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Peel Co., 1912

birth place is given before residence


15710-12 Joseph A. BABE, 38, Mono, Blount - Mono, s/o William BABE, farmer, & Isabella LEMON, married Jennie SPEERS, 39, Caledon, same, d/o Richard SPEERS, farmer, & Jane DUPE, witn: Richard D. & Mildred SPEERS of Mono Mills, 19 June 1912 at home of R. O. Speers


15708-12 (Peel Co) Edmund Charles BAGULEY, 38, farmer, of Albion, s/o Frederick BAGULEY, farmer & Mary BLAIN married Eliza Jane MCCALLUM, 35, of Albion, d/o John MCCALLUM, farmer & Elizabeth MCCONNELL, witn: James H. CUNNINGTON & Mrs. James H. CUNNINGTON of Caledon, 19 June 1912, Albion

15715-12 (Peel Co) Wilbert Gillies BAGULEY, 31, farmer, of Albion, s/o Frederick BAGULEY, farmer & Mary BLAIN married Maggie LITTLE, 26, of Albion, d/o William LITTLE, farmer & Jane HAMILTON, witn; E. LITTLE & M. ANDERSON of Macville, 17 Sept 1912, Albion

15705-12 Thomas BALAAM, 35, farmer, of Grahamsville, s/o Henry BALAAM, farmer, & Lavina BRADSHAW, married Flora Alice McEACHERN, 38, house maid, of Caledon twp., d/o Donald McEACHERN, farmer, & Flora McEACHERN, witn: Hannah M. & Gladys W. CHANTLER of Brampton, 12 April 1912 at Brampton

15707-12 Herbert Benjamin BARNES, 27, of Toronto, s/o Wilhelm BARNES & Mary Ann BARTON, married Viola Wilhelmina RUTHERFORD, 37, of Brampton, d/o William RUTHERFORD & Matilda McRAE, witn: Florence W. RUTHERFORD & Cecil Mansfield CARKETT, both of Brampton, 25 Sept 1912 at Brampton

15716-12 Clyde Burnett BARTON, 22, farmer, Minnesota US, Guelph, s/o Harry BARTON & Victoria M.A. CARTEN, married Margaret Ellen LONGSTREET, 25, Belfountain, same, d/o John William LONGSTREET & Mary Jane STAUFFER, witn: Harvey LESLIE of Orton & Bella McLENNAN of Campbellville, 13 Nov 1912 at Belfountain

15711-12 Robert James BARTRAM, 32, Toronto, same, s/o Robert James BARTRAM, deceased, & Louisa STRINGMAN, married Agnes Mary ARMSTRONG, 23, Cheltenham, Brampton, d/o John ARMSTRONG, deceased, & Isabella NELSON?, witn: illegible [faded], 12 June 1912 at Brampton

15703-12 William Ryerson BEAMISH, 39, farmer, of Aylesbury Sask., s/o James BEAMISH, dead, farmer, & Margaret SHAW, married Mary Jane EVANS, 38, of Caledon East, d/o Richard EVANS, farmer, & Jane CRAVEN, witn: Frederick CLARIDGE of Sand Hill & Jessie HAGGARD? of Caledon East, 30 Jan 1912

15717-12 Clark BIGHAM, 25, of Brampton, s/o James BIGHAM & Margaret GALBRAITH, married Maud Caroline BECKETT, 26, of Brampton, d/o James Richard BECKETT & Jane Caroline DIXON, witn: Sarah S. & J.R. PEXTON of Brampton, 6 June 1912 at Brampton

15718-12 Robert BLACK, 30, hostler, Gasstown Scotland, Streetsville, s/o Thomas & Jane nee HENDERSON, married Rose Lily (Nellie) SEDGEMORE, 26, Budleighsalerton Devonshire England, Cooksville, d/o William & Jemima nee PAVER, witn: Mrs. A. G & Arthur Gilbert HUGHSON of Cooksville, 7 Dec 1912 at Cooksville

15709-12 Robert BOVAIRD, 26, farmer, of Brampton, s/o James BOVAIRD & Fanny WARD, married Murzetta F. CLARK, 25, of Malton, d/o William CLARK & Hattie DODD, witn: Fannie BOVAIRD of Brampton & Fred CLARK of Malton, 27 Nov 1912 at Brampton

15804-12 Reginald Hanna BRACKEN, 24, Boston Mills - Chinguacousy twp., same, s/o Henry BRACKEN, miller, & Annie Elizabeth HANNA, married Euphemia Hunter McCANNELL, 26, Inglewood, same, d/o John Alexander McCANNELL, farmer, & Catherine SINCLAIR, witn: Agnes McCANNELL of Inglewood & Arthur E. BRACKEN of Boston Mills, 21 Feb 1912 at Caledon twp

15706-12 Clarry James BRENT, 29, Carlton, Sarnia, s/o Alfred BRENT, GTR agent & Mary DENIORD?, married Edith Rose BENNETT, 25, England, Malton, d/o unknown, witn: William BRENT of Malton & Miss May LEWIS, 3 April 1912 at Malton

15713-12 Alfred William BRIGHTWELL, 27, Norwich England, Brampton, s/o Edward BRIGHTWELL, shoe maker, & Eliza RINGER, married Edith LATEY, 26, Leicester England, Brampton, d/o William LATEY, basket worker, & Hannah HODGETTS, witn: William H. STEPHENS & Edith E. BRIGHTWELL, both of Brampton, 25 Sept 1925 at Brampton

15714-12 Henry BROWN, 23, Shelburne, Brampton, s/o Edward BROWN, laborer, & Roady HILTZ, married Della Beatrice OSTRANDER, 19, Huttonville, Brampton, d/o William J. OSTRANDER, laborer, & Gustie Irene CLARENCE?, witn: W.J. DOBBIE & Hazel OSTRANDER, both of Brampton, 4 Sept 1912 at Brampton

15712-12 Charles BURROWS, 60, widower, England, Brampton, s/o John BURROWS, farmer, & Emily BURROWS, married Charlotte CLEVERLY, 60, widow, England, Brampton, d/o Thomas PIKE & Sophia PIKE, witn: Dr. R. R. WALKER of Bolton & Louisa M. WALKER of Brampton, 7 Aug 1912 at Brampton

15719-12 George E. CAMERON, 33, Caledon twp., same, s/o John CAMERON & Jane E. SMITH, married Alicia E. BOWLES, 24, Chinguacousy twp., same, d/o Charles W. BOWLES & Rebecca WILSON, witn: R. MacDOUGALL of 441 Clendennan Ave in Toronto & H.P. TAYLOR of Grand Valley, 1 Jan 1912 at Chinguacousy twp

15722-12 Henry Edward CAMPBELL, 23, Toronto, same, s/o John Henry CAMPBELL, telegraph lineman, & Sophia DOBBIN, married Katherine Ruby LETTY, 20, Swansea Ont., Brampton, d/o Cyrus William LETTY, butcher, & Mary FLEMING, witn: Arthur William BROWN & Della LETTY, both of Brampton, 21 Feb 1912 at Brampton

15723-12 James Spence CARBERRY, 35, farmer, of Toronto Gore, s/o William CARBERRY, farmer, & Margaret SPENCE, married Sarah Lottie LINDSAY, 26, of Albion twp., d/o Wesley LINDSAY, farmer, & Sarah DAVIDSON, witn: Mrs. R. N. & Eva J. JONES of Mono Road, 16 April 1912 at Mono Road

15721-12 Thomas CARR (Case?), 29, tinsmith, Toronto, same, s/o John CARR & Mary E. HARE, married Annie MARSHALL, 30, Simcoe Co., Albion, d/o John MARSHALL & Elizabeth FINNERTY, witn: Oliver BELYEA of Toronto & Alice SULLIVAN of Albion, 23 Oct 1923 at Albion

15720-12 Robert CARTER, 46, farmer, of Brampton, s/o Robert CARTER, farmer, & Janet TAYLOR, married Margaret Elilian SMITH, 42, of Brampton, d/o John Wallace SMITH, farmer, & Jane STARRAT, witn: William CARTER & Jeanie Gertrude SMITH, both of Brampton, 7 Feb 1912 at Brampton

15721-12 James CHESNEY, 27, Chinguacousy twp., same, s/o William CHESNEY, teamster & Isabella CARR, married Alice Maud KIRK, 30, Chinguacousy twp., same, d/o Charles KIRK, laborer, & Annie MEAD? (Medd?), witn: John CHESNEY & Mrs. C.A. BELFRY, both of Huttonville, 11 April 1912 at Chinguacousy twp

15725-12 (Peel Co) William Edgar COURTNEY, 24, farmer, of Lloydtown, s/o Jonathan COURTNEY, farmer & Emily PALMER married Linda Mary BAGULEY, 22, of Lloydtown, d/o Frederick BAGULEY, farmer & Mary BLAIN, witn; Mary C. M. COURTNEY of Pottagerville & Adeline BAGULEY of Macville, 25 June 1912, Macville

15783-12 (Peel Co) Giles John KERSWELL , 38, farmer, of Oak Ridges, s/o Daniel KERSWELL, farmer & Ellen GILLIES married Marie Grace COMPTON, 24, of Sniders Corner, d/o James COMPTON, section foreman & Margaret LISTON, witn: Joseph FISHER & Mary FISHER of Sniders Corners, 4 Sept 1912, Erinsdale

15785-12 (Peel Co): Frederick KIDD, 24, Inglewood, same, s/o William KIDD, farmer, & Sarah STEPHENSON, married Irene WHETHAM, 18, Alton, Inglewood, d/o James Christian Warner WHETHAM labourer & Katherine TURNER, wit: Marcel DAVIDSON & James WHETHAM, both of Inglewood, 19 Oct 1912 at Inglewood

15782-12 Eldon Victor KINSEY, 25, Port Elgin?, Brampton, s/o Solomon G. KINSEY & Barbara ROTHARMEL (dead), married Mabel Elizabeth LEWIS, 26, Toronto, Brampton, d/o John Melbourne LEWIS (dead) & Sarah Elizabeth DALE, witn: Clara E. & Edith A. LEWIS of Brampton, 24 July 1912 at Brampton

15784-12 Franklin James Percival KITCHING, 28, Corwhin - Wellington Co., same, s/o John KITCHING, farmer, & Elizabeth EASTERBROOK, married Ella Daly JOHNSTON, 26, Malton, same, d/o Robert JOHNSTON, farmer, & Elenor DALY, witn: Frank JOHNSTON of Malton & Lena MOFFAT of Brantford, 23 Oct 1912 at Malton

15787-12 William Levi Lambly LAWRENCE, 32, clergyman, of Cochrane, s/o John LAWRENCE, clergyman & Martha PARKER, married Mildred Valma SCOTT, 25, of Inglewood, d/o Charles Gordon SCOTT, miller & Henrietta RODWELL, witn: Fred COOMBS of Toronto & Annie SCOTT of Inglewood, 18 June 1912 at Claude

15786-12 James Albert LINDSEY, 26, Chinguacousy, Mono Road, s/o James LINDSEY, farmer, & Charlotte CAESAR, married Laurel Blanche SHERMAN, 27, Mount Forest, Mono Road, d/o Joseph SHERMAN, farmer, & Ann KIRKPATRICK, witn: Maude E. SHERMAN of West Toronto & Albert LINDSEY of Mono Road, 10 Jan 1912 at Chinguacousy twp