, 31, Farmer, South Marysburgh, South Marysburgh, s/o John & Mary ANDERSON, married Jane KINNIE, 29, South Marysburgh, South Marysburgh, d/o William & Elizabeth KINNIE, witness Jas MILLER & Nan KINNIE both of South Marysburgh, December 17 1891 at South Marysburgh  
#010232-91 (Prince Edward Co.): David S. AUSTIN, 24, student, Codrington, same, s/o Lewis T. & Charlotte, married Mary S. SHAW, 24, Rawdon, Hallowell, d/o William T. & Grace, witnesses were Lewis A. AUSTIN of Codrington & Fannie M. SHAW of Hallowell, Dec. 16, 1891 at Hallowell 010201-91 Elisha F. BARBER, 36, farmer, widower, Thomasburgh, Tyendinaga, s/o James & Margaret, married Maritta WHITNEY, 33, Ameliasburgh, same, d/o David & Nancy, witn: David & Ida WHITNEY both of Ameliasburgh on July 8, 1891 at Ameliasburgh.
010194-91 Samuel BARNUM, 24, laborer, Thurlow, same, s/o Samuel & Ann, married Elizabeth THRASHER, 21, Thurlow, same, d/o Daniel & Annie, witn: George & Hattie ROBINSON both of Rednerville on Aug. 23, 1891, at Rednerville 010200-91 John W. BELNAP, 22, laborer, Prince Edward Co., Rossmore, s/o Daniel & Caroline, married Minnie SWEENON? 26, Warkworth, Massassaga, d/o Lewis & Catherine, witn: Jesse & Annie SPRUNG both of Mountain View on Oct. 10, 1891 at Ameliasburgh
010182-91 (Prince Edward) Amos BONGARD, 32 (Widower), Mariner, Ontario, South Marysburgh, s/o Jackson & Isabella BONGARD, married Rosetta OSTRANDER, 21, Ontario, South Marysburgh, d/o Mathew & Joanna OSTRANDER, witness Mathew & Johanna OSTRANDER of South Marysburgh, January 28 1891 at South Marysburgh 010229-91 David B. BOWERMAN, 29, miller, Hallowell, Bloomfield, s/o Charles C. & Mary Jane, married Hannah Maria COOPER, 27, Hallowell, Bloomfield, d/o Josiah & Jane, witn William & May Jane JOHNSON, Bloomfield, Sept 18, 1891, Bloomfield
010280-91 Frederick A. BROWN, 20, farmer, Hallowell, same, s/o James H. & Charlotte, married Mary Etta McQUADE, 17, Hallowell, same, d/o George H. & Eliza M., witn: James A. BROWN of Hallowell & K. C. McDIARMID of Picton on Dec. 2, 1891 at Picton 010197-91 William BROWNSBRIDGE, 34, stone cutter, England, Thurlow, s/o James & Rebecca, married Georgia McDONALD, 30, Thurlow, same, d/o George & Matilda, witn: Manley WEESE & Mrs. SEXSMITH, both of Ameliasburgh on May 30, 1891 at Ameliasburgh
010198-91 Lewis Albert BULL, 21, railway clerk, Bloomfield, same, s/o Albert & Orillia, married Alice Emma DOXEE, Richmond, Ameliasburgh, d/o Wesley & Phoebe, witn: Joseph NIGHTIGE? & R. DOXEE both of Mountain View on Aug. 12, 1891 at Ameliasburgh 010250-91 Henry Mills BUNBURY (Banbury?), 22, Port Hope, Picton, Gentleman, s/o Hugh MILLS & Addie BUNBURY married Edna Stacia? STORTTS, 17, Demorestville, same, d/o Raphael & Mary STORTTS. Wtn: William Daniel YOUNG and Margaret Ann YOUNG of Picton on March 25, 1891 at Picton
010251-91 James Henry CHASE, 22, Hillier, same, Farmer, s/o Andrew & Margaret Ann CHASE married Alice Maud McVEEN, 23, Hallowell, Picton, d/o David & Mary McVEEN. Wtn: David H. McVEEN and Fannie S. McVEEN of Hallowell on March 25, 1891 at Picton  
010277-91 Elton CLAPP, 23, farmer, Athol, same, s/o George & Lydia, married Florence A. MILLER, 20, South Marysburgh, Picton, d/o George & Emily, witn: Cynthia J. DULMAGE & Effie E. MILLER both of Picton on Nov. 20, 1891 at Picton #010231-91 - John CLARK, 45, farmer, North Marysburgh, same, s/o Henry & Mary, married Hester YOUNG, 42, Trenton, Picton, d/o Peter & Ann, witness was Miss BRIDEN of Bloomfield, Sept 6, 1891 at Bloomfield
010477-92 John COLE, 19, Canada, North Marysburgh, Farmer, s/o James & Mary COLE married Margaret WELSH, 17, Canada, Picton, d/o John & Elizabeth WELSH. Wtn: Elizabeth WELSH and Elizabeth WELSH of Picton on November 1, 1891 at Picton [as written] 010264-91 E. Marshall CONGER, 27, Canada, Picton, Merchant, s/o Stephen M. & Mary Jane CONGER married Lillie A. MARTIN, 25, Canada, Trenton, d/o Henry & Louisa MARTIN. Wtn: H.G. MARTIN of Kingston and Louisa MARTIN of Trenton on July 6, 1891 at Picton
010163-91 (Prince Edward) Herbert COOPER, 23, Farmer, Athol same, s/o John H. & Catharine COOPER, married Florence WILLIAMSON, 18, Gerow Gore, Gerow Gore, d/o Thomas & Eliza WILLIAMSON, wtns: Herbert Y. COOPER of Bloomfield & Nina B. WILSON of Gerow Gore, March 31 1891 at Gerow Gore 010230-91 Robert G. COWAN, 20, laborer, Athol, same, s/o William J. COWAN & Abigale JINKS, married Della Cena LOWDES, 18, Hallowell, same, d/o Joseph & Lucinda, witn Fanny BORDEN, Ingersol, Nellie BORDEN, Bloomfield, Dec. 31, 1891, Bloomfield
010265-91 Hugh CRAIG, 29, Canada, St. Paul Min USA, Physician, s/o John & Mary Ann CRAIG married Charlotte EYRE, 26, Canada, Cobourg, d/o William & Mary EYRE. Wtn: E. KIDD of Picton and S. MOXON of  Sophiasburgh on July 25, 1891 at Picton 010258-91 Thomas CRATE, 35, England, Kingston, Hotel Clerk, s/o James & Elizabeth CRATE married Rachel E. HYNEMAN, 28, Athol, Picton, d/o Samuel & Eleanor HYNEMAN. Wtn: Charles HYNEMAN & Mary Ann HYNEMAN of Picton on June 17, 1891 at Picton
10151-91 Henry Selwyn CRONK, 33, farmer, Sophiasburgh, same, s/o James CRONK & Mintche, married Kate Elnora PALMER, 25, Sophiasburgh, same, d/o Cornelius PALMER & Susan, witn: Berton PALMER & James CRONK, both of Sophiasburgh, 13 Jan 1891 at res of bride's father, Sophiasburgh  
10439-93 (Prince Edward Co): Benjamin Y. CUNNINGHAM, 23, farmer, Hillier twp., same, s/o Elijah & Phoebe, married Adaline LOVELESS, 23, Hillier, same, d/o Absolem & Sarah J., witn: Leslie HUBBS & Kate SPENCER, both of Hillier, 21 Oct 1891 at Wellington 010189-91 Edward C. DALMAGE (DULMAGE?), 38, carpenter, Canada, North Marysburgh, s/o David & Irma, married Amelia L. KELLER, 32, Canada, North Marysburgh, d/o Philip & Sophia, witn: Frederick SPAFFORD (STAFFORD?) of North Marysburgh & Edna DALMAGE of Trenton on July 27, 1891 at Picton
010210-91 David R. DEMPSEY, 41, farmer, Ameliasburgh, same, s/o Peter & Elizabeth, married Matilda ONDERDONK, 42, Ameliasburgh, same, d/o John & Mary, witn Benj. G. DEMPSEY, Carrie ONDERDONK, both of Ameliasburgh, Feb 25, 1891, Ameliasburgh #010242-91 - William Manklin EATON, 25, farmer, North Marysburgh, same, s/o Galentia & Ursula, married Mille HUGHES, 19, North Marysburgh, same, d/o Calvin & Sarah, witnesses were James HUGHES of North Marysburgh & Agnes GRIFFITH of Picton, 18 Feb 1891 at Picton
  010176-91 (Prince Edward) Leslie EDMONDS, 21, Farmer, Athol, Athol, s/o Leonard & Harriet EDMONDS, married Cora CANNON, 17, Norwood, Athol, d/o John & Phoebe CANNON, wtns Jennie SECOMB & Minnie HICKS both of Milford, October 7 1891 at Milford
010285-91 William ELLIS, 31, farmer, widower, England, Hillier, s/o Thomas & Mary Ann, married Mary Emily GORDON, 27, Sophiasburgh, same, d/o Edward & Sarah, witn: E. W. & Gertie GORDON both of Picton on Dec. 2, 1891 at Picton 010162-91 (Prince Edward) Erastus Clinton FAIRMAN, 32, Farmer, Thurlow, Sophiasburg, s/o Anson FAIRMAN & Mahaley MILLIGAN, married Susan Elizabeth RICHARD, 26, Murray, Sophiasburg, d/o Thomas RICHARD & Almira BADGLEY, wtns William H. & Hannah RICHAR--?(off page) of Sophiasburg, December 16, (year off page ) at Sophiasburg
010279-91 Thomas W. FARINGTON, 21, farmer, Prince Edward Co., Jefferson Co NY State, s/o Thomas B. & Alice, married Addie BROWN, 20, South Marysburgh, same, d/o Marshall & Caroline, witn: K.C. McDIARMID & Sarah RICHARDS both of Picton on Nov. 25, 1891 at Picton 010274-91 John FERGUSON, 23, farmer, Sophiasburgh, same, s/o Donald & Betsy, married T. GRAVES, 20, Picton, Sophiasburgh, d/o Aaron & Annie, witn: Marian BABBETT & E. M. COPELAND both of Picton on Sept. 30, 1891 at Picton
#010234-91 - David FOOTE, 20, laborer, Lonsdale, Deseronto, s/o William Allan & Sarah, married Minnie CLARK, 20, Forest Mills, Picton, d/o Horatio & Annie, witnesses were John & Letitia CANINGTON of Picton, 1 Jan 1891 at Picton 010169-91 (Pr. Edward) Elkanah FOSHAY, 30, farmer, Canada, Hillier, s/o Charles & Rhoda FOSHAY, married Agnes Jane TURVY, 30, Canada, Hillier, d/o George & Hannah TURVY, wtns William TURVY of Hillier & Helen LACHLIN of Trenton, September 8 1891 at Hillier
010299-91 Archibald GATSON, 21, gardener, Picton, same, s/o Edward & Abigail, married Ettie ECKERT, 23, Athol, same, d/o John & Eliza, witn: James HUGHES of North Marysburgh & Amanda HUGHES of Athol on Dec. 28, 1891 at Athol Tp 010293-91 William H. GOUGH, 26, farmer, Hallowell, same, s/o James & Dorca, married Bertie KETCHUM, 26, Athol, same, d/o Eli & Emily J., witn: Finley & Mary KETCHUM both of Athol on Oct. 11, 1891 at residence of Eli Ketchum at Athol.
10157-91 Dorland GREAVES, 35, farmer, Sophiasburgh, Big Island, s/o Nathaniel GREAVES & Myriam CARNAHAN, married Utincy? TRIPP, 23, of Sophiasburgh, d/o David TRIPP & Phoebe JONES, witn: Arnold WAY of Sophiasburgh & Stella WILSON of Demorestville, 16 Sept 1891 at Demorestville  
010249-91 Edwin GREENFIELD, 24, Picton, same, Blacksmith, s/o Thomas & Mary Ann GREENFIELD married Ann Eliza WARD, 21, No. Marysburgh, Picton, d/o John & Sophia WARD. Wtn: Margaret Ann YOUNG and Martha WARD of Picton on March 21, 1891 at Picton #010233-91 - Wilfred HAIGHT, 28, farmer, Hillier, Hallowell, s/o Philip & Lois A., married Bertha CAHOON, 19, Lansdown, Hallowell, d/o Nelson & Celia, witnesses were William CAHOON & Bella HAIGHT, Oct. 28, 1891 at Hallowell
010213-91 Cyrus Ryerson HANCOCK, 32, drayman, Oshawa, Chatham - Kent Co., s/o James R. & Margaret, married Sarah Matilda HOWELL, 29 Sophiasburgh, Ameliasburgh, d/o John & Sarah Sophrone, witn Herbert S. HANCOCK, Margaret MAYERS, both of Belleville, June 17, 1891, Ameliasburgh #010235-91 - Roswell HARRISON, 27, mechanic, Adolphustown, North Marysburgh, s/o John H. & Melissa, married Maud BONGARD, 23, North Marysburgh, same, d/o Job Deacon & Jane, witnesses were Archibald KERR & Amelia MINAKER, both of North Marysburgh, 7 Jan 1891 at Picton
  010199-91 Edward Wesley HAWKINS, 29, farmer, widower, Huntingdon, Rawdon, s/o John & Margaret, married Cassie ROBINSON, 25, Belleville, Ameliasburgh, d/o James & Catherine, witn: John W. KINGSTON of Huntingdon & Ella A. ROBINSON of Rossmore on Sept. 23, 1891 at Ameliasburgh
010211-91 John Wesley HERRINGTON, 23, farmer, Canada, Ameliasburgh, s/o Reuben & Miranda, married Annie Eliza MILLER, 18, Canada, Brighton Twp., d/o James and Mary, witn Alonzo ALLARD, Henrietta ALLARD, both of Brighton, Jan 18, 1891, Consecon 010253-91 Norman HINEMAN, 25, Athol, Picton, Farmer, s/o Samuel & Ellen HINEMAN married Lydia MACK, 20, So. Marysburgh, Picton, d/o Phillip & Gertrude MACK. Wtn: Daniel MACK and Maggie MACK of Picton on April 13, 1891 at Picton
010256-91 George M. HOBSON, 23, No. Marysburgh, same, Farmer, s/o William & Christina HOBSON married Calista BRADLEY, 23, No. Marysburgh, same, d/o James & Elizabeth BRADLEY. Wtn: Agnes Griffith and Sylvia PATTERSON of Picton on May 16, 1891 at Picton 010215 Levi HOLMES, 26, farmer, Sophiasburgh, Demorestville, s/o John & Annie, married Sarah WAY, 23, Sophiasburgh, Demorestville, d/o John & Sophia, witn: Elizabeth & Nellie BRIDEN, both of Bloomfield, April 18, 1891, Bloomfield
010191-91 Haviland HUBBS, 43, farmer, widower, Hallowell, same, s/o Amos & Mary, married Ida Bertha ROSE, 26, North Marysburgh, same, d/o Rosalie & Frederick, witn: William. B. WILLIAMS of Mariposa & & Agnes LENT of Picton on Jan. 6, 1891 at North Marysburgh 010223-91 William A. HUBBS, 19, farmer, Hallowell, same, s/o Thomas & Esther, married Annie Bell HENDRY, 19, Hallowell, same, d/o Samuel & Harriet, witn Frank GRANT, Allisonville, Eppie HUFF, Chisholm, Feb 11, 1891, Hallowell
010296-91 Nelson HUDGINS, 22, farmer, S. Marysburgh Tp., Athol Tp., s/o Gilbert & Eliza, married Emma THIBAULT, 20? Athol Tp., same, d/o Edmund & Phoebe, witn: Mrs J. C. BELL & Calvin SPAFFORD both of Cherry Valley on Dec. 16, 1891 at Cherry Valley  
010217-91 Walter G. HUFF, 21, yeoman, Hallowell, same, s/o Jos. E. & Mary, married Nellie ADAMS, 20, Sophiasburgh, Hallowell, d/o Jos. & Harriet, witn A.B. WILSON , Wellington & Bella HUFF, Chisholm, Jan 6, 1891, Hallowell 010262-91 Mark? Vallier HUFF, 22, Athol, same, Farmer, s/o James & Zelphi HUFF married Mary Jane SHOEBRIDGE, 22, Hillier, Hallowell, d/o Edmund & Susan HUFF. Wtn: Margaret A. YOUNG and Emma YOUNG of Picton on 2 June 1891 at Picton
010298-91 William J. HUGHES, 23, farmer, Picton Ontario, Cherry Valley Ont., s/o Joseph Norman & Mary, married Emma MINAKER, 23, Marysburgh Tp., Cherry Valley, d/o Nazareth & Harriet, witn: Stanley STEVENS of Athol & Flora MAGUIRE of South Marysburgh on Dec. 25, 1891 at Cherry Valley 010174-91 (Prince Edward) Samuel HUNT, 28, Farmer, Hallowell, Hallowell, s/o Morris & Isabella , married Ida SHARP, 28, Hallowell, Hallowell, d/o John & Lodena , wtns Mr. & Mrs. John CRIPPIN of Hillier, February 12 1891 at Hillier
010295-91 Albert HYNESMAN, 22, farmer, S. Marysburgh Tp., Athol Tp., s/o John & Lucinda, married Elizabeth J. McKIBBON, 24, Athol Tp., Hallowell Tp., d/o Alex & Irena, witn: Sarah J. BELL & Malcolm MAYBEE both of Cherry Valley on Nov. 25, 1891 at Cherry Valley #010237-91 - James Norman ISTEED, 36, farmer, Hallowell, Hillier, s/o James & Phebe, married Georganna ISTEED, 24, Hallowell, same, d/o Thomas & Mary, witnesses were Thomas A. & Agnes GRIFFITH of Picton, 13 Jan 1891 at Picton
010283-91 James Arthur JACKSON, 23, gentleman, Dansville NY State, same, d/o James H. JACKSON & Catharine JOHNSON, married Mary Ethel McMULLEN, 18, Picton, same, d/o G. W. & Ruth Amelia, witn: Albert J. CROILL of Dansville NY & Luella WILSON of Picton on Dec. 16, 1891 at Picton 010195-91 John S. JACKSON, 25, ship carpenter, Hallowell, same, s/o Richard & Rebecca, married Henrietta BARNUM, 20, Ameliasburgh, same, d/o John & Caroline, witn: Charles H. & Ida M. BARNUM both of Ameliasburgh on Nov. 3, 1891 at Rednerville.
010291-91 Hiram Leslie JOHNSON, laborer, Athol, same, s/o William Andrew & Mary Ann, married Ida Jane BEVERSTOCK (Baverstock?), 15, Athol, same, d/o Robert & Phoebe, witn: William Andrew JOHNSON of Hallowell & Emma YOUNG of Picton on Mar. 24, 1891 at Athol #010241-91 - John Wesley JONES, 27, electrician, Canada, Toronto,s/o Lorenzo & Hannah, married Helen E. MORELAND, 23, Canada, Picton, d/o John & Elizabeth, witnesses were S.R. MORELAND & M. HAZLETT, both of Picton, 17 Feb 1891 at Picton
010271-91 Andrew JONES, 19, Wellington, Hallowell, Farmer, s/o Stephen & Ellen JONES married Edith BROWN, 19, So. Marysburgh, same, d/o Marshall BROWN & Caroline BROWN. Wtn: Stewart BROWN and Addie BROWN of So. Marysburgh on September 19, 1891 at Picton 010281-91 Archibald KEITH, 33, sailor, Canada, Lakeport Northumberland Co., s/o John & Flora M., married Beatrice L. TAIT, 25, Canada, Hallowell, d/o John & Margaret, witn: George A. KEITH of Lakeport & Anna TAIT of Picton on Dec. 8, 1891 at Picton.
010261-91 Mintalbert (sic) KELLAR, 19, Fredericksburgh, Wellington, Farmer, s/o John & Mary KELLAR married Amanda Ann YOUNG, 20, Hillier, Hallowell, d/o George & Harriet YOUNG. Wtn: James YOUNG of Hallowell and George Sills YOUNG of Picton on June 20, 1891 at Picton  
10167-91 (Pr. Edward) George F. LANDON, 41, Carpenter, Picton, Winnipeg, s/o Daniel G. & Sarah C. LANDON, married Annie L. CLAPPER, 27, Widow, Wellington, Wellington, d/o Samuel & Martha HYATT, wtns A. M. & Mrs. A. M. OSBORNE of Wellington, March 4 1891, at Wellington. 010196-91 Frank LENT, 23, farmer, Massassaga Pt., (?) same, s/o Martin & Lydia, married Alevilda FREDERICK, 18, Massassaga Pt., same, d/o Irvine & Alevilda, witn: Byron & Alevilda FREDERICK both of Ameliasburgh on March 12, 1891 at Massassaga.
010272-91 Walter S. LOVE, 30, Picton, same, Cabinet Maker, s/o James & Hester LOVE married Metha (Martha?) V.C. ANDERSON, 26, Sidney Tp., Picton, Widower, d/o Thomas W. JONES & Sarah I. SAUNDERS. Wtn: Herbert M. LOVE of Picton and Bella MURRAY of Rossmore on October 5, 1891 at Picton 010276-91 John W. MACK, 19, farmer, Hallowell, Picton, s/o Daniel & Margaret, married Bertha LOCKLIN, 19, Odessa , Picton, d/o Benjamin & Hester, witn: Sarah RICHES & Emma McDIARMID both of Picton on Oct. 17, 1891 at Picton
  10549-92 John MacLEAN, 28, farmer, Scotland, Consecon, s/o Kenneth & Catherine, married Elizabeth HOLMES, 26, Ireland, Hillier, d/o Andrew & Elizabeth, witn: Margaret HOLMES & John MacDONALD, both of Hillier, 30 Dec 1891 at Hillier
010208-91 William A. MAIDENS, 27, farmer, Ameliasburgh, same, s/o Robert & Pheobe Ann, married Nettie WEESE, 22, Ameliasburgh, same, d/o Henry & Julia, witn Jennie SECCOMBE, Daisy SECCOMBE, both of Ameliasburgh, Dec 1, 1890, Carrying Place 010288-91 John MASTEN (MARTIN?) farmer, Lennox Ontario, Athol, s/o Daniel & Mary, married Emma RYLOTT? 36, widow, Sidney Ontario, Athol, d/o H. & Mary SYMONS, witn: H. G. McMULLEN & Emma Catherine McDIARMID both of Picton on Dec. 31, 1891 at Picton.
#010239-91 - Henry MAXWELL, 31, farmer, North Marysburgh, same, s/o Michael MAXWELL & Ann FLANNAGAN, married Bella MORDEN, 21, North Marysburgh, same, d/o Robert MORDEN & Eliza MURPHY, witnesses were George MAXWELL & Mary SHANNON, both of North Marysburgh, 13 Jan 1891 at Picton (Rom Cath) 010290-91 M. MAYBEE, 35, medical doctor, Kingston, Odessa, s/o Benjamin & Sarah L., married Addie PERRIN, 25, widow, Picton, Milford, d/o James & Ellen WOODROW, witn: Minnie ADAMS of Cherry Valley & John A. ADAMS of Sault Ste Marie Michigan on Mar. 18, 1891 at Athol
010179-91 (Prince Edward) William C. McCARTNEY, 34, Railroading, Hungerford Twp., Algoma District, s/o Carleton & Alice McCARTNEY, married Emma A. ACKERMAN, 29, South Marysburgh, South Marysburgh, d/o Alva & Syntha ACKERMAN, witness Mrs. SEACOMB of Milford, November 11 1891 at Milford 010246-91 Leslie G. McCAW, 36, Canada, Picton, Farmer, Widower, s/o William & Jane McCAW married Isabel WALMSLEY, 28, Canada, Picton, d/o James & Isabel WALMSLEY. Wtn: Thomas WALMSLEY of Picton and Margaret NETHERY of Hillier on March 11, 1891 at Picton
010186-91 (Prince Edward) Upson McCONNELL, 21, Farmer, Ontario, Athol, s/o Renton & Abigail McCONNELL, married Ella Ann HINAMAN, 19, Ontario, South Marysburgh, d/o John & Jennette HINAMAN, wtns J. Harman BEER of Milford & Asseneth TRIPP of Bloomfield, March 30 1891 at Milford  
010216 Beverly MCDONALD, 30, farmer, Hallowell, same, s/o Henry B. & Mehetable, married Alma SHORTS, 28, widow, Hallowell, same, d/o James JACKSON, Feb 7, 1891, Hallowell 010202-91 Robert MCDONALD, 28, stone cutter, Thurlow, same, s/o Robt & Mary C., married Hellen COPPINGER, 28, widow, Thurlow, same. d/o George & Matilda MCDONALD, witn Matilda SHAW & Donald MCDONALD, Thurlow, July 21, 1891, Ameliasburgh
10159-91 Charles McDONALD, 23, farmer, Wellington, same, s/o George McDONALD & Jane BEADLE, married Adelia DAVIS, 21, Sophiasburgh, same, d/o Edgerton DAVIS & Sarah YERKS, witn: George McDONALD & Ella BRADLEY, 14 Oct 1891 at not given [reg’d in Sophiasburgh twp] 010193-91 Charles S. McGILLIVRAY, 24, school teacher, Picton, Sophiasburgh, s/o Charles & Ruth, married Margaret J. FISHER, 23, Sidney Hastings Co, Sophiasburgh, d/o Albert & Eliza, witn: George ROBINSON & Sarah OSBORNE both of Ameliasburgh on Oct. 21, 1891 at Rednerville
#010238-91 - James Bruce McGILLIVRAY, 32, farmer, Adolphustown, Picton, s/o John & Barbara, married Addie Florence Amanda ROSE, 26, North Marysburgh, Picton, d/o Peter & Marguerite, witnesses were Louisa May & Dorcilla Elizabeth ROSE of Picton, 22 Jan 1891 at Picton 010184-91 (Prince Edward) James McINTOSH, 23, Mariner, Ontario, South Marysburgh, s/o James & Lydia McINTOSH, married Lilly BROOKS, 18, Ontario, South Marysburgh, d/o John & Isabella BROOKS, wtns Dan & Ida McINTOSH of South Marysburgh, January 21 1891 at South Marysburgh
010180-91 (Prince Edward) William McKISSOCK, 21, Labourer, Picton, Picton, s/o John & Bell McKISSOCK, married Mary CONNER, 18, Belleville, Picton, d/o Robert & Annie CONNER, witness A. V. FULLER of Havelock, December 9 1891 at Milford,  #010240-91 - Thomas McMAHON, 35, farmer, North Marysburgh, same, s/o Patrick McMAHON & Maria KEHOE, married Mary Ellen HOBSON, 33, North Marysburgh, same, d/o Robert HOBSON & Phoebe McGUIRE, witnesses were Alexander HOBSON & Susan SHANNON, both of North Marysburgh, 14 Jan 1891 at Picton (Rom Cath)
010263-91 James Bates McMULLAN (McMullen?), 49, Hillier, Picton, Manufacturer, Widower, s/o Daniel & Eliza McMULLAN (McMullen?) married Sylvia PATTERSON, 28, Indiana USA, Picton, Widow, d/o Milo & Anne PELTON. Wtn: Fred B. McMULLAN (McMullen?) and Agnes Jane GRIFF? of Picton on June 18, 1891 at Picton 10152-91 Hiram McQUAID, 19, farmer, Sophiasburgh, same, s/o Edward McQUAID & Jane, married Annie JOHNSTON, 19, Marysburg, same, d/o George JOHNSTON & Jane, witn: Edward & Maggie McQUAID of Sophiasburgh, 26 Jan 1891 at not given
  010292-91 Ezra V. MILLER, 28, engineer, widower, Athol, Belleville, s/o David & Minerva, married Agnes M. COLE, 30, Athol, same, d/o B. B. & Alma, witn: Nelson STAINE & Eliza COLE both of Athol on Sept. 5, 1891 at residence of B. B. Cole at Athol
010268-91 Walter D. MINAKER, 25, So. Marysburgh, same, Farmer, s/o Andrew & Hannah MINAKER married Jessie M. DENIKE, 21, No. Marysburgh, Picton, d/o Isaac & Susan DENIKE. Wtn: Emma McDIARMID and Sarah RICHES of Picton on August 19, 1891 at Picton 010161-91 (Prince Edward) William MORAN, 25, Farmer, Sophiasburg, Sophiasburg, s/o Luke MORAN & Mary L. DELONG, married Blanche DEMILL, 22, Sophiasburg, Sophiasburg, d/o Nathaniel & Wealthy DEMILL, witns Eaton MORAN & Gertrude MORAN both of Sophiasburg, December 16, 1891 at Sophiasburg
010301-91 William MORGAN, laborer, Maryland USA, Athol Tp., s/o William & Sarah, married Nancy TUTTLE, 27, Picton, same, d/o Solomon & Emiline, witn: W. MOON & Mildred BELL both of Cherry Valley on Dec. 30, 1891 at Cherry Valley 010203-91 Walter MOY Jr., 21, laborer, England, Ameliasburgh, s/o Wallie & Eliza, married Alzena COLE, 21, Ameliasburgh, same, d/o Nelson & Hannah, witn Edward MOY, Effie COLE, Ameliasburgh, Dec 9, 1891 Ameliasburgh
010245-91 James Thomas NELSON, 26, Kingston, same, Mason, Joshua Thomas & Elizabeth NELSON married Lillian Maud STORM(S?), 20, No. Marysburgh, Picton, d/o John Henry & Eve Malinda STORM(S?). Wtn: Emma YOUNG and James STORM(s) of Picton on March 9, 1891 at Picton 10158-91 Arthur NEWMAN, 22, farmer, England, Sophiasburgh, s/o William NEWMAN & Sarah MAKCHAM, married Martha DORLAND, 19, Sophiasburgh, same, d/o John DORLAND & Deborah ECKERT, witn: James NEWMAN & Edith DORLAND, both of Sophiasburgh, 4 Nov 1891 at Sophiasburgh
 010222-91 Jesse(?) E. ORSER, 26, gardner, Hallowell, same, s/o John B. & Emma married Lucetta J. MCFAUL, 33, Hallowell, same, d/o Hiram & Sarah A., witn Bella HUFF & H. M. MCKEE, both of Chisholm, Jan 28, 1891, Chisholm 010177-91 (Prince Edward) Peter J. OSTRANDER, 32, Widower, Storekeeper, South Marysburgh, South Marysburgh, s/o Peter & Rebecca OSTRANDER, married Eliza Ella SWEET, 20, Fenndlar?, South Marysburgh, d/o Hiram & Lizette SWEET, wtns  Mrs SECOMBE of Milford, September 2 1891 at Milford
010255-91 William PATIENCE, 35, England, No. Marysburgh, Farmer, Widower, s/o John & Mary PATIENCE married Georgianna PATIENCE, 20, Canada, No. Marysburgh, d/o (father unknown) & Anna PATIENCE. Wtn: H.M. LOUCKS & M.H. LOUCKS of Picton on May 11, 1891 at Picton 010248-91 John PATTISON, 23, Hastings Co., same, Farmer, s/o George & Jane PATTISON married Emma LINDSAY, 25, Hastings Co., Hallowell, d/o James & Hannah E. LINDSAY. Wtn: John Nethaniel MACK of Hallowell & Edith COULTHARD of Picton on March 30, 1891 at Presbyterian Manse Picton
010178-91 (Prince Edward) Eliphlet PELING, 24, Farmer, Bloomfield, Bloomfield, s/o James & Mary Ann PELING, married Bertha MARKLAND, 21, Bloomfield, Cherry Valley, d/o Charles & Lucinnda MARKLAND, wtns Jennie SECOMB of Milford & Emmon GORSLING of Murray, July 1, 1891 at Milford  
010254-91 George PETERSON, 22, Hillier, same, Farmer, s/o Allen & Jane PETERSON married Cassie MACK, 20, Athol, same, d/o Joseph & Sarah MACK. Wtn: Rosa WRIGHT and Emma YOUNG of Picton on April 25, 1891 at Picton 010168-91 (Pr. Edward) Walter PETERSON, 20, laborer, Hillier, Hillier, s/o Allen & Emily , married Sarah E. MASSIE, 19, Consecon, Consecon, d/o James & Elizabeth , wtns Ira FLEMING & Helen ARTHUR both of Consecon, August 29 1891, at Consecon
  010243-91 Herbert Clapp PETTINGILL, 25, Hillier, same, Farmer, s/o Melvin & Elizabeth PETTINGILL married Anastasia SMITH, 22, No. Marysburgh, Picton, d/o John & Mary SMITH. Wtn: Peter McCARRON and Margaret Ann YOUNG of Picton on February 23, 1891 at Picton
010284-91 Sylvanus PINE, 22, farmer, Hillier, same, s/o Gideon & Hannah, married Margaret PLEWS, 23, Northumberland Co., Hillier, d/o Thomas & Emma, witn: Samuel BOWERMAN & Emma McDIARMID both of Picton on Dec. 24, 1891 at Picton 010181-91 (Prince Edward) Robert B. REID, 21, Carpenter, Ontario, Picton, s/o Robert & Charlotte REID, ,married Mary H. SHAW, 20, Ontario, Picton, d/o James & Jane SHAW, witness J. Herman & Annie L. BEER of South Marysburgh, January 31 1891 at South Marysburgh.
#010236-91 - Lewis ROBSON, 27, engineer, London England, Thurlow, s/o Peter James & Catherine, married Ida May CARNEY, 26, Tyendinaga, Picton, d/o William & Alice, witnesses were Sylvia PATTERSON & Lizzie H. STEELE of Picton, 12 Jan 1891 at Picton  
010267-91 James C. ROGERS, 29, Linden Valley Ont., Picton, Teacher, s/o Elihu & Susannah ROGERS married Agnes Gerbu? VANDUSEN, 21, Consecon, Picton, d/o George E. & Agnes B. VANDUSEN. Wtn: Edgar T. VANDUSEN of Picton and Alice ROGERS of Linden Valley Ont. on July 21, 1891 at Picton 010270-91 James ROLLINSON, 19, Ameliasburgh, Hillier, Farmer, s/o John & Sarah ROLLINSON married Effie FORSHEE, 15, Hillier, same, d/o Peter & Mary J. FORSHEE. Wtn: K.C. McDIARMID of Picton and Mary F. FORSHEE of Hillier on September 11, 1891 at Picton
010259-91 William ROLSTON, 20, No. Marysburgh, same, Farmer, s/o Robert & Catharine ROLSTON married Margaret Ann DANARD, 16, So. Marysburgh, same, d/o Peter & Margaret Ann DANARD. Wtn: James DANARD of Milford and Mary DANARD of Picton on May 13, 1891 at Picton 010282-91 William ROLSTON, 28, merchant, Ireland, Picton, s/o William & Jane, married Florence A. HARRINGTON, 17, Prince Edward Co., Picton, d/o Zachariah & Amity, witn: E. C. McDIARMID & Sarah RICHES both of Picton on Dec. 8, 1891 at Picton
010278-91 Robert ROSE, 29, farmer, Hallowell, same, s/o Joseph & Sarah, married Carrie STONE, 19, Hallowell, same, d/o William & Fanny, witn: Eliphalet & Bertha PELING both of Hallowell on Nov. 4, 1891 at Picton 010209-91 Willie R. RUSSELL, 25, farmer, Ameliasburgh, same. s/o William & Margaret, married Hannah ALLISON, 18, Brighton, Ameliasburgh, d/o William & Rhoda Ann, Witn Pembroke PECK, Maggie ALLISON, both of Ameliasburgh, April 7, 1891, Ameliasburgh
010207-91 William B. SILLS, 27, farmer, Hungerford, Murray, s/o Sylvester & Martha, married Annie Dora BROWN, 24, Ameliasburgh, same, d/o James & Nancy, witn Morley S. ALYEA, John ALYEA, both of Ameliasburgh, Jan 14, 1891, Ameliasburgh 010275-91 William SMITH, 28, farmer, Hallowell, same, s/o Hugh & Sarah, married Blanche RUSSELL, 19, Hallowell, same, d/o John & Hannah, witn: Arthur & Charlotte BRANSCOMB both of Hallowell on Oct. 14, 1891 at Picton
010212-91 Eli Charles SMITH, 23, farmer, Canada, Ameliasburgh, s/o Cornelius & Elizabeth, married Sarah Emma HUNT, 21, Canada, Ameliasburgh, d/o David & Mary, witn Rev.S.H. DEPEW, Mrs. I.J. DEPEW, both of Consecon, Jan 7, 1891,Consecon 010286-91 Earl SPENCER, 26, farmer, Athol, Hallowell, s/o James R. & Eliza B., married Ida J. STAFFORD, 26, Sophiasburgh, Picton, d/o John H. & Melissa, witn: Millie W. DUNBAR & Gussie STAFFORD both of Picton on Dec. 2, 1891 at Picton
010190-91 Nathaniel STORMS, 48, farmer, widower, Ontario, North Marysburgh, s/o Gilbert & Elizabeth, married Hester A MINAKER, 49, widow, Ontario, Bath Ontario, d/o John & Mary Jane PALMATEER, witn: William G. & Elizabeth DUNKLEY both of Picton on Sept. 26, 1891 at Picton 010192-91 Andrew Marshal SWITZER, 21, farmer, Camden, North Marysburgh, s/o Silas & Charlotte, married Minnie Mary PETTIT, 20, North Marysburgh, same, d/o Samuel & Annie, witn: Samuel & Annie PETTIT, both of North Marysburgh on June 5, 1891 at North Marysburgh
010188-91 Ira STORMS, 22, farmer, Canada, North Marysburgh, s/o William & Margaret, married Anna ROSE, 16, Canada, North Marysburgh, d/o Albert & Mary, witn: H. M. LOUCKS & Elizabeth PARSONS both of Picton on Dec. 16, 1891 at Picton 010294-91 Stanley TAYLOR, 27, farmer, Athol, same, s/o Alfrid & Mary, married Mary THIBAULT, 25, Athol, same, d/o Edward & Christina, witn: Alfrid TAYLOR & Mrs. S. J. BELL both of Athol Tp. on Oct. 14, 1891 at Athol
010269-91 George E. TERWILLIGER, 22, Hallowell, same, Farmer, s/o Joseph & Emma TERWILLIGER married Annie E. COLE, 22, Athol, Picton, d/o Luke and Sarah COLE. Wtn: Sarah RICHES and S. McDIARMID of Picton on September 2, 1891 at Picton 010273-91 George H. THOMAS, 24, laborer, Kingston, Deseronto, s/o George & Hannah, married Mary E. ACKERMAN, 29, widow, Prince Edward Co., Picton, d/o John & Margaret MOORE, witn: Samuel K. & Jennie BOWERMAN both of Picton on Sept. 26, 1891 at Picton.
010171-91 (Prince Edward) Delmer TICE, 23, Farmer, Hillier, Hillier, s/o James & Sarah married Emma Augusta PEARSOLL, 25, Hillier, Hillier, d/o Samuel & Margaret Ann wtns Andrew PEARSOLL of Crofton & Charles BREIR? of Allisonville, March 24 1891 at Hillier  
010289-91 Sidney TRIPP, 23, farmer, Hallowell, Hillier, s/o William Henry & Sarah, married Sarah Lena HUDGINS, 17, Athol, same, d/o William K. & Sarah J., witn: Annie TRIPP of Hillier & George E. TERWILLIGAS? of Hallowell on Mar. 11, 1891 at Athol 010228-91 Lester TRUMPOUR, 27, farmer, Hillier, Bloomfield, s/o Herman & Phila Ann, married Maud FRASER, 18, Bloomfield, same, witn Mamie & Charles FRALICK, Bloomfield, Dec 3, 1891, Bloomfield
010225-91 David VANDERWATER, 23, farmer, Hastings Co., Hallowell, s/o Philip C. & Annie, married Anna MCFAUL, 20, Hallowell, same, d/o Peter & Hannah, witn Fred VANDERWATER & May MCFAUL, both of Hallowell, Mar 31, 1891, Hallowell 010287-91 William Barton VINCENT, 32, mechanic, Hallowell, Picton, s/o James & Louisa, married Mary Esther WILLIAMS, 32, Sophiasburgh, same, d/o William & Asenath, witn: Mrs. G. H. COPELAND of Picton on Dec. 30, 1891 at Picton
010252-91 Thomas VINCENT, 29, England, No. Marysburgh, Farmer, s/o Edward & Sarah VINCENT married Amelia HICKS, 28, Prince Edward Co., No. Marysburgh, d/o Henry HICKS & Susen HICKS. Wtn: Rebecca J. SPRAGUE and Elizabeth MILLER of Picton on March 11, 1891 at Picton 010260-91 Herbert WALKER, 24, So. Marysburgh, same, Farmer, s/o James & Catharine WALKER married Minnie May CLARK, 21, Athol, same, d/o Paul & Elizabeth CLARK. Wtn: James WALKER and Veenia METCALF of Athol on May 27, 1891 at Picton
010297-91 James Alton WALKER, 30, farmer, Athol, same, s/o William & Mary, married V. Mary METCALF19, Athol Tp., Colborne, d/o illegible R. & Margaret, witn: illegible SAYERS of Michigan USA & Florence illegible of Huntingdon on Dec. 23, 1891 at residence of bride's father at Athol. 010300-91 Milton WALKER, 21, farmer, South Marysburgh, same, s/o James & Catherine, married Lilla DODGE, 20, South Marysburgh, same, d/o D. & Amelia DODGE, witn: Albert McCAW & Addie LOWRY both of South Marysburgh on Dec. 20, 1891 at Cherry Valley.
010183-91 (Prince Edward) Albert R. WELBANKS, 26, Farmer, Ontario, South Marysburgh, s/o Samuel & Mary Ann WELBANKS, married Cassie MINAKER, 23, Ontario, South Marysburg, d/o Albert & Adelia MINAKER, Witness Bertie LAZIER of South Marysburgh, February 20 1891 at South Marysburgh 010160-91 (Prince Edward) George C. WESSELS , 28, Farmer, Northport, same, s/o Joseph & Florence WESSELS, married Olinda D. LOYD, 19, Northport, Northport, d/o Jonas & Elizabeth LOYD, witn: Annie FARLEY of Wellington & Stewart LOYD of Northport, November 18, 1891 at Northport
#010563-92 - David WILDER, 24, tinsmith, Hillier, Picton, s/o Rufus & Abigail, married Harriet A. YOUNG, 19, Napanee, Picton, d/o Charles & Hester, 5 Sept 1891 at Wellington 010214-91 Joel H. WILLIAMSON, 49, widower, farmer, Penn. U.S., Langdon, N. Dakota, U.S., s/o James & Lucretia, married Sarah Elizabeth KINGSTON, 45, Lennox Co., Picton, d/o John & Ella, witn Joseph & Annie KINGSTON, both of Hallowell, Feb 18, 1891, Hallowell
010257-91 Daniel WILLIAN (sic) 45, Ontario, Beaverton, Clergyman, Widower, s/o Samuel & Jenifer WILLIA (sic) married Sarah Marjorie MacDONALD, 36, Prince Edward, Picton, d/o John & Sarah MacDONALD. Wtn: John MacDONALD of Wellington and Harriet MINA? of Picton on May 27, 1891 at Picton 010201-91 Abram WOOD, 28, farmer, Ameliasburgh, same, s/o Abram & Margaret, married Bertha E. DARLING, 18, Ameliasburgh, same, d/o Alpheus & Jane, witn H.M. SEXSMITH & Laura TICE, Ameliasburgh, 23 Dec 1891, Ameliasburgh
010244-91 Archibald YOUNG, 36, Wellington, Picton, Merchant, s/o William & Ann YOUNG married Elizabeth Adelia MAGUIRE, 27, Murray, Picton, d/o William & Isabella MAGUIRE. Wtn: Mrs. Daniel BRISBIN and Daniel BRISBIN of Picton on March 9, 1891 at Picton 10166-91 Harry P. YOUNG, 21, printer, Picton, same, s/o O.O. & Martha, married Ella REYNOLDS, 21, Wellington, Picton, d/o Elias & Mary Ann, witn: C. C. & M.K. LAMBLY of Wellington, 21 Jan 1891 at Wellington
010185-91 (Prince Edward) William W. ZUFELT, 19, Baker, Ontario, Hillier, s/o Calvin & Harriet ZUFELT, married Minnie ELLIOT, 17, Ontario, South Marysburgh, d/o Orlando & Mary ELLIOT, wtns Henry & Eliza HAIGHT of Milford, January 11 1891 at South Marysburgh.