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Prince Edward Co, 1894

birth place is given before residence


010512-94 Robert ALEXANDER, 24, farmer, Hillier, same, s/o James & Jane, married Ellen A. MORROW, 18, Philadelphia, Hillier, d/o George & Jane, witn: Richard JONES & Emma ALEXANDER both of Hillier on Jan. 10, 1894 at Carrying Place 010508-94 Thomas Hardy ALEXANDER (? Page torn off), 23, farmer, Hillier, same, s/o William & Caroline, married Martha Ann GRANT (? Page torn off) 22, Hillier, same, d/o Robert & Elizabeth, witn: Robert & Ellen ALEXANDER both of Carrying Place on Apr. 30, 1894 at Carrying Place
010531-94 James Edward ALYEA, 24, veterinary student, Ameliasburgh, same, s/o Peter & Mary Catherine, married Mary Catherine HARRIS, 18, Ameliasburgh, same, d/o Amos Smith & Margaret Jane, witn: Charles M. WESTFALL of Sidney & Alfaretta HARRIS of Ameliasburgh on Dec. 26, 1894 at Ameliasburgh  
10450-94 Hallet A. ANDERSON, 26, farmer, Ameliasburg twp., same, s/o John & Adeline, married Sarah E. CALNAN, 22, Hillier twp., same, d/o James & Susan, witn: A. E. CALNAN of Hillier & Gussie CLARK of Adolphustown, 11 Sept 1894 at Allisonville 010525-94 Franklin J. ANDERSON, 29, clergyman, Thurlow, Cambray, s/o Levi & Deborah, married Sarah Sybil WALKER, 25, Sidney Ameliasburgh, d/o David A. & Charlotte, witn: Alfred W. ANDERSON & Ella A. LAUDER both of Ameliasburgh on Sept. 12, 1894 at Ameliasburgh
010581-94 George AULTHOUSE, 21, Bloomfield, Hallowell Tp., Farmer, s/o John AULTHOUSE and Amelia DEWITTA married Zama (Zarna?) ROGERS, 18, Wellington, Hallowell Tp., d/o James ROGERS & Ella DEGROSE. Wtn: Matty and Edith CAMPBELL of Picton on August 1, 1894 at Picton 010571-94 Nelson BAILIE, 27, Canada, Picton, Mason, s/o Robert BAILIE & Mary Ann BAILIE married Margaret MORRISON, 25, Canada, Picton, d/o William MORRISON & Elizabeth MORRISON. Wtn: Mary H. LOUCKS of Picton on Ethelwyn LOUCKS of Picton on September 1, 1894 at Picton
010520-94 George Ross BEAMISH, 32, clerk in Holy Order, London, Kingston, s/o John & Margaret, married Margaret McLean ROBINSON, 27, Ameliasburgh, Consecon, d/o William J. & Margaret, witn: Rusella HENDERSON & Minnie ROBINSON both of Consecon on Sept. 2, 1894 at Consecon 010527-94 Walter BELNAP, 22, laborer, Rossmoor, same, s/o David & Mary, married Sarah E. GRAY, 18, Ameliasburgh, same, d/o William A. & Margaret, witn: Thomas GRAY & May BELNAP both of Ameliasburgh on Nov. 21, 1894 at Ameliasburgh
  10480-94 Ichabod BOWERMAN, no age given, widower, farmer, Prince Edward Co., Hillier, s/o not given, married Angelina HAIGHT, no age given, widow, Prince Edward Co., Hallowell, d/o not given, witn: Elizabeth GARRETT, Paul HAIGHT, Marmaduke HUTCHISON & H. R. KEITCH, all of Hallowell, 12 June 1894 at Hallowell
010517-94 James F. BOWERS, 22, cheese maker, Hungerford Twp., same, s/o John & Maria, married Hattie E. SMITH, 19, Ameliasburg Twp., same, s/o Cornelius & Clarinda, witn: Richard BOWERS of Ameliasburg & Elizabeth H. RORKE of Hallowell on Dec. 18, 1894 at Ameliasburg 010515-94 Elijah W. BRICKMAN, 32, farmer, widower, Ameliasburg, same, s/o William H. & Mary J., married Clarissa A. DELONG, 31, Ameliasburgh, same, d/o David H & Rachel, witn: Charles E. BRICKMAN & Effie DELONG both of Ameliasburg on Nov. 28, 1894 at Ameliasburg
010544-94 Edward Henry BRISTOW, 20, farmer, Prince Edward Co., Athol Tp., s/o Robert & Alberta, married Janey Isabella COWAN, 18, Prince Edward Co., Athol, d/o James & Abbie A., witn: Gena BRANSCOMBE & Luella McDIARMID both of Picton on Feb. 7, 1894 at Picton 010536-94 Sylvester CHURCH, 23, blacksmith, Ontario, Cherry Valley, s/o Richard & Ruth, married Ellen HARTGROVE, 23, South Marysburgh, same, d/o Joseph & Julia, witn: Samuel HARTGROVE & Mary WADSFORTH both of South Marysburgh on Sept 5, 1894 at South Marysburgh
010564-94 Hiram CLAPP, 30, farmer, N. Marysburgh, Sophiasburgh, s/o David L. & Lucy, married Ethel STURMEY, 21, Deseronto, Picton, d/o William & Fanny, witn: Edward STARK of S. Marysburgh & Emma SAYER of Picton on June 27, 1894 at Picton

010456-94 (Pr. Edward) Paul CLARK, 60, Widower, Mariner, Cherry Valley, Cherry Valley, s/o Peter & Gertrude CLARK, married Lucretia CORKINDALE, 50, widow, Picton, Picton, d/o Allen & Ann CORKINDALE, wtns: Gilbert & C. WAMSLEY of Waupoos, June 17 1894 at Waupoos

  010535-94 Oliver COLE, 22, farmer, Athol, same, s/o William & Ester, married Bertha RORABECK, 16, South Marysburgh, Athol, d/o Spencer & Alice, witn: Nelly WILSON & Sarah HUFFS both of Milford on Jan. 10, 1894 at Milford
010537-94 Anson COLLIER, 24, farmer, South Marysburgh, same, s/o Isaac & Sarah E., married Eunie E. OSTRANDER, 25, South Marysburgh, same, d/o Samuel & Ellen, witn: George L. OSTRANDER & Evalina MINAKER both of South Marysburgh on Oct., 17, 1894 at South Marysburgh 010528-94 Joseph Alexander CONKEY, 20, farmer, Ameliasburgh, Hillier Twp., s/o James S. & Augusta, married Henrietta GANDERSON, 22, Cramahe Twp., Wellington Ont., d/o James R. & Catherine, witn: Russell WEAVER & Agnes HARPER both of Wellington on Dec. 12, 1894 at Consecon
010582-94 Perry CONNOR, 26, Canada, North Marysburgh, Farmer, s/o Thomas L. CONNOR & Mary GORDON married Fanny L. GORDON, 21, Canada, North Marysburgh, d/o George GORDON & Mary SHEPHARD. Wtn: Hattie A. ASHLEY and P.J. POPE of Picton on December 5, 189(4) at Picton 10477-94 Truman (Freeman?) COOPER, 51, widower, gentleman, Hallowell, Picton, s/o Henry & Elizabeth, married Nettie LAZIER, 33, Sophiasburgh, Hallowell, d/o Nicholas & Frances, witn: William B. COOPER of Picton & Helen LAZIER of Hallowell, 7 March 1894 at Hallowell
010553-94 James COUTTS, 22, farmer, Peterborough Co., S. Marysburgh, s/o James & Jennie, married Mary Ann SNIDER, 25, widow, Prince Edward Co., S. Marysburgh, d/o William & Sarah SNIDER, witn: Ida M. AUSTIN, & Charles HYNSMAN both of S. Marysburgh on Mar. 7, 1894 at Picton 010524-94 Augustus H. CROSBY, 44, merchant, widower, Herkimer USA, Belleville, s/o John & Mary, married Harrah M. VANNART, 18, Rednerville, same, d/o George & Mary, witn: Oliver DUPRAU & Carrie THOMPSON both of Rednerville on Aug. 16, 1894 at Rednerville
010538-94 Samuel Jenkins DAINARD, 24, farmer, Ontario, Athol Twp., s/o Willit DAINARD & Mary Jane JENKINS, married Melissa Jane DAINARD, 23, Ontario, South Bay, d/o Richard JENKINS & Sarah DAINARD (sic), witn: Reuben H. JENKINS & Mary HICKS both of South Bay on Dec. 19, 1894 at South Bay 010569-94 John DAVIS, 28, book keeper, Cape Vincent NY USA, Picton, s/o Richard DAVIS & Mary CUMMINGS, married Ellen DOHERTY, 24, Picton, same, d/o Patrick DOHERTY & Ellen SCANLON, witn: James DAVIS of NY & Anna DOHERTY of Picton on May 21, 1894 at Picton. (RC)
010529-94 David R. DAVIDSON, 27, farmer, Brighton, same, s/o Francis & Margaret, married Addie M. GLENN, 25, Ameliasburgh, same, d/o David & Mary A., witn: Del CLINTON & W. DAVIDSON, both of Wellington on Oct. 30, 1894 at Ameliasburgh 010526-94 William C. DeLONG, 43, merchant tailor, widower, Ameliasburgh, same, s/o Harry & Mary, married Minnie L. BABCOCK, 30, Ameliasburgh, same, d/o John R. & Bethany D., witn: Morton WEESE & Annie PETTIT, both of Ameliasburgh on Nov. 6, 1894 at Ameliasburgh
010555-94 Kenneth B. DEMILL, 21, blacksmith, Hillier Tp., same, s/o Edward & Eurilla, married Emeline HODGEN, 20, Hastings Co., Bloomfield, d/o John & Maria, witn: E. BARCLAY of Port Hope & A. B. COPELAND of Picton on Apr. 19, 1894 at Picton. 010461-94 (Prince Edward) Andrew DENIKE, 40, Picton, Mechanic, North Marysburgh, Picton, s/o Andrew & Catherine DENIKE, married Gracella Jane SNIDER, 25, North Marysburgh, Picton, d/o John & Matilda SNIDER, wtns John N. & Nancy SNIDER of Picton, December 9 1894 at Picton
10453-94 Charles A. DENIKE, 40, farmer, North Marysburgh, same, s/o Andrew DENIKE & Catherine, married Annie L. VANDUSEN, 28, North Marysburgh, same, d/o George VANDUSEN & Mary A., witn: Martin & Hattie VANDUSEN of North Marysburgh, 28 Feb 1894 at Cressy Circuit 010534-94 Herbert ECKERT, 25, farmer, Athol Twp., same, s/o George A & E. married Annie M. WILLIAMSON, 26, Hallowell Twp., Cherry Valley, d/o James & Susan, witn: Albert HOLT & Beatrice WILLIAMSON both of Hallowell on Apr. 25, 1894 at St. Philip’s Church, Milford.
010547-94 Richard ELLIOTT, 55, shoemaker, widower, Ireland, Picton, s/o Robert & Susan, married Susan MILLER, 36, Smithville, same, d/o Michael & Margaret, witn: Ethel COPELAND of Picton on Feb. 21, 1894 at Picton 010533-94 Robert Henry FAIRBURN, 28, clerical student, Durham England, Illinois USA, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Mary Ann AMBLER, 29, Durham England, Milford Ont., d/o Abraham & Isabella, witn: Mrs. Emma KINONT & Mary E. COOK both of Milford Ont. on Mar. 18, 1894 at Milford

010467-94 (Pr. Edward) Wellington R. FAIRMAN, 44, Widower, Liveryman, Thurlow Twp., Belleville, s/o William & Caroline FAIRMAN, married Louise BECKWITH, 40, Widow, Huntington Twp., Belleville, d/o Samuel & Alvina [no surname given], wtns: C. P. HUNTER & Miss Mariah BECKWITH both of Belleville, July 30 1894 at Crofton

010465-94 (Prince Edward) Benjamin C. FORSHEE, 20, Farmer, Hillier Twp., Hillier Twp., s/o Peter & Mary Jane FORSHEE, married Margaret Jane McQUAID, 19, Sophiasburg, Sophiasburg, d/o Edward & Jane McQUAID, wtns Samuel McQUAID of Sophiasburg & Phoebe OSTRANDER of Picton, May 23 1894 at Sophiasburgh 10475-94 William Grills FURZE, 30, farmer, England, Hallowell, s/o John & Ann, married Malissa BARTLETT, 36, Hallowell, same, d/o William & Eliza, witn: Frank & Elizabeth GRAHAM of Hallowell, 23 Jan 1894 at Hallowell
010541-94 George A. B. GAY, 22, yeoman, Sophiasburgh Tp., Sidney Tp., s/o Robert GAY & Eliza BLAIR, married Nellie Ellen GRANT, 20, Hillier Tp., same, d/o Robert GRANT & Elizabeth JONES, witn: Allan & Lydia HAIGHT, both of Wellington on Oct. 10, 1894 at Wellington Tp 010563-94 William A.GIBSON, 27, physician, Prescott, Buffalo NY USA, s/o Lawrence & Helen H., married Clara NORTH, 26, Prince Edward Co., Picton, d/o Samuel & Agnes, witn: Sadie BOLTON & Jennie NORTH both of Picton on June 27, 1894 at Picton
010578-94 Thomas G. GILBERT, 37, Canada, Picton, Carpenter, s/o Charles GILBERT & Sarah FOSTER married Amelia E. LEAVENS, 34, Canada, Picton, d/o Charles LEAVENS & Margaret FOSTER. Wtn: Elgin and Agnes E. JACKSON of West Lake, on October 16, 1894 at Picton 010519-94 William T. GILES, 26, farmer, Ameliasburgh, same, s/o Nelson & Martha, married Carrie E. BARBER, 23, Hillier, Ameliasburgh, d/o John & Emily, witn: William BARBER & May GILES both of Ameliasburgh on Sept. 11, 1894 at Ameliasburgh
010561-94 Thomas GILMOUR, 20, farmer, Athol, same, s/o James & Teresa, married Florence LAWSON, 19, England, Picton, d/o John & Sarah, witn: Fred A. McDIARMID & Charlotte SUMMERS both of Picton on June 18, 1894 at Picton. 010584-94 William GLENN, 25, Chatham Ont., Picton, Sailor, s/o Alexander GLENN & Annie McKEE married Jessie HOPKINS 27, Picton, same, d/o James HOPKINS & Emma MILLER. Wtn: Mrs. T. HOPKINS and Thomas Hopkins of Picton on November 14, 1894 at Picton
010565-94 Michael GOODWIN, 42, grocer, widower, Canada, Picton, s/o James GOODWIN & Margaret SHANNON, married Mary BRADLEY, 34, Marysburgh, same, d/o Edward BRADLEY & Catherine KING, witn: James MULLIGAN of Picton & Emma BRADLEY of Marysburgh on Mar. 19, 1894 at Picton (RC) 010464-94 (Prince Edward) William C. GORSLINE, 27, Farmer, Sophiasburgh, Sophiasburgh, s/o Jacob GORSLINE & Rosanna CLAPP, married Almira L. FOSTER, 25, Sophiasburgh, Sophiasburgh, d/o Alfred FOSTER & Tabitha DORLAND, wtns Asa & Mabel FOSTER of Sophiasburgh, March 28 1894 at Sophiasburgh
  010513-94 Philip HAIGHT, 58, farmer, widower, s/o Robert & Auriel, married Hannah MABEE, 53, widow, Ameliasburg, same, d/o Richard & Sophia, witn: Byron FREDERICK & H. M. SNIDER of Rossmore on Jan. 24, 1894 at Ameliasburg.
010568-94 William HELFERTY, 47, farmer, Prince Edward Co., Hallowell Tp., s/o James HELFERTY & Margaret DOHERTY, married Emma BRADLEY, 32, Marysburgh, same, d/o Edward BRADLEY & Catherine KING, witn: James HELFERTY of Hallowell & Cassie BRADLEY of Marysburgh on Apr. 30, 1894 at Picton (RC) 010546-94 William HENRY, 24, merchant, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Thomas & Ann, married Mary BROWN, 24, Ireland, Picton, d/o John & Jane, witn: Donald G. MacPHAIL & Martha BROWN both of Picton on Jan. 16, 1894 at Picton
010579-94 Byron HICKS, 28, Canada, North Marysburgh, Farmer, s/o Alexander HICKS & Susan BONGARD married Ida May WADSFORTH, 21, Canada, Picton, d/o Henry WADSFORTH & Hannah ACKERMAN. Wtn: Martha GILMORE and P.J. POPE of Picton on November 14, 1894 at Picton 010556-94 Anson HILL, 22, farmer, Hallowell, Hastings Co., s/o John & Nellie A., married Helena WHEELER, 23, Ameliasburgh, Picton, d/o Henry & Eliza, witn: K.C. & Luella McDIARMID both of Picton on Apr. 25, 1894 at Picton
010594-94 John HINEMAN, 49, Canada, South Marysburgh, Mariner, Widower, s/o John & Lucinda HYNEMAN (sic) married Amelia WARD, 37, Wellington, Picton, Widow, d/o Andrew & Harriett DEWITTA. Wtn: Wellington DEWITTA of Picton on December 26, 1894 at Picton  
10479-90 Charles Leslie HINSMAN, 25, farmer, Athol, same, s/o Samuel & Emily, married Martha Jane JOHNSON, 25, Sophiasburgh, same, d/o William & Sarah Jane, witn: Mrs. Sarah TUTTLE & Emma Victoria JOHNSON, both of Picton, 26 March 1894 at Hallowell 010574-94 George HINSMAN, 22, Canada, South Marysburgh, Farmer, s/o John HINSMAN & Lucinda BROOKE (Brooks?) married Ida May AUSTIN, 19, Canada, South Marysburgh, d/o William AUSTIN & Sarah J. MONROE. Wtn: P.M. PULLIVER? of Picton and Mary E. HENDERSON of Picton on August 6, 1894 at Picton
010566-94 Norman HOBSON, 39, farmer, Marysburgh, same, s/o Robert HOBSON & Mary McGUIRE, married Josephine DELANEY, 38, Picton, same, d/o Michael DELANEY & Mary KEHOE, witn: Alexander HOBSON & Jane DELANEY both of Marysburgh on Nov. 21, 1894 at Picton. (RC) 10482-94 John Spencer HODGINS, 24, cheese maker, Shannonville, Bloomfield, s/o John & Mary, married Ella L. CHRISTY, 23, Bloomfield, same, d/o Thomas & Martha, witn: Herbert McDONALD & Dora BULL, both of Bloomfield, 6 June 1894 at Bloomfield

010470-94 (Pr. Edward) William Henry HOUGH, 30, Wood Worker, Quebec, Syracuse New York, s/o William & Lucinda H. HOUGH, married Effie CAUGHEY, 28, Big Island, Syracuse New York, d/o James & Jane CAUGHEY, wtns: Simon & Grace CAUGHEY of Crofton, October 3 1894 at Big Island

010521-94 Stuart HOVEY, 34, merchant, widower, Cobourg, Trenton, s/o Stuart & Anne Jane, married Emma BENTLEY, 26, Brougham, Ameliasburgh, d/o Lewis & Sarah Anne, witn: William Wilson HOVEY of Cobourg & Emma PIERSON of Ameliasburgh on Feb. 4, 1894 at Ameliasburgh

010468-94 (Pr. Edward) William HOWARD, 40, Yeoman, Sophiasburg, Sophiasburg, s/o James & Betsy HOWARD, married Mary Jane BROOKS, 20, Sophiasburg, Sophiasburg, d/o George & Minnie BROOKS, wtns: Dr. McDONALD & M.W. BUCKLER both of Demorestville, October 2, 1894 at Demorestville

010448-94 (Pr. Edward) Frank E. HOWELL, 22, Farmer, Sophiasburgh, Sophiasburgh, s/o Randall & Harriet HOWELL, married Amelia E FRALICK, 19, Athol Twp., Athol Twp., d/o Courtland & Lina FRALICK, wtns: F. & Eth WHITNEY both of Sophiasburgh, June 20 1894 at Athol Twp

010458-94 (Pr. Edward) William Charles HUBBS, 28, Farmer, South Marysburgh, Black River Bridge, s/o Ben & Mariah HUBBS, married Edith GRIMMON, 21, South Marysburgh, South Marysburgh, d/o Alma & Ellen GRIMMON, wtns: Nellie B GRIMMON & Bernie HUBBS both of South Marysburgh, October 30 1894 at South Marysburgh.

010545-94 Robert HUBBS, 29, farmer, Black River Bridge, same, s/o Benjamin & Maria, married Lilla MacSTEPHENS, 30, S. Marysburgh, Picton, d/o William & Lilla, witn: Nellie MacSTEPHENS of Picton & Charles HUBBS of Black River Bridge on Jan. 23, 1894 at Picton
010576-94 William INGRAM, 58, Canada, South Marysburgh, Farmer, Widower, s/o John INGRAM & Jane DOAK married Mary Jane McKIBBEN, 48, Canada, Athol Tp., d/o Henry McKIBBEN and Jane MORLAND. Wtn: James D. MURRAY of Picton and Annie J. MURRAY of Picton on October 15,1894 at Picton 010580-94 David L. JACKSON, 24, Hallowell Tp., same, Farmer, s/o Edgar JACKSON & Bathsheba PARKS married Bertha LOVELACE, 21, Hallowell Tp., same, d/o Rufus LOVELACE & Mary DUMPHEY. Wtn: William Ivan WAY and Hannah J. WAY of Hallowell Tp. on August 1, 1894 at Picton
010559-94 George E. JACKSON, 34, brick maker, Storrington, Deseronto, s/o Thomas & Holly, married Elizabeth JAMIESON, 23, Picton, same, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: John & Katie JAMIESON both of Picton on May 24, 1894 at Picton 010507-94 William H. JOHNSON, 72, farmer, widower, Picton, same, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Jane A. SNIDER, 49, Ameliasburgh, Napanee, d/o Peter & Sarah, witn: Wilbert & Ettie MABBE both of Rosemore on May 9, 1894 at Ameliasburg
10476-94 William Alfred JOHNSON, 21, farmer, Prince Edward Co., Hallowell, s/o William A. & Mary Ann, married Agnes MASSEY, 19, Hallowell, same, d/o Edmund & Elizabeth, witn: D. H. & Louisa McPHAIL, 15 May 1894 at Picton 010562-94 William H. KEMSLEY (Hemsley?), 60, laborer, widower, England, Picton, s/o John KEMSLEY & Rebecca CHARD, married Maggie STARK, 48, widow, Ireland, South Marysburgh, d/o James F. & Elizabeth FITZGERALD, witn: Mrs. Thomas KEMSLEY & Mrs D. G. McPHAIL both of Picton on June 14, 1894 at Picton.

010457-94 (Pr. Edward) Archibald KERR, 30, Farmer, North Marysburgh, North Marysburgh, s/o James & Margaret KERR, married Kate Plews HURLBURT, 20, North Marysburgh, North Marysburgh, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth HURLBURT, wtns: May CARTER & Maggie BURLEY both of North Marysburgh, November 20 1894 at North Marysburgh

010554-94 Finley LAZIER, 21, farmer, Hastings Co., Sophiasburgh, s/o William & Victoria, married Ada SHORTT, 20, Sophiasburgh, same, d/o Adam & Mary, witn: Walter SHORTT of Sophiasburgh & Nellie VANALSTINE of St. Marysburgh on Apr. 5, 1894 at Picton 010587-94 Augustus E. LIGHTHALL, 24, Picton, same, Furniture Dealer, s/o Angus LIGHTHALL & Mary A. BAILIE married Maggie GREEN, 20, United States, Hallowell Tp., d/o Conner GREEN and Ellen LOGAN. Wtn: Lou ROSE and Charles PEAKS of Hallowell on November 22, 1894
010516-94 George Russell LOTT, 25, farmer, Sydney Twp., same, s/o William H. & Mary, married Hester Ann JUBY, 21, Sydney Twp., Thurlow Twp., d/o Robert & Rebecca, witn: Oliver DUFRAE (? Page blotted) & Mary PARKS both of Rednerville on Dec. 31, 1894 at Rednerville. 010590-94 Joseph LOWES, 27, Canada, Hallowell Tp., Farmer, s/o Jacob LOWES & Dora LOWES married Annie FENEMORE, 26, England, Hallowell Tp., d/o John FENEMORE & Mary WILLIAMS. Wtn: Ida FEMEMORE and Frank FERGUSON of Hallowell Tp. on October 17, 1894 at Picton
10478-94 William E. MACK, 19, farmer, Hallowell, same, s/o Daniel & Margaret Jane, married Sarah Jane FARTHING, 19, England, Hallowell, d/o Thomas & Sarah Ann, witn: John & Daniel MACK of Hallowell, 28 Feb 1894 at Hallowell

010444-94 (Pr. Edward) John N. MACK, 21, Yeoman, Hallowell Twp., Hallowell Twp., s/o Daniel & Margaret J. MACK, married Madaline MINGLES, 21, England, Picton, d/o George & Mrs. MINGLES, wtns: Emily C. & Maria L. YOUNG both of Cherry Valley, August 25 1894 at Cherry Valley Parsonage

010595-94 John MANDEVILLE, 32, Wellington, same, Farmer, s/o Francis MANDEVILLE and Mary O’REILLY married Elizabeth McKENNA, 32, Marysburgh, Picton, d/o James McKENNA & Catherine SMITH. Wtn: L. McKENNA and Mary McKENNA of Picton on November 9, 1894 at Picton 010523-94 Jesse W. MARVIN, 37, farmer, widower, Ameliasburgh, same, s/o Foster & Annie, married Annie DENIKE, 33, Rawdon, Ameliasburgh, d/o Elijah & Sarah A., witn: Charles DENIKE of Ameliasburgh & Sarah A. DENIKE of Sydney on Jan. 17, 1894 at Rednerville
010572-94 Edwin J. McCAW, 35, Canada, Picton, Farmer, s/o William McCAW & Jane McCAW married Hannah VANGERSEN (sic), 29, Canada, Picton, d/o James VANGEESEN (sic) & Kathleen VANGRESEN (sic). Wtn: Lizzie PARSONS of Picton and May H. LOUCKS of Picton on September 12, 1894 at Picton 10451-94 Samuel McCULLOUGH, 24, tinsmith, Wellington, same, s/o Hugh & Mary Ann, married Elda PETTIT, 23, Hillier, Hallowell twp., d/o Albert PETTIT & Augnette (Anguette?), witn: Georgina ROLLINS of Hillier, 5 Dec 1894 at Hillier
010591-94 Philip A. McDONALD, 27, Hallowell Tp., same, Farmer, s/o Alexander McDONALD & Lydia ALLEN married Sarah E. HYATT, 18, Hallowell Tp., same, d/o Byron HYATT and Jane CUNNINGHAM. Wtn: Bruce and Maud McDONALD of Hallowell Tp. on October 3, 1894 at Picton 010575-94 Samuel McQUAID, 19, Canada, Hallowell Tp., Farmer, s/o Edward McQUAID & Jane WILLIAMS married Phoebe OSTRANDER, 16, Canada, Hallowell Tp. d/o Jarrett OSTRANDER & Maggie WILLIAMS. Wtn: Benjamin C. FOSHEA of Hillier Tp. and Maggie FOSHEA of Hillier Tp. on September 5, 1894 at Picton
010550-94 Edward Leslie McQUAID, 21, farmer, Sophiasburgh, Hallowell Tp., s/o Aleck & Cedilia, married May TAYLOR, 21, Manchester England, Picton, d/o John & Constance H., witn: C. & Miss KEMP both of Picton on Mar. 26, 1894 at Picton 010463-94 (Prince Edward) Manley MORRISON, 24, Farmer, Pr. Edward Co., Athol, s/o Reuben & Mary MORRISON, married Jessie MARKLAND, 18, Hallowell, Hallowell, d/o Charles & Lucinda MARKLAND, wtns none shown, March 21 1894 at North Port.
010596-94 John MURRAY, 23, Trenton, same, Labourer, s/o Patrick MURRAY & Bridget LYONS married Mary DELANEY, 21, Canada, Picton, d/o Michael DELANEY & Margaret KEHOE. Wtn: T.P. HEFFERNAN and Geraldine HEFFERNAN of Picton on August 14, 1894 at Picton 010532-94 John NOBLE, 45, bar keeper, widower, Picton, same, s/o William & Eliza, married Lillian Mary BAILEY, 30, Picton, same, d/o Robert & Mary W., witn: Mrs, J. FAIRBANKS & Mrs D. A. MELBANK, both of Milford on Dec. 23, 1894 at Milford Parsonage
10474-94 Stephen Dorland NOXON, 20, farmer, Sophiasburgh, same, s/o Marshall & Zenana, married Nina Beatrice WILSON, 19, Hallowell, same, d/o Thomas & Adeline, witn: Densoman? S. AINSWORTH & Cora B. WILSON, both of Hallowell, 19 March 1894 at Hallowell 010552-94 Wilbur Roland Samuel NOXON, 33, accountant, Prince Edward Co., Ingersoll, s/o Freeman & Jemima, married Mary Elizabeth EARNESHEAD,27, Picton, same, d/o Edward A. & Eliza A., witn: Herbert L. NOXON of Ingersoll & Henrietta EARNESHEAD of Picton on Apr. 4, 1894 at Picton
010539-95 George Louis OSTRANDER, 23, farmer, Ontario, South Marysburgh, s/o Louis OSTRANDER & Ella A. WHATTAN, married Evalina MINAKER, 19, Ontario, Milford, d/o William N, MINAKER & Sophronia WALKER, witn: Sarah & M. M. TOMKIN both of Milford on Dec. 19, 1894 at Milford

010455-94 (Pr. Edward) John Stanley PALEN, 29, Mariner, North Marysburgh, North Marysburgh, s/o Lewis & Sarah PALEN, married Victoria PIERCE, 29, North Marysburgh, North Marysburgh, d/o John & Lydia PIERCE, wtns: Arthur WRIGHT & Lucella PALEN both of Waupoos, January 3 1894 at Waupoos

010445-94 (Pr. Edward) Edward PELING, 21, Yeoman, Hallowell Twp., Hallowell Twp., s/o James & Mary Ann PELING, married Blanche JACKSON, 20, Hallowell Twp., Hallowell Twp., d/o Ernest & Bathsheba YOUNG, wtns: Ernest A. & Maria L. YOUNG both of Cherry Valley, November 15 1894 at Cherry Valley Parsonage.

010518-94 James Gardner PHILLIPS, 29, yeoman, Thurlow Twp., Hallowell Twp., s/o George & Matilda, married Alina Blanch PARLIAMENT, 31, Ameliasburgh Twp. same, d/o Jacob & Agnes, witn: Robert BLAKELY & Margaret HUTCHINSON both of Hallowell on June 14, 1894 at Consecon
010530-94 Jacob James PIERSON, 24, farmer, Ameliasburgh, same, s/o John & Sarah, married Alice DUNCAN, 18, Scotland, Ameliasburgh, d/o Robert & Mary, witn: David & Ida WHITNEY both of Ameliasburgh on Dec. 12, 1894 at Ameliasburgh 10483-94 Sylvester PIRIE, 25, yeoman, Allisonville, same, s/o Elias & Matura, married Lucy Beatrice SWETMAN, 17, Hallowell, same, d/o Henry & Mahala, witn: Alice E. PINE of Allisonville & Haldon TERRILL of Wellington, 21 Nov 1894 at Hallowell
010573-94 Mark POLLARD, 22, Canada, Picton, Farmer, s/o Charles POLLARD & Hester YOUNG married Ida May FREDERICK, 20, Canada, Picton, d/o Alva FREDERICK & Elizabeth WRIGHTMIRE Wtn: Jennie POPE of Picton and Claude POPE of Picton on July 31, 1894 at Picton 010551-94 Harry READ, 22, printer, Pennsylvania USA, New York USA, s/o George H. & Mary A., married Georgie MURDOCK, 24, widow, Bloomfield, Sophiasburgh, d/o George & Sarah MURDOCK, witn: Mary E. STEELE of Sophiasburgh & Charles SUMMERS of Picton on Apr. 4, 1894 at Picton.

010459-94 (Pr. Edward) Fred ROSE, 75, Widower, Farmer, North Marysburgh, Cressy, s/o Peter & Christina ROSE, married Sarah HART, 63, North Marysburgh, North Marysburgh, d/o Samuel & Jane HART, wtns: James & Mary HART, October 7 1894 at North Marysburgh.

010557-94 Frederick ROSE, 23, farmer, N. Marysburgh, same, s/o Jacob & Sarah, married Sarah ROSE, 28, S. Marysburgh, N. Marysburgh, d/o Frederick & Rosalie, witn: John S. PETERS & Sarah A. ROSE both of N. Marysburgh on May 3, 1894 at Picton.
010514-94 David Franklin ROSE, 33, blacksmith, Ameliasburg, same, s/o George & Dorothy, married Lucinda Bell MILLER, 26, widow, Iowa USA, Ameliasburg, d/o John F. & Elizabeth HELENBOLT, witn: George F. OSTROM & Effie HUBBS both of Rednerville on Dec. 19, 1894 at Ameliasburg 010567-94 John SHANNON, 24, farmer, N. Marysburgh, same, s/o Alexander SHANNON & Ann McCARR, married Lizzie BONGARD, 21, N. Marysburgh, same, d/o William BONGARD & Henrietta BROWN, witn: James POWERS & Ella SHANNON both of N. Marysburgh on Jan. 8, 1894 at Picton. (RC)
010588-94 James L. SHEPHARD, 27, North Marysburgh, same, Farmer, s/o Johiel SHEPARD and Mary SMITH married Maud CLARKE, 21, North Marysburgh, same, d/o Ezekiel CLARKE & Josephine BELFOR? Wtn: Eva B. ASHLEY and Thomas CLARKE of North Marysburgh on November 20, 1894 010558-94 John E. SHEPARD, 21, farmer, N. Fredericksburgh, same, s/o Johiel & Margaret, married Almeda STORME (Storms?), 18, N. Marysburgh, same, d/o William & Margaret, witn: K. C. McDIARMID & C.C. SUMMERS both of Picton on May 8, 1894 at Picton.
010506-94 George P SNIDER, 64, farmer, widower, Ameliasburgh, Thurlow, s/o Peter & Elizabeth SNIDER, married Mary CASEY, 62, widow, Sidney, same, d/o Thomas & Susan McKERR, witn: William N. & Jane A. JOHNSTON both of Picton on May 9, 1894 at Ameliasburg

010469-94 (Pr. Edward) Stanley Laurence SPRAGUE, 33, Yeoman, Big Island, Big Island, s/o George & Jane SPRAGUE, married Mary Louise BRISTOL, 24, Madoc, Big Island: d/o Oscar & Mary Jane BRISTOL, wtns: Wellington BRISTOL of Big Island & Maude BLACK of Belleville, October 2 1894 at Big Island

  010548-94 Peter STAFFORD, 60, farmer, widower, Hastings Co., same, s/o Benjamin & Elizabeth, married Louis A. FOX, 53, widow, Prince Edward Co., Picton, d/o Simon & Elizabeth COLE, witn: Robert H. & Hannah M. ANDERSON of Hillier Tp. on Mar. 13, 1894 at Picton
010460-94 (Prince Edward) Charles STORMES, 22, Farmer, North Marysburgh, North Marysburg, s/o William & Margaret STORMES, married Sarah WINTERS, 20, Picton, North Marysburg, d/o Daniel & Sarah WINTERS, wtns William J. & Lottie COOK of Picton, December 24 1894 at Picton. 010592-94 Dennis SWEENEY, 28, Ireland, Picton, laborer, s/o Dennis SWEENEY & Susan BOYCE married Sarah J. PARSONS, 36, Canada, Picton, Widow, d/o Charles JUBY & Azabil JEWELL. Wtn: Edith & Archie CAMPBELL of Picton on October 13, 1894 at Picton
010589-94 Barney SWEENEY, 22, Norland Co. Victoria, Picton, Labourer, s/o Dennis SWEENEY & Susan BOYCE married Jane PETERSON, 24, Picton, same, d/o Allan PETERSON & Emily Jane MILLER. Wtn: Addie and Edith CAMPBELL of Picton on November 15, 1894 at Picton 010542-94 Thorpe Claude TICE, 24, school teacher, Hillier Tp., Bloomfield, s/o James A. & A, married Blanche Della CLINTON, 22, Wellington, Bloomfield, d/o Ira & Elizabeth, witn: R. W. ALLEN of Toronto & J. CLINTON of Wellington on Dec. 26, 1894 at Wellington.
010466-94 (Prince Edward) David H. VANBLARICOM, 24, Farmer, Canada, Sophiasburgh, s/o L. G. VANBLARICOM & Rebecca BENSON, married Lula Blanche YEREX, 24, Belleville, Hallowell, d/o R. P. YEREX & Sarah CLARKE, wtns Donald G. & Louise MacPHAIL both of Picton, May 29 1894 at Picton 010543-94 William T. VANCE, 30, mechanic, S. Marysburgh, Hallowell Tp., s/o Frances M. & Rachel R., married Sarah Ethel SMITH, 17, Sophiasburgh, N. Marysburgh, d/o Joseph S. & Margaret Ann, witn: Gena BRANSCOMBE & Luella McDIARMID both of Picton on Feb. 7, 1894 at Picton
10454-94 Walter R. VANDUSEN, 29, mechanic, North Marysburgh, same, s/o George VANDUSEN & Mary A., married Ada M. WRIGHT, 21, North Marysburgh, same, d/o Samuel WRIGHT & Melinda, witn: Vincent WRIGHT & Hattie VANDUSEN, both of North Marysburgh, 28 Feb 1894 at Cressy 010549-94 Albert VANDUSEN, 25, farmer, Picton, Athol Tp., s/o Colin & Agnes, married Susan BROWN, 24, S. Marysburgh, Picton, d/o Francis & Lydia, witn: C.C. SUMMERS & Luella McDIARMID both of Picton on Mar. 15, 1894 at Picton. (Salv Army)
010560-94 John A. WARRINGTON, 23, farmer, Canada, S. Marysburgh, s/o William & Mary, married Ella FARRINGTON, 23, Canada, S. Marysburgh, d/o George & Eliza, witn: Grace & Ethelwyn LOUCKS BOTH OF Picton on June 5, 1894 at Picton

010446-94 (Pr. Edward) Hamilton S. WELBANKS, 20, Yeoman, South Marysburgh, South Marysburgh, s/o Thomas & Mary WELBANKS, married Ida Estella WELBANKS, 20, South Marysburgh, South Marysburgh, d/o George A. & Corintha WELBANKS, wtns: Emily C. YOUNG & Helen L. STAFFORD both of Cherry Valley, December 12 1894 at Cherry Valley Parsonage

  010593-94 William Henry WELLS, 23, Canada, Picton, Baker, s/o Jacob & Jane WELLS married Mary Elida RUTTAN, 26, Canada, Picton, d/o Peter & Christina RUTTAN. Wtn: Elizabeth MILLER & S.D. HUFF of Picton on April 4, 1894 at Picton
010583-94 Joseph WELSH, 27, Canada, Picton, Stone Mason, s/o Joseph & Susannah WELSH married Mabel E. SIMPSON, 20, England, Picton, d/o William & Mabel SIMPSON. Wtn: Harriet M. and Grace H. LOUCKS of Picton on December 18, 1894 at Picton 010522-94 Nathaniel WILDER, 21, farmer, York Co., Ameliasburgh, s/o Nathaniel & Emmeline, married Ella ROSE, 19, Rednerville, same, d/o Cole & Eliza, witn: Stilman KEMP of Murray, Arvilla ROSE, Harry CHISLETT & Effie HOBBS all of Rednerville on July 4, 1894 at Rednerville
10540-94 George B. WILTSE, 26, yeoman, Consecon, North Dakota US, s/o Anson WILTSE & Dellilah BOICE, married Mary Alice HAIGHT, 23, Hillier twp., Wellington, d/o Anthony T. HAIGHT & Susanna CRONK, witn: Wilfred CRONK of Wellington & Emma WARD of Kingston, 7 March 1894 at Wellington 010577-94 Daniel W. WINTERS, 54, Canada, Picton, Blacksmith, Widower, s/o Lewis & Hannah WINTERS married Sarah B. ROSE, 34, Canada, North Marysburgh, Widow,  d/o William & Margaret STORMS. Wtn: Grace H. and Ethelwyn LOUCKS of Picton on October 24, 1894 at Picton
010462-94 (Prince Edward) James WRIGHT, 48, Farmer, Fredericksburg, North Marysburgh, s/o Daniel & Mary WRIGHT, married Margaret May CARTER, Picton, North Marysburgh, d/o William & Elizabeth CARTER, wtns Melbourn WRIGHT of North Marysburgh & Jessie CARTER of Picton, November 27 1894 at North Marysburgh