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Peel Co., 1904


14960-04 William Joseph ACKROYD, 29, farmer, Woodhill, same, s/o Joseph ACKROYD & Elizabeth WATSON, married Ethel Estella WEATHERELL, 24, Claireville, same, d/o John WEATHERELL & Martha NIX, witn: Thomas James ACKROYD of Grahamsville & Isabella Maud WEATHERELL of Mt. Charles, 14 Dec 1904 at Brampton #015033-04 (Peel Co.) William Alexander AMOS, 23, b. Canada, of Toronto Twp, [no occup.], s/o William AMOS & Nancy ROBINSON, married Francis Elizabeth MORRIS, 21, b. Canada, of Toronto Twp, d/o Stephen MORRIS & Ann CLARKE, witnesses: Ernest AMOS of Aberfoil & Mary Ann MORRIS of Toronto Twp, on 11 February 1904 at Erindale
#015040-04 (Peel Co.) Robert ANDREWS, 31, b. Toronto Twp, of same, Farmer, s/o Robert ANDREWS & Eliza GRIFFIN, married Ella Jessie HUTCHINSON, 26, b. Toronto Twp, of same, d/o Walter HUTCHINSON & Mary Jane COOKE, witnesses: Thomas ANDREWS of Toronto Twp & Edith SHERMAN of Chinguasousy, on 28 March 1904 at Toronto Twp 14958-04 John G. ATKINSON, 27, laborer, England, Brampton, s/o William H. ATKINSON & Sophia SNOOFFER, married Johanna E. McCARTNEY, 23, Esquesing, Brampton, d/o James McCARTNEY & Elizabeth NICHOLSON, witn: Arthur PASKETT & Sarah A. THOMPSON, both of Brampton, 12 Dec 1904 at Brampton
14931-04 Wilbur Charles BARTLETT, 22, shoe maker, Brampton, Galt, s/o William H. BARTLETT & Hannah TOWNSEND, married Lydia KLEINSTEUBER, 21, Preston, Galt, d/o Charles KLEINSTEUBER & Caroline W. L. ZIEMAN?, witn: Edward FLEMING of Galt & Alma KLEINSTEUBER of Brampton, 27 Jan 1904 at Brampton 14989-04 Peter BAXTER, 33, farmer, Canada, Caledon, s/o Peter BAXTER & Ann FERGUSON, married Flora Janet FERGUSON, 28, Canada, Caledon, d/o John FERGUSON & Flora LAMONT, witn: John BAXTER of Caledon East & Bessie FERGUSON of Caledon, 26 July 1904 at Caledon
15012-04 John Edward BELL, 27?, joiner, Brampton, Cooksville, s/o John & Eliza, married Florence Edith PEARDON, 20, Stanley Mills, Mayfield, d/o Edwin & Annie, witn: Frank UPSHALL & Lucy PEARDON, both of Mayfield, 21 Dec 1904 at Mayfield 15014-04 Walter BERRY, 22, farmer, Melancthon, same, s/o James BERRY & Ann J. PARKER, married Serena M. WARD, 23, Amaranth, Toronto Gore, d/o John F. WARD & Maria HORSLEY, witn: Thomas EMERICK of Hornings Mills & Edith A. WARD of Humber, 21 June 1904 at Toronto Gore
14996-04 Herbert R. BESSEY, 34, farmer, Esquesing twp., same, s/o John Smith BESSIE & Mary Jane GAND?, married Annie McBride TAYLOR, 25, Chinguacousy, same, d/o James P. TAYLOR & Ester WALKER, witn: Bert TAYLOR of Chinguacousy & Clara E. BESSIE of Esquesing, 15 June 1904 at Chinguacousy twp 15049-04 Lacy BOWLES, 28, machinist, Lonestoft England, Toronto, s/o Edward BOWLES & Hannah BARRET, married Florence Ettie Charlotte AMOS, 21, Mullington Kent England, Cooksville, d/o William AMOS & Charlotte JAQUES, witn: George BOWLES of Toronto & Lillian AMOS of Cooksville, 31 Aug 1904 at Cooksville
#014894-04 (Peel Co): William BOYES, 26, butcher, Albion, Bolton, s/o James BOYES & Eliza L--?, married S. BEAMISH, 24, Albion, same, d/o George BEAMISH, farmer, & Emily WHEELER, witn: Albert CRAWFORD of Brampton & Lucy N--? of Albion, 19 Jan 1904 at Albion 15591-05 (Peel Co): George Alfred BROWN, 27, lithographer, Leeds England, Toronto, s/o Alf Ed BROWN & Sophia PARKER, married Emma TAYLOR, 24, Leeds England, Toronto, d/o William TAYLOR & Jane SWEET, witn: Charles A. & Alice L. JORDAN, both of Cooksville, 27 Dec 1904 at Cooksville
15007-04 William Henry CASLOR, 23, farmer, Boston Mills, same, s/o John H. CASLOR & Mary NOBLE, married Margaret Eliza McGREGGOR, 22, Inglewood, same, d/o Duncan McGREGGOR & Maggie KIRKWOOD, witn: William FRASER of Cheltenham & Lizzie STEWART of Inglewood, 2 Nov 1904 at Boston Mills 15002-04 William Henry Lawson CATION, 28, farmer, Chinguacousy, same, s/o Matthew CATION & Allison COUTTS, married Mary Jane POYNTZ, 24, Chinguacousy, same, d/o John POYNTZ & Margaret B. CAMERON, witn: Edward C. CATION & Lizzie M. POYNTZ, both of Chinguacousy, 28 Sept 1904 at Springbrook
14906-04 George CLARK, 26, farmer, Albion, King, s/o Charles CLARK & Mary J. McAFEE, married Ella ROBINSON, 25, house keeper, Albion, same, d/o George ROBINSON & Eliza FRA-?, witn: William J. SHEARDOWN of King & Rebecca ROBINSON of Albion, 9 March 1904 at Albion #014899-04 (Peel Co): George CLARK, 26, farmer, Albion, same, s/o Charles CLARK & Mary J. McALPIN, married Ella ROBINSON, 25, Albion, same, d/o George ROBINSON, farmer, & Eliza LOUGHEED, witn: George CLARK & Ella ROBINSON, both of Albion, 9 March 1904 at Albion
14999-04 Andrew Frederick CLARK, 36, farmer, Chinguacousy, same, s/o John CLARK & Jane CURRY, married Amelia May McCLURE, 25, Chinguacousy, same, d/o John McCLURE & Jane HUNTER, witn: William J. CLARK of Lockport NY & Ethel McCLURE of Mt. Pleasant, 22 June 1904 at Chinguacousy #015039-04 (Peel Co.) Robert CLARKSON, 26, b. Toronto Gore, of same, Farmer, s/o William CLARKSON & Elizabeth FOSTER, married Clara M. CARR, 24, b. Toronto Gore, of same, d/o John CARR & Jane CODLIN, witnesses: James CODLIN of Etobicoke & Ida CODLIN of B??ite of York, on 16 March 1904 at Malton
14959-04 Donald COOPER, 30, farmer, Canada, Toronto, s/o James COOPER & Jane BEATON, married Ethel May GARBUTT, 26, Canada, Brampton, d/o Stephen GARBUTT & Susan ASHWORTH?, witn: Alice HERRIDGE & Emily A. CHANT, both of Brampton, 15 Dec 1904 at Brampton 15006-04 Robert John DALES, 30, farmer, Bruce Co., Chinguacousy, s/o William DALES & Ann HILL, married Isabella PROVOST, 28, Scotland, Chinguacousy, d/o William PROVOST & Mary STEWART, witn: Percy COX of Chinguacousy & Marion McKAY of Elora, 16 Nov 1904 at Chinguacousy
14963-04 Robert Wallace DALGLEISH, 29, minister, Huntingdon, Carstain Alberta, s/o William [DALGLEISH] & Agnes CLARK, married Violet Isabel MAIN, 30, Brampton, same, d/o James W. [MAIN] & Emmeline WOLFE, witn: Helen BEYNON & Edward Wilson WALLACE, both of Toronto, 28 Dec 1904 at Brampton 14939-04 Edwin Charles DENNISON, 36, undertaker, Churchville, Brampton, s/o John DENNISON & Sarah CLARK, married Amy Elizabeth BURTON, 24, Merton - Surrey England, Brampton, d/o William BURTON & Elizabeth CANE, witn: Margaret FOSTER of Toronto & Herbert BURTON of Brampton, 5 July 1904 at Brampton
#015034-04 (Peel Co.) William DONNELLY, 22, b. Dixie, of Summerville, Farmer, s/o William DONNELLY & Mary O'DONNELL, married Agnes CARRIGAN, [no age], b. Dixie, of same, d/o Thomas CARRIGAN & Mary JOHNSON, witnesses: Patrick LONG and H. SANFORD, both of Toronto, on 16 February 1904 at Dixie 14916-04 Robert G. DOWLING, 31, weaver, Tottenham, Philadelphia US, s/o William DOWLING & Sarah WELLS, married Bella SIMPSON, 31, Ireland, Bolton, d/o Robert & Mary J., witn: Annie SIMPSON & Clarence McLACHLAN, both of Bolton, 8 June 1904 at Bolton
#014902-04 (Peel Co): David EAGAN, 27, farmer, King, same, s/o John EAGAN & Lydia ARCHIBALD, married Maggie MELLOW, 31, Albion, same, d/o William MELLOW & Eliza HUDSON, witn: Reuben EAGAN of King & Hattie MELLOW of Albion, 18 June 1904 at Albion 14909-04 David J. EAGAN, 27, farmer, King, same, s/o John EAGAN & Lydia ARCHAMBAULT, married Maggie E. MELLOW, 31, dress maker, Albion, same, d/o William MELLOW & Eliza HUDSON, witn: Reb--? EAGAN of King & Hattie MELLOW of Albion, 18 June 1904 of Albion
15019-04 George A. EAGEN, 32, farmer, Canada, Toronto Gore, s/o Phillip EAGEN & Ann JACKSON, married Hannah DOHERTY, 27, Canada, Toronto Gore, d/o Michael DOHERTY & Elizabeth FITZPATRICK, witn: Nicholas EAGEN of Tecumseth twp & Sarah J. FITZPATRICK of Toronto Gore, 22 June 1904 at St. Patrick's Church, Toronto Gore 14934-04 Frederick Abner EARLY, 27, tinsmith, Esquesing, Brampton, s/o James EARLY & Catherine MENZIES, married Mary Jane JUSTIN, 30, Toronto twp., Brampton, d/o Martin J. JUSTIN & Mary Eliz. COWISON, witn: Pauline TAYLOR of Brampton & J. M. BEATTIE of Campbellville, 1 June 1904 at Brampton
15048-04 William Marmaduke EAST, 26, miller, Bolton, Aurora, s/o Elisha EAST & Elizabeth GRAHAM, married Annie Sherman HEDGE, 24, Oakville, Clarkson, d/o William HEDGE & Emily McNALLY, witn: W. Clarence MONKMAN of Castlederry - Peel & Alice E. HEDGE of Clarkson, 3 Aug 1904 at Clarkson 15001-04 Arthur T. ELLIOTT, 25, printer, Brampton, Toronto, s/o Richard ELLIOTT & Mary DAY, married Ethel DENISON, 21, Huttonville, same, d/o Thomas DENNISON & Mary MUIR? (Mine?), witn: Frank ELLIOTT of Toronto & Mary DENNISON of Huttonville, 12 July 1904 at Huttonville
14921-04 John ELLIS, 38, farmer, Vaughan twp., same, s/o William E. ELLIS & Rosanna PHILLIPS, married Jemima MARKS, 26, King twp., same, d/o William MARKS & Elizabeth MURRAY, witn: Maggie ELLIS of Vaughan twp & Mrs. T. McLACHLAN of Bolton, 16 Nov 1904 at Bolton 14937-04 Harry S. EVANS, 28, farmer, Peterborough, Toronto twp., s/o William EVANS & Eliza MOORE, married Margaret J. SEWELL, 21, Brampton, same, d/o Joseph E. SEWELL & Margaret STUART, witn: William G. HOWELL of Guelph & Mabel SEWELL of Brampton, 22 June 1904 at Brampton
15047-04 Joseph FLORENCE, 32, widower, tailor, London England, Toronto, s/o William FLORENCE & Eliza BIRD, married Annie E. PATTERSON, 23, Toronto twp., same, d/o Joseph PATTERSON & Elizabeth DALE, witn: George CAMPBELL of Toronto & Elsie PATTERSON of Toronto twp., 3 Aug 1904 at Toronto 15021-04 John William FOSTER, 36, telegraph operator, Canada, Chicago, s/o James FOSTER & Reb? L. FORCUAR?, married Jennie L. WHITELOCK, 30, Canada, Toronto Gore, d/o Mathew WHITELOCK & Jannett ANDERSON, witn: Earnest F. DONLOPE (Dunlop?) of Chicago & Mabel WHITELOCK of Toronto Gore, 2 July 1904 at Toronto Gore
#014971-04 (Peel Co): Alexander GIBSON, 31, farmer, Canada, Orton, s/o James GIBSON & Margaret WILSON, married Tilly M. GIBSON, 26, Canada, Caledon, d/o Alexander GIBSON & Rhoda B. ROTH?, witnesses were Andrew A, KINGHORN & Sadie M. GIBSON, both of Toronto, Feb. 2, 1904 at Caledon 14980-04 Frederick James GILES, 26, farmer, Canada, Caledon, s/o George GILES & Louisa ECLES (Eccles?), married Elizabeth Jane HILLOCK, 26, Canada, Caledon, d/o James HILLOCK & Martha FREELAND, witn: Wilmer HILLOCK of Orangeville & Mary GILES of Caledon, 25 May 1904 at Caledon
14987-04 John Henry GLASSFORD, 44, farmer, Canada, Caledon, s/o William GLASSFORD & Mary Jane HENDERSON, married Mary Jane KELLY, 46, Canada, Caledon, d/o Thomas KELLY & Jane PRITCHARD, witn: Richard KELLY & Sarah Jane GLASSFORD, both of Alton, no date given, at Caledon #015035-04 (Peel Co.) David GOLDEN, 35, b. Meadowvale, of Toronto, Lumberman, s/o Thomas GOLDEN & Sarah LONG, married Clara FOGARTY, 29, b. Churchville, of same, d/o Thomas FOGARTY & Susan STREET, witnesses: W. DAYNARD of Owen Sound & Lottie F. FOGARTY, on 24 February 1904 at Churchville
14995-04 George W. C. GRAHAM, 30, cabinet maker, Halton Co., Cheltenham, s/o Richard GRAHAM & Alice COYNE, married Elvia Augusta HAINES, 32, Cheltenham, same, d/o Ebenezer HAINES & Catherine CARRICK, witn: Fred ALLAN & Ella A. HAINES, both of Cheltenham, 1 June 1904 at Cheltenham 14913-04 John GRAHAM, 34, moulder, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Alex GRAHAM & Ann KERR, married Margaret Ann McCAULEY, 23, Albion twp., Bolton, d/o Frank McCAULEY & Mary A. CREASER, witn: Thomas BROWN of Toronto & Georgina JUDGE of Caledon East, 27 Jan 1904 at Bolton
14994-04 William Thomas HARRISON, 41, farmer, Stanley Mills, same, s/o Emanuel HARRISON & Eselda HAGYARD, married Sarah Jane ROBSON, 38, Stanley Mills, same, d/o William ROBSON & Jane WILSON, witn: George ROBSON & Rachel A. HARRISON, both of Stanley Mills, 30 March 1904 at Stanley Mills 14979-04 Frederick J. HARTLEY, 30, clerk, Canada, Inglewood, s/o Caleb HARTLEY & Maria OLES, married Isabella JOHNSTON, 22, Canada, Inglewood, d/o Ronald JOHNSTON & Janet McLEAN, witn: Edward & Ella TROUGHT of Inglewood, 27 April 1904 at Inglewood
15005-04 William Jabez HEATH, 34, farmer, Chinguacousy, same, s/o Jabez HEATH & Martha LITTLE, married Bertha E. R. PASCOE, 30, Ontario, same, d/o Richard PASCOE & Mary Jane LARGE, witn: Mrs. & Lybit? STONEHOUSE of Aurora, 1 Nov 1904 at Aurora [reg'd in Chinguacousy twp] 15046-04 James H. HENDRY, 53, widower, designer, Scotland, Streetsville, s/o not given, married Christena McKEITH, 39, Streetsville, same, d/o William & blank, witn: Carnish McKEITH of Streetsville & Margaret HAMISHAW of Weston, 16 July 1904 at Streetsville
15026-04 Fred Thomas HILL, 27, mechanic, Ontario, same, s/o Fred HILL & Mary Ann FRASER, married Bessie Jane BLACK, 25, Ontario, Port Credit, d/o James BLACK & Mary LONG, witn: John MOORE of Toronto & Mamie BLACK of Pt. Credit, 15 June 1904 at Port Credit 14932-04 Alfred Franklin HILLOCK, 33, farmer, Chinguacousy, same, s/o Edward HILLOCK & Mary Ann NEWLOVE, married May Louise PEAKER, 23, Brampton, same, d/o William PEAKER & Sarah Jane F--?, wtn: Minnie CRAWFORD & O. A. PEAKER, both of Brampton, 23 March 1904 at Brampton
14988-04 Thomas M. HILLOCK, 32, farmer, Canada, Caledon, s/o James HILLOCK & Martha FREELAND, married Elizabeth LUNDY, 37, Canada, Caledon, d/o David Wallace LUNDY & Letitia FREELAND, witn: Wilmer HILLOCK of Orangeville & Clara JESSOP of Toronto, 27 July 1904 at Canulla?, Caledon twp #015030-04 (Peel Co.) Alexander HINTON, 23, b. Oakville, of Dixie, s/o Thomas HINTON & Greenious[?] LINTHEY, married Gertrude HICKEY, 18, b. Dixie, of same, d/o John HICKEY & Mary DAUGHERTY, witnesses: David J. COLLINS & Lizzie HICKEY, both of Oakville, on 20 January 1904 at Dixie
#015031-04 (Peel Co.) Harrison HISEY, 29, b. Markam, of Toronto Twp, Farmer, s/o Abraham HISEY & Isabella KAISER, married Margaret E. SNIDER, 31, b. Malton, of Toronto Twp, d/o Christopher SNIDER & Catherine VANSICKLE, witnesses: Jas. B. ROSS of Toronto Twp & Mattie R. COOK of Malton, on 27 January 1904 at Toronto Twp 14911-04 Josua (Joshua?) HODGIN, 38, mechanic, Albion, same, s/o Robert HODGIN & Emma SHEPPARD, married Martha RHODES, 27, domestic, Albion, same, d/o John RHODES & Hannah DOWNEY, witn: Mrs. J.H. & J. H. PORTER of Albion, 24 Aug 1904 at Lincoln County, Albion [both given]
14938-04 Richard HOLMAN, 31, miller, Durham England, Norval, s/o Richard HOLMAN & Betsy THANN?, married Emma Josephine ANTHONY, 24, Chinguacousy, Norval, d/o Mark ANTHONY & Maretta MANNING, witn: Leynes? T. CLARK & Eliza KINLOCK?, both of Brampton, 8 June 1904 at Brampton 15054-04 Charles A. HOPKINS, 34, carpenter, Toronto twp., same, s/o William HOPKINS & Agnes DERBY, married Ella M. WILCOX, 27, Toronto twp., same, d/o William WILCOX & Mary BULL, witn: Walter HOPKINS of East Toronto & Sylvina BULL of Galt, 23 Nov 1904 at Cooksville
014975-04 (Peel Co): Gilbert HOUSTON, 32, farmer, Canada, Caledon, s/o Robert HOUSTON & Joan BURNETT, married Mary M. BROWN, 24, Canada, Inglewood, d/o James BROWN & Sarah SLOAN, witnesses were Samuel & Bella BROWN of Caledon, Feb. 17, 1904 at Caledon 15043-04 Frank HOWDEN, 21, farmer, Lincolnshire England, Islington, s/o Frederick HOWDEN & Rose A. WILLIAMSON, married Eliza H. CRAWFORD, 19, Streetsville, Dixie, d/o John CRAWFORD & Fanny EVERETT, witn: Alfred & Emma CRAWFORD of Dixie, 31 May 1904 at Dixie
14922-04 Richard HUTCHINSON, 43, farmer, England, Albion twp., s/o Charles HUTCHINSON & Jane HOGGARD (Haggard?), married Lucinda THOMPSON, 52, widow, Ontario, Albion twp., d/o Simon HOGG & Susan STRONG, witn: Alex K. & Ethel H. M. FLETCHER of Bolton, 7 Nov 1904 at Bolton 14935-04 Christopher Arthur IRWIN, 27, law student, Halton Co., Brampton, s/o John IRWIN & Emily Nancy SLEIGH? (Bleigh?), married Isabel Walker HEGGIE, 25, Brampton, same, d/o David HEGGIE & Mary Ann CARTER, wtn: A. C. KIRKWOOD & Elizabeth MATTHEWS, both of Toronto, 1 June 1904 at Brampton
14961-04 John JONES, 56, widower, blacksmith, South Wales, Brampton, s/o William JONES & Rebecca BEYNON, married Victoria B. UPSHALL, 44, Chinguacousy, Brampton, d/o Charles UPSHALL & Mary HESSY, witn: W. J. YOUNG & Emma L. IRVINE, both of Brampton, 17 Dec 1904 at Brampton 15469-05 (Peel Co): William John KEARNS, 40, farmer, Albion, same, s/o Simon KEARNS & Jane CHEGRENS?, married Fanny A. STINSON, 50, Albion, same, d/o Walter STINSON, farmer, & Jane THOMPSON, witn: Albert STINSON of Albion & Maggie STINSON of Howick twp., 14 Sept 1904 at Albion
14984-04 James Joseph KELLY, 30, farmer, Canada, Lockton, s/o Bernard KELLY & Catherine M--OSK?, married Agnes HORAN, 23, Canada, Albion, d/o William HORAN & Mary FOWLER, witn: Daniel KELLY of Ottawa & Louisa WALKER of Albion, 22 June 1904 at Caledon  
#014976-04 (Peel Co): Robert KERR, 29, farmer, Canada, Inglewood, s/o James KERR & Margaret BROWNLEE, married Laura McCOLL, 27, Canada, Inglewood, d/o Archibald McCOLL & Ann WILCOX, witnesses were Archibald & Louisa McCOLL of Inglewood, March 2, 1904 at Inglewood #015042-04 (Peel Co.) William LACKEY, 65, b. Ireland, of Dixie, Widower, s/o William LACKEY & Mary COHOAN, married Annie McGEE, 49, b. Dixie, of same, Housekeeper, d/o Bernard McGEE & Catherine HICKEY, witnesses: James CURTISS & Cassie CURTISS of Toronto Jct, on 26 April 1904 at Dixie (Rom Cath)
14917-04 John E. LANE, 26, clerk, Buffalo, Toronto, s/o James LANE & Maria BOWERS, married Ethel EAST, 21, Bolton, same, d/o Elisha EAST & Elizabeth GRAHAM, witn: W. T. LANE & Annie E. WILSE, both of Toronto, 15 June 1904 at Bolton #015041-04 (Peel Co.) Emmerson A LEACH, 30, Pt. Credit, Baxter Simcoe, s/o John L. LEACH & Hannah LUSH, married Grace V. SHARP, 27, Pt. Credit, same, d/o George SHARP & Elizabeth NAISH, witnesses: Jack MORTIMER of Hamilton & Florence NAISH of Pt. Credit, on 26 April 1904 at Pt. Credit
14992-04 Lewis H. LEMON, 35, widower, grain buyer, Canada, Alton, s/o Peter LEMON & Amelia SMITH, married Maggie BARBER, 40, widow, Canada, Alton, d/o James LANG & Jane WAMBERA?, witn: Robert CLARK & Mrs. G. S. SMITH, both of Alton, 24 Dec 1904 at Alton 14985-04 John LONG, 27, harness maker, Ireland, Cleveland US, s/o Denis LONG & Abbie SULLIVAN, married Hannah SWEENEY, 28, Canada, Caledon, d/o Daniel SWEENEY & Susan HARAGAN, witn: Daniel & Ellie SWEENEY of Caledon, 21 June 1904 at Caledon
#014978-04 (Peel Co): Benjamin A. MADILL, 31 (or 37), farmer, Canada, Caledon, s/o Benjamin MADILL & Jane ALLISON, married Cecilia McCLELLAN, 28, Canada, Caledon, d/o Andrew McCLELLAN & Emeline DODS, witnesses were William MADILL & Mary C. McCLELLAN, both of Alton, March 30, 1904 at Alton 15508-04 Henry L. MARCHMENT, 30, laborer, Churchville, same, s/o Luke MARCHMENT & Mary WYLES, married Eliza HARDING, 23, Garafraxa, Chinguacousy, d/o William HARDING & Eliza SHARP, witn: Richard & Mrs. R. MARCHMENT of Churchville, 4 Dec 1904 at Huttonville
#015038-04 (Peel Co.) Hugh MARK, 20, b. Lindsay, of Toronto Twp, Elevator Constructor, s/o Elijam MARK & Ann McDONALD, married Lydia TAYLOR, 21, b. Toronto Twp, of same, d/o Fred TAYLOR & Eliza JOHNSTON, witnesses: James FRENNY of Toronto & Nellie TAYLOR of Toronto Twp, on 14 March 1904 at Erindale 15022-04 Samuel MARLATT, 31, farmer, Erindale, same, s/o deceased & Eliza May MESTLEY?, married Maggie Louisa McSLURICK, 26, Erindale, same, d/o John McSLURICK & Eliz. RICHARDSON, witn: Bertha? (Bertlan?) CONOVER & Elizabeth MAY, both of Erindale, 27 April 1904 at Erindale
14923-04 Frederick Dalton MARSHALL, 25, farmer, Albion twp., same, s/o Alex MARSHALL & Kezia ROLLEY, married Laura FULLER, 18, King Ont. Albion twp., d/o Wright FULLER & Mary ARNOTT, witn: L. MARSHALL & Jennie A. ROLLEY, both of Albion, 7 Sept 1904 at Bolton 15051-04 Albert MASHINTER, 25, farmer, Toronto twp., Toronto Junction, s/o William MASHINTER & Annie ADDISON, married Margaret MILNER, 24, Brampton, Toronto twp., d/o Henry MILNER & Margaret McIRWIN, witn: Annie MASHINTER of Toronto twp & Marjory McDONALD of St. Thomas, 19 Oct 1904 at Malton
15000-04 Thomas McBRIDE, 26, farmer, Chinguacousy, same, s/o James McBRIDE & Ann Eliza BROWN, married Annie Martha CAMPBELL, Chinguacousy, same, d/o Richard CAMPBELL & Mary HALL, witn: James McNELLY of Terra Cotta & Bertha CUNNINGTON of Campbells Cross, 15 June 1904 at Cheltenham 15056-04 James McBRIDE, 38, lawyer, Holland twp., Toronto, s/o John McBRIDE & Elizabeth McKAY, married Amanda GRAFTON, 22, Toronto twp., same, d/o Royal GRAFTON & Agnes PATTERSON, witn: Thomas M. MASSONIE? of Toronto & Alida A. GRAFTON of Toronto twp., 29 Dec 1904 at Toronto
#014898-04 (Peel Co): Thomas McCANLESS, 30, farmer, Albion, same, s/o William McCANLESS & Mary LYNESS, married Melinda McDONALD, 23, Albion, same, d/o Gilbert McDONALD, farmer, & Maggie illegible, witn: John MOORE & Mary McDONALD, both of Albion, 17 Feb 1904 at Albion 14933-04 Robert John McCAULEY, 35, laborer, Melancthon twp., Brampton, s/o Robert McCAULEY & Hannah Eliz. TRIMBLE, married Sarah CARTER, 25, Rockwood, Hamilton, d/o John CARTER & Esther McINTYRE, witn: Stephen & Francis DENNIS of Brampton, 19 April 1904 at Brampton
#015036-04 (Peel Co.) Nathaniel McCRACKEN, 33, b. Trafalgar, of same, Farmer, s/o Thomas McCRACKEN, married Sarah Jane McCAULEY, b. Toronto Twp, of same, d/o John McCAULEY & Isabel KEE, witnesses: Edgar McCAULEY of Toronto Twp & Gussie McCRACKEN of Trafalgar, on 24 February 1904 at Toronto Twp #014973-04 (Peel Co): Hugh McDONALD, 30, farmer, Canada, Elkhorn Manitoba, s/o John McDONALD & Margaret ANDREW, married Margaret Georgina McARTHUR, 24, Canada, Caledon, d/o Duncan McARTHUR & Sarah TOWNSEND, witnesses were David McDONALD of Elkhorn Man. & F.W. McARTHUR of Caledon, Feb. 2, 1904 at Caledon
15052-04 William H. McGILL, 34, farmer, Indian village - Peel, Toronto twp., s/o John McGILL & Mary BROWN, married Marion HARKES, 23, Erindale, Toronto twp., d/o John HARKES & Letitia ORR, witn: Charles H. BOTSFORD of Gerrard St. in Toronto & Ellen C. JORDAN of Cooksville, 2 Nov 1904 at Cooksville #014901-04 (Peel Co): Thomas McKINLEY, 36, farmer, Albion, same, s/o James McKINLEY & Louisa MARKLE, married Ella Jane EVANS, 30, Albion, same, d/o Thomas EVANS & Elizabeth WILSON, witn: John McKINLEY & Jane EVANS, both of Albion, 23 March 1904 at Albion
14908-04 Thomas John McKINNEY, 36, laborer, Toronto twp., Albion, s/o James McKINNEY & Louisa MARKLE, married Ella Jane EVANS, 30, Albion, same, d/o Thomas EVANS & Eliza WILSON, witn: Wesley McKINLEY & Minnie EVANS, both of Albion, 23 March 1904 at Albion 14982-04 Charles McPHILMNEY, 50, widower, laborer, Ireland, Caledon, s/o William & unknown, married Martha LUCKEN, 36, England, Caledon, d/o William LUCKEN & Charlotte BRICE, witn: William & Frances LUCKEN of Credit Forks, 28 June 1904 at Credit Forks
15015-04 Allan C. MOODY, 26, farmer, Clairville, same, s/o Thomas MOODY & Susannah, married Margaret ROBINSON, 24, Toronto Gore, same, d/o William ROBINSON & Ann BURKHOLDER, witn: Albert ELLERBY of Woodbridge & Bertha ROBINSON of Castlemore, 19 may 1904 at Castlemore #015037-04 (Peel Co.) Robert W. MOODY, 24, b. Etobicoke Twp, of same, Farmer, s/o John MOODY & Eliza MESSENGER, married Clara A. TOMLINSON, 22, b. Toronto Twp, of same, d/o Thomas TOMLINSON & Martha UNDERHILL, witnesses: George CRANSWICK & Flora TOMLINSON, both of Toronto Twp, on 24 February 1904 at Malton
14964-04 James A. MORLEY, 30, private secretary, Howick twp., Chicago, s/o William W. MORLEY & Salome THALER, married Elsie D. FOSTER, 26, Trafalgar twp., Brampton, d/o John T. FOSTER & Kezia CHESTER, witn: Lizzie FOSTER of Brampton & Effa K. MORLEY of Elora, 30 Dec 1904 at Brampton #015032-04 (Peel Co.) Stephen Edgar MORRIS, 26, b. Toronto Twp, of same, Farmer, s/o Stehen MORRIS & Ann CLARK, married Hannah Mary BROWN, 20, b. Chinguacousy Twp, of same, d/o William J. BROWN & Lillian Ann SANDERSON, witnesses: Wilbert F. MORRIS & Lillian Ann BROWN, both of Chinguacousy Twp, on 27 January 1904 at Brittania, Chinguacousy
15027-04 James Edgar MORRISON, 30, farmer, Chinguacousy, same, s/o John MORRISON & Jane JEWITT, married Elizabeth Charlotte REED, no age given, Toronto twp., same, d/o Arthur REED & Eliz. Charlotte DODGSON, witn: Thomas J. JEWITT of Chinguacousy & Sarah E. MORRISON of Toronto Gore, 29 June 1904 at Toronto twp 14924-04 Ernest MOWAT, 28, farmer, Kent England, Albion twp., s/o Ethelbert MOWAT & Eliza REDMOND, married Amy Elizabeth S. PERRY, 18, Mono, Albion, d/o John PERRY & Elizabeth MAILE, witn: Frank NATTRESS & Mrs. T. McLACHLAN, both of Bolton, 13 Sept 1904 at Bolton
14962-04 William James NORFOLK, 28, Goodyear operator, Stratford, Brampton, s/o William James NORFOLK & Emma Elizabeth, married Mary Ellen KENNEDY, 34, Sandhill, Brampton, d/o Johnston & Ann, witn: William J. NORFOLK of Stratford & Jessie B. FLETCHER of Brampton, 17 Nov 1904 at Brampton 14940-04 Abner Cecil NORFOLK, 28, Goodyear operator, of Brampton, s/o William James & Emma Elizabeth, married Mary Ellen KENNEDY, 34, of Brampton, d/o Johnston & Ann, witn: Will J. NORFOLK & Jessie B. FLETCHER, both of Brampton, 17 Nov 1904 at res of Mrs. J. Kennedy of Brampton
15016-04 Charles E. O'HARA, 30, farmer, Toronto Gore, same, s/o Daniel O'HARA & Mary McCARON, married M. Maud HARRISON, 21, Toronto Gore, same, d/o Nicholas HARRISON & Maria WILEY, witn: William O'HARA of Toronto Gore & Annie HARRISON of Toronto, 24 April 1904 at Castlemore 15013-04 Frederick PAYNE, 33, farmer, Toronto Gore, same, s/o John PAYNE & Agnes TILL, married Ada GARBUTT, 26, Toronto Gore, same, d/o Wilson GARBUTT & Elizabeth GRAHAM, witn: William F. GARBUTT of Grahamsville & Amy Florence WILSON of Toronto, 23 March 1904 at Grahamsville
15003-04 Reginald PETCH, 30, clerk Linwood Ont, illegible (possible Toronto), s/o William PETCH & Lucy SMITH, married Minnie CASLOR, 29, Boston Mills, same, d/o John H. CASLOR & Mary NOBLE, witn: E. PETCH of Toronto & E. M. BURRELL of Caledon East, 7 Sept 1904 at Boston Mills 15009-04 William Charles PICKERING, 26, farmer, Chinguacousy, same, s/o Jeremiah PICKERING & Maria Jane IRWIN, married Mary Maud KEE, 28, Cheltenham, same, d/o Robert KEE & Martha DEAN, witn: Albert KEE of Burlington & Flossie PICKERING of Chinguacousy, 7 Dec 1904 at Cheltenham
15025-04 John PINKERTON, 38, carpenter, Toronto, same, s/o John PINKERTON & Eliza MARTIN, married Nettie DUCK, 29, of Toronto, d/o William DUCK & Ellen BOND, witn: Maud BURBRIDGE of Malton & H. W. SCOTT, 15 June 1904 at Toronto twp 14920-04 William M. PLUMMER, 40, manufacturer, Ontario, Bolton, s/o John T. PLUMMER & Harriet MAYNARD, married Louisa BARNES, 39, Ontario, Bolton, d/o George BARNES & Susan WILSON, witn: Mary NOBLE of Bolton & Clara BARNES of Buffalo, 21 June 1904 at Bolton
14941-04 Charles R. POLLAKOWSKY, 21, GTR brakeman, of Stratford, s/o John & Caroline, married Rebecca J. V. JONES, 23, widow, of Brampton, d/o William VANDENBURG & Sarah, witn: L. R., Mrs. W. & Gladys WALSH of Brampton and Anna REID of St. George, 26 April 1904 at Christ Church Rectory, Brampton  
15050-04 Thomas PORTER, 29, farmer, Bosanquet, same, s/o Alexander PORTER & Margaret CAROLL, married Sarah Iola BEAMISH, 26, Trafalgar, same, d/o Francis BEAMISH & Elizabeth A. PATTERSON, witn: David A. PORTER of Nelson twp & Lillian BEAMISH of Toronto twp., 12 Oct 1904 at Toronto twp #014895-04 (Peel Co): Thomas POTTER, 34, miller, King, Albion, s/o James POTTER & Maggie JONES, married Sarah SMITH, 34, Albion, same, d/o William SMITH, farmer, & Harriet PATCHET, witn: William SMITH & Hattie BARNSLY, both of Albion, 19 Jan 1904 at Albion
14928-04 Richard REEVELY, 32, farmer, York twp., Albion twp., s/o Thomas REEVELY & Nora Jane PERKINS, married Annie H. AUSTIN, 32, Albion twp., same, d/o Richard AUSTIN & Ann McALLROY, witn: Richard AUSTIN of Albion twp & Henry AUSTIN of Bolton, 14 Dec 1904 at Bolton 14925-04 Joseph A. ROBINSON, 28, merchant, Ontario, Bobcaygeon, s/o John T. ROBINSON & Ruby GARLICK, married Stella BEAMISH, 26, teacher, Bolton, same, d/o Benjamin BEAMISH & Emily A. EVANS, witn: J. GARDEN of Calgary NWT & Clementine BEAMISH of Bolton, 27 July 1904 at Bolton
  15011-04 William RUSSELL, 31, engineer, Richmond Hill, Toronto, s/o Thomas RUSSELL & Ann ROBINSON, married Rachel Olive Ann BOWLES, 2-?, Chinguacousy, same, d/o Thomas BOWLES & Margaret LINDSAY, witn: James ELLIOTT of Toronto & Maria BOWLES of Mono Road, 21 Dec. 1904 at Chinguacousy
#014900-04 (Peel Co): George RUSTON, 20, Albion, same, s/o George RUSTON, farmer, & Fanny ALLIS?, married Sarah A. HUDSON, 20, dress maker, Albion, same, d/o William HUDSON & Maggie illegible, witn: Thomas BOSHAM of Tecumseth & Sarah RUSTON of Albion, 9 March 1904 at Albion 14907-04 George RUSTON (Rusten?), 20, farmer, Albion, same, s/o George RUSTON & Fanny ELLIS, married Sarah A. HODGSON, 20, Albion, same, d/o William HODGINS, blacksmith, & Margaret McHUGH? (McVeigh?), witn: Thomas N. BOTHAM & Sarah RUSTON, both of Albion, 10 March 1904 at Albion
14997-04 James Stewart RUTHERFORD, 31, farmer, Vaughan, Chinguacousy, s/o Robert J. RUTHERFORD & Sarah Ann DIXON, married Martha Emma ARMSTRONG, 30, Mayfield, same, d/o Robert ARMSTRONG & Agnes GIFFEN, witn: A. D. RUTHERFORD of Campbells Cross & Lillie SHEARD of Malton, 29 June 1904 at Mayfield  
15045-04 James RUTLEDGE, 25, butcher, Bolton, Toronto, s/o Robert RUTLEDGE & Ellen ELLIOTT, married Bertha TURPLE, 26, Erindale, same, d/o Dinean TURPLE & Frances PATCHETT, witn: Ernest E. HOWARD of Toronto & Agnes TURPLE of Erindale, 22 June 1904 at Erindale 15023-04 James Oliver RUTLEDGE, 21, butcher, Alton, same, s/o William Henry RUTLEDGE & Frances PETCH, married Mary Alba LACKEY, 18, Peel Co., same, d/o John LACKEY & May A. HUGHES, witn: Fred RUTLEDGE & Sarah WILLIS, both of Cooksville, 28 April 1904 at Cooksville
14990-04 Charles Louis SCHRODER, 35, widower, cigar manufacturer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Fred J. SCHRODER & Mary Louisa VONG--?, married Cassie Gladys McCLELLAN, 25, Canada, Hamilton, d/o William C. McCLELLAN & Catherine CONLEY, witn: John McCLELLAN of Alton & Toodie SCHRODER of Hamilton, 6 Sept 1904 at Alton 14912-04 William John SHEARDOWN, 25, farmer, King twp., same, s/o John SHEARDOWN & Elizabeth CHAMBERLAIN, married Ellen Rebecca ROBINSON, 23, Albion, same, d/o George ROBINSON, farmer, & Elizabeth LOUGHEED, witn: Walter W. STREET of Lloydtown & Gertrude ROBINSON of Albion, 4 Sept 1904 at Albion
14998-04 John Clayton SILVERTHORN, 34, farmer, Alloa, same, s/o Aron SILVERTHORN & Mary Ann KEYWORTH, married Margaret Maud SPEIRS, 22, Mayfield, same, d/o Peter SPEIRS & Mary GIFFAN, witn: John D. McMILLAN of Alloa & Emma SPEIRS of Mayfield, 15 June 1904 at Mayfield 14926-04 Walter SIMMONDS, 24, farmer, England, Albion twp., s/o Thomas & not known, married Annie COULTER, 17, Ontario, Albion twp., d/o Albert COULTER & Liddy SIKLS?, witn: Henry C. & Susanna FOX of Bolton, 28 July 1904 at Bolton
15004-04 Neil SINCLAIR, 29, farmer, Chinguacousy, same, s/o Alexander SINCLAIR & Elizabeth, married Janet McQUARRIE, 28, Chinguacousy, same, d/o Allan McQUARRIE & Ann WILKINSON, witn: Peter SINCLAIR of Chinguacousy & Janie WILSON of Heath? Head Ont., 14 Sept 1904 at Cheltenham 14991-04 William Richard SIRMAR, 25, leather worker, Canada, Toronto, s/o Richard SIRMAR & Catherine FARREL, married Jennie Ethel PATTERSON, 25, Canada, Cataract, d/o John PATTERSON & Sarah TILLMAN?, witn: Robert John SIRMAR of Toronto & Mary Maud CONNELL of Inglewood, 9 Nov 1904 at Cataract
15028-04 Ephraim Dufferin STEEN, farmer, Toronto twp., same, s/o Nathaniel STEEN & Sarah DANBY, married Jessie Margaret WATT, 23, Toronto twp., same, d/o John WATT & Elizabeth GARBUTT, witn: Norman HARRISON of Caledon twp & Bella SABISTON? of Summerville, 30 June 1904 at Meadowvale 15055-04 Arthur STEGGALL, 30, farmer, Canada, Toronto twp., s/o George Edgar STEGALL (sic) & Eliza Susanna PETTIT, married Petra CHRISTINSEN, 27, nurse, Denmark, Toronto twp., d/o Christian CHRISTINSEN & Karen JENSEN, witn: Gaynor & Alice E. STEGALL of Toronto twp., 3 Nov 1904 at Toronto twp
  14930-04 Duncan STEWART, 39, widower, farmer, Renfrew Co., Iroquois, s/o Duncan STEWART & Eliz. McNICHOL, married Annie Louise McCLURE, 33, Chinguacousy, Brampton, d/o Robert McCLURE & Ann OLIVER, witn: Emma McCLURE of Chinguacousy & Robert Chesney (Chaney?) McCLURE of Lethbridge Alta., 13 Jan 1904 at Brampton
15558-05 (Peel Co): Charles Henry STRINGER, 31, farmer, Melancthon twp., same, s/o Charles STRINGER & Mary Ann SANFORD, married Emmaline TOWNSEND, 30, lady, Esquesing, same, d/o John TOWNSEND & Margaret STRINGER, witn: James McLEOD o& Rebecca A. TOWNSEND, both of Terra Cotta, 28 Dec 1904 at Chinguacousy 15020-04 Robert STUBBS, 31, farmer, Canada, Caledon twp., s/o James STUBBS & Elizabeth LIMBERS?, married Sarah E. MORRISON, 29, Canada, Toronto Gore, d/o John MORRISON & Sarah J. JEWETT, witn: Robert CLARK & Mary STUBBS, both of Caledon twp., 21 Sept 1904 at res of bride's father, Toronto Gore
14981-04 John Pink SUMMERS, 27, miler, London England, Brampton, s/o Philip SUMMERS & Elizabeth PEPPER, married Ada Jane PUCKERING, 20, Canada, Mayfield, d/o John PUCKERING & Sarah TOPHAM, witn: J. R. BALFOUR & Annie MAXWELL, both of Inglewood, 7 June 1904 at Inglewood 14993-04 Samuel John SUMMERVILLE, 34, merchant, Creemore, same, s/o Samuel SUMMERVILLE & Emma MONSTESS?, married Mary Isabella CAMPBELL, 29, Boston Mills, same, d/o James & Mary, witn: John L. BRADLEY of Creemore & Jessie B. CAMPBELL of Toronto, 16 March 1904 at Boston Mills
15053-04 Alexander SYDNEY, 25, farmer, Galt, Omagh, s/o John SYDNEY & Emma DIGGIN?, married Annie E. LEAVER, 22, Trafalgar twp., same, d/o Samuel LEAVER & Jane LYON, witn: George R. LEAVER of Cooksville & Mary L. PICKERING of Trafalgar, 9 Nov 1904 at Cooksville #014977-04 (Peel Co): Charles Augustus TAFGAR, 23, farmer, Canada, Wentworth co., s/o Ernest William TAFGAR & Susan PAYNE, married Annie Louisa DAWSON, 22, Canada, Caledon, d/o John DAWSON & Margaret DELANEY, witnesses were J. Wilmer DAWSON of Caledon & Alma TAFGAR of Wentworth Co., March 30, 1904 at Caledon
15010-04 William Henry THOMPSON, 21, farmer, Sandhill, Claude, s/o James THOMPSON & Ester Ann LITTLE, married Hattie Louisa DAVIDSON, 22, Caledon, Claude, d/o James DAVIDSON & Sarah Ann WATERS? (Watress?), witn: William DAVIDSON of Claude & Susanna ILLIFF? of Snelgrove, 21 Dec 1904 at Claude 14910-04 Alf TINDLE, 29, farmer, Albion, Vaughan?, s/o E. TINDLE & Ann SHAW, married Olivia A. SPARROW, 27, Albion, same, d/o Samuel SPARROW, farmer, & Maggie KAAKE, witn: George RIDDELL & Lily SPARROW, both of Albion, 22 June 1904 at Albion
14914-04 Oliver F. TRAIN, 32, farmer, Ontario, Albion twp., s/o John TRAIN & Ann GUMMERSON, married Mary ELLIOTT, 25, Albion twp., Bolton, d/o unknown & Mary A. ELLIOTT, witn: Ettie E. WATSON & Minnie HAGER, both of Bolton, 17 Feb 1904 at Bolton 15018-04 Michael TRAYNER, 28, farmer, Canada, King twp., s/o John TRAYNER & Ellen O'NEILL, married Mary E. BYRNE, 22, Canada, Toronto Gore, d/o Martin BYRNE & Mary E. HARRISON, witn: James TRAYNER of King twp & Mary Jane DOHERTY of Toronto Gore, 10 Feb 1904 at St. Patrick's Church, Toronto Gore
14983-04 Kenneth Conley UNGER, 27, farmer, Canada, Muskoka, s/o Johnston UNGER & Latisha CLARK, married Alice Jane HAGAN, 25, Canada, Caledon, d/o William HAGAN & Antonia J--BELT?, witn: Fred KILLEEN & Maud HAGAN, both of Caledon, 29 June 1904 at Caledon 14927-04 Isaac John WALKER, 24, steam fitter, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Robert WALKER & Margaret LINDSAY, married Hannah ELLIOTT, 29, Ontario, Albion twp., d/o George & Isabella, witn: Jennie HORSLEY & Minnie HAGER, both of Bolton, 13 Aug 1904 at Bolton
14915-04 Herbert E. WALLACE, 32, physician, Ontario, Bolton, s/o James M. WALLACE & Jane Agnes CRAIG, married Annie E. BONNAR, 32, Bolton, same, d/o David BONNAR & Catherine McCAULEY, witn: John D. BONNAR & Annie T. WALLACE, both of Bolton, 7 June 1904 at Bolton 14918-04 Edwin A. WALSHAW, 26, manufacturer, Mars US, Bolton, s/o Joss WALSHAW & Emma JESSOP, married Annie BEAMISH, 26, Bolton, same, d/o John BEAMISH & Martha MILLS, witn: Rutherford WILLIAMSON & Allie McDERMAID, both of Toronto, 16 June 1904 at Bolton
15017-04 James P. WATSON, 33, stone mason, Canada, Toronto Gore, s/o James WATSON & Sarah SMITH, married Bridget O'DONNELL, 30, Canada, Toronto Gore, d/o John O'DONNELL & Mary HOREN, witn: Edward BARDON of Adjala & Margaret O'GRADY of Toronto Gore, 21 June 1904 at St. Patrick's Church, Toronto Gore 14919-04 Harriston WEESE, 36, widower, farmer, Ontario, Hastings, s/o Lorenzo WEESE & Matilda HENNSEY?, married Robena MUNSIE, 33, teacher, Ontario, Bolton, d/o Alex MUNSIE & Mary A. WILLIAMSON, witn: Earl WEESE of Trenton & Isabel MUNSIE of Bolton, 22 June 1904 at Bolton
#014897-04 (Peel Co): George WESTLAKE, 28, farmer, Albion, same, s/o John WESTLAKE & Maggie SUTTON, married Eva BETTISON, 22, Albion, same, d/o John BETTISON, farmer, & Mary FAULKNER, witn: John WESTLAKE & Eva NEFF, both of Albion, 21 Feb 1904 at Albion 14936-04 William Arthur WIDNER, 30, butcher, Aylmer, Brampton, s/o Warren WIDNER & Sarah ROBINSON, married Mary Florence FOSTER, 26, Brampton, same, d/o Robert FOSTER & Lydia MASON, witn: Wilbert THOMPSON & Margaret FOSTER, both of Brampton, 29? June 1904 at Brampton
14986-04 Frederick H. WILKINSON, 31, farmer, Canada, Caledon, s/o Robert WILKINSON & Annie HAINES, married Jessie Gertrude TOWNSEND, 30, Canada, Caledon, d/o George TOWNSEND & Hattie McDONALD, witn: Robert WILKINSON of Chinguacousy & George TOWNSEND of Caledon, 22 June 1904 at Caledon 14942-04 Daniel Nathaniel WILLIS, 27, farmer, of Brampton, s/o John & Frances Mary, married Hannah Elizabeth MULLIS, 23, widow, of Brampton, d/o Henry MULLIS & Elizabeth, witn: La--? FULLERTON & Adolphus WILLIS, both of Brampton, 9 June 1904 at res of Mrs. H. Mullis of Brampton
15044-04 Henry Rhodes WOOD, 27, farmer, Islington, same, s/o Samuel Rhodes WOOD & Amelia Ann MUSSON, married Mary Alberta PETTITT, 27, Trafalgar, Cooksville, d/o Andrew Charles PETTITT & Amelia E. DORLAND, witn: Henry G. MUSSON of Weston & M. E. BIGGAR of Oakville, 15 June 1904 at Cooksville 15024-04 Charles YOUNG, 24, motor man, Malton, Streetsville, s/o James YOUNG & Mary McCOY, married Mary MULRAIN, 22, Springfield, Streetsville, d/o James MULRAIN & Eliza CLARKE, witn: Elizabeth MULRAIN of Streetsville & James YOUNG of Burnhamthorpe, 1 June 1904 at Streetsville